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Sinn of the Past, Story Line

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Anaya: She could hear it, loss, something was dead and dieing in the emptiness of the expanse before her, blackness of a whole that formed into walls leading her to where she needed to be, were Caliga guided her every action. “A child of her father's graces, never forget who you are” voices, there were always voices be them real or be them insanity there words were followed without question. Long black clawed fingers wrapped around a silver chalice as lips of empty black touched the rim to drink apple wine with such poise and an odd grace to each simple movement. A crisp breath escaped clasped lips as she stood up from a chair that just faded into dust and into nothingness. “My….Abbadon” a small voice whispered from its knees at her flank. The small fragile wings of Millisadra clung to her chained nudity as she dare not pester her owner more than needed, and even that was too much. Empty black holes looked at the girl as she towered over the pathetic sex driven mutt dog on its knees. “We shall depart” words cold and stern as always left the beast of a woman's lips, well if you could even call Abbadon a woman over just calling her a monster. The girl also known as Milly or simply girl gave a bow of her head as she picked up the heavy chain, so much heavier here in this empty space every link with words carved into the bindings, each letter carved be there owner, scripture words to remind the girl who owned her. Blue eyes looked up at Abbadon as the chain became tight on her neck and Abbadon gave a harsh tug but did not say a word. Milly barked softly in pain as her black tail flicked behind her. The girl holding out her hands to Abbadon a black blindfold in her fingers held up as her eyes looked down never daring to look upon Abbadon’s face. “You will stay here, wall i depart” was all Abbadon said as she took the blindfold from the disgusting pathetic mutt of flesh and dropped the chain as it flowed into what seemed to be ground, but did not act as ground, the chain locked in place “but i wish to go with you!” the girl cried out on deaf ears as Abbadon vanished into the blackness. 

Do you ever walk into a place and feel the back of your neck stand on end, feel the jaws of death clammy and cold touching you but yet nothing is there, that was what she felt like, like emptiness, like work left undone, like death's fingers wrapped around your neck, slowly taking what rightfully belongs to him, sucking away one's happiness, one’s joy, one’s very sense of self, ones identity. But at the same time she was a monster, she was beauty, the purest image of dark beauty, a figure that none could beat, hips curved in a flawless hourglass figure, not thinly built but not overdoing it with mass. She was tall fifteen feet at the shoulder, jet black hair that fell just under heaving mountainous beasts. But what stood out the most was her monstrous hulking black feathered wings, like one of a angel made of black, unknown material, when feathers were fine, delicate and soft hers were hard and rugged, as if the edges were sharpened steel or some aloy of metal base components. Her wings folded softly to her back the tips dragging along the ground as there bottoms lightly clicked against the dark stone as blood dripped down her fingers and the head of a goat fell from her fingers dropping to the floor. She had picked the whole goat up along the way but parts ended up here and there on her way and all that was left was the head, witch now found itself here. But there was something missing from where she had come, from the citadel, it had been so long since she moved along the floors here, talked with the other Vissers, talked with a prime every now again, and the others of her kinn and under Caligas grace. But it was empty, where had they gone. She pondered it for only a second then with them gone, she was the only Visser left, was the one known as Fides still left? She had yet to meet the being that was the top of the pecking order for there level. She would meet him, his essence still lingered he was around she was sure of it, but there was not any others. She could feel the lingering power soaking into her being, a sort of power boost, home ground boost and promotion from the lost, but she would have to find Fides to gain more, she would find him to gain so much more, she needed to. Walking into the place she walked upon the old fountain, her fingers clawed along the edges as she was almost happy inside at the old thing still being here. And she stayed at that spot, her glowing red presence and umbral signature filling up the building with the sweet yet erry smell of Vanilla and a hint of earthy chive. 

The air thickened. While to any layman it would’ve counted as no concern, from it came something odd – the throttling of hooves upon concrete pavement as black horses rode in front of a silver crested carriage following a road with no destinations through the realms of the wicked and tainted – the Damned beasts howled, they – much like their owner – still of breath; empty sockets revealed the void quality of their nature, with manes which twisted and swirled through the air in their dark tango, upon reaching the gates of that hidden jewel which was the Citadel. The carriage would’ve appeared, with no recollection of ever being there – a mere illusion which distorted reality to the point of pure nihilism, its doors opening wide. From them stepped a figure clad in black; a noble stature of the most imposing man, a lean frame with toned muscles and skin of alabaster white, flawless to the very edge of perfection, should it ever exist. His features, sharp, sculpted by the uttermost skilled Architect, the sharp jawline piercing first through the darkness – a slightly curved nose, with thin lips to follow which smirked wickedly to his surroundings. He took notice of it all with the help of two sapphire pools, so undeniably cold in order to chill to the bone, so scolding ablaze to burn the flesh. He was a pure incarnation of Narcissus in its demeanor, the black fur upon his shoulders ending in two thin tendrils which seemed to slash through the air like sharp blades. Gloves covered his limbs as digits clasped against the knob of a black cane, guiding him towards the Citadel’s doors. Silken strands of snow were carried by the cold breeze of the woods, strays covering part of his features as long digits only pushed them aside, around his ear. The Gentleman Monster stepped in – and upon his sculpted features was a Cheshire-like grin – each step perfectly calculated with the sole intent of existing, in a place where he almost did not, while entropy itself seemed to dismember itself to his presence. He was perfectly still when he wished to – and perfectly in motion when he did not. The handsome appearance of him, an anomaly of everything and anything natural upon the world; a façade of beauty of the most obscene – this, the Monster which now roamed the halls of the most unlikely, was Faust Allegro. Gloved digits picked up a silver container which held smokes of an unknown brand, black papered. End to his lips, as the tip burned by a solitary flame. “Good evening.” He spoke, to nobody in particular, in a baritone note, guttural deep, musically pleasing. 

Abbadons head turned as she could hear a voice, her wings went up above her to outstretch their feathers clicking together as of a suit of armor had all clicked together. It was out of habbit but she lowered them back down she did not have to show her stature here, this was her….home? It was a question within the mass of her mind but she would make it home, be it by force or choice this was were she would rest her wings, were she would stay in times that she was not out spreading the word of Caliga to other people, other places. Her empty face looked upon the male, it smelled of male, it felt of male but she saw nothing but blackness in the end, beautiful flawless blackness. Her feet on the floor with nothing on them as the black smoke swayed around them, she saw with her feet for the moment part, feeling the flow of the world or land she was in and here it was like she had eyes she could see darkness, and here that id what there was, she was so good here she would almost be able to see the males face and features other then the basic outline of his body. “Who be you?” she said in that cold stern voice she held, the voice that did not come from lips but from her core, the black talked it did not sound like her words came from her face but came from her whole being. Like the wind waveing in the trees you could feel it and hear it all around you, she did the same. Her black wings held behind her draged on the floor as her foot moved a head and the slight sound of draging metal made the area a bit more unsteddy. And her head tilted looking at the puzzling one before her and the fact that here she could see him as if she had eyes, which was amusing to say the least and enjoyed. 

“My, aren’t you a sight.” The man chuckled. Though at a distance, she was quite easy to see, clear as daylight. Rubys roamed along her figure – from top to bottom, head to toe – in a lustful demeanor, though far from carnal bounds of such connotation. “Pardon me intruding upon your home – I seem to be quite lost.” He lied. “… perhaps it would’ve been wiser to knock?” He humored the femme before him – or what he had thought to be feminine – one arm coming to curl around his chest as figure bowed at the waist. “Allegro, Faust.” He introduced himself as only a Gentleman would deem fit to, other arm extending towards her in an offer – should she accept, cold lips would place upon her knuckles like ice. Should she not, he would retreat the appendage as such. “Would you be so kind as to inform me of my whereabouts, Miss…?” Faust asked for her name, the only polite way he could possibly bring himself to, taking another deep drag from his cigarette, burning closer and closer to the end as the smoke swirled. 

She let out what seemed like a breath of no air, only the sound, witch seemed to echo around them in the silence that held for a moment. he was close and she put out her hand for him to take. the sparking red around her burned a bit brighter as she thought on it all, the voice in her head as of laughing 'just one, just one, bring darkness to him, he will enjoy it' yes, he seemed like he would, and the voice was not wrong "Abbadon, The Wings of Caliga is myself, Visser and voice of the words of our lord in Darkness, witch you find yourself in his temple, home, sanctuary, no better place to find the one true almighty us, sic narro nos totus" they were in her home, Her church for Her lord, and as she thought of it being hers her feet moved slightly black tendrils seeping into the blackness under her it all mashed together black floor, black epping veins into it, if one did not look really hard it all looked the same, but in time that black would mark the rest of the black as its own, leaving her signature on the very stones, leaving her mark saying this is mine now, claimed. witch she was sure would anger any other kinn around, but that did not matter, this was her own now, and she would fight for that claim if needed and if male would do she would take him to as her own, lay claim and turn him to darkness and a follower, like she had done with her other thrall. she watched as she waited for that kiss, inside she was on the edge of her seat but on the outside she was emotionless and uncaring, but if his lips were to hit her skin that would all change so very fast. "what brought you here? why have you come to seek the darkness out were it lives" she questioned. 

Instead of a kiss, she’d feel a small breeze from his lips – cold as it was – as the man’s digits curled around her slim, dark limb admiring each curve of it, each line on her palm as though she was a masterpiece and he, a critic analyzing it thoroughly. Listening to her words only brought out a soft coo from those pale thin lips, now curled in their usual Cheshire-like grin, wide. “Aren’t we all lost once in awhile, while following the path of our choosing? The Short Road, or the Long; The Oasis, or the Endless Sea.” His words spoke of metaphors much like the never faltering rambles of a madman, going on a loop. Perhaps he was; perhaps Insanity took ahold of the man, gripping him tightly like a greedy Mistress and forcing him to succumb to its tethers, surrender to its loving, tantalizing kiss. “Abbadon.” He called her name as he jolted upwards to stand up straight once more. “Your titles only enforce me to speak of mine.” The man taunted her – teased, in the most seductive way one could, with a confidence that would place him at the arm of any woman, at any moment. “I go by many names as well. They call me the Old Guard. The Waiting One.” What he waited for, he did not say. “… Old Scratch. Now, that’s such an old one…” Faust sighed, as though lost in the memories of a life he no longer lived, an existence so flawed it had to be erased from history itself. “Tell me, Abbadon.” He’d circle now, slow. Each step, in perfect tandem to move his body along like a Predator in its prime, a beast unleashed for now, now they were dancing the dance of Monsters. “What Road do you think you are one? What road do you think your… Lord and Savior…” He grinned, ironically so. “…is on? The Long, or the Short? The Endless Sea, or the Oasis?” Faust repeated himself, like a broken tape. A madman, falling deeper into insanity. 

Abbadon did not move as he walked around her, in a ring, like a tiger ringing a helpless animal to consume, but a pray item would flee, she was no pray item and never would be, she was made to be a Visser, top of the pecking order. as his fingers held her hand and he looked upon black lines, a shape pf flowing blackness held together by power alone. as his skin touched her own small black dots formed on his skin but then vanished as if never there, but they were there, when she wanted them to be, and for the time being they would live within him, her essence, Caliga's darkness. as soon as they vanished, there would be a small voice within him, small almost unnoticed "pritty pritty pritty please, live, for me, live, for me to find yourself" a whisper in the blackness a voice wanting to be acknowledged to be made bigger. "Darkness is not a sea, we are the sky, endless without mass breaking our flow, without islands without ground, with no end and no beginning no start, no end, Caliga is life and death, start and finish, beginning and end, Ouroboros is we. a path in life is for the ones walking, he is on no path long or snort for he is the path its self, for ones to walk and be drawn into its beautiful splendor, Calida is darkness, and we are children of darkness made solid with voice" softly she turned her movements fluid with no breaks like that of a human or normal being, she was erry, still but moving, flowing unnaturally. her empty face looked upon the man as he talked as if he was missing part of his mind, like he had a hole within him within his being that needed to be filled with something. it would be, it had already started to be, it would just take as much time as Abbadon wanted to kick into gear, the darkness now placed within his flesh would linger for years being small or take moments to turn him fully black and into a thrall to work for her and her alone, to be used and made her own. but only if he was seen as worth it, if not then one did not seed him and he would be turned black to nothingness to a nonexistant mass of empty space. "We have one name, that of witch is Sinn, and i am the wings of our All Father, Apax Visser of Kinn"her pride was filled as she looked at him, even if it was not fully truth it was gray zone and far from a lie.

“You are such a proud Little Black Sheep.” He grinned at her so wickedly. The raw emotion which lingered through his words towards her, the sharp venom upon his tongue, spat out at her. “You follow your Lord like a blind Lamb, so desperate to open the seals that have been offered to you, dangled before you like a carrot before a mule to make it walk. The Long Road is far more than that – The Ascension to the Throne, the ultimate sacrifice of releasing and denying divinity.” Faust sighed at that. Then and there, it happened, an anomaly which made him appear so much older now, almost frowning upon her. A Gentleman Monster; Now, so much the former, than the latter. “Perhaps I overestimated you. Perhaps you may not be ready for what the Long Road would be taking from you, my dear.” A twitch of his brow followed suite as the voice whispered within his mind, brows furling inwards, visibly displeased. Sapphire orbs pierced into the nothingness of hers, a look filled with disgust and passive aggression. “It is advisable not to toy with what is still unknown to you, Miss.” He’d settle for calling her ‘Miss’, instead of acknowledging her given name. Digits then pulled at his gloves, slowly but surely discarding them from his limbs as the vision of his flesh became evident to her – scarred skin covered his hands – burnt and bruised, so visibly wounded that the alabaster sheen now became black, dripping coagulated black tar. “When two Monsters meet…” He began, his voice, a cold edge. “… there can only be one of Three possible outcomes: They either Fight, Hunt, or Mate.” A pause. A wide grin, as he eyed her carefully with a snap of his neck to the side. “…as the saying goes.” 

Abbadon did not waver, maybe that is what angered him, he spat so much at her but she never made any attempty to lash back, yet, her empty face looked down at him as upon her lips a smile did form, but she was not happy she did not feel that, it was for cosmetic value. and within his mind the voice was a little louder, it was noticed he was reacting, it would grow "in his own voice it just kept repeating It is advisable not to toy with what is still unknown to you,It is advisable not to toy with what is still unknown to you," over and over and over again like a broken record till that little voice stoped. "dont tempt fate" was all it whispered and then it went fully silent, like overly silent, there was no words no feeling it was emptness as she looked at him. "I am nothing little, Caliga made the choice to personally take my offering and make grant me my powers that are above all others. and i am far from blind of him and dont blindly follow him as he is not only a voice in the wind but a true being as you and I. i am no sheep following an invisible god on high. " she turned as she looked over the room darkness as far as one could see, a building in a emptiness of black swaying shadows and darkness. "you see blackness, you see a building, you are blind to what is really there, the power that holds this place in its grips, the very fabric of this world is not able to be seen by your eyes. but if you look inside you now you have the ability to see truly, all you have to do is ask for it" her face turned back to him as her stature was over him her wings to her back as her one hand moved down her fingers touching the spine of her tome lashed to her hip by a black leather strap. "can you see the color within the blackness, can you hear the voices in the empty abyss, the father has always been here, even for you lost one in a place you have yet to understand." 

‘Perhaps you didn’t quite understand me, Miss.’ He spoke, yet with unmoving lips; a response to the voice within his head which only echoed back through his own thoughts, for he knew she could hear – he knew /it/ could hear. “You see I, much like your Caliga, am a Creator; And one of my prized possessions ran away from me, so eager to join your…” A pause. Scarred digits curled in mid-air forming quotation marks as his voice only dwelled in the irony. “… flock.” Faust took less than lightly to betrayal – especially from his own experiments for he, the Puppet Master, was a Monster who made peace with his own obscenely vulgar nature. “I want her back. I want her returned to me, for I am who she belongs to.” He gazed at her through half-closed lids, sapphires gleaming as his gloves were once more put on, picking up another cigarette. Lighting the tip, and a long, deep drag. “A sheep of mine has left the fold. And I do not wish to take a replacement from your Architect’s own.” It sounded much like a warning, a threat – though it was far from something so petty. No. He made no threats – he made a statement. 

Abbadons flames got a bit brighter, he said something that made a bit more of an impact this time, his last line, that last line that left his lips hit a note in her. her empty face looked at him as her wings started to move on her back, they were rising slowly to about half mass just a show to say you are talking to much and it is now hitting notes it sould not be hitting. "no one is like Caliga, for none of his children would leave him willingly. it only shows how different you are. for he makes loyalty and children and you make abominations of things you wish to follow you. if you were a good father then your child would not have ever left to join another now would it" she did not do anything other then the show, she would never lay the first blow to another, it was not her way, not the Vissers way, sinners tossed punches, she was higher then that, higher then laying a simple blow to the face or body. the voice in the males head was a little louder. "no no no, she cant hear you in here, did not stutter, we did not stutter, we all float here, the flock flock flock" it rambled on "ask for it, just, ask me, we can fix your problem, get the girly back, want the girly back dont you? just ask it is simple" and for the first time within the head of the man the voice was crystal clear and as if a person was right beside him. "just let darkness touch you inside. Ask for it. We cant lie to you" the voice lingered in the last words as Abbadon kept on looking at him, looking through him, a gaze that sent shivers up the spine, the now strong smell of vanilla over powering the nose so it was the only smell around. "it would not be wise to try to take what is not yours, we can be a warm hand but also a blade to your neck" her words cold and stern as she looked at him the red smoke flowing from her eyes and behind that red bright blindfold. 

It was almost odd, the following course of actions. How lighthearted his laugh now was, how his grin seemed to shift into a warm, almost intoxicant sweet smile with a tilt of his head to the right side – and then, to the left – as though oscillating in the uncertainty of it all, the indecisiveness of his thoughts. The voice only rang louder in his mind, though it was not alone – there was another – aside from his own, which now rang through the mind of the Monster. ‘He is already taken, mon petit.’ The voice rang vicious. A hissing noise of a slithering serpent, the imagery of a crimson snake slithering now around the man’s neck: an Illusion which passed through to Reality. “I’m afraid I’m already spoken for, to another kind of Darkness.” He smiled, in an ironic chortle as the snake only tightened its grip. “I am a damned and condemned man, Miss.” He admitted to it so casually as the man only stepped forth towards her. Then and there, he grew through the same illusion as the snake, reaching her height and a head more. Gloved limb slithered lightly for her neck, curving around in a delicate, soft hold as he would bring her in, to her own accord. Faust murred when the satin fabric touched what seemed to be her flesh, though by now he knew better – the feeling of her darkness so violently forcing its way within her mind only brought another laughter from his frame – now more mania filled. Now, more devilish. “Everyone has a Master, mon petit. Even you, and oddly so, even I. What loyalty would I be worth should I switch so easily and succumb to you? Would I not be just like the sheep who so easily deceived me, and promised herself to another? Would I not be as disgusting as the weakling which fled from under my wing?” As he spoke, his lips would only draw in nearer to the black horns upon the side of her face. The illusionary snake hissed; A noose around his neck, an endless grip. “If you will not help me find the girl, at least help me understand this: What makes you a Monster, Abbadon?” The whispering touch echoed like an agonizing scream, though barely audible through the Halls of the most unlikely. The Cheshire like grin found its way back upon the male’s features – a signature of the Gentleman Monster. 

As his touch came to her neck to pull her into him, pull them almost face to face she allowed it, but it had a price on every touch he would very soon find out the hard way. "what makes me a monster, nothing, for I am not a monster, I am a Visser and I am Caligas wings no monster could be that" her lips never moved the words came from her very core as his skin, that touched her was becoming infected with blackness, the black tendrles were not fading down, they already had, there was already darkness inside of the males body for it to link to and it had been there for a little bit so it had chance to establish its self and be acknowledged and grow. "it is beautiful isn't it,the black shade that comes to ones skin when they take a bit of me into them. that voice you hear, it is meant to guide you, black out what ever is there, and it will, black out the red, red is a color weaker then nothingness. and if it cant black out what is inside you and you dont allow it to guide your actions it will just turn you into, well nothing, like you never existed at all. to be blacked out" his hand that was at her neck was no longer able to grab anything as what seemed like skin turned to smoke in his fingers and then came back to make her neck once more. she moved her fingers to slide down his hip to take the treasure that was her tome from her hip cord and open a page running her fingers along the fine bumps littering the black page. "in first days there was darkness, Caliga was born of darkness, made solid, a darkness so thick light could not seep into it, a darkness so dense all would be consumed within it to not be seen. what is this darkness to us all, it is life, it is everything, for we are nothing, but we are everything, all places but no place" she looked up her blindfold looking right at the man before her "you may be a monster, it is a word you call yourself, a word that holds no glory, no pride within it for it is something born of disgust, vilonce, weakness. that is what makes us so very different. you call your owner a master, a being to follow out of duty out of a job, you are ordered and you obey and do as your master commands. but I, Follow my Lord as he is my Father, my Protector, and my Ally i follow not blindly doing orders but with vision grander then any mortals eyes or even yours could fathom. you say you belong to another, you are owned, that is sad for you for ownership is a life spent in a invisible chain, life spent as a slave to something that knows it owns you. i follow not due to order or duty but out of honor and loyalty. I stand for something, what do you stand for " that last line that left her was harder then every other one, insulting as to say he stood for nothing. wall her words ended that black on his hand had gotten to his wrist. the voice in his head starting to get louder "sever the limb before infection spreads, to late already done ne ne ne ne ne. just ask and it will stop, just ask and it will all be over, you can be her friend you know, ne ne, she can be that owner you talk about, she is a good looking owner dont ya think" the voice was enjoying its self and in the end even Abbadon did not know what the voice really was, be it the voice of darkness the voice of nothing, just a random voice that came with people going a little mad wall they were being consumed by her darkness, but it was there, and it was something to deal with for the soul that was going to end up swallowed. 

“You quite enjoy playing with what you yet fail to understand, don’t you, Little Lamb?” His voice murred out to her softly as the man’s grin only stood prominent upon those alabaster sharp features as two of his digits only tapped lightly against her cheek, a couple of times before retreating. “You’re so prideful in displaying the power your Caliga has offered you that you’ve become blind to the very nature of your being; We are all Monsters, to some extent. The very reasoning of just what exactly makes us monstrous, is where we differ.” Faust sighed as the voice only urged him to give in more and more – it was like an annoying mosquito buzzing obnoxiously in his ear, sapphire orbs noticing the seemingly grotesque necrosis which took place upon his limb. It only brought a smile from him. A shake of his head, as he departed from the femme slowly. “Do you want to know what makes /me/ a Monster, Miss?” He spoke, as a chair pulled out for him with no recollection of it ever being there. He sat, cross-legged, arms resting elbows against his knee. “What makes me a Monster is that it /does/ make a difference to you, whether I stay or leave.” – before she could say anything, a gloved digit rose up; wiggled in the air, signaling silence. “… it does make a difference to you, for if I leave, you won’t know if I’m actually gone, truly.” There it was, the actual Gentleman Monster peeking through – now, more the latter than the former – as Faust could only sigh into his own lost nature. He was a prisoner of something, someone far beyond the understanding of others – there was a Darkness within him which knew not of a Caliga, a God or a Devil. There was only it, consuming him, condemning him. “I do not wish to fight you, Abbadon. I am not here to measure and compare the powers of your Father to mine, or my own Master. You don’t have to display your might for me; Although if you so desire to get your ego tickled that badly, you could’ve just asked.” It was only then when she would realize just how wicked the man could be; when he rose from his chair and stretched out as though nothing had happened, as he so casually snapped and strained his muscles – and yawned. Deep, and dark. He was cold, near freezing. Pulsating, and unearthly strong. Rough, yet so agonizingly dull. The Puppeteer was bored. “I believed you were ready for what the Long Road had to offer you.” A pause. A shake of his head, followed by an ironic ‘Tsk’, as his sapphires only eyed her coldly. A sharp edge of a merciless blade. “I was mistaken. I do apologize for wasting your time, Miss.” With that, he bowed once more. 

that black on his arm was growing, and it was not slowing down or stopping, and his arm was starting to fade away, he was doing nothing to stop it, nothing to fight it, did he just want to fade away into nothingness, cease to exist, did he think that strongly of himself that he just kept talking and ignoring the fact he was going to just fade away and the very memory of him would vanish. he was going to be blacked out and he did not seem to care about it and just kept talking, like a thing that thought it held value to her. it did not matter if he died here and now or walked out or stayed, none of that mattered to Abbadon, as soon as he was blacked out he would not even be remembered, images of him would vanish he would be gone and he allowed it all to take place, to happen, to go past the point of no return and not seem to have it affect you. before he used words to call himself the devil, saten, the one that is in the godly books, but even that had no chance to not just be erased, it would fade away like everything else. "you stand there and think you matter, think your being here matters think that your master compares to my Father, when in the end my father is also your own, he is the father of your god, the father of the christian god, the other worldly gods, to all of it as all of them start one way a being born in darkness. but my Father, is the darkness you and your master was born in. but you, came here, to see me. and sadly you will not exist when you leave you will just be blacked away. you are not worthy for a gift i could have given you, a freedom from what binds you, but you will fowl the blood if i were to take you in, you don't see like you sould" Abbadon did not allow his next touch the tap on her cheek. his finger just taped on shadow and then her cheek formed back. her wings lifted over her head as they held themselves at full mass and she started to laugh. it was a odd thing a Visser laughing it was this rasped cracked sound that came from no place but every place, the walls were laughing, the floor was laughing the laughing sound was coming from the whole room they were standing in, the empty black hall with no pillars and nothing but this rug and small fountain that did not touch the floor. her hand came to her chest as she kept laughing, it was funny, he was doing nothing but talking, like he mattered, it was like he thought she cared. but then after a moment she stopped watching that black vine like pattern start to creep up his neck, over his chest, to the side of his face, it even was starting to show up on his other hand and legs under his pants, it was growing within him and not stopping, it would black out everything, his insides, his self, anything that embraced him inside, any other beings that lived within him would lose there host and be forced into a small black bead that would hit the ground when he faded away being blacked out a consuming everything darkness. like a black hole taking everything in, but inverted as it was inside already and allowed to be there and was now growing out. "so, what is your next action being of none, to talk more of your owner who holds your being in there hands and uses you, or to at last ask me to make the blackness stop before it eats you and you are erased. you wont be able to get that girl back will you if you cease to exist" 

“Ah, but you see…” The man began to speak. His voice seemed to be nothing but an echo through the halls now, a whispering sensation through the wind – just as though there was no actual being present to host such sounds. Then, his arms came to cross against his chest – whatever was left of it, not yet engulfed by her dark attempts to bind him, black him out, erase him. His arms crossed, as one gloved palm supported the weight of his head tilted to the side, as Faust only smiled. “…what certainty do you even have that I was ever here, Miss?” He muttered those words out, clear as day; though vague as the dense fog during an autumn morning. “The fact that you’ve seen me enter this place? The fact that my carriage is outside? The fact that I am right here, speaking to you right now? What makes you so sure I was ever here to begin with?” He’d pause, then, to match up her own laughter. A deeper one. A colder one. And then, to brush it all off, came a shrug of his shoulders, so painfully heavy that they soon dropped, drooped down lazily and exhausted. A disappointed look overcame his features with a deep-set frown to enhance his gaze of utter pity towards the femme which proved herself to be blinder than her blindfold, denser than the book she carried. “… what makes me a Monster is the fact that if I leave, you’d never know whether or not I am truly gone. And if I stay, you have no certainty that I am, in fact, here.” It would only take a minute longer before her supposed darkness would envelop him fully – only a minute longer and he, as she so called it, would’ve been erased from reality – this reality – and yet he had no fear towards the aspects of it. Instead, he moved. A step to the side, for that was all Faust had ever been. The Aside. A practitioner of the Lonely. The Long Road, and the Endless Sea. 

[C] Before departing, Faust did one last thing; head tilted up to the tall ceiling of the Citadel – to the sky above. “It’s your move now. I’ve come to you – Now it’s your turn. Find me, before I find her.” It was clear as day that by this point in time he was no longer talking to the femme before her, to the Miss he made acquaintance with moments before, no. He turned towards the nothingness as nothingness seemed to envelop his figure until full darkness. He turned, and gazed at her over his shoulder – looked through her, much like she was glass. “…because I will find her. I will take back what’s mine. And when I do. Well…” Just like that, he was gone. Perhaps Abbadon’s darkness erased him from existence – perhaps he was never there, to begin with. There was a lingering whisper through the halls – a laughter full of mania and a voice which mocked their very own Lord. “May Caliga have mercy on you, when I find her.” 

Abbadon looked to him, he was fading away but she still smiled, on her face, it did not go back to being numb, even if he was fake, a card trick, a safety switch that hew would turn off, even an illusion had a bond to the original host body a link. she looked at him, but past him, into him and that voice inside his head was no longer in the illusions mind, but in the real mind. "she knows man, she can see you, she always knew, you are still sick she is still inside of you" Abbadons consuming darkness consumed everything, into ones essence into ones soul to eat into everything to fully erase a memory of a person it needed to remove there very existence and even touch into time its self to finish all loss ends, a useful skill to make sure things stayed the way they sould be remove bad things from time and space and make things go back to the way the balance sould be. and she stood there, smiling, her wings lowering as she put them down to make it more comfortable "till we meet again then, witch we will and when the days get shorter for you, simply pray into the darkness and i shall hear you, no matter were you are" the whole time she hardly tryed, all she did was allow him to touch her knowing full well he was not real, Abbadons vision was far from blind, but she was fine with him believing it. after he had faded away and said his last words and departed Abbadon turned "around all of us can find you now, you and your lord they just have to follow my mark upon your being" she chuckled as she walked into the darkness to another room, empty still, god it was empty here but it was nice, she enjoyed the silence as she sat down in a chair running her finger along the bumps on the black pages of her tome to read it in silence,

Softly she sat down upon a large chair as her wings moved along the floor and her side as she walked and sat pushing into the large chair, nothing seemed to sit right as she moved her legs her finger running along the side of her beloved tome and the small bumps on the side. Her aura flickered as she felt them and enjoyed the words it was like music within her mind the closest to happiness she could be was reading her tome. But this stink, it was all over “i can feel you around you know, you never left did you, this place smells of you even after the years i have been gone from others as us, the smell of others, of us, can't be forgotten” she kept her face to her tome as she let out the sound of a breath even if no air passed her lips. Clawed fingers moved up from reading her tome as she took her fingers to undo the blindfold on her face. She enjoyed keeping it on to keep others from seeing the fact she was without the kinns six bright eyes but among kinn and among him she need not care as much as she would others under them. For ones under them did not need to know, they did not deserve to know, and she was sure that the one that was all places here would already know regardless, as she was very knowing in the stories of the wings of there father and how it all came to be was a good well told story book. As she took the red blindfold and put it down on the armrest of the chair the empty black face with red smoke lightly billowing out of her empty holes in her face. It was a strange thing really, to see one with nothing but a black face, so empty not even eyes or lips to brighten anything up. As she turned her face back down to her book she waited, wondered, would he make a grand entrance or would it be small and simple, she wondered if she had to prove herself, what their first meeting after almost ten thousand years or more would be like. 

She might have felt it…well she would, it would be impossible not to. It was only a faint echo of the true majesty…a small sliver of its grandiose being, an odd sort of warmth, which could be interpreted as a smile at her astute nature. Its manifestation would not come full force at least not now, there was no need, it would be as a quite conversation between father and daughter. Given the grand power of the Evincar she would be the only one aware it was here by its wishes. Even were another to enter it would go unnoticed by others, at least initially. There would of course be a massive amount of energy in the air, but that could easily be mistaken for the Visser Abaddon, though she would know better. He would however answer her audibly, the hissing whispers emanating form every dark obscured corner in perfect unison. "indeed child we are here, we are always here, such is our duty to the grandness. Such is our station our purpose, we will always be here, at all times. This place demands such a presence, surely you know this, even despite such a long absence….even you know this is home, as do all your brothers…sisters…the children of darkness from all walks should know this…" as the echoing whispers faded a sort of breeze would caress her face, as if a hand were to caress her cheek in an affectionate manner, as a father might brush the hair from his daughters face to better see. Surely the other kinn were unaware, but not Fides. Fides had not laid on this daughter in a great many years, and was pleased to see her here in the umbra, in the Citadel. When she had left this place it was little more then a temple, now it stood a grand castle. Her form looked much the way he remembered her, with all the grace befitting a goddess. And yet were he to show himself now he wondered would she recognize him…surely the energy would be familiar though far greater then it once had been, his manifestation had changed as well, though kinn could appear as the pleased most had a "go to" manifestation…or a more "true" form, when last she observed fides he was high Visser now he was the Evincar…the first, king among Kinn and had the glory of the Cardinal added to his dominion and reign which had increased his power many times over. An aura could be felt leaning over her now as if to look over her. Fides would look upon her tome, an impressive thing, most people again would miss the true majesty of such a thing innocuous looking as it was, this too held great power, she would likely feel as the aura reached over her shoulder placing a palm upon the book, even the faint profanity of such a thing would cause the book to visibly darken a clear indicator it was being touched by him, despite not having taken physical form. 

Softly the warmth of his almost embrace touched her and she stopped her doings, stopped drifting into her tome and blocking out the rest. Turning her face up she felt his hand that soft breeze his words whispering to her that he would always be there. “It has been so long, you were still a Visser like me when I last saw or felt you, but now your energy has grown so much, it is almost as if we can fully see you before ourselves. But we all grow as time goes on =, the rest of us, we can't feel them, are, we the only left of us” her words seemed cold and sadene, well as sad as she could get, it was like there was a hole that was inside of her blackness, a empty spot where she wanted to meet them, meet the new young kinns, break in new sinners to the words of their beloved All Father, she enjoyed that most in this immortal life and in the end it was the only thing that made he feel anything, giveing the words of there Father to others and simply being, home. Softly she moved her fingera along her tome and shut thre pages as she would smile inside her aura flickering as her wings matched it showing her happiness, her change in emotion, the change in feeling nothing to now feeling happiness and being touched, seeming to be almost, loved. “Why don't you show yourself to us? Instead of being a whisper in the wind. Wall we were on earth there was storys on how you have become the Evincar. So do i get to see the visser that has become the grand Evincar. Do we not get to see such a splendor” she said it in a mocking tone, a toying tone to get him to come out of his little party trick of hiding in a wall. She let out a coy chuckle as she ran her finger along the spine of the book enjoying the treasured words dotted into the spine, words Caliga put on it himself, she never said what they were as they were for her alone, well unless someone asked, but no one ever did pay that much attention. 

Fortunato and his partner Shade are a dangerous pair and each in sync with one another. Shade is a shadow demon meaning they are capable of shadow manipulation. This allows them to draw strength every time a shadow is nearby and use shadow heal to regenerate health and survive life threatening injuries by moving to the nearest shadow. They are capable of shadow walking and moving from one place to another by stepping from one shadow into another. Whenever there is a light source and a shadow is cast they can create constructs from it and launch projectiles at opponents. They are not yet visible within the castle having used a shadow cast to slide under the door at first Fortunato suggested hiding but Shade has prior knowledge of the Kinn and knows that would be a bad idea and speaks to the young inventor. “Do you know nothing about Kinn that would not work they are like me they are born of darkness so you are suggesting we use shadows to hide from a shadow.” Fortuanto simply sighs and mutters of course and heads for the throne room to offer his dwarven goods to the Kinn. “Would ye be interested in some dwarven goods?” The mad jester has a clockwork prosthetic in place of a right arm and appears to be in ragged jester clothes and wearing some sort of gasmask. He would appear unusual to the Kinn as they are two distinct Auras. One is a shadow demon named shade who is his other half and the other is a human named Fortunato. They appear to be in some sort of symbiotic relationship as Fortunato lets her feed off the darkness in his life and he gains incredible strength and power. Shade is 3’000 years old which is not that old for a demon and has been his best friend since childhood. The pair seem to get along well except for the binding seal on the demon which caused a bit of resentment. It was a measure to keep her from ever fully possessing him making him one of the few humans to successfully trick a demon. “How may we help you?” Both voices speak in unison. 

As abbadon had asked to see the new grandure she could feel the darkness pooling in on itself folding over and over growing darker and darker, eventually manifesting as what would resemble a drop of ink mixing with water the shadowy tendrils extending outweard and flowing with an awe inspiring grace, forming and more and more definitive features as tie seconds crawled by, surely he could have formed faster, but as she had known he was a bit of a show man, and even more vain now that his title had been granted and he was elevated to such a position.Fides struck the most imposing figure of all the kinn. The shadowy specter of death and darkness, truly a creature from the darkest nightmares of the most devout individuals. The most visually striking features if had would be that of a massive right pauldron, fashioned as a self loathing angel, embracing itself in lament, with a plethora of feathers, which formed a cape concealing the Evincars right arm. The feathers were a dark cardinal red, and unimaginably sharp envoking even the envy of the most vorpal of weapons. The left shoulder was covered by a nother large pauldron, this one so large in fact that it was even oversized for the likes of the Evincar. The pauldron itself had an imperial purple lip around it to hold in the plate which had the inlay of the lament configuration puzzle box, each of its six faces unfolded in such a way the cube made an inverted cross. From the front, back, and center of this pauldron hung Peterian cross's, these chains jingling softly as the became tangible. This plate rested on another which went as far as about one would expect a pectoral muscle to have been. The end of this plate also pierced three times, these piercings were in the form of rosary chains, adorned with onyx beads, each bead containing the now damned soul of seraph conquered by the Evincar itself. These piercings digging in into the outermost reaches of the lamenting angel pauldron’s left wing, as if to tether the abomination to it. there was a massive belled sleeve though this sleeve was in reality an incredibly long rosary itself, forming a large belled sleeve which would softly clack as it billowed in the same unseen breeze which the figure seemed constantly subjected too, though it would affect nothing aside from the manifestation. He gently held in his left hand a small length of the chain, the end of which is adorned with a breathtaking Peterian cross. This cross would appear different to all whom beheld it as it was an image conjured from the eye of the beholder, truly magnificent, perfect to the last detail, all thanks to the imaginations of every individual who would come to see such a thing. It had been enchanted in such a way that it would assume the most perfect form the beholder could conjure, It gently swayed back and forth in what most would call a blatantly hypnotic way; its befuddling beauty begging for attention. One of the most attention grabbing features this beast possessed was that of a ribcage, this was somehow definitively darker then the unimaginable darkness that formed the Evincar. The ribs themselves only truly apparent in the font, along the sternum and a fair bit of the ribs themselves. The ribs were so dark that they glistened, the light not allowed to profane their darkness at all, it was a curious thing to behold in such a dark manifestation, it gave the ribcage a sort of ominous glow to it, occasionally revealing what might have been thought to be souls flowing through it stretched out in some random impossible contortion of pain. The belt which it wore had a “V” sort of shape to it and hung seductively off the hips, the left side of the belt home to three chains which hung loosely forming three tiers which disappeared around behind the “skirt” which Fides had, each adorned with yet another Petrian cross. The eyes were much as they were before Fides' six glowing violet eyes are placed across his umbral features in two symmetrical rows; lined with purest silver that glitters like mythril in the moonlight. The rest of the Evincars face was absent any discernable features. From his brow spans an impressive tangle of horns, purveying a sort of bestial show of majesty, the horns adorned with various baubles of vanity .Most notable would be the numerous Peterian crosses which were generously draped throughout. The halos which were occasionally hung would also attract a fair deal of attention, as they were uncommonly “animated”. The evil presence of the Evincar so profound these holy artifacts writhed in excruciating pain at being so close to such a profane being. There were also rams horns, their curve complementing the jaw line of this beast nearly perfectly, the horns coming to sharp points before the center eyes. Above this crown of horns hung a rather blasphemous crown of thorns, black and glistening as if somehow alive and moist, gently spinning, always to the left. A point of pride for this creature was its ridiculously (C)

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long pure silver hair. Each hair was actually an asininely sharp chord of silver, each of these countless millions of strands were between sixteen to twenty feet in length. They pooled about the feet of Fides, given some cover to the more sinister truth of the “skirt”. A scrutinizing look at the skirt which the Evincar wore a far more nefarious reality would become apparent. The eternally flowing skirt of Fides was not some strange cloth manifest from shadows, no; it was in fact a torrential downpour depicting the countless damned souls over which the Evincar had definitive dominion. These figures poured out around the Evincar for three feet, forming something like a puddle which Fides was constantly standing in, or rather floating above. These souls at the outermost rings can be seen desperately struggling to pull free from the mass while being pulled back in by other trying desperately to do the same, in an eternally vain struggle. Once a high priest of the Sinn Fides had truly become a figure of intimidation, the king amongst Kinn. This figure stood before her now and took a low and regal bow, the whispers shattering the silence "does it please you dear?" as he had asked Abbadon her thoughts another pair entered which distracted fides for a moment its eyes squinting to take in the details of the new comers as it stood once more to the fullness of its thirteen foot height tilting its head to the side it seemed to ignore the jester, though it found irony in the garb Fides was far more taken with his "parnter", the shadow demon. He looked back to Abbadon, then to thejkester, then once more back to Abbadon, his whispers once more emanating from all the darkness within this place, a bit of a game his voice even seemed to have emanated from the shadow demon, Fides, playing a bit of a game , playing a bit of a game, playing a bit of a game "would you care to test the wares dear?" 

As she watched the Evincar form before her she gave a smile, a real one not some fake black shadow just to be cosmetic smile to pass the time or make her seem like she gave a shit about the comeings and goings of the world “well, look at us, such a fitting beautiful dress” she chuckled to herself as she watched him and his words on if it pleased her drifted into her ears. “Pleases us, yes, very much to see our growth, become so much, and later we wish to speek with The Evircar of why there are no Vissers why we are, only, and our Rank in our world” as her words were interrupted by there, guest she turned her head to look at it, picking up the blindfold to her flank and putting it back around her black face. It was unworthy to see anything but the fabric. “Demon, unfit to be in the house of us, why has it come” she said as her voice crip and cold came from her black body and whispered around the room, her red aura started to spark as the smell of vanilla and earthy chive started to get a bit stronger. She let out a breath sound and got up putting her book to her hip cord for safe keeping. Standing up form the chair she was siting at her empty face looked to the boy before her “This one looks like it fell out of a human carnival. Demon, are you lost? Do you need to be found?” she took a step forward her black body starting to change as the shadows moved around taking on the illusion of skin, black, ebony skin with not a flaw, no imperfections nothing to give her a blemish or a mark. She picked to look more demon to sooth the little thing before her as she did always find when you looked more like something it was more inapt to trust you. Her wings moved to fold to her back to show she was not a threat, yet. She moved along the floor looking at the little demon there as her head tilted the soft smooth skin of her almost human like face shimmered in the darkness and the glow of her own aura. “Are you lost little child of the darkness? Did you come for a warm embrace from us or a blade to the neck?”her head did not change from looking at the demon before her, but at the same time she was watching Fides behind her, darkness in sight with all around her, one did not need eyes to be able to see, but without them one could see clearer than ones with.

The strange man and his demonic partner seem annoyed at the arrogant Kinn insulting them however not wanting a fight they keep their cool but just in case anything goes wrong they have their weapons on them which consist of retracting dwarven blades able to withstand 120000 pounds of pressure, 6 poisoned throwing daggers strapped to his left arm able to induce vomiting, blurred vision, paranoia, and insanity, he also has two demonic blades that are capable of rapidly siphoning the energy of an opponent at close range but this requires contact with an opponent’s blood as the blades are powered by blood magic and require blood contact in order to work ( this method does not work on creatures that do not have blood and they are not really meant to kill but rather weaken an opponent and render them helpless). Smirking the strange pair decide to make an offer as they pull what seems to be a struggling man out of a shadow with strings attached like a marionette. “We know that your vissers need souls in order to man the soul forge and we are willing to supply. This charlatan wanted to cheat us and thought he could sneak off with our goods without paying us properly. So we took him as payment instead.” Both voices speak as one and then look to the Kinn before them. “One thing everyone understands is business and we would hope that you have good business sense. Regardless of how you feel about us we came here on business terms and wish to make a deal. We can make pretty much anything as long as we have access to a forge. Therefore the only question worth asking is do we have a deal or not?” The two speak in unison and both look directly at the Kinn addressing them while making their offer knowing that the Kinn would likely be interested in souls for the forge and they decide to use this as a bargaining chip. 

Fides stood behind Abbadon still contemplating what he was going to do about this being, there was a bit of fascination, but as of yet he had been left unimpressed, the manners of simply walking in and interrupting a conversation in the eyes of Fides put the man off to a bad start, but for now he would hear them out, to see what it was they had to offer. His head tilted to the side as he made mention of souls to mane the forge and his head drew back a bit, perhaps they knew something of them, but apparently the information had been perverted. They did not need souls to man the forge, souls were food to Kinn…mostly. The Evincars head tilted back to the right as the jester produced a soul from the darkness, which meant he had some control over shadows, and was capable of handling souls. The bit of ire that came from him as Abaddon regarded him in the way she had was pleasing, it was not apparently know to the man the more true nature of the beasts and Fides had hoped perhaps Abaddon would provoke him further, it had been some time since Fides had seen combat directly, there was a very large part of him that missed it. Fides had noticed the jester only produced a singular soul, and wondered if that was its limit, how many souls did it have, how many would it give, would the exchange be fair…questions, always so many questions. Sure he could just jump across the room and attempt to rip the mans head off, he had already offered insult twice, but manners were a thing lost on most, but it did little to stem his own ire. The saving grace of the jester as of this far was that he was something new, but with two strikes against it already Fides would only allow just so many trespasses in front of itself, he remained silent merely resting his left arm on abandons shoulder now leering at the jester as it began to barter with abandon, Fides was not likely to address the being, he considered it beneath him, at least for the time being. This demon plagued mortal had come here under a number of assumptions and it seemed that some of these were misinformed if Fides were able to sneer he likely would have, sure this jester offered some amusement, but the ice with most kinn was rather thin and the jester had already formed cracks in the sheet he were treading upon. He sat and watched wondering what would become of this strange man that simply walked into this place as if he belonged. 

He was rude, insulting, disgusting and now was only proving how worthless he was by dragging one simple soul to there feet to try to barter with them, like he had worth in the first place, like it all mattered. she moved a clawed hand as she ran her fingers along Fides that rested on her shoulder, her black skin shivered as if scales flipping around to make her seem like she waved, like a shiver went up a spine that did not exist. it was like she almost purred to his touch, her face turned and looked back to the insolent demon she towered over him at fifteen feet, but she would not stoop to his level and got down to eye level, or pick him up to bring him up to her own, he could stay down there on the floor "you come to the house of sinn to bargain with a life that is not your own, how under us all it all of you, how pittyful, you come to us to sell something that you did not own, you hold nothing better that we would want do you, you are a insignificant speck in the abyss here." she looked down as a smile came over a almost human looking face that red blindfold shimmering in the dark glow she gave off aswell as the glow of the Evincar's hair "what would a mother think of such filth, you are dirt walking into a house fit only for gold and you bring an offering of grime and dirt to our feet" Abbadon did not even have to move her body as the floor under that slaves feel opened up to swallow him, not harm him, yet, but eat him away to a lower level under to be consumed at a later date and simply be moved out of the equation. she did not do much, did not say much as that offering finished and was taken away from them, to be held. "so boy of dirt, what else do you have to offer that is yours to offer" 

Fortunato and his demon partner seem actually pretty angry now as they are reminded of the nobles that called Fortunato worthless and picked on him as a child. They speak in a more cold tone this time not even minding the kinn towering above them. “You consumed one soul a sample no more but we can collect till you have souls galore. You want what is mine and mine alone well our human side called the forge his home. Well the human can make anything for he was raised by a dwarf.” They then begin to introduce themselves. “We are the one that goes by two names the young Fortunato and his fair Demon shade. We offer technological marvels of this age but if you’re not interested business somewhere else may be arranged. But if you want craftsmanship finer than gold then consider it sold but the kinn are arrogant so we have been told and yet we are not afraid to approach you which is rather bold. “ They then look at the towering Kinn and begin to speak. “ You call us dirt but tell us where is treasure buried? Where is it hidden? Digging up dirt can lead to something shiny and golden. You may put up a fuss but how often do you see two as bold as us. We approach you without fear and that is rare indeed perhaps you should consider signing the deed?” The two then lift themselves up using shadow levitation. The pair can levitate using manipulation of shadows and darkness allowing them to move at various speeds and propel themselves into the air taking flight on wings of darkness. This allows them to match speeds with a much faster opponent by simply following their shadow and based on how fast their shadow is moving they can match an opponent no matter what speed they seem to be going at as long as there is a shadow present. “We lift ourselves up and we lift ourselves high so we can meet you eye to eye.” They then are staring the large Kinn directly in the face. 

And anger emanated from both the jester and the demon now, a sweet flowing wine to Fides, rage , ire, wrath…Fides much adored the vibrancy of that particular sin, it seemed more potent to him somehow, certainly easy to inspire in other in oh so many ways. A sort of dark chuckle would emanate from fides as the jester spoke, truly they had only an inkling of what they spoke, the posturing was interesting, but to Fides it was beginning to become vexing. The came here into his Citadel and dared to posture, surely this man was indeed a jester. HE slowly shook his head and remained silent as he continued to speak of his abilities with a forge, and marvels of technology. Whilst Fides would not interrupt just as of yet he thought perhaps it would be amusing to offer a show of force, or power, it would depend on the interpretation. As the man grew wings of shadow and began to lift himself into the air he would have certainly notices ass any trace of light faded here, the entirety of the space they were in faded into impossibly deep, unending, unadaultered darkness. The only light to be offered was that of the glow emanating from the Visser Abaddon and Evincar Fides. Here now there was almost perfect dark, this wan in a manner a trap, if he tried to escape through shadow walking or teleporting he would find the fabric of reality unyielding it would not open to his call, the will of countless souls were now keeping him here in this darkness and the image of the Evincar would fade from sight completely in short order as this place grew darker somehow, it was no so dark in fact the darkness began to consume light, absorbing and drawing it out from any and all sources. This was no longer mere darkness it was umbra, and it was pure. Is Shade neglected her master now for even a moment the corrosive effects of umbra. Which had the effect of naturally consuming organic matter in which it came into contact…which at this point was everywhere. He had come here to Fides Citadel and had gone far enough to invoke a sort of response, likely this wan not something he was expecting, the darkness despite being all around him now would not yield in the slightest to his will, and there was no longer enough light to cast any sort of conceivable shadow, and this darkness was beginning to consume his organic components, slowly at the time being, enough to cause a mild burn. As it stood now he was in the middle of "nothing" there was no longer any apparent directions, or walls, no boundaries and existence itself seemed to be making a feeble passive attempt to devour him enemas as it now refused to do his bidding. Were he to try he would find the will of the many truly outweighed the will of the few, the shadow bending and manipulation he employed was a far cry from that of even the weakest of kinn, the will of a singular mage, and perhaps a demon, vs the will of countless millions of masters whos skills would begin where his was at pinnacle. Other being simply were not able to match this level of will, certainly not in the midst of the Citadel here fides was oh so much more then the king of kinn, here he was a god in his own right by any definition of the word his dominion will and power would now be all to apparent, if the jester were perceptive enough he might have been able to feel the preverbal *you must have lost yo got damn mind* sort of aura in the air which was emanating from all of the impossible darkness he was now surrounded by. 

Abbadon let out a breath as she held herself in its composure, his words there very sound was dim and simple to her, did he think he was charming saying words in poetic rhymes like he was a fool from a juit box. She was growing tired already of his talkings his trying to be everything he was not but that moment he started to lift himself off the ground to be at there level was something she would never allow. Not only was no one allowed to ever be at her level but be at the level of the Evincar was going above and beyond one's rudeness. It was a blunt slap in the face to the Kinn and to their higher ranking, they were above demons and this little ignorant pissant was unknowing in how things worked around here. As soona s he started to lift himself up she instantly moved her hand to move two fingers and the shadows around him just stoped working from him, this was her home, her world, not his he did not get to set the tone or set the flow of matters here, not with her around not with any kinn around “songbirds sould not fly in the dark” her voice seemed to eep out of the walls and not from her, whispers in the dark by a kinns voice. But then everything went black, he sucked it all up, what light was alowed witch was there only out of curtisy for there guest was sucked away as if a light switch had gone out. She started to laugh but her body did not move the laugh came form the walls from the floor from the sky from everything, this massive empty hall it was all laughing. “What, did not like how we treat you, we can feel it, that anger brewing in you the wrath in your bones little demon boy. But will you act on it, act to save yourself from the darkness, witch is cute you think that you are on our level. A low life disgusting demon present, on the level of a kinn on the level of a god. The best you have is to beg now, beg or” she moved and held out a hand as a simple hand came from the ground a open palm “give yourself to darkness boy, why wait, why talk in silly songs and games when you can just talk to us. Take the hand or slash at the hand the choice is yours little song bird” her words as the same as before did not come from her lips, did not come from her body it came from the walls the floor the darkness that now sunk so deep into everything, the darkness that was so dark nothing would be able to be seen by things that were not eyes all seeing. She could see, she could see everything, everything, at every time, in every result. 

Surprisingly the jester and the shadow demon seem only mildly annoyed by this predicament. “So we either take the hand or you leave us here until we get bored to death is that it? I mean we would not really die down here and normally a shadow demon would be comfortable in darkness but with no light to really cast a shadow we would be stuck here for a while. It is kind of ironic when ya think about it that the absence of light would leave a demon stuck.” The two seem to be fully aware of their predicament yet seem completely apathetic and indifferent towards it. “This place is boring anyway so frankly yes we will talk then and after that we will leave yes?” They step into the palm since it is their best way out at the moment without a second thought but keep their weapons handy in case the palm decides to close and crush them or something like that having seen enough they want to go. They appear annoyed and there is a bit of resentment in their eyes though they do appreciate the help and decide to calm down for the time being. They do not have many bargaining chips left and as for now they were caught off guard when the lights went out. They have nothing much going for them and are past the point of caring due to the tragedys they have suffered at the hands of others. “ Look we gave up trying to escape a long time ago it is like hardly anything phases us anymore we have seen countless realms through the shadows and countless timelines all leading to the same conclusions. People never change and we know we can never go back and change things for them so everything is pointless and we are just trying to make a living with what we have.” The two beings hint that they have been in similar situations before and have seen more than any individual should have to see to the point where not even the idea of being trapped in eternal darkness phases them at all.

Three Days Later

The Empire of the Forsaken Rose –A rather large village sits outside of an open air throne room. The land around the village and castle is mostly forest and a small range of mountains. The land itself feels dark, corrupted and owned (VTM- Gangrel Elder-Tainted Oasis) by a master vampire of considerable age. RAVEN – A Master Vampiere of the Gangrel bloodline, trained by the Assamites (assassin line) in their many techniques and leader of the mercenary group BlackRose Inc. Empress of the Empire of the Forsaken Rose. The mountains feel even darker, and more ominous, the creature that claims this range is a demi goddess born of the Gods Kalima and Shiva, and weilds both light and dark divine magics. Bound to a mortal body, she was trained as a Shaman and holds over 200 demonic contracts giving her abilities in her mortal form that she could not access otherwise. (Kali) The Vampire Empress and her partner Kali are bound together by the spell of an ancient crone, and share in one anothers abilities and magics. The Empire itself is protected by a barrier of Chaos set in place by their shared lover and drains the power of any creature deemed hostile to the Empire or its inhabitants. -continuing- 

This barrier allows Raven to call a storm of acid rain and destructive lightning, horrendous tornado like winds and damaging hail. Other enchantments that protect the Emipire include a ward that floats above all the lands and blocks out the damaging rays of the sun, allowing the demonic and vampiric citizens of the EMpire to walk in the daylight without harm. To the front of the village, near the first set of gates sat a FROZEN (im looking at you Sinn) Lake, but the corruption of the being sealed beneath had already seeped into the land, into the gates, causing the ground and lands around the lake to begin to wither and die. As a result this area had been condoned to be off limits to all citizens, and the 'front' gates had moved back a section, leaving the front all but abandoned. == EMPIRE NOW == Kali and Raven walked slowly towards the front gates of the kingdom, discussing the situation the the creature that they had sealed there less than a week ago. The sun was slowly setting, and twilight of the evening was upon them. These between times were the most powerful for Kali, as she could draw from both the fading light and coming darkness. Every day since the sealing, the two women had moved to the frozen lake and set new seals, new bindings to keep him in place. Unfortunately, two nights ago they could not, both women having given birth to their children on the same day., and so the seal had weakened, only slightly, but tonight they went out to reseal and work doubly hard to keep the man where he was. --continuing-- 

Kali had been in her mountain retreat, resting and researching from her bed, looking for a way to possibly weaken the creature in the lake even more. She had come upon a new spell, and committed it to memory, had gathered all the ingredients and created the incantation. She explained all this to Raven as they came upon the lake and paused, "it'll take me ten minutes to cast Raven . .your going to have to keep an eye on things, .. I cant be interupted" she explained. "ive got this" Raven said, and shivered, feeling a chill on the air tonight. She hated this place, hated this thing in her land. She took a moment and her eyes turned black, and she called to the shadows, wrapping them around her and forming up her armaments and weapons. A long black sword, forged by her beloved at her hip, daggers on thighs and calves, and special hidden weapon on the lashes of her eyes. She trusted no one. (VTM- Gangrel Elder- Obfuscate - basic shadow manipulation ) She nodded to her counterpart who tapped into their shared abilities, armoring and weaponizing herself with twin .44 colt anaconda specials, a long white sword and matching daggers. The runes down the left side of Kali's body would flare to life as she prepared her magics and contracts. They would take up their positions at the lake, and Kali would begin the incantation for the Slow Consumption spell she had prepared (D&D - Book of Vile Darkness - Slow Consumption) The spell would take her ten minutes to call out and only affect the one trapped in the frozen lake. If it worked, it would be permanent damage, allowing her to absorb his very life force and physical form, allowing her to take on his form for herself. And only if he remained helpless for the duration of the spell. Another benefit is that she would heal twice as fast as before, but only for 24 hours after the spell was complete, basically stealing Sinn's ability to heal himself for those 24 hours. If successful, Kali would be able to continue stealing his life force, so long as she could physically touch him physically each and every day, but if she fails to do so the contining effect would end. And so . . the spell begins as Raven stands watch. . --finished-- 

“Dum de dum, dum de dummm” she hummed a tune to herself as endless pools of black fog piled around her body sinking into the ground (the dancing bears song from anastasia for mood music) moving black fingers along the black of her fine dotted tome she walked from a shadow. Empty orbs of nothingness covered with her signature black blindfold looked up to the sky, there was no absorbing light into her being, it was a dark land “we picked a land that seeks not light, fitting choice of we” Abbadon Visser from a far placed at near side to Fides the Evircar her black wings spened to the sides as she walked as if without any real purpose just going where she felt she needed to be. Umbral darkness seeped into the ground with each step, small black veins seeping into the earth then fading away as she lifted a fine black fog covered blackfoot. Something hanged on her finger a small paw as if from something as she twisted it around on a chain spinning it here and there around and around. The sound of a breath drifted from stail lips as she walked to see the side of something cold. The ground was cold, she could feel it in her being, as if seeing it there before her as she spun that little chained paw around and around. “We that is Evincar is in the ground here, we have tainted the land, why have we done such a thing to this place, what has this place of underlings, worthless, tained blood, why is we the Evincar in the ground and the ground alone, not upon the ground or upon the sky” she could not help but let out a laugh, the giggle like creepy whale did not come from her mouth, for it never moved, it came from her coar, words echoing from shadows and bouncing from the walls around them. But then there was a feeling, something was egging itself into the ground to suck out the darkness in the ground. She smiled inside of herself nothing on her outside changing as she stood there, doing nothing and just letting the black from her feet seep into the ground. “Why has we not moved, not come forth from the ground, tisk tisk got ourselves stuck has we” she could not help but mock and coy as she moved her wings the edges dragging upon the ground more black from them seeping into the dirt to join the essence of the Evincar. But she did not seem to care much on the outside for him, funny thing kinn were, but she moved that small paw on the chain around and around “so Evincar, what do we get if we help, deal for we shall ourselves give, may Caliga see us in this state” she gave a chuckle as she stood at the flank of the frozen waters edge, standing there, feeding the ground, feeding the ground her all consuming darkness. Eyes looking up slightly an empty face upon her figure “so who be thee that stand in the beautiful glow of darkness and not respect the ones that it birthed” in her words held no feeling, empty, as she was, no malice no hate, just empty, for now. 

‘The Oasis, or the Endless Sea…’ Those words echoed through her mind like lost chants spoken by the voice of a departed Creator, the Architect which carved her form out with meticulous precision. She couldn’t tell how long her slumber lasted; something told her it was well off into the next day when she awoke, the woman of many names and many more aliases. Though she rarely slept, there were moments not so often when humanity overturned the Monster within, moments in which she held onto the last string of sanity and dove into slumber – the closest thing to a Death which never came, a demise she so longed for. She drowned within it, that Endless Sea of her mind – ever so walking down the Long Road with no destination in sight. The Awakening followed suite – when she opened her eyes, those pools of pupil-less blue, the woman stood up from her makeshift bed as her reflection now gazed back at her through the mirror. Pale skin of alabaster heavily complimented the locks of silver which ran down her shoulders in a seemingly endless cascade, long digits brushing through them as the reflection did the same. Like a Plague, it came; the Corruption. It seeped from her newly formed core, emanated from every pore of artificial flesh – it purified it in Darkness, like roaring tides crashing along her skin, black liquid covering her head to toe until she regained her second skin of obsidian black. The sight of her mocked the sun in devious irony – the reborn woman, carved from Darkness itself, given a new purpose, a higher power to pray to – and oh, did she pray. Every night, bathing in the moonlight, engulfed by shadows; she prayed to a new Creator. It was time for Sophia to return to the place she now called ‘Home’. How long has it been for her to have one? Shadows spun around her – greedy lovers reached out their tendrils to cast her form into intangible grasp, one with the darkness itself – greedy were they, to hold onto the woman ever so tightly upon connecting physical form through new realms. Unknown was it to her, the place in which she landed. Unknown was this part of the world, for the blackskinned woman as the gazed upon a frozen lake, upon two figures standing by it. A few feet away, she could feel something tugging at the serpent-like tendrils which coiled around her feet, a barrier which tried in vain to contain her powers. She chuckled, and thought little of it, and more over the energy which came from the lake – Two, for that matter – both familiar, as one could almost be heard howling. An eyebrow furled upwards upon dark features as the woman sat onto the grass and pulled out a deck of cards. Extracting one, only to come into view, the image of a man walking so close to the edge of a cliff, careless of its consequences. The Fool. Another chuckle, as she could only ponder to whom it was directed. Perhaps to the two women. Or perhaps, to the presence now trapped within that frozen lake. Another card plucked up – The Hanged Man – how obvious it was to her, how oblivious the two women were of the dangers which would soon follow. Upon noticing the new presence. Sophia gained courage to approach the frozen surface – her steps, light, yet heavy enough to shake. “Hm.” She sighed out, her voice a tainted coo over to the two women, over to the tallest presence of red and black. “Anybody got a hammer?”

“Who are you?” Darkness; The ever flowing waves pulsated as they began to permeate the question delivering thought from one soul to another. “We are the many, the whole, and the none,” a whisper like voice carried around from its total amassed form. Like a cloud of smoke; yet blacker, and darker than the walls of the abyss at night. Formless it was yet collective under the same goal to administer itself across perception, to bring forth itself into a tangible form. The voice in which brought forth the questioning came yet again “What is your nature,” The cloud began to tighten itself around a central point pulling with it much visible viscosity; shapes and living forms seem to manifest in the intangible domain of the Umbra. Scarabs, locusts, and frogs swam and mass through the extent of the Umbra as it begins to separate itself “Our nature is the truth, to expand enlightenment throughout all;” The umbra begins to thin, or rather the viscosity began taking more and more forms; beetles, flies, rats; they all scurried and swarmed collecting at a central point. They began to feast upon one another, eating, consuming and absorbing their weaker manifestations taking upon one another features of the conquered. Still, the voice challenged the Umbra further, “From whence did you come,” The umbra expands at this point covering the distance between the insects and small rodents which were priorly manifested as embodiments of an umbral construct. Melted they were back into the ever flowing constraints of its unmeasurable form. 

The great devouring of Umbra consumed first shadows then worlds and realities alike. “I come from all times, from all fallings, from all graces, and from all callings. Before man was constructed I came before life dominated; I was.” The separations begin to increase further the greater mass of umbra began to pull away from a lesser division of it. The pestilence returns as the umbra begin to thin out more had long since bred, or rather appeared through the veil of umbra. It almost removed itself completely from the attachment of the larger source. “What makes you different, Gives you freedom to speak?” The question caused, even more, turmoil within the projection of umbra. Tendrils began to form pulling at other various locations, the swarmed pestilence began to in a very sloth like manner move toward the center of the smaller source of Umbra those at the outer edge began to unravel and fade as they thinned their umbral composition then drifted back into the collective form. “I have a name, I have a will, and I have the power to enact it,” Strange forces began to display across the umbra. “Sic narro nos totus” The greater voice called as the separation was complete.”Go forth with your sisters and spread the truth for Your brother has already cast sermon over there people.” 

The umbra remained unforming until the final line of command was given. The Great Umbral collective itself spoke the language of the separated Umbra, one it knew from a time before it became one with the all father Caliga; “Asuya meyk-Kaliga. Ayu-Sutekh-ba**”[ Loose translation: Yo’h fucker I am Caliga Get you ass outta her Set] The smaller collection of Umbra was then launched at the massive mirror in the center of the domain. Its reflection caught an image of a form within the umbra and cast the reflection with the others. The first thing of his will to come to form was his vantablack arms reaching out beckoning the surrounding expanse of land before him. Into his outstretched hand, a scepter pulls itself into being, not, however, clade with the umbra as his the majority of his form had claimed. Its structure was apparently cast from an obsidian faience inlay with silver and gold, over a carved bone structure. The head of which depicted a stylized animal head. Both of his hands extended as tendrils grasp upon it as a leg stepped forth from the surrounding umbra. It was met with its other and only then did his torso follow. His other hand held true within its grasp an Ankh made of a highly reflective amalgam of Gold, and Silver; so reflective it was more or less a mirror. Vantablack and without depth his corporeal manifestation walked slowly with the stride of royalty. 

Three eyes pierced his depthless face, silver; void; ruby. His head had an odd shape to it and if the depth was not obscured through the shade of umbra he was it would depict a beast resembling no known creature, although it could be seen as a composite of an aardvark, a donkey, a jackal or a fennec fox. The animal has a curved snout, long rectangular ears, a thin forked tail and canine body, with sprouted fur tufts in an inverted arrow shape. The sun cast upon him caused him little discomfort he pulled his Umbra within himself giving a more solid appearance for his form before noting a collection of his fellow Kinn, Among them, were two others, He knew not their purpose but as he came closer to the lake he felt the pull of the Evincar. He now set out among them staring into the frozen lake in front of him as he passed by Sophia he watched Abbadon, “Is it time, or have I missed the sermon?” The Ankh within his hand begins to pulsate as his Umbra extends through it. “Are my talents required?” He stared through the nonreflective qualities of the lake at Fides that dwelled deep within. He began to extend his Was-Scepter toward the lake before stopping just short of touching it. “Anaki Amun-Set-Sutekh Su-Kaliga- anaki**” [Loose translation: I am Amun Set Sutekh Tool/warrior* of Caliga] 

** invented Egyptian language

Were it not for the seal all here likely would have heard fides bemused chuckle as dark children and Kinn began to set upon the place in curiosity. The Evincar knew the moment it had accepted the bribe that something to this effect would happen, though it had though it would likely take longer. It was instead a bit surprised with how rapid they came seeking him out. He was almost “touched” if kinn could have truly felt such he may have. It did after all seem as though they were rushing to his aid, though it was not a thing truly needed at this point. Though in truth this had been the Evincars intent, to bring others. Had it not been for that angel…Fides may have been more inclined to have provided more exits for the woman, but as it stood currently the situation was nothing less than precarious. There was far too much peace between these forces of light and darkness…and the true darkness which Fides stood for would be displeased if its voice sat here in silence. It was on that thought that fides felt just above it the usage of shadows to make for armour and weapons, such a thing was truly comical..But there was a point to it, it would generally offer great aid, but to the kin it would likely be as foil. Each of the millions of souls in the beings were master shadow mages to say the least…the will of such numbers against so few the outcome was no mystery, though perhaps the reason would remain as such. Through the oddity of the intimate connection of kinn and darkness those women could likely be able to feel their employed shadows seem…strangely jovial somehow as if laughing….despite being generally inanimate objects. 

As the invocation began it would almost howl with laughter, she had just willing connected herself to the Visser via invocation that would accomplish nothing the Visser would not offer willingly with a smile to its voice. Her connection during the leaching of the Evincars “life force” and physical form. Had she known the true effect of such she may well have chosen some other invocation. She could hear Fides howling in laughter as it began to give these things forcefully, wondering if she might “pop” Fides had countless souls at its disposal, all of which were incredibly profane…and rather powerful, potent ancient souls…possibly able to contend with her own essence for control over the body in time were she not to cancel her invocation. In any case the profanity, the darkness of the Evincar would almost certainly begin to seep into the woman at an alarming rate filling her mind with thoughts of every sin comprehendible, each indulgence rewarded with further elating perversions, growing steadily…darker, and darker. It would become a growing want until it became a full blow need if she did not let go in time. In the darkness of her mind amidst this carnival of sin she could hear the hushes chorus of millions that was the voice of Fides, in clear mockery, freely offering its flesh to the woman “this is our blood” inferring the dark souls which were flowing at an alarming rate threatening to consumer her from the inside. “This is our flesh” as in the imaginings its arm offered forward what was a piece of the darkness which composed its form. Torn directly from the ribcage, just snapped it off…willingly handing it to the woman. It had no true dominion over Fides, it was never alive, it had no true flesh, but it knew the intent, and found it incredibly humorous to offer it to the woman, surely it had no contestation with such wants. After all…it wanted much the same thing… 
First to fall victim to wonder was a Visser, another comparatively large being, with a commanding grip over darkness as well. And she to would be chuckling, though it was not the howling laughter of the Evnicar, it would echo much the same, compounding the insult perhaps. Her words were to the Visser alone. He would not be able to respond to them he had legitimately accepted this seal, and maintained it in good faith ironically. Though Fides heard every word uttered by Abbadon he would not respond. Her chuckle came as mockery for him being sealed. The irony being he allowed himself to be sealed, because he knew it would bring more. The woman seemed unaware of what they were, she was likely becoming acutely aware now as more and more of the beings began to show. Even the mere appearance of this first of the kinn began to feed the presence and power of the Evincar, by simply being near it, darkness seeping into the ice as she tried to barter ignorant the Evincars machinations. 

Timing being what it was provided yet another irony. It would seem the seer had come to seek out Fides once more and report back of her findings…it would be an odd reunion as she came to the realization of the situation. Of course her reaction would be to consult the cards…it was possible nothing would interfere with that, it seemed to have gone over well…an irony being sitting on top of a lake which at the moment concealed a considerable amount of darkness. though it was a darkness that echoed laughter along with that howling which called out to the teller in particular, she would likely be the only one to hear it. but in doing so she would gleam a better understanding , though likely be just as baffled as the others as they came to be here. Each one clearly capable shadow manipulators. Darkness always willing and eager to heed the call of these ones. 

Fides was quite please with the Coming of Set, his manifestation was also all that it should infer, this force of will, the dark beast that was set, here willing to combat on the behalf of the Evincar as well, though it was only natural, it was more that it was odd to see such a being appear of its own accord rather than to be summoned….then again, perhaps it had been. His form and dominion proper and fitting, to the point and self sure. Fides mused over a sermon…as it was in a fashion preaching…it wondered if the woman would hear, would she realize what was happening, or what it was that had come to pass. Seldom if ever do kinn gather, and her sealing the Likes of the Evincar into the lake…now she knew intimately why it had accepted the offer so willingly.

Pain ---- Desire – Lust – Violence ---Darkness 

Kali’s mind roiled with her sins as she connected to the Visser through a completely willing dark ritual and incantation. She knew immediately that the spell would have no effect on him other than to open the channel to her mind. A channel that instantly flooded with the desire for sin as his power flooded over her, into her, through her. She felt violated as his darkness was willingly pulled into her body as the spell all but backfired. 


Images of her past, running rampant through towns and villages, causing pain and destruction. Usually fighting against the darkness in whatever realm she happened to be in. Many realms and dimensions, so ripe with the possibility to cause pain to the darkness. Her dual nature perverting her Light to cause pain, simply because she enjoyed doing so. But also images of her tied down, tortured, enduring pain as it was inflicted upon her in many different scenarios, all of which fed her inner darkness, her core, driving her to seek out more demonic contracts than contracts with the Light . . . 

Desire --- Lust – Pain -- Violence 

The sins that intertwined within her, desire for love and lust for sex and pain twisted together in a thriving mess of confusing domination and submission. Dark images of violent demining sexual acts that left her begging for more. Craving demining, disgusting acts of carnal pleasure that left her body writhing in erotic ecstasy that had no end and no beginning. 


Kali’s mind roiled with the darkness within her own nature. It was once said that the Brightest Light hid the Deepest Darkness, and within her this was almost true, almost not. Her dual nature as a being of the Light and the Dark left her in constant chaos .. and Light cannot thrive without order. Her past, her experiences with many races all of them ending in betrayal, hate, bigotry and fear. Her Darkness was far stronger than her Light, her Light hid in the depths of her darkness like a malnourished child hiding from the bullying adult. Her sins brought to the forefront of her mind as the Visser’s darkness invaded her, filled the part of her she tried to deny, tried to kept caged and hidden. His darkness filled her soul, corrupting her, trying to drown out the vary last bit of her Light. 

Only the memory of her newborn daughter caused her to cry out, to seek help down the spiral path of her soul that connected her to Raven. 

Raven looked up as Kali cried out, the mage calling for help through their shared soul bond was unusual and rare. Something was very very wrong, Raven could feel it as she opened her mind to her counterpart, her soulmate. The two were so intricately and magically bound together that it was difficult if not impossible to tell where one soul started and the other ended. But her mind opened in order to help Kali . .and it was a mistake. 
Fides power would roll through Kali and into her as well, her own dark nature as a vampire had only recently been reawakened after the birth of her own two children. A darkness that was not under complete control . . a darkness and evil so great that bindings, physical and magical were needed to hold it in place until she could find that control again. 

Earrings . . two black crosses in each ear, blessed by the Pope himself in a ceremony that didn’t exist. Used to help the Order of the White Hand combat the unholy supernatural forces. One large cross jabbed through each ear, another small cross on a chain hung from each lobe. These were used to combat her vampiric aura, to suppress her power and make it so that her aura didn’t simply kill the mortals that walked her lands. Excruciating pain emanated from these Holy objects thrust through her flesh, but she endured it to be near her people, near her mates and children. 

The demonic crown worn across her brow did the same thing for her demonic half. A child of Lilith before being Turned into a Vampire, Raven had access to demonic legions, powers, and an ultimate form. But because of her strong Christian faith, ingrained in her for the years of her youth as a ward of the Vatican, raised to be a Crusader, a member of the White Hand . .she denied this part of her. The crown another artifact used to suppress and bind her demon half and powers. 

The enchanted snake bites in her lower lip that were supposed to suppress her need, urge to feed and gorge herself on blood. That kept her second set of monstrous fangs from emerging when she did feed. Bridge piercings enchanted to keep her from smelling the blood of mortals, a thing that in itself could drive her to vampiric frenzy. 

That control slipped like a Grecian toga cut at the shoulder, falling away from her grasp as the Visser’s darkness rolled into her mind without warning. It was all she could do not to lose to her ferocity, her feral vampire nature right then and there. Sin, sin rolled through her though hers were anger, violence, destruction and vengeance. Raven in her deepest insanity and depravity of sorrows had delved so deeply into her own personal Darkness that she had hunted down and killed her entire coven, all but her own Master. Had hunted and diablerized hundreds of vampires in order to gain the power and abilities to defeat her Master and had still failed. Her rage fed her insanity, fed her depravity until she had become a shivering mass of hunger and destruction the likes of which Earth had never seen. It had been then, then that she had been gathered up by Kali and brought to a new realm where the sins of earth couldn’t find her . . or so they had thought. (this is when my characters were moved to IMVU from aol and tabletop play) 

Darkness and hatred rushed through Raven like an f5 tornado, ripping her self control to shreds. It took her a moment, she had to latch on to Kali’s memory of children. Her children, their children, hope, and light. Desire for a future of peace. 

Kali’s mind followed the link, the thoughts the desire to keep her child safe, the lust she felt for Chaos, their shared mate. The violence she would commit to protect it all . . . Kali forced her mind away from the Darkness as Raven called on her bloodline abilities, attempting to protect their minds from any more of Fides’ influence. Dark vampiric Power rolled over the Mage and the Vampire protecting them from any further mind altering attacks while shedding the derangements already in effect. (VTM-Gangrel Elder-Fortitude-lvl7-Resiliant minds combined with Fortitude-lvl7-shared strength) Her power rolled through her first, then over Kali as she shared the blood abilitiy with her partner. It took several moments for it to work, but the two would eventually pull from their darkness’s and come to only to find that there was another . . being standing before them. 

The disruption of her mind caused Kali to lose control of her spell on Fides, the direct link and connection to him breaking as she looked up to see another creature join them at the lake. It startled her out of her mind even further, giving her another grasp on reality that had been almost lost. The thoughts of her daughter were placed to the back of her mind as she turned eyes the color of starfire on the new . . woman . creature . that had appeared. (Anaya) Kali blinked several times in rapid succession and sighed, she had had a feeling something like this might happen after Fides had agreed to be sealed in the lake, but her own arrogance had made her dismiss the thought. Having thought they’d ‘won’. Woe be to thee who is arrogant. The thought flitted through her mind in frustration as she watched more black tendrils seep into the land. 

“Raven . . you should probably do something about that” she said to her Vampiress. 

“Never a dull moment around here I see” Raven commented as she too laid eyes upon the new arrival. She brushed long onyx strands out of her eyes. Orbs of midnight black with irises the color of fresh blood. Her eyes reflecting her mood as she tapped into some of her higher abilities, just in case. She took a slow calming breath, despite the distinct lack of need for air, it was still required for speech, and stepped forward towards the beautiful creature now trying to pollute her land. Her oasis of peace. The place she had fought centuries to find and found and have. It was hers, not theirs, not Kali’s or Chaos’. HERS. Possessive ferocity thrummed through her, igniting her anger that another one of these dark creatures had arrived. 
Raven approached the woman who seemed to be leaking darkness into her lands cautiously. One of these beings was bad enough, but she could feel the darkness calling out to others. It sent a shiver down her spine as she stopped in front of Anaya. Only to have the woman question her identity. 

Anaya- “So who be thee that stand in the beautiful glow of darkness and not respect the ones that it birthed?” 

“I am Raven, Empress of the lands in which you find yourself.” She replied to Anaya’s question. “And I am going to ask you nicely to please stop seeping your darkness into my Lands” 

Raven had learned her lesson the first time, Fides had not gotten violent or threatened her in anyway. Although as they say, hindsight is 20/20, she had let her anger get the better of her the first time, escalating a situation she couldn’t have handled. Now . . though angry and frightened for her people, she kept her calm. She sent word through her mental links with the head of her guard then, to evacuate the town. The alarm bells began to ring and all the vampires and demon citizens would be seen moving towards evacuation routes. The last thing she was going to do was allow them to be sacrificed to the darkness, not after witnessing the price for Kali and her to seal Fides in the lake. 

And then . . there were many . . .. 

Within moments of the first woman arriving, a second . . and a third, the final one another male. Raven stepped back from the growing group of darkness incarnate and almost wanted to reach for Kali. The two stood together in the face of the greatest gathering of evil that either of them had ever seen and shuddered. 
Kali would speak out now to the group of them, all hanging out at the edge of the frozen lake. She stepped forward, the demonic runes on the left side of her body writhing, almost in agony. She didn’t get within reach, nor close enough to be touched by any of their tendrils. 

“Why have you come to our lands? What is it that you seek from us? You were not invited here, yet that one” she said and pointed at the lake. “Agreed to be sealed in the land with a sacrifice of souls” yeah . .again a late realization that she had probably and more than likely screwed up. She pushed long silver strands of hair out of her face as she waited, hoped for a reply that wouldn’t screw the Empire of the Forsaken Rose for a very long time. Raven stood just a few feet behind Kali now, and pulled on her vampire blood well, preparing for the worst while Kali spoke to the beings that she was closer akin to …..

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Abaddon’s empty faced edged down to glance at the sinner that had shown its self, she hated sinners so violent and they never thought there actions out, impulsive Kinn they were she never say them as anything but lesser beings no matter who they were, this one did not even talk right how pitiful, it talked more human then Kinn, it must have been young newly made to become Kinn, still worthless till shown in her presence. Her empty covered face looked back up as she stood there towering over the sinner as a Visser she had stature over him and even with her wings folded down she was a massive fifteen foot tall titan of the female form. She did not say a word to him as she stood waiting for the rest of the actions to come forth, would the beings here keep there feeble attempts at combat or disabling then would it all keep going, regardless she already had just cause to send the sinner in for castle take down and then she would walk forth to pick up the lost souls left behind in the rubble and dust cloud of what the sinner would leave in its wake, that was what sinners did after all they were the muscle and the force if it needed to be there and it was good she had a second and even this other one she did not know as of yet, it was within the thoughts of the other Kinn, this other girl and her pet whatever it was Abbadon did not pay much mind to smaller things. But if anything this female would be fodder for the opponents to deal with yet another thing if they did not curb to the coming Visser's demands. 

Abbadon standing there in silence waiting was something in its self to look upon, she made her figure as imposing yet beautifully crafted as she could, she was everything someone would want in a body, in a appearance, but with empty black skin and no distinguishing features. She could make herself have a skin look using her ability's to be more pleasing to the eye but here she did not need to undertake such a drastic change she was not beding some fool drunken in love and wanting to sell his very soul away for a night of sin, She was not leaning on a wall in a tavern or bar waiting for someones eye to catch the gaze of the flawless beautiful woman with the blindfold and lips as soft as red velvet, She was not standing in a door way looking sweet and charming to have someone allow her into there home so she could use there Sinn to corrupt there family and have them on there knees before dawns break. She was not here for that, she was not here for sins, she was here due to the Evincar getting its self into shit and needing to be pulled out of it, he would owe her for this, and she was not going to forget it. It would owe her large for this and she had not gotten to talk to him yet due to foolish interruptions by lesser impatient beings getting in the way. But now this would be useful in there coming talk, yes very useful. She moved her black fingers black hair being pushed from her absent face and bright red blindfold. A light red fog billowed around her feet but vanished to nothing at her waist line, flawless plump shaped hips dripped in a red silken gown black runs of velvet down the side Abbandon dressed more medieval ruler then normal being she just enjoyed the fabrics and reds and the power stature of how it made her look and feel, well what she was able to feel. She let out the sound of a breath as her hair did not move from hanging over her lips, there was no breeze it was like the world stopped for a moment, did it, it sure could be felt that way as she looked out and over this place. Her wings behind her moving slightly feathers running together making a light rushing sound as the feathers ran against one another. But with them relaxing once more they stayed to her back folded and out of the way. 

Then the woman was there right before her, she could feel everything that this woman held the sins of her past her feelings now how she wanted her home safe so badly how everything this being wanted was not her own but for the ones around her. But there was sin there and a good amount of it, but then again every singular being held sin within it and beings of darkness like the vampires had so much more. Abbadon's voice whispered to set and the other known as Sophia but it was only to them, within them and within the darkness of the Kinns hive mind “the vampire is weak she can be reasoned with, dispatch the Evincar from his cage by any needed means, I shall deal with the one before us.” Abbadon gave no expression she gave no tell tail sign to show she was talking within them, but then her face turned to look at the female before her “ we came to take back what is ours and see why this place has drawn our Evincar's curiosity, we see now why, you, so broken with feelings, loss of tendered ones due to choices of your own, but you can be found if you so wish it. “ Abbadon towered over them at 15 feet tall wings at her back but she knew that was an intimidating stature and she had now with feeling within the darkness this womans sin her own interest had been peeked. She moved and still towering shrunk down just a little to seven feet, enough to still keep her point and stature but a bit smaller to get what she wanted, witch was now this woman. “ we are Abbadon the Wings of Caliga god of all darkness, the was and is and all things, and we have come to find you, a simple yet complex being, someone of reason, someone that brought that witch is we here for a reason.” Abbadon held out a clawed hand her sweet small of vanilla almost gut turning at being this close to her. Upon her hand dangled a small foot like charm, it looked like a rabbits foot but black and more shrived it was very old and dried looking. “ we can not stop the darkness as it is that is we, but you can adapt with it, become a part of it, embrace Caligas beauty and come within the wing, there is little price to pay for something so vast and beyond understanding. You can find beauty, embrace sin and find more pleasure then one can imagine, and the pain you hold will fade away forever, there is no shame within Caliga, A endless expanse of beauty of complex yet simple wishes” she moved closer the feeling around her almost making the air shiver like air over a hot element. “ you had so much pain once, so much loss, won’t you give anything to get them back” she held out that paw “ one wish, anything, don’t you want your what you lost back” she did not even need to see into the woman's mind from the link the Evincar made she knew what the loss felt like,what loss looked like, she had targeted woman in the older days that had lost sons and daughters in the war to bring to peace within Caliga Abbadon knew the look of loss very well, loss of a family member, loss of friends, loss of children, But it was up to the woman now would she pay the small price and get anything she lost returned to her, or would she just want them to leave witch would only insult them. 

‘It’s coming for me.’ Her own voice pierced the silence of her mind. Long lost in the conversation, her thoughts wondered elsewhere, far within her own core. In silence, she examined her own hand, the obsidian black of her skin fascinating Sophia; entranced by it, and by the new strength she felt inside. ‘I wonder what would happen if I let it have me.’ She had grown familiar to it, yet in constant turmoil. Demons, which played well with her own – Monsters of the darkest corners, the In-Between. 

Then, she heard it. Like a whisper through her dreams, she heard that choir of voices again, the feminine tangent who stood much taller than her now addressed Sophia, familiar with her energy, her essence. Her apparel denoted the contradiction from Sophia – woman was covered in red, robes which concealed the obsidian beauty, Sophia wore it proudly on display, despite the rather horrific appearance: She was tall, and thin; a Skeleton of a woman who looked more on the verge of Death, than Life. With material imprints which barely masked her skin, the white hair and pupil-less blue pools which rarely ever blinked, her physique was ghastly – an anomaly of anything natural. An aside, from what was considered Humane. It gave an order which she faltered not to carry. With that, webbed-like digits would unlock the silver case in which laid her deck of Tarot Majik. Two of the Cards for today’s events were already revealed to her, the Blind Reader of Fortunes, creature of which secrets laid within the diagonal lines carved upon the paperthin objects, now beginning to rotate in midair. From her extended palm, the deck began to thin out one by one, each card placing itself in an odd formation, spiraling like serpentine snakes followed by slim black tendrils; it looked as though her Deck was endless, the multitude of Cards eventually forming what looked to be a whirlwind, moving at a hypnotically fast pace – there were voices echoing from its middle, whispers and screams molding together to create sounds which made little sense. She quirked a brow to it, her own creation being slightly ‘new’ due to her new acquainted ‘Gift’. “Sweet. New tricks.” She cooed under her breath, visibly amused. 

There was a snap. And then, a crack. Her body contorted in a grotesque sight, the sounds of joints twisting, bones breaking. It filled the air, along with the feeling of dread, and unease. The air smelled like withered lilac, and graveyard dirt – a similarity, from a former Creator – as the scent mixed with her domineering aura created a feeling of drowning . Deeper and deeper, into the Endless Sea. Suffocating as it was. Cold. She grinned, to the point where the edges of her mouth would’ve bled with how far they stretched. It was crooked, and filled with mania. A strange sound escaped her lips, the satin black petals pursing together. Sophia whistled, and the tune was strangely beautiful – a chant, a calling of the Shadows, to the Shadows. Through unknown bounds, the call was carried, a tantalizing pull upon all dark forces seeking in jest until it would’ve reached the targeted energy. The Hound would’ve heard it, wherever it was – and in return would it offer a response unheard by all with the exception of Fides. ‘What do you need, Maestro?’ – it echoed, the voice of the Teller, beyond the Seal, underneath the frozen surface. It cooed at him, the nickname used symbolizing her respect for him; he was the Maestro to the Orchestra within her thoughts. The choir of endless insanity. 

The most disturbing part of it wall was not the snapping of bones, the cold, thick air, or the malicious grin. It was speed – the speed of which her makeshift tornado seemed to move from her side, floating over to the middle of that frozen lake. It’s rotating speed created a whirlwind through the air and by now it looked as though the woman was determined to drill a hole to it instead of finding a more less destructive way to get her Mentor out. 

Sophia stood in front of them all. Pride emanated from her every pore, Greed raged within. “Baa, Baa, Black Sheep…” She hummed with a childlike humor, swooning from side to side gently as from where the deck of cards once stood in her palm, one single card remained. Sophia flipped it between her fingers, revealing it’s white, blank face, void of any imagery. “This Card represents our Ending for the night. It is up to you, which imagery it should take.” Like a Trickster she’d twist their sense of composure up until the moment the tables would turn, and the game would be hers to win. She held the card propped up between her index and middle finger, blank as it was. The choice was theirs, now. The Tornado which loomed dark above their Lake only seemed to pick up pace, its whirlwind close to driving against the ice. Should it even be forced to retreat, the wind motion would manage to scrape at the first layers of ice, clearing its frost-like effect. “You’re already one hoof in the clouds, and one down the well.” She grinned, hoping to appease the already ongoing Corruption started by her newfound Company. 

“By any means…” Had his features held depth one would notice the grin, or perhaps the primal showing of his teeth. A deeply toned utterance exposed itself to the audible range of those fated to experience his coming. His gaze passed over the stagnant lake in his presence. He slowly began to take a single step followed by another following in the wake of the tornado before him. Sloth emanated from him; forcing thoughts, desires, and movements around him to become stuck upon themselves. Stagnation began to follow, each passing moment foregoing to rot as his calling made slow repetition of most mental forthcoming. Delerium poking its psychotic face in a clause of dementia. His own umbra taking to the air; thickest around his manifested form, but still it held like a plagued air surrounding not only himself but the forms of Sophia and Abbadon; their own umbras freely mixing and reacting with his own; spreading it further much like the plagues he was known for in ancient times. His was-scepter begins to breathe in and out thickening the umbra around him until it seemed that he nearly vanished into a cloud of black smog. His umbra began to penetrate through the ice reaching out toward the smaller creatures inhabited within; small fish, frozen insects, algae, all of these things succumb to his hungering umbra. Like a mist carried over the morning dew, he continued slowly, precisely rather than the harsh enacting of Sophia at his front. His pace slowed as he stepped at most forty feet from the coast of the lake his Umbra still increasing in size It reached out to Sophia grabbing at the spires of its gales; its foreboding sense of drowning complemented by his Umbra to inhibit sloth; succumbing. Acceptance of a singularity; The mist thickens around the surface of the lake until it was all but blacked out from the density of his umbra. Larger and larger torrents of it begin to move across the surface of the lake as if his Umbra carried within it a distinct wave like pattern; all of them flowing toward two central points, one of which was pulled into the tornado supplied by Sophia and the other straight to his feet. It began first slowing depending upon the puncturing from the mighty umbral gales, once the solid layer of ice was shattered exposing the Liquid below there came a source for extraction. His umbral near in it entirety launches through his feet and the eye of the tornado into the lake swelling as it began to feed on the fish, and larvae it found previously.The umbra rips there forms apart creating them anew, shadows of what they were previously in only the visual sense. They took will, and took form at the command of Set’s umbra changing themselves and making from what was there a new form.The lake underneath the ice began to turn black as still more of them were altered it wasn’t until they swarmed in the air and drew close did there appearance make an observation. 

Thousands upon thousand of them flocked into the sky forming a swarm so great it nearly block the sun out in its entirety. Each individual construct of assimilated flesh that came into his Umbra took for itself a very small form, at largest a centimeter in length. As a reflection of their creator, they were cast vantablack, from there small proboscis to their small delicate wings. His scepter began to eat it its fill of the umbra bug testing them before it too begins to breathe even more of them out. The entirety of his visibly eternal Umbra takes their form. Set’s form though hard to see at this point would be a lot more visible now that the mist and fog of his umbra became mostly solid. If one had the sight, or the close range to see Set’s mouth they were watching him speak out words without sound. As if in response sound emanates through the exposure of the swarm. A loud buzzing nearly deafening to the exposed ear I a thousand voices within them a gnostic ethnos could be hinted they shouted “D’tzak Adash Ba’kava*” it was then the swarm began to move ignoring Abbadon and the couple of beings she was entertaining they began to speedily head toward the city hungering for a chance to spread their profane taint across the masses. Set Pays for this interaction with but a single soul in which he shatters allowing each minute from within his swarm to take upon itself its own umbra domain. The soul he invoked forth in silence also to bind them still to his own extension. Turning them from a mere extension of his umbra into an existence even lower than Turpes (Shit) they now were. They held no intellect and enact upon primitive reaction they were lacking in any domain of organs, blood; thought, all forsaken and much like a jellyfish they react based upon hunger. As they spread across the expanse of the kingdom they begin to collect around the heavily populated areas of evacuation. Those unlucky enough to become surrounded by the swarm would quickly experience the horror of the many thousands if not millions of mosquito like pestilence feasting upon them leaking within the flesh form of the population backwash of their umbral sources. Like an infection without a cure, it begins to grow inside of them expanding as more and more of the Swarm began to feed upon them. Screams would carry from those infested; mere moments though after the opening of their mouths many hundreds more of the swarm would fly in infecting them even further from within. Being a creation in their origin from Set’s umbra, however, these as well in their great swarm would further breed a sense of sloth to those of whom they cross. The feeling as if you were slowly sinking in tar would begin to take the first victims who were claimed, similar to a dream many have in which their vision or movement was fixed in a position only to be changed with much strain and difficulty. Whether it was from the many of the swarm which flew into their mouths, or from the swarm actively shredding the beings' souls and bodies and assimilating them would be unknown. However once they had finished feasting upon one being Their body was left dry, and crusted for a moment. They lose their footing and falls to the ground breaking their skulls or chests open upon across the paved flooring. Many more of the swarm begin to expel out of the dead bodies, as the last one exist each of the bodies they shriveled up like a deflated paper bag, only to be crushed into fragmented dust likely from the trampoline of the people who were able enough to resist the sloth, or were forcibly made to move. 

Set cared not for these first few souls of the victims that the swarm reaped And so he allowed them to stay in the collection through the swarm’s reserves, though he did not permit them the intellect to know of their ability to consume and use souls, rather left them with the primitive sense of consuming flesh. They were his reapers in a matter of speaking for which he was collecting the vast souls present, as well as feasting through the collected sins triggered by the domineering hive mind he had invoked. The taste of terror and disorder within them amused Set anything in such a state of chaos reflected him a more natural state of reality, of the truth; Veritas, or rather what it meant to him. He was not like many of his kind who quickly shed their past selves upon being assimilated. It was who, or rather what he was that made him become a kinn. What he was though, mattered not anymore, though he still held within himself duty to uphold and spread disorder through all facets of existence. He was after all Set, the monster who fought and joined in unity with apep. Though that was an existence long ago for him. He watches in amusement as the gathering of his swarm wrought disarray and panic throughout the society. Their muffled screams inspired him to pull out his Ankh. It was not fair that only he should be present to witness all of which was occurring before him, was not his place to further conduct this sermon of corruption, while he gladly sits upon the precipice of orchestration the maestro should deliver such words of grace into the name of Caliga. Though it were was that he Set had once quarreled with the Father Caliga he lacked the devotion to purity in which he would be able to enact a dedication toward Caliga’s embrace. As such it was so set brought his Ankh up above his head so that he may look through it opening at the lake below him at the still form of Fides. Set’s voice began booming from the confines of his umbral form it seemed the very shadows cast upon the lake themselves seemed to echo his words as they were spoken. His mouth now peering through the opening of the Ankh. Its reflective properties casting many rays across the lake and himself still not exposing from his any details of his features even if he were standing in the brilliant light. He begins his first invocation over the lake, “Anaki Amun-Set-Sutekh,” This first phrase seemed to enhance his Umbra having caused it to begin to spread yet again over the layer of ice still presently encasing the majority of the lake. The next line of speech in which he spoke was rather strange from him and unknowingly to him he spoke in two languages simultaneously, the invocation he spoke in his native tongue yet the invocation itself seemed to echo in one other, “Sunak Fedas-Evynka, Sun-Kaliga-Verita, Ba-ankha Ussya-Suntak Ma’iy Kosaya**” [Emerge Fides Evincar; keeper of Caliga’s Veritas, The living souls are a feast of honor for your liturgy] No sooner had his words been spoke the counterpart for which they said passed like poison across the shadows into the minds of the fellow kinn around, but more so penetrating through the ice into the form of the evincar below it said, “Fides enim exiet exitu sermonis epulis animarum.**” [ Fides; Come forth, feast upon the souls harvested for your sermon.] He aims his Ankh at this feet and waits to see if his invocation would have been answered, there was the issue of him not actually having the souls as per ready for the invocational debt, though he was fully aware to pay the price should the manner of souls harvested by the swarm not prove sufficient. As he waits he finishes the phrase he said earlier at the beginning of his actions “...Necessary?” 

** improvised translation loss/gap

Kali had done perhaps more then she was aware, in her casting she had freed Fides from the seal, and he had no part in it. he was freed from the lake by hands not his own…magic which had reached out to him, and he, being the “benevolent” being he was decided to give Kali what she had asked for. “Evil” rushed through Kali, consuming her as if rice paper thrown into a bonfire. The profanity that was Fides surged into the woman, in reality giving her far more then the spell would have…had it truly been effective. It would seem like an eternity, the speed those depraved imaginings flowed with far, far faster than the relative time. In those Sins Fides had come to a more intimate understanding of the woman, her drives, her motivation…and she was so giving…or at least had been to Fides, that singular action making him acutely aware of many things. In her desperation to resist her darkness which was obviously the larger, “better” half she had reached out to the other woman on the lake, Raven, hoping the woman might offer some comfort. In time the two would come together…in time, which meant Fides had channeled through her as well, his energies inside this woman as well. Their minds were places which were not entirely what the Evincar had imagined, though there certainly were similar factors. Ironically the energy channeling, Fides into Kali, Kali into Raven would expose raven to the profound profanity of Fides, she felt it inside, but the external, her earrings in particular would have brought great discomfort, they would have begun to write as if in agony as any “holy” symbol does in the presence of this beast, quickly followed by a highly noticeable burning, which was obviously not just a part of the mind. The profanity so profound the women had begun to emanate a sort of darkness as Fides was taken in by them both. In doing so the Evincar made himself, or at least a small part, quite at home in the shadows of the women, a constant profanity emanating now from their own shadows. In effect making having their own shadows emanate a deep want and need to sin, constantly. As the evacuation bell began to toll though the woman’s combined efforts whilst clinging to thoughts of their children was enough to have the darkness they emanated fade as fides took back what was his, as well as left a mark upon them, they had been touched, Fides had been within them, at the moment the effects of that could be ignored. An impressive mental fortitude….but there had also been a more profound physical connection, not something that could just be willed away… 

Fides had been released, and had no particular inclination to manifest just as of yet, more content now to sit and watch the action of the others. Given his proximity to the lake his ambiance would have perhaps still seemed trapped, he was contend with that assertion thus far, allowing the others set about to “freeing him”. He was a bit amused with the insinuation of “any means”, given it had been directed to a Sinner, beings which in truth at their inner core were almost always more than excessively violent. It was of little wonder then that Set went about things the way it had, it would after all make the point more than apparent they were quite able of sewing destruction on a not so common, or conventional scale. Were this truly to devolve into a field of war it would be a magnificent display of mayhem, surely a tale to be remembered, though it had not gone that far…not yet. It would have been a thing difficult to notice at this point as thing were progressing but a soft, ever so faint chuckle might have been heard on the wind, though the sound was so faint it would have easily been mistaken for an imagining. 

The Evincar was actually rather pleased by the actions of the teller…her consulting the cards, not assuming to take action on Fides behalf. In truth it was one of the reasons for the chuckle. Fides had been sealed into a lake; though the others seemed ignorant it was of its own accord such a thing had happened. Again it was almost touching the way they had all come so quickly, and in display possession of such power. The vanity was fitting, the beasts displaying themselves for what they were making the folly of the prior actions of Raven and Kali painfully apparent. That being the case Sophia would have been subjected to sloth, a strange sort of “faint joy” in the wind that disturbed her hair for the briefest of moments, a subtle hint of praise in the current ensuing chaos. 

The breeze that had come to cross her might have been mistaken as some after though of the actions Set had put in motion. Moving to employ a rather deadly storm upon the panicked and evacuating towns folk, a simple yet sound plan of attack. The fact that it could be seen as self perpetuating made it a thing Fides took note of, such things did not happen often, though given the source of the swarm…”from whence it came”…perhaps it was not so surprising a thing, and fitting in all reality. Set was able to retain a more then fair amount of itself after having been given the gift of darkness, a testament to its might, and surely a thing worthy a degree of respect. This had all been set in motion by Set…seemingly on a whim, such chaos death and destruction…truly this was indeed The Set from tales of old…often whispered in reverence. Fides was inclined to answer Set’s question himself, the echoes of millions in unison for a singular word, only to the mind of Set… “Perhaps”… 

IF the souls were delved as promised in offering for sermon the card which Sophia is waiting to appear would come into view…the Heirophant.

Darkness, and writhing, living Evil 

It plowed through Kali’s mind like a hurricane out of control, ripping away any vestiges of control she thought she had had. And by her own doing no less. Thinking the connection had broken with her spell, she had been careless not to block off her mind, and Raven’s from the backlash of evil that she had touched, and in turn, had been touched by. It had thrown her, giving her a moment for her and Raven to collect themselves against the first onslaught of distraught desires, allowing them to believe they had blocked it out and moved on to the next threat. But no, it was more like a wave pulling back into a tsunami, only to return with a vengeance. A destructive wave of total annihilation. 

The pure evil that flowed through her, through them both was subtle though. Like a theif in the night, a small thing, like maggots, wriggling in the sludge of old thoughts old memories of sinful pleasures, completely hidden at first as it infested the very deep corners of their souls. Something there but not quite there at the same time. A writhing of a deeper darkness within the dark parts of their pasts. An infestation that would take time to manifest and bloom. They had been touched…. 

Raven wasn’t so lucky . . . . 

As the pure darkness and evil washed over her, she screamed and fell to her knees. The Holy artifacts piercing the flesh of her ears began at first to writhe, their power fluctuating through her body in an uncontrolled spasm of indescribable pain. Driven to her knees by the first wave she reached up and began pulling the artifacts from her skin, but not fast enough, they burned through her flesh, black flames dancing along the blessed metal and her skin as well. (VTM- Gangrel Elder- Fortitude Mastery- allows her to endure short bursts of flame without catching like rice paper, like a normal vampire would) 

Her mind broke from the sheer pain as she ripped them from her flesh now, throwing the Holy things away from her body. Her hold on her resilient minds and shared strength abilities shattered like so much aged and fragile glass, allowing Fides to enter her mind at full tilt. She didn’t care. The pain her body writhed with was almost too much for her to sustain. 

So much so that she began to lose control of the one magic she always held over herself, her illusions, her vanity. Her image would seem to strobe between the flawless, smooth pale skinned human and that of her true form. Monstrous was the only way to describe it. Deathly pale with a tinge of grey to her ‘skin’ as she seemed to be covered in a very fine layer of dark fur. Beneath this were thousands of scars. They riddled her body from head to foot, every inch of skin, marred in some bizarrely random pattern. Her eyes glowed a bright yellow, with long thin slits down the center, the eyes of a dragon, and yet cat ears and tail flickered from her head and rump. Dark raven hair wasn’t hair at all, but long silky bird feathers. 

(as a Gangrel vampire, Raven is subject to the curse of her bloodline, every third time she blood frenzies, she takes on an animalistic feature, and thus her true appearance is that of a mottled animal experiment. The scars were done to her by her Master before he Turned her. ) 

With the Holy artifacts gone from her body, Raven found herself on her knees, arms wrapped around her torso as the pain slowly subsided, but with them gone there was no holding back her vampiric and demonic powers. Her aura flared as her ‘power’ intensified. Like the aura of a dragon, the aura of an elder vampire was like a pressure plate come down around her, gravity seemed to intensify as the effect flared out around her for about 10ft. A sense of fear and foreboding would send most mortals scurrying away in fright, not that there were any left around. For those who could ‘see’ auras, Raven’s would be quite peculiar, no color could be found in it whatsoever. Though Fides ‘touch’ left a lasting mark on her aura, a darker patch to the rest, her own was already a solid, writhing mass of grey and black veins. So much diablerie . . the soul stealing feeding of another vampires life force and ability, so much sin, her aura was permanently scarred. Under normal circumstances, these black veins would normally lighten and vanish over the years, but so much had been done, so many souls consumed and powers stolen over the course of her lifetime that Raven’s aura and soul were permanently black. Stained by her misdeeds and greed for power and vengeance. Her only humanity, her only solace was harbored within Kali’s heart, Kali’s soul, and now Raven’s own children. 

Even with the light, the hope and the memories of her children, Raven’s power expanded again, this time pulsing between demonic and vampiric. The power she kept so carefully bound, so heavily restrained, pulsed with the sudden loss of the crown to hold it back. Demonic blood and power rushed her veins, forcing another transformation as large black horns erupted from the top of her head and lengthened to about a foot and a half, they curled just a touch at the ends. Black fog enveloped them and when it cleared moments later, they were wrapped in find gold filigree, with onyx chains and lengths of onyx and gold beads. Black sapphires dripped from the ends of each chain. Black demonic wings emerged from her back, and were similarly decorated, a sign of her rank as a blood and physical Daughter of the demon Lilith. 

And yet only a few seconds had passed from the initial burst of darkness from Fides, this did not bode well . . . 

Kali moved to Raven’s side and placed her hand on the vampires’ shoulder. She pushed at the pain and darkness with her own mind, sharing in Raven’s powers and abilities. She drew upon vampiric fortitude, pulling Raven’s mind from the mass of pain and darkness by surrounding it with thoughts of hope, light, children and a future. (VTM-Gangrel Elder-Fortitude – lvl 6 – Sensory Shield: Protect your mind from sensory overload) She wrapped her own mind in these feelings as well, hoping to keep at bay the resounding evil and corruption she could feel writhing deep within the both of them. The echoing laughter of Fides and his corrupt souls chilled her spine and made her fear for what was to come. 

But they had other fish to fry . . . . literally 

The time consumed with their folly of darkness and pain allowed the creatures at the lake to take action. Violent, intrusive, invasive, and hostile action. A violent tornadoe of whirling cards. Kali was familiar with the powers of a deck, but as the ‘attack’ wasn’t on any of the living or undead creatures of the empire, the chaos barrier didn’t react at all. Cursing under her breath and shook Raven now, hard, trying to get the vampire to focus as she felt the dark emanations of shadow seep from the male. 

“Raven, its time to defend what is ours” Kali said as she listened to the Teller offer a vague and blank prediction for the end of the night. A blank card in the deck? That wasn’t normal by any means and certainly didn’t bode well. 

But then the chaos barrier around the empire seemed to spring to life of its own accord just as Set began to vanish into his umbral cloud. He had chosen to attack living things within the empire. Though they were merely fish and insects, the hostility towards them and the physical attack the ‘touch’ of fides combined to activate the barrier. Fides and Set both would begin to feel a drain on their power sources, be it magical or souls, it would start to drain away, directly into the barrier. The barrier itself fed into the realm of chaos and darkness that surrounded Raven’s own as a form of protection. Hundereds, thousands, millions of souls, it didn’t matter, they could be drained away and deposited there without causing too much damage. 

Kali sighed a breath of relief as Raven shook herself like a dog, trying to shed the cold shivers that ran down her spine. The barrier worked slowly, but it had at least diverted the power of the attack on the lake creatures. Sense returned to Raven’s eyes as she felt the darkness of Set seep into the water, the chaos of the barrier activating and the panic of the lake life. As part of her tainted oasis, many other protections and connections had been lain down, all in the effort to protect the Empire and its life. She was intricately connected to the animals as well as the people and her lands. It was this connection that she tapped into now, commanding the water life to the very bottom of the lake. (VTM-Gangrel Elder- Animalism- lvl 7- Masters Voice combined with Lvl7- Twist the Feral Will) There she commanded them to enter the underground cove and for them to stay there. She could do nothing for the algae and non moving life, and this is what Set’s power would be laid upon. 

As his hungering umbra force devoured the life she couldn’t protect, Raven became enraged, the push to sin that Fides had instilled in her helping her to lose her temper, and it went from anger, to wrath, to violence in a split second. She growled a feral sound of wrath as she felt him gather up and consume what was hers. 


“You will halt, This is MY land, these are MY creatures, and I will NOT ALLOW THIS” she growled as she rose, her aura flared out and her eyes turned to solid orbs of black with small crimson iris’s. Set would feel her control over the life forms that he had so blatantly attacked as she controlled their very will, wresting the umbral cloud of turpes from him. They were her creatures, after all, and if their tiny souls belonged to anyone, it was her. (VTM-Gangrel Elder- Animalism- lvl 7 – Master’s Voice/Twist the Feral will) They would flock into the sky, yes, but beyond that they would do nothing but swarm around in a giant tornado just above them, not entering the gate. 

Kali, knowing what Raven was doing through their mental and magical bonds, tore open a rift into the chaos realm where Fides and Set’s power was being drained, it was about three feet long and about two feet wide, the size of a dwarf at best. Raven twisted the swarm of turpes and used her mind to control them into entering the rift. (VTM-Gangrel Elder- Animalism- Lvl 7 – Send the 8th Plague/twist the feral will – allows her to call and control a swarm of creatures and send them to do her bidding) Within the realm of chaos they would soon be destroyed, or at least contained. The damage done there easily contained. Once they were all through the rift into the chaos realm would close at Kali’s command. 

Kali looked up again though as the male began to speak in some foreign, ancient language. She didn’t so much care what it was, as to what it felt like, was that a . . ritual tone and cadence? 

“Oh no you don’t” she said and lifted her arm to point at a spot on the ground at his feet. She chanted a quick chant of her own (one standard action) and a spell of silence emanated from the spot on the ground at Set’s feet in a 400ft radial circle. It encompassed him, his companions, and most of the small lake that had once been frozen. The spell would render all communication impossible, spells with verbal components unusable, and any sound in or out of the area negated. And as it wasn’t cast on a creature, there was no will save to negate the effect of the spell. (Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 – Players Handbook – Silence) It wasn’t the most effective battle tactic, but at least it would gain Raven and Kali a few moments of peace and to gather themselves before the creatures .. hopefully . . realized what had happened. 

“this isn’t good . . . “ Raven muttered to kali, her black eyes gleaming with rage. She reached into her pocket and took out a vial of bright red pills, blood sustenance. She swallowed three of them, replacing some of the blood she had spent thus far. (10pts each, replacing 30 pts of bloodloss, full calculations to come with next posting. Its . . a work in progress lol )

Standing up she took her paw in her fingers, it was a pity, it would have been a very nice deal, it may have even saved the knowing damage to come. To bad the woman was already seeming to go insane within herself, The Evincar was overshadowing her and she was not needed now that he was soon to be free of a cage he willingly locked himself in. She wanted to watch the show so that she did standing tall her wings at her side as she stood there, feeling nothing but a slight tinge to her figure. She looked up at the now activated seeming to be barrier that covered the sky, it had no affect on her at all as she was Kinn not anything else, but it was insulting to think the least of it, one would use something so feeble against them, so weak and not made for them, but then again who would have known when that was even made that this day would come. She moved to speak words drifting form her core but it was silence, the words left her but no one could hear anything, she adapted and it was rather nice, she could hear nothing, but she could see everything words whispered within Sophia's mind “bring forth the Evincar then we are done here, once the Evincar is free we have served Caligas purpose of us” as always her voice was not one but that of many, and she knew that she was not needed here, she was only here to oversee not interfere in a large amount, it was not her place or her job to do so she was here to watch the fireworks and if the Evincar wanted to do more then roll around in the water that was his thing, not hers. 

Abbadon wrapped one wing around her figure as she looked over to the girl (Raven), the one that seemed a bit more sane but really, not really all that much more sane they were all going mad and aggressive due to the Evincars influence witch in the end was just fun to oversee and it made her feel joy inside or well what she was able to feel of joy anyway. Her voice whispered into the mind of the girl using the Evincars darkness to transmit her words “what you own as yours is dirt upon your palms, you hold nothing to your name, all of yours is not owned by you but given to you by the Father you blindly ignore, it is pitiful you turned down something so beautiful but it was expected some something that does not know its self. Then you look to the darkness and wish its embrace, whisper and we will hear you” the sounds of laughing voices echoed in the girls mind as Abbadon did not sway or move and just as if dead and locked in place looked forward. “once the Evincar is free the ones of faith are finished here” her voice whispered into both minds of Set and Sophia and surely Fides as well if he was listening after all.

She could feel it then, the power these creatures gave us resonating with the power which was recently placed within her – a part of them, their Gift, tugging and pulling upon her senses with each passing moment spent around them, these monsters of the night. It cooed at her, an surrounding feeling of Sloth of longing dullness, the faint feeling of Pride sourcing through her veins. He was pleased with her, the Mentor of her insanity. The woman grinned as she faced the others, rotating card still between her black clawed digits – her, still as a gravestone in a cemetery full of ghosts – as it slowly began to change imagery. From its blank canvas, colors began to stream upon it in the shape of a creature upon its throne: On its head donned a crown of thorns, in his hand, an inverted cross – how odd it was for her cards to reflect the true colors of her ‘client’, just then. In front of the creature knelt two beings, the irony of fact causing them to look much like the women who were now touched by uttermost Sin, the gravity of their actions bringing them forth to Him. To it. The Hierophant. 

“The Hierophant.” Sophia spoke, corners of her mouth plucking upwards into a mania filled grin; this was the Last Card, and it couldn’t have been more accurate. “You have been brought before the Hierophant, the High Priest of this Major Arcana. He is the one who holds such Forbidden Knowledge, the Leader of those who do not follow by order, but by belief alone. The power of the group.” She paused. There was a crane of her head. And then? Then, Sophia laughed, much of a mockery to her newfound ‘friend’, Abbadon, so fixed upon their “mission” at hand, so much so to order the Teller upon her actions alone. “Miss.” She spoke, to the unknown woman; whoever, or, whatever it was, Sophia was clueless and had no intention to discover her identity either. “I’m afraid the only person I’d be even inclined to listen to, is still stuck in that pile of dead fish over there.” Sophia pointed towards the lake, only to notice the Sinner upon in, in the midst of her roaring tornado of circling cards. ‘Is there really such need for so much collateral damage…?’ Her thoughts attempted to reach Set, the one who seemingly caused so much chaos through the poor woman’s realm, so much so that it brought her insanity on display. Sophia cared little about whatever creatures reigned around these parts – though she did care of a certain Equilibrium, the natural way of things not needed to be disturbed unless a situation had no other solution; to her, all this display of power was nothing but a pointless waste of time. The Silence Spell seemed to have caught her next words blank. She snarled, but thought little of it, knowing it would never affect past spoken word - knowing she did not need to speak, to be understood. And so, she allowed herself to be taken away by slithering dark tendrils, letting her tangible manifestation reach right in the middle of her own creation, the threatening tornado. 

As she got close to the lake, she could feel it stronger – the energy emanating from Set, the feeling of drowning which followed her own. The Endless Sea, forcing her to dive in and lose all sense of restraint. The impending feeling of a dulling demise. It made her nauseous, whatever organs she still had within her created, aritifical shell now seemed to turn inside out. It was a gruesome sensation of losing whatever limit of order, and blindly reaching chaos. Despite it all, she advanced until hovering above the hole now created through ice. 'The Good of Many outweighs the Good of One.' Sophia chanted, the voice carrying through all those who resonated with her own newborn power, a primary motto of the Hierophant, now dropping the card into the lake, into the crater-like hole her tornado has already created through the thick ice. 'Rise, Hierophant.' She called to him, knowing that all he needed was a ‘special invitation’ . The water regained its reflective-like nature, around the portion affected by her tornado. The chant was spoken and with that, her cards began to twist and twirl, falling around the edges of that hollow space, the opening her actions created – an outlet, for Fides to take full advantage of. They created a circle around it; knowing of his immense ‘Pride’, Sophia laid the cards out, much like his very own Red Carpet. 

The sweet sins flowed from Kali and raven like an ocean’s tides. The became that of charges upon Set’s repertoire; She became enraged(1) it grew into a deeper state of wrath, to the physical manifestations of both (2) Her voiced sense of possession dictated pride (4), and greed (6) both coming forth into a physical display from her Aura (7), as well as influence over the lives around her created a second display of greed as she tried to take from him. (8) They teased Set as slowly he began to feel the effect of the silence around him, whether this was a useful tactic to use against Set or not would be made obvious under observation. What she had in fact done with such a spell was prevent any sounds coming from his own origin, and as it seemed to extend the four hundred feet surrounding him. He chose to remain stationary as he felt a Barrier of Chaos begin to Tickle its way toward him. Such manner of pulling, as if the force itself was hungering for the essence of Set; his power his souls being moved from one location to another. His muted voice chuckled at the futile attempt to drain souls from him, one would have better luck attempting to trap the sun’s rays in a box. But for the moment he allows his Umbra, souls, and power to begin their drain. His umbra melding into the barrier itself as it fed more and more upon the Essence of Set. He seemed to stand there as if not caring, as more and more of his being, identity, embodiment, begins to fade away. 

The few moments prior would be a rather strange response, as the soul Set had given for the Swarm to form was one of his own collection. The actual souls of that water-life which he had not used would have without any opposition fallen under her control, however, upon her attempting to seize control of not only the swarm but of Set’s Umbra as well. Her actions would have gone again without opposition from Set’s part. Though the Swarm having no capabilities of thought, serving on pure instinct would begin to move toward her; attracted toward the intention she tried to force upon them. As her mind began its wrestling with the umbral nature he unwittingly allowed it to connect to her mind. A countless amount of voices began to scream through his Umbra into what they connected to. Flooding everything it touched with the desire to sin further, though his umbral vice would have been one of complete sloth, as it would enter, or touch one’s mind; umbra degrades, and destroys organic material gently drifting the brains of its vicinity to states of dementia. This would be based upon how much his Umbra was being mentally targeted for as it would it began to pull closer to. 

As his form appeared to become more and more translucent as his Umbra he caused to join into the chaos barrier it would start to fade quicker and quicker starting with his head and working its way down, As it reaches his shoulders and faded down his arms the Was-Scepter in his hand seemed to begin to move on its own in union with his Ankh. They begin to carve into the ice below his fading from the extended glyphs for his name in Egyptian hieroglyphs. His glyphs appear as the Egyptian words for "turmoil", "confusion", "illness", "storm" and "rage". Dark-light began to give the glyphs a very noticeable presence even through the dark expanse of the umbra of Set left presently. Just as his lower body began to fade to its finality a very loud laughter would begin to play from the ever surrounding barrier of Chaos set around the entirety of the kingdom. It was then that he pooled the remainder of his umbra from the form he had held upon the icy frozen lake to his current embodiment, you see he had taken advantage of the massive force of chaos brought forth from the barrier’s response to his advantage, Being of the kinn beings who not only flourish upon souls but darkness and chaos itself it was as if someone had decided to inject Set with cosmic steroids. His umbra expanded well around the lake, and the entire kingdom at this point locking everything within a sphere of his own Umbra, all lights vanished as vantablack would claim all. The form of his Was-Scepter would fly around the black pitch of the enclosure swarming the entirety of the kingdom. He felt a small fracture being ripped, opening a hole to a larger pool of this chaotic force. 

As the miniature hole was ripped open it was a poor attempt to funnel what ever constructs the swarms were having fed from and manifesting within the eternal darkness of the chaotic force Set launches his Was-Scepter through the hole releasing the charges he held with it with a force of will against Kali’s commands, being that he was infused within the very barrier itself it would seem that paired with his charges his will would reign superior over the Chaos within. It continued within the Chaotic realm disrupting its flow as all chaos was and forcing it to pool into the current realm. The was-scepter began to feed upon the edge of the hole opening it forth and further until one would not be able to perceive where the other end of the fracture ends. The Was-Scepter was devouring the fabric separating the chaos realm from their current one uniting the two. Set’s Umbra would occupy all perception of the kingdom now completely eclipsing the sun and draining all sources of light from any means of perspective. The typical structure of the terrain around them would have felt alien as if they no longer stood upon the bank of a lake. His Umbra became solid locking them all in a deep sphere of Umbral webbing. He allowed for them though a brief barrier only large enough to encircle Kali and Raven. He ensured that his umbra surrounded them all so they could see nothing left, but he also gave sanction to the large population of civilians though it was not likely they could see them, The umbra stuck so thickly that sound waves themselves would only bounce back from every word spoken. To most physical capabilities they would be soundproofed. Though in truth the 400ft silence spell would have also affected Kali and Raven, so even if they were able to talk through their own spell the sounds of their voices would have only bounced back at them 

His voice would echo all around them as his Umbra extended well further than the 400 ft radius of the spell, “I come forth to offer to you a choice,” His ankh would seem to be flying around their heads just barely out of reach. He would pose to them a choice in the brief time it would take the Evincar to come forth to conduct his sermon. As The Ankh floated there amidst the Umbra his voice rang “Reach up and embrace my Ankh and give yourself to my body, mind, and soul and you shall walk as I do for eternity, and your people shall be spared,” His Was-Scepter next flew above their grasps. The figure head upon it a very strange amalgam of a beast resembling no known creature, although it could be seen as a composite of an aardvark, a donkey, a jackal or a fennec fox. The animal has a curved snout, long rectangular ears, a thin forked tail and canine body, with sprouted fur tufts in an inverted arrow shape. “ Embrace my Was-Scepter and give to me the souls and flesh of your peoples and given to you shall be a blessing from our lands upon yours,” He tried to get an answer from them quickly so that the Evincar might learn of it and laugh; for Set knew what was to come next he could sense it through his umbra. His Ankh and Was-Scepter floated above them and the contract was offered. “I would not try my patience as there are far worse things that can be forcibly offered.” His umbra would begin slowly filling in the gaps, or rather a temporary barrier that surrounded them of his doing. It seemed it was a rather serious mechanism for telling them how much time they had to decide.

It would have been odd, to see the bursts of flame given the common agitation the element could cause them both, luckily this one had a saving grace…of a sort. There was a larger internal grin that came from watching her rip these symbols from her form, not completely aware the degree of resistance they granted the woman. The larger irony of it was as she cast of these symbols of faith, what Fides would openly call lies; her true form flickered through as if the false flames of faith had brought forth her true form. A far more impressive beast, though still a thing that was disgusting, and cursed…unfortunate foul being. 
Kali? She was understandably apprehensive, after all that was quite the show, and the darkness had a far more profound effect upon Raven then it had Kali, which Fides took both note, and exception to. They physical effect had not been as profound on her, but she was now aware too that Fides was not just some simple specter to be postured in front of….it certainly had not gone well thus far, at least not for them. As she called out to bring Raven back into the thick of it a chorus of hushed whispers would enter her mind, the chilling voice of the Evincar would resonate through her mind “oh….and now, you think it is yours?”(very similar to touretts voice) 

As Set began to take the lives of the filth in the lake a barrier of sorts “kicked”. It had an effect thus far on Fides and Set, if pulled on them both…it pulled at their power. Again this woman would try to take from Fides, twice now the same particular offence. But there would have been a beauty to it, the way it would begin to pull the darkness from the lands. It would have been quite the sight and likely caused quite a bit of panic for the time it was visible. It was here Fides would chose to employ the first miniscule exertion of power it had collect whilst here from the ample sin which surrounded them. Nothing overly harmful, more foreshadowing. The sound was fairly loud, loud enough so that it would echo over the entirety of this chaos a singular echoing toll from some massive unseen bell its ominous ringing heard surely by all.

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As Sets swarm took to the skies and a rift into the realm of chaos opened to more directly deal with the swarm. Abbadon the Visser seemed to have come to a sort of apprehension. It seemed now as she lamented her offer seemingly being ignored. It might have stopped some of this true but what was to come was not a thing the paw would have stopped, after all it was not as if what was about to happen would be a thing allowed to have been ceased by a paw. It was a powerful artifact, no doubt, however the will of Fides was soon to manifest. Perhaps that was what had brought her bearing back; she had been wandering for a very long time now only recently rejoining the collective of Kinn. Her words to the women ringing out as darkness began to flow out over the land consuming all within vision. 

As the darkness encroached the blank card would reveal itself as the Hierophant. As the card began to manifest again that bell would toll, its ominous echo falling over the lands surely heard by all. That was followed quickly by the laughter of Set as he took full advantage of the ignorance, the barrier intended to banish their energy, was in reality a source of the energy, that was only compounded in the case of Set as yet another Rift was torn into chaos to deal with his swarm, serving only to further fuel the beasts consumption. 

As Set offered his ultimatum to the two the Teller would drop the card into the hole that had been drilled into the lake, her assumptions of vanity on the Evincars part ringing incredibly true as at this point he would begin to manifest….in full. Despite the umbral embrace across the land perceptions would be allowed to perceive a glowing aura of the card, a bright beacon calling for the attention of all. Ironically as the card dropped Fides though it fitting to perhaps exert his own soul pressure as Raven had seemed to earlier, except this was far in excess of her own. Fides had dominion over countless souls and with the encumbrance of the umbra Set had manifested the effective “weight” of the Evincar would be multiplied considerably. As the card fell into the lake a crushing weight would begin to oppress those effected by such things. It would be a weight quite comparable to that of the world, the pressure exacted was immense and capable of bringing most to a knee in the least…it would simply crush or more aptly “squish” lesser beings. Here the third toll sounded from the bell and the glowing aura of the card became vantablack, darker then the darkness around them, Fides exerted an awe inspiring amount of force and dominion as that card erupted outward, this once sacred lake having held the profanity of the Evincar too long, and too much sin had been committed in Fides presence to truly offer any true contest. It would take no time at all to recognize the eruption of energy from the cards as “roots” digging deep into the lake and lands there under. From that darkness Fides would rend fourth a baffling number of souls screaming in agony and moaning in euphoria, the manifestation of twisted profane souls quickly building on one another beginning to take a more definitive shape, the sins of the land the fertilizer of this tree. 
It was now that darkness had consumed everything the voices of the Visser rung over the realm seemingly emanating from all of the apparent darkness, everywhere, and nowhere. 

“you my dear have made many presumptions today we think….and many again not long ago….we find it fitting to call you a”…there was a pause as a sort of bestial murr ran through its form, the soft growl enough to bring reverberation to the bodies of most “presumptive lamb…..yes we find that fitting, and the lies the lamb hid behind…so vain…so futile, and look what has come of holding on to such fallacy…it cannot speak its lies in our presence….and what of the other?” here whilst there was no directly visible view of the Evincar in the unending darkness there was a very perceivable shift in affections now directed at Kali. “calling on thee….sanctity of chaos….unaware the beast in your midst is none other than the Mighty Set? We would have imagined such a being to be aware of the others on its own level….or is it perhaps Kali…that Set is superior, and hence you remain ignorant? Or perhaps the light from the filth they call truth has blinded you to just that….worry not, our Veritas can quell these delusions, surely you of all of them have noticed this…simply by our presence…yes?” Here the darkness would grow darker Fides pulling on the entirety of the Umbra, including that of the other Kinn robbing them of a manifestation for the effect it desired, creatures of darkness lost in darkness as the darkness grew darker depriving every sense with the exception of perception. For most this was the epitome of vertigo. Compounded perhaps by remaining perception of having been standing on a lake moments prior. They had been in darkness for a while now, but this new darkness was something different. Not only would it conceal light it would steal it from any conceivable source, extinguishing any which might dare profane it. In this darkness there was only one thing to be perceived, furthering the vertigo and dire situation currently. The six eyes of the Visser now all that was to be beheld, their piercing purple glare coming into view as a chorus of hushed and whispered echoes began a hymn of a sort, the lyrics simple, soft and unyielding. A loop playing in the background, a sort of sound track for the Evincar, the lyrics familiar words of praise to all Kinn *Sic narrow nos totus*(so say we all) 

“You claim this place as yours, these people as yours, these creatures as yours….the vanity and ignorance of such a claim speaks to your perceptions of truth. You say these things are yours yet look, you scurry to defend them from the likes us in such a vain fashion. Offering up now a scattered panicked mass of hysteria. Your feeble attempts just that, and then you dare call these things your own? One must be able to protect that which they possess. And yet here you stand now, in the midst of your presumptions nature reaping that which you have sown. Was it all that you had hoped… has your vanity, your greed…, your gluttony….have any of these served you well in your dealing with us, do those claims have any degree of truth? Perhaps to the ignorant, you reign…and yet it is not to you whom they give their faith or prayers, they do not worship the likes of ether of you. You sit in thrones not your own, again your presumptions a source of damnable hubris. You have said these people have nothing to offer, this is in error….they are dark, they are sinful, they are ours. You are dark, you are sinful… are ours. To believe anything short of this is folly. We are the voice of darkness, and as such we speak for it, now if you will notice darkness contains all that there is…a place most of you call space…in ignorance, failing to realize that you all rest within the bosom of that which is all. You have the audacity in your form and in your presumption, your hubris, to give any sort of command to the likes of us? You imagine the powers which you can command are capable of any dominion over our voice? You imagine in your presumptions you have more dominion then that of we? In our mercy we have allowed you a number of trespasses….but no more. Should you once more act against us…fail to use your words…or attempt to lie to us…and we will know such things, we shall set the entirety of the others upon you offering no quarter, all that is supposedly yours will be plowed under, your claims will be proven false by the monument we build from your sins. Now again we declare to you, we are here for that which is ours…and should you insist we are willing to take that which you will not give. Though we highly advise the prior….now then….what say the two of you, chose your words wisely lest they be your last….”

Have you ever had one of those days, where you just knew, you should have stayed in bed? For Kali and Raven, that felt like this whole week. 

The coming of Fides, and the Kinn in general was just one bad omen after another, and it seemed as if nothing they did was good enough, strong enough, to keep these demonic beings of utter darkness out of their Empire, away from their people, their families, and their newborn children. 

They watched as the first one to arrive held out some sort of paw, and then when they didn’t react to it, pulled it back away from them. Neither Kali or Raven were dumb enough to touch anything these creatures offered, as a matter of fact, neither woman had so much as moved ten feet from where they were when the creatures had arrived. 

Both pairs of eyes turned to the woman and man creatures upon the lake then, one ordering a tornado of cards to drill into the ice, and other trying to eat everything in sight with his own personal darkness. Things seemed to be spiraling into utter chaos. They could both feel Set abusing the barrier, becoming one with it and trying to take it over. At least the two women seemed intent only on freeing their companion from the lake, and since Kali and Raven didn’t want him there any longer, they had no intention of trying to stop them, with only the fear that one more of these things was going to arrive. But if they couldn’t handle the one trying to eat them alive, then it really wouldn’t matter if one more arrived or not. Hope was beginning to fade, the light that they both held dear, wavering in the face of what was likely to be utter destruction. 

“this isn’t good . . . “ Raven muttered to kali, her black eyes gleaming with rage. She reached into her pocket and took out a vial of bright red pills, blood sustenance. She swallowed three of them, replacing some of the blood she had spent thus far. She looked up at the silver haired shaman and realized that Kali’ hadn’t heard her at all. Silence . . wonderful, well at least Raven didn’t need verbalization for very many of her abilities. …… 

Voices? . . .voices in her head . .. despite the silence spell? And not just one but legions of voices …. 

Overshadowed by the tolling of a bell…. And the voice of Fides asking “Oh and now, you think its yours?” 

Raven hated magic, she really did, but as Abbadon’s voices echoed through her mind, taunting her, teasing her about how she truly owned nothing, all it did was serve to fan the flames of her anger. This was the first sign that Raven herself recognized that the others could enter her mind much like the one sealed in the lake could. Raven and Kali would both hear Abbadon’s words, their minds linked nearly as tightly as their souls. Both women would frown as Raven pulled on her abilities, making sure that her previous protections were still in place. They were aware of the need to sin, the press of sloth, but their minds would shed these derangements as quickly as they were felt. (VTM-Gangrel Elder-Fortitude lvl 7 – Shared Strength/Resilient Minds) 

They could feel the corruption of the barrier, the more it pulled from Set the darker the barrier became, and he stood there, stood there as if nothing were happening. Kali and Raven both shivered, fear pouring through them in waves now, fear for their people, their future, their children and mates. It wasn’t a mental derangement, but true fear for the loss of everything, of impending doom that would destroy all. It was this fear that Kali fed from, pulling it from Raven’s mind to fuel her own darker powers. 

At about the same moment that Kali began to pull the fear from Raven, the second toll of a phantom bell could be heard, and Set’s swarm sat upon her, swirling and writhing above her as his mind touched hers, added a new cacophony of voices to her mind. Screaming, drowning out her own thoughts, piercing her mind with the shrill call of the damned. Down to her knees she went again as his umbra began to eat away at her brain, her mind so distracted that she was barely able to grab hold of her own abilities and shove out the voices, to begin to think and repair the damage he was doing to her physical self. (VTM-Gangrel Elder-Fortitude-Lvl 8- Repair the Undead Flesh) However, it was only with the help of her diablierized abilities that she was able to force Set’s flesh eating corruption from her body. She pulled on those stolen abilities of the assamites now, pulled on their ability to cleanse and purify their bodies and purged the darkness from her mind. She screamed in agony, into the silence, as the process burned through her blood and flesh, but pushed out the corruption of Set’s ‘touch’. The purging would also remove the corruption of Fides’ earlier touch, that dark, corrupt, writhing mass of darkness that she could feel deep inside her own soul and shadow. (VTM-diablerized ability-Quietus- LVL 6- Purification (purifies mind/body/soul of all altering substances) The process would wash over Kali as well, tearing out the piece of darkness that Fides’ touch had left behind. She writhed and screamed as the foreign darkness was purged from her, but unlike Raven, did not fall to her knees. Instead she pulled out a small item, the size and shape of a normal die, from around her neck and pressed on it. A cube of magical energy would spring up around them, encapsulating the two in a protective barrier that would keep out everything for a short while. Again, a time buying tactic. 

The runes on the left side of Kali’s body glowed faintly, one on her upper shoulder that looked vaguely like a spider glowed brightly. Demonic power flowed through her body and combined with a power that the Kinn had not yet sensed from her, except perhaps Fides, a power she kept hidden and bound deep inside of herself. She cringed as the two power’s combined in a way they really shouldn’t have, divine ability and stolen demonic power combining and flowing out of her as a similar barrier, although larger, would go up around the Tavern where the evacuees had gathered, keeping out all the darkness and corrosive essence away from the last of the stragglers. 

Then several things seemed to happen all at once as time seemed to skip a mere millisecond. (D&D – Players Handbook 3.5 – Timestop pg294) 

Where they were going could not be detected, it was as if they were completely leaving this plane of existence and going elsewhere. The essence of the people would simply vanish, souls and all. 

(ooc explaination, Kali has just combined her own natural power as a goddess with one of her demonic contracts with a creature known as a Phase Spider (D&D Monster manual p207) the single ability she has from this contract allows her to phase in and out of the ethereal plane at will. Boosting this ability with her own power, she has phased the tavern and the remaining people to the Enthreal plane to protect them. The reason they cannot be tracked is that she has also used a protection vs evil spell to conceal them from any evil creatures D&D 3.5 Players Handbook pg 266 and Non-detection pg257 making them unfindable. Constituting three standard actions or three rounds, Time stop allows up to 5 rounds of non-hostile actions 1d4+1 rounds, though I have no one to verify what I rolled, it was a three+1 gives me four actions) 

The last thing that happened before time snapped back was a hostile action. Set’s darkness had begun to encroach on the space in which they had been, and while all of the Empire’s people were now safe, Kali and Raven stood in between the Kinn and their own destruction. The silence would vanish (a free action) as Kali dispelled it, it hadn’t stopped a damn thing anyways. A dark wave of absolute evil energy rolling out from her and extinguishing the light side of her being completely. She would suffer for this action, but later, if there was a later. a roaring tornado of her own was set into action. This tornado was far from normal, known as the Whirlwind of Teeth (D&D Book of Vile Darkness- page 110) An opaque area of swirling energy appeared in the form of roaring, screeching mouths full of teeth. Anyone or thing within the area taking damage from the magically created biting mouths and tearing teeth. It moved about them, circling around the protective forcefield that she and Raven stood within, eating all of the turpe bugs that had been created by Set, those at least that had not been shoved into the chaos barrier. Once the bugs were gone, the tornado could still be heard, but with the complete darkness hedging all vision, Kali had called it to a stop and dismissed it in fear of it accidently eating them. 

And then another voice made up of legions of voices echoed through the realm of chaos and corruption, through the darkness of Set’s umbral barrier. So many voices it was like being in Hell all over again, the darkness, the voices, the complete feeling of vertigo. It made both Raven and Kali rather ill, neither had particularly enjoyed Hell, and neither particularly liked not having anything under their feet. 

((Set)) “I come forth to give you a choice” 

Well that was just great, except that neither woman could see the Was-Scepter or the Ankh floating above them. And it was floating out of reach. They had no idea that it was there, not that it mattered, they had no intention of taking anything from these creatures and only hoped they would leave once Fides was free. Too bad no one had thought to just ask . . .for that in the beginning. …. 

Hi . .why are you here? Oh we just want our leader back? Yeah? Will you leave after that? Oh it could have gone so very differently . . . But clearly that was not meant to be…. 

((Set)) “Reach up and embrace my Ankh and give yourself to my body, mind, and soul and you shall walk as I do for eternity, and your people shall be spared,” 

((Set)) “ Embrace my Was-Scepter and give to me the souls and flesh of your peoples and given to you shall be a blessing from our lands upon yours,” 

((Set)) “I would not try my patience as there are far worse things that can be forcibly offered.” 

Kali took a deep breath and answered him. She had finally recognized his Egyptian glyphs, realized that this was Set, but he was so . . .corrupted. She didn’t understand how it could still be him. 

“We have no interest in becoming like you, no interest in becoming further corrupted by whatever dark force has taken over you. We harbor our own darkness, and are quite happy with just how much of it we have” 

Okay, so that wasn’t quite the truth, both women struggled with their darkness on a regular basis, Raven in particular, as she wrestled with her Faith after learning she was actually half demon instead of simply human before her Turning. Her Faith had been slowly declining because of this fact. Kali on the other hand didn’t so much see herself and dark and light, only both good and evil, a study in unity and balance. And her balance was way off into the dark side. However, she had no problem with that, and only struggled with her “light” or “creative” powers and soul. 

Raven would pipe up then, her voice ringing out into the darkness 

“All we want . . is for you to take your companion and leave us in peace.” She sighed softly as the pain in her head finally subsided. She stayed planted on her knee though, rising would only make the vertigo worse, and she knew it. 

The crushing weight of the Evincar’s presence could be felt as the walls of force shivered under its weight, something Kali had never witnessed before. She could feel the degradation of the walls and frowned, her hand resting on Raven’s shoulder, knowing it wouldn’t hold for nearly as long as she hoped. As the Evincar’s voice and power rang out through the realms, they would both tremble at the sheer presence of it. 

One little Vampire, One little shaman . . . 

And then silence seemed to envelope them once more. A greater darkness circling around them as the three groups of souls seemed to be plunged into one, centering on the lake. They didn’t know precisely what had happened but they did know that something had happened. And then six, purple, glowing eyes appeared in the darkness. Together they heard his voice once more, his sermon and his demands. Anger grew in their hearts, this whole thing had started because he had come here demanding that they give him what was his, only never defining what he truly wanted. Still they did not know for sure. Mostly their own faults….. 

Raven spoke out then, doing her best to hold back the trembles of her voice, trembles of anger and fear and many other barely contained emotions. 

“And we ask once more, what is it exactly that you want? All of this has been because we overreacted to your presence and never got a true answer. Then your …… kind come to get you and attack us? What is it exactly that you want? What is it that you claim is yours? The people? Their souls? What?” she asked, hoping to finally get an answer.

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-----60 Years Later. Kinn Are All Gone from The World-----

Sinn of the Past, Story Line Abbado11
Better back down
You’re in my domain
Got the whole crowd
Screaming out our name
It’s a blowout
It’s a hurricane
It’s over, (before you know it!)

Why you shaking?
We’re a dynasty
In the making
We’re the royalty
Now we're breaking
Down the enemy
Move over, (for the soldiers!)
Take a swing, I can take a hit
If we die, it’s fine, we live for this
It’s all for this
We're gonna stand on top with our hands in the sky
Gonna raise our cup to the stadium lights
For the glory,
For the glory,
We celebrate with the city tonight
Hear the whole town cheer, it’s the ultimate high
For the glory,

mag7spy: -He washed off the blood of jewelled rapier as he looked at the two dead demons before him as he spit on ones face and stepped forward crushing the others skull. In a world where so many demon's crawled about even ones that claimed to be good he had little respect for their kind. To see all he had seen his kingdom taken over by demons and using his people, forcing them to serve them what a disgusting place they had made of this world. He looked on the pure of his whites as he saw a dark stain of demon blood he looked at it with a disgusted face. With a easy snap of his fingers his magic easily fixed that as a cold frost would creep over the stain before falling to the ground and shattering leaving himself just as clean before the fight. He hoped to have kept to himself as he knew the area he tread more might know his face then he would have liked. The demons such as the ones before that were part of the attack on his kingdom and sought to bring the last Prince dead or alive to the clutches of a greater demon. He wasn't here for a fight as much as he hated demon's but if they choose to attack him he would have no choice but to slay them most happily and in a way free the grip they had on this world one by one as a hero. He lost everything that was dear to him, his father and mother king and Queen of their estate, his own woman made a whore and demon breeder like his Mother and everything else he cherished as he was forced away for his own survival. The memories of the night of his return with a few other fellow heroes, too have made it in so deep to see what had become of his Mother and love. He wouldn't let anyone else free them but himself from their torment with his own blade, if everything else leading up tot he point had not that was daggers to his heart and every bit of the pain he wanted to make those demons pay with his own hands bringing forth the freedom his kingdom. He went forth hoping this was the place he would find another part of the set of gems he sought in hopes he could restore and cleanse his fallen kingdom. He cracked his neck as he sheathed his rapier and stepped in the castle dressed in the most royal clothing as he looked around him, expecting the place to be filled with hidden vampires, demons and other sorts lurking around for him. Though his silver eyes looked without fear, and there was something about them that was unnatural in nature and as well as his presence and the taste of his magic in the air almost spoke of a celestial blood line in the further reaches of his family, his blood certainly seemed strong enough for it to be felt by some. He was not only a prince but a hero of this world, in time he would have his kingdom take back what always belonged to him and his people and carry on the will of his Father and Mother. He knew a powerful foe lingered in the area he could feel the density of her strength giving him perhaps the closest thing to fear he could as a doubt of being defeated lingered over him for a second before he threw it away. This would be a great challenge of his but many mysteries lingered in his mind about this foe if he worked with the demon Queen or had her own goals either way he had to defeat them to obtain the strength he needed to gain another jewel so that he could defeat the demons of his homeland.-

Anaya: She could hear it, loss, something was dead and dieing in the emptiness of the expanse before her, blackness of a whole that formed into walls leading her to where she needed to be, were Caliga guided her every action. “A child of her father's graces, never forget who you are” voices, there were always voices be them real or be them insanity there words were followed without question. Long black clawed fingers wrapped around a silver chalice as lips of empty black touched the rim to drink apple wine with such poise and an odd grace to each simple movement. A crisp breath escaped clasped lips as she stood up from a chair that just faded into dust and into nothingness. “My….Abbadon” a small voice whispered from its knees at her flank. The small fragile wings of Millisadra clung to her chained nudity as she dare not pester her owner more than needed, and even that was too much. Empty black holes looked at the girl as she towered over the pathetic sex driven mutt dog on its knees. “We shall depart” words cold and stern as always left the beast of a woman's lips, well if you could even call Abbadon a woman over just calling her a monster. The girl also known as Milly or simply girl gave a bow of her head as she picked up the heavy chain, so much heavier here in this empty space every link with words carved into the bindings, each letter carved be there owner, scripture words to remind the girl who owned her. Blue eyes looked up at Abbadon as the chain became tight on her neck and Abbadon gave a harsh tug but did not say a word. Milly barked softly in pain as her black tail flicked behind her. The girl holding out her hands to Abbadon a black blindfold in her fingers held up as her eyes looked down never daring to look upon Abbadon’s face. “You will stay here, wall i depart” was all Abbadon said as she took the blindfold from the disgusting pathetic mutt of flesh and dropped the chain as it flowed into what seemed to be ground, but did not act as ground, the chain locked in place “but i wish to go with you!” the girl cried out on deaf ears as Abbadon vanished into the blackness. 
Anaya: Do you ever walk into a place and feel the back of your neck stand on end, feel the jaws of death clammy and cold touching you but yet nothing is there, that was what she felt like, like emptiness, like work left undone, like death's fingers wrapped around your neck, slowly taking what rightfully belongs to him, sucking away one's happiness, one’s joy, one’s very sense of self, ones identity. But at the same time she was a monster, she was beauty, the purest image of dark beauty, a figure that none could beat, hips curved in a flawless hourglass figure, not thinly built but not overdoing it with mass. She was tall fifteen feet at the shoulder, jet black hair that fell just under heaving mountainous beasts. But what stood out the most was her monstrous hulking black feathered wings, like one of a angel made of black, unknown material, when feathers were fine, delicate and soft hers were hard and rugged, as if the edges were sharpened steel or some aloy of metal base components. Her wings folded softly to her back the tips dragging along the ground as there bottoms lightly clicked against the dark stone as blood dripped down her fingers and the head of a goat fell from her fingers dropping to the floor. She had picked the whole goat up along the way but parts ended up here and there on her way and all that was left was the head, witch now found itself here. But there was something missing from where she had come, from the citadel, it had been so long since she moved along the floors, talked with the other Vissers, talked with a prime every now again, and the others of her kinn and under Caligas grace. But it was empty, where had they gone. She pondered it for only a second then with them gone, she was all that was left...the last Kinn, the last standing member of Caligas army, even Caligas voice within her she had noticed had not said anything to her for the longest time. Had it all faded away? Had it all vanished away without a whisper left in the darkness. Was she truly..alone. Her empty face looked around the halls the shadows the darkness it had all vanished it did not even feel like home anymore, there was much work to get done, and she needed to get it done as soon as able. Her fingers wrapped around one another as she walked into the halls into the main hall and paused, something else was here after all, it was small bit it held worth, everything held worth. and she would wait here the doors of this castle slightly a jar opened so whatit was, whoever it was would be able to walk in freely. she alowed her darkness to seep over the floor of this place a thick black fog now takeing over the halls to shilde her and make it so she was not able to be seen as she melded into the darkness waiting for the being to step into her embrace.

mag7spy: -He knew he was on a hunt but it ea easy how quickly things could turn around as he moved deeper within the castle looking for this monster of darkness. He could use her in death the power of her darkness would surely awaken the gem he sought and bring forth the greatest of light. But in his quest and his power he had not known defeat or the fact just as he sought strength he could also offer it. Every moment he stepped closer towards her she would be able to sense things from him about his pure virgin body, He was human yet had traces of celestial blood in him far stronger than most that as it was a blessing mixed with his human blood it was a curse. He could be used and bred to create full blooded strong demons, dark kinds, monsters and do to the strength of his celestial blood evolve such beings into even greater power while his human side in being a mortal would taint anything from being pure due to if his mate had stronger genes. Being corrupted and turned against the celestials was also another thing he was like the most ripe apple ready to be plucked from a see and many would surely see that but far less had a chance to defeat him with his strength. His silver eyes scanned around looking darkness was all around him but he could feel where it was strongest perhaps if he followed that strength of magic he would find the foe he sought not knowing he was going into a trap and his worth was already noted something one wouldn't offer him the chance to escape now surely. His mind casting away all his fears which in his better judgement that may have helped him for a moment stepped on the center of her darkness without even knowing he was easily within her embrace and could be caught if she had the right strength and tricks to subdue him.-

Anaya: Abbadon watched him with the darkness that was around them all, the eery creeping tendrils of her umbral embrace wrapping him in a sense of security. It was as if the darkness its self was a warm hug. But she sensed light from this being as well as he felt human, she could see him, well see in a sense she had no eyes but she saw with her darkness as clear as one would see with there vision. She moved along the floor a slender leg black as the night sky moving over and stepping out, it made no sound as it touched the floor,  her skin swayed as if she was nothing but a fog made semisolid. Black wings drifted behind her as she made herself fully visible to him. She towered over him as her voice whispered from the walls, from her body from every place as her lips never moved “you have come to the house of Caliga, do you seek redemption from your sins or do you seek war with what lives in the darkness”  she gave a smile to her black lips, not like you could see it on her black face she looked emotionless in every sense just a being of black emptiness temptation. She leaned over moving closer to the male as she looked at him, empty face and all gazing at him and at his white self “you are a being of light, but yet you are weak, you seek strength here, you seek to be a part of something grater, you hold good in you, poor thing you are have come to seek darkness have you” the voice from her was one of many, whispering voices of souls trapped within the confides of her essence. Thousands of lost beings stuck in her figure traped for all eternity till she was made no more. She moved a hand as she held it out to him her one wing raised as she moved dark fingers to drift over to his cheek and warmly and softly touch his skin “you seek more then just strength, you wish to be one with us don’t you my little child, we can make all your dreams come true”

mag7spy: -He felt like he was close enough he should be able to see her at least as he wondered was his senses off. He was on guard but not as much as he should be feeling the dark energy yet not a foe to focus his desire to battle on leaving him in a weird limbo. But he didn't have to wait much longer as the darkness started to form something out of no where as he pulled his sword out drawing it as that action alone caset away all the darkness right below his sword before it was recovered by that dark energy . "So you finally show yourself demon....the only thing I seek is another dark being caste away by my light." He spoke as he moved himself ready for a battle watching her towering figure approach him thinking she must have been crazy an to think  was weak that did fuel a bit of anger within his heart. He watched as he hand came near him but did not feel her intent to attack something he should take advantage of but he waited for a moment he didn't know what she could do he still had to be careful. Feeling her dark hand upon his skin made him tingle and find it harder to focus after what she just said "Be one with you I would never accept such darkness." He could feel every bit of the sinful touch of hers as if filled with lust, as if her touch alone raped his skin setting it on fire with her dark promise. His eyes looking up to her own trying to focus on his anger but it was only allowing her strength over his darker emotions to grow. His eyes being forced to focus on her every bit of her body seemed perfect even if she was nothing like a human his mind was getting hazy it was starting to become harder to think as his knees became weaker.-

Anaya: A smile came to her lips as she was able to fully make contact with his skin. “what has the light ever done to you but mock you, toy with you, show you you are alone within it, when has it shown you its glory yet here i stand before you, here we are the dark promise made solid before you to make your dreams come truth, power, glory, the body’s of all, to rid the world of darkness, you can do it all. I am no demon you mock me in such words i am a Kinn” as she touched his face she saw him, into him, into his wants to remove darkness and evil from the world to do as light wanted him to do. Her black body started to shift to black skin as she looked at him the black blindfold on her face hiding the empty holes that were were her eyes used to be “you, you are beautiful, a vessel with such purpose, untouched power within you. I want the same as you do, remove demons from the world. We could be, a team you and I” she looked at him as a wing moved around his body to hold him in a warm embrace and force him to be closer to her body she got smaller so he would be more face to face with her and less face to face with her chest, even if that was not fully a bad thing people felt more secure when they were not being intimidated by something so much larger then they were, but her wings still made her stand massively there her pride in them clear as day she adored what she was. “you have no need to hold a blade in your hands, you don’t need to fear or worry for me, and killing us will not aid you in removing demons as we am not thus we are more, we are greater. ” she was unsure if any kinn even existed anymore so saying we or us was redundant but it was just a habit as there hive mind still held value within her and any future Kinn would link up to her mind if nothing else existed.

mag7spy: "It gives me strength there never had been a time where it had done me wrong. It is my destiny to be taken by the celestials and return the strength I have so it doesn't fall into the wrong hands." He spoke proud replying to her own words but she continued as he felt her touch rubbing against him he tried but he couldn't his intent to fight her felt as if it was being replaced by something else and his eyes could not move from her as he relaxed into every word she offered into his ears and mind. "Y..ou and I.." He spoke as he swallowed before he could say anything else he felt his sword drop as her wing pulled him right to her feeling her body against his own as he panted before blushes as his sharp powerful eyes fell down feeling his hard bulge pressing against it. It felt so good to be tight against her as before he knew it his hands were already wrapping around her frame resting on her ass. What was he doing he thought to himself as he continued to listen to her words he was being tempted to see things her way, feel things the way she did as being one with her he knew if he did he would never be able to go back she would surely corrupt every inch of his being into what she wished. His hands grasping her ass tightly as he leaned close against her dark lips to kiss her as she would get her first taste of this virgin and that alone she would feel his strength and powerful magic power starting to fuel her more than any other being. He was a treasure that couldn't not escape or it would be a great loss.-

Anaya: she could feel his hands around her, large black wings embracing him fully as his blade hit the floor and vanished into the darkness under it melding away into the floor to be given to the darkness within. She held no feelings but she faked them as if she had them kissing him back as his lips touched hers, her essence started to flow into him, darkness taking into his body to change him and utterly kill the light inside of him her words whispered from her body around them both “you are a child of the darkness a child of me. Caliga is, I” her words seemed so soft so warming, so strong and so wonderful and loving. Her hands moved around his body as her fingers started to change his white clothing to black as if the darkness was going to eat him “give your all, and all your wants dreams and fantasy’s can come true, you, can be one, with me, be my sinner, be my blade in the darkness you need not give back the light to anyone, you need only let it feed you” if her blindfold was not even there it almost looked as she was looking at him like she had eyes, six bright red eyes upon a black face but it was simply a illusion of what was meant to be there, when really she held no eyes at all.  Her fingers moved up as a bright red apple formed in her fingers, an apple made purely of her being her umbral force “take a bite of a forbidden fruit my child and allow me into you. And sinn shall be your new luxury and your new home”  she held the apple up to his lips so all he had to do was bite into it.

mag7spy: -Part of him thought he could still have light in him even if he tried things her way and allowing it inside him which only ignited the beauty he saw from her perfect being. Being as strong and pure as he was another battle would soon be starting within him if she truly had the strength to corrupt him but with the celestial claim over him it might be impossible as long as he was still a virgin. His lips tingled feeling her dark lush lips against him and his body as well he could feel it something he had never felt before a lust that he craved for her. As she spoke she made it easier said than done how could he give himself to these new feelings how could he act on them he was still unsure even if he wanted to see a bit of it. He watched her bring a apple to his face her soft words coaxing him to try it as he took it with both hands biting into it once and swallowing it. His body was feeling even more hot as he dropped down to his knees "My Body I can't control it my desires are too strong." He spoke out as he felt his virgin cock throbbing within his pants tearing it, he couldn't help it as h crawl closer to her looking at her like a Goddess he needed as he licked along her leg. "Please..take my virginity, I don't care if it take away the celestials hold over me. Please show me the true meaning of this dark lust inside me!" he begged her.-

Anaya: As the chunk of apple was eaten it darkened inside of him it would ebb into his very core and change him from the inside out, he was hers now, he gave his all to a kinn made a deal with the devil and she rilled in it. His begging his worship made her so very pleased with him in every way. She shrunk smaller so they were eye to eye as her wings picked him up a snap of her fingers as the darkness formed into a large soft area with some scattered pillows in reds and blacks behind them. With a wing she elegantly caressed him as she lay him down as if he was a doll upon the sweet scarlet pillows. “ones first time is to be one they will remember for all times, you wont ever forget who holds your heart” her voice whispered away as she moved her wings to fold behind her and her dress fell to the ground her body there the darkness drifting from her figure as she was only semisolid after all but she was solid enough to be truly there. Moving along the floor she crawled on top of him her claws ripping away what was left of his garments that he had not torn himself. He was there bear on the floor before her, perfect in his submission to her, nothing was more beautiful then a being truly broken and seeing a reason to exist. Seeking the darkness in such a sinful way she could not resist quenching her own hunger on his sin. She had to lap it up, lap all of him up and consume him more into her essence. As she moved over the ground she got down a top of him her waist over his bulging member ready for him to dive himself into her. Her claw like fingers at the sides of his head her black hair fell down to just touch his face the sweet smell of Vanilla  and chives covering them both in a sweet scented blanket.

Rated 18 and Over Click to Open. Sexual Role Play Inside:
mag7spy: -He couldn't help himself feeling dark energy coming off him with his powerful need to serve her and further darkness turning into a light that would cast it even further before becoming darkness itself. His cock felt so hard it was the first he had seen it like that he was fucking massive not knowing it could even become like that as he was pushed to lay over like pudding before her. Even now her words did not become weaker they only felt stronger and he knew every bit was true in what she spoke of he would be hers from now on if he allowed this to happen and with all her dark temptations it was the only choice before him. He watched her moving towards him like a monster that true had her prey as he could hear the tearing of his clothing leaving him bare with the celestial marking on his back the strongest bit of light left on him but as she said taking his first would claim his heart for darkness and shatter their marking on him. He breathed in her beautiful scent taking in her powerful pheromones as the better judgement of his celestial side knew his corruption wouldn't be the only cost but the breeding of a new dark evolved offspring that would destroy the balance of the world. But he only growled he didn't care about any that he wanted her and he would breed with her and give his true Goddess what she wanted. His hands on her ass tightly and he blushed before pressing her down as his massive member and driving every single fucking inch inside her as he let out the loudest moan giving away his virginity with her and the celestial mark on his back breaking instantly as darkness started to fuel and linger inside him changing him more as his eyes grew dark.-

Anaya: her claws dug into the ground as the fog around them got so thick any outsider would not be able to see a thing if they dare even walk into this place. It was her place now, she took this place the moment she lay claim to a boys innocence on the floor. Power flushed into her body as she consumed the light that was from this Innocent soul. Her back arched as she leaned up her hips rocking on his cock as she moved back and forth her tight walls as if never touched as she figured her body to the most pleasurable shape for him, for there embrace. Abbadon was gone, the Visser unholy vessel that was she was gone in this moment and the new Prime darkness in her was born, it was true there was no kinn left here so she had to make more, she had to expand and make more, make Caliga grace cover the world once more and make this place strong, like it never was before, make sure the kinn never died make sure all was right and darkness stayed in the world as a supreme force. She let out a breath as hot air drifted from her and the sound of a moan drifted along with it. Her wings spread along the ground as they were there cover the simple flicker of a light orb danced in the distance to just give an ambiance to there passion.  She was being soft but it would only last so long she wanted him to not be broken all the way right away she wanted to make him last, make him worship her more so, make him beg for more, make him crave her sin her heat her everything before she ever gave him it all, before she fucked him so hard there was risk of a broken spine. She leaned forward as she placed a open palm on the stone breathing down to him her sweet hot breath of vanilla was a treat to the nose. “say how badly you want Sin. Voice it ” his words would be a slap in the face to the gods that now no longer suported him, a mocking to the light, and she loved it.

mag7spy: -His mouth laid open as his head pressed against her large breast feeling the lust and pleasure within him grow four timesfold as he throbbed hard deep within her tight opening not knowing it would ever feel this good. He knew he had come here to destroy her and save his people but it was something he was already starting to forget thinking, did he just come here to be taken as her mate as there was no better gift in life to be hers. He could feel her perfect child baring hips rocking on his large cock as he continued to drive out more moans from him never sounding more like a slut for lust than he had now and it felt too good to even be ashamed of himself. He could feel the immense of  darkness, demon or something else she had every bit of the violence and need for destruction in his eyes feeling as if she was only calming what was rightfully hers. His hips thrust with her as he blushed letting out a deep groan as he came like the virgin he was letting out a ncie load inside her but he had far, far more to give he was far from done. He could hear the stone breaking near his head feeling her pressing into it as he was corrupted and repled "Please I want you so bad I long for nothing less than be stolen from the gods and to show what you have done to their treasure with your possessive marks all over me. I will follow your every command and tend to your every need of lust with your scent and mine all over our bodies . I want your collar around my neck, I want to submit to any length you will have me I never knew this darkness would feel so good I fucking crave it from you so fucking bad. This cock is yours from now on please enjoy it like the slutty male I am meant to serve the only Goddess that exists!"

Anaya: His words of worship fulled her pride as she griped the stone harder the crack in the ground growing and spaning another foot outwards as she applied more force into it. She could feel him filling her inside but she knew that no child would come from it as she had no womb, but they would make children in such a more beautiful way, together he would be her own corruption, and he would bring the worthy to her door were she would consume them in anyway needed, be lay them on this floor or to just feed them an apple to bring them to her and transform them to kinn to fill her halls with life once more. To bring the worthy here to join there forces and kill and leave the bodys of the lost upon the spot were they fall cut down by the darkness to not be brought into the fold and tarnish the blood of the all mighty Caliga.  She thrust heard into him his dick deep into her folds as she ran a black tongue over her lips as she put her other hand under his head lifting him up to kiss her deeply her tounge flicking into his lips to wrap around his own in a dance all there own. Her hand moved from the back of his head to his shoulder blade as her one claw started to Carve into his back a Symbol a mark into his skin as his blood ran down her hand, over her fingers and fell to the floor, the castle seemed to pulse with red as the darkness within this place seemed to live. “you give yourself in blood this day, you give your words to us this day, today you become a Kinn, you start your path to greatness within Caliga within my embrace, you will learn the ways of the Sinn, today you learn how to be your true self, over the next days your body will change, your blood will dry within you, your skin will turn to shadow, you will grow, you were given birth this day by lust, lust will shape you, it will become you, you will droll for it, seek it out, corrupt this world with it. It will make you strong. You will become second in command within Kinn as you grow, as today you gave yourself in blood and in body to the Elder Darkness Caliga”  her words whispered all around them both it came from the walls it came from the stone, it came from her body it came from even him now he was a part of her and she was truly within him, that apple was her, he consumed it, he consumed a part of her for all time she would be within him. And be him grow, right now he would break. Her hand carved deep into his skin deep to the bone the mark of the kinn and at the same time her hand was covered in his blood she was harshly thrusting upon his throbbing cock.  

mag7spy: -He could feel the strength of  the bliss in his words ones he took just as much pride in speaking being himself without holding anything back, yes that was his new path. He could feel her desire and would be sure to fulfil it well and for that he would need to master his new strength he would have to reply upon and have more of it with her in spreading her corruption. As strong and powerful as he was he couldn't help but feel submissive and for the first time completely embrace it under her own towering strength. He felt his chin moved as he looked into her  and long black tongue seeking entrance before his lips parted and danced his tongue against hers in a sinful union. A sight if the celestial surely saw it they would all go to war to destroy her for what she had done to their prized treasure and a power that one belonged to them being stolen by Caliga. He moaned deeply within her mouth as his hands continued to breast firmly and massage her perfect large black demonic skinned tits in a nice circular motion as his thumbs rubbing against her hard nipples in his every effort to serve her and take care of her body. He pulled back from the kiss for a moment as he let out a cry feeling her mark his skin with her sign showing who he belonged to as he panted feeling every bit of his body being taken and defiled by this demoness. He could feel her riding him even harder as one of his hands moved to smack her ass and grab it tightly as he let out a scream being marked to the bone . He could feel the change in his cock every inch of it was dark as her own skin formed into the perfect demonic cock mean't to take care of her needs before any others as he ensured to fulfil it by thrusting against her making her beautiful curves bounce with every hit.- Fuck yes I am your property Mistress I am yours to enjoy for all of time......I will bring the darkness to the land you seek and grow your power my Goddess.

Anaya: His words made her smile inside and she wanted him to fill her once more, agein and burst within her, she could not expel liquid so it could go on forever if that was what he was waiting for, he already had realized himself once but she wanted more of him. To break him down more so till he would not even be able to stand after, she was should even standing now he would be on shaking legs if he could stand at all. She moaned softly enjoying him within her but she enjoyed his praise to her more so then the physical aspect of it all, she had no physical aspect of it all she had no true feelings in the end other then her drive and purpose in this world to expand she held nothing more next to it. And now he was a part of in it, a child to the darkness to Caliga, to her, and he had much to learn as well as she did, she had grained something in this encounter just like he had, she had become something more then just a Visser she felt, different, she had as if upgraded become something so much greater then what she was. She moved faster thrusting ageist him wanting him to fill her yet agein so she could consume more of him into her being faster, harder but not hard enough to break his still breakable body, it would take him for his body to grow into a kinn for now it was only the small things he had much to work on with her guidance behind him. “fill me with your sinn”

mag7spy: -He could feel her trying to milk him of more of his hot cum as he moaned feeling every single bounce as good as the last one and he wanted so much more of her but with her intent he knew he couldn't hold it in much longer. He growled using strength he hadn't used before as he gripped her tightly moving her into a sitting posiition as he sat up himself and picked her off the ground. Holding the large powerful Demoness he slammed her back against the first wall he could keeping her legs nice and spread as his hips thrust harder and faster against her. He could fell his balls smacking against her with every thrust as he moved to press back against her lips kissing her deeply as a mate and letting her feel every powerful thrust he gave her making sure the image of feeling of how amazing it felt to corrupt and mate with him would also be burned into her mind. Unable to help it he slammed deep inside her as his cock pulsed feeling him emptying out wave after wave a huge loads of his cum as he groaned loudly. With so much damn cum built up it just felt like bliss to empty out as he blushed knowing he was emptying out inside the enemy hole his kingdom and the celestial and it felt too so good. He knew he would never be able to look at another woman the same as her again, nothing would match up to this mate.-

Anaya: she allowed him to pick her up and slam her into whatever he wanted to, if it made him feel stronger that he was able for the time being she would grand him that glory as it would not happen again. As her back hit the wall both wings spread above her head her black hair caste on the wall as he slammed into her filling her as her body took in the cum and consumed the offering that he gave. He gave lives to her even if he did not know it each seed was a big of his future he was giving away, a bit of himself consumed by the darkness to die and rest within her, a life given to her with each seed placed within her hold held a soul that now was lost in the emptiness of Caligas glory. As he was relaxing and becoming weak from giving his all to her. “you are a Kinn now you can never look back to the light now, you are now a shade of Sinn, and with time you will grow the ranks here, much blood will touch your fingers as now you are to bring glory to the darkness of this hall”  the book on her hip the chain that held it there, in that moment snapped, as the book clanked to the ground and she looked at it a black tendril lifting it up and back into her hands “And I am a new as well, I am a Prime”  she stayed there as she looked at her Tome her unholy bible that she no longer needed to be bound to. Now she needed to give it to a future Visser but that would come in due time. She took the book and placed it to her chest as her skin parted and it was consumed to be stored within her being. “if you wish to ask anything you may” she said softly as the act of corrupting him was now over, now was the time to teach him to grow him in what he was now as she knew he had no knowledge of what he was becoming.

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Our land, our land has no time, no day, no days weeks, months, years, it is all irreverent is all a mystery never to be found living within darkness, within bliss without stress or a ticking clock above us to tell us what day starts what day ends, what hours go across what moments pass to deem a sun shine that will never come. what alas alas we have not this struggle we have not this drain of ourselves into consistent torment of the seasons of the winters colds to hots empty to fruitful to open. nothing, this world is nothing but everything you make the choice, you live the life it is what you want a heaven or hell, the ball is in your court little man now you get to pick to roll it. - Caliga

mag7spy: -His head was throbbing as he woke up out of his bed getting use to the feeling of being in another kingdom now as he held his face. He felt pulses of strong dark magic running through him not knowing how to control it while feeling empty of a power that was his own for so long now corrupted and turned into darkness. That wasn't the only change as he looked in the mirror his body was starting to change more seeing the dark marks of corruption upon his face growing more than they were the previous day. Without the lust running through him strongly he was able to think more clearly even knowing the actions he had done and said. A feeling of regret was sinking over him as he left his room questioning if he could still somehow redeem himself if not for him but for his people. Could he still find the strength he once did before whatever was happening to him fully took him like a curse. But thinking about the one that did this to him that he got on his knees and submitted himself to the brushing of her darkness made him blush. She took his first knowing any human would like at her like some sort of creature but he had never had a more profound passionate moment with any other being deep inside past his regrets he knew he was yearning for her. Where he could once seek guidance from his deity he would have to tackle this on his own with his own strength. He knew he couldn't defeat her but he truly thought he had a chance to at least reserve what was happening to him and continue on his path to save his people. He was unsure if he should confront her or perhaps sneak away and find another means to understand what was going on and figure out how to heal himself. After his first encounter with her the latter was sounding like the better choice as it was taking every bit of his will power to keep the darkness inside him at bay. He could feel the corruptions growth but it only showed his strength and rarity as he managed.-

Anaya: She looked into the shadows the darkness showing her what she was turning into, the red over night within her being had turned more sickening more advanced she had gained something a increase of power with making of the last Kinn to there group. She had become something that was strange to her and the shadows around her had noticed. Everything felt more as one, she could feel the new addition within her mind within the us. Holding her fingers up she looked upon the flowing darkness that was her shape her figure, black hands with a now purple glow, she was a prime, but not only that but she was something greater. Her long black hair fell around her as she stood there her wings folded into her back her dark angel look truly captivating. She loved it, this new self this new sense of self this new i am the all and all, no longer a simple Vesser her book no longer attacked to her figure but upon the black table before her it no longer attached to her hip. What new things could she do was it even a safe idea to try, she would try and allow it all to flow within her, flow within her being till there was nothing left of the old self but only this new self, the new self that controlled it all, that was it all, that was this place, its heart was her. She could feel him her new child his wanting and confusion for it all within her, arms wrapped around her figure as she cooed in understanding to his struggle of the first few days, he still held his sweet innocence within his soul, he had not become what he was meant to be as of yet but he was, and he no longer had any hope of going back from it, that moment he ate the forbidden fruit it was over for him, he would be lost in the sea that was the Darkness that was Caliga that was the us. Fingers turned to longe claw like digets ran along her black flowing torso a silken and silver dress covering her for cosmetic value and not for the sake of shame or to hide ones self. She drifted into one wall of her home and out the other to simple form before him, form directly in his path. “it is beautiful isn’t it, what now grows within your breast, you are not longer you, but you are now us” she drifted along to him forming down to his height in a intent in a drifting dark smoke to be eye to eye with him her motherly touch to his cheek “you still fight it within, we can feel it, we can feel you, as you can feel us now.” her face inches from his a black blindfold covering up the sockets on a empty black face light purple smoke drifting from them, and a feeling of a greater being from the other day, she was different but at the same time more tender and held a almost loving feeling and that sweet sickening strong smell of vanilla to her.

mag7spy: -Because he had become a apart of it now he could feel it that a darkness was growing even stronger since his light was devoured thinking even if he managed to leave now he already had done so much damage unsure if he had any right to keep a title as a hero. It made him realize he gave up any chance of being able to defeat her by bedding with her as the images made his bulge throb and cheeks flush before he shook it off and continued only to soon stop as he was faced by her. Her strength seemed far greater than ever as he was taking the blame all on himself thinking what had he done, she was becoming a being that would be a threat for greater than demons in time to only thing not cause that was her own lack of an army at the moment.. "Part of you might be in me but for my weakness of judgement All I have to do is become stronger and overcome my weaker self." He spoke confidently fighting against every single one of his urges to get on his knees only able to do that because not being fully corrupted and how pure he was before he was always selfless. Becoming selfish and understanding that in its fullness hadn't come to him yet or the thought he might only be doing this for himself because he wants to choose what is wrong and wrong for the mortals of the world. He could feel her touch even more powerful than before with what he felt feeling deep down inside he wanted the same action as last time to be embraced by her. He knew even a moment longer how he felt now would never happen again that feeling would be gone to further something darker and stronger growing within him starting to sprout its first leaves. " I still have a choice." He spoke as he turned his back and tried to escape it was his only choice now seeing the powerful dark being she had become he had a feeling if she mastered her new strength even the celestials would fall to her corruption and he was the blame for this feeling like he lit the fire that started the awakening inside her.-

Anaya: her soft coo like sound whispered into the air as she clicked the tongue to the top of her mouth. “but you dont have a choice” her voice did not come from her but was within his mind, in his head, she was within him and with there hive mind could talk to him and him alone inside his mind at any point. All kinn had this and in due time he could do it with the others once they were made and there in a sense family had grown larger. “we are within you, you are within us, you are us and us are you. You are no longer singular my prince but a group of working darkness to better one whole. To grow within and break out to grow within the world and expand and take over” she moved closer to him as she moved her fingers to his neck the sweet feeling of her whispering skin upon his putting hairs on end. “we own you, truly, utterly, as you gave yourself to become a part of us, ate the forbidden fruit of our loins, and now, you shall give that fruit to others and bring others here so we make take them into us, show them the beauty of Caliga, for us is one for all is us, and all must be us” her voice whispered around the riddles within his mind clear yet complicated and grumbled but beautiful and dangerous. “you came from lust, from beautiful sweet lust to give your innocence to us. And we so happily took what was given a offering of grandeur to Caliga. Now with lust you shall draw others in, useing your body in any shape needed to bring forth beings from all planes here to this place to this church to find there redemption and to find the god they seek truly within them. To find Caliga” her fingers ran along his skin as she ran up the dark parts that were growing within him, it would not take long, hours form now it would take him over and change him, his mind his being all would change to suit the need of the Kinn. “remember what it felt like, that feeling as our skin pressed upon yours, our kiss upon your neck, upon your face upon your body, the feeling so beautiful when you released yourself within us giving your seed to the darkness giving your all to the darkness to feed us, to feed you, remember how good it made you feel, how good it made us feel. Think on it, remember it, and let it drive you”

mag7spy: --He could hear her in his mind it wasn't surprising to him but did put more stress in how much control she was having over him and how much work it would take to help him if it was possible. “You underestimate us mortals the same way demons and celestials do, we always are burden with troubles but we find ways to overcome the impossible. I may have given into a weakness I'm not sure what I was thinking but I won't let such weakness control my actions forever." He could feel her touch upon him knowing she wouldn't let him get away so easily and when she touched the darkparts of his body being so close to her he felt like he had no control over that side of him it was meant to fucking serve his Goddess and with part of his body fighting against him he couldn't pull away from her Motherly grasp. Her teasing words were taunting him with his bulge in his pants staying just as hard as he dropped down to his knees before his Caliga. It was growing harder to think as she painted every bit of lust within his mind loving the feel of his body against hers he knew deep down how much he loved his Caliga and wanted to serve her as he blushed. This is the reason why he needed to avoid her but he couldn't escape as he let out a soft moan to his thoughts. His eyes coming to face her as he looked up there was no more beautiful being than her his thoughts were already melting away as he need for him felt as if it was growing and cause the corruption to grow even more. His mind emptying out as he listened to her words now and even more her commands he didn't want to be just like any other he wanted to be special for her.-

Anaya: her empty face moved as she wrapped a wing around him holding him in her feathers, black feathers soft to the touch but at the same time ridges and built for a reason “ mortals are amazing beings, they are, but they are easily lost in there own thoughts, in need of something to follow, even you followed your gods of light and divine, followed there teaching and guidance, we am not much different them they are, we are just the other side of your coin, were there is light there is darkness to meet it, the world was started in darkness, your world as a man as a human, started within the wings of darkness within my shadow, the shadow of Caliga made your world and light came forth from the darkness when it was called it to be, life came from the darkness it came from our womb into this world into your world, our world. But life has forgotten that, but you have not, not now, you will remember it” she held him as they floated over to were the thrones were placed were she once stood beside them but now was able to sit upon them. This place was her sacred home and were once she only did sermons and scripture now she ruled it and governed the people within it with her embrace. “this place is our sacred land, were darkness was made, the Citidel is our home, your home as you are us, we are one, you are mine from now days till end of days when darkness take back the world of man and consume all, you have been selected to be one of the us to do the work of the gods to be a god among others. To be our prince, our child” she turned to look at him her face to his as she held him up from his knees even if she adored him upon them at her hip she needed him to be upon his feet in this moment “you give your knees to us, to your maker, to your Caliga and us to you, we give you life in darkness, in beauty, you shall become all you wanted, slayer of demons, a being for his gods to be proud of. Within lust you find escape of the torments of the world. How is that a bad thing my child? How is that all of us not something you wish to hold onto, you wish to follow willingly with all your heart, you have false thought within you, struggle but it will drift away, be consumed, and if you allow it, it wont pain you”

mag7spy: -He listened to what she had to say as such words and thoughts burned into his mind unable to fight the compelling feeling to serve her any longer not just taken by lust. He stayed still as she spoke and he was brought over to the throne with her feeling so right being within her embrace knowing deep down he was longing to be one with her again and he would do anything to serve her. Even as she spoke it felt special towards him where he had lost so many people she still offered him a place to be the Prince he felt he was. Standing up he looked her in the eyes unable to fight his destiny anymore as he moved to reach for her hand taking it as he dropped down upon his knee before her. Not of being lost in new found lust but of loyalty and need to serve her "I will serve you my Caliga...I will be your Prince." He blushed deeply as he leaned close kissing the top of her hand closing his eyes and accepting the darkness. His eyes opened back up into the purple shade of corruption as he looked into her own every bit of her markings and her scent lingering on him. "I long nothing more than to be yours." He spoke softly as his magic aura that seemed more unstable before became more focused as he stopped fighting the darkness and allowed it to become his strength so that he would have the strength to do as she wished and protect her.-

Anaya: her wing went around him once more as one feather broke off his wing and fell down vanishing and reforming in her hand as she moved her fingers to his neck a black steel collar forming around his neck as she moved her fingers along his cheek. “you are our shade of sinn, a kinn in the larger family. Part of what is greater. And more will fill our hall and we shall take everything and you will learn to be a greater part of us.” she knew it all would come in due time but she knew he had human questions and wanted to be sure he asked them to her before he was over taken, just to be sure the transition would flow smoothly for him “there is much on your mind, what do you ponder at?” she asked softly as she sat down in the large throne that sat in the centre of her hall as she looked around seeing the things her cathedral was missing now that it was in true under new ownership.

mag7spy: -He watched her large wings embrace him tight to her he couldn't help it as his eyes worshipped the beauty and feel of her body against him sending shivers down his spine loving every moment he was near her. He watched the feather in her hand as she moved it around his throat feeling a collar form around his neck as he blushed deeply as he moved a hand to the collar to his neck "Do all of our kind where this, why me?" he asked softly feeling it jingle slightly around his neck before looking back to her hear her own question. "I will simply do as you command as learn more about things myself. My only true question is what do you expect of me?"He continued on as he approached her other things on his mind about testing his own powers but it was starting to feel more like second nature the less he fought against it as if his new strength was an extension of his own ability. Focusing for a moment he could feel the shadows moving against him though a bit rough since his body was still in the process of fully changing. His outfit changing to a much darker tone of affect his new abilities and the change how he felt about sin having lost his purity to her. As he gazed at her it was almost instinctive to bit his bottom lip as he looked towards her lustfully-

Anaya: moving her clawed hand she moved her fingers to untie the blindfold around her face, she removed it showing there was nothing there, she was fully blind and there were just empty sockets with purple smoke drifting from them. A empty face with no real way to read its thought or emotion if it had any at all. “why you, you are our first in this hall, you will grow faster then any other that come to the halls to find there place in this world. Not all get what you hold around you, not all get a gift of such, you are what has made me find power and for that i grant you that gift of what your heart of hearts seek. Someone to keep you in balance and to keep you treasured, you will show others that Caliga is on high. You will stay at my hip and show others that we are powerful. And you shall be the first birthed Kinn in this world to bring forth the others to this hall” she moved her hand and allowed the bit of cloth to drape over the throne arm rest. It was something she had never done till now. Show her missing eyes, when all Kinn had six eyes they were so proud of she had none. She wondered if he would asked about them she looked into him to see his ponder. And she wondered when his own eyes would show, when he would wake up to six beautiful purple eyes upon his face that she could look at and be prideful of. “i expect you to uphold our laws, they will ebb themselves into you, you will learn not to talk singular but in plural, there is no longer a you, or your it is a us and we, we are one the one is us. You are to uphold the way of kinn at all costs, read your scripture and learn the ways of it, learn the historys the past your duties, live the life set before you. And bring the worthy to the fold, it is the one task you hold above all others. You will stay here and be here and when ones of worth come in you shall usher them into the fold and bring them before us to change them as we did you, take them in a sin fitting to there need or have them ear from the apple of my womb and become a child of darkness. Do you understand?” she looked at him, well it was her own look her head turned but no eyes were there, it was rather unsettling when she did not have the blindfold on, like looking into ones ending.

mag7spy: -He watched her curiously as the blindfold was pulled off as he saw the empty sockets he swallowed slightly he enjoyed his eyes and hoped that didn't mean the same thing was going to happen to him. She was right when he came here he didn't sense much one at most and after all this time passing this place was still empty and he knows by what she said she planed to rule over many and the strongest. It was a blessing now to know that he was the first and he would make sure she was proud of the fact as he smiled. "It is a honor to know I am the first you have put on the right path. It seems even as I was before I couldn't understand my true wishes but you have brought them before me as you speak such treasured words they fill me with joy. I long for nothing more than to be at your side as a warning to the celestials of a fate they will eventually bear to have as well." He listened to what she spoke of that he would need to do to serve her and grow their kind somethings confused him but it would only be a matter of time as his strength slowed the corruption down upon his body only because it took more effort to turn him into the powerful Kinn he was becoming. Fear was not something that came easy for him due to his celestial background even as he was being corrupted it wasn't something he showed and it wasn't something he showed now either as he faced her almost empty gaze. "I understand my Caliga and I will do my best to make sure you feel proud of what I will become for us."

Anaya: as he said us it made her feel inside, he was getting it and in due time it would flow to him easily and she would not force it upon him like her own past had done to her. She enjoyed having her face free of obstruction, she could see clearer without it on, well, her own style of seeing, were there was darkness she could see clear as one could with eyes, but were there was light she was blind. She could feel his pondering thoughts as he looked upon her “we gave our six eyes to my own all father long ago for my wings, we were his voice, the one that stood in his temple and brought in the nations to worship him. His Vesser on high to spread the words of him to the nations. With our own hands we dug out our eyes in offering to him, to our all father Caliga the darkness that made us, and picked us from the ground of man when we were just a Sinner to be something more then a blade in the darkness. With our offering he gave us sight unlike that of others we can see actions happen before they do, and see into the fabric of time, as well as he gave us our wings” she opened her massive black wings to full length, there shadow covered all the thrones as she moved them in and out and ruffled them together to display them before folding them back in, they were both beautiful and a weapon. “but the all father is gone, his voice empty and no longer within our ears and once your lips hit my apple a new kinn was born forth from the womb of darkness and a new Caliga was as well” she looked at him as her hand moved to him “we may not feel or have a heart but if we did it would be joyful of you, as you were made by us, we we, were also made by you” she moved her finger along his face as she traced over his now purple eyes “in time more will grow, you shall gain six purple glowing hues upon your face, eyes able to see in the darkness as us, do not fear it, it is only there to make you stronger within us”

mag7spy: “Interesting. You're power really has grown hugely where I might have been able to challenge you before as you are now my past self would have surely lost. Why is it if we are blessed with such strength yet feel so helpless right now, what could have culled our numbers so strongly that every shadow would almost seem to vanish leaving but one.” -He questioned if there were more of her with such strength around this would have been a force he would have known about before and fought yet even he hadn't heard much of them with all his adventuring. He shivered feeling her touch him as he kissed her hand before getting on all four before her and lowering himself to kiss her boot worshipping every bit of the shadow of her being. "I promise to grow stronger and master this power you have blessed me, I will put all my heart into it you won't be disappointed. Regardless of the weakness of our pass, I will surpass it."-

Anaya: That empty face looked to him as he kissed and worshipped her, in his worship she existed, like the gods over head if they held no followers they faded into the background. There would always be ones who worshipped the darkness so she was not in worry of fading away but now that there was one so close, another Kinn along side her she could feel her wings twitch with the static. “it is unknown why they all vanished away, not even i know that and i see all things one day there voices just went empty, there body’s dissolved back into the darkness, silver chain fallen to the ground were they once stood. The all father calling them back home and myself left behind here to do the work. ” the past was what made them and the past would stay to remind them not to fail again. “tell us Prince, your story of how you came to be, what you seek in this world more then anything. And we shall share something you will come to enjoy more then you do even lust”

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mag7spy: -He could feel her gaze falling upon him bringing such joy as he cheeks blushed softly as he listened to her words of wisdom and the faint story to his question. It didn't seem like she knew all the details and perhaps it was his human nature to want to learn more and understand but he was content for now. He moved up to stand and face her hearing a question of his own as his eyes darted down thinking for a moment . One question was easy the second not as much as he had to think more on what he wanted as if his more good desires slipped away form his minds grasp almost forgetting why he came here was to save his kingdom, and to breed with celestials but that destiny was shattered and replaced by his Goddess's mark on his back in their lustful moment that made him bite his bottom lip hard. "How I came to be I was born and at that moment no maybe even before hand I was fated to be taken by the celestials and return this borrowed power back to them. I was a strength they couldn't just gain again with time so it was important for them but the strength I had gave me freedom to fight and protect myself. It was something I always had to do to protect myself even against demons at a young age that tried to capture me and other beings as well. I had my own roles I had to fill being royalty but I always choose the adventurers path it seemed more fitting for me and learning and gaining new strength. I've faced dragons and deities and dealt with many other forces.." He scratched his cheek for a moment thinking of the other question. It took a lot to think of what he wanted but it always came back to the start of how he met her and started to change wondering if that was his true purpose now. "I want to understand more of this feeling inside me that I couldn't help but surrender to when I first tasted your kiss. I want to make more dark beings around I've never seen such beauty before once I opened my eyes...I want to make even more turn to sin no matter what for us." It gave him a sense of pride to speak that as he thought of it it felt more right and it just came so easy to him when he started to realize what he wanted. But it was something he still only had once he had a lot to learn-

Anaya: her dark face turned to look at him as she moved a hand to run her fingers into his hair, black smoke drifting over his body as she consoled his small frame that was before her own eyes changeing bit by bit. He would make a beautiful addition to her new bloodline all a part of her being all connected sll ones of a whole the hive mind would live in and this world would see it at its greatest for the first time in a milenia.”you struggle on what you want my child, you hold pride in who you are becomeing but you hold much left unasked, our race, yours and mine are the begining of all, were there was life there was darkness, were there was death there was darkness, light your celesitals were born in darkness as darkness gave birth to light, light came from the darkness. The human book of god tells the people that The earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the waters.  Then Godsaid, "Let there be light"; and there was light. God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness.… ” she paused as she looked at him her empty face looking at his own “light was birthed from the void from the womb of darkness before it was pulled from darkness and made to its own. Your path has always been a path to darkness my child, you just were unaware of its greatness till now.” she looked back up to her halls the empty dark windows going out to nothing but empty planes of whatever she wanted them to be. Everything the shadows touch was hers now, everything she deemed to exist was her own, any changes in this new line of kinn would be hers to make things better then they once were to make things grander then ever. “you are the first of a new darkness line, you will be stronger, more developed and hold more of yourself then the ones of old, your personality will remain the same darkness will only inhance what already exists within you. Your skin will go black and your body will distort but it will be greater then before. And i will not be distant and above you but here in this hall with you, here to shelter my children as a mother they should have. As the All Mother” she paused for a moment to let the words sink into her own mind, her own All Father was gone and she had replaced him. And now things were dawning, and she was growing it.

mag7spy: -He nuzzled into his Mistress's hand his neck always exposed with her collar tightly against it to pull him to her as she pleased if she ever wished not that he minded her gentle touch either. "Forgive me,I am still learning and there is much I want to be tough as well with this magic and power I feel inside of me so I can better use it to my own advantage." He heard what else she had to say as he gazed at his one hand seeing the darkness on it He could feel darkness from her he knew they were sin yet he felt no evil just power something else that also confused him. If this was the being he was he thought he should feel evil and do things he viewed as evil without hesitation yet no action he thought of was bad. Not realizing how corrupted he was becoming with his comment before of wanting to spread it no matter what as he was naive at the moment to understand the weight of his own powerful needy lust only held in check as the world looked so new to him at the moment. He leaned close kissing his Caliga softly "Please teach me about this power, right now I wish to understand it. How do I use this strength I feel great power yet part of me doesn't understand how to fully use it. What can I do with this what are my limits?" He asked curiously with a dark smile as his sharp purple eyes looked towards her lovingly. He knew part of her couldn't feel such feelings but perhaps if his were strong enough maybe she might feel something, yes that was another thing he wanted as well as he rested a hand where her heart would be. Thinking even darkness needs a heart to connect to others is a way for them to grow even stronger and bring more into their fold.-

Anaya: as his hand touches were her heart sould have been there was no pulse no show of life, she did not have one no kin did there hearts were turned to darkness when they were made no longer needing to breath, eat, or feel they simple became void of all feeling and lack anything that was in the area of being mildly human, as that and feelings were seen as weakness. She paused to his question as he kept his hand there “why do you place your hand upon my chest?” she asked him as she tilted her head not fully understanding why he would do such a thing. It had been thousands upon thousands of years since a heart was even thought of, she had corrupted thousands of souls to be Kinn even if all of them were gone now, but not a one placed there hand on her chest shell like he did and she was absent to how to react to it. Why did he do it, what was the meaning or reason behind it, what did he gain, she gained the feeling of his hand on her body, witch was not much to gain, so what did he gain to do it. She understood his loving nature to her she made him, just like her all Father made her and she loved him in her own way.  But his feelings witch in due time would die out as he started to lose his feelings as well and become more one with darkness she knew he would still love her, it would change to a new kind of love a more service to please then a humanic relationship love but it was love all the same, but why place your hand there, to feel something, to understand something, to learn something new or to just figure out how cold she truly was. She had no idea and pondered it as she looked at him.  

mag7spy: -He wasn't surprised by her reaction learning more of her as she did him and offered her empty eyes a soft smile. "Even if it will only ever be faint I want to place within you what you lack. Perhaps I may be different from most of your mind in the past and maybe what might come in the future but I will evolve our kind and you if it is within my power, I will continue to help you grow stronger." He was confident in this power of the darkness he had his ideas and memories of what feelings were and in that form alone he didn't think such things would be able to exist within her or others but if they were to change into another form maybe it was possible he thought to attain the strength a heart might give one. He thought of himself and his core they were the same but he felt as if something was different with him perhaps it was born from the clash of the celestial strength being turned into darkness. He moved his hand as she was lost in thought in what it seemed that was the first step to know of it and think on it. Regardless what he felt on his own thoughts and what he felt was a heart there was no need to rest there becoming just as the others he would evolve, he would grow stronger he would never disappear and that thought only became stronger thinking of what she said of those in the past. He moved his hand as he looked towards her hoping that motion didn't take her away too much from his previous question wanting her to train and teach him of his powers now to understand them more and use them effectively.

Anaya: She gave no expression as she looked at him and took his hand from her empty chest and held it in her hand as her one wing moved around him he did not understand her but he would in time and it just took time for his feelings and things to fade away and for him to truly become the darkness that was around him “We lack nothing, darkness is pure and in need of something else to make it better other then more of it, but all the others are gone so your view may prove worth wile in our eyes, in the days past once a Kinn was made its mind was cleared, purged of its haloed thoughts to simply run like the larger unit, but We will not do that process to you, you shall keep your mind your thoughts your feelings within you so you may grow and be able to relate more to the masses of others to bring them in.” she moved to stand up as she did she picked his body up with a wing to get it to stand as well beside her “your powers not fully advanced as of yet but are the ability to control the shadows around you, you hold absolute controls of all shadows and darkness, nothing else upon any world can take hold of them as we can as we are one with them, a being of nothing but shadow and darkness. Move the shadows around you into whatever you wish them to be, change shape with them to be what is needed, make them into your weapon as they are you” she did not even have to move as the shadows from the ground started to come from her feet, tendrils around her turning and lashing. Over on the side wall of the room out of a pillar and out of the wall came more. Then they sunk back in over there but still warped around her feet around her body. She held her hand out as what was once a hand changed into a massive black claw that took shape and colour into that of a orange crab claw snapping together loudly. “  we can take the shape of anything we wish to be. A beautiful woman, a dashing male, a being of darkness and destruction a butterfly drifting for a flower, what ever you wish to be you are the skin you make to cover the darkness to draw in the eyes of the ones around you is up to you and your mind, but pride in us is key, and once you become darkness you hold laws you must follow without question”

mag7spy: -He felt her touch within his hand surprisingly as he felt her wing moving around him remembering that moment at it sent shivers down his back as she laid him and took his virginity she will always be his first until the end of time. "Thank you my Caliga." He spoke softly loving her special treatment of him he was not controlled by such feelings or thoughts he would always serve her no matter what but it was his desire to serve strongly that pushed him even if he be a faint darkness now to want to continue and evolve for them. As he was picked up by her he thought on her words perhaps he was too focused on the darkness not thinking of shadow . When he changed his form before it wasn't the though of darkness but perhaps the shadow side of what his light had once casted off. Rather than thinking of just how to move darkness thinking of his shadow that was part of him might be easier to control that strength. "I see." He spoke as he moved to jump back onto the ground trying and thinking on it on the shadowed around him as they started to spread and he focused on changing his image as the last bits of his human looking self that was nothing more than paper lingeirng on him faded away. He felt there was more to it though thinking on what she spoke of with pride and laws when he first changed he had strong feelings for a moment. Maybe it was his lack of experience not to be able to do it as easily as her but at the moment pride and his feelings seemed to be the key to accessing his strength. When he thought on it he felt so much more power he could pull from not just his bur their own.-

she looked upon him as she was pleased with his change, his fingers moved over his horns that had come upon his head there were only four but as he would grow in due time he would have a crown all his own. “beauty is in darkness, that form suits you better then the old one my child”  he was so much smaller then she was and as she moved to him her figure started to shrink so she was the same hight as he was, her hands moving to take solid form as darkness became black skin shaded b the light orbs that lit up in the room. Her fingers moved around his waist line as she ran them along his now black pants. “one day you shall hold a crown of horns upon your head, a crown befitting of a king within the darkness, a crown no one can take away from you” her wings moved to wrap around them both long black feathers running up along his back a heaviness of her aura pushing making his body seem to have an additional ten pounds added to it and a weakness to just give all your cares away. “your hunger must be in need” she said softly as her body pressed against his own pushing him back a step at the same time of holding him into her wings. Her fingers moved down to his pants as now that he was darkness she did not need to undo anything from him no buckles no tassets all was made of darkness, all she already held control over absolute. His belt vanished away and reformed on the floor as she looked at him a empty face showing no emotion but her actions dictating what she was going to do with or without his consent to feed herself as well as feed his wanting and lustful nature.

mag7spy: -He shivered feeling her touch upon his sensitive horns as he groaned softly nuzzling against her touch feeling the new form giving to him as dark as he was the title of the silverfall Prince didn't feel right by any means. Perhaps he thought to just call himself the shadowfall Prince jokingly as he brought his mind and attention back to her. He watched her shrink hearing her kind words being the powerful child of sinn she made his true strength still yet to be unlocked as he would continue to grow. He would continue to hear them the title of king would be a great thing a it almost made him grow with need as he looked towards her she would always be the one he needed most and craved. He couldn't beleive he made such a sound and he couldn't help himself as he felt her own need but there was part of him as if like a faint light that still lingered that prevented him from being the lustful darkness he was turned into. He nibbled his bottom lip seeing his belt vanish "I..should learn more about these powers before we do something like this again. I'm sure there is much I need to study to make sure I continue to be worthy." His eyes looked away for a moment though he had no control over his body knowing his caliga wanted him as he became hard instantly.. His hands resting upon her trying to be kind in his words and actions not knowing how large his hunger was being held back within him and her own.-

Anaya: her body pushed into his own as she looked at him, her own dress vanishing away as she willed it to do so. She pushed her figure into him more so as upon her will his pants vanished as well revealing his hard self there for her to see. “time does not exist here, and i am for always, lust calls for you to feed it and to feed me, don’t you hunger my child” she moved her now solid shaped hand down to his hard member as she ran her fingers along it. As she looked at him her wings around his beck as she pressed harder into his body. “we will teach you more after darkness is fed with what souls are left within you, to give all to us is what you are to do. Am i wrong?” she looked at him as her bodys purple smoke billowed around them both her head slightly tilted to the side as her crown of horns pointed backwards out of the way. Her hand moved up to run her fingers along his horns as she griped around one and pulled his head into her chest to drink in that sweet smell of vanilla and aura to allow her essence to place what was left of his self into that beautiful sinful intoxicated state, to push him to do sinful things, to push away a little more of his human nature and drain his body of what souls were left within him, the souls of unborns left within him so she could have everything before it no longer existed.

mag7spy: -He could feel her pressing into him it was connection that was even stronger than when she took his virginity it hurt to fight against his true desire he should just selfishly enjoy without limits. He could feel her finger touching his extra sensitive member as he let out a soft moan his member felt so much bigger than before as well. He couldn’t help but kiss her beautiful body as it was felt so clearly against him as his own clothing vanished on its own in his need for her. He panted taking in her beautiful scent as his hands ran along her body grabbing her ass tightly as he sought her nipple and sucked on it nibbing hard before pulling at it and letting go. Unable to help it any longer needing this with her as he begged "Please just dominate me roughly, I want every bit of your evilness....I want it to be drilled inside me that I am your property my Cailga." His purple eyes looking into her own needing this hard from her so badly right now.-

----And All Fades To black----

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“upon the cross he was hung, face to the ground, blood pooling at his face from his feet as the children of the darkness drank from the blood upon their knees before him, they danced within the river that came from him, life, reason, beauty, they adored him and bask in his splendour” -Caliga

MilenkoRisadaMilenkoRisada : A charming ingress would swirl in the midst of a woodland, where broad, seemingly impenetrable tree's cascaded by a thin eerie fog. The humanoid creature tall slender covered by a hue of black and silver its back relaxed on the bark for it has come to rest amongst one of these large trees its hood covers any indication of its face with a lower mask skeletal in nature that covers what seems to be a sort of mouth as with every breath a small stream line of black smoke emanate between the masks small openings. His armor strange even at just a glance of a black metal mesh seems to radiate hues of red with a type of fleshy leather but leather not worn but it seems too be sewn into its very flesh indicated by the visible stitching between metal plates he seems to want to be left alone a veteran of unspeakable horror. Located on its shoulder a long oddly shaped weapon for its wrapped with a sort of cloth but large portions of its hilt reveal rust with a strange hue like something crusted on its metal blood maybe? gives of a strange smell of iron. The blade highly noticeable its edge cracked and curved incrusted with the same odd rust it seems the creature favors a sort of scythe though even among scythes it’s an odd form for one to take the same hue of red is given off by its oddly shaped edge. His head lets out a small cracking noise of bones rubbing together as it seems to have noticed an area where the fog as condensed as if being drawn in. Placing a hand on his knee and the release of a small crackled grunt the creature stands holding his odd scythe comfortable on his shoulder. His other arm dangles waving in a side to side motion as if nothing but dead wait as his pace slowly increase a small shrine cane be seen in the distance. Its foliage oddly rotted and animals lay dead around it entrance it seems to have disturbed his rest…..Though out of curiosity he makes his way closer to the oddly made statue placed on the stone podium griping his weapon for the aura it releases is something new something that needs caution. His arm seems to spring to life from its dead like state and gently caresses the side of the statue and notices an engraving…”For Sin is the only true way”….his voice raspy and broken he utters the words…a deep hue of black cascades from the mouth of the statue around his feet panicking he grasps his weapon in attempts to destroy the statue but as he ready’s for a his massive swing for a brief moment darkness and silence surrounds him as the shrine has vanished and the statue is not to be seen. An intense smell of pure sweet vanilla fills his nose….his weapon firmly grasped he’s on guard for this sensation seems to be too much overdoing his sense and a heavy glutinous hunger begins fill his stomach as he falls to one knee…..the hunger spreads….he begins to have needs and wants he has never had before…he needs to….wants to feed….Holding the hilt of his weapon erect as its end touch the ground in attempt to force himself to try and stand to force a foothold. But it seems there is no relief in sight the except for what he already feels getting worse…

Anaya: Feathers of delicate beauty drifted around the fog as she moved her wings, there tips swaying as if in a breeze but there was no wind here, no breeze all was still. Standing there a massive 17 feet to the shoulder she looked like a black statue there in the centre of the hall. But then life was felt within her being, they had guests here in the hall. “you come seeking to be fed” one voice witch was many whispered from the walls, small giggling and laughter taunting and talking small voices larger voices but all in unison they talked from the walls of the building. Her wings opened as she looked a head of her seeing the being there before her down the hall way, he was a strapping male but one of much sin, wrath in wishing to crush things, simplicity, but over all others he hungered, he hungered and wanted to hunger, and it made her feel so good. Within seconds she was gone into a fog upon the floor reshaping behind the male a clawed hand on his shoulder her aura around him enhancing the already existing wants in his body. “it is alright to be free, to let go, to eat, to keep eating, to keep feeding yourself” tilting her head she held out a hand around his face a perfect apple in her palm. “take the apple, take my hand, feed yourself in anyway you need to. ” a black empty face stayed behind him so he would not see the monster that toyed with his needs, his wants, his sin. Soft shaped black wings wrapped softly behind her as there tips dragged along the floor as she moved. “take our apple, take our hand, take whatever you need” voices whispered from around, they came from all over even the floor felt alive with voices, many souls all talking in unison as she was all that is here and all that ever would be. “you wonder why you are here, wonder wonder why tyou are here, so many questions so little time, so much time wonder, wonder why you are here, take the apple, feed your hunger, take the hand, take the body, kill it, feed from it, eat whats behind you, whats before you, eat it all” the voices kept whispering as there words were getting louder and more persistent the longer nothing happened. “my child, your name, your wants, eat the apple, eat the hand, eat the being, kill it and feed, wet your hands”

MilenkoRisada: Feeling weak the feeling of being powerless….This is not something he is used to and it anger’s him for his hunger for more drive’s him beyond anything he has experienced this new sensation this new power he wants more!.....while lost in thought in this now ever plaguing darkness the sweet sent its source seems to be extremely close though for an odd reason he begins to want more of it with every breath. Finally glancing up the large being before him fills his eyes with a type of rage not of anger but of need a fury of want. In the confusion that has over shadowed his thoughts voices pour in suggestions of wants of horror of unspeakable atrocities. But it’s strange for he finds it a sort of comfort a warmth in the dark a kind of acceptance….seeing the tall woman move…holding an kind of fruit its almost too dark to tell but it seems to be a sort of apple…the voices stop and only a woman’s can be heard…she offers solace with just a simple bite. He’s not frightened but with his naïve thoughts and newly found need to want more he attempts to swing his oddly attuned scythe but little to no strength to wield the odd blade. With his attempt to swing fails the large piece of metal falls to the floor…now glaring at his hands he wants more…more strength. Looking back up at the strange fruit the offer swirls around in his mind as a way out of such a weakened state. Forcing a sort of stand pushing his legs beyond this pain he looks at the strange creature before him as his arm slowly raises grasping the apple his options exhausted he removes his mask pushing the fruit to his lips followed by a small crunch as his teeth pierces the skin and enjoys its supple sweet flesh….the taste too good to stop and foolishly engulfs and chomps threw devouring it whole….The hunger slightly subsides as he feels his body changing with the return of some of his strength he Is still hungry….he wants something different more alive something that bleeds. Leaning down grabbing ahold of his weapon he stares at his trusted weapon questioning what he has done for one hunger he yearns for is answers. He looks at the large winged woman while holstering his scythe for she seems to know the answers and belonging he seeks is with a creature as soaked in blood as himself. He knows things like this are beyond him a hunger for knowledge a hunger for a purpose….forever hungry….

Anaya: She moved as she could feel his want, his want to eat more as her hands drifted along his blade, her fingers taking solid shape as she turned more solid and less darkness, skin coming into view as her face looked at him her beautiful purple glow ringing around him. “it is alright my child, eat” she could feel his wanting his need to jam that blade into something to get stronger to consume something that was more then a simple fruit, that fruit was her seed, a seed that now was ebbing within him, a seed to change him into her child into a monster, a Kinn of darkness to share her halls with. “you wish for power, to consume the power, to eat more, to always eat more” her hands moved up as she got closer to him her fingers moving along his cheeks a warm tender embrace to her, a welcoming and almost loving feel that made you just want to hold it, hug it, fall into its soft wings, be embraced and loved tenderly, to fall into ones being. “upon the cross he was hung, face to the ground, blood pooling at his face from his feet as the children of the darkness drank from the blood upon their knees before him, they danced within the river that came from him, life, reason, beauty, they adored him and bask in his splendor” the words came from not her lips but her core as she took his hands in her own, his claw like fingers lacing with her own as she placed his hands upon her exposed belly his nails pushed into her skin as a sweet smelling red glaze slightly coated his nails. “it is alright my child” she said softly as she held his fingers to her her wings starting to wrap around him slowly as she pulled him to her and they got closer together moment after moment. The walls whispering “fill your cup, let it flow, let the rivers run red, let the ground be stained, eat her, kill her, let her power flow into you, be hungry, consume, never be full, wish for more, take it from her, feed from her, let her be your life, your blood be her blood her blood be your blood, allow it in, eat, consume, let it spill from your teeth, it will make you stronger, children of darkness, what was once is always, Tembrance umbrace lives within us. ”

MilenkoRisada: Her touch, an odd sensation for this feeling has yet to ever be experienced as her cold claws grasps his hand. The subtle embrace of her wings the feeling of her skin cold and vial yet sweet and warm the odd mix of want and satisfaction in his thoughts something he would never achieve. His hand now placed on her stomach his claws piercing the supple flesh of the winged woman. The scent that follows fills his nose with unending bliss the want the need he seems to have found it…raising his now covered hand above his mask dripping the strange blood like fluid into its openings finally tasting his answer. Bliss flooding his mind the taste to rich but it’s strange a weird ingress of mind clearing morality begins to bend his will to something extraordinary his hunger the pain gone this newly found strength….with just a taste but more he wants more to finally feed to his long awaited achieving solace. He continues to pool his palm continuing to drink never wanting to lose this sensation the answer to his suffering. With this he believes to have found the way the wants the needs to achieve this Sin the understanding of the phrase placed on the strange statue he has found….his purpose. With his fill he bend down calmly placing a knee down onto the floor. This indicates his pledge his want to her to be like her to learn this path to devour anything in her way that is his purpose.

MalusVioloNefas: He had prayed for hours, prayed for some sign, some understanding, some clear indication of what it was that called to him, he called for answers...he felt a change, he had been sitting in a room, in darkness burning incense that was of course vanilla, but that scent had grown, overwhelmingly, it was all he could smell now, and that dark overtone that crept in, things like that just didn’t exist out there, out where he was from, sure there was darkness, and evil and profane things, but nothing you could “feel”, at least…not like this. He thought he would like this sort of thing, thought it was what he wanted, but the ominous feeling here, made him second think that, regardless his pride was a thing that still shone brightly, it was reflected in nearly every facet of his being. The man was tall by most standards, towering over most mundane beings at thirteen feet in height it struck most as imposing in the least. Its countenance reflected its obscured darkness, a truly profane being adorned in varying shades of darkness. The garb itself reflected a degree of regality, the jacket very gothic in style as one might expect, composed mostly of crushed black velvet. It was accented with a few silver buckles across the sides which held a thin leather looking plate over the center of chest, the shape of which accented the man’s figure artfully. The leather bore an embossed pattern resembling vines spiraling out of control it was both lovely and eerie. To the eyes, it would likely distort the vision on if they started creeping up or down, or perhaps it was somewhere in-between. The outside rows are symmetrical, while the middle told a different story, holding more of a floral insinuation. Over the shoulders came more straps, these fastened to the plate via carbuncles four in total, two per strap. There were two collars to the main part of the jacket, both high standing, the outer the same leather and accent as the plate, the inner, the crushed black velvet under a black silk jabot. Over the shoulders was a heavy leather mantle which covered the shoulders and biceps, with a large collar. The front of this heavy leather looking mantle was open, and fastened across his chest by a rather sturdy looking chain. The belt around his waist was obviously intended for nothing more than style, it too was adorned with carbuncles, and it was made of silver. A number of places on it had areas much resembling clenched demonic teeth of a sort with smaller silver chains hanging between those areas. The pants and boots were leather, with some leather plating, done so in a tasteful way to offer both fashion and some modicum of protection. He wore two vambraces, which resembled some form of chitin, engraved with archaic arcane symbols these also adorned with carbuncles as well, albeit these more resembled evil red eyes, the fingers long and clawed and looked to be capable of inflicting grievous damage. Around his left wrist was securely fashioned an onyx and obsidian rosary adorned with a Petrian cross. His face was obscured by a face plate, seemingly chained to his head. This too possessing a carbuncle fashioned after a demonic eye, over his forehead as if it were his “third eye”. Floating behind his head was a horn which wrapped to either side, each point rising high and coming to a sharp point over his head. Slightly behind this, almost a foot over his head was a crown of thorns, always slowly rotating to the left. His hair was raven black and very long, he stood now outside of the building looking up to it in awe.

Anaya: The words said before rang in repeat, over and over the many voices around the walls as if singing, speaking together, as one, as all, “upon the cross he was hung, face to the ground, blood pooling at his face from his feet as the children of the darkness drank from the blood upon their knees before him, they danced within the river that came from him, life, reason, beauty, they adored him and bask in his splendour” a smile came over her flesh like face as she moved her finger to slice from her naval to her chest between her lush breasts. The blood falling as rain around him, adorning his head in the sweet smell of blood and vanilla. She looked down to him as he was there upon his knee before her her wings around them shadowing him from the eyes of any other “you are our child, our next generation of sinner, you shall bath in the blood of your enemy’s, eat them and fill the void that now rests within you. Fill your sinful nature, dance in the glory of war, taste there blood upon your lips, upon our lips, we are one, you are us, no longer singular but now a part of the Kinn, your body shall change you shall become one with us. Drink, fill your cup our child, fill and keep filling, always, forever and always” her hand moved to his cheek as she held him that warmth surrounding him as she stood there with him alwing him to take her into him, her essence ebbing into his very being, fusing with every atom in his being, darkness consumes all, darkness must feed, darkness embrace the worthy. She could see outside as she appeared before there guest wall still being in the hall with the currant one, darkness could be every were at the same time at all times. Black wings a tatoo carved into her back was the only difference as she stood there, looking a mimiced copy of there guest, everything the exact same as she stood before him, as he stood before him. If there guest walked foreword he would as well, but in his left hand hung a silver mirror, dangling by a silver chain, upon it was a letter, the letter P carved into the glass. “what a beauty to be hold, what a amazing image you hold, flattery to be the same as you, you must have many at your feet, what a beautiful being, hansom, spectacular” the voices sounded so drawing like all the voices around came from the ground, the shadow that creepy fog that hid everything beyond them in a empty sea of darkness. Woman's voices as the mimicked copy simply stood there, that mirror hanging, rocking back and forth upon that silver chain.

MalusVioloNefas: Nefas was caught slightly off guard by the thing that stood before him, pretending to be him. His head tilted and twisted as he looked at it, scrutinizing it, it was nearly perfect except for the mirror, he would have missed they would have been hidden under his hair, her hair…ITS hair. Vices cam, lavishing him with praise he exhales in a way that you could hear his smile that was obscured by the face plate. “well, you’re not wrong. About having many at my feet, but a vain creature such as you…well…I’m sure you would want them alive, to offer you praise me, I’m not vain, I’m proud. Proud enough to know what’s what, your fake, you’re not me, there is only one me…and well…that’s me….but at least you admit it. now tell me, am I where I think I am, did I make it, have my prayers been heard?” his mind started to wander, gears began to turn, he expected some form of test sure, but this was not at all what he was thinking, he wondered if he was supposed to make his way past it, the mirror it had, that seemed like it was something special, and he noticed the “P” in it. That part made him wonder more, and the more he wondered about it the more he began to try and get a better look at it. He was wondering now what he would see if he held it up to this thing that was copying him, wondered just how like him it was.

MilenkoRisada: Shamelessly scooping the pooled blood off the ground the hungry atrocity of a creature began to realize the more he ate caused the pool to dwindle meaning his longed satisfaction will cease to be. With the last puddle of the crimson fluid on the floor too small to scoop up he leans forward savoring the last morsel with his tongue enjoying every second of bliss till……..nothing…blank. The pleasure gone the thing that calmed his pain gone. A strange hue of purple smoke ascends threw the sides of his hood a mere few seconds of silence a purple fluid spills out of the mask piece and begins to choke. He begins to vomit glowing fluid with an even deeper hue of purple it spews onto the floor though it starts to move as it puddles on the ground. The strange liquid began move as if crawl up his black clad armor seeping into it as it begins to force its way under the stitching that holds the strange leather to his flesh. Now completely lost in mass amounts of pain the only thing he can utter is small gurgles behind the fluid and screams it muffles. His arms begin to twist, and break, his spine cracks adjusting its position. Once finished the excess fluid begins to glow brighter forming plates of armor with small indications of the flesh it’s attached to. Areas begin to formed point and edges. He begins to stand to try and get a foot hold to fight through the pain. A cracking rings threw his ears as the sound of his skull splitting part forcing large horns to grow ripping flesh into visibility. Now placing his hands on his face hunched over as the sound of his muzzled screams diminish his body stands tall. He glares at his newly found body first thing he notices is his voice with a slight menacing grin he speaks. “When can I eat?”……Standing firm in front of her with a deep glare of glowing purple.

Anaya: “there is only one of you, only one me, only one, pride in ones self, superbia, acedia, vanagloria, you seek sin” the mimicry of the man before him walked foreword the mirror moving to its hand and hovering into the air above it held by dark hands every horn on its head the exact same crown the exact same shade of black and silver every gem in the right place every silver chain and adorned trinket in the right place. Other then that mirror with the etched P standing out on the glass. Held up he could see his reflection of it, see his own pride placed back at him. A being, himself, many around him calling out his accomplishments and praise, fulling his pride there words whispering in his ears and his alone like small voices siting upon his shoulder the darkness spinning around them whispering. He held out the mirror as he held out a hand. Take the hand of ones own pride and be guided into the halls of the most unholy. Within the mirror glowed a man a top a throne seen as a god in the eyes of the ones that surrounded him. The ones that saw him for what he did, for what he was proud of, his deeds, his actions. “Take it, look deeper, lose yourself, take it, you will see more, want it, seek sin” the voices echoed as the unity of them spoke “we can hear you, hear, hear you” the small words all chimed together as that thick smell of vanilla drifted out of the doors that were starting to crack open on there own. Black feathers falling from the doors as they opened, black feathers tinking on the ground as if they were made of metal.Within the castle her hand moved around the head of her changing child, he snapped like a twig into something so monstrously beautiful it made her own pride flare that it was of her doing. holding him close to her as he would rise to his feet. Her wings embraceing him to her chest as the wond that was placed on her being turned to nothing but darkness, the blood he had thought he had drank drifted ti darkness and nothing more, all was simply a way he saw it, a illusion so he would drink her being, she was the vessel and he was the cup “beautiful within us, how you have changed, look at us, so powerful we are. what power we have gained. Your hunger will be quenched within us but not for long, feed us the souls of others, feed us the souls of others child of Caliga and you will feed your Mother” she moved as she leaned into him and her black lips kissed his for head softly “Qui salvandos salvas gratis, salva me, fons pietatis eorum reginae Rex tremendae majestatis, qui salvandos salvas gratis et sine argento redimemini” her words whispered in her voice as the other voices within the darkness were made silent as she blessed her newly made child as any mother should. This day was his birth into her tender embrace, this day was his becoming theirs, no longer being one but being that of many, there was no longer a I a Me or You it was Us and We and theirs, what was his was hers what was hers was his, they were together as one segmented master being. “we have a guest my child, go greet them at the doors, do not eat them yet, but meet them all the same”

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MalusVioloNefas: Nefas was not entirely sure what to make of the mirror; it was obviously enchanted, and called to his pride. He was starting to like the mirror, the things it showed him, the praises it held. His head tilted the other way though when his copy offered him its hand, his reflection…he scoffed at the notion and the being, his pride would not let him be led into this place by a copy of himself, and actually his pride would not let him be led, at least not by a reflection. Though he did stop for a moment to think on the irony of it, his pride is what brought him here, but this thing that stood in front of him…sure mimicry was the highest form of flattery, but he was starting to get insulted by it, the way it looked like him, but it didn’t act like him, and the longer he was there near it the deeper his rage became with it, a copy, a flawed copy, it was probably not the way it was supposed to come across, luckily his mask hid his immediate displeasure away, at least the look of it on his face. An anger could likely be felt growing, kindling into a wrath, the longer he was near it and the more it spoke the more angry he would become with its imperfections, it only looked like him, and as such it was becoming more and more insulting to him.

MilenkoRisada: -Now boastful in stature he gives a gentle nod as he was told to greet the new comer. Making his way up the dark hallway the only light was the faint glow of his eyes a hue of purple as the glow is constantly fed by a streamline of smoke. His footsteps not built for any kind of stealth clunk and clamor as he edges near. His demeanor straight forward slightly imposing stays as if his body was in a vice. Now finding himself in front of this new being he leans forward with a welcoming gesture but not a bow to notify that the new comer is welcome but is being watched. With a brief moment of silence words leave his mouth though with a slight echo due to his skeletal mouth piece. “It’s a pleasure…” his voice fades back into silence his body now standing straight does not move with a locked on glare.

Anaya: As he looked at it it got taller, that mirror tiring on a finger, at the edge, ready to fall if not taken away from the being, that image of pride, the clapping, the praise changing to be stronger the voices whispering praises of gradure in the air around them. Whispering sweet nothings of drunken woman, on how badly they wish his body in there hands, how badly they want him for how great he is, how much he has accomplished, how they want him thrust within their folds, how all would be better with him looking out for them and leading them to greatness, leading them to that gate and slaying the ones that are, fake. That last word was so clear, fake, slay the ones that mimic you, mock you, it is against you. It blocks your path to what you seek, take its glory and cut it down from its mockery. The voices, so strong, so clear, so proud as he grew in his wanting so did they. That mirror rocked back and forth as it hung on a thread upon a exposed finger upon a finger that just was held there, mocking him, looking at him, a unwavering look, his own eyes, looking at him, his own face looking at him. It was all going exactly as planed. She could feel it as she sat in her throne at the back of the hallway that she had not moved from since the morning. Everything was simply a shape she took in the hall, being all places but no place at the same time. Her fingers moving over the pages of a human bible that some worthy soul had brought to a pedestal that was in its realm, a statue that constructed in her glory a bible burned cover to cover in disgrace of god over head. It made her smile within as she flipped the pages of it in waiting for her guest to make his choices. And her newly birthed child to come back within the halls with him.

MalusVioloNefasMalusVioloNefas Whisper: He heard the voices, they were loud and made him think, made him want…and then came the whispers, normally Nefas would have ignored them, but here in this place, they seemed more credible, not just the whispers of his own mind, but the whispers of others here were almost like the wants of this place. Nefas saw the mirror and all the wonderful things it held, and they spoke to his pride, spoke his praise…and in those moments for the first time they brought him into a different place, the mirror, it was something vain, something that pet his ego, which suited him well enough, proud as he was only fitting they praise him…and yet it teetered on its hand, it was going to fall, or it looked that way. IT was going to break it, not being lost on metaphors and having a bit of a like of metaphors he started to chuckle as he reached out for that mirror, he was going to take it. He had started to reach for it when the other more skeletal figure came out to receive him. Nefas was now being show in, by something more respectable. It stood tall, proud…and unafraid, something was admirable and enraging about that and that was the final thing which sent Nefas into his momentary and vicious moment of vanity. He had already seen the copy; it was still in his peripheral vision, he turned to face the skeleton, the one unafraid. Without blinking his left arm shot out to grab that mirror, that vanity, but his hand was “upside down”, so that when he grabbed it the handle was oriented to point the same way his thumb wood. He snatched the mirror, without looking pulled it close to his chest, with a snatching motion. He held it though for only a second as he partook in a bit of violent metaphysical metaphor. An offering to this place. He quickly and viciously then thrust the mirror back out in such a way he would try to run the handle through the neck of his copy. If that was a success he would turn to face the copy his right hand snapping out to grasp that chain. Once he had the chain he would twist that chain over his copies head, and pulling tightly in such a way it became a horrible nose, impaling and encircling the “clones” neck. He would pull it tightly , as tightly as he could pulling his right hand back chain in theory pulling tighter, once it broke or his hand was fully drawn back he would smash it into his own face, palm open, claws aiming to close both around and over his face and head. At which point he would pull the clone in and kick with his right leg. His aim to decapitate the clone, kicking the body away….at which point he would hand the head to his escort.

Anaya: As the mimic of the man before it stood there a smile came over its face as the glimmer in the mans eyes was set a blaze, it let that smile move over its face as the mirror was grabbed and held to the mans chest like one would a dearly loved object. The mimic did not struggle at all or fight back but stood there stock and proud as its head was ripped from its shoulder and before it ever fell to the ground it all just turned to shadow and drifted away as if nothing was there at all. When one faoguth they had to breath, as soon as the force to remove the head off the mimic was done and the mimic turned to darkness on the inhale darkness flowed into the being, umbrace and the very essence of ones sins. The doors opened as the feathers moved along the floor pushed by a absent breeze and she sat there her book upon her lap, the darkness of the halls fadeing to simply show the carpet runner leading all the way to the thrones were her massive figure sat, wings held up behind her as she looked to the book on her lap her words soft and not directed ay anyone in particular, just reading out loud "Do not store up resentment against your neighbour, no matter what his offence; do nothing in a fit of anger. Pride is odious to both God and man; injustice is abhorrent to both of them. Sovereignty is forced from one nation to another because of injustice, violence, and wealth. How can there be such pride in someone who is nothing but dust and ashes? Even while he is living, man's bowels are full of rottenness. Look: the illness lasts while the doctor makes light of it; and one who is king today will die tomorrow. Once a man is dead, grubs, insects, and worms are his lot. The beginning of man's pride is to separate himself from the Lord and to rebel against his Creator. The beginning of pride is sin. Whoever perseveres in sinning opens the floodgates to everything that is evil. For this the Lord has inflicted dire punishment on sinners; Sirach” she looked up at him a empty face that held onto the simple times of when she was a Visser, the simple words of a holy book making her so happy inside on how much of hogwash they were and how she had used the exact words in the past to show others how much there own god despised them for there simple actions or even existing “you took our gift, do you like it?” she asked as she shut the pages of the burned bible into her hands. Wings ruffled behind her as they would fold down to her back and the ends would fall out around her to the side. “You prayed to us, we can hear you always”

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MalusVioloNefasMalusVioloNefas Whisper: He heard the voices, they were loud and made him think, made him want…and then came the whispers, normally Nefas would have ignored them, but here in this place, they seemed more credible, not just the whispers of his own mind, but the whispers of others here were almost like the wants of this place. Nefas saw the mirror and all the wonderful things it held, and they spoke to his pride, spoke his praise…and in those moments for the first time they brought him into a different place, the mirror, it was something vain, something that pet his ego, which suited him well enough, proud as he was only fitting they praise him…and yet it teetered on its hand, it was going to fall, or it looked that way. IT was going to break it, not being lost on metaphors and having a bit of a like of metaphors he started to chuckle as he reached out for that mirror, he was going to take it. He had started to reach for it when the other more skeletal figure came out to receive him. Nefas was now being show in, by something more respectable. It stood tall, proud…and unafraid, something was admirable and enraging about that and that was the final thing which sent Nefas into his momentary and vicious moment of vanity. He had already seen the copy; it was still in his peripheral vision, he turned to face the skeleton, the one unafraid. Without blinking his left arm shot out to grab that mirror, that vanity, but his hand was “upside down”, so that when he grabbed it the handle was oriented to point the same way his thumb wood. He snatched the mirror, without looking pulled it close to his chest, with a snatching motion. He held it though for only a second as he partook in a bit of violent metaphysical metaphor. An offering to this place. He quickly and viciously then thrust the mirror back out in such a way he would try to run the handle through the neck of his copy. If that was a success he would turn to face the copy his right hand snapping out to grasp that chain. Once he had the chain he would twist that chain over his copies head, and pulling tightly in such a way it became a horrible nose, impaling and encircling the “clones” neck. He would pull it tightly , as tightly as he could pulling his right hand back chain in theory pulling tighter, once it broke or his hand was fully drawn back he would smash it into his own face, palm open, claws aiming to close both around and over his face and head. At which point he would pull the clone in and kick with his right leg. His aim to decapitate the clone, kicking the body away….at which point he would hand the head to his escort.

Anaya: As the mimic of the man before it stood there a smile came over its face as the glimmer in the mans eyes was set a blaze, it let that smile move over its face as the mirror was grabbed and held to the mans chest like one would a dearly loved object.  The mimic did not struggle at all or fight back but stood there stock and proud as its head was ripped from its shoulder and before it ever fell to the ground it all just turned to shadow and drifted away as if nothing was there at all. When one faoguth they had to breath, as soon as the force to remove the head off the mimic was done and the mimic turned to darkness on the inhale darkness flowed into the being, umbrace and the very essence of ones sins. The doors opened as the feathers moved along the floor pushed by a absent breeze and she sat there her book upon her lap, the darkness of the halls fadeing to simply show the carpet runner leading all the way to the thrones were her massive figure sat, wings held up behind her as she looked to the book on her lap her words soft and not directed ay anyone in particular, just reading out loud "Do not store up resentment against your neighbour, no matter what his offence; do nothing in a fit of anger. Pride is odious to both God and man; injustice is abhorrent to both of them. Sovereignty is forced from one nation to another because of injustice, violence, and wealth. How can there be such pride in someone who is nothing but dust and ashes? Even while he is living, man's bowels are full of rottenness. Look: the illness lasts while the doctor makes light of it; and one who is king today will die tomorrow. Once a man is dead, grubs, insects, and worms are his lot. The beginning of man's pride is to separate himself from the Lord and to rebel against his Creator. The beginning of pride is sin. Whoever perseveres in sinning opens the floodgates to everything that is evil. For this the Lord has inflicted dire punishment on sinners; Sirach” she looked up at him a empty face that held onto the simple times of when she was a Visser, the simple words of a holy book making her so happy inside on how much of hogwash they were and how she had used the exact words in the past to show others how much there own god despised them for there simple actions or even existing “you took  our  gift, do you like it?” she asked as she shut the pages of the burned bible into her hands. Wings ruffled behind her as they would fold down to her back and the ends would fall out around her to the side. “You prayed to us, we can hear you always”

MalusVioloNefas: As the woman within began to speak Nefas twisted his neck a bit, a soft crack might have been head as he cleared his throat. He gave a brief nod of his head as he began to advance as she quoted what might have been the verse she just read, to Nefas that was probably the case, music to his hears, more praise, his Vanity was beginning already to thirst, this place seemed to have a dramatic effect on the darker parts of him. The main carbuncle on his face plate lit up, burning read with life for a moment as he crossed the threshold into this Citadel. He continued walking as she spoke, once she had looked up to him though, he came to an immediate halt as she asked about the gift, *what gift?* he thought, no doubt it was the mirror maybe, or perhaps the exquisite release when he tore the head from that damn impostor. ~you prayed to us, we can hear you always~, she had asked a question, but not given him but a moment to answer, one he wasted wondering *what/which gift?* that being what it was he continued his advance here making his way towards the woman as he thought more about that question, there was a small ever so slight chuckle as he walked closer and closer realizing he had most likely just dropped it into the hands of the other that had come to the door to truly receive him. His mind was stuck on that moment, he was robbed, the satisfaction of a fight, or the glory of the gore in such a victory. The foe smote and then blew away like so much smoke. Fitting for the copy it was he supposed, but still…robbed. It was then he heard the yell, something about dying fighting? The eyes on his face plate lit again as he lifted his head to see just what might be about to happen. *what a strange thing to walk into* he paused, the other beast had walked in before him, skeletal in nature it was, possibly holding his mirror still, was it his mirror?*yesss, its mine* clear and straight forward though, the copy had it, he killed the copy….but he did hand it over willingly…maybe he would have to get it back later. But that was the future, this was the now, some man crying out desperately, reaching out for some help, some show of power…some modicum of mercy. To Nefas it was disgusting, enough to make his face turn up at the sight of it, the faceplate concealed this of course, the carbuncle not illuminating at this, that was not a smile, if anything a sneer. Of course he was a Prideful thing, he did give some degree of credit though; die on your feet, a noble cause. There was more going on in this place then Nefas would have though, apparently it was a bit of chaos today. He couldn’t see any further in then the one that led him in and the man begging for power… he did want to see what came of that, and wondered about that which he could not yet see.


AezvyraIsadorValke: Times have changed and Aezvyra knew this, the demonic Empress had left the safety of her Keep which had been half way repaired which still seems to be taking forever until she was able to find a master stone smith that could actually do their job. With repairs of Necromar starting, she finally found time to leave the city and travel around the empire. It had been years... A few hundred or so since she had the time to roam freely around Nyamithler seeing the last time she had was when she was growing up before she even decided to flee the land. The woman's chest lifts as she takes a deep breath her emerald green gaze lingering on a leaf that had already taken its turn to turn a soft brownish red color symboling the change of the seasons was not too far away. Aez had managed to finally reach the edge of her homeland; making sure everything had finally defrosted after the curse. Her eyes watched as the leaves swayed and danced in their place high upon the trees, her painted lips parted as she chuckled watching the wind touch them causing a single leaf to pull from its place and fall gently to the ground before her. The shadow demon's eyes remained on a single orange leaf as it rolled along the near dead grass the same path she was slowly walking. The woman dressed not in her normal black silk gowns to show off her title but that of her armor for a caution. The heavy leather and mithril chain mail tunic made it slightly harder for the demon who was walking not riding a horse to move about. Yet for once, she did not have her cloak but a simple fur that wrapped around her to block some of the chilled wind that was rolling in from the north. Even though the woman had her magic her gates she would normally use to travel between small area's or even out of the realm she decided not to use them. Upon the woman's back, she wields a great two handed long sword which seems to have a history all for its self. Aezvyra took another deep breath as she forced herself to take a few more steps down the path; the demon's mind wondering on the past and present but never the future it would seem. She comes to realize there was nothing she could do about it any longer it was her destiny to lead this empire if not she would simply have to ask someone close to ruling in her stead and she couldn't do that to them. The woman's mind shifted from the idea of leading the people of Nyamithler into Darkness to the past. Darkness.... the feeling she knew way too well as her true nature had been shown to her. It had brought pain, painful memories now played out in her mind much like they would do if she had used a spell to bring them into few of anyone. She closed her eyes her feet finally stopped as she thought about it. It took losing her adoptive siblings, her ex-husband who abandon her, and even her adoptive children forsaken.. all this bad all this pain lead the way for the demon Atman to be able to take her from the land of the Rose... to cast his spell to make the woman's true dark nature come out. Aezvyra found it funny how she would spend years trying to fight it, seeing the male only did that to make her realize there was no other that would be with her when she was like that which of course he was wrong. To her, it was funny how one fight could awaken the woman's true nature that had been sleeping deep inside of her this whole time. The very thing her family warned her about for years, now that it finally happens there was no going back on it. Aezvyra's eyes closed for a brief moment as she stopped, remembering the horrible feeling when she uses to awake to find herself within the forest. The woman could still fully smell the sweet aroma of the crimson liquid that had covered her from head and toe and yet she didn't even worry about where the blood had come from. Her painted black lips parted as she chuckled once again heading on her way traveling the dark path towards the unknown. Aezvyra grew closer to the very place where a maybe not even a week before where she had last woken up, cover in the dark liquid, even the woman would never admit that it was the last time it spooked her, yet she was shocked it had not happened once more yet. She waited for the day she would end up stumbling to her feet beside one of the trees covered in some poor person's sweet tasting blood; just the thought made the demoness's mouth water. She could do without the stumbling those first few moments when she would wake up. She had often thought about what to do the next time it happened seeing she had scared some of the others around her doing it. Her ramblings, darting straight to her bedroom and locking herself away from countless days; all that in the past. She had come to terms that she had lost not only herself but her mind, did she truly care; not one little bit.

AezvyraIsadorValke: The demon finally decided to push on the very moment her eyes would reopen. She was debating if she should have been concerned, with all the talk of bandits in the forests and roaming bands of undead, let alone talk of something more. Faint whispers had made their way to the Keep; talk of some Lycan pack that had gone mad, let alone orcs that seem to be killing their way closer once again. Yet, her long journey across the land to where she decided to rest for a moment or two she had not run into a single thing; no undead corps or some sort of beast to hinder her from making her journey a safe one. She couldn't help but to go searching now, leaving the dirt path she starts to stroll through the woodland area around her. Her movement quicken as she moved pass the trees; to the woman’s amazed the woods seemed to thicken nearly the more she grew deeper and deeper into them. Aezvyra grumbled as she walked, one boot before another as she nearly had the heart to open one of her so called shadow gateways to quicken her journey. Yet, the demon didn’t she pushed a few limbs from her path as she found herself at an entrance of a cavern. The sounds of her footsteps echoed bouncing off the cave walls as she came to a halt staring down the dark tunnel; Aezyvra didn’t remember there being a cavern system let along an opening to one so close to city she stood there blinking into the darkness. The shadow demon paused the shadows seem to sing to her within the cave causing her to walk deep into the bowls of the cave. Her skin started to crawl nearly as the cool stones around her seem to echo the same singing the shadows seem to. This made the woman question the cause, “Deeper. I must go deeper.” She muttered under her breath as she walked, her hands moving over the hard stone now feeling her way down the now pitch black darkness of the cave. She had nearly crashed right into the stone like alter that stretched across the length of the cavern. The woman fumbled around her hands moving over the cool stone before her slim fingers could even come mere inches of the stone idol of Sinn. Before she could pull her hand quickly back the woman watched as a thick swirl of darkness started to engulf her much like her shadows would shield her from an attack.

AezvyraIsadorValke: Her emerald green eyes closed feeling the magic transport her from the cave. Her heart raced as she felt the area around her shift, the woman could feel she was no longer within the realm she ruled; yet it felt similar nearly to her. Aez took a breath as her eyes finally fluttered open, the smell of vanilla filled the air; the smell made her want to gag nearly. She knew she was in an unknown place now, she was sure of it; let alone the sheer feeling as something was watching her caused her skin to crawl. She wasn’t one for observing the aura but this one seem to pound into her much like the times she would spar with her captain so she wouldn’t forget how to use her great sword; there was a time he had used such a feeling to overwhelm her. That feeling pulled at her heart now, the feeling of being alone and then feeling the heat of desire; if you could even call it that. “Why am I here.” She called out into the thick darkness that seem to fill the room she was now in. She couldn’t see much before her and remained where she had just appeared. Aezvyra took a deep breath before her painted lips parted as she spoke in her natural tongue “ Atman, E zqyol af swy Tonyl ofk swy Rlyos taswyl eb swez ez afy ab uail slepnz E qedd nedd uai.” ((Atman, I swear on the Maker and the Great mother if this is one of your tricks I will kill you.)) Her words soft and to herself as she tried to focus her gaze through the thick darkness, swirling fog.

Anaya: they had a guest, so nice it was to always seem to have guests here, it was good that they placed the Idols out over the timescapes to attract the worthy in, some unworthy came but they were sorted with and destroyed as they came. Within the halls her figure sat, away from other that were outside still. Most ended up outside after being brought here. A blank black landscape with the Citadels large black and silver doors being the only thing that sticks out. There was one outside and it would be easier if it just came in to deal with it.  Within the castle the sounds of a woman’s crying eeped from the walls, eeped from the shadows within. The doors outside cracked open to show flecks of red and alabaster stone along a floor black as night speckled with silver flecks. The woman’s cry’s rang out into the darkness no true location given to were they were, they were only inside the halls. Coming simple from inside the halls. “help me, i wish for freedom, help me i have repented i wish freedom” the calls rang out as words muffled with tear filled screaming. Words hardly able to be made out about giving in and being unworthy to serve and how she was worthy and how it was her wish to follow the truth and nothing but the truth. But the words that rang clear was Cliga, over and over and over again like a broken record.

AezvyraIsadorValke: The woman wasn’t going to move from where she had found herself only to find her way back to her own realm. She wondered if she could even open one of her gateways that would send her at least into the plane she called her Shadow Lands. The very place she found and hide away when she felt her duties were over weighing her, or to simply get away from the people in her life for a short time. That when she heard it. Her right hand lifted up her fingers when to start scribbling the symbols in the air when she heard the screams coming from behind her or what she thought was behind her. Aez being the demon she was turned on her heels quickly, her eyes darting around the fog as she did so. She would force her feet to move closer to where these said screams were coming from, lingering in the darkness the woman would sooner or later make her way to a building. The closer she got the more of the building seem to show, her greenish gaze lingered on the doors which seemed to be cracked open. She walked she took note of the coloring on the floor as she grew close enough to push open the large door enough to step inside the castle, she was sure it was a castle. The crying had to come from somewhere, the woman could make out the ‘help me’ at this point in time. Granted Aezvyra would normally just ignored said cries she often did when it came to her homeland; she wasn’t home though. The woman was puzzled on the matter, which lead her deeper and deeper into the building until she found the source. Her hands laid at her side as she walked happy that she could at least seen a few feet before her yet more of the hall seem to be in darkness as she walked. “Hello?” she called out wondering if she would get a response.

Anaya: As the female walked inside the doors closed and the room felt so heavy, outside felt light but inside had a heaviness to it, a aura of intimidation hung on the walls so the whole building made one feel uneasy and vulnerable. But at the same time it made the people inside feel empowered to act upon there own sins. (aura of intimidation active, and aura of experience sin active. You feel uneasy and fearful but at the same time want to indulge your sins) the sound of crying and calling out ended with a lingering gurgle as it muffled out. But then something called back to the woman “isis?”it called out a familiar voice, one of a long lost lover. The sound from her past from her memory’s, this place, was so dark it knew all, it saw all, it could read all from the ones that stood within it. “Isis, I.... am lost” it whispered out the words ringing off the darkness with no true way to pinpoint were they came from, the darkness so thick. Within the halls you could make out large statues with massive wings out the sides of them made of alabaster stone and silver, everything was made of black and silver,  upon the floor was a floor runner that stood out in a deep blood red, aswell as between the statues looked to be trees planted in black earth there leaves red as the carpet, dark glowing flame like orbs lingered on the walls but gave very little light so it truly did not give any aid in seeing anything. This place was a temple with large pews over the sides, it was not a castle, it was a massive church and every church had a priest to lead its people...but were was that leader now.  

AezvyraIsadorValke: Her feet carried her farther into the unknown hall, the doors seem to shut once she got far enough away from them causing her to turn back to them before pushing on into the keep. “Hello?” her voice, that soft luring nearly as nectar to a bee sounded again. Once the doors closed was when it hit her, Aez seem to growl some, the growl rumbling from deep within the woman as she moved. The woman nerves seem switch just as quick as she felt within the darkness something, she couldn’t explain it but it made her worry at the same time that desire filled her. There wasn’t much that could cause the woman to feel such vulnerably, such parts of herself that had been casted aside from her natural state. The idea of leaving such place crossed the demon’s mind a couple of times; to forget the voice she had heard and to leave to find her way back home then she heard it. The woman’s eyes widen hearing her nearly forgotten name. “Hmm?” she hummed out her desires trying to bubble up at the voice as it always had. She paused hearing the voice call out. “Vain?” her heart jumped at the sound of the male’s voice once she heard it the second time. This made the woman quicken her walk as she grew closer to the center of the building, or what she thought was the center. “Vain” she called out again, her voice shaking her body craving his touch seeing it had been years since he touched her; all from a simple voice. She had nearly forgotten all about the feeling that made her worry for an attack, her only thoughts were to find him. “Vain where are you?” she called out worried for her lover confused on why he would be in such a dark place to start with. The woman moved more she could finally make out a statue as she grew closer to it. Aez couldn’t stop she had to find him in this place, the voice in her mind told her to she had nearly not even noticed the detail or the fact her body nearly touched silver a couple of times now. For a moment she didn’t hear the voice she glanced around searching for her lost lover, thinking he was in fact there to at least there to cure her body’s need. She didn’t even see the beauty in the trees nor that was it a church her only mind was to find him, him whom she was bound to.

RavenGeoFell: A creature standing roughly 5 foot 6 inches would be wondering the battlefield , his body bloodied, His eyes red with bloodlust, His movements both lethal and graceful, His hair snow white , a mask would cover his face this mask was to hide the gruesome sight of his half torn jaw, Ravaged years ago by Ghouls Young Raven would be out on this field today slaying those who oppose his homeland. While out on the field his body would take multiple wounds throughout his body, scars covering his chest and arms, His body well toned with muscle. In his left hand would be a single katana , Slashing throughout the crowd of foes surrounding him he would nearly be to the end as he hears a foe speaking in a strange language, Next thing he knows Raven would be standing not in or in front of but within a strange purplish hued portal though many colors hues streak throughout and within this portal. Young Raven doesn't know where he is but he knows for certain he will not die in a foreign domain without a fight. Speaking a strong yet shaky voice he would call out within the portal like structure “ Hello , who dares impose such foul sorcery upon me?” - Next raven would begin trying to slash is way out of the portal like structure only to find it can't be broken , But instead teleports him to this strange new world full of such sin that it cripples him bringing the great warrior to his knees, His breathing is labored , His body shaking to no end. All he knows is that from within this place he sense great power and great darkness both of which excites him greatly-

Anaya: Vains voice whispered harder into the darkness  “I miss you” it said softly as she got closer to its source, or well what felt like the source, the voice seemed to come from all sides all at the same time like you were in a air tunnel. As she walked blindly inside she hit something solid, it clanked slightly metal tasits on its legs with a dragon and a large tree carved into them, its chest was toned and muscled as arms wrapped around her, strong male arms, male arms that once upon a time embraced her loved her, loved all of her in every way and still did. “i found peace, in this place, it is so nice here, so simple, i missed you, i looked so long for you, so lost without you” it held her face into its chest so it would not look up from its hold. Embracing her in this warm welcoming embrace, this tender feeling coming over them and the smell, vanilla seeped from the garments on its body. That sickening smell that seemed to linger on everything here, to the point you could not rip it from your nose. He was perfect, but there was a flaw, his skin, was black, empty, he had no mouth no face he was made of darkness but solid here in this place. But he smelled like this place but he sounded like himself he felt just like himself that cold but warm feeling of a sentient weapon, that loving soft heart he had that almost Innocent nature that drew her in the first time. “I remember our first date, under that white tree i held you when i asked for your hand, she was so mad, Anaya, a weapon and her sister cant find love, but we did, in each other” it could not Lie, and his words were so true.  There was another guest as her empty face looked up from the covers of the burned bible in hand as she gave a humming noise as a side door to the  Citadel  opened up beside the shut man door as a woman covered in blood formed  clinging to the door within there new guests view “great warrior, please, slay the man that hurt me, he ran inside, i, need, help, please” she called out as she clung to the door frame but pointed inside into the darkness.

RavenGeoFell: -Raven would look at the women his vision slightly blurry as he wearily stand sto his feet using his blade as a sort of crutch, Seeing the woman is covered in blood instantly puts his guards up , looking for any sort of danger or threat from this women , Raven naturally feels attacked as he sees this women pleading for help but can sense the darkness of this Domain, With a shaky yet powerful tone he would speak- “ If you move … I’ll kill you women.” With shaky breaths he would step into the door way , surprisingly it seems to fit his body and form perfectly , Something is very off about this place, For the young Elf is sure of that. After stepping into the darkness he would suddenly become enraged , all his negative aspects coming onto him at once , from his dreams of being a king to his god like ego becoming intensified.- “ W-what is this place” - Raven would mumble to himself , As he ventures further into the darkness he can hear many sounds ,But the only one he can make out for sure is his name “ Raven..Raven… Raven” a steady haunting sound like his name was a curse. The other sounds though audible were not understandable . Further he pushes into the darkness , hoping to reach a light somewhere but after what feels like hours there is still no light and it doesn't appear that any will appear. Praying to any God or Gods who would listen to him , he asked for the salvation of his heart's desires.

AezvyraIsadorValke: That voice from her past sounded again. “Vain?” she whispered out as it spoke to her. It had to be in her head, she was starting to believe it now more than ever even though her body responded as if he was there. “I’m sorry” her feelings sank sorrow mixed with lust as she thought how she just disappeared from the place she had made her home; from her husband. Her mind raced on everything but the need of his touch, the crave to fix this desire lingered in her more. This was no secret to anyone who know the woman that truly knew the woman and not the mask she wore now. The demon was deepest desires was the very lust she craved at times, she was well at hiding it but it was there. Nipping at her insides, the burning passion that sent her wild; those feelings swirled within the woman. Aezvyra was so busy looking for the male she didn’t even see the figure right before her until she crashed right into it. She stopped moving leaning into the form before feeling the arms wrap around her making it hard for her to even try to tilt her head to look at it better. Her fingers pushed against its chest, she could feel the dragon and the tree on its chest which caused her heart to sink. There was the voice again she was speechless. It was him, it had to be he was actually there right. Aez nearly wanted to wrap her arms around the figure before she took in that smell which turned her insides again. She pushed away from him despite the crave to dull the fires within. Her emerald hues landed on the figures face, or well were it should have been. She shuttered as it spoke of the past, how it could know that if it wasn’t him. She didn’t tell anyone else, since she vanished no one knew. It spoke of her sister which hit more. She remembered that her sister got so mad when they told her. “Vain why?” she question looking at the figure confused it looked as the male nearly, sounded like him but was it him. She whimpered a bit do to the crushing desire that was building still the embrace had sent it over the edge. She pulled her lower painted lip into her mouth and bit trying to hide the desire she wasn’t sure what was causing the desire to rise other than him. “What do you mean?” she questioned confused.

Anaya: As she pulled away from him his hand reached out his palm up wanting her to take his hand “i found peace here, this darkness, it made me feel i was a part of something greater, we belong here, together” it almost sounded sad as it talked, it wanted her, to feel her, to be felt by her “we could lay on the floor like we used to in front of the fire place under a blanket of fur and tell story’s of the hunts and remember when we both fought side by side i as armour for your sister and you as her champion beside her, we could do it all again, imagine it Isis, i would love to feel your body against mine again, feel you around me once more. Take my hand we can do it together”  his face did not hold anything to it, it was creepy and made him seem so empty but at the same time his voice held all his feeling,, it was hard to tell what it was in the end. But it looked and sounded and felt just like him, even down to the warmth it gave off, everything was perfect other then that stink and the fact it had no face.  Caliga moved her hand as she sat in that throne that boy walking into that small door that fit him just right. The door closed behind him as that girl that was there turned to smoke in the air as the voice of her whispered out “he went down the hall..” then a ear retching scream from right behind him that did not leave that hallway, darkness soaking up the sound so that anyone else in the Citadel would not hear it. Caliga moved her finger to tap on the throne she was siting on “Sinner, go greet our new guest, show him the glory of us and show him your hunger, see if he is worthy to be as we, wrath fuels within him, test it child”

AezvyraIsadorValke: She studied the form her gaze shifting from the marking on the chest plate of the armor to back to that void place that his face would have been. She shook her head, it was off she felt it but that desire. His words made it harder for her and the feeling. “You not him.” She muttered out nearly whimpering as she did so. She craved his touch, his embrace, she would have gave in if it wasn’t for that stench that coated him. She hissed then it started to speak again. The words tempting lingering in her mind as the desire burned deep within. “Darkness” she shook her head her gaze shifted darkening in tone as she peered on the figure. “He wouldn’t have given up, never did to find me when my body was lost.” She took a step back her hand wanting to reach out and take the hand that was before her waiting for her, calling to her. It spoke again spoke of the simple time, the time they spent relaxing or when they were in combat, it made the woman take pity on the creature to low such a low blow she wanted to give in. It spoke of touching her, loving her body as he did which caused a chill move down her body as it called to the figure that appeared as her lost love. It reached for her, her eyes on the hand tempted to take it; tempted to fix this desire that had built up and brought her pain now. The need was there and she needed it gone so she could think clearly. “Fuck it” she whispered before letting her hand come an inch away from the being, she could feel the warmth again which made her heart sink. “What do you want?”

Anaya: the man, the being that stood before he looked at her with a empty face and the words were so clear “i only want you, i want your hand upon mine, to accept the gift that can be given to you, to be with us forever, to be a part of something so much larger, to change to become stronger, to be a part of a family again, don’t you miss our family, Eve, Anaya, we could have it again you and us” his voice whispered into the halls as Vain started to fade away, his fingers still there as the body started to fade away “i want to lay you on that stone floor once more and make you mine all over agein, go against the rules to have you, go against the one that owned me to get the brightest fruit over them all, to have you, and you alone. Dont you, want to Lust again” he was fading but not gone. His hand still held out to her “take my hand isis, Come with me forever, break the rules like we used to, take my hand” the heaviness of the hall was getting stronger it was like a wait rested on everything shoulders. Caliga, She sat there with her book in hand as the pages flipped her finger going over the words reading by feel, as she let out what seemed like a breath but with no air at all.  It was almost time, but not yet, they all were not in place yet, it was not the time to stand up, to go to them, it was not time, but it was almost time. She looked up seeing everything, every facet of her home as the 'rooms' all stood in were all connected but changing, darkness shaping her home as she saw fit, her sinner was on the crash coarse with the new comer, he was ready to face it but fear was locking him down “you will test the boy, see if he is worthy for us, he prays for your strength, he prays to be like us, wishes to be a Sinner at our side, a brother to the Kinn, children in Kinn he wishes to be, prove his worth Sinner. Is he worthy of our grace”

AezvyraIsadorValke: She shifted, her weight moving to the right causing her full body to lean a bit watching the male. The idea was tempting and then he spoke to her; everything he said she wanted, no needed again. She took a deep breath as she watched the figure fade which caused her to realize it wasn’t really there. The voice was still there calling to her, the pull of desire which she couldn’t hold back too much longer. Aezvyra hated that yet she after all didn’t have too much ways to push the temptations, the urges away. Her family, it started to name them as it simply vanished leaving a hand. She took another breath, held it for a few seconds biting on her lower lip as she did so. Oh how she wished for the cold stone on her, to feel the real him again. “I...” she paused looking at the hand that was there. “I...” it was all she could get out before she was overwhelmed by that desire which caused her to act. For once she couldn’t state it was the ‘darkness’ that caused her to do it she was actually trying to not act purely on whim which since the moment she ran into the being she was doing good job of. “I miss you” she shook her head her hand moving closer to the fingers.


MalusVioloNefas: As the woman within began to speak Nefas twisted his neck a bit, a soft crack might have been head as he cleared his throat. He gave a brief nod of his head as he began to advance as she quoted what might have been the verse she just read, to Nefas that was probably the case, music to his hears, more praise, his Vanity was beginning already to thirst, this place seemed to have a dramatic effect on the darker parts of him. The main carbuncle on his face plate lit up, burning read with life for a moment as he crossed the threshold into this Citadel. He continued walking as she spoke, once she had looked up to him though, he came to an immediate halt as she asked about the gift, *what gift?* he thought, no doubt it was the mirror maybe, or perhaps the exquisite release when he tore the head from that damn impostor. ~you prayed to us, we can hear you always~, she had asked a question, but not given him but a moment to answer, one he wasted wondering *what/which gift?* that being what it was he continued his advance here making his way towards the woman as he thought more about that question, there was a small ever so slight chuckle as he walked closer and closer realizing he had most likely just dropped it into the hands of the other that had come to the door to truly receive him. His mind was stuck on that moment, he was robbed, the satisfaction of a fight, or the glory of the gore in such a victory. The foe smote and then blew away like so much smoke. Fitting for the copy it was he supposed, but still…robbed. It was then he heard the yell, something about dying fighting? The eyes on his face plate lit again as he lifted his head to see just what might be about to happen. *what a strange thing to walk into* he paused, the other beast had walked in before him, skeletal in nature it was, possibly holding his mirror still, was it his mirror?*yesss, its mine* clear and straight forward though, the copy had it, he killed the copy….but he did hand it over willingly…maybe he would have to get it back later. But that was the future, this was the now, some man crying out desperately, reaching out for some help, some show of power…some modicum of mercy. To Nefas it was disgusting, enough to make his face turn up at the sight of it, the faceplate concealed this of course, the carbuncle not illuminating at this, that was not a smile, if anything a sneer. Of course he was a Prideful thing, he did give some degree of credit though; die on your feet, a noble cause. There was more going on in this place then Nefas would have though, apparently it was a bit of chaos today. He couldn’t see any further in then the one that led him in and the man begging for power… he did want to see what came of that, and wondered about that which he could not yet see.
MilenkoRisada: The distance closing in eyes blind with a hue deep glowing purple signifying his mindless prowess. Powered by a pure ravenous urge to feast though a small scream praying for its sweet relief resides for it is the only sound he is able to hear muffled by hunger. Though in his state ignoring it’s horrifying warning continues to close the distance with intent to make sure his meal wont escape his grasp the now glowing purple hued ooze seemingly his blood begins to move from the newly formed hole in the middle of his chest across his right should encasing his clawed palms to his also begins to spread covering up the form arm with a strange purple Bio-organic metal. With a grin clutching his newly armored palm the power of this display causes an eerie teeth shattering screech using his strength to scrape the metal together with seemingly devastating friction. His shoulder perks tensing itself into shape as he begins to slowly pull his arm palm pointing upward in a now clawed but clenched state as a small dark color ball forms in his palm. With every millisecond it increases in size he seems to be giving his suffering a physical embodiment those struck feel the pain caused by his blind need to feed. His suffering will be there suffering for he prefers to make his meal’s suffer as he suffers to be in a vial wait intimate with what he consumes. The ball now a mix hue of black and purple seems to begin to spin forming into that of a large spike now vibrating with an aura of horror its purple color deep menacing now tightly grasped is his protected palms aimed directly at his feast. With the final step achieved with yards of distance between them a moment of silence as the only sound is the hum of the newly made weapon in his palm. A slow gaze descends acknowledging his meal’s will to live but that only makes it taste even now the hunt begins with a brief raise of the elongated spike he takes that of a Greek stance prompting his body into a pristine position that of trained marksmen with a low sigh followed the stream cloud of purple smog cascading as he opened his mouth he launches the spear like object its hum now defining as it inches towards his kills

Anaya: Her face looked up as the pages of her book fell and she had a feeling of relax over her, as she could hear the eeps of the citadel were creeping into were they were at the back the darkness around them got thicker the sound just seeming to be sucked away by the blackness so only her and there guest (Nef your rpc) were standing there in simple stillness. As her one leg crossed over the other her foot drifted to the darkness feet that swayed like wind. “our gift” she said softly, as her hand moved out as that silver mirror militarized in her hand. “you enjoyed what you saw within it, what we placed there from within you. Or do you not want it? Were we wrong in what we saw within you” she knew it was what was within him, his very pride portrayed upon the mirrors glass. Around them from the darkness for only there ears came the sweet sound of a piano, soothing, welcoming, almost tender simple rhythm. “Take it back” her voice was stern as it whispered out her voice that came from the walls of that chamber from the darkness that sounded them, a voice that sounded like both man, woman, everything all talking at once, it was a beautiful mix. “do not place your ears and eyes on the outside, they will come here to us in due time, they all do” in the main hall the image of Vain was fadeing away fully “why did you let me go isis, why did you not take my hand..” it vanished leaving a empty room, a empty dead silent room with nothing in it but a carpet running leading forward. In the air the words moved along the walls whispering “move forward, get him back, you can find him again, he is here, find what you lust for, find the others, others others” it whispered off into the distance and left silence there once more. Dead echoing silence, it made everything seem to last forever one moment a eternity, it all drilled on forever as the seconds felt like hours of her being there. Just run forward was all she needed to do. Forward was a long carpet that seemed to just go into darkness were Vains body had faded away into. That carpet lead to a large chamber at the back of the citadel were its residence stayed, well the one that kept it, Caliga its self sat in her chair looking out with a empty face, massive black wings and a purple glow.

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His scholarship was always a focus. He wanted to have knowledge of every possibility the world presented. Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back. That was his story. This was how he managed to grow his kinship this far. He wanted to understand more. He needed to comprehend the mechanics of darkness and sin for his alchemical studies. Rumor spread about a power player in the market, with an increasingly prosperous following in a nearby hamlet. A symphony of galloping hooves rumbles vigorously from the western bourns. Sharper ears may’ve been able to identify the creaking of extravagantly large wheels from a phaeton carriage, coveting an enigmatic eidolon beneath the calash gloom. Not a single glimmer pierced through the safeguarding darkness save the reflective glint of a peculiar ring wrapped around his right hand’s thumb & two glistering orbs where eyes may be. Perhaps those with keener vision could distinguish the Bordeaux signet which adorned the former. These Bordeaux were a notable family of blemishes in the fairy genus, headed by an oracular leader named Asinuspetasum. Often referred to as talasuu, these creatures are rarely seen due to their commonly feral exhibition. The Bordeaux were among the more civilized. They adopted a bipedal locomotion and found a way to perform sorcery despite their blessed blight of magical resistance. Their kindred novelties, crafted with orichalcum and personalized with their heraldry, acted as catalysts for their sorcery; in order to create or obtain something, something of equal value must be lost or destroyed. First comes the extramundane diagram, then comes the works of God. As the coach emerged from the obscure range, his features would become evident. A grizzled sloe mane gathers at the nape of his neck with an elastic band to manifest a wild ponytail that cascades down his spine to his thoracic region. Chocolate hues adorn a seemingly hominid visage; complete with a pair of amber reptilian-like orbs and an impassive expression. His pigment was emblazoned with an array of the blanc streaks that characterized his species flesh. Sealed lips seemed to withhold the secrets of talasuu anatomy, sheathing the slimy cannons. Leather cuissardes that extended up to his knees stepped down first, followed by his complete physique swathed in onyx raiment garnished with argentous brocades. Simple black linen breeches found themselves tucked into the waders. His brief upper body was garbed in an elaborate short-waisted doublet with tight sleeves that opened at the waistline, creating a deep V, and revealing the basic linen top; the tall collar of his linen shirt being wrapped in a dark cravat bejeweled with a cabalistic gem radiating a faint violet. This was the coruscation of exanimate foes, being collectively infused to actualize the magnum opus. None of this transcended the monstrous club-shaped tail that stretched seven inches longer than his body. Wrapped in coarse fur corresponding with his polished locks, the prehensile caudal appendage also ended with an odious maw armed with seventy-two acuminous incisors. His four-five figure marched forward and birthed about three hundred pounds of sheer force with every step. The canvas trembled beneath his stride. *Snap!* The mouthed rudder lurched at a passing squirrel, then granulated it into passable chunks. If that was a larger meal, it would have felt the effects of the botulin bacteria housed in that visceral trap. Its next step was the process of digestion in the hostile talasuu stomach chambers. Even the most toxic bacteria were unable to survive in this body, dying before they’re able to even deliver toxins. The few toxins that may’ve survived were handled by the proactive immune system of the adaptive natural predator. With every thought procession of the living, an electrical pulse was emitted and the hairs in his nose were specialized to intercept that. This was one of two distinctive boons of evolution. The second being a sort of intrinsic seismic monitor, powered by sensory pits lining his upper and lower jaws. His stout bestial mien paired with his sophistication creates a puzzling comportment. *Boom!* He’d kick in the church doors, adopting a quadrupedal tread and bolstering towards the disciples at blinding speeds reaching one hundred and twenty miles per hour. One by one, they fall by the power of his titanic tail. He was trying to locate this Sinn idol, which they were concealing. Raising his elongated right arm, his reaches to touch the idol erected at the center of their church. Before he could even gain a grip, he was unwitting consumed by a cloud of darkness and transported to an uncanny citadel. Beautifully architecture featured stone walls and floors bedecked with ornamental crimson rugs, trimmed in silver. His less than impressive vision was rendered useless in this fog, making it only possible to distinguish things within four feet instead of the usual ten. A meager hint of vanilla rushed [c]
[c] into his nostrils, but because of his feeble olfactory system he was spared the brunt of such a sharp scent. He grunts four times in succession, beginning his jaunt further within this confinement. Listen closer. Though faint, palpitating melodies could be discerned triply, with the third much fainter than the others. Abruptly, a feathery dragon sprite surfaced from a lustrous swallowtail, embellished with a tortuous frill, that draped over the doublet. It hovered a little over his own head’s level with short wings and a vibrant lush mane. “Food is bountiful, Lord Asinuspetasum. Yup. Food is bountiful.” Silvery tones vented through the horned drake’s muzzle. That’s when he felt it. A nearly compelling atmosphere trying to weigh down on him. His inability to see auras due to his genetic impotence seems to exhibit another benefaction. He reaches into his coat and pulls out a modest tome, then reaches into his jacket for an instrument to log his epiphany. Once completed, he’d return them both to their original positions. The tome wasn’t the only tool hidden either. An array of clandestine tools for hindering the more troublesome creatures were buried within the ulster; such as a pair of vials bearing quarts of holy water, a single silver blade, and an ivory stake. Albeit, his entire arsenal fell short to the glory of this tome which accommodated the sacred magical arts of his clan. He grunted once more. The draconic spoke in response, “Tastes like darkness, my Lord. Yup. Darkness it is.” Asinuspetasum began his parade down the hall briefly before beholding a masculine silhouette. Another surprised arose. His guilt for concealing his wrongdoings in pursuit of his goals swelled up in his gut. How many more creatures should die in the name of his preservation?

AezvyraIsadorValke: The comment had still fell from her lips as the fingers finally faded away leaving the demon alone. The words haunted her, she did let go she didn’t reach for him and now he was gone. Aezvyra stood there her eyes glued on the place the figure had been as if wishing it would be back, she had not realized the runner that seem to go on before her. “I’m sorry.” She whispered out even though the desire filled her more she couldn’t take it; she needed him. Hearing the faint words to push on she made that choice. She was going to; she needed to. “I’m coming Vain” her voice rang out as she took off down the hall following the carpet her pace not a mere walk but not a run. She felt as if she as the hall was never ending, the words no longer echoed she nearly lost hope. “They’re here they all have to be here.” She muttered to herself looking for a room, for a door. She wanted to hit herself for holding back as if she was back home, she didn’t need to here and yet she was accustom to which lead to the figure fading away from her. Her body begged for the touch and she was going to fix the craving if she could. “I’m coming” the words echoed in the empty as she followed the carpet to the end if there was an end to the Darkness. Aez figured she had to reach to the back of the building, the citadel which she had to be nearly now, her eyes fought to see what wasn’t there within the fog light darkness she didn’t even realize she had entered. She pushed forward more as the same words echoed in the back of her mind. ‘I let him go’ she repeated it over and over same with ‘I’m coming my love.’ Aezvyra would stop her hues fixed on nothing the nothing she had come into; she didn’t see anything, she could only smell that vanilla stench that was overbearing still and the soft sounds of a piano music.

Anaya: She looked up, and for the first time she was happy, she was happy with a guest that had come, she felt the sting of her peoples deaths, of the ones that gave her praise had fallen, her idal snatched by the hands of one of such a greedy nature. It was beautiful, truly beautiful the greed the thirst within this male was beautiful. It was something she would handle herself, or well a image of herself he would not get as far as the last chamber. As the male walked into the place like he owned it a massive solid black wall erected its self right infrount of him. Then another behind him, then another on both sides, he was boxed in the darkness fog turned fully solid, no way out at all. A black figure dressed in a purple silk walked out of one of the black walls “seven humans dead, four harmed, to get you to us, to feed your hunger to find us, this drive, this greed to know us, to be here, such a beautiful thing, it brings you to find god” her face was empty as that black shade turned to skin, dark skin that still just drifted as bits of it were nothing but shadow. Massive black wings hung behind it draging along the alabaster stone floor and vanishing into that solid black wall as she was a part of it, everything was a part of her, the one the all Caliga.  “you cut them down, as they meant nothing to you, for what, this” she held up her hand as a idol the exact same as the one he had grabbed to get here formed in her fingers. A small basket ball sized idol of a woman, with black wings and a crown of horns made of black stone that the people themselves had carved. It held a likeness to her as she held it, it was clear as day that she was the being that Idol represented that the god the people prayed to had come to see this male its self insted of useing one of its pawns to do the work instead. “why does this greed drive you, do you still wish to hold us that badly” (Aura is sin active. Your sinful nature is heightened, you want to do sinful things. The closer you get to the being in front of you the stronger this will get. Within 10 feet of the being you will no longer be on your feet and you will be begging for your sin to be given to you. That is how strong it is. You are about 40 to 50 feet away from the being)  as Aez ran into that chamber there was the shape of a being siting there on the throne, a mirror was in her one hand and a metal blade formed in her other as she held it out. “you seek the love you lost, but you did not take our hand when we gave it to you. a gift, for you to simply accept, do you beg for what you had to be back in your life, all you ever wanted can be yours, what you truly lust and long for can be given to you by us” a black empty body and black empty face looked back over at her as its black wings moved behind it ruffled up and down (Aura of sin also active to beings around the being in the throne -both are the same being just metallized into more then one place) she softly let out a breath as without touching it that burned bible on her lap shut and moved to slip down the back of the throne and fade into shadows as if it was never there at all.

Slamming horizontally were two barriers made from darkness to block his path. Was it already time to face one of the Queen’s pawns? He was aware of the trials and tribulations he may have to face to attain this level of understanding. Abruptly, a ghastly figure revealed itself to rant about its fallen disciples. Should Asinuspetasum feel guilty for their inability? He was not given this power. It was earned through righteous conquest. His greed was for the sake of evolution and furthering his knowledge. All he wanted was to sophisticate all members of his species, so they may reach the same heights as many sentients. He gnarled like a hungry beast. To the draconic sprite, this was interpreted as joy and excitement. To the more ignorant, this would be a challenge of power. However, the creature explained. “Master finds your speech to be abhorrently enticing. He believes there is hypocrisy in your words. You judge him for the sins you embody. You yourself are the personification of his actions.” He comprehended his situation and the process he undertook to achieve this. He grunted again, softly. “His name is Asinuspetasum Bordeaux, prestigious Head of the Bordeaux House. He has come to study under you, as opposed to hinder you. He is honored that you personally graced his presence. May he be blessed with your name?” He came prepared to face his sins. That’s what this place was known for. He accepted his greed and grievances, marching towards the figure. As he closed in, his desire to dissect her library and biology slowly emerged from the depths. A light squeak emanates from the tail. The draconic sprite splits his muzzle once more. “Master says he seeks knowledge regarding the power of sin. Who better to learn from than the beacon itself?”

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aez searched for the being which had shown cloaked itself as her lost love; she nearly didn’t realize the throne she had come upon and the figure in it until it spoke. She watched as it moved holding a mirror and then a blade in the other hand. Both objects confused the woman as she studied each of them carefully. She came to a halt in the chamber and finally looked around the best she could before hearing the being. “I do.” She had to admit that she was looking for him now that she needed him now. “I... I” the words stumbled from her painted lips as her took a step back, thinking on the words of the being. Did she truly beg for release for the end of the longing of her past, for her lover? At this point of time she didn’t care, she needed the burning feeling desire to go away so she could think. ‘Yes” the word fell right out of her mouth as if there was no choice in the matter. “What do you want?” she spoke again question the being as she watched the being.

Anaya: She held out the idol to him still. “to understand is to become, become a part of what you seek to gain knowledge on it, to fill your need of greed” she looked at him as he moved slightly closer to her she could feel it within him growing due to her influence. She took a step closer to him as she knew it would spark his need to just take it. The voices that whispered from the walls around them  in both chambers, the one were Caliga truly sat and the place that was boxed off by the black walls, they all talked, voices all talking in unity “take it, take the gift, take what you seek, knowledge, love, greed, lust, take it” her head tilted as she looked at the being before her there in that boxed off black room, silent other then there voices, she ignored the males comment of her judgeing him for his deeds but at the same time he flattered her wanting to know more and be under her wing. Her pride and ego forced her to take the flattery over the insult and she needed to expand her forces her children more then she needed to slay the being down before her. But it all counted on his and the other girls choices, to take the gifts given to them, or turn them down and be seen as unworthy of the grace of sin.

MalusVioloNefas: It was a monstrous perception change, not that a great deal was available to the senses before but the bit of visibility the fog begrudgingly rationed was gone now, they stood in nothing he and she. She once more said*our gift*as she took up and out her hand, the mirror finding its way there again, an impressive use of prestidigitation…then again, the clone had been clever too. He looked to the mirror for another moment to take in its praise, but then he would squint, scrutiny entering his mind. Again it came to him with vanity, and vanity suited him well, it stroked and stoked his pride…but it was not his. *you enjoyed what you saw in it….*she continued his thoughts they were running away with him as she spoke on still he could hear her, faintly his focus on the puzzle in his mind. Before the piano started he had puzzled out a bit of a web, he was still stuck on himself, pride demanded it, his pride drank deep the vanity of the mirror, he did adore it, he did love what he saw within it…but it was vain to get caught up in such things, such shadows, he was proud, his was pride…not vanity. Was this creature testing him? His pride being given a chance to shine forward, his dissection of subtlety...but why? Maybe it was something as simple as taking the mirror. The notes of the piano came forward summoning the bulk of his attention to the forefront once more. *take it back* it commanded Nefas a crashed of voices and emotion, and it came from everywhere, Nefas had heard that though, a thing achieved through a subtle magic, another grand theatric, his mind analyzing every bit of information it could acquire as now it had gone from one method to another, first praise and adoration, then…now this, intimidation. She wanted him to take that mirror. Nefas shook his head, “no” he leaned back and away, even going so far as to avert his head, like a child turning away from brussle sprouts. “ No, we do not like your gifts priest, if you can call them that. You offer us tempt, we give you pride. What you give is a thing of vanity…and yes we are vain…most things are, it’s the nature of a thing, to want adoration, to seek approval from someone…or something…and vanity is a thing in us…close to our heart even” he said with a slight chuckle in his voice. “it’s a nice thing you offer us, a gracious gift, but…not for us.” With that his right arm would raise to allow his grip over the mirror then allowing his hand and arm to weight the vainglorious mirror out of View. “I do not come here for gifts, we come with gifts, we wish nothing, you think someone as proud as me…is going to take a hand out? No, that just won’t we are proud, we accept what we earn, and…take what we want.”

It was only natural for Asinuspetasum to accept such an offer, right? In exchange for wisdom, he is granted the height of his inner self. To his understanding, this is a win-win. Asinuspetasum was a staunch realist when it came to philosophies. Only believing in God because of first-person experience, he is a symbol of what he believes his people should be. Her challenge was accepted swiftly. He embraced her presence, allowing his vices to encompass him briefly. Once he overcame this later in his conquest, he will have reached a new peak in wisdom. Standing only fifty-three inches off of the ground, he used his magnanimous tail to support his body and heighten him to about sixty two inches off of the ground where he could accept the specter’s gift. Still retaining his chaotic good characteristics, he firmly believed it would be rude to deny a gift. Thus, he grasped the idol with every single nimble member connected his hands and reverted to his bipedal gait.

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra look at the two objects over and over, it confused her what each meant nor could they mean. The mirror showed her nothing, there was nothing to it for her for it and her hues landed on the dagger. The whispers of the room called to her to take the ‘gift’ which could be both she was unsure and took a breath. “If it means bringing him back to me” she whispered out pretty much to herself. She reached for the dagger made of metal one similar that she used to own back in the past. “What do you want?” she asked taking steps towards the figure to take the object from her. The closer the woman would come to the figure the strong the urge came. Her fingers had nearly come close enough to the blade to take it as her eyes moved to the mirror as if she still was undecided before her slim fingers nearly curled around the handle of the blade. She wanted the lust that filled her to go away, if this was the way to end the desire for touch, the passion that nearly always happen after battle to leave her she took it. The woman pulled her hand back without the object looked to the being. Aez could not help what was about to happen, her body ached her heart raced as she pushed closer to the figure coming face to face. Her hand lingered above the dagger still before she boldly moved her arms away from the object and leaned forward just so her lips would touch that of the beings, she was going to to deal with this urge one way or another, being the being before her now or the one that seemed to be her past lover.

Anaya: she could not help but feel happy siting there watching it all unfold as the mirror in her hand changed into a snake that grabed at the air right there before him. It bit and spit as it snarled then turned to dust that fell and vanished upon the ground “a good choice to not take gifts you do not earn, pride is fickle that way isan't it.” she turned her eyes to the one seeking lust. “but you, you do not seek pride you seek what you lost, and what we give will not bite back like pride will. It is sweet and lavish what we offer you. To be with him, forever and always, Isis Rain DeLaRose, that is what he told you, forever and always” her words came true. As she ran her fingers along the pummel of the weapon she held. Moving a leg over the other one upon her throne her feet touched the ground softly not making a sound even at her giant stature of seventeen feet tall wings folded to her back out of the way.  “both of you have come here seeking something, come to the home of the Kinn in search of something greater.  But one must give to gain, what do you give and what do you wish to gain.” her empty face looked to them as she studied there acthions. Both of them were a ways from her so she did not seem that tall but at the same time she did not seem small ether. She let her head rest back against the  throne as she looked on and the woman Aez walked up past the weapon and embraced lust fully  her lips crashing into that of her own and kissing her, she took what she was seeking to find. Lust was one thing you had to take to pass a test for, take what you wanted, give into lust give into want to lust for things. Let that sin wash over ones self and just let go and give in. And she did just that she let go of her needs of her humanity of saying no sin is wrong. As soon as her lips met that of Caligas the arms of the being wrapped around her, darkness right form caliga thrusting its self into the girl as she was locked into an embrace unable to be pulled from. It was enough darkness to force the girl to pass out from the sheer amount of exposure . If the girl did fall limp she held her sweetly, tenderly, in a mothers embrace. Placing the blade  in her hands and then her body down onto the floor. The floor under her feet became soft and she started to sink down into it like one would be into a quick sand pit painted black. Words whispered in only her mind, for no one else to hear, the connection with that blade and the blatant connection between her and Caliga being as the conduit of her voice within Aez head “we give you being a part of a family, we give you new life with the one you love, for that is him in that blade truly. Your lust is strong our child, you will do well with it, you are a part of something greater now” the shimmer that was on the blade as before she held it went away, it was an illusion, a twist of the truth, it was him, it was vain in his blade form but he was locked away, rusted shut by his own doing never to leave that scabbard again. But it was him what she wanted.  “for what you seek you give yourself, your whole to be something greater, to be our child to belong to Kinn, you will sink down and change Isis Rain gain strength beyond your dreams. do not fight us, let us come over you, it will not pain you and when you rise back up you will be one of us, the beginning and the end, one of truth and darkness” and within moments Aez had sunk away into the floor leaving only one standing with her in the hall. “and what do you offer” the voices around whispered as she looked to the being there “what do you offer Nefas to the dark one, to us” in the other chamber that one boxed away green had given in rather fast, then again it always did. Greed was one that acted much like lust and gluttony a simple one to force another to give in with, to toss away there fear and there sense to be able to know something did not feel right. The floor there became soft as well and the same thing happened as the idol was taken from her hands “you have given in to seek your knowledge and you shall gain it, you give your being to gain such a blessing, knowledge of every tongue, every being, everything that is us shall be given to you, but to be it, you shall become it, become us, a child within kinn. It will not pain you Asinuspetasum but it will not feel present, you shall become a Sinner, you will change to be one with us, our essence shall flow into you, become you, you to become us, part of the greater whole. ” as he would sink once his mouth reached the floor the darkness of it would sink into him like water into ones lungs as they were drowning and she would vanish away from that spot as the boxed in walls would do the same.

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Anaya: Empty halls and simple blissful silence filled the air around her, the ones from before had been consumed into the floor or soon would be to become the next generation of sinful followers, her children into darkness and into one. One being within that shadow of the floor was causing a mess but he would be dwelt with later for in a place with no time or true existence one moment could be hours and one second could be a year time held no grip here. And he would be stuck in that moment of the floor for as long as she so willed it. She looked out to spot that boy that came in with his blade in hand, wrath in his soul and her newly made sinner on his tail. As they both were in a darkened room, that poor thing saw her Sinner and fled slightly to gain a better footing but now was there, alone, in the darkness just waiting to be eaten up. So close to the rules her Sinner treed, rules that carved themselves into the facets of his mind no matter how little there was of it. He was strong, but unstable she enjoyed his chose his torment his simple way of being, but it would cause a misplace in what she needed to be done. “One is never to lay the first blow to another, but one is able to taunt and draw another into placing the first sinful strike, at that point crush the opponent with no mercy or change it to us and feed the worthy. May Wrath Feed Us ” her words like the sweet song of a bird whispered into the very mind of her Sinner, words to sooth and control him, calm the need the hunger within him. Give him a little of mental thought. “he has prayed for us to touch him, change him and make him your own underling Epilari, your name, Feast, make him as you, turn him to us” she whispered more as she sat on her chair her fingers running down her side to dance over the hard spine of that burned biblical treasure she was growing to enjoy. Picking it up in her clawed fingers she fliped it over to read the simple godful words she knew by heart. Simple pleasures from a time before now made her euphoric and felt pleasure and the feeling of her Sinner made her hungry as well.

MilenkoRisada: The distance closing in eyes blind with a hue deep glowing purple signifying his mindless prowess. Powered by a pure ravenous urge to feast though a small scream praying for its sweet relief resides on the back of his mind for it is the only sound he is able to hear muffled by his primal like urge. Though in his state ignoring it’s horrifying warning continues to close the distance with intent to make sure his meal wont escape his grasp the now a glowing purple hued ooze seemingly his blood begins to spew from the newly formed hole in the middle of his chest but like before moves to cover portions of his body now moving across his right shoulder cascading down his arm encasing his clawed palms this odd spectacle also continues to spread covering up his forearm with a strange purple Bio-organic metal. With a grin clutching his newly armored palm the power of this display causes an eerie teeth shattering screech using his strength to scrape the metal together with seemingly devastating friction. His shoulder perks tensing itself into shape as he begins to slowly pull his arm into position as his palm now pointing upward in a now clawed but clenched state as a small dark color ball forms in his palm. With every second it increases in size with a beach ball sized mass he seems to be giving his suffering a physical embodiment those struck feel the pain caused by his blind need to feed. His suffering will be there suffering for he prefers to make his meal’s suffer as he suffers to be in a vial wait intimate with what he consumes. The ball now a mix hue of black and purple seems to begin to spin compressing itself in forming a large spike now vibrating with an aura of horror and unease its purple color deep menacing now tightly grasped is his protected palms. With the final step achieved with yards of distance between them a moment of silence as the only sound is the hum of the newly made weapon in his palm. A slow gaze descends acknowledging his meal’s will to live but that only makes it taste even now the hunt begins with a brief raise of the elongated spike he takes that of a Greek stance prompting his body into a pristine position that of trained marksmen with a low sigh followed the stream cloud of purple smog cascading as he opened his mouth he launches the spear like object its hum now defining as it inches towards his kills. With a slight elapse of clear mind his creator’s words allows for his inner self finally break threw only for moments though this is only temporary luckily his urge to feast strong but his will still remains’ strong knowing he’s doing wrong the painful realization of how this might anger his creator luckily his unending pride of the hunt prefers his target on somewhat equal footing this spear this mass closing in is not a physical pain it’s a spear of corruption something used to empower what it impales to provide its meal a taste of what it is to be us. To test will to test want to enhance the flavor of victory for if his target wants to live if struck either accept this gift of unbearable pain given to its obvious use for corruption or simply become the next meal.

RavenGeoFell: Raven would not see the creature but more like sense it’s corruption , sense the evil and dark aspects of this creature , While in this room of pure blackness he would raise his katana now seeing the purpleish glow coming off of this now a mere outline of a creature he would ready himself for whatever the being may throw at him . His will to live is stronger than it ever has been before , Not seeing but sensing the damned mass of arua heading toward him, Raven would brace himself for what is coming , Sensing that this energy, This pure mass of damnation could somehow make him able to defeat this creature , He would raise his katana thinking if he can somehow use his blade to absorb this mass it would make him stronger still. Sweating dripping from every pore in his body , his nerves on end yet Raven stood his ground , not backing down from any challenge thrown his way for that has always been his way and in a way his biggest sin , Being prideful , bragging and expecting praise for his deeds both good and evil. Raven’s long crimson hair would get in his eyes yet he would pay it no mind , His only goal is to beat this creature of corruption in front of him to a bloody pulp. Tensing his back and leg muscles to take the impact of the mass he would stand his ground feeling the mass of evil energy hit his katana na dsnap the Nymp Metal blade in half , Feeling the spear as he can know make out what it is , now that it has pierced through his chest, Knocking him off of his feet , He would screm in angony as he feels his body burning , a sweet desirable burning coursing through his veins. A loud screaming can be heard in the room , Or maybe it was he himself screaming out for the power he feels coursing through him , He would welcome such power almost begging for more , yet he wouldn't beg for that is not his way , he would control this power he says to himself or what little bit of himself is left. His once pristine skin now pierced through the center of his chest with this .. This purple hued object , Feeling his blood biling , yet at the same time he would feel his life slipping away only to be breathing once more moments later. His body would arch in the air as he accepts this tremendous power being granted to him. With a raspy throat he would scream over and over again blood pouring from his chest as he absorbs this darkness , this corruption , this evil inside of his body.

Anaya: Forming beside her Sinner from the wall that drifted in the darkness her warming hands go over his dark shoulder. She knew he was unable to control himself very well his hunger was so strong and unchained, he needed to learn to master things but then again he was still young. But he did not break the laws, he walked the line but he did well for what he had, she need not be angered upon him. Upon the floor before him the floor opened slightly a man in chain with unknown name and no voice was risen from the floor. “feed wall he learns our hunger, feed before him to make him wish the same, child of ours you have done well for us, he shall be yours and yours alone, your shade, use your power and make him one of us in the name of the All Mother. ” her wing moved around his back as she stood there towering over them all, the man only inches away (Aura of sin active, your rpc wishes to commit sins, right now seeing that the spear of gluttony pierced you you are in so much pain due to your gut turning it is unbearable you feel the need the extreme drive to eat and to consume.) from his body, her other wing just falling along the side not touching him, not giving him that grace as of yet, but later, they would meet. She walked back behind them all as she over saw there actions, Over saw there comings and goings and she could feel them, feel his pain as she moved to look to the male her voices whispering from the walls “what do you pray for, who do you pray to” the words whispered out as she moved her wings behind her folding them down so they dragged along the ground. “who do you pray to, what do you pray for”

MilenkoRisada: With a deep exhale another large amount glowing purple smog cascades to the solid floor pouring out his esophagus for a throw as charged and delicate as that requires a lot of energy in this case dangerous for he his limit is past to with nothing to feed even a simple throw like that plus the energy given to give it form is too much of a toll his form still barley knowledgeable on its control. His hunger now even to him the pain is becoming sickening. Though still blind with the want to feed another arousing smell of something else….something he could eat to finally feed his gaze jolts from his target to the chained body on the floor without hesitation or shame even though his creator has given him this more than satisfactory gift a true blessing in his eyes. With no care of a mess his claws dig in tearing fleshing almost feeding like starving child. With a few hands full in his stomach his eyes dim and become clear his conscious has come back for then a large could of steam spews threw cuts in his skin his body reforming changing back to normal extremely painful enough to where with every bites the meat muffles his screams in agony but his pure need to eat is to strong. His Jaw piece covered in blood with chunks of shredded carnage dangling of its edges from the result of forcing it threw it. A large belch echo’s threw the black room placing a hand on his knee standing back up feeling revitalized his gaze returns to his previous target and raises a finger “Caliga has blessed you with her gift….you are no longer food but our new brother in Sin”

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Sinn of the Past, Story Line Kinn_p10

MalusVioloNefas: His head picked up as she asked what he offered them. To them he offered nothing. There was only one being he was going to surrender anything to, from there what came of it was out of his hands though and he knew it. the question was how to say it, he would not hold back, or neglect it, his pride demanded otherwise, he would bow his head only to Caliga, once he had been brought into the darkness from there it would fall to his lord to decide such things as submission, though he imagined in some cases he would resist. “What we give we give only to Caliga, from there what is to become of us we leave in its more than capable hands and devices” he took a step forward and gave a bow before then taking a knee. “What we offer are much as one might expect, our pride, our fealty, our soul. These things we offer freely to Caliga”.

Anaya: Black shadows fell before her face as she vanished from that spot reforming right before him, she stood before him fully as he was on his knees as she moved and placed a hand under his chin lifting him from his knee. Her wings up over her head as she would not be smaller then he or equal in any fashion. Her skin dark as night and black hair flowing in her face shadows dropping from it and just fading away into the larger mass. “to us you give your everything, to give is to get, we accept your offer and give you us, within you” her hand moved and in the darkness with no pain connected to it was softly placed at his chest over his heart. The darkness flowed from her up his chest and into his nose as he was to breath. Her darkness filling him and taking what he had, that soul that loyalty his life would be in service to Caliga to the us and to what female form was before him. “within Kinn you shall give yourself to, within us you shall give yourself to, become one with the mass, become our shade and serve as needed. You will change into we, no loner hold flesh or being but change into greater, into us” her words whispered from all around them voices of many all speaking in unity all together woman and men all of different tones all of the ones in the darkness. “we gave you with power, we grace you with ability’s, we grace you with” she moved as her other hand formed that simple, silver mirror and she held it to his chest. With no pain it sunk into the skin and vanished under neath. “you, out child, shall show the others there perfection, there sin upon there faces, you shall do this in our name always. You shall draw them into this place and they will find blissful stillness at our feet, you will work and gain so much” that mirror stayed on his chest, within his skin, a small window into a persons vanity he could use to draw others in, a gift and an ability only he would have.

AllhVajradamDline  own darkness would be shown out of a circular portal, corrupted and surrounded by only black goon and blood that would fall in drops to the ground or to any object that would be the desired choosen place where he would take the first step when outing his own portal. The litlle stone figure that he had adquired days ago by the woman whom refered herself as Mother of Darkness, together with her own words would be the point of making him to go where she would might be. Entering and coming out of his own Dark portal, he would feel no light. No day sunshine feelings, not a face to be seen, not a body to gaze. Only constant and overwhelming darkness. And for that, he did not thought about his decision twice, closing his own portal by a gentle snap of fingers, proceeding toward's the weird vanilla smell that could be strongly scented. He did enjoyed the smell a bit, so he would not had any effect towad's it, rather curious on where was coming such tasty smell. His sensing skill was high, high enough to feel the most litlle thing possible but it would seem by his own calculations that sensing in here would be a grave mistake, thus locking his own senses in a fast movement. His body would take a more flirtious way it seemed, for his tongue would slowly lick his lips and his finger's all moving accordingly to sexual movements. However, beacause he was pridefull, he managed to prevent more to happen for this time now, proceeding to study the world he entered. It seems there would be only one way to walk and that direction would be foward only, seeing that the rest was covered in a massive darkness. His own ring would glow due to the darkness in here. It might been making his own aura corruptive for some reason, as he felt the need to do such. However, beacause of his Dark God mentality, he would welcome the corruption into his own veins, feeding a bit from such aura. Without a word, he would wait to see if he would be greeted. Or if he would had no need to be in here. 

Anaya: Within the darkness formed a woman out of the shadows, black hair covering her upper body as a crown of black horns a top her head. Black wings graced down her back as she stood there her whole body bear of anything but a simple black skirt that ran down to the floor and waved around her feet. There was no breeze here but it all flowed like it was in a soft wind. Her head and black face looked to the male before her as she tilted her head “you are the one we called to, the one we gave a illusion of our figure before, to call you forth to this place.” a smile moved over her face as she stood softly in that spot (aura of sin active, your rpc feels the need to do sinful actions the closer to get to the figure you will feel the need stronger) the smell of vanilla drifted from her body as it was stronger around her, that sickening smell that some enjoyed that simply drifted from her very being.

AllhVajradamDline  would listen to the voice a moment after he had such thoughts. Glaring from left to right, he had calculations going onwards within his own actions from now forward till his exit, if he would want to exit. It would seem that the strong smell of vanilla and the voice, both coming from that simple direction and once centred was making himself to want more, to see more and to even process it for himself. However, the composure would be still intact, as he hid his signs of lust, his pride being stronger, as he questioned within a soft tone of voice. "So the one whom wished for me, the one whom invited me to be in here. Was just an illusion? Disappointing if so. I was getting handy with such pretty face from darkness."

MalusVioloNefas: As the mirror sank into his chest a number of things began to happen, most notable was the deterioration and evaporation of his old body. The entirety of his appearance quickly being consumed in an ash shell, obscuring what he was becoming whilst memorializing what he had been. It took only mere moments before the ash was blown away, revealing the new Shade of Sinn. Still standing thirteen feet he towered over most, his flesh vanta black, playing tricks on the eyes of most. His flesh appearing as little more than a silhouette no matter the angel, this fact robbed him of nearly all perceivable detail. This effect worsened by his adornments. Springing from his brow was a rack of horns, resembling the ones you would expect to see upon the head of a demon, indeed most people would mistake this beast for one. His face was mostly obscured by a broken mask, aside from the fractures and missing left ocular region, the missing fraction revealing naught but the darkness of his flesh, the mask itself seemed to be a black broken scrying mirror. His hair quite long, it was down to his ankles and kept back behind his shoulders, raven black it caught the light quite nicely to the opinion of most. Around his neck fashioned a rather wicked gothic looking choker, seemingly made of leather this too of course was black. His neck was also graced by three Petrian crosses, which both pendant and chain were made of obsidian. His pauldons were styled after raven skulls, completely covering his shoulders, a black mamba snake winding through each of the skulls, these also looked to be obsidian, and masterfully crafted with no detail spared of neglected, immaculate replicas. Manica also coated both of his arms, leaving no perceivable chink or weakness to behold, and the tiny plates lapping over each other in a delicious way that accentuated the arms in such a way as to imply a wicked musculature. Each finger tipped with ludicrously sharp claws. Their entirety immaculately crafted, and pleasing to the eyes of nearly all, seemingly more works of obsidian art then armor. The left arm had been decorated further around the bicep a bit of leather, emblazoned with a silver Petrian cross, and around his wrist a rosary, this too of course Petrian. His chest aside from the hanging pendants of his necklaces was left bare, a taunt of sorts, as if a tip of the hat to the roman gladiators of old, a bold taunt to any foe. His tasset which was tightly bound around his waist was a tattered leather, though seemingly oiled and polished, the upper half in exceptional shape while the tails bore the brunt of the damage and degradation. His legs shielded within what seemed to be the same obsidian material of the rest of his armor, these of course also tightly fitting and generally pleasing to behold, his grieves too fully enclosed offering excellent protection from any angle of attack. He would let out a slow exhale a darkness leaking forth from him with that sigh, as if a frosted breath. “what would you have your servant do?”

Anaya: her black empty face looked to her newly made servant, how beautiful and well crafted he had become, it was so nice to have a shade, the last one being absolved for breaking there laws, this one would be the first shade that was currently in there rankings. “go greet our guest, he was ushered here, by us, see his worth. If so bring him to us” she moved her one hand to run her finger tips along the side of his blackened face, softly touching along him even if the darkness of her hands just faded away as she so touched his figure. Her hand moved to run down his exposed chest her claw just running along the ripples in his form. She enjoyed her children and how they looked as any mother should, but with sin within her every being she well enjoyed them more then one normally would. In the main hall the image of her being stood there and watched him, his puzzled question was expected, she had given him a illusion of herself only due to her being here and not there. “we are unable to leave this place fully, our image spreads out to reach the masses as need be, but what you saw was simply a image and not the true figure of Caliga, you have come to the place of the birth of darkness, your true home as you are our child Allh Vajradam Dline. But you have lived wrong our child, lost with false preachings and a false understanding of your true potential. You will be greeted to see your worth, do not worry my child, simply rest and let it all seep in” she took a step closer to him (aura of sin still active and geting stronger)

AllhVajradamDline within a arched brow, his face would not change expression, but rather feel a dry answer from the one whom refer's herself as his own mother. He would he close his eyes and fold his arms in the process. The heavyness of weight in his gauntlents would provide a heavy sound that would echoe throu out Caliga's world, for his full set of armor was heavier than a country combined weighted. This was beacause of his own private trainings, of his own craftship and interest in materials. With such said, his darkness would rise a bit more, creating simbol's across his own stance, surrounding his figure in such. Opening his left eye, there would be only one colour coming from his position and it would be enough to be seen. Dark purplish ocular coloured member it was. His cape, long enough to cover his own tallness, would float over his knee's behind his tall leg's due to the intensity of his own darkness, and after such, would reply once more. "Gekisen..Ex." small word's but a big reaction from his darkness aura as it prided itself with a lustfull aura coming out, englobing his own skin with dark materia, provided from the true core of darkness where he was born within and manipulated it. "False preachings you say. I only make what should be done all along. That any other element should fall toward's Darkness, whom must reign supreme in every single way. There is nothing where darkness cant reach. Heart's. The sun. Space. Even dreams. Your image might spread, woman. But my own darkness globes the cosmos itself. But as i had said. I am curious about this such...true potential you refer. What more can i achieve that i do not had claimed already? What more can i train to become more powerfull and supreme than i already am? Indeed..i got curious. That, is the only reason where i stand here for now. So..give me more to believe in your words..rather than see them as paper."

MalusVioloNefas: “dae tu votom” Nefas replied as he raised his right fist over his heart giving the Dark One a very old style salute as he bowed his head before taking three steps back before turning to advance to the main doors of the Citadel. *see his worth* he pondered on his relatively short trip to the door just what was the method of measure he wondered, his pride being what it was…it would not be a thing easy to accomplish. Nefas did not hold many as possessing much in the way of worth, and he though perhaps his standards may have been a bit to high, and as such decided he would be kind and lenient in such things. He reached out for the left side of the double doors with his right hand tugging them open with a mighty pull as the man finished his speaking. Before Nefas stood a rather tall and imposing figure, clad in what seemed to him as regal or royal garb. *a lord of some sort perhaps* he thought as he looked the being over stepping out of the Citadel.  He closed the door behind him without taking his eyes from this new individual, his mind still wondering just how he would gauge the worthiness of such a person.  He was large and imposing..he was even emanating power, and seemed to have some umbra as well, or at least something similar to it, that caught Nefas’s attention quickly, maybe this was another of the Kinn, he had not seen any aside from the one yesterday, and that one was not so imposing as this man. Nefas’s pride though would not allow a single show of cowardice or hesitation, he simply gave the being a brief nod, before looking over to the mimic of the Visser and again his mind wondered *does this man know this thing is an illusion, a faint echo?*  Being completely ignorant of what the man had just said Nefas inquired on his own “for what reason have you come to this place, these sacred grounds of kinn. What makes one worthy to approach the Citadel of Sinn?

AllhVajradamDline  would gaze the male in front of him. Indeed, he was fascinated with such creature, such outfit and such traits. The long hair. How marvellous it was. Immediately he thought of him as a champion of darkness, one that would give himself much pleasure to fight against. Thou he also noticed that the male did not took off any aura from him. For two reasons maybe. Or he was holding it back, or he was just there to test his own behaviour. As such, he would speak to the male in his own soft tone, still deeply voiced, as his own darkness figured itself as several small hand's, rubbing his own armor and hidden face, poking his horns and screaming in agony, wanting to be out of his own master. Indeed, thoose painfull sounds would echoe and even trespass the past voices within the foward one's, as the man simple responded to the question of such mighty creature. "You sound and look like one of this..Kinn's i have met. Your mother, correct me if mistook, has interested fairly and much in my own being and for that, had invited me to the come of her world to seek for her for an advanced conversation. Worthy belongs to no one. The only thing to become worthy is when someone fall's and you, are the one standing knowing that the world is saved from the shame that Light and every other element is. Worthy, is when the darkness conquer's a heart. I do not know, nor i want to be worthy to approach this citadel. But.." would his eyes be closed, only an eye on his forehead would glow intensily. "I will see it. If it is worthy of my attention."

MalusVioloNefas:The head of Nefas would tilt to the left and back as a bit of the man’s darkness reached out caressing himself, Nefas even let out a small stifled chuckle as he folded his arms over his chest as he began to speak, his words even to Nefas held a modicum of truth, things that could not be denied. *so close, and yet…so far* he thought. Nefas did nod though he agreed with the beginnings, and in fact nearly all of what the man said, it was just that last bit not wanting to be worthy…did that mean he did not want to fight for it…or that he did not want to know the glory within?  In the end though it would matter little, he mused a moment over something he recalled the more crude men saying in the taverns about opinions (opinions are like assholes everyone’s got one) from when he was still mortal, still but a man, now though he was more. But the man’s claims said what needed to be said, he had been invited here by his mother, or so he said, and for now that would do. He gave the man a half bow and introduced himself. “they call me Nefas, I’m one of the new children here, but in time I intend to rise…if I have my way I will lord over the place, but…pride….it has to be something earned to have value, I will dominate, not be given…things which are given have little…or no value” he said stepping to the side as he pressed hard on the left of the double doors, taking a bit of a bow as he swept his left arm inward and close to his body, as if to usher the man into the Citadel.

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Sinn of the Past, Story Line Kinn_p10

AllhVajradamDline  still in that realm it had felt like hours after he had walked into the building, that being from before vanishing away and he left standing in a dark empty hall, it was as if nothing was there, his third eye on his forehead would move quickly left and right, catching every dark particle that surrounded his standing. By such, it would glow a bit more than usual, thou not glowing the darkness, but absorbing from it to sustain the eye slowly in its vision. Holding the statue that Caliga had given to him before, he would slowly bend over down and place it onto the floor a bit ahead of him. After such movement, he would clap both of his hand's once, with all his eyes closed, releasing his own darkness towards the statue, in order to temper Caliga's own darkness, as if a calling was in motion. For surely, briefly she would show up once more. After all..they were interested in one each other.  

Anaya: Within the darkness the statue started to rise up and be held in her hands as she formed form the floor "you don’t treasure it like you sould, this is not pleasing to us, why taint our darkness by puting your own within it" she did not sound angered, tempered, or anything she sounded calm and hollow like normal. and as normal her voice was that of many like a small song sung with every letter of every note. she let out the sound of a breath even if no air passed her lips. "you called us here, what is it you seek?" she tilted her head as her large black wings folded to her back, she was taller then him but she wished not to over do it as she did not see him as a threat so her wings were not held high but folded neetly behind her there tips draging on the floor as her feet waved over the floor not making a sound.

AllhVajradamDline  "I see you had answered my call. Do know and feel flattered, Caliga. I do not call for anyone. So my interest in you has peaked. Do not by such matter, ask me those type of questions. Be glad, and flattered i had called you." within his folded arms within that whole darkness, his power was growing even more slowly. He knew that this was what she had meant for more potential. By being with darkness itself, his true power deep inside would awake slowly minute by minute. He waited for her to come closer to him as he kept his eyes closed and a calm composure. 

Anaya: she did not move, she stood there with that statue in her arms, she looked at him as her head tilted the other way. "our darkness flows into you, you alow it to without being tested to be worthy of it, you place our Idol on the ground you do not plant it ot treasure it. everything here is of us. what if given can be taken away if not treated well" her darkness stoped flowing into him, it haulted feeding his own, it would only start if he was to be one of them, truly one of the us. walking in a small ring she moved her feet drifting along the ground as she looked around to a balck empty room. was there things in it? was it truly empty? one never knew here, everything was a presepthion of what Caliga wanted the viewer to see, seeing all fasets at all times. "do you want to be us? do you pray to be us, give your life, your very soul to be us? or do you simply wish to be yourself in our presence. witch be it pleaseing is not what we seek of you"

AllhVajradamDline  "Your words almost match my own in sharp blades, Caliga. For one whom cannot show herself. Is that how a mother behaves? At least this father.." would he fold his arms slowly, locking every bit of aura core's he had within him, a little folding smile developing on his lips as he finished his reply. "Appears on your own stance. My life was lost many eons ago. I do not have one. My soul, vanished by my own hand. To pray.. i do not. So that leave us with a simple question. To be with you, the us.. there is only one person i seek in that us."  

Anaya: his words bordered insulting to being respectful, if he made things insulting she would remove him or worse, but if he kept it on the border line or made his words more respectful he would not be seen as a target. her wings ruffled slightly as she stood there looking at him, her black blindfold shimmering by her purple radiance. "A Mother looks after her children, you are not a child of mine fully, you are simply a child lost in his own pride and ways, i have informed you of sutch, you will not be able to be with us if you are unable to leave what you have behind you. your godhood, your ideals, your very body, to become something greater one must adapt to change its self. but that is only if you aseptic it, becoming part of us, all of us, as there is no singularity within the Kinn, we are one working as a unit to gain a greater dome over the world around us." "there is no singular being in the us, in this one, if you seek only Caliga you may have that, you simple need to let go, and give up to what we are. if not you are simply yourself without what you seek and what you seek is fleeting and will fade away"

AllhVajradamDline  would he listen. His pride once again striking himself, but also his lust calling. "Grant me a desire right now. And i shall see it as a first step coward’s this new.. evolution." would he wait for her answer, simply calm and not frustrated with her own words. He understood what she was meaning, as he had the same deal to all whom searched for him and for his mentorship and leadership. So he had really some ties with this being, thou he did not knew yet what would them be. Alas, he would crack his neck slowly left to right and repeat himself. "I must say. You trivialize me. In many things. I do take back what i said about you being the mother. My apologies. I was harsh on my words. I have never met such a sensual and beautiful...yet knowledgeable and interesting mother as yourself." 

Anaya: she moved over the floor as she walked right up to him (aura of sin active as always, you are affected and want to partake in sin) her soft hand moved to his cheek as she caressed his face and looked at him, she was all sin wraped together in a dark package all made to do everything that was needed, she held no feelings, could not love, could not care, she could only do, do and work in a existence without the limitations of haveing a heart. softly her wing moved around them both as she took his face in her hands and pulled him right to her being, his cheek resting in her bosom, it was warm, oddly warm, and oddly welcoming and tender feeling like she loved, like there was care behind that black shell. and that smell of vanilla as always drifted strong from her. "simply let go and give in, if you wish sin take it, be my child and take from me into you. allow me to live within you, to change you, to become a kinn to become a part of the us and to be our personal Tera (unless you want to be a sinner, so combat that is up to you) be at our flank, our side, and feed from us, your sin, whenever you are hungery eat from our breast, fill your cup from our sweet pool, allow us to sustain you in every way you need to be filled, no god can do what we can do, the empty void within you can be filled. you can gain back your souls but not only that but that of many" her arms warped around his body holding him right to her. right into her lustful large bosom

AllhVajradamDline  having his face against her own large bosom, he would blink slowly. Taking his head then out of her breasts, he would lean his large hand's against each of her breasts, feeling them slowly. They were firm. Soft at the same time. And that smell of vanilla only helped to the situation, making him to squeeze them slowly. It was due to the lust being more active this time than his pride, as she had him at her own body against, having her arms around his own waist, covered by the darkness and his large coat. After feeling them, he would place his left hand against her side, leaving it there and the other trialling down her own top, towards her waist as he replies towards her. "Every word you say, make me to be more delighted than before. Is it your own eyes, whom i cannot see but want to? Is it your large bosom, whom i enjoy such touch? Or maybe, the way you hold yourself against me, not in a flirting way, but more of a enjoyable caring way. So many questions indeed. Is your own existence lusting mine? Is your pride telling you no, despite wanting to feel me? Like you.. i have no feelings. We both are lost within the emotions mankind had labelled unfortunately. Maybe you are right.. maybe i have been making my own darkness the wrong way."

Anaya: she moved her hand to run her fingers in his hair, darkness made into a semi solid running softly and tenderly into his hair, her wings warping around them both as she held him to her still. he did not pull away but enjoyed her body with his hands she allowed to roam as much as they wanted to. "you have been lost in a shrouded unable to find your way for so long, unable to find your mothers grace to set you free and upon the right path were you are able to be yourself and not hide behind faulse icons and images, not take over the light by bathing in it and hideing what you truly are. you are a kinn within you, you were made for it. when we first laied eyes upon you saw you looked like us. touched your face, were told your words, watched you act in sutch a way it pained us, pained us to see sutch beauty fallen into sutch a state it needed to be saved. we saved you, and give you all you wish for, to be who you werre made to be to be a Kinn." her fingers on her free hand traced down his body as she moved and with a simple mothion his belt unclicked and hung there opened. "give us what you have, here and now, give your very being to us, empty yourself within the darkness and feed us your sin, take us within you and become us, become our child within darkness, give yourself your everything to gain so much more."

AllhVajradamDline  would he had felt his own belt unclicked by her doing. She could tell a swell under his pant's that would make the belt to move forward more, as the large swell was taking over his under body. He thou maintained his own calm as he always had, listening to her words and replying softly. "So.. it is like my tittle would be "The Lost Kinn." perhaps.. is it not?" would he ask after. His own free hand would find the mid segment of her  gown, By such, he traced his claw on her belly first, then sliced her her dress in half slowly, letting it loose, and letting it fade to shadow but not gazing her down there, watching only her blindfold. He wanted to see how her eyes were as. Having noticed she allowed herself to be touched as much as he wanted to, he would allow her to touch him as much as she wanted to as well. "It seems i may be indeed one of you. As many of what you said right there.. i can connect with. None of my clan can connect to me with such as you can. It was like love at first sight.. if such thing exists." would he smirk to his own words, laughing inside at himself. 

Anaya: as her dress tumbled to the floor she stood there under the dress her nude body was clad in simple silver chains, small and decrotive. Her black blindfold staying in place as she looked at him from behind it, she could see in the darkness as if she did not have that blindfold on at all, her darkness was her eyes she saw everything in the space time without the ever need to remove that black blind. "you wonder about our eyes" she said softly as she ran her wings along his back her wings doing the word of hands to remove that coat and force it to fall to the floor. "you were lost but now you are found, once blind, not now you can see, once starving but now you may eat at a table fit for a king. anything you wish to be upon that table you may have, food, drink, woman, gold, we shall give it all and more to you. you may make yourself drunk off my soul my spiret, my essence, drink into me till you are unable to take another drop." as he talked about love she avoided that, she felt no love and did not understand it, she held no heart witch from her understandings and watching was a key in feeling and loveing, he talked more about it then she ever would as he felt it, she could feel from him no matter what his lips deemed about not feeling he did.

AllhVajradamDline  removed from his coat, his wings would spread out of his back at the gaze of her nude body. His own eight wings would cover them both, including her own wings as he pulled her more against himself. Smelling slowly her own neck, he would have his own horn to touch on her's, as a dark method to know more about that body. The feather's on his wing's would match and hold her own feather's, apart from two wing's, whom would wrap around her legs tightly, but not in a shackling way. His eyes glowed a bit more. Within his right hand, he would touch her blind fold, removing it from her own eyes slowly. He would also remove his top under coat, having his chest nude for her to see. The traits of uncountable war's would be seen as scar's on his own skin, thou all dark, they would each glow time after time slowly, resembling his conquests. His hand then would go towards the other half behind her back, removing it slowly from her waist, letting it fall after towards the ground behind her own feet as he replied to her. "Fit for a king you say.. how about.. for a God? And you are saying woman.. what if if you are the only woman i want to feed from?" 

Anaya: As he touched her blind fold she vanished, it was one thing no one could touch ever to see what was behind it that was something she would give, not something she would alow taken. reforming behind him her hands moved around his chest as his wings seemed to grab and flow right on through her not being able to grab at anything. " here gods are feeble beings that think they rule things when they dont, but you are a god now, but you upon havieng us, will become something better, stronger, a Kinn" she turned him back around to face her his wings running right into her and out the other side as she was nothing but smoke at her own will. her hand traced along his chest "to only wish to feed on your god, that is offer we can accept, feed from us upon your table and wet your lips in us, and we shall give you everything, and one day, you shall see what lays behind this blindfold. but that day is not today" she garbed a hold of his waist line and pulled him right into her, there hips right together as her wings warped around him quickly to hold him. that warm feeling of safety coming over him as he was held, that sweet smell and simple feeling of i belong here, warm, tenderness, acceptance, understanding, all the feelings drifted around him and her as they stood in each others embrace and waited for him to take charge and give into his sinful wanting. "feed, take what you want"

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Sinn of the Past, Story Line Caliga10
A New Child Is Born, and A New Prime Walks Amung The Gods

RavenSyntix: Raven had been traveling he was outcasted and unwanted now; wasn’t hungry as he could hunt but he was not wanted any longer his purpose among everyone gone shunned, and killed over and over. Being of the phoenix blood is a real pain in his ass but it does help being killed but coming back. He looked around as he stopped for a quick breath the breeze howling through the forest it was dark; darker than any forest he has ever travelled he doesn’t know why he came this way but a instinct told him he must something like tugging him without stopping. He had was 6'7 and weighed about 200 but yet he was lean and well fit….his black raven hair was short but was shaved on his right side giving off a seal like pentagram look in graved in his head as it was a seal to hold back his darkness he held deep inside….. He was worn down from all the fighting bloodied and broken… he chuckled as he looked down at himself before he kept walking too god knows where he was being led to…. It was a first one how he felt broken never in his life was he to be he never allowed himself to show being broken his pride couldn’t. He was of his mother and fathers blood… born half black phoenix that evil side of him but with his mothers gentle heart… and his fathers elemental side within him that got him craving fights wanting to better himself but his mothers gentle heart always got in the way of improving himself. Sighing he made camp in a hollow tree that was big enough to hold two people he gathered a couple rocks and twigs as he set them up in a teepee style he set it aflame watching the fire blaze he suddenly began too drift off… guessing from all that had to happen in his life so far him running from bounties and empires after him it drained him. He woke up but it wasn’t where he was drifted off at the place he awoken too was the void he was born in he stood up and looked about knowing the void had nothing too offer him until he saw something just a ways off it was like floating in place and all the times he was in the void not once was such a thing within his place…. He walked towards it and tilted his head his instincts told him too touch it but something else told him not too. The Idol had the look of a black winged Female as he looked closer it drew him he was drawn to the beauty of it before he knew it he was back at his camp…. He was confused at what he saw almost felt real but he didn’t know what to make of the idol nor what to do from seeing such….

Anaya: Empty silence, the stillness were no animal made a peep and you could hear a stone drop to the ground miles in the distance, dare something break the stillness it would almost be so unearthing it could be seen as a crime. Stillness was beauty, a beautiful blackness that made the world stop in its tracks and the trees hold a unsettling feeling that just made you want to reach out and grab something just to see if it was real. The camp held this feeling this empty breath that the world held. Then a flutter that cracked the silence, broken with the chirps of a animal in distress. The Idol vanished, but was it really gone, a bird cage black metal bars trapping a small black raven inside, with a shimmer to its face, the bird flapped and struggled as its head thrashed on the bars and it let out screams for one to help it free, but the cage held no door, no lock, no base to list the bars free from, one solid metal frame that caged such a lovely Innocent beast. Upon the metal lower segment was a sign, the sign was words in anthers tongue a lounge that seemed broken some letters faded off and others were not even letters in any human dialect but more sticks and runes, it was unreadable but one could look anyway and something was clearly there once upon a time. The air seemed so still, no wind, no rushing of grass or far distant foot steps, just this feeling as if being watched, judged, and looked at in this dark tree line were one no longer could see past the first row of trees and what looked to be a fog rolled in but did not break the clearing. The bird let out another chirp as it stopped fighting, it just sat there on a black stick that formed in the center of the age out of thin air, it looked at the man, a shimmer in its face, it had no beak, from a distance it still looked like a bird, it was about 15 feet away, one would have to get closer to look. It sat there, feathers ruffled, watching, a gaze that looked in one side and out the other of a person, a bird, nothing more, a bird and darkness in the woods.

RavenSyntix: Raven's ears perked up he had lost his elven ears as the tips were cut off too humiliate him but he still had a keen sense of hearing and smell that was 5x heighten than a dog. He turned his head and not far off where he was camped at was a Raven bird no beak he got closer and tilted his head to it seeing no door nor lock nor bottom it was such a weird cage crafted in such a way too lock this poor bird up within it of no way out as he could see there was none. Raven always did love being challenge and then a thought crossed his head maybe just maybe this was a test from that idol he doesn’t know it yet but he always did trust his instincts and something told him it was…. He shrugged it off not caring as he had little love for such artifacts he only cared for himself…. Seeing that’s where things are to be. Raven was going to get the bird free if he failed in letting it go he should fail he had no home he had no place too call his so what makes any god wanting him at there side…. Pfft pitiful he thought… He grabbed the bars as he began too heat his body temp up to 1,000 degrees focusing on over heating his nerve system and heating his blood up too add to it as he wanted to try and melt the bar's he was angry at everything and everyone he knew he wanted a fresh start wanted a new life and wanted a way tp pay back those who wronged him he wanted blood. The more he wanted the more his anger became more the more the bars started to melt. Lava-like droplets hitting the ground becoming flames underneath him. He grinned as he allowed his darker side of him to be set free his skin licking and tasting the air about him.He began too rip at the bar's trying to set the bird free but his anger becoming more fueled and the cage heating does to his body from black too now a bright glowing orangish-red. He roared as he soon ripped the cage apart setting the bird free. He stood holding the cage in either hand smirking as he looked up towards the darkness of the sky… " If this is your test fine I did it if I failed then strike me down if I pass then let me be I don’t know what gave you right to test me who wants a failure as me at there side all I do is create trouble."

Anaya: The darkness stayed, the landscape stayed the same, the silence was the same, the bird within the cage did not move, it sat there and looked at him, as he got closer to the cage something about the bird was different, closer and closer he walked, a ravens face it did not have, a humans face it did, a mans face, black raven hair, long on one side, shaved the other, a mark on the side of the shaved head, a pentagram, the same eyes, the same lips the same everything, ears hung tops clipped off and the stumped bleeding down the sides of the Ravens face. The bird let out a scream in pain but was not in harms way, it did not bend it did not break nothing changed. As the mans hands reached to grab the bars his fingers flowed into the bars and then back out to grab at nothing, but the bird still sat there, the bird still accepted its fate within the bars that caged it. Fire was given to the bars, nothing happened but he saw them melting, he smelled melting, something smelled off, to look down at his hands his hands were melting, drops of skin and flesh dripped from his fingers into globs onto the ground were it sizzled and moved as if it had a mind of its own, the globed burned skin made the air smell of rotten flesh and sulfur. But there was something else a odd hint of vanilla and chive, an earthy tinge to the air as the air its self moved and swayed as if it was heat over a sidewalk on a warm summers day. The bird watched him with the same eyes that watched it, the same face the same gaze, it was his own face onto the bird, and its eyes gazed to his hands. A voice whispered “accipiens se non potest facere unum in ira facti pura, inveniet Tenebrae Responsories” words far from english as it creeped into ones mind and into ones soul but words in beauty and soft nature, a motherly voice still holding a off setting sway. But then, upon the sizzleing ground, lay the skin, burned from his arms as it glimmered, two ears, not in full but only in part, ear tips of elven nature, bleeding and burning.

Anaya: The darkness stayed, the landscape stayed the same, the silence was the same, the bird within the cage did not move, it sat there and looked at him, as he got closer to the cage something about the bird was different, closer and closer he walked, a ravens face it did not have, a humans face it did, a mans face, black raven hair, long on one side, shaved the other, a mark on the side of the shaved head, a pentagram, the same eyes, the same lips the same everything, ears hung tops clipped off and the stumped bleeding down the sides of the Ravens face. The bird let out a scream in pain but was not in harms way, it did not bend it did not break nothing changed. As the mans hands reached to grab the bars his fingers flowed into the bars and then back out to grab at nothing, but the bird still sat there, the bird still accepted its fate within the bars that caged it. Fire was given to the bars, nothing happened but he saw them melting, he smelled melting, something smelled off, to look down at his hands his hands were melting, drops of skin and flesh dripped from his fingers into globs onto the ground were it sizzled and moved as if it had a mind of its own, the globed burned skin made the air smell of rotten flesh and sulfur. But there was something else a odd hint of vanilla and chive, an earthy tinge to the air as the air its self moved and swayed as if it was heat over a sidewalk on a warm summers day. The bird watched him with the same eyes that watched it, the same face the same gaze, it was his own face onto the bird, and its eyes gazed to his hands. A voice whispered “accipiens se non potest facere unum in ira facti pura, inveniet Tenebrae Responsories” words far from english as it creeped into ones mind and into ones soul but words in beauty and soft nature, a motherly voice still holding a off setting sway. But then, upon the sizzleing ground, lay the skin, burned from his arms as it glimmered, two ears, not in full but only in part, ear tips of elven nature, bleeding and burning.

RavenSyntix: Raven looked down his hands were melting but to him…. He felt nothing from it as if there was no pain… he looked up and saw the bird or what ever it was it had his face and looks everything about him was mirrored onto the bird he tilted his head… though he smelled his skin burning off but there was no pain. He could n’t figure out if that idol was a message than what is the test…Soon after he felt as if someone spoke in his head latin but could n’t understand any of it other than Darkness from one word but that was all…. Ravens darker side came out more in response too what was happening… before he knew he woke up sweating and breathing heavy he looked down a this hands seeing nothing was burning off he slashed his arm making sure he felt pain and sure enough he felt it…. He got up and looked around making sure what he saw was a illusion but was it.. Tilting his head he scratched it still not sure what to make of the message of it he now knew it was a test but couldn’t really know what… he knew his darker half was part of it from what he saw…. Was that it he thought his murderous side was the key. Sighing he sat down Indian style hearing the wind was gone and it was silence nothing had stirred about while he slept. He gazed back in the fire too make sense of what he must do too allow his Darkness too respond…. And know what he is too do.

Anaya: there was a ripple in the air, in the distance one could hear foot prints and a womans voice “it is alright Annie, i love you no matter who you are, why wont you come home” a woman yelled out as she wondered into the clearing looking as if she did not see the man there at all, he was invisable to her, she was so distant in her mind she was broken she fell to her knees hands upon her face tears fell down in her hands as she cryed for the loss of her child “i am sorry Annie, i am so sorry i left you here in the wqoods, i am so sorry your father bear you and i did not stand up to help you, i am so sorry all was lost and you turned from me, i sould have done more for you I SHOULD HAVE DONE MORE FOR YOU!” she screamed out as she cryed there in the dirt, sticks and mud clung to her fingers as she smashed that mud into her face griping onto whatever she thought her daughters treasured feet had touched. Before her a idol, the same as the one he had found before molded out of that very dirt before her, her eyes lifted up to the idol its black wings slick as if wet. “what is this” she said softly as her hand reached out to hold the item in her hands “Caliga...” her voice whispered under her breath as she took the idol to her chest to hold it “i know i did wrong, i know i let her go, i know you will shade me and bring me peace, what am i to do to get her back, what am i to do...........” that voice whispered back, some of the words the same but more words added into the limrick “accipiendo ipsum factus testabitur ira potest facere intellectum apprehendit vitæ fractum toto tenebras” then the simple drawn out words “A..c..c..s..e..p..t...a..n..c..e, W...i..l..l, F..r...e..e Y..o..u” the woman clung to the idol as her body started to fade “alright...” was all the woman whispered as black wings came from her back and her whole body fell to what looked like black glass upon the ground. “Annie, i Will Heal, You” words whispered in the darkness as were the woman stood that bird cage reappered, the bird still there, the bird that was him, the bird that looked at him, judged, cawed its judgments, waited for him to hold it in his hands, waited for him to figure it out, waited for what felt like a forever, for him to learn, what he needed to learn to become something so much greater then the dirt he now was molded in his torment into something beautiful.

RavenSyntix: Watching the whole thing as if it was something telling him what he must do to get it through his head… almost saying your too stubborn too understand and I have to show you; causing him too smirk but he understand or so he thought…. Raven's skin began too burst forth his skin was his darkness the skin turned a shadow color but almost like you could see through it giving off tendrils of flames as if they were tentacles licking along the air tasting it his eyes grew blackness but with a red glow in the very center and his fangs extended outwards placing over his lower lip. He has always accepted his power but could never allow it too be set free but something in him wanted it out and he just let go as he knew it was best he just let go of his power let it free accept his true self and not the lie he has been his whole life….let go of the kind-hearted fool he has been and let that fighting bloodlust free…. He looked down standing there as ht e flames swayed and lashed across the air as the air itself grew heavy as if the air was being taken and fueled in to him…. He looked at the bird grabbing it by the neck he tilted his head and saw that it was himself and knew his life was over and it was time too find something new to be…. He softly spoke…. Accept me…make me new… make me something better …. I want to be better

Anaya: the bird let out a caw as it was granted, the mans hands slid right into the bars, as it was free for him to take at anytime, but the bird did not struggle, it just looked at him his own face looking at himself. From behind the cage a woman apered, a woman dressed in only black, a black mask upon her face and black winggs folded to her back out of the way, she just appered there looking at him, a empty face skin as black as night andf not a light within her being. “we are not in need to acsept you, our child you already are, black as the day of dawns and needing a reson to press forth” she held out her hand as the bird flaped and then moved to sit upon the top of his hand, looking at him, confortable “one must acsept themself to alow them to change, do you acsept yourself, the face that looks back at you, will you hold it upon loveing embrace and be tender to it, treasure ones self of being in there hands to alow Caliga to shape it, Acsept ones self and Acsept the All Mother into ones heart, do you, Raven, do sutch a thing” her voice was not a singular him or chime it was not one person speaking but it made sound like it was all around him, like many voices made up the one, like all talked in unison together as one, woman and men all together souls apart of one whole. “What is your choice Raven, Tell us what you make the Choice to do” there was no feeling upon her face as she spoke, no emotion no way to read her thoughts, face or body language she just stood there, still, as if dead and made of stone, even her wings did not move, not moved by the wind that seemed to sit so still, the only thing that made her known other then seeing her, was that sickeningly strong smell, of Vanilla and chive

RavenSyntix: Raven was looking over the women who had appeared before him knew he had been watched the whole time as all this was for him to accept….He didn't think on those words as it would mean if he thought on them it would mean he wasn’t speaking true… So he spoke and in a clear rough tone but in a way gave off a softness to them…. " I do accept myself and the darkness I have lurking within me…. I accept any change you must do upon me I am yours do and change…. I speak this cause I'm want to be something else and I held back who I was, nothing will stop me from being caring but at the same time it wont stop me from being my true self now….. I wish too be part of the All-Mother…" He spoke those not knowing it would be the right way of saying but it was all he could feel he wanted to accept himself and be more as he did so. He did notice she hadn't moved once his eyes glancing her over studying her as he noticed almost like a living statue… He didn’t let it bother him he was more focused on what he gave his answer to and what would happen then all he could do was wait for a reply.

Anaya: She moved, but it was not like her legs moved like a normal being but she drifted over the ground as she walked right in front of him, the bird cage vanished away as she walked right through it, and in all reality it was never there at all, an illusion was all it ever was, all that was real was the bird, siting in space held by a cage that was invisible. Her hand silken and oddly smooth moved up and touches his face, sliding along his cheek she was warm and tender to be around, she gave off this i love you feeling to her be all she was was darkness embodied to a semi-solid shape. “you are more then you will ever know our child, now, eat the bird” the last words were more stern like a parent would give a teenager, but still she stood there her hand on his face as she looked at him with a empty face and a mask with six bright purple eyes.

RavenSyntix: He felt the feeling of warmth and loving he had never felt and it was the first feeling he has ever experienced the touch was graceful to his body even with his true form out she was not bothered by how he looked she loved him for him and right accepted him a single black tear began too form and then slide down his left cheek….He doesn't know what compelled to do so but he just wrapped his arms around her feeling as if he never be accepted for his true self and accept himself either…. Raven let go feeling it was wrong that he did such a thing and didn’t know what the risks was for it till she spoke in that stern voice; He took the bird by the throat petted his head as if he soothed it before he brought the head to his mouth as he did so… his fangs ripped right into the very neck I nto the birds throat as he then ripped the little guys head clean off without chewing he swallowed the fucker head eyes beak all of it before he began too devour the rest of the bird munching as if he had never eaten before as the last of the bird had been swallowed he burped then pounded his chest making sure it had gone down right he looked at her and gave off this sadistic smirk as he licked the rest of the blood that dripped of his fangs but letting some drip from his lips ….

Anaya: he did as ordered, that was the last and final test she had to give him and now with her seed within his belly the next could take him to start the challenge. She wrapped her wings around him along with her arms “you have succeeded, now you will start the change, my seed now feeds your belly, you hold a part of I within you For I am Caliga and you are now We, one of the whole to become more then all, you shall now take your place and meet your Family” she looked at him her wings warm around him as her hand pressed against his chest and it was like the world around them faded away and that fog that was once blocked by the tree line now took over and over came tree shape and structure. And she stood there for only a moment more, before she fell glass in his arms onto the floor, the smell of vanilla and chive still lingering in the air around them. Within seconds of her being gone shapes of pews and small orbs of dim light shawn on the walls, one could not see more then ten feet before there faces but you could make out the shape of things and in the distance there was this glow...of purple.....that did not smell of chives.

MilenkoRisada: The cold embrace in the backlight a dim expression of a purple glow hums almost vibrating in its ominous hue. The fresh smell the new being before him in his mental state his hunger possessing him the form he fears has been accepted the one he deems All-Mother seemingly reawakened her presence noticed but even so his mind altered due to lack of sustenance needed to keep his humanity all but faded....True gluttony the mass pain the infinite need to feed pushing all notion of sensible conscious for fo that laws blessed by his Kin the decisions lapses. The new fresh lingering smell of a meal only intensifies this need. To Feast, the hunt after so long was all too enticing the idea of finally being able to feed. All this aside the sensation of knowing a new taste brings seemingly brings his motionless body near the back of the room to life the purple glow begins to radiate as the hole in his chest seems to cascade to the floor the room cooling as his awakening makes his presence visible. The intent fuming from his body can't be felt as if the car is cooling as if it's being chilled by the fear of Feasts intention. The glow now heightened reveals the body a giant glowing mass horns outstretched demented with just a glance. With every movement as his body erects letting shrieks of spine cringing clack of bones outstretching his body from being reawoken. The beasts jaw slowly opens revealing a mouth of jagged outlined rows of teeth with a tongue so grotesque black and bumped in reptilian nature gliding threw the jagged rows seemingly tasting the air. The flavor of the new come excites Feast for his eyes finally open revealing a deep haunting glare of emptiness in another shaded hue of purple glaring at the one before him. Feasts Wings outstretch revealing his immense span now locked onto the one before him his legs begin to move slowly closing the distance with every step the chill intensifies. with the final, step his mass overcoming the newcomer with a possessive cowl outstretches his face...A smile? ....something rare though mentally blind the smell he realizes on the newcomer bring some form of consciousness Vanilla and chives....matching the scent of his own flesh a strong presence of vanilla as well...this brings Joy to feast the glow in his eyes dim now a visible pupil black and empty looks down on whats either blessed Kin or a meal sent to Feast from the All-Mother to stop the torment of his hunger.....Feast kneels before the young one with a childlike expression deciding if this will be this creatures new beginning or abrupt end...For whats said next will decide the smallest movement or wrong notion will entice Feast to wither accept whats to be done or violate in the name of his mother there I no god no savior the end will neither be swift or justified. His wings wrapped around them both embracing this creature blankly staring into the newcomer's eyes mouth a gape sliding his tongue across the being's skin...sucking his tongue back in and returns to his blank unquestioned silence.

RavenSyntix: Raven watched as the being came forth… al he could do was stand he felt fear for once in his life at the being before him it was massive and he noticed very hungry he could sense it off the being it gave off that field of energy radiating off him…. He could do nothing but stand there and hold back any type to fight cause he already knew he would be killed and he felt a feeling I the back of his heart saying do n’t just accept…. He didn’t understand all he could do was stand there; he felt the thing's tongue lick across him as if tasting what he would be lunch…. Then he knew another test to him either know if he is to be accepted by this thing or simply be eaten it was his choice…. He without thinking he knelt before the thing he had no words of what he calls it but he knelt as if he was seeing a King out of respect he knew that was needed. He bowed his hand knelt on one knee showing he was no threat and not lunch either but seeing as this thing was watching he could only think of what it would do next on seeing he knelt before it or see if he was offering himself as food or showing sign of respect.

Anaya: From the distance siting in her throne she watched all taking place her body forming this place as her legs melted into the floor and into the world, her black wings held over her head as her silken black fingers moved to remove the mask from her face, the lavender eyes fading out and dulling as her face was shown and the mask dropped on the floor to vanish into the floor to nothing. A black face and hollow eye sockets shimmering in the darkness her voice whispered into the mind of the new one, her seed within him allowing her to speak within him “a child of darkness is Feast before you, we have been in slumber for six months and it must consume everything before it and upon three days time of not consuming a being into its self or to take an offering from us ourselves Feast is more monster then it is man, as one day you shall be our child, as Darkness will take you as well, A Sinners world is made of combat, they are our force that handles outsiders and threats to the Cross. If you kneel and stay that way he will eat you, he cares not about your respectful gesture, tell it your place, tell it you stand, tell it you are KINN, don't roll on your back our child and show your belly the guard dog does not care about your respect, the guard dog only needs to see you are worth telling the monster you are one as well and you are to be Kinn, to be ITS kinn, Its brother, and if you are unable to stand, you will be consumed by what is not darkness and has more teeth then it has brain”

RavenSyntix: Raven watched as the being came forth… al he could do was stand he felt fear for once in his life at the being before him it was massive and he noticed very hungrily he could sense it off the being it gave off that field of energy radiating off him…. But he inhaled slowly as he calmed his heart and buried the fear…He held up his hand his expression became as he once was a serious outlook as he looked at the thing called Feast he stood his ground not letting it see he had no fear of him but was not about to be eaten by him….. " I am chosen to be Kin and I'm not about to let you eat me Feast so hear me and know I am of Kin and will soon be of one as well if you understand those words then stand down and understand I am or about to be kin." He stared Feast down not backing off as he growled out those words not letting him an inch closer as he waited to see cause this was his only chance.

MilenkoRisada: Feasts expression changes....the lost child from before is angered with his wings violently fluttering as whirls of the hued smog are decimated by the sheer force. A loud debauchery of a sound leaves the esophagus of Feast..the echo alone rattles the very air visually distorting it. His muscles tense as large gashes begin to burst releasing an intense gut wrenching amounts of vanilla as the black colored fluid seemingly his lifeblood pour onto the floor. Now enraged and the pain too great that 1% of his conscious fades his the talons located on the tips of his finger extend with a look of aged daggers edges cracked and ragged. Feast reaches grasping onto his cheeks in a fit of confusion tearing the flesh that embraces his jaw apart revealing every inch of his horribly formed jaw leaning forward his mutilated mouth a gape releasing an even louder roar in the face of the newcomer with the glare of pure hate the pupil now fades as the dark-hued purpled engulfs it back as more of the black fluid pour from his tear ducts. With any remorse, he outstretches his arms with open hands grabbing hold of the face of whom stands before him forcing his thumbs into the new comer's mouth ripping his mouth open tearing flesh to share in the mutilation. Leaning over the lesser being now with one hand grasped around the neck holding the little one in place as the mouth of Feast opens wide but a gurgling sound emitted from the mouth as bulbous mass being seen forcing its up up the throat of feast then erupts from the mouth....Birds?....No Ravens covered in a gag-inducing black slime pour into the mouth freshly ripped open mutilated mouth of the lesser being force feeding him the horrid liquid as the Ravens have his face as the screams of pure horror emanate from them as they force their ways into his throat. A Moment of pause the room and all its glowing hues go black...moments pass as Feast is not perched in his previous corner eyes closed back in his peaceful state of rest in a sign of acceptance letting it be known he is now Kin he is reborn...The pain he will soon feel as the Ravens ingest and devour his previous self-becoming him. With a low growl, Feast says only one thing still slightly awake and has regained slight sanity "You..will feed.........Like me you will become....but wrath will consume you...Accept or become the next....meal..." With that being said Feast returns to rest so he's able to contain himself until fed by his All-Mother.

Anaya: Looking down in her hand her book formed in her fingers as she fliped the pages back and forth, sleeping for too long made the book a nice taste of....home, she looked up she could feel his hunger within her and within seconds she was gone from her throne and before him, pressing her silken fingers ageinst Feasts back her darkness for a moment flushed into him, a taste, a tease, a taunt, a toy, no grin came over her black plated lips as she stood, but there was a happyness in the room the darkness seemed lighter. “want it, we slept for so long, left us all alone with the mind and dreams, that hunger, our hunger that fills you. Remember it when its name sliped away when fingers griped flesh, consume it. et ait ad populum, et erit manducare et bibere donec nostrum venter est in fluxus, potest ad aquas amet rubrum nostra vinum et in plateas et repleti fructus et panis, et regibus ejus tractare nos et deos, et, ut nostras gulam confutavit et unus ex illis qui nos nostram coronam erunt ” she looked at him as her head tilted to the side softly black hair falling over her mounds and a warm feeling pressed about her. “ne vis satietatem scindet te cutis minus consumunt atque gulam inanem reddit rationem vivificat ”a clear smile pressed over her face as her hand moved and removed the blindfold that always covered her empty sockets. It was a geasture but would he even be able to tell what it ment. She waited and did not move something was going to happen something he may not expect.

Anaya: Anaya: Looking down in her hand her book formed in her fingers as she flipped the pages back and forth, sleeping for to long made the book a nice taste of....home, she looked up she could feel his hunger within her and within seconds she was gone from her throne and before him, pressing her silken fingers ageinst Feasts back her darkness for a moment flushed into him, a taste, a tease, a taunt, a toy, no grin came over her black plated lips as she stood, but there was a happyness in the room the darkness seemed lighter. “want it, we slept for so long, left us all alone with the mind and dreams, that hunger, our hunger that fills you. Remember it when its name sliped away when fingers griped flesh, consume it. et ait ad populum, et erit manducare et bibere donec nostrum venter est in fluxus, potest ad aquas amet rubrum nostra vinum et in plateas et repleti fructus et panis, et regibus ejus tractare nos et deos, et, ut nostras gulam confutavit et unus ex illis qui nos nostram coronam erunt ” she looked at him as her head tilted to the side softly black hair falling over her mounds and a warm feeling pressed about her. “ne vis satietatem scindet te cutis minus consumunt atque gulam inanem reddit rationem vivificat ”a clear smile pressed over her face as her hand moved and removed the blindfold that always covered her empty sockets. It was a geasture but would he even be able to tell what it ment. She waited and did not move something was going to happen something he may not expect.

MilenkoRisada: Deep slumber begets his previously expressed pain. Only in sleep on that can provide on simplistic peace but only to an extent. His mind altered if with the gain of the newly made brethren has even crossed the idea as a meal if it only meant some fraction of reprieve from this form that his body has undertaken. Six months have passed in his slumber with every moment of every minute of every day the hunger in itself unsatiable unless gifted with the flesh of the All-mother. A familiar smell like before fils the hole which were once nostrils but now caved in mounds of flesh picks up a large wave of Vanilla and chives but this time the scent is beyond. His mind still blinded by his hunger his body reacting unconsciously knowing who draws near. The glow of the hued purple flares signifying him being awakened once more. The potent presence of the one her craves for is more than enough. With a brief pause he feels something caressing his skin...for a moment his eye clear of his blinded hue realizing this presence this touch this feel... With a brief grunt then a loud roar escapes between his rows of jagged teeth like a lost dog his tongue springs forth as his body erects from its slumber...Though once again a pause a sharp pain focused in his torso then it hits him for just that brief moment he forgot the reasons of his slumber. It builds the rush the pain he feels the embodiment of his hunger once again blinds him. His cheek begin to tear his body rejecting its self devolving mutilating his skin and flesh mainly around his face as his cheeks forcefully tear the roar now a horrid scream the sounds of forgotten souls as if the sound of a lost child near death of starvation screaming for relief mixed with the impure anguish of a creature neglected build as his flesh separates around his throat...His body his scream almost as if his body is terrified of its sound reject him...His wings violently spread open readying for an embrace of devouring intent...His salvation the relief has finally come but is it too late? or was this purposely foretold the confusion remind him of what he was the original reason of why he accepted this to be a monster once more rejected by all accepted by one blessed be thy Kin for his hunger has no equal like a hound of omnipotence has no judgment only purpose

Anaya: As his reathion met her she looked at it, no feeling of regret no feeling she did wrong she did not have this emothion she only had what she needed to do the reason she had his acthion that scream riped within her, that sound, the darkness on her body reacted, like it vibrated it riped away form her face as for only a moment a split second there was a massive slathering broken hook toothed jaw under that black nature, under that still outer coating that kept everything in place, there was a monster every kinn knew existed but never saw “ENOUGH!!!” her voice screeched as every intch of Feasts body contracted and clentched cruntching in as if chain was being wraped around its body. Arms clung to its sings wings all folded down force held there to its body, even the moveing purple madness and soul run off along its skin stoped moveing, everything about the best was detained. Caligas hands went to her head as she held her ears and within the holed sockets of its face a purple light flickered. “WHY DO YOU HURT ME SO!!!!” she screeched at the top oc its lungs voices pooling of thosands of diffrent voices all talking at once, all crying and painfully wailing. Her head snaped side to side shakeing as it was like the darkness on her face was pulling off her riping and strringing as it was as if it was screetching from the sound of his screetch and now it was reverbrateing within it like you smashed a bell on her head it all was so loud. She let out a deffaning screetch that sounded like one mixed a banchee and a harpy and made them rip eachother apart, thrashing hook teeth smashed together under the skin that looked as if it feared its own master. Her clawed fingers pulled down her face darkness falling like glass and clinging on the floor, parts of her solidafiying and droping away, her empty glowing eye sockets looked at him. The screetching ended, silance, the silance was deafining “no you eat, but you eat yourself” her face tilted as she watched him her body snaping as her spine broke black bone like jagged edges potruding from her body like she was the broken mess of a splintered black tree. Her legs turned to roots feeding into the ground as she towered over him, her body snaping into brantches as within the center of her core was a orb, a glowing orb hovering there in the hole that was once her chest now a black tree trunk. Under it a image, a copy of her normal self blind fold upon its face stood, takeing the orb in its hands from the core of Caliga, it did not look like it was shaken it did not look like it just did, it looked normal, it was fake “struggle to move, eat your own limbs, eat your eyes from your head and be, consume the liveing and the dead, struggle to fight, rip your fingers from our hands, rip your mind from reality, eat yourself as we do not feed, as we stand here and hold what can be given. A hundered thosand souls from the core of darkness, added to you, added to ones power to clear ones mind and make one no longer that of is a monster. But one cant get to it, as one must be given it” she looked at him, her darkness makeing him do as she wanted, held there controled, frozen, to do nothing but talk, wiggle and beg and told to fight but made to stay.

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MilenkoRisada: The scream heightens his eyes flare changes into in a hue of yellow then fading back to purple his body indecisive on uncontrollable the pain beyond almost as if omnipotent finite suffering. Its expressed as the now Hallow outburst of sound still gush uncontrollably the flesh around his mouth even the cheeks are mutilated beyond Recognizable the shreek growing in its eerie volume. the restraint despite hindering his movements isn't felt the pain all too surreal with no options Feast struggles as a trade off his physical body begins to break apart disconnecting tends and tissue. With every loud crack causing the shreek to come in waves of increased anguish. Tears begin to form black eerie liquid fills his now multi-colored seemingly burning blinding him fully. Yet in his mind pure silence...the only comfort his body can seem to muster showing a large group of children a nostalgic vision knowing these must been what made him these are the original soul that have inhabited stein noticing every gruesome marking and gashes riddling their skin as the floor is caressed in layers of red...this smell like rust he familiar Feasts body becomes faint now stuck in this lapse of mental sanity his mind taking in the meaning of why this is being shown. He reaches out to the children trying to apologize for he feels neither of them including himself didn't deserve this as he tries to move closer in an attempt of embrace the children begin to screech those sounds that plagued who he was...the screams become louder and start to form words.."Monster"...."Horrid Creature"....."Burn burn burn!".....His physical body reawakens as for one eye now yellow and the other a deeper purple nearly black stare blankly at the orb in front of him...Still with no understanding but yet his body has stopped struggling with a blank stare nothing but pure silence...Bloodied, mutilated, and deformed then takes a large long inhale....Then release a scream but not like before this sound this horrible thing is mixed those of the children a scream of there suffering a scream of his suffering her no longers hunger for thy flesh but hunger for his purpose and accepts the monster he has become.

Anaya: Her empty face looked at him as he kept screaming, god it hurt her head, god his pain filed her mind she hated it, children, the inoccent lives that fell the innocent voices that were within him. In that moment, everything stoped, the room stoped, time stoped, and the purple glow around her faded only he could see this, a woman, stood there, a woman clad in golden armor, a woman with long white hair and beautiful blue eyes, standing there, nothing else, white wings folded into her back blood on her hands as she walked up to him, her eyes looking at him, looking into him, she knew he could not move, he could not talk time stoped for him in this place, all he could do was hear, look and relize. Relize he was a part of something and was not alone. She moved a pale skined hand to clean some of the tar like tears from his face as her voice, a voice that never spoke before to anyone. “upon the battle ground stood, watching odins armys raid, the villages of the people, i helped them rip children from there beds, babys from there mothers breasts take the milk from there mouths and replace it with nothing but blood, thosands we slaughtered more tossed into the winged armys of the holy lords that defied mans crys and lived in nothing but hypocrasy. We stood on the battle ground that day, that day I healed my own men with words of our lord wall I let the mothers burn their own children fearing our skin made them sick and purgeing the demons from them upon a fireing mass of stone and wood. ” her hand caressed his face as she looked at him, golden hair flowing into her bright blue eyes “I was named Sophia, a Valcary for Odin's army, a holy woman to bring the word of our lord to the masses, I killed my own life partner, and our three year old daughter on the day I gave my life to my all Father Caliga, i fell to my knees upon the ashes of the dead and dieing and riped my wings from my back tossed them to the ground discraceing the one that birthed me from his own body, and gave my life to a new, he turned my holy tome black and told me all was for him, i took my hands and dug out my own eyes and handed them to the All Father, to My All Father, he embraced me and graced me with my wings black and hard as my heart would become, I was a Visser on that day, the girl with the halo and armor was gone. You are not alone Stine you were not a monster, you were made by means that you did not hold goverment over and in even your pain there is beauty.” she moved to him as her arms wraped around his still time locked body as she embraced him skin from her falling off, pal and lumping on the hard ground leaving that black shell and empty eye sockets. “every prime has a part of us that no one else will ever hold. To you, I give my history, to you I give my srory of what made me to you I give my treasured true name, Sophia Mary Underhill with it comes the power to rip apart everything that is me, to remove ones past and make it so they never excisted, remember this as one day someone will seek out your Stine, and you cant let them have it” she looked at him as white wings turned to black and in her hand a mini orb showed its self-forming out of the blackness that was around them. She moved to him placeing the orb upon her lips and then pressing skined lips, pale and pink ageinst his own the orb flowing from her being into him. Her hand caressing her face as the feelings she had could be felt, sadness, pain, hurt within her heart, the beat of her real heart could be felt upon his skin as her hand touched him. But then everything was fadeing the skin of her lips fell down her black chin and the rest of her skin fell away and the white feathers faded from the ground to be eaten by darkness once more. “Today you become a Prime, today you become a god, over all others that will fill this hall, you can create every level of being, every kind of kinn to fill the halls here and one day when you become the first born, you will get one thing NO ONE else has, my real beating heart, from the time when I was alive, you have a reason, your reason is to be here, be with me and own my heart, you will hold and treasure the heart of darkness one day, the day you will become the first born. A Prime over the others and the one holder of Caligas heart”

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MilenkoRisada: Body mended his mental state renewed the hunger gone "What bliss." He thought to himself...With a brief gasp, his large beastial hand reaches up to his mouth "A thought? did I just hear that"...The fact he is questioning his own thoughts an odd sensation he thought to himself. Confused on what has happened his eyes glares at Caliga the All-mother now with different hues embedding his newly formed eyes. Though without words he makes known that he accepts what has become of him but tries to reach out to grasp her with a thought of making her suffer. But what kind of thought is this he would never the one before he was the one who gave him purpose? For now its returned but with this new mindset struggling to grasp these ideas. With regret, he withdraws his hand noticing its newly found golden glow. A this causes a little fatigue he feels heavier than normal yet lighter. He isn't tired but something else has become of him to understand he must rest. Though with his newly find will a set of words came to mind "Thank you in the dark this gold will shine but embrace its origin" Slightly hungry before walking to his usual resting place with a speed unknown to him grabs a Turpe out of flight wrapping his ragged rows of teeth around its ribcage with one large juicy bite its internal organs provide a sense of fufillment..though odd how something profound a lesser of all things provides a sort of fulfillment this new expression of satisfaction brings a somewhat sadistic smile to Feasts face...."Now, this...This i can get used to" His words no longer stuttered no longer broken his mind still poised by those of memory but has turned into a twisted type of enjoyment. Feast leans down leaning into a knee against the wall wrapping his wings embracing him self closing his eyes resting finally for the best of reasons.

Anaya: “now all we have to do is teach us how to talk like us” she gave a chuckle as she vanished into the darkness, much to do still to fill the time she had left “rest your head our child still, it will take time for we to get use to the new change, and in the next coming passings more power will grow within we and we will become balanced and a settled prime, sinner no longer for we are prime now, with thought, and with mind, and with reason for service, but not fully free” there was a slight laugh in the air of many voices as normal but then things went still, Feast would settle into himself and the new one would change within the darkness in its own due time, all would be settled in the darkness and soon it would all happen again, like a broken record forever bound to keep turning, and then expand, oh how they would expand.

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"A Prime is born out of the most valued and loyal members of the kinns race, there is no more than a handful of primes alive in one place in a time or their power alone will rip others who walk along with them apart. their umbral presence is without question the strongest overall but Caliga, and they are second to The Darkness its self, what once was man now becomes god, a prime was born this day, a new prime to take darkness farther then it before reached, a new prime to change the ages and make the world a little darker in such a beautiful way"

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Iotah: Not much can be said, in a village of basic people, living basic lives. Elves, everywhere doing basic things. Shopkeepers, all-round selling their selected good. The smell of fresh bread and lavender stunk up the air, a gross combination to newcomers, but those already here had become accustomed to it, and no one knew had come through in a very long time. This did not sit well with Iotah, a young female forest elf in her early years. She was one of few to have been born in the last two hundred years, most that were left were elders, a few adults; two of them being her parents and older brother. They were unbelievably boring, and for some reason unlike a lot of people who were once loyal, refused to leave the wooden gates. Iotah was one of those people, one who sought freedom and adventure, to not be tied down by rules and obligations. She wanted to prove her worth beyond these four dull walls; walls that she had been staring at for the past one hundred and thirty-five years. Boring. She didn’t have the skills of a fighter, Iotah was more of a healer if she’d have to give it a title. She cared for the elderly, much to her distaste, but all the same, someone had to do it. The elf sighed heavily while wrapping a bandage around the leg of one older man, his grey hair fell over his face while he watched her closely. “What is wrong, child?” Pausing, Iotah looked up to the man, tears in her eyes. “I-I am sorry, I just… I cannot do this anymore.” She’d give him no time to say anything else and began to run, as fast as her feet could carry her, dodging through the crowds and bumping a number of them over. ‘Have to get away. Have to. Can’t stay anymore. Can’t.’ Her legs carried her, somewhere. She’d have to escape through the gates and for once one was left mistakenly open a jar. Freedom. Iotah ran, ran; ran as far as she could, for as long as she could until she was out of breath. No one followed her, no one had the courage to follow her. For good reason. The woods beyond were haunted, or so her parents told her. As dark and misty as they were, it made for an easy folks tale to scare young children, to keep people from leaving. It was too late to turn back now. Iotah gathered all of her courage and advanced forward, no longer running while she caught her breath. The area around the elf became darker, the mist became thicker until she could barely see an inch in front of her face. Suddenly, she tripped over something; a rock maybe. Iotah cried out as she fell with a thud, dry leaves made for a soft yet dirty safety blanket. After she’d regained her composure, Iotah looked back to see what it might be, and there stood a small statue, arched slightly to the side. Probably from her tripping over it. The young woman’s bright green eyes studied it for a long while, and she’d crawl closer to it. It was pitch black with wings, a figure of a woman, as dark as the sky overhead had become. Silence. Complete and total silence enveloped her, and Iotah couldn’t move.

MilenkoRisada: The idol the becoming lift of a strange scent of vanilla its solid formation representing its ominous intent and course nature seemingly a type of unknown artifact. A strange hue of a purple glow beginning to pulsate as the young elf gaze becomes fixated on the stone figures cruel beauty. Though another odd sour smell fills the air laying beside her the maggot infested corpse of the aged man his hair she remembers as long and grey now a hue of green and black due to its decomposition its structure seems to have been the victim of a brutal attack. A large creviced slit on the revealed chest plate due to the flesh that has already been devoured by woodland scavengers with the rest being picked off by maggots. Odd she just seen this man not moments before running into the forest “How did he end up all the way out here and in such a horrid state.” in the midst of the confusion and the horror the corpse slow is neck cracking as the sounds of a slight squish being made by the falling maggots and movement of its rotting flesh bend in the young one's direction. Its eyes glow with a hue of yellow to the left as for a purple glow to the right the light causing the flesh-eating larvae to flee its glow glares in her direction. For only a few moments silence but then the mutilated jaw seems to fall open as a voice spills threw. “Witness this the revelation offered the blood of Kinn beseech you revelation within us come and listen to my whisper for you have been chosen young one. To walk amongst darkness to bleed corruption I offer the chance to heed this call. Find the one who has brought this man to his abrupt end bringing his body to this idol tearing his soul from his body as an offering to the All-mother. The one responsible is a young woman of your village who has tainted once pure soul. This man wasn't innocent for what he has done to this woman within your village a dark secret in a way selling the bodies of young female elves to those who wish to please themselves in earthly pleasures the sin of lust.”....The hand of the corpse contorts extending its fingers grasp at the face of the young elf rubbing the rotted fowl smell blood and maggots forcing upon a mental image of the young woman being ravaged by these men including the one dead before her. Images of sexual debaucheries of mutilation forcing these methods upon the woman. Every hour they would befall upon her fulfilling their unpleasant gag-inducing pleasure upon her but this man dead beside seemed to be the most visited expressing what was under his mask. Though the day of her escape she also ran into the forest and was followed by the man in a struggle was able to get ahold of his bladed weapon plummeting its edge into the man's chest killing him. The hand falls and the body lays still as an eerie whisper stays within her mind. “Let the true idea of darkness guide your hand or before feasted upon like that whom you see before as the price for disrespecting the All-mother...Death or revelation.”

Iotah: The elf swallowed down a ball of air in her throat, as she watched the stone figure carefully. As the purple hue began to glow it'd shine off her slim face, it only sparked her curiosity even more. Her nose wrinkled when she'd smell something foul all of a sudden, what was once a vanilla scent now made her feel sick. And sick she was when she looked around to find the source of the smell, to see a man; the man who she was just tending to, lay dead beside her and mostly rotted, covered in more maggots than she dared to count. The woman screamed, stumbling back until she heard a voice. It seemed to come from the man, though he was obviously dead and she got a little closer to it again. Confusion was an emotion she'd feel right no, fear and wonder. Iotah listened closely, heeding every word, it felt like a curse had been placed upon her very flesh. A shiver ran up her spine and she cringed. Wide-eyed, the elf became as the hand of the dead man outstretched toward her, it took everything in her not to be sick again, as a flood of images filled her mind, a playout of the woman's horrible ordeal. Yet, she'd killed the man rather than saying something to the High Elder. This, she knew was a crime among their people and the voice perhaps knew it. Once her mind was her, Iotah crawled back a bit, contemplating her options. It would be her death or the woman's, a crime had been committed and she would not pay for it. Iotah left the small statue having said nothing, what was there to say to something like that? She'd been given a choice, her life or the women. Someone who, though her body was no longer hers, robbed a man of his life. How long had he been dead? How long had she been running? None of it made sense to Iotah, but she didn't have the time to think it through. Her legs carried her back to the village, just as fast as they carried her out. It was nightfall now and people were asleep. No one had ever cared that she was gone, why would they? She was of no use to them anyway. Sneaking through, she'd walk through the grounds like she never left. Iotah knew the woman, knew where to find her, knew where she lived so it was easy locating the hut, where she knew the woman would be sleeping. Entrance came just as easy as locating her, no one cared to lock their doors in a gated community. Her mistake. Softly and quietly, Iotah entered and grabbed a cloth that she found on the kitchen table. She found the woman laying fast asleep in her bed, and quickly smothered her mouth and nose with the cloth, with a swift punch to her neck so she'd be winded. The elf held down the fabric on the other until her legs stopped kicking and she was out cold, all that was left to do was sneak back out, body too. Throwing the woman over her shoulder, carrying her was the easy part, elves didn't weight much and she had the strength to balance it easily. Everyone was still asleep, this was too easy. She was met with the forest again, dark as it had been when she entered it the first time. Run she did, somewhat slower than before until she found the stone statue, exactly where it was where she'd left it. Green eyes search the area, the body was still there and Iotah dropped the unconscious woman next to it. She waited, staring at the dark figure, waiting for it to acknowledge her again, for what it would bid her do next.

MilenkoRisada: The elf now returned seeing the body is still in its horrid rotted The smell of vanilla and the stench of decomposition seems to have died down only for the moment as the body she brought of the unconscious woman falls to the floor the elf notices the coarse stone idol now standing straight odd as if it has never moved to have her attention leave the bodies mutilated presence. After dropping the woman and refocusing her gaze back the body seems to have moved to leave slimed moist dead grass compressed down from the mass of rotted meat that used to lay upon it seems to have also caused that small foliage to share in the dead mans rotting fate. In the confusion, the smell returns but even more so as the stench of vanilla blended with the decomposition flares into her nostrils. A dead hand reaches from behind her ear slowly caressing its knuckles leaving an ungodly trail of fluid onto the supple soft skin of the young elves cheek as the body of the woman she has placed before her in a supernatural fashion begins to float as if on an operating table followed by at Whisper. “You have done well but only done so little the true beckoning of the Kinn the true sacrifice showing that you repent.” another hand reaches from under her arm with what seems to be grasped in the rotting palm an angled rusty sickle. “Takes this my child awaken the momentarily resting woman dive into its meaning pull out her heart to show you wish to repent enlighten yourself amongst the beauty of the corrupt.”...the whisper fades and the seemingly un-dead body of the man vanishes into the mist but the smell stays as echoed whispers pierce threw the eerie now purple-black mist that has grown in thickness. As heard the voices become more plentiful..”Repent”.....”Bring her heart asunder”....”One of us”...The sickle now without warning has become grasped in her palm. The whispers now deafening eyes a glow in the mist with hues of Purple and yellow giving off its pure malice and intent signifying that the creature causing this has truly appeared gazing and observing on what to conclude her decision to either take her own innocence in repentance amongst the darkness or meet the same fate as the rotated image of the horrors brought on the woman becoming the very image she was shown.

Iotah: Iotah cringed when something, of foul smell, brushed over her cheek. “You want me to... Kill her..?” She didn't know what to do with the scene before her, anyone that she would tell this to would think her gone mad. They'd throw her out just for speaking of such strange tales. What could she do? What were her options? This voice wasn't giving her many. Repent or be the repented. Iotah sighed softly and lowered her head, after feeling something be placed in her hand, she gripped it tightly and looked down to see the sickle in her grasp. Raising her head, the elf looked forward to seeing the many eyes within the distance, figures if they had them cloaked by the darkness. Iotah closed the gap between herself and the unconscious woman, kneeling down at her head. She waited silently, sickle still in hand until the woman awoke. Hand pressed down on her shoulder, she stared down at the woman. “I am sorry, but you broke the rules, you must repent.” And raised the blade above her head. “May the All-Mother find this sacrifice worthy.” Iotah found herself saying, with one last glance toward the stone statue before bringing the sickle down upon the woman's chest, just above where her heart would be. She cut down and around, while the woman choked on her own blood and tried to grasp at something, anything that might help her. A rock she found and swung it toward Iotah's head, but she dodged it easily enough. Cutting around the woman's heart with the sharp blade was the easy part, next she had to punch through her ribcage in order to get it out. Splinters stabbed into her skin, but she succeeded and held the dead woman's heart in her hand, blood dripped from her palm. Looking down upon it, the thing no longer beating she cradled it in her arm like one would an infant. To think such a thing would be her salvation, her way of repenting. Wide-eyed, Iotah breathed heavily and loudly. She looked toward the statue. “What do I do now?”

MilenkoRisada: The whispers utter a final message before receding into silence “To the fallen the presence of the corrupt guides the worthy.” as the silence falls not a single noise can be heard but only for a brief few moments. The sound of a screech like metal being forced onto the chalkboard mixed with a blunt concussive bone-chilling sound of something large and primal. Large glowing purple hued tentacles pierce through the fog growing in length the base of the head is met as a crown of multicolored yellow and purple-hued horns that can be seen protruding from the skull as more push threw now the face becomes visible skeletal in nature in which the long appendages seemed to be attached to now visible the eyes a familiar glow of yellow and purple glare the bestial like creature has deemed the newly fallen worthy of its presence. The rest of the creatures large body begins to become visible expressing his shoulders horribly broad with a toned torso as arms oddly long even for the large body hang almost lifeless at the sides begins to bust through the thick fog as six wings that caress the back follows forcefully spreading causing the fog to proceed with haste as if the dark eerie air cowers in its presence terrifying of its gluttonous intent and corrupt nature. A large hole can be seen in the middle of his deep grey toned skin as veins of its purple glow seem to bleed out the whole covering the body in this design. Plated his for arms but the other purely the express glow of purple as for the other held a gauntlet seeming deep yellow this color covering up to the eye as if the type of armor is melded to the skin like one. With an imposing few steps to bring its self before the young elf as its gaze now fixated at the blood scene. His jaw opens revealing his lipless jagged-toothed mouth as a deep glow of that same purple erupts from the throat letting out the loud mixed screech from before. Moments pass as the noise has calmed the creature leans down his shadow overcoming the elf before kneeling before glaring at her like the stare of a lost child observing what she has done. Only staring tilting his large horned head from side to side as if trying to achieve that of an understanding....a few more moments of bleak silence pass but his eyes flare with a smaller but horribly loud screech his wings wrap around them both darkening the area between for only the glow he lets off can be seen. He opens his oddly mutilated mouth lets outing a few words his voice horribly scratchy and deep he speaks “You have caught the attention...of Feast...To be one to be all...feast acknowledges the sacrifice for the All-mother to the worthy she has a embrace what you have done the acceptance in the path I have shown you and accept the debauchery you have committed now join us as one.”.....His left clawed hand reaches for the heart the elf pulled out of the newly deceased woman raises it to his mouth grotesque sounds emerge from his throat spewing a horrid black fluid with a ga inducing heightened stench of vanilla onto the fresh flesh then lowers it down in front of the elf. “You the newly found guide of souls accept this meal and find enlightenment in our Kinn.”......

Iotah: Iotah had to cover her ears with her hands, when a deathly screech came out of nowhere, loud enough to make her ears bleed. As she saw a creature emerge, she was stuck in place, from fear perhaps or was it curiosity. Either way, her body was like the statue she happened upon, her chest the only thing that moved as she took deep breaths. The elf's green eyes were met with a purple and yellow glare, and she held her breath then. Slowly, it revealed itself to her, the creature that had been speaking to her all this time, who bid her hand, who encouraged her action. Another screech, she covered her ears with her hands again and cried softly. Calm again, everything was silent again. Slowly lowering her hands, Iotah looked up at the monstrous sight. She wanted to reach out, touch it. Something that could make this feel real. Dreaming, she had to be. This was all a dream. Her body was still back at that boring place, boring home, with boring people. Had to be. Her mind was bright back from her doubtful thought when the creature spoke to her, listening carefully she accepted his words. This couldn't be real anyway. Iotah wanted to speak, ask her questions, deny all of this, something, yet she feared if she did it would be speaking out of terms for some reason. Like, if she questioned the creature it would deem her unworthy of its company. That feeling came once before, with her father. So, she remained quiet. There was a scent of vanilla again, and then she was presented with the elven woman's heart. Carefully taking it, it slithered into her hand, blood dripping from between her fingers, of which already had dried blood all over them. 'Meal?' Did that mean it wanted her to eat this.... Heart... Looking up at him once more, she swallowed softly and raised it to her mouth. A large chunk, she'd bite out of it; mouth now covered in blood, and the more she ate through it did her body also. Eat she did, chew and swallow it, every last piece until her hand was empty. For a moment, the elf thought herself sick, she gagged softly but held it down and took a deep breath, closing her eyes. "Thank you." Soft were her words, yet heard clearly in the silent darkness that surrounded her. The elf cried softly, a feeling… A weight had been lifted off her shoulders, it felt like. Her body felt lighter, like she was lifting up into the sky, hovering over the muddy ground. Skin, felt like it was on fire, jaw ache like she’d been punched a hundred times. “Thank you, All-Mother.” She said lastly, taking in another deep breath and she smiled, the cynical kind. Silence again, at least for a short while until suddenly she threw up, but it wasn’t anything normal… It was… Tar? She threw up again, and again until it felt like her whole body was empty, like her organs were no longer in her body… And they weren’t, there on the ground in front of her would sit her organs, save for her heart, among the mud and Autumn leaves. “Wha...Wha…” A scream, deafening reached out through the dark forest as Iotah cried out in pain, back arched as her body was thrown backwards by an unknown force. On her knees, she tried to crawl away, but her very bones felt like they were cracking, the snapping sound made it all the more so. A moment she had, to sit upon her hands and knees, when wings, black as the fog around them shot forth from her back, her blood splattered across the tree trunks and the ground. Pale did her skin become, as her once beautiful long brown hair turned ebony, scratch at her neck she did, as a burning feeling filled her throat. Claws, cut through flesh, as her face, neck and shoulders turned a corrupt black, while sharp talons on her feet dug into the Earth. “Wha-What… Is… Happening, to meeee!?” She screamed again, louder until her voice cracked. Grabbed at her face she did, the ache became more intense and she clawed at her flesh, it seemed to melt away from her skull until it was nothing but bone. One last time, was she thrown back by an unknown force and the true figure did appear, her bone turned black and in the shape of a small dragon, four eyes and an ungodly black smoke did pour from her jaw. Iotah looked up at the sky, clarity in her sight like she’d never seen before. “So this is what freedom feels like…”

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ZoltanGunderson  looks as he is on his ship, he has been hired by one of the waring states to attack the others ships as he spys a merchant vessel and grins when he sees the flag and readys sail and runs the flag of his crew and yells orders at his crew to ready the cannons and boarding hooks as he smirks as the ship comes up to the side of the merchant vessel as it does he yells for the to fire as all 16 cannons fire crippling kill most of the merchant crew as he yells to board as the use the hooks to pull the ship in closer as he helps and then would board the ship with his crew as he orders them to take everything and kill everyone as he heads to the captains quaters and sees the captain holding a idol in his hand and saying words and with a devil grin aims his flint lock at the captains head and pulls the trigger killing the captain as in half hour the merchant crew is wiped out as his crew bring all the loot they have gained as he looks at the black idol and thinks to himself looking at it – hmmm maybe this will fetch something others wise it will look good in my quaters -looks back to his crew – right sink it and head off thats and order you bastards -smirks as the ship sails after sinking  

Anaya: At the back of the ship there is a screaming voice, the sounds of a little girl crying out for something called Teddy. The screaming turns into the sound of frantic crying as she clings and yells to another to get away, go away. If the room is entered, you see a little girl about the age of five years old clinging to a black doll of a woman with a black face and big black wings, the doll has a bright diamond shaped gem in the centre of it and there is a crewman yelling at the girl to hand over the doll due to its value, the girl is yelling at him no no no don't take teddy! She clings to the doll in a deaths grip and it seems nothing but that will remove the treasured doll from her hands. For some reason the doll, the girl, and the whole room smell of Vanilla and a sweet earthy hint of chives but there does not seem to be incense or any other things in the room at all that would hold such a small. There is a desk, a table some chairs and basic cabin things on a ship and even on one side a crate of pickles and another drum of salted pork. The girl is dressed in a sweet purple dress as her eyes shimmer tears filling them, as she weeps believing the scary men that had killed her friends, family and father on the ship. “were is my daddy? Has anyone seen him, mommy was on da ship to, i want my mommy!” more then likely both parents were killed in the raid of the vessel, more killing then thinking clearly took place here on this day. This ship had no guns no cannons it was a trade vessel not a combat vessel the ship was helpless and was starting to sink slowly as water was filling the lower decks one could feel the off set on the ship and knew it was going to go under.

ZoltanGunderson  hits the crew mate who is trying to take then doll from the child as he one rule he stuck by no women no children will be harmed as he looks down at the young girl and then his crew and ask if any of them seen a woman as one nods and points to a cabin that is almost flooding on the ship as the sighs and orders them to drop anchor as the looks to his first mate who knows his ruleing “ keep them child with you for now please “ - dives over the side of his ship as he swims to the cabin that was pointed out and sees its almost flooded and sees the woman cant swim as he graps her and swims back to the his ship carefuly not to let her drown as he would call up for his men to help her up as they help her climb as he climbs up and lets the girl go to her mother as he looks at them - “ no harm this woman or child if i find out any has ill shoot you myself “ looks and lets them in his cabin

Anaya: the older woman is clearly dead, she is not breathing and does not hold any signs of life left in her ski, it is pale grey and clammy and her lips blue and drying. The little girl looks at her dead mother as she looked back at the seeming to be captin of the ship. “aged people pass away it is ok, daddy is gone now to i guess, guess i am all alone now, what will happen to me mister?” she said softly as she clung to the doll it seems to glow a little now, a light purple tinge came over it as she held it up glareing at one of the other ship men that looked back to her eyeing that big stone in the center of the dolls chest. But he looked to there leader and backed right off and left the cabin so now only the girl and the one male was left standing there. She held onto her doll as the whole cabin was starting to smell like that gut turning overly strong smell of Vanila and chives. “daddy gave me this doll and the idol, he loved it, never let it leave his body, said it guided us over the sea, did you find it when you killed him?” her voice seemed a bit more adult then a avrage child, but how would she know that man there killed her father when she was in a fully diffrent room all together screaming and crying. Sometyhing was clearly a miss but what that was unknown. The girls eyes looked to the floor for a second as she clicked her feettogether thinking and fiddleing, that doll still clinging in her arms as she clung to it .

ZoltanGunderson  looks as the he answers the girls question first when she asked about what would happen to her- well do you have family if so we will take you to them i dont harm women or children as he walks with her and smells the air of the room and covers his nose as almost throws up a little but dose not as he looks to the girl knowing something is a miss - “ how do you know i killed your father you were in a diffrent room at the time and your voice is diffrent im guessing im talking to someone who has taken this girl over for this time yes i took the idol from the man there is a war going on and thus i attacked the ship any goods are ours to do as we wish “ looks to her as his eyes down leave the girl

Softly the little girl st on the floor, her arms moveing out to play with the doll in her hands she moved the wings up and down as she looked at her doll. She played with it for a moment staying silent and a little odd looking, it was off setting. “no, i am not possessed, i am me, and you no kill woman and children but you kill men, killing men makes the woman and familys die, did you find that man unworthy of life? Why was daddy unworthy of life to you?” she looked up at the man as her eyes had changed black and there was no exprethion on her face as she droped and pulled the doll in her lap playing with it as any child would. “but you did not harm the child, so you have saved the life of yourself, but still must face judgment, what do you want that judgment to be? The death of your crew or the sinking of ones wealth, what do you treasure more, yourself as if you have no wealth you will have no food or will not be able to survive, but then there are lives to consider, but without them more can go for you and help in your survival, less mouths to feed” she stoped playing with the doll as she stood up from the floor standing there “were is the idol, our idol”

ZoltanGunderson  looks to the girl – the man who life i killed was involved in a war people kill in wars it is a nomral and sadly needless thing but i was hired to kill any ship that crossed my path sadly it was this ship but i will allow you to judge me on what you think should happen but first her – gets up and walks over to his table and then back and hands her the idol back,  he would stare and waits for what she has to say

she took the idol in her hands as she held it and the shadow seemed to vanish from it as it turned to a gas and sunk into her body. Her little purple dress and pale skin started to fade, her dress bending off her figure as they moved to folded wings at her back, four wings that hung nicely to her back, and she started to grow the human skin breaking as she was nude turning black as a black and silver adored gown covered her nudity. Or well most would call it nudity but in reality it was a black body, you could not make out humans parts only curves and shapes that made it look like it was a female figure but if you really looked you could see nothing on it no shades no nipple,s no female parts, no face, no lips, no cheaks no color, just a blank canves and a purple glow and a really nice dress looking to be made from silk and something unknown. And that smell, god it got strong, vanilla and chive it was a good mix but not in this maount it was sicking, to much of a good small is far from good. The boat and room around the man started to fade, as if it was not real at all and darkness was eating up the walls, they were going on a trip to someplace someplace unknown and within seconds there was no longer wooden walls or even a floor and you just stood in blackness, a dark room with only the purple glow and shape of that figure that had now grown about fifteen feet tall with massive wings spaned out behind it. “we have consumed your ship and all its belongings now it rests upon my shores a husk, you can see it if you wish” she moved an arm as a window appered  across what maybe was a room, the window just hovered on the spot on a black wall that melded with the floor. Out the window was surely a ship, gray water crashing up ageinst it as it was beached on jet black sand a grey sky over head the only thing that seemed to give any light if that was even light it was just like a glow that touched the earth. Around it the sand seeped into blackness like a old poloroid image that was burned at the sides and faded into blackness. The ship looked like it had been resting there for thosands of years, like it had been dumped on a beach line and had been there for eons, it had broken boards, the masks were broken the sails were as if being eaten by time fabric turning to dirt, there was cobwebs and from one of the holes in the walls what looked like a massive black and red hound was walking out of it biteing into the wood to eat it and crush it down a little. “all upon it have been consumed but you, all had killed children, woman, unworthy souls deserving of there fate brought back to fule Ulon, wealth means nothing, all has turned to sand feeding Ulon, but you have a choice mortal, you can become something greater, live the ways of this world and become this world seeing you passed the test of if the girls life mattered to you, if our life mattered to you, will you acsept god into your being?”  her voice whispered from the walls as of it was more then just one being, it was voices of lost bodys woman men diffrent people, races everything all talking in unity and there on the windows ledge was that doll, it had formed right there for him to acsept, or regect.

Ending to Come

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DukeBarr: the demon grumbled as he awoke from his quarters. He scratched at his face slightly sliding his feet into his boots and putting on his robes. Standing up he moved toward the door placing his scythe onto his back and heading out the door. Opening it, however, he found a Note stuck to it with a knife. It read 'NOTICE OF EVICTION' across the top. He rolled his eyes before grabbing a few things from inside the room that he didn't keep in the void. Upon grabbing his items he noted a small black almost table top like a statue in the room. It could be held in one hand without issue and depicted what appeared to be some sort of winged female he wasn't sure if she was some valkerie, angle, or demon it was pretty nondescript. None the less instead of leaving immediately he sat down on the bed and looked the thing over truly unsure how it could have arrived in his home. He poked at it, prodded it, even tossed it into the air and caught it. He was curious if it would return back to him if he got rid of it and with his left claw he would open a warp to the outer void and push the statue through it to where his typical armada of Locusts stood ready information. After doing so he allowed it to close and looked around the room to see if it would reappear and upon inspection of the underside of the bed, he found it again.- “Alright Statue lady. What the fuck are you?” -he spoke to it rather curious as to why it came back to him so quickly-

Anaya: The statue looked at him, its eyes seemed to be almost real, black eyes that looked at a being as if looking into it. But there were no words, it just like a stone stayed the same, and was a little off settling in that. The room all stayed the same but from afar one could smell something odd, Vanilla, the growing strength of just vanilla and the clinking sound of a chain on a metal pipe.

DukeBarr: -the demon arched a brow as he looked to the statue curious still as now its eyes seemed to glow, he heard the sound of metal on metal some sort of clinking but he was unsure as to how the sound was being created from the statue. He placed the statue on the desk across the room taking a seat a few feet away as he stared at it. Trying to form some sort of empathic connection as the now smell of vanilla touched his nose. He wasn't sure if he was getting somewhere but he didn't see a reason not to continue. His mind moved to that of a summoning nature as he started to the statue he would raise his left claw as the shadows of the room seemed to draw towards it, making sharp lines from where they sat on the walls and from beneath his own cloak like tendrils from every which corner formed a very smooth sphere in his palm. In his right hand, he would touch it speaking an otherworldly dialect towards it. To be put simply he had drawn what power he could from the area and with the help of the void forged it into what he knew as ooze from the pools of Sarketh a healing trove from the Void that could reforge flesh blood and bone from only a single shred of the soul. What the demon had assumed was that this statue had some essence of its diety within it and if it cared to share a conversation with him, Or at the least tell him why it was here he figured this would...aid in its ability to do so without him having to perform some ritual or give his faith to something he knew nothing about as most religions demanded. He stood to his feet holding the orb and moved over to the statue. He would keep the statue on the table and from the top down he would press the orb onto the statue until it engulfed it. He took a seat as the two objects interacted awaiting to see just what would happen next.-

Anaya: the stone shakes a little on the table as the orb gets closer to it and starts to touch it, due to the orb being that of darkness it is instantly absorbed into the idol, all darkness could be consumed into the idol, and upon the table the words seemed to be burned in “Caliga sees you” but the letters seemed destroyed like as if an uneducated claw carved them into the wood. The sounds of clicking metal got louder as the room was becoming still, like oddly still like there was no wind anymore no earthly vibes no bird sounds no noise even if a window was open, it was still, and all there was was the clicking of metal on metal and that sicking smell of vanilla it was getting so strong to the point it turned the gut as too much of a goods smell was overpowering.  But nothing seemed to change at all with the Idol other than somehow it absorbed, ate, consumed the dark orb into its self-making the orb no longer able to be called upon, the orb had gone someplace, but it was unknown where that was, or why it was taken at all.

DukeBarr: -the demon arched a brow as he noted the stone idol had absorbed his orb with ease and carved its words on the table. He pondered a moment at what he would do next. Now he was no professional in the arts of being seen by a god but he knew one way to get attention from anyone. Break their shit. And thus he lifted the idol into his right hand staring intently at it. He had tried playing nicely with the idol, talking to it, trying to heal it. Hell even reading what it had to say, But to no avail, he still found himself in a dark room appearing to grow more ominous but still a dark room.- “You had your chance.” -the demon spoke to the idols face as he raised it high above his head and as if he was a professional football player after a touchdown he would spike the idol into the ground about halfway through his spike he shouted- “Witness me!” -before driving the idol into the stone floor hoping it would shatter to a thousand pieces and finally tell him whatever it was that the idol desired of him-

Anaya: As soon as the stone idol hit the floor with the slightest touch (1 damage given) it shattered across the floor into a thousand little bits, scattering into all sides of the room and it was like the air its self-got sucked out of the room, walls vanished as darkness replaced them, darkness eating the room in full till there was no more human world. And at the side of the room there was something there, something red,  something glowing, dripping, saliva taring down from its maw, as its red eye looked up, the other eye black as death its self-peering into the distance, it looked as if it did not even look at the man, it looked past him, into the darkness, it looked over him as it stood over him, towering thirteen feet high at the shoulder the what looked like a man flat chested but with the curves of a woman cracked its self forward one leg dragging upon the ground as flesh and tendon riping along the sounds of which were amplified here in this empty silence void of a room. Was it even a room, did they leave were ever the man was, what was this place, what even worked here, what would this man be able to even do to what stood infrount of him (void, outside darkness and any abyssal powers, do not work in this realm, magic does not work, mana or any outside realms magic does not work here, all of this will fizzle and fade like the caster cant seem to get the magic to take hold) the sounds of heavy breathing echoed out of the walls, but there was no wind of breath from the hulking slobering monster driping unknown liquid upon the floor, liquid that vanished into the emptyness black of the floor as if it was being absorbed “Smashing Caligas Idol is an insult to us, demon is viewed as unworthy, what will the unworthy do to repent” it spat out as tar spat from its lips burning into the floor as black hands griped its back pulling it back, was it fighting its self, it let out a moan as if it enjoyed it. Clawed nails ripping the hand apart as it tossed the severed black limb at the demon male the hand turning to tar as it hit his chest (causes no damage) and splatters against him the foul smell of overpowered Vanilla oil covering his being.

DukeBarr: -The demon felt the tar-like sludge whip across his chest it wasn't harmful yet it smelled of the vanilla scent. He scoffed at his eyes burned with a sort of rage as he looked up to the abomination- “UnWorthy?” -he chuckled almost maniacally- “You have no idea what power I hold..” -he spoke as he raised his scythe from his back in his right hand And abyssal chant escaped his lips as he raised it to the sky, the blade arching over his head as he chanted for the blood god to grant him his Champion power. However.. instead of the earth cracking at his feet and a fireball falling from the sky to his location none of the shit happened. He was standing there holding a large scythe over his head looking somewhat menacing but otherwise, nothing was happening. The demon tried pumping the scythe higher but nothing. He lowered it down in front of him hitting the side of it shouting to Abaddon- “Come on you cunt Work goddamnit.” -and to his surprise, not even Abaddon replied from within the scythe it was as if the soul's he had taken from his own realm was gone. He blinked somewhat confused before placing the scythe on his back and drawing the flask from his pocket opening it and with a pour he noted that its normal blue liquid of the souls he had taken was gone. The demon took a deep breath he was in well over his fucking head this time pulled to a realm where nothing seemed to work. He would slice a claw in front of him in an attempt to create a rift to the void yet nothing.- “Fuck..” -the demon audibly exclaimed as he tried to figure out something that would work. He had once the last trick up his sleeve, he opened his hand and attempted to confine the dark creature into a sphere seeing as he was almost entirely made of darkness he simply attempted to draw all of it to his palm- “I bow to no one, Yet somehow you have taken from me my power. I could handcuff Lightening, Throw thunder in jail, Lead armys to Conquer entire planes of existence. And yet here I have naught an ounce of the blood god Khorne's power. Whatever power this cunt holds clearly she wanted me to have a taste otherwise that idol would have never appeared” -he would raise his scythe to the tall abominations face pointing to him as his other hand still held up trying to conjure him to the orb- “Take me to her Then, Clearly a discussion is worth having..” -the demon scoffed as his mind still raced trying to figure out how he would dig himself out of this mess. He already was one of the most powerful beings walking the planes previously how he could end up here deprived of all he had earned baffled him-

Anaya: The red being drolled more its globed goop ploping onto the ground as it draged a leg forword a screech breaking that stillness, but there was no floor here, were did the screech come from it seemd to epp out of the walls like that sound was all around him.  “in your relm you are strong, here you are nothing, we are god, we are what is here, we are what you bow to” the voice talked out of the wall behind him and the being did not move its lips, voices whispered around it, voices of many, “weakness, impure, unworthy, demons weakness, worthless, no power, empty, Caliga sees all” whispered here and there as the being draged its self aqnother step forword, it was within a foot of him now, towering over him, you could see its body, skin flaked on it like someone made up a mashed up doll, a mans torso with womans bear naked breasts, a womans left arm and a animals right clawed arm a hand sticking out of the elbow, its face was broken jaw hanging and at the side what looked like stiches, under it all one could see darkness, there was no skin behind it like someone just pasted skin on a black manaquin and hoped it would stay. “demons are made of darkness, here is the plaqce a demon was birthed, you hold nothing here, you are nothing here, here you can be tossed into our hole forgotten and left to die, is that what the demon wants to be a nothing stuck in a pit for eternity liveing his worst moments over and over agein. Living its life picking up a cup and take a thousand years to move one foot, age in such a way your skin turns to sand and your nails grows so long they curve up into your hands, is that what the demon wants, for weapons so dear, items meaningless to turn to nothing but dirt in there hands, weakness, unworthy things pain can be given, Caliga can take or free” it tilted its head as its jaw hung over the body of the demon boy black tar dripping down onto his face burning the skin on contact (you take burning damage if not avoided) its jaw strings at the side snapped as it hung there part of a black tooth falling down and thunking off the demon males face. It fell to the floor but there was no sound from the hard object it just vanished sinking into the floor and then regrowing onto the abominations face. Words kept whispering “take death, respect the gods, freedom is death, Caliga Rains, find Darkness, acceptance is key, Death, Sinners Eyes”  woman's man even the sound of animals growling echoed in the darkness, lost in the darkness some voices were crying some were laughing and it all mashed together getting louder then softer over and over again like a record that was skipping and broken. “you hold nothing here Demon, Demon unworthy swine, a pig to its own people, a being that others toss to the wind, give an option and what does it do, breaks it like it is a game, unworthy, WHY SHOULD WE CARE ABOUT YOU!” the last part boomed out of what seemed like the core of its body, the spot were a third leg stuck out the back and were a normal body genitals would go but on this seemed to be a flat space of nothing. The voice held anger in it, and was male and female together mashed as one but it did not move it stood there.

DukeBarr: -the demon placed his scythe on his back lowering his hand as clearly he couldn't conjure this thing away. he took a slight step to the side as the creature hung its jaw over him he didn't want any more of its tar to touch his body. The demon was in a most precarious position, He wasn't fearful of the creature that stood before him it was more so the fact that wherever he was seemed to all be bound together and had somehow taken everything from him in the flick of a moment. He certainly wouldn't bother fighting back at this point sucked of power and dealing with something clearly in equal; stature to Khone himself he figured resistance was futile. His pride may as well be out the door as well now considering he wasn't about to take on an entire Plane of existence with just his fists.- "What you describe in the way of time passing and torture doesn't exactly sound like my cup of tea. Now if you're looking for some reason to keep me alive considering all you have already taken from me I'm not sure what it would be aside from my Pride and will to press on a fight no matter what the circumstance. However...Even that has been taken. I have lost all extra planer abilities and in this realm I seem to be equivalent to nothing more than a lesser demon." -the demon sighed as his monologue continued- "You say accept death as your means of respect and that it is freedom. And if that is the case then I only know one real thing left to show."- the demon drew his scythe from his back choking up high toward the blade with his right hand as he held it out to his side- "Caliga!" -the demon shouted her name into the darkness that was the room as he spun in a circle- "You have proven your power to me...I'll prove my loyalty to you!" -his voice rung out as he Torn the scythe into his gut ripping a massive wound across the top of his stomach with his left hand he would reach inside of his torso ripping out a metallic emblem from his body. It was the religious symbol of Khone the blood god of the void. If Caliga could find Duke so easily she certainly would know of who Khone was. He tossed the emblem to the ground the source of all his previous power and with his intestines slightly hanging from the wound and blood starting to fall from his lips he would lift his left leg high and stop on the insignia.- "Take me as a disciple.. Or strike me down now." -the demon spoke through bloodied breaths sounding as if he was drowning falling to a knee as he made his plea. Normally his wounds healed quickly and efficiently as he would call on the powers of Market to do so. But without them, his time left in this realm would be Limited unless he had some control of the sahde.-

Anaya: The being before him took a step forward again, it looked down at him, its red eyes spinning as if there was a fire within them. Another slight step its lombered jaw hung right over the poor male on the ground as he gave his life, his everything to Caliga that was what had saved him, he could still have been made into a mindless beast but his offering of everything he had and discraceing another god in the name of Caliga is what gave him that chance to be something worth more to the Kinn then a pittiful Dire Hound only there to eat the remaines of things droped into this realm from others. “you shall be a Shade of Sinn, the lowest Rank of greater Kinn, learn the ways, learn the law that will melt into the mind, learn it all and it will become clear to you, your gods of old are over, discraced you as you have them, gods of before them have found you, blood shall not go to your blood god, skulls not for him but for us, bodys piled not upon his shores but upon ours, you will spread the word of Caliga you shall grow into a Kinn, into darkness into something better, anchent then what you walk as now. Learn and grow or fall to nothing but a mutt upon the ground eating what is the left over, and if you are still unworthy for even that you will be purged from this world and melted into a dark space to fule Ulon, the planet will be your tome” at that point the being overhead with its hands reaching up ripped open its jaw smashing its jaw against the floor as it fell its arm falling off at the same time. Into its gaping mouth hole, a blubbering puked up a cocktail of black tar, what looked like organ tissue and parts of dead body's. The fudgy gooze slid up the gullet of the beast as it bubbled and poured down onto the being under it, the resulting mass of bloated fungal covered worm infested abstract mess piled down not just onto but INTO the demon under it, the wrath from the insisted tar eating and melding into his body to change and convert him into what he would soon become. His body would sink into the floor as the floor became him so that he would be able to crawl out when fully changed and see the world in new eyes as something new as one of them one of the many, as Kinn

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Sinn of the Past, Story Line Guth10

Grandpa Chaos
Zanarius trudges across the open land before him, making his way to the next city, still searching for that lost reason as to why he is here. As it grows darker in the sky, and the stars begin to shine, Zanarius finds a rundown shed on the edge of a unkept wheatfield. The moon above glows an earie shade of grey as Zanarius walks closer and closer to the old shed. He can hear wolves howling far off, most likely hunting for prey as the dusk turns to pervading twilight. A wind flows in from the West, making the long grass at his feet dance. Zanarius opens the door, fighting against the rush of wind trying to push the door back into place. He gets in and takes a candle out of the sack he has slung across his left shoulder, and lights it with a flint and steel. Zanarius takes in his surroundings carefully. While the outside looks rundown and attacked by the weather, the inside is still fairly intact, although from the looks of the broken shelves and missing tools, someone left here without caring how it looked. He notices a small, foot-tall statue in a corner, and goes over to examine it. The statue is of a woman with black wings. Zanarius smiles. In a deerp and resonant voice, he says quietly to himself, “Ah, a Caliga statue. I suppose you’ll be my company tonight then.”
Zanarius moves a few things around to set up a small table, chair, and a place to lay down for the night. He picks up the statue and sets it on the makeshift table, and then sits in the chair. He places his candle down, and it flickers slightly. He takes out a small towel and begins wiping the grime off of the statue. “You poor thing. How could anyone let the symbol of our creator fall into such a state? You must feel horrible, being this dirty. Not that dirt ever bothered me much. Or blood, really.” Zanarius frowns, stopping the wiping for a couple seconds before resuming. “It was just a couple days ago I had to kill some people who were kicking those homeless children. I don’t understand how anyone can hurt the next generation of the world like that. Children are like little angels, don’t you think so, Caliga? I saved them, then gave them some food I bought for myself. I ended up not eating the rest of the day, but that’s the life of the poor. I would nornally keep some, but there was too many children there for that.” Zanarius wipes off the last bit of grime and smiles. A hint of pride fills his voice as he says, “There, all clean. Don’t you feel better?”

As the man talked the smell of vanilla and chives drifted in a cracked window. The smell got stronger and stronger as clearly something was there. From behind him as he cleaned the statue large black wings both hard and soft at the same time wrapped around him as slender black skinned arms looped over his shoulders. Her wings around him as she moved her black satin lips to his ear she was dressed in a flawless black silken gown that felt like heaven on fhe skin decorned with silver chains small white fem stones and Pearl's hanging off the edges to make her sparkle. "the words you speak bring pleasure to our heart Zanarius tell us what you desire for we have watched you for sometime now your devotion is true it pleases us" her voice was so sweet sounding yet strong and holding hints of malice, but still motherly and it made one feel wanted and warm. But her voice was not sounding as one being it was of many smaller voices Male and female all talking together to make one voice made with many. Her embrace would make the Male feel the want to partake in sinful desire be it lost,greed,wrath or any sin, she made him want to do it want to touch back, want to kill , want to eat till he would omit but then keep eating, sin was beautiful and being in her presence made people really want to let go and act in the beauty of sin (aura of sin active anyone within 10 feet feel the want to do sinful acts ) black hair drifted in the light breeze as she held him her one hand drifting over his cheek softly caressing him. There was a odd fog that covered the ground a fog that smalled of her and moved across the floor reaching into the cracks and breaks in the wooden floor and walls.

Grandpa Chaos
Zanarius leans back into her embrace gently. He places a caloused hand against hers that touches his face, and holds it like he would a baby’s. “I desire a purpose. A purpose that gives me a reason to live. A purpose that lets me keep protecting, but keep being myself as well.” Zanarius’ mind drifts in and out with the smell and feel of the goddess behind him, not fully realizing who it actually is talking to him. He feels the hunger he has had for hours surge up, and the lust that has had no outlet for months swell for the woman behind him. He remembers the man who hurt those children, and his anger flares. Most of all he feels his pride of his skill and talent soar like the moon across the night sky. He glances back at the woman, and does a double take as he looks back at the statue, and then at her. “You are.... Caliga, correct?”

As he turned to look upon her he would see surely she was the image of that statue he was holding, a majestic looking flawless woman, skin ebony black and wings out reaching with a light shimmer of purple. her face held nothing on it other then a blindfold to cover her eyes as she gazed on him. her hand moving to touch his own palm as she took his hand in her own, that aura she held working its magic on his feelings even more so as she stayed near to him. "yes my child Caliga is we, you wish a life of meaning, a life worth living, a life were you hold reason, but are you worthy of such things, worthy to be in our court, among the rest of our family to come home" takeing her free hand she wrapped her arm around his waist line puling him to her body, his face right ageinst her chest as the room around them started to fade into darkness, the hut they stood in melting down into black as Ulon took everything over into darkness. both stood now in a room of black, it was empty no ending no beginning no walls no floor just black all the way around. but there was a little light, it looked like a camp fire off in the distance. you could hear voices, men, siting around the camp fire talking on how Caliga was a myth and worthless, how darkness did not start everything, how everything was just made with science and this thing called evolution. her wing moved behind him as she nudged him forward in the direction of the loud mouth men. "show your worth Zanarius"

Grandpa Chaos
Zanarius looks around surprised at their new surroundings. “Damn, and here I thought we could have some time alone, Caliga. The way you held me felt so right.” Zanarius has a tone of sadness in his words, realizing it was too good to be true. He looks around at the darkness around them before walking towards the campfire with the men. He approaches them carefully so as not to startle them. “Hey folks, you mind if I sit? It’s been a while since I was warm.” Zanarius pretends to shiver in the darkness, crossing his arms to stay warmer. He is not sure if the men know where they truly are, or sure of how he is supposed to prove himself worthy.

the fire burned brightly as it flickered and thrashed about, there were three men and a woman chained to a stump by her ankle partly hiding behind a tent that seemed to fade into the darkness. The one man looked at the boy and he started to laugh a little “ye you can sit, we just taken about how the world started and how tyhis stupid foolish hippy mombo jumbo about a darkness god is ruining the world” he sounded strongly about his opinion as the other men nodded, the other one with black hair piped in right after giveing a good tug on the slave girls chain “get up girl and dance for us, we have ye guest, put on a show” she nodded her head she was older, had a good figure and a shimmer to her eyes. She moved to the side of the fire and started to0 dance in a sultry manor swaying her hips side to side and smiling softly at there guest, providing entertainment as the males discussed matters she was not allowed to have a opinion over. “good girl, and ye, did you know that black calida hippy group in town burned down my farm, saying fire cleanse the slavers that work in children, what is a man not allowed to have a young hunk of ass every now and again ye, not my fault they end up on me wagon and i am not gona toss them over that is waisted assets, and i need the coin to” the others all raised there ale mugs and gave a brisk yay to his words as the third man talked next in remarks to the others “man did not come from this darkness they talk about, man came from the light of the all holy god, or even from evolution that makes more sense then some winged whore woman that draws men and woman into the night to let them do pleasures of the flesh or kill people they view as wrong , that is some vigilante dumb fuckery right there. ” “whats your thought on dis load of hog wash, you under that black she devils, that monsters spell” asked the first man as he half drank his ale.

Grandpa Chaos
Zanarius smiles and laughs heartedly, his voice echoing like a the gong of a bell through the darkness. He looks at the woman and the chain around her, “I suppose I half believe it, to be honest. There is many truths and many lies to all manner of beliefs, so who is to say one is right over another? You speak of following the light and holy god, and yet you have here a beautiful woman chained, one who has done nothing to deserve such treatment. You claim man did not come from the darkness, but even the Bible says ‘In the beginning, there was darkness. Then God created the sun to shine by day and the moon to shine by night.’ Is that darkness any different from the darkness of our dear Caliga?” Zanarius rubs his hands together for warmth, and sits back, resting one hand on the ground to hold him up, and one on the hilt of his sword at his waist.

from the darkness she watched him, watching with her wings folded to her back the tips dragging on the black darkness flooring feather tips slightly sinking into the black. she could hear his words he had some of the points right but other words he said made her wonder, so she kept the little game going to see what more he would be able to say, could he do the job in converting the worthy or remove them if needed. at the fire the men lisoned to the others words about gods light being born out of darkness and how that is the same as there gods darkness and bla bla bla stupid words fell on even dumber ears. "god came first he gave birth to li8ght and dark, he is the all mighty the holy all in all and he showers us with love, darkness cant love something darkness is evil it only consumes and destroys, it will not make us feel better when lost or give us a reason in life, light does that not darkness" he spat out hot tempered in his beliefs. he reached back into a little bag at the side of his log stool and puled out a large bound book marked the holy bible, he opened it flipped a couple pages and started to talk. "here see it tells us so in the book of god, Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. god gave his only son for us his people and in that is his true love for us. darkness cant give us that, darkness don't even have children, Caliga is a lie and something unworthy of praise"

Grandpa Chaos
Zanarius thinks his response through multiple times before deciding on something he feels he will regret. He stares into the center of the fire, contemplating whether Caliga is real. He was never much of a religious man, afterall. He only followed the faith because it was the first he found without inconsistancies. Early in life his mother would tell him stories of creation from many myths and legends, but never once spoke of the darkness that is spoken of in Caliga’s faith. He reaches into his pocket and takes out a small sword, not bigger than one of his fingers. He grips it tightly, not wanting to use his magic. He finally puts it back into his pocket and stands up, speaking a loud and commasing voice, “You say that the greatest love is to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. God gave his only son for us, but doesn’t it also say that we are all God’s children? So which is the truth, did he give his only son, or did he butcher one man’s life in the pretence of saving us? And was it truly God or did so, or the evil within the universe, the so-called Lucifer? God has murdered millions over and over, and by his word and his law, that book you hold, you worship these deaths has a necessary sacrifice that God has made out of love for all.”(edited)
Zanarius breathes in deeply, not used to talking so much. He is filled with a fire to teach these men how wrong they are, and how wrong their ways are. “How many has your so-called devil killed? One? Two? How many has your light saved from the darkness, this darkness you say that breeds no love, only hate, as you enslave others like they are animals instead of giving what you do not need so that they too may be free from evil and sin? You are humans, just as any other, and so is she. You all deserve the truth, and the truth is simple. Whether you believe that Caliga is the darkness or it is Lucifer or Beelzebub or God, you worship an evil despite calling yourselves holy. You are greedy and full of lust. You already serve Caliga, you have just mistaken her for a false god in the pretence of a book made by humans. Join me, dear men and woman. Come to the land of mortality. You will never be close to that false god you worship now, but Caliga will always give you love and embrace you.” He pulls out the small sword again, and grips it tightly, ready to use it if needed.(edited)

she still watched and his words placed a smile on her face his words made her glow a little bit brighter. as she watched out over them in the darkness formed the end of a cliff a sheer drop off with pointed rocks at the bottom. the men around the fire saw it to and so would Zanarius. as one of the men looked over to the cliff drop off then back at Zanarius he started to laugh "hahahaha your god sounds like it is a fools gambit, i would give my life for Jesus and god almighty, my life, my blade, my every breath belongs to them and them alone, i will kill in there holy name and be blessed with going to heaven to live my after life in luxury wings on my back made of white and a woman on my lap in silks. would you give your life for this Caliga mother of darkness?" he moved a hand and simply pointed at the cliff drop off the other men nodding and taking large swigs of there ale "ya boy would ya give all you have for your bird lady with black wings hahaha"

Grandpa Chaos
Zanarius sighs with deep regret. He looks into the glowing fire, now knowing there is no hope for these men. “It pains me to see such men. You claim to follow God, and yet you will break his commandments. You think you will gain wings when you go to Heaven, and have a woman in silk on your lap, but where in your Bible does it say that love or lust exist in the holy sky? Where does it say that your lord will gift you with happiness simply for believing he is there? You claim you will die for your holy God, and you ask if I would do the same. The answer is no, I would not. Caliga represents the carnality of mortality, and thus dying for her would be the opposite of her purpose. I do not claim to be a holy man, nor a prophet for my goddess, but just like you I would kill to protect my beliefs. Take up your arms, foolish mortals, for the Sword of Caliga has decended to cleanse you once and for all.”

Grandpa Chaos
Zanarius throws the tiny sword he was holding into the air, and it grows into a large buster sword shaped like an executioner’s blade. The grey blade shines like it is fresh from the forge. The hilt is wrapped in leather with a pommel ring at the end. The giant blade floats just behind Zanarius, blade towards the ground. Zanarius stretches a bit and cracks his neck, and stands tall and menacing.

he made the right choice, within seconds the men the fire even the woman in chain vanished away, the room was back to black, leaving no trace of any of them other then the strong and almost sickening smell of Vanilla. "ones with no hope in change are not found worthy in our eyes, they are only here to be tossed aside to there false gods and empty following. Make others Embrace Darkness, Corrupt all Worthy who wish it, Destroy the weak, our pinacol rites to be upheld and trusted to our people. your faith still needs work but you are worthy to be given a new life, one of meaning and one of reason." her voice came from the walls, the floor even the air seemed to have her within it, her lips on her face never moved as she walked along the floor to him . "learning is power, there is much to learn with us" in her hand formed a red shimmering apple , it was poetic really, an apple being the fruit that is said to be the fall of man kind from the Christian faith, she did enjoy the little details that just made everything sweeter. she moved to be right in front of him, her black face looking into his own the blindfold covering her eyes as her wings stayed folded nicely to her back "pride is a beautiful image for you you will become a shade of pride, to one day become a Visser of Kinn to walk the worlds abord and convert the worthy and remove the weak do you accept such a thing into your heart, into your mind, place your very soul into Ulon to be changed and given reason. "

Grandpa Chaos
Zanarius looks at Caliga like she is crazy. “You want me to remove the weak? You must be joking. I’m not a hitman, lady, I’m a guard. A protector. I’ll protect my own, and I’ll protect myself, and I’ll protect you, but I will always protect the weak. And I’m not going to go around like Jesus trying to tell people you’re so much better than what they believe in. The only reason I decided to fight them was to free the woman. They were going against the very laws they swore they followed, and that’s wrong. I’ll kill the guilty, but if it a crime just to not believe in you, I’ll find my own purpose in life. You haven’t even begun to be deserving of such a thing. To suddenly show up and take me to limbo or whereever this is, and put me through a trial like that? I’ll pass, thanks though. You can keep your Fruit of Knowledge, too.” Zanarius turns his back to the most powerful being in existance, and walks off a few feet to look for an exit to this place.(edited)

there was no exit, there was no entrance, there was no walls, no room there was nothing but darkness nothing to get him back to his place of home nothing to cling to. she enjoyed his arrogance but every horse needed to be broken and she did not mind having something to play with if it broke the rules. words whispered out of the walls around him voices of men, woman of what sounded all ages "rules, never break the rules, No one shall disrespect a Kinn, pride is everything, if a Kinn is disrespected it will do as it sees fit and nothing will stop it. rules never break the rules One is never to lay the first blow to another, but one is able to taunt and draw another into placing the first sinful strike, at that point crush the opponent with no mercy. May Wrath Feed Us. rules never break the rules If a guest in your lair annoys you; treat him cruelly and without mercy. rules, so many rules to give balance, never harm children, never harm animals, remove the weak, embrace the worthy" she stood there looking at him as he had his back turned on her, arrogance, pride it made her joyful inside. "there is no exit, no entrance, Ulon can eat you, break you, make you relive your worst moments over and over, time does not exist, age, it can make you live thousands of years in a second. " the voices whispered out of the walls as his next foot step hit the ground and the ground made him sink, like he had just stepped in quicksand and was sinking, slowly sinking.

Grandpa Chaos
Zanarius glances around to find the voices talking to him, a slightly frightened look on his face. He turns back to Caliga just as his foot begins sinking into the quicksand. “So because I refuse a couple of your conditions, you are going to kill me? Or just scare me into obeying you? I don’t take well to authority that hasn’t deserved it. Power alone isn’t enough to gain respect in my eyes, honey. I agree with not harming children. I don’t agree with not harming animals. I’m not becoming a herbivore cause you want me to. I can agree to tell people of you and how you work, but I can’t agree to force them into it, nor kill them because they won’t.” Zanarius wills his sword to flip over, allowing him to grab onto the hilt and slowly lift him up and out of the invisible quicksand. Zanarius gets a disgusted look on his face as he feels the wet sand slinking down his leg and back to the black ground. He touches down back in front of Caliga. “You still think I am worthy, beautiful?” Zanarius smiles a coy grin, which clearly identifies what he would want to do with the goddess.

There was a smile on her lips, on her black empty face there was a grin, a grin that made her off setting, she could blink and he would no longer exist, she could snap her fingers and the world would change, she could polymorph him into a toad without a second thought, but there was something about a fighters heart that just hit her in the right place and at the end of the day he had to agree to take that apple for the darkness to corrupt him so she had to make him understand her ways and clearly he was not going to fall for a sinking into the floor sand trap, there came a time when breaking ones spirit came with showing one the error of there ways. In a blink she was behind him. Her female figure towering over his body as she on reached a wing to point to the distance. There was a large church, people in black feeding the homeless and children, the idol of Caliga on both sides of the church door, life size not the small little thing he had found before, children were laughing and playing and eating happy to have full belly's due to the greatness of darkness. The image flipped like a movie screen roll a man thanking the animal he had killed and wishing it well back into the mother darkness, preying for its fair trip to the afterlife, the image flipped again to men burning down one of the sacred churches and doing wrongs, then flipping again to show the men dead there shadows sinking into darkness to be taken back to Ulon. Then all
went to black “we do not kill unless provoked, do not slay unless insulted, once Kinn eating will no longer matter, we uphold rules that make the world turn as it should, harm not what is weaker then thee, harm only the fool that insults or hits first, ones that pillage, burn and break our idols are brought back to Ulon to atone for there wrong doings, we need not scare you, fear will not change your heart it will only harden it against truth” she was so warm to stand beside, it was a motherly presence for sure, but at the same time it was hollow, like there was no feeling behind her, she did not have emotions she was darkness darkness could not truly feel but she was something. Moving her wings to out stretch and flex behind her, some of her feathers falling into the black floor and just fading away. “we are the truth the primordial darkness that made the world and birthed light, we feed off sin and nothing else, consume the souls of the weak and wrong to darkness, we harm not the Innocent, and bring the worthy into the fold,
” his own voice whispered from the walls saying his own lines 'I don’t take well to authority that hasn’t deserved it. Power alone isn’t enough to gain respect in my eyes' laughter whispered from the walls after but then it went silent “we have not used our power to harm you, only to show you, be others of our race would have cut you down for your insults, we will not harm you our child, be you make the choice to eat the fruit or not, all you have to do is say you want to go back and you will leave this place”

Grandpa Chaos
Zanarius thinks for a moment and few. He studies each image that flashes in the distance, and remembers such sights during his long travels across the land since abandoning his home and family. “If I take your apple, Caliga, then what will my purpose be? To be a prophet and turn others to your way? To kill those who wrong your church and your followers? For how long? My mortal lifespan, or an Eternity? Will I stay mortal, or will I become unkillable except by you. Or perhaps simply ageless like the stories tell of elves? Will I lose my unique magic, or keep it? Surely I won’t need it much if I only fight the foolish who wrong you. A simple sword would be enough then. Or am I to fight in a eon-long war for you? Surely I am better suited to that, no?” Zanarius turns around to stare at Caliga, a fire shining in his amber irises. Eyes that resemble that of a wolf, carefully analyzing a possible threat while watching what it does. The sword floats steadily behind Zanarius, and it dings softly. The sword shrinks down to its pocketsize form and floats to Zane’s hand, which he pockets quickly.

she started to shrink down from her towering figure to be more eye to eye height, or well in this case eyes to blind fold height. She could not tell a lie, he did not know this or would he understand it unless he accepted that change into himself then he would understand, he would understand everything. “once the fruit touches your lips and enters your body, our darkness will be within you, the seed will be planted, and you will change, you will grow and warp into something more beautiful then you ever could think of, skin made darkness, six eyes of a lavender hue, the glow of a fighters heart a bright crimson, all can die, we have weaknesses, iron, salt, holy idols, blessings and holy magics, all that would harm us and even kill us if left to long with it, your life will hold no ending, time does not affect us, one moment can feel like a year, a year feel like a second, you go to a new place watch them for there whole lives, See children grow up and lay to rest in the blink of
an eye. Your magic will stay with you and become part of you, it will become stronger, changed into darkness to command your blade you will be stronger, better, your purpose , to fight, To protect, to govern and to guide others into the way of darkness, bring others into the fold, to grow within your newly found family in Kinn. There are kingdoms that struggle in this world to see the truth people from all times that harm the Innocent, and turn there backs to the truth your reason to exist is to halt this, follow the rules, and give yourself and others to Caliga, for you will become we” that apple formed in her hand once more as she held it one last time if he would take it or regect it. “it will be painful, the change, but at the end it will be worth it, if you accept darkness into your soul and eat the apple you will change, if you do not you will be returned to another world to spread the word and prove your loyalty as a human man, as a disciple of the Greater Darkness. Or walk the world as you are and we will no longer hear your words. You may pick one of the three choices ”

Grandpa Chaos
Zanarius nods and closes his eyes, trying to imagine everything the divine being before him was saying. “Is there.... anyway that I wouldn’t look so.... monstrous when I change? I feel like if I am going to go around the mortal plane and share the word, looking like an omnidirectionally challenged spider wouldn’t be the best way to do it.... besides the fact that I have a fear of spiders.”

as he talked about not looking so scary or over powering the darkness that was Caliga started to change, and warp down, black skin gained a light tan and peach colour, her cheeks were given a rosy glow her hands had nails, black hair flowed down her shoulders and over full lush breasts. She stood naked for a moment before the darkness wrapped around her body a soft peach dress flowing over her figure to just cover enough to let the mind wonder. The only thing that stayed was that black blindfold that hid her eyes, even her wings on her back turned a light ivory white as if she was an angel without a halo. “a kinn can change into whatever is needed of it, be it a soft simple girl or the towns new pet dog, a wolf in the woods or a fly on the wall, you can be anything you wish, and if you wish not the change and to be a disciple we can give you this ability to use wall still being a man, all you have to do is give and you can get whatever you wish for, give your voice your words and your loyalty and faith and we will shower you in whatever your heart craves” she took a step forward her aura started to affect his small mortal self, she moved a hand to run her fingers along his cheek taking her smooth skinned pale hand and running her fingers into his hair tenderly. “you change you will become what we are, you stay mortal and be our disciple we will give you ability's to aid you in your future travels, you pick going back to your life as normal and nothing will change and we will let you be”

Grandpa Chaos
Zanarius breathes in deeply, a sense of lust coming over him as he sees her change into the beautiful woman before him now, but at the same time he feels bigger than ever, stronger than possible. “You’ll give me anything I want as long as I fulfill my new purpose? In that case, would you consider being my wife? Or at the very least finding me a woman that is right for me?” Zanarius slowly reaches for her, putting a calloused hand onto the back of her neck, and sliding it towards her face to rest on her cheek. His full and strong muscles can be felt as he cups her tender cheek in his rough hand, a rippling effect as his veins stand out under his skin. He tries to resist the lust that is starting to come over him, but it has been a while since Zanarius was with a woman last, and the beauty and divine nature of the goddess of sin before him is challenging his willpower to its limit.

She could not help but smile, her pale lips lifting up to show little teeth within her mouth, no one over all her years had dare ask her to be there lover, she had many give there love to her as worship and loyalty but become the wife to a mortal if she did become his wife she would not be able to change him into a kinn, as it would be very odd to be the wife to one that was made into a child of yourself, and his mind would change if he became as they were. He would not be how he is now he would be darkness as she was, be without heart without love, be not mortal. Her hand moved to be around his waist line, and she took a step closer to him, the smell of vanilla all over her body and the earthy undertone of chives and green tree pine. She could feel the sin within him, feel the hunger in his mortal heart, she could feel it all so clearly. “if we as your wife is what you want for it can be done, you will remain mortal as our disciple and lover, you will not be made Kinn as that involves us placing our seed of self within you to change you. but you will gain new ability's with our bound new powers and greater strength and we will see you in the mortal world whenever we am able. the mortal world is straining for us to manifest there, it is a challenge to do so and when we do we can not stay long there” as her hand stayed on his side just above his hip her touch made
that want to sin turn into a need, a deep hunger wanting to just let go and give into the craving that he had, that she could feel fighting inside him to get out. She could not feel love, she could not truly love anything, she was unable to be like a mortal wife to him, but she could be something in that sense to him, something he was bound to in more then just a give your faith kind of way. A partner, on a whole other level. (if you wish to give into more erotica role play and to do it privetly feel free to privet message me your post and we will keep going from there, privet or public i am fine no matter witch way)

Grandpa Chaos
(Hard decision. What would happen to my character on here though XD) Zanarius wraps both arms around the back of her neck, and daringly goes in for a small kiss to her lips. He pulls back in a smile. “I’m sure we could work something out. If you cannot stay on the mortal plane, then perhaps everysooften I can join you where you normally reside. That way we could be alone for as long as we wish, to do whatever we wish.” Zanarius moves his arms slowly down to waist as well, pulling the god of darkness closer to him, barely resisting the temptation to take her right here and now as her aura begins to overpower him.

her wings moved and wrapped around him holding him in a warm tender embrace. As he came to kiss her her wings stayed around them both. She moved a hand up to the side of his face to softly hold him as there lips met, she held him there as he could feel power growing within him and a voice that spoke within his mind “no matter where you are i will always be with you, a part of you in your heart. My power is part of you, and you will be mine even after death my wings will caress you and bring you home” as the words whispered within him upon his finger a black ring formed, black gold and a bright purple stone on the top of it. Within his body his power would grow as he could feel the increase and his racing heart. As there embrace broke she moved a hand to caress his face as she looked at him. She enjoyed this one, maybe that is why she agreed to him not many had the kick that this one had, not many had the heart this one had, she had never been mortal so she lacked the full ability to understand why, but she knew she liked it. And her word was her binding and she did agree to his proposal. “you can not stay here in Ulon for it is a danger to your life as a mortal. Ulon is a place for Kinn not man to walk, I will send you to a world you will be safer in, and a place were you can share the word then one day you can come back and come home here and take your place upon a throne beside your wife as equals. If you need aid, just call for it and we shall aid in anyway we are able”

Grandpa Chaos
Zanarius, although saddened to leave so soon, realizes that she must be right. While darkness can exist in his life, he as a mortal cannot exist in the realm of darkness. These Kinn that Caliga speaks of.... he wishes to meet a few, and wonders how they would react to a mortal being the husband of their mother figure. He gives Caliga a passionate kiss lasting a couple minutes, and then pulls away to say. “Let’s get the party started, my love. Send me whereever you wish for me to go.” His voice is tender and sweet as he speaks to her, and has a ever so slight tone of saddess as he knows he is leaving her side for a while to come as he enters a brand new world, shining and shimmering and splendid.

As he kissed her deeply her wings got tighter around them both a sort of hug, she took his hands in her own as she looked at him "we will always be with you" her hands let go of his as she watched him starting to fade and being pulled into the floor, as he did he would see what was that woman with pale skin and human looking peach gowned figure change back into the hulking fifteen foot tall black skinned and black winged monster woman that was Caliga as he lowered into the floor and she moved out of view everything faded to black and she was gone, then the black started to melt away showing trees, rich pine trees and a lot of green foliage, it was a rich fur tree jungle like setting, you could hear birds and even animals in the distance. Then in one of the clearings there was a light in the distance, there was a castle, it was brightly lit, made of stone and there was nature all around and even weaving into the stone work of it, there were guards and people around the grounds and it seemed filled with life.

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Zanarius walks through the darkness of Ulon, searching for Caliga. His ring should have taken him straight to her, as it always had before. He smiles as he thinks of her, her beautiful and curvaceous figure causing lust to well up inside of him. He shakes his head to clear his mind, reminding himself why he is here. He needs answers. It seems as if the world is falling apart around him all of sudden.

She sat in a chair a good ways back the grand building, she almost looked tiered but at the same time there was a happiness to the world, it was like the darkness was brighter for some reason. She hould feel him here, the one that held her ring and her hand, she knew he was here the moment he touched the rings stone. She vanished from her chair and reformed right before him the same height as he was her black wings curved down trailing on the floor as she looked at him her black blindfold on her face as normal. “you come seeking guidance” she said softly a happiness to the voices that made up her lyrical rhythm of a voice. She moved to him a wing reaching out to offer him a needed embrace with her as she was sure he did miss her as mortals would.

Zanarius leans into her embrace, surely missing it dearly as he always would and will. “I come seeking answers. And I wish to make a request. I previously asked for the power of envy, but I have since thought of it and realized it would be something that would cause me more danger than help. Envy is a sin that causes one to sometimes kill for a chance to be rid of their jealously. I would not really want such a thing. Instead I ask for something else. You told me once and more than your Kinn cannot lie. I can and have lied before, so I am not bound by such a rule. However I do wish for something akin to that binding. An aura of truth, and trust. An aura that surrounding me, that makes no thing capable of lying to me directly. I will bring as many souls as needed to you in exchange for this power, of course.” He wraps his arms around her perfect waist and presses her close to him. He wishes for her embrace, but again he reminds himself not to get lost in the love he has for her, nor the lust that builds within him. “Also I seek answers, clues to what has happened. A man was brought back to life, that much I can gather. Something that was forbidden on my old world by any man, something every mage was taught that was banned by the gods themselves. Naturally they believed in many gods, but those under you believed you did not approve of raising the dead. The undead were fine, but to bring a soul back from th afterlife, it was something that could break down the walls of reality, or so we were told. What does this mean for the world, my love?”

Her arms wrapped around him as her wings followed suit holding him in there warm tender feathers. “i can change your request to that from envy to truth, but with ones aura to change it will affect you as well, you will be bound by the truth you want form others, to only tell truth yourself if one wants only truth they must give only truth” her fingers moved to run into his hair softly as he talked on wanting to know about the dead and what it would mean for the world now “there was a prince once long ago that the dragon of light condemned to death, a mothers wrath, a being of devins lights sin to her own son sent his soul here and we kept him safe and resting well in our wings, in the pool, till the day he would come back to make everything fall into place. You see my sweet, a wish was asked, a deal was made with us, a price they thought would be so much lesser then it truly will be” a smile came over her face “Jeff the prince coming back will cause his mother to break, and accept her fate to be the other side of us, the light to the darkness and take her place here, on equal grounds, as us, we could not harm her in the world of man, but once she is here,
we can govern her every actions and cause her to be weak and broken, light will fade in the world and due to the deal made we now own over half the chess board. Ana the one that made the deal with us will have a Wyverns child, a child made of sin, sin will grow within its violate scales and it shall be our tool in the world, a child of darkness its self. Jeff the prince upon a throne of nothing will only find ruin were he wants to find peace and prosperity wishing for death and haveing more danger then he intends, sin will grow within him as well as his actions to purify the world to clean up his mothers mess will be met with ridicule, strife, and disobedience, he will wish aid and we shall happily give it, furthering our grip on the soul we still own within his host body. The child of gold will die from its brothers greed or the greed of the people and golden dragons will no longer walk the world to keep darkness from stepping foot on it, there will no longer be holy in the world. The sun will go dark and the beauty of darkness will take over all” she looked down at him as her hand caressed his cheek “what they have done has concreted our hold in there world, the mortals have made us stronger in ways they do not understand. Even the others within that town, they seek to bring wonder and peace but all it has gotten them is death and decay, and when there is no holy” she leaned down to whisper into his ear softly “the Kinn can walk Velaria”

Zanarius closes his eyes to listen to Caliga speak, explaining the cost of the aura and her plan for the world. “That doesn’t sound very pleasant, to be honest. Isn’t the world better with both light and darkness in it? Neither one can exist without the other. Even in Ulon where the darkness rules, there is still light everywhere. Even if you trap her soul here, she would still be able to draw out the power of light. Also not to be offensive to your children, but Kinn walking the world of Velaria sounds like a nightmare. Wouldn’t you rather just have a normal world with normal things in it?”

“There is no light here in Ulon, there is only darkness witch is how it should be, darkness and sin, that is all that is needed, a balance we keep and a world we call home. Kinn walking the world will be beautiful, a force to govern the mortals so they do and exist in our image, no more lieing, slaughtering of the weak, the stupid and pretentious will be removed, and all will live by the rules in our image, the sun will be turned black and all will turn to Ulon as darkness takes back what it gave birth to.” she still ran her fingers along his collar bone and up to his cheek bone “you will see Zanarius the world will be better in our image, just as you are better in our image you should show respect to the Kinn as they will gain more freedom in your world soon, they want you to join them here and remove your mortal coils, and there will be light still, it will just be harnessed and placed were it belongs”

Zanarius shakes his head, pushing slightly away from Caliga with both sadness and fear in his eyes. “The world you dream of isn’t right, Caliga. Even as a god of darkness you should know that light has to exist. You can’t just turn the sun black, you can’t just unleash your Kinn in the world and expect people to follow. There is a natural order to the universe. You should know how such a universe works. My homeworld was a bit more advanced than this one, and now with Jeff knowing things across time and space, he will tell you as well. The sun is required for life, not just the heat it gives off but the light as well. If you turn the sun black and plunge the world into pure darkness, everything will die. It may take a couple hundred years, but every living thing on Valeria will perish, just as every other world has done when its sun is lost.” Zanarius reaches slowly for his ring to go back to Valeria and the Stovania castle. “You can’t remember what it was like, or perhaps you never even knew. The warmth of the sun on your skin, and light in your eyes, the feeling of energy coursing through you in broad daylight. The darkness is cold, and lonely, and full of lies and deceit. Your claim your darkness is full of truth, and in so your Kinn cannot lie and nor can you, but the truth is not always better than a lie. The light has both lies and truth, and embraces both. You embrace a dream, and nothing more. I don’t want to live in the world you wish to make Caliga. That world in your dreams in clouded and decayed, and should never exist.” He touches his ring to go back, leaving Caliga there alone, her arms and wings wrapped around nothing but the darkness she cares so much for.

His ring did not work, it just gave a buzzing sound and left him there looking at her

Her face looked at him as she tilted her head it was a pitty the poor little thing was so lost getting into something bigger then he expected what did think she wanted, his words talking how the world whoukd die, that is what she wanted, what did he think he married a good God, a God of balance and everything is equal and the world will prosper, did he think he held power. Her body started to grow as her wings moved from soft to steel as she towered over him looking down at him "what did you think you married, did you think that was not what we wanted all along, were did you think the souls you took went, a land of light and balance. You a mortal asked the goddess of darkness to be your wife and with that ring you gave your soul to this place. One must give to get weakness is removed" she turned as the ring on his finger, the stone shattered into a million bits that fell clinking onto the floor. "Tell us mortal man who did you think you married here in this black world, did you what, think we were nice or even more so that we needed you for love and compassion. You will be staying a while I do think, you need a hard lesson about sin and how it works"

Zanarius sighs, and for no real reason starts to laugh. He stares up at Caliga as she grows taller before him. He steels his will before her, changing his mindset to go into war. In war, there is death and destuction everywhere, and a simple emotion of fear of anger could get one killed. Zanarius has learned that the hard way. As he looks directly at Caliga, his eyes show that pride that has always been present inside of him since his first battle. He smiles at the towering mass of god before him, not afraid or backing down at all. “My name is Zanarius Galdine. I am the son of Cardin Galdine, a metalsmith, and Jessica Galdine, the head mage of the town of Fendari. I have sold my soul to the devil for a purpose in my life. You have given me a purpose, god of darkness and sin, Caliga. I see now that I must embrace the greatest sin within me and do as I must. You shall not break my pride, not in a thousand years trapped in darkness, and when you let me loose again I will do as my purpose commands. I will be the wretch in your plans and stop the disintegration of the world.” He grins at the overwhelming god before him and says one last thing before the end he knows is coming. “Do your worst, my love.”

Before him formed a plate, the plate was covered with food, beautiful food glimmering in the darkness and in the purple glow that the goddess cast "eat" was all she said , one word that seemed to boom around him she would not break his pride no, his pride was beautiful, she would not harm that at all, as a fighter he was she knew this every battle every score she knew it all, but she would break his spirit, his body, his mind everything but his pride till he was nothing left but sin and only that. There was no fork or spoon on the plate only the food he would eat with his hands, eat and witch ever handful more food would go on the plate and with every bite he wanted another one Sinn growing in his belly, he would just consume but gain nothing but he heaviness within his twisting gut, he would not get far of body bit he would feel fat and unable to move like the food was just rocks inside of him. He wanted her wost well he would get part of it anyway

Zanarius smiles, and simply sits down. “I’m in this for the long run, love. You can try and tempt me into sin all you want, but my sole purpose now is to show you how wrong you are.” He looks at the plate and his stomach surely grumbles, but he would not break that easily. While it was true the god before him could elevator the feeling of sin within him, she could not make him act on it. His will was strong, and it would take a lot more than that to break him. “You know I remember a story I once heard about you, love. It was a very old story that is rarely talked about amongst your followers, but this one old lady I met in my travels told me she once met you, and you told her this story early in her life..... you were mortal once, weren’t you? Just like me. That means just like me, there was a time when you did feel the light and warmth upon you. Don’t you miss it? Now the light of the sun burns you, makes you cower like a dog, hiding from the world. To what point? To what end? You are a god of darkness, but wouldn’t you prefer to be both? You can change, Caliga. Become a god of balance. Then you could walk the world and go anywhere you please, never being afraid.” He chuckles, his deep and resonant voice echoing throughout the infinite darkness of Ulon. “There’s an interesting notion, isn’t it? You, afraid. That means you not only embody sin, but you are subject to it. You are subject to your own darkness. How does that make you feel, my love?”

His words went on uncaring ears, she did not hold feelings l, emotion she held nothing and she also did not understand why he was talking. Her aura went up as sin kept into his body, the wanting to eat growing within him, he did not seem to understand how primal the need to eat was, how it was a basic human function that he needed to do to survive. She moved her hand as a silver clock formed on the wall, a item from a modern time but one all the time. The hands ticked on it round tick tick as the hunger inside of him whould grow and grow. "Eat" the word whs8epred from the walls and boomed from her body. He was a mortal no matter what he would eat or he would starve and she did not care eather way.

Zanarius chuckles to himself. "Your aura of sin will backfire on you, Caliga. You can't make me gluttonous without increasing the pride within me. As each tick goes I grow more and more hungry, but I also grow more and more sure of myself. Let's set aside all the acts of sin and punishment for now, my love. Let's talk. If, after our talk, you don't break, then I will. You can have your fun torturing me as much as you want. You like to make deals, don't you? That's my offer. You don't have to, of course. What sort of god accepts an offer from a simple mortal? Of course, the thing about darkness is it's curiosity. The light holds no curiosity. It knows what it knows. The darkness is what drives people to seek out new things, new advancements. Will you do the same, or are you going to just let me die? I do not fear death, Caliga, and you will not push me to do so. I have stared death in the face, and it's earned the respect from it I deserve. I am a warrior, and I will gladly die to serve my purpose, with no remorse for what happens. Kill me, torture me, cause the sin within me to writh and build and destroy me. I refuse your world, your dream. Let's this show on the road. My body can go for ten days without food, which to us here will be millions of years. Millions of years you will be stuck with me like this, with noting but the sound of my voice echoing in your ears, trying to change you."

He still did not seem to get it, he still seemed to think he mattered or that she had the capability to change, he was jabbering to the guests of darkness asking it to be good and just and not want darkness. Like she was a mortal like she had a heart or emotion or anything. The hands on the clock started to turn one hour becoming two two hours four everything getting faster till days past and that hunger inside of him would scream to be filled, his gut would twist wanting food, his mind whould scream out for releaf, he needed to eat, he needed a meal he needed to be fed to eat to feel that sweet sweet dinner slip down his tounge and into his gullet. He needed it for both his mind and bodys sake. As still rambled about things but then his voice vanished, his voice box cut off like a bad growth and all he chould do was squeak and weeze, did he really think he had say had.power she chould change reality at will and what he did not think she should do the simple things like aulter her own aura or stop his talking without removing his mouth. She chould bend reality, make matter iut of air, she was the being that brought everything into existance and what he thought she cared about him thought his life mattered or that she needed to make a deal with him. As her large self vanished and she reformed before him she stood there looking at him. "We were never mortal we gave birth to this world at the dawn of time and was made by the godly power above, we were never mortal, never the image you paint or draw in your mind, we have existed to be the other side of the balance not the balance
its self your words hold no meaning to us" she moved as she pulled the blindfold from her face and let it fall to the floor as she looked dead at it. On her face was black holes with bright purple.eyes souls screaming to be set free within them, eyes that were that of the devil (insanitys glare activre: all rpcs within view no longer act as a sane person whould, you are going Insane the longer you are stuck looking or the glare is placed upon you. The target sees things not there, hears voices telling them to do things they dont want to do, and they even smell and feel hands and things touching them, like bugs under the skin) "eat the platter before we just make you do it" the hands on that clock were still spinning each second feeling like a eternity without the sweet need food in one gut. (Aura of gluttony active:same as aura of sin but is aimed at one sin over others. Character feels compelled to be gluttonous and cant help it)

Zanarius clutches at his head, a stiffled and weezing that was supposed to be a laugh merely dropping out of his mouth. He look up at Caliga, and one single motion he points to his heart and makes a cross over it. He would rather die. For all the sin inside of him, for the insanity creeping up into his very being, Zanarius smiles as he slowly losing his mind and his body starts to break down upon itself. He takes his shirt off and suddenly starts using his fingernails to etch words into his very skin before his mind is lost. ‘Give my sword and it’s power to the one you brought back to life.’ He smiles as he curls up on the ground, eyeing the plate with an insatiable hunger. But even in his insanity, Zanarius’s will is that as it always has been, unbroken and towering above all else. His pride stems from his very will, not from arrogance. Sin does not deem a difference, but in truth there is one. Zanarius chuckles evilly, his mind falling apart, and as he stares at Caliga, the words he etched onto his chest clear as day before her, he once again makes the cross sign across his heart.

She moved her hand as the clock hands turned back back to hom breaking down, back to before he was in the little donut on the floor, time being his master as she was, reliveing the moment of carving words into his own flesh. "Pride is beautiful but stupidity is weakness " she said as her gaze was kept on him. This was the end of it all. She was going to trap him in a black room forced to relive this moment for all eternity. Forced to relive him this and not being able to die, never tasteing death here or his body in reality, his body would be in a coma forever lieing from others feeding it, grooming it, pissing and shiting into a pot for the rest of its days the fighter relying on others, living without pride it was a punishment be fitting a crime and messing with her. "In the world there was darkness, darkness birthed light and the sun lay claim to the world. Here you are mortal man the one that thought he had so much due to his bold actions of pride and stupidity. Pitty your pride was once so beautiful"

A New Face

~The rain was just starting to stop and the grey skies began to break as the work crews step off their wagons, axes in hand. Their supervisor and manager knew it was going to play out like usual and doesn't even waste time adding more time to Nanalyns sentence as well as the other girls in her little group. 2 Elves and a human girl aside herself both of the upper class and quite young for their respective races. Katarina, the human kept her hair nice and curled but all could tell she was behind on sleep. She was in for disorderly conduct in a parlour. Javanni was an elf with darker jet black hair and a mole on her cheek chained up for indecent exposure and the the last girl Diella was one was a dishonored and former squire who has neglected service to attend her night parties where the two met. She “Was there when Nanalyn fucked up and spilled all of that shit in the water” as she claims when asked why she had to cut trees. |
Everyone cept the 4 find a tree and start hacking away and as nanalyn and her little group stroll off heads simply shake is disappointment.| Nanalyn: “Look. I promise ill cut some down today! Don’t give me that look.” Katarina: “Wolf duty!” -She calls out to the groups to say she was off to scout ahead for animals or dangers as they press on- Nanalyn: “She’s going to need backup” Javanni: “Bats are dangerous, someone needs to.. Build… Bat-traps. So i'll be collecting wood.” Diella:”I really just don't feel like cutting down trees so… You know.. I’m not going to. You’re welcome to smoke them with us though.”| -They bust out laughing as Diella was in rare form but of course the project supervisor was not amused waving them off as they spew off their usual pardons at this point just not caring that they didnt work and so the 4 stroll on to a nearby lake making chatter along the way- |
-Katarina’s face dawns a grave sincerity as though she were delivering a world warping revelation- “God…” -There is a moment of silence- Nanalyn: “You fuckin serious?” -J’avanni nods before slowly revealing a really well done wooden Caliga carving- Dielle: “Where did you get that thing? It looks like one of those cursed artifacts that fanatics kill babies in front of.” J’avanni: “Funny you mention that. Some freak carved like 60 of these things near a bigger one and I shit you not… there was dried blood still at the altar.” Nanalyn: “Thank you.. I've wanted to say I love you all and without your support idve never quit shoveling in more elvish herb than a barbarian torn in half.” J’avanni: “ You think i'm lying?” Nanalyn: “No! Not at all. I just think your brain is has corroded down to the medulla. It's not a lie if your perception of reality is all fucked up” Katarina: “Yea follow us. You’re going to die.” Dielle: “Holy-...They are dead serious? Alright impress me” |
-They get to walking and Nanalyn swings her axe cutting down flowers and whatever got in her way. One unfortunate injured squirrel falls victim to her swing. She sees how far it goes across the lake. It lands in the boat of a fisher to Nanalyns delight- Nanalyn: “Nailed it!” -She can see the fisherman throw the dead squirrel out of his boat and into the water cursing her from a distance- Dielle: “You have SERIOUS problems …” -Nanalyn shrugs and resumes following farthest behind to an abandoned shack with no door resting her axe behind her head and on her shoulders.- | -Katarina steps over and knocks around wooden Caliga statuettes and it was hard to navigate inside without kicking them around. The main idol sat as a centerpiece to the room. There wasn’t any blood at the altar but it was a very eerie scene as the sun sets and lights become scarce.- Nanalyn: “and some say… he’s still under the floorboards carving statues…” -After mentioning this she scratches the floor with the axe to make the sound.- “J’avanni: “Seriously could you not?... Thank you.” Dielle: “How long do you think it took to carve all of these?” Nanalyn: “Uh probably way to long? Whats her name, what's her price? I wanna pray to get out of this stupid ass sentence.” J’avanni: “I think this one’s the allmother...Soo.. you’d confess your sins to it. I think”
-The girls clear a spot to kneel and jokingly make confessions starting with Katarina- “Oh allmother I bow my head in shame for I have sinned!” Nanalyn: “But what if it likes sin? She looks like the sinful type” -And so katarina corrects- “I lied to my parents, I kicked someone where I shouldn’t have, threw apples at a horse and made fun of the disadvantaged and it was awesome!” Dielle: “This is some creepy shit so im just gonna…” -Dielle makes her exit by cartwheeling out of the door and brisk walking out of there- Nanalyn: “I… well first I don't believe in the gods or any of this so that's a sin. But fuck it right?! I cheated on my beloved with his sister…” -Javanni: “C'mon you know damn well you’ve done more than that.” -This helps Nanaly confess as it started to feel good- “I stole a small fortunes in household appliances, I’ve told many lies.. I harbor racist views... I decapitated a horse! I exposed myself in temples and poisoned a river! Oh gods only know how many I've fucked over. I… self-fornicated to the thought of Katarina crying after her breakup...Murdered my own sister.” this was quieter -Their amusement turns to horror as they started to learn more about their friend. And Nanalyn stands with her eyes closed drawing a deep breath and it was then they knew she wasnt bullshitting. In the glow of confession shed stumble a bit still unable to believe what she had just done- -wide eyed and Horrified Javanni is the first to speak- Javanni: “....Everyone thought.. You… Oh…. I don’t feel so good.” -Eyes still closed Nanalyn starts to block the entrance to the cabin- Katarina: “Can… can we go?” -The fear is palpable having seen what she can do with the axe but Nanalyn started to speak calm- Nanalyn: “Yea I’ll let you go but we need to have a conversation as friends first. I'm not going to hurt you I just need you to know youll be loyal and
honor our friendship in this suddenly darkened hour lest I be forced to show you the light and I don't like that because blood makes me sick but gods dammit i'm not facing a scandal.” -with murder in her eyes she approaches Javani with her axe and backing her to one of the walls with the blade right under her chin and instantly the others eyes shed tears that run down and drip from her chin- Javanni: “Nanalyn please!!” Nanalyn: “Shhhh! Mouth Closed!!!… Close it…. Relax because I haven’t spoken yet… atta girl” -Her voice now is good and calm, very smooth and very clear- “You've heard things you should've heard and that's not your fault. But the fact that there is a risk is a problem.. I don’t do risks not even a 0.01% risk so you vowing me you wont tell..? Well... that's not good enough. We’ve been through a lot together and it does mean something so please.. Don’t end “US” like this... repeat after me. “It was a joke and you are very funny Nanalyn.” J’avanni: -Chokes her words out, shaking and emptying her bladder- “Na-” -Nanalyn cuts her off pressing the blade a little firmer- “Aaah! I don’t recall it starting that way”♪ -At the end of the blade now feeling more endangered she gets it right- “It was a-a joke, you are very funny Nanalyn.” |
-Nanalyn steps back with her head tilted high, eyes casting a superior glare and as it dies down to a warm and friendly smile- “I ever tell you i’m also an actress! Pffft!~ You actually wet yourself!!! Aren’t I good?!” -Katarina half-assed throws the larger statue at Nanalyn and it falls short at her feet. When Nanalyn turns axe in hand Katarina knew a grave mistake was made. She is looking for a way to run as Nanalyn dares her to go for the door- “Got this new trick i've been practicing. I think ill use it now!” -J’avanni wouldn’t allow this and pushes Nanalyn forward and her footsteps on a statuette causing her to slip but the axe goes flying forward clipping Katarinas’ arm almost splitting it. J’avanni quickly helps Kat run and escape the shack and when Nanalyn gets up she busts out in laughter struggling to get footing-
“Run little rabbits! Tell them what you heard… Falling trees in a lonely forest. No one cares, no one’s listening! MY FAMILY OWNS THE LAW!!” -she steps back into the darkness of the cabin as night falls proper. And falls to a kneel, mind a bit hollow and spaced remembering what Dielle said.. About her “problems”-

The room was getting cold, the air was chilling as the smell of Vanila and chives crept into every crack and permeated the air like it was a virus taking over a host. There was the sound of a bell as words whispered from the walls and the shadows "our child, tell us what you feel, why you are deserving of freedom and to be embraced by our wings" the voices were that of many speaking as one, woman, men in other languages but all coming out in commen so the girl chould hear and understand it. It wanted to know, wanted to talk and get to k ow this little one more then it already did. It wanted to know if it was worthy to become one of them or if not be worthy enough to be a disciple and go down to share the darkness on a world it had grown to fansy.

-Nanalyn welcomes the smell of vanilla. It certainly beat the stench the dusty old cabin and the palpable fear that still permiated in the room- "Well.. in the event that I am still reasonable and am not hearing voices in my head like some axe murderer and god IS real i'd like to say I never thought i'd be so relieved to be proven wrong right about now. As you probably saw I was betrayed by those that said they were friends but to be fair. I was a touch harsh and probably... should've.. uh... kept my mouth shut. Grant me wings and ill fly the fuck out of here because there is no way i'm facing what's out there. I have to face those people at work and without the good stuff my friend kat brings." -she shakes her head- "Matter of time before accidents start happening at the work sight im telling you now." Even in this moment between hell and ruin I cant feel a goddamned thing... Ok maybe i'm a little excited but that's what dreams do right? Maybe Kat did bash my brains out and this is.. Sigh and i'm comatose..." -Her hand picks up one of the smaller caliga effigies and runs her finger along it to take in its features for a while. Her pause is broken- "don't want to wake back up. Even if a nightmare awaits id rather lurk the dark forever than face the humiliation of... Well.. All of this."

The feeling of wings around her whould make the hairs on her skin prick up as nothing seemed to be there. The voices whispered of worth and choice but it all seemed garbled other rhen one voice over top of the rest, it sounded Male and it was clear so that mattered most. "You are not worthy as of yet my sweet sinful daughter, but you can be free of this world and help sin grow in another one, your sin is wrath, let your hate for others consume you, know that everyone in due time will as your friends have betray and backstab you, prevent them from doing just that to the innocent souls of the world, leave this world and walk in the next" over a bit away from her the wall changed the stone and wood of the dirty cabin turned into a crystal clear mirror showing a woman dressed in a black gown with silver droplets like rain hanging from little threads along the edges, she had a perfict body all curved and not a single thing out of place. She had a black blindfold that covered her eyes and a light purple glow that covered her body. She was standing behind the girl there in the room. She was only in the mirror there was nothing in the room its self, her wings wrapped around the girl in a tender embrace as she held out a hand. "With us you will have a reason, you will never get left behind or betrayed, for a mother whould never hurt a hair on the head of her prized and treasured daughter. You can stay here and we will love you no less, but come with us and we will give you a task to do, one that will give you a reason to exist and to feel agein"

Nanalyn closes her eyes when the wings wrap her. Feeling things was mostly an alien experiance to her unless that feeling was restlessnes or anxeity things shed handle very porrly because of her impulses. Wanting the quickest flight out shed take whatever hand was offered weather she could see it infront of her or not "The back-stabbing isnt so bad when you consider that rats will so what they think will keep them alive. Doesnt matter where they curry in the maze they will get theirs in the name of science right?. If anything I pitty them more often than not which is to say... not very often at all. ..Wherever youre taking me, I hope the food is better than what they cook in my village. Not that im of any kitchen skill but that doesnt mean I dont have a refined pallet." -She was ready to leave on that note to what she was certain was some sort of afterlife. She did in part wish she had more gold but she had on her more than enough to feel comfortable on the ride atleast*

there was this feeling of tender embrace, love, compaction, understanding, much like a mothers love would feel to one of there children, softly blackness washed over the girl as she was sucked into darkness, but it was not a darkness that was scary, but a darkness that made you feel like you wanted it, trusted it, wanted to just wrap your arms around it and hold it back like it held you. “at the beginning there was darkness, at the end there shall forever be darkness, darkness is now a part of you, you are a child of mine, you have a job in the world you are going to, a reason to exist, go and show people that darkness is the way the truth, that in darkness there is life, there is forgiveness and understanding that in sin there is love and the allowance to let ones inner self rise. Allow yourself to rise my child Nanalyn let your sin seep out of your body, do all you sin for, wrath, lust, greed, envy, sloth, pride, let it all bubble up the sides of your being and make us proud, your job is to bring others to the flock and you will be greatly rewarded. Others will be around you to help you but others will also want to rip you down and doom you, upon this day you are newly made in us, a disciple you are for us, for the mother of darkness for Caliga, we will watch over you and protect you” the voice whispered from the walls, well what might have been walls but really it was all black till it started to fade away. She was in a forest, it was dark but there was what looked like a down in the distance, a castle hidden in the forest

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