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-Campaign- Dealing with a Sick Werewolf

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NPC cards:

Elite Guards:

-Campaign- Dealing with a Sick Werewolf Wolf10
Name: they don't not hold names they only hold numbers, ones seen on this campaign are numbered 5 and 6
Speed: 30 feet
Armor: heavy plate on top mithril chain shirt, under, Steed Shield on back
Level: 10
Not Aggressive
Difficulty in combat: Very hard

Shapechanger: The werewolf  lord can use its action to Polymorph into a wolf-humanoid hybrid or into a wolf
Keen Hearing and Smell:
Multiattack (Humanoid or Hybrid Form Only): The werewolf lord makes two attacks one with its bite and one with its claws or spear.
Bite (Wolf or Hybrid Form Only): piercing damage. If the target is a humanoid, it may get cursed with werewolf lycanthropy.
Claws (Hybrid Form Only):
Spear: Melee or Ranged Weapon Attack: do to cause heavy damage upon contact.
Alternate Form: A werewolf lord can assume a bipedal hybrid form or the form of a dire wolf.
Curse of Lycanthropy: Any humanoid or giant hit by a werewolf lord’s bite attack may contract lycanthropy. a dice will be rolled to determine this. 
Trip: A werewolf lord in dire wolf form that hits with a bite attack can attempt to trip the opponent as a free action without making a touch attack or provoking an attack of opportunity. If the attempt fails, the opponent cannot react to trip the werewolf lord.
Wolf Empathy: Communicate with wolves and dire wolves

Vampire blade of life drain:
Each hit to an opponent deals med to heavy damage but also healed the holder of the weapon taking life from another to give life back to the holder.  the weapon also grants holder with one death ward per day, death wards do not stack with one another once death ward is used it can not be gained again for another days time.

Sick Werewolf:

-Campaign- Dealing with a Sick Werewolf Giphy
Name: None
Speed: 30 feet
Armor: None only natural armor against blunt weapons
Level: 3
Very Aggressive
Difficulty in combat: Medium

Shapechanger: The werewolf  lord can use its action to Polymorph into a wolf-humanoid hybrid or into a wolf
Keen Hearing and Smell:
Multiattack (Humanoid or Hybrid Form Only): The werewolf lord makes two attacks one with its bite and one with its claws or spear.
Bite (Wolf or Hybrid Form Only): piercing damage. If the target is a humanoid, it may get cursed with werewolf lycanthropy.
Claws (Hybrid Form Only):
Curse of Lycanthropy: Any humanoid or giant hit by a werewolf lord’s bite attack may contract lycanthropy. a dice will be rolled to determine this. 
Wolf Empathy: Communicate with wolves and dire wolves

hahaha not telling, figure it out after done campaign, will fill in once the campaign is closed

Old Man Mopper:

-Campaign- Dealing with a Sick Werewolf Wolf11
Name: Edger
Race: human
Job: Floor Cleaner Slave
Difficulty in combat: very easy
Grumpy but most of the time is trying to stay helpful and happy
No Abilities
He has a broom to fight with

for weeks there has been this banging non stop down in the castle catacombs. with no luck in finding anyone willing to volunteer to do it the queen has resorted to sending someone without there choice in the matter to go down there to handle the problem. a book will be given to aid in this task but Anaya will not inform the player of any of the details, she will give the book and walk away. 
Tasks player has to do

  • Go down to the dungeon cells and find out what is doing the banging
  • Find out why the banging is happening
  • Find out what happened to one of the missing slaves 
  • Get the tools needed to solve the problem down there without being allowed to go back up
  • Three hours in-game time limit to do this.
  • Don't die

Looting is allowed on this campaign, loot will be stated if the player is around it and player can seek out loot which will be stated if and when found.

-Campaign- Dealing with a Sick Werewolf ForthrightFlawedCurassow-small

-Campaign- Dealing with a Sick Werewolf White_12

-Campaign- Dealing with a Sick Werewolf Crush_10
“What do you know about dragons?”
“They're big, scaly, four-legged creatures with wings who terrorized small villages until a virgin was offered up as a sacrifice.”
She grinned again. “I do miss the virgins.”
-Campaign- Dealing with a Sick Werewolf White_12


Campaign started by ingavor on 12.12.2018
Compleated on 18.12.2018

-Campaign- Dealing with a Sick Werewolf Kurosh10

Completed Log of Campaign:

As soon as he closed the door, he almost bumped into the guard he had sent to grab a plate of food and medical supplies. "Sir! I've grabbed all you'he asked." Ingavor shook his head. "Just leave the supplies on the table and give the Fox woman the food. You brought her a fork, correct?" The guard nodded and bowed his head. "Yes sir. I'll go do that right now." Iggy then turned and started walking down the hall, while opening the book Anaya gave him, trying to get a head start on his mission. "How to deal with a sick werewolf." Iggy read out loud. "Oh goodness." The guard knocked and entered the library to see a feline woman, the queen , and the fox woman from earlier. "Oh, your Grace!" The guard bowed his head and placed the plate of food and fork down in front of Roxy. "From Sir Ingavor." He then turned and walked out the door, trying not to draw attention away from the queen. Ingavor sighed as he made his way toward the catacombs entrance. He noted two guards standing by the door way. "I have orders from queen Anaya to clean and tidy the catacombs." He looked between the two of them. "Let me pass."

There were two guards at the door way, it was a large door well placed out of the way on one of the side hall ways it was made of wood and what seemed like very strong iron boneing, it was a door clearly unable to be kicked down and the guards stationed here were stronger then he other castle guards "papers of reason for passing" the one guard said boldly and with a strong voice under his black helmet. Yellow eyes looked out the helmet slit and there seemed to be fur on the males legs with large paw shaped boots on his feet. He griped the hilt of the blade on his belt and a slight red glow came from the sheath as he lifted the blade only a intch up just to say if you try anything I will run you.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose
Ingavor was immediately annoyed. "The queen told me she would inform you, I was only given this book and my task." He held up the book in his hand. "Honestly, what am I going to try? You think I want to spend my free time cleaning the catacombs?" Ingavor looked between the two of them. He could easily take them out with just his skill alone, but he decided to just let them be. He shook his head. "The queen said that you would already be informed when I showed up. Now if you want to deny me access so I can do my job, I can run back to the queen and tell her that two elite guards refused to let me do my job." Ingavor crossed his arms, unflinchingly. "It's up to you gentlemen."

The guards did not seem to shift, ingavor had clearly missed the fact he had left the library leaving Anaya no time to inform the guards of the task she had given him. And the guards had not gotten anything from the queen regarding it other rhen a guy would show up. The yellowed eyes guards looked at the small butler and the one gave a deep grunted laugh. "Fine butler the distressed prisoner is in the east wing of the cells help him how you see fit one of us will get you in three hours, you have that amount of time" the males voice was deep and sounded like as talking he was gritting teeth together under the helmet. The other guard moved unlocking the door and opening it. It led to a long stair way that went down to a round room with a couple doors all.marked with header signs with jagged print. Hold, Prison, Slave Quarters, Dead End, Alcamy Lab and Holding. Then one that did not have a sign a top it or lights down the tunnel.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose
Butler. They had to call him a butler. One day, when his power grew, he would make them pay, immensely for their insult. "Thank you, Gentleman." He mumbled. He moved passed them, through the doors and looked around at the signs. He closed the huge doors behind himself, and read them close. "Slave quarters." He mumbled. He blinked a few times and growled under his breath. How could the queen condone this? He sighed and began walking toward the cells, while opening his book. "A werewolf?! It had to be a werewolf." He stood outside the doors and sighed, reading to himself. He noticed the word "salt" a lot, but kept reading as quick as possible, yet sucked up as much information as he could. He pushed the doors open and raised a brow. He noticed rows of cells and prisoners with out stretching arms through the bars. His eyes shifted from person to person, smacking hands away that grasped at him. "No. Shoo." He finally got to the far east cell, as directed. "Hello?" He stopped a few feet away from the cell door, as to not be attacked through the bars.

Before him once he entered the hall way down to the funnel that led to the castles underground max prison along the east side was large cells with glowing blue bars and a slight hum sound coming from it. Then there was a door with a sign Large Cells and then more cells with that blue glow and hum alot rhe remainder of the wall. The other side had normal cells some with still flesh on them dead body others with some bones. One had a old scraggly man with a broom cleaning out a dead body. One of them had a couple sets of clothing and what seemed like a little box with a small lock on it. And a couple of them had livening thin scrony people in them. The iron castles cells were not called the starving pits for nothing and you chould see and smell how they got there nick name. Farther down you chould hear banging loud banging comely from one of the cells in the dark. There was the body of a girl on the floor she smelled of rotten skin but her skin looked pink and still warm. But on her chest as her farmers were ripped open exposing her whole torso she had what looked like small bark like hard misshapen scales that covered her down to one of her arms that was severed off intierly. She had slash mark's across her gut, buttocks, legs and face and there was blood all over the place nothing had been cleaned. Inside the cell was a werewolf thin and losing fur. He was clearly Male and naked but covered in fur, he was frothing at the mouth and his yellow eyes were blood shot with massive pupils. He was smashing his whole body into the cell wall. One of his arms were broken and hanging, there was blood all over the side of the cell and all over his fur. He was invaded and thrashing and making alot of noise clearly this was the cause of the sound.
The book that ingavor has reads much of the flowing about dealing with sick animals, much of the book talk on restraining the wolf man so it does not harm anyone, it talks about silver being the weakness of sutch inhuman animals and how if a limb is severed to use salt to burn the wound closed to stop bleeding. It also talks about wolf men becoming sick and for fhe first thing to do is find out the sickness but it DOES NOT list any sicknesses, that must be in some other book but it does tell you proper practices on how to restrain a fighting animal and to use silver cord not Rope due to the strange of wolf men

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose
Ingavor tried not to look at the dead and decaying bodies, yet, his eye line slipped and he looked up from his book. For a solid second, he was back on the battlefeild, and he saw the carnage laying everywhere. He could smell the debris burning in the town, long with the smell of burning skin and blood. Ingavor blinked, shaken by a loud bang caused by the werewolf. He was making eye contact with the mutilated girl. Her eyes had gone pale and grey, having no iris color left in her face. Ingavor felt compassion for the creature. He did not know what led her to this situation, but he felt for her. The werewolf was weak and injured. Ingavor could use all of his might to restrain it, but he needed silver to keep him tied down. "Easy, big guy." Ingavor narrowed his eyes at the creature. "I'm a friend. I am here to help. Although you look like you don't care. Or can't. " Ingavor stroked his chin, looking around the cells. "I need salt, a silver cord, and a whole bunch of luck." Ingavor began walking away from the cells and back towards the exit to collect supplies. "I'm not going to charge into a ravenous creature's cage without the proper tools. Surely Anaya can't possibly thing I'm that stupid." He passed the cell of the man sweeping the dead body with a broom. "Evening." The man growled and snarled at him. "You smell of feces, urine and unlucky fate." Ingavor furrowed his brow and kept walking until reaching the big catacomb doors. He knocked and shouted to the guards on the other side. "Hey, sir! I am in need of some things to complete this job. Can you please open up?"

when Ingavor talked to the wolf there was a flicker in its eye like it could hear him and it paused only for a second before smashing its body ageist the cell walls still over and over, as blood driped down its arm moving the fur slightly to the side, the blood seemed to roll over something on the beasts arm not whatever it was the fur was hiding the most of it. Blood dripped into the puddle that was forming on the floor. As he went back to the stairs the doors were sacred and locked, he banged on them to hear nothing at first, then he got yelled at from the other side of the door “everything you need is down there, you have two and a half hours left, doors don't open till then! Get your job done butler!” the guards then banged back on the doors and he could hear laughing from them on the other side. Then it went back to silence, at the bottom of the stairs you could see that old man with his broom down there “what ya looken for son, i know be there most things down here he stood there with his trusted mop on his hip as he leaned on it to help support his little skinny legs, he had that normal dirty garb on a steel collar and nothing else not even shoes, and he smelled bad at Ingavor already noticed.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose
Ingavor cursed under his breath at them. He knew now who was shedding all over the halls. He grumbled until seeing the old man and with a bow, he made his way toward him. "Goodness sir. Hello! My name is Ingavor and I'm trying to find salt, a silver cord, and different types of medical supplies. The queen wants me to help to fellow bashing his body into the wall. I feel awful for the creature." He scratched his own head. "Any idea where I can find the things I need to help him?" He looked the old man up and down. "Oh my. You poor man!" He took off his boots and placed them down at the old man's feet. "You seem like you do a lot of cleaning down here and I appreciate that. Take my boots. They will keep you warm and protected down here..." Ingavor then paused, realising that Anaya had all these slaves down here. He's never seen this area in all his years of working for the Iron, and he slowly started feeling disgust for the queen. For the first time, he had some sort of hate in his heart for his Savior. He bowed again, 2 feet away from the old man. "I'm sorry. What's your name, my friend?"

The old man held to his broom and smiled at the offer of new shoes, he would most likely get them stolen by the others but he would enjoy them walk they would last. "Oh the wolf yesums he is a sick puppy that one you know he got all locked up for killing some farmers cattle and daughter, don't feel sorry for that one he gonna starve down here and rot into the dirt in no time. Silver eh well cheak slave quarters they may have some from old necklaces girly things yup. May help ya only real place down here to get ya much. Oh can cheak the hold but that area is off limits by everyone big dragon door keeps people out. But yes yes try slave beds they may have some stuffs there"
The old man with a smile taped his broom on the ground and stepped into his new shoes, they were a tad big on his scrawny feet but he did not care. He moved with them and swept the floor a little to get his feet used to having shoes "you know In all me years never owned dem feet covers nope"

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose
He smiled, realizing that the old man probably wasn't playing with a full deck of cards upstairs. He felt a bit of joy as the man hopped into his boots and started sweeping. "Thank you mister. I appreciate it. I hope those boots serve you well." He bowed once more and started making his was back to the round room, then toward the slave quarters. His feet were wrapped in leather so that if he were on his feet all day, he wouldn't get blisters and callouses. He walked along the floor, once again studying the book as quick as possible. He thought of what the old man said, how the werewolf killed a farmer's daughter, and cattle. Perhaps when Ingavor restrained the beast, he would use his scythe to kill the creature. He felt that putting the creature out of his misery was better than him dying of starvation alone, mad, deranged and in pain. Then again, perhaps Anaya wanted him cured. It looked like rabies but he wasn't sure. All he knew was he had to restrain the beast and stop the noise. He finally made it to the slave doors and pushed them open.

When going into the slave area there was a good 20 or so people woman children and men, of all different ages one couple of children were playing with blocks on the floor, some woman were talking to escher there was a man at the back eating what seemed like soup and all looked somewhat healthy but in rag clothing all with sreel collars. When the door opened and ingavor walked in they all looked at him. Then one older woman about 35 looking with a little bit of a belly and a bright silver necklace that hung just in between her breasts walked forword " hi there and how can we help you down here l, we dont have much but there is some soup leftover"

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose
Ingavor didn't expect that many slaves in one place and slowly he started to feel his stomach turn. Women, children, strong able bodied men, all suffering and working until death. He felt tears well up in his eyes until he saw all eyes on them. Anger boiled in his blood for Anaya. How dare she do this. To children nonetheless. He rubbed his eyes, making sure water wasn't visible to any of them when he looked them in the face. He scanned the children, then the gentleman eating in the back, then the woman who made her way to him. "Oh hello!" She spoke about him needing help. "Yes. There is a sick creature who needs my help. I need to make a silver cord long enough to restrain him and cure him or-...." he didn't want to kill anyone but that was always an option if the werewolf was not going to be able to be helped. "I'm sorry. I just didn't expect there to many." He looked around the room. Then she offered him soup and his heart broke. These people had nothing, and yet offered him help and a meal. As did the old man sweeping. Everyone was just happy to be alive. Ingavor held his head to the floor, before looking back up at the woman. "My name is Ingavor Daggerbane. You can call me Iggy. You lot are?"

The woman chould see the look in the man's eyes, she had seen it by others that came down here pity and pain for the state. She gave a smile and nodded looking back at one of the small girls on the floor playing with her blocks "go get the silver cord little one from the back room it will be rusted but it is silver under the rust should work I think, and do some cleaning if you want it shiny." The girl made a sort of i dont wana face b8t got up and did as asked leavening to go into the back closet to get what was asked for. The womans eyes went back to ingavor "the look in your eyes be of pain to do with us, but we are well fed and even at times get payed in better meals and outings, there was more of us but some have vanished witch is normal but new will come and take there place, is the way of life death is. " she nodded softly as she looked the Male up and down "and some of fhe others are out working, there are about forty of us down here may be more or little less but alot are out working. And yes yes that wolf man looked mighty sick, ya might have to kill it I you can but it is strong I hear, he used to be so nice to the kids would play with the poor thing threw the bars and sneak him food, I think they called him Chester for fun, but the girls know it best and that was before he got sick"

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose
He gave a small, respectful nod. "Thank you. I can clean that. If there is one thing I can do, it is clean." He looked down and sighed. Listening to her mention her life and the children playing with the wolf man before he got sick. Then she said that he should kill him. Chester? He liked it. If he were a deranged Woodman, he'd like a name."You are optimistic. I respect that. You seem like you take care of each other. Thank you, truly for your help. I'm on a time limit, but if there is anything at all that I can do to even start to repay your kindness, please let me know what I can do. Maybe I can ask the girl questions about him?" He felt awful, even though he assured him they were fine. He smiled briefly and waited for the girl to come back with the cord. He knew what he was gonna do. If he couldn't appeal to the creature that was. "I think he has rabies. He has the look of it. The bloodshot frantic eyes. The frothing mouth and violence. I don't want to kill...Chester but if it needs to be done, I'll do it for his sake."

the lady nodded her head and then shock her head side to side when he said that he thought Chester had rabies "nope he never did like rats , would kill everyone of them that went near him, and rabies don't give him bumps on the skin, his one arm is all bumpy like something under the fur but he wont let ya see it, wolf rage is a nasty thing, poor beast is scared" as she talked from behind her the girl came out with a long about ten foot silver cord covered top to bottom with rust that stained the girls hands orange aswell as made a mess of her ratty garb "oh nanna you taken about Chester, yup he sick, it sad he Gots the bumps like Nilla did, she was dead girl on the ground he ripped her arm off and eats it, got sick she had. but heres mister you card, are you gona make him all better then maybe make him free, we can play ball more if there are no bars in the way!" she looked so happy with that spark of joy in her little green hues, hger red hair floped on her shoulders as she looked up at him dirt spots on her neck as she handed up the cord.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose
Ingavor listened to the woman speak and took mental note of the disease. He wondered what it could possibly be. He had never heard of lumps like that. His eyes lit up when the rather joyous child came back and called the woman Nanna. Ingavor took the cord in black gloves hands and smiled politely. "I'm going to try my best, young madam. I don't know how much help I can be to him. " He frowned wondering how he was going to get close enough to the creature, but he thought about how the grandmother said the children fed him through the bars. Perhaps he could use his power to restrain him with the cord, but that would take great skill and timing. He looked to the women and all the other slaves. "Thank you. All of you. You are all so kind. " he kneeled down to the little girl. "Young Madam, can you tell me anything else about him that may get me to be able to help him. I want to know all that I can." While they talked, he took his hankerchief out of his pocket and started cleaning the cord from rust, while at the same time, using his telekinetic aura to wrap around it. The rust particles started to lift off the silver, while the silk cloth made the cord shine once more. He repeated the process until the entire cord shined like it was freshly made from the smelter.

the little girl got all happy, oh joy someone was talking to me she thought to herself as she smiled brightly and with a plop sat down on the ground ready to make it sound like the bestest story ever. "ok well Chester told me that was not his name, but he hated his name so he be Chester now. he said he hugged a family to hard and then people got mad at him for it, and i don't know why i hug people hard all the time but he is bigger then me so he hugged much much harder, but he said hus hugging was not his faulty he just could not help it and he had to do it to them. but then they locked him up down here cus normal cells are to weak he said and he can get out and they wanted to make sure he could not hug and love more people. so he became my friend and i really likes him and he is super nice, but then my other friend wanted to be friends with him to and she was mean, she hit me when the game did not go her way so Chester got mag and he ripped her arm off and seeing he had not eaten much dat day he ate it, but she had the skin bumps and skin bumps can be passed from person to person and it is deadly if not fixed and stuffs, but i don't know how to fix it, it is said there is a powder stuffs that go on but i don't know, she had it under control but she is dead now and now he has the skin bumps, and he gone crazy wanting to get rid of the skin bump he
ripped out lots of fur to try to rip bumps off but it just makes bumps worstest. i try to help him but he just yell at me not to touch him. so you know what i been doing i been siting with him in frount of his bars and reading him story's from my night night books and it calms him right down and he stops smashing on the walls like animal. me and my friend that gone Nina were his friends but Nina been gone long time been like, thirty hundred moons now" she was big time exaggerating and the woman beside her messed up the girls hair and piped in "just thirty moons my dear" she said softly as the girl looked at her with a little wrinkled nose "NO it was thirty hundered moons, it my story" the girl chuckled and went right back at her story "yup was thirty hundered moons now she been gone, if you find her can you tell her flower says hi. and you gona make Chester better right mister? got to promise ya will yes" she held out her little pinky to him "pinky promise"

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose
Ingavor frowned listening to the story. Chester was a murderer and a manipulative one at that. He took advantage of the children and that was not okay. She spoke of Nina and Chester and powder and hundreds of moons. Kneeling in front of her, he placed the cord in his spelling, which acted as a never ending pocket, as well as good reading material. "I'll do what I can. I'll make him better. One way or another. " he locked his pinky around hers. If he killed Chester, he would be making him better. For in Iggy's eyes, a dead murderer was better than a sick, deranged murderer. Ingavor slowly rose and looked between the girl and the women. "I think I have All I need. Thank you again. Wish me luck." Iggy turned and walked out the door, shutting it behind himself. He quickly made his way down the hall toward the cells again, and pushed the doors open. He kept his pace until he reached the dead girl, and Chester. He looked through the bars at the beast and once again pulled out his spellbook. Only this time he reached in and pulled out a large, black, thorned scythe that shimmered with a titanium, long, thin, sharp blade. About 6 and a half feet long. Give or take a few inches, with the blade reaching out almost 3 feet. He then pulled his coin purse out and reached his hand into the bag, pulling out all of his silver. Every piece. He still had gold so, what was the problem? He cared little for money anyway. He kneeled in the middle of the floor, between the cells, out of reach, and started lining his scythe blade in his sliver coins. Then, he placed a hand on his blade, and used his aura to to push to coins to the metal. He used his power like a giant press, giving off large amounts of energy as he did so, until his telekinetic ability had melded the silver to his blade, with a few odd bumps sticking out.
Using the pole of his scythe, he pushed himself to his feet and pulled the cord out of the book with his free, left hand, while his right held the scythe. "Chester." Ingavor said in a stern, loud voice. There was a hint of sympathy. It had to be done. "Calm down. I'm a friend." He narrowed his eyes and took one small step forward, slinging the cord around his shoulder, and gripping his scythe in two hands.

At this point the werewolf had ripped and clawed most of the fur off his arm. You chould clearly see the bumps that covered his arms and even went up to his shoulder, the black bark like scales had puss around the edges and it looks really infected and it face off a vile smell of just rot and illness. As he saw the man and saw the silver his red blood shot yellow eyes turned to face ingavor. There was still bars between them so in reality ingavor was still safe unless he was going to make the choice to open the cell and dance with the wolf that held a contagious unknown sickness. When the man said his name he paused a second a glimmer of thought in his eyes like something was there. Something that knew its name, something that knew the little girl. But then that something faded away and Chester lunged for the bars his arms reaching out to grab onto anything within range. He trashed his arms around clawing at the Ir and growling loudly and snorting, and frothing spit flying from its maw. It was like it was screaming no, screaming no and a name starting with N but that was all you chould make out at best.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose
Ingavor stared blankly at the beast, then his arm. He took mental note, stroking his chin inquisitively, yet stood back as to not become Chester's dinner. Watching the beast thrash hopelessly, he started wrapping his telekinetic aura around the silver cord. "Chester. Listen to me. You're not well. A little girl said that you were her friend. You and a woman named Nina." He dropped the cord at his own feet, and pulled his scarf up over his mouth to not get blood or spit on his face, not to mention, it covered the smell. He kept using the beasts name, he stepped close, a few feet from the beasts reach. "Chester! Listen to me. I want to help you." The cord slowly began to move around Ingavors pant leg, almost like a snake, yet Ingavor was in control of it fully. He was calm and collected, even as the werewolf tried with all its power to tear through the bars and rip his head off. The little girl mentioned a woman named Nina who had lived some time ago. Perhaps he could find out where she disappeared to. He could explore a little longer and find a cure, possibly. Then again, he could just fight the beast now and be done with it. Ingavor growled and shook his head. That wouldn't cure Chester of being a blatant murderer, he thought. Ingavor held his scythe close, while his spell book hung from his belt, and the cord stayed firmly to his leg. "I'll be back Chester." He turned and ran back down, to the main room, skidding to a stop on his heels. He looked at the door signs and stopped at the alchemy labs. He figured if he could find a cure, he would have luck there. And with that, he pushed open the door. "Hello?!"

walking into the alchemy lab the smell of chemicals and dead things hit the nose like a bag of bricks. the room was a mess papers flung all over bottles and beackers made of glass some smashed on the floor were all over and there was small paw prints on the ground like a large dog had stepped in mud and was walking around. but the room was empty from the looks of it, other then the foot prints it seemed like no one had been here in at least two weeks. there were bottles with many labels along the wall, some marked poison some marked cure for such and such and then there at the end marked a bottle that read cure for black scale, then in small print under it said "the bumps" the bottle had black liquid inside that held a glitter to it as it moved around on its own inside the bottle. if ingavor would have walked in to go get this bottle or check out the rest of the lap, he would start hearing animal like screaming and crying, and one small snoring sound. from the back in the darkness, it was very dark and without taking a light source not much could be seen but a lot could be heard

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose
Ingavor opened the door and smelled a rather fowl smelling oder that clung to his nostrils like a babe to its mother. He gagged behind his makeshift mask and stepped in only to see the paw print, through the light in the doorway. He then heard the screaming, scythe in hand, turn around and shut the door. "Nope." He shook his head and growled low, as his feet started walking back toward the cells. Judging by the smells, the debris and the screaming, as well as the print he saw, he wasn't going to tangle with two beasts in one day. To messy. Perhaps Anaya would let him come down later to investigate, but as of right now, he had a time limit. Chester was a monster, even without the sickness. Without the fur and claws and teeth. He was a sick man. He knew that he had to work quick, or else he wouldn't get his job done. Which never happened to Iggy before. He looked at the floor and sighed, even as he walked fast to the cells and thought of the slave. He would cook extra food. He was the one who made sure that the slaves got fed anyhow. It was the least he could do.
. He looked down at his silver coated scythe and knew that he could only truly do one thing. Even if he cured Chester, he was still a murderer and he wouldn't stop. He had met lycans who could keep their calm before, but never a psychopath like Chester. Judging by everyone's reactions of him, he was doing the world a favor. He would break the little girls heart, but he would ultimately save her life. Chester would kill her one day, like he did that other girl. Ingavor once again made his way back to Chester's cell. He held his scythe's blade to the floor, standing far from his cell, out of reach from the beast. "Chester. As royal hand to the DeLaRose Empire and servant to Queen Anaya, I, Ingavor Daggerbane, sentence you to Death for your crimes." Likely, if Chester heard him, he would just run and thrash at Ingavor like before. Chester was in pain, he told himself. The beast needed this. Ingavor held the pole firmly, as he raised the blade of his weapon to point forward, facing the cell while he eyed the feral being down. Ingavor narrowed his eyes, slowly feeling his telekinetic aura charge up, the silver cord still wrapped around his leg.

as he left the alchemical room there was a little voice in the background after he had already walked away "friend?" it called out in such a small voice then went back to sleep the light snoring sounds continuing. back at Chester's cell Chester had gone and ripped his one arm almost all the way off, the bone was jutting out the one side and the wolf was screaming loudly there was blood and fur all over the floor and gobs of froth from the panting monsters now white lipped maw. as it turned its body that limp arm hung in the air, it was so ratty now it hardly looked like it was once human its humanity was clearly a thing of the past now it was just broken, a broken image of what once was a wolf man now turned into rabid beast in a cage. Chester lunged forward just as he did before his good arm sticking threw the bars the one arm trying to but only flopping at his side as he snarled and bit at the bars with his massive teeth, froth being spat out onto the floor and anything within range. in his growling and biting it was like he was trying to talk, some of his growls sounded a lot like saying help me.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose
Ingavor watched the beast intently, almost. ALMOST feeling bad for him, but he stared unflinching. He watched the arm flop uselessly at Chester's side and shook his head. "No one can help you. The Gods can't save you. No one can." Ingavor began to spin his scythe quickly, twirling it behind his back with a quick turn he swing the silver coated blade horizontal, in perfect sync with the beasts swinging claws. At the same time, his cord unwrapped from around his leg, and shot toward the beasts feet, across the floor, with no delay In a split second, the cord began attempting to wrap around the beasts legs, then it moved up to around his neck, then back down, looping through itself to hogtie the beast in one fluid motion. If this succeeded, the beast would fall to the ground, with only one free hand to pull himself around. If it failed somehow, Ingavor would send his blade sailing into the beasts huge mitt, while his cord shot back to Ingavor, wrapping around his leg, ready to pounce again. The silver would burn the skin, sending a sickening smell into the air that reeked of burning, rotting flesh, and crisped hair. If the deranged incoherent beast dodged both of these setups, Ingavor would again return his cord to his legs, and ready himself. He knew the beast couldn't get out of the cell, and he wasn't going to get close enough to get infected with whatever the beast had, so he had to fight through the bars, while keeping his distance.

Chester let out a scream as the mans blade tip slashed into his one thrashing arm, cutting clear into the tendon and muscle carving it right off and having it flop down to the floor and wiggle like it still held life in it, his only good one now on the floor, there was blood everywhere as he let out screams in pain that rang into the hall muffled and echoed by the stone. he backed up for one moment to try to collect himself but he was unable to stop the bleeding due to not having arms capable of doing so at this moment in time. he stomped his feet into the ground huphing and puffing and trying to think on what to do next. but all that came to mind was rage and confusion so lunging forward once more he sunk his teeth into the iron bars biting at them in a failed attempt of getting to ingavor. the silver cord sent at him hit an iron bar hard making a thunk and wrapping around the bar tightly knotting its self and missing Chester entirely and getting stuck on the bars ingavor would have to untangle this by hand if he wanted to reuse the cord agein and that would mean getting within range of the biting of the wolf who now had no good arms to use but still was frothing and biting at the bars like a rabid animal in pain and fear.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose
Ingavor used his weight, and shifted his back foot, and sliced through with a single strike. He pivoted his body and readjusted himself, gripping onto his weapon again with gloved, tightening hand. He felt the the silver pass through the warm flesh and tendons, while precious rubies glittered all around the beast while he thrashed and stomped. Splashing the floor around Chester, the blood puddled until it reached the cord that was wrapped around the bars. Iggy could feel his power lowering with each second and knew that if he wanted to kill the beast without passing out, he needed to stop using his power on the cord. He let it go telekineticly and watched the blood spatter and boil at the mere touch of silver. Ingavor then watched Chester's face bite and slobber all over the glowing bars, while the wheels started turning in his malevolent mind. "You're going to die down here regardless of if you kill me. I died on that field along with my family years ago!" He screamed, yet kept his determined expression. Black locks of tendrils were brushed from his vision while he flipped his scythe upward, and launched off his back foot. In a single motion, he dropped low, onto his right knee, and then shot himself back up with an upper cutting motion and swung his scythe skyward, with great velocity and acceleration right at the moment the beast snapped his head through the bars. If the attack was to register, it would sail clean through the beasts chin and into its brain, while Ingavor stood 6'6 away from the beast, still safe from harm. If the attack didn't land, and Iggy missed, he would pull his blade back down, and jump back, ready to attack again. Either way, he was going to end this fight.

as the blade came down Chester moved his jaws to bite into the blade, the blade turned and started to cut clean into his lower jaw as he pulled the blade away from ingavor his jaw came off with the blade that was ripped out of ingavors hand and tossed t the side of the room. Chester started to scream blood falling down his face as his jaw twitched and turned on the ground flopping around like a fish out of water. Chester's hole body fell to the ground laying there on its side whimpering in extreme pain. Chester was still alive as his eyes welled with tears due to the pain he looked up as he tried to say words but it just garbled in its own blood before growing silent, he no longer coule bite, he no longer could claw at anything he was nothing anymore, he was proud once but now he was just a heap on the ground covered in his own filth and blood form everything. his blood shot yellow eyes looked up at ingavor as he shut his eyes and gave a nod to accept his fate.
------ from the slave chambers they could hear the screaming and crying of the wolf man, the older woman had her arms wrapped around the little girl as she balled her eyes out in her care givers arms. "he promised he would help him, he promised he would cure him, he pinky promised nanna he promised." she cried out as her nanna cleaned the tears from her eyes. "he is helping him dear, he is making it better better to place Chester out of his pain, sometimes death is a new beginning my dear." she said softly as the girl pulled out of her arms and crying ran out of the room into the hall way "i will help Chester i will help him myself!" she yelled as she ran down the hall way turning into the cell room and down that hall way to stand there looking at the mess, Chester on the ground bleeding all over with a missing jaw, her little eyes turned to ingavor "no... dont do it. he can get cured, he will get better, i did not get to say goodbye"

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose
Ingavor was successful in his tactics but lost his weapon while he did so. No matter. The beast howled and thrashed and ...cried? Eventually he dropped to the ground with a thud, gore laid everywhere in his cell. Blood, an arm, a jaw, and a dead girl, also mutilated. Poetic justice. The servant stared at him, and looked at the jaw on the ground. Chester wanted to die and Ingavor could see it. However, he started feeling differently. He wasn't fighting anymore. He had laid defeated, and bleeding out. He would eventually be dead from his injuries, and it was all because of the butler. "Chester-..." he whispered, as he reached down and picked his blood soaked weapon up with a gloved hand. His mouth still covered, he reached his hand out with his telekinetic ability and activated the tumblers in the locks of his cell, then pulled the door open. He then gripped his cord with his aura and unwrapped it from the bars, and floated it over to his leg, and wrapped it around himself again. He walked over to the husk of a beast. "You're going to roam forever in the fields with your pack. I hope you find peace in what you've done " Ingavor raised his scythe over his head, and readied to finish the job, before hearing the slaves and the little girl. She broke free and ran toward him, full of sadness and anger. He knew that she was angry but she didn't understand. How could she? He looked into her eyes. "I'm sorry. He needs to be set free from this realm. He won't ever be allowed to roam free down here in the catacombs." He looked to the dead girl on his floor, covered in the beasts blood. "He killed her. He killed someone's little girl. He didn't do it on accident." He sighed softly and shook his head. "I don't expect you to understand."
With one single motion, Ingavor attempted to bring down his scythe onto the beasts neck. The blade easily penetrated the soft flesh like cutting through air, and then pulled his blade sideways, removing the beasts jawless head from his body, putting Chester out if his misery. Yet, still standing far enough away from him to not get sprayed by the blood fountain. If this would work, Ingavor would stare into the beasts eyes until they went grey,lifeless, and watched his pupils dilate. He then coldly looked at the girl and slaves. "He would have killed anyone of you. You were playing with a time bomb. " He was clean from any visceral aside from his scythe, which he promptly placed back in his spellbook, and clipped back to his belt. "I'm sorry." He then unwrapped the silver from around his leg, and tossed it to the wold woman. "Thank you." He then turned and left the open cell. Upon heading to the main area, he noticed the cell with the chest and raised a brow. He walked over to it and kicked it open.

her eyes got large as she watched the man sever the head of her friend from his already hacked up body, he did it, he caused this, he broke his promise to cure hger friend. “but he...he was Innocent, he did not do what he said he did. He was down here for wrong reason and now...NOW YOU KILLED HIM!” she cried out tears falling like rain down her face as she ran past him falling to her knees beside the husk of her dead friend. She tossed her body on his crying as she tried to put the pices of her friend back together, she took the arm and pulled it over and put it were it should be, the head to rolling it along the ground on her knees to place it at his neck trying so hard for magic to put her friend back together like a toy just needing to snap the arms back on the body. Blood covered her arms hands legs and even had some on her face, tear lines making it run down to the sides of her lips. She wanted him to come back, wanted him to come see her again with his big yellow eyes and sit and play blocks with her, he was not a bad man he was just a wolf no one understood. “he was not bad and you killed him! You are bad, bad man” she said with years muffleing her words as she tossed her head down on Chester's chest crying. She paused a moment as she ran her fingers into his fur and softly cried leaning her eat down to rest with him still running her fingers in his fur “it will be ok, your family will be with you, like the stories you told me about the mountains you will be there one day we will be able to playu blocks all day together no more pain no more sickness you can eat all the food you want and can be happy now” tears ran down her face and she hardly could get out the last of her words.
The older woman stood there watching her heart breaking for the little one who was to younge to understand that things needed to be the way they were. “thank you ingavor at least now he wont be sick anymore, dont take her hurtful words to hart she does not mean them she will just miss him dearly, him and Nina they all were very good friends down here, and at times friends is all we slaves have.” she nodded as she watched him head out and then she would collect the little one to take her back to her bed to rest off the sadness and let the cleaner do the work and get this place tidy.
In the cell with the clothing scattered all over the floor there lay a chest box with a small lock on it. When it was kicked the old small lock snapped off the chest box and the lid flapped open, inside was six gold coins, and what looked to be a old picture of a woman in a wedding dress she was rather beautiful standing a top a hill looking over the vally. On the back of the card it reads “my dear beloved, in three days time we will be wed, i can not wait to be able to call you mine, upon midnight tonight we will run away together and find freedom from this horrible place, no one will tell us what to do or that our love is against the law, meet me by the big oak tree that marks our spot, we will flee tonight my dear beloved i promise you and then we will us ageist the world and have only the stars and moon to guide us. With love always your future wife Janice A Blossom” the bottom of the image has some other words but they are ripped and you cant read them at all other then you know there was letters there. There is also a golden pendent in the shape of a wing with a small dimond in it, it can be sold for a good penny or held on to. Other then that the box is empty and there is much dust and a small string in the bottom.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose
Ingavor sighed softly as he listened to the screams of the child, while they got distant. She wouldn't understand. She couldn't understand. Ingavor had killed one of her only friends. Yet Chester was a murderer, he kept telling himself. He could have saved him, but he chose to end him. He never did anything like that before. He showed mercy, by putting the beast down, but also showed no mercy with how he did it. He stared at the gold and pocketed the pieces, into his coin purse. His eyes scanned the love letter and picture, as well as the name. "I hope you two got to be together. Someone needs a happy ending in this story. Hope it was you." He then grabbed the winged pendant and pocketed that as well, with a remorseful huff. A string? Ingavor gave a small scratch to his noggin and gave the string a curious tug.

As the string at the bottom of the little chest was tugged on a little pocket opened up in the bottom, a rolled up small paper being hidden there. “my sweet Isabella if you got this chest i can not meet you in our spot, i hope this gets to you before i die here in the pits, i got caught trying to run away, i stole coin from your father at the map shop, he turned me in, i am sorry i am not with you, we will be together in the after life, i promise, love always Mike” then there was nothing else in the chest, nothing at all but dust and crumbs. Then there was a loud bang at the top of the stairs and the sound of one of the guards boots thumping down, the three hours were up and the guards had opened the doors and were comeing down to check up on ingavor. within a couple minutes one of the guards were there looking at the butler "was the problume handled? are you finished down here, you may return to the upper level now, whatever mess was made will be cleaned"

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose
He gently picked the letter up off the ground, his eyes locking onto the parchment."Yes." He said, studying the note over and over again. There was a small break in his heart for the couple. He was somber, yet his hair fell in front of his eyes, his tie was loose, and his shirt was unbuttoned at the top. He placed the photo and letter in his spell book after unclipping it from his belt. "There is a mess." He looked down as he headed back up to the top part of the castle. He had enough of the catacombs and killing for one day. He clipped his book back onto his person as he ascended the stairs, and once reaching to main level, he went to the main room.
In the Castle

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