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Rose Has Thorns Part 3 - Spring Rains Fire

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That Night

SophitiaEien: While Striga, Hideki and Draevyn dealt with the issues at hand in the west wing, there was a whole other commotion going on at the entrance to the throne room. With the sleaziest charm they'd managed to say they had business with the new seamstress, saying that they were her suppliers as well as customers that needed to talk with her, so they were able to gain entrance into the castle without much fuss. One of the three human men, sculpted with brown hair and a rugged face, tutted as he shifted his stance. The other two started searching for her on opposite sides of the castle wings, and the main head of the three walked casually into the throne room and took a deep breath. After a moment of gathering his voice, it boomed out loudly in aggressive tone and he withdrew a sword. “Who does a guy have to skullfuck in order to find a seamstress 'round here that's worth anythin'?!” After he was done bellowing and the other two reported back, one of which having heard commotion in the west wing, they grouped up and headed in that direction. Once he found the girl, she'd have several orders to fill and they didn't have the time to wait. It wasn't that she'd ever had an issue serving them; they were just not nice people at all. She worked with dirty hands, and allied with dirty people before she'd come here. These were the least of her problems, of course, but certainly an annoyance for the rest. The main man, Krauss, saw a very tall man with some sort of scythe and scoffed – who did this tool think he was? He tapped the man on the shoulder, then folded his arms. “I need t' talk to someone round here who ain't a complete idiot, and you look the type. Seen a seamstress round here? Heard word she'd come to work for the Crown. Stupid girl must've forgot to mention she's got loyal customers in town. Seen 'er?”

KaosTilpasse: Draevyn spun, grabbing the main guy by the face in a crushing grip, and casually taised him to Draevyn's own height of 6'8". He held him suspended while looking the male directly in the eyes, and a stare as calm as death in his eyes. "When you are addressing people in this place, you address them with respect." The voice would seem like claws dragging over the skin of those close by as he spoke, and a deep growl issued forth from his throat as he turned his gaze towards the other two. "If you have business here, go and wait in the lobby, and you will be dealt with. Stay here in my presence, and this medical ward will be the location you'll be staying until the queen deals with you personally. Do I make myself clear?" He threw the guy in his hand, more of a flick of the wrist, causing him to fly back 7 feet and land on his back in a heap. "Move. Now." The last word would carry the wait of death behind it as he turned his full attention on the men.

SophitiaEien: Krauss's eyes bulged out of his head as the man's massive hand swallowed his face, and he felt his feet lift off the ground easily as the man lifted him. All he could do was stare in shock at first as he spoke, and then his words pissed the young crook off. The growl definitely made his skin crawl, that was for sure, but his tone was deathly serious. Just as he was thinking of something witty in response to the bit of the threat he issued forth moments later, he was thrown into a heap on the ground – where he promptly landed on his head. The other two who had been behind him stared at Draevyn, then stared at their boss, considering their options – before finally deciding on helping the boss up and covering his mouth just as he started spouting off angrily. All that could really be heard were muffled shouts as he was led by his minions to the lobby. Then arguing about who was the bigger idiot, and a couple punches. Then, silence. The three stood in silence, their hands folded behind their backs, expressions stern.

KaosTilpasse: Draevyn let go of the scythe, causing it to dissipate, before walking to the study. He leaned his head in, saw her working, then smiled softly. He stepped in, walked over to her, then leaned down and kissed her neck softly, before speaking. "We have a few visitors, rather mouthy bunch. But don't worry, I'll deal with them personally. Just thought you'd like a heads up." He gave her another kiss, then a soft swat on the rear playfully, before walking back out and heading towards the lobby. He did this intentionally to let the three stew a bit, and see what might happen when he finally rounded the corner. He pulled out a flask from his pocket, popping the cork. His fangs were in full view as he took a drink, with four fangs up top and two fangs on bottom. The drink smelled strongly of blood and old magic, before he recorked it and stuck it back in his pocket. "Now, gentlemen, what is it you wish to discuss. And be respectful, unless you wish for your head to hit that back wall before you corpse's knees touch the ground here at my feet."

SophitiaEien: The three men stood there in utter silence, waiting for the man to approach them or someone to pay them a lick of attention. They whispered amongst themselves anxiously, as their intended plan definitely was not going to work in this circumstance. If they had a guard like that, they were probably fucked. So there they stood, waiting. It felt like absolute eternity in the Deep. Finally, the man came into their view and drank from a flask, barely catching a glimpse of something sharp in his mouth. Instantly two of them started shaking in their boots, as they were assuming he was some kind of very strong vampire, but the main guy piped up as he was addressed. “We're here to discuss business with the seamstress Striga Velaine. She's made armor for us a few times, and we've got a big order for her that she needs to fill within a certain time period. Now, she's never given us anything but the best, but this is for a very important client we were hired by. She can't exactly take her time on this or he'll bust every inch of our rectums to find her. It ain't pretty.”

KaosTilpasse: He looked them over calmly. He saw how badly two of them were shaking, and he barely looked towards the first one who seemed to be the mouthiest one of the bunch. Finally he spoke. "The seamstress is unavailable currently." He then looked at the male in the front. "She is also going to be out of commission for a while. So run along and find someone else to make your... Armor. And tell your little boss that if he wishes to find her, to seek the Raven Knight." He turned his back on them, walking back towards the thrones. "Though as they say, to seek the champion of the goddess of death is to seek Death itself." He then took a casual seat upon the arm of the throne, looking back at them, before smiling, which looked even more creepy coming from him due to the fangs. "I'd be more than happy to entertain him if he so wishes." He then waved his hand in a shooing manner. "Go on now. Run back to your Master like good little hounds."

SophitiaEien: Krauss seemed disturbed to hear about her being unavailable, and given the man's casual way he was almost determined to make him talk. However, all that the boss had told them was to deliver the news and the order, and so they had. He sighed and cleared his throat, straightening. “Fine. We'll deliver the news. But if you think we're stupid, you ain't met him. He might just be dumb enough to find ya.” The other two were the first to make their way out, while Krauss stood firm – even despite his friends' urgent whispering for him to just let it go, that they could find another armorer. “What's goin' on with her? Y'know, I took that girl in like she was my own blood. Then she goes off on some grand venture with naught a warnin'? You think I'll let it stand, just like that? I'll find out what's goin' on, and I have me ways.” After that he turned to leave himself, shaking his head with a grunt of frustration.

KaosTilpasse: Draevyn regarded the three running away, his eyes slitting slightly as he considered the threat the last one had made. He leaned up to his feet, walking casually to the doors and slamming them shut behind the three. He rolled his shoulders a little, before brushing off his coat and adjusting his blade. He then closed his eyes, disregarding all inhabitants and seeking out the energy of his love. Finding it finally, he set off, brushing past the servants and maids as he went on his way. He was nearly stopped by a guard, at which point he stopped for a moment. "Three men entered here not long ago. Make sure they don't come back." He didn't have to control or enthrall the guard, but he did implant the image of the three into the guard's mind, and sent them on their way. He leaned his head over, tilting it a little further until his neck popped, then he continued on his path. He brushed past all others, literally disregarding them as little more than minor obstructions before he came to her door. He looked at the wolf beside the door, nodding slightly, before looking to the door. He closed his eyes, letting his aur flow forward a little to let her feel his presence close at hand, before he turned his back to the wolf and took a seat on his knees, watching the hallway area to the room with a vigilant eye. He unsheathed the large ruby claymore from his back, placing it upon his lap, before continuing to watch down the hall, content to stay put all night if need be, just as long as he was close to his love.


Dawns Rise the Next Morning

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XaeiDeLaRose: Xaei was frowning while playing a teddy gifted to her my her father a few days ago, while Noki sat opposite to her, playing with a twin teddy of what she had. They were controlling them and using their voices, in different tones, to make it like the bears themselves were talking. Both fell into a fit of giggles when Noki tried to do an impression of their father, in his grumpy tone. There was a knock at the door. "Princess's, it is time for your breakfast." A woman called through the door, before opening it. They both laughed at her astonished face. After a while of trying to calm them down, both girls ran out of the room and down the corridor, their small legs carrying them across the carpets and rugs while they sped ahead of the nanny that was chasing them. "Do you think we lost her? Xaei whispered to Noki as they both caught their breathes. "I think so. Let's go find mama and papa, we could get her fired." Xaei and Noki smirked. "We could." Both girls, giggling made their way through the castle, it wasn't too long until they reached the main hall, where the throne room would be. Neither girls saw anyone yet. "Shall we just wait here? What if the nanny comes?" Xaei said in a worried tone. "We will just hide until mama and papa get here." - " Ohh, okay." They'd proceed to find a hiding spot behind the throne itself, clinging together while peaking through a small gap through the chairs.

Guest_Arthus:  Morning sun hit his face as a scowl moved over his lips and the memory's of the night before passed his mind forcing a grin upon his chaps lips. Getting up from the stone slab he called a bed last night he looked around, he had last night gone into the dungeon hold to force open the mouth of a servant girl to force feed her as she was unable to eat, but due to his mood he had turned things to toxic broken her jaw and the body law beside him as he slept using it in what seemed like a comfort as a child would hug a teddy bear. He gave a burp as he got up and walked to the door way pulling on his leather pants and lashing his belt around his waist line “maid, toss this body out back with the rest this afternoon burn the corpse pit we don't want the days heat to cook body's and make everything smell so much worse ” the maid looked in past his poison gaze looking at the girls body smashed and battered there on the floor and nodded her head wishing not the same fate to happen to her. “yes me Lord, right away Sir, would de Lord like the Tea or water or ale with his morning meal as well Sir?” she said clearly as she looked at him trying to keep her head held high and her back in proper posture to not offend his magisty “it is fine with ale, go get that and I will meet you upstairs, and bring some dried meats as well an assortment of what we have fresh” she nodded and went on her way with a quick pace up the steps. He licked his lips and walked on up the steps past her the door behind him slamming back and forth over the hall way. Walking up to the main area he opened the door and nodded to the guards that kept the common people out of this wing, it was a danger down there anyway with the spiders and the beasts down there in the dungeon. He gave a nod to the guard and walked on past over to the thrones before pausing and stopping to think “that girl from before she is in the medical hall and I could use a bit of enjoyment” that smile crept back onto his devilish face and he walked his way to the medical wing tossing open the doors seeing the nurses and things out and about fixing people  and dealing with the hauler hounds who carried around carts and baskets filled with medical supply in the muzzles. “there was a girl in here with broken bones and the stink of my toxin on her hide, were is she the king wishes a word and moment with her now” he scolded as a very shy nurse walked up to him with her eyes on the floor and he looked to her with a snarl on his face knowing that face was bad news “my Lord I am so sorry to inform you but she vanished from the hall with a man, we are unsure of were they went and only saw them vanish away together. But she is no longer here and he is the same, we are so sorry my lord for she is gone, we hoped she did not mean much to you” he snarled and the back of his hand smashed across the nurses face forcing her to tumble to the floor as his bright green eyes flared fire looking around the room. “WERE IS SHE!” he yelled out as he moved into the hall flipping a medical desk over and forcing the other nurses to flee out of the hall and cower in corners. He took a breath “guards!” he harshly bellowed out as a guard hurried over “yes Sir, Anything Sir” “send out a raven to a place called Black Bridle, I wish an envoy here by the night as I have a task for them to do some worthless heratick stole my property and I wish to get my property back imminently. As soon as the envoy gets here have them come to me and not speak to another soul about anything this will be a personal matter not to be told on public ears. I want to see Riker” the guards eyes looked large at the name and nodded his head “i will send the raven right away Sir” he hurried away off to his office to get things done and get ravens sent out right away. It would not take long for the people he had asked for to get there, when names got said actions took place in record time. He took a deep breath and calmed his temper “alright, clean this mess up and wall I wait I might as well eat the time away. Bring fruits, and a dish of meat and bread to the main throne there is a maid known as Clare doing the meat already make sure she gets the rest of the order before she gets to me” he did not even care who did it he said it to anyone that was over hearing and then went out of the medical hall leaving a mess at his feet and scared woman at his back walking back to the main throne to sit down and think over what he had to do.

XaeiDeLaRose: Xaei and Noki froze when they both heard strong footsteps and the sight of their father came into view. No sooner was he there, was he gone again. "I wonder where he is going." Noki whispered to Xaei. "Let's find out." Her elder sister replied and she climbed out from behind the throne, where they were hiding. "You shouldn't. Papa doesn't like it when we mess with his business. "But what if there is no business to mess with. I want to say good morning to him. You stay here and wait for mama." Xaei smiled to Noki, giving her own bear for her younger sister to look after. "Take care of Muffles." Xaei, uncharacteristically, was being brave despite Noki's warning. She had not ventured much around the castle, so she was more curious about where he might have gone, if she had been there before, and who else she might meet. The room he arrived in was busy, several people inside, some on beds and others in chairs. They seemed to be sick. Xaei remained hidden behind the door, peeking through a small gap between the entrance. Then papa got angry. Tears started to swell in Xaei's eyes as she watched someone whom she looked up to, who had shown her love, react this way. When he struck the woman down, she ran in just before he was about to leave and wrapped her arms tightly around his left leg. Xaei looked up at him, tears streaming down her cheeks. "Don't be mean to the woman papa, she didn't mean it. She just did mistake. Adults make mistake too.

SophitiaEien: Doctor Branson was sitting in his clinic in the higher class section of the city when he heard the rumors; whenever the guards weren't dealing with castle affairs, they often would spend their time in taverns or talking gossip. It was through such a conversation that he overheard the tale of a seamstress who ended up seriously hurt, and only a couple had seen just how badly she had been hurt when they were making their rounds in the different wings of the castle halls. With some coin and sweet words he managed to find one who had been there when Rarithyr had said her name and his worst fears were realized. The girl was like a daughter to him, what on earth had she gotten herself into? He had warned her not to go, warned her of the danger, but now it seemed to be too late. He left a note with his staff and left with his medical supplies post-haste, riding fast and hard up the winding hill that led to the Crown. He hoped it would not be too late as he arrived at the gates, hopping off of his horse in a rush with his bag in tow. He wore the badge of a practitioner and stood before the guards at the doors, panting. “I find..Striga Velaine. She's a seamstress, came here yesterday? I brought her, I'm her mentor. Please, it is urgent that I find her.”

Guest_Arthus:  He looked at his little one as she grabbed a hold of his leg tears down her face, his black heart melted as he looked at her, she was braver then she knew come3ing up to him in such a way when to most he would snap them like twigs. He was glad as she grabbed his pants and did not touch skin and that reminded him what he needed to give her he had no more Wyvern toxin cure made as of yet but he had something else out of Anaya's study out of his back pocket he pulled out a small necklace on a silver chain with a little wing on it, a really simple silver wing. Picking her up in his arms no longer caring if she touched his skin he took the chain and put it around her neck “you are right, adults do make mistakes to, I just have a temper” he smiled and kept that chain to her neck as the clasp latched all by its self at the back with a slight click “Xai I am very toxic even to my own kind and family so I never want you to take this necklace off wall I am around. It purifies toxins in the body so if you ever get sick it will heal you I would never want you hurt” he walked with her in his arms as guards moved out of the way for them both to let them by. He looked out for the other monster she could not be to far. But she was no were to be seen and more then likely ran off to get into things or stuff her face. But he was happy having time just him and the new one bounding time as in reality it was the first time he got to touch her little body with out having to worry he would hurt her . “so what have you and your big sister been into today? Getting into trouble I am sure” he paused as he saw the docter running around asking about his new play thing was was unlawfully stolen form him. “Striga was stolen from here the night before by a unknown male, the nurses say they turned into mist and vanished and that is all they know, but she will be brought back and found. Why do you seek her out doctor?” his green eyes sparked with interest at this new person that now was in the hall and his interest with Sams property.
XaeiDeLaRose: Xaei clung to her father gently as he picked her up, her legs wrapping lightly through her nightgown around his waist. She could not have smiled wider if she tried, while he placed the delicate chain around her neck. "Tempers are okay papa. Adults get them too. You just have to count ten teddies and it all goes away. That's what the nanny said." She say, refering to when the guard had upset her, it was the nanny that helped calm her down. "I promise to never take it off papa, thank you so much!" Xaei reached and wrapped her small arms around his neck, snuggling him tightly while he held and carried her through the castle, his long black hair tickling her nose, making her sneeze. "N-Noki and I..." She sniffled. "We were not getting into any trouble... The nanny just could not keep up... And..." She sniffled again. "Can we have breakfast now!" Xaei exclaimed, loud enough for Noki to hear her, who took it as a sign to reappear from her hiding spot, and instead very casually and innocently, climb up into mama's throne and sit upon its cusion, like she had been there all along. "Look, sissy is right there. Right where I left here. We tried waiting for the nanny but she never showed up, so I went to go find you, which I did. And now we are all here." Xaei grinned, looking between Noki and papa, encouraging her to go along with the story, so they wouldn't both get into trouble. Noki nodded enthusiastically. "Yeah, what she said papa. Can we have breakfast now? I am hungry." Noki and Xaei were both quiet, while their father talked to an unknown man. Papa seemed to get tense again.

SophitiaEien: The male that approached him with this new development was himself quite intimidating, but he was used to men like this. However, there was something very off about his green eyes. His gut turned slightly, and he had a bad feeling come over him. “That is of concern between a doctor and his charge, sir. What business do you have with her, if I may ask, has she done something criminal?” He'd ask, straightening and still clutching the medical bag. He hoped that wherever she was, she was safe – though he figured she wouldn't be for long if the man did manage to find her. “I assure you, she has never been a stable woman. If she has done any wrong, it is out of illness. She has seen and been through much, so I implore you to forgive her and leave her be. She is naught but a frail, scared woman.” It was clear that the man cared for her something fierce, but it wasn't at all in a romantic way. It was more like a father's worry, much like what Sam displayed towards his own children only moments ago out of his line of view.

SeraphinaDeLaRose: The nights outside were nice not in the since of the weather but in the since it gave her time to clear her head. with the lost of her brother Pinky was not sure what more she could do. there was a lost hope now with her brother gone. But she would pull her soft pinky hair back as she looked over at her now fur pelt. It was tanned well now on one side as the fur was now cleaned and soft. The black and tan color shimmered in the sun as pinky pulled it off the stand she had placed it on to dry. The fur felt soft as it was wrapped around her. Pinky folded the fur with a soft grin “now what to do with this …hmmm? she though about it there was way more then pinky could use. Not that pinky new how to sew a dress or anything for that matter, but it was warm she thought about it and then decided to take the fur inside and give it to her loving Queen Anaya and her caring daughter. Their kindness to pinky was more then she had ever thought possible. With all the thoughts flowing threw pinky’s head she had decided to give the fur to them before her foot had stepped inside. The fur was hard to carry and it was big enough that pinky was almost hidden beneath it. But she made her way to the throne in with no to little trouble. She thought she heard a few smirks as she walked by the guards. This did not stop pinky though and as she got up to the throne she stop and drop the fur on a chair that sat in front of the throne then she waited for the queen to have free time, so Pinky could gift the fur to her and see her how her queen would receive such a gift.

He looked to his little girls as he gave them both that I know you are fibbing look and smiled enjoying the fact they were little pains and nodded his head “go into the dinning hall you to and get yourselves a meal, there is much in there and the maids are taking to long anyway and could use some help, fill yourselves wall I talk to our guest” he waited for them to do as told before he turned and looked to the man before him. “whatever she has done I care very little to, she has an agreement to me and this castle and she was stolen from here. It is of my concern as I am the Emperor of this land and I protect the people that swear there lives to this crown and to this family. She is no in trouble and wont be if she is returned or comes back safely, but the one that stole her form here is that of a criminal and will be charged with kidnapping a castle citizen once we find the location of were they went to ” he sat in the throne as he looked up and saw that a little pink haired girl was placing some fur in Anayas throne chair on the arm rest “Anaya is sleeping at the moment, she will be out for another couple hours as her magic usage last night required many hours rest. But once she gets up I will be sure she gets that, did you catch it and skin it  yourself?” he did not know the girls name or he would have seid it, he was unsure if they had met before but then again his memory was a tad dull as of lately.

XaeiDeLaRose: Once her father had put Xaei down onto her feet, she walked with Noki, hand in hand into the dining room, where they would help themselves to all of the food, the meat, the fruit, the veg, stuffing their faces while voices came from the next room, though neither could tell what was being said, and were too busy throwing food into their mouth anyway. "I hope mama wakes up soon." Noki said, after she finished chewing on a chicken leg. "Me too, they said she needed to rest a lot though. I hope she is okay." Xaei'd say with a worried tone. "Mama is always fine. She's a dragon." Smiling, the young dragoness nodded and shoved a some grapes into her mouth, trying to see how many she could fit, it was six.

SophitiaEien: An agreement with the Emperor? The man seemed to pale, as though in some sort of assumption. “I will...see what I can do to help with finding that person. I worry for her myself, she has always had a frail body. I heard she was badly hurt and came to see it for myself, would you happen to be able to describe the wounds? Was she healing well?” He seemed full of questions but paused them as the King dealt with another being that he didn't recognize, but didn't pry. Once the man was free to answer and he had some time to think on his next question, he finally asked it – though he dreaded what the answer might be. His grip tightened on the medical bag, white-knuckling it. “...Did someone...did a man...?” Branson could not bring himself to utter the words as anger filled him at the thought. He hoped he was wrong, practically was begging for it at this point. It drove him to the point of murderous thoughts, even, the inkling that she may have been raped by someone in the castle. Not only did he know her body wouldn't take it well, but her mind would snap and she would be capable of much worse than what she was already. Whoever had done it would have no idea of what kind of monster they had created.

His eyes looked at the other male, he had care in his green hues, it was fake care but only he knew that much. He thought of his children so the care in his face truly was genuine just not towards the man or his problems “i got word that the horrible person that stole her away had caused the broken parts in her body. The nurses reports started it was a broken hip shattered almost beyond repair,  as well as a broken shoulder and splintered arm bone. It was said by the nurses over seeing her recovery that the pain and trauma to her body was caused, act most fowl that none would be willing to do” he paused for a moment to take a breath and seem truly distort for a moment about the ordeal that poor poor girl must have  had happen to her. He turned and looked back looking to the doors to be sure his daughters were not coming back around to hear such horrible words “Rape is a nasty thing good sir, it is why I wish only the most brute punishment for the fowl monster that lay hand on one of our staff members. All I wish is to bring her bake safe and sound so she may work peacefully on the gown for my sister in law that was promised. So if you do find her please bring her back so we can care for her and have our magics not only heal the rest of her body but her mind as well. This castle has the best medical facility around and the queen is that of a golden dragon, they are masters in healing both body and mind” he gave a smile as he looked to the man and nodded his head agreeing with his own words as well as his own thoughts on how much of a fun game this would be.

SophitiaEien: There was a soft thud and clinking of metal as the bag dropped from the doctor's hand, his eyes wide in absolute horror and fury. He stared at the emperor and then the floor, then at his hands as they clenched. Branson would strangle the son of a bitch. “I will find her and bring her to you immediately, and I'll die leading you to the man that did this. I swear on my honor.” His voice was shockingly soft now and trembling, though not in fear – merely in rage. He then bent down to pick up his medical bag and bowed in respect, turning to leave. “Thank you for your information, Your Highness. I will send word once I find out where to look.” With that, he left the castle and mounted his horse. He knew exactly who to contact, and hurried his horse in the direction of the bowels of Iron City.

SeraphinaDeLaRose: Pinky turn in surprise “oo I umm hello sir “she was shock at his presents it was true they had never meet “I am Seraphina sir but …but most call me pinky I came here when my” she started to roll the crystal in her fingers as her hand tugged on the chain that held it “my crystal said I had family here. I did not my father as I had thought. but I had a brother. had a brother he died though in the forest “her head sloped and she felt sadness weigh over her. Her head lowered and she placed her hand together in front of her waist and held them together. One could hear the in her voice the cold hapless feeling she had. It was not that she was not happy with the Queen and her Daughter but she was finally feeling the lack of hope that she had any family but her. She felt like the only Fire Elf in the world. this is what sadden her and most like she would feel this no mater where she was “and yes sir I killed and clean this fur. its not the best as I kind a just fallowed a book I found in the library. but for my first time I think its not bad” at this point she was not sure what to do the large over powering looks of this man or whatever he is was different then the soft and gentle tones of the Queens child who seem to understand pinky more than any one. Pinky started to slowly step back a foot at a time almost tripping on a chair behind her. She would catch herself before she did and smoothly run her hands down her waist before turning and slowly walking tords the hall -

Arthus: he sat there and watched as everyone seemed to scatter, he could not help himself he started to laugh the empty hall the hole thing now some dumb doctor was going to do work for him and drag the girl back to him and maybe he would get Riker to kill the whole lot. He got up form his chair with his hand on his belly as he collected himself form the laughter fit. “kids save your father some food will ya” he called out in that playful tone he never showed to the public and ran off into the dinning hall to get a meal and stuff his face and maybe toss a chicken bone at Xai for the fun of it and see if she could catch it in her mouth.


Later That Day

Xaei chewed on the hard bean her mother had given her, for a long while too as its skin was so hard. “Keep chewing sweetie.” Anaya said, overlooking the young dragoness. Xaei made a face of disgust, this thing really didn’t taste nice at all. “How long do I need to keep chewing for?” The daughter asked the mother. The Empress smirked. “Until you have swallowed it.” Xaei really didn’t want to, but with the hope it would make her brother proud, she sucked it up and threw her head back, letter the large half-chewed bean slide down her throat.

The young dragoness choked, her mouth feeling suddenly dry while feeling faint. “I-I don’t… Feel… So… Good…” Xaei muttered, her body swaying from side to side, while her mother and father became a blurry image. “It’s okay sweetie, sleep.” No sooner did the words fall from her father’s lips, was she asleep and in her mother’s arms, as Anaya had caught her her mid fall. The Empress and Emperor looked over their adopted daughter, taking in the details of her young face, as it would be the last time they saw it.

A few days later.

It was hot in her room, so hot that Xaei was sweating and her bedsheet was coated in it. A knock came at the door. “Xaei?” A familiar voice called out to her, it was her mother. “Ma-” Her voice… The dragoness sat up quickly, her long white hair fell over her face. “Hello? Hello? Peanuts, strawberries, cake, chocolate. What??!!!” She screamed, her voice was different, not her usual child-like softness. She looked down at her hands through her hair, they were… Grown…? Xaei hurried up out of bed, but hadn’t judged the height difference, as her legs were also grown, falling on her face after she stood.

The voice that called out to her was gone, was it a dream? Xaei would have to find out later, right now she had more important things to worry about. Eventually getting to her feet, the dragoness made her way, with uneased legs, to her vanity, which was much smaller than her, as it had been designed for a child. Xaei reached her hands through the drape that was her hair over her face, and slowly pulled it open like a curtain.

What stared back at her, was… Something… Someone… A figured she’d seen in a dream before. Xaei reached her hand out and touched the mirror, the movements were exactly the same. “This can’t be…” The same hand then reached and touched her face, it felt real enough. She pinched her cheek and whimpered softly, definitely real. “I don’t understand…” Xaei tried recalling her memory, seeing as this wasn’t a dream and paced around her room, after a moment it hit her, when she realised she wasn’t breathing all that well. Staring down at her body, Xaei saw that her clothes, or what was clothes were considerably tighter and… “What are those!” She screamed again, looking down at the two lumps on her chest. She grabbed them, squeezed them, gropped them, enough, apparently to cause her to… moan?

Xaei ended up on the floor, after her legs had collapsed under her, she was panting heavily, a look of… Something on her face and she felt dizzy again. The floor beneath her was a little wet and slippery, as was between her legs. That was… Something… Another knock came at her door. “Princess Xaei?” It called out to her, not her mother’s voice, maybe a maid? “Y-Yes?” The woman walked in, definitely a maid that she could tell from her attire, it took her a moment to realise it was her old nanny, back to grovel for her job Xaei expected, but it didn’t come to that. “Who are you? Why are you in the Princess’ chambers?” The older female asked. “Guards! We have an intruder!” - “What? No! I’m Xaei!” She had since managed to stand again. “What has happened to me? I do not understand, the last thing I remember was talking to my parents, chewing on some disgusting bean, then next I was here, and…” Xaei looked down at herself, so did the nanny. “You were given a growth bean…”

The nanny stayed with Xaei for a while, giving her a bath and brushed out her hair, which had grown with her body and was a lot longer than it was yesterday. She left for a short while, leaving Xaei to finish brushing her hair, to come back with a dress of hers and a plate of food. “Here you go child.” Smiling the dragoness took the dress for her, it was an old maids outfit which would do for now. Throwing it on her head, she’d sit on the edge of the bed once dressed and ate through the food, there was a lot of it but Xaei managed to finish it all. “What do I do now?” She asked, playing with the ends of her hair, that was now tied into a long plat to keep it together.

There was silence for a while, as the woman didn’t really know how to answer her question, though she wondered who would do a thing like this to a child, maybe the Empress had a hand in it? It wouldn’t matter if she did, things were done. However, if she could pick up the pieces, maybe she would be given a job again… The clogs of thought turned in the woman’s mind.

“Maybe you could explore the world a little? Figure out things, learn things. You are an adult now, there is a lot out there that you need to experience, for yourself.” Her wrinkles around her mouth moved while she talked, Xaei noticed from staring at her mouth as she did so, her senses far more heightened than the were. “You think I should leave the castle?” - “ I do, your mother has not come here to see you yet, there might be a reason for that. You said it was her that gave you the bean, the Empress would not have done that if she did not have something planned for you…” Xaei supposed she made sense, it was her mother that gave her the bean after all, and her father watched on. Maybe there was a bigger idea at work.

Xaei sat for awhile, contemplating what she might do. “A little exploration sounds like fun.” She said to the woman with a smile, the nanny hid a smirk with a kind expression. “It does, my dear. Come, let us prepare you a bit better, I have shoes you can wear, and a coat you can have.” With a soft nod, Xaei got up and followed the woman to the servant quarters, where she was given a pair of simple shoes that just about fit her, and a long, thin coat that seemed to have aged a bit. “Perfect, you look like a commoner.” Those words left Xaei feeling uneasy, but she was right. “I will escort you out the castle, if anyone asks who you are, tell them you are a maid and you have ended your shift. Okay? Oh, you will need a new name too… How does... “ The woman looked over Xaei’s figure and smiled. “Ashen, like your hair.” The dragoness smiled. “I like it.” - “Good, let us go. Oh, one more thing. You should hide your horns and tail until your return.” She had to agree, and did so, shifting her body in a way where her horns and tail disappeared, she looked human now.

The nanny did exactly as she said she would, guiding the Princess out of the castle, they were only stopped once and explained exactly as she was told to, soon Xaei met with the outside world, it was a new perspective from her adult eyes, she would have to learn to control her senses. “Here, gold for you. It’s yours, that I took from your room. Make it last and come back in a few weeks.” - “What about my parents?” - “I will explain to them where you have gone, they will be proud, I know it.” Xaei played with the necklace around her neck, remembering the moment her father gave it to her. She nodded. “Okay, thank you.” The dragoness hugged the woman. “Please tell them I love them, and I will miss them. I shall come back soon.” And Xaei was off, now to explore the world a bit.


Waking up she got to her wardrobe and pulled on a red and golden gown as normal and looked back to the bed a white mass of hair in her face as she moved it and saw Noki out cold on the bed sideways sprawled over her fathers lap like a large hound. Anaya gave a smile as she did not see the other little monster there with her sister. It was about time to see if the plan had worked and if Xaie had eaten the food she was given and kept it down so it could work. She would be very happy now that the child was grown she could be more useful for the castle and Anaya did not have time to wait to advance the grips of the crown across to the south, or a bit over to the west. She moved to the bed leaned down and softly kissed the forehead of Noki as the child gave a grumble and rolled to her side swatting at the air with her hands. Anaya gave a light chuckle and then went to the door to open it slowly and let herself out without waking the two monsters that were out cold in her chamber. Walking to the stairs she made silent steps to go down them without disturbing anyone. Looking around she could smell her other daughter Xaei but could not see her around. “guards” she called out as one came over softly “yes miss?” “were is my daughter Xaei?” the guard gave a shrug softly and shock his head from side to side “have not seen her yet today miss, maybe she is in the dinning hall eating, morning meal is just being made and i know how the children l;ove to wait for it to get done and maybe get a early sample” Anaya nodded “yes you are very right maybe she is in there” she said softly as she walked over to the dinning hall doors and opened the one standing in the door way her red eyes scanning the area as she pushed some hair behind her ear. “Xaei, has anyone seen the princess?” she called out to the many people waiting at tables as no one came forth right away but she held that spot for a moment to see if anyone would.

Xaei was long gone by this point, the seed of worthlessness planted firmly in the princess' mind, and it was up to her now to be worthy of this new life she had been given. Her mother and father had blessed her with a new life, free from slavery and poverty, now was the time to pay them back. But first, she had to earn that chance and grow stronger for it, learn how to be an adult frost dragon from the realities of the world. That would be well enough, if the nanny had not sent the naive young girl, only recently turned adult from a growth bean, into the world on her own. What the nanny didn't know was Xaei's harsh upbringing, so she would not be completely left to herself, however she was still a child at heart, and if Anaya or Samuel didn't track her down soon, her chances of survival were slim. Everything had been put into place, it didn't matter if the Princess were go return, the chances that the Empress would believe who she was, would be slim to none with how damaged she was going to be. Anaya never did think clearly when she was that upset, and if there was anything that sent her over the edge, it was the harm of her family.
The woman sat with an aura of mischief and hate around her, her mind going over every detail all the time, just to make sure everything was perfect. She was a bit startled when she heard the Empress' voice, who right on queue was looking for her daughter. Hiding a smirk, for a worried expression she walked over to the Dragoness and bowed. "You majesty, the princess has not come through here, though I must, while I have the chance, bring attention to you an occurrence most odd. A woman, with long white hair and pale violet eyes, much like the Princess Xaei, ran through here before the sun appeared over the horizon. She was very upset, angry maybe. Talk of being betrayed. I know that it could not be her majesty, being that she is only a child, it just seemed very odd to me." The woman said, disgruntled and out for revenge on the family that had left her pennyless and without a home, was going to suffer for certain. 'Hurry up and die princess' the nanny said to herself. At the very least, the spoiled and spiteful little brat was going to get what she deserved, for how much she tormented the older woman.


Anaya: It was silent, dead silent, and still, you could hear a pin drop on the other side of the room, Anayas red eyes turned black as she walked right up to the maid. Her hand, cold as ice moved over to the girls cheek as she moved her fingers along the girls skin “you sent my daughter out into the world to die due to your own losing a pitiful job you could have asked for back. You sent a Innocent soul out into the world to die, a dragons soul out into the world to die, that is a crime not worthy of death, but worthy of worse. Time will no longer exist for you, the ticking of a clock will deafen your ears and the worlds advances will blind your eyes. You will die, wither, and grow again to life to walk this world as a worthless husk never die to and always to live and walk till your feet bleed and your eyes dry from the suns wrath no liquid or food will touch your lips without sicking consequence and turn to rot in your gut, no healing touch shall bless you, no blessings shall stick, no god will hear your cry's and no voice will whisper from your lips to the ears of man. Your life in undeath starts here “ her claw touched the girls forehead and a
her claw touched the girls forehead and a rune marked carved down into her skin burning into her flesh. At the same time the skin on her body bubbled in massive blisters and flaked and rolled as her outer shell started to rot and her heart inside turned a deep black but kept beating. The pain of death digging into the female as if one was dieing over and over and over again but still able to stand and breath. Not a scream would come form her mouth as her voice box was severed, she could hear her own screaming and words in her mind but nothing came from her lips, forever silenced to the world but she could hear her own crys and plea's but no one else could.

(this rpc now has a curse upon its soul, curse of undeath target is made into a undead zombie like being with traits deemed of the caster of the curse. Traits = rotting body forever to grow back and then re rot off all over again. Perma silenced to the outside world but not to self, the world can not hear anything you say but you can hear everything so you know what you are saying but you are forever ignored. Clocks, ticking, and talk of growth and progress places one cursed into extreme pain. Eating or drinking causes extreme gut pain but one cursed feels the need to eat to live and is always wanting to eat and be fed, is kept in a forever state of dehydration. The sun burns undead and all holy asspects will harm you, you are now race classed as lesser undead )

“now leave here and never come back and may your new figure show the world of your deeds against a god” there was no snarl on her face just a heaviness in the whole room from her anger from her temper from her pain and hate from it all and now she had need to find her lost child out in the world sent out on a lie to die in the world alone. Anaya lifted her hand as the castle doors opened on there own “one day you will come back here to repent on your sinns and find nothing form here, may the sun show you no murcy”

It wasn't what the woman expected. No, it was worse... Far worse. It was as the Queen described, as she felt her flesh turn dry and begin to rot, the skin covering her cheek ripped off exposing bone. The same with part of her arms and legs. A walking corpse. She'd smell putrid and of decay, and when she tried to scream from the pain no sound came, and she felt her tonsils burst, a few off her teeth fell from her mouth landing with a soft thud on the ground. The woman hunched over as her part of the muscle around her spine faded away, her right leg collapsed under her and she almost fell over. She groaned as her jaw fell open, breaking at the join, her left eye dropped from its socket and rolled over the floor. The mark on her forehead felt heavy, the curse quite literally weighing her down. Her mouth was dry, tongue hanging from her open mouth, and with a wobble in her step, the woman walked out of the castle. Morning sun over head, its rays beating down on her, everywhere she wasn't clothed her skin bubbled and boiled. Everyone who saw her screamed in horror, backing away, carrying off their children, fear that whatever had plagued this woman was contagious. Hands reached out, pleading for their help but it only scared them more. She would go somewhere, lay under a tree, to die if she could...

her black eyes watched the girl rot, watched her fall apart and watched her scream the sweet dullness of her voice placing such a joy in the dragons heart. “Anaya?” came sams voice from the hall way, he saw everything and did not take any steps forward to his mate, sometimes it was better that way “we will find her you know, please dont leave the castle as you are” his voice held concern as he looked at her and watched that mess of a girl leave. Anaya's eyes looked to him as there black fogged over hues glimmered, it was almost like it used to be but then the color set back into her eyes and the redness came back into view “i want you to find her Sam, i don't care who you have to kill to get knowledge from i don't care what you have to do, i don't even want to know what you need to do, just do it and the castle will pardon you i will sign any paper work i have to do but you NEED to bring our baby home” Sam walked foreword as he walked up to Anaya and wrapped his arms around her as she sunk into his embrace “i will bring her home, i promise you, i care for her as well and i know she is confused and alone right now in the world out there” Anaya nodded to his words as she sunk her face into his chest. “i will find her location without leaving the castle, then you can go out to fetch her she is a dragon and i know the smell of her blood she will be not overly hard to pin point with my vision” Anaya looked
up form his chest as she pulled out of his arms softly moving to kiss his cheek softly, she had work to do and needed to get it done so she could send him out to find there kid lost in the world in god knows what place. She walked to her study, sam being left behind knowing not to help her in it, he could do nothing to help her anyway. Anaya sat down at her desk as she shut her eyes and the door locked on its own a click ringing in her mind. “come on Xaei, were are you” she whispered as her aura reaching into the world was her guide. (ability astral projection, level 9 mage spell active, user can move fully out of body to a location in the world, guided by a smell or path they have set, user can only see and hear 10 feet around out of body self and is not able to use any ability at all wall active. Basically out of body Anaya finds a person and can talk to them as long as they are within 10 feet of her white holographic looking form, she looks like a ghost all flowing and shit XD)
drifting into space in serch for her child she picked up the track right away to follow it. (forms about 15 feet form Xaei) walking along the path of the road of the town, a white  figure of Anaya drifted into town, but no one seemed to notice it (only one able to see or hear it would be Xaei as she is target) “Xaei, it is mother, come here please Xaei!?”

Xaei sighed softly, turning her wrist as it hurt from cleaning the bar countertop. "You can go on your break now, Xenia." The old man said, innkeeper of The White Goose Tavern. "Thank you, Markus." Xaei said with a smile, collecting a small jug of ale, a piece of bread and a book before sitting in the back of the tavern, behind the front desk. A short while went by before her break was over, and Xaei would walk outside before starting up her shift again, visiting the outhouse. Just as her hand was about to reach her hand, she became still as a shiver went up her spine, making her whole body shake. "What the..." The young dragoness held her breath as she turned slowly to look behind her, but there was nothing there. "That was... Strange..." Feeling at an unease, Xaei returned to her previous plan, using the outhouse to quickly relieve herself, and used fresh water from the well, along with the small bar of soap next to it to wash her hands. The young Princess sensed that there was eyes on her, and she was soon back in the tavern, occasionally peaking outside between dealing with visitors. "Xenia!" The cook, Sarah shouted out to her through the swinging kitchen door, holding out a roast beef pie to her. "Table five." - "Yes Ma'am." She quickly took the plate, and carefully took it to the table whom ordered it, which was followed by an order of ale. A good drink to compliment that sort of meal and she was off preparing it.
The night continued perfectly, with no issue or complication. Xaei hadn't been here long, but after the sensation she was getting earlier on in the night, the Princess felt it was time to move on for now. She thought of her mother and father while packing up what few belongings she owned, as well as the money she earned. Xaei missed her, and started to cry when she remembered what the nanny had said about her mother. It wasn't time to return yet, she had to earn her way back home, prove that she was a daughter worthy of Anaya and Samuel, of the Iron Dynasty. Xaei set off again, through the woods just like she had before, to find the next tavern where she might find work, giving them the same offer, work for a bed. A few hours later she settled in her new temporary home, but she wasn't sure where she was at this point, just the name of the tavern "Fowlfield Tavern.". The name sounded terrible, she thought and the staff weren't that nice either, but it would likely only be for a few days, and it was an adventure all the same.

Anaya could feel her daughter but she could not see her at all. Her voice whispered out as she knew that her daughter was within ear shot but at the same time was out of her reach “we love you my child, you were lied to, betrayed and hurt and we want you to come home, but we know that you want to explore the world on your own, we will be at home waiting for you always and my and your fathers love will never die, we will not send people to find you, we will not send out men to drag you home as we want you to come home on your own were you are loved and treasured by your family. If you can hear me, please send raven whenever you can to let me know you are alright so i dont sit up at night worrying, if you go north there is a ruler up there by the name of Relia she is safe and will care for you if she knows who you are and were you hail from. If you are not going north go west over the sea and keep going, find your sister on the other side of the world in Stovania, Ana will care for you as well. remember that your name holds meaning, don't forget who you are if you go to a castle say who you are to get sanctuary. Please my child be safe, i will wait for when you come home” her face was worry as she vanished away opening her eyes back at her desk back at the castle. She let out a breath and looked at the door, no matter what you feel inside your kingdom and your castle comes over your worry, she is a young adult now, be she is lost in the world she is strong and can care for herself. She took a breath held her head up high and went back to work sorting the papers at her desk and getting the work that needed to be done done so she could not only keep her mind occupied and not thinking of her lost child but also keep the castle working properly as always.


Guest_shadythedeats: *The gentle yet chilling breeze of wind, travelling from the west to east, from the ocean to the grassland, from the brightness of daylight to the darkness of the night sky, gently fluttering against the still freshly fallen leaves, laying beside its home, loyal to the tree as it held its ground against the blow, floating just merely inches from the ground, only to spin its way back down merely centimeters from its resting place, the fallen twigs and barks of the trees, mild mold growing on the once beautifully patterened shells they have become, proving to be homes for the arachnids that fluttered its way around, inbetween and within the grass that spread ahead, the sound of feet scraping across the soft, wet soil that gave off the earthly smell many had learned to ignore apart from the man that walked his way through the small forrest under the barely adequate light of the moon, his hair fluttering against the wind, across his face, his eyes with its reddish hues and furrowed brows, searching the path way, perhaps a lot man, perhaps a lot merchant, perhaps a victim or perhaps the criminal, however his mind never wandered like either of these peoples would have, his lips did not quiver and his steps did not falter as he carried his whole weight upon them, his once dark shoes now lined with mild streaks of grey and brown, mud and soil stuck to its rim, the once ever shining luster, nevermore, his frame outlined under the moon by his white trousers, colourfully decorated with yellow and green beneath whom lied brown and grey, from the long walks, the long climbs and hard falls he has experienced within his journey, his hands reaching in to the pocket of his worn out shirt, taking out a small leather pouch, opening the cork tightly woven within it with the torn piece of rope, lifting it up to his lips, creases adding upon creases to his shirt as the last drop of water trickled down from the bottom of the flask, unto his lips, a sacred amount making its way inside, his head shaking, from side to side, his hands pocketing the pouch, his feets taking him along the dirt filled path, each area of land, different from the rest, each hoot of the owl distinguishable from the next and each whine of the horse.... his feet halted, looking behind him unto the now fog filled road, his brows lifting, unsure of himself as a beautifully crafted carriage with an equally beautiful horse made its way out of the fog, the lantern held above it, several feet away on a stick, swinging for dear light, the candle light flickering which each movement, threatening to flutter out as the oak wood carriage stopped before him, the wheels varnished and the doors ormented, fit for a royalty, his lips trembling as he composed him self, partening his lips to speak to the rider of the carriage... who had nodded to the inside, telling him to enter.... with little to no choice, lost and cold, his feet lifted, planting on the well made footing, liftning himself up and onto the now opened carriage, the leather melting beneath im where he sat, his posture relaxing, little care as to the marks he would be leaving upon it as his eyes drooped, closing heavily as his breath deepened... slowing to a mild soft squeak... "wake up" he was awoken... before him lay a city, bustling with energy, the sun shining... as he stepped out, the inside matted with dark mud, givng the rider a sorry look as he walked away*

Anaya: she had finished in the study for the day, the now only kid was in bed sad and hurt by her sisters vanishing away from home, but at the same time Noki took it better than expected and Anaya was knowing that her little girl was getting used to the fact people left and people came all the time. She let out a breath as she taped the pile of paperwork down on the counter shuffling it lightly. Guard forms, butler orders, a new order of slaves and goods to replace lost body's and on top was a new troll order form as the last one had fallen the night before and now was time to get new ones and spring would cause the prices to be cheaper for troll slavery. She also had some forms that were for farmers placed beside marks of payment to deal with damage caused by god knows what to farmers mills and peoples livestock. Orders of compensation and apologizes for form the crown stamped with the crowns mark all wrapped up on paper and a red wax seal and a little golden ribbon to decorate it with the family colors. She held the stack on her arms as she walked out of her study closing the door with a foot and walking over to a door maid and handing the paper pile “take this all down to town get it mailed out and sent to the right people there is also a letter to my daughter have that sent out to i have not gotten word from her in a while” the maid nodded her head “yes me lady I shall send them all out right away for you” the maid took the papers and started her way down to town to do the orders given to her by Anaya, and one order was given to her and all the other maids that handled papers by Samuel, toss all letters going to Ana in Stovania in a dumpster in town then burn it, which she would do as always. Anaya turned around and looked back to her castle, spotless just as she liked it and with a bit of relaxation in her steps, she walked to the thrones to sit allowing the door guards to get anyone that came in and allow them in.

Guest_shadythedeats: *His spine chilled, an involuntary shake passing through his body, forcing him to nearly clench both of his arms and rub them... almost, his neck tingling, the minute minuscule amount of hair present at the back of his head standing on order, his ears tingling as he felt the stare of the carriage rider... and every one else that occupied the kingdom.. or town, he was unsure as his feet clicked on the neatly stone paved road, nearly civilised, the townsfolk men and women bustling with energy, going about their morning chores with wood woven baskets placed upon their heads, cabbages and carrots within them, each mother holding the hand of her child whos laughter seemed to brighten the already bright day for him, the clicking of horse shoes and the clunking of meatals from the smithing furnace on to the left of him, the big giant of a man wearing but just a dress and a crued leather apron, shaping, molding the metal in to sharp fine swords and shields.... he was unsure he stood, staring unto the charcoal fueled fire... crackling as bits popped, smoke, dark and gray bellowing from the middle of the furnace, like a volcano in ready of a second eruption, the smiths face dyed black, his brows indistinguishable from the rest of his face that was once white, looking at his unmoving body that reflected of the light, his eyes wide with amaze as his reddish lips parten "move out of the way" his 'episode' was shortlived as the sound of metals clunking grew louder... finding him self being forced to regain his foot as he was pushed away, a guard wearing a chainmail, the eyes cold and seemingly lifeless as he was stared upon, the tunic hanging off of him, resembling the emblem of the kingdom, lowering his head in respect... he could not risk being taken a prisinor, he simply could not... closing his eyes as the light reflecting from the individually joined circlets reflected on to him, turning himself away slowly as he walked, momentarily colour blinded as his feets struggled to find ground, looking high up at the sky.... his eyes glimpsing a tower of what appeared to be a church, his lips curving up in to a smile, his feets taking him in that direction, avoiding the reddish apple that rolled of the ground towards him, the cartridge that had zoomed past him with not so much as a concern, the stares of the men which he received along with the laughter.... and hence forth soon he found him self face to face with another pair of gaurdsmen, bearing the same tunic with the same symbol, his lips partening " I am here to see the queen...".. "under what cause?" the gardsmen had question him... his eyes lowering as he whishpered " the city of solence had sent me.." the doors opened before him as the boots scraped along the floor, each guard moving to the other side of the wall as he stood awestruck by the mansion.... no castle... before stepping in

her eyes looked up as her ears twitched the red glimmer of her eyes being partly glazed over as she sat in her throne clad in a white gown and crystal headdress she watched as the guards allowed the newcomer in, from another kingdom she got wind of but she did not hear the name all that well, it is what you got for only paying half attention and having other things on the mind. She wondered about this person from god knows were and a finger taped on the arm rest as the maid to her flank looked at her “yes me lady?” she said softly as her little green human eyes looked to her ruler “go bring the newcomer over, don't want people getting lost like last time” the maid gave a nod as she turned and walked off back straits and head held high to there guest that had just come into the doorway. “welcome to the Dragons capital, Iron welcomes you here this day she hopes the sun has been fair to you on your trip, do you seek service of the crown or the Empress here this day, or are you simply a worker wishing to file a complaint in town or wish to have one's grievances settled? All you wish can be handled” she talked in such a preppy voice and with Anaya hearing it all from a far it almost made her want to gag from how joyful and pep filled that dumb human girl seemed to be. But humans were humans and there was a reason that 80% of her staff was human after all not counting the fighters and what not as humans did break easily. The maid nodded to the guards that were watching from the slits in there helmets to be sure all was well and she hoped over behind the stranger to help in shutting the door not overly fast to spook him but to just shut the door “it will rain soon, cant have this open to long, mind your feet mind your feet” she said all happy like as the door closed and finished with a thud. “so please walk forward you are lucky my good sir as the empress is relaxing in her throne and can see you right away for anything you wish to be handled personally. ”

Guest_shadythedeats: *"mind your feet mind your feet" hearing the girl talk in her chirpy voice... brought back memories, made him happy... a happiness that left a tinge at the pit of his stomach which would likely make him to gag... in front of the queen, correcting his posture as he carefully listened to the girl who had continuously pointed towards the queen, relentlessly reminding him to not worry... that he would not be getting lost, which had seemed rather unimportant to him as his red eyes gazed across the room, the carpet, washed and clean,not a single crease or even smack of dirt..... undoubtedly he was sure he would have been leaving rather enough of his footprints along side it.... his shoes lifting off the ground, avoiding scraping against it as his eyes once more picked up the distinguishable detail of the plants that were arranged in a circle around the room.. a plant he had become so familiar with over the past few decades that he could remember all its uses... all its functions from his heart... the soft mild scented aroma of the minute budding flowers which were invisible to the naked eye... passing across the throne room, the cushions arranged near each segment of the wall that held connected to the ceiling... his eyes moving from the plants... cushions.. petals and falling unto the queen as she sat on her throne.. almost as if mesmerized... his movement slowed, gently making his way, each leg gracefully lifting and placing on to the floor, kneeling before the queen, his head held low*

Anaya: Anaya looked up at the male her red eyes looking up and down his figure as she watched him move forward and up to her taking a knee as she nodded her head to him “you may rise to your feet” she said softly her voice sounding sweet but still stern and strong. It was common knowledge in town that a dragon ruled this land but in town there was rumours and false truths about it all so she wondered what all he did know and what he would act upon “so what brings you here” she said as the maid came behind him and looked to Anaya “tea as normal my lady?” the maid said all happy and peppy as her character portrayed, Anaya nodded “yes from my mint tea from the jug with ice as normal” the maid nodded and hoped off to fetch it as requested. Anaya gave a slight grin as from the corner of her lips came a pointed tooth with another right beside it and if one looked one would notice every tooth in that flawless porcelain mouth was pointed to a razor's edge, she was a stellar looking woman, legs that went on for days, breasts full and perfect and held in a silken dress that made them mound with cleavage one could not take their eyes from. Her figure was hourglass shaped not thin and not overdoing it, but well fed and slightly rounded. She let out a breath as she watched him her red eyes a black slit down the middle framed her face with her snow-white hair that picked up the hints of orange and yellow from the torchlight of the castle that the maids and male workers were lighting for the evening. She leaned back in her throne relaxing and still watching as she pondered about there guest silently to herself.

Guest_shadythedeats: *the flames from the candles, reflecting unto the ground and unto him, darkening his brows and his eyes a shade of red.... became a tint darker, his weight shifting to his palms, the shadows dancing along each segment of muscle that shifted as her lifted his self up, standing tall, in front of the queen, registering his sweet smile... and the gently almost sculpted like face., his lips beneath his mask, rising in to a smile as his eyes slowly worked its self up to her nose... barely a mark on them... up to the bridge where few rogue strands blond hair had invaded... up to her eyes.... staring in to the dark abyss of red... his breathing slowing to a mild gasp every few seconds as all his movements halted, the gentle breeze flowing through the room, flustering his shirt, pressing it against his abdomen... his hair which already was untidy, to begin with became a mess... his brows widening... to furrow as he eyes soften, head tilting to his right side... just barely, staring in to her eyes, the streaks of blond eye lashes... seemingly out of the picture.. long since forgotten, the sound of feet upon the pavement nor the sound of the birds chirping not far from her... neither gaining the ecstasy to disturb him*

Anaya: she looked at him as a brow lifted, he was just standing there, was he going to talk or just look at her with an aw struck look on his face, she did enjoy it and all dragons were suckers for flattery and for a person to just stand there seeming to be lost for words it was flattery of the silent still type. That maid cut the silent as she walked back in, almost trotting and then drifted over to the mans ear to whisper “you should talk when she talks to you, if you stand there long enough never know she may just make ya a stone statue cus she likes the look” she gave a light giggle as she bowed her head and offered up the tea to Anaya a clear glass goblet with a single mint leaf on it and an ice round rolling slightly in chilled water. Anaya's mint tea was really just mint ice water with a little bit of lemon in there but the maids knew what she liked and never corrected her on it. “thank you girl, now be off with you, can you check on my daughter she is up in my room sulking I do hope she is in bed or at least ready for it, get her a drink if needed and some meat as well if needed or just get her in bed as she should be, she has a large day tomorrow” the maid nodded her head and got up slowly taking a step back and then running off to do as told. Anaya took a sip of her drink and then looked back at the man to see if he would care to talk or just stay standing there like a castle ornament.

Guest_shadythedeats: *his pupils dilating.... to return to its normal shape and size just minutes after as he regained his focus, the surrounding area rushing up to him like a snake which rushes forward, slithering its body to soar through the air in order to kill its enemy, the bright orange reflection of the fire formed from the candle that reflected unto him, causing him to close his eyes... opening it moments afterwards as he held his head low, parting his lips as he avoided looking towards her, his fingers entwined together behind his back "I am Edward so'licence' from the city of silence, I am here regarding the information you requested to be brought.." his left hand gently moving out of its protective hold from its brother's hand, gently slipping in between his coat, taking out a parchment..... "my mother requested me to bring this to you.. personally" his eyes moved towards her, glimpsing her smirk before lowering back down in shame as a blush spread across his cheeks*

Anaya: her red eyes looked at him as he held out the parchment paper, it was nicely rolled up and treated with care and the blush on his cheeks made her smile a bit at the young ones antics. If he was not from a kingdom and just some random man of no name she would have kidnapped him to keep for herself as one did enjoy gathering trinkets. “i see, but i do send out requests from many places every days dawn, so you will have to refresh my old memory on what your mothers kingdom is about, who she is by name, and what this parchment pertains to” she took the paper in her hand as he offered it and with soft fingers unclasped the seal and unrolled it to read its continence (you will have to provide a link to if it is a legit document or state in your next post what I am reading) as her eyes scanned the paper one eye seemed to always be on the man as her nature made her untrusting and keeping both eyes on a paper when a stranger from another location stood before you was a foolish act only resulting in a dagger to the face or gut witch she did have happened before so was aware of the risks of not having one's eyes on everything at the same time.

Guest_shadythedeats: his shoulders relax as he looked toward the queen, turning his head towards the side as not to distract himself from her appearance as he slightly paretened his lips, gliding his tongue over the chapped lips through his mask "as you see it highlights the agreed conditions of exchanging desired soldiers and resources between the two kingdoms as well as the full documented report from the search party as to the fabric of clothings and the hunt leading to address the dessert" he speaks out the details as he remembered from heart, his head still turned away, gently lowering his gaze towards his shoes, speckled with dust and soil... the fruit of his long journey to reach here in secrecy with out anyone noticing... his arms aching along with his shoulders as he maintained his posture, his mind a frenzy of thoughts, from the gem he had been given to the gift of a rose alongside the curse of balance, all these things having been a burden upon him, his eyes clouding over as he thought of his mother within the city, the state of conditions have been worse to the extent that he was forced to leave in the middle of the night and that as well with out the knowledge of his guardsmen, hidden beneath a hood which had long since become food to the various aquatic organisms within the lake he had nearly drowned.. and a bag that he had lost while hiding from a pack of 'scavengers', his feet with out knowing, gently slowly brushing across the carpet, highlighting a pentagram, the aromatic scent of the flowers flowing through his mind " my mothers kingdom... contains mostly humans... yes we are aware of other creatures and she is supportive of other creatures, her name is carol seonile... yes she is not my mother by blood" he tells her, looking towards the corner of his eye, looking for an expression from her*

Anaya: as she finished reading she rolled the paper up and placed it at the side of her throne between her leg and the armrest of the throne. Her red eyes looked back to the man as she nodded her head to all he had said “I take it seeing the letter was sealed you have not gone over it, it does state here that you are part of the deal for fine workers, it lists your name individually before trained fighters and then lists the trade goods needed back and forth which we will be happy to give for as well as give for the other fighters listed as I do need more guardsmen as I have lost some good men this past month to flooding ” she leaned forward as her elbows rested on her legs her goblet held in her clawed hand and her chest almost falling form her gown but being firmly held in place. Anaya held little mind for garments she liked things that lost yet hardly covering as she felt covering was a human thing and not a dragon thing and she enjoyed the comfort of her own skin. “did your mother miss something in her note or did you not know about your services being sold to this crown it is rather common for princes to be sent off to farther there own family's reaches, and it would gain your family good favour if you abide by there wanting” she wondered how he would take to that facts she just gave him after reading everything on the paper, his mother had sold him to be a prince of this state to push her influence over into the larger heartlands. It would be clear they must have been running on hard times for queens to sell off their sons and not keep them around to hold up kingly duties, but it was true that sending them out forced them to father family's and gain larger land plots and Anaya herself had done this with her own male children and female children more than once.

Guest_shadythedeats: *his eyes widened, turning his head toward her, his brows furrowed in shock, questions running through his mind "sold?, that can not be... mother never told ... what are my duties...?" he was not one to judge or make excuses... he was not one to show his uncomfortable feelings, he was one who accepted things out of strength, not weakness, his eyes glazing over as he looked the queen in her eyes, before turning his gaze towards his shoes once more, contemplating the meaning of what happened.. his mother who had protected him... looked after him.. selling him to someone else.. it was nothing short of treating him like contained goods.. slavery... obnoxious... shaking his head gently, from side to side, his hair brushes against one another as he closed his eyes.. opening them m minutes after*

Anaya: Anaya watched him and she knew that face, she had unknowing in his eyes, in his heart, it was a lot to take in for the poor man, and in the lands it was normal for slavery for castles and kings and queens to sell off their children as goods to marriage or for gold for good favour. “yes, you have been sold for a high price of gold which shall be sent back to your family to help them in a time of need. You are not a slave here you are not to be caged or hold a collar around your neck, you are here on your wanting to better your family and your royal name and in time maybe gain children and a life here. Your job as listed in the document is to be a fighter as that is what you were sold as, but I wish you not in my army as I don't need army men but I do need castle guards. My own family needs protecting as well as the staff and workers here, even the slaves need not be killed by strangers that come in the door and feel a dagger is better then a simple greeting to ones face. If you do not wish to follow the wishes of your parents you may make the choice to walk back out the door and tarnish your own and their name, you do have a choice even if they set forth the path for you” she held morals and did everything justly and lawfully and even her darker actions held root and meaning, punish ones that break the laws, reward ones that save others and treat all with respect unless they show you otherwise it was simply a golden dragons way. “tell me about your choice, your feelings and yourself, if you are to work for my castle it is best I know about you, and then I will tell you about who you work for”

Guest_shadythedeats: *letting out a gentle sigh as he looked up towards her, a fighter..... his parents having had sold him for a fighter, he was never one too good with a sword regardless of him possessing one, he was never too good at defending, regardless... of everything and he was never too good at being harsh to people regardless of his appearance, his hands held behind his back, each finger, slowly fumbling with the other , the thumb caressing against his forefingers, his mind still lost in thought.... looking up towards the queen as he considered his answers.... what was his choice?... leave and be thrown away from both his mothers and her kingdom... ? disgrace my family.. no... he wanted to help.... everything he had so far done... would be gone to waste, his eyes stinging as he averted her gaze " I will stay.... my feeling m'lad?..." he had asked her, taking his right hand and gently brushing it across his hair, ridding himself of the stinging in the process, his chest rising and falling as he inhaled deeply, lowering his head in thought "what would you like to know about me.. m'lady?" he asked her, once again raising his head to look her in the eye, the aromatic scent filling his lungs that helped to calm him, the soft mint leaves smell, drifting from the teacup placed near her hand, through his mask to his lungs.... her was brought up without much luxury in hand unlike his brothers, treated with kindness alone... 'it was no wonder' he thought to himself 'I was not even part of the family after all'

Anaya: “I want to know about you, who you are, what you are, were you want to be, what you are good at, all needed to know so I can place you right here, the paper work may read fighter on it but I am guessing form your actions you are not good at it and it is simply what they put there to make me buy you as fighters is what I have sent out requests for but that does not mean it is what you are skilled with. What are your skills, your wants your dreams” she took another sip of her drink and watched him fumble with his hands behind his back it was clear he had a lot to take in but that was understandable and a sharp mind was just as good as a sharp blade

Guest_shadythedeats: *his head tilting just slightly as his reddish eyes roll up, slowly to look towards her, his lips parting, the words forming on the tip of his tongue, pausing, thoughts flowing through his mind* "well.... to be honest m'lady I am not really skilled with fighting as you have already guessed, if I were to be attacked here, this moment, there is little chance of me being able to defend myself, much less you, your highness, I have never paid attention, enough to learn the art of defence, my focus was on research and data analysis... and other forms of work.." * dragging the last word out as he spoke, regretting on telling her or perhaps wondering if he should regret as his mind replay his childhood before his eyes.. the moments he had come to enjoy and detest*

Anaya: Anaya's red eyes looked at him as one brow was to lift, she needed brains just as much as she needed brutes, and now with how he talked she was interested in him more then she was before (ability used sense alignment = in your next post someplace in the post you must put in your alignment) her red hues flickered slightly as she gave a grin looking him over, her eyes scanned up his body back down, then up again back to his face he was a fine looking specimen, she had seen better but he was a prince after all they had to look good right and now she basically owned him. “ I am in need of skilled learners as much as I am in need of fighters so you will be a scholar here for the time being till we can find a better role for you in the castle. Your chamber rooms will be upstairs in one of the guest rooms but you have full access to the castle's library as well as my personal study of books, but please ask before you go in there as the guards may take it badly simply do to not knowing you. If you are in need of any books or items please make a list of them so I can acquire them for you and have them brought up to your room” she stood up as she took a step foreword her hips swaying back and forth as she walked right up to the man her red eyes bright

(aura of dragons intimidation active = your RPC feels a heaviness on there shoulders the closer they are to the root of the aura, some rpcs with weak mind and skills fear intense fear causing them to want to flee or fight in revolt even knowing they won't win. Others of stronger mind and body feel the heaviness and understand the reason it is there they still feel slight fear and intimidation but they do not feel the overwhelming want to fight it or flee in fear from it.)

as she gave a grin and moved her fingers to run them along the males mid segment lightly touching his clothing she paused testing his resolve and wanting to know his reaction it would help her in learning about him and studying him and seeing what his reactions would be towards her and how strong or weak he really was or if he had other intentions to her body as she was so close he could feel the warmth she had, smell the sweet plums and rose oils that draped her figure and see how thin her garments were and how flawless her figure really was.

Guest_shadythedeats: *his brows furrowed, raising them selves slightly in concern as she stood, momentarily believing that he had been excused, preparing him self to leave... that is until she had moved her self-closer towards him, his slightly slouched shoulders, stiffening as his breath deepened, the gentle warmth which radiated from her body, swarming over him, surprising him... only so much as her finger that had pressed alongside his shirt had, closing his eyes, gently drawing in a deep breath, the aroma flowing its way in to his lungs, calming him as much just as much as her presence was threatening him, cancelling out each other perhaps equivalently... just enough for him to open his eyes with out the intentional need to flee away from her majesties presence which loomed over him, his eyes as they landed on them, glimpsing through her clothing that was thin enough to be rather... dangerous up close and in the reflecting light of the room, enough to cause his eyes to avert, a reddish hue spreading across his cheeks, a miniature smile tugging at each end of his lips which he focused on hiding, lightly shaking his head, avoiding the thoughts that threatened to loom over his mind, he was here on duty, or so he thought to him self "I understand m'lady, I will do as you request"

Anaya: she looked at him she could feel his mind by reading his body language he shyed away but his wanting were on his moist lips his dry palms and that shimmer in his gaze even as he averted it. Her finger moved to his chin as she placed a razor-sharp claw under his chin to force him to look up at her face, at her red stabbing eyes. Dragons took what they wanted, and she was a pureblood and a royal. “don't avert your eyes from me, if you want something to voice it, you can do your job and be honest to yourself. If you want slaves in your room say so and they will be brought up to do as you wish with them. Slaves, tavern whores, street whores, elven woman, you say what you want and you may just get it, you lay in the house of a god, you ask and it may be given to you” she left out the part was there was always a price to asking for things but she was sure if he walked that road he would figure it out on his own. Her claw moved as she took a soft silken hand and caressed his cheek softly as her fingers ran over his skin, careful to not slip that skin and shed a layer of it off with the edge. She gave a smile that was unsettling as she ran a claw down the middle of his lip clearly holding sexual intent in her gaze and actions “there is dinner in the dining hall if you wish to eat, and if I am needed I will be in my study for the night, there is much paperwork to drag my self through” she wondered if he would ask to accompany her there or go eat, one being a safe path the other holding much risk for the new player in the castle game.

Guest_shadythedeats: her fingers that had gently traced across his chin up to his cheek felt cold against his skin, the very trails left by her highness, giving rise to a chill he suppressed, moving his gaze from the flower petals that stood highlighted with the shimmering candle lights, the shadows dancing along its edge, looming in to one another and against each other, almost theatrically, organized and elegantly,only second to water on its flow, once landing upon her reddish, fiery eyes, gleeming with a dark fire and unsettling weariness along with... something he failed to identify at once as he fingers left his cheek, the tip of her nail tingling the very nonexistent edge of his skin... briefly before her palm caressed wholly against it, the iciness similar in nature to thin... prickling needles that occupied all his thoughts, leaving his mind vulnerable, suppressing the urge to shake his head with the claw that placed it self atop his lip, closing his eyes and opening them, gently, in agreement to what she had said regardless him not wanting the companionship of such.... vulgarly stated women in the said business.., parting his lips as she finished speaking* " if it is alright your highness, I would like to accompany you to the study, perhaps I could help you, it would serve to be valuable to me if I could glimpse at the works which you do and the various requests placed by the people of The Iron Dynasty, "

Anaya: “if that is what you wish you may come with me to my study” she gave that grin as she turned her body and started to walk assuming he would follow as he wanted. She got to the back of the hall behind the thrones to a large door two guards at both sides standing post nodded there heads as she opened the door and one held it open without a single word said. As she entered and he was behind the room was wall to wall bookshelves some books older than others and at the back was a bookshelf with a chain around it and what looked like really old and some glowing books of magical nature. With a breath she moved to the large study table in the centre that was piled with papers, documents, reports, order forms for guards slaves and many kinds of animals, papers regarding castle work records on how the trolls all died, how a drake died on the edge of the land, records of broken pips and castle simple mess ups. Some notes had red on them and the words dead or death or died doing such, there was a good amount of them and some notes were filed in a small basket at the side of the desk marked with to go out on the front. “people place requests in for all kinds of things as well as we file paperwork regarding what we need for the castle-like more trolls or things fixed or new maids and servants, and tax collecting and paying people that have faced hard times in town or people facing loss of loved ones to get compensation from the crown to aid them, we file law papers for ones in town placed to the stone or facing lockup be in the town prison or in my own personal cells. We handle all of that, or well I do as I don't have workers to handle the papers for me since the last advisors passing. Half the people here cant read let alone handle documents” there were a couple pages that were slightly glowing on the desk magical junk as well as some papers under other things that said other things one could not make out (if you can read draconic then you will be able to read they are order forms from the east for a male red dragon to be brought to the castle to try to court the princess here)

Guest_shadythedeats: *nodding his head, letting out a breath he was not aware he had been holding captive as a sigh escaped following his exhaled breath as her highness walked with him following her, his eyes falling upon and leaving the various artifacts that had aligned the walls of the castle, some more beautiful than the other, some brightened by the light that fell upon their elegant textures.. others so dark that he could barely make out their beautiful features, unknowingly comparing the two castles in his mind, each beautify in its own form , glancing towards the guardsmen on duty along each side of her majesties door, proud with their chests held high as he gently walked inside after her, expecting a simple study, similar to the one back in where he once called home, his eyes ever so slightly falling on to her frame as he entered, lifting his eyes as he readied his posture to stroll towards the study desk with out minding any other artifact.. however failing to do so as he saw what truly lay within, the countless numbers of books that adorned the shelves who themselves seemed to go on forever across the room, the leather bound books arranged neatly across each elegantly made shelf, with a doubt by the finest wood worker... if it indeed was wood, the place it self could have been a library, a place where he could stay shut in with out a need to worry for days with bore, his head turning from one book to the other all the whilst his feet took its own steps across the room, his hands clasped behind his back, fighting the urge to grasp hold of the occupants within the shelves, regretfully turning his head away and unto the countless papers that occupied her majesties desk, nodding his head as she spoke, his eyes gazing across each and every form of paper, taking note of the interesting ones as his eyes landed on a gently glowing object... or paper, scribbled with the writing which he showed no astonishment to what it could have been, perhaps he knew, perhaps he did not, he certainly did not wish to let out any of his secrets just yet as he parted his lips, averting his gaze from the papers towards her*"the advisor passed away?" * he asked in wonder as he thought for a while before asking once more* "perhaps you schedule schooling for them, m'lady?"

Anaya: “yes the old advisor met a untimely end at the end of a fires blaze, it is unknown who started the fire but he was one who tried to put it out” she lied she ended up killing that poor shit after he went against one of her orders that needed to get done, he overstepped his boundary in the castle being more ruler then advisor and overstepping his limits. She gave a smile and nodded her head as she remembered that poor shit and how he met his end at the end of a wolves tooth after he was kicked from the castle by her order. Her eyes looked back to the male as she nodded her head “yes schooling a new advisor would be helpful but really I don't have the time in the day between caring for my child and taking care of this castle and the town, I don't have time to train an advisor I need to simply gain one that is already trained and knowing in the duties of a castle and understands order and their place.” she wondered his thoughts on this advancement as she moved the papers putting some to one side and some to the other side, trying to place order forms with order forms and place magical papers with the others on the desk, aq couple glowed blue and a couple glowed white and one, only one glowed red. “so what is it you wish for to be shipped up to your chamber this evening, books, needs clothing”

The male gave an odd look as his body stiffened with that the old advisor had died in a fire, she mentioned his room as he nodded his head, yes now would be the time to just fade up there to see what room state he would be living in if he would live here longing term at all after all. “yes i will go see to my room now see what is there already if anything else is needed I will gladly give a note to one of the maids to have it brought right to you.” he gave a nod then moved as he noted the stairs to the back and a guard pointed up them. He nodded his head to the guard and went on his way to check out the rooming arrangements in the castle surely to be pleased with what he got and to think over what he would do here long term.


Meanwhile with Xaei
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Silencie: Xaei sighed heavily as she scrubbed the floor with a rough sponge and bucket of soap, reaching her hand she rubbed the back of her hand against her brow. "You missed a spot!" The cook screamed, punching his fist into a bowl of dough, making flour puff up into the air and land around the floor. Xaei snarled quietly, but said nothing, the dragoness couldn't afford to show her true nature. So, she continued on with her job and was dismissed sometime later, the sun was set and the moon high in the sky. "It must be late..." The dragoness stated, dusting off the flour from her dress and into the wind, a soft breeze blew by carrying it off. "I need to get out of here. I need..." Xaei didn't waste any time, she was off like a bolt and into the nearby woods. Once she reached a clearing and out of sight from anyone, she shifted into her true form, for the first time since she had grown, unable to control her emotions from doing otherwise while she cried. A loud roar erupted through the trees as a large white dragon extended its tail into the air, wings reaching high into the air and as she swung them downward a few times, her large clawed feet lifted up off the ground, slowly but surely she was up above the clouds. Freedom at last. Xaei sored through the sky, doing loops around mountains and tall buildings at the dead of night. It felt so nice being in the air, for the first time in her young life, with a mix of feelings, emotions and sensations… Maybe adult life will be fun after all. It felt so nice, the feel of the air rolling over her scales and wings. Xaei was flying for a while, until all of a sudden a thick fog appeared, making it very hard for her to see an inch in front of her face, so she turned down toward the ground and decided to find shelter until it has passed, finding herself a cave somewhere in some woods. The ground vibrated slightly under her feet as the large dragon walked into the darkness.

The vibrations created from the white dragon echoed through the cavernous home. Deep within the darkness of the cave twin ice blue eyes appeared, glowing dimly. A deep growl radiated towards the female dragon.  The massive creature took up most of the back of the cave it’s massive size seeming pressed at the back. A glint of silver glimmered in the fading light created from the entrance as it shifted and moved about. The glowing blue orbs scanning the creature that entered its lair. “LEAVE….” a deep rumbling voice echoed almost hissing and shaking the very walls of the cave. Relonikiv flexed the muscles of his twitching tail. There was a crunching the sound of bones as the lumbering shape moved forward. The dim lighting revealed the head of a large silver, along one side of his face was a large scar that had cracked the scales of the left side of his face, the left horn atop his head was shattered at the base and seemed to have been broken for a long time. His eyes stared at the white female dragon that entered noticing she was much smaller than himself. “This mine… Find your own…” The old dragon said grumpily. Its large icy eyes stared at her, his pupils narrowing to thin slits as the spikes on his griff vibrated from an even deeper growl.  

Silencie: Xaei carefully and quietly looked around the gave, but when she heard something moving, the dragon went completely still. Her pale purple eyes searched the darkness for whatever it might be, and caught the faint glint of something silver. It moved. Xaei began to back away slowly, a dragon in reverse wasn't entirely practical and her tail bumped into the rock wall a few times. 'Leave', a voice sent a chill down her spine all the way to the tip of her tail and wings. With a soft thud of her clawed feet she turned away, putting her head outside of the cave. Looking up at the sky the dragon whimpered, it was still very foggy and she could barely see above the trees. She couldn't be caught wandering the wilds either, she'd be hunted for sure. His next words sent another shiver down her spine, afraid more for the hunters beyond the cave than him, she turned back into the cave and lowered her body to the ground, tail turned against her side and wings folded in. Her snout rests on a rock, jaw slightly open as she spoke back. "Please, I just need somewhere to stay until the fog clears, then I will be gone. I swear." The moon, when it did appear through the clouds, which wasn't often, would shine off her white scales. "Please..." She begged again, trying to keep herself small. The dragoness understood from her mother how her kind could be, so remained as she was until he would say otherwise. His presence was an unquestionable one, even if she couldn't see him yet, except for the faint, occasional shine of silver.

The silver stared hard at the female. A thud of scale on stone sounded as he smacked his tail against the floor of the cave. The orbs of his eyes shifted over the creature standing at the edge of the cave before opening his wings as wide as he could and beat them kicking up a gust of wind towards the female. The effort was more of a stretch as he shifted folding his wings back once more and turning around in the cave turning away from her. He started lumbering off to the back of the cave again pushing past the entrance towards a larger enclave. A grumble emitted from the male the spiked whiskers along his jaw twitching and vibrating. “The dragon turned its eye back to the female his eye dimly glowing as it stared at her. “When the sun peaks the horizon….no later... or else…” Relo wasn’t keen to the idea of sharing a cave with another the thought placed him on edge making him feel more aggravated. The deeper part of the cavern was much larger and had a ledge that Relo clawed himself up to and began lounging. Placing his snout against the floor and he closed his eyes his massive shape outlined by the light drifting in from a hole above the slow dripping of water running over stalagmites filled the otherwise quiet cavern. 

Silencie: Xaei shut her eyes as a gust of wind from the wave of his wings, sent dust up at her face, she didn't say anything nor move. As she heard what seemed to be him relaxing again, the dragoness opened her eyes to see him moving deeper into the cave. When he said she could stay, at least for the time being Xaei smiled, in a way that a dragon could. "Thank you." While keeping low, she walked further into the cave, while the cold didn't bother her it wasn't actually something she liked, much preferring the warmth despite being a Frost Dragon. Xaei kept a good distance, no matter what her dragon instincts were telling her. She had never been around a male before, and needless to say, not out loud of course, the dragoness was having odd feelings, like when she was squeezing the bumps on her chest. Xaei tried to stay back, but she was curious, that had not changed about her at all, and for a moment her thought went to her father, on if he would still give her a pet spider when she returned to the castle. The dragoness shakes her head and, trying to stay warm she lay not too far, but not too close to the exit, should he decide to get fed up of her before the agreed time, she curled up into a ball. She had walked in enough to see him now, he wasn't much different from her in colour, more shiny maybe and a whoooole lot bigger, while she only took up a small portion of the cave, he took up a lot. Intimidating was an understatement. After a moment of silence, she decided, probably stupidly, to speak again. "What is your name? Mine is Xaei." The Frost Dragon asked him, her voice given a slight echo from how deep the cave was.

With a gruff response the larger dragon turned his eyes towards the smaller narrowing its lids as if her question annoyed him. He huffed a burst of white air from his nostrils a scent caught his nostrils and begrudgingly he turned his head away. Pressing the front of his nose against the rock walls. Then turned his eyes back at the female seeing that she was sitting there staring at him with the same questioning look in her eyes as if she was waiting for his answer. “Relonikiv….” He said before shifting on his belly the scent he caught didn’t sit well with him. He looked at the female calling herself Xaei. He wasn’t familiar with the name or its origin, then again he was falling flat on his own names origin as well. He soon laid his head down and was starting to drift to sleep. At least he was when the deep scar on the left side of his face reaching over his eye pulsed with a searing pain. He let out a growl and a hiss, raising a clawed hand up to his face. Grabbing and covering the scar his tail lashed about as his back feet kicked back and dug at the ledge. The tantrum caused him to kick off the edge of his loft and land to the bed of the cave shaking the enclave with the weight of his fall as he let out a deafening roar his ice blue eyes had turned a deep red as if filled with a frenzy and rage as he writhed in his phantom pain.

Silencie: Xaei stared at him intently while waiting for him to answer her, her pale violet eyes looking over his face, to the scar over his eye. 'I wonder how he got that.' She said to herself, almost not hearing his reply during her trail of thought. "It is nice to meet you, Relonikiv." Things went quiet again, Xaei was unsure of what else to say, but the quiet made her feel more tense, than she already was. She let out a small, quiet huff when he appeared to be falling asleep. The dragoness wasn't at all tired, despite working. Maybe it was the excitement. Xaei jumped, quickly standing to her feet when he growled, and put his clawed hand on his face. Why? She didn't know where to look, between his tail that swung around, to the discomfort he seemed to show. Xaei felt the ground shaking beneath her feet and decided, perhaps all too brave, to walk closer to him. "It's okay." The dragoness said quietly, gradually getting closer to him until her small frame was stood near him, dodging his tail and wings all the while. She flinched when he let out a loud roar, only hearing ringing in her ears as she laid down beside him, her head rests on his, over his clawed hand that covered his eye. It must be the scar that she saw before, it was hurting him somehow and she didn't know what to do. "Calm down or the cave will fall around us." She said, quietly again trying not to anger him more. She panted heavily, that feeling growing more intense as she was now touching him, his body was warm and it was soothing, despite what was happening.

Relo, through a haze of red stared at the female dragon feeling the white place her head against his own. There was that scent again he thought as he fidgeted and growled. He pulled himself away from the female and started pacing around the cave digging the side of his face along the cave wall. Rising on his hindquarters he reached for one of the stalagmites above gripping them with his foreclaws the griff of his jaw vibrating as he growled. With the moon the scar on his face would be more readily viewable it was as though something had torn away the scales of his face leaving a hideously disfiguring black scar just behind his eye as if some spell or much larger dragon had attacked him leaving a permanent mark that contrasted with the shine of his silver scales. He let go of the stalagmites and landed on his foreclaws with a thud as he stepped towards the female dragoness his vision red with agitation yet a deeper part of him reacted to the females scent overriding the bloodlust inducing pain.

Silencie: Xaei stumbled back a little as he pulled away from her, she laid on the middle of the cave and watched him cautiously, ears still ringing. She didn't say anything still, after all nothing stopped him from turning on her, even though she was certain he was angry because of the pain and not her being here. Xaei saw his scar again, more clearly as the moon shines down on it, and she frowned. It had to be the source of his agony. "I could-..." She began to say but he had stepped off from the wall again, the ground shook beneath her feet. Xaei made herself small again as he stepped toward her, she didn't want to take her eyes off of him, as he seemed to hunt her down. "I-I can go... Or... I could maybe... My ice breath, it might soothe it, maybe..." The dragoness said softly, her flesh felt warmer and she pants louder.

Relo stared at the female and his nostrils flared a huff of white frost like smoke flowing from his snout as he inched closer to the female. Her scent was what was odd, The pain he was feeling being only a side effect perhaps but the creature in front of him made him feel feral. A deep rumbling filled his throat the whiskers behind his jaw vibrating as he crouched low, like a beast stalking its prey readying to pounce. His eyes slitted shut and opened his jaw open slightly as the growl began radiating more. His eyes open and He jumps and pounces the female letting his foreclaws bound over her as he went to throw his weight against the smaller female. His claws would rake at the top of her shoulders to push her to the ground his large jaws coming close to her face as he looked down at her, his nostrils flaring as he sniffed her. 

Silencie: Xaei became more noticeably scared the closer he got to her, the space between them getting shorter and shorter with every deep breath she took, and with no response to her offer the dragoness started to back away from him, in small slow movements, her hind legs feeling the floor as she did. He was stalking her, every sound he made she heard it echo through the cave and she ducked her head, snout dragging across the warm stone. Xaei became still once again as soon as he was in the air, her assumption was that he was trying to block off her exit, so she quickly looked for another, her eyes darting around the dark room. She cried out when he landed on her back, his larger size weighed her down, as she tried to pull out from under him, his claws rake against her shoulders and she growled. "G-Get off me!" Her tail reached and tried to swat at his back, with whatever strength she did have, but she wouldn't be surprised if he'd even flinch. Her head turned away him his, while he breathed in her scent, claws dig into the ground breaking the rock beneath her feet.

The Silver growled deeply the sound vibrating through his core and in to the smaller female. He pressed down with his foreclaws pinning her down as he wrapped his teeth around the back of her neck. The next instance would run a shock through her as between Relo’s hind legs something began to slip out the spike pressed forward as the male wrapped his tail around her whipping tail pulling it out of the way as instinct took over. He was far from gentle as he clamped down tightly on her as he thrust his hips forward pushing in the White’s soon to be deflowered virginity. As through his haze he roughly would start to mate with the female. 

Silencie: Xaei's whole body tingled as she felt his growl through her body, her legs gave out beneath her but it didn't stop her from trying to get out from under him, her own claws scratching at the ground. The dragoness' body became tense again, and she went completely still feeling his teeth around the back of her neck, her life flashed before her eyes. This was it, all he had to do was clamp down and break it. Xaei started to cry, shifting slightly as she heard what she assumed was his hind legs moving, only to feel his tail wrap around hers and hold it away. The Frost Dragon's body lunged forward slightly, against his weight on her and she roared, the very sound shaking the walls and rock fell from the ceiling, breaking into tinier pieces on the ground upon contact, as he thrust his hips into her, the pain she felt reached through her entire body, as an opening in her lower body was torn, flesh tearing around his huge member. Xaei's body trembled, in fear and in pain, while his own pressed down on her.

Relo thrust his hips forward against the female's body, driving the girth of the spike between his legs further inside her before pulling out, racking and grinding her insides with his length. He continued to growl as he forcefully mated with her the pain in his eye made him let go of her neck and he roared pressing a clawed hand around where he had bitten her  pinning her down as he panted in pain. He was running off pure feral instinct at this point as he began to thrust against her animalistically and unceremoniously driving the spike deeper inside Xaei. The Silver Dragon let out a roar as he went shaking the cave walls and filling the enclave with the sounds of the rough feral mating ritual. 

Silencie: The dragoness' body slid back and forth against the thrusting of his body, she roared again as she felt the spike dig deeper into her body, a bulge in her belly pressing into the ground. She cried, frozen tears cracked on her cheeks while she cried out, at this point Xaei didn't even care if hunters found them, if it would get him off of her, even for a moment for her to run away. There were moments of something, a feeling she felt while in her bedroom before she left the royal castle, when she had ended up in a puddle of something wet on the floor, but it quickly went away as the pain came right back. With her heavy breaths she smelt blood, her own and a scent that he gave off, it was strong and unlike anything she had ever sensed before, except for perhaps around her parents sometimes. It made her feel sick, as her eyes started to roll into the back of her head, her insides squeezing the hard spike as it wrecked her body. Xaei felt the ground shake beneath her feet again, the rock around the cracked and gave way, slowly breaking around them making the room smaller, she heard a large one break and fall somewhere behind her, 'He's going to trap us inside' she thought and started to panic, shifting more under him with nothing to show for her efforts.

The large dragon did not mentally comprehend at that moment what was occurring around the two of them as his mind was blank and filled on the instinct to mate the female which had entered his cave scenting of that a woman ready to be mated. Relo had fought the thoughts but the moment the pain filled his mind it shut down all those barriers and he subsided back in on himself. As the Silver thrust his hips the scent of the females blood and sexual fluids filled his nostrils. He growled low and deep the base of his spike popping in and out of her sex slowly as he drove himself inside her instinctively before shoving it in deep and humping his hips against her own. His tail having released hers at this point was swishing madly behind him while his fore claws pressed in to her back. A deep growl continuing to flow out of his core with each thrust.

Silencie: Apparently his instincts were all that was in the males head, as he was completely ignoring the fact his home was falling apart around them. Xaei flinched and pressed back into him, as a large boulder fell and gropped near her head, narrowly missing it, but as she had moved back into him, she roared out louder than she had, her body sitting back deeper into the large spike, and it made her feel faint. Her body became heavy and she collapsed on the ground with a loud thud, though her claws remained dug into the stone ground. She had felt something in that moment, a rush of something through the pain and suddenly her torn entrance became very wet, the floor beneath her body was slippery and it made her move slightly with the firm thrusting of his hips, his claws digging into her shoulders were the only thing keeping her in place. Xaei shut her eyes tightly as the large rocks continued to fall around them, the moonlight appeared through a new hole in the roof, shining down on them both.

At the crash of the boulder landing close to both of their heads Relo’s mind snapped back his ice blue eyes staring at the falling apart of the cave her made his own and then he felt the warmth beneath him and his eyes widened. He pulled out of the smaller dragon and as the world crumbled around him he looked for an escape but the only exit was on through which she had appeared from his large frame  only being able to access that singular access point. He looked to the ceiling and grind his jaws shut as it to was to small for either of them to squeeze through. He looked back at the female that through his blind rage had violated was now laying on the ground in a pool of fluids from her body, His own he assumed would probably be mixed in with it not knowing for exactly how long his body acted of its own accord. But while he thought the cave continued to collapse around them and he did the only thing he could do at that moment which was place his larger body over hers and using his own body as a barrier. The pain of the slabs of rock smashing against him made him grit his teeth. He gently placed his claws around her head tucking her under himself his own head tucked underneath against his chest his eyes closed shut tightly as the cave fell in burying them both with his body taking most of if not all of the damage, busting his wings, crushing down against his tail. Each rock that hit him smashed apart and collected around them both rising up and burying them.

Silencie: Xaei's body shakes as she feels his body pull back away from hers, suddenly his weight was no longer on her but she still couldn't move, her body hurt and her muscles ached. She watched as he looked around for an exit, but the space around them became smaller every second. Her body flinched and she tried to pull away as he lay on her again, she thought he was going to continue but nothing happened, while rocks fell around them she heard them hitting something. Him... His body bobbed against hers every time he was hit, while he protected her body with his, this sudden act of kindness confused her greatly, considering what had just happened. Relo felt heavier as time went on, while rocks fell on him until they were both buried under it all. Xaei struggled to breathe and started to panic, everything in this moment was her worst fears coming to life, trapped and in a confined space, it brought back all those awful memories before she found Anaya and Samuel. "Please get us out. Please!" She begged him, unable to move her own body anymore, the only plan she could come up with was using a blast of ice to break open the wall in front of her, but that would probably make things worse. Xaei cried out as a large rock from his head fell on to her clawed hand, when she pulled on her arm it hurt and she cried out again, he nor the collapsed cave was the only thing trapping her in.

The silver felt her struggling and heard her pleas for help. Relo dazed from the pain racking his entire body, listened as the crumbling cave slowly began to become silent. For a moment a few boulders crashed down deeper in the cavern but after that silence slowly surrounded them. The male groaned and started to flex his body pushing up against the weight above him. He reached up to the females hand and pushed the rock that had managed to catch her. He then pushed up enough to allow her to get free as he huffed and panted. Blood was seeping from broken bones in his wings and gashes in his back. His shattered horn had been further chipped and a large crack spread through another of his horns the fins of his whiskers along the top of his head and jaw were torn. “Go...get..out of here…” He said trying to breath. “Sorry..” and at that he pushed himself over and slumped against the rubble around them his massive frame having provided enough space to have moved most of the crumbled rock to the side. The silver closed his eyes breathing heavily and layed there the cave now no longer collapsing around the two of them. The hole in the ceiling having become significantly large enough for the female to escape the collapsed enclave.

Silencie: Xaei felt some freedom as his body moved up off hers, and she realised he was creating space, along with pushing the rock off her foot. The dragoness limped from the male, after he had laid off to the side and it gave her enough space to move around a little, evening opening up a larger gap in the ceiling. Xaei looked between it and him, who seemed to have given up on trying to get out as well. She took a moment to think about her options, before grabbing the rocks that lay around him in her jaw and she placed them off around the sides, slowly but surely uncovering him of all the debris. It wasn't enough though, as she saw how badly his wings were damaged. Xaei tucked her head under his, trying to lift him up but it didn't seem to do much good, unable to move his dead weight. "Relo, get up. You have to get out too." She looked around for other possible routes, only seeing one being the entrance she had come in from. "Here goes nothing..." Xaei muttered before taking a big, long breath and then she exhaled loudly, sending a bolt of freezing cold flame through the large rocks that prevented their escape, creating a large hole, bigger than the one she previously walked in through, blowing through the whole front of the cave, and she watched as it carried off through the trees, blowing them to pieces along the way until it eventually stopped several meters out. "Oops." Whispered the inexperienced dragoness and she turned toward Relo again, nudging her head gently against his. "Get up, you can leave now too."

Relo’s eyes stirred open feeling the female nudging at him trying to get him to move. His left eye as scarred and broken as the rest of his face stared at her. He watched as she moved rocks off him as though trying to free him from his entrapment. The Silver groaned and tilted his head watching her blast out large section of a wall. When she returned he simply gave her a look as he stared at her hearing her begging for him to move he closed his eyes and huffed. “Why are you helping me….after I harmed you...violated you…Leave me...I’ll be better off...” Relo ached all over and, was resigned to whatever fate would now befall him. “At least I’ll be able to die my way…” He opened a solitary eye and looked at her. “You...should go…” 

Silencie: Xaei blinked at his question, why she was helping him confused her as well, for the most part anyway. She nudged her snout against his and then licked his cheek. "Because I cannot, in good conscience, leave you here to die. I know what it feels like, to be trapped in a place like this, waiting to die. I will not let you do that as well. I... I do not trust you, but... I will not leave you here alone either." She remained close to him and laid down, resting her foot while she gently licked his wounds. "I will stay with you, when you can move I will help you out." Xaei said softly and returned to licking his wounds, giving his head a gentle nudge with her own every now and then, to make sure he stayed awake. 

Listening to females words the Silver huffed and turned looking towards the entrance she had made. His ice blue eyes glowing dimly slowly blinking. His back hurt and ached his wings were busted he knew it would be a while before he started flying again, not that it mattered. He had nowhere to go, and the cave he had made a home for himself of was in ruins. Even the skylight above them left a disfiguring scar of light on the ground close by. Every now and then he would feel the white nudging him which he responded grudgingly with a growl. He stared at her each time when she would go back to licking at his wounds. Huffing he turned his head away. “You should go home….” he growled irritatingly completely exhausted. “Let me sleep…”

Silencie: "And leave you here alone? To give up? No." Xaei persisted, shuffling her body closer to his as he had pulled his head away. She returned to licking his words, pressing her cheek to the ones that insisted on bleeding for longer than they should. Xaei growled softly as a few resisted, and she watched as his blood poured over his silver scales, turning them a deep red. "Wait here." It took her a moment and she laughed awkwardly. "I will be right back." Xaei said before limping out of the cave and down to the woods, where she grabbed a large bundle of twigs, from trees she had broke with her flame, into her mouth and then carried them back up to the cave, setting them down in a pile next to him. "If I turn into my... Human form... You will not attack me... Because I am going to help you. I need to cauterize your wounds, because your healing is not kicking in quick enough. Okay?" The dragoness asked him, nudging her head gently against his once more. "I am not letting you give up, not before I try everything to change your mind."

Relo heard her tell him to wait there and he wondered where was it he would go. His wing is felt broken and it hurt to move. He closed his eyes for a long while after the female left him. He was nearly asleep when he forced himself to open his eyes again. A small curse leaving his tongue as he felt her returning before he heard her and he groaned seeing her. He huffed a response about human forms and needing to cauterize the slower healing wounds. She wasn’t entirely wrong about his healing taking to long an after effect of something from his past which caused it he would have assumed if he cared to think about it. “Your too persistent….” he thought about it and then closed his eyes and figured if he let her do whatever she would eventually get bored and let him sleep. “Fine….just let me sleep after….”

Silencie: Xaei turned her head and huffed. "Maybe." Not likely. She blew gently on the pile of twigs and a small blue flame would light the twigs, giving the cave light so she was able to see what she was about to do, her human eyes not as in tune with the darkness as her dragon eyes were, and she was cold. Stepping back from him a bit, she'd shift into her human self, scales slowly peel away until she was left as a five foot, seven inches human, long white hair flowing down her black, a long white tail that hung from her tailbone, and small white horns atop her head. The fact that she was naked didn't at all phase her, and she walked up to him again. He was massive compared to her small frame, not to her surprise. She hadn't realised just how large he was, but then she was much bigger herself just a second ago. Xaei collapsed beside him, her body still feeling the toll of what he had done, large scratch marks on her shoulders and her left hand was bruised from the rock. "I have not done this before, unless you count setting my nanny's dress on fire..." Lifting her right hand, she created a blue flame in her palm, making it burn the highest temperature that she could, the dancing blue orb turning to white. "I am sorry if this hurts." Turning her head away, she pressed her hand firmly against the first wound, using the fire to burn his flesh.

The silver eyed the blue flames and then watched the female polymorph her shape. His eyes became pained noticing the scratches and bruises he had inflicted in his maddened state. He closed his eyes and listened to her speaking. He felt the heat the she was creating and let out a roar as the flametouched his wounds his tail thrashed against the floor smashing a few of the loose boulders on the ground behind him. He snapped his jaws shut and grit his teeth pain racking his body as he twisted against the flame in the female’s hand. He raised a fist in the air and brought it down hard on the stone flooring grinding it backwards. His large head whipped about and snapped at the white haired girl blasting her with the warmth of his breath “THAT HURTS!” He shouted and roared. He growled and pushed himself to his feet pulling away from the females flames and walking towards the exit.  Pacing his wings hanging limply at his sides bone and blood oozing slowly from the breaks. “There...should be a lake or river...nearby…. Yes?” he said poking his head out into the night air staring up at the stars. “You won’t let me sleep…May as well go…” He said begrudgingly his body sore and full of pain.

Silencie: Xaei had to move herself as he thrashed around, trying her best to keep her flame covered hand against his wound. "It would not hurt so much if you stopped moving!" She shouted back, and huffed when he pulled away, letting the flame burn away the blood on her hand. Xaei glared at him. "I do not know, this is your home, not mine." The dragoness watched as he poked his head out of the cave and she followed behind him, yet kept her distance. At least he was no longer giving up, maybe. She got want she wanted, and that was for him to leave, it was just as well as her cautorizing his wounds, would have probably made the cave collapse all over again. Xaei could both smell and hear running water and she headed in that direction, with a disgruntled dragon following behind her, as she seemed to lead the way. There was indeed a river nearby, quite a large and deep one too, though she wasn't sure what he was going to do with it. Xaei decided to give up on helping him, for now at least and walked into the river, the water was cold and it made her shiver. "So you are out of the cave. Are you going to stop being so mean now?" She asked, her back turned to him and she scooped up some water in her palm, splashing her shoulders with it trying to get over the low temperature.

The silver let out a throaty sigh as he followed the small girl. His nose caught scent of water running and then heard it. Relo watched the female for a minute before lumbering off his footsteps echoing and causing the ground to quack with each step. As he moved further away from the female, the sound of the male would fade from her earshot not that he had gone very far but that he had changed his shape. His silver scales peeled away revealing a dark ashen skinned male standing just over seven feet. His hair fell around his bloody shoulders and was covered in scars. The scar over his left eye seemed slightly less worse in his human form but was by far worse than the other wounds on his body. His back was covered in blood which continued to bleed slowly he had groaned as he fell in to the river and let the coldness wash over his beaten body. He floated on the surface of the river letting it slowly carry his broken body. His wounds were not healing as quickly as they normally should, but the coldness of the river did stop his blood loss. “What...came over me…” He said to himself thinking back to what happened to the cave and what he found himself doing to the female. “The cave is one thing… one of my fits would have…..but to do that… She” He whispered as he continued to drift downstream his body heading slowly back towards the female. 

Silencie: Xaei said nothing as she heard him walk away, didn't even look in his direction, but when he was out of earshot she looked for him for a brief moment, and saw him disappear through the trees. "Good riddance then..." She muttered to herself, though might not have meant it. The dragoness gave up and pulled her body under the water, for only a second until she jumped out of it again, she cried and shivered more. "I need clothes. Or fire." Xaei sat on the edge of the river, the grass tickled her bare skin as it swayed with the wind. A short while had passed before she saw something floating down the river, a person who looked just as battered and bruised as she did. Relo. Xaei glared at him as she watched him. "Ugh." Standing she walked quickly into the water, arms swinging at her sides and she splashed water at him. "What is your problem! I should be mad at you! Not the other way around, why am I not mad at you! I tried to help you and you still don't give a damn. You just go off in a strop." Arms crossed over her chest, she continued to glare at him, her body temperature had heated up enough that the water around her became warm, and she didn't even realise.

Relo turned his head when he started to hear splashing so that half his face was bathed in the water his ice blue eyes stared at the girl running out to where he had drifted in the river. Putting his feet down to the bed of the river to stop his drifting before standing to his full height. Watching her as she complained at him for his behavior. His eyes scanned her body noticing she was freezing and yet as she complained the water itself seemed to warm up around the two of them. When she started splashing him with water he started to chuckle and then full belt laugh at the woman’s complaints. He doubled over placing a hand over his abs letting the laughter roll through him. He couldn’t explain where it came from nor did he understand why. He didn’t know if it was har mannerisms, or her words, or the fact that she was completely upset that she was trying so hard and yet he showed her nothing but irritation. “Sorry… hehe… but you act like you have never met another dragon before. Hehe” he said chuckling and placed a hand under the water cupping it and splashing her in return “I just don’t take to others kindness… I have been betrayed and disfigured for it…” He said raising his hand to the left side of his face. “Especially from other dragons….”

Silencie: Xaei snarled as he laughed at her, the scene he made was completely embarrassing and her cheeks turned a bright red. "It's not that funny." She flinched when he splashed water at her, and she pulled away, turning her back to him. "My mother is a dragon. The dragon and she is very loving and gentle." That was the child in her talking, as it was all she had ever known her mother to be. She had been in this adult body for no more than a week, and she was already very much confused at the mannerism of adults. Xaei huffed loudly, exhaling smoke. "The only kindness you have shown me was protecting me in that cave, as it fell around us, because you..! ..." She trailed off, what was it, even? Xaei didn't know. "You hurt me. Stabbed me with... Whatever it was. But... There was that feeling too, and I don't understand it! I still feel it. I want more and I do not understand why!" She slammed her hands down against the water, hers that had since healed caused her no discomfort anymore at least.

The dark ashen skinned male stared at the female and then tilted his head. He walked over to the river's edge the stinging cold of the rivers water having washed his wounds and froze the blood in his veins enough to prevent further. He then sat naked on the edge and looked at the female. “You mean to tell me… you have...never met any other dragon but your mother… You sound like a pampered princess…” He breathed in deeply and exhaled his body wasn't in danger as much as it displeased him but if it kept the woman from freaking out on him about it he was sure from how she was acting that she had never actually been taught the ways of life. “Where do you come from that dragons are not taught the basics of their instincts while even as an egg?” Then again he thought his mother was a strange beast and perverse as well. He watched the female as she threw her own fit and he sighed closing his eyes. He laid back in the grass his back slightly stinging and causing him to wince in pain. When the pain subsided he stared up at the dark blue sky his eyes dimly glowing despite being in human form, scanning the stars and night sky. “Sorry...that my body while in that state of aggression…” He trailed off not knowing how to fully finish that sentence. From her reaction and words he did not know if she comprehended what mating was let alone what the act entailed.

Silencie: Xaei felt ashamed when he called her a pampered princess, was that what she was turning into? She stepped back, deeper into the water up to her neck. "I had parents, but I never knew them. I... Was sold, as an egg I was told. Up until recently, I was... A slave... I had never met another like me, until I met my new mother who took me in, she's the Queen of Iron... I do not want to be pampered, I just... Want to enjoy life, the way I have not been able to." Realizing she had said to much she turned her back to him once more, as he was now sat in front of her on the bank. "I do not know where I come from, only where I am. My mother did something to me, that gave me this body. I do not know why she did it, but I do not hate her for it. It made me realize that I need to earn what I have been given, so I ventured out on my own, to work and live. At least for a while... I was on my way, somewhere, from working in a tavern when a fog came in. Then I found you..." Xaei combed back her wet hair from over her shoulders, then climbed out of the water, sitting on the bank also but kept a few feet between them. "Are you still hurting?" 

Raising a hand up and looking at his palms, Relo sighed listening to the girl’s story. His ears perked up a bit when she mentioned that her body had been given to her. He sat up kicking up to a seated position he looked at the woman. His ice blue eyes scanning her deeply. He stayed silent till she asked him if he still hurt and shook his head, his jet black hair flowing back and forth from the motion. “No...a little. It will heal with time...though I do not believe I will be flying for a while. I can still feel a twinge of pain from that.” He looked at her again and narrowed his eyes. “You say...your new mother gave that body to you….What do you mean by that? He asked skeptical not entirely sure what she meant.

: Xaei smiled slightly and leaned back, her hands pressed into the grass as she propped herself up. "I can stay with you until you are healed enough. With hunters all over the place, I can't leave you unprotected, not that I would be much help, I suspect... If you will allow me to." She muttered the last part, looking to him from the corner of her pale violet eyes. "I suppose that is how I should say it... I was eating a bean and next thing I knew, I woke up like this." Xaei huffed loudly and laid down, squirming slightly. Her left hand reached down between her thighs, rubbing against her cold flesh. "I do not much like this body, I feel weird..." She went quiet for a moment before turning her head toward him. "Relo, why do you not like other dragons? My mother said we are supposed to be territorial, but I do not want to be. I want to know people like me..."

The male turned his eyes towards the river and lowered his head his hair falling forward obscuring his face. He chuckled at the comment about hunters but didn’t press it not denying her the freedom to accompany him or not seeing how stubborn she could be as it was.. He thought about what she said and through the corner of his vision saw how she touched herself and he closed his eyes. Relo sighed when she asked him about his dislike for others of their kind. “It isn’t that i do not like. My moth….” he trailed of break the sentence off halfway through a word. He raised his left hand to the same side of his face. His fingers tracing the scar. “I am sure you saw the scar…. Another dragon marked me with it…. And their blood runs in my veins. The pain of the scar….and the blood…” he trailed off again as he thought back to what happened in the cave he closed his eyes, pulled his knees up to his chest placing his arms on his knees and then buried his eyes against his arms. “I end up doing things I later regret…. So I avoid people...and avoid other dragons. Not out of dislike… or of hate.” The silver raised his head a bit peering out over his arms towards the water. He didn’t expect the girl to understand much of what he said, sometimes he wondered if it mattered why he showed distaste towards others. He figured there was nothing else to talk about and it had been a while since someone ever spoke to him about anything.

Silencie: Xaei sat up once more, turning her body to him as she put herself on her hip, one arm kept her propped up and she listened to him. The scar over his eye seemed to be a big issue for him, and she wondered if her mother might be able to help with it, that may be to soon to say, however as he was only just beginning to open up to her. "If you are worried about hurting me again, I trust that you won't." Xaei shuffled in closer to him, maybe it was to prove a point but she braved her fears of him regardless. Her free hand reached for his face, fingers outstretched to brush against his far cheek if he did not pull away. "Please let me help you. I do not need to understand what happened, I forgive you for it. I might be naive, I suppose I will need your help to teach me these things, because I cannot go home yet. I am not ready to go home."

Sitting there with her scent close to him he stared at her feeling her fingers touch his face. He stared at her with those dim glowing blue circles. He started reaching up to touch her when he shied away. Her touch made him feel nervous. “You are naive to so easily forgive me….I took your womanhood by force….and mated with you out of rage.” Relo’s ears perked up as he heard a twig snapping in the distance. His head snapped in the direction of the sound and his eyes pierced the veil darkness of the trees. He saw several armed men approaching and he made a curse “Xaei...stay quiet and stay with me…. I’d tell you to fly away but they would spot you…” Relo stood slowly planting his feet in the soft dirt as he rose before pulling her up close to him. Both of them naked the best course of action if he was alone would have been to morph back to normal But as injured as he was his scales would offer just as much protection as a fishnet as the cave in had torn many of his scales and he needed to rest and heal more for them to return. “What a time to have thrown a damn fit Relo…” he muttered to himself as he led them slowly back towards the cave. Outside the cave were the what looked like burlap sacks. He began rummaging through a few of them and pulled on some of the armor and clothing he found. He then found a long green shirt or dress and gave it to Xaei. He stepped over to the remains of a few fallen knights that may or may not have once tried to enter his cave only to be choked and frozen to death from the silver dragons breath. He then stepped over again and moved a series of rocks revealing a hole. He stuck his hand in and pulled back revealing a collar and a dagger both sporting a brilliant purple gem. He wrapped the collar around his neck and it seemed to hum gently. The dagger seemed to respond as he placed it on a belt around his back. He turned to Xaei and held out his hand “You want to be free? Then it’s time to go.”

Silencie: Xaei didn't understand what he meant, but she wasn't about to admit that, not yet anyway as he had just let her touch him. Though she was familiar with the term 'mated', having heard something similar before as a child. Her fingertips gently touched his cheek and she smiled slightly, tucking his hair behind his ear. "I know, and I hate you for it. Though, it felt good at times and I do not understand why." Xaei drew back her hand when she heard something in the distance. She remained quiet, just like she had said and she stood with him, as he pulled her closer she felt warm, her naked body pressed up against his. She panted heavily, those feelings she had around him were coming back. Xaei squirmed, trying her best to stay quiet as she whimpered softly. She followed him as he walked back to the cave, it was just as they left it and in a state of complete destruction. It had to be hunters, they were the only thing that could scare a dragon like him. Despite how her body felt, she tried to remain close to him, and listened to whatever he said or told her to do, quickly throwing on the long shirt he had given her over her head, it hung loosely around her thighs, the sleeves long and over her hands. Xaei watched while he prepared himself, with his own clothes and something to what she could tell was a weapon. "What are we going to do about those?" The dragoness asked him quietly, pointing in the direction where the sound of footsteps, that were getting closer, coming from. Xaei looked down at his hand that he offered to her, and with slight hesitation she reached out and grabbed it.

Relo grabbed her hand and began running in the opposite direction of the hunters pulling her along with him. He wanted to avoid fighting being as beat up as he was and the fact he wasn’t entirely sure she could fend against the hunter’s either if what she told him was any indication she may not have full understanding of her bodies abilities. The Silver’s eyes would scan back towards the cave and spotted the men that were hunting them a growl filled his lips as he tore right into the woods his boots stomping hard. He turned around and looked at Xaei then looked at the river. He didn’t have time and hooked his arms around and under her lifting her up and carrying her across the river. His clothes were soaked but the cold didn’t phase him any. “There….should be...another cave but it’s a bit far get to it….will be a little difficult...for the hunters at least.” He whispered to her as he ran continuing to carry her in his arms. He had longer legs and his stride carried him much further than hers so carrying her seemed more logical. His body screamed how ever at all the extra weight from her to the armor and weapons. But he didn’t care he wanted to put as much distance between himself and the hunters. It wasn't fear that drove him if he was alone he would have fought but something in him compelled him to move out and get the two of them away from there.

Silencie: Xaei yelped softly as he pulled her forward and she found herself running, behind him at arms length as he was that much faster than her, she even stumbled on occasion. How was he still able to go on like this. When they arrived at a river, she looked back at him with a confused expression, did he expect her to swim? She didn't know how to. "I-Umm..." Relo answered her question as he picked her up into his arms, this didn't help with how her body felt. Xaei remained quiet and leaned into him, almost cuddling into his warm chest while he walked through the water. "Why can we not just hide somewhere? We look like humans, I need only shift out of my horns and tail. It will just look like we are two people, spending time in the woods." She tried to think rationally, coming up with any idea that didn't mean him exhausting himself. "We could even hide in the trees, or something...." Was the only other thought she had to offer, and frowned disappointed with herself that she couldn't give him more help. "I can run, put me down."

He stopped and pressed his back against one of the trees. He was breathing heavily as he looked at her then up at the trees. Sure he thought we could climb one of the trees. His scar started to hurt but he hit his head back against the tree and then shook himself. He set her down and he started stripping infront of her. “Take these and go that way” he said pointing towards a cliff and a thick grouping of trees, handing her each item  including the violet collar and dagger. “You will find a lagoon with a waterfall….behind the falls is a cave…..I tend to use it to store items and such. Only a dragon can reach the cave.” As he got naked and started walking back he looked at the woman again his body starting to scale over and grow in size. “I’ll be back soon….I’m gonna try and lure them in another direction.” As he returned to his full size and began peeking over the tops of the trees he leaned his head down and nudged her. “Go ill be there shortly.” and with that he lumbered off limping his wings folded tightly against his back as he weaved in and out of the trees heading back the way they came from. His plan was simple. Rub against trees and create a path leading in the opposite direction for the hunters to follow change in to a large animal like a bear or moose and canter back to the lagoon.

Silencie: Xaei stood with a confused expression as he started to strip from all of his clothing, handing her each item which she would carry in her arms. "What are you going to do?" She whispered after he'd given her instructions, to find another cave." Xaei didn't like this plan, but he wasn't giving her any choice, as he had soon shifted into the form she was most familiar with. "You better come back." Her small body jolted slightly as he nudged his head against her, she quickly reached and touched the back of his head, her fingers gently gliding against his scales. That was their parting moment, at least for now. Xaei watched him go off through the trees, his damaged body disappearing into the distance, though she could still hear him and expected the hunters could too. The dragoness didn't wait around any longer and ran through the trees, her feet became muddy as she ran through wet puddles, jumped over fallen broken logs and weaved around pushes, her bare skin catching on a few sharp twigs. Eventually, she found a lagoon which she hoped was the one Relo spoke of, and looped around the waterfall to find a cave. Xaei put down his clothes and walked back to the edge of the lagoon, sitting next to the volume of water, clinging tightly to the shirt he had given her. It smelt of him, she bites her bottom lip.


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Now that Relo managed to place some distance between himself and Xaei he went to work. He wasn’t planning on dying even though his whole body felt better off dead, some weird part of his psyche made him feel he needed to come back to the girl and make sure she was safe. His blue eyes piercing the veil of darkness cast by the trees he lumbered through he started spotting the men and their mounts there were roughly six of them, two of which each had a lance roughly ten feet in length. The four others had crossbows and from what he saw each had a nasty set of bolts to go with them. He growled and started his work breaking trees and making as much noise as possible. The shouting of men filled the air and a bolt whizzed past the Silvers gleaming hide another chipped hard against his horns which agitated the dragon.  If he wasn’t feeling so weakened he would have let loose his breath attack but the trauma and the pulsing throb of his wounds made the effort difficult and they weren’t close enough for him to catch them all in its effective range. The men were fanning out and attempting to circle him as he lumbered away running as fast as his injuries allowed. Fighting wasn’t one of his favorite things to be doing at a time like this “I should be resting, sleeping even….Damn it all…” Relo felt several bolts pierce his left side and he let loose a roar. A second later one of the cavalry men with the lances pierced his right side with another roar loosed he turned on the human who was trying to pull the lance free for another stab. Relo turned and grabbed the man in his jaws his teeth clamping shut around the creatures midsection and instantly turned to dust in the silver’s mouth. The other lance wielder became weary of this and backed off to join his crossbow friends. The dragon turned his silver eyes back and looked at them intensely. His breath was ragged and his sight was blurry he had lost a lot of blood he reasoned.  “Be taking more than a few hunters to take me down…” he said as a crossbow bolt whizzes by, another hits him in the shoulder a third hits and lodges in to his crown of horns. A fourth strikes right and deflects off his scar causing him intense pain. He loses a roar twitches letting his eyes roll back and then collapses, letting out a deep groaning growl. The men begin to approach cautiously their readying another set of bolts. The cavalier with the lance trots up on his mare and aims the weapon towards the dragons skull as if intending to impale the silver through. Relo dimly saw the men getting closer and then just as the men were within fifty feet of him he reared up his long neck and let loose a torrent of cold frigid air the men began to choke and grasp at their necks trying to find air as they slowly froze to death. The silver released the attack till he could release no more of the suffocating frost due to exhaustion. Ragged and tired the dragon stared at the men kneeling and clutching their throats frozen in place. He turned and began lumbering off Heading slowly back to the lagoon and waterfall cave. He limped full of fresh wounds that would become scars later.

Silencie: Waiting was agonizing, Xaei didn't know if he was coming back, or if he was going to make it back alive. She didn't sit for long and began pacing the bank of the lagoon, though she didn't hear any fighting the smell of blood eventually reached her nose. "Relo..." Her feet told her to stay put, but her mind told her otherwise and she began to follow the smell, but she didn't get far as a man came into view, as well as a dog on a chain. He studied her, and as he saw she was wearing nothing but Relo's shirt, the look on his face turned from determination to lust. The male licked his lips while the dog barked at her, a sure indication to his master that she was a dragon. "Well, well. What have we here. Another prize. Do not worry, your mate will be trapped soon, and you'll be together in death, but not before our men have a little fun with you." Xaei started to back away. "Shhh, you will only make it harder on yourself." The hunter tugged back on the dog's chain, which whimpered against the tightening of its collar. "Stay away, I do not want to harm you." The man chuckled. "Harm me? I have been trained to hunt your kind. Good luck deary." He advanced on Xaei and she backed away more. "Stay back! I will not warn you again!" He didn't and the dragoness had to avoid the snapping jaws of the dog, while the hunter closed the space between them. Xaei didn't waste much time, emotions getting the better of her, fear controlling her every move. Turning her back to him, the dragoness shifted into her true form once more, and no sooner had she done so, was the hunter squished and flattened into the ground with the base of her tail, he didn't even had time to blink. The dog's chain was trappe, pulling on the male's limp arm as it cried. Xaei didn't do much else, but hid amongst herself as she curled into the smallest ball she could, wings covering her head as she wished for Relo's swift return.

The silver had reached the lagoon and took notice of scuffle that was on the ground a dead man and a barking crying dog. He stepped over to the yelping mutt and that seemed to be trapped and with a swift movement brought its claw down hard on the smaller creature crushing it instantly. Relo was agitated his scar hurt, his body hurt, His wings were folded and barely mending. He took a step forward and dropped in to the cool water of the lagoon his massive frame causing the level to rise as he floated there. The water was refreshing and his wounds didn’t ache as much as he tried to numb himself with the cold. He swam over to the waterfall and reached up climbing the slippery ledges digging his claws in as he made his way to the mouth of the cave. As he struggled the lance in his side dinged against a rock and he growled reaching back and pulled it out.The silver finally climbed himself in and collapsed at the foot of the cave entrance panting before pushing himself in further dragging his body. “Xaei?” he croaked out in a haggard breath. “Where are you….are you ok..” he said wondering why he cared so much for her when he just met the dragoness. He slumped down and panted hard as he tried to rest. 

Silencie: The dog had finally stopped barking and Xaei had heard movement, heavy footsteps and eventually the sound of moving water, but she didn't move just yet. She was stuck in place, unable to move her body while panting heavily. She had just killed someone, it was different from the time she killed someone out of hunger, this time she had actually fear for her life and it brought back the trauma she had endured, before finding her new family. But she needed to know if it was him, if Relo was okay and she eventually got up, having been hidden in the trees for the time being. Xaei walked back the short distance to the lagoon, though didn't see him immediately she definitely smelt blood and the water had turned a faint red. The dragoness made the climb up into the cave, and saw Relo with plenty more wounds to add to his collection. Xaei sighed in frustration and walked up to him, her feet sounding with a thud against the rock. "When are you going to learn to take better care of yourself?" She asked, rhetorically of course, for as long as he would allow her, she was going to stay by his side, and to herself vowed to keep him out of trouble, or at least make an attempt at it. The dragoness nudged her snout against his gently, nuzzling him before sitting down beside him, her cool body laying against his, but she was careful of his wounds. She found one, nearest to her and licked it clean. "Are they all dead?" Though part of her new the question, as she doubt he would have returned if they weren't, however she felt safer hearing it from him.

The male turned his head feeling some one enter the cave his eyes caught her whitescales hearing her words he  would laugh if the effort wasn’t painful. Feeling her press her snout against his, he returned the tenderness. He reached down and started pulling out the bolts in his flank growling lightly at the pain jolting through. Hearing her question he nodded “all dead…” He looked at her seeing if she had any wounds. He craned his neck and pressed the top of his crown against hers closing his eyes. “Sorry again… I left you alone and you could have gotten hurt. I should have seen the stray hunter….” he then moved his head and rested it against the stone his breathing tapering off and returning slowly to normal. His wounds stopped bleeding but from taking the brunt of the cave in and the hunters weapons he needed to rest. “I suppose… I won’t have a problem with you staying with me…” he muttered closing his eyes and wrapping his tail around hers. He forced his wings to extend to their full length so that they could heal more effectively. But it also acted as a means to cover the white dragoness. Both as a means to comfort as well as protect her the former he did consciously but the latter he didn’t realize was more instinctive.

Silencie: Xaei smiled in the way that a dragon could when he confirmed her assumption, but at what cost? He was hurt, badly. She flinched when he pulled bolts from his flesh. "You did what you had to do." The dragoness, a slow rumble deep in her throat as she murmured softly. "I delt with it. See, not entirely helpless. My tormenting of my nanny helped prepare me." She smirked, showing her sharpy pearly teeth. Xaei returned to licking his wounds as he appeared to relax, and was happy when he said she could stay with him, though would not tease him with a response and remained quiet on that subject. Her head laid near his as he wrapped his tail around hers, her body became warmer and she nuzzled her snout against his once more. "Rest. I will bite the head off of anyone who dares come here." Her small frame laid against his, though she was very cautious of his wounds and she was grateful that he laid his wing over her. Every now and then, her pale violet eyes looked over him, to make sure he was body comfy and healing well enough, her cold body would hopefully be a comfort him also, like the water had helped him before.

Relo would open his eyes and see her watching him every now and then. He opened his maw wide letting out a yawn. Hearing her swearing a vow he chuckled. “I doubt any more will come here….and only a dragon can reach this...that or something with claws.” he said yawning once more after. His body reverberated as he fell asleep dreams filled his mind and none too pleasant as it plagued his sleep many nights. One in which, his own mother, tried to take a bite out of his face but instead leaving him hideously scarred. His eyes shot open after that and then thought he heard a sound. He wrapped his tail around Xaei and pulled her closer to his massive frame as he eyed the entrance for a long while with nothing having occurred, he sighed. Craning his neck around and pressing his face against the smaller white. Before slowly pushing himself up to his feet and looking around the cave. 

Silencie: Xaei gave a soft laugh. "I will hold you to that." She eventually relaxed with him, watching him sleep and eventually did the same. The dragoness didn't wake to his sudden alert, nor when he pulled her closer, however she did cuddle into him, his warm body was the perfect comfort. Though, she did wake up to the sound of his heavy footsteps walking around the cave, the ground softly vibrating under her. Xaei raised her head and looked around the cave, before standing also and she leaned sleepily against him. "What is wrong?" The dragoness' tail brushed through the cold waterfall and it sent a shiver up her spine, waking her up completely. Xaei groaned and laid down, putting her head against the warm stone while she watched him, curious as she was she remained quiet, studying his movements, how he looked around, learning off him without even realising. Xaei smiled to herself. "You need to rest, Relo..." She muttered, though doubt it would convince him of the fact.

The silver looked over towards Xaei and if he could make a frown he would be at that moment. He stepped over and nudged her to move deeper into the cavern. “Your body is cold yet you shiver at the cold. Your indeed strange.” as he nudged her he once more picked up her scent and and shook it from his mind. “You give off a scent…. Yet you do not understand what happened at the other cave? Nor what I did to you?” He asked quizzically thinking back to their conversation before the hunters showed up. He had meant to ask her but there had been no time. He recalled her saying she was naive but he didn’t know the extent and since his nightmares would keep him from getting back to sleep and his wounds had healed a bit from the short rest he figured he would find out more about the female he inadvertently had an incomplete mating with. He laid down again after pulling her further back away from the falls and laid next to her wrapping his tail around her protectively and holded his wing over her, staring at her.

Silencie: Xaei giggled and shrugged her large shoulders. "I do not like the cold. I had been cold all my life, then I lived in a castle with very thick, warm bed sheets and I had never felt anything like it." She huffed softly as he nudged her back deeper into the cave. "What scent do I give off? Do I smell bad?" She asked, sniffing herself, her snout pressing against her scales. There was a different smell, she supposed and she whined. "I need another bath." She followed in slowly as he guided her to the depth of the cave. "You stabbed me?" She asked him, a confused look on her face, her head had tilted to the side like a dog would. Xaei laid down once more with him after he had, her body leaning gently against his and she laid her head down on the ground. Her pale violet eyes stared at the waterfall, his paranoia had become her own now as well. It took her a moment for her to realise he was staring at her, but when she did, Xaei nudged her head closer to his, so the tips of the snouts were touching and she grinned sheepishly, showing her sharp teeth again. "What is it? Should I go for a bath now?"

Relo blinked at her and pressed his snout back against hers. “I did not...stab you. Well….I did but a way intended for harm...erm” in his mind he started wondering how sheltered of a princess this dragoness must have been. He watched her curiously “And no you do not smell’s a…. It’s hard to explain….” he said trying to comfort the female. He didn’t know how or why the girls scent made him react the way it did. Typically he just attacked the closest thing resembling life before causing himself harm and then passing out “Did...your mother not tell you of what happens when two dragons mate?” he asked bluntly, his eyes looking at her with a dim glow. He tilted his head like her and wrapped his tail around hers pulling her closer.

Silencie: The dragoness was even more confused, stabbed but not? She couldn't make sense of it. "Well it did hurt." Xaei smiled slightly when he said she didn't smell terrible, that was something at least and it eased her thoughts a little, though there was an unfamiliar scent about her, once she had known from around the adults of her family on occasion, she was brought back to the memory of a guard and a maid, who had just walked out of a closet, who smelt of something similar. Adults are weird. Xaei cuddled into him once more as his tail pulled her closer, her front clawed hand reached and scratched at the side of her neck. "Mate..? No. I may have been too young, I suppose. My old masters talked about trying to find another dragon to mate me with, to make more dragons but they never did find another one. I do not know why they would want to make more dragons, when there are hunters that sell us all the time." She'd put her hand back down again and poked his cheek with her snout. "Why? What is it?"

The male snorted and the side of his not scarred twitched back as he tried to smile at her naivety. “When...a female has their first mating it tends to hurt….from what I have heard… but the body gets accustomed.” He then rolled to his side and exposed his underbelly. “ when two dragons mate and become one to create hatchlings….” He stretched his forearms and hind legs before laying back down on his belly he raised his head and looked down at her. “What the other cave… what I was doing to you...was a forced mating….not..something im proud of… I have gone without a mate for all my life, never found one. Was always on the run or hiding. Your...scent...triggered a primal need when I had my fit. Which is my only excuse for what I did. And I am sorry.” Relo closed his eyes and turned his head aside so that his snout faced the wall away from her. He didn’t know how to reconcile the error and so he kept falling back to it and bringing it up.

Silencie: Xaei listened to him intently, as he tried to explain things to her, she understood for the most part and felt more foolish, the more he explained. "Become one..." She repeated quietly, as she watched him, smiling as he stretched. "So we are one now?" The dragoness asked him, the thought gave her funny feeling in her tummy. "Did it hurt because it was forceful?" Xaei shuffled her body closer to his when he turned away from her, her smaller head resting on top of his. "I understand. I have never been like that with anyone either. You don't need to keep saying you are sorry. I want to do it again, but I do not want it to hurt. If we are one then that would make sense, wouldn't it?" Her tail reached over him and she poked the tip of it gently against his cheek, with a small giggle, trying to lighten his mood and lift his guilt. "If my scent triggered it then it is my fault, though I cannot control it. I... Get weird feelings when I am around you too. I think that is why I want more." Xaei muttered the last part softly, even if it was the only two of them for who knows how many miles.

Relo raised a claw and scratched at the underside of his chin. “I do not think that counts as a mating and it probably hurt because it was forceful, but also because of difference in size perhaps…..” He turned his head towards her and looked down at her. He thought about what she was saying and after all the bad things he’s gone through in escaping his past and fighting off hunters losing one of his caves due to a fit. And this female possibly a third smaller than himself was reciprocative to the idea of mating he started to wonder if his luck was turning. “Traditionally... mating is done in the air….but....” He looks back at his torn wings and flapped them painfully before folding them in. “I won’t be flying for a few days…” He then stood on all fours and paced around her nudging his snout against hers. “I won’t turn you down… though i can't promise it won't hurt a little at first.”

Silencie: Xaei couldn't help but giggle, as she looked him over, their difference in size was very much an understatement. "Perhaps." Was all she could say between her laughter. The dragoness gave a deep sigh of contemptment. "In the air? That does not sound very practical, but it sounds fun." She tried to imagine it in her head, and if a dragon could blush she would be, though her body temperature raised a bit. Xaei watched as he paced around her, head following where it could reach unless he was behind her. "I do not think you would hurt me intentionally, and I hope you do not wreck the gave again. I really like this one, and I do want to have a bath in the lagoon. It is a pretty scene." She said, and quite innocently so as she wasn't really paying much attention to his pacing, while she rambled on about his chosen scenery, having forgotten what they were talking about doing. Xaei laid her head down against the ground and watched the waterfall intently. "Are we really safe here?" She muttered, not wanting to put him in harm's way again, as at this point he seemed to do anything to protect her. The thought made her smile.

The silver looked back at the entrance to the cave and then paced once more around the female stepping up behind and over her. He gently pressed his underbelly against her back and craned his neck down and pressed his head against hers. “Yes we are safer here, and I do not believe the cave will collapse this time…” His nostrils flared as he inhaled her scent nudging against her. His tail coiled around hers gently. He then raised his head up and brought it to the back of her neck where he gently nipped her scales. He raised his head and looked down at her and watched the light from the water reflect on her white scales. As naive as she was, he couldn't help feel responsible for having placed her in harm's way, but for her to admit having odd feelings and the fact she was the first to cause his body to react so instinctively while under one of his own mental fits. A part of him reasoned that perhaps it was a little bit of fate that brought her to his other cave. 

Silencie: Xaei shifted slightly as he stood over her, feeling his warm body press against hers and she closed her eyes, her cheek rubs against his. "You believe it won't?" She tried not to laugh and nuzzled his cheek against his again, as his head nudged against hers. As his tail wraps around hers, her own did the same. The dragoness' head lowered to the ground as he nipped at the back of her neck, the sensation tickled her and sent a shiver down her spine, all the way to the tip of her tail, her body warms up more. "I want to stay here for a while, at the very least until you heal." Xaei hummed happily, her body wriggling under his slightly, while she recalled a recently memory, of when he was over her like this before.

The male thrummed deeply feeling her body wriggling and seeming to reciprocate to his presence over her. “Then stay here with me. I will...take care of you.” He asked hesitantly. Why did he want her to stay? Was it guilt? Was it worry? He couldn't fathom why he asked something like that having been alone wandering and hiding away from everything trying to keep himself from losing control. He didn’t understand and yet. He did not care either. He leaned in against her and curled himself around her smaller body his arms laying next to hers and clasping her claws with his as he nudged his snout against hers humming in tune with her humming.

Silencie: The dragoness' head tilted slightly, and she gave a small laugh. "I want to, very much so." She took his next words to heart, and wouldn't doubt for a second that he'd break that promise. Relo had kept her safe so far, after all. Maybe not all adults are confusing. Xaei smiled as he began to hum along with her, after clasping his claws through hers. She nuzzled her snout against his also, her head leaned back slightly as she stretched her neck, and gently she licked above his cheek, over the scar on his eye. He had a past, so did she and it seemed to give them an unspoken connection. Xaei smiled and nuzzled her cheek against his once more.

The feeling of her tongue licking his cheek stung a little but it was not pain he felt just a cold soothing sensation that radiated through his scar. He flicked his tongue back at her letting it run across her snout a sense of arousal fell over him as he took in her taste and her scent. The feeling caused his sex to spike and poke her gently. He nuzzled against her and continued to hum slowly setting his hind legs out to either side. He didn’t think he needed to voice himself to make his intentions known the feeling was there the scent and the arousal the need and instinct to mate with the female. 

Silencie: Xaei's snout wiggled and she smiled as he licked it, a purr sounded low in her throat while her hind legs lifted her back up a little, making it arch. She felt his own body move over her and she gasps softly, feeling something poke against her. Instincts took over her, her adult body acting of its own accord for the first time and the dragoness leaned into the male, the purr in her throat became louder, while her claws scratch against the ground. Her body wanted more, begging for it silently as the scent that came with her being this way, became more potent.

The silver felt her reaction and did as instinct bid of him he pressed the spike of his rod in. He pushed the widening girth inside her sex feeling it spread her open. He made a small growl as he pushed himself inside her and nudged her with his snout. His tail curled tightly around hers and slowly began thrusting his hind quarters pushing with his back legs as he rooted his spike deeply inside her. 

Silencie: Xaei gasps loudly feeling the spike slide into her, her body moving back into his as it danced on her hind legs, squirming under him. She felt all of it, from her skin tearing to the ribbed texture of his spike, as she stretched around him, a wetness dripping from her warm folds. The dragoness growled also, her cold skin felt like it was on fire to her, while she panted softly and nuzzled her head against his. Xaei didn't know what to do, as his body began to thrust into hers so she mostly remained still, though her hips tried to lean into his, moving slightly on her hind legs still. The dragoness arched her back more as he pressed the spike into her deeply, she growled louder while her tight entrance tried to become more accustomed to his large size. Xaei jumped and her body became completely still, head turned swiftly from his and pale violet gazed fixed on the entrance, through the waterfall. "Did you hear that?" She muttered between her soft growls, her front legs pressed her body closer into his.

Relo continued thrusting his hips forward feeling their bodies connecting. The ridges grinding deep inside her rubbing against the warm inner folds of her sex. When she stopped and stared at the entrance his hips pushed against her and he stopped listening to the sounds of the water crashing on the rocks. He stares ice blue eyes unwavering and slitted. A deep grumble within his throat as he stretched his neck out and let his eyes stare through the running water before curling back in against Xaei’s body. “I do not hear anything my dear.”

Silencie: Xaei's long tongue hangs from her mouth, her mind soon brought back to him, hind legs quivering as he thrusts into her, her soaked walls squeezing him tightly. She growled softly again, and every time his body moves into hers, the dragoness' own began to rock slightly into his, her underbelly sliding against the ground softly. Every now and then, her eyes looked back to the waterfall, while she wasn't convinced she was just hearing things. Xaei's body jolted into his and she whimpered softly, when she heard the loud groan of thunder outside. Her head turned into his and she looked away from the exit, her body didn't care as it still instinctively moved into his, the sound of rain started to echo through the cave against the running water, a bright light lit up the inside with a loud clash, and the rumble of thunder came again.

The scarred silver started thrusting again when the thunder rolled through he placed a claw on her shoulder and wrapped his fingers around the muscle. Driving his hips forward as he filled her with the girth of his spike. The ridges grinding hard inside her scraping through as his body moved to claim and mate her. It was different this time he thought the feeling of bloodlust no longer there yet the instinct was stronger making it harder to resist not driving in deeper to stab at her deepest places of pleasure.

Silencie: The dragoness' front of her body leant forward, shoulders pressing into the ground gently, as his hand pressed down against her upper back, her back had arched more and she lifts her rear into his hips. Xaei pants louder between her growls, feeling his spike reach deep and stretch her open, she cried out as a build up of something, pleasure? Started to build up in her tummy, butterflies? The claws of her hind legs dig into the stone, her body begging for more but trembled occasionally from the sound of the thunder. Xaei's head laid down against the ground once more, she purred loudly as her growls became louder, her sex tightening around his.

Relo growled and panted roughly as he pushed his hips against her the length of his spike inching in and out of his mate’s smaller frame as he made her his own. He could feel her purr radiating through him. Each thrust digging and grinding against her tight walls and making him growl. The full length was buried in her and the best he could do was hump against her as he became entwined with her sex his spike grinding and thrusting minutely in quick thrusting jerks. He placed his jaw against her snout and let his tongue hang out and wrap around hers.

Silencie: Xaei whimpered softly as he seemed to be stuck inside it and it only made her walls tighten around him more, the short but fast thrusts made her growl louder and pant heavier. The dragoness' hind legs begin to shake, as they struggled to keep her rear up, her body bouncing slightly between his and the ground. Xaei exhaled and a small cloud of smoke blew from her parted lips, covering the ground in front of her in ice, and she nuzzled her head against his. Her body had been claimed by him and soon she was going to give him all she had, her exposed sex twitching against his hard spike.

The feeling of her tightening around his sex made him growl as he thrust and pulled against her, the action grinding and rubbing harder as he popped out and pushed in again. Each repeated motion bringing him closer to the edge. He could feel her twitching with each thrust he pressed himself deeply again and humped against her grinding and rubbing the ridges inside her folds. His tail curling tightly around hers and gently pulling with each thrust. The sounds of their mating drowned in the sound of the rain and thunder outside the cave.

Silencie: The dragoness' hips tugged back involuntarily against his when he pulled on his hips, making her body bounce on his spike. Xaei roared as he'd hump his hips into hers once more, her head leaned back and she nuzzled her cheek against his. She was defeated by the pleasure she felt, juices dripping from her sex as she bounced on the knot around the base of his spike. Her pale violet eyes were disappearing into the back of her head, when she let out a long and louder growl, her hind legs were shaking uncontrollably when she suddenly soaks his ridged length, the only somewhat familiar sensation that she had felt only twice before, but this was so much more. Her claws scrape against the stone, as her rear slowly lowers to the ground.

A bolt of lightning struck outside the cave as Relo let loose a roar pushing himself inside her. He jerked inside her harder, the knot of his spike rubbing constantly popping in and out of her sex. He felt her body shaking and the feeling of her climax caused his own. A throbbing filled the smaller dragons sex as Relo pushed himself deep inside her, he roared again as he released himself. The feeling of fluids flowing from him in to her as he pumped his hips and grinded himself against her. He leaned his head down and panted against her nudging and nuzzling against her cheek. He licked her nose and cheek. 

Silencie: Xaei yelped when the bolt struck the ground and her body jolted slightly against his again. The dragoness cried out with another loud roar, as his knot slides in and out of her. Her body would continue to shake as the pleasure continued to flow into her, suddenly a full feeling would overcome her as something warm poured and overfilled her sex. Xaei's tight walls squeezed and wrapped around him tightly, holding his spike while her throbbing walls massaged him, draining him of every last drop. She purred softly as he nudged his head against hers, her own cheek nuzzling his, while her body laid down against the ground, a feeling of exhaustion had become of her.

Relo nuzzled her again before pulling himself free with a pop. He laid down next to her and nudged his snout against her own a deep rumbling purr filling him as he wrapped himself around her protectively draping his wings over her like a cover. He looked at her with ice blue eyes and his expression softened as much as it could for a dragon. “My storm flower…” he whispered softly nudging her gently.

Silencie: Xaei gasps softly as his hips pulled back from hers, and she smiled as he laid down next to her. Her snout nuzzled softly against his as she purrs, snuggling onto his side as he draped his wing over her. Xaei stared into Relo's eyes, and gently licked the scar before laying her head near his once more. She giggled softly at the nickname he gave her, while a storm did indeed rage on beyond the waterfall, the smell of rain and sex filled her nostrils. "My..." Xaei licked his cheek softly. "Gentle giant." She smirked, referring to their obvious size difference, though it made her feel that much safer to be around him. Xaei laid in as close to him as she could, every now and then her body quivered when the sound of thunder was louder.

He held her close and nuzzled her  pulling her close. “Tis just the thunder my dearest one. It can not harm us in here.” he closed his eyes looking once more at the entrance to the cave before circling his neck around her resting his head beside hers. Pressing his body against hers. As he closed his eyes he took one last look at her and fell deeply asleep nestling close to her and purring deeply.

Silence: Xaei's tail wrapped around Relo's once more, as she cuddled into him when he pulled her closer. "Okay." She closed her eyes as well, nuzzling her snout against the curve of his neck and she sighed deeply in comfort. Her cheek nuzzled gently against hers, and though her body was aching she felt so comfortable leaning into his warm body. Xaei smiled while she slept, the sound of the thunder gradually faded into nothing, as she focused on his loud breathing, it sent her into a deep sleep and she purred also, a dream eventually fell upon her mind.


After time Anaya has gone to do a bit of exploreing, Far from the Castle, this locathion in the land is now turned to ruin as a army was sent after to clean the slate of it.

Anaya: softly she looked up to the sky, what a place the clouds were rolling in as this place shimmered like diamonds in the sand on a hot day. She let out that breath she had been holding as her gold and white stood out as shamrocks among the clutter. “were did my grace take me today” a smirk came over her face as she moved her hands as to the side of her head she took the tops of her skin of her ears and pulls on them poly-morphing her ears into long elven shapes. It was best to hide ones self when they went out better to not draw attention if you were being hunted, or being the hunter and only scouting for pray, she had no idea what she was going to be today, pray or predator. Her hands moved along silken hips and up to push her breasts together as the scars and imperfections vanished under fine clawed fingers. Her claws were clear and aged but as she looked to them the cracks healed and she became a tad more youthful as she altered herself to her own whimsy. Takeing her fingers she tied up her ivory strands into a messy bun and then wrapped a loose bread around the top to give it a more royal and elven look. The only thing she could never change was her eyes, bright red blood crimson hues with a reptilian black slit down there centre but hey if worse came to worse you are possessed by a demon that is locked inside not able to hurt anyone, yes a good story, she thought to herself as she grabbed a tree branch from the ground and moved her hand over it to poly-morph object into that of a walking cane, an old high elf with a cane yes what a good ploy to not be noticed. She fixed her golden and white garb and started on her way out of the woods to see what she could start up or hell maybe even be some rick smucks guard. She let out a chuckle as her red eyes looked out to a castle in the distance there was a bit of fog around it from the days warmth and the drawing weather shift. “it is going to storm, i can feel the wet heat in the air, best a girl gets her hair out of the rain, never did do good with rain” she said to herself as she walked up to the castle doors and took her cane and abruptly and loudly banged it on the door the sound from it being very impatient as she really did not want to get wet.

VictorCrackus: Victor of course was more or less beside himself. Actually by himself at this point. GIven that the woman whose name he didn't even know was talking to some man. A man covered in swords without the ability to use any of them. He shook his head. Taking a fair bit as he moves tos tand. Decidedly walking around the throne room. He kept to chairs. Tables. Anywhere he could duck under to avoid an approaching foot. Though. Soon. Something did catch his attention. Knocking. Not that he could do a damn thing about the knocking, as he was doll sized. He could definitely help with things at this point. So. He found a maid. The first maid he found screamed, and backed away. Great. One afraid of mice. It took a few minutes to calm her down, and get her to actually go and open the door. He was immediately confused by the woman's cane, that stood on the other side of the door. Thinking she clearly didn't need it. Mostly due to how she was dressed up until this point. Course. He found his little viewing of the woman interrupted by the maid. Whom had picked him up and offered him to the elf. His eyes glancing over her form with a blush as the maid remarks: "He can keep you entertained. THe queen is busy." Should the elven woman take the tiny man. He would weigh very little. Be wearing an extremely fine silken outfit. Black coat, tunic, pants, and slippers. And of course there was the fact that he was only several inches tall as well.

Anaya: Her red eyes looked to the little man on the hand that was offered to her. She held out a silken hand and picked the little one up very carefully not to harm him with her razor edged claws. “a pixie or something and who are you little one?” she smiled as she walked inside just into the door way were a guard ushered her in a bit more and she nodded her head with her one hand on the cane the other holding the little male carefully not to stop him. She did enjoy the little things in life and it was far from a normal day were you got the pleasure to meet a pixie fairy or anything of the sort “so what is this place my dear little one? I am new to the lands i don't know much of here” she said softly her voice so sweet sounding but it did hold a slight hiss to the end of each letter like one would when they had a lisp. Her red eyes looked beyond her hand as she spotted thrones and people and people handling other things and maids and guards and other junk all castles had, in the end all castles were the exact same and ended up being mundane in time. She moved her hand to place the little one on her shoulder so in case things were needed she had both hands but could still talk to him. She was in basics man handling him but at the same time was being protective of the little thing she did seem to like. She paused in the centre of the hall way looking around having a view of everything and everyone as she was by default on defence at all times and in this place she could see everyone and have a root to escape fast if it was needed.

Guest_Solostimfaded2: Wearing a black heavy jacket and weilding many blades i walk over to the newcomer. "Hello my name is spehiroth i am a newcomer as yourself i am somewhat new at this entire setup", i say smileing. I am a bladed warrior from the tirith empire i am the kings son. I would highly appreciate it if u wouldnt refer to me as a prince, see my kingdom is fulfilled in prophecy as the kingdom harboring hate and theivery and awful maidens known as the blackcraft cult i have strayed away from home as long as i could even imagine its an awful place to grow up in even though we had piles of fortunate galleions and pennies. The place was harboring nothing but awful people ideas and choas as i child i dreaded the thought of being anything similar to the lineage of my own and others. I may not be the best at what i do but atleast my past drags on the brightest future.

VictorCrackus: Victor found himself very grateful for her being quite careful with her claws. For while he could survive any injury, it was a secret he didn't just want everyone to know about. He found himself both enchanted and distracted by the -elf- though. Her form and frame would be enticing to anyone else. But at his size, at this distance, and right in the palm of her hands. Well. She could easily see him blush and turn his gaze away from her chest. Which she was holding him in front of, at first. He -did- look, of course. Her bosom being many times his size and weight, but he wasn't about to stare at this point. He swallowed and cleared his throat as she questioned him on the place. And of himself. "I fear.. I don't exactly know much. Be it on what I am. Or where we are. I.. stowed away on some supply crates a week ago. And I don't get to exactly control where I go.. just about all the time." He chuckled. Pausing as she moved him to place on her shoulder. He was able to hang onto some of her golden clothing.  Plus a fall off her shoulder would be an entirely long way for him. Every step she took, he held on tight for. "I've been trying to figure out what I am though, madam. I know I'm not human. Or fae. Or anything in between. Or cursed.. Or some enchanted doll." She could feel him shiver. "I would hate to end up being the toy for some king's daughter or something..."

Guest_Solostimfaded2: Spehiroth stands to full attention has your life been tragic or are just the type thats been through the rough times to apprecaite the good times even more, i say not trying to mock her for her clothing. I strive each day to make the morrow just as even greater. See i was blessed with a curse when i was brought up into this world. My bloodline consist of the curses of the greek gods my blades were forged using the blades of chaos stolen from the god of war. I look at the tiny guy that i can barely see and see him strolling around the room. I speak solently at him" could u be an imp thats been recently brought up into the world. I see that your tiny but it could be the matter someone put a hex on you trying to reach down and grab him carefully.

Anaya: Her eyes looked to the random stranger that walked over to her and started talking as he said the words you can call me prince she moved her cane and closed his mouth so he would not talk anymore “i don't need to know your life story sugar, everyone has a crap tale anyway i am just a person looking for a place to rest my boots, and i will not call you prince just like you wont call me empress it is not my name and prince is not your name, act the part and you can be called such. Any man who must say I am the king is no true king. Remember that the next time you introduce yourself to a stranger” she took her cane away form the mans chin as she looked at him waiting for his response as she turned one eye to just look to the little one on her shoulder “no one will turn you into a place toy, you should not be treated so little be you small in stature you are living and a part of this world none the less, i am so sorry to hear you are lost in your knowledge... ” as she talked she saw that that stranger say something else she cared nothing to hear and then try to grab at the man on her shoulder, that was not going to fly no matter were you were. She moved her hands before her as a jut of energy shot from her palms as she sent the stranger on his ass a good 4 to 5 feet from her (force push level 6 mage spell. Not harmful the one placed in contact is sent back a couple feet and pushed down, spell purpose is to push an attacker or threat back) she let out a breath as her red eyes shimmered lightly “do not grab people or things when they are on or around another it is rude. ” her teeth shimmered and if you were looking you could see that every tooth in her mouth was pointed...elves did not have pointed teeth. She collected herself as she let out a breath, hot tempered as always she collected herself well and took her cane and placed it back at her flank to rest slightly on it and to at the same time do something that would take her mind off how rude that other being was, grabbing at people, this little one was a living being you did not just grab them off there perch unless you were given the ok to do so, she she surely did not give that ok to be so harsh and brash.  Maybe it was the fact he was some ill-gotten royal that thought he shit gold or something she had no idea but it was a hell of a first meeting to get

VictorCrackus: Victor was about to say something as well at this point, but the woman that had been holding him was speaking. And given that there was a cane moved over to the other man's mouth. He got the feeling one didn't speak while she spoke. So he didn't. The man knew a fair bit about royalty. And this elf, was definitely a female who not only expected herself to be obeyed, she very much might not have dealt with being disobeyed for a very long time. And given his ownsize. Well. He just listened and watched. Even as she expressed some apologies for his knowledge, or lack thereof. Of course. It was around the time he wanted to speak again that a hand came for him. He didn't need to do a thing as it seemed a blast of energy echoed from the elf's hands. And there it was. Those teeth. POinted. Victor was a man that did know -things-. He didn't know why. He didn't possess experiences or memory. But there were things that he connected with. One of those, was dragons. He felt close to them, and he been naturally comfortable around them. And he was getting the feeling she might be one. Not that he was going to say anything. If she wished to hide herself for fun. He wasn't going to get away with it. Though. He did chuckle a little bit at her comment. "Though. I don't mind if you snatch me up, madam." For all his size, or lack thereof. He still had the ability to flirt. For better or worse. How well it came off, flirting witha  dragon of course, was anyone's guess.

Guest_Solostimfaded2: He gets up shrugs it off and puts his head into the palm of his hand. Thats was some kind of waking up i say wiping the dirt of my face i apprecaite your hospitality fiety i have to say i like that. He pulls out his pocket watch it looks like its time for payback i say giving her the signal she just might want to put the little person on the ground and that there was about to be a throw down between them two. I see you know a little about magic but what do u feel about enchanted weaponry. He unsheaves the sword in his hand and tosses it at her then uses his first skill to reapear back where his sword was a couple second in after the throw and swings down upon her. Clobbering her to the ground "so how do u feel about this, u see i cant and will not stop protecting myself u pull another stunt like that lets just say i could finish u of.

Anaya: as she looked to the man changeling her she lifted a brow “you don't want to fight me boy, but at the same time i guess it will be good for you in some way” she gave a smile as she she looked to her shoulder and the skin on her shoulder moved and folded up to form a scale that was to give cover from behind the little pixie sized man, kinda like a small chair to prevent him from falling backwards a white scale. A single white scale but she let out a breath as she moved and the scale folded back down “it is better i not when i fight i tend to break larger things that i intend to. And i am a elf anyway, no need to fight and ruin my robes, i just got them made anyway” she looked to the man as he turned to go do something else as she looked around the place and looked to the one that was seeming to be the ruler. She did not bow to the ruler or even pay much mind to her in truth the ruler was handling other things and she did enjoy this little man “my memory sucks on the best of days so what is your name? And i am so sorry things are a tad on edge it seems i hope i am not a bumpy ride” she gave a smile as she wondered what would happen if he fell from her shoulder and landed into her boosum, in all truth it was a safer place then her shoulder but it at the same time would be a danger of smuthing him as she was rather well off in that area of body shape. “i do hope this place has other fighters or is that the only one, do you know? I was thinking of finding a place i could take on there strongest fighter and then replace as top brass. It is kind of a thing i enjoy”

HippieWitch: /me she would tilt her head at the women's antics. "you would have to abide to me if you want a position here."
HippieWitch:  scoffing she uttered, "but it seems you dont intend that. Also, considering im still growing my kingdom and have only recently begun my journey; you would be shit out of luck to try and fight to take someone else's privilege."

Anaya: Anayas red eyes turned as she looked to the woman talking, the ruler as a smile came over her face "so if you hold no fighters, why dont i just fight you? it would be even more fun if we placed a bet on it" a smile came over her lips as a pointed tooth poked out the side almost making her look like a vampire with a fang.
Anaya: "or i can just take top guard if it has no one in the place, but that is less enjoyable for a fighter"

VictorCrackus: Victor found himself pretty confused by things at this point. GIven she had effectively ended the upcoming -fight-. But soon the man had stood again. Speaking more than acting at this rate. Making the attempted tackle to be quite telegraphed. Worse though, and more confounding, afte rthe attempted attack and challenge, he turns to challenge someone else in the room. He chuckles somewhat. Finding that there was a great deal of comedy in taht. Cowardice even. BUt he wasn't going to comment on it. Afterall. The woman holding him seemed to be taking care of herself. aNd himself. The scale forming behind him as a chair of sorts. Something to hold onto. Something to ride. Of course, his idea was that she was a dragon. So. The mention of a fight betwen her and the apparent ruler. He would attempt to calm things down. "Now. madam. I can not properly introduce myself if you're fighting everyone. I typically wish for the honor of kissing a lady's finger when we are introduced. aNd I fear that your fingers would be very busy during battle, madam."

Anaya: she paused as he was right, fighting everything in view be it a part of her nature it would be a mess and she knew that, this place could be burned down with very little effort from her. She gave a smile as she looked at the little one on her shoulder “Anaya Niviria DeLaRose, White Golden Dragon Empress of the North and the Land of Valaria. And you are right, it would be a mess if i took on everything i did see but it is simply how i am” she moved her fingers as the elven ears faded into her head there was very little point at this point to be something you were not. It was not like many payed much attention anyway. She let out a breath as her eyes looked around this place was horrible talking things she did not even get (you are saying words in game that are out of game knowledge, so my rpc is not understanding you in game even if i do out of game )  she gave a light chuckle as she looked back at him not paying attention to the place around her “i may just have to take you home you know” she moved a claw to carefully run her finger over his small head of hair “care to take a walk with me?” in a way he had no choice but at the same time he could say no and she would pop him back on the floor. She was relaxing and the slight sparking of her temper in the air could be felt fading away a little. She looked away for a second serving the room to be sure all things were gone or dwelt with. She was relaxed to see that one boy had gone and she cleaned with her cane the grit from her dress that he had kicked up with his changeling her for no reason or trying to take what she now viewed as hers even if in reality he was his own little person.

HippieWitch: i know something you dont know
HippieWitch: /me sings with a wicked grin

VictorCrackus: He was not very surprised at her mention of what she was. A golden dragon. Noble, kind, but also very protective and defensive of their abilities. It wasn't so much that they did such things out of malice, but because that is what life was to them. ANd he was a lesser. Course he was a lesser to a toddler really, but this was certainly different. He could be a trinket. Jewelry. A toy. A pet even. He wasn't sure what she was pondering, but he had the idea that he would be going wherever she took him. So when she pet his head with a finger, and offered to take him on a walk. He nodded slowly. Of course saying no might get him off her shoulder, but really. Victor was nothing if not curious. He wondered what she had to say. So he'd find out. "I.. suppose you'd be doing all the walking. UNless you suddenly grew needlessly cruel. heh. But.. Yes. My name is Victor. That is all I know of myself. Well.. That is a lie. There is more, but I don't just tell -anyone-. I can tell you, with certainity, I don't know what I am or where I am from. So I fear my titles are limited to shortie. Doll. Toy. Pet. THings of that sort. Though I have been advisors to queens and kings before. Mostly queens. I suppose.. most kings do not like the way I speak to the women around them. With.. respect. Charm. And in some cases. Worship even." He dares a little smirk.

HippieWitch: /me her voice echoing throughout the hall as if multiple voices could be heard cackling at the new found knowledge. The voices exposing secrets and sharing whispers as they mingled in the air around the dwellers. Her pupils would enlarge as they eveloped the whole of her eye socket.

HippieWitch:  "isnt it funny when someon portrays themselves as something they arent>

HippieWitch:  "i find it quite hillarious honestly. i love when those little birdies come and go with information about people whom only seek to invade, trash talk, and ruin the fun of others. tell me, how many faces to you hold? or maybe you'd like to explain your past TRUE relations? im starting to see what you really are darling women." Pieces of her skin began to crinkle and crack as thick black smog filled her veins. "i dont take kindly to lying, immature, ghastly, fake, petty women."

She gave a smile as she looked at him, her red eye looking back to the one that was singing as she found it foolish to interact with something of that at this point. It was clearly lashing out for some reason, maybe the ruler had some reason to dislike dragons she had no idea on it and really at this point she cared little. “a title means very little it is how you act that matters, be you the size of a small bug or the size of a mountain it does not matter what gradure you place on yourself you can be a queen and still act like a toiler, and be a toddler and be wiser then your years ” she turned her back to the seeming to be blabbering ruler and she headed for the door. The guards stood in her way but with a move of her hand both slipped over the floor as they were pushed back out of the way so she could leave and no longer be bugged by others that clearly were not worth her time of day. It was a odd place here anyway maybe just one of the castles that goes up seemingly over night but really no one in them has royal blood or acts it, the whole accidental ruler thing playing a large part. “you know if you want to i can make you normal man size, i can poly-morph you to being larger, grow you in a sense if you would want that, my race is very good with magics and it will be a little draining for me but it will be no large struggle to aid you”  she walked outside it was going to rain and with that she gave a sort of troubled face but knew that was nothing she could do about the weather here if it was going to rain she would take it with each drop. It would be far from fun but it would just have to be that bite the bullet kind of thing, and it was in the end a bite the bullet kind of day, she had been out looking for her kid anyway and she found a castle and some other junk she had to deal with and now it was to get back to her own castle and now, with a new friend.

VictorCrackus: Victor of course wasn't surprised when she -promised- a way to fix his size. His height. Superior beings. Gods. Dragons. Devils. Demons. ANgels. They all promised a fix to his size. They didn't understand. He didn't understand. He had held on for the duraiton of her troubled exit from the castle. WIth him firmly on her shoulder. BUt when she offered that? He just sighed, slipping into a chuckle. "I'm sure ... that would be nice. Thus far -none- have been able to change my size. I'm told the only way to deal with that involves.. something I need to do. Not something someone else can do for me. It is as though.. reality requires me to be this size. Or something does. I don't really know what.. Not completely but... that is how it is. I fear.. if you were hoping to kidnap me to have a fully fledged man.. Well. I hate to disappoint a lady. AN empress. While.. I do love to please. To entertain. I fear that.. the.. Oh dear. It sounds cliche to say but. My quest. My desire to learn what I am. How I am. And why I am. And as much as I'm sure you'd love to divine a way to make the stars align and it all make sense... It wn't. This is something I must do. Fixing myself. If I -can- be fixed. Though.. I get this strange feeling you won't be too wounded by not being able to do -that-, madam."

she smiled softly as he talked his worst wise and profound as he talked on things he needed to do himself “we all have things we must do on our own, witch is valiant and brave of you to take on such a task on your lonsum, you are not alone in things you hold aid if you so wish it” a rain drop came falling out of the sky and hit the side of Anaya's cheek as the skin on her face burned under the water and then healed back up, all her energy to this point on on there walk would be placed towards healing so she could not just die on the trip home. But she did not flinch did not snarl at the rain, she knew it was coming from the point she got to that other castle and she knew it was not going to get better one drop would lead to another and then another and then a downpour and if a thunder storm would hit she would have to seek shelter out of it or fear for her very life. “an advisor can be any size large or small it holds no matter to the advise they give, if anything you being your size just means i can hold you to me at all times to be the voice of reason in my ear, i have a bad habit of losing my own temper and can be rather hot headed. You could be of very valid use in my castle” another rain drop fell from the sky, followed by another, it hit her ear as the top of her ear burned off from the water and blue blood covered a dot on her white silks as the rain caused her to bleed before she could heal up. Royal blue blood staining her garments but yet she did not flinch to the drops and kept a steady pace walking

VictorCrackus: Victor of course just listened and watched. Noting the sizzling of rain on her skin. Funny how she should be talking about an advisor, while she was doing something he would never advise. "Well. Then if I'm to be... partially an advisor. I'd really suggest you get out of this rain. While you're able to heal and survive this. It just isn't practical. Besides. I've the feeling you've much faster ways to get home. Though.. I admit. This form of yours is quite lovely. So..I suppose I can't complain too much. Lucky me that I enjoy a woman commanding me. It is only natural. and I find it most comforting." He shrugs a bit. Moving closer to her neck. He didn't want to get rained on but. That is due to a drop of rain hitting him far harder than it hits her. He swallowed a fair bit. "Though. What would you have me be? Just an advisor? Or a man with many titles, duties, and.. obligations?" He smirks a little bit here.

Anaya: “i can be anything i need to be, but the bigger i am the harder the rain will hit my body the more i expose to it the more damage i will take. The best way for me to avoid being burned would be to shrink down to your size and avoid the drops but then at the same time one drop could end my life if i make the choice to miss step” she took a step foreword as she stopped moving, she hated using the magics like she was about to as they were draining but she needed to get home before the storm got worse and it exposed more of her weakness then she wanted to show to anyone. Her hands moved around in a ring as a bright blue light covered her fingers a warm glow and a feeling of oddly enough love covered her, a warm holy aura “i the mother of light call forth a door to my home!” as her words drifted out the force of her voice pushed the light out to about ten feet from her body were a large spinning ring of blue flames formed a door way that pictured a large room with rose peddles all over the floor and large stone walls, there was a throne set and other castle like items within the image. And in the centre of it was a small girl on the floor with Irish red hair and bright blue eyes playing with a little dragon doll. The girls eyes looked over seeing the other side as Anaya smiled and the girl on the other side popped up all happy with arms right open. “once i walk in i may get jumped on” she gave a chuckle as she started to walk to the door way. (level 4 Conjuration Dimension Door, You Teleport yourself from your current location to any other spot within range. You arrive at exactly the spot desired via large door or a flash of light. It can be a place you can see, one you can visualize, or one you can describe by stating distance and direction )  she walked into the door as the blue blotches on her dress made some maids run over in worry “lady Anaya are you hurt?” “miss can i get you new garments?” “Lady Anaya is all alright” “Empress what happened?” but over there voices came the very loud words “MOTHER!” and that girl with the red hair and blue eyes jumped up her red and golden silk swaying in the light as she was the picture of her mother but only looking about 16 or so years old. Anaya wrapped her arms around her daughter “Noki i hope you have been good wall i was out looking for your sister Xaei” Noki nodded her head as she kissed her mothers cheek getting on her tippy toes to do so. “yes mother i have been very good, i spoke to one of the maids about pocketing some of the cooks food for her family, i alowed her to do so but gave her a firm do not do it again without asking and if her family needs food we shall give it to her, i thought it was just and what you would do. And there was another broken pipe i sent the guards to do it, and i made father go out to do some hunting...but i don't think he did it, he is sleeping in the back in the rain” Anaya could not help but chuckle at her daughter “yes that sounds like your father, now i have brought a guest home” she relaxed being home and it was like her hole body took a breath of fresh air that she had been holding. “were is the guest i want to see him i do i do” Noki looked around puzzled cus no one was there behind mother.

VictorCrackus: Victor found all sense leave him as she cast that spell. It was famliiar to say the least. He didn't quite know why. Not completely. But soon they were elsewhere. Home. For her at least. He didn't really have a home. Not in his mind. NOt yet. He had places he had stayed. Lived. Survived and thrived. But nothing lasts forever. Except him, it would seem. Though soon his thoughts were interrupted by the flurry of activity about Anaya. He stayed where he was. On her neck. Hidden slightly by hair, and of his own desire. Course nothing compared to the shout of the girl. and seeing a teenage girl bound up to the woman. Children were something he feared the most. Hard to reason with. Or impossible. And having not quite learned impulse control. For him? That could be rough. And then talk of a sister?! He wondered how many daughters Anaya had then.. A dragon. Eggs. Broods. He felt dizzy for a moment up until they spoke of their father. Which told him he had better watch his flirts with the woman. As he was very guilty of doing such things. But soon he was being introduced, and even in his current state, the teen looking around for someone and not finding him was still amusing. So. He stepped out, balancing carefully, to her shoulder again. Out from under her hair. He took a deep breath, and waved. "Hello madam. I'm not much of a guest. if you measure by height and weight that is." He dares a grin. Always lead with humor.

Anaya: Her eyes centred like a reptile looking directly at food, Noki's nose twitched as she looked at him, her eyes were so blue and bright but there pupil became a slit once she saw him “oh god he is so tiny, mother is he a bug, or a fairy? Is he a toy?” Noki moved a hand up as Anaya let out a snarl as her teeth showed over her lip and her eyes narrowed and Noki recoiled instantly and Anaya collected herself “no he is no toy, he is our guest and to be my advisor here for the crown, and he will be treated respectfully by you and your father”Noki nodded her head as she looked up her eyes back to normal “i give my most humble apologies sir, i did not know of you to be the crowns advisor” Noki held her head up all formal like as Anaya took her clawed hand and messed up the little ones hair “i am sure he will forgive your grabbing fingers” Noki nuzzled into her mothers soft hand “mother you do know, father is going to, um.....smush, the little man right like he does the other girls that come here, that he brings home from the dealers in town” Noki was talking about Samuels dealings with the slave caravans witch was a normal thing here really. “your father will not touch what is mine the same with i don't touch his female slaves that trot around here. Now little one what is that new doll you have there” Anaya looked to the ground at the doll Noki was playing with a little red dragon plush dool sort of thing “i got in town from a lady when i brought food down to town.....oh um i know i am not to leave the castle alone but i got a guard escort, and alpha came with me” Anaya knew that wolf was the strongest guard they had right now so worry left her face and she would forgive her daughter this time for breaking rules. “that is nice dear, i am glad you are being a good princess and not causing trouble”  

VictorCrackus: He flinched hard as a hand moved up for him. More so at her comment of him being a toy. He was sure Anaya did know best. but in his experience. Telling a child no was a surefire way of him waking up in their pocket or fist sometime late into the night. He still kept his mouth shut for the moment while they chatted. There was something important about listening. It was hard to learn anything if you didn't let yourself listen. So he did just that. Hearing of the girl's father. Slaves. Her referring to him as mine. Just like a dragon. Owning whatever they decided to. Course at his size, choices wasn't something he was used to. Though eventually they did stop talking. Or at least reached a pause long enough for him to leap up and fill it. "I would not mind such a perfect princess to pick me up and hold me. With your mother's permission of course." He looks to Anaya. It wasn't like this girl before him was eight or something like that. Then he would mind. She was old enough to not steal him away for pain. The worst thing he'd have to worry about, he assumed, was if she developed a crush on him. "And I think that doll is far better than I could be."

Anaya: Noki's eyes lit up at the little mans words as she wiggled her fingers in her hands she wanted to grab at him but knew better then to tempt mother with a second round. “please mother i wont be mean to him i promise” she said with her eyes full of batting lashes. Anaya took her hand and with her palm open and up she held it for Victor to get on to her hand, if he so made the choice to she would lower him down to chest hight “Victor this is Noki my youngest daughter, i have three girls in full, my oldest runs her own castle on the other side of our world and the other one has ran away form home to explore new things and we wait and hope for her return. Noki is my only child that is of my blood and scale, she is a golden dragon the same as I just that i am a white scale albino and she is not is the only thing that is different about us.” Noki held out her hands the same as Anaya had it her hands flat and her palms up little pink nails on her hands not claws like mother but little cute nails nicely growing in. Noki had this warm adultness to her even if she had the heart of a teenager that still loved dolls, books and human things. If Victor did make the choice to go one step more and end up in the hands of the teenager anaya kept a close eye and walked to her thrones to rest a little as Noki would keep Victor company, and surely make him be driven mad with her rantings. “it is good to see you home love” a deep voice whispered from behind the throne as a acidic kiss sloped onto Anaya's cheek “you smell like toxin and bar whore” Anaya looked to Sams face as he gave that i don't care smirk and went to kiss her agein this time on the lips. This time Anayas hand met his lips blocking him “you need a bath” she said as his backside plopped in the throne beside “oh thank you Sam, i am so glad to be home at last Sam, did you miss me wall i was gone sam?” he mocked as he looked at her “i love your greetings Anaya i missed you to and i did not eat our kid” Noki looked over to them both and stuck her tongue out at her father as he did the same back to her acid on his forked black tongue “did Noki get a new toy? Is it alive? Did you steal a fairy, i hear them little shits bite” Sam chuckled as he looked out to his daughter and the little man “no i did not steal him he came willingly and we dont really know what he is and no you cant have him before you ask ” “can i ha.....never mind” “he is mine” Anaya smiled as she shut sam up and he pulled out the black leather book and flipped some pages handing it to her so she could read over what all had happened here wall she was gone and talk with him on it if she needed to.  

VictorCrackus: Watching the girl's eyes light up was a fond thing indeed. It was something he desired. Better for her to go through the ritual of him crawling into her hands willingly. Her mother was wise. Yet. He had a feeling that crawling into the younger girl's hands was the best move here. So soon Noki would be witness to the tiny man crawling from the grasp of the Empress, and into her own. He weighed very little. His clothing was made of the most fine and exquisite silk she had likely felt. Surely this was not simple doll clothing. This was something else. Of course he had no idea that the girl loved a few things that he was. He held on carefully as he was carried about. "Would you prefer me call you Noki, or princess, or princess Noki?" Victor chuckled. "I rather prefer to please the females I'm in the care of. So. Whichever you think you'd want me to say first. " Of course such pleasant interaction was interrupted by the father. The husband he assumed. The way he spoke to Anaya. Well. There were very few things Victor couldn't stand. But a man disrespecting a female? That was a top issue for him. But he kept quiet. Actually leaning back into the palms of Noki. He looked up to the not so small young girl. "Any.. questions for me? Heh. Most people have unusual ones. Especially for me."


Anaya: Noki looked at him and listened intently to everything he said  she sat on the ground with him on her lap, she was young so the whole educate with her silken garments was tossed out the window and the way she was sitting you could see her silky undies from his point of view. But she did not care much and had so much other stuff on the mind wall mother and father were talking about adult castle junk. “any questions, well how did you get so small, why do you have nice clothing like us royal people have if you so small, does a small person make them for you, do you smell differently with such a small nose, what is the world like from down there, have you ever ridden an ant?” she could have talked more but she could feel that mothers glare in the back of her head as she smiled softly at him and Anaya turned her gaze back to Sam and his speech on how Noki went to town on her own and how some raven came in with a riped up note from there oldest daughter and how he had no idea why it was riped and wet. And bla bla bla more castle junk. Noki moved her doll that was the red dragon over to the little man “and you can call me Noki it is fine, unless it is one of them formal dinner party things or formal gatherings then it is Princess Noki even if i don't like being called such mother tells me it is proper educate for a lady” she paused a second thinking “did you or mother say your name yet, i forget, whats your name or do you want me to call you by something else to, oh and have you ever seen a big dragon before, you know mother is the biggest dragon in all the lands, we have not found one bigger yet, she said that is the only reason she got stuck with father but i think she cares a bit for him deep down” she whispered that last line to him as she looked back making sure the grown ups were talking about there things.

VictorCrackusVictorCrackus Whisper: He had opened a can of worms with that one. But that was quite alright. He had asked her to do that. To ask him questions. And though she was a budding young lady, the man only got a glimpse of her giant undies. He turned his head to the side. He wasn't the sort of man to stare at that. But as she spoke and questioned, he formed his own answers in his head. Interrupting her was impossible really. He did nod along, and chuckle here and there though. So she knew he was paying her such attention. Which was something he enjoyed doing. Making sure a lady, of any age really, knew she had his complete attention. Course at his size, anyone holding hi  had such a thing. Eventually though, she would finish talking. Questioning him. So he stole a quick breath from the air, and went to answer. "I actually don't know how I got this small." He would reach over for one of her fingers. Petting it. Affectionately. "I woke up at this size some three and a half years ago. No memory of anything before that. Just a name. Knowledge. No experiences or memory though. Heh. The clothing was a gift from a girl your age. Who very much wanted me to be her real doll. The clothing is enchanted though. So it can never be permanently destroyed." The tiny man nods. Before he continues. "Lets just say good smells and bad smells are that much better and worse. Though I'm sure you don't have a single bad smell about you, miss Noki." He grinned widely. Always trying to be the charmer. "The world is amazing. Every female is the goddess she deserves to be." He says this with some passion. He clearly meant it as a thing he believed as fact, rather than a flirt. "And my name, is Victor. Simply that, I fear. Nothing more, but very much less than anyone else. And size is impressive. Though at my size. Everyone's size is already so much more.. and stronger.. and tougher and better than myself. While this means I hold fear for everything larger than me, it learns me respect for those things to. So." He moves to stand up on her lap. A fairly shaky thing to do, but he manages. Then before Princess Noki, and anyone else watching, he gave a perfect and precise bow. Holding it for a few seconds, then straightening. Offering a hand out. "I dont know of your customs. But my own? If a lady permits it. I should love to kiss their finger when I meet them properly. I understand perfectly if this isn't allowed, but. I'd be a horrible new guest and a worse advisor if I didn't give a princess what she so rightly deserves."
Anaya: Anaya gaze looked over to her daughter and Victor over there sitting and talking on the floor, maybe that victor would be good for the girl to have as a friend and maybe instead of being her own advisor he could be that to the future queen of the castle and in truth she needed advising more then Anaya did anyway, Noki being a good girl most of the time and doing what she was told to do did have a very bright light within her, she was tender and kind but at the same time that got her into messes and made her act in ways that were not safe like going to town to help feed there towns hungry and walking around without a escort, the girl did not understand the value of her own hide and it made her a rather large target Anaya had to keep an eye on all the time. Be he was small he could guide her into not doing things such as that and be the literal voice in her ear telling her the right things to do. Anaya nodded her head to her own thought as she gave a light smile at the both of them and turned back to talk back with her mate over the trash hew was blabbering about. Nokis eyes lit up as Victor talked and said that he wanted her finger to kiss a lady, she had never gotten a kiss from a male other then father and that one butler guy a long time ago when she was just hatched, and that was creepy and mother had him hung.  But never a polite one. A light blush came to her cheek as she wiggled her fingers in that girlish oh my gosh sort of fashion “it is allowed, it is not a custom for dragons but it is nice all the same, at times the king forces towns people to kiss his ring but it is just a show of dominance not a way of being polite and respectful. ” she held out her finger the one he was petting softly as she looked at him, maybe if he stayed a long time she could keep him, he could be her friend but not a doll as that would not be proper for him, but as a friend and respected properly not used, he could help her with the castle work and they could spend lots of time together, it would be fun. “our traditions are a bit different then humans ones some are not this soft i guess, mother has told me about them and what the future holds for me and none of it is finger or hand kissing”

VictorCrackus: He offers a smile of course at her reaction. Glad to see her light up even further. It was hard to believe how young she was with a body like that. It would be easy for him to forget such things. Still. He had managed to not just stare at her immense bosom, and instead looked to her finger. The one offered. Even if the tip of it was as wide as his face. Of not wider, he still leaned forward. Kissing the tip of it. Not too short, but not too long. He closed his eyes as he did it. Before pulling away. Well. At least leaning away. At his size. On someone's lap. Pulling away generally wasn't the right phrase. "Well. To me. Every lady is in a dominant position. Which of course I don't mind. I see a lady as.. someone to respect. Obey. Serve and help. I'm only particularly lucky if I earn their friendship. And rarely blessed to earn more than that." He offers a slight shrug. Looking to her belly. That was safe to look at, at least. Given that her underwear was showing. And there were heaps of places he couldn't look with what she wore. But he managed. "Though. If you're going to be carrying me around quite often. Which I imagine you -very- much want to. You're going to have to get a pouch or pocket. or.. I suppose I can tie a few hairs around my waist on your shoulder.. Hrm."

Anaya: she gave a light chuckle and she blushed a bit redder as he kissed her finger. “you know i have never gotten a finger kiss before, it is nice and ya i do wana keep you, with me and i can place you on my shoulder and grow a scale out or two so you don't fall off give you a bit of shelter. I am not overly good at it yet but i am getting there” she moved the skin on her shoulder as one scale half way came out of her skin, a golden scale that shimmered but then curled and folded back down as she made a ugg kind of face. She was not overly good at the shifting yet she could go all one way or all the other but was not overly good at other forms or doing a half way in between like mother could. Mother was fully able to manipulate any part of her body to be what was needed but the young one had not gotten that far with her training yet and since the death of her brother training for it had gone slow seeing Anaya was the only one able to train her and Anaya had been busy with little to no worth while help most of the time. “so what are others of your cultures? Like you act alot like the humans and things, like with the weddings and the love and that sort of thing we don't have. What is a birthday party? I got told about going to one in town by a small human girl but i don't know what that is, is it another cultures? Or a yewish, what is a yewish? Is it a cultures?”

VictorCrackus: He chuckled a little bit. Certainly expecting the girl to very much want to keep him. He didn't really mind too much. Anaya and Noki were both enchanting, and he rather enoyed the draconic desire to own what they enjoy. It was a sort of relationship he could definitely enjoy. Though. He wasn't about to mention that part just yet. He had just me them all really. He just smiled as she grew some scales here and there. Not quite getting the effect down though. Well. She was young. He imagined her mother was very old,d espite how she makes herself look. He did listen to her questions. Curiousities. And comments. "Well. I act like the humans for.. reasons I don't really know. I've been told I have several qualities about myself. Human of course being a popular one. I've never -had- a wedding. But I've been to a few. Though I do believe for one of them, I was stuffed in a pocket. So I really wasn't seeing said wedding. Heh. And a birthday party. Well. I personally have never had one but. On the anniversary of your birth, you have a party celebrating your new age. With friends. Family. Gifts and such. Not sure about yewish though, miss Noki. Though. If you ever do go to a birthday party. Definitely don't let any small human girls know I exist." He shivers on her lap. "Children can be... rough. To say the least."

Anaya: Anaya Laughed at her daughter and the yewish thing “it is Jewish hun and it is a human religion you need not worry about” Sam looked at Anaya puzzled “ya i don't like that one myself, but then age in it is a human thing” he said as Anaya laughed a little and they went back to talking. Noki looked back as her red hair fell over her face slightly covering one bright blue eye as she smiled and then flipped her hair back forward with a smile on her face “i like the sound of birthdays, maybe call it a hatch day as i was not birthed. But mother does not do the human things she finds them as she put it, petty and foolish. But we have traditions like the Seasons each season we host a big gathering so we can share goods of the season, we already had the one for spring, it was a new youth and flower celebration i was just hatched so spent a lot of it eating flowers, i like flowers. And that was the day of my coronation to i got my crown on that day from mother. We will have summer next that is one of mating and battle in the heat, it will be in a big sand pit. Every year father fights to keep mothers hand and beat down any sires that come to face him for her. Same with other males can fight for the hands of females. Then after all the ones standing with there mates hands in theirs go to do the breeding and the eating of fresh food and raw meat. I was told Father ate the heart of another dragon that he took down in the ring over mothers exposed breasts last year, but i was not hatched yet but i will see what happens this year. Then we have winter and fall and dances and balls, winter is fun but mother cant partake in it cuss snow is just frozen water and she has to stay inside all winter, she is castle bound in winter...and this winter coming i will be to”  she looked sad at that thought but she pushed that away as she gave a smile to push that little nick of sadness away “but you can come with me to summer and to the pit and see the festivity's. Mother told me this year is a no but next year there may be males fighting over me to”

VictorCrackus: He nodded a fair bit. Understanding. A great many people always thought their culture and traditions were the best, and couldn't see into the heart of other cultures. Course. He didn't have any culture really. Or race. Or country. Family. Or home. He was a nomad. Looking to discover something that only he could discover. Of course that brings the things he wants here to his mind for a moment, but he shoves that away. One day he'll ask about things -he- needs. For now. He was more curious ab out Noki and Anaya. Though the prospect of males fighting over her. Something about it he didn't particularly like. Not that he was going to voice concern over it just yet. "Well. Until then. I'd like to be the closest man to your heart. Or. At least to your ear." He offered a smile. "But. Hatch day could certainly work.. Hrm. I fear I am not a combatant. I.. speak. I fight with words. I defeat hearts and minds. Though. I suppose those without common sense have the best defence against myself." He chuckled again. Squirming a little on her lap, then stopping. Deciding to think better than to do that. Instead. He has another idea. "You've full permission to grab and pet me. If you want. I'm -sure- you've been desiring the petting thing so. There you go, madam."

Anaya: “to pet, a person? We had a panther one that i used to pet when i hatched Ryu petted her more but i got to pet her a little before she went off into the woods to do her own thing” she looked at him and tilted her head to the side thinking. As she took her hand and carefully wrapped her fingers around his waist line and picked him up, she put him on her palm at breast height and moved her finger over his hair her nail just going over him and down his back softly. She felt as if she could break the little man in her hands as she did but at the same time enjoyed treating him as such and his wanting it made her want to do it.  And at the same time she thought on how she could hold him so he would be safe and snug with her, her shoulder was going to be to dangerous as he could fall off. She nibbled her lower lip in thought and paused her petting to reach down and pull out a golden coin from a small bag from her waist belt. She took the coin and shoved it down between her breasts as a sort of standing platform so he would not fall and be smuthered. She then took him and placed him inbetween her breasts so his feet would be on the coin and he would be safe. Silken gowns did not have pockets and it would be rude to place the little man in a bag and he would not be able to see the world being in a bag. This way he would be safe and snug he could even sleep there if he wanted it was warm and unless she was going to do alot of physical activity he would not be overly damp there from perspiration. “there i can hold you here, you wont fall in to deep in there and you can see the world and be safe to as i wont let anything hurt you or take you from me, i am going to keep you. And you don't need to fight ever in your life to be gain wonderful things. In the books i read there is a lot about wise words being the root of love, i don't really know what love is but i will figure it out i am sure, i see it a lot in books. Are you hungry we can go get food if you like?”

VictorCrackus: He was curious as to how she would go about this. Some people refused. some people leaped right into it. So when she tilted her head to the side, he took a deep breath. Staying still as her slender yet strong fingers wrap around his waist. He was very light, and she wasn't wrong about him being fragile. Though she didn't know about the other bit he could do. He'd have to tell her. Right now though? Not a good time. another time though certainly. When this Sam fellow wasn't around. She could feel him lean into her finger though as she rubbed her fingers down his back. He did enjoy being petted. Especially like this. By a lady like her. Course, he was perhaps a bit surprised as she pulled out a coin. Shoving it between very solid and heaving breasts. Somewhere down between them. Though as she began to squeeze him down there. He understood very quickly. Even if she was doing her best to not smother him, flesh still closed around him to some degree around his chest. He had been at least mindful enough to keep his arms up. Though the feeling of them being pinned might be quite fun. He was blushing at this point. Even as the warmth of her body combined with the thump of her heart stole away any proper thoughts. "I.. I.. accept.. anything you wish for me, madam."

Anaya: in the background Anaya was getting sick of Sams blabbering “is that all that happened when i was gone a couple days?” Sam nodded his head to her as he leaned back in the throne and his eyes moved to his daughter putting a little man down in her cleavage,  he knew that she did not understand why it was not proper to place a being down between ones breasts even more so a male for that matter. He stood up and walked over to Noki and the one she had been calling Victor “you know that it is not a proper thing to place someone in ones breasts” he was sure that the little man did not mind it and that shade of red on his small face proved that point “i am not doing it in a sexual way, i just don't have another place to put him, he can fall off my shoulder and i don't want to shove him in a bag” Sam gave a stern face as he always did “you have a point i guess and a little thing like that is far from something we are to worry about, do with it as you wish then Noki” Sam shock his head as Noki wiggled her body all happy. Anaya got up as sam was walking back she could not stand another second of his blabbering. “come on let us go get some food in us” her red eye moved down to look at Victor all snuggled up in Noki's bossum it was for sure a interesting place to put the little man. Noki stood up and took her mothers hand as she got up her chest going foreword a little as she lifted up but her hand moved so Victor would not slip out or fall “ya a meal sounds really nice ” she said softly as she walked her way with her mother to the dinning hall doors. Anaya opened the doors as she held the door open for her daughter and Sam hung behind he would eat later and wanted to maybe take a nap in the thrones wall they stuffed there faces and then he could clean out the left overs. Anaya let the doors shut as Noki walked up to the counter and picked up aq silver platter and started to place on an assortment of meats and some cheese and bread and some fruits and one jam tart that were still warm form the oven “what do you want to eat Victor? We got all sorts” she picked up a goblet of water that had been poured from a very particular golden jug right there by one of the maids “is it my and mothers water to drink?” Noki asked the maid as the maid nodded her head softly “good” the maid put the jug down and grabbed a glass off the back wall for Anaya with some mint and a ice round bobbing in it. Anaya's plate had the same as her daughter other then the tart witch was replaced by a small green clay dish of salt water pearls. They walked as they got to a table and ploped down and Noki put the dish infrount of her and Anaya did the same beside her daughter. “So victor i do hope my daughter has been kind to you and treated you with care” Anaya asked as she placed a hunk of meat stabbed onto a claw and put that claw into her mouth.

VictorCrackus: Thus far the treatment of Victor by Noki had been nothing but perfect. Though. Usually he was the one that somewhat controlled a situation like this. That was just how his mind worked a lot of the time. But Noki had definitely turned it to her control. Which he certainly did enjoy. Leave it to a dragon to turn everything to their advantage. Every breath she took, squeezed him slightly. to where it was far easier and comfortable for him to just breath at the opposite rate she did. Inhaling when she exhaled, and vice versa. Of course when the father showed up. He let them talk. He had a feeling that man saw him as nothing important. Which is where Victor would prefer to stay. Though. When he approved of Noki doing whatever she wished with victor, her happy wiggles did make her mounds mash into him a bit. Nothing painful. but certainly overwhelming. Which was just life in a nutshell for him anyhow. He could barely even think here. His face a constant blush as he did his damnest to not accidentally rub, or caress, or touch anything. He managed the first two mostly fine. Every step she took did make him rub along inside somewhat. Yes. This place wouldn't be so bad at all. He thought. and it wasn't until she plopped down that he was wrestled free of his thoughts. Her chest bouncing hard and knocking into him fairly roughly. He grunted quietly though. Finding that not only was Noki's attention on him. as it probably would be for many years, but Anaya's was too. He played over their questions in his mind, and went to answer them. "Ah.. Some.. cheese and.. meat.. a. and some water and.. er.." He swallows. Trying to dismiss the blush from his face. Succeeding. Well. Somewhat. "She has been perfect to me. Just like her mother." He bows his head. Well. At least as much as he was able.

Nokis hand moved up as she parted her breasts and picked up little Victor by the back of his shirt placing him on the table trying her best to not harm him even if the way she picked him up was rather brutish by his shirt collar, it was like picking up a cub by the skin of the back of its neck it was a little primal but it worked. She poped him back down onto the table so he could move around freely and pick from the plate on what he wanted to eat, there was meat it smelled like boar, cheese, grapes, some orange slices, cut up bread in sticks and the goblet of clear clean water, and on the edge was that amazing looking fruit tart. “you can eat anything on my plate Victor or if you want other things i can go grab more stuff form the cook, oh i forgot butter for my bread i will go get some” Noki jumped up as she rushed off to get the butter. Anaya chuckled at her daughters moment of miss thought and jumping up so fast to get it done. “you know if you let her pamper you you are going to end up dressed up in her doll garments and shoved in a box someplace. Or worse she crushes you with love and attachment. She is Innocent in her ways be her only a year and a half now, but you do get a fun ride if she keeps you stuffed in her cleavage. But got to work on your face it is easy to tell you like it”  Anaya gave a chuckle as she took another bit of meat to her lips and ate it her teeth making short work of the food.

VictorCrackus: Victor was definitely fairly red faced at this junction. It was hard not to be. Noki was perky, attractive, and seemed to handle him in ways he definitely loved. Perhaps even without her knowing he loved it. So as she jumped up to get the butter. THe man was left with an entirely red face that was draining. Though. At Anaya's comment, he did try to make it drain a fair bit faster. Then the inches tall man would stand. Check himself. His control of himself in other ways was always helpful. He walked onto the plate of Noki's and went for the cheese and boar at this point. He was hungry. And this was a feast he was entirely not used to. "I'm sure you've figured it out already, Anaya. But I rather enoy a .. female being in control and spoiling or pampering or.. yes. Crushing me with love and attachment." He would still need to find a moment in private to tell Anaya and Noki about his secret. for now though. He should be quite fine.

Anaya gave a smile as she nodded her head to him he was a good man and he enjoyed the pleasures of any man even if his was more a want to be handled and placed rather then given choices, witch in truth she was fully alright with, it was what she gave people normally, if she wanted something she took it and Noki needed to learn this as well and maybe being able to control this little man would help her in learning she had control she had power and say and she need not be so timid in her day to day dealings. “well you will get that here surely, she will house you in her breast with innocence behind her actions, she is knowing in sexual attraction as we unlike humans do not shelter our young from such things but i believe she may view you as more a object as time goes on. But she still does care for her things all the same. But i do hope she grows out of the soft phase of her life as as she grows she will have to be able to unlock her true power and be stern at times” she let out a sigh as she looked back at Noki back there waiting for the cooks to get her what she wanted “that girl could tell them to go faster, assert her dominance over our staff but no she hops on one foot and waits like a common person for things, it is sweet but in the future it will hurt her. She does not know the value and the means people would go to for her hide”  she looked back to victor as she took a pearl form the bowl and rolled it in her fingers before putting it to her lips and allowing it to slip past her lips. She shut her eyes for a moment enjoying it and once she opened her eyes her pupils were dilated and her shoulders relaxed as she looked at Victor.

VictorCrackus: Of course to a man like Victor, it sounded like a dream come true really. It was something he rather enjoyed really. The man offering a nod as he went to nibble on some cheese. His eyes on Anaya. Assuming she demanded attention. No. He wanted to give her attention. He'd chew thoughtfully. Even at the idea that Noki might view him as just an object rather than a person. There were worse things in life really. Though. He looed a little curious about her seemingly taking a pearl from a bowl and taking it almost like one would take a drug. Something else to file away for later. "Well. At some point. There are things I would love assistance with. But I am honored to be in your daughter's and your life. I.. am unsure what I can contribute. But.. at some point. Not now. But. At some point. I should like to discuss the things I seek. They don't require me to exit here. But. They do require information. Knowledge. Things of that sort.. But.. Another time. I figured I'd tell you that. As I'm quite sure I'll be whisked away very soon by her." He chuckles. "not that I mind.. But yes. I understand the need for her to learn.. dominance. Control. Power. Those are qualities I... love.. in women."


One Month Later, Summer Time

  Rose Has Thorns Part 3 - Spring Rains Fire - Page 4 Golden-castle

Anaya: The sun was going down as her eyes scanned over the horizon the sun looked as if it was melting into the sky, it was a beautiful sight. But then there was a shimmer the sun clipped off something  in the distance. She tilted her head as her horns and chains clicked off one another making a oddly unsettling tick tick tick. With a flap of her grand golden wings she would glide out to what was now peeking her interest. As she got closer the dragons eyes spotted the golden structure there getting larger and larger. A giant golden castle in the sky, what would a dragon want any more then this, nothing, this building needed to be hers, it would be no matter be it owned or not, it would be hers before the sun vanished and it stopped shining. Within moments she was able to land and shift down into her human figure upon the door steps, there was no guards standing post, and there seemed to be words whispering inside there was life within the walls here. She gave a smile a twisted grin coming over her fine female features as her ear pushed up against the door frame, she could hear them all talking a couple female voices there were a couple male voices but nothing truly threatening from inside, maybe it was a weak place, well what was strong next to the glory of the golden dragon of this land. She moved her fingers as her hands started to warm, clenching her hands in and out as she worked out the muscles. Her ear and face now away form the door she held her hands on the door, gold had a amazingly low melting point so not much heat was required, humans could melt gold on a hot fire a dragon could melt gold in second., but she wished not to do that just yet, not just yet no, for now it was just going to be the door. Collecting her flame that rested within her chest as she controlled it with astonishing skill, the door around her hands started to melt down and puddle on the ground at her feet. Within minuets it was nothing and the door its self was melting down to a puddle that epped and gooed along the floor, parts of the floor melting just on contact with the hot liquid.  “i look for the leader!” her voice called out as she stood tall and strong her head held high as she walked out gold still covering her fingers and hands from her work on the door. The gold liquid dripping as she walked into the main hall looking around at the shimmer of the walls “they build a golden castle it is like it is a gift to the dragon on high to claim, Were is your Leader!”

ZoltanGunderson: -looks to them and then Annie as he sees her eyes- what is it Annie you know something don't you - looks to her as he would remain to stare at her as his eyes didn't move from looking at her as he would wait to see what is said or what will happen - " if something you wish to say then you should say it Annie as one friend to another

EmpsShayraBrightstar: I am here -says the Empress-

EmpsShayraBrightstar: The Empress looks up to see the melted door and gasps. She calls the guards and she calls for the baby dragons to come to the throne room. She tells them to stand, but watch carefully.- What have you done to our massive golden doors, and why?

CynRavenclaw: Turns to see the damage and frowns thinking this isn't going to help Ragnar or the Empress. - That isn't good.

EmpsShayraBrightstar: Well, what the hell are you doinig melting the doors of my castle?

ZoltanGunderson: /me looks as hears voices and the smell of the melted door as he would stand up from his chair and walk out of the libary as he would start to walk to the throne room as he would stand and see the door and then look to the empress and the face he had not seen before as he would wait to see what was to come of this event that has unfolde as he would stares for a moment " Empress who is our guest and was she the reason for the door  being in the state it is currently i understand this does not look good what so ever " looks to the female that had cause this " well miss could explain you actions of what you have done before we act on instict im sure you understand you would not like us to come to your home and melt or destroy part of your home now would you "

ILoudI: Praedam had a letter wedged between his index and middle finger with the contents of todays events, he had no specific agenda himself but today he had written three things he expected to happen and it would make for a great day after the events unfolded. "Hm.." He pressed his shirt free of wrinkles undoing the first three buttons as the exposed chest look was his go to, his slacks were prestine and he decided to go barefoot today something told him the less clothes the better. As he skipped down from the chambers provided to him, his golden hues darted to that of a rather familiar face however he said nothing and turned to the Empress 'M'lady, what seems to be going on " His attention shot down to the baby dragons shaking his head at the crucial mistake made there, still he said nothing and placed the letter in his back pocket.

ScarletAValentine: -she looks up as she would giggles as she see's her father- hi daddy~ -she was holding one of his alchemy instruments as she would get up-

Anaya: she walked into the main hall her eyes looking upon family photos that hung on the walls as she ran her tongue over her lips and wondered if any tender morsels were home at this time, but no we were not going to do it that way we would do this a diplomatic format, at least for the time being unless she was actively ignored then things would get, very very hot and seeing it was so easy to melt down the door the rest of the castle be it made of gold or gold mixed with rock it all would fall apart the same if things went as they looked to be going. She spotted children of her own kin and her red eyes flashed up as there was anger in her hues “you make a golden cage for hatchlings, what is the meaning of this” she let out a breath as she collected herself walking foreword past the young ones pushing them out of the way with a soft hand no young dragon stupid enough to stand up to a elder she shock her head side to side “alright, well, you built a castle out of gold, placed it on a pedestal for all to see, well we have seen and now we have come, i give you a choice, give up some of the gold, i would say about sixty percent of it, witch is a good amount saying that if i wished i could take it all, but i am trying to be more diplomatic” she looked to some of the hatchlings the poor things being told what to do and were to go, it was sad and pitiful having dragons do your work “why have i come here, why have i melted your doors, i am a dragon, do i truly need a reason to come to a golden pedestal and take what i want, take back my children from chain, you have broken draconian law here this day, you are lucky i dont turn your castle into a steaming pile of melted rubble”  she let out another breath holding herself at bay, but one could see in her hands her skin was starting to heat up and her finger tips going red, her chest starting to glow slightly (prep one, fire attack, power up to 10%, damage taken 0)

EmpsShayraBrightstar: These dragons are not in chains. These dragons choose to be here to protect the empire. They like it here and we take good care of them. They have their caves and plenty of food and love.

CynRavenclaw: Dragon, what is your name? *Cyn looks at the beast and remembers a world full of them, this wasn't one from that world as they were peaceful and didn't just randomly attack*

EmpsShayraBrightstar: We have dragons all over the world that come here to visit with us. We area a peaceful nation and they are our friends.
EmpsShayraBrightstar: Which makes you the one out of line and breaking rules and laws here Dragon lady.

ZoltanGunderson:he would look to the dragon and stares at her hands and sees the head starting to heat up as he thinks for a moment" so you come here and seak the gold and the children and take them away is that so but i ask you this question Dragon why do you think acting on force alone would get you what you want after all it has been a while since i have seen a elder dragon in these lands but this day seeto be full of suprise but as for the young dragons they are free to go when they wish and as for the gold that the empress choice not mine - hand start to turn to ice as mist would form around them as his skin would start to change colour alone with his size as he would start to grow as he would wait to see what would happen but the was no mistake from the markens on his face this he was a gaint from Jottunnheim -

Guest_ChristineDiaerue: *a light blue Dragon, who is a bit on the smaller side but still bigger than a miniature pony, comes up for me to rub her head as she lays her head on my lap as if to emphasize that they are here of their own free will*

Anaya: “a dragon needing love, dragons don't need love like a dog, that is insulting to think a dragon requires your love, do you what, pet there heads to and snuggle them, do you just feed them make them fat and then have them roll over to. Make a dragon fat and it will work for you, that does not make it your pet” her eyes moved to the queen seeing the queen seemed to ignore half of what was said to her, but there was this other one, they called it ragnar, he could hear her words he could talk properly unlike the others that were simply insulting “you are the only one worth the words upon my scaled lips. Acting of force is what true bloods do, fire in our veins lust for blood upon our hearts, what is here, what children walk your halls and nuzzle you it is discussing.” her fingers grow brighter as her chest starts to glow a nice shade of orange and red (fire attack prep 2, power 20%, damage taken 0) she let out a soft sigh as her eyes shimmered a light blue. (Telekinetic ability holding ready for use, active)  as she looked up and shock her head back and forth “dragons are not pets, they are not family friends, some rare individuals that gain a bond that surpasses time and space to gain friendship. Dragons are not deer in the woods a common beast in any land let alone this one, dragons are not able to be controlled or used as a mount or prize, or ones child, dragons don't require your love they don't require your friendship or even your worship, we ARE the Firstborn, and you don't respect what you have or even know of the ways of there elders, why should you be given the opportunity to keep something as a dragon for your own ignorance blinds you to what a dragon even is within its heart of hearts. Why should i not just take what is here and leave you with nothing but a pile of melted liquid. What REASON should i give to walk out of this place and leave you with what you have, why should i not just kill the broken shameful kin of mine that you have trained, and purge it all. What words would you say to halt my actions, i give you this chance to redeem yourselves in my eyes and in the eyes of the elder true firstborns” (aura of intimidation active, all characters within 15 feet of Anayas body feel uneasy and scared the closer you get the stronger the aura is)

ZoltanGunderson: /me would hear her words as he understood both sides and h knew that he had a point to which she spoke as he would looks to her then to the members of the empire " i understand where you come from and yes dragons should not be used as pets or being trained as such but not once have these people ever made the dragon kin here stay they have always been free to leave i myself would rather them fly the mountains and go lands where they wish bu we both agree if they wish to remain here it can not be helped im sure but i will not be able to stand by while you bring the place i call home to ash " finshes growing as he stood 20 feet as his hands were covered in missed as the area outside and parts of the inside would start to frezze as he was leting start to power up his magic and abilitys ( Ice Esence 20% bost to defence but ffrezes near by are cause allies to suffer some ice damage ) " so what do we do now then elder dragon with both know a fight between us both will not end well and cause one of us two die and i dont wish to seek to kill a elder dragon out of this small world "

Guest_ChristineDiaerue: *remains unfazed by the woman's words and aura, stands strong and the Dragon stays beside me of it's own choice* you speak as an old one, one not of the world as it is today. No, they do not require our love. We offer it and care because we do respect them. They know they are welcome here. We do not allow anyone to disrespect them as we do not allow anyone to disrespect our empress. They choose to treat us as equals though we know we are noy worthy of it. In return, though I can only speak for myself, I would willingly fight side by side with them, even give my life if it kept the hatchlings safe. I am healer here and I help watch over the eggs and hatchlings to be sure none come out maimed or crippled. I help heal those injured, though they do noy need my help, so they do noy have to use their own energy and can use it to hunt and play instead.

Anaya: she let out a breath as she held her power it was not going to go up but it was going to hold. Her bright red eyes with shimmering flecks of blue looked directly at the ice giant. “they are fed so they stay, any animal will do so till it ages to know better, be this a home or not, it does not change the charges placed ageist it. By the judgment of the firstborn this house has been placed guilty of enslavement, altering the natural way, and insulting the firstborns. Just due to something not having a chain around its neck does not mean it is not enslaved, one can feed a baby bear, every day at high noon feed the baby bear as it grows it believes that food keeps coming every day, it may even nuzzle or dance for the meal it is to be given, it may even act as if it is one feeding its friend. It may even act the part all the way to the point that the care giver believes the animal is able to be its loyal friend. It may even be brainwashed into believing it its self. But one day all changes, ways of life changes as that is what the natural order is to do, it is to change all with time” her eyes rested and the blue sparked faded slightly (telepathic ability resting, but still holding and charged) her eyes moved to look to the other one that took the stand to talk “it is commendable that you have healed the hachlings and even aided them in times of need, but in doing so you have made them weak, made them reliant on your healing on your services and striped them of what makes them dragons you have made them weaker then what they should be, when nature deemed them not fit you made them better and made the population here tainted and diluted. What you have here are not dragons, they are weak youngsters that should be tossed out and allowed to fend in natures wing, allow natural order to make due  of them. Let the gods who are not you pick who is strong enough to thrive and who is weak and fit for death to be placed back into the earth witch is the beauty of death. Don't you see you have done wrong without the malice behind your actions, don't you see that you have made something proud and mighty into a hip nuzzling pound puppy. ” she let out a breath as she looked to the ruler (even as she has left she never posted out so i have to assume she is standing there still just unable to respond) “i will give you one chance for redemption, once chance to right the wrongs you have done. You hold three days time before i return here, upon that days time i shall come and scan the grounds for my kin, i wish to see none here. Not a single scale left in your halls not a single dragon hidden behind a locked door, you are to turn them out to be free and live and if they are weak and will not go they are no longer dragons in the eyes of the Firstborn and will be your doom. If i come back and see one of my own still hugging the leg of a near mortal or being no matter its blood no matter its bond this castle its people, the town at the base of the mountain all will be washed clean in the fire of judgment, all shall be cleansed in my holy flame from the gods on high, and if met with revolt further actions will be done. This is the only chance this castle will get to0 clean its spirit from its wrong doings ageist the Firstborn. Clean its insulting ignorance and learn from its actions. Gain knowledge of what you have done and what you keep doing. If knowledge is wanted i can be sought out as my own Dynasty lands are not far from here” (look up my name on imvu the Iron dynasty is what i run, anaya can be found there if further peace negotiations or war negotiations can be hashed out)
ILoudI: Praedam couldnt help but laugh, bended at the waist the first in the long time he was truly enjoying himself however he was careful of that woman over there, as he knew better. Were they all diluted? Was this a game to them, and why did Ragnar and only a few others seem to be the only individuals interested in standing up for the Empress. "In fact this is the first time im seeing these.. hatchlings" His golden hues narrowed sharply at them in curiosity, "Hm--" He stood in the Main Hall to watch the impending showdown between the Empire and the Elder Dragoness, he had no dog in this fight and as to his memory he was told to leave his weapons in the Arena. "Oh what ever will I do.." His deep tone faded at that last part, the level of sarcasm in his tone was coated on thick. His bare feet appreciated the cool temperature of the floor for now as its lifespan was being limited, however he very boldly pushed off the pillar in which he was resting on and wanted a front row seat, just how accurate were the contents of this "To do" list of his. He was labled a Fox by craft, moving in and out of spaces unnoticed was damn near a specialty of his yet he didnt need to do that this evening his intentions was clear as moved into the throne room putting an additional five foot gap to the aura the Dragoness was emitting he approached one of the red thrones and sat on the back of it resting his feet where his ass should be observing those around the room.

ZoltanGunderson: -looks to her as he would stare at her and not budged as his eyes met with as the ice blue in his eyes would shine as he would stand there " as i said once Elder Dragon i understand but would it not be a worse offence to kill those beings that do not wish to leave if it was my kin i woud feel the same way as you and wish to clean the halls of the filth that bowed down but none the less surely you understand not all dragon are suited to be in the wilds and even if these one are to be freed and set lose into the wilds they will just return again that is what will happen and we will be in a cycle of complex i have met you kind before admitly it was over a thousand years ago and it was a red elder dragon and i know what you kind can do and i will defend this land to the day i die i swore that if you want to make this land better and help them understand you kin do as i have done teach them the way of you kin teach them the laws of the old world and make them understand if not there will be blood and i will meet you on the battle field  and that i promise you - keeps is power channel but not increasing anyfuther than he has -

VakianSilverLazaruel: -thinks to my self my glowing purple eyes watching everyone fight like Cubs wanting food lost in thought thinking of all the different gear I have stashed away in a secret dimension of I created wondering if I kept that dragon slayer stuff of a hero that try to kill me long ago hoping the elder dragon don't notice what I hidden-

Anaya: “a true dragon is made to survive in the wild, we are giant reptiles that are copy's of our egg giver, we are made to eat kill and survive that is how dragons are, if you don't know that then you don't know our kind as well as you think you do. Regardless of your choices, you have three days till i return, witch i will and be that met on a battle filed or met with my turning around and not returning, we will see what happens to pass then.” she moved her back to the ice giant as she held no fear towards him and it was almost a rude gesture but at the same time it was simply saying i don't fear you and you don't intimidate me. “Upon my arrival in three days i will not come alone, and if met with aggregation and war, this castle will melt, you will lose more then just lives, this is the only warning you will get ice giant” a grin came over her face, she enjoyed battle and would enjoy herself more if she just let lose and did not hold back here and now and a part of her did want to just rip this place apart, shifting to her true self alone would rip the castle apart no need for fire and ability size and power alone would be more then this house could hold. “don't ignore this warning, i have been kind to you this time, i will not be kind in three days time” and in that she walked away leaveing no time for people to respond before she was out of ear shot, she did not care for what they had to say, what would matter would be what would happen in three days time, and nothing else.

Anaya: (so thank you all for the rp was really fun, but so i will come back in three days real time, my entrance will be serching for others of my kin, if none are found Anaya will exit and go on with the day, if some are found things will happen another way. please dont block or it will be will be no fun at all. at anytime rpcs from here can come to my room The Iron Dynasty to hash out peace talk or war talk or bla bla bla talking)


Later That Evening

Anaya: she let out a soft sigh as she took a sip of her tea and leaned back on her throne "so tell me about yourself, forget that castle for a moment let them figure their things out, would you like tea and all that, I can have the maids bring you some"

ZoltanGunderson: /me looks and sits down as he changes his size as he casts a spell on himself and looks to the dragon " well what do you wish to know and I'm ok if you have some ale or mead ill have that not much of a tea person if I'm honest

Anaya: moving a hand she taped her throne armrest as a maid came over with a hand already outreaching "maid go get some ale for our guest, we will treat him properly in our home unless given reason otherwise" the maid gave a nod and ushered a simple yes me lady and hurried away as her red eyes looked back to Ragnar "she may take a bit, the maids can be slow this time of night and I do need to get more slaves and workers, low on well-trained staff but she will get the ale and I do believe ice giants enjoy chilled everything. but simply about you, how was Ragnar made Ragnar, what made you be the person you are today, what is your story as everyone does have one"

ZoltanGunderson: /me looks to her as he sits there and nods " very well i was the 1st son of a Jotunn know as Olfar and Hilder once I was younger I was made to fight and study the old ways the magic and culture in time I grew and as most of my kind took up traveling the lands but back in those days there were many wars and i fought in my share against both my kin and the children of the god or as we know it, man, but I grew sick of it the war and fighting over and over and went exploreing and I men some warriors of men and grew a bond with them trust them as brothers and we fought along side as brothers but they died in time of age and battle and so I took to change and trying to keep peace as much I can and start a kingdom known as felwinter where races of any kind were welcome and it grew and grew but the gods got jealouse and cause distrust in everything and thus a war broke out and after that war I swore if I could I would make the old way the old wars have gone so I took up studying magic and cultures of diffrent kinds and I guess that is what has made me the way I am

Anaya: “a good backstory a fond life you did share but it is a pity you turned away from war, even if I wished to fire is in my blood and one can not fight their nature, one should never fight their nature, you should be what you were born to be then you would not have to deal with worthless presents that are not worth your time. You should do so much more here lay waste to villages in your spare time, strip guards and fighters down to slaves, be fucked by the beautiful woman every day, so much you could do and it would be so much less stress for you it would be as easy as breathing for you. And on top of it the dragon, the true dragon could watch over your kingdom and help in it prospering you would not burn beside beings that are better seen as cows then equals”
Anaya: "in the land you serve to tell me, honestly, do you feel appreciated "

ZoltanGunderson: looks to her and thinks on what she has to say and her last question as the would think " sometimes I do and sometimes I don't but i ow them a debt that I can turn them away at any point till I am told otherwise they saved me when they could from death door with there healing and sometimes I do wish to go back how I should be but I can no longer do it is not as young as I once was and I'm not a well being even when facing against you in the castle I was not at my full health not long before you arrived I been bleeding -sighs as he looks -

Anaya: she gave a smile as she stood up her dress clinking around her as she walked before him, she tilted her head as she moved a warm hand to bolding touch his chilled cheek "you do not owe them anything, they do not own you, there is no invisible chain that binds you to them, there are no bindings that make it so you can never leave, all there is is your own mindset, a mindset of a people that are not your people, they don't thank you, they don't hear you when you talk you are used even now you are the only one that has ever come to me here, the rest are only using you to deal with a matter that you don't even have to. you are an allie not there mother or protecter, you let yourself get abused as you dont know how to not" she cuped his cheek as a golden claw casscaded over his skin her red eyes looking into his as she changed her hight to be face to face with him no matter how tall or short he could make himself. "we are the same you and i, we can rule this world and have our kingdoms grow, but you work for others that are not yourself" she looked into his eyes her red hues shimmering as she did a almost lost in a abyss look upon her face. "you could be appreciated with me"

ZoltanGunderson: -looks away - i have my honour and my oath i will protect the land and its people as is what i said when i was inflicted with a wound and on deaths door they helped me they healed me and i swore to keep that land safe you know aswell as i do my people when they swear an oath we strife to keep it just and keep it no matter what and i will do so -as he looks away as he could see he was not a well man -

Anaya: she moved and put her lips to his ear as she whispered "i can heal you fully no matter what sickens you, golden dragons are divine healing" as her words left her lips her aura would rise the walls of the castle glimmered a bit stronger and one could feel brighter more life filled more youthful. as she moved her fingers the castle doors by themselves shut with a click and locked. the windows around the castle doing the same, her fingers moving along his clothing as she looked at him "it is a pitty you know"

ZoltanGunderson: /me looks to her as he stares as he hears the click as he watches her closely " and what is a pitty locking up to kill me now while I'm in this state I'm guessing if so at least don't show me pitty - stands and looks to her as he looked at here as his hands would start to mist over as the air in the room would come to a child as the fires start to out one by one as he would keep hand was at his side -

Anaya: the flames in the castle did not go out, as soon as they were touched they burned brighter as if offended at the matter that was putting them out or well trying to. The castle got warmer, from warm it turned to hot as in this place dragons flame beat any ice. “no I wish not kill you, Ragnar, why would I kill something I wish to have, I just want you to stay here” her hand moved to his cheek as she held him a warm almost motherly touch there was a link to her fingers a whispering feeling drifting “forget them” drifted in the wind like it was talking within his very mind, it was not harmful in anyway just a pushing nudge. She could feel it was not going to work one knew when their magic was prevented she looked at him her eyes looking into his own “I don't wish to kill you, that much is true, and I have kept my word for an open invitation. But I will not like the thought to sever a leg and let you limp back to the people you seem to care for has crossed my mind. But there is something worse than harming you or forcing you to be here. It is letting you go back to a group that would not care if you dropped dead” she let out a sigh and took a step back plopping back into her throne and looking at him. The doors unclicking and unlocking. “go, go back to your people but ask yourself if I killed you here today if I severed your head from your spine who would come here to hold your honor and avenge your death, who would bring justice to your killer. Would anyone here do anything but bitch and moan the loss. Ask yourself that Ragnar, and once you see the truth my doors are not locked for you”

ZoltanGunderson: /me looks towards her as he heard all she said and thinks on the words he knew the answer already to her question but he did see no point on to keep fighting part of him was so tired to care anymore as he looks to her as he would sit down and look straigh into her eyes as his ice would glaze over slightly as she would see an ice that not many ice gaint could use as the seat her had been sat on star frezzing complete as some of the runes would glow on his body and he taped into his ability from his blood as this time even she could feel the chil as he starts to speak mist would come out his mouth as it only those of the old world would know it as the breath ymir the father of all childs and only those of his blood could use it " part of me knows you are right and part of me has given up on the matter with the empire but there are some in them walls who I dem worth to keep safe and dont think I am a normal gaint I am of the same blood line of the Ymir father if the ice gaints and bring of the endless winter "

Anaya: Anaya just looked at him, as he talked about his blood his past and even showed his ability's, she had shown him nothing, and there was a reason for that, she had learned so much about him and he had not even known her name. This whole time she had done nothing but lift a little bit of heat and use none of her real power, whispering in the mind it was nothing to her, he knew nothing of her or who she was but she already now knew his kingdom, his strongest ability or at least one of them, his name, his backstory and even the fact his loyalty to that empire was starting to weaken, his eyes were growing not to care and she enjoyed picking up on the details. This battle was over, it was over before he ever came here, she had pegged him out from across the room before the queen even walked out the dragons and caused the whole fiasco. The chill did not make a dent, she just lifted the heat and the flames of the castle shifted to a white flame. A holy flame, not just a flame that burned with heat but a flame that burned with divine power. Ice giants in their root were chaotic evil beings, no matter his choices he had ice giant blood in his body and she knew he could feel that sting, she could smite him in a moments notice and not have a dent in her scales hide. No one was stupid enough to take on a golden dragon and that little snip of info was the only snip he had on her. “part of you had given up, which is why I already know the ending. In the three days, time take the people you view as worthy and remove them from the halls, remove them and keep them safe as your oath requires you to do. Keep them safe and keep them away, let only the ruler and her peons be there let them look up to the sky that day feel the sun and watch as the suns wrath judges them guilty and melts the castle to its core into a bubbled molten pit. No matter what your bloodline is no matter how much ice you can muster, you can freeze the sun, and fire will always beat ice. You are not strong anymore, you said yourself you are no fighter, I am a fighter, I am made for it, I am made to ruin castles and drink my tea and enjoy the fireworks of this world I have been here in this world so long I no longer need to guess how people are going to react I already know how this will turn out. Don't be there in three days Ragnar, don't be there when the sun turns its eye on the golden pillar man-made. Devine Smite does not care about our stories our choices or who we are it only cares what is good and what is evil, your blood is that if a beast race, you will not be judged fairly”

ZoltanGunderson: /me looks other as he felt in but stood to feel the pain but she could see he wasn't going to fall so easily as there was something in his eyes shine she had woke something that had laid dorm for so long already started to happen as he looked in her eyes " I will ask you more Golden Dragon what will cease this attack name it and I will try and have it happen understood now give me your answer or something to work with "

Anaya: She tilted her head as the feeling of that smite got stronger. He could feel it in his bones, it was draining no longer a healing glow but a sucking force if he was to do anything here and now she would end him in an instant he would be done before the first cold breath left his lips “to end the fight and to make it so I never show my scaled hide there. I wish the empress to take the blood of an Innocent, to offer it up to me, and for you to be mine here as my fighter and no longer theirs. I want you as mine, an ice giant is a rare thing you know, and to have one as you would be one rare trinket”

ZoltanGunderson: /me looks to her as he stares at her as he keeps his stance through the fire and the burning of the smite as he looks dead in her eyes as he stares her down "I will be you Allie if you end this fast but I don't want an innocent to be split as for the empire I will be an ally to them in the sense of trade but I will only aid them in battle if it to threatens my land does that suit what you need -

Anaya: "if blood is not shed I can not promise the empires well being, for blood there must be blood given, it is an eye for an eye they wish no blood an offering must be made, for no blood of theres to be shed they must pay in the blood of another. that is natures way and if that is not done then we can see who can hit stronger here and now or we can see each other in three days, be that now I even show and not get another to take my place"

Anaya: "if you fight for me, be it ally or member the choice be yours, I can promise my face will not be seen in there lands again, but if blood is not shed I cannot promise another will not take my place, they did make a giant castle out of gold and put it on a mountain it is a hard thing to miss"

ZoltanGunderson: /me looks - very well I will tell them the blood of an innocent will be needed and it will be off understood that then I don't see us being allies for long and I'm sure you understand that -looks at her as he would wait to see what she had to say

Anaya: "you will keep your word once given as I do my own, you inform them of the matter and I will look forward to seeing you fight be it with me or against me it will be enjoyed none the less"

Anaya: ((and just to go over OOC, so terms are, the blood of an innocent to be brought here by empress or another that is not you. but preferably the empress herself to bring it she does not have to kill it just offer it. it can be an NPC, and you are the other token, you are to ally/member of this rp, you do not have to ever shut down an rp and you can still be allied to them but you can not fight for them, so be an ally for trade only and service but if they need muscle your word compels you to decline ))

ZoltanGunderson looks to her "I will need to rest before I return to deliver this message so if you do not mind I will stay the night the morning" he looks as he stands and waits to get her answer as he rubs his eyes-

Anaya: "you play a game of risk sleeping with a dragon" she gave a chuckle "but I am no black scale so am more trusted then others, there is a guest room up the stairs in the upper level feel free to take one for the evening, I will have to retire as well. if you wish a nighttime romp I am sure one of the maids can assist you as well, feel free to dip your fingers in whatever pot you wish to"

ZoltanGunderson looks and nods as he walks off listening to her words and would retire to the room and rests for the night as he would remain sleeping -


Later that night, An Assassin? Treason? the plot thickens

  Rose Has Thorns Part 3 - Spring Rains Fire - Page 4 S450157374444088326_p239_i1_w2326

A Letter From a Raven Earlier
  Rose Has Thorns Part 3 - Spring Rains Fire - Page 4 Screen10
(words on imvu are turning out fizzy so)Letter reads: Hi there, you might not know me but I heard you threatened and attacked the Brightstar empire, and as random and out of nowhere as this might seem...if you're still interested in waging war and destroying brightstar I'd be more than happy to help you. Please keep this between us. If you're not interested then disregard this message and have a pleasant day. Also, Ragnar (Zoltan) wants to hop on the train and destroy brightstar, if that helps convince you.

Ponderosa From within her realm she felt the sting of the call, a call from a fellow Dragon. She rose from her velvet throne and spread her wings, taking to the skies. She did not need direction, and with the use of her power, she summoned a hell gate near the horizon, flying into it and porting herself to a new world. She knew she was in foreign territory and navigated through the clouds until the dark castle came into view. She began her slow descent reaching the entrance, which was left ajar. ‘Could it be an invitation?’ She brushed the thought aside as she approached the door, and it flung wide open at her command without a touch. It was loud enough to catch anyone’s attention. She walked down the hall, striding in her pride until she neared the throne on which a mysterious woman sat upon.�

Anaya: her red hues glanced foreword into the darkness of her home, touch lights glimmering around them made her figure come off as erry as a thin line of smoke drifted from her nose as she leaned back in her throne, her horns clicking ageist her sun-like crown. She let out a breath as she moved to lick over her lips. Red eyes scanned the female that first sontered into her home it was a nice looking hunk of meat and she would deal with it in a moment. A smile came over her face as She looked around her home, many of the workers had retired for the night and her teacup was empty. She placed the cup on the armrest a single mint leaf on the bottom and half a melted ice round rolling in the cup. “guard!” she called out in a stern but oddly soft tone like that of a mother ordering children when not angered at them. Swiftly the doors to the dining hall opened up on the side and a guard clunked in his armor only half lased up as he did not expect to fight “yes my lady?” the guard said as he stood tall and placed his head to his chest respectfully “refill my cup from my pitcher, and a new sprig of mint please and new ice round, you know how I like it” her words were cut short as there was a smell in the air, she could smell another she could not help but grin, a wicked grin but it was not one out of malice, at least not yet. The doors flung open as she lifted a hand a blue glow coming over the doors as they shimmered and they stopped from banging against the walls “it is rude to damage one's doors, I would know” she took in a breath as her red hues glimmered and the touches around the room flickered as if dancing in the nights air. this one she could match with the raven that came earlier, every note had a smell matched to it and this one did smell wonderful and the same as the paper her hands must have touched this was the one she had invited, and she did not invite many “you are the one that sent word to me earlier, I am sure we have much to talk about. You both, are from that golden castle on the mountain. ” she smiled as she allowed the doors to be let go as they shut and one could hear the click of a lock. Her hand then lowered as she watched the guard vanish with her cup to get her tea.

xxPsychoSagexx Sage crossed her arms, watching this woman carefully. She knew of the trouble she had caused and would hate for something to happen to Ebani in this situation. She will be guard until true trust is formed. She crosses her arms, nodding her head and taking a quick glance at Ebani. "Yes, we are. And you're the dragon I heard of from a few people. A troublemaker, are we?"

Anaya: she gave an unimpressed snarl as she was both sleepy and dealing with to much today and moved in her throne to get more comfortable on her silken pillow. Moving a claw to run her finger over her lip and itch the back of her ear she gave a grumble. Her fingers glowing blue she made an odd symbol in the air as one could hear the clicking of lights going around the castle as windows and doors locked all on there own. Then the stone castle shimmered a little then faded (magic ward up, all portals or gateway magic will not work inside of the dome, this can be taken down by the one that raised it. Other magics can be used within the dome only portal or gateway magics are affected)(power used 5%, regen in 5 minutes) she moved her hand as from the corner of her eye that guard had come back with her teacup, fast just how she liked it and it was not hard to fill a cup and put mint in it and ice. She waved the guard to leave and he gave a bow and exited. The room was now empty, just them standing there in the main hall. Anaya's eyes turned to look upon the one that called her a troublemaker, such childish words but at least she was being remembered. “ I guess I am, and who may you belittle one”

Ponderosa "An eye for an eye. Your door will be fine." She brushed the palm of her hand on the busted and broken door, a black mist surrounded her and developed the door as it returned to its former state. "I still have a place amongst the people of the Brightstar. But there's nothing 'bright' about that place. That's for sure." Her crimson gaze meeting that of the lightly haired woman on the throne. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Ebani, daughter of our Lord Lucifer and the unholiest dragon from hell you'll ever meet. My purpose is to spread chaos and destruction." She stretched her arm out, the same black mist surrounding her arm as it transformed into a black scaled larger and muscular version of itself. She ran her clawed arm against the stone wall, leaving a trail of marks. "But...I take pride in being a dragon. I
Ponderosa: *"

Anaya: her red hues swayed over to the girl, showing her power and stating who she was, so many from that place just out right blabbered on who they were and what they were to do, that man Ragnar was the same and now he was sleeping upstairs in her guest room. She tilted her head and then took a sip of her tea, enjoying the cool liquid flow down her neck she took the cup from her lips “you don't have to mend things here it all repairs on its own under my power, but regardless, you come seeing to destroy the place you once called home place ones loyalty to someone more deserving of it?” she wondered if she could sway them to leave the place they were and stay here as her own, she did not mind having other dragons as long as they understood there place in the pecking order. “are you still trusted by the bright star people, and by there empress? Or have they already forsaken you ”
xxPsychoSagexx sighs. "Sorry for the door. Ebani is... Well, she's Ebani. Anyhow. Of course, we're still trusted. We are dealing with an entire empire of mess." She shakes her head. The empire was horrible and it had taken so many months of garbage and mistreatment for it to finally realize it and give up on trying to see the good in brightstar.

Ponderosa Ebani gave the throned woman a gleaming smile, revealing her sharpened and elongated fangs. "I propose we form an alliance. The problem is, as with any dragon, is my pride. I don't like being made to submit. So, if we are to work together it would be on mutual grounds. I hope you can agree with that."

Anaya: Anaya gave a grin and stood up, she walked across the middle area as she in her hand formed an apple, the apple was black but then soon turned red. In her other hand formed a basket, weaved from bamboo stocks it was neat and looked like it had been made by some old lady that did it as a hobby, it looked rather nice. She placed the apple in the basket and within seconds more apples formed in the basket all turning black then glazing over to red. “lets make a deal, if you wish to be seen as an equal then one must prove there worth, you wish death of an empire, death of its people then one must give that death to them” she held out the basket to the other dragon, Anaya felt warm to be around but at this distance as they were under a foot around her and the other was of evil roots, anayas body felt not warm but hot, and it pained evil(aura of holy active, all evil alignment beings or darkness beings take damage when to close, within 5 feet) “the apples I give you are to be given and fed to the others of the empire, they will cause all who eat them to die. Simply hand them out and watch them drop one after another and be sure one is given to that empress of yours. How you give them out does not matter, simply that they are given. Then it will make my collecting the golden horde easier. After all is done I will melt down the castle to its raw goods and bring it here for my own gold stock”(item= poison apple, one bite will cause the consumer to go into cardiac arrest and place them into death, cure is mint stock and leaves) she gave a smile and held the basket out, seeing if the girl would take it.

xxPsychoSagexx Sage looks at the basket and then the apples and then to the woman's face. She raised a brow and could only look to Ebani to speak. She was simply here for support and back up for Ebani if things went left. Any decisions made from here are in her hands. She will follow suit.

Ponderosa She couldn't suppress her giggling. "It's almost like you pulled this out of a fairytale. Cute. Although I would prefer the most bloody and violent methods possible I do believe this trick actually has a chance of working. But...if it fails, what then?" She starting encircling the woman with the basket, contemplating if she should take it.
Anaya: as the girl started walking in a ring around her she would raise her aura (aura of holy level 2, all beings or darkness or evil alignments within 10 feet take physical damage, it hurts to stand too near.) I do like to read story books and I do like the class of a nice red apple is the key to one's death and if it is to fail and they won't eat it, then you can do whatever you feel you want to, and in two days time I show up once more and level the castle regardless to take claim of the gold stock” she took the basket and put it in the air, the basket glowed a light blue and hovered there held up by Anaya's telepathic ability. She simply did not want to waste the time in holding her arm up. She turned her back not even worried about her guests or their motives and walked to her throne to drop back into it to rest and drink her tea “the choice is your own, you feed them or you rip them apart, they die either way and I get the gold stock. And I get to be the cause of there demise, I won the war as soon as I showed up the rest that has happened is just the icing on this cake”

xxPsychoSagexx "I am not exactly in the feeling for cake..." Sage could only sigh, shaking her head. She was very hesitant to make this deal. She wanted to see Brightstar suffer and that was the whole reason for it. However, it felt too simple and the way to easy

Ponderosa Ebani simply glared at the basket, unphased by the stinging of the aura surrounding the woman as sages words ringed in her ears. It did seem too easy. "How do I know you're not playing us and won't throw me under the bus?" She extended her hand and the apples slowly floated out of the basket, one by one as if there was absolutely no gravity. They began rotating around her, like small planets. Each one began to glow emitting a reflection of a different member showing upon each apple. "And if I do this, I want a place of authority in your dynasty. Demons and dragons alike don't work for free, and I haven't known you long enough to even consider doing this out of the kindness of my heart frankly...."

Anaya: Anaya watched her as she let out a breath “why would I hold a reason to toss you under the carriage (fantasy medevil bus doesn't exist) be you do what I want or don't do what I want I will destroy the lot anyway and walk out with not even a dent in my hide, you come to me wanting to help was a useful thing indeed to get things done faster than three measly days but regardless of that the deed will get done. And for all I know you both are spy's wanting to get more from me and learn what I possess or if I am truly serious on destroying your little slavers home, you worry about me being more trickster then a dragon then you do not know your own race very well, maybe you should learn more about the firstborn after you are done playing feed the people at brightstar” she gave a light chuckle as she leaned back in her chair taking another sip of her cold tea. “and for a place here, well that can be discussed after you do as you are to do, it will take more than feeding an apple to a kettle wench with a crown to gain any true authority here.” she paused a second “but IF all things get done and done right it can be considered”

xxPsychoSagexx Sage watch the two converse. "Look, this whole apple thing is very cliche. We can admit that. Was this your plan had we not approached you.
xxPsychoSagexx: ?"*

Anaya: "that is for me to know, and you do not, I just like the fact it is cute and an enjoyable way to watch a kingdom die, watch hundreds of people eat food given to them by friends only to be choking on there own vomit by nights end"

Ponderosa Ebani clenched her fists. The woman's words igniting a fiery rage within her. Her eyes began glowing brightly. She growled in frustration, small sparks of fire emitted from her mouth until she roared in anger and hellfire engulfed the area directly in front of her. (Hellfire- purifying fire from the depths of hell, that cannot be put out by nondemons of any kind. Contains unholy properties.) She closed her eyes briefly, to calm herself. "Pardon for the sudden outburst, but I just don't like being toyed with. But I like making people eat their own words, so I
Ponderosa will do it."

Ponderosa "I will also request that someone from your dynasty accompany me, should things go awry."

Anaya: As soon as the girl let out fire from her lips Anaya moved her hands as her eyes lit up a bright white. The castles very walls started to glimmer as it felt like a heavy force was lowering down (holy ward, all unholy ability are nullified till ward is lifted) the flames were smothered and nothing upon the floor was burnt, not even the flower peddles that were so delicate and fragile were harmed at all. The whole castle seemed to pulse with holy and the root of it all was Anaya. “remember who's land you stand on when you have outbursts, here if you were not invited your kind would be killed on the spot for being a mutant that is a disgrace to the light, what saves you from that is the fact i allow you to be here and i will be allowing you to leave. I am sure in your own lands there is little order and structure, here it is not the same rank matters and you walk up the latter or you die on the ground” the heavy feeling was overpowering, it was like a shelf was lowering down the walls and pushing things down to the floor. It got to the point it was on there backs pushing them down but then lifted. As Anaya let out a breath “i am Anaya Niviria DeLaRose, Firstborn to Alesa Niviria Daskamoon Firstborn Matriarch to the Northern Army's, I am the Tyrant of the North and the Golden Dragon of Justice, i am no child of a made up god, or devil, i am no poster boy for a fallen people or the last of my line. I am a true born blood line dragon and you will remember were you stand.” she gave a snort as smoke drifted from her nose and she let out a breath to calm herself down the holy ward she had placed lifting “now out of everyone in that foolish castle you are the only ones that even know my name. Take the apples and feed them, tomorrow around four past noon a man will show up in the bright star castle, his name is Samuel (account name Arthus) he will be there to oversee and watch how you work, through his eyes i will see everything that is to happen there and if things go astray he is just as powerful as I am and well capable to melt the castle down just as I would. Even if he is faster to anger then i am he is a trusted subordinate.” she let out another breath as she calmed herself fully and the ward vanished the castle feeling new and clean again. Over by the castle doors that had healed and mended on there own fully from the smashing of earlier one of them opened. The beerier just in that area vanishing so they could exit.

Ponderosa "Lucifer is far from made do not know of the horrors of hell. Pray that you never go there." She grabbed the basket while offering a heart melting smile. "Don't let your pureblood pride get to your head. Mixed blood is even more dangerous." With a bow, she turned around and walked back to the entrance, spreading her wings as she took her to leave.


One Day Later

ZoltanGunderson had been walking back in the morning after arriving back at brightstar and informing the empress of the events that had unfolded with the meeting with the Golden Dragon and requested that we should go to here and speak and see if we could not change something and so would of set off with the empress towards the Golden Dragons home which he had been once before as he arrived seeing the door was open he would wait for the empress and walk inside to where he would only assume that the golden dragon would be on her throne as he would look down to her and speak"I have come back with the empress to see if we can change such terms on what was said Golden Dragon " his breath was god as the mist could be seen out of his mouth and his runic markings where glowing slightly and his skin an ice blue as he stood 20 foot

EmpsShayraBrightstar: She meets up with Ragnar, and they walk together into the hallway of Anaya's castle. The Empress looks beautiful with her waist-long raven black hair and hazel eyes that pop because of her yellow dress. She waits for Ragnar to get us started for this talk-

Anaya: taking a bite of a beautiful orange she walked down the steps of her castles upper hallway, her one clawed hand on the banister as she gave a breath and looked out, shocking there were people already in her hallway wanting to have words. The male that she saw the other day and a couple others and most noticeably the one female that was the ruler of that golden trinket in the sky. A smile pushed over her lips as she took a claw and ripped another hunk of fruit from her orange. One guard posted himself at her side as made it to the bottom of the stairs “that will not be needed, I am not in need of a bodyguard” the guard almost looked hurt from her words but he nodded and took his post not far from the thrones to keep an eye on his empress. She let her claws run through her curled white hair as made her way to the throne and sat down adjusting her pillow and waiting for the maids to do there morning routine and bring her her drink. “so you come back and bring with you the Empress, of the golden castle in the sky. And what may you both wish, I don't see or smell Innocent blood upon your hands so I am sure that is not the reason”

Ponderosa A black and familiar mist crept inside the hall, engulfing the room in absolute pure darkness. It made its way near the tall brooding man, forming and shaping itself into a voluptuous draconic woman. Ebani was here, and ready to play. “Hiya! Did you all miss me?” She mockingly said in a cutesy tone.

ZoltanGunderson He looks to the golden dragon as he stood his ground and met her gaze as he didn't fear her nor hate her as his eyes would keep watch on her movements he would shake his head " no we have not come with the blood of an innocent instead I have thought and I hope the empress will support me on this matter that in response to the events we remove the gold from the castle and give you a portion as you wished from the start and the dragon will be let free but in response and to cease any hostility we make an alliance and that way so we could all keep growing without any hate to one another what say you Golden Dragon

EmpsShayraBrightstar: She stands beside Ragnar looking at the Empress Dragon listening to what he had to say. When he was through, she nodded and spoke - I have told all the baby dragons to go, but they didn't want to leave. What am I to do? Do you want me to force them out? -She looks at the Dragon Empress hopefully. She hopes that by talking to Anaya they can come to an agreement of some kind that is reasonable to both parties. She had done as the Dragon Empress had asked. She had told all the baby dragons to fly away and be free. But what she has to get her to understand is that the baby dragons don't want to leave. Then what?- I can't take the life of a child. It's just too horrible. What else can I do? I can ban Adrian or have him killed, but he's no innocent, he is guilty of treason and betrayal. -Waits to see what the Dragon Empress has to say-

Anaya: She looked up at him as her red hues shimmered under her snow white hair. She did not say a word for a moment, the time clicked on it felt like a forever before she spoke “at first when i came to your halls i asked for 60% of the gold you store it was that or i would level it and take it all, then upon seeing there was my own kin in the halls being treated like dogs hand fed and suckling on other beings i changed my mind, it changed to you have three days to remove all dragons from the halls and place them were they belong then i would come back and see for myself if they were surely gone, and if not i would melt down the castle and everything in it and take it all. Then upon Ragnar your coming here we made an agreement that your service to me as an ally and a fighter, as well as I wished the blood of an Innocent brought to me by the Empress herself. Which was agreed upon as well? Now you come back and go back to the original plan witch in the first place was rudely ignored” she paused another moment as she took her clawed hand and twisted a strand of hair in her fingers “this whole ordeal is starting to bore me but i do admit the groveling is rather sweet and i do like it. And i have been watching your actions i know that you turned away the dragons and some left but some did not, i know what your meetings have consisted of what you have talked over and all you have said. You have done well but at the same time i have seen much weakness in you and your people” she got up from her chair and her silken garb swayed behind her clinging to her hips. She walked over to Ebani “a little i guess” as she rounded her a little she moved her hand a shining apple forming in her fingers as she took it with a breath and rubbed it softly on her silk to polish it. “so now you offer the gold again and an alliance as well, alright we can go with this take down the castle upon the hilltop, remove the stones put them in carts and send them here, take the castle from the mountain peak and rebuild it under out of stone and wood like a normal castle should be built show your wealth with golden statues inside out of the eye of dragons in the sky, once that is done we can make an alliance. ”

Ponderosa Ebani paid no mind to the woman's minor taunting. She whipped her tail back and forth, lashing at the ground in front of her leaving a searing line on the stone to keep space between her and the other dragoness. "Why don't we just cut the bullshit? Kill Adrian, let the dragons that wish to remain in Brightstar stay, and you can take your petty gold. Everyone's happy." She fixated her gaze towards Empress Shya and then turned to the Dragon Empress. "Make amends. Start over with a clean slate. That's all everyone at Brightstar wants." She then looked down at the ground below her, contemplating in silence for a few moments before abruptly saying, "The Empress will surely allow you to take the gold, but she will not allow any innocent sacrifices to be made. You were led to Brightstar by Adrian, let his blood pay for his indiscretions." She paused again, smiling sweetly at both of them. "And if you do order Adrian's death, I want it done by my hand. I'm not asking for much.

LegionSinz: On the outskirts of the Iron Town. A large being would be seen slowly moving from the darkness of the forests. The soft sounds of bones crackling could be heard by the townspeople as he moved closer, but also see that his head was moving slightly along with his shoulders rolling, and even moving his hips slightly as if he was purposely cracking his joints. "Hmm.. Where am I now.." His head slowly tilting toward the right. Now at the edge of town. His large form would slowly lower from his ten-foot six-inch height. Looking down at a small child, with his mother. "Can you please tell me where the castle is? I have been traveling a while and seems I may be lost." Legion's eyes would have a double flipped star image within the place of his pupil, the rest of his eyes were a soft flowing mercy silver gaze. A mask covering from the top bridge of his nose down to three inches below his chin. Wearing simple black pants, and a leather bracing coat, leaving most of his torso completely exposed. Looking down at the beings, his head still tilted. Then they pointed up the hill. Legion looked up toward the hill, then back toward the mother and child. He would then hand the two beings who had helped him five small pieces of gold, and a ruby jewel. "Thank you very much for your help." Legion slowly raised from his bent stance and started moving toward the castle. Only to stop just at the gates that were open. Meanwhile Legion was walking toward the castle would slowly look around randomly and take in the landscape, town, and castle. "Hmm, such a beautiful land." His eyes suddenly darted back toward the castle... This feeling. His head started to tilt toward the left. His mask started to stretch slightly showing a hidden smile. His eyes still randomly darting around, almost like a child enjoying the view. "Other places always seem far more lively then The Families realms. Such beauty."

ZoltanGunderson he would look to the dragon empress as he heard want ebani had to say on the matter and agreed to what she with a nod " Golden Dragon Anaya all we wish is to start a new with you and im sure the empress wish the same but as for moveing the castle we could not do so as we protect the forest atop and those who dwell inside and thus it would be wrong for us to leave them so the castle will remain atop where it is but built down towards the base of the ground but as for the gold I will have to leave that to the empress decision personalty i would say we strip the outside of the castle but keep the inside as it is now and keep the gold inside and if so you portion would be 50% of the gold no more no less and of course you would have an alliance forged with myself and the empress that is the only postive and fair outcome i could see as for adrain im sure i speak for all of us that we have no love for the man and if the empress wishes to give him to you do what you wish with him be it kill him or let ebani kill him then it should happen as that way but what do you have to offer yes you are a powerful dragon but what is to stop another elder dragon or something beyond that wish tooffer us more what do you wish to offer us will you treat as as equals or will you look down on us if we were to be you allie "

EmpsShayraBrightstar: I said I hope that talking to you would bring us to an agreement that was reasonable and acceptable to both of us. Tearing down my castle is not a reasonable request. We are surrounded by a fairy forest. These fairies are what changed the castle to gold eons ago. We protect these fairies and the fairy forest is their home If we move the castle the fairies would be at risk. I can't have that. Plus, the magical clouds keep us well hidden. The only reason you found it is because Adrian brought you. We will give you 50 % of the gold that Brightstar has in its treasury and we will make a friendly alliance with you. That is more than fair and reasonable. I guess I'm repeating some of what Ragnar said, I agree with most of what he said.

Anaya: she walked back to her throne and sat down her hair swaying in her face as the maid gave her her chilled drink and cup as normal, but instead of the normal water and tea it was wine with crushed ice today she needed a bit more then tea. “Adrian was not what brought me to you, he just sold you out after i got there and then backstabbed me in his next breath, he was not the reason i noticed you he just did not help in my wanting to rip the gold out from under you. You built a castle on the top of a mountain, made out of bright shining gold, how long did you really think it would sit there without something that really likes gold not noticing it. You were doomed when you thought of the bright idea to make a castle out of gold. Now for the agreement, when i first showed up i ashed 60% and now after all this you come to me with 50 and no more no less, that is insulting to my offer. And really think about it. Your little castle is peaceful, you don't fight you don't attack I am sure your army is lacking in firepower. But here, we are made for war, i control beasts that can tunnel under your castle on the mountain turn it into Swiss cheese and have your golden city fall into the pit of the mountain you sit upon. I could or could have my mages cast a spell and turn your own mountain into a elemental that will eat you. I can call forth rocks from the sky to fall burning into your soft golden castle i can do a hundred and one things to your little castle and destroy it all by dawn and in the end, there is nothing that can stop it, i don't even have to leave my throne to do it i could get three peons to do it and keep drinking my wine and go on with my day. The alliance part is nice for sure but what can you offer me? You have no croplands on top of a mountain, no spring water, no land to raise cattle or livestock, and you are not a Waring nation so you can't even offer me fighter power, all you can offer me is friendship and really that is not going to feed my people or keep their homes from being robbed. you have picked the worst place to build a castle and now when you are given the chance to rebuild to a better location and not get burned down, you refuse and try to give a counter offer that was lower then my original one. Why should i not just say fuck your offer and take the gold myself or have my minions do it for me” she had a smile on her face as if she was enjoying this more then the normal person "tell me, have you ever seen a Balrog, i have two that live under this very castle, big scary things they are, and they are not even the worst things i have in my hold hell i already have eyes in your little castle have for sometime now"

Ponderosa Ebani could feel that familiar feeling of, hot, seething, rage. “You speak without knowing what you’re asking. Assuming Brightstar is poorly equipped will be your downfall. You don’t know who you’re fucking with. Who the fuck do you think you are coming into OUR LAND and OUR EMPIRE to take OUR GOLD? YOU ARE AN OUTSIDER IN OUR HOMELAND, YOU HAVE NO PLACE TO ORDER ANYONE. Elder dragon or not, you have no place in Brightstar to make demands.” She turned to the Empress with pleading eyes, hoping to convince her. “Empress Shayra…I vote against this treaty. She is a tyrant, and the only way to beat a tyrant is with bloodshed. Not everyone gets what they want, and I’ll be damned if you let this golden BRAT get what she wants. She will not respect us, she is not the slightest bit interested in being our ally. She looks down on everyone. She has no honor.”

LegionSinz: Legion's head slowly tilted toward the right, then started walking in. "Hmm is it her.. and that rage.." His head started to shake slightly from left to right. As he moved, his eyes scanned the large castle looking around slowly. Then seeing Ebani he would walk up slowly, behind her and move his right hand to gently slide along her back slowly up toward her shoulder blades if she had not resisted. "Little one.. Please look at me and breath ok?.." Looking over at the one she seemed to call Empress and speak with. "May I speak for you? Of course, you can correct me anytime I say something against your beliefs or wishes. But I do believe I could bring terms both are happy with." His attention then turned looking toward the woman in the throne, now his voice turning to an ancient like draconic growlish tone as he spoke. "I am known as Legion." His head bowed slightly forward as if in a manner of greeting and respect. "I do hope I show no disrespect to either party but I do know this little one. So I would prefer to help all come to a great agreement without such needless bloodshed?" He stood there at his height of ten foot six inches. The flipped double starred pupils swirled slowly in a circle within his eye sockets, mixed with his mercy gaze. "I merely prefer such worthless bloodshed if it is at all possible. And I am also willing to make a deal on my own means and resources, should you accept to the terms of course. I can assure you. I can give you much, not just gold. Magical knowledge, and other things. Depending on what it is we agree to." Legion stood there if Ebani had not moved, his hand gently sliding along her back.

ZoltanGunderson stands for a moment hearing what ebani said and sighs and take a deep breath " Ebani hold your tounge and leave and stay outside till you calm down understood we are here on peaceful terms in a guest home you do not act the way you did the empress will suport me in this i do hope so leave and wait understood if things were to go south do what you wish "looks back to anaya as he then respones with very well i will make this deal the castle will remain atop out of stone where the empress can keep her deal with the fae forest whle we build going down the mountain so we can trade and she wil give you 50% gold and I will also send 30% gold from my lands anto protect you homes and fight alonge side you and in response we form an alliance would these terms be suitable for you Anaya Golden Dragon -stands and waits for the empress responce and anaya in return - looks to the new face aswell " if you know the young one could you take her to outside and maybe calm her down so there is no need for bloodshead

EmpsShayraBrightstar: I back up Ragnar, he speaks for me.

Anaya's mind twisted a little at the words that came out of the lips of that female if anyone else would have said it it would not have been so bad, but her to say it, after last night, out of all people to say she has no honor. “leave now Ebani. Walk off my lands and do not come back, and know that the apples you hold are mud in your hands. If I hold no honor you are nothing better then the mud you now hold. Leave before I kindly enlighten some of who you really are” she gave a snarl as she stood up from her chair the lights in her castle flickering her temper slightly as she would not have words like that said in her home. Her eyes flashed over to Ragnar “your deal is accepted, I will be watching the brightstar castle to see if work is underway, now take your people and leave my halls, I will expect a cart of the agreement made to be showing up at my door in the coming days I will have a runner of mine come to bring your people the alliance papers” she moved a claw and rubbed her temples as she sat back down and took a larger swig of her wine. She looked over to the new face that had been talking, she was basically ignoring him for now anyway, he was an outsider that just new one face and in the end he had no say, right now the only ones that she would care about were the empress and Ragnar and due to the outburst now Ebani. She would get to the one that was clearly known as Legion later after this whole thing was done.

ZoltanGunderson looks and nods in agreement " very well i will escort the empress and simply see you land slightly more and find a good place to tell my troops to head to if needed if you don't mind or ill map it out slightly - turns and sees the empress and escorts her out to her house as he looked to the empress " my guards are on the other end of this border they will escort you the rest of the way I wish to stay a little longer and have a look around the land a bit more if you don't mind "smiles as he helps her on her horse and walks with her to the border

Ponderosa Ebani moved past Ragnar brushing his shoulder whispering, “You can thank me later.” She turned around and examined Legion, before speaking. “Follow me...” She enticed him with her gaze, curling her lips in a sensual manner, as she walked towards the exit before fading away into nothingness.

LegionSinz: Legion's head tilted as he smirked under his mask. Looking back at Anaya, his head bowing slightly as if in a manner of respect. A flicker of his form would be seen, then another image of himself following Ebani. "Now now little one, you know I will join you. No need to be all upset, things will work out. I am going to leave apart of myself back to speak with the leader, but my main self is coming." He chuckled, looking down at her with a gentle smile, The chains hooked between his demonic horns jiggle gently from his movements. "Where are we going?"

Ponderosa “Home...”

LegionSinz: Smiling, his form suddenly slipped into the closest shadowed area, and slowly faded while an astral projection of himself merely stood there, waiting to be spoken to.


One month Later

Xaei chewed on the hard bean her mother had given her, for a long while too as its skin was so hard. “Keep chewing sweetie.” Anaya said, overlooking the young dragoness. Xaei made a face of disgust, this thing really didn’t taste nice at all. “How long do I need to keep chewing for?” The daughter asked the mother. The Empress smirked. “Until you have swallowed it.” Xaei really didn’t want to, but with the hope it would make her brother proud, she sucked it up and threw her head back, letter the large half-chewed bean slide down her throat.

The young dragoness choked, her mouth feeling suddenly dry while feeling faint. “I-I don’t… Feel… So… Good…” Xaei muttered, her body swaying from side to side, while her mother and father became a blurry image. “It’s okay sweetie, sleep.” No sooner did the words fall from her father’s lips, was she asleep and in her mother’s arms, as Anaya had caught her her mid fall. The Empress and Emperor looked over their adopted daughter, taking in the details of her young face, as it would be the last time they saw it.

A few days later.

It was hot in her room, so hot that Xaei was sweating and her bedsheet was coated in it. A knock came at the door. “Xaei?” A familiar voice called out to her, it was her mother. “Ma-” Her voice… The dragoness sat up quickly, her long white hair fell over her face. “Hello? Hello? Peanuts, strawberries, cake, chocolate. What??!!!” She screamed, her voice was different, not her usual child-like softness. She looked down at her hands through her hair, they were… Grown…? Xaei hurried up out of bed, but hadn’t judged the height difference, as her legs were also grown, falling on her face after she stood.

The voice that called out to her was gone, was it a dream? Xaei would have to find out later, right now she had more important things to worry about. Eventually getting to her feet, the dragoness made her way, with uneased legs, to her vanity, which was much smaller than her, as it had been designed for a child. Xaei reached her hands through the drape that was her hair over her face, and slowly pulled it open like a curtain.

What stared back at her, was… Something… Someone… A figured she’d seen in a dream before. Xaei reached her hand out and touched the mirror, the movements were exactly the same. “This can’t be…” The same hand then reached and touched her face, it felt real enough. She pinched her cheek and whimpered softly, definitely real. “I don’t understand…” Xaei tried recalling her memory, seeing as this wasn’t a dream and paced around her room, after a moment it hit her, when she realised she wasn’t breathing all that well. Staring down at her body, Xaei saw that her clothes, or what was clothes were considerably tighter and… “What are those!” She screamed again, looking down at the two lumps on her chest. She grabbed them, squeezed them, gropped them, enough, apparently to cause her to… moan?

Xaei ended up on the floor, after her legs had collapsed under her, she was panting heavily, a look of… Something on her face and she felt dizzy again. The floor beneath her was a little wet and slippery, as was between her legs. That was… Something… Another knock came at her door. “Princess Xaei?” It called out to her, not her mother’s voice, maybe a maid? “Y-Yes?” The woman walked in, definitely a maid that she could tell from her attire, it took her a moment to realise it was her old nanny, back to grovel for her job Xaei expected, but it didn’t come to that. “Who are you? Why are you in the Princess’ chambers?” The older female asked. “Guards! We have an intruder!” - “What? No! I’m Xaei!” She had since managed to stand again. “What has happened to me? I do not understand, the last thing I remember was talking to my parents, chewing on some disgusting bean, then next I was here, and…” Xaei looked down at herself, so did the nanny. “You were given a growth bean…”

The nanny stayed with Xaei for a while, giving her a bath and brushed out her hair, which had grown with her body and was a lot longer than it was yesterday. She left for a short while, leaving Xaei to finish brushing her hair, to come back with a dress of hers and a plate of food. “Here you go child.” Smiling the dragoness took the dress for her, it was an old maids outfit which would do for now. Throwing it on her head, she’d sit on the edge of the bed once dressed and ate through the food, there was a lot of it but Xaei managed to finish it all. “What do I do now?” She asked, playing with the ends of her hair, that was now tied into a long plat to keep it together.

There was silence for a while, as the woman didn’t really know how to answer her question, though she wondered who would do a thing like this to a child, maybe the Empress had a hand in it? It wouldn’t matter if she did, things were done. However, if she could pick up the pieces, maybe she would be given a job again… The clogs of thought turned in the woman’s mind.

“Maybe you could explore the world a little? Figure out things, learn things. You are an adult now, there is a lot out there that you need to experience, for yourself.” Her wrinkles around her mouth moved while she talked, Xaei noticed from staring at her mouth as she did so, her senses far more heightened than the were. “You think I should leave the castle?” - “ I do, your mother has not come here to see you yet, there might be a reason for that. You said it was her that gave you the bean, the Empress would not have done that if she did not have something planned for you…” Xaei supposed she made sense, it was her mother that gave her the bean after all, and her father watched on. Maybe there was a bigger idea at work.

Xaei sat for awhile, contemplating what she might do. “A little exploration sounds like fun.” She said to the woman with a smile, the nanny hid a smirk with a kind expression. “It does, my dear. Come, let us prepare you a bit better, I have shoes you can wear, and a coat you can have.” With a soft nod, Xaei got up and followed the woman to the servant quarters, where she was given a pair of simple shoes that just about fit her, and a long, thin coat that seemed to have aged a bit. “Perfect, you look like a commoner.” Those words left Xaei feeling uneasy, but she was right. “I will escort you out the castle, if anyone asks who you are, tell them you are a maid and you have ended your shift. Okay? Oh, you will need a new name too… How does... “ The woman looked over Xaei’s figure and smiled. “Ashen, like your hair.” The dragoness smiled. “I like it.” - “Good, let us go. Oh, one more thing. You should hide your horns and tail until your return.” She had to agree, and did so, shifting her body in a way where her horns and tail disappeared, she looked human now.

The nanny did exactly as she said she would, guiding the Princess out of the castle, they were only stopped once and explained exactly as she was told to, soon Xaei met with the outside world, it was a new perspective from her adult eyes, she would have to learn to control her senses. “Here, gold for you. It’s yours, that I took from your room. Make it last and come back in a few weeks.” - “What about my parents?” - “I will explain to them where you have gone, they will be proud, I know it.” Xaei played with the necklace around her neck, remembering the moment her father gave it to her. She nodded. “Okay, thank you.” The dragoness hugged the woman. “Please tell them I love them, and I will miss them. I shall come back soon.” And Xaei was off, now to explore the world a bit.

A human appearance would undoubtedly be the most safest, though her white was quite striking so a cloak with a good would also be advised, and as for some reason her tail wanted to be fussy and not demorph, she was stuck with it for the time being and will have to hide it under the long drape. A visit into the nearest town had been decided, while Relo remained in the cave to keep guard and Xaei could get some food for herself, a particular delight that she was craving. Strawberries. After a brief argument on whether or not she should go, the Dragoness won and with a hop in her step walked through the woods until she was met with a road, not too busy and no one paid her any mind. Xaei still had her money from when she worked at the tavern, the first one. As the second one didn't pay her, Xaei groaned when she recalled how awful that place was. So she set out to find a scriber, who with careful instruction wrote up a letter to Xaei's mother, Anaya and her father Samuel.

To read,
"Dearest mother and father, I am safe and well, happy too. I was made to understand why you did what you did, making me this way and I do not fault you, though it has been a very interesting journey. I have met a very nice man, a dragon also who is taking care of me. I have also been working in taverns. I have my own money now. I won't be gone too much longer, but I want to make sure I am worthy of being your daughter. I love you both so much and I miss you even more, but I understand this is what you meant to happen. I was becoming spoiled in my new life, pampered and that was wrong of me. I must remember where I came from, what I lived through. I will do you both proud and will not return until I do so. I am still in Iron, to the North in the woods, avoiding hunters. Please be well, and do not worry. Your devoted daughter, Xaei."

“Please have it sent to the first guard you see in the castle, they will know who it is for." The scribe looked at her, with a confused expression but when she handed over ten gold, he was suddenly eager and not as dumb as he looked. "Yes my lady." He handed off the sealed letter to one of his boys, who travelled on horseback to deliver it, to the royal castle and he would arrive in two days. Xaei returned to Relo, in their cave and home to await word from her parents.
----3 months later----

Xaei (Iotah)
Xaei sighed softly as she looked around through the forest before her, it had been burnt to the ground along with most of her surroundings, the work of two dragons; one of them being herself. Relo had disappeared, gone for two weeks now. He'd gone hunting after they figured out Xaei was carrying Eggs, both hungry after the easy battle. She had managed to find food for herself in his absence, mostly sheep from a nearby village but suspicion was starting to catch up to her, and she'd even had a few unwelcomed guests these last few days, which she swiftly dealt with using her powerful flames. Xaei was starting to get lonely though, she didn't know what to do in her current situation and she was scared, scared that he wouldn't come back, if he was hurt, or worse... Shaking those thoughts out of her head, she contemplated her options. Stay and wait, continuing to risk her life trying to defend her nest, or go home to her mother and father, who might possibly be angry with her. She'd spend another week trying to decide before picking to return home. It wasn't a long flight back, a day and a half. Xaei would still appear as a dragon, unable to turn back to her human form and stand at the front gate. A guard standing at the entrance slowly approached her. "I want to see my mother and father." With a puzzled expression, it took him a moment to realize who she might be; the missing Princess. "Yes Your Higness." And he went to seek them King and Queen out.

The guard walked up the hall way and then back to the queens study were she had passed out the night before and one could still hear her grumbleing behind the door. He thumped on the door as he could hear things falling over as Anaya surely struggled to get up. There was a crash and a bang and then the muffled words of “yes yes what is it!” from Anaya the guard took a step back from the desk “the lost princess that has been gone sometime has now come home, she is um....large and at the castle gates” The door opened to a very nude Anaya standing there, the guard did not seem affected by there ruler standing there with nothing but skin over her body. The guard gave a smile and gave a bow to his ruler as she nodded her head “has she said anything?” Anaya questioned as she reached back behind the door and grabed a robe to cover up her body “no my lady only to see you and Samuel” Anaya nodded “well Sam is gone for a rather long time he told me he has matters to deal with with Ana, so i allowed him to go figure out what is the matter over there seeing i have gotten no word from her for sometime, he said he is going to handle the missing raven problem.” the guard nodded “alright then this way my lady” he walked foreword as Anaya followed him she could feel unshifted dragon at the doors, poor thing must be a mess... but then there was something else, something that made Anayas body pause in mid step as she took another smell of the air. Her daughter....was Gravid with child Anaya gave a snarl as she gritted her teeth back and forth, the young one was not even in her first hundred years and she was with egg, nothing good would turn from this but she knew her child was going to be scared, broken and back home. She also knew that her child could feel its mothers anger even if the girl was adopted one dragon could sense another
temper flaring and Anayas temper was a neon sign, really hard to miss. But she gave a swallow as she tried to ignore the smell of a gravid female and bit her tongue, this would be a matter to deal with later and a matter she would have to explain to her daughter that she had made a grave mistake in the act of becoming gravid in the first place. She let out a breath as she took another step “are you alright my lady?” the guard questioned as he turned around and looked at her “it is alright, just open the doors and let me see my child” her voice was stern just due to the knot that was now sunk into the pit of her gut.
She walked out the opened doors as she looked up at the face of her child she could not help but make a smile even if in reality she wanted to pin the girl down and rip the egg from her core, but she was not that kind of dragons...anymore. “you came home my child”

Xaei (Iotah)
Xaei waited eagerly for her mother to appear, even going so far as to pace the courtyard when it felt like it was taking so long. The dragon became very still however, standing in front of the gate when she sensed something. Anger, a lot of anger coming from her mother, and she has no doubt it was aimed toward her. Staring down the doorway, the princess waiting for her mother to appear, the naked woman beautiful as always, flawless she was to the young girls pale violent eyes. The dragon lowered her head, showing respect to her mother and the greater dragon, and she appeared obviously nervous and worried toward the woman. Yet, she smiled and started to cry. It felt like a long time since she had seen her, and the young dragon had missed her, if she could shift back she would jump into her arms and wish to never leave them again, but that was a child's mentality. Xaei had to be strong and she sat up straight, sitting on her rear with her long white tail wrapped around her waist, and her majestic wings folded against her back. "I was always going to come home mother, I just... got a little side tracked. Relo and I, we destroyed Terra Vostra. There was a large swarm of vampires there, but we killed them all and claimed it as our ne-... as a home." She was in a hurry to get the words out, anything to take her mother's mind off a fact, that she was sure Anaya already knew, an egg of Relo and Xaei resting and growing in her belly.

Anaya could see the girl could not shift down, curse or something or just she did not know how, stuck in her true body for a while could do a lot of things to ones mind. She let out a breath haveing her in that form was going to paint a giant target on her back around here and there was word there was hunters nestled in town right at this very moment. “you are going to need to shift to a more human figure my child, if you don't the hunters in town will spot you and be at the gate before nightfall looking to hang a new head on there walls. ” as she was told the storys of what the girl had been up to she nodded her heaqd it was a great thing another vampire nest was snuffed out and purged from the lands “vampires are nasty undead, they seem to pop up everywhere, and it is good that they are gone and you cleaned them out, now for making a home with another, a male, were is this male now?” she looked to her little one, she could sense the pain in her heart, that male was long gone and if he was not he would better not show up here of all places, that egg growing inside of her daughter could be the death of the girl, having a egg when to young would badly damage the body and the mind and the child if able to be placed on hot coals to grow would not hatch right it would not be normal it would be a broken child not even strong enough to life in this world. Why would any male do this to a female why even one willing for it would this be placed on some so naive. Her anger could be sensed again but at the same time it is suppressed and she had to keep a cool on it. “were is he did he even walk you here to keep you safe and protected? ” she let out a sigh softly “just shift down so we can talk inside at the table and have a warm meal i am sure you are starving Xaei ”

-the sound of soft clopping could be heard as a very pompous looking man sat on top of a horse that road down the well-built road. As the man looked around a few things would have set people off one, he was severely over dressed for being outside on a horse wearing tails and a top hat as at his side was a small dagger and a whip, while his face seemed a bit off at time whenever a reflection of the water would come by he seemed adverse to crossing by it.
Yet after awhile a thundercrack was heard as his horse reared and bucked him off his top falling onto the ground with his ass being the first thing to hit the cobblestone as he glared at the creature- “Really? That is what we are going to be doing here?” -the horse turned to him after calming down and puffed out what seemed to be a response- “oh I’m overreacting? You just bucked me off you dick!!” -the horse beat its hoof against the ground and let out other sounds as the man scoffed- “hey no need to full name me, you ass…. that’s a bit to apt in this situation. Any who when we get to this place I’m taking you to be made into a nice stew.” -the horse just stared at him blankly and began going down the road again as the man fallowed along seeming to have a full-blown conversation with the horse as they traveled down the road. Some of the onlookers would begin to watch and rumors spread quickly about the odd man who talked out loud to his horse, which for some reason he was calling a mule, up until they made it to the castle gates they argued as the man looked at the guards and then back to his horse- “You see Reginald you have made them awkward… I don’t care that your name is Steve you are called Reginald around me because its more proper than the name of a goblin prostitute!”
-the horse butted his head against the man as the man responded with punching it in the face while still keeping a smile on his face.- “ass aside~” -he would bow to the now very bewildered guards one would assume.- “Good day to you both, I am Sieg Hadrun Andrew Madver Edmund Dale Indigo Therion Solomen The Quick, at your service to be of help to not only yourselves but also this wonderful, and albeit dank and dirty, land that you have so graciously allowed me to travel in” -he said parts of this under his breath as he kept a con artist smile the entire time, Sieg was about six foot four with pasty white skin, his tail coat was a bit dirty now but none the more fancy as it also seemed ta tad tight on the man as his eyes were kept t

Xaei (Iotah)11/01/2018
"I have tried to mother, but I do not know how." Xaei felt a little light headed so she laid down on the ground, her snout resting just in front of her mother and she would reach her head to nuzzle her gently. "I am tired mother... Could I please go to sleep?" The dragon muttered softly. "I think he is in trouble mother... He protected me... got hurt really bad because of me, the everything was going perfectly, he was fine and well. Then suddenly... He disappeared. Relo had gone to get us food, that was four days ago. I am worried about him mother... Will you help me find him?" Xaei frowned when she sensed her mother's anger again and she clenched her jaw shut. "I came on my own, I did not know what else to do." The dragon sat up straight and she tucked her wings into her back, tail wrapped around her waist. "I will try mother..." Closing her eyes, Xaei raised her head to the sky and took a deep breath, concentrating as hard as she could. After a short while, her body did start to shift, shrinking first yet slowly but surely, she started to look more human, however because she had spent so long in her true form, Xaei had white scales, so areas larger than others, dotted all over her body. This was the first time Xaei' mother saw her as an adult, and she would appear before her with a very pale, almost glowing skin, long white hair that almost touched the ground, and big pale violet eyes that looked to her mother. Naked though she was, her slimy yet curvy figured showed off an obvious bump, the egg growing inside her belly.

Anaya gave a light sigh seeing that bump but she calmed her anger and wrapped her arms around her daughters body embracing her “what a mess you have gotten yourself into young one, the child within you grows, you will not be able to hold a humanoid form for long, it is going to force you back to your true self so you can birth the egg as it will rip you in half if you struggle in a humanoid body. You are to young for a child your body may want it but your mind does not know how to rise or grow it within you. It will hatch tainted with sickness or worse be dead in the shell, it may even take you with it if it is not dwelt with” she eoftly ran her claws in her daughters hair to calm her as she knew the words she was saying would be hard on the ears “lets get you inside and we can go over things, i rather not have the hunter trupe seeing you and ending up on my door step again depending they see a dragon to kill it” she knew they would come back up here after seeing the dragon up here wanting to find it to kill it, but that was a later problem to worry about “we need to get you washed, cleaned and fed the male you were with is more then likely fled or died due to his wounds and if not he will be able to track his child here to find it males have a strong sense of smell for there own seed, in most cases it is to kill the child themselves before it comes of age but lets hope your male is not the foolish kind and he lets you be” her arms moved so just one arm was around Xais shoulder like a wing sheltering and warming her under it. “we can talk more after your bath” she with the girl moved into the castle as the guards shut the door behind them “maids run a warm bath in the bath house and place the rose oil in it, it will help with her skin” a couple maids haulted and in unison “yes my lady” they said and rushed all off towards the bath house to get things ready. “hmmm not bad they did things right this morning” anaya said softly with a chuckle.

The guards men at the city gates looked dumb founded at the foolish mornon talking to a horse “are you the meat driver from Ispish we got word was coming today or ta morra” the guard had a very southerners voice as the other would not not help but laugh at all that was going on around him. That guard had a glaze in his eyes and he seemed to be looking off into space a lot like he was not even there. They did not look like overly good gates guards at all but they were doing there job kinda. “who be you and why be us letten you into this city of Iron and dragons fire and all dat shit that goes on here, you no murchent we not gonna let in more hunters got yelled at that already ya” the one that had some sense said softly as he eye balled the house with a almost hungry look in his blue hues.

Two weeks prior to Xaei returning to her home, Relo left Terra Vostra in search of food for his mate and himself. He had gone north in search of deer or cattle. What he found were goats and lots of them. He flew about over head breathing lightly on his bleating prey. Many fell where the stood as they were sapped of breathable air. It took some time to round up a good number knowing Xaei would be eating for two or more. Wrapping the fresh kills in his claws, he started taking off beating his wings as he slowly rose from the ground. As his head began to lift above the clouds a large shadow crossed over him a loud roar emitting from above as he twisted in the air the last thing he saw was black scales twisted and frayed on their owner. His vision cut short as he was hit with a wave of nausea and blacked out from a blow to his head. A groaning filled the silver’s mouth as he awoke in darkness. He raised his claw to his head feeling the world spinning and a headache from where he was struck. It was then he noticed the weight. He was chained down and heavily at that. The chains weighed him down shackles wrapped around each of his limbs and his neck. He tried shifting to escape but he found that when he did the shackles shrank with him. He started pulling and shaking at them but found them to be sturdy and bolted down tightly to the cavern floor.
He let out a cry of desperation as he pulled at the chains and as if on cue a clunking noise and the sound of a lock being turned filled the air and light bathed in illuminating Relo’s naked body. “Ah I see my boy is finally awake.” Relo’s eyes widened as he remembered that viperous and twisted female voice. His eyes adjusting to the light he saw her standing in the doorway as individuals in robes stepped through and walked around him “What is wrong my dear relo. You look like you had a nightmare” The woman started to laugh raising a hand to her twisted upturned lips. Misshapen horns donned her head like a cowl bending up and then down behind the woman's ears ending in several spikes past her face. SHe slowly stepped forward and leaned in to look her son in the eye and smiled widely showing nothing but twisted corrupted dagger like teeth. “You managed to escape me once my son but not again, now you are home little one. Your blood will bring our god to this world…It is an honor to be a sacrifice to his glory” Relo spit at her and growled trying to reach out and grab and claw at the woman “Twisted bitch….You are not a dragon…....nor are you my mother don’t dare call me your son….THERE are no gods that accepts me as an offering…...Your god is fake...”
The woman reacted swiftly at his words and slapped him across the face dragging her claws against his skin causing it to tear and bleed. Immediately the cultist monks ran up and placed a bowl against the males cheek underneath the wound the blood pooling to the bottom of the filthy blood stained basin “Watch your filthy tongue little boy or I will have them bleed you completely.” Relo’s eyes narrowed and he stood there slumped against the wall. He let out a hiss and a growl as one of the other robed monks cut his flesh with a twisted dagger and placed another basin under the wound. The woman just watched for a time with her evil smile before walking to the entrance of the cell. “Do try to get comfortable again little one. You won’t be leaving anytime soon.” With a laugh the woman left and the robed figures followed suit. The door clanked shut the lock eching as it fell back into place. Relo, clenched his teeth and started pulling at the chains that bound him attempting to in futility to break free. When he grew tired shifting back and forth between human and dragon forms he collapsed and let out a sigh of defeat. He turned his head towards the ceiling and sighed again “Xaei...I hope you are safe…”
((will post more soon.))

Cunt Uncle the Third11/05/2018
-Sieg looked around seeming to not understand the guard as he pointed to himself- “me? Expected? By the gods it’s a miracle.... you think the ass is a meat driver!!! How novel!!!!” -he claps his hands in joy as he looks at the horse and scoffs- “screw you you too and the horse you rode in on” - the horse tosses its mane and trots off- “YES I RODE YOU IN YOU FAILED OFFSPRING OF A BADGER AND DONKEY!!!! “ he scoffed and straightened his hair under his hat as he looked to the guards once more clearing his throat- “ I my good men am Sir Oliver Quimbleton the master baiter of roosters for all my time here in the.....” -he looks up at the sky and as he does notices a nude woman out in the open with his sharp eyesight- “before I continue, is there some liberal revolution of cloths that I am not aware of? Not that I’m opposed just need to know if I should strip or not at this point in time”
-he says as he slowly begins to unbutton his fancy shirt and over jacket as the horse seems to make a noise of disgust- “hey I don’t make the rules here if they want to see my.... interesting body they are more than welcome to view the product before trying it out, i wish i had done the same with you pathist! All that rubbish about the great dragon making you a noble steed didn’t work out well for you now did it? No you are still pack mule through and through” -a response from the horse- “now look here Steve, you know damn well i bought you from prostitution with that ogre and this is how you thank me for my sacrifice?” -he says as he removes his shirt and starts going for his pants his chest a horrible shade of pale and white with a purple hue- “Now than you will sit there…stand there while I make my self presentable for this lands laws of clothing.” -he looks at the two guards- “speaking of which why are you two not stripping like that lass over yonder we should all be showing our stuff if we have it!!!” -he says as he continues to try and take off his cloths.-
-Switch to a scene below the ground as a group of 14 small men were digging through the dirt and hard rock deep below the ground a rhythmic sound being hummed through their pickaxes and their mouths as it seemed they were getting ready for a song. Silently and slowly the men moved forward with one in the front seeming to lead whilst the others fallowed clearing out debris and eating said rock as it went by. Yet one in the back was holding a tankard of booze seeming to direct the others as the front man began to speak- “
“Oi be gettin’ a move on it right’o!! we be needin to reach the hidden place the blacksmith told us bout here in a bit least we be lost in this realm forever.” -the other men cheered save the one in the very back who simply took another swig of his tankard seemed to direct the men in an odd direction, one in which lead them towards underneath the castle of the Iron Dynasty but more importantly to a place that only few had been allowed entry to. The man in front was a dwarf, along with his brothers and the guide one could see the men as dwarves who were digging through the ground seeming to be lost to this strange world if not for the dwarf who was guiding them.- “Oi!!! Varyr” -cried the leading dwarf- “We be going the right way aye? None of this routin round for squirrel dropping again aye?” -the dwarf said as the one in back, known now as Varyr shook his head- “Nay once we be reachin the place I have told you about we will get back what we need to open the portal for sure. Don’t be such a worry wort Glorvikin, everything will be fine so long as we get back the mask and the sword” -the man said with a hidden grin in the dark as it seemed he wore a muffler of sorts while the others were fine in the very air deprived underground tunnel. The one called Glorvikin nodded his head- “well than… no time to waste!!! BROTHERS OF THE MINE REJOICE!!!” -as he starts the song the others begin to sing in tandem seemed to pick up the pace and fallow a more rhythmic patter of Glorvikin’s voice- {SWING, SWING, SWING WITH ME!!} “RAISE YOUR PICK AND RAISE YOUR VOICE!!” {SING, SING, SING WITH ME!!} “DOWN AND DOWN INTO THE DEEP WHO KNOWS WHAT WE’LL FIND BENEATH? MASK’S, SWORDS, AND MAYBE WHORES!!!” -everyone keeps singing despite knowing it may be heard but it kept people in a good mood as they continued. To sing and swing along-

Xaei (Iotah)11/05/2018
The young dragoness hugged her mother tightly, it felt like so long since she held her, how long had it actually been? More than a month perhaps. It was easy to lose track of time in the woods. Anaya's words scared her, and it was very obvious as she started to shake in her mother's embrace. All this time she had held back her tears, but now they flowed freely and she clung tighter to her mother. "I-I'm sorry... I did not know what I was doing at first, I did not know what was happening. He helped me, took care of me. He even fought off hunters for me." She calmed some at her mother's gentle touch and sighed softly. "Why do the hunters come for us mother? Do they not know you are a dragon? Can you not kill them all? Dragons should be feared, not hunted." Xaei said while walking inside with Anaya. "He would never harm the child mother, he would have already killed me if he did. He is not like that, though..." The young dragon smiled softly at her mother's comment on the work of the maids, she wasn't wrong either. They have showed themselves to be useless on so many occasions, maybe that was why they did not last long. Xaei thought back to the woman she had eaten not too long ago, 'that is what you get for not feeding a hungry dragon' she thought to herself. "Thank you, mother... For allowing me to come back. I will go for a bath now, and meet you in the dinning hall when I am done? I do not know what I am doing, I really could use your wisdom right now..." She smiled softly, yet felt guilty for bringing this on her mother, feeling the egg inside her, it weighed down on her human form. The young woman, at least in body, bowed to her mother and left her, walking naked through the castle yet paid no mind to the eyes that watched her. A long bath was much needed, hot too. Very hot. Xaei soaked for a good hour.

Anaya wrapped her arms around her quivering child, the girls words made the dragon empress take a sigh. The doors behind them closed with a thump and they walked into the centre hall Anaya's arm over her naked youngelings little body. “hunters enjoy a challenge, and even more so enjoy a large head to mount on there wall. Most target the young and arrogant, the dragon that will charge head first into a trap without thinking. Others will target the Innocent like yourself, picking on the ones that do not know the struggles or dangers of the world, to lure them into security when really it was all a lie to get them to put there guard down. We have gotten our share of hunters here to looking for my head to place it up on the walls with others, but most are not that foolish to come here in search of one of golden scales like myself. I am known far and wide all over the world to be a golden dragon, hunters from the south, north east and west have come to try to get me to fight them. But so far none have managed to even dent my hide, but that is not saying one day there wont come a great hunter
able to do some damage. But hunters would much rather pick off my children or other dragons that take hold here then take me on” she paused in the enter hall as a maid was holding the bath house door open for the princess to come take her bath “i am sure that your bath is ran by now, nice and hot like it should be, we will talk about males and what you are going to need to do with the egg within you in the dinning hall, there will be much to go over and you can tell me more about this male that bedded you and how it all came to be” she gave a smile watching the girl trot off to her bath as she turned and headed to the dinning hall, the door to the hall cracking open as she paused, she ould feel something as she wiggled her toes on the floor “something digs under this castle” she could not help but smile as she could feel voices whispering up into the earth, like vibrations she could not hear them but she could feel them in her feet, like a snake could feel a mouse with its belly she could feel whatever was down there. “guards” she called out softly as one ran forward to meet her “yes my lady whats the matter?” “go into the dungeon and there is a large blue button like gem on the wall, push it hard with your hand make sure you hold your hand to it firmly till the gem goes black” the guard nodded, the best way a guard could be, ask no questions and just do as told.
He walked down to the basement and as he was informed there it was a large blue gem he had seen time and time again, they never had threats under the castle and really he had no idea about what it even did, first time for everything he said softly as he did as told, he took his hand, pressed it onto the gem and firmly pushed holding the gem there. All of a sudden he felt a pinch in his palm, the gem had started to turn black and he had started to...turn grey his skin was fading his life was being pulled, he started to die there as the gem finished sucking everything from him and turned fully black. Around the wall ruins started to form. A magical wall formed in a dome around the castles underground hold, spiders screamed and hissed as some touched the barrier that seemed to take there life form them upon contact. Others learned to stay away from the glowing blue wall that went in a dome around the hold protecting it. (level 6 necromantic spell, unholy barrier, makes a barrier of life drain around a target location)
At the castle gates the guards man was watching that odd fellow taking off his garments “ there is not anything in our land that you must take your garments off, please leave them on and go inside then, the queen is at the castle if you wish to see her to have words please just,,,just go and leave us be to work” he seemed to be getting annoyed by the mans antics and really did not care if the man was a danger or not he was annoying and that needed to leave. “and take ye horse to it can go in the stable to the side of the castle do not have it walk inside with you please” the guard opened the gates behind him as he took a step to the side allowing the man passage inside the castle walls. “oh and watchful of drag.....just have a nice day ya hear” he would have warned him of dragons but hey if that guy died he would be fine with it and still sleep like a baby at night. As the man would walk inside with his horse the guard would shut the gate loudly and abruptly behind him leaving the man with no room to get a word in edgewise back to him, silence was blissful and the guards were haveing enough of what ever, who ever that guy was.



Xaei (Iotah)11/08/2018
While in the bath, Xaei thought long and hard about what she might say to her mother, there was plenty to tell, plenty to explain. Yet, there weren't many options about what to do with this, the dragon thought while rubbing her belly. Xaei still didn't entirely know what to think about the situation. In her young age she could not comprehend it, or know what it meant. She thought back to her own egg, something of immense value sat in the family vault, in a small satchel. The only thing she owned when Xaei first came to the castle. Her up bringing was not the best, but she made better for herself and with this, this body she tried to earn her place, only to be more of a burden on her mother, and where was Relo. Mother might kill him, or worse keep her from ever seeing him again. Xaei sighed heavily and laid back into the bath, "this sucks." The dragon muttered and let her head be submerged in the water. How hard could it be to rid yourself of something you do not understand, cannot comprehend, yet... if this was all she had left of Relo, should she not hold onto it? Would that be so wrong? Why did being an adult have to be so difficult... -c-
A time went by, after a long and hot soak in the bath. The outdoors had been washed off her body and she was warm again. The maid had brought her fresh clothes, a long white dress of royal quality, that would fit her new body perfectly, and even fitted comfortably around her somewhat round belly. The egg was growing quickly and it would not be long before Xaei had to shift back again, so the most had to be made out of what time remained. The walk to the dinning hall was a short one, though a bit uncomfortable, and she quietly sat down at the table where plenty of food was laid out, all sorts of meats and veg, savoury and sweet. Xaei was hungrier than expected and immediately dug in, not waiting for her mother, and most of it would be gone before she appeared.

Anaya was not far she watched from just over the way as she grabbed her dish of pearls some meat and some ofher scraps of things here and there, oddly enough she was not hungry to much to think on to think about food. What would she do with the girls egg, she was to younge to care for a hatchling and that was saying it made it to term at all. She let out a sigh it was horrible to think on telling the girl she would have to give up the child or worse Anaya purge it from the girls body, it was a horrible opthion buf it was one that should be considered all the same. If the girl did keep the child and it came out of the egg it would be a damaged youngster due to the fact the girl was not mentally old enough to even know what she needed to grow it. But if it came out she would not know how to raise a child let alone a child as much of a struggle as a dragon. She let out another sign and walked over to the table and sat down beside her daughter "so tell me about this Male you found out in the wilds he must be something to have gotten you to lift your tail for him" she gave a chuckle as she took a hunk meat with her claw and popped it in her mouth.

Xaei (Iotah)11/08/2018
With a mouthful of what she assumed to be Goat, Xaei looked up at her mother and blinked softly, not understanding what she meant by, 'lift your tail', but blushed a hard red when the realisation hit her shortly after. The dragon chew on her food then swallowed before answering. "Umm... his name is Relo. He has scales like mine but his were shiny and damaged. He was pretty hurt when I first met him... He tried to scare me away but I was worried about him. Could have killed me but he didn't. He said sorry for getting so mad at me, then we were friends. There were hunters on our tail for a while, so we hid in this cave with a beautiful lagoon. But they found us again so we went to Vostra. Loads of vamps there. Loads. So we killed them all. He used this ability that froze and suffocated them all, took the very air. The place was in flames and I used my ice to keep them from running away. No one survived. We ruined the passages beneath the ground, it was home for a while, but then he disappeared. He told me about his mother, how cruel she was to him. Maybe she did something to him?" Xaei had rambled on long enough, to feel hunger again so she returned to eating.

Anaya thought on what the girl said his breath weapon was that of a silver scale and be it a good father to have for the younge she did not want it around. He had made bed with a youngling not even in her hundredth moon how shameful to his scale. She shock her head softly "whatever happened to him you are here now. He did something wrong in our ways. My child you see when a dragon has an egg before its hundredth moon the egg comes out...broken mishaped or bent. The child within is most of the time already dead or badly deformed. If he was also younge he whould not have known this but if he is older he should have. The child within you is going to hatch dead to the air or it will hatch deformed and by myrical it comes out well you will have to raise it for its first hundred years." She looked to her daughter "do you believe you can do that. On your own"(edited)

Xaei (Iotah)11/08/2018
"I know mother, but he didn't know. I didn't tell him. I didn't know how to. He thought me to be much older, and honestly I do not even know what I am anymore... I do not understand what happened. The nanny said that you were mad at me so I was afraid of coming back. I don't understand any of this, but that is the problem. I cannot even begin to comprehend what it is you did to me, what that thing you fed to me did. I was scared, I ran and I found Relo. I was not scared anymore. He makes me feel whole, like... when I think of him I can feel his touch on my skin, my heart pounds in my chest, my flesh feels warm. Like, I have been missing him my whole life. And when I sleep and I dream, I see him there too. I feel like I have known him for many lives lived, as if I was meant to find him in this life too. I cannot comprehend anything, but I can comprehend that. It's the only thing I feel certain of. But I don't understand why. I don't know anything about this, I don't know what to expect. I was stupid, careless, yet it felt like it should happen." Xaei stared down at the plate of food in front of her, a stern look on her face, with certainty in her words. "This world is not a nice place, mother. I know that. If I have to, I won't carry this egg anymore... I do not want it to suffer for my selfishness. And I am in no mind to raise it..."

"If it it ment to be and you will have another child when you are old enough to understand how to care for it. When you are old enough to now have a damaged or still child. If you and this make are ment to be he will find you no matter how far away you are. The only thing that will be able to keep him from you is death. I was never mad at you I never chould be you are my daughter even if our scales are not the same you are still my young I love you more then I do my own breath, I only ever want what is best for you. The seed you took made your body grow but it did not grow your mind. Being a hatchling is a time that is hard it is safer to be an adult even if just in body. Due to that maid i was never able to teach you to be an adult teach you danger in the world teach you about males and mates and traditions.but now that maid is gone forever and we can start over. When you are ready to have the egg within you purged let me know and it shall be done I will make it as painless as i can"

Xaei (Iotah)11/08/2018
"Then I need to work on growing my mind. I had hoped my experience out in the world would help, but I guess not..." Xaei blinked softly. "The nanny is gone? Gone where? What did she do?" She wasn't sure that she wanted to know, knowing her mother. But, she did ask, and it wasn't that long ago that she attacked and killed a maid, just for being hungry. Xaei shrugged her shoulders. "I know he'll come for me mother, I know he is out there somewhere. While I wait for him to come back I'll learn everything." The dragon smiled to herself, and finished the last steak. "Let us do it now, so I do not have time to second guess it. This is for the best, I know that. I hope Relo won't be mad, but I think he will understand. And there is always our future."

"He will understan and respect this choice I will be better for you him and the hatchling. " she moved grabbing the green claw bowl and pushed It across the table "take one of my Pearl's. Put It in your mouth and bite down to crack it let it roll around in your mouth till your mouth is numb then swallow and relax. It will numb the pain in your whole body and take your mind to another place you wont even be here anymore it will be very nice for you and one wont kick up any addiction habits in you" (Pearl's in the lands of valaria ar basicly dragon acid it is a drug of old elders to numb the struggles of life and force VIVID trip dreams. Anaya uses it to see her dead true mate and her dead family members but whatever your trip will be is up to you. And there is no bad trips it is always calming smooth and really nice, picture weed and acid rolled into one drug like a downer numb mixed with crazy trips. Taking one dose one time will not cause addiction taking another one later will cause sever dependance) she wanted and watched and moved her hand to remove the other three in the bowl leaveing only one there for the girl to take all four were ment for anaya but she would have them later she needed a clear mind to do the purging magic she would need to do.

Xaei (Iotah)11/09/2018
Xaei nodded her head softly, smiling to her mother. "That sounds nicer than the seed you gave me." She laughed a little and picked up the smallest pearl amongst them. They We're pretty things, shiny too. If the taste did not attract a dragon, the look of it surely would. A beautiful jewel for a beautiful creature. Xaei threw it in her mouth and caught it in her teeth, putting it in her tongue before munching through it quickly. The effects didn't take long to hit her, being her first time. A light headed feeling came first, the harder it got the more her body swayed, until she was off the bench and on the floor. Her eyes fluttered and she was off, hands reached out. "Relo..." The young princess muttered, and called out again but louder. - As soon as she was in the state of euphoria, Xaei came face to face with Relo. He looked hurt, badly hurt with chains all around him, dark figures surrounding him, faces she couldn't see. 'Don't dare call me your son' was the first thing she heard, his mother. His mother has him. Xaei raised a hand gently to Relo's cheek, though the feel of him would be faint. "I am safe my love. You must fight, and be free. I will get help. Just tell me where you are." She spoke to him, already under the assumption that the figures could not see her. She felt a pain, grabbing at her stomach. "No, I have to stay with him! Let me stay with him!" (Xaei can do stuff, I forgot what it's called... but it's on my bio x.x)

Anaya watched as her little one took the pearl and went under the affects of it, yes giveing your about five year old child drugs was on the days todo list but at the same time it was all they had for a pain sedative that affected dragons. The girl had fallen to the floor and Anaya saw as her eyes rolled back. It was that time now she thought to herself as she got up and picked up her daughter holding her wedding style in her arms. Anaya moved and made her way over to the medical wing of the castle down a long hall way to the back there were nurses in white gowns and some male figures for the more heavy lifting surely. “my lady we don't see you here often is there something of need is the girl sick?” one maid asked concerned “no she is not sick, she is with egg and the egg needs to be removed” the maid went dead silent and just took a step back, killing an Innocent life was far from her cup of tea but at the same time she did not know how that was even done in dragons Anaya walked to the back of the room to find a bed out of the way a bed away from others as she placed the triped out little one onto it softly. Anaya let out a sigh as she took her hands and used the straps on the bed to tie the girl down, she would not feel a thing seeing she was not even in her own mind set anymore but her body would react surely. But it needed a mind to shift so at lest that violent reaction would not be one that would happen.
After the girl was tied down Anaya took a claw and started running the girls garments down, shredding them clean from her body and having them fall to the floor, she could see the large mound that was the girls body, the egg within it, at least with dragons it was easy to just remove things and stitch them back up and the girl was not strong enough to harm Anaya with a hit or a slash and even if she did Anaya could heal it with little to no effort. So she took a claw and cut it into her daughters belly blood voering Anaya's hand as her claw started to grow hotter and hotter burning the wound as she cut it to try to minimize blood flow. Xais body struggled and she kicked a little but soon the kicking went down and the struggling went down as the body gave into shock. Anaya reached a hand into the girl as she grabbed the hard egg shell and pulled it out, there was no cords nothing to cut just one egg to remove and place in a bucket that was beside the bed. The egg hit the metal pan with a clunk and a crack as black glop epped out the side, the egg smelled rancid, rotten, it would have never hatched into something worth keeping. Anaya moved to take her claws and grabbed a thin metal needle and
strong string from a small table across the little room, she started work on burning the wounds closed and stitching up the gaping hole. The whole thing took about half an hour the longest part being the stitching at the end and the containerizing. This would leave a nice scar in the end as Anaya was far from any super clean doctor, if anything she was a battle ground doctor at best, but once everything was healed it would not matter. At the end of it all once all was stitched and the wound was closed Anaya rested her hands on the girls belly “i grant heal wound” she said softly as the stitching faded and the skin mended its self back together, the stitching was only there to get it most of the way then healing would just make it all better leaveing only the scar, some stretched skin that would go back in a couple days and a good sting and painful after taste.
The princess would be peeing blood and vomiting for a couple days after this surly as her body would have to figure out why the egg was no longer there, cramping, and body spasms were normal and it would last a good week or so, much rest would be needed and nothing overly stressful. Anaya let out a sigh as she let her daughter rest on the table. “when she comes to give her water and something light to eat, some bread would work well just to get that blood taste from her mouth that surely be there, tell her her child was already dead in the egg, i will handle the rest” Anaya knew it was not dead, she could hear the heart beat faint but there inside that egg shell. She leaned down picked up the egg and walked out a side door to another room and then outside into the back garden. She kept walking out into the woods to the dead body pile that had guards, a dog or two a large cat and some old armour and a old crown. She took her claws and broke the egg open, faint murring left the shell as a deformed head cracked out of the one side. It was missing an eye, half its jaw and the skin on the side of its face was malformed and pinched together. It tumbled from the egg, it had a second head a arm coming out of its back and only one wing that did not even have any skin, it was just bone, it was a abomination even if it was only half formed whatever this was, it was no dragon worth living, it gave a gargled failed cry as Anaya took her foot and pushed into its neck, its bones soft it took no effort at all
to take the life from whatever it was. She tossed the egg and the deformed spawn into the pile “guard, burn this pile tonight, it is getting to large anyway” the guard on post that saw everything nodded his head saying not a word as he watched her clean the blood from her hands onto her dress. She was already covered in her own daughters blood it looked like she had killed someone....well, she had but killing the child did not affect her, it needed to be done she would lose no sleep over it. She walked back into the castle and moved to walk to one of the side wardrobes to find some garments. “at least it is over now, the girl will come to be able to get up and get herself clean and go on with her life, she has much to learn still” she grabed a silver dress with blue gems that hung from it and put it on a side table, she would have to have a bath before putting anything on as she was dirty and blood covered on and under her own garments.
So she carefully picked up the gown and made her way to her own privet bath house chamber to have a bath in her specific blessed water so she could clean and be ready for the rest of the day.

Xaei (Iotah)11/10/2018
Xaei woke up choking on blood, and threw herself off the side of the bed, landing with a soft thud as she proceeded to puke up what was left. A nurse hurried over, rubbing her back. "That's right Princess, get it all out." She cried from the pain, but was helped back up into bed, grabbing at her stomach she felt the scar. That same nurse left the young girls side, and brought her water and bread, just as the Empress told her to, but the dragoness denied the offer, however would drink some water. "Where... Where is my mother?" - "She's gone your Highness, a while ago. The Empress had to deal with the egg, disposed of it." Xaei didn't say anything about that, couldn't and laid back, she cringed and cried out again as her muscles in her belly started to spasm, and it made her throw up again, this time the Nurse had put a bucket at the side of her bed. A while later, she was able to relax again, and laid back in the bed once more. The young girl had exhausted herself and fell asleep near immediately.

A couple hours passed, she had gotten a nice bath taken a pearl and was relaxed and had her fix for the day. But there was still things to do and people to greet. Anaya walked out into the main hall the silver dress made mostly of clear silk and silver chains adorned with blue gem stones clung to her body and hips lightly clinking as she walked. In the main hall stood a man that had a large cart filled with god knows what, but it smelled of grains and breads “selling things for da castle my lady would you like some breads, will do good for the winter” Anaya waved her hand to shoo the man away as the guards abruptly hauled him off back out the door “we have a dealer for grained already who is doing our whole stock for winter, try setting up a booth in town, talk to the inn they will tell you the crowns tax for setting up shop” the man was already hauled away as she moved and sat in her throne, as soon as her backside hit the pillow she was up again, it was good to check on her daughter. She walked out back to the medical wing to see her little one resting. “how is she doing” Anaya asked one of the nurses with the large wooden board with the file on it. “she is resting well has slept soundly for the past bit, she should be waking soon, there are some medications to make her sleep and rest more if needed but she is healing well tanks to your healing my lady, she did not eat the food so she still
must eat but she did drink water and will be fine i am sure, she has pain but that is expected and will fade with time depending how strong she is” Anaya nodded to the nurses words and moved a chair over to sit on it and run her fingers into her daughters hair. “she is strong this one” she said softly as the nurse piped in “oh Lady Anaya she has asked about the....egg” Anaya let out a sigh softly “it has been handled, it was a still born child, dead to the air, and has been disposed off same with the egg and everything else” “but i know it was not.....alright my lady, it is good it was disposed off as it surely was a still born child” the nurse nodded her head looked to the floor and walked out as Anaya's red eyes looked back to her daughter there resting peacefully.

Xaei (Iotah)Last Saturday at 3:59 PM
From her bed, Xaei inquired about her father from one of the maids, as she had neither seen nor heard him and she wondered if he knew she was home. 'Unlikely' the woman told her and it saddened the young dragon. She requested that the maid bring her a piece of paper and quill at once. When the maid returned, Xaei had her write a letter to her father, words instructed by her and ordered it be sent to him immediately, after having been told that he was spending time in her elder sister's kingdom.

Hi father, I have arrived home again, after spending some time away. I really miss you and I hope you'll come back soon, I trust all is going well where you are, and Ana's kingdom is running nicely. Please send her my love. Noki left with you too? I am surprised she did not stay back with mother, send her my love too. I miss you all terribly and hope to see you again soon. Mother says I have a lot of training ahead of me, I also met someone. I think you would like him father. He's taken great care of me, but now he is missing... It angered mother, but I think you would understand. I still have the necklace you gave me, and I am reminded of you every time I look at it. Your daughter, Xaei.

It was sent by raven to Stovania.

AnayaLast Monday at 3:25 PM
Anaya Walked around the seemingly empty Main hall there were maids and things all over the place but there was just her for royal family, Noki and Sam were out over on the other side of the world, her guards were at there posts and her daughter in the medical wing healing up. She let out a sigh and had no idea what to even do with herself, for a moment this felt like the end of everything, a emptyness “you know Anaya, it feels so hollow in here” a voice whispered to her as she nodded “ya you are kinda right My black dragon, it is hollow in here, would be better if you were here, talked to Jeff lately?” “no my love he is sleeping in his chamber i have not seen him” she nodded agein “i will cheak on him later, thank you” but no one was there.....she was....talking to herself there in the main hall with no one in ear shot. Anaya moved and sat down at her throne and looked out across the empty room pondering on what to do “Maid” she called out as no one came, she let out a sigh and slumped into her throne her snow white hair falling in her red eyes as she looked over the vast room red and gold all over the walls of her home. “what is home when you are not really here Drax, what is home when i don't have you here with me, when you are not even real” “but i am real, remember, i held you all night last night, i am
real you see me” she looked up and smiled softly, he was there, he was a little clear but part of him was there with her “i guess you are real” she looked back out to the room "i wonder when the little one will be up and ready to walk, her healing sould almost be over" that maid ran over to anaya siting in the throne "oh i am sorry miss did not hear you right away what did you need and....who are you talking to" she asked questioning the ruler "oh i am talking to no one, just get me my mint tea and some of the mornings meal i dont care what is on my plate as long a it is food, and pearls please, i wish my clay dish with four pearls this morning" the maid gave a questioning look at Anaya as she could have sworn the ruler was talking to someone. then the maid nodded and rushed off to get what was requested.

Xaei (Iotah)Last Monday at 4:00 PM
Xaei had recovered enough to where she could sit up out of bed, and eventually was walking around the room a little while a maid watched over. The dragoness ate, a lot and drank plenty of water, she had a bath and was presented with a new and clean gown that was made, to fit her figure perfectly and in the royal colours of red and gold, with a small and simple gold circlet upon her head. It had been a while since she saw her mother, and though she was not at full recovery she wanted to leave the medieval wing, she had grown bored of it and it was smelling like death. It was a decent walk to the throne room and the same maid that helped dress her, kept her company and she'd find her mother eating an assortment of food, as well as some pearls as was the usual. Xaei smiled as she watched her mother, yet frowned when she noticed the absence of her father. She didn't like it when he went away, but understood that it could not be helped at times. Her parents didn't often see eye to eye, but they needed each other and that meant something at least, or she hoped. "Hi mother." The dragon was still smiling when she spoke, and would take one of the smaller seats in front of the throne. She sighed with relief to be off her feet.

DesdemonaZankokuYesterday at 12:49 AM
Desdemona pulled the hood of her robes over her head tighter as she passed by those on the street. Simple peasant robes by the look of them, they covered her head to toe, her tail wrapped around her waist, blending in perfectly to look like a belt. Her feet were bare, giving the hint of gold ankle bracelets from time to time as she walked. Having heard of the Iron Dynasty, her interest had flown out of control, leading her to the streets of the village beyond the River Snakes. Hearing the hustle and bustle around her, she couldn't help but grin at the different conversations that seems to go on all at once, amazed that anyone could keep up with one another. Her golden eyes darted from place to place, finding the set up of the town much different from those she had previously visited in her travels. It seemed so tightly packed in areas, yet open in what she could only surmise as the Town Square. Looking up past a few buildings, her eyes fixated on the Iron Castle above, staring a moment in wonder. Continuing towards the castle, her gaze fell upon a few guards that seemed to be paroling the area. Making sure to remain out of their immediate line of sight, she slipped away into an ally and waited. Something told her that someone fully clothed in a robe that did not bear any resemblance to the religious or royal workings of the Dynasty would seem a bit suspicious, and the last thing she wanted was to draw unwanted attention. "At least.." she whispered to herself, "..for now." Hearing the guards voices getting closer to her location, she closed her eyes, body fading away from sight. When she opened her eyes, she peaked out of the ally with a smile, having shifted through the shadows several blocks ahead of the guards. Returning to the busy crowd, she mixed in with them once more, continuing her journey towards the castle courtyard.

AnayaYesterday at 1:10 AM
Anaya turned her head up to see her daughter there she was a little surprised to see her up and about but a long as the girl could do it on her own power it would be safe and if worse came to worse it was not like he could not heal the girl all over again. And get her back up an moving “how are you feeling my little one, did the healing work alright?” she asked in a soft tone as she moved her plate pushing half of the food to one side and taking her little pearl dish off to the side o she could dig into it later when she was more alone. “please eat, i do hope you rested well and your mind did not flutter to much wall you were under the influence” Anaya's red eyes looked over her daughters shoulder for a second like they were looking at something, something that made her smile a little and then look back to her daughter waiting for her daughters responce to what she had asked.
In town there was a lot going on, it was mid day and the town was packed with people, merchants selling there stock and the guards doing there rounds. In the back ally there was a old lady a old lady with one eye siting at the side of a large wall. She looked up spotting a woman in a robe with no markings on it. Her jagged toothed mouth misshapen and deformed one tooth jutting right out from her lower lip, she almost looked more rat then woman just with no fur and crunched in face. “you, you not part of the castle guard missy you are cute, want to hear a story, real story like mother used to tell about days of long old ya be missing out on cus of your youth.” her voice was all raspy, like the broken old woman she was, a old woman siting on a hunk of board with nothing on her feet and the only thing on her frail old body being a blanket and a old leather coat with some fur around the trim. Surely she was cold, the days around here were hot, so how sometimes it could leave a person dead on the stone walk but the nights they were so cold it would chill a grown man down to the bone, how was this woman even alive, how was she even facing this with what seemed to be almost a smile on her face...or was that just how her teeth were shaped it was a tad hard to tell. The woman looked up at the girl a grey hued eye peeking out from a black wet mess of hair that slicked down her face like the greease and grit were the only thing holding her together. “come on, sit with me here on the ground it is not bad we can talk together about times when i was your age, i gots much to share with ya wee thing you. ”

DesdemonaZankokuYesterday at 1:43 AM
Hearing the raspy voice of the woman, Desdemona slowed her walk to look at the woman, her golden eyes piercing through the crowd to look at her. Something about this woman certainly didn't feel right considering the woman's appearance and sound of her voice, but curiosity got the better of her. Taking one more longing look at the castle in the distance, Desdemona glanced around to make sure she was not being led into some form of trap before approaching the woman. Getting a better look at her, she knitted her eyebrows together skeptically, choosing to lean against the nearest building. She briefly wondered to herself how the woman managed to get by in the state she was in without the towns guards interference, but she quickly dismissed the question, choosing not to provoke the woman on such matters. Somethings, be they the most interesting to learn about, were best left unasked. Crossing her arms, she address the woman in hushed tones, "Your words promise of a rich tale or two, but forgive me if I do not stay long to hear them all. My road is long and I have a short time to cover it.." This of course was a false statement, as her travels were that of a carefree woman, but this shell of a woman need not know that.

Xaei (Iotah)Yesterday at 8:01 AM
The young Princess nodded to her mother, and she sent the maid away. "Well enough mother. I wanted to talk to you about something... something that I saw whilst... after I had eaten that pearl." She looked over her shoulder as her mother did, but when she saw nothing she looked back to The Dragon. "Mother, I saw him. I saw Relo... He was bound and chained, being brutally beaten, it is his mother that has him, but I do not know where. With... With your permission I would like to try and to back there. I could save him mother." Xaei had not realised that she had brought herself to the edge of the chair, it was uncomfortable and gave her pain, so she shuffled her rear back. After only a few seconds of silence, Xaei felt how empty the castle was, only a few maids and guards, but with no Noki and Father around, it felt exceptionally larger and just... empty... dark. "Mother, where is everyone?"

AnayaYesterday at 9:25 PM
Anaya looked at her little one as she talked about rescuing some lover in some unknown place caged by his mother, she shock her head no “no you would not be strong enough to even get to this location, do you even know were it is, other this, he is in chain, did you see were he is or what guards him? Do you really think you can alone take on his mother being an adult dragon that he cant even take on, and you are still wounded so weakened in taking on this foe and surely beings that guard her. And above everything else, pearls make us see things that are not real, be they look and feel real, sometimes we see old memory's sometimes we see abstract sometimes we just see random things, how do you know if this was even real and not just the pearls in your body” she looked around the room it was really empty in here, so eery “and yes it is quiet in here with your father and sister gone, she wanted to spend quality time with her father and may not be back for sometime seeing your eldest sisters castle is so far away. We will just have to get more body's in here to fill the space now wont we. ”
The old lady pulled her hood down from her head, showing a set of little rat ears a top her head, she in fact looked like a rat as well she was a rat, a race known as a kobold or rat folk, they were known to be around the slums but they were more a underground dweller and not a above ground animal at all, to see one uptop was almost as rare a spotting a unicorn around here she must have really pissed some leader off to get tossed up here and exiled. She leaned over her jaged cracked jaw opening and closing with her labored breathing. “child then, i will only tell you one story, a short but a good one i a sure you, of the deep and its monsters of old and the treasures you can gain from it. All shiny beautiful things it can give you and powers beyond your greatest wishes. When the world was new there was a lovers, star crossed lovers they say a real Adam and Eve but they got cursed to be what is dead and what is the deeps guardian, our god the Leviathan, you would like him little yellow eyed beauty you are they say the entrance to his home is east the ravens tower, south the lions maw, walk to the rock that looks like a skull then dive under it all, under the sea into the caverns down to the deep, a fight the whole way, but the reward, oh the rewards are flawlesss” her words and voice trailed off as she struggled to breath a little, her little paw like hand reached out and grabbed the girls hand forcefully hovering something in her fingers, a trinket, a shiny little blue sea serpent pendent, it glowed slightly and held some sort of chill to it. “this is a key child, child of earth find child of sea and find the deep, make your story real, but it be hard, death, death takes us all in time”

Xaei (Iotah)Yesterday at 9:36 PM
Xaei didn't like her mothers answer, her hands gripped the arms of the chair tightly. "I... I understand that mother, but I know it was real. I felt it. I've had dreams like this before mother, when they have felt totally and completely real, like I was there. It is not an old memory, how could it be? I believe that... If I can be put to sleep again, possibly even without the pearl that I can... I can see him again. I could find out more about where he is. I think I have the sight mother. I could use it to track him down. The pain, it woke me up too soon last time. If I stay long enough in the dream I might be able to react with him. I could save him, mother. He's the father of my-..." Xaei trailed off and was silent for a moment, she'd stand and calmly sigh. "Please help me, mother. I gave up on my egg... Please... Do not ask me to give up on him too. You would do the same for father, wouldn't you?" The dragoness begged, she didn't care how desperate she sounded because... She was. The pain her body felt did not come close to how much her heart ached. She could feel Relo, she knew it was him. It had to be him. "If his mother has him, this is another high dragon on your lands mother."


Lucinda The Rat Woman:

  Rose Has Thorns Part 3 - Spring Rains Fire - Page 4 90950310
Name: Lucinda Bane
Race: Rat folk/Kobold
Difficulty: Boss Monster
Personality: very easy going and at time overly nice, she enjoys spreading around dismay lies and tricks but at times gives trinket to her god the leviathan, some of her quests are wild goose chases others are worth a lot of gold and fame, but no one knows witch are truth and witch are crap. go on them to see.
Place to Find: you don't, the rat finds you

DesdemonaZankokuYesterday at 9:53 PM
Upon seeing the woman's true form from under her hood, she ended up taking a step back. Never once in her travels had she ran across such a creature, not even in the mines of the Dwarves. To see such a creature placed her on edge, unsure of what they were capable of. The promise of riches intrigued Desdemona however, and she remained for the story. Listening intently, she nodded at its key parts, repeating them more to herself than to the woman, "East of Ravens Tower, South of Lions Maw.." Unsure of these locations, she thought it a wise idea to purchase a map of the local area and study it with care. As the woman forcefully grabbed her hand, she quickly reached for her dagger, prepared to defend herself. However, feeling the woman giving her something rather than intending harm, she just as quickly replaced her weapon, stepping away from the woman once she was freed. Staring at her a moment, she looked down to the pendent, curious to its design and odd chill. Looking back, Desdemona backed further away, leaving the woman in the ally. Weaving her way in and out of the foot traffic, she continued on her way to the castle. -- Nearing the end of the market, Desdemona took a small break. Reaching into her pocket, she dug around for a few moments before pulling out a small bit of string. Looking around to make sure her work would not be interrupted, she went about creating a makeshift necklace for the 'key' she was given, tying the object around her neck. Pushing it under her robes, she shivered a bit as the chill of the item rested between her breasts. Satisfied with her work, she dipped into the nearest pub, scanning the room and its crowd. Carefully making her way to the bar, she took a seat and motioned for the bartender.

AnayaToday at 1:24 AM
That last line was really the only line she cared about, another adult dragon in her lands, in reality they did not even know if this was in her lands, all they knew was it was on the planet her lands were not the whole planet “you will be getting no more pearls to look into it as the addiction is not something you want to face. But if you sleep and you find out his location i can phase there grab him and come back here with him. And no, i would not do the same for your father, your father is not one to get himself captured and wish or need rescue. You are not capable to rescue this male you want as a mate, you are not even mentally old enough to understand being the mate to another. If you can go to him in this dream state, and reach contact with him, make it real, get him to prey for assistance and i will hear it and then i can help. You should not be the one asking for his rescue, he should be the one asking for it” she paused a second “when you pick a mate Xai you don't get another one, your father is not even my mate, he is simply my companion, i had a mate once that is long dead and even to this day he is still with me, when you pick another to be your mate you better be sure of it, you wont get another chance to make that choice, and remember you are not on your tenth year in age, let alone your hundredth when you are even have to have true young. You have much room to grow even if you have a grown body”

In the snorting Boar Tavern

The old woman crunches back against the wall pulling up her hood and going back to pan handling anyone that passes by. As the girl entered the tavern there were many sounds and sights, a well endowed bar tender serving pattens and having pleasant conversation, some people all around and even some shady looking people tucked into the back of the building promptly named the snorting boar or some called it the shaking pig due to its owner being well, a boar, a wereboar, something long and lost from the days age a Azurian Boar some called the demons but really other then there temper they were rather nice, and his office was at the back there ready for anyone to go into if they so wished words with him his name was Gus. The room was loud and it smelled bad but what else would you expect from this kind of place. A elven waitress walked over to the female as she walked in “Greetings lass, how can we help ya at the snorting hog tavern, can i get ya some of the lands finest ale or spirets, or some not drop ya on your ass drinks, or a treat, shimmering blue is only half off this day, only 6gold a shot way better then its normal. Does a different affect to everyone, rather fun to watch.” she gave a bat of her lashes as her light blond hair waved in her face as her pale skin looked almost to glow in the torch light of the room.

DesdemonaZankokuToday at 2:01 AM
Feeling that she would be fine in a setting such as this, Desdemona pulled back her hood. The smells of the tavern hit her senses, leaving much to be desired. Such things were to be expected from a place such as this, she mused to herself. The sights also interested her to a point as she glanced around the room, finding it amusing that the taverns name matched perfectly with its owner. Shaking out her short midnight black hair, she met the eyes of her waitress, taken slightly by surprise. An Elven woman? In this part of the world? Finding new creatures was something that Desdemona had expected in the far reaches, but to find one of the Fair Folk working in a tavern of all places? She couldn't help but study her a moment, having only seen Elves from afar. To see one standing right in front of her was truly a treat. Now she had certainly seen everything. "Only a glass of water, please." she said with the best smile she could muster. Digging into her pocket, she began the search for a coin or two, her eyes following the woman. "And a bit of information, if you could spare it." Unable to find coin, it dawned on her that she had spent the remainder from her last job for the robes on her back. If experience had taught her anything, information was never free. After a moment or two longer, she pulled out a small, pure silver figurine. Hating herself for parting with it, she set it on the table, hoping that it would be enough to satisfy the bar. A small price to pay for greater treasures. Choosing her words carefully, she lowered her voice to where only the waitress could hear, "I am looking for a map of the city. One that is.. accurate, in all its aspects. There are many shops in this town, and I am afraid I do not have the time to visit them all. Perhaps you know of someone who might part with one?"

Niv, a Helpful Bartender:

  Rose Has Thorns Part 3 - Spring Rains Fire - Page 4 34c9e610
Name: Nivinia Clueruck, but all call her Niv
Race: Woodland Elf
Difficulty: Easy
Personality: helpful lose lipped, a whore to Gus in every way, owned by Gus witch is why she is here working a tavern of all places for a fine elven woman, is a slave will tell ya anything that she knows for coin or things to get be, will never betray Gus
Place to Find: at the snorting boar tavern she never leaves, she lives sleeps and eats there.

AnayaToday at 2:18 AM
As the woman led her to a table to sit and she looked at the girl as she pulled out her silver figure and put it on the table. The elf took it in her hand holding it up to lightly look at it "yes it will do Gus did say we chould take trade for things aswell. And oh my a map of the city. Well yes I do know a place to get one there is a small shop I belive it is closed right now but it will open when the sun sets. The owner is a little human man but he hates the sunlight for some reason and I hear he really has a temper but he has maps of all the places around. Our city here in Iron stone, he has the lions man Avalon, and even some of millmire and the smaller towns around here and then big ones of the whole thing. But" she gave a look down at the female "good maps be not cheap the smaller ones are five gold a bit. But I hear the castle offers knowlage for trinkets or deeds, or worse favors, but I would not go giveing a favor to a dragon no matter its scales be a tricky game to play" the elf as if magic held out her hand a cup of water forming on the table (magic spell used telaport object) "water is on the house. And for silver ya can ask anything ya want I dont know much but hey if you got gold the boss knows alot"

DesdemonaZankokuToday at 2:51 AM
Glad that her silver trinket would pay for information from the waitress, Desdemona thought it best not to bother the owner with such questions. Gold in itself was something she was far more reluctant to part with, but the questions she had would be best kept to those who might find them as simple curiosity. Impressed as the glass of water appeared, she took it in hand and nodded her thanks. "You say the castle offers knowledge?" This bit of information struck her quite nicely. Gaining access to the castle seemed simple enough if one were working for them, she thought, but being accepted for work would be the difficult part. No one in their right mind would allow just anyone to be associated with royalty. But Dragons..? Desdemona chuckled a bit at the thought before taking a sip of her water. Setting the glass on the table, she looked back to the waitress, "I would very much like to know how one might go about gaining employment through the castle. Also, you mentioned favoring a Dragon? I assume that is a royal title of some sort, or perhaps a surname? Surely you cannot mean the Lords of this land are legitimate Dragons.." Many a creature had she met in her life, and more than her fair share of stories she reveled in, but Dragons to her knowledge had died out eons ago. The very thought of those winged denizens of terror ruling a Dynasty as if they were Kings and Queens of old was as absurd as a Lycanthrope riding a unicycle.

AnayaToday at 3:11 AM
"Nope it is no rank the lord and lady of the iron castle are dragons, well the lady is anyway her mate is this great big red wyvern that can be rather mean but he gets the job done I guess some people in town even work for the man but that is hush hush I am told. Anaya is the queen up there she is a really old golden scale she hardly ever comes down to town spends much of her time up there but sends workers down here to get goods from time to time. She is a old shit that one but she is just and honorable unlike others of her kind, but dont trust them scale backs they are all good and dead for good reason, she may be nice at times but they will kill ya fast as look at ya. But working for them is easy they take in many people from town to work for them, slaves mostly but at times the crown raids the prison for fighters for the army saying it is good to get prison slum work but really between you and I, it is so the prison scrub can die off and no one will give a frogs ass about it. But just go up there get past the gate guards and ask for work. From what has been yabbered about the castle is looking for servants and interior guards but for that they like the humans for guards may be best going for servant"

DesdemonaZankokuToday at 3:45 AM
Nearly choking on her water, her eyes went wide hearing that the Queen at the very least was a Dragon. Wyvern she had seen for herself, but never a full fledged Dragon. This was either a wondrous thing indeed, or one of the worst jokes in existence. What better way to find out though? Looking to the side in thought, she grinned at the idea of coming face to face with one of the ancient ones. Or rather, drifting past a hunter of legend undetected. "Well now.. isn't that interesting.." Standing, she nodded to the waitress, offering a smile, "Seems I have come in seeking one thing, but I leave having gained many. Thank you for your assistance. It has proven valuable beyond measure." Mulling over the ideas in her head, Desdemona settled on two possible courses of action. The first was simply as the woman had mentioned, heading straight past the guards post and asking for work. A straight forward approach, but not exactly keeping a low profile. Knowing most towns and working for royalty, they would likely prefer records of those inquiring. Not ideal for someone simply attempting to see what treasures lay in the castle. The second, finding this human who sold the maps. By the description given to her, he sounded more like a Vampire than a Human, but she digressed. With said map, she might be able to find old access points leading into the castle that were long since forgotten. A risky move, but equally as bold as the first. Either way she decided though, she knew she would have to be more than cautious. If this 'Anaya' was truly a Dragon, her treasures would be well protected, and only the imagination could conjure what would happen to an intruder. Pulling her hood over her head once more, she bid the Elven woman farewell, slipping back out into the streets. Bringing a finger to her chin, she began giving the options some well deserved thought.

AnayaToday at 8:43 PM
As the elven woman watched the girl go she turned around and walked back into the tavern to go talk to Gus of the matters that had happened and that there was a girl asking a lot of questions about things. It was not a importent matter and soon that elf was back to work being rather flirty with the regular gutter trash that came in to the snorting boar. In the towns street it was rather quiet, the door lead back out to that ally were the rat woman had vanished, leaving nothing to even say she was there at all. The ally made it out to the market square and shops that were in it, some starting to close for the afternoon heat but others staying open all the time. To the other side was the dark ally that lead to the black market and then the road that lead up to the castle all ways were clear and not overly crowded today so it would be a easy trip no matter what path was chosen

Back At The Iron Castle

Xaei (Iotah)Today at 2:49 AM
Xaei didn't know what to say, Anaya was not aware of what had happened to Relo in his years, how could she? Xaei showed the same love and devotion to her mother, that Relo has done his own all those years ago. Blinded by loyalty and power. The young Dragoness nodded her head slowly, "yes Mother." Her father was not the woman's mate? The who was? Who had been? Dead was all Xaei knew yet for some reason she felt a sense of betrayal toward the man she knew as father. Xaei closed her eyes for a moment, then looked up to her mother, pale violet eyes were glowing bright and hands were clenched into fists. "Thank you for your time, mother. I will get on this right away." She'd begin to walk away when she turned to the elder Dragon once more. "Your mate... I am sorry that you have lost yours mother. I will do everything in my power to ensure that I do not lose mine. We are bond, like you and your mate are." Xaei smiled to her mother and took a calm, relating breath. "I sense him mother, the man that should have been my father. Love know no bounds, does it? Not even death..." Xaei muttered softly and had walked to her chamber, where she might sleep and try to dream of him again.

AnayaToday at 3:03 AM
Anaya watched her little one go. The poor thing was still so younge still so pure still running after feirytails and hopeing for bliss, she would learn life does not fall that way, life did not give you that happy ending in the story books. "My dear little dragon, I do hope you find him and no love, my mate is not here, he is gone, I am just seeing things that are far from real is all" then Xia was gone out to her room to surely have a dream to try to get her lover to have faith and to pray. If he did pray she would hear it and depending on his praying she would save him, or doom him. "You know you are lieing to the girl. she is not wrong Anaya " that voice whispered into her ear as Anaya smiled "no she is not, but you are not really here and I am just losing my mind yet agein Drax. Or maybe you are just toying with my heart like you did so long ago" she took a sip of her tea that a maid had droped off just a little before "maybe I am just you going nuts or maybe I am just my own ghost, eather ways you take your Pearl's and we get to dance agein, just like old times " she nodded "you know you are the reason I have a problume " she rolled a.pearl out of the bowl and put it into her mouth just under her tounge "yes I know Anaya l, but I am also the reason you smile when no one is looking, and I am also the reason you keep a single blue rose alive in your bed chamber" she leaned back as she shut her eyes and out her head against her throne "I keep that rose alive due to it being the last thing I ever gave to you, and my life would be full without this little bit of crazy I guess" the pearl took her mind away as she enjoyed it. Her mind was a mess but she was still in the room, still able to function if needed. She had been on Pearl's so long now she was a little more numb to its affects but she fixed that someways but just upping her doses.

Back Out On the Streets

DesdemonaZankokuToday at 9:47 PM
Watching the shops beginning to close one by one, Desdemona had decided on the first course of action. Gaining entrance to the castle by way of employment seemed reasonable. Figuring she could make a bit of coin honestly, she could also spend her free time poking around into less honest areas. As far as she was aware, she had done nothing as of yet to place herself on anyone's radar, so applying to work shouldn't pose too much of a problem. Looking down at herself however, she wondered if her current attire would give her much luck. Something about dark robes didn't scream of someone with genuine interest in work. She needed something simple, not overly priced and she needed it sooner rather than later. Asking around, she followed the instructions of a few locals, making her way to a man she came to know as Marcus. Fabric was just what she needed, and if those around her were correct, he was just the man to see. Finding him asleep on his mat, as was told was probably going to be the case, she rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. How could someone sleep the day away like this and still make a living? The smell hit her next, making her eyes water. Had he never heard of bathing? Snorting away what she could, she shook her head to clear the thoughts, gently kicking his leg. "Marcus? Marcus, get up. You've a customer."

AnayaToday at 10:00 PM
The vile smelling horrid looking Male got up, well in all honest view it was hard to tell he was even Male. His garments were tattered muk coved like he had rolled in a bog and the stink of a swamp lingered on every jntch of him. His deep black skin dirt covered have fhe man a troll looking appearance as he squinted and rubbed the grit from his eyes to look at the perdy larg "what he what ya say oh work work I chould use help but not gona pay ya shit and ya dont fet ne blanket!" He yelled clearly a little hard of hearing or a little distorted on hearing du to being woken up. He sat up on his mat as he looked across the alley to see that stinker shoe seller glaring at him "ya fuken daft cunt ye HAVE A PERSON WANTING TO BUY FHINGS!  The shoe seller yelled across the alley way "shut up ya dirty hag and fo jump in a pond and drown!" He yelled back whipping some grease covered black hair from his shoulder like he was something to look at. His eyes moved back to the perdy lady "ya want to buy. Satin, silk, a nice burlap sack only the finest for something as fetching as ye"

Markus the Fabric Man:

  Rose Has Thorns Part 3 - Spring Rains Fire - Page 4 People11
Name: Marcus
Race: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Personally: a crazed loon that looks to look up woman's skirts and argue with the shoe peddler for no reason other then he and the other one can yell. he sells skils and fabrics and a little bit of leather from his blanket in the back ally as he has no home he sleeps there all the time, if anything is needed just wake him up and he will sell you things. and if he cant get you things he can go and get them, but never ask were they came from, you may not like what is told to you.

DesdemonaZankokuToday at 10:14 PM
Covering her mouth to rid herself of his stench if only for a moment, she lowered it and gave a polite bow, trying everything not to offend the man. "Thank you. Your.. honeyed words are too kind." Eye twitching with effort, she took a breath before continuing. "I am looking for a simple leather outfit, nothing too lavish, yet enough to take manual labor in stride." Beginning to dig in her pocket, she began fishing out small figurines of bronze and silver, holding them out for inspection. "I haven't a true coin to my name, but these small trinkets would fetch a fair price in exchange for your services." Clearing the man was batty, but any trader worth their salt would know the difference between a false statement on valuable goods. She merely hoped that if the man took them from her hands, he would accept them without feeling the need to hand them back. If the mans appearance was anything to go off of, she was unsure if she would want them back after coming into contact with his greasy person. "So, what say you, Marcus? Have you anything that would match my request for this trade?"

AnayaToday at 10:29 PM
his eyes got wide as she talked to him, oh a perdy lady talked to him it was almost good enough to dance, but, that involved effort and he only wanted to give so much. "leder leder yup i gots some of that, oh shiny things looken nice little bronze and little silver and NO GORGIE YOU DONT GET ANY IT IS MINE YA DAFT SWAMP HAG!" he yelled as he looked around the girl to the other peddler glaring at him from its blanket. "i dont want youd tink covered swag goods you sell shit and my blanket is better then your mat" he spat back as the one with the girl looked back to her "don't worry about that one over there, just mad cus his shoes fall apart after one days walk. but yes yes i take this i take i taks" he muttered as his little dirt govered and oddly enough green glop covered hands reached out grabbing the little trinkets and covered them in slime then stuffing them into a box that was behind him. he then tok his hands and wiped them on his blanket to 'clean' them and then reached and rooted into a secondary box, there was no ore green glop but it still held that smell, would surely need a wash before wearing but it was fine base leather and it was a shit, pants, and bracers. "dare it is good yes will fit i think one size fits all i tell you, may be lose but it will fit i sure i sure"

DesdemonaZankokuToday at 10:45 PM
Shivering as the man took the figurines from her hand, it took everything in her mental arsenal to keep her tail from fluffing in disgust. Forcing a smile, she nodded and took the garments he offered, inspecting them closely to make sure there was no damage. Anything small she was sure she could patch up, but anything more than that might pose a problem. "Thank you, Marcus. You are too kind, and what a beautiful choice. You have quite the eye for taste." Draping the garments over one arm, she started to turn to head on her way, but stopped rather abruptly with an idea. Looking back, she smiled once more. "Might I ask for one more item, if you have one in stock?" Lifting her robes just high enough to expose her perfectly smooth lower leg, she swiveled her foot to one side. "Would you have a sheath that would strap here? One that would accommodate a dagger? I would be most grateful if you did." Knowing the trade she had previously made for the outfit she now held was more than fair in itself regardless the quality of the outfit, she wondered just how far the insane mans generosity would stretch.

AnayaToday at 10:52 PM
as she took the items and looked it all over he could see they had nothing but one extremely smal little claw mark rip from what looked like maybe an arrow head or something went threw it, or maybe the tip of a thin dagger but other then that the outfit was flawless. As she turned and lifted her leg he got a little flustered and looked down at the ground “ya gona give the old guy a heart attack lifting the dress like that, gona think you work for the pleasure palace down the way in black district” the shoe pedler blurted out as the eyes of old man Marcus looked up “SHE IS NOT A WHORE!” he yelled out as if you could see under the dirt he was a bright pink. “u, ya i ma look for you, cus you, perdy, ya i ma look not my normal stock items but may have one at bottom of the bucket it wont be great but it will work me sure of it yup” he turned around wiggling on his blanket again as some under body stink drafted up into the air oh god the gods above would turn there noses at this vile beast of a thing. He pulled out what looked to be a small leather strap with a dagger holster on it, the strap was thin really thin and it was old but if used carefully and maybe fixed up a little it would work somewhat alright. He turned around and handed it over to the girl as he gave a crocked smile showing his green and yellow rotten teeth to her “here it is, will work but needs some mending, maybe armour smith help ya, but they chosen soon me thinks, and no taken trinkets there coin only yup, and next time i see ya bring me a nice baked tart, me likes them, will call it even then seeing this is more then what ya gave”

DesdemonaZankokuToday at 11:13 PM
Glad her gamble paid off, she glanced behind her at the shoe maker, smirking to herself as Marcus felt the need to stick up for her on her behalf. Feeling the urge to join in, she giggled before blurting out, "Indeed I am NOT a whore!" Looking back to Marcus, she gave him a genuine smile, having enjoyed herself momentarily. Her fun was short lived however. Turning her nose to the sky as Marcus dug around for the item in question, she stifled a meow of disgust, every fiber of her being wanting only to rid herself of this foul mans stench. Clearly the man had not showered in what can only be assumed as a lifetime of those long since dead, and it shocked her to think that he had no outward signs of disease. None that came to mind, that is. As he began to look back at her, Desdemona quickly returned her eyes, brightening at his offer. It indeed was not much of a holster, but with a tender touch, she was sure it would serve her well. Placing it with the other things she had received, she bowed her head in thanks. "A baked tart it is, sir. You are most kind, thank you." Taking her leave, she made sure she was well out of sight before she began hacking her mind out, feeling as if she needed a million showers to rid herself of the encounter. Looking down at the garments, she sighed, knowing these poor items had been tucked away for Gods only know how long with his foul stench. Rolling the items up into a cylinder, she opened her pocket and pressed them in, satisfied once they vanished. Pulling her robes tighter around herself, she pondered where she might find a place to wash them and preferably, herself. Weaving herself in and out of the traffic of the town, she made her way to the nearest stable, hoping to speak with the stable master.

AnayaToday at 11:19 PM
at the town hog tieing wrap and stable house there is a large sign on the door of it "out till tomorrow, go away" it was hashed out in bold black ink and thick lettering but you can hear some thumping in the back like a man working on a anvle, it i very loud and you hear some cuss words along with it  and then more banging.


Narrowing her eyes, Desdemona was not about to give up so easily. She quietly began snooping around the outside of the building, looking for any open doors or windows. She took extra precautions to check around herself as she did this, not wanting to raise suspicion to anyone who happened by.

As she went around the sounds she could see from a far a large orc like man with a hammer bashing away at what looked like a horse she and muttering to himself how master would not be pleased with his work as it was sloppy, the orcs words were very dishevelled and muttered some words in orcish and others in english and some in don't even know what. the orc stood about seven or so feet tall, had greenish yellow skin and a mop of black hair on his head, large teeth pointed out his maw and he drooled worse then a large dog, blobs of it trailing down his face and droping onto the ground. There was one open window but it held a odd glow round the edges of the window frame and it looked to be unstable at best, the hinges were rusted and the wood around the window glass cracked and withered with age. The whole place did not look overly stable but hey it looked at least a way in, but inside if one was to look into the window without being spotted or going in, you could see a tap, what looked like somewhat ok pipes, some drawers and desks with papers on them, a small chest in the back with a big lock on it, and some more odds and ends and a grand book shelf with a old grandfather clock that seemed super out of place for being in a stable of all places.
Her eyes glancing between the Orc and the window, she weighed her choices carefully, settling on the window. Orcs, from what she had experienced personally, were creatures that hated to be interrupted or startled. She also assumed that once at work, they focused strongly on the task at hand. Hoping her assumption was correct, she pressed herself against the house, taking one final look around to make sure she was in fact alone. Once satisfied, her body wavered a moment before she quickly began shrinking in size. The robes she wore seemed to melt against her body, merging with her person altogether as her body took the form of a common house cat. Surprised at a bit more weight than she had expected, she looked down and saw the pendant the Rat Woman had given her remained, still dangling from her neck. Rolling her eyes, she took a few steps out before turning back to the window. Crouching down, she wiggled her hind quarters before leaping up onto the window sill, her petite body landing silently upon it. She then took a moment to make sure the ledge would hold.

(dice roll even good odd bad, roll 2) the window ledge seems to hold but just hardly, but there seems to be a slight tick come from someplace and the odd glow around the edges of the window vanishes like something had been tripped but nothing else happens, the orc keeps on working away with doing what he is doing hitting his finger a couple times and muttering orcish cuss words under his breath still pounding away at the horse shoe for some person called Master. once inside you see the full layout of the stable room, you seem to be in someones office, there are records and papers some saying things like castles bills and some filed forms to do with horses and who still owes the stable master what. and some form regarding the cult activity in town and the church of the deep causing a stink. there is also a notice paper and some day old news flyers that did not seem to have much cool stuff on there front page, other then cultists and the normal bandit problems and robbery by some group called the Black Sun. the desk had drawers one with a large lock on it and a alright sized chest in the one corner beside the trash can also with a large lock on it and that odd glow around that thing to.

The glow vanishing alarmed Desdemona. Assuming it was an enchantment to alert someone of unauthorized entry, she thought it best to retreat for the time being and rework her strategy. Hopping back outside, she quickly scurried away into an ally, returning to her original form. Leaning against the building, she huffed in annoyance, knowing it best to play it safe than sorry. Too many times had she not in the past, and this would not be a repeat. Knowing without a coin to her name and being lucky enough to have gotten away with trades thus far, she knew her luck would run out eventually. She needed a place to wash the garments and repair them peacefully, but without knowing more of the town, it would prove to be rather difficult. The only other thought that came to mind was returning to the River Snakes, using whatever clean water she could find to complete her task. However, with the day coming to an end, she also did not want to be found outside at night on the edge of town. Something told her that would equally prove a bad idea. Her thoughts then returned to the tavern she had previously visited, but caution appeared in her mind once more. Revisiting an establishment so soon may raise an eyebrow. Weighing her choices, she finally decided on returning to the tavern, knowing that trade was still a valid option with them. Gathering herself, she made her way back to the tavern, removing her hood once inside. She scanned the room in search of the waitress from before, preferring to avoid being seen by the Elf. However, she knew if the waitress was still on shift, she may have no choice than to deal with the situation as it arose.

At the stable, the orc turned his head thinking he had hured something “hey anyone there” he muttered out as he looked back to the house “BIRD ANYONE THERE” he yelled up as all you could hear on top of the house was a loud squawking, an alarm bird that was not screaming it was on edge but it was not screaming, so things were good, for now. The orc went back to work minding his own as he hammered away on the horse shoe
As the tavern doors opened they gave that normal creek that no one seemed to bat a lash at, the Elven woman was still on shift, she always was an with the opening of the door her soft little eyes looked over at the yellow eyed woman as she tilted her head “what you doing back here so soon did ya get your map?”she said softly as she waltzed right over to her at the table booth she had plunked herself down at “what can i get ya dear?” there was a crashing sound over at one of the other booths as some large but of a man smashed another man in the head with a wooden ale mug sending the vessle splintering as both men started to laugh at each other loudly. The waitress did not seem to pay mind to it at all as it was the normal anyway and with the sun going down there would be the normal drunks going up, and who knows what night would drag in down here.

Eye twitching as she internally cursed her bad luck, Desdemona smiled at the Elven woman, taking a seat next to her. Attempting to answer her question, she flinched at the crashing of the two men, slowly relaxing as they started laughing the whole event off. Shaking her head, she again smiled at the woman. "Unfortunately no, I did not get the map I was searching for. I decided to do a bit of other browsing first, which unfortunately has taken longer than I expected." Taking a moment to glance back at the rowdy men, she dismissed the event completely before continuing. "It seems the night is coming far sooner than I would have hoped, so I seem to find myself in a pickle. I would much rather not spend my night on the street, but as mentioned before, I haven't a coin to my name. I was wondering if the owner might have use of another waitress for the evening in exchange for a bath and bed. I am no stranger to the ways of manual labor either, so if a waitress is something he does not need, I am also vexed in the way of cooking and cleaning." Beating herself up internally, she knew what she had said of her experience was true, but far from what she would consider as enjoyable. But, if the bar was indeed in need of another helping hand as a form of trade, she would take the opportunity in a heartbeat. "I know it seems a bit much to ask, but something tells me that the streets are no place for a woman at night."

There was a bang of the doors as a couple of black hooded figures all laughing at one another entered the tavern they were tall men, dressed fully in black with a grey outline of a sun shape on there chests and scars of the same mark carved into there faces. there was loud talk about killing some wench in a ally someplace and then the other one telling that one to shut the fuck up and hush it, before he spilled to many beans. the waitress moved over to the woman abruptly pulling the girls hood up to hide her yellow eyes and different face structure, she moved her hand over the girls mouth to cut her right off before she even got to talking about being a waitress to pay her way. “silence girl black sun men, don't let them see you girl you will be seen as impure, keep your head down ya hear me, i know you are knew in this town and don't need to die your first night.” she pushed a little silver key over the table and under the girls drinking mug that appeared on the table, water with ice in it but not in a clear glass as normal but a wooden ale mug simply to hide the key under it. “when you are done your drink take this key and get your ass upstairs into the upper room, there is a silver rose on the door of the room go in there lock it and don't come out till morning. I will check on you in the night tonight it is
free for you seeing you are new in town but next time it will be three gold coin for a room” she gave a smile and patted the girls cheek moving off to shyly go to the booth to handle the men that had entered “hey there boys what can i get ya welcome to th...” “shut up inpure, get us water or get upon your knees and prey as you should, the gods above see your pointed ears and spit upon your grave!” the one blabbered on right into her face as she shrunk down hearing him. “Water it is sir right away” she did not make the water just appear as normal she took the time to get away from the black sun trash that made everyplace there home away from home, walking around town like they owned it. The elven woman was now gone for a while as the black sun goons loudly laughed and talked about how worthless elves and other races ten humans were no one seeming to do anything about it.

Caught completely off guard by the sudden disturbance, she remained deathly still as the Elven woman pressed her hand to her mouth. The aroma from the woman was calming in itself, her body relaxing faster than it normally would have. Elves were such interesting creatures, she purred to herself. Listening closely to the waitress' instructions, she gave only a simple nod before the woman left to deal with the men. Taking glass in hand, lifted it to her lips, sliding the key into her free hand all in the same motion. Before a single drop touched her lips however, she narrowed her eyes at the men's cruel manner. Tightening her hold on the key, she set the glass down, choosing to remove herself from the area before her temper got the better of her. What right did any creature, be it Human or otherwise, have to treat others like this? Moving to the staircase leading upstairs, she climbed and before long found herself at the door with the silver rose. "Black Sun, eh?" she murmured to herself, "I will remember that.. and their foul scent." Placing the key in the lock, she turned it and opened the door, taking a step in before looking around.

The room she went in was a little dark and duty but it was a room and was cleaner then most places, it had the normal chamber pot and book shelves and a bed that could have been changed today but more then likely was not and clearly had been slept in. This was one of the guest rooms of the boar and really it did not hold any rich tastes at all, the sheets were scratchy and itchy and the pillow was a rolled lob of fur, and it had one window be it small it offered a bit of moonlight into the room. But its royal flaw was it was far from sound prof, you could hear under it the noises form the bar and to its one side you could hear the trumping of someone getting boned hard, the bed posts form there bed hitting the wall with a loud thud thud thud and the every now and again moans and sultry words of some bed whore or waitress trying to pick up a bit of extra coin on the side. But the door had a lock on it and unless someone really wanted to mess things up it was a safe zone for the night.

Closing the door behind herself, she made sure the lock was secured completely before she allowed herself to relax. Uncoiling her tail from the form of the belt she had been using it as, she stretched in every which way possible, the midnight black fur puffing out as if each hair itself was relaxing. Her feline ears rose from under her hair, stretching as well with the rest of her body. Making sure to keep her wits about her, she let the robes fall from her shoulders, standing now nude in the room. She shivered from the cold air kissing her skin, goosebumps forming quickly. It was a nice change after being cooped up in the robes all day. Hovering her hand by her side a moment, she slowly reached down, her hand and lower arm vanishing. When she pulled back, she drew from the void the outfit she had purchased earlier in the day. Fishing out a small box containing needle and thread, she lowered herself to the floor and began the repairs to the outfit. Seeing as it was such a minor damage, the repairs took little time before they were completed. The banging of headboard to wall in the next room made her smirk, shaking her head. Sometimes you had to do what was necessary to earn that extra coin, so she thought no ill things towards the receiving party. She knew all too well what it was like to earn your keep in.. less than conventional means. Finished with the repairs, she began searching the room for a basin, hoping to find more or less clean water to begin the chore of cleaning the garments of whatever foul stains were left from Marcus.


Waking the next morning, Desdemona sat up in the bed, swinging her legs off the bed with a stretch. The bed had made her itch like no one else's business, but she was just happy to have gotten some decent sleep. After a quick bath, she walked back to the bed and laid her freshly cleaned garments out. Flattening her ears against her head, she hid them under her hair and began dressing. Once fully clothed, she wrapped her tail around her waist once more, blending it in with the outfit. Inspecting herself, she nodded in satisfaction before strapping the holster around her leg. The only thing that would outwardly tell she was not a simple human at this point was the color of her eyes and lack of your average ear, but her hair nicely covered the sides of her head. Folding the robes she had been wearing, she placed them on the bed, glad to finally be rid of them. She knew someone else would find use for them at some point. Making her way downstairs, she scanned the room of the tavern, finding it empty. Walking to the bar, she placed the key to her room on it, stopping a moment when she saw blood where the Black Sun individuals had been the night before. Sighing softly, she looked around before walking behind the bar, grabbing a rag and a bucket. It was the least she could do, after all. Scrubbing the blood from the floor, she hummed softly to herself a Dwarven song she had learned from the master smiths.

The elven bar tender stood up from behind the bar, half her face was black and blue and she had a good sized wrap around her right arm slung to her shoulder in a sling. Something had happened last night and sadly she was in the middle of it. But she kept a smile on her face and cleaned the counter top. The bar was rather empty as she looked across the room seeing the girl from the other night cleaning the mess "oh dont worry about blood on the floor, we get so much of it here it will just blend in well with the rest." She gave a raspy laugh and then started to couch before collecting herself and resting a bit leaning on the wall for a moment "oh and I did not cheak in on ya last night...things got a tad out of hand with the black sun group and I was unable, did ya sleep alright antway, I know the room is rather is lower class at best "
She stationed herself up and poured herself a glass of some shimmering blue liquid before shaking off the giggles it caused and blinking a couple times. She gave a smile back to the yellow eyed girl and walked out from the bar pulling up a chair for herself and one for the girl "wana drink it is on the house, Gus never cheak the giggles so it never matters"

Feigning surprise as the waitress appeared from behind the bar, Desdemona pressed a hand on her chest and sighed. "Give a girl a heart attack.." Seeing the injuries that she had sustained, she walked over and helped the woman into the seat she had pulled out for herself, taking the second for herself. "Thank you, but no. Not really thirsty just now.. Are you alright? You certainly look as if you have seen better days.." Waving a hand at the comment of the room, she smiled softly, her eyes looking her up and down. "The room was more than fine, thank you. It was a bath and a bed, and I could not have asked for more." Blinking, she looked up in thought a moment before laughing. "However my neighbor really seemed to be enjoying themselves. Was an interesting thing to listen to while laying in that bed." Her amusement slowly faded as she leaned a bit closer to her. "If I have not expressed this yet, thank you for everything you did for me last night. I know you went out of your way to help me, and not too many would. Although.." She glanced to the side, her eyes seeming to take on an eerie glow, "..I would like to know more about these Black Sun individuals.. Cant say I cared for their behavior whatsoever." Looking back, her smile returned. "Who knows. Maybe one day I will be able to repay your kindness with a bit of revenge. Oh, and do tell Gus that if there is ever a way I could repay both yours and his kindness, all either of you have to do is say the word. I will do what I am able."
November 27, 2018

the woman looked to her as she whispered her words, there was no one around so it was a rather good time to talk a little more openly about the not talked about subjects, when she mentioned the whole black suns wanting to know more about them and getting revenge the elven womans eyes got larger "oh no you don't want to mess in them, they are a nasty bunch of people there numbers are said to reach all the way down to the deep south in Firdoor past the borders of this land. it is said that there main church is not even known it is like they are a large shadow but no one knows the source of. there was one other guy that was poking around here about them but he got a couple drinks and then punched one of Gus, assistants and got tossed out. " she gave a chuckle remembering that boy a month or so back. "but what is known about them is they are super large, like giant large, in every town from here and far, and they hate everything that is not human or elven, they are even the main cause to why the giant frog people of the swamps around here went into hiding, has been over a hundred years since a Bogol has been seen all due to the Black Sun and there purge the unclean thing. they go after anything that is a mix breed or looks like one if it is not human or elven they attack it head on thinking it is not meant to be in this world, they have a large force right now in inforos taking on the vampire population there after dragons took down a large chunk of them. and that is one thing the Black Sun HATE. dragons, it is said that due to how the gods made there place in this world is why the Black Sun hate the dragons the most, they will do just about anything to get rid of them. the only one they cant touch is the ruler of The Iron Castle, she is far to old and strong, but there has been talk they have been targeting her newly hatched child."(edited)

Desdemona listened intently, leaning back in her seat. These Black Sun individuals definitely sounded like a threat, but considering the life that she has lived thus far, that was nothing new. Tilting her head at the further mention of Dragons, she looked longingly to the door a moment before looking back. "Well, I guess for the time being I can leave these Black Sun fellows alone, but dangerous or not, I have a feeling I will run into them again. Probably sooner than later, knowing my luck." Standing, she stretched with a yawn, coming to rest a hand on her hip. "Well it has certainly been an eventful last few days, but I do have work to do. When you mentioned applying for work within the Castle, where would I actually go to accomplish that? A forward campground or something along those lines?" Smiling softly with a laugh, she leaned forward against the table and looked into the Elven woman's eyes, "And for the love of everything, what is your name? It occurred to me last night that due to all the commotion and my being in a bit of a hurry yesterday, I never did actually ask it."
Walking down an alley, a rather tired stranger could be seen. She was a very young kitsune, only the age of 24. Her eyes were a bit baggy and her long tail looked as if it was lifeless. She had been walking all night and was ready to crash, almost anywhere, though she had some decency. She wasn't going to lie down on some street corner, so she searched for an inn of a sorts.

The young vixen wore a button up white shirt along with some brown patched up pants. Over her shoulders, she carried a large black leather bag with everything she owned. Although she wore nothing of the classy sort, she took good care of herself. Her hair was a bit shaggy, but we'll maintained while her fur was well groomed and shinned with the morning sun. By one look at her one could tell she was a new traveler and originated far from this land. A city like this was quite new to her as well. She wasn't used to a place so big, but her expression was plain as she was too tired to care at this very moment.

The kitsune eventually came across a tavern. She caught a glimpse of a sign with a boar that read 'The Snorting Boar' before she stumbled inside. Instantly, strange smells hit her sensitive nose. There was this irony blood scent heavy in the air. "Ah, the hell is that smell?" She thought out loud as she began to wonder more indoors, her tail still dragging along. She began scanning the scenery around her. It was pretty empty. Only two other figures were seen, a elven woman and a feline. She gave each of them a nod before taking seat at the bar to be waited on, hopefully this place had rooms to be rented . One of the women also seemed to be hurt, though she didn't question it, it wasn't her place to butt into personal affairs at this moment.
November 28, 2018
AnayaLast Wednesday at 12:05 AM
“oh shit ya never did say my name, i am Niv well it is Nivinia Clueruck,  but people just call me Niv. And ya you will see them again, but just keep your eyes down and ya ears hidden and they will notice other beings far before they notice you” at that moment the doors opened and started to sway back and forth as the clear fox demon known as a Kitsune walked into the tavern “well done see that shade of fur here often” Niv said softly “be with ya in a moment my fur covered friend”  she sounded rather nice as she did her best to allow her sweet personality to cover up the fact she was black and blue and a little busted up. “to get a job up there, well ya just got to get up there, the castle is open to anyone from the town to go talk to the crown, better then some places that wont even look at towns folk let alone talk to us. Just walk up to the doors, there are guards up there but well them you want to talk to the crown or rulers or whatever and they will let ya in as long as you don't pose a threat. Then ya just go in and see the quen herself, from what i hear she is nice, well most of the time, but dragons be dragons after all” she gave a nod “but you will do fine i am sure” Niv gave a polite tip of her head and seeing that one was not going to order anything she needed to do her job still “just call me over if ya need anything, see if the fox needs anything” she then moved over to the other table and looked to the orange furred female. “was just talking about how it is dangerous to walk this town as a fur covered race without a cloak, from out of town eh, what can i get ya”

DesdemonaZankokuLast Wednesday at 12:38 AM
"Pleasure to make your acquaintance formally. My name is Desdemona Zankoku, but feel free to call me anything accept late for supper." Taking mental note of everything Niv had said, Desdemona nodded slowly, glancing over at the Fox. Her golden eyes inspected the woman as she entered, but gave the creature little attention. Other things were on her mind, but she was not the type to forget a new face. Stretching once again, she moved towards the door, turning back with a wave to Niv, "Thanks again for everything. I am sure I will see you again before too long. Farewell for now." Turning back to the door, she nodded politely to the Fox woman. Before stepping out into the street, she matted her ears under her hair and tucked her tail around her waist to make it appear a belt for her outfit. Straightening her hair to hide any outward appearance that she was not of Human blood, she stepped outside. Crossing her arms, she began the trek towards the castle, falling into thought over the events of the last few days. "If this Anaya woman is half as interesting as everyone makes her out to be," she muttered to herself, "then this will be a trip I am sure never to forget."

Des has now Left the Tavern and is on her Way to Iron


At the Iron Castle

Desdemona pulled the hood of her robes over her head tighter as she passed by those on the street. Simple peasant robes by the look of them, they covered her head to toe, her tail wrapped around her waist, blending in perfectly to look like a belt. Her feet were bare, giving the hint of gold ankle bracelets from time to time as she walked. Having heard of the Iron Dynasty, her interest had flown out of control, leading her to the streets of the village beyond the River Snakes. Hearing the hustle and bustle around her, she couldn't help but grin at the different conversations that seems to go on all at once, amazed that anyone could keep up with one another. Her golden eyes darted from place to place, finding the set up of the town much different from those she had previously visited in her travels. It seemed so tightly packed in areas, yet open in what she could only surmise as the Town Square. Looking up past a few buildings, her eyes fixated on the Iron Castle above, staring a moment in wonder. Continuing towards the castle, her gaze fell upon a few guards that seemed to be paroling the area. Making sure to remain out of their immediate line of sight, she slipped away into an ally and waited. Something told her that someone fully clothed in a robe that did not bear any resemblance to the religious or royal workings of the Dynasty would seem a bit suspicious, and the last thing she wanted was to draw unwanted attention. "At least.." she whispered to herself, "..for now." Hearing the guards voices getting closer to her location, she closed her eyes, body fading away from sight. When she opened her eyes, she peaked out of the ally with a smile, having shifted through the shadows several blocks ahead of the guards. Returning to the busy crowd, she mixed in with them once more, continuing her journey towards the castle courtyard.

Anaya turned her head up to see her daughter there she was a little surprised to see her up and about but a long as the girl could do it on her own power it would be safe and if worse came to worse it was not like he could not heal the girl all over again. And get her back up an moving “how are you feeling my little one, did the healing work alright?” she asked in a soft tone as she moved her plate pushing half of the food to one side and taking her little pearl dish off to the side o she could dig into it later when she was more alone. “please eat, i do hope you rested well and your mind did not flutter to much wall you were under the influence” Anaya's red eyes looked over her daughters shoulder for a second like they were looking at something, something that made her smile a little and then look back to her daughter waiting for her daughters responce to what she had asked.
In town there was a lot going on, it was mid day and the town was packed with people, merchants selling there stock and the guards doing there rounds. In the back ally there was a old lady a old lady with one eye siting at the side of a large wall. She looked up spotting a woman in a robe with no markings on it. Her jagged toothed mouth misshapen and deformed one tooth jutting right out from her lower lip, she almost looked more rat then woman just with no fur and crunched in face. “you, you not part of the castle guard missy you are cute, want to hear a story, real story like mother used to tell about days of long old ya be missing out on cus of your youth.” her voice was all raspy, like the broken old woman she was, a old woman siting on a hunk of board with nothing on her feet and the only thing on her frail old body being a blanket and a old leather coat with some fur around the trim. Surely she was cold, the days around here were hot, so how sometimes it could leave a person dead on the stone walk but the nights they were so cold it would chill a grown man down to the bone, how was this woman even alive, how was she even facing this with what seemed to be almost a smile on her face...or was that just how her teeth were shaped it was a tad hard to tell. The woman looked up at the girl a grey hued eye peeking out from a black wet mess of hair that slicked down her face like the greease and grit were the only thing holding her together. “come on, sit with me here on the ground it is not bad we can talk together about times when i was your age, i gots much to share with ya wee thing you. ”

Hearing the raspy voice of the woman, Desdemona slowed her walk to look at the woman, her golden eyes piercing through the crowd to look at her. Something about this woman certainly didn't feel right considering the woman's appearance and sound of her voice, but curiosity got the better of her. Taking one more longing look at the castle in the distance, Desdemona glanced around to make sure she was not being led into some form of trap before approaching the woman. Getting a better look at her, she knitted her eyebrows together skeptically, choosing to lean against the nearest building. She briefly wondered to herself how the woman managed to get by in the state she was in without the towns guards interference, but she quickly dismissed the question, choosing not to provoke the woman on such matters. Somethings, be they the most interesting to learn about, were best left unasked. Crossing her arms, she address the woman in hushed tones, "Your words promise of a rich tale or two, but forgive me if I do not stay long to hear them all. My road is long and I have a short time to cover it.." This of course was a false statement, as her travels were that of a carefree woman, but this shell of a woman need not know that.

Xaei (Iotah)11/20/2018
The young Princess nodded to her mother, and she sent the maid away. "Well enough mother. I wanted to talk to you about something... something that I saw whilst... after I had eaten that pearl." She looked over her shoulder as her mother did, but when she saw nothing she looked back to The Dragon. "Mother, I saw him. I saw Relo... He was bound and chained, being brutally beaten, it is his mother that has him, but I do not know where. With... With your permission I would like to try and to back there. I could save him mother." Xaei had not realised that she had brought herself to the edge of the chair, it was uncomfortable and gave her pain, so she shuffled her rear back. After only a few seconds of silence, Xaei felt how empty the castle was, only a few maids and guards, but with no Noki and Father around, it felt exceptionally larger and just... empty... dark. "Mother, where is everyone?"

Anaya looked at her little one as she talked about rescuing some lover in some unknown place caged by his mother, she shock her head no “no you would not be strong enough to even get to this location, do you even know were it is, other this, he is in chain, did you see were he is or what guards him? Do you really think you can alone take on his mother being an adult dragon that he cant even take on, and you are still wounded so weakened in taking on this foe and surely beings that guard her. And above everything else, pearls make us see things that are not real, be they look and feel real, sometimes we see old memory's sometimes we see abstract sometimes we just see random things, how do you know if this was even real and not just the pearls in your body” she looked around the room it was really empty in here, so eery “and yes it is quiet in here with your father and sister gone, she wanted to spend quality time with her father and may not be back for sometime seeing your eldest sisters castle is so far away. We will just have to get more body's in here to fill the space now wont we. ”
The old lady pulled her hood down from her head, showing a set of little rat ears a top her head, she in fact looked like a rat as well she was a rat, a race known as a kobold or rat folk, they were known to be around the slums but they were more a underground dweller and not a above ground animal at all, to see one uptop was almost as rare a spotting a unicorn around here she must have really pissed some leader off to get tossed up here and exiled. She leaned over her jaged cracked jaw opening and closing with her labored breathing. “child then, i will only tell you one story, a short but a good one i a sure you, of the deep and its monsters of old and the treasures you can gain from it. All shiny beautiful things it can give you and powers beyond your greatest wishes. When the world was new there was a lovers, star crossed lovers they say a real Adam and Eve but they got cursed to be what is dead and what is the deeps guardian, our god the Leviathan, you would like him little yellow eyed beauty you are they say the entrance to his home is east the ravens tower, south the lions maw, walk to the rock that looks like a skull then dive under it all, under the sea into the caverns down to the deep, a fight the whole way, but the reward, oh the rewards are flawlesss” her words and voice trailed off as she struggled to breath a little, her little paw like hand reached out and grabbed the girls hand forcefully hovering something in her fingers, a trinket, a shiny little blue sea serpent pendent, it glowed slightly and held some sort of chill to it. “this is a key child, child of earth find child of sea and find the deep, make your story real, but it be hard, death, death takes us all in time”

Xaei (Iotah)11/20/2018
Xaei didn't like her mothers answer, her hands gripped the arms of the chair tightly. "I... I understand that mother, but I know it was real. I felt it. I've had dreams like this before mother, when they have felt totally and completely real, like I was there. It is not an old memory, how could it be? I believe that... If I can be put to sleep again, possibly even without the pearl that I can... I can see him again. I could find out more about where he is. I think I have the sight mother. I could use it to track him down. The pain, it woke me up too soon last time. If I stay long enough in the dream I might be able to react with him. I could save him, mother. He's the father of my-..." Xaei trailed off and was silent for a moment, she'd stand and calmly sigh. "Please help me, mother. I gave up on my egg... Please... Do not ask me to give up on him too. You would do the same for father, wouldn't you?" The dragoness begged, she didn't care how desperate she sounded because... She was. The pain her body felt did not come close to how much her heart ached. She could feel Relo, she knew it was him. It had to be him. "If his mother has him, this is another high dragon on your lands mother."

Upon seeing the woman's true form from under her hood, she ended up taking a step back. Never once in her travels had she ran across such a creature, not even in the mines of the Dwarves. To see such a creature placed her on edge, unsure of what they were capable of. The promise of riches intrigued Desdemona however, and she remained for the story. Listening intently, she nodded at its key parts, repeating them more to herself than to the woman, "East of Ravens Tower, South of Lions Maw.." Unsure of these locations, she thought it a wise idea to purchase a map of the local area and study it with care. As the woman forcefully grabbed her hand, she quickly reached for her dagger, prepared to defend herself. However, feeling the woman giving her something rather than intending harm, she just as quickly replaced her weapon, stepping away from the woman once she was freed. Staring at her a moment, she looked down to the pendent, curious to its design and odd chill. Looking back, Desdemona backed further away, leaving the woman in the ally. Weaving her way in and out of the foot traffic, she continued on her way to the castle. -- Nearing the end of the market, Desdemona took a small break. Reaching into her pocket, she dug around for a few moments before pulling out a small bit of string. Looking around to make sure her work would not be interrupted, she went about creating a makeshift necklace for the 'key' she was given, tying the object around her neck. Pushing it under her robes, she shivered a bit as the chill of the item rested between her breasts. Satisfied with her work, she dipped into the nearest pub, scanning the room and its crowd. Carefully making her way to the bar, she took a seat and motioned for the bartender.

November 21, 2018
That last line was really the only line she cared about, another adult dragon in her lands, in reality they did not even know if this was in her lands, all they knew was it was on the planet her lands were not the whole planet “you will be getting no more pearls to look into it as the addiction is not something you want to face. But if you sleep and you find out his location i can phase there grab him and come back here with him. And no, i would not do the same for your father, your father is not one to get himself captured and wish or need rescue. You are not capable to rescue this male you want as a mate, you are not even mentally old enough to understand being the mate to another. If you can go to him in this dream state, and reach contact with him, make it real, get him to prey for assistance and i will hear it and then i can help. You should not be the one asking for his rescue, he should be the one asking for it” she paused a second “when you pick a mate Xai you don't get another one, your father is not even my mate, he is simply my companion, i had a mate once that is long dead and even to this day he is still with me, when you pick another to be your mate you better be sure of it, you wont get another chance to make that choice, and remember you are not on your tenth year in age, let alone your hundredth when you are even have to have true young. You have much room to grow even if you have a grown body”
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Xaei didn't know what to say, Anaya was not aware of what had happened to Relo in his years, how could she? Xaei showed the same love and devotion to her mother, that Relo has done his own all those years ago. Blinded by loyalty and power. The young Dragoness nodded her head slowly, "yes Mother." Her father was not the woman's mate? The who was? Who had been? Dead was all Xaei knew yet for some reason she felt a sense of betrayal toward the man she knew as father. Xaei closed her eyes for a moment, then looked up to her mother, pale violet eyes were glowing bright and hands were clenched into fists. "Thank you for your time, mother. I will get on this right away." She'd begin to walk away when she turned to the elder Dragon once more. "Your mate... I am sorry that you have lost yours mother. I will do everything in my power to ensure that I do not lose mine. We are bond, like you and your mate are." Xaei smiled to her mother and took a calm, relating breath. "I sense him mother, the man that should have been my father. Love know no bounds, does it? Not even death..." Xaei muttered softly and had walked to her chamber, where she might sleep and try to dream of him again.

Anaya watched her little one go. The poor thing was still so younge still so pure still running after feirytails and hopeing for bliss, she would learn life does not fall that way, life did not give you that happy ending in the story books. "My dear little dragon, I do hope you find him and no love, my mate is not here, he is gone, I am just seeing things that are far from real is all" then Xia was gone out to her room to surely have a dream to try to get her lover to have faith and to pray. If he did pray she would hear it and depending on his praying she would save him, or doom him. "You know you are lieing to the girl. she is not wrong Anaya " that voice whispered into her ear as Anaya smiled "no she is not, but you are not really here and I am just losing my mind yet agein Drax. Or maybe you are just toying with my heart like you did so long ago" she took a sip of her tea that a maid had droped off just a little before "maybe I am just you going nuts or maybe I am just my own ghost, eather ways you take your Pearl's and we get to dance agein, just like old times " she nodded "you know you are the reason I have a problume " she rolled a.pearl out of the bowl and put it into her mouth just under her tounge "yes I know Anaya l, but I am also the reason you smile when no one is looking, and I am also the reason you keep a single blue rose alive in your bed chamber" she leaned back as she shut her eyes and out her head against her throne "I keep that rose alive due to it being the last thing I ever gave to you, and my life would be full without this little bit of crazy I guess" the pearl took her mind away as she enjoyed it. Her mind was a mess but she was still in the room, still able to function if needed. She had been on Pearl's so long now she was a little more numb to its affects but she fixed that somedays bu just upping her doses.

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November 22, 2018
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November 28, 2018
DesdemonaZankokuLast Wednesday at 10:56 PM
As Desdemona made her way towards the castle, she walked out in the open, rather than in the shadows as she had done upon arriving to the town. The sights were a bit more interesting as she now had the opportunity to really get a good look around. As the people hustled and bustled around her, she sidestepped those who came a bit too close with a smile. Always with a smile. She did, however, opt to continue to steer clear of the guard, lowering her golden eyes as she passed by, but in a subtle way. One that would not raise suspicion. The shops she saw seemed to have a certain class to them, ranging from 'what were you thinking' to very classy establishments. Noticing a sign that pointed to a 'Pleasure Palace', she began to laugh, shaking her head as she continued on. "Every town has to have at least one. Perhaps Ill visit there sometime down the road." Breaking the line of shops, she continued on her way to the castle. Approaching the guard house that was mentioned by Niv, she withdrew her dagger from its holster and placed it away in her never ending pocket, making sure she did not pose any outward threat. There were many a thing that could go wrong with what she was about to attempt, but she would be damned if it was because of an exposed weapon. Taking a breath before stepping up, she looked to the guard and softly cleared her throat. "Excuse me, but I was wondering about entrance to inquire for a position within the castle? I was given little detail on the application process, but I can assure you I am a hard worker looking for a decent and honest living in these hard times." In her head she burst into laughter at the 'honest' portion of that statement, but she maintained the confident air about herself to the guardsman.

AnayaLast Wednesday at 11:14 PM
At the Castle gates one of the guards was out cold sleeping against the wall, snoring a little in the peek hours of the dawn, the sun was just coming over the horizon and the land was lighting up rather nicely. For a morning. The sun was clear and the skys were as well no chance of rain from what it looked like but hey that could change suddenly around here. The other guard that was awake and doing his job looked at the female there talking loudly about how she wanted a job, it was proper and she was holding good format so he nodded “do you have any weapons my lady, no weapons other then standered simple weapons shall be brought into the castle if you have simple weapons we advise you put them away so if things happen you don't get caught with it. The queen should be waking up she is the only one in at the moment as the king is out on buissness, but fi you wish to talk to her you may enter and ask what you wish to ask” he moved his hand to open the door and hold it a jar for the female to enter at her leisure.

DesdemonaZankokuLast Wednesday at 11:25 PM
Tilting her head slightly at his inquiry about weapons, she slowly preformed a small little turn, showing that she in fact did not, "No weapons, I assure you." After he opened the door, she smiled sweetly and gave a small bow of her head. "Thank you for your assistance, Sir. You are too kind." Slipping past the door, her eyes lit up as she looked around. Smirking internally, she thought that was all too easy, but she was far smarter to believe that this entire trip would be so simple. After all, she was about to meet with a 'dragon'. Rolling her eyes, she still did not believe it. Dragons died out years ago and that was that. Any fool who believed that they still existed, let alone ran a Kingdom, must also believe that ignorance was bliss. Though there was that small, however small, possibility... She was unsure of what to expect being on the other side of the wall, but now seeing the courtyard and the castle itself more clearly, she was more than impressed. There was something about the whole package that took her breath away. Having visited plenty a castle in her life, none could compare to the detail and grounds this one had. As she admired however, she also took note of any and all potential entrances leading in and out of the building. One could never be too prepared, of course. Following the set path to the main doors, she walked in, preparing herself for whatever was to come next.

AnayaLast Wednesday at 11:39 PM
The castle was a grand place, there was servants all over guards at every door, and the walls were adorned with old images of grand battles and even dragons and magical beasts of old lore and story. Large red and golden flags with the mark of the dragon hung from the walls and dead centre of it all if you keep walking up the nice red carpet there was a throne with a red pillow and two large white marble stags that seemed to just stand out and be a miss among everything else. A Maid rushed past and looked back spoting the guest and then turning her path to go back into a room out of view and then tape don another door with a post sign marked Castle Study. She opened the doors “miss there is a guest, maybe a towns person for something, did you order grain today, they dont have a cart?” she said softly as Anayas red eyes looked up from the desk. She gave a sign “yes that i did but they were not to arrive here till late afternoon not the morn, i will go see what it be they wish of the crown, maybe some matter regarding farmers crops again” she got up and took the pile of papers thumping them down and taping them along the top of the desk then placing them in a neat pile in a small woven basket at the side. “seeing you are hear girl be sure to take the listed documents to the raven to send off, and see if we have reseved anything i am waiting for a raven from the king still” the maid nodded and moved into the room to do her work as Anaya moved her flawless figure out of the room and walked down the hall way.
Anayas body was perfectly built, her hips curved and were plump not thin or lacking a meal a day in her life. She had long flowing snow white hair that just hung around her shoulders and kinked a bit along the edges, bright crimson red eyes with a reptilian black slit down the centre and pale skin that just made her eyes stand out more on her face. Her dress was that of golden coins all clipped together with small golden fascists and strong that you could not see at all, the dress looked heavy but it hung rather nicely on her body, leaving a lot of exposed skin for a ruler when most in the lands of humans and lordships covered up, if anything she almost seemed more at home in a royal elven style female garb. As she walked the coins gave a light clink but for the most part even if her garments were metal she made hardly any sound. Walking into the main hall she spotted the guest as she waved a hand to usher them forth and then took her place in her throne running a clear clawed hand down the back of one of the marble stags. “i am assuming you are our guest” she said softly as she sat down crossing one leg over the other and adjusting her pillow, her red eyes looking right at the woman, a feeling of warmth around her but at the same time a feeling of uneasiness and heavy mingled with it. She let out a breath as she brushed her hand over her knees and upper legs and waited for the girl to come forth and state her case like so many before her, but this was the mornings first guest and really in all reality it was nice to have at least something to do other then paper work and wondering how her daughter was doing half way across the world.
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November 29, 2018
DesdemonaZankokuLast Thursday at 12:06 AM
Having followed the red carpet, she stopped dead in her tracks as Anaya appeared, or whom she assumed to be Anaya. Trying her damnedest not to lift an eyebrow for the woman's.. 'obvious' sense of fashion, she simply gritted her teeth silently before bowing to the Queen. As the woman sat, she straightened back up, taking further stock of the woman's demeanor as she spoke. Something seemed familiar about her, yet in a bazaar, fierce kind of way. She knew without a shadow of a doubt she had never before laid eyes on this woman, for who could forget such an interesting looking woman, but still there was something.. "I am, yes. Thank you for taking the time to meet with me.." swallowing, she followed this with an awkward, "..your Majesty." She always hated the term, making her feel like she owed every monarch her allegiance or something, but she knew that it was almost a requirement. The last thing she wanted at the moment was to seem ungrateful for the woman's time. After all, there were other, more interesting things to be had through this entire encounter. Something she rather banked on, actually.
"Forgive me if I am interrupting your morning, as it would not be my intention. I come before you today to request employment through the castle." She restated her initial speech that she had used on the guard outside, "I was given little detail on the application process, but I can assure you I am a hard worker looking for a decent and honest living in these hard times. And.. " she added, "..I am more than confident that through your leadership and graces, this is a goal that I can reach." Internally kicking herself, she though she sounded like a school kitten, but she refused to let her frustration show outwardly. "On an added note Milady, I would like to give special mention to a one Nivinia Clueruck of the Snorting Boar Tavern. It was through her kindness that I found myself here today." Looking down sheepishly, she suddenly felt a genuine pang of guilt, "She not only was a wonderful hostess, but she did something that others may not have to a stranger in these parts. She willingly stood up again some rather shady individuals last night, and due to her gallant efforts, I was able to sleep soundly. But at a rather gruesome cost to herself as she was attacked in the process. If ever an individual deserves a caring hand from your Majesty, she would most certainly be the one." Feeling she had said enough, she looked up, hoping that she had perhaps not said too much.

AnayaLast Thursday at 12:25 AM
Anaya sat back slightly as she let the female talk, she needed work Anaya needed workers since her last knight had flown the coop and the castle was so empty she wanted the aid around here, and really it weas needed, she had all the maids and door guards she would toss a coin at but she had no truly individual people here that were not just the same shit on the wall day in day out. And as the girl talked of Niv she gave a smile and nodded her head “yes that elven slave at the Tavern ran by that man Gus i believe, she lives there with him as her owner, a good girl that one is for sure, i will be sure to send her a gift on your behalf from us here to show her just and good graces. She does do a lot of good things and serves Gus well even when he has his tantrums” Anaya gave a smile remembering that old daughter of Gus that used to be her personal advisor and chamber maid but sadly died during the war of the north “we have personal history with that family, and i could use some help around here, we can give room and board with all meals covered here as well as a salary. What are your skills and race as well as name and personal preference on what job you are interested in, the castle has been rather...leaking as of lately and i have many spots to fill my mate has...broken, many of the castle slaves and both our last advisor and one of our grand knight have both be it died out in the wood line or flown the coop it is unsure witch. My daughter once she comes back with her father from Signus also could use a care taker if you like teenage children that will bug you non stop, or a scribe as well could be used, so much paper work and so little time, and please my lady is fine, no need for the over the top formality's this morning, other mornings sure but it is just you and i so my
lady will do ” she gave a chuckle as she ran a hand into her hair “oh and is there anything you want to ask about here, i do find it not proper for one to join a place be it castle or slum without knowing anything about it, don't jump into the river blind it is said.” the castle was rather silent that much was very true, there were maids and everything was kept nice but it seemed to be empty like something was missing, it was just the queen and there seemed to be this emptiness in the air like happiness did not exist here, it felt warm and nice and it looked wonderful but it was like there was no joy. You did not hear laughter you did not hear play fullness or even much talking, it was(edited)
like the air was dead of life. Clearly this place needed a pick me up to get it out of this rut and slump.

DesdemonaZankokuLast Thursday at 1:02 AM
Hearing that Niv would be properly compensated for her trouble, her feeling of guilt was lifted. Raising her head, she smiled and nodded to the Queen. "Thank you, milady. You are truly kind. I am more than pleased to know that Niv will get her just rewards for her acts." Now all I have to do, she mentioned to herself, is not to get caught snooping around. The last thing she needed was for Niv to suddenly be accused of sending a thief into the castle. She giggled, both at the thought and in general happiness for Niv. Hearing the Queen ask her the questions she had, she quickly came up with what she was at least willing to share, be it true or not. Uncoiling her tail from her waist, she let it bob from side to side uninhibited, while in the same motion slowly lifted her ears from their hiding place. "My name is Desdemona Zakoku. I am one of the Cat Folk, born in Yosuga, a village far to the South of this domain. My skills have a wide range as I have had many an employer on my travels, ranging from a simple maid to corporate informant. And might I add, paperwork does not scare me in the least." She paused a moment to study the Queens face, scoffing internally. This was suppose to be a Dragon? One of the fieriest creatures in the land? "I am trained in battle when the need arises, be it in the kitchen or on the battle field."
Looking down in thought, she absentmindedly reached up and took a hold of the 'key' given to her by the Rat Woman few days past, rubbing it while she thought of a respectable position she could potentially hold that would grant her access to a larger spectrum of the castle. One where she would not be questioned too harshly if discovered. Looking back up, she lowered her hand back to its partner in front of herself. Smiling, she tilted her head slightly, "If the position of care taker for your daughter is indeed open and you have no objection otherwise, I am sure I could handle her with the utmost care. Teenagers can be a handful from my experience, and as a ruler, I am more than confident you have your fair share of headaches, milady. It would be an honor and a privilege, however, to serve in any position you deem worthy. And to ask a few simple questions to better familiarize myself with the workings of the castle, my first would be.." Her ears drooped slightly as she glanced around herself, " the castle usually so empty? I understand you mentioned that the King has 'broken' many of those here, but there seems to be a bit more to it.
Or at least I would guess, anyway." Her tail stopped its flicking for a moment before she went onto her second question, "The second question is, and forgive me if I come across ignorant or rude, but it was rumored that the Queen of this land was a Dragon." She chuckled what seemed nervously, but this was just for show, "Surely a woman such as yourself, in all your wondrous beauty, are not a legitimate Dragon.. History from my understanding has shown us that those mighty creatures passed into legend millennia ago.."

AnayaLast Thursday at 12:42 PM
Hearing the girl state her case Anaya relaxed slightly, And when the girl showed her ears and tail the woman did not seem bugged by the cat, she had many workers and many of them wer races you did not see all the time and maybe a cat would be a good hand to get into the places humans could nit seem to manage with. “yes I know it is rather empty, it is unsettling how empty it is with my mate gone to see our eldest daughter at her castle and home and my daughter demanding to go with her father this place is lacking there voices and the drama that tends to go with them. Samuel with his vendors and antics and Noki with her running around to make sure slaves are kept well and the humans are not missing, or simply playing loudly she has the body of a teenager now but still has the mind of a hatched 2 year old" she gave a slight chuckle and let the girl go on about her services and being able to be Nokis care taker, it was a hard job help before the girl had left they lost three maids due to a fit of rage the poor girl had, one maid was still in the medical wing and the other two dead…but Anaya was not going to talk about exactly what happened the cat woman would find out on her own surely. It will be a chalange yo ve her caretaker she is rather strong willed and easy to temper when told no and is stronger then she used to be. But if you are stern with her and get over the whole she is going to walk all over you at first hump you should be fine,
just be stern and dominant and she will fold. But yes we are in fact dragons and yes many have been purged from the lands due to land fights I have caught many myself for the land I hold and there are none other then my family on it, there are a couple hidden away in every area of the world but we stay hidden due to the threat of hunters, there is a large band of them staying in my own town for the next month or so and it has been thought they are scouting this castle to go after some.of the children as I hold three female children Ana the eldest who is far from here an elf I adopted out of my own slavery chain to be child of mine, xai an adopted white dragon of the north she is the youngest even if she does not look it, and Noki my birth born daughter and the true heir to the throne. Myself and her are golden scaled even if my scales are white and my eyes are red due to my deformity. She is gold like one should be with blue eyes like the sea, we stay in our human figures as much as possible or at times I turn myself into a large white wolf to walk into town unnoticed and check on my people best I can, some call the ability shape shifting,
and it is rather useful. One day you may see my scaled true self but you will see my mates first he does not hide who he is as he feels it is under him to do so and he wants the hunters to try for his hide, he is not a true dragon he is a grand wyvern sp je can be far more fast to anger and a war monger at times. But other dragons don’t come here from there lands it would be a fools trip, the only dragons other then us that are here are ones wanting to fight for land and food or ones so lost they don’t know what they walked into.” She paused a second to think on how to best word what would come from her lips to not worry the girl “yes the king as said is a wyvern they are very temperamental beasts, he enjoys…enjoying the staff around the castle but due to his toxin he tends to kill almost everything his bear skin touches. Wyverns are extremely toxic so much so as some parts call them the scorpions of dragons with there tail holding toxic bards and there skin and blood being able to melt the skin off any race that comes in contact with it. But he has gloves and garments to protect some and myself and daughters are immune a d if you end up being a valued part of the castle I will give you a pendant that will keep you immune wall it is around your neck. But that will come in time. Be it he trys to bed he staff or outright kill ones that tell him no or that he does not like the castle staff has a high turn around schedule, one of the main papers on my desk are guard and maid order forms and buying more slaves. And you can ask anything you wish and explore the castle the only places you can not go is to the underground door it is guarded at all times anyway the only ones alowed are royal family. And any of the personal study’s or chamber rooms of the royal family as we keep our things within“

DesdemonaZankokuLast Thursday at 9:37 PM
Seeing the Queen relax somewhat, she offered a small smile, knowing she had potentially won the woman over. Obviously she would be under some rather heavy surveillance for a time, but that would be dealt with as time went on. Hearing of the difficulties that the previous maids have had concerning her daughter however, this gave Desdemona all the caution she would need. Dealing with tempered individuals was not her strongest key, unless she intended to kill them, but she was sure that with a little time she could handle the teen in question. After Anaya confirmed that they were in fact Dragons, she inadvertently began purring, in both a mixture of curiosity and skepticism. The woman was clearly Humanoid, as she mentioned, but if there was in fact a way for her to 'shape shift' into a beast of legend it was certainly something she would want to see.. from afar. "Goodness.. Again please forgive my ignorance on the matter, milady. I hadn't the foggiest idea that a creature such as yourself still existed, let alone had a family of her own." Listening further still, she nodded to the woman's family background and types. Hearing of her husband and his being a Wyvern brought a bit more visible shock to her face. A creature that deadly living in a castle full of tasty morsels? It was a wonder why anyone would willingly serve here.
Then as she continued with the slavery bit, it took everything in her not to glare. Slavery?! The hair on her tail stood a bit more on end during this part. She couldn't help be reminded of her brief period in her own life that she herself was a slave and how she vowed to never allow herself to be that weak again. Forcing herself to calm, she continued to listen. Her ultimate interest was at the tail end of the Queens speech: the forbidden areas of the castle. She soaked in their locations and the potential dangers guarding them. This would truly be one for the books if she somehow managed.. Bowing her head lightly, she responded, "Yes, milady. I will refrain from entering these specified areas." Straightening, she tilted her head to the side once more before asking, "Is there anything else I may need to know before my tasks begin? I am more than happy to learn all I can to make an effective servant."

November 30, 2018
AnayaLast Friday at 5:13 PM
Anaya watched the girl, studying her eyes, her mannerisms, even her heart rate and breathing, she picked up most things and with fhe years she had under her belt it was not hard to read a person or room at her age. But she was not going to let the girl know she was onto her or anything she would sit and wait out what this feline would try to pull and see how it was done and react when the fine was proper " your main tasks will be regarding Noki, the princess so see if she is away you will have time to get accustomed to the castle and to your room. It is along the upper hall just pick a guest room and give me a list of things you will be needing to make it more like home. If you can not read or Wright have a servant do it for you most of the maids know how but the guards are not really the brains kind as we get alot of them from the prison in Millmire, lock your doors at night and if you hear screaming I would advise ignoring it. The castle does have ghosts walking the halls after hours most of the time late night screaming is just the unrested dead, it is rare for foolish people to break into the walls, the cultists fo mark up our walls with there hate and goats blood but that is as bad as it gets here normaly. But till the princess gets back with her father just try to relax and settle in it should be a week or two for them to come back so you have time to learn and get to know not only this building but the staff aswell. "

DesdemonaZankokuLast Friday at 5:41 PM
Nodding, she bowed her head to the Queen, "Yes, milady. Thank you for the opportunity to serve in your household. I look forward to meeting with the Princess Noki, as well as meeting your mate. I will do my best to fit in here, and please, if there are other tasks you would have me do until the Princess returns please feel more than free to call upon me. If you will excuse me, I will begin familiarizing myself with my room and the staff." Straightening, she turned and began heading for the upper hall as instructed. Speaking with one of the maids, she picked out a suitable sized room before claiming it as her own. Retrieving a key, she entered and closed the door behind herself, sighing softly as she leaned against it closing her eyes. "Well.." she muttered to herself, "..that went better than I expected. Congratulations Des.. serving yet another monarch." Opening her eyes slowly, she stared into the empty room, letting her mind wander a bit. "First things first, time to play the doting little servant, get to know the staff and the grounds.. then.." The side of her mouth rose into a half attempted smirk, "..then we will see about a few things." Pushing off the door, she began further inspecting the room, taking note of the things she would need or want. After all was said and done, she called upon a few maids to help furnish the room, looking for everything from books to small little items. Desdemona outright refused to let the maids do the work by themselves though. It was her room after all, and she felt it wrong to lay back while others worked for her. Especially if those in the maid positions were slaves..

AnayaLast Friday at 5:54 PM
Once all but her were gone there was a cracking on the other side of the wall. A tapping sound like fingers taping in a rot of rhythm.

DesdemonaZankokuLast Friday at 6:02 PM
Ears perking at the new sound, she placed one of the boxes she had been carrying down, walking cautiously over to the wall. First people calling themselves Dragons, then stories of undead spirits roaming at night and now a strange tapping on her wall? What could this possibly be about? Lifting her hand, she began tapping slowly in a universally familiar tune muttering, "Shave and a hair.. cut..."


AnayaLast Friday at 6:05 PM
The tapping got a little louder as she taped back in response. The taping turned to clawing with what sounded like a man's voice saying something over and over. "My crown, I need to find it, my crown they burned me, trolls raped me, my crown it is all that matters my crown this castle, the truth, no one knows the truth" it was words on repeat once ended it just started over repeating over and over the sound of clawing mashed into the Male sounding voice.

DesdemonaZankokuLast Friday at 6:20 PM
Her ears drooped in irritation. Really? Already? Rolling her eyes, she gave the wall a quick smack responding, "Oh hush up. Give me any trouble and Ill exercise you myself." Turning back to the task at hand, she began making the bed, followed by putting some of the books she requested away on a shelf. Once the empty room began coming together, she sat on a chair and stretched. Looking down at herself, she flicked her tail from side to side as she began wondering if she should request some proper castle like attire. "Wouldn't be all that proper to walk around looking like I am itching for a sparing match, especially with that Wyvern of a mate the Queen has." Leaning back in the chair, she began making a list of a few outfits that might be more suited for a tutor to the Princess.

AnayaLast Friday at 6:37 PM
When she yelled at the wall there was a giant BANG like someone had smashed a fist into the wall with much anger and rage behind it "MY CROWN!" it yelled but then silance and it was gone, more more clawing no more words just silance from the room across. Down in the main hall Anaya leaned back on the throne a maid coming over as the queen taped on the arm rest "keep an eye on the new staff member her heart jumped and breathe for quickened when word of the places she is able to go was brought up. If she is spotted going into said locations dont stop her at all, let her enter them freely and let me know. We don't need baby sitter staff geting there hands cut off for no reason" Anayas voice was darker then before her red eyes deep and filled with thought like she was not pouting on some fake smile and polite attitude for guests. "Yes my lady I will inform the other trusted staff members aswell about the new girl. Aswell as the order for you is to come in after dark as normal. The cook will get it and it shall be on your plate in the morning as normal" Anaya nodded to her words being sure to hear them clearly "good we need our stock we are almost out be sure to let me know after it gets here girl" the girl nodded "yes my lady" and then turned and headed out toward the dining hall " and oh afternoon meal is almost ready my lady " she called out before vanishing away into the room.

DesdemonaZankokuLast Friday at 6:53 PM
Walking out of her room, Desdemona made sure it was locked and secured behind her before she continued down the hall. Stretching and popping her back, she gave a satisfied little meow before continuing. Heading back downstairs, she trust her hands into her pockets and began looking around, interested in knowing a bit more of the place she would be calling her home. At least, for the time being. Nodding politely with a smile to both the staff and the guards, she walked back out into the courtyard. Leaning against a railing, she looked over the yard. They certainly know how to keep the place, but I wonder what she meant by the cultists pummeling the walls with blood and whatnot. Smirking at the thought, she shook her head slowly. How pathetic could any group of people be by thinking that something so juvenile was going to cause an issue? Pushing off the railing after a time, she made her way back into the building, finding a random maid. Raising a hand, she caught up with her a moment, "Excuse me, miss? Where might I find a member of that staff that deals with castle wardrobe? I assume there is some form of dress code for the Princess' caretaker, and something tells me light leather armor is not it."

AnayaLast Friday at 7:18 PM
the maid turned around her hands jittery as she looked like the drop of a pin would send her into a nerve driven fit."oh hi, hi, yes um, castle garb, well that kind of thing is handled by the queen herself or you can talk with one of the trustworthy staff, or some of the slaves have higher ranking then some of the other slaves, but slave garb is more there thing, um, ya go to Clare she is one of the leading maids, she sould be in the dinning hall serving foot as it is meal time for most people here. just go down the hall way three doors from here down, follow your nose it smells AMAZING down there, i think we are having while boar today, mmmm or bear no no no that was last night" her words wer ehyper and stuttering but you could make out what she was saying clearly, for the most part, some of it was jumbled but it was still english at least, unlike some of the other staff talking to each other in things like goblin or even some guards talked lizard folk and you could not see past there helmets so it was impossible to tell if they were in fact reptilian humanoids. the maid took her hands in hand and wiggled her fingers together looking up and down at the floor waiting for the woman to give responce, she was really a mess for the most part and it was clear she had something on her mind

DesdemonaZankokuLast Friday at 7:25 PM
Lifting an eyebrow, Desdemon reached up and gently laid a hand on the woman's shoulder, pressing against a pressure point softly. "Calm yourself.. I have no intention on harming you in anyway, if that is what is troubling you. My name is Desdemon. Just looking for a few answers is all." Looking over the woman's jitteriness, she couldn't help but feel slightly unnerved. Something was obviously wrong here, but she wasn't going to get anywhere with the maid if she was on the verge of a meltdown. She knew what it was like living the life of a servant, so her best guess was that the woman was afraid to even speak to others, even if they spoke to her first. Her only chance was to somehow gain at least some form of confidence with the woman. "Now, is there something troubling you that I might be able to help with? If so, please tell me."

AnayaLast Friday at 7:29 PM
the maid once touched looked up from the floor pulling back and getting worse, her hands twitched and she moved away to be out of arms reach "just go talk to one of the lead girls, i got things to clean, slaves need food, need to eat, down the hall three doors to the dinning room she is serving food, is a big woman with brown hair you wont miss her, she is nice" and with that the woman was gone hurrying along to do her day to day things some maids were very one track minded and needed to get things done anyway.

DesdemonaZankokuLast Friday at 7:38 PM
Standing there dumbfounded for a moment, she crossed her arms and sighed, "Well that was odd.. I wonder what THAT was all about." Shrugging it off, she turned and began walking towards the dinning room, glancing back over her shoulder at where the maid had disappeared to. After a few minutes, she arrived at her destination, looking around the dinning room. She was rather impressed with the size of the room, but instead of heading in directly, she simply leaned against the door frame, inspecting everything she could before presenting herself. As she did, she also reviewed what she knew so far. The Queen was in charge of the wardrobe, along with these lead girls. Glancing down, she grumbled silently to herself, knowing that may pose a problem. Perhaps it would be better to simply sign up for some extra work and earn enough money to purchase what she needed from the town markets. Receiving an outfit from a 'Dragon' may prove unwise, if she were to take Niv's advice to mind. A Dragon was cunning in many ways and she would not put it past the woman to place enchantments or the like on it. Enough eyes were going to be on her as it was, she knew that much, but she also knew it would be foolish to believe that a garment was the least likely a thing to have such small magics on it. Clearing her mind, she pushed off the door frame and began looking for the 'big woman' the maid had mentioned.

AnayaLast Friday at 7:46 PM
when walking into the dinning hall the room smelled of bead, meat and on top of everything else garlic and boar stew, it smelled wonderful like a massive cook house right at rush. the room was filled with tables, servants running around like chicks with there heads cut off and all sorts of staff, there were guards both big and small witch what looked like all races, some even had furry tails and large fur covered legs and paw, some talked in English others talked in elvish, some even talked in unknown and beast race tongues, it was a mixing bowl of all kinds in here, there was laughing and men with ale and even in the far side was a bear with a ale mug siting along with the rest of the people and looking as if it was enjoying its self stuffing its muzzle with meat and potatoes. and at the back at the large table near three empty chairs was Anaya simply siting back her red eyes watching everything and its comings and goings and eating her meat with one claw used as a stabbing tong to spear a meat hunk to put it into her lips and swallow it down. no one sat with her and she was very alone at her table but it did not seem to bug her as she had the normal look on her face. to the side was the cooks, one big burly woman with brown hair dressed in a tattered garb and apron stained and splashed with what looked to be blood and gravy, and some other men all the same large and small, with the same garb and stained clothing from working in the kitchens.

DesdemonaZankokuLast Friday at 8:01 PM
Ducking in and out of the maids as they rushed by to do their tasks, she glanced over at Anaya. Watching the woman eat was definitely interesting, but not enough to keep her attention long. Coming up before the large woman, she raised her voice to be heard over the crowd of people behind her. "Excuse me. My name is Desdemona, newly hired Care Taker for the Princess? I was wondering, after dinner of course, about speaking with you concerning proper attire for the castle?" Flattening her ears a bit to drown out some of the noise of the room, she watched the woman and waited for a response. Her tail slinked its way to a cup of ale a passing maid had on a plate, bringing it to her hands.

AnayaLast Friday at 8:06 PM
the woman behind the counter picked up a silver platter and placed, meat hunks, bread, a boiled egg, a hunk of pickled and salted ham with some cheese chunks and fruit wedges on the side of the platter, then she placed a bowl with some broth in it right dead center of the platter for dipping and eating then put it on the top of the counter for the female. "yes sugar after the meal rush we can talk about what duds ya gona have on, ya working as care taker to Noki oh boy love you in for a treat" she started to laugh as she pushed the platter over to her "go find a chair love and take a sit down rest ya bones, oh but don't sit by Brutice the bear, he will take all ya food" she gave a chuckle as she picked up antoher platter and slid it over to the next in line as it was rather rushed, lunch was a busy one and when once the castle was empty now it seemed to have more life then it could handle.

DesdemonaZankokuLast Friday at 8:15 PM
"Don't sit next to Brutice.. got it." Nodding, she popped a few of the pieces of fruit in her mouth, took the platter and moved along. Chewing them slowly, she looked around until she saw the Bear in mention and smirked as she swallowed. Walking over to his table, she took a seat next to him, taking only one other piece of fruit from the platter before offering the rest up to him, "Here Brutice, go nuts." Pocketing the piece of fruit, she took the ale in hand and sipped at it, her eyes darting around at the maids as they worked. Lunch must've been completely brutal on them. Hell any meal must've been. She wanted to help, but if experience taught her anything, assisting a servants duties would only have the servant themselves take fault and be punished. That was the last thing she wanted for a slave. Sighing, she simply went back to her ale. Enjoying its flavor, she savored every moment of it, her purr lost to the noise of the dinning room.

AnayaLast Friday at 8:19 PM
the bear growled as the woman sat down, then it paused as she pushed the food on the platter over to it and told it to go nuts, the bear gave a almost happy grunt and shoved its face into the plate the hulking body of the Dire Brown Bear shaking the table as it inhaled the food on the platter (Friend gained, you may now at anytime in need call forth companion Dire Bear level 12 it will fight with you in one fight as if it was a helping pet NPC, NPC info card will be posted on your bio card with details) the bear gave another grunt and moved its face over to the cat woman and licked with its massive tongue up from her chin up to her ears leaving her covered in thick rancid fowl smelling drool its own way of saying thank you.

DesdemonaZankokuLast Friday at 8:27 PM
A chill ran up her entire body as the bear licked her, the fur on her tail and ears sticking out as she gave a small, but surprised meow. Quickly after her ears flattened out and she forced a smile, reaching up and patting his snout gently, "No.. problem.. pal..." Grabbing a rag off the table, she began cleaning herself. Gain a friend and get slobbered. What a day it had been so far. Once she had finished wiping herself down, she downed the rest of her ale, pushing the cup to the side. Making an observation, she noticed that the dinning room almost seemed like a dungeon mess hall. Anaya, the guards and the support staff being the jailers and all the others the prisoners. Laughing at the thought, she sighed contently as she waited for the meal period to end.

AnayaLast Friday at 8:36 PM
it took about an hour for the craziness to die down, the bear had gone off back to its guard shift walking the grounds and protecting the wall, and most of the guards had gone back to there duties as they needed to shift change with ones that still needed to eat. but there as most places were some people passed out at there tables, some maids pokeing them to wake them up, one guard barked at a maid and growled at it grunting and getting up in a humph as she yelled at it and told it to get back to work and it left in a angered mild tantrum. after all Anaya did say that most of the guards here were taken from the prison as workers, whatever the reason that was to get prison inmates as protection workers was beyond most people. but in due time the dinning hall was clearing out slowly and the cooks had gone back into the kitchen to get round two of lunch set up and out for the next shift of workers. Anaya had also gone on her way back to do whatever she needed to do. that big maid lady came over to the feline woman's table and taped her hand on the table "sorry about that girl just had to get men fed or they would be ripping each other apart at the wall. so what was it, you want clothing for watching the princess, really you will need something strong that girl is a handful "

DesdemonaZankokuLast Friday at 8:47 PM
Watching the scene with the maid and the guardsman, she grinned at the sight, nearly bursting into a laughing fit. It was ludicrous to have prisoners be castle guard, but seeing as they were treated fairly, had a roof and three square meals a day, this was a much better way to serve their time than in a prison cell. Ludicrous in some ways, rather smart in others. Having gotten herself a few more mugs of ale, she was working on her fourth as the woman came and spoke to her. The alcohol was not affecting her in the slightest as it would make many more to do so, but she was so enjoying its taste she couldn't seem to turn down one after the other. Setting the mug down, she smiled and rested her head on her hand being propped up by her elbow, "So I hear. I guess I should just accept the fact that the Queen and her kin are legitimate Dragons, seeing as everyone including the Queen, continues to tell me so. Be that the case, I have effectively signed up to take care of one of the fiercest creatures in history, and one that hasn't even grown into her horns at that. I can only imagine that I will be dealing with a head strong, dangerous little teen. Perhaps I wont be needing more formal ware, but more along the lines of battle ready, flame proof armor." Laughing at the very idea, she shook her head and took another drink, "And what do you call yourself, if you don't mind my asking. I am trying to familiarize myself with the support staff as best I can while I am able."

AnayaLast Friday at 9:00 PM
The maid took a sit down at the table "Mercy, but to be honest don't learn names of most people, learn eyes not names, people here die rather fast or just vanish in the night for no reason, turn over rate would be high i guess is the best way to put it. learn eyes, if you see guest or staff with no human eyes mark them on list in head as possible danger. humans like myself have normal human eyes but like you has yellow eyes not human, you stronger then others who be human, you danger if you need to be just like many others. you know that guard got tossed out second ago, he ripped apart, i clean mess, a maid two weeks ago for dumping ale on his lap, werewolf temper and yellow eyes, he got slap on wrist and three weeks on wall to north side made him even worse temper, but maid lost her life he got harder wall duties, eyes matter mater more then names most of time. but yes yes dragons be rulers, many people don't belive such things sugar but when ya siting in your chamber room and look out to see giant white hundred foot monster with white wings and red eyes be the empress you start believing, and king 80 feet tall abouts and over two hundred long, both rulers greater dragons and you know some say Anaya is birthed from the first dragon, she is old old woman from days past, so much to some see her as a god and pray to her. and Noki is to be next in line once she dies, if that ever happens, don't even know if her bloodline will die or just be brought back to greater dragon god if true that he be her father. but Noki much less scary she not even big as cart yet, cant even down a horse but she does have a bad temper to ones telling her no, seen her father back hand her hard
more then once, dragons not like humans and if you caring for one keep this in mind, she did kill a maid not to to long ago, and ate it in center hall as mother watched not moving a finger. then there is other daughter Xei, little white dragon, she left home long time but came back recently, was in medical hall for week due to something, but is back up and walking now, is a white dragon the castle took in and adopted, gave her growth seed to get her out of child body to stop the hunters targeting her so now she looks older and has older dragon body but mind of a five year old. you got to know whole family as you be caring for children you will have direct contact with all royals, it bs scary job but queen will pay you really well."

DesdemonaZankokuLast Friday at 9:10 PM
Listening intently to everything Mercy had to say, she simply nodded along to most of it, adding a snort here and there to a few points made. This family she had signed up for seemed a bit more than she originally thought, but she had also at one point cared for Cave Troll children, so she couldn't imagine it being much more work. Well.. minus the fire breathing, of course. Slamming back the last of her ale, she crossed her arms under her breasts and sighed a bit, "Well, looks like I am in for a bit of a ride then. But, if I am well compensated, I guess it will be worth it in the end. Who knows.. I may end up actually enjoying my work. Now, back to the wardrobe I should get.. What would you recommend for someone of my size that would be both fitting to the position and ready to take a beating? I usually travel very light when it comes to clothing, so I will fully admit to not knowing very much on the matter, especially concerning Dragons. Hell for the longest time I thought they were just a myth, after all."

AnayaLast Friday at 9:29 PM
"many people think dragons be made up child's story to scare kids, big monsters that used to walk world hundreds of thousands of years ago but all dead now, do not worry, many people think this, we get you the thick heather garments ,. the kid cant breath fire yet but she has a hell of a back hand can toss full grown man across the room into wall, even in her human form she packs a rather large punch, but really she is rather collected unless someone tells her no and she goes all i am the princess i do what i wants. she try's to be like her mother in both looks and personality, witch just means on the outside she is stable , polite, justful, honor bound and a golden dragon and on inside she is a ticking time bomb. but a stern voice will get you far don't back down to dragon, you back down and roll they see that and react to it, dragons pick up body language and have very good ears. Noki will hear your heart beat in your chest and if she hears you fear even slightest she will walk all over you and go to dominate you, dragon just big smart animal in the end, in case of Anaya very big very smart, animal with a army and magic castle"she got up from the table "here i take you around castle seeing it still down time, you never got walk around eh, we do that and go to sofa room to get you dressed"

DesdemonaZankokuLast Friday at 9:40 PM
Grinning at the thought of being tossed around like a rag doll, she stood with the woman, shaking her head, "The Princess can try and walk all over my all she wants to, but she will learn very quickly that I can be far worse tempered than a Dragon could ever hope to be." She added a shrug, "When I need to be, that is. And thank you, I could very much use the grand tour. I know how to get outside and to my room, other than here. I assume I am going to need to know a good deal more than that." Following Mercy, she snagged a piece of uneaten fruit from a plate yet to be cleaned up, pocketing it as they moved out of the dinning hall. "There is one thing I do need to ask though, but I am not sure if you can answer it. I know Ive been given charge as Care Taker, but what privileges does that entail? Last thing I need to do is attempt to discipline a Dragon teen and find myself at the wrong end of dear ol mummys temper because I 'overstepped' my bounds. How did the last Care Taker teach the child before ending up as a watered down stain on the castle floor?"

AnayaLast Friday at 10:27 PM
She gave a light chuckle and started to walk down one of the hall ways. "well to be honest even if you back hand the girl or shove her down into her place if you can do it without causing her to bleed you will be fine. dragons respect strength, like a wolf pack, if lowest rung of ladder bites and beats the alpha it gains higher rung of ladder, dragons are same, if you tell her no, she tosses fit, you make her hurt to the point she curls her tail under her legs and even if family sees it they will respect you for it, see it as you did good and stood your ground. also will see you as worthy for mating but that is other story" she gave another low chuckle as she held her large belly and pointed to some of the doors along the way "so up this hall way is medical wing, you get hurt go here, got doctors and nurses and that kind of thing , so you got there and then up this hall way is the catacombs side doors, never go in there, you will get dead. no one is allowed down there if you go in there and don't get found out ya might die down there, big spiders scary place, only royals go down there" she kept on walking avoiding that door like it was sick and infected. She walked right past it and pointed to another door “the library and the study Anaya and the King have some of there paper work in there, you can go in there if you want all the big papers are hidden out of view but then there is the dinning hall you were there, the upper halls for bed chambers and things, and then the main hall with the throne area and things like that, do you have any questions”

DesdemonaZankokuLast Friday at 10:44 PM
Avoiding the door as well, if only for show, she kept up with the woman glancing back at it only once. Curiosity was her one weakness she would openly admit to, and this one was going to kill her either way it seemed. To stay away was torture, to enter was death either by the hands of her employers or whatever lurked down in the dark. "I assume that if I were to back hand the Princess and cause her to bleed, though I doubt that could happen all that easily, then I would be frowned upon? To put it lightly?" Sighing with a shake of her head, she shrugged, "I have no intention on hurting the girl, unless of course she gives me no choice. I am merely her Care Taker, nothing more. Make sure she is well fed, teach her what I can and ignore the rest. At least, that's what I have it in my head as." Stopping a moment to peak into the library, her jaw wanted to make contact with the floor. She had never seen so many books in one place before. It was like a dream come true. "Oh I am definitely coming back here.." Continuing along her way, she shook her head to the further questions, instead opting to say, "Lets get me fitted. I would rather be fully prepared to deal with a Dragon than anything at the moment."

December 1, 2018
Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Saturday at 1:15 AM
Ingavor furrowed his brow as he swept up a rather uncooperative pile of dust. The black tendrils of hair fell delicately over his focused eyes whilst his wrist moved the broom over the dust, which sent MOST of it into his dust pan. However, a tiny sliver of dirt rested in front of the pan, and no matter how much he swept, the sliver remained. "Gobshite!" The young servant cursed under his breath. He reached his gloved hand into his pocket and pulled out a neckerchief and wiped his frustrations away from his brow. "Rather stubborn, aren't ye?" He muttered to the inanimate dust. "No bother." The butler looked from side to side, and waved his finger. His telekinetic aura wrapped around the dust sliver, causing each grain to lift seemingly into the dust pan. Ingavor seemed pleased with himself and snapped his fingers in triumph. "Pesky dust! You can't defeat the help!" He smiled, brushing his hair from his crimson eyes, and set the broom off to the side of the throne room, which was now completely spotless. "Now, to get some bloody tea and relax." He took a single step before noticing the smallest speck of dust on the marble countertop in the Throne room. Once again, he furrowed his brow. "Ingy, you are never going to get a break." He whispered to himself, and trusted his hand out into the air. The doors opened slowly, and creaked closed after a feather duster floated through the air and into his grip. His telekinetic aura rose and fell whilst performing this act, but drew no attention to it, and promptly began dusting the counter. "Busy busy bee working in a hustling hive." He chuckled at his poor analogy, but then let his expression fall back into a blank stare, whilst he kept his pace with the duster. Ingavor stood in the throne room, ignoring the other beings in his home. That is, unless they tracked in dust. Then they would hear from him too sure.

AnayaLast Saturday at 2:57 PM
Mercy opened a door to the lounge, large sofas all with the best quality fabrics lined the room for many to sit on and relax, large images of what looked to be people hung on the walls, the art looked hand painted and some were very old, one in particular was Anaya younger, in the arms of what looked to be a man dressed in black and red with long black hair. Under it read the words on the little plack “I Will Always Find You, My Light in Chaos – Kaladrax Blackwing” Anaya looked happy and smoother, less edgy and less what she was todsay, then to the side of that there weas another large one of a boy aged about twenty five with a grown on his head, bright blue eyes and blond hair, a violin in his hands. Under the same as the other one read “Jeff DeLaRose” there was naother of a woman with green eyes and red hair labled “Lyric Fate DeLaRose” and then another of a woman with white hair and a blue dress marked “Isis DeLaRose” they were larger then the other ones, smaller ones with names like Scarlet, Kuro, Talon, Jacob, and some other ones all with the DeLaRose last name, the(edited)
same as this castles, some in loving embrace with what seemed to be lovers and some even with small children at there sides. The room held a warm feeling to it a sort of home feeling to it, like it was different then the rest of the castle it had this aura around it that just made you want to sink into the satin pillows on each sofa. “alright, so there is a washroom here, be careful the sink rocks so don't lean on it and we can grab some garments out of the wardrobe, or you can strip here i don't mind and we can get some fitted onto your body. And even if you make Noki bleed here mother and father may do nothing about it, as said love dragons respect strength, they will kill ya if you don't stand up to the girl weakness is not dwelt with around dis parts, if i was in your boots i would be more harsh then loving with the girl for sure at least then she wont try to dominate you and use you as a toy.”

DesdemonaZankokuLast Saturday at 4:07 PM
As they entered the room, Desdemona looked around at the sofas first, only being able to name a few of the materials that were used to make them. Learning of fine fabrics was never something that truly interested her, but once she walked closer to the couches and got a good look at them, she began to wonder if skipping over that lesson was a smart move. These couches looked like they would cost a fortune, both in raw material form and the finished product. Running her hands over the material, her tail began to flick back and forth happily. She suddenly very badly wanted to sit on the seat, but she restrained herself, knowing this was no time for it. Once she had satisfied herself there, she slowly began pulling off her leather, lack of modesty having never been a problem with her. As she did, her eyes scanned around the paintings, resting on the one of Anaya first. Noticing her happier look, she tilted her head, wondering first when this was painted and second what had changed between then and now that would harden the Queens heart. "Well, that child can try all she likes to dominate me, but I assure you I have no intention on letting that happen. She will learn that I am not a woman to be causally played with like a rag doll." Looking to Mercy, now with only the Rat Woman's gift dangling from her neck, she asked, "Which ones of these members here would be her children? I know I will be caring for Noki, but if my duties would include the rest of the royal children, I bet it would be wise to learn what they look like at least."

AnayaLast Saturday at 4:13 PM
Mercy paused as she looked over to the paintings and seeing the girl had striped right then and there it did not phase her at all. but her eyes did catch that pendant as she gave a nod "you have a charm of the leviathan eh, worship in the greater deep do you?" she gave a light chuckle as she walked to the wardrobe and pulled out some thick leather garbs, that looked almost the same as what the girl had on but were a dark chestnut brown and black with a light white trim. "there we go this will keep ya safe and oh the room paintings, Noki and the late prince Ryu did not get up on the walls yet, the family here, well they are long gone, it is more a memory room, then anything. times when the castle was less cold, this room even still holds the happiness that the whole castle used to have, you feel that warmth, that relaxing sense that happiness in the walls that glow, once upon a time this whole castle felt that way, but times change eh" she said as she gave a smile and handed the garments over to the female "oh and place that pendent into your leather, some people will react, harshly if they catch you, the god of the deep is not a smart one to worship to many faces, but i dont judge no, you worship what ya worship"

DesdemonaZankokuLast Saturday at 4:45 PM
Glancing down at the necklace, she reached up and wrapped her hands around it, her eyes moving back to Mercy. "Greater deep? Hardly. Some interesting little character in the market place gave this to me. Cool to the touch, but whether the story she gave with it is true or not, I am not sure. I will find out one of these days though. May give me a bit more of something to do. But I will heed your warning. Last thing I want to do is upset anyone over a little trinket." Taking the garments from Mercy, she began inspecting them, her eye for protective clothing betraying her claim of ignorance from before. She ran her fingers over the stitching carefully, nodding here and there as she continued, "A memory room? How often does the Queen frequent this area?" Her eyes returned to the paintings, inspecting them again and she slowly began to dress. If these were all those who had passed from memory, she found it interesting that so many Dragons were lost over the years. Being a fierce as they were, it simply caught her off guard. Returning to the garments, she realized quickly that a few articles were not intended with those with tails. Walking over to a desk, she searched for some thread that would match the garments color and a needle. Finding them rather quickly, she used one of her claws to tear an opening in the back large enough for her tail to fit comfortably. Threading the needle, she went about hemming the edges. After a few moments, it looked as if it had always been apart of the outfit. Finishing up with some final touches, she went and stood in front of a mirror and inspected herself.
She was satisfied with the outfit as a whole, but her ears dropped lightly. She sighed internally, realizing she officially looked like a member of the castle. The outfit was of good quality and she knew it would hold up, but she simply despised the fact that she once again found herself in the service of a monarch. Raising her ears to attempt to hide her internal self disappointment, she turned back to Mercy and held up her arms in display. "Well? What say you?"

AnayaLast Saturday at 11:09 PM
As the girl put the outfit on and was stitching the hole for her tail Mercy took the time to talk about fue memorys " Anaya is in here every day to every other day. She takes her tea and sits here in the chairs in silance with np one with her no one in the castle knows why or what she thinks about we dont ask. Some have even said they have seen the queen shed a tear or two but personally I think all that is a lie to get attention. Girls will say anything for the last scraps of a meal. I think Anaya just likes to be able to be with them sometimes. Be it the old mate she once had or dead children, sisters, brothers. Most of witch no one knows how hey died, some say fire some say assassins and hunters and rulers dont yall qbout it. But every day around sundown she is here and if she is busy you can bet ya gold coin she no gona mixs the next sundown. " mercy watched her toss her arms out and display herself "ya look fitting as part of the castle now. Be gona keep ya safe from dragon baby for sure. And earn a bit more coin good couple hundred fold and we can get ya some real enchanted leather to"

DesdemonaZankokuLast Saturday at 11:25 PM
"I will be sure to avoid this room in the future then, or at least as long as she is in here. I have a feeling interupting a Dragoness as she spends time with lost loved ones would not be a wise idea for any creature." Letting her arms drop back to her sides, she sighed with relief, at least glad she was as prepared as she was going to get. "Thank you for your help, Mercy. I am in your debt, as it were. All I have to do now is either wait for Noki to return with her father, or perhaps go looking for some side work to keep myself occupied." Picking up her original gear, she held it in one arm, tucking the Leviathan necklace under her top with the other. "Question is, when will the Princess return.." Heading out of the room, she held the door open for Mercy. "One final question though, if I may? Does the staff of the castle have a curfew, or are we allowed to come and go as we please, assuming our work is completed?"

December 2, 2018
AnayaLast Sunday at 2:27 PM
"Yes disturbing Anaya unless it is truly important is never advised. If you can ask me or another staff member if you know not what to do, all dragons can be moody and they are very smart more so then other races they can do things brings like us cant dream of. Anaya herself can even grant wishes to ones she views as worthy. She is the only dragon left alive that has the blood of the original blood line. But if you do want to ask her things she can ne understanding and talkative.," she nodded her head and started to walk over to the doors to exit opening up the doors to hold them open for her " but ya just occupie yourself till the child gets home aswell as you can be friend fhe ofher daughter Xei if you like"

DesdemonaZankokuLast Sunday at 3:13 PM
Nodding, she headed off on her way, bidding Mercy farewell for the time being. Glancing back at the woman for a moment as she headed back to her room, she smiled a bit, climbing the stair case. "She is nice." she muttered to herself, "Ill need to keep an eye out for her in the future.." Entering her room, she went about the task of placing her original garments away, taking another look at herself in a mirror. She freely admitted that these were very sturdy pieces, and she nearly looked forward to testing them out. "Befriend the other daughter, eh?" Moving back to the door, she headed out and locked it behind herself. If the other daughter was indeed around, it might be worth looking into. She had no intention on getting too overly familiar with anyone in particular, but a meeting or two wouldn't be uncalled for. Glancing around to make sure there was no eyes on her, she faded from the hallway, reappearing behind one of the pillars downstairs. Stepping out as if she had been passing by to begin with, she turned and made her way to Xei's chambers. Once arriving, she raised a fist and knocked, not loud enough to be a nuisance but loud enough to make a point.

Xaei (Iotah)Last Sunday at 7:31 PM
Xaei had since woken from her dream state, a little shaken up. The result of her unfamiliar abilities had yet to show their true strength. The young Dragoness had confided herself to her chambers, she still needed to heal after all and her using this... gift? Had indeed drained on the near last of her energy. With a headache, Xaei flinched when a knocking came at her door and the Dragoness growled, it might have been heard by the one making that awful noise. The frost dragon had a book held up to her face, long white hair was held back in a lose ponytail and her garments were that of a recently fitted and crafted red silk dress, that hung perfectly on Xaei's new curves. She stood from the large and very comfortable chair, walking to her chambers door and with a frustrated expression, yanked back quickly on the handle and with a snarl, "what... do... you... want?" Her pale violet eyes studied the female figure for a moment and she huffed. "If mother sent you to be my nanny, consider yourself dragon meat."

DesdemonaZankokuLast Sunday at 8:46 PM
Indeed hearing the growl from inside the Princess' chambers, Desdemona smirked. Wake a sleeping Dragon, fear its wrath, she thought. As the door was ripped open, she found herself face to face with a beauty. Tilting her head as she looked the woman up and down, she couldn't help but smile. So this was an adolescent Dragoness, eh? Well now. Her mother is something to look at even at her age, but if this is how they all look at a younger age.. interesting. As the woman snarled at her and posed a rather nasty greeting, Desdemona crossed her arms under her breasts and looked her straight in the eyes, showing no quarter with the Princess, "And a good afternoon to you as well, your Highness. My name is Desdemona, and nanny would be a bit of an understatement. I am you and your siblings Care Taker, not some run of the mill Nanny that you think you can chow on. Now.. shall we start again? This time with a bit more decorum fitting of a Princess?" She began lightly drumming her fingers against her arm as she waited for the woman's response. She made sure to hold the eye contact, not willing to let it drop unless she looked away first. A risky move, she would admit internally, but a necessary one if she were to establish an early and stern rapport. Mercy's advice will either prove useful, or rather harmful, yet I am curious to find out which.

Xaei (Iotah)Last Sunday at 8:59 PM
Xaei scoffed, leaning against her door as she studied the woman for no more than a few seconds. "Care taker? Well, my younger sister is not here and I am not sure when she will return home. And I am trying to recover from a certain... occurrence... I don't want taking care of. I just... want to be on my own for a while." She stood up straight, a look of discomfort in her expression and she placed the book down on the table beside the door. "I am not sure you will get much in terms of proper decorum here, but you are welcome to try." The princess hid a smirk on the woman's comment about chowing down on a nanny, maybe she knew about her eating one of the maids? Xaei wouldn't care to ask. The young Dragoness walked around the woman, shutting her chamber door behind her. "I'm hungry." And began a walk down the hall to the dining room. Her last parting words to the woman were, "my name is Xaei." If she was not followed.


DesdemonaZankokuLast Sunday at 9:23 PM
Left standing where she was, she watched the Dragoness walk away. Lifting a finger to her chin, she grinned as she rubbed her chin slowly. Well done, Des. Gaining her name was a decent first step. Walking after the Princess, she lowered her hands before herself in a polite manner, catching up beside her, "Xaei? Unusual name, but who am I to judge." Rounding the corner that led to the dinning room, her ear turned to better hear the woman, knowing just how loud that room could end up getting, "You mentioned an occurrence? And what would that be? One would naturally assume that for a Dragon to feel the effects of something that required legitimate recovery, the experience couldn't have been a simple walk in the park."

Xaei (Iotah)Last Sunday at 9:35 PM
The young frost dragon stopped walking for a moment, when she said her name was unusual. Giving a sideways glance, Xaei very quietly would say, "I did not have a name before I came here." And continued walking once more, eyes forward and hands clasped behind her. In the dining room it was relatively busy, yet not at the same time. All that were there were a few guards and maids doing their usual tasks. Still no sign of her father and sister, nor her mother. Xaei sat down at a table In the corner of the room, she neither cared for the fancy arrangements nor did she really like them. One maid walked over, asked what the princess might want and she requested a simple, light meal with a mug of water to wash it down. The woman, who had decided to follow her was asking her question when the maid returned, a plate of a few rare meats, small loaf of bread and a mug of water. "You may continue to assume, I do not wish to discuss it with someone I do not know, or anyone at all." Even her mother, it had become difficult to talk to her on matter concerning her ordeal and Relo. Perhaps it was part of the reason she had not left her room until now. Xaei chewed and swallowed quietly through the meats and bread, occasionally taking a few sips of the water. "What is your name? Who are you here?" The Dragoness asked, though kept her gaze on the plate of food. She'd request more before her plate was done, it seemed she was getting her appetite back.

DesdemonaZankokuLast Sunday at 9:51 PM
Taking a seat opposite of the Dragoness, she requested a mug of ale before returning to the woman, "My my.. you must've been in quite the ordeal if you are so stubborn as to not wanting to discuss it." Her tail began to flick back and forth as she smiled, lifting her hands in mock defeat, "But to each their own I suppose. And again, my name is Desdemona, the Care Taker of the Royal Children.." Accepting the mug she had asked for, she took a slow drinking, continuing to eye the woman, "ALL of the children, adopted or blood. Do take care to remember that, because I honestly have no intention on become a side dish for you or any of your relatives." Returning to her mug, she finished it off before handing it off to a passing maid. Reaching into what at least looked like her pocket, she pulled out a piece of fruit she had put away from the last meal, popping it into her mouth, savoring the juices. "Honestly, I would prefer to get along with you and yours, but I also am aware that I am not here to make friends. I am here to care for you, and I will do my job whether you want me to or not. Being said, if there is a way I could potentially help you with whatever it is you went through to speed up the healing process, I would be happy to." She smiled sweetly as she swallowed, "That is, of course, you are not so stubborn and arrogant to refuse help from someone you just met."

Xaei (Iotah)Last Sunday at 10:12 PM
Xaei did not really have much to say to that, she was right. Completely and entirely, and the young woman's run in with those who had been charged to take care of her, were not fond memories. "I just... don't trust. I have no reason to. I have things I must learn, new things and old. Are you aware of what my mother did to me? That I am in fact only... well, I suppose four years old now. I don't think I ever told my mother of my birthday." Xaei shrugged her shoulders and finished the last piece of meat. "You confuse stubbornness and arrogance with that of someone who has known of that, from others, for most of her life. If you knew what I came from, what I struggle to move on from, or what currently plagues my thoughts and dreams, you might understand. Ah, but how are you to know if I do not talk about those things, you might ask?" Xaei stood up, grabbing the golden apple that had been placed on the table before her by a maid. "A slave until I came here, a babe I could not keep, and a mate who is..." She trailed off, blinking quickly as her eyes started to fill with tears. "I came from nothing to everything, and still I feel... empty. I suppose I am empty now..." the Dragoness stared into the distance for a moment, the sighed softly. "If you are as you say you are... would you mind... no, never mind." About to ask the woman to run her a bath, she was quickly reminded by her distaste for ordering the maids around. "I think I will go to the bathhouse, do we have one of those? I do not actually know."

DesdemonaZankokuLast Sunday at 10:33 PM
Listening to the Dragoness, she felt a bit of understand towards her, but at the same time she did not care to share the fact that she too had once been a slave. She knew exactly what the woman was speaking of, even if she did not know every detail. Being stern with the Princess was only going to get her so far unless she added a mixture of compassion with it. Sighing softly, she stood as Xaei did, stretching until her back popped. Walking around to her, she gently rested a hand on the Princess' shoulder. "Needless to say your Highness, I know perfectly well what you are saying without you needing to go into too much painful detail, but we will work up to it I am sure. Time is the one thing I have abundance of, along with a good deal of patience. So enough of this for now." Removing her hand, she began walking towards the exit, glancing back over her shoulder. "Come along. If it is a bath you want, I know a few things of comfort that will do both your mind and body a good deal of good. A bathhouse will not offer you that, nor would it be quiet enough for you to really relax. I assume your bed chambers has a bath?" Stopping at the door, she turned with a gentle smile, waiting for the Princess.

Xaei (Iotah)Last Sunday at 10:42 PM
Xaei did not really react to the woman's touch on her shoulder, but it took all she had to not flinch or even pull back when the hand was raised. "I... Appreciate it..." The Dragoness looked down at the Apple for a moment, wondering where it might have come from. The colour was indeed strange and while it was randomly presented to her she felt... something from it. It would be kept for a later time. "Uh, yes it does." Xaei quickly lifted her head, having zoned out for a few seconds. "But um... please don't call me 'your Highness', Xaei will do just fine." Returning the woman's smile with her own, the young woman followed behind her and while walking somewhat at her side, looked around the castle. It had been the first time since she really let her eyes wander since she had got back. Not much had changed, except it was a lot quieter. She missed her father greatly, had he received her letter yet? Maybe she should send another soon. "Desdemona, that is an odd name too, quite a mouthful as well." She found herself saying, quietly as she looked at a painting that was hung on the wall, in the hallway they were walking down.

DesdemonaZankokuLast Sunday at 10:52 PM
Walking with the Princess, she nodded at the woman's preference to her name, "Xaei it is then, though do not expect me not to use formality when before your mother or any high ranking members of the castle. I may have my own way about things, but I will not go too far out of my way to break proper tradition when it is required." Laughing as she mentioned her own name being a mouthful, she continued to escort Xaei back to her room, "Then simply call me Des. Much shorter, much easier to pronounce. My name was my own, as I was not named." Looking up in thought, she grinned as she remembered the day, "I believe it was the day I had my first encounter with the Dwarves. Hiding the fact I was one of the Cat Folk, I presented myself as a simple Human, finding my way into all sorts of mischief. One of the smiths ended up calling me Desdemoriana, which he went on to tell me was one of the demi-gods of creativity and mischief. So, I took it, adding a slight change. Goodness.. that was so long ago.." Reaching the room, she opened the door for her, ushering her inside. "Now, you go ahead and undress and I will start the bath for you. How do you like your water? Warm? Hot? Scolding?"

December 3, 2018
Xaei (Iotah)Yesterday at 2:07 AM
The woman nodded softly. "I will accept that, I am just not really used to the title. I do not want to get used to the title." Xaei blinked softly when the woman mentioned how she was given her name. "I picked mine as well, I did not have one before I got here (Or Anaya may have given it to her, after I picked it out ooc, I can't remember lol). And she gave me her middle name. That... made me very happy." She looked Desdemona up and down, yes... She could see how her name might suit the woman. "Umm..." She thought to a time of when she was much younger, how the humans tried bathing her with boiling water when they did not know what sort of dragon she was. "Somewhere between cold and warm please." Xaei would say while walking through her room to stand behind the divider. "I do not believe I have met a Cat Folk before, at least not one so up close." She'd say while undressing, throwing her dress gently over wooden frame of the divider.

DesdemonaZankokuYesterday at 2:34 AM
"Seems we share a bit more in common than we may have originally thought." As Xaei seemed to inspect her, Desdemona lifted her feline ears straight up, curving the right to point directly towards the woman. Her tail lifted into an S curve, a soft smile coming to her lips, "If I didn't know any better, I would think that disappointment in your voice, seeing one up close." she teased. "My people are.." pausing for a moment, her smile seemed to waiver as she looked back to the tub. Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out a few vials, one with a red liquid, the second with a green. Pouring a few drops into the lukewarm water, the liquid slowly turned a gold color, the air catching a hint of oak wood and lavender, "..few, far and in between." she finished. Unwilling to think about it any further, she reached into the tub and slowly began stirring the water with her hand, the scent in the air becoming even more noticeable. Once satisfied, she shook her hand off and moved to the head of the tub, kneeling down in front of it and waited patiently for the Dragoness to enter. In the same motion, she returned the vials of liquid to her pocket, rolling the sleeves of her garment up. "Anaya must've been very found of you to give you the same middle name, not to mention claim you as one of her own. I cant help but wonder what that must feel like, to know you have a woman like her as a mother, adopted or otherwise."(edited)

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseYesterday at 8:01 PM
He sighed, pushing the door to his home open with ease, but not before wiping his feet. If Ingavor tracked any dirt in the castle, he would never forgive himself. He shut the doors behind himself and walked upright to the kitchen. It was nearing time for a meal to be served, and he spent his time talking to the townsfolk....again. He hummed a jaunty tune to himself while he grabbed himself a wooden cutting board and a large knife. "Perhaps Stuffed Pepper soup? Or possibly some drizzled sirloin mushroom bisque?" He muttered out loud to himself. "Perhaps-.." He snapped his fingers and grabbed an onion from under the counter and began to slowly peel, while also being extra careful to get the skin into the wastebasket. "I can't wait to see everyone's face light up once they try my meal." He then brought the knife down gently and sliced the onion clean down the middle. After he had diced them, he used a candle to ignite the iron stove, and placed a 30" cast-iron skillet over the flame. He let the pan heat up a tad, then dumped the diced onion in, then next came the reserve of freshly slaughtered calf. He placed the evenly cut chunks of crimson meat into the pan as well. The entire castle would start to smell like a home cooked meal. Next he grabbed some salt and pepper off the shelf and sprinkled both of the spices in, along with a few bay leaves. Finally, a pinch of lemon pepper, and a few sides of pig, to cook for the next hour over a low flame. He added sliced potatoes to the dish as well, so there would be a balance of meat and vegetables.
. He listened to to the meat and vegetables sizzle on the pan, and couldn't be more happy. "I should check on the other guests." He muttered, before turning to servant. "Make sure you keep an eye on this please." "Yes, sir Ingavor!" He bowed and walked out of the kitchen, and walked into the main hall. "Excuse me everyone! A meal will be served in the next hour! Thank you!" He made announcements daily, as if the smell wasn't enough to clue people in.

Xaei (Iotah)Yesterday at 8:14 PM
Xaei peaked her head out from the side of the divider and pouted softly. "Not disappointed, just curious." She'd say, while imagining how soft her fur might be. "I think the same can be said for dragons, few and far between. I am not sure how many there are. I only know of my mother and my mate. I'm sure there are many more than that, though." The princess stood awkwardly out in the open, naked from head to toe with her long white hair hanging lose at her front over her shoulders. She watched cautiously as the woman put droplets of some liquid in the bath water, and suddenly her nose was hit with the soothing smells of trees and lavender, for a moment she was reminded of the time she spent in the woods not too long ago. "I am not sure what she thinks of me, she has not killed me even though she probably should... So, I suppose there must be some fondness there, she did give me this bean thing that gave me this body though. I am not sure why... I like it though, it has been... Something." She said while looking down at herself, tilting from side to side. "She has been really wonderful to me, but I feel like something may be off with her, father has gone too with sister and it worries me." Stepping forward, she stopped beside the bath. "Is it okay for me to step in now?"

DesdemonaZankokuYesterday at 8:51 PM
Laughing at the girls curiosity, she smiled and shook her head, "Well, by all means, ask any questions you like. I don't have anything to hide." That you need to know of, she thought to herself. Looking up as she stepped out from behind the divider, Desdemona began purring softly, looking the now nude Princess up and down. She is quite beautiful, but heaven knows what they all end up changing into. "I do not believe anyone should kill you, unless of course you've done something down right vile. But, I do not see that being the case. Instead of dwelling on what may or may not happen, focus on the here and now. Be joyful that you have a family that loves you." She looked back to the tub, patting its side, "Some of us were not so lucky to find ourselves in the situation you have found yourself. Yes, do step in. The water should be perfect for how you specified it. The oils I have used are an Elven blend, intended to relax the mind and body, so I am sure you will feel the effects rather quickly. This should rejuvenate your youthful body in no time."

December 4, 2018
Xaei (Iotah)Today at 10:31 AM
The princess shrugged her shoulders. "It is the way dragons are, with other dragons. They are territorial, it is how mother is as well. It is a struggle I am going to face when my mate comes here. If that will even go how I hope..." Xaei pursed her lips, in thought. "I do not think I have ever done anything vile... I sort of, killed a maid once... Because I was really hungry. I slaughtered a few sheep while I was..." She trailed off, putting both her hands over her stomach, feeling the thin scar beneath her fingertips. "I do love my family, I am very lucky to have them." She smiled softly and lifted a leg over the edge of the bath, dipping a toe to test the temperature and then she climbed in, letting the water reach up to her shoulders. Xaei sighed happily and breathed in the soothing scent of the oils. Quickly relaxing, she closed her eyes. "Thank you, Desdemona, this is very nice." She was quite for a long moment, lowering herself so far into the water that it went up to just below her nose.

DesdemonaZankokuToday at 1:07 PM
"Dragons certainly are interesting creatures.. so territorial that you would kill one another simply because you could. Though, I guess in other aspects, that is like most creatures of the world." Laughing at her admittance of killing a maid, she shrugged herself, "I was told about that long before I met you, but to be quite honest.." she glanced up at the Princess and grinned, " really have not scared me. Transform into that scaly hide of yours and I might have reason for concern, but as it stands, you are just a cute little girl in my eyes. About as harmless as a pin prick." Her tail lazily reached over and wrapped around a scrubbing brush, bringing it over to the tub, "It was no trouble at all, Xaei." Guiding the girl into a seated position once she had her fill of lounging, Desdemona began scrubbing her back with the brush, while at the same time began washing her hair. Finding herself more impressed with the girls body by each minute, she fell in love with her hair. How is it that Dragons, of all creatures, have such delicate hair? This is damn near like silk!

Xaei (Iotah)Today at 5:15 PM
The dragon nodded softly. "Indeed. My mate could have killed me the first day we met, but that went... quite differently." She pressed her lips together and was quiet while the woman spoke, as one normally would and sort of daydream, as she recalled the day they first met. Xaei's pale cheeks turned a soft pink. The princess was brought back to reality when she felt something on her back, and smiled when she realised it was Desdemona rubbing her down with a brush. "Harmless as a prinprick? That is not one of I heard before, dragons are not known to be harmless. I suppose... I am going to have to work on that if I am to survive. Dragons do not tolerate the weak. I was hoping that my adventures would have strengthen me..." She sighed softly as her hair was washed, it was very long and reached just below her rear, maybe she would need to have it cut soon.

DesdemonaZankokuToday at 6:16 PM
Taking her time with her hair, Desdemona made sure to give it decent amount of care, finding it rather nice to work on someone with such long and envy educing locks. Looking at the girl sideways, she smiled and reached around to the girls front, beginning to wash from her stomach up, "Dragons certainly aren't even close to harmless by any means. I guess what I meant by that is you have strength, and when you are moody from what Ive seen, you know how to show it. But as it stands, Ive seen a more gentle side to you, one that is more inviting than the fierce creature you can become. I have no doubt in my mind that you could easily destroy an entire city by yourself if you truly wanted to." Her tail continued to scrub the girls back, inching ever downward as she got every inch, "Besides, you do not have to tolerate the weak by any means. You just eat them and be done with it. Sounds to me like the last maid you encountered was not of a tough enough material. I may not be your maid, but as I stated earlier, I have no intention on becoming your meal." After scrubbing down the girl from head to mid, she left the more.. sensitive areas for her to do herself. She did however reach up and begin massaging her shoulders, working out some of the knots she found, "You will need to tell me of some of these adventures sometime. You would be surprised at just how much someone else may be able to comment on them, the advice you could be given. Information is a powerful thing, and the more advice you receive from someone, it could very well be the difference between success and failure on said adventures."(edited)

MoonroseScarletToday at 7:54 PM
From the walls of the castle, in a room unused by many, a very irritated and dark eyes Scarlet lay with her feet on the wall, she had been stuck in the walls for more than a few days after being knocked out and shoved in the small space, she has been trying to make as much noise as she can to get out ever since, whoever did this actually used brick to hide what they did and they are possibly hoping that no one will know. Scarlet started breathing heavenly as she pushed on the walls "Ugh. I got to get out of here" Scarlet said as she started kicking the thick walls causing some of it to crack.

KaosToday at 9:32 PM
The massive gray fleshed mammoth of a man drug himself sluggishly up to the front gates of the castle. He gave a low groan and looked at his arms then at the door. He lifted up his fist and began banging madly into the gates with groans and grunts. The force was enough to make a significant amount of noise, but not enough to cause any noticeable damage. He would continue this until answered. When "greeted" {however loose that word might be here.} he would welcome them with arm flails and and grunts. What he felt would be an eloquent description of his epic tale of defeat, solitude, being ripped from nothingness and forced to live again, and even with his crippling desire to seek revenge, felt the strong compulsion to come back to the lands he swore to protect. The reality however was the glowing eyed beast flailing around could be easily mistaken as some attack and threat. He turned back out to where he had came from flailing a single arm with deeper more dramatic grunts. Before leaning back to the guard and patted its shoulder. It gave a strong nod to the man and then began to attempt his shuffle into the gates.

AnayaToday at 9:41 PM
Anaya stood in the main halls as the doors were being banged on then someone walked in raged and dishevelled, it looked like....rage but....what. She looked at it puzzled for a moment. It was a undead so in the long run she cared very little if it was friend it was automatically worthless in her gaze but curiosity got the best of the female and she wanted to know at least before she obliterated it “can you talk, who are you” Anaya was calm and she held a good size book in her hand a golden cover and some words that talked on holy magics. It was clearly a spell book to anyone with a eye for good taste. She tilted her head as her snow white hair fell in her face. “guards, be sure to keep an eye on it, i wish it not to attack or mess with any of the staff” the guards at the door gave a grunt in compliance and shut the door behind the lumbering oaf placing a large log over the door to simply lock it just for the time being till the undead had been dwelt with witch would be far from hard to do for the dragon made for killing such things.

KaosToday at 10:28 PM
It took a step back and glared at the book for a moment before answering, "Rrrrr...guh.." the creature slammed a fist into it's chest and a flicker of runes shimmered over it's arms, "Rrrrr..GUhhh!" It "said" again. It then began another epic tale of grunts and groans with flails and poor hand signing. It stepped back again fixated on the holy tome, he pointed in nervous shakes and hid his eyes. He knew he ran a risk of being disposed of, but he had to try none the less

AnayaToday at 10:38 PM
Anaya watched him, she took the tome and tossed it across the floor away from them as she walked up to him, her hand moving to cascade over his cheek on top of that helmet that sat on his head as she looked to the runes on his arms “oh rage, the choices you made, you might as well have shaved your hair to show your shame, you poor thing scared and worried about a book i don't need” her hand was warm, and, and it was getting warmer, holy energy flexed in her body as her soft eyes looked at him, eyes that only held pity for the poor male that may have not even made the choice to come back at all, but now he could not talk, could not tell her his story's, his battles even were he had been. “no more shall you walk nude in the halls and amuse me with your antics, it is sad you will have to fall like this, so far from battle and upon a side you cant win. Now it is your choice my dear knight, fall with honour and acceptance or will you just punch your way into it” her voice was calm, soothing really, it made the heart slow and the body feel almost like it was wrapped in a hug, a hug that just wanted to make all the pain go away and hold no malice at all within it. Her fingers ran along his cheek as they ran down to his collar bone he may have been a friend but now, he was just a object, a undead not fit to stand in her presence, it was foolish for him to come back here, of all the places to come back to he had to come back here be it home or not he must have known this was going to happen, must have seen it coming he knew she was a holy being, he must have known that but yet here he was standing here anyway, trying to talk her down out of it and tell her his story's like it
mattered to the dragon at all. She let out a soft sigh her breath warm on his face as she looked at him, her red eyes stabbing into his helmet slit as she just watched him, her other hand her fingers lightly glowed a bit of white, ready to act in case he made the choice to attack her, he would not be able to do much, not in his state, when he was a man he had more chance but now, now he was not even going to be able to make contact with her flesh, she was made to kill his kind, there was nothing he would be able to do even if he wanted to.

KaosToday at 10:50 PM
The creature of undeath felt the energy through the helmet. His head jerked faintly at the pain, "Mnnnggg" he stepped back. Accept with honor? He only knew one path to such. He huffed and turned to see the door blocked, "" He growled. He pointed to himself, the ground. He sat down and stood up, punched his own hand then made a sign of plea, "Ppp..p ...p..pluh" it 2as clear he was trying to talk, but something seemed to be preventing such. He stood again and sighed and bowed at Anaya, trying to convey the goal he had to fulfill and his desire to serve her even in death...or lack of.


The vixen gave the polite elven woman another nod once she took notice to her. From her past experiences, elves have not been the kindest race to her, although, this one was different. Her large ears would flicker to the voices of the two women that spoke. Her ears picked up pretty much anything that was around her, so it was hard not to eavesdrop on their conversation. She overheard the elf say something of a dragon. 'A dragon? Was there one in the city,' she thought to herself. When the elf moved tables, the kitsune's ears quickly rotated forward as if she wasn't listening. She didn't want to seem rude listening to their conversation. Her emerald eyes focused on the elven woman for a moment before she said anything. Why was she all brused up? Was the smell of blood her's? And again, she was really kind. Hopefully no one beat her into submission to be this kind. As the feline got up to leave, the fox too gave a nod back and then turned to the woman in front of her yet again. "Is it now? And yeah, that easy to tell I'm new huh?" the fox responded as she crossed her legs on the stool to get a bit more comfortable, her tail neatly curling in her lap. "I just got in, I was not aware that it was dangerous for fured races in this area. The feline seemed quite fine." She leaned in a bit to the table. "Anyways. I was looking for a room. You have one to rent? The paws on my feet are killing me and I need a place to crash for a bit."

"Ya she was fine this morning last night we had to stuff that girl in a room so her ears would not get loped off by the cult boys around here. You are a becon to the purge the non belive types they are a good sized problume in town so be careful. And ya we have a room it is not the best but it has a bed some itchy but warm blankets and a bathroom across the hall and chamber pot under the bed. And only ever see your kind a bit more north of here in the cooler parts summer here will suck for you gona melt the fur right off your back" she gave a light chuckle as her ears twitched a good amount of banging and cussing in a masculine voice came from one of the back office rooms "eh he is still pissed" she muttered as she turned her head back to the female "but the room is three gold a night, cheaper by five then the inn but a little less classy, but only a little the in still has same basic stuff but blankets not itchy but will give ya lice" her ears twitchednagein as the sound of a cause smashed behind that office door and she let out a sigh softly trying to ignore her angered boss and owner "so wear are ya from anyway got to be the northern areas on and chould ve from that island in the west that sunk they had a good sized population of fox demons over there" she tried to talk about something to ignore the banging from the battering ram of a man behind that office door.

Roxy's ears fell back and she covered them up with her hands as if she was protecting them. "Cult boys?" She asked. "What would they want with a fured person's ears? That's horrible!" She looked over to door where the feline had left. Hopefully she was able to defend herself. She hated the idea of someone's beautiful fured ears to be cut off. This was all new to her. This city, the people, the many smells. Maybe she should have stayed in her village in the north? No, there was a part of her that liked the danger. She'd always wanted to explore the lands since she was little. The vixen turned to the woman once again and let her big ears free. She nodded. "Yeah... Your cheepest room will do just fine... Im... I'm not the richest person at the moment..." Her mind was still focused on the fact that there were others out there looking for ears. She already was missing part of her left ear, she couldn't imagine what it would be like to have them gone completely. She shook her head to escape the images and focused on the person in front of her. "Yeah. Well, I'm pretty warm at the moment, but the longer I stick around, the more I get used to it. My coat changes with the season, so I'm sure my fur will thin out eventually heh." The kitsune jumped in her seat, her tail poofing out, startled by the sudden noise from the back rooms. Was that her boss? Is that who harmed her? How she got all those bruises? She jumped again with the next sound. What was going on. She wanted to ask what was wrong, if that person in the back was the one that hurt her, but was it best to pick a fight the first time in the city? It took her a few moments to focus back on the elven woman. "Um what was that? Oh... Yeah, I'm from the North. I come from a small village up there. Didn't like my life up there all too much, searching for a new one now."

Jiv gave a nod to the girl covering her ears "get a nice cloak a nice dark brown one you will blend in better that way and it will hide your ears and nose. There is a group around here that are radical extremists that think anything but humans and elves are dirty and should not exist. Last month they strung up a womans half breed child, human and elf, in the center of town. It had its face mutilated, hair scalped and its long ears cut from its head and placed in a necklace around the poor boys neck. There was a sign carved into the kids naked chest of the black suns symbol a sharp pointed sun in a tringle you see it and you are not human it sends shivers up even my back. And oh the banging is a angry boar. Gus owns this place and last night some black sun members came in and caused a good amount of damages and even threatened Gus they would skin him for the hog meat. You see he is a rare beast that one, an Azurian Boar Demon, there are not many of them left on Valeria so the Black Sun see him as a hell of a catch for sure. He has a temper and has not gotten over that yet, dont mind him and he is peeved cus now he has to pay a healer to fix my face due to there crap. But ya I will get your room set up for you you can give payment now or later"

The fox gave the elf a nod. "Yes, I will be sure to get myself one. Hopefully I have the coin," she said, her tail calming and curling now that the noise had stopped. "Though, I don't know what to do about my tail. As you see, it's larger than the usual kitsune. I might need a rather large cloak to hide it as well." She sighed and uncrossed her legs as she scooted in the table a bit. "I'm not 'normal' per se to the average kitsune. I can't shift... So I don't have the luxury to hide in plain sight." The vixen took off her bag as the elf told her about the little boy. Her shoulders were sore, so she gave them a gentle rub. Goodness this town was nuts. She thought she had it tough back at home with the occasional fights and harsh comments towards her odd looks, but here, there were people who severely harmed others because of their appearance. "That's awful," the fox butted in. "These people need to be taught some kind of lesson. Why doesn't anyone do anything about it? I know there's royalty that live here. King or queen? Some sort of higher up? Do they allow this cruel behavior in their land?" Was this just how the city life was? It was so different in her village, but this was the kind of thing she was worned about before going out on her own. "Sorry... I didn't mean to question the higher ups. Just still new to all this, so it's a bit much."(edited)
She continued to listen to what the elf had to say and she was relieved that her boss wasn't the one to have hurt her, though she still thought there needed to be something done about these cult savages. Could this be where her first true adventure starts. "A boar huh? I've not actually seen their race in person before and I'm truly sorry what the Sun people did to you or whatever they're called." She stood up and took out her coin purse before putting on the table and digging for three gold coins. "I'll pay now, but I do have another question. I need work. If I want to continue to travel, I need coins in my pocket. Does your boss need help any? Maybe some extra muscle? I'm good with a sword and even better with a bow. These sun people seem to be a problem for his business and to you as well."(edited)

She gave a polite smile as she looked over to the office door "well if you want work you can always walk over there and ask him, his name is Gus, trust me you will not miss him he looks rather...well he is hard to forget" she looked back to the girl "take your tail and tuck it around your waist line, it will help when you go out to town and to the shops and what not around here, and don't walk out in the dark after the sun goes to sleep, purging starts little after sundown, and they will attack and kill anyone they spot in the ally's, and really if the guards are looking they hide the bodies and no one is the wiser. and our higher ups are dragons, and dragons well they don't really look out for much more then themselves, selfish buggers them are, but at times the king comes down here to the tavern to talk to Gus in his office but we don't ever know what they talk about in there, hush hush you know, but you can always go bring up the struggles down here to the crown and see what they can do about it, or if you can do something about it with there backing you, at least them if you have to fight some people and one dies from it you don't get tossed in jail as the crown approved the slaughter. and if Gus will not give ya work they are always looking for guards men and servants but they as here and as most places do hire a lot of slaves so you may get in for more then you want to but it is not
overly bad" she gave a light chuckle and moved her hand as a tall glass vanished over behind the counter and appeared on the girls table, filled with clear fluid that smelled of lemon "here lemon water on the house, mornings can be a pain it will help with the wake up" taking the cloth form her leather strap around her waist line her silken garb swayed a little as she did, exposing more then a normal person would have wanted but the elf truly did not mind her body showing. she took the cloth and cleaned up the glass being sure to get asll the nit picks of grit from it and the bottom before slipping it over the clean table and placing it before the woman. "but ya will be safe as long as ye dont go out at night, for the longest time Black Sun members were thought to be Vampires as they are almost invisible during the day."

The fox nodded. "Heh I get what you mean," she chuckled. She had seen some strange fellows in her life, though she was one not to judge, given her life as a strange fellow. She looked down to her tail and curled it around her waist. "Ah. So like a big belt of fluff? Haha. It will be a little extra warm when I'm out, but it's better than being turned to a fur coat or whatever the Sun people do. I much like my ears and don't want to loose them anytime soon." Her tail uncoiled from her waist and she looked towards the woman again and listened. "So try my best not to go out at night? got it. Hopefully I can keep my body parts intact a little while longer." Her eyes widened when she mentioned the dragons being their higher ups. Things suddenly made a little more sense from what her and the feline were talking about earlier. "Dragons huh? Another race I've not actually met in person... I know, for being a traveler I should have seen a lot, but I've only traveling for a few weeks." She thought for a moment. Was it best for her to visit these dragons? The elf said herself that they were selfish, but in her heart she knew something had to be done about these racist cult people. The vixen shook her head when she mentioned slaves. There was no way she was going to be one. "Let's just hope Gus has work," she said. She focused on the elf's movements and then the glass that appeared in front of her. "Thank you... Uh.. miss." Her wondering eyes were now fixed on the elven woman's body as she wiped the glass making the fox's face get all flustered. She had to look down at the table as it was impolite. "Goodness.. well um... I do appreciate your kindness..." She stuttered. " I uh didn't get your name. I'm Roxanne by the way, though I don't mind Roxy..."

“Niv, that is what everyone calls me around here, it is not my full name but it works, and ya if you want work just walk up to the door, tap on it, and ask the man, he is grumpy but he is grumpy all the time, if you get work you will get used to it, and if not then head up to the castle or there are some shops in town just look in the windows if they have signes posted they may be seeking workers” the doors started to swing open as one of the normals lombered into the building. “Hey Niv!” it called out, a short stoe man with a large hat and oddly long fingers and hands, maybe he was deformed or another half breed or something, he looked odd for sure. “ya want Ale John eh” she called out across the room as he clearly nodded his head and sat down at that spot with the blood stained into the floor like it did not bug him at all “have a fun fight, was it that brute Bolis agein he got tossed out for the knife fight last week eh” the man laughed and banged his hand on the tabke as Niv moved a arm and the bottles and glasses moved over at the counter, the ale jug lifting from the ground to pour into a large wooden tankard and then hover its way once filled over to the man and plop down on the table, skilled telacanisis magic for sure and it really did help out when working a bar. “naaa Black Sun” Niv pointed to her face as the man shock his head “ya there was blood in the back ally this morn,
seems they were up to no good all night, Marcus was bitching to Gul about that” he took a swig of his Ale as Niv Nodded her head and then turned back to look at the fox woman “as long as you stick around large public places to you wall be fine, you get a job here you will be fine and if you get a job at the castle some staff just lives up there so are safe and sound black Sun would be stupid to go up there and fuck with the crown. And ya dragons for sure, they are super rare in the whole world but the ruler Anaya is one of the only golden scales left, but then again it is said she killed alot of the other ones on this world to limit larger adults from taking her land. Her mate is a nasty red Grand Wyvern Samuel, it is like a more angry sub dragon but he holds his own, it is nice to see him fly over the town he is giant and so is she, but she hardly ever shows her true self, i think it is do to hunters, the next town over Millmire is a hunter hot spot”

"Niv huh? An interesting but pretty name if I do say so myself," Roxy said with a smile. She took the glass of lemon water and brought it to her lips. She was thirsty, so she didn't hesitate to drink the entirety of it. "Ahhh." She licked her muzzle and sat the empty glass back on the table. "Alright then. Maybe this Gus is in a better mood than usual? Heh." She stood up from her seat and threw her bag over her shoulder. just then the front doors opened and a strange man entered. He seemed kind and was obviously a regular. Roxy gave a nod and listened to them talk. Again, she was informed that these so called Black Sun people were giving a lot of people trouble. She turned back to Niv when she talked to her again. "Hmm. I see. If this place doesn't work out I'll try the castle and then continue from there." She nodded to Niv in agreement. She knew dragons were rare and always dreamed about meeting one of them. The reason she wanted to travel was to see and experience new things. It was getting old doing the samething over and over as a hunter in her village. "Well, wish me luck with the boar, I'll talk with him now," she smiled and gave Niv a wink. She gave the man a nod as well before heading to the door where she heard the noises from earlier, her tail swaying behind her. Her hand came up and gave the door few light taps. "Um... Sir?" She said as she patiently waited.

November 29, 2018
Niv weatched her go and as she said good luck Niv snorted a chuckle but kept silent Gus would surely do all the talking for everyone. As the kitsune taped on the door you could hear rumashing of papers and a good loud bang of something that had fallen on the floor. Then some cussing in a unknown language and a couple well placed english cuss words aswell “who is it” a deeper male gruff voice belted out. But then you cvould hear breathing as in a calmer tone he was able to get out “come on in”but you could hear there was still a anger behind even the calmer words. Walking into the office it looked like the basic tavern batchler mess of a bar office, papers all over the place, dirt covering the floor there was a half eaten hunk of meat and bread on a side table and large amout of books some on and off the shelf at the side with a large wooden chest in the corner with a big bulky lock on it. Gus sat there at his desk, bright yellow almost wolf like eyes looking up from the desk and a face that was screaming i did not sleep at all last night “what ya want girl, i am in no need of ones service, if ya barking to get boned i will have none of it and you can go to the palace for your time. shut the door behind ya” he was calling her a hooker for sure, and he did get enough of them in and out of his office trying to get the owner out of his hard earned gold coins, or rob him, they tried that every now and again to. He looked back down his tied back white hair falling in his face as his muscled torso moved and he fliped a couple pages over. Documents recording last nights events, they looked like a load of chicken scratch clearly he was a bad pen man and organizer as well.

Roxy walked in slowly, her tail currling around one of her legs, her ears layed back to her head. She took a look around. It was filthy, something that Roxy wasn't used to back in her village. Her home may have been small, but she kept it spotless. Her emerald eyes soon landed on the silver haired male. He was large and full of muscle, definitely an intimidating fellow. "Um.. hello sir," she said, her nervousness taking over. "The uh.. the name is Roxanne and I was-" she was cut off mid sentence by the man as he spoke up. Get boned? He couldn't mean?.... Goodness, he thought she was some hooker. She looked down at her clothes, her pants a little tattered and her shirt missing a button. Did she look like some hooker? There was no way, how could someone compare her to a whore? Roxy wasn't going to have this. She was offended. One look in her eye and one could tell she was about to loose it. She was already tired so that didn't help any.(edited)
Roxy's fists closed and she stomped her way to the man's desk. "Excuse me!? I'm not some common whore looking for easy coin!" She yelled, a low growl could be heard from her throat. "You can toss that idea right out the front door! Woman can do more than just screw someone, we have other uses you know! I know how to fight!" She clenched her fists and shook her hand as she spoke. Did she just do that? Did she just yell at this man who could probably knock her on her ass with a single punch? What was she thinking? 'Good goin girl, you really did it this time,' she thought to herself. She quickly covered her mouth. "Goodness... I'm sorry.. I uh.. I don't know what got over me. I've just been sleeped deprived... Must have gone to my head." Gosh was she stupid. And she knew this man had a temper from her conversation with Niv. "Look. I'm looking for work. Not the kind of work you were talking about, no way. I heard you've had a problem with this Black Sun cult or whatever. I know how to use a sword and I'd like to call myself a pretty good markswoman. Maybe you need the extra muscle. Also..." She took another look at his dirty office. "You might need a hand in keeping this place clean." She stood there, arms straight, her ears pinned, her tail currled, waiting on the man to toss her out of existence.

Gus looked up from his desk, that out burst placed a fire in his eyes and for a moment one chould feel his temper, but...then he started to laugh, and one laugh soon got louder and louder till he bellowing iutnlaugher with three occasional snort mod laugh. But with bang of his fist on the desk he collected himself and cleaned a tear from his yellow eye. "When I took Niv as my slave and main worker she gave me a good slapping when I asked if she was some high elven where. We get all kinds of wnores in here you will see for yourself. You can be this places waitress working with Niv aswell as basic grunt worker and a scribe this place chould use a good go over and cleaning this room and the back room are a mess. All the paper work can come to you roxie you said your name was?" He stood up from his desk he towered over her he was at least six foot six and had a open chest and many scars "it is your fighters heart that got you this job girl. Weak dont fo well in a iron bar"

Roxy saw that fire in the man's eye. 'Here it comes,' She thought to herself. 'This is what you get when you speak your mind.' Her teeth were clenched and her eyes shut. She was getting ready for that hit she deserved, but instead, she started to hear laughter from the massive man and she opened one of her eyes. He was really laughing? What was so funny? Her ears returned to their normal perky selves and she gave an akward smile. "Heh heh... Ummm," she fake laughed, hoping this was a good sign. Her tail uncoiled and she listened to what he had to say. Wait.. that elven girl was his slave? She wondered if the term slave meant different in these parts. Niv got paid right? She did like the idea of her slapping Gus around. Roxy wasn't the only one to speak her mind. "Yes, Roxanne, Roxy, whatever your preference is sir," she smiled, her tail shifting behind her. Did she do it? Did she actually get a job? Even after that outburst? She couldn't be happier. The idea of being a waitress didn't appeal to her too much, but it was definitely something. Maybe she could prove herself to be more in the future. She watched the large man stand up and her perky ears went straight back down. He looked even larger for some odd reason and his chest... Goodness... Roxy was well above the average hight, a very tall woman, but this man toward even her. She couldn't help but to gulp, though another smile lifted across her face with his last comment. She did it! Her first real job! Her little stunt she pulled actually paid off. Roxy preformed a bow, in show of respect to Gus. "Th...thank you sir. It's an.. um.. well, it's an honor to work for you Gus. I promise to do my best and make you proud." She paused and her muzzle opened, her tongue rolled back in her mouth as a long yawn escaped. "I do apologise, like I said, I've not slept... Um, you mind if I rest for a short time? I will assure you that this will not be of the norm for me."(edited)

he sat his backside back down with a thump into his large chair, the chair rocking a little on the floor as he looked at her his yellow eyes bright as he scanned her body a little reading not only her body language but also bluntly checking her out a little. “yes ya can sleep girl, you can start be it tonight if ya are a night owl or in the morning when the sun comes up, the bar never closes so we get people in and out of here all day and night, and know that the Black sun do stalk the parts here, be they not fully banned from the tavern they do come in here and pay extra for there drinks, and nine times out of ten get tossed back out to the street they crawled out from. If they show up let Niv deal with them or any other human or elven staff. She can most of the time handle them or if needed take the beating they give, if they try anything with you come to my office and let me know, i am here or my house is right beside the tavern, you can come to the door to if it is after hours and I am not here don't handle there shit, if you beat the crap out of them really i don't care, as long as you are safe that is what matters” he paused a second. “oh and how are you with running stock? We do some delivery up to the castle and over to the other shops around, some of the things we deliver are but if you keep your trap shut about what is in the box the pay out is worth it” his eyes studyed her with a slight grin on his face it was clear he was thinking. And he was testing the waters how much of the business here would she be able to be a part of, how much of the real business would she have her paws in.

Roxy watched as Gus sat back down in his large chair, her big ears flickering to the sounds it made. As his yellow eyes focused on her body, she felt a bit uncomfortable, but this definitely wasn't the first time. Roxy was young and fit, her hips wide and chest full. She was long and slim, but there was power in her body as her muscles were well defined. Her fur was a beautiful red orange and her eyes like emeralds. She had thick black hair that reached her shoulders and shimmered in the light. So yes, Roxy was definitely used to wondering eyes, probably the reason why she felt bad for looking over Niv earlier, she knew what it was like. The fox sighed with relief after Gus said she could rest before she started. "Great!" She smiled, her tail swinging behind her joyfully. "I'll start tonight. I won't sleep long." She nodded, hearing that cult's name once again and she thought of Niv. She got hurt by them on a regular basis? And Roxy was just supposed to let it happen? No, she wasn't that kind of person. She liked that Gus carred for her safety, but if these Sun people wanted to harm anyone in the tavern, Roxy was going to do her part in protecting them. There was no hiding for her.(edited)
She looked back at the burly man when he asked about stock. "I'll do whatever you need done sir. I know how to use a carriage and have done it before in my village, so I can do delivery when needed. Though, when I start, I might need someone with me, just on the first couple deliveries. I don't know the layout of these streets as of yet, but yes I'll do it and if I need to keep my muzzle shut about what the contents are, so be it, I'm your girl." She continued to look at him as she waited to see if he had more to say and watched him eye her down. She had an idea on what he was thinking. Roxy could do many things if needed, but there were definitely boundaries. There was no way she was going to lie down with strangers, that was a fact. But she didn't mind showing off some fur to attract guests, that was as far as she would go though.(edited)

November 30, 2018
"Alright then tonight will be your first delivery then there will be no cart you can do this by foot, I need a box droped off at the large grey house with a bright red door. What is in the box you dont need to know about. Then come back here and you will take another box up to the castle, at the castle you will go to the back door it has a bell on it, ring it a man will open it give you a bag of gold and shut the door he wont say anything and then just come back here. Do not stop on the way to the locations and if the crown does not get there order the empress will have our heads as the order is for her personally. Go rest Niv can go over everything with you tonight before she clocks off, your room will be beside the one you were in last night. Let me know what you need we will try to get shot for ya but no promises" he flipped some papers on his desk and pulled out a paper with a list and point dots "just not down what you want to make your room more home for you and then give it back to me "

December 1, 2018
Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose12/01/2018
After finishing his duties, he decided to go for a drink at his least favorite establishment, and only tavern in town. He hated how it smelled of vagrant urine and greed. Or how Gus always made the same joke. "Come to clean the bar, butler?!" He scoffed every time he heard the man speak. The servant headed out the door and down the hill to the tavern. He noted how the air stunk of rain and the air was thick with smog from the black Smith, and charcoal burners in town. If the thought didn't disgust him, he would have gagged. He shook his head as he neared the bar. "Why do I stay?" He muttered. His hand pushed the door open as he stepped inside. "Hm." Of course, there was a drunk man in the doorway, asking for gold to get a drink. Ingavor had already walked passed the man, and sat at a table, waiting for a maiden to come take his order. He pulled his wooden pipe from his jacket and struck a match, igniting the herb in it. He breathed in deep, and then, with a large, work heavy sigh, let the smoke dance and drift through the air. He rested his chin on his balled fist, while his elbow supported his weight on the table. He decided to take this waiting time as a good moment to study his book. He pulled it from his belt, unhooking the leather clip, and opened it up to the place he had last left off at. The words were in a different tongue that he had spent a good time learning. He flipped a page with a single finger, humming a joyous tune to himself while he waited.(edited)

Roxy nodded real fast. Even though she was drop dead tired, she was excited for this job and it was shown all over her face. "Oh okay then. No cart. I like the exercise," she smiled as her tail continued to shift behind her. She was still unaware the distance and where to go, but it was still going to be in the city, so whatever the distance is, she'd be fine. Her legs were used to the walking, considering her travels. Roxy nodded a few more times as Gus spoke, acknowledging what he said. "Understude, I really don't need much, but I'll jot a few things on the list. Thank you very much." She took the papers from him and bowed again. It probably wasn't needed, but she was that type of person. She gave her respect to others when they helped her. Roxy turned around and opened the door out of the office of her new boss. "I'll see you around boss. It's a pleasure to be working here," she said before walking out and closing the door on her way. Her eye layed on the tavern and there seemed to be a few more people than before, including a lengthy fellow with black hair and nice clothes. She wondered why someone so dressed up would come here of all places. 'I guess there's a few who like to start drinking early,' she thought to herself as she looked for Niv to tell her the good news. When she was spotted she approached her, her ears flickering to the many sounds of the tavern. "I did it Niv. I'm your new Co worker. I guess Gus found some use in me after all, hehehe," she chuckled. "I'm going to be a waitress helping you and others as well as a runner. I better get a hood to hide my ears and maybe cloth to hide my muzzle when I'm out."

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose12/01/2018
Ingavor kept humming while his eyes scanned the book with intrigue. The smoke from his pipe drifted through out the bar, filling the air with a sweet scent that reminded him of cherries and Gilly Berries. He looked up from his page to spot the womanly fox walk passed him and put the door. They locked eyes for a second. His eyes met hers as she scanned the tavern before leaving. "Hm. Well. That's new." He muttered to himself. What was a woman like that doing out here? He thought long and hard. She wasn't a local as he knew everyone in the dynasty, which meant she traveled far. At least 2-3 days. On foot. "Goodness." He whispered to himself. "Long way from home..." Ingavor furrowed his brow and watched the door close. Perhaps this woman and himself would have a conversation, when she got some rest. From the 3 seconds he saw her, he noticed the tired expression on her face. No doubt. She was a traveler, and hadn't rested in some time. "She is going to run herself into the ground..." His conscious got the better of him as he clipped his book back to his belt, and placed his pipe back into his jacket. He couldn't just let her go out into town without help. It was a dangerous place after all. He stood up straight and respectfully pushed his chair in, before turning to the door, and opening it. "Excuse me, miss!" He stood outside, about 7 feet from her. " I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. I'm Ingavor Daggerbane. Royal servant to Queen Anaya." He bowed respectfully and lowered his head. "You look like you could use some help."


Niv looked at her as she ran her cloth over the counter top of the bar cleaning away the stick or at least some of it from a tankard that had spilled a little bit ago. She moved a hand as three large mugs glided off the shelf and hovered in the air as her other hand moved some liquid over the air and into them smoothly and almost like it was second nature, when really it was geting to be, her matter magic really did help in this kind of work and it was her best skill and what she used the most around here anyway. And really, she had few skills this was really the only magic she was mastering the rest was kinda on a hold but she was geting the hang of fire ball...kinda. But once the tankards were filled to the brim a little froth on the top as many liked it she moved her hand as they hovered over to the tables they were assigned to. One of the men waved and yelled a thank you but the others just grunted like men and grabbed the handles and clanked them together and carried on drinking as it was the norm for them. Niv did not seem to mind and she wiggled her elven ears making sure to see and hear if any glass was growing empty. Her bright green eyes looked over to Roxie as she smiled and nodded “oh good he did not rip ya in half eh” she gave a chuckle “and a runner oh? We will have to talk in privet about that kind of thing” her green eyes looked to the guest she had seen him a couple times now but alot of the castle staff came down here and really there faces meshed together most of the time. When he blurted out about helping her with the running Niv looked at him and placed down a tankard of ale “on the house and no she wont be needing help with that, it is a privet thing after hours” Niv gave a polite smile to him “anything else i can grab ya wall you have my ear hunny”

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose12/01/2018
Ingavor smirked politely at the elf and bowed. "My apologies, madam. I didn't see you there. I should pay more attention." He then focused on the two of them. "Well perhaps she would like to relax before she goes out on another escapade. I know it is not my place, but the poor dear looks absolutely exhausted." Ingavor then looked at Niv, whom he had met before, but had never spoken to her personally. "Miss Niv, forgive me for intruding on your conversation. It was quite rude of me. I just noticed this poor lass looked dead on her feet. Maybe you can continue your misadventures in the evening after a nice meal, a glass of ale, and a few hours rest." He felt as if he was giving orders, and once again apologized for his butting in. "I'm sorry ladies. I just couldn't live with myself if I didn't offer my service." He then smiled and pulled out 15 gold pieces. "This should cover the cost of a nice meal and a few glasses of Mead. " Ingavor motioned toward the fox woman. "For the lady. It's the least I can offer. Miss-...Nivera? Is it? Please keep what ever is left over from this as a tip and as a token of my appreciation."

Roxy shook her head and chuckled. "No, he did not," she stated. "I sense he's a good guy at heart, though at first, I thought he was going to rip me in half. He called me a hooker technically, thought I was there to whore around and get easy coin. Hahaha... I may have told him off, but I guess he liked my spirit." She gave Niv a nod. She couldn't wait to get started on being a runner and taking a look around the city. "Yes, of course. I was gonna take a nap first and th-" just then the well dressed stranger approached them and her big ears flickered towards his direction first before she turned. "Oh.. uh hello there," she said in a confused tone. What did he want? He definitely looked snazzy and educated since she saw him with a book. Was he some sort of higher up? What did he want with her? Her questions were soon answered. "Ohhh. That explains your attire." She stuck out her hand for him to shake. "The names Roxanne, but Roxy is just fine. Nice to meet you Ingavor." She didn't know what to say about his question. She wouldn't mind the help, but it wasn't her place. After all, Gus sounded like what she was delivering was hush hush. Her ears moved to Niv's voice as she spoked up. Just as she thought, this was hush hush business. Roxy moved some strands of hair out of the way of her face and listened to Ingavor apologize to them. "You're okay. Thanks for your concern though. You have good eye, I'm quite sleep deprived heh, but yes, you're right. After some sleep and maybe something in my stomach, I should be just fine."

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose12/01/2018
Ingy gripped her hand with his, yet held it upright, and placed a platonic, respectful peck onto her wrist with his bow shaped maw. "Charmed." He knew this had to do with the shipment of pearls. Anaya and her habits drained the reserves quicker and quicker every day. Gus had this poor girl picking up Anaya's drugs and Niv was being very careful about who knew this. Had Ingavor not worked so closely with Anaya, he may have not figured it out either. He looked back up at her and let go of her hand, but not before studying her face. Yes. She knew as well to keep this quiet. He narrowed his eyes and placed his hands behind his back, standing at attention. It was clear. Someone in the empire had ties to the black market. Someone was employing Gus, and thus, Roxy and Niv. He sure did love a mystery. He smiled at them both, awaiting Niv's answers to his questions. Perhaps he could get some information from Gus or Niv. If Ingavor could get his hands on just a few pearls, he could finally get in Anaya's good graces, and perhaps, just perhaps, he could finally get her to open up more about the ghosts in the halls of the castle. About her children. About the Butler before him. He just wanted a history lesson, and he would stop at nothing to achieve it. It fueled his mind and made him feel at one with his home. Almost at peace. Intelligent Ingavor loved his challenges.

Niv watched them both her ears twitched a little, like spider sense she knew something was just a little a miss "si when done your shift start Roxie you have to be up when the sun goes down so it may be time for that nap" she wanted the girl away from whoever this was. He was a charmer and most of the time the murderer of the story had a smile on there dace. She moved her hand as an empty wooden mug and a couple tankards hovered over and tossed themselves in the sink. "So that meal right what ya have we dont serve glory food but we have meat and bread so I will bring that right up to you and Roxie head up to ya room I will be up with yours aswell ane we can talk just us girls" she gave a smile as she moved her hands into the air a quill hovered up and some paper that jotted down the order and then flooded its self into a small bird and flapped its self to the cooks area. She looked back to the waited her eyes into his she knew that look in he eyes of a person he was assuming shot a out there fine establishment ve it may be truth or not

Roxy couldn't help but to smile as the charming man layed a kiss upon her hand. 'That was a first,' she thought to herself. No one had kissed her hand like that. "Oh... Heh. Well then," she chuckled. "I guess that's one way to say hello." She put her hand to her side and looked to Niv. Niv was right, the more she stood there, the less time she had to rest. It was going to be dark and that was when she needed to be the most careful. "Of course. I'll head up their right now," she said. "I can't be dosing off on my first night hehe." She scanned Niv. There was something off, like she didn't want Roxy to be there. Roxy looked to Ingavor. Was it him? Did she not trust him? Whatever it was, Roxy was going to listen. "Oh great. Any kind of meat sounds good right now ha. Anyways, I'll head to my room, I'll see ya in a bit Niv." She looked to the well dressed Man once again. "It was a pleasure meeting you Ingavor. Maybe we'll see each other again." With a flick in her tail, the fox turned and headed up to her room, her ears flickering to the sounds of the floor as it creeked with each of her steps. When she entered her room, she closed the door behind her and sat her bag down next to the bed. "This is it girl. You're finally making some kind of living," she said out loud to herself. The room was small and plain, but it beat sleeping outside. Plus, she was allowed to make a small list of things on the paper Gus gave her, make the room a little more livable. Roxy walked over to the bed and climbed into it, her tail currling around her body like a big fluffy blanket.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose12/01/2018
Ingavor noticed the uneasy vibe and immediately tried to go along with whatever the bar Maiden asked of him. He noticed Niv trying to get Roxanne away from him without much hiding it. She obviously was hiding something which was exactly what he wanted. He knew no amount of charm or whimsy would say Niv's opinion of him right now. After all, he did just offer a complete stranger help, and give her and the other maid 15 gold, which is no small coin purse. He watched as Roxy began to return to her room and spoke out. "Yes Madam. Twas wonderful to make your acquaintance. I hope to have the courtesy to speak to you again." He then noticed Niv trying to claim his attention. She spoke about their food and drink, and he couldn't help but smile. "The world has ran on bread, salt, and meat for generations, madam. I am not a picky eater. It's actually one of the very few things I'm not picky about. I am honored that you'll have me in your tavern-..." just then, a vagrant, the same one begging for change earlier, leaned forward, and let out his breakfast flying toward the counter that Niv and Ingy found themselves at. It was obvious that the man had only been consuming alcohol for days. Before the vomit landed on the fresh cleaned countertop, courtesy of Niv, Ingavor wrapped his telekinetic aura around the sickening bile, and with his other hand, opened the door with his power. Then with a thrust, he pushed the disgusting liquid out the door without spilling a drop in the counter, floor, Niv or himself. It landed in the street with a stomach turning SPLAT! Ingavor then used his aura to lift the man out the door as well. "Heeeeeeyyyyy! Let go of fucking shit! I pay the queen's taxes! I can puke wherever I want, ya dandy!" The man cursed and kicked in mid-air. Then with a wag of his finger, he closed the door, dropped the man back onto the ground, outside the bar with a thud. He did all of this in 7 seconds flat, without breaking eye contact with Niv.(edited)
. "Really. Quite a wonderful place. I love the atmosphere. Now, Niv, perhaps we can start off with a simple glass of water and a salted meat plate. And maybe you can tell me more about yourself." He moved some hair from his eyes and swept it back behind his ear. "I'm not trying to court you either. My heart belongs to another. I'm just trying to make new friends. Besides, I have worked here for years and never spoke to you. Let me make up for it with some engaging conversation."

December 2, 2018
Niv watched as roxie left and she gave a nod knowing the girl was safe and sound. As the beggar came in and vomited on the floor she turned her face back on the man as he used his own powers to clean and move the beggar. She thought to herself on his powers and kept that knowlage stored in her mind. "I am Nov I am a high elf, I am owned by Gus this taverns owner and that is really it, I am a rather dull person and what about you then if you want to talk. " she moved her hand as a clear glass came over killing its self with water from the ice bucket being behind her on the floor. The the glass hovered up and popped its self in the counter and moved infront of him as Niv leaned on the counter top and watched the room keeping an eye on the people.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose12/02/2018
Ingavor smirked and shook his head when he noticed her own powers. Yet that smile turned sour the moment she mentioned that she was owned by another person. "Excuse me?" He coughed into a gloved, balled fist. "You're a slave?" He was obviously angered, and flustered. He never thought he would run into another slaver again, let alone one living so close to where he sleeps. He gritted his teeth. "One person can't simply own another. We all are born the same and die." He took a sip of water with a slightly shaken hand. "Bloody Gus." He muttered under his breath after his refreshing drink. "I'm sorry-..." She seemed like she didn't mind her situation. But he did. Severely. He was absolutely disgusted and repulsed by Gus, and now, even more than ever, he wanted to end his life, right now. It would be easy, he thought. Yet, there was nothing to be gained. He would be tried for Murder. The guards in the castle were different. Guards on death row. No choice but to obey. Gus was a free man. He contributed to the town. Anaya would not be pleased. He regained his composure and adjusted his necktie. Sitting up straight, he again made eye contact. "Please don't call yourself dull. The trees are dull. Grass is dull. The dead who roam the Dead Wood are dull. You are an individual. What was your life like before-...this place?"

Niv could see the rage in his eyes, the i don't like that look on his face, she gave a chuckle as she picked up a dirty glass and cleaned it with the cloth that was on a leather rope around her waist line "yes i am a slave, i was sold just outside of Firedoor to Gus when i was twelve, he has given me a good life and i care very much for him" she paused a second, leaving something about things out of the talk "my life before the Snorting Boar, well really i don't know much about it, i was a slave, Gus told me i had always been one and really i don't remember anything else from back then, i guess i was born a slave, my family were slaves, the hole normal thing around this world. and if you dislike slaves why do you work for a castle that is known for having a large part of the staff as slaves and prison inmates?" she tilted her head it was a valid thing to wonder about, he worked for basicly a slavers dream haven, and the castle was not known for keeping there slaves fed or healthy like Gus at least kept Niv.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose12/02/2018
He sighed a breathe of relief. " I'm glad he is good to you." He looked up and listened intently to her speak. He nodded along, as if saying 'go on', when she paused. She spoke of her family, and how she only remembered certain parts. Then she asked the golden question. Why did he work for the castle? He let out a slow sigh and nodded. 'Fair question." He took a large gulp of water, and gently wiped his mouth with his handkerchief. "I belonged to a noble family...or-... the remainder of one. When I was 15, my family and I were taken from our home and stripped of our titles. My father hid his valuables in our home in his panic room. He was smart...always. " he paused for a split second before getting back on track. "We were sold to to Firedor Castle, where the lord sent me and my father to fight in his up coming war, and my mother got sent to the kitchen...and my sister. To the brothel." He looked away from her. "She was only 8 years old. They said my mother was to old and they needed a new girl, so my sister was chosen. She only lasted a week..." he looked at the floorboards, keeping his quiet tone consistent. "My mother took her own life-... after an entire fleet of men had their way with her. They said she was to old-...but they kept coming. The last guard informed her of my little sister's demise and that pushed her over the edge. She killed the guard-...then slit her own throat with his sword." He paused. "I survived the war and Father-...fought beautifully but was overpowered before I could help him. The killed him right in front of me. They cut his head from his shoulders and held it by the hair in front of my face. The only reason I survived was because something awoke within me and I was able to escape. I many men. Firedor and enemy. I ran and returned home. I had nothing.(edited)
My home was burned to the ground except our valuables, and my father's spell book. I took all that I could and found The Queen after months of travel. She pitied me and took me in. And in return, I serve her as her royal family servant. I'm a free man, but I choose to work. The prisoners are all evil souls and will die anyway. The other slaves-...I feed them when I can. I cook the meals, and give what's left to those who need it. The queen-...has a good heart. Somewhere. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't be sitting here."

Niv nodded her head as she cleaned the cup some more before poping it back down on the ledge behind her. Many people had dark saddening tails and his was his own and she respected that and would not have him explain more then needed to. “they have girls that age down at the brothel in town, some are slaves some are not, they just have to work to feed there family's and really the brothel is the only place that will take on anyone that age, the castle is the only place that takes in big numbers and they dont take kids after...things fell apart with Anayas one Son Ryu, sad day that was, the castle looked so dark that night, not a single light up a top the hill. It was almost like the day that one eldest prince left, god forgot his name” she moved and grabbed another glass from that ledge and kept repeating the steps to clean it with her cloth. “but the girls over there made there choices, Ok well some did anyway some were just bought and do there things high off there ass on white sugar (what cocaine is in the lands) it is a rare thing but it is there for sure, even if no one can prove it” she gave a chuckle more then likely saying way to much already, she shock her head as she cleaned the rim of the glass. “well at least you have a roof and shelter and a dragon watching over you, this bar has Gus and many in town fear him with good reason but since his daughter died, he does not do much other then hang in his office, drink and go home across the road.” she put the glass down on the ledge again and then turned back to him leaning foreword putting her elbows on the counter to show off her assets in her little silks.

December 3, 2018
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He listened to her speak and nodded along until she mentioned the eldest prince. "Jeff Lyvix DeLaRose." He smiled. "According to the songs sung about him, he was kind hearted, and brave. He saved so many lives and killed so many of our enemies. He died in a fire saving townsfolk. The queen said that he died-...a true dragon. Her sister Also died In that fire. Isis DeLaRose." He changed the subject, trying to get the thought of there being children working the brothels out of his head. He couldn't get into trouble, and if he paid attention to the brothel, there would be trouble. "I'm sorry Niv." He stood up, and pushed his stool in. "I must return to work. Always busy, I'm afraid." He turned toward to door. "Thank you for your service. I hope to meet you again. " he then pushed the door open and walked back up to the castle to proceed throughout his day.

Ingavor has returned to the Castle and left the Tavern
Time Jump - 6:00 P.M.

The vagrant from earlier lifted his hungover body from the ground with a groan. "Fuckin' hells." His head pounded remorselessly as he pushed the door open and plopped down at his usual spot. "Wench! Ale! " He shouted, slamming a silver down on the counter. "Make it quick before me 'ead explodes!"

FoxyRoxyLast Monday at 3:28 PM
Roxy was sprawled out on the itchy bed, her tail hanging off as it twiched, her chest rising and falling with each of her breaths. Her large ears twiched naturally to the many sounds from the tavern. Then suddenly, she jumped. The man yelling for ale had awakened her. It was as if there was no barrier between her and the bar to block the noise. She could hear every sound. "Ugh.." she growned as she sat up. Her hands came up and rubbed some of the sleep out before standing. By the looks of the sun light out her window, it seemed to be approaching sundown. "Should probably get started, by the sounds of things, they might need help," she said out loud to her self as she stretch her limbs. It wasn't the worst sleep she got, but it was definitely uncomfortable. A good blanket would be the first thing on her list of things to ask for. After a good stretch, she picked up her bag and placed it on her bed so she could look through it. She took out a pair of nicer brown pants than the ones she had on along with a white shirt and black vest. It was nothing too fancy by any means, but it was all she had.
Once Roxy was dressed, she made her way out of her room and downstairs to the tavern, her tail swaying behind her with each step. The tavern was now pretty busy, a lot busier than it was earlier and of course there were already drunks, including the one demanding for ale. 'Well, you knew what you were getting into,' she thought to herself. She began to scan the room for Niv and ask if she needed help, though she wasn't insight. She still hadn't met any of the other crew members, so she didn't know who were the workers and who were not. "Goodness, I really don't know the first thing to do," she said to herself. She headed over behind the bar and to the man demanding for another drink, her ears flat against her head, worried she might fail on her first night. "Alright, alright, calm down sir," Roxy said to the man. "I'll get your ale!" She turned around to the many bottles and glasses. What was the right amount? Was she supposed to give him a bottle or a small glass?

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Monday at 8:17 PM
The man looked impatient and angry. "Don't fookin' tell me wha' ta' do, Lass. Just give me a fookin' drink!" He hawked a ball of spit into the metal pot next to every table, in case patrons felt sick. "Where the fook does a slave get off on tellin me wha' the Fook ta do!" He smiled a near toothless smile. "I never fooked a fox. How much?" The man was in his 50s, yet very wrinkled and dirty. He stunk of drink and vomit. But he had coin. "Why Don' I go ask Ol' Gus how much you are, you pretty li'l thing." He gave a raspy laugh and watched her 'tail' move when she walked. "You eva been wit a real man?" He chortled and wheezed. As if he had made the entire bar laugh. He slapped down 5 more silver. The few other patrons didn't seem amused. "Shut the hells up, old man!" A deep voice rang out from a table, 4 away from him. "Just let me drink in peace." A rather scruffy looking farmer brought a glass to his lips and drank. "Leave the wench alone. " "Fook ya, ya fookin shite. You're just a fookin pig farmer!" "I used to be a soldier, so if you don't be quiet, I'll kill you where you sit." The old man stood up and drew a blade. "Try it, ya silly fooker!" Things were getting out of hand fast.

FoxyRoxyLast Monday at 8:45 PM
Roxy kept her head turned the other way as she was rolling her eyes. 'I'll "fookin" tell you what I want,' she mocked him in her thoughts. "I'm getting it!" She said with some temper. She gave up on figuring out on the quantity she was supposed to give the man and just filled a mug full of ale. 'I hope that was enough,' she thought as she turned around. She put a fake kind smile on her face and slid the mug to the man. "Here you go sir, is there an-" the old man cut her off mid sentence. "No I'm not a sla-" She was disgusted by his actions and choice of words, but still kept her smile. "I do apologise, but I don't do tha-" again, cut off. This man wasn't letting her say anything. "Gus is very busy sir. He doesn't have the time to-" Roxy shook her head. A 'real man?' please... She rolled her eyes at the man. Her fuse was getting shorter and shorter with every word that this man spat out and it caused the fur on her tail to poof out a bit. "Look sir. I gave you your ale, now just drink it so I can help other customers." It seemed like the man was ignoring everything she said as he slammed down more silver. Then, another man began shouting. "Goodness, this is getting out of hand," she said under her breath. "HEY! OLD MAN! Sit your fuckin ass down! Weapons are not to be used here. You guys either sit down or take it out side. I won't have it in the tavern!"(edited)

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Monday at 9:18 PM
"Yes Ma'am. " the soldier nodded and sat back down. "Now you fookin listen to me! I will not be talked to like that! You will fookin obey me!" He pointed the knife at Roxy. "Now I fookin much is your fookin cunt!?" The soldier farmer stood back up. "Whoa! Take it easy old man!" The old man took a step toward Roxy, after downing his entire tankard and burped loudly. "Fookin whore! Don't make me cut yer clothes off and fook you with this blade!" The farmer took a step forward. "Calm dow-.." the old man turned, twisting the blade into the man's neck, causing blood to spray from the farmers neck. The man held his neck, and took a step back, yet the knife stayed in the old man's hands. The farmer collapsed and choked on his own life force while blood poured onto the floor. The old man turned back to Roxy. He trusted the knife at her, missing by inches. The poor farmer twitched and kicked, then gave a final, blood filled breath, and died. The old man took another step toward her with a sickening smile spreading across his maw. "I'll fook ya even if I have to kill ye! You'll stay warm for an hour!" He laughed and slashed the air toward her.

FoxyRoxyLast Monday at 10:23 PM
Roxy was happy to see that the farmer was cooperating at least, but that happiness quickly ended. "Excuse me! You think I belong to you?!" Roxy said with even more anger. "I'll say or do whatever the hell I wan-" like before, she was cut off. Roxy's fists clenched up and her fur stood up. Her ears stayed pinned and she began to growl, her pearly white canines were revealed. "This 'fookin cunt' does not have price. Now, you put that tooth pick of a knife away or I'll give you your own 'fookin cunt'." Her tone was obviously sarcastic and poking fun at how he talked. Roxy saw the farmer stand back up and Roxy shook her head. She knew this was going down south of he tried anything. "Sir! Please go back to your seat. I've got this handled. There is no reason to-" she backed up as the man got closer. "That's it! Get out of the tavern or you will be thrown out!" What was this man thinking? He was insane. How did he survive this long with the way he was acting?
Roxy looked over to the farmer, who seemed to ignore her words from before and it cost him. The whole scene occurred so fast that Roxy didn't even register what had happened. One moment the farmer was alive and the next he wasn't. She hadn't seen someone die in front of her in years and she was in shock for a few seconds. She didn't even hear the words the man said after the deed was preformed, but as he started slashing his blade at her, her instincts and training from her parents took over. Roxy quickly and swiftly grabbed a plate from her side and hit the man's hand that was holding the knife, causing him to drop it. Then just as quickly, with her other hand, grabbed the man by the cooler of his shirt and pulled him over the bar, so she had a better advantage. She then took his throat and began to squeeze, cutting off his air supply. The muscles in her arm bulged and the veins in her hand pulsated with overwhelming strength. Her grip was so intense that her claws dug in his skin and drew blood. She refused to let him go as here mind was already made up. This man was going to die in her hands if no one physically stopped her.(edited)

December 4, 2018
Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Tuesday at 11:30 AM
Blood poured over the floorboards, yet leaked between them, while the man got closer to Roxy. He smiled, so sure of his victory before being struck in the hand by a plate. "Fookin shit!" He screamed as the dish broke over his fist, causing shrapnel from it to be imbedded into his skin. He couldn't react, nor could he comprehend what was happening. She started strangling him and hard at that. His skin began to turn a deep red around his face. "Fookin-....whore!" He choked out, before feeling her claws dig into his neck. He wanted so desperately to scream, but he knew that he couldn't. He looked at his hand, covered in jagged broken shards of plate, and blood, and her leg. He tried to bring his hand down onto her furry thigh, attempting to get her to let go. The sharp, pieces that stuck into his skin hurled toward hers with all the strength he had left. If she let him go, he would drop to his belly, gasping for air while trying to crawl away from her. Then his crawlings would turn to frantic scrambling. Yet, she could easily catch him, even though he feared for his life and was doing his best to get away from the woman. However, if his attempts didn't work, and she kept choking, his eyes would roll in the back of his head, and blood would start pouring out of his mouth while he tried to pull her hands away from his neck, to no avail. He kicked and ripped and twisted and snapped and then, nothing. He stopped moving. His skin was a sickly blue color and his tongue hand slightly out of his mouth.

FoxyRoxyLast Tuesday at 6:32 PM
The words that came from the man's mouth only tightened the fox's grip. Soon, she began to feel the warmth oh his blood trickle down her arm and it gave her the urge to have a taste. Obviously she resisted that urge and instead continued her choking. "YOU HAVE CALLED A WOMAN A WHORE FOR THE LAST TIME!" she shouted, her jaws snapping at him. As the man lashed at Roxy's thigh, she yelped. He had ripped her pants and dug in her skin, but her grip did not loosen. "You fucking filth!" She slammed him on the bar and brought her other hand to his neck, now choking him out with all her strength. She felt his body wiggle and flail about, then 'SNAP' her tremendous strength had separated his skull from his spine causing his head to dangle from his shoulders. After a few more moments, Roxy finally let go and the lifeless body collapsed on the floor, the blood from his neck forming a small puddle. She didn't notice it till now, but she was breathing hard and fast. What came over her? She'd never lashed out like that towards anyone. Yeah she fought back and beat others up pretty bad before, but never killed anyone. This was her first. She began looking around the tavern at all the many faces. Some were shocked, but others looked as if they've seen it before. Hopefully, this showed everyone that she wasn't to be messed with. Nowat? There were two dead bodies in the tavern and she didn't know what to do with them. She looked down at her hands, covered in the man's blood. They were trembling, shaking with fear of what she did. Is she going to be kicked out? Her new job gone just like that? Where was Niv? She felt so hopeless.

AnayaLast Tuesday at 6:45 PM
there was a thud and a bang behind the back doo0r as Niv walked out holding two large boxs in her arms. "Roxie you up!" she yelled out not looking at all were she was going, but then she steped on something wet "did we have another spi...oh shit" she paused as she looked down seeing blood pooling around her feet. "they always have to be so messy, and this is the third one this week, bad week for gus, " she moved and put the boxs down on the counter top looking around the room and seeing Roxie, her hands with blood on them her knees covered to and then a second dead body with clearly strangle marks around its neck "hmmm well, um this sucks " was all she was able to muster out the words for, fox girl had stones.. she let out a sigh softly and looked to Roxie "you can explain what happened latter, right now you need to clean up and get this delivery to the castle. it has to go out tonight regardless if we have dead people on the floor, i will clean this and think of some story we can go on so you don't end up in prison, the scum bagger no one will give a shit about, the farmer people will notice. but for now just go get cleaned, this can get covered up we do it all the time" there was a good deal about this tavern people did not know about, but for now it would stay that way and sadly the little fox was in for a ear full later. Niv picked up the broom with her one hand and then used her powers to start making the broom sweep things away and at the same time start the mop on the job of cleaning up the blood into a bucket.

FoxyRoxyLast Tuesday at 7:27 PM
Roxy was pretty much in tears when Niv showed back up. What was going to happen? Was she going to be put in prison? Get thrown out of the land? Get hung, causing her short journey to come to an end. She looked up to see Niv's beautiful face. She had never been so happy to see an elf before. If Roxy wasn't so shaky, she would have gave her a hug. "Niv! Goodness... I... I don't know what came over me..." She cried. "I.. I.. i" her voice fell off when Niv began to talk to her and she wiped a few tears from her cheeks. It calmed her down a bit, but she was still shaken up. "Y.. yes ma'am.. Right away." She sniffled and started to collect herself, grabbing a rag and wiping the blood from her hands and arms. "I am deeply, so deeply sorry Niv. When this man killed that farmer... I lost it.." the real truth was, Roxy was tired of the old man's remarks. Yes, killing the farmer did anger her and she did feel sorry for him, but the old man probably would have met the same demise. She walked over to Niv and gave her the rag, her tail limp behind her. "Th... Thanks Niv...." She sniffled again. "You have shown to be a good friend." Friends? She thought she'd never befriend an elf, but here she was. Roxy knew very well that she wasn't getting off this easy. There was definitely going to be some sort talking to when she got back. "You mind directing me to a source of water? I doubt anyone will be at ease if they see a Kitsune covered in human blood."(edited)

AnayaLast Tuesday at 8:02 PM
Niv nodded her head seeing the girl in both tears and distress. she in a calm and collected voice "alright go out the back door behind the kitchen, there is a old water well that has a bucket and a pump in it, we use it for the sinks and things here, go fill up the bucket and wash your hands in it, then get back to your room and get a change of clothing, i stocked some in there earlier you will find a new change in the drawers of the desk at the side of the room, pick dark colors it is night time you are going to need to blend in were you are going anyway. " she kept the mop going to clean up the blood as it hovered and rung its self out into a empty bucket. she moved her hands as her hands were shaking as one of the bodies lifted from the floor. "not, as , fat, as , the , last one" she was able to push out of her lips as she struggled and hauled the body to the side of the room. she looked around the room the place was silent and empty as everyone had left when shit started to go down. and a large hatch opened up and Niv tossed the body down the hole, it made a thud when it hit the ground. "ok for now i can stash them in here, no one will find them here, and then i will get rid of them later" she then repeated it with the next body, it landing on top of the other with a thud and woosh.

FoxyRoxyLast Tuesday at 9:43 PM
Roxy sniffled a few times before giving Niv a half smile, her ears flickering to her words as she listened carefully. "Yes. Thank you Niv," she said giving her a quick bow in respect. "I'll get cleaned up as quickly as possible." She couldn't be more grateful. She knew if this sort of thing happened in her village, she would have been severely punished. Roxy took in a deep breath, gathering herself, before making her way through the kitchen and out the back door. She spotted the well rather quickly and got a bucket ready to fill. As she knelt down, her jaws clenched up and winced in pain. She was so worried about what happened, that she didn't feel the cut in her thigh. "Ahhh. That stupid dick!" She said out loud. The cut hurt more than it looked so she knew she was going to be fine, but still. She was going to be too comfortable walking tonight. Another sigh escaped her lips as she tended to her wounds. "Damn fool ripped my nicest pants." She stood up, satisfied on how she did with her wound and began to wash the blood away from her arms. Gosh did she hate getting blood out of her fur. It left it matted and gross. She would have to ask for soaps when she got back or buy some when she had the chance. Roxy was a clean freak when it came to her fur and would sometimes go out of her way just to keep it's shine.(edited)
After a few moments of getting most of the blood out, Roxy emptied the bloody water down a drain and went back inside. She took notice that Niv was able to get rid of the bodies by herself. She felt bad that she wasn't helping, but she knew getting the delivery to the castle was to the up most importance. What was Gus going to say or would Niv not tell him? She shook her thoughts away and headed upstairs to change. At least she still had her job, at least that's what she thought. The fox's hand fell on her door and pushed it open. Then proceeded to the drawers to find the dark clothing. She took them and layed them out on the bed so she could change. First came off her pants then her shirt. It made her a little sad that her nicest clothes were ruiend, but she knew in the future she would get more. Happy to see that her new clothes were tail friendly, she slipped them on. They felt nice and comfortable and allowed her to move freely. Once Roxy was dressed and felt like she was ready, she made her way down to the tavern again to find Niv, her face scrunched up with each step, her thigh hurting. The incidents were still being played in her head over and over, but one could tell she felt a bit more calm. "Alright... I.. I think I'm ready to do this," Roxy said, sure of herself. "Just tell me how to get there. I don't really know the layout of the city to be honest."

AnayaLast Tuesday at 9:52 PM
Niv had cleaned up the mess, fully, hid the bodys down that hidden hatch door and placed a closed sign on the door of the tavern. She was redressed in some nice tan silks and she looked rather nice and peachy even after everything she still had a smile on her face. “alright top box first, it goes right to the castle, the code word is peaches, go to the back door on the east side of the castle, tap on the door three times a man will open the door for you, asked what the word of the day is, if he does not say peaches turn around and walk back here, if that is the case i would advise putting some pepper under your feet to, if a person opens that door and does not say peaches it means the task is compromised and i will have to contact the castle and tell them there delivery will have to wait a day and we will have a VERY pissed off dragon. So do that, and whatever you do DO NOT OPEN THIS BOX and see the content, it is very fragile and it is for the queen and only her. To get to the castle just walk right up the main road path it takes you right there, it will be empty this time of night so no worry's, put your hood up and walk, don't look at people don't talk to people pass everyone you see, just walk up there and don't stop walking till you get there. If all goes well come back here get the second box and i will tell you how to get to your second location” (when posting, please post in the market segment as you have to walk up market street, and see what happens as walking) Niv was stern with her demands, it was clear she had done this more then once herself and had given orders to others in the past.

FoxyRoxyLast Tuesday at 10:41 PM
Roxy was rather surprised by the look on the elven woman's face. She seemed happy as if nothing ever happened. Roxy put her own smile and approached her before standing at attention. Oh and of course her attire was quite appealing and Roxy wished she had something like it. "Goodness, don't you look good- I mean um.. I'm listening," she said with a slight blush. 'Goodness, you just killed a man Roxy and now you're flirting? What's gotten into you?' Roxy shook head, getting rid of her thoughts and listened to the elf carefully. Every time she was done with a sentence, Roxy gave her a nod, showing that she understood. After Niv spoke, she did what she asked of her and put her hood up, making sure to keep her ears hidden. "I'll see ya in a few I guess," Roxy said as she took the box on top. She was nervous, but excited at the same time. She'd never been to a castle before. "Wish me luck." Then after tucking her tail around her waist, she went out the door.


FoxyRoxyLast Tuesday at 11:33 PM
Roxy left the tavern with a small hobble in her step. Like she thought before, this was going to be an uncomfortable night. She looked both ways on the long street, wondering if it was as quiet as Niv said it was going to be. The sun was almost completely down and the shadows covered the city. She had to be careful to keep her eyes hidden. They glowed in the night and would draw in unwanted attention, so she kept her head low. As she walked, her thoughts began to take over, first about the man she killed earlier. What was wrong with him? If he would have just shut his trap and drank his ale, there would have been two less dead bodies. She felt horrible about the farmer. What about their family? Well they ever get to burry him? Did he have a loved one? Maybe even kids? She sighed and looked at the box in her hands. Then other questions filled her thoughts. What did this tavern have to do with the queen? Why were they connected? Why was this dirty tavern so important and what did it hold? She held the box to her nose and gave it a wiff. Could it just be food? Just drinks? If it was, why couldn't she see it's contents? For a good time, these questions kept playing over and over in her head and she couldn't take it. She was almost there and she had to take a peak before she got closer. Her eyes first darted about to see if anyone was looking. Knowing she was alone she hid behind a building sat the box carefully down on a stump. Then with a single claw, she gently opened it just a tad, only to get a peek. She was carful not to harm the packaging, making sure that when she was done looking, that no one could tell that it had been opened, so she thought.(edited)

December 5, 2018
AnayaLast Wednesday at 4:22 PM
The road walked was deserted from people. There was a large raven that held bright blue feet on a roof top watching over but other than that there was nothing. Some ally ways chould hid a person here and there but from a simple look around no one stood out. When she gave the box a sniff it smelled of nothing but once the top was opened inside was pounds and pounds of iligal sea pearls a known hard drug when given to dragons and reptilians. Along with it was the bill for the order 6000 gold coins worth inside this one box clearly the crown was not hard for coin to be forking out this amount on drugs. Then under the Pearl's you chould ser fhe hilt of a dagger. If pulled free to show the whole thing, it was a dagger made for killing dragons, it was a magical item for killing dragons inside a box billed to a dragon. There was nothing else in the box to the naked eye but the box on the inside did small of sulfur but for some reason the smell be it strong did not smell on the outside of the box.

  Rose Has Thorns Part 3 - Spring Rains Fire - Page 4 LPFreshwater-Orange

December 6, 2018
FoxyRoxyLast Thursday at 2:31 AM
Roxy couldn't help but to gasp at what she saw in the box. Sea pearls? Weren't these used as an addictant? She quickly closed the box, still wide eyed. Why were these being sent to the castle? Were the higher ups really using this stuff, the queen herself? She shook her head, a little irritated. There were children dieing because of these Sun people around and this queen didn't seem to care. They were her people and she'd rather get high off some pearls. Roxy rolled her eyes in disgust.
There was a moment where she wondered if she should take a better look. Of course She opened it again, this time even more, but still keeping it's packaging unharmed. She saw a hilt of a dagger. "What's this?" She asked herself as she pulled it out. She began eyeing it. It was certainly a beautiful piece. Thats when it hit her. This dagger was meant for killing dragons! She looked down at the pearls again. Was someone going to use these pearls to put the dragon queen asleep, then use this dagger to end her? What was Roxy doing? She couldn't be responsible for killing the queen. She sat there for a few moments, pondering on this whole ordeal. Maybe she was over thinking the situation? This could be just a simple drug shipment like she thought when she first opened it, but what if it wasn't? She looked down to her own dagger in her boot that she carved herself out of bone. then looked at the one she found in the box. The two were actually surprisingly similar in size and shape. Should she do it? Would it work? Doing what she thought was the right choice in order to save the queen's life, she swapped the daggers. She put the dragon killing dagger in her boot then her own in the box where she found the other one. Satisfied with how everything looked, she closed it. She made it look like as if she had never opened it and picked it back up. Did she make the right choice or was this go to cost her big time? Roxy sighed, butt continued up the path, hobbling ever so often as her thigh still hurt. After walking awhile more, she had finally reached the back door on the east side of the castle. It was huge, nothing like she had seen before and it left her in awe. "People live here?" She said to herself quietly. She looked to the door and did as Niv said, knocking on it three times. "What's the word of the day?" She said loud enough for whoever was on the other side.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Thursday at 5:18 PM
Ingavor sighed softly, sitting in the library with his head resting in his hands, while he scanned the book that Desdemona was reading earlier. He then read a single word in the book that sent shivers down his spine. "Father." He could see his father there, on his knees, covered in his own blood, and so many other people's. They lifted Ingavor's face out of the dirt and made him stare at his father, while they put a sword to his neck. "I love you so much, son. Please! Never forget that!" Ingavor had tears streaming down his face, especially when the Executioner reeled his blade back and sent it sailing horizontal toward the Father's neck. The sound Ingavor made was one he was never able to recreate. Not that he would want to. They lifted the head from the dirt and held it by the hair, thrusting it into Ingavor's face. He felt the men kick him, each impact causing a loud bang to ring out. Ingavor at the time felt his power welling up, and exploded in anger. What happened next, he didn't remember. A loud knock shook him from his flashback, followed by 2 more. "Coming!" He shouted, already on his feet and out the library door. He turned the corner and made his way toward the large doors. He pushed them open to spot Roxy. "Ah! Well if it isn't my favorite new tavern employee." He bowed before her, and spotted the box. "Ah, you have the queen's-....shipment. please come in." He then sniffed the air and could smell it, taste it. Thick on his tongue. "Blood?" He then glanced at her leg and growled under his breath. "Who did this to you? Just tell me where he is and-...." He noticed the blood under her claws. The wound on her leg. As well as the stench of death on her fur. He decided to change the subject. "Come in, please. I'll get you patched up and get you some food." When she entered, she could smell the meal he had been coming. "Bacon and Calf Stir-fry." He said, gesturing her to come inside. "Are you hungry?"

AnayaLast Thursday at 5:25 PM
A top a building out of virw was the blue footed raven bird. It gave a light caw and fluttered off landing on a tree branch in the distance. Other than that there was not a person around the side of the castle was void of everyone even guards, Anaya had scedualed all the shifts to be away from that side just for that time of evening. But they would not be gone much longer.

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December 7, 2018
FoxyRoxyLast Friday at 3:21 PM
Roxy eyes darted about as she waited for someone to answer the door. It was dead quiet as if no one was even living here. Her ears flicked to the sound of a bird cawing in the distance, but that was it. Her hands shook a bit, nervous that what she did was going to get her thrown in jail or worse. She sighed and looked down, seeing the hilt of the magical dagger and quickly sat the box down to fix her pants over so it would hide the dagger. Her ears flicked once again to a male on the other side and she quickly returned at attention, ready to hand the box off. When the door opened to see a friendly face, Roxy smiled. "Oh Ingavor! I really wasn't expecting you to answer," she said. "It's nice to see you again." She looked down at the box. "Yep, I believe this is it." When Ingavor pointed out her cut, she shrugged her shoulders. "It's really nothing and you don't have to worry. He was um... Lets just say he was taken care of." Her thoughts quickly drifted to the farmer and she had to shake it away to stay focused. Then she remembered something. Ingavor never said the code word. Did he just forget? She stayed outside and didn't follow him. "Um what's the word of the day?" She asked again. Her tail began to lash out and she backed away slowly, getting ready to high tail out of there if she needed to.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Friday at 3:41 PM
"Ah. " He noted, her holding out the box. "Peaches." He said out loud. "I don't know why she insists on us using code words. " He sighed and took the box from her when she held it out. "I mean, she IS the queen and can do what ever she wants." He then opened the box to make sure the shipment was all there, checking over the pearls and the amazing looking dagger. He touched the blade, and instantly felt all the power from it, and felt the memories of the last person whom touched it. Roxy. She swapped the blades and had the real one on her person to-...protect the queen? Ingavor blinked a few times and shook his shivers from his visions away. "Roxy. Please come in. Let me take care of your leg." He decided to keep this information to himself. If anyone were to find out she stole from the crown, she would be jailed and burned at the stake. She was protecting the crown, which Ingavor found admirable. "Let me at least stitch your leg up so it doesn't get infected, and get you a home cooked meal. You really should come in." He knew her secret, but he was going to let it stay that way, for Roxy was his friend, and he rather liked the Kitsune's head for business and would rather not see it end up on a pike. He looked into her eyes. "The shipment is all here, so we should celebrate with a meal and a drink after we fix your leg no?" He smiled politely at her. "Please. I couldn't forgive myself if I let you hobble back to the tavern with a bloody leg and an empty stomach."

FoxyRoxyLast Friday at 7:32 PM
Roxy smiled and sighed with relief. She really didn't feel like running back, especially with the cut on her thigh. "I just wanted to make sure. Niv told me to book it if the code word wasn't said. I'm glad I asked again." Roxy watched as Ingavor looked in the box and crossed her fingers, hopping he didn't notice anything, her tail twiching with nervousness. Her ears flickered to his next words. Come in the castle? A place for royals? Goodness she was underdressed. Should she accept his offer? For all she knew, the dagger was supposed to be given to him. He could be an assassin. It did make sense why he came to visit the tavern and why Niv hurried her away so they could talk. She thought for a long moment. The male had no reason to hurt her and goodness did it smell good inside. She hadn't ate a good meal in weeks and her leg stung. "Oh... Okay sure," she said making her mind up. "I could go for a decent meal." She then gave him a friendly smile and stepped inside

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Friday at 8:23 PM
He shut the door softly behind her and thought of a silly joke to say, involving asking her if he could take her coat, then noticed it was her fur, but he decided against that, because he wasn't an idiot. "You look nervous. Why? I'm not going to bite." He chortled. "You're the one with fangs, mind you!" 'Dammit Ingavor! You said no jokes!' Scolding himself internally, he shook his head, trying to play it off. "You have no reason to worry. Let's get to the library. I'll stitch you up, and then we will get some food." He started walking toward the library, hoping she would follow. Stopping by a guard's post, he spoke in a stern tone. "Take this box directly to the queen's chambers, then bring me a batch of the potato alcohol, a needle and thread, and a plate of food from the kitchen." The guard knew better than to talk back. Ingavor gave a friend of his a terrible stutter once using just a broom. He didn't want this fight. "Yes sir." The guard clutched the box closely and practically ran up the stairs to Anaya's quarters, and place the box delicately on her bed. The guard then ran to grab what Iggy asked for, while the butler and Kitsune continued walking toward their destination. "You're a Kitsune? I don't see much of you around here."

FoxyRoxyLast Friday at 9:28 PM
After stepping inside, Roxy put down her hood and her big ears sprang free. They flickered about, listening to Ingavor. She didn't really catch on to his awkwardness since she was nervous herself. Her eyes wondered about, scanning the castle interior. It was surprisingly empty, besides a few gaurds she saw. She looked over to Ingavor. "Oh.. it's nothing... Heh. I've just never been inside a castle before and I'm so underdressed. Plus, I don't want my blood to ruin anything." She gave Ingavor a nod and her eyes widened when he mentioned a library, instantly loosing her nervousness. "A library?! There's one here? I mean I don't know why I'm surprised, I'm sure this castle has a lot." He watched Ingavor hand the box off to the gaurd. Wait. It was going directly to the queen? Was the dagger actually for her or could there be someone else waiting for it in her quarters? She couldn't risk it so she kept silent. After the guard left, Roxy continued on with the well dressed male, her tail happy to be moving freely. It was so uncomfortable when she had it around her waist, but it needed to be hidden when she was out on the streets. She looked over to Ingavor when he asked her about being a Kitsune. "Yeah, I am. Sort of a rare breed of one though, if you haven't noticed already."

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Friday at 10:33 PM
"Yes. Rare." He smiled softly and counted the steps from the main hall to the library as they walked it was always 157 steps. Yet it her, it was 158 today. Peculiar. Ingavor pushed open the door to the library, revealing couches, chairs, tables with wine and chalices on them, lanterns, and rows and rows of over 2,000,000 different novels on 20 foot high shelves. Some written by the queen and family. Some written by those who have long died in the DeLaRose Family. "Yes, unfortunately we only have the one. I love this room. When I'm not working or at the tavern, I'm here. When the rose gets a new shipment of books, I could spend hours reading and writing bout what I read. I enjoy writings from the great warriors of old, such as Üchøff the Bŕüţãł." He stepped inside and hoped she followed, running his finger along the binders of the books until he reached the book he wanted and pulled it off the shelf. He had so much passion in his eyes, and love in his heart for the library. He gestured her to sit on a couch, and spoke softly.
"When my family-....Anaya took me in, I spent the first 3 weeks in this room, on this couch, with this book. It was about Üchøff saving a group of slaves from their 'masters' and setting them free. He adopted the children and gave them good lives. I wished that were me. I would read this book repeatedly. It gave me hope. It still does, that great heroes exist." He sighed, and exhaled. "I want you to have it." If she sat, he would place the book next to her. It was titled "Chain Broken" His eyes looked to hers. "I'm the only one in the castle who ever comes in here except-....a select few. I hope that if you're ever feeling lost in this new realm, or chained down, you'll read this book and feel hope." He gave a soft smile behind pained eyes full of memories that he wished to forget. "I've read it 67 times. I counted. I hope you find it useful." He poured two goblets of wine and held it out to her, offering her a drink. "This isn't strong wine. Just strong enough to take away the pain, and taste delicious."

AnayaLast Friday at 11:45 PM
Back in the dining hall Anaya had pushed the food around on her plate and hardly touched a thing. She picked up the plate looking to her daughter " I am glad all is well the scar will last a bit but I need to grab and cheak on something" she gave her little one a soft hug embrace and then walked tossing the left overs on the plate to the castle trash can that was the bear guard "enjoy ya big thing " he gave a grunt and moved to her plate scarfing down all the leftovers the castle had to offer. And with that she left the dining hall walking down the hall way, she could hear ingavor talking and another voice she did not know. Yes the library what other place would he be then there and the kitchen halls "I favor did it come in alright..." she said softly in that warm voice as she walked into the room. She had on a gold and red gown the castle colors witch was defined with red and white gem stones all over and a top of her head a crown that looked much like a halo like sun. Snow white long hair in her face she did not look over the age of 35. She let out a breath "you got a friend I see. Interested in the castle books?" She moved her one hand as her fingers glowed a light blue and a nice book from the top shelf hovered down into her hands it had bold letters marked the History of Valeria. She handed the book over to him placing it in his hands "you show the ones of story's that did not really happen" she chuckled " try this one may learn a little bit. And if you want to know any of the really good books you can ask. There is no forbidden books here in the castle. All books are readable books." Her eyes had fallen over to the girl as what she said was for her after all. Her red eyes made even brave men feel weak at the knees but she looked rather soft looks have a person odd feelings about her. "So who is your friend ingavor"

December 8, 2018
FoxyRoxyYesterday at 12:56 AM
Roxy continued to follow Ingavor, her boots clacking and echoing throughout the halls as walked beside him, her eyes not able to stop wandering about. The place was beautiful, better than what she had imagined. "Goodness, there is just so much room. You could fit so many in these walls, yet I've seen like two people other than you since I have arrived." When she stepped though the doors to the library, her jaw dropped. There were thousands, no millions of books. She wondered how long it took to collect so much literature. It must have been past down through generations. "This is just amazing! Goodness, what I'd give to live here. I mean, you couldn't read these all in a human life span, probably not even a hundred of them!" She hurried over to the couch, which was a thousand times more comfortable than the bed she slept on, and ploped herself down, her tail going nuts with excitement. After she sat down, she crossed her legs and continued to listen to Ingavor, a big smile playing on her face, though it went away when he spoke. So he wasn't born here? He was taken in by the queen? He actually experienced the hardships of life like herself? She happily took the book. "You're really giving me this?" She asked worried. She didn't want to take something that meant so much to him. She looked down at the book, running her fingers over the title of the cover. Another smile appeared on her face. Why was this man being so kind to her? What did she do to deserve this? Was there something that he wanted from her? She nodded and took the goblet then took a sip, her ears flickering about as she enjoyed the taste. "It's okay. I don't take a liking to too many wines, but this is perfect." She was happy that the pain in her leg would finally disappear.(edited)
Then, just when Roxy was about to speak up again, a tall beautiful woman approached Ingavor. Her eyes couldn't help but to wonder about. Who was she? She had to be one of the royals, but which one? A princess maybe? Goodness was she beautiful and hard to look away from. She watched her take a book down with magic. 'Oh, she is a magic user,' she thought as her emerald eyes focused on her red ones, making her feel powerless. 'Maybe she's one of the royal sorcerers?' Not knowing who she really was, she sat her wine down and the book, then hopped up on her feet, extending her hand to give her's a shake. "I'm Roxanne ma'am, but other people usually just call me Roxy, so whatever is comfortable."

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseYesterday at 1:38 AM
Ingavor smiled once more, noting her excitement. He had finally made a friend who made him feel normal. For once, all of the troubles of his past started to fade away. He rested his hand on the book and the pushed it toward her, sensing her hesitation. "No I want you to have it. I can recite it, word for word." He flashed a cheeky grin and looked at her take a sip. "It's a red wine, aged in an oaken cask for 30 years. The fruits remained sweet, even after all that time. It's an anomaly." He them heard the Queen's voice, talking about his favorite story as if it were just a fairy tale for children. Which it was. Yet to him, it was the thing that stopped him from committing suicide after his parents died. His eyes scanned the book that she brought down and floated to him. He grabbed it and immediately bent the knee. "Your grace." Just then, Roxy introduced herself with an extended reach. He rose, and motioned toward Roxy. "Yes. Roxy. She delivered a package to you. Your peaches, my queen. I had that guard, uhm..." he stroked his chin then snapped his fingers "Berthold! Berthold deliver it to your chambers. Speaking of which....he should be here any moment with those items I requested." He smiled toward the Queen. "She is a friend of the Crown, your grace. And a friend to me. I was going to get her a nice, home cooked meal and do something about her leg." He looked at Roxy, then the Queen, hoping she didn't take offence to Roxy's hand shake. "I'm sorry, your highness. Was there something you needed me to do for you? You know I am in your service." He said with a smile despite the fact that Anaya had been nothing but rude to Iggy all day.

DesdemonaZankokuYesterday at 5:25 AM
Reaching her room, she secured the door behind herself, taking a seat in the chair opposite the door. She sighed as she took a moment to relax, growling as she massaged a knot out of her shoulder. It had been a good long while since she felt the need to play nice with others, and it was already wearing on her. There are those that are nice, she admitted to herself, but in the same light I cant help but wonder just how long the pleasantries will last. Something will give and when it does, it will be a hell of a ride. Taking the time to relax, she grabbed a book she had previous asked the maids to bring her, thumbing through until she found a specific topic: Dragons and their Treasures. Sipping on her ale, she dove into the text, learning a few decent pieces she had not been aware of. "Greed? I guess that is understandable, but of all the reasons in the world to collect treasure, didn't expect something so.. Human." Shaking her head, she chuckled as she continued. After a time, she closed the book and stood, setting the mug down on the desk next to her. Beginning to pace, she rubbed her chin in thought, flicking her tail back and forth as she did, "Dragons enjoy treasure for more than one reason, but greed seems to play a rather large part in this.. They are over protective of what is theirs, almost to a fault, which would obviously suggest it is well guarded even when they are not present. Guards would not be an effective means of protection, due to the potential that their own greed would eventually strike at them. So, it would have to be something else.. enchantments and wards, perhaps?
Or less intelligent creatures that have been.." Stopping, she glared at the wall, gritting her teeth, "..mentally enslaved." Rubbing her neck, she sighed and popped it, continuing her pacing, "So, first things first.. explore and gather intel." Grabbing up the mug, she finished it off, replacing it back on the desk before leaving her room. Knowing she was charged with the care of the children, she would have to play her part to the best of her ability to keep up appearances, but Noki had still yet to return with her father. It would make things easier only keeping an eye on Xaei, but it did leave a great deal of the day open to her as the Dragoness seemed to enjoy her solidarity. Opting for a more productive idea, she sought out the Queen, wondering if there was anything she could do to preoccupy her time. Being told she was in the library with a few others, she made
her way back to the room. Upon entry, she took notice of a new creature Ingavor seemed to be swarming around and she rolled her eyes, smiling a bit. He should have been court jester.. she thought as she waited patiently.

KaosYesterday at 10:40 AM
Jace say pulling lightly on his chains. The endless rattle filling the room. It wouldn't be long after this the guard snatched the chain from his hands violently. Jace sighed and thought 9f speaking but stopped himself. His mind raced with ideas of what was coming. "Please no more alone. I don't like alone.." he sniffled slightly. The guard huffed thinking this some trick and just ignored him. Jace would begin whispering to a small pebble he saw by his shoe...

AnayaYesterday at 12:05 PM
Anaya looked to the girl, she chouod sense something but with her mind not as it normally was she passed that sense off as just one of the many mental slips she had been having "roxie yes a new delivery person, the last one I do believe has grown rather I'll so it is good you will be handling my personal packages from here on out. You are Niv anyway, Gus never comes and sees me since the days of his daughter. But your leg yes there is no need to stitch a wound and leave a nasty scar your fur will grow back the wrong color and orange and red are a nice mix for you here- she moved one of her clear clawed fingers and lightly touched the girls leg (heal minor wound) the small cut healed its self clean and with no scar even the fur that had be cut with it was grown back like the cut never happened at all. "Drink the wine no need to use it to numb the pain" she paused a second her hand justnintches from the dagger under the girls pant leg, she could feel something there but with her mind as it was in this moment she just blinked and pulled her hand back letting the girl be "and it is a pleasure to meet you Roxie, I am Anaya DeLaRose the owner of this castle, Empress of the lands of Valeria and the Iron Dynasty, I am sure we will be seeing much one another as time goes on" she looked to the girls hands and gave a chuckle slightly blood still on her knuckles she took the girls hands in hers as she talked (purafiy liquid) and the blood turned to water and just dripped away for some reason avoiding Anayas hands and dripping around them onto the floor. "You will have to be more careful working at the snorting boar it is dangerous in town"

FoxyRoxyYesterday at 1:03 PM
Roxy ears flickered back and she looked down to Ingavor as he knelt before the woman and it hit her. This was the queen! Ruler and so called protector of the lands! Roxy quickly knelt to the ground and lowered her head, taking a big gulp. She couldn't believe she was so stupid. She tried to shake hands with the queen? Stupid. Her tail couldn't help but to curl under her and wrap around her leg as her nervousness returned, causing her legs to shake a bit. "I.. I... I do apologise your majesty... I um.. I was unaware that I was going to be gifted by your presence. I'm sorry for my ill formal behavior," she stuttered. She stood back up and straight, trying to be a little formal than before. 'i am so underdressed,' she thought nervously to herself. Her ears flickered to the directions of the queen and to Ingavor as they spoke. Roxy bowed again when Ingavor introduced her. "Yes, Roxy," she repeated. "Just a delivery woman."
Then, watching the queen reach out to her, Roxy flinched and her eyes fell shut, but was surprised that all she wanted to do was heal her. Suddenly the pain vanished and she looked down to her thigh. Her eyes went wide. "The cut! It's completely gone! How did-" she stopped and tensed up, seeing that the queen was now just inches away from the dagger. 'Oh by the Gods,' she prayed. Who knows what would happen if the queen saw it. She'd be killed on the spot for sure, unable to explain herself. But her hand moved away and Roxy relaxed letting out a silent sigh of relief. "Th.. thank you your majesty... It's an honor to stand before you." She bit her lip at her own words. She was talking like some weakling. Roxy flinched again, her eyes focusing on the queen's hands as she turned the blood on her's into water, washing away any trace of it. The fox would nod to the queen's next words. "Yes of course, your majesty." So the queen knew it was a dangerous town and she did nothing about it? Roxy wanted to tell her off, tell her about the Black Sun and how she needs to do something about them, but she obviously held her thoughts back. She then caught something at the corner of her eye and she peaked around the queen. It was that feline girl from the other day. She went here? Was she some errand girl like herself? Roxy gave her a polite nod like she did when she was at the tavern. She never got to talk to her last time, maybe things will be different this time.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseYesterday at 1:16 PM
With that, Roxy and Anaya had formally met, and Anaya didn't take offense to Roxy shaking her hand. He raised a brow at Anaya's behavior and Ingavor furrowed them with Annoyance. He simply took a few steps back, letting Anaya and Roxy meet formally without him. It was obvious Anaya didn't care that he was in there. She never did. He sat on the couch, a few feet away from them while they talked, gripping the book Anaya had settled down to him and watched her heal Roxy's leg, with major ease. He saw the wound stitch itself closed as if nothing had even happened. 'I'm sure I could do that too if I was a giant, hulking dragon with powers from the 12 hells.' He thought. However, he was grateful that Roxy was not in any pain. Iggy's eyes started drifting toward the pages until he spotted Desdemona standing toward the entrance, waiting for her audience with the queen. He flashed a bright smile and nodded toward her. If she saw it would be up to her line of sight. Anaya had once again gotten between a new friend of his and let her glow take over the conversation. He scanned the words on the pages about the history of Valeria. If they needed him, they would call him. He tried to not let it look like it bothered him, but how could it not? He was just a servant, who wanted company, and he wasn't even allowed to have a single moment of clarity before the Queen came tumbling into the room, insulted his favorite book, and pushed him out of his own conversation. Hopefully, when the queen was done, Roxy and himself could have an actual moment. He flipped patiently through the pages, reading each word in succession after the last. He had to admit that the history was fascinating and thought-provoking, so he kept reading while they talked. With his left hand, he reached into his coat pocket and pulled out his wooden pipe full ff a strange, sweet-smelling herb that helped him relax when he felt overwhelmed.(edited)
Either with his obsessive-compulsive disorder or his post-traumatic stress disorder. Sometimes he used it for Anxiety. Sometimes, depression. He struck a match off of his boots and ignited the pipe's herb, taking a large inhale, then exhale, whilst he read, then exhaled the smoke away from them. He put his feet up on the foot rest, and flipped through the pages, whilst occasionally taking puffs off of his pipe. His eyes glanced between Roxy and Anaya, then rested on Desdemona. He smiled behind his book, thinking of their rather funny conversation earlier. He wondered why she was here. What did she want? Most likely something with Anaya. It was Always Anaya. He took another drag and flipped a page in his book, and looked back down at the parchment.

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