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The Kingdom of Avalon

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The Kingdom of Avalon Avalon11

     The White Spire, better known as Avalon, takes its name after the castle which resides behind the Ivory Wall. Once the home of King Harridan and his wife Queen Addison, the land was more than prosperous with enough to go around. Seven years into their rule, the Queen bore a son, Prince Callum. The happy family shared their joy with the Kingdom, and all was well.
The Kingdom of Avalon King_h10

The Kingdom of Avalon Queen_10

The Kingdom of Avalon Prince11

As time went by, the Prince grew into a strapping young man, but constantly found himself against his fathers anger as the boy was more interested in adventure and travel than he was on preforming his Princely duties. In the spring, nearing his 17th birthday, the Prince ran from the Kingdom tired of having the feeling he was trapped in his life. Upon discovery, the King himself went out searching for him, unwilling to let the local guard take on such a delicate task. As a month passed by, the Queen grieved for her husbands and sons disappearance. Leaving the Kingdom in the care of the her Steward Halldor, son of Daceolan, she took up the search for the men, finding the same fate as them.
The Kingdom of Avalon Halldo10

Without a proper ruler, Halldor assumed control of the Kingdom, as it was left in his charge. Things around the Kingdom began to take drastic changes, as if overnight. Shady dealings became more regular in what was once a peaceful and clean Kingdom. The guard became more ruthless against even the most minor of offenses, hauling those away without a second thought for sentencing. The majority of the city of Avalon, Dorlomin, fell into poverty and discord. But the townspeople found a way to coexist with such changes. Though they to this day find themselves in dire straights, the city became more of a haven for the down trodden and misunderstood.
Using this knowledge to his advantage, Holldor lowered taxes to please the people, but forced and increase in prices for most of the business owners, recouping his loss in funds with interest. He also began dealings with the town to the West, Nantown Bay, which was notorious for its pearls. Used as a psychedelic drug, these pearls became a regular business within the Ivory Wall, being shipped out to all neighboring Kingdoms of Valeria. Keeping his dealings quieter than most though, Halldor continues to make great amounts of coin through his dirty dealings and monopolizing on the people of Dorlomin.
     The White Spire stands protected by the Stewards personal guard, along with a small militia occupying the smaller buildings surrounding the castle. Though the men have been corrupted by the new rulers greed, they are soldiers first and extremely good at their assigned duties. Attempts to storm the castle from the people of Dorlomin came to a swift halt in the Stewards early rule, finding it impossible to breech the security surrounding its walls.


The Kingdom of Avalon 5603ea10

The Kingdom of Avalon Positi10

     Dorlomin is the city of Avalon, which rests outside of the castles main defensive wall. Multiple shops line the inner square while the residential areas are located more in a surrounding fashion. A wide variety of races make Dorlomin their home not only due to the cheaper rent the city offers its tenants, but also due to it prime location in terms of view. To the West lies the Old Iron Ruin, where some believe the Kings of Old still reside, if only as specters watching over the surrounding lands. To the North lies the Human dominated town of Northstead. The South however gives the vision that most seek, for that direction holds the Kingdom of Woodhearst, home of the High Elves. Many have looked from their windows to the towers that stood watch over the entrance to this magical realm, falling into wonder and speculation. The Elves rarely visited outside of their realm, but when on occasion they do, the lights and song make for a wonderful sight indeed. Dorlomin also contains many a restaurant, though not as fancy as most, they do well with what they provide.

Potions Dealer

     A Human woman named Valarie runs the Potions shop. A younger woman in her early 20's, she maintains the shop with the utmost care, taking pride in her small yet oddly demanded business. Upon entry all would see shelves lined from top to bottom with herbs along the walls, while small tables in the center of the room would hold everything from alchemy equipment to simple pouches to carry whatever the customer needed.

The Kingdom of Avalon Valari10


     There are many small restaurants in the city, yet there are two of exceptional note: The Heifer Infernum and The Lunar Rooftop. The Heifer Infernum gets its fame from its four cooks. Each cook, being exceptionally talented in fire magic, prepares each meal with a blaze of their own making cooking it in front of each of their respected customers. The price may be a bit higher than most restaurants in the city, the price is well worth the show that accompanies it.

The Lunar Rooftop gains its popularity during the hours of the night. With an open skylight with seating available on a section of the roof, the mood is aimed towards couples in love. A menu fitting for royalty, this restaurant also caries a heftier price, but for those in love what does price matter. The cooks specialize in exotic foods from all over the continent, including a few from the Kingdom of Woodhearst. A sight to see and a treat to any able to afford it.


     The main tavern in the city was named Mammoth, and for good reason. From the outside it would appear to simply be an enormous building, but inside it was extremely well kept for a low income stay. The staff obviously took great pride in their jobs, and when a more expensive item came its way, everyone pitched in to make sure it remained in pristine condition. The staff went out of their way to make anyone, whether rich or poor, feel welcome in their establishment. The Mammoth also doubles as an inn, offering rooms in the upper level ranging in price. If looking for the owner, simply ask for the Wood Nymph, Erin. She will help if she has the time.

The Kingdom of Avalon Erin10


     Ran by a Dwarven man named Theo by the townsfolk, the forges never seemed to go out. Working himself hard, he enjoys simply making items, whether for himself or for customers. His work is steady, though not as in demand as other shops in town. A good man to have a conversation with, a warning to all who would speak to him: do not inquire on his lack of a beard. It is a sore subject and may find you at the wrong end of a masterfully sharp sword.

The Kingdom of Avalon Theo10


     A small establishment, the Wings of Avalon will take any interested scholar on an adventure. The building itself may be small, but the books and scrolls are enough to fill a vault. Ranging everywhere from history to fantasy, it is a wonderful place to sit and lose ones self in its many stories. Ran by Lydia, a petite yet very educated Red Fox. A wonder to speak to, but disrupt the environment or damage even a single page in a book and she can be rather lethal.

The Kingdom of Avalon Lydia_10

Merchants Guild

     The Guild of the city is known just as that, The Merchants Guild. Once a member of the community applies and is accepted into the guild, job posting from around Avalon are open to them. The jobs vary from simple lazy jobs to ones that will require a great deal of prowess to complete. The work pays well, and the more dangerous the work, the more a client is entitled to upon its completion. Speak with Jarrus for more information, and do not be shocked at his appearance, as he is one of the Lizardfolk.

The Kingdom of Avalon Jarrus10

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