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-Campaign- The Blackest Of Suns

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The black suns influence has gone up, the cult in town has become more brutal and brazen not caring for the influence of the crown any longer, they have gone as far as killing children in public places and partly burning down the snorting boar tavern. they have increased there forces in sone segment of town, mostly in an area of town were the suspected headquarters is.
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The building that is said to be the hang out location is very old and run down but still clings to life being by far one of the most offsetting locations in town. it has one main door and one back cellar door that is always locked with a hard iron lock, needing magic or strong cutters or strength to remove. the doors always have people around them but for some reason, it seems that the hight of the guards at the doors has gone from two cult looking figures in black robes and burned markings into there skin to four. they don't look friendly and it has been seen by many that they have been turning away even possible new followers to there cause at the door. they don't outright attack people but they do hold weapons on their hips and god knows what else under there robe.

The church has been destroyed 12.04.2019, but some of the higher-ups still exist and can be searched down and dwelt with.
what is under this notice still exists and holes true.

-Campaign- The Blackest Of Suns Coldha10
the winter nights are cold, but there is something much colder in the Valerian woods there is talk that it is said to be the leader or at least a head figure of the black sun Cult but no one can get concrete evidence of this. but one thing is for sure, people have been vanishing when he has been spotted, blue hands he has, and he rides a red stag.

Campaign Details
Difficulty- Hard, will scale to players, recommended not to do alone, is a team campaign.

There have been whispers in town, the map shop owner has not stopped talking about it, he saw it, he saw the man wall he was on a trip in Millmire one dark night, he had to pick up supplies and there he was the Red Elk, black as night and horns shimmering on its head in the moonlight on dirt and pebble marked road.
"he was there I tell ya, there looken at me as I stood there looking at him, my breath went cold, well colder than normal, and he saw I was frozen holding my bags of supplies I was lost and did not know what to do, his mount walked closer to me i could see half its face was missing and his hood covered his face. he had this blue glow and he smelled so horrible like Vanilla but worse overpowering I could not stand the stink. it almost made my gut turn but I had this fear deep in my bones. I could not talk, not say a word as he walked on up to me and then right past me as my legs shuck like leaves in fall. then he just left, he fully left me alone I don't know why maybe he had gotten his fill from the town and was now moving on, he headed south down the path away from were I was going, be very happy for that to know that monster is not in Iron Stone, farther from my shop it be the better. I not gonna seek that monster out again, he is the work of nightmares I tell ya, now gonna buy a map eh?"

to start this campaign you must go to the location in which the nightrider was last week, or talk to the map man his shop is open every night all night, but it closes in the dawn and daylight hours.

Red Elk
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A large hulking beast of storybooks it is said only the elite can break the spirit to claim this animal as a mount. The Red Elk is a mount of choice for kings and army leaders, it stands twice as tall as a normal Elk and is double the smarts as well, some say it can outsmart hunting dogs as no one is ever able to track or catch them. there are even stories of Red Elk snapping branches and using the branch to cover there own tracks and fade off into the forest.   Red elk are strong fighters using there feet and horns and their intelligence to fight off the wrong or ones trying to harm there owner/friend loyal to the end of the one that tames there fighters heart this animal is a treasure if you can make it see you are worthy of it.
Head Butt: with its broad skull it can smash an opponent in the face causing a two-round stagger
Hoove attack Two of them: with its feet raised it can do mid damage to anything that gets kicked by it, it can deliver a harder kick that does more damage and can even sever a limb if it hits just right. (kick on crit 20 role does a dismember, you lose a limb)
Bite: can bite target and attempt to pick up and toss them
Call for Aid: when at half health the Elk will let out a massive bellow and call forth any deer or stag creatures in the woods to aid it. can call forth two levels 5 stag to aid it in combat. if not in the woods this call will go without aid responding.
Jump back: the Stag can kick and jump back in the same action but doing this more than twice in combat will strain its legs and lower its speed per turn.
Flee: when hurt badly the Elk will grab its partner toss it on its back and flee off into the woods to find a new spot to rest and regain its health.
Speed 80 feet per turn,
Running Bolt speed 90feet per turn
Suspected Level for Encounter: Level 8 to 10 Rare Beast

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