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Kinn Law and Traits

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Kinn Absolute Law
Kinn Law and Traits  7727665cc1fa52a1ce7431fe29cef807
“Breaking the laws is a good way, to, get broken,” he said to his child as a raven strand of hair fell in his dirt covered face “but father why would a god have laws, aren't they to love us no matter what?”
“no my son, Caliga does not love us absolute we work for it, we make our lives worth something by working for it, to have a life with no meaning means everything one is to do holds nothing in it, it is like having a water jug with no water it just sits there unable to do what it was made to do. They watch over us and we make there view worth something, the laws are there for a reason, each law is there for a reason, and we will follow it you hear me, we will follow and the darkness will not suck us up and spit us out”

-l-Sins of the Kinn-l-

  • 1. Stupidity
    The top of the list for Sins of The Kinn. The Cardinal Sin of being a Kinn. It’s too bad that stupidity isn’t painful. Ignorance is one thing, but our society thrives increasingly on stupidity. It depends on people going along with whatever they are told. The media promotes a cultivated stupidity as a posture that is not only acceptable but laudable. Kinn must learn to see through the tricks and cannot afford to be stupid.
  • 2. Pretentiousness
    Empty posturing can be most irritating and isn’t applying the cardinal rules of Lesser Magic. On equal footing with stupidity for what keeps the money in circulation these days. Everyone’s made to feel like a big shot, whether they can come up with the goods or not. Back up your pride or don't stand up at all.
  • 3. Solipsism
    Can be very dangerous for Kinn. Projecting your reactions, responses, and sensibilities onto someone who is probably far less attuned than you are. It is the mistake of expecting people to give you the same consideration, courtesy, and respect that you naturally give them. They won’t. Instead, Kinn must strive to apply the dictum of “Do unto others as they do unto you.” It’s work for most of us and requires constant vigilance lest you slip into a comfortable illusion of everyone being like you. As has been said, certain utopias would be ideal in a nation of philosophers, but unfortunately, we are far from that point.
  • 4. Self-deceit
    Another cardinal sin. We must not pay homage to any of the sacred cows presented to us, including the roles we are expected to play ourselves. The only time self-deceit should be entered into is when it’s fun, and with awareness. But then, it’s not self-deceit!
  • 5. Herd Conformity
    That’s obvious from a Kinns stance. It’s all right to conform to a person’s wishes if it ultimately benefits you. But only fools follow along with the herd, letting an impersonal entity dictate to you. The key is to choose a master wisely instead of being enslaved by the whims of the many.
  • 6. Lack of Perspective
    Again, this one can lead to a lot of pain for a Kinn. You must never lose sight of who and what you are, and what a threat you can be, by your very existence. We are making history right now, every day. Always keep the wider historical and social picture in mind. That is an important key to both Lesser and Greater Magic. See the patterns and fit things together as you want the pieces to fall into place. Do not be swayed by herd constraints—know that you are working on another level entirely from the rest of the world.
  • 7. Forgetfulness of Past Orthodoxies
    Be aware that this is one of the keys to brainwashing people into accepting something new and different when in reality it’s something that was once widely accepted but is now presented in a new package. We are expected to rave about the genius of the creator and forget the original. This makes for a disposable society.
  • 8. Counterproductive Pride
    That first word is important. Pride is great up to the point you begin to throw out the baby with the bathwater. The rule of Kinn is: if it works for you, great. When it stops working for you when you’ve painted yourself into a corner and the only way out is to say, I’m sorry, I made a mistake, I wish we could compromise somehow, then don't do it you never want you back yourself up ageist a wall with your own words.
  • 9. Lack of Aesthetics
    This is the physical application of the Balance Factor. Aesthetics is important in Lesser Magic and should be cultivated. It is obvious that no one can collect any money off classical standards of beauty and form most of the time so they are discouraged in a consumer society, but an eye for beauty, for balance, is an essential  Kinn tool and must be applied for greatest magical effectiveness. It’s not what’s supposed to be pleasing—it’s what is. Aesthetics is a personal thing, reflective of one’s own nature, but there are universally pleasing and harmonious configurations that should not be denied.

There are three tiers or branches, which tend to affect the demeanor of the follower/one corrupted Kinn. They are as follows...

"Perceived" in which actions commonly seem evil to those unaware the inner machinations.
"Necessary" the follower all too eager for the dirty work, so long as it serves a greater purpose.
"Absolute" unquestionably self-serving, every action maliciously and meticulously planned for constant self-gain and perpetuation.

Cardinal Laws

  • Do not harm little children or animals as they are Innocent souls
  • Do not Change ones form into a child, it is beneath you.
  • One is never to lay the first blow to another, but one is able to taunt and draw another into placing the first sinful strike, at that point crush the opponent with no mercy. May Wrath Feed Us
  • When walking in open territory, bother no one. If someone bothers you, ask him to stop. If he does not stop, destroy him.
  • No one shall disrespect a Kinn, pride is everything, if a Kinn is disrespected it will do as it sees fit and nothing will stop it
  • If a child or lesser being is in danger a Kinn shall do as it is needed to keep the child or lesser being from harm. Unless that lesser being wants to be harmed then the Kinn shall not stand in the way of such.
  • The Citadel is the most sacred ground
  • Weakness will not be tolerated
  • Make others Embrace Sinn, Corrupt all Worthy who wish it, Destroy the weak

Lesser Kinn Law
"They May be Lesser, But One Can Still Die From Breaking Them" ~Caliga

  • No Kinn can Lie, but All Kinn can evade the truth as they see fit.
  • Do not give opinions or advice unless you are asked.
  • Do not tell your troubles to others unless you are sure they want to hear them.
  • When in another’s lair, show him respect or else do not go there.
  • If a guest in your lair annoys you; treat him cruelly and without mercy.
  • Do not take that which does not belong to you unless it is a burden to the other person and he cries out to be relieved.
    [8]Do not make sexual advances unless you have been given leave to do so
  • Acknowledge the power of magic if you have employed it successfully to obtain your desires. If you deny the power of magic after having called upon it with success, you will lose all you have obtained.
  • Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself.
  • No Kinn can lie for any reason but can avoid the truth or use riddles to mask things
  • No Kinn can take the shape or form of a child of any race
  • No one is to ever disrespect Caliga before a Kinn if seen bloodthirsty as brutal  and bloodthirsty as it wishes
  • Slavery is allowed to all but children and lesser beings of the earth
  • No Kinn shall make the first attack on another, but if the first attack is done upon them Kinn will attack as needed alone or in a group.
  • The Hive Mind is the lifeblood of the Kinn, Remember this
  • Learn your place within the Kinn, if you misstep in your place others can react accordingly
  • All Kinn lands are open combat, Caliga will not step in unless asked to with Caliga will react to depending on the situation
  • Darkness must expand
  • Darkness must take over
  • Find a void and fill it
  • Do not taint the blood with the unworthy

Kinn Law and Traits  Invert10

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Kinn Appearance Traits and Some Personality Traites
As examples they are for ideas on looks, not staples, you may make your look more like you as you see fit but do take in the example ideas as that is why they are there.
A Prime or Caliga at any time can tell you your look does not fit Kinn ways and ask you to change this, do not argue, just do it or place things on your wish list so it can be done at a later date
Cosmetics here matter, rp here matters, aim to be the best of both worlds, we will understand if this is hard, we will help if needed, or give ample time to get looks together and bought.
Lesser Kinn

Defectum, Fail Kinn
Kinn Law and Traits  Fail_k10
- Demon legs
- So many spikes you don't know what to do with self
- can be one or many colors or no colors (cant be purple, can be red or even white)
- too many horns to count
- sometimes has more then one head (if you can do this on an imvu avi would be amazing but not expected on an avi)
- is a hot mess of abstract

No Image For Example as All Are Much Like There Before Changed Selves, VeIndividualual But At the Same Time Changed To make Them More Black Skin Kinn Like.
- Can be Made by Any of the greater kinn other than a shade of sinn
- Rather Bland Darkness look
- Looks a lot like it was before it was corrupted
- No aura or shadow at all
- At most one horn upon its head and even that is rare
- Is slumped over most of the time, like an Egor styles being
- Has dark eyes with no color within them
- has ONLY one set of Eyes unlike other Kinn
- Small in stature has a lacking sense of pride due to being the bottom of the bucket
- Is a slave to its master the kinn that made it, will be on its knees a lot be sure to have a pose pack for your outfit, gorean ap pose packs work well on imvu
- No sense of self is basic as its master makes it, unless facing other races they will have an overinflated sense of pride as it found something it can be greater than for once.

Dire Hound
Kinn Law and Traits  Dire_h11
- Beast animal
- Can be played by any player or used as NPC to help Sinners
- Avatar can be individual but must have "wolf/dog" traits
- DO NOT make them furrys
- can have a human/kinn like shapeshift form but must have wolf/dog traits, example large wolf ears and tail.

Devil birds

Kinn Law and Traits  Deamon10
- Not a playable race by players
- Is a NPC race that looks much like deformed ravens
- Has Black auras

Greater Kinn
All Greater Kinn have
- 2 or more horns on the head
- Ground smoke and eye smoke in their respected color
- Black skin
-black prayer beads will be gifted to the player by Owner
- has 6 sets of eyes (unless this can be found as an imvu item it can be a role play effect does not have t be on the avi)
- All Kinn eyes are purple other than sinners which are red and Harbingers witch have black eyes

Shade of Sinn
Kinn Law and Traits  Shades10
- Can be made by any Greater Kinn
- The lesser of the greater Kinn
- Was made to be such or was a Turpe that was granted this advancement and power upgrade by its master for some reason.
- Has a black or gray Aura and smoke, eyes, ground smoke
- Has no more than 2 sets of horns on its head
- Is tall but not overly tell is smaller of the Kinn, 120 avi scaler

Messorem "Harbinger of souls"
Kinn Law and Traits  Reaper10
- Scale is 13 feet tall 150 scalers on imvu about you can pick around what you want it to be at.
- No Horns, as they Have a Hood Or covering
- Has black eyes but has six of them like all Kinn
- Must have orbs or something to be soules around the body
- Very formal/reaper in style of garb
- Only Kinn that use a weapon actively even if they don't partake in combat unless needed, is more for the aesthetic of "reaper"
- can be any color for aura

Kinn Law and Traits  Sinner10
- respected color is red only Kinn with a spastic respected color as their color is the color of blood and combat - some Kinn are exempted from this depending on their corruption, but this is extremely rare.
- 4 or more pairs of horns on there head no more than 6
- A weapon is optional Kinn don't like weapons as they find they don't need them they just need themselves as a weapon but Sinners, if wanted, can have a weapon depending on the player
- Scale is 13 feet tall 150 scalers on imvu about you can pick around what you want it to be at.

Ursa, Berserker Kinn
Kinn Law and Traits  Fail_k11
-Scale larger then Sinner Slightly 160
-5 or more pairs of horns on the head no more than 6
-Always holds a weapon, uses it often, gives the weapon a name and treats it like it is a part of them
-always and only in red
-is an upgraded larger, buffer, stronger Sinner

Kinn Law and Traits  Oculi10
- 4 pairs of horns on their head
- silver royal garb and lots of silver decor
- flowing cards or something else as a canal to tell the future and see space and time.  also can be a hat or something fortune teller like picked by the individual, examples, cards, a clock, top hat, glowing orbs, crystal ball, other things that means a lot to the individual and can channel there umbrance.
- white eyes has 6 eyes still
- scaler is the same as a Visser 15 feet tall 200 imvu scaler about you can pick what you want it to be around.

Kinn Law and Traits  Vesser10
- large being scaler is 15 feet up to but not going over 18 feet scaler is 200 or more you can pick what one you want around there
-crown of horns 5 pairs or more long drawn out horns to make their crown
-Vatalis tome will be gifted to the player by owner
-black gowns/robes and holy pope like garb
-silver decor and garment add-ons
-black fog or floor smoke od the players choice in color

Kinn Law and Traits  Prime10
-Crown of 6 or more pairs of horns
-Only Kinn able to host a purple glow!!
-Oocly player has to be with the group for over a year
-this rank is given by Caliga and no one other, this rank is not asked for or walked in with it is an honor to have.  

Kinn Law and Traits  Caliga11
- only Anaya plays this, you don't need to worry about it.

What NO Kinn Will Ever Have On There avi
if seen on an avi when rping in a game or rped on a character in a game can get you absorbed back into the Mother Darkness
- Holy Anythings, Kinn cant stand anything holy it annoys higher up greater Kinn like the Prime and Vessers and will harm all other kinn that touch them, and the lesser kinn can't even be around them. Caliga will be very unhappy about this if seen
- Gold, Gold is a gods color, it is to Kinn is viewed as light or holy it is a color representing the Christian god witch to a kinn is pittyful and pathetic to have on there own body, they will only sport silver as it is a slap in the face to biblical tomes and gods
- Another Kinns respected color that is not approved or given example a shade with a red aura this can be seen as trying to look larger then you are/mimicry/impersonating a higher ranking Kinn know your place or it will be shown to you.
- White, Only the Oculi sport this and even on them other Kinn don't like it
- kid styled outfits or looking like a child, to impersonate a child or take the form of a child is seen as a greater crime, a Kinn will be imminent with no warning absorbed back into the Mother Darkness for this.
- looking overly human/humanoid/earthly being, human and others are lesser beings with no value other than to worship Kinn and spread the word of Caliga to others to look overly like one goes against a Kinns Pride this is not in a kinns nature they do not do this.

Kinn Law and Traits  Invert11
See You In The Darkness

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Personality of Kinn
Kinn Law and Traits  A70f1babb5fe79c838cfa4862ffa9668

Kinn are very one-track minded, they care only for themselves and for the advancement of there race they are headstrong and the fighter classes are known for running headfirst into battle when insulted or tempted leaving little to no warnings of there attacks.  Nonfighter classes of Kinn are there for supporting the others or above all spreading the word of Caliga

Loyalty and the bound to Caliga
in the history's as long as time there has ever only been one Kinn to ever break the bound and separate from Caliga, in the time of the first Kinn one known as the Cardinal Sinn was able to snap off from Caliga but this was only due to his being broken from the darkness in the first place and made wrong. A lot of the records of this kinn has been stripped from the record books but Kinn has been improved upon since them. A Kinn's loyalty to Caliga is absolute the greater darkness is within each and every one of them as they came from it in every way. They feed on her as she feeds them.

Kinn Law and Traits  Labed_10

All Kinn are made from Caliga even if they are made by another Kinn, as Caliga is within every Kinn and every Kinn is within Caliga, Caliga is the darkness that without no Kinn would exist, if Caliga was snuffed out all Kinn would die and there would no longer be a place known as Ulon as Ulon its self is made of Caliga as well, everything within the plane of Ulon is made of Caliga.  
Kinn are more than just loyalty bound to Caliga and to the service of there god, they are programmed to be that way, it is a key point in all Kinn's creation to be without question loyal in every way and subserving to the Greater Darkness that made them and gave them a reason to exist. No Kinn can ever rebel, revolt, or go against a direct order from Caliga, they will do any order even if their life is at risk, even if they are up against an enemy that they know they can not beat, their legs have to walk there body's have to move, they can not go against the word of Darkness as darkness will take over them if it needs to.
Caliga can absorb Any Kinn back into its self at any time, what was made can be taken away just as easily.

Loyalty and bound to other Kinn
All Kinn are family to one another, made of the same root they are all branches of the same tree harming or going ageist one of your fellow Kinn is a crime punishable by true death, and a Kinn's own self will scream at it not to do what it is going to do long before it is going to do it. They are programmed not to harm other Kinn in any way and to follow higher ranking Kinn's orders, and if they break from this programming and try to reprogram themselves they will be removed and absorbed, they all know this, so a Kinn harming another Kinn, or backstabbing another Kinn is rare and treated harshly.
Backstabbing and harm to another Kinn include

  • -Taking what is not yours from one of your Kinn, Souls, Trinkets, Trophy's, Hoarded belongings, People, underlings.
  • Asserting dominance were it is is not needed to a higher ranking Kinn
  • Fighting a higher ranking Kinn or a non-combat Kinn
  • Harming belongings or underlings that are not yours
  • Killing belongings or underlings that are not yours
  • Being offensive to another Kinn
  • Insulting other Kinn

A Kinns Pride
All Kinn hold there own pride over all others, as well as there pride of there race and their pride in there god Caliga The Greater Darkness, a Kinn's pride is so great they see themselves no matter the type as godly, and primes are classed as a lesser god beside Caliga its self so they have the greatest pride of all. All greater Kinn pick on the lesser due to there stature as rank plays a large part in the race, Rank and structure run a lot of the Kinn's actions and when one Kinn be it greater or lesser miss steps and does not show proper respect to one of the higher standing Kinn or to above all Caliga there will surely be a Kinn there to hit the miss stepper back down to size or worse take them out of the equation altogether. It is not uncommon for a Kinn to kill and absorbed the other into themselves due to this very argument doing this increases the one absorbing and killings soul count thus upping its power so types such as a Sinner will resort to violence long before they resort to peaceful conversations, but a Kinn like a Vesser will first insult and degrade a lesser before they start violence, but ALL Kinn can be pushed into violence even if they are peaceful and insulting a higher ranking Kinn's pride is one way to push a button you don't want to push.

Ranking and Kinns Personality's
much stated in the pride segment, Rank is a key point in Kinn society, their whole worlds revolve around spreading the darkness and Caligas word/influence and moving up in the ranks to one day become a Prime, Ranking goes as follows

  • Caliga
  • First Born Prime
  • Prime
  • Evincar
  • First Born Vesser
  • High Vesser
  • Vesser
  • Greater Ursa
  • Ursa
  • The Glass Eye
  • First Born Occuli
  • Occuli
  • First Born/High Sinner
  • Sinner
  • Marshal Shade/First Born Shade
  • Shade of Sinn
  • Defectum
  • All Other Lesser Kinn


It is its own Rank, the Messorem can be at a high rank as low as a lesser Kinn or at a rank as high as Caliga its self, Messorem's hold a impotent place in Kinn society they hold a symbiotic relationship with one other partner Kinn which they collect and harvest soul's for, as well as manage a Kinn's soul pool so it does not have to do it its self.  If a Messorem was made and connected to a sinner it holds the same rank as such, but if it is connected to a prime it will hold the same rank as it. As well a Messorem can switch its partner if one of its partners is killed in the outside world or it is killed by another Kinn and absorbed back into the greater darkness, thus upgrading its self in another fashion.

Rank is as listed there, this rank will never change, the only thing that will change is the rank a Kinn earns, rearing a higher rank is one of the key points of what a Kinn wants. All Kinn want to gain prime Ranking as that brings them closer to Caliga and higher and stronger then the other Kinn, To be able to gain rank they must

  • Spread the word of Caliga to other places
  • Plant idols or Sinn trees in other places
  • Corrupt others from other races and bring them into Kinn
  • Praise and worship to Caliga
  • Loyalty and obedience to Caliga and the Primes
  • Praise Caliga (kiss ass)
  • Please other Kinn to gain favour (kiss ass)
  • Please the Prime (kiss ass)
  • Work on bettering the Kinn's race and blood lines (put in out of game work on the study of Kinn, submit new ideas and text on things that can be added to Kinn, this must be approved by ownership and only ownership, Anaya)
  •  Kill and bring in souls (killing players validly with logs, witch need to be approved by a prime or Caliga to count. One real player life =100 souls into the soul pool into the planet, this can be given to a Kinn's stature once they advance in rank)
  • Weeding out the weakness within Kinn, if another Kinn is seen as unworthy and taints the blood and Caliga or a Prime places that this Kinn is such if a fellow Kinn can take up the mark and clean the slate of that weakness and that Stain upon Kinn.
  • Service to Caliga and the Primes

In doing what is listed above any Kinn can go up in rank and aim for the status as prime as that is as high as a Kinn can be in there society, and at that point, they gain a treasure all Kinn do not have till they get there, Freewill. When a Kinn gets to Prime they are blessed from Caliga to have freewill placed within them, even if at anytime Caliga can take that back as what is given can be taken away, they still get it as they have shown they are worth being given prime and have shown there worth in the name of Kinn.

Kinn Law and Traits  White_12

Kinn Law and Traits  Crush_10
“What do you know about dragons?”
“They're big, scaly, four-legged creatures with wings who terrorized small villages until a virgin was offered up as a sacrifice.”
She grinned again. “I do miss the virgins.”
Kinn Law and Traits  White_12

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Updated on 02.10.2018 added segments on
- more detail on traits/looked over and updated traits
- added new kinns
- Ursa
- Messorem
- Dire Hound
- Defectum, Fail Kinn

-Added images for kinns as examples for traits
-Added the whole segment on personality for the Kinn
-Added details on how Rank works


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