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-Campaign- Hunting Us Some Hunters (Difficulty Scales To Players)

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-Campaign- Hunting Us Some Hunters (Difficulty Scales To Players)  38343_1263877200

Long ago there were dragons, so many dragons, dragons as far as the eyes could see, they roamed and ruled both the sky and the lands, they terrorized man and beast and also some made lives worth living to help out man to make the world a better place. Dragons were as conman as dogs were some even got taken in by humans as a sort of house guard, able to protect their people better than any normal guard, some humans even made grand bounds with there dragons and rode them in the sky.

But to every smile there comes tears, and dragons did not rule the world forever, days got darker as they started to be hunted for there hide, claw, teeth, heads and bone, man believed that dragons were a beast made for being hunted, and many sported this due to some dragons nasty temperaments. Farmers helped in flooding the hunters with dragon locations as dragons took not only their sheep but their children and burned down there fields, but when the darker tempered dragons were all gone or at least thought to be all gone or pushed into hiding there was only light sided dragons left to a rage and greed filled world, and the green outshined the rage, man would not let them rest in peace by far and the hunters kept finding them and killing them no matter if they would fight or not.

Adults and hatchings alike were slaughtered, the numbers of dragons fell down into just the hundreds before the dragons that were left made the choice to go into hiding was hundreds of years later that some of the stronger ones started to take back the world and make their footprint in the world again.

But with fighting for one another, dragons have never been able to come back as it was before, and hunters still exist, but they are no longer fulled by the greed of man as much anymore, and the larger dragons that own lands now set up bounties for there heads. To take the bounty's speak to any ruling dragon or kingdom ownership, and surely, they will have locations of hunters hideouts for you to go find.

This campaigns difficulty can range from easy to extreme depending on strength and group of players, the difficulty will scale to players

-Campaign- Hunting Us Some Hunters (Difficulty Scales To Players)  White_12

-Campaign- Hunting Us Some Hunters (Difficulty Scales To Players)  Crush_10
“What do you know about dragons?”
“They're big, scaly, four-legged creatures with wings who terrorized small villages until a virgin was offered up as a sacrifice.”
She grinned again. “I do miss the virgins.”
-Campaign- Hunting Us Some Hunters (Difficulty Scales To Players)  White_12

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