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-Campaign- To Get A Wish

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To Get a Wish
Privet Campain for Player Kaos  

Medium advised bringing help
Description: Due to a mess up with magic and portals the gods called forth a curse upon the one known as Kaos, he now is suffering portal sickness a curse that is as individual as the ones affected by it, due to the mans strong attachment to magic the sickness has made him unable to use it at all so now he must gain back what was lost and one of the only ways to cure portal sickness is wishing it gone.

Enemy cards
Only one available rest are random encounters

Giant Toad:
Giant Toad
-Campaign- To Get A Wish 6666910
Level 6
AC 15
Amphibious: The toad can breathe air and water

Standing Leap: The toad's long jump is up to 20 ft. and its high jump is up to 10 ft., with or without a running start.

Bite: Melee Weapon Attack: +4 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 7 (1d10 + 2) piercing damage plus 5 (1d10) poison damage, and the target is Grappled (escape DC 13). Until this grapple ends, the target is Restrained, and the toad can't bite another target.

Swallow: The toad makes one bite Attack against a Medium or smaller target it is Grappling. If the Attack hits, the target is swallowed, and the grapple ends. The swallowed target is Blinded and Restrained, it has total cover against attacks and other effects outside the toad, and it takes 10 (3d6) acid damage at the start of each of the toad's turns. The toad can have only one target swallowed at a time.
If the toad dies, a swallowed creature is no longer Restrained by it and can escape from the corpse exiting prone.

The campaign started by players
Chaos and Kaos

The Full Story So Far, Part One :
After about an hour of travel it all soon came to a halt, there was a forest trees tall and darkness covering them and casting long deep shadows over the ground. There was a large sign and a man with a whisky bottle in hand, he was very passed out and looked to be sleeping soundly. The sign over head had the words “Elmers woods” then under that sign was another one pointing at the woods reading “the swamp of sorrow”then the image of what looked like....a toad. The image was burned into the wood but the burning still smoked a little, it had JUST been marked in such a way and on top of the sign there was a single black feather.

Grandpa Chaos12/22/2018
Zanarius raises an eyebrow and looks at his ring. ‘What a great way to tell me which way to go. The sign itself wasn’t enough.’ Zane looks at the passed out man with slight disgust. He never was a fan of people who wasted their life away with alcohol. So much potential lost, as they could easily be trained to be bait or fodder for attacking monsters. Zanarius contemplates waking the sleeping man up, but decides against it. Zanarius walks over to the sign to examine the toad on the sign. “I don’t suppose you know anything about this toad or the swamp, do you Mr. Mage?”

He scoffed, "Being a mage means I know of swamp and frogs?!" He huffed, "Maybe next you want my pointy hat? Ass..." He would give up to the man and study him a moment. He knelt down and then made a loud croaking sound best he could muster to perhaps startle the drunk awake. He would move back behind Zane after muttering about the endless stereotype his fellow mages faced. Arms crossing his chest.

Grandpa Chaos12/22/2018
Zanarius glances at the mage and shakes his head. “You must have misunderstood my intentions. I was asking because you were living in the castle just a few miles up the road, not because you’re a mage. I have yet to see you even create a flame shaped like a dragon, and that was a basic spell my mother could do all on her own. You’re nothing but a washed up reject by magic standards. I was just hoping you know something before we go blundering into a nice little trap that gets us both killed.... like that.” Zanarius points to the drunk, sleeping man under the signs. He wrinkles his nose from the smell of the booze and the unwashedness of the passed out halfbit before them. “Let’s just get going before he wakes up. Drunkards are too annoying to deal with without some cold water buckets for sobering them up.” Zanarius heads down the path leading the swamp, hoping to god he can get far enough away that the smell leaves his nostrils, until he realizes that the smell of the swamp ahead of them is just as bad if not worse.

"Hey, I'd watch it pal. My powers were stolen. I am not washed up and once my gift is back I will show you." He grabbed Zane's arm, "The drunk may know the swamp. They help for cheap too. We offer to buy him a bottle and we have a knowledgeable guide." He leaned closer, "And need be, fodder. Not sure about you, but my life isn't really disposable." He moved back to the drunk and kicked their feet, "Hey, get up already."

Grandpa Chaos12/22/2018
Zanarius sighs and turns around, readying his sword just in case anything happens. “Knowledgeable guide as long as he is coherent enough to speak, yeah. And to be frank, I don’t know if my wife would let me die. Though I suppose if I did die though I could spend the rent of eternity having sex with the goddess of darkness and sin, so let’s leave the drunk alone, yeah?” Zanarius studies the burnt picture of the toad on the sign, trying to figure out why the toad would be the symbol of the swamp. “How big do toads get in this world?”

The drunk man wiggled a little as his feet were kicked the whiskey bottle in his hand sloshing a little of its contents around "no mama I dont want to fucken pineapple in ma soup" he muttered as he tried to swing the bottle at whatever kicked him, the bottle clearly a mile away did not hit shut and he slumped over falling face into the mud ass up the bottle still in his hand as he giggled in his slap and muttered something about a pineapple and his butt hole that chould hardly be made out. The sign was warm to the touch the image of the road had been burned in only moments before they had gotten to it. The burning was darn and there was small black granules in the wood that almost looked like black sand, and oddly enough the burned wood smelled, it smelled of vanilla and chives.

Grandpa Chaos12/22/2018
Zanarius frowns, getting the sense that he has been set up somehow with all this. “How nice to be watched over from above. I have a bad feeling about all this.” Zanarius turns around just in time to see the drunkard fall on his face in the mud. “Looks like the stereotype is wrong about mages. I think your chosen guide is about as useful as a bucket of bolts frozen by winter’s touch.” Zanarius walks over and picks up the man by the back of the drunkard’s shirt collar with one hand, lifting him high enough so the man’s feet dangle above the ground. He takes his other hand and slaps the intoxicated man across the face. “Wake up, man, my companion need your assistance.”

The man woke up right away his eyes flashing open as he kicked his legs a little in the frey "I am not a coat get ta hands off my britches dont ylu dare be stricken that pineapple in me back side ye fowl woman!" He yelled out as he fail tried to hit the man in the face each time his hands seemingly becoming to heavy to lift and flopping down to his side as he hung there much like a wet sock.
He was a rather dirty man and he smelled of beer and bad choices, some wet marks stained his pants and it was hard to tell but the stink from him said it was far from water, he was a short stout man looking like maybe a halfling from dwarf to human and he did have a sailors mouth on him clearly there was mountin dweller in this little thing. The mud and dirt covered him and now splashed on Zane, it was a messy thing dealing with drunken bafoons around here even more so ones you picked off the road. And something odd his breaths were labored and raspy maybe he had a cold.

Grandpa Chaos12/22/2018
Zanarius holds up the man a little lower to allow him to stand on his own, but keeps a firm grip on the drunkard’s collar. “Need a bit of info about the land ahead, specifically the swamp. We’re new to the area, and you look-“ Zane coughs a little, “-relatively knowledgeable about the local area. What can you tell us?” Zanarius tries his best now to breathe in, the smell from the man only getting worse by the minute. “And try to hurry.”

The man stopped kicking as his feel touched the ground and he felt a little more secure "I knows nothen about no darn swamp all is know is there be monsters in there and I no wanna go!" He was clearly to intoxicated to be anyones guide but maybe if he was sober he would be of more worth the hassle of a guide. He gave a glare at the man his eyes starting to go cross eyed he looked like he was gonna barf

Grandpa Chaos12/22/2018
Zanarius rolls his eyes and decides to try and scare the man into soberness. He throws him backwards into a tree, the wasted man’s back taking the impact, though leaving him relatively unharmed. Zanarius attempts to induce fear into the man using magic, praying that it frightens the man to the point of soberiety, instead of making the man run in fear. In the end, however, Zanarius would be happy to be rid of the man sooner than later.

The man hit the tree as ha gave a grunt and was just about to cuss the man out but then shadow took over the man before him and all he saw was a monster, a giant fifteen foot tall black skinned monster with six glowing purple eyes and black tendrils siticking out of the thing flapping all over the place as it looked at him, his eyes got wider as it came closer to him his words started to stutter " f f f fine I I will te tell you what y y you want, just tttt take that tthing away, thh e lllleviathan you are, dddevils work yyyou do" he pushed his back against the tree as he cleared and hid his face not wanting to see the shadow that was a demon in his eyes.
A voice whispered into the mind of Zane "three souls for what you wish, all you need is a name on parchment agreement and a name is all you need" the voice faded from his mind as around Zane the air now smelled of strong vanilla.

He watched the two Converse and smirked. He watched as Zane tried his magic. He said nothing at the moment, only close observation. His left eye flickered briefly. If his attempt failed he'd need a quick plan. He would wait for now. He blinked and was baffled, "We need to know all you know 9f the swamp. Every tiny spot, even if it's just a mosquito pit. The more you help ...the bigger the bottle I'll give you "

"I dont need a bottle just make that man go away!" He called out as he stayed cowering in fear "I dont mnow much I tell the truth, so you go into the swamp it is a rather state path leads to a bug covered swamp cat infested bog there be giant swamp cats in there they make ya si..." in that moment of talking he cut himself off as he vomited out (each player roll a D20) before him black goo that stuck to the ground and anything it touched.

Grandpa Chaos12/22/2018
Zanarius makes that evil-like smile he is becoming used to making, despite how little he enjoys it. He turns off the illusion and cross his arms. “I have a better idea. I’ll make you a deal. I’ll give you riches and a better life, my man. All I need is a name and for you to sign a paper. I’ll give you to a bit later, but it will improve your life immensely, I promise. You can even afford more whiskey.... and better kinds for that matter... nooo, nono, don’t do that.”

The man vomited strong and hard as the vomit flung and hit both people on the legs it stuck tight to there pants and it started to seep into the fabric to get to skin contact (both fail had to beat 6 in one round the sickness will get to skin contact) the man looked up cleaning the vomit from his dirty mug and with his arm "if it makes you go away I will sign anything ya want dont care for my life more beer would be great but you just leave I ma sign what you want just dont do the thing agein and bring out the demon ya"

Grandpa Chaos12/22/2018
Zanarius rolls his eyes with a gross expression on his face and looks down at his pants. He looks back up at the semidrunk man about ready to kill him. “Good, I’ll get the paper and everything needed ready for the transfer. If you can just keep quiet and sit by the tree, I’ll be right back to help, alright?” He keeps control over himself and calls into his ring, annoyance and slight anger in his voice. “Caliga, how do we do this?? Also can you get this vomit off in any way? It doesn’t look very healthy, and I’d hate to lose this soul because of some disease, wouldn’t you?”

"Oh good Lords..." He fought back hurling himself, "That's gross as .." he covered his mouth. His brow twitched with extreme annoyance. Each second without his magic was more of an unbearable hell than the last. "Here I wanted to vouche for your drunken ass..." He took a deep breath, "Not worth it...not at all." He grumbled, "Ready when you are. I'm burning this robe when we finish and making a new one...liquid idiots I try to give a purpose can't puke 9n me." He pulled out his tome scribbling notes with what little bit he knew inside, and a footnote of vomit proof clothing.

Zanes pants the bottum of the one leg with the vomit on it vanishing away and turning to dust, so now there was one short pant leg and one long one but at the same time Zane would feel a pinch in his mind but then the pinch vanished away. Then in his hands formed a black paper rolled up with a purple satin ribbon on it tied in a bow. Then in it was a large quill with a big black feather. The man still cowering picked his eye out from hiding it behind his hands cleaning the rest of the glop off his face "ya got hit by a swamp cat other night makes ta really sick to the belly is a mess dont let them fuckers touch your skin will make ya gut rot" he looked sick still maybe that was why he was drinking and thin at the same time drinking to push off the sickness and vomiting out everything he did consume.

Grandpa Chaos12/22/2018
Zanarius nods, and unrolls the ribbon and parchment, reading it over himself before giving it along with the quill to the man on the ground. “Just sign here, and you won’t feel any more pain in your belly, I promise. You’ll feel new and energized. You can trust me. I don’t need to bring the monster back to convince you though, do I?” Zanarius grins and laughs, playing the evil man making a contract like the devil, just for the fun of seeing the man’s face. Consider it revenge for throwing up all over Zane’s old clothes from his homeworld. “A shame, I really like these pants. An old friend gave them to me.”

The man leaned forword as he grabbed the roll of paper and the quill and looked at the paper to his eyes it said nothing but to zanes eyes it was as follows 'I -a long area for a name- give my soul and life to service to Caliga, upon signing this contract my life and existance will become null and void and I will be instantly taken to Ulon to serve my time " then there was some very small print fully in another language and so small it would be a change to read. "So do I sign here did paper is blank, but chould be me eyes"

Grandpa Chaos12/22/2018
Zanarius takes it back quickly to look at it, puzzlement on his face. “It isn’t blank.... at all.... Guess we’ll do it the hard way.” Zanarius snatches the quill from the man. He reads over the parchment again and then stares at the man. Zanarius grows a bit more worrysome as the growing darkness due to the setting sun envelopes the group. The birds chirping in the woods die down as they settle for the night, and crickets come out singing for mates. “Alright, I suppose I’ll have to write it in for you. What is your name, fair sir?”

The man moved a bit closer to him still a little stubbly due to the drink. He had dropped his bottle and now had both hands free "read it a to me, maybe just me eyes not seeing strate what me signing up for, I want to know before I put my name down for some business i dont know, chould be doing something horrible like signing up to be a coal worker or a slave dont want to be signing up for bad things yes." He leaned over Zane and looked sick once more the smell of the man's barf lingering on his breath as he talked. (Barf now has made skin contact with the leg of Kaos, for 5 rounds you now are feeling sick to your stomach every other round resulting in barfing.)

Grandpa Chaos12/22/2018
Zanarous gags slightly, pushing the man back a bit to escape the horrid smell. “Maybe try a mouth full of soap when you get home.” Zanarius pretends to read the contract, saying that he will serve under Zane’s goddess, a divine being. He will gain a new home and new form under her service, trying to stay away from how the man will die and lose control of his soul. “And you just sign your name right along here.” Zanarius points to the line he sees that the mortal doesn’t, and hands him the quill.

He felt a twisted growl of his innards. He doubled over fighting the rancid taste building in his mouth. Vincent slowly rose up coughing and gagging. "Going to kill him..." He began making his way back weakly. He stopped filling the bile rising again.

"What is soap? And oh that sounds very nice will do just that" he said as he took the quill and pointed to the spot then signed his name Richard don Ericksen he joted down with a smile on his lips. The the air went cold, the trees around them got darker, the man's face became that of fear and terror and out of the woods behind them came a tall red glow. It was there everyone chould see it, it stood twelve or so feet to the shoulder had chains hanging down its body clinking with each step, its mouth a jar hanging from what chould be seen as flesh, black as night its skin was darkness flowing out of its body as it dragged a massive clawed hand behind it, it moved up the man looking at it "you lied you li..." his lips went cold as the claws stabbed into him from the back, blood gushing up his lips his eyes turning white as he looked right at Zane. The most ster dragging rhe mans now dead body to it. Lifting it up as it plucked a little blue orb from the mans torso plopping that orb into its mouth to eat it down. The monsters six glowing purple eyes looked at Zane, right at him "the darkness picked a mortal, worthless little thing" it muttered its voice that of many whispering out of its body. This is what Zane whould have become, Zane whould have been this red glowing black skinned monster forever hungering for the next soul to feed its world. The whole area stank of vanilla as it lowered its face down looking into zanes face only a inch from his face. No breath came from the monster as it spoke once more "one soul down two to go, Anorher for Ulon" laughter broke the air as it and the mans body sunk into a shadow cast by a tree on the ground.

"Oh sweet....bwarh" thick black bile poured from his mouth. The tar bile splattering against the swamp floor with a sickening plop. His gut wrenched and before he could stop another wave of void colored vomit. The rot scented barf mixing into the grotesque pallet of the swamplands. The foul taste haunti ng his tongue.

Grandpa Chaos12/23/2018
Zanarius stares in almost horror of the monster that he would have become had he not asked Caliga to marry him and she accepted. He backs up and sits down, his breathing labored and his eyes wide with fright. “Who in the living fuck would choose to become a monster like that for eternity??” Zanarius looks over at the mage to see him throw up that black and purple goop again. He stands up and motions to the mage to follow him as Zane starts down the swamp path. “Let’s get a move on, I think we’ll want to be a ways into the swamp when night fully comes. But do me a favor and stay back enough so I don’t get hit. If I have to be naked walking through here you’ll be terribly jealous.” Zanarius grins and keeps his mind and will locked to his sword, ready to kill anything that stands in his way at this point.

He groaned and trudged along behind Zane, keeping a safe vomit free distance. "You know," he covered his mouth as his stomach made an unholy gurgle, "Still worth it " he gave half a laugh that rapidly faded into a groan. "Going to level this swamp..." His breathing was strained at the moment, likely due to the stress of the barfing on his poor mage body. His robes were quickly becoming filthy.

(Kaos is fixed and no longer sickened) they walked into the swamp for a good hour safly but as they got to a darker area the water started to smell and around then they chould head the chirping of large teeth, much like a beaver grinding its teeth in warning but bigger. There was a pink no haired rats tail sway out of the water its fur swampy and covered in a black goo that made it stink like a sewer drain. There was not one of them there was three of them all the same vile swamp covered rats ready to bite and claw at whatever was near them.

Grandpa Chaos12/24/2018
Zanarius stops and stares at the rats before them, the slimey goop that covers them filling his nostrils with that lothesome scent that Zane is very quickly becoming extremely intolerant to. He holds up a hand and snaps his fingers, the sound of the snap, instead of coming from his hand, echoes like a loud bell from his right side deeper into the swamp. There is then a clash of thunder as Zanarius tries to scare the rats away without having to fight them, knowing full well his restrictions on killing animals.

She chould see him following the rules, she adored this and it made her joyful within. Zane chould feel black winged embrace around his body that warm hug that she knew he missed her voice whispered in his ear "if they do not flee it is safe to do as need be, they make there choices you are not kinn and not bound by the rules as others are, protect the worthy along side you, your brother and maybe your next soul." There was a hint of laughter that whispered into his ear as she would kiss his cheek so softly, she was not really there but he could feel it, that aura, that want to do sinful acthions, any sinful acthions, wrath, lust,pride ,greed the greed to want that ability surely within him, lost for his wife's touch, wrath to remove the skum before him, pride in knowing he is better then this kill a toad bullshit, and even a little envy, envy to want the powers that the monster before surely had. None of the rats seemed to fall for the trick but they did look at it for a moment dropping guard as the sound was rather interesting to them, there teeth snickered together as they looked almost for a moment like they wanted to go get it but then clued in it was just something to trick them.

Grandpa Chaos12/24/2018
Zanarius got permission as he needed, and though the aura of his lover did distract him for a split second, he regained himself, ignoring the unneeded for the task ahead of him. That pride within him did not think this task was below him. Rather than the enemies he expects to encounter in this world will not live up to his expectations of true opponents. Like any good warrior, Zanarius loves to test his strength, and having always won before he knows he is strong. He doesn’t need some god or monster to acknoledge that strength he knows he has. The very fact that he is alive in a profession where killing others is how you test how strong you are is enough proof to him. He is still alive and strong enough to protect others. Zanarius concentrates, and the magic greatsword behind him spins in the air behind him, rising up, and then launches point first at a rat, trying to pin it to the ground like a kebob in one strike, the blade easily being long enough. ((Least I hope so. They don’t seem like six foot tall rats))

He stopped behind Zane at the sounds and groaned seeing the rats. The rancid odor churning his gut. "Dear gods, why?" He would quickly look around, his staff shifting in his hand. "Lesson one..." He took a deep breath and and readied himself, "Bash it's skull, bash until you can't swing..." He spoke soft reciting 'lesson one' over and over. "Psst...I'm not that good at the physical confrontation, but you get it's attention and I'll smack their fucking heads. I will not let some oversize vermin stop my goal." His left eye flickered, an ancient symbol of rage forming in place of a pupil. "Sound good?"

as Zane took his weapon and flung it at the Rat it whizzed past the rat not even touching a hair on the rat. The rat looked to watch it go past him and then turned its little green eyes back at the two targets. The rat then ran up to the target that tossed the blade at it and stood there readying to bite but not knowing a spot to go for just yet, the other two rats both rushed Kaos up both flanking him on the sides snapping there teeth and digging there claws into the ground and the one, oh the one was bubbling up something from its skin, a gross smelling goo that looked rather sicking and oddly enough a lot like the barf that homeless drunk had barfed up. (Zane rolled a 2 did not pass rats AC miss)

Grandpa Chaos12/24/2018
Zanarius steps back slowly, not wanting to provoke the beast into attacking him. He concentrates on himself, bringing out the darkness aura Caliga told him he had obtained. The shadows seep out of his body and encase him, and Zanarius concentrates to form it into a suit of armor much like what he is used to when he was wearing the dragon scale armor passed down in his village from his old world. He realized he did not come to this world with it, but clearly remembers what it looked like. The darkness forms correctly, creating a protective shell that resembles the armor Zanarius envisoned. He feels even more confident and full of pride now that he has his usual form to himself. He prepares a defensive stance while still connecting his willpower to his sword.

His eyes darted back and forth. Vincent let out a roar at the rats hoping to startle them a little, "Bash bash bash" he swung the staff around him in as he brought it over his head and then down violently at the one that bubbled, " No more stupid surprises!" He kept both hands firmly on the staff. The annoance and anger at the swamp present in every fiber of his being. Whether or not he struck the rat, he held position of where he struck. He knew his only chances was to keep himself ready to move and strike when he gets any chance. He would also keep sight of his distance from Zane. He would need the brute at least until his quest finished. Magic Armor?! He seethed, "Damned showoff..."

December 25, 2018
as Kaos staff end came down on the rats back, the bubbled goop splashed up sticking to his robe around his chest area (one round before skin contact) the rat gave a squeal as it was harmed, the other rat on the other side of him lashed out to bite onto his arm, the bite made contact the rat sinking its teeth into his arm hard (light damage given) the teeth came out of the mans arm as the rat recoiled with hiss, smashing its teeth together to ready another bite into the man, and this time its mouth was frothing that same gloopy goo that the other one had coming out of its back. The rat that was flanking Zane watched as his armour covered him (Zanes AC up to 10 with armour)the rat lunged forward its claws held up as it came with both claw slashes both clawed arms tinking off his strong darkness armour and causing the rat to recoil slightly but start to smash its teeth together to bite into one of his limbs.

Grandpa Chaos12/25/2018
Zanarius realizes how hard the armor actually is upon the contact with the rat. Realizing his own resistance, he dares a glance at the mage’s situation and sees it as more dire. He holds an arm out, pointing at the rat behind Vincent and tries using his new reduce spell to shrink the rat down, hopefully helping his companion in the fight. Zanarius focuses his spell and releases it, and then turns back to the rat eyeing him, not even bothering to make sure his magic worked, just hoping it did.

He winced at the bite and barley noticed the goo on his robes. He retracted his staff and shoved it down the front of his robes to rip the center open and fling it off at the rat preparing to strike him again as he flailed the staff to regain his hold and ready himself to strike. The dark clothing he had left under the robe were little more than glorified pajamas offering no more aid than his robe did. "Where is a giant fucking cat when needed?!" He looked about,"Not looking good for me here," he groaned, "Fireball be handy about now..."

When the spell for reducing the size for the rat was tried it did hit the rat but the rat was already small, so shrinking it just made it squeal in pain and start to really show that it was getting hurt. The rat was bleeding as some of its skin was cracking from not only the bashing of its head and back but also now the pulling and moving of its skin. It let out a snarl and lunged at Kaos yet again seeming to be taking out its pain on him as the closest target, it went to bite and its jaw struck only air at the side of his arm as the blood and pain must have been causing it not to see clearly. The unharmed rat on his other side went to do the same, bite at the mans other arm it struck in deep into his other arm leaving large tooth marks in his flesh (light damage given) it then unlatched its self from his arm and recoiled getting its self all readied with its claws up to hit him with a slash attack. The rat that was going after Zane lunged foreword biting hard into his leg, it hit the point in his armour hard just in the joint and a soft spot to get a good grip. (light damage given) it let go leaving some tooth marks and kept smashing its teeth together readying yet another blow.

Grandpa Chaos12/25/2018
Zanarius, wincing in pain from the bite to his knee and steadily growing annoyed with the rats. Focusing on his magic blade, Zanarius uses the division power to split the six foot great sword into two identical five foot long swords. One sword flies to hover between Zanarius and the rat in front of him, while the second sword comes up behind the rat and swings down trying to cut off the long, pink tail where it connects to the rest of the beast’s ugly body.

He hissed in pain from another bite. He would shift his attention now to the unharmed rat. He rushed forward and would leap into the air coming down with the staff with as much force as possible. He wasn't speaking clear , just raving loudly with grunts and growls. He tried to keep clear minded enough to fight on. His mind focused solely 9n fighting and survival. If he could just get them down enough. He forced the words out to Zane, "Kill the weak!"

December 26, 2018
the one rat that had been beaten on on the one side of Kaos started to bleed the blood from the animal pooled on the ground and it stopped hitting all together starting to stagger, it looked near death but was surely going to regain its self soon. The other rat that Kaos now placed his focus on due to the pain it gave him in the other arm snarled and recoiled as soon as his staff smashed into its back it let out a screech, snaping its jaws together to lunge again when it regained its compositor and breath. The rat that had squared off with Zane jumped side to side to try to weave past his hovering blade, the back blade catching it off guard as its pink tail was cut clean off. One single slash and its tail flip flopped on the ground as if it had a life of its own, its backside spraying blood all over and this fowl smelling black bile. That covered all the ground around them and was sticky to step in.

Grandpa Chaos12/26/2018
Zanarius holds his nose, wishing that he had some kind of spell that could spray a lemon scent into the air to ward off the stench filling the air yet again. Wanting to finish off the rat in front of him while he had it off guard, Zanarius takes hold of the long sword in front of him with both hands and swings the blade ferociously at the rat, attempting to distract it from the long sword that Zanarius wills to plunge from the air above them straight into the rat’s back where he believes the ribcage could be, aiming to hopefully puncture the heart and have it bleed out it’s ass like it deserves.

He was beginning to grow an immunity to the foul odor that attacked his nostrils. He side stepped as the rat came at him again, twirling his body as he tries to spear the weakened rat through it's torso. He drug the side of his shoe through the sludge in an attempt to create a small mound near his feet when he stopped and balanced himself. He positioned his legs so he could be ready for another jump. He felt his stamina leaving, he would have to make this next strike count. He knew after this he would be left to holding position and strikes. "Come get some filthy oversived rodent."

The two rats around Kaos shoved and snarled at one another as the one took another strong hit in the rib cage and much like the other one just moments before started to fumble and stagger a tad, blood dripped from its nose as its insides bled a bit more every second. It no longer chould keep its eyes on the target and it snapped violently at the air. The other rat had snapped out of it but lunged forword to bite air as it fumbled agein its eyes bending off both ways and it feeling and looking like it its self was going to up its lunch all over the place. The rat near Zane lunged as his blade hit the dirt, the rat did not sink a hit on him so both were in a stale mate and were both bit up the rat clearly more damaged then the man in darkness armor was.

Grandpa Chaos12/26/2018
Zanarius, finally fed up with this bullshit with the rats and his pride getting the better of him over having to fight such annoying pests, grips the longsword tighter and attacks the rat full force with it, slashing through multiple swings of the sword while the flying longsword floats behind the rat, point facing its back just in case the rat tried to back up it will get an asshole full of hard steel ramming through it.

December 27, 2018
Grandpa Chaos12/27/2018

Vincent took a breath, this was the moment that needed to go smoothly. As the heathier rat leaped he would jump aiming his landing for the one death. His plan was to trick the one into falling in the muck pile he made. His feet aimed to crush the dying rats spine, keeping his staff free. His purple eye flickered as his hair fell over stopping the symbol of murder hidden. "Hey...priest guy...when I saw the word close your eyes. Trust me on this"

Grandpa Chaos12/27/2018
Zanarius’s ears perk up at the mage’s voice. “Preist? Do I look like a preist to you? I’m a warrior. In my old world I had a suit of armor that would frighten even dragons away. I don’t know if dragons are more powerful on this world or not, but no preist could do such. I’m a warrior, and I have a warrior’s pride. And what would you do anyway, you can’t use magic.”

as Kos jumped the rat gave a turn but was not fast enough having his spine stomped on left it with a bloody mess and the last crys of death from the swamp rat, its eyes rolling back into its head as it gave one last twitch and gave its last breath. The other rat did not trip or fall into any muk, they lived here so knew the ground very well so trips or things like this would not affect them (environmental advantage, cant out swamp a swamp dweller) but it did move to the spot and then lunge forward garbing onto the mages side and sinking his teeth in (light damage given) the rat then let go and slashed its claws together flexing them and readying to slash out with both to give a really good hit. But it was really bleeding badly, you could see that its eyes were starting to go but it was still holding onto life and fighting back till the bitter end. The Rat that was being taken by Zane as he was talking the rat lunged foreword staggering slightly and running face first into the pointed blade. Its skull cracking in a loud slam as the blade stabbed right into it. It let out a snarl like sequel and went limp stuck onto his blade as the black goo dripped out of the rat on the blade.

Grandpa Chaos12/27/2018
Zanarius makes a disgusted sound as he fuses the two swords back together, the rat simply falling to the ground as the sword that was stuck into it dissappears to form back into the base sword, thus remaking the great sword. Zanarius disables his darkness aura, no longer feeling a need for it. He turns around to see how his comrade is doing and nods with approval. Zanarius then activates his thaumaturgy, attempting to make the sound of a larger predator than the rats, something that sounds akin to a bear from the direction behind the final rat. It roars loudly, attempting to startle or even scare the rat away.

December 28, 2018
"Eyes" was all the mage would yell as he lowered his body and flung a mass of sludge at the rat's face. He would charge forward drawing back the staff, setting up another massive strike once the opportunity to attack appeared.

the mans actions against the last rat to kill it failed as he picked up the4 swamp muk that stuck to his hand and seeped into his skin (sickness for 5 rounds, you are sick and vomiting you can not attack due to this) the affect of the swamp muk would kick in right away turning the gut and making seeing a challenge. The rat staggered and did not lung foreword but when the sound of a bear came behind it it gave a light snarl and turned around hissing and staggering towards the other male. But once it got to him it fell over and started to kick sinking into the swamp mud out of view. Then some rumbling came from under there feet and the loud sound of crunching bones, clearly there was something far under the mud and maybe they should leave. The path a head of them went up a good half an hours walk before getting to a sign, the sign was in a nice safe looking area were it looked like a while ago a person had sent up camp, there was a make sift fireplace on hard solid ground that was clear from swamp muk and it even looked like there was holes in the ground were tent spikes had been driven once upon a time. (resting will regain HP, one hour rest regains 50% HP full nights sleep regains 100% HP, time is 3 am)

Grandpa Chaos12/28/2018
Zanarius looks around the area and decides for the group that settling down until the sun rises wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Having no kind of tent or such, however, did make resting more dangerous, Zanarius has always been a light sleeper as he traveled. Bandits were a common occurance where he was from, afterall. Zanarius uses his sword and a rock to create some sparks, catching the wood left behind alight. “Time to settle for the night, young mage. You apparently didn’t learn your lesson the first time you got that goop on you from the old man, so you’re going to be sick for a while. I don’t know any healing magic either, so let’s pray that it passes quickly.”

((Setting post for Jeff, so he knows what he is seeing on the way to the Camp were Zane and Kaos are now located)) on the way to Zane and Kaos, there is a path leading up from the castle to a large sign post, at the post it can be seen, with tracking ability's that there was a man there, siting slumped over there is a beer bottle on the ground that is half full, but a lot of it was poured onto the ground with clear signs of a struggle, there are MASSIVE monster shaped foot prints deeply set into the ground coming out from the woods and darkness the foot prints come out form the darkness to the sign post there are very clean marks of a struggle and then drag marks leading back into the woods and just vanishing into the darkness leaveing no trace, the foot prints stop at the edge of the woods and then vanish and stop like the being vanished into thin air along with the drag marks. there is a lot of vomit both old and new then the foo0t prints go off into the swamp, about an hour into the swamp you will find dead rats and then drag marks of something that went into the swamp water and signs of a struggle along with signs of a clear fight with rats. then foot prints go off and you can see a small camp fire in the distance))

December 29, 2018
Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Saturday at 12:13 AM
Seven stopped cold in his tracks, screeching on his booted heels to a halt, in front of the sign. His raven rested gently on his shoulder. He looked at the scene before him, and pieced almost every little thing together. The only thing he didn't know was what this beast like creature was, and where it went. He rested his hand on his hilt, ready to fight, even if it were bigger than him. He shook a shuddered from down his spine as he thought of being digested. He then noticed the vomit, and shuddered again. "Disgusting." Sternly put, he turned toward the footprints heading deeper into the swamp, and nodded toward Stark. "Watch the sky." He said with a smile. Stark cawed once and took off, while Seven's eyes rolled back. He could see everything, even as Stark flew straight up into the sky. He could see for miles upon miles, including that of Smoke from a distant fire, about 50 miles possibly. Stark glided down, gaining speed, almost shooting off toward the camp fire. Seven flashed back to reality and took off, full sprint, gliding across the ground at about 60 miles an hour, following the foot prints. After some time had passed, he reached the final resting spot of two rats, who look like they took a long time to die. He raised a brow, and sat for literally a moment, before he noticed the drag marks. "Danger." He muttered and shot back to his feet and, started walking toward the footprints. Finally, in the distance, he spotted the fire he had been tracking for the last hour. Stark landed on a tree branch near the pair of me, cawing once, while Seven walked down the path, placing his hand up, shoulder heighth. "I'm a friend." He said, coming into the camp, his hood and mask covering his face, his tattered cloak flapped in the wind behind him. "Don't Attack." He spoke calmly, spotting the old, sick man, and the obvious warrior.

Grandpa ChaosLast Saturday at 8:02 AM
Zanarius, sensing the man approaching at high speed from far back, was in a defensive stance, ready for Seven when the young man showed up from the darkness. Zane, now with his own gladius sword back from Vincent who never bothered to use it, held it steady with his arm shield raised. “You say you are friend, but you are wrong, young warrior. I have no friends yet in this world, none except Caliga. Only she looks after me on this rock. You come bearing weapons and this crow, and at high speed beyond human travel, and you claim to be of friend? Prove you are so, or I will not hesitate again to cut you down where you stand.”

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Saturday at 9:01 AM
He grabbed his bow from his back with a single hand, nonthreateningly and tossed it at his feet. "Caliga? Goddess? She is real?" Stark cawed twice and Seven grunted softly. "Woundnt announce my approach if I wasn't friendly. Believe what you wish. I came to help." Seven raised his hands back up. "I work for Samuel in Stov." He looked at the warrior threatening him. He didn't want this tight, however, he wrapped the surrounding shadows around himself, defensively using Shadow Cloak, just in case. "I don't want to hurt anyone. Take my bow. I have food. Just please."

Grandpa ChaosLast Saturday at 9:11 AM
Zanarius forms his darkness aura around himself, shaping it around him like a suit of armor without a helmet. He approaches the man carefully, keeping his stance as he comes closer, and as Zanarius sighs, finally reaching Seven and sees he means no harm from the look in his eyes. Zane sheathes his sword, but keeps the aura around him. He picks up the bow and hands it back to Seven. “Yes, Caliga is real. She sent me here from another world. Or dimension... not sure which yet, to be honest. You people don’t seem to have heard of soap, so I’m vying on dimension at the moment. We’ll be happy for some food at the moment, but when morning comes we won’t need help fighting. I’m more than enough to handle anything in this swamp.”

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Saturday at 9:25 AM
"Arrogance will be your downfall." He said, wrapping his own aura around himself, even as he grabbed his bow from the man. His eyes locked onto the armor of the man, raising a brow. He had somewhwt of the same powers as Seven did, albeit a little stronger. He was a great warrior. "You are strong. There is always stronger. Have my own misson." He listened to him speak of Caliga. "Impossible." He shook his head in disbelief, yet obviously in awe over this man's power. "Seven." He pointed to himself, then to his bird. "Stark." He bowed respectfully toward the armored man clad in shadows. "won't take no for an answer. One of you will die without help." He looked over to the vomiting man. "I have a good guess on who it is." Reaching into his back, he pulled out a ripe, crisp apple, juicy and sweet, and tossed the red fruit to Zane, gently. "You live in the shadows too?" He asked, pointing out the armor. He used the surrounding area's shadows that wrapped around trees, casted off of the fire, excetera, and wrapped himself in almost an exact replica of the armor Zane was wearing, except clearly not as powerful. He stared the man down. "Pride got my father killed. You are a beast of man with your power, but there are things out in these woods that-...well I saw the rats back there, and that is nothing compared to what lies ahead." In his plate Shadow armor, he pulled out half a loaf of salted bread, and placed it next to the sick man, without touching him. "I don't use-.. soap?. I use scented animal fat. covers my scent and stops me from smelling." He then pulled a bar of that out of his sachel as well. "I have extra-..if you are in need of not smelling."

Grandpa ChaosLast Saturday at 9:30 AM
Zanarius takes the apple and animal fat, stowing the fat away in his bag. He disabled his aura, which unlike Seven’s that comes from outside of Zane, the shadows plastered to him sink back into his body from where they came. He takes a bite out of the apple and says to the strange man named Seven, “My name is Zanarius. I come from another world than here to spread the word of Caliga and her power. You seem less than worthy in her definition, however you don’t seem to be entirely human either. Before we go into my wife, however, who is this Samuel you speak of? Being new to this world I have little knowledge of it, and I am certainly looking for more.”

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Saturday at 9:38 AM
He motioned toward the castle far back. "King of Stovaniana. Evil man. Pays well." He sighed and looked at his power retract, his did the same, except shot back out across the land, distributing the shadows evenly. "Worthy?" He crossed his arms, scoffing. "Worthy, no. Never worthy. Are you alright in head?" He asked, sincerely. "You say you are from a different dimensional plane of existence, and your wife is a the goddess caliga who exists in all dimensions, and you are traveling with a sick old man, whom looks like he is on deaths doorstep and you both had trouble killing a few swamp rats. From my point of view sir, you sound delusional. I want to believe you. Just-...tell me again. Who are you, and who is Caliga, really?" He asked, puzzled. Pulling out a small flagon of wine from his sachel, he slid that over to Zane's feet, while he sat at the fire, his cloak flapped behind him. "I'm a shade. Genetically modified. My parents wanted to create the perfect killers. It's a long story."

ZLast Saturday at 10:11 AM
The mage was curled near the campfire, muffled voices around caused him to stir, "Don't talk to yourself..." He suddenly jumped and scurried to the edge of camp and made a disgusting sound as he began to vomit heavily. He crawled back and laid down. He grabbed a pouch off his waist and held it up, "Glass vial, black stuff.." he was out again with light groans of discomfort.

Grandpa ChaosLast Saturday at 10:28 AM
Zanarius slides the flagon back to Seven while he takes a bite out of the apple. "I don't drink alcohol, impairs the mind. My name is Zanarius Galdine. I was the head warrior in the village of Fendari in the country of Hidon. One evening whiele wandering the landscape I came to an abandoned shack, which I holed up in for the windy night. In there I found a statue of Caliga, who was widely worshiped in my land. The statue was dirty, so I decided to clean it." Zanarius goes on to describe the events that happened to him after that, with the appearance of Caliga, going to her world, asking her to marry him, and then being sent to this world to find new followers or convert. During his explaination, Zanarius goes through the pouch to find the vial Vincent wants. He hands it to the mage, not sure what to do with it himself. "I ended up on the castle grounds a bit back, and decided to explore for some help. Those tree beasts weren't very full of info, so I looked through a window for a way in, which is when I saw this poor excuse for a mage praying to a statue of Caliga to help him restore his lost power. My goddess contacted me and tasked me with helping him regain his powers using a trinket called a star stone, which is said to reside in the stomach of a toad in this swamp. I figured if all I had to do was find a toad and slit its belly open, this'll be easy. She forgot to mention the other monsters roaming this god forsaken place."

AnayaLast Saturday at 12:07 PM
Zane could see a feather, only his eyes could be granted the gift to see it, a black as the night feather dropping out of the air above sevens head, the feather drifted down touched sevens body and then vanished turning to nothing but dust and fading away drifting in the air to form behind seven. A woman, dressed in purple silks, swaying her hips back and forth like a sort of dancer in a dream, her moments drifting like she was made of aid, her figure like an illusion clipping in and out of the air as parts of her body swayed and broke apart in the breeze, she stood beside seven a hand reaching up to run along his cheek, he would feel nothing, see nothing, this was only for Zanes eyes and his alone. A smile came over her face, a crocked one, one with clear ill intent as the woman turned her bright lavender eyes to look right at Zane her lips mouthed the words but there was no voice that whispered from her mouth “two more to gain what you want” her lips smoke but her voice was silent as her hand ran down Sevens face and she looked back to him. He would only feel a light tickle on his cheek but there was nothing there and it would be easy to pass it off as the wind. She looked back to zane only to fade away her silken dress fading first to show her nude body, it was clearly a message from the one that watched his every action and it was her style to send such a thing as a half naked extremely attractive woman that only his eyes could see. Within moments she was gone, nothing left at all but dust in the air.

Grandpa ChaosLast Saturday at 12:15 PM
Zanarius sighs with sadness, slightly fond of the strange shade before him. Perhaps it was a natural pull of like minds or occupations, but Zanarius did not want to cause this one to die. There are plenty of people in the world, and really the power he wished for was for his own gain, not for Caliga’s, meaning to suffer the loss of a potential friend for his own selfishness would be wrong. Zanarius shakes his head as a show of refusal to give Seven’s soul to Caliga, but yet looks back at the mage throwing up whatever he had for meals the past day or so onto the ground. He knows full well the man’s fate when this is all over. Caliga would take his soul as payment for giving back his power. Zanarius was not as fond of this silent man who acted like a mage, yet has shown little magic from some curse upon him. A mage who does not realize a sword is sharper than god damn stick, and has yet to learn that goop is goop. Zanarius won’t miss him much, so that makes two, if he counts.

ZLast Saturday at 12:25 PM
The mage staggered over and began to allow the black gunk to once more purge from his body. His eye flickered, he began to examine the vial that Zane found for him. He gave it a shake, "S..salt? No.." he spit some leftover goop from his mouth. He turned and blinked, "When did we get another one?" He burped and held his stomach. "More servants of your god?" He crawled back to the fire and laid down, "Soon as my spells return...burn it all." He laid there flicking through his pouch, "You know...if we can contain some of this bile, it may have a use." He sighed, "Clearly it's fairly potent if one isn't.." he gagged, "immune."

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Part two of story:

Grandpa ChaosLast Saturday at 12:29 PM
Zanarius looks over to the mage spilling his insides out of his mouth. "Or smart enough not to touch something if you don't know what it is. No, not a servant of Caliga, yet. He's a man from the castle apparently. His name is Seven. Odd name, but he's offered to help us fight our way through this dump, and now that he talks about it we may want to consider it. The monsters in this world seem far stronger than the ones in mine. If a rat is that hard to kill, I can't imagine how hard a dragon would be. My grandfather killed a dragon once, and it put up a fight, but he never had that much trouble with it. I think my strength is severely diminished here, even with the extra powers Caliga gives me."

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Saturday at 12:44 PM
Seven watched the two of them back and forth, raising a brow. "Caliga-..." he said slowly. He listened to Zane talk about his grandfather killed a dragon. Which, didn't seem plausible, but was intrigued nonetheless. He watched the old man on death's door, acknowledgeing him, but ignoring the bread he had placed down. "Seven. Stark." His raven fluttered from the branch and flew down, landing on Seven's right shoulder, as he introduced the two of them to the old man. "Toxic swamp. Should have known better. Age doesn't mean wisdom." He insulted. "You are going to die." He was cold, looking over the old man as he stepped forward, towering over him. "Mercy." He said, resting his hand on the hilt of his blade. " Burn no one but yourself. Best kill him and be done with it. Will slow us down. Dead weight. Burden. Drain on recources. Lucky to have lived this long." He looked back at Zane, with almost a concerned look from behind his mask and hood. "Mercy?" He asked, wanting to just off the old man and be done with it. "He is infected."

ZLast Saturday at 12:57 PM
"Not fun being stripped, is it meat head." He felt another gurgle I. His stomach. He was about to move when then man approached, Seven..clearly he was against him. The whole reason he even came here with Zane was..."Dead weight yourself dagger happy punk." He fought the bile in his gut long enough and let it rip, aiming down to the blade weilding hand. He pushed himself up slowly, "What I do with my spells when I get back my power is my concern." He glared to both men then at the skies, "You have a shot team for gaining followers. Some gods that dwell among us..." He slunk to the edge of camp, "When I regain what's missing..." His purple eye flickered as he turned his back to them. He reached for his tome and sighed. "Starting to feel better anyways..." He gave a grotesque belch, "We can leave soon enough. I want this done with so I can return to the castle." His tone was becoming more bitter the deeper they traveled. His weakness fueling his rage endlessly. He looked ahead, how far must they go? "Vincent by the way. Vincent Kaos." After that he became silent as he sat there.

Grandpa ChaosLast Saturday at 1:03 PM
Zanarius felt a rage inside of his after hearing the insult to Caliga, but he suppresses it for the sake of getting the signature later. “Don’t forget you owe that god something for even having this quest, and getting your power back. And no, Seven, leave him alone. Caliga wishes to help him, and if I just let him be killed it will look badly upon me too. We’re stuck with each other until this done, and hopefully no longer. And I wouldn’t talk about what you would do when you get your power back, Vincent. We heard the rumors of what this trinket does, but what sort of gem has the power to truly grant wishes?”

AnayaLast Saturday at 1:08 PM
In the darkness a little ways away there was a sound, the sound of something that angered in the darkness, something was moving out there and it was rather large, large enough to snap a tree but it was not advancing foreword, Zane knew what it was and it was anger to an insult given, the darkness could hear it and everyone could hear what was out there, this was not something for Zanes ears only this was something that watched them, something that waited.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Saturday at 1:14 PM
He growled as he stepped to the left, watching the man spew his lunch all over the ground, by his resting spot. "How dare you." He noticed the insults fly from the man's mouth whom had no right doing so. "You insult me. You insult his goddess. His wife. You bite your tongue old man, or I will take it from you. The only reason you live is because the man you insult is letting you." He growled and reeled his right foot back before letting it fly into his gut with precise intent to make him sick and pained. When it hit, he took a few steps back, standing next to Zane. He then heard the beast, and the trees crashing. He looked back to the old man who insulted the gods. "You angered Caliga. She's real-...and you angered her. How fucking dare you." Stark cawed once in agreement, and flew over to Vincent, and pecked him once in the forhead, before flying back to his shoulder. (D20 was rolled, for both, 16 and 14, both hits succeed.)

ZLast Saturday at 1:16 PM
He turned his head at the comments , "Was it not your god, your bride as you claim, that sent the information of this relic? Now you say she made it up?" He 2as about to make another comment when the noise came from the woods. He looked into the trees. The bird struck his head and he laughed, "Now she's mad?" He threw up his arms and ranted before moving back from where they had originally came from.

Grandpa ChaosLast Saturday at 1:24 PM
Zanarius shakes his head. “I never said she made it up. Caliga is incapable of lying. I myself just find it hard to believe a simple gemstone will grant you the power to burn down an entire forest where the trees rest in sludge water. Magic is powerful, but even it could never defeat the very laws of nature. And also, whoever said the gem would give you back your full powers? It is a stone that grants wishes, and keep in mind what could possibly grant such a wish. More than likely, only a god. I suggest you take our new companion’s advice and watch your mouth. I have killed many men in my life, and while the laws of my goddess claim I cannot attack an animal without being attacked first, any attack or insult against my wife is an attack or insult against me, and I am afraid Caliga never told me which definition of attack to use, physical or verbal. I could cut you like a hot sword through flesh, you powerless mage, so I suggest you not speak unkindly of the only god and man in this world who is bothering to help you. Unless you believe you can make it through this swamp on your own, Mr. I’m-gonna-throw-poisonous-goop-with-my-hands?”

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Saturday at 1:30 PM
He pulled his sword from his hilt. "Bite your tongue!" He could feel that monster, angry. His sword pointed at the man's face, a few feet away, until he listened to Zane retort to Vincent. Seven began to laugh for the first time in a while, waiting for him to stop talking before speaking back to him. "What he said. You do wise to not bite the hand that feeds you, old man. And you." He said turning to Zane. "If you're the husband of a goddess, I serve you, and her. These powers, I've had my entire life. I never knew why. Now I know. Caliga gifted me. If you are her husband. I am in your debt." He bowed his head respectfully. "Let me gift you silence by killing this pain in the arse."

AnayaLast Saturday at 1:31 PM
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ZLast Saturday at 1:34 PM
"Keep your god, take your stone. Being a divine force doesn't make you flawless. Being it's puppet doesn't make you safe." He stopped and turned to face them, "Don't forget, I've seen what your contract can give. Why should I believe you care of helping me at all? Don't give me your threats either. You think I don't realize I am out of my damned element here? That was my first time in a physical confrontation with anything... apologies I don't Wade the thick of war like you." He turned to Seven, "You want my wish so bad take it. Please, don't say anything." He spoke with anger and pain, "Twice cursed, and nothing left." He scoffed, "You don't care if I gain anything. Just wanted a new toy. Just as good becoming a hermit." He went back, "DO what want. Nothing matters without magic. You know nothing of loss, explaining it further is pointless." He pulled off his tome and threw it down, "And I'm not that old..." He continued back home, fully defeated.

AnayaLast Saturday at 1:49 PM
The words that left his lips made the noise in the woods grow silent. He was not going to be allowed to walk away from this, there was no walking away when you made the choice to insult the god of all things that go bump in the night. There was a invisible wall that formed before him, cutting him off from everything else, a force that stood there as a barrier between him and the others, and his exit out of this mess and this swamp. Of the woods drags the hands of a woman, hands dragging of a woman on the ground not attached to a body. Then the body formed form the darkness the whole area getting darker as she stepped, it was like she was walking in slow motion but he had no place to go. Her jaw was broken split down the centre as her tongue rolled out long dropping droll of Saliva hanging form her mouth a gape long white teeth hung along the mouth the tongue flopping back and forth with each step the sicking smell of Vanilla in the air and the dim but there red glow of the crimson being that was made of darkness and ill intent. There was the sound of a bell, the simple bell in the background, a sound that echoed in the darkness like they were stuck in a fish bowl. “you called upon us to save you” it spat, drool sloping down its chest as it walked closer, that bell dinging every movement that passed that felt like a forever. “you insulted the darkness in your asking you worthless mortal skum, and we still came to aid you in the guise you were worthy” her words so broken, as her voice was that of many, souls lingering on her breath as she talked, mothers, fathers boys, girls, the many all tal\king as one within this monster of what seemed to be a woman but was a chalange to tell in all reality, the scars, parts missing and the fact it looked like it had only one breast on the one side made it a very strange thing to look at. “now, now you sit in a pile of your own disgust and cry out to the heavens on how we have lied to you, on how we are an insult to you,
WHAT ARE WE!” the being within a second was there, standing right before him her jaw hanging on by what looked like flesh, a strand and only that, the smell of vanila on her whole being “insult us now you worthless toad siting here in the mess you made, insult what saw your worth before that same being rips your body in half ” it looked at him, empty red eyes with bright purple centres, six of them looked into his face, eyes that held no emotion eyes that held only death within them, eyes that were a mirror and all he saw was himself. “insult us now as we look at your face, insult your god before your god takes you to find freedom”

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Saturday at 2:05 PM
He watched as Vincent began to spew and insult and cough and talk and talk. Then he gave his wish to Seven and the possibility of having more power, or his old friend back, flooded his mind. For a moment, he was smiling, before noting the old man try to walk off. Then the grotesque, maliced creature crawled out toward Vincent. He took a step back, watching the force box around the Kinn and the old man. "What. In. The. World?!" Stark stood gently on Seven's shoulder, unmoving as if he was absolutely amazed by the creature, while Seven listened to it's overlapping voices full of anger and disgust, get in Vincent's face. "Oh shit." He turned toward Zane. "Looks like your wife didn't like his insults." He crossed his arms, saying with an uncaring monotone. "No. Stop. Don't do it." He was unexplainably enthralled with the being and took his hood down, letting his silver, almost white hair, down, not quite touching his shoulders yet, but it was tied back with a small twine, to keep hair out of his eyes. He didn't look away, completely intoxicated by the creatures presence. "Should...we be watching this?"

Grandpa ChaosLast Saturday at 2:13 PM
Zanarius thinks for a moment and hatches an idea that probably won’t work. He takes a couple steps towards the Kinn about to take Vincent’s soul, raising his left hand that houses the wedding ring of Caliga enough for the Kinn to see. “Halt, Kinn. I am the husband of Caliga, goddess of the darkness and of sin, which makes me your father. You will not take this man’s soul, just yet, but I will deliver it to you personally with a contract. Stay your hand for a while longer. Your very presence has shown him the error of his words, and should he speak them again I will not stop you, but for now rest, and you may have his soul in such a way that benefits us both.”

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Saturday at 2:28 PM
"Are you seriously trying to tell that thing what to do?!" He asked seriously. He took another step back, resting his hand in his hilt futility. "I think we are passed trying to reason." Stark agreed, cawing once, while he looked between the Kinn and Zane.

AnayaLast Saturday at 2:30 PM
The being reached down grabbing the mortal by the neck and holding it up standing at its full height of around fifteen feet tall. It held the man there the sound of broken spine bones snapping and contorting would make the gut turn. But the being did not seem to be fazed by it at all. Its face looked at him, its empty eyes looked into the beings body “you have lived your life in stupidity, your existence has broken the laws ” words whispered from the woods as if reading from a script “The Cardinal Sin of being a Kinn. It’s too bad that stupidity isn’t painful. Ignorance is one thing, but society thrives increasingly on stupidity. It depends on people going along with whatever they are told. The world promotes a cultivated stupidity as a posture that is not only acceptable but laudable. One must learn to see through the tricks and cannot afford to be stupid. ” the being tilted its head “stupidity, Pretentiousness, all this is your existence all of this is your ending” its head paused as he kept the man held in a longer finger like clawed grip, the mortal that gained her hand had spoken, it snorted the voices in the woods laughing loudly, so many like it was a group just enjoying there time. “you speak as if we came to hear your words mortal, you will find others to get what you demand of her, what she gives you, you will find others to get the gift of your wife, such a term you believe gains you power
over our actions, you are a mortal, you forget this, Stupidity within you” it was a insult, a clear hard insult, it did not care for its words, it did not care who he was, it was here for the insults given and it was not going to allow a mortal to go against what it was sent here to do in results of an insult, he would learn insults would never be tolerated, weakness would be snuffed out how ever Kinn saw fit. It turned its head and looked back at the one known as Vincent. Its hand going up to grab the being by the mouth, fingers slipping into his lips in both a brute and sexual manor, a smile came to the broken jawed ones face as the Kinn slowly ripped the mans jaw open his skin shredding at the sides. It bent its body open as from within it spewed an acidic bile vomited up from within it into the ripped and gaping hole that was Vincent Kaos. The grotesque bile slid into him burning his insides like hot swamp tar, pileing up inside of him till his rectum boiled and let it all spill out from between his legs, like the most repulsive birth anyone could give. The liquid curdled and bubbled as it rolled on the ground, Vincent's body being dropped in the place as the Kinn moved its clawed hand to pluck the light blue orb from his
smoking body. Taking that orb and placing it into its lips to consume it down to fuel not only its self but send the soul to Ulon to rot in a pit and rotate around with so many others lost and swimming there. The Kinn turned its head back to Zane as the wall that was between them faded, there was no longer safety, there was no glass that caged them from the monster, there was no sweet security that would keep them alive if it so planed to move. It lowered its head down, it was leaning to eye level not going down in size a inch but bending and distorting to just be that much more of a obscurity. “Tell me mortal, do you wish our hand to achieve your own selfish gain, or do you wish to lead us like a kind with a crown made of dirt, to lead is to be one of us, would you trade your mortal shell for a greater one to be at her side always, to hear her words swimming within you, to be a part of the greater core, you could be her child, a part of her, yet you stay in this frail body using powers that don't belong to you” clearly it held anger towards the man known as Zanarius, there was dislike and even hate there, wrath on its breath, fire in its six glowing eyes.

Grandpa ChaosLast Saturday at 2:47 PM
Zanarius smiles, and that smile turns to a laugh, a laugh that could only be described as malevolent in tone. He grins at the Kinn, the monster before him. "As much fun as it sounds to lead you around with a chain and rope like any good king would, I'll have to decline. I kept my mortal form because I saw what a Kinn looked like, and I couldn't bring myself to give up on my wondrous sexy form that I have now for something like the grotesque and mishappen monster that you are. My body is frail, and I am borrowing the powers of Caliga, but let's be honest. I get to fuck the most beautiful creature in all of existance whenever I want to, and have the powers of a demigod to go with. You eat souls and look like shit. It was a fair trade off, buddy. But I do need to ask, what do I do now now that annoyance is out of my hair? Do I still have to find the dumb trinket?"

AnayaLast Saturday at 2:56 PM
the hand slammed down beside Zanarius rolled into a fist almost landing on top of the man but knowing he could not damage the one there mother cultivated like some little gem stone treasure. The force of the hit sending dirt flying and sending both men back to fall on there ass (force push back fly ten feet and fall) “thee only reason you live is due to her protection, once she relies you taint our blood with weakness we will personalty span this pitiful world you live on to drag you down with us and change your body into what we are. You do not know mortal man, once you die, we are what you will become” it could not lie, it was telling the truth, the hard fine print no one knew about when they made deals with devils. It stood up as it started to laugh. Leaving the body there for the worthless swamp skum to clean “it is your choice to gain the trinket, your actions mean nothing to us, items are worth nothing” its words vanished away as it faded into the darkness, leaving only the guttural sounds of a boiled body and the snapping of bones as it existed. Knowing full well it could do nothing to the man do to the force that was within him.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Saturday at 3:03 PM
Seven stood, dumbfounded at the entire scene. The two obviously hated one another, like they knew each other. The stones on this man made him smile brightly from behind his mask, and step back a few more steps, about 7 feet away from the two of them. He couldn't believe this creature and Zane we're insulting each other, neck and neck, and the gull of Zane to even so much as order the creature around. He was the husband of Caliga. Gods existed. Seven's whole life was a lie. He thought of his friend from long ago who had saved his life with tremendous power. The man who saved so many others before him. What would he do in this situation? Would he have saved Vincent? Whom was now a giant pile of liquid and visera all over the ground. Would he too insult the beast? He knew what to do, and looked toward the two of them, wanting to continue the quest. "I-. ." Before he could speak, he was tossed onto his behind. Then she was gone, just as she came. "Seems like she didn't like you." He said boldly, pulling himself to his feet, and offering to help Zane to his with an outreached hand. "I want that stone. I need someone to come back. I'll sign my soul away if you just let me make my wish, and-...bring back the true King of the Iron and the one man who saved my life and restored my hopes in the world. I'll spend my whole existence in wherever those things live if it means bringing my friend home. I'll give him my body. You can have my soul. Please help me."

Grandpa ChaosLast Saturday at 3:09 PM
Zanarius takes the hand and gets up, somewhat displeased with how the Kinn reacted. “Well, I must say I expected that to go a bit better than it did. I’ll have to apologize to Caliga later, I just said that to make it go away. Those things scare me far too much. And I can’t take your soul, you are worthy but you are also worthy to live. And I suppose I have nothing else to do for now, so I’ll help. I have no wish of my own except perhaps to have my dragon scale armor back, but I’m sure Caliga has that locked away somewhere. How about we rest for the night, I’m still a bit hurt from the rats.”

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Saturday at 3:35 PM
"Thank you, my friend." He said, bowing softly before him. "I will repay your kindness in some way before my body is used to bring him back. Or perhaps you could have Jeff repay you somehow. You earned it." He listened to the man talk about rest and nodded, gripping his bow and climbed swiftly into a tree that hung over the camp where they would sleep. "You rest. I just watched a man die in the most brutal way imaginable. He's literally 10 feet away from me. I can hear him bubbling. I don't think I'm gonna be able to sleep tonight." He sighed, looking to the dead man. He used the shadows around the goo pile, and shifted them upward, causing the dirt from the ground around the dead man,to shoot into the air. Then the dirt fell back down to the earth, burying Vincent's remains in one fowl swoop. It was the least he could do, so he was covered. "Besides, someone needs to keep watch so we don't get our throats slit by bandits in our sleep. You get some sleep. You're stronger in power than I. I'll need your strength. You'll need your strength. We will need to work together to succeed, and I'm trusting you. Thank YOU for trusting ME. " He emphasized, watching him from about 12 feet up, relaxing casually on his branch his legs crossed while he rested his back against the trunk. "Least I can do for you is let you get some rest."

Grandpa ChaosLast Saturday at 3:51 PM
Zanarius nods and closes his eyes, listening to the sound of the dark swamp around him. He can hear some kind of bird singing, and crickets chirpping, but no immediate sounds of beasts nearby. He goes over and puts the fire out, and then lays down against a tree with his gladius drawn and in his hand, ready for anything that may come in the few hours that Zane has for rest.

AnayaLast Saturday at 4:08 PM
((it is now 6 am, all sleeping members feel refreshed and all HP is regained))

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Saturday at 4:10 PM
Seven watched the view, and smiled at the moon, way up in the sky. He wondered if anyone he had met before was looking at the same one. His eyes wandered over to the goo pile, covered in dirt and sighed. He was arrogent but no one deserved that. His bow had an arrow knotched into it, ready to pull it back, and attack anything. He stayed there until about 6 a.m. When he would hop down and place a log on the fire. Then he would grab a think stone to place over it, like a pan. He then gripped 3 eggs from his satchel, that he stole from a nest of birds two days prior. He cracked them over the stones and listened for the eggs to began cooking. He raised a brow at the sleeping warrior. Hoping he would awaken soon to the smell of food. Then he pulled a large file of water from his satchel as well. "Zane." He said boldly. Stark began cawing on Seven's shoulder. "Food."

Grandpa ChaosLast Saturday at 7:59 PM
Zanarius opened his eyes, only having been half asleep like any proper warrior. “Don’t call me Zane. The name is Zanarius. Only my mother called me Zane.” He stands up and does a series of stretches and warm up exorcises, including pushups, crunches, and pullups on a firm tree branch that Zanarius had to search for to hold his muscular weight. After going through the motions he does every morning when he wakes up, Zanarius goes to sit by the fire with Seven. “Anything happen over night?”

AnayaLast Saturday at 9:53 PM
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December 30, 2018
Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Sunday at 10:30 AM
"What ever you say, your majesty." Seven scoffed, placing two eggs on another clean stone, and pulled a small cheese knife out of his satchel. He placed the knife on the stone and slid it over toward his new companion. "Nothing happened. Yet, If I'm being honest, I don't trust it. I think we should return home to the castle. I have to get paid for a job, anyway and-..." He looked over at the unmarked grave of Vincent. "We literally just watched a man die. We should stop while we are ahead. At least until we are a bit more rested and ready." He then noticed a book, sticking out of the bushed, which Seven promptyly stepped over Vincent's remains, and bent over to pick it up. He was perplexed by it but he looked to the old mans grave again. "Oh-..." He sighed. "His family records." He motioned for Zane to come over to him. "I know he was annoying, but he didn't deserve to have his life snuffed out like that." He looked toward Zane. "You did the right thing trying to save him. Even if it was for your own reasons. You're a good man." He then kneeled down at Vincent's grave, speaking low in elfish. "Lotesse i' elders maa over lle fea e' i' never endien lema utu- seere." (May the elders look over you in your never ending journey to find peace.) Then he rose, and sighed, getting a bit sentimental. "I'll keep his book safe, unless you want it."

Grandpa ChaosLast Sunday at 10:36 AM
Zanarius takes the book and looks through it carefully, reading through the multiple spells inside the book. He closes it up and shrugs, not sure what he could do with it. “I used to study magic in my homeworld, but I was never able to use it other than my magic sword. Perhaps I can ask Caliga to send it to someone who benefit from it. Should be an easy task for her, I think. I need to ask what she wants done about this situation anyway, so I guess you get to meet the god you swore to serve last night.” Zanarius stretches again, getting the final kinks out of his neck and back before lifting his ring to his mouth and speaking to it. “Hey, Caliga, dearest, I don’t suppose you would be able to join me in this world would you? It doesn’t have to be for long, I only have a couple questions and a small favor to ask. Also, need you to meet your newest follower. And I want to see you, again, of course.”

AnayaLast Monday at 12:01 PM
His words whispered to his ring knowing he needed things, he did not handle the Kinn overly well in her eyes but she did enjoy his pride even against something she knew scared him to no end. Out of the darkness of the tree line the mornings light made her sway a bit as she steped out of the shadows. Dressed in a blank silk with silver gemstones all over it a normal dress would shimmer in the sunlight as if it was made of diamonds but her gems did not pick up the light at all, it was almost like she consumed it into herself, light did not exist to her much like a black hole would not care about the sun. Her black wings of silken feathers rolled out of the darkness as the woman only standing there level and maybe a head taller then the men were walked freely towards them. She was something to look at, her body flawless in every way like no mortal woman, skin of a dark ebony hue she was beyond a mortals mind to comprehend and she made the heart beat faster simply out of instinct and reaction. In her left hand she held a book, a black book with silver decor on the covers and some words in a tongue of there people (no one has can read Latin on there bios sooooo not even gona say yall know the words lolz)she held the book like it meant something to her, cupping the book to not damage it in anyway but still hold it rather loss. Her face as normal was covered in a blank blindfold hiding what was behind it be it eyes or something else that was unknown. Her face turned to look from Zane to the other man as a smile came to her face as she looked at him “Seven, assassin for hire, needing to get payed are we, working for the green eyed one, a risky life” her voice slipped form her body, not her lips and just as the
others of her race it was not a singular voice it was more then one with a more dominant female one talking over the others. She walked over to them both (Aura of Sin active, you know the drill) As she turned her head to Zane and a smile came to her lips as she lifted a hand to his cheek to softly caress his face “and what is it you ask of me, my bold fighter, your actions with the other was valiant but ill advised, you place yourself at risk” she ran her silken fingers over his skin as her very touch made the hair on the neck stand on end with both want and fear, she had a way about her surely and anyone that could feel her knew she was something, something holding back but a goddess none the less.

Grandpa ChaosLast Monday at 12:11 PM
Zanarius smiles back at the overwhelming beauty before him, and goes in for a passionate kiss right there, his lust for the goddess taking form yet again. After a couple moments, he breaks away and holds up the book of spells to her, a look of puzzlement and curiosity pasted on his face. "Ill advised though it was, if it chose to kill me then so be it. I am a warrior, and death's hand is ever just centimeters from my neck at all times. The spector of death stopped scaring me long ago, and instead he buys me lunch when I go to battle, knowing I will give him the most yield, even if that yield do include my own soul. I need to know if you coul do me a favor and find a good home for this book It belonged to the mage your Kinn took, and seems to be something from his family judging by the words in it. It seems a waste on either of us fighters. The only other thing I could do with it is sell it, but the mage didn't really seem like the type to have unique spells. The jokes are a bit funny though." Zanarius looks to the sky as the morning sun's light peaks over the horizon and bathes the tops of the swamp trees in a golden-orange hue. "Also, I need to know where to go next, and if the trinket is still worth anything to get at this rate. If not, then I'd like to go back to castle for information if you have nothing urgent for me, my love?"

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Monday at 12:29 PM
Seven stared at Caliga, almost in disbelief. His mouth fell agape while Caliga moved over to Zane and caressed his cheek. She addressed seven by his occupation, and his eyes widened. "Real. You're actually real-..." He muttered taking a few steps back from Zane and Caliga, then stepped backward over Vincent's buried remains. "Impossible-...." He shook his head and rubbed his eyes, expecting her to disappear once he took his hands away from his eyes. "Caliga, Goddess of Sin. Mother of darkness. Why-...why haven't you shown yourself until now?!" He felt angry. "I prayed to you every day after my family died. You never showed yourself until now! Why?!" He was in disbelief, thinking that gods didn't exist until now. Now a Goddess was in front of him addressing him by name. "I never believed in you because when I first found your idol, you didn't even so much as speak to me. Now here you are!" He felt tears welling in his eyes. "You're so beautiful-...and you have a great husband, but why didn't you answer me when I called upon you, years ago?!" Seven looked at Zane. "I'm sorry-...I shouldn't be talking to her this way-...just..." He looked back at Caliga. "Please give me answers. It's all I've ever wanted. Why am I like this?!" He created a ball of Shadow in his hands then made it vanish after a few seconds. "Why do I have these gifts?!"

AnayaLast Monday at 2:21 PM
her eyes fell to the book Zanarius as his lips pressed onto her own and she kissed him in return a silksn wing comeing around from one side to hold and embrace him tenderly. As there kiss was broken her wing stayed around him as he held out the book to her. She took it and placed it a top her own tome in her hands and nodded her head “it will find a fitting resting place, that will place it on a level befitting of its owner” she nodded to him as he spoke about the fact death was a friend to him. She could not help but smile a prideful heart that did make her happy “your pride is valiant, but the death from a Kinn is not a death in battle it is simply a ending there is nothing to be glory about it. Your blades cant harm us, your powers will only anger the darkness within a Sinners being. And if your eyes ever fall upon a beautiful Prime you can only ask forgiveness and weep knowing you will get none to little” she looked to Seven then back to Zane “your quest still holds a wish at the end of it, a wish that can be anything you desire within reason it is not a greater stone so the wish could be better but you can still gain it if you wish to walk the risk of this swamp” she knew Zane would be hardly damaged here, but she also knew that Seven was be it stronger in power still weak to this location. She could feel the poor beings
pain and she knew that he did pray longingly to darkness once upon a time, but the time was not right for him to know. She moved her wing back to her back and moved over to Seven, it was a blink and she was before him, her face and being a intch from his own as her hand moved to caress down his fragile face and thin cheak bone. She looked at him with almost a sad expression on her face like a mother would look at a hurting child and a skinned knee. “your time was not right, and you only knew little pain, pain is a beautiful thing it causes sin to seep into the heart of others, wrath to grow, greed to get back things lost, you were not ready for us to embrace you yet, even now you struggle to truly know what your path is in the world, but soon you will know what you are meant to do, soon our child you will grow into something grand, something greater then you once were and turn over a new leaf” her voice was so soft, like that of an angel but with a body black like the devil and the nights sky. “we have given you many things, your gift being one of them” she moved a hand under his own to hold up his hand and force him to form that shadow ball on his fingers “all Darkness is a part of us, a part of the whole truth and a part of our vessel, treasure it as if it is your true treasure, for darkness is the truth and the most beautiful stillness” the sun was annoying her so as she stood there it was like it got dinner just in that area, she felt better with is light not being as bright but she knew mortals and things would notice so it was not going to be a long term thing for sure.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Monday at 2:34 PM
He was held by the goddess, his body resting in her embrace. "I-...just tell me what to do? All I know how to do is kill. How can I be of any use to you?" He rested his forhead against hers with a soft exhale. It had been a while since anyone had held him like this. Not even his own mother. The tears moved down his cheeks. "Tell me what you want from me, and it will be done. I promise you this. All I've ever wanted was my friend back, and I need money to fund my travels to get him back-..because I thought you weren't real." The assassin was now like a child holding it's mother, and not since he learned of his friend's death and until now did he feel purpose in his life. "Samuel still needs to pay me, and I don't know what value money has to me anymore, now that I know the truth." He looked down and growled deep and loud. "Was every life I took for nothing? What is my purpose?" She held his hand up, forming the ball to dance around in his fingers and he listened to her tell him that she was indeed responsible for his gifts. "Thank you-..." At that moment, Stark flew down from his tree and rested on Caliga's shoulder, nuzzling her cheek. He cawed once and flew over to Seven's shoulder. "Did you gift me Stark as well? I've never known a stronger bond than his. He was always been by my side, since I escaped my parents laboratory. Did you send him?"

Grandpa ChaosLast Tuesday at 6:42 PM
Zanarius takes a few minutes to patrol the perimeter of their little camp while he contemplates what he should do. At first Seven wanted to get the wish stone, and Zanarius did say he would go along, but in truth he would much rather head back to the castle and maybe find some answers to the questions pouring through his mind. Making a tough decision, he walks back to them just as Seven asks if Stark was a gift from Caliga as well. “I’d hate to interrupt, but I must apologize. Seven, I’ve decided not to join you in your quest to find the wish stone. As fun as it sounds to fight with you, I need information about this world, as well as how my own strength fairs against other humans in this world. I shall be heading back to the castle as soon as my mistress leaves us. I would like to ask you to join me, so I may be granted access to the castle without trouble, but if you refuse I will understand. You seemed very intent on getting that stone, and making your wish, and I won’t keep you from it if you so wish to go it alone from here on.”

AnayaLast Wednesday at 1:20 PM
she looked at Seven that black blind fold looking into his eyes. As he talked about such mortal dilemmas she did not pay much mind to him, talks of coin and friendships and things so feeble talks of even a bird. She moved her wings as golden coins filled her feathers dripping off her black silken wings into the muddy ground. Thousands of them just siting there on the mud “coin means nothing, if you want it just take it, gain so many things, buy a home, a new toy to play with a new trinket or gear to protect ones body from the scorn of the world.” she shock her wings as a couple more tinked down and landed in the pile “your reason to exist Seven is the same reason all exist, to act sinfully and bring darkness a greater grip on this world. If you want to do something for me, a task, make a dragon of light and holy sin, make her do something she would never do, bring us the tears of the dragon Anaya and we will bring your friend back to life with them” she looked away as she moved a out reaching wing around her lover to pull him towards her “something is going to befall you our treasure, keep your eyes open and your wits sharp” with her words she started to fade away, it was becoming to much to be here regardless she could not be here long the sun and this world strained her being to even force herself into it. It was trying to place a square block in a round hole, you could crush the middle in but you could just not fit right and even if you did it felt wrong to do. “we will be with you, just speak and we will respond, there is a change coming in thew wind, a large one you must stop it” and with that she was gone, leaving them there with nothing but her presence and the smell of vanilla and chive.

Grandpa ChaosLast Wednesday at 1:44 PM
Zanarius makes a thinking face and breathes in deeply, slightly annoyed as his lover dissappears. He bends down and picks up some of the gold, leaving the rest for Seven. “Need some armor, so this’ll help. Didn’t like the sound of me being the one to stop some large catastrophy. I can barely kill a rat in this world. Also she wants to make a dragon cry? Seems a bit harsh, but hey, I’d kill a dragon if Caliga told me to. Hell I’d kill a dragon even if she didn’t. Come along, Seven, let’s go back to the castle and see this Samuel of yours.” Zanarius saunters off back towards the entrance to the swamp, not bothering to check if Seven was following or not.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Wednesday at 3:46 PM
Seven stared at the gold that trinkled to the ground. Hundreds upon hundrends of them, just sitting there. She told him his purpose, and his quest. Go to The Iron Dynasty, and make the dragon cry. Gain tears. Whoever this dragon was, she had the key to his friends revival. He looked at the gold, again even as Caliga disappeared, and bent down, picking them up by the hand full. He ripped a giant piece of clothing from his already tattered cloak and wrapped as many coins as he could making a large, impromptu coin purse. He then, opening his satchel, began shovelling more coins in, after tying the coin purse to his belt. He had well over 600 gold before he noticed Zane talking about leaving to go to the castle. He smirked. "I guess we should. You go on, I'll catch-..." He was already leaving before he finished his sentence. Seven smirked, thinking of how Zane reminded him of himself. He liked the prideful man. He shoved about 300 more gold in his satchel, and strapped it closed. Hoisting the now heavy bag over his shoulder, with well over 1000 gold peices on his person, he ran after Zane until catching up. "Samuel will probably pay 25 gold for this completed contract. That's funny. I walked for weeks to get that amount, and now it seems like nothing. She is very giving, your wife." He looked over at his new friend. "Sorry about the old man."

Grandpa ChaosLast Wednesday at 3:53 PM
Zanarius shrugs, not really caring that the mage died. “I didn’t learn his name until last night, so to be honest it doesn’t mean much to me that he died. I was a bit put off because Caliga told me that if I got this trinket and gave her his soul, I’ll only need one more to get the power I wish for. It’s a selfish desire of mine, but nonetheless it is something I wish. Maybe I’ll change my wish, but who knows how that would affect the standing of souls.” He looks back at Seven quickly and arches an eyebrow. “Got enough gold, did we? Would you like to go back and bury the rest just so you have a secret stash. I got fifty gold and called it quits. It should be enough to get me some armor. A warrior should never be greedy. Prideful, yes, most certainly prideful, but not greedy. You never know what taking gold from the queen of the universe could do to you. She seems giving, but all sin has a price to go with it, remember that. It might as well be steeped in evil and blood.” After a couple hours of walking the two men finally reach the edge of the swamp where Zanarius and Vincent met the drunkard. Zanarius took a quick glance at the place where he was dragged off, and then turns back up the road to the castle.

Story Closed not can be retaken as players did not get the stone! the wish stone is still there, anyone can retake this at anytime

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