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History of Ignoros

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History of Ignoros
History of Ignoros Be3842c7-2f5f-4815-89d4-22e4a0f80ace

” Their filth stained our lands and homes; our hearts and families have suffered at their hands. I proclaim from this very eve that no impure beings are welcome within Ignoros.” – King Andri Zepar
It is said that all Ignoros’s issues started when King Andri Zepar took the throne. His hatred for halflings and demons alike brought the entire kingdom to its knees as he attempted to purge of all those that whom blood was not pure from ‘His’ land. It is rumored that this feeling started when his own sister Lady Aelesia had loved a demon and the union created a child. Lord Andri knew that his father Tobias, whom had been appointed to the throne before him by Lady Anaya herself, would have been disappointed from the fact his own daughter turned her back on his teachings of racial breeding.
All was fine those first years as the child grew it appeared normal, mortal. Then strange occurrences started to happen; objects would be moved, strange sicknesses would happen all over the Castle , even strange death seem to loom over the child. The moment the king's sister fell ill and perished was the last straw. He hunted and ended the abomination himself that night..


(Over time, she came to the realization she was no longer made of substance, but something more like a shadow….)
(spinoff of Morgana (merlin tv)
-          Loyal, raised as a ward to the king Andri Zepar
-          King commits genocide against. “demon/halflings” after his sister falls In love with a demon and bares a son. End up being killed by said son and King kills the child cold blood.
-          Meets Aez and makes a deal to end the King.. (Kings life for Soul)
-          Death of the king Heir is Crowned
-          Ward wants the crown and summons Aez once more. (Crown for body)
East part of Valarian
Maelma Castle – (appears deserted) Thick white stone walls; round turrets one gatehouse, acceptable via 1 road. Courtyard filed with a garden, secret tunnel that leads through the dungeons out to 15 miles away from the castle.
Monarch – Family- Ambassadors- Nobles- Commander- Guest
386,874 sq.miles. (3627 years old)
32% (124) livable land 67% (261) wilderness
-          Population 1988 for Gerica (Pamor, Ledale)
-          Pop. 934 second largest. (all things are small villages and isolated dwellings.
-           12 noble house 90 guards 23 priests of assortment.
Elf, Second most common race
Other types of elves
Human, Most common race


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