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The Woods * Magic Goat & Lion in the Cave*

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The Woods  * Magic Goat & Lion in the Cave* 04XQSMA


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Nikolai: As the sun began to set, Nikolai had slowly stirred from slumber and left his temporary hiding place within the woods to once again track and hunt. Slowly cracking and stretching his limbs and joints as he emerged, he looked up towards the darkening orange sky and took a deep breath. Leaning back in he quickly grabbing his makeshift daggers of stone and bone before heading deeper into the woods, ears raised and eyes wide as he moved at a slow pace. Every dozen feet or so he would sniff the air, trying to see if he could pick up any scent, his eyes easily adjusting to the dark as the sun set further, casting the forest to the mercy of the moons pale shimmer.
Anaya: within the glow of the trees popped two little white eyes and the sound of hooves on stone, the small under three foot tall white shimmering goat trotted out of the wood line and gave a Blaaat holding its head up all proud and happy, it had a little red hat on its head with a small white pompom on the end of it, it wiggled its oddly adorable tail back and forth as it looked at the monster of a being that came into the woods this day to do what was expected of a beast.. eat little goats maybe. The goat gave a snort not having a care in the world as it trotted on top of a large rock and gave a another Blaaat and then stuck its little pink tongue out of its mouth and flopped it around a little “bla, bla blaaaat” it said softly as it looked at what seemed to be male and tilted its head in wonder at the thing.
Nikolai: Nikolai's ears would raise to their highest as he turned his head slightly and froze the rest of his body to focus on the sudden appearance of a white shimmering goat. His eyes skimmed around the small mammal, or at least he assumed it was still one, unsure of how to react and gathering his thoughts as he took a slight step back, watching the goat as it moved around and blatted. Had this been a normal goat, he would have made a move depending how it reacted to his, but the shimmering light and the hat caused Nikolai some worry. He hasn't had great luck with magical beasts in the past. Another step back was taken, as his ears shifted, trying to listen for if anything else was possibly in the area, his stare not leaving the odd creatures form as he tried plotting what his next action should be as another slow step back was taken.
Anaya: the goat watched the being as he backed away from it, no it was friendly, so very friendly it moved foreword as it gave another blaaat not as loud this time to not scare the big thing, how could something he could fit in his mouth be so scary to him. Its little tail wiggled as it hoped foreword again reaching away three feet from the male. It gave a quiet blaa and moved a little closer, it was within grabbing range but it did not care. Its white fur shimmered as its little tail wiggled happily wanting the man to say something, could it talk, was it able to talk, was it able to do hand signals or body language, it could do something and in hopes that something was not run away “bla bla” it tilted its head to the side in ponder the little white pompom falling into its face as the hair flopped over.
]Nikolai: He wasn't sure if the goat was intelligent and just that confident, or just that dumb to approach him in such a carefree manner. Shifting his stance as he looked down at the shining mammal, eyes hurting just a little as the goat shimmered brightly before him, he leaned down a little to slide a furry hand below the goats chest if it stayed still and attempted to lift it up to head height if successful. If unsuccessful, he would recline from trying to grab it and maintain a nervous glance at the apparent magic infused creature.
Anaya: The goat let out a blaaat as it was lifted into the air its little legs waving in the air. It looked at the man with a dorky grin on its face "bla blu blaa" it said as it waved its little legs still as care free then ever, its bright eyes looking at the man

Nikolai: He scrunched his face up, glaring at the goat, trying to figure out the answer to his own thoughts, until he was cut off his thought process by hunger and refocused. "....I might regret this..." He said in a deep tone, one mixed with the voice of such that hasn't been used in a while, as his mandibles appeared to part slightly, Nikolai opening his large maw widely, his free hand moving behind the small goat as he tried to grip it's entire backside. Exhaling hot, humid air over the goat, he began trying to push the mammals head and neck into his mouth, going to worry about the legs in a second if he even got that far(edited)
Anaya: The goat got smaller as it started into his maw, almost like that was the place it wanted to go, it went into his mouth all the way to the point he had his jaws shut around it, oh boy were did the light go, this was not going to do it was wet and dark in here and that would not do at all. The goat gave a very very loud BLAAAAAA as it started to light up the hyena man bug things mouth starting to glow, then his whole body started to glow, he was luminescent (will last 2 hours in game time) the goat gave heavy pressure onto the beasts tongue as it started to grow a bit, not fast so he could be spat out but as it was growing the goat booped his horns against the inside of the males mouth and let out a very happy blat (you have 4 round hallucinate, you see everything you love, the world is rainbows and bubble gum everything happy but as this goes on, you start to see nightmares slowly setting in, on the third round the nightmares replace the good bits and on the last round the world is a black place were your deepest fears are a reality to you. Then it all fades away and goes back to normal)(edited)
Nikolai: Nikolai merely grinned a little, not knowing why the goat felt like it fit better, hunger making him not think this through as he soon was able to close his mouth. He was about to open the jaws at the back of his throat when he noticed his body starting to glow entirely after a short noise from the goat. He instinctively closed his throat maw as a response, shortly feeling the goat grow in size once more and then the short boop to his palate from the horns. The glowing alone was enough for Niko to open his mouth wide and lean forward to drop the goat back onto the ground as the hallucinations began. To any thing that would be watching would merely see Nikolai looking around in disbelief, his eyes faded while his expression softened. His tail would sway a few times until he shook his head "....No... This can't be.. Dtaz lus'd rx yxuq... Uyx gio yxuqqg txyx?"
Anaya: the goat gave a little weee sound as it got back up to its normal three foot stature and wiggled its little tail something forming on the ground, a pendent of sorts, something anyway, no clues or anything on what it did or the reason why it was there but it was there all the same. the goat then moved wiggling its bum and trotting off into the wood line to leave the man with his floating butterflies and his god knows what else, but before it left it paused turning back around to sit on top of a rock and view what was taking place, it did enjoy a good show every now and agein.
Nikolai: Nikolai, lost in the hallucinations wandered forward, barely missing a tree he didn't seem to notice as he kept speaking Kidtxy, ap dtud az gio, tin puyxz dtx dyarx. Tkk, si... Ntg nioqw gio rx txyx... Xy wis'd- nuad, ntxyx az dtaz wuyesxzz... Ad'z u dyuj! He would have a mixed expression of happiness and confusion upon his face, and as time moved on he seemed to look around the woods more. He stood straight and looked forward again to speak. "Gioy sid yxuqqg txy, gioy sid yxuqqg txyx. Loyzxw kufal, Xy'k fiasf di eaqq dtud fiud." He seemed to stop focusing as he spent the next few seconds looking around for something, his breathing speeding up a bit as the visions before him slowly begin to change.
Nikolai: His ear went low, his expression was one of shock and growing worry as the hallucinations suddenly took a turn for the worse. His tail and manes slowly poofed up as he looked around, his breathing becoming quicker as he tried to stand firm, but whatever he was seeing was quickly wearing away at any willpower he had. The large being slowly began to shake, trembling at the sights before him which was rare for him. Tears formed in his eyes as he reached back, seeing himself as cornered rather than just against a tree, he cowered dropping to a knee as his tail went between his legs. His breathing was quick and erratic, his pulse jumping and mind running. Tears began to fall as he looked up, clearly nothing in front of him to the goat that was watching but a tree further ahead. His eyes began to glow, the trembling stopped as he growled loudly, all of his muscles expanding slightly as if flexing as he was forced into a primal instictive rage from being cornered. With a loud haunting laugh he burst upward with a slash from his right hand, his back right appendage also stabbing forward, as he began moving forward, slash after slash in the air up until he hit another tree. He layed his strikes out upon the tree, claws and spikes tearing into it up until the hallucination ended. He growled loudly, stretching out as he screaming to the sky and looked around for anything living to tear into.(edited)
Nikolai: Through the bright glow his own body was giving off thanks to the magic goats actions, the enraged Nikolai was unable to see much of anything in this state. Blind and furious with the last thing in memory being the hallucinations, even though they have vanished, he would blindly swing around, slashing with his claws slowly moving away from the location unknowingly. Every step was a strain at the force he was slashing at, and began panting as he was quickly getting fatigued.
Anaya: Softly there was a little voice, of a woman, she walked out into the woods as she saw the glowing bacon from a far "hello?" she called out moving closer. she was an average peasant woman with a normal not overly tattered green cotton gown and a small bonnet on top of her brown and cinnamon hair. "um i was working the grounds of my house and saw your glow, um who is there!" she called out worried that she was walking into danger, she could hear some banging and small moans from what was giveing off the glow "um i have some food you are free to have some" she softly moved slowly one step at a time pressing forward gulping back her clear fear, her legs quivering as she spotted him there and stopped dead in her tracks. "oh, shit" she was able to mutter as her green eyes fell on what looked to be a hyena but, it was a monster. she was frozen as she looked at it fear all over her face "um, i, i, i. come on Darcy get agrip it is just a animal, dont be scared" she forced a smile and held out the little basket she was holding "i have food if you want some"
Nikolai: Nikolai's ears perked up as suddenly a voice came from further away, disrupting the otherwise silent night if you ignore the raging Niko. On a heartbeat, the frenzied from fear Nikolai changed direction and headed straight for the woman that called out into the dark. Still fairly blinded without focus, he half smashed into a larger tree on the way, bouncing off of it and growling as he stabilized himself. Panting heavily he stood there, the growling turning to simple panting for air, faltering to the right as he reaches out for the same tree, he leans on it with an arm as the glow in his eyes grows lighter, all of his muscles relaxing as Nikolai slowly regained composure from his fear induced rage. He hadn't consciously taken notice of the woman just yet as he took his time to calm down a bit. "...Cursed... Goat..."
Anaya: she watched him smash about and run into a tree and almost lose him self, he is going to get hurt she thought to herself, but he, he is a monster thing, a demon a, she did not even know what he was or were her mind was but without her even thinking about it she was over beside him and words were coming out of her mouth "let me help you up" she said softly putting her basket down and putting her body under his large arm, she was so small next to him as she helped him to his feet "cursed goat you say, there is a goat in the woods this time of year, grants wishes, do you mean that one, it cursed you, strange of the thing" why was she talking, no dont talk to it, it is going to eat you, yup we are gona die. her mind was going a mile a minute as she let out a breath hoping, praying to the divine above that it would not be her last one.
Nikolai: Nikolai's ears shot up as he heard a voice, turning to look at the woman that approached. He closed his mouth as he deep quick breaths through his nose, and pushed off the tree to stand tall again as she tried to get below his arm to help, of which he stared at for a few seconds before looking back down to her. "The visions.... Were beyond painful... And now I'm cursed to... glow as it does... This night... Not going well...." He said, panting as he spoke, his other hand raising to wipe his eyes from the tears he had from before the rage, and his mouth. '....I've never had someone... Approach so quickly before, your... A strange one..."

Anaya: "I have seen Monters before I guess, I mean I am so rude you are not a monster you are just, different is all but that does not mean you are bad I, i have met nice beasts out here and you looked like you chould use a hand" she gave a nice smile and took the mans paw to lead him a little "I have a spare bed you can have for the night it is safe there and your glow might be gone by morning, and being in a house will stop you being well a bacon for things scarier then you are out there. I once saw a grand dragon in the woods here, way better to be inside I do think, and I got more then enough water even for you to have a bath if you want, and eat some of the good I have a garden we have plenty"

Nikolai: Nikolai tilted his head a little as she spoke, a sort of deadpan expression on his face. He saw and felt her grab his hand and try to lead him, the heavy gnoll not taking a step. "....I'm going to be blunt here, this seems far to good to be true. I've been led into many traps before so I'm a little hesitant when one offers so much expecting nothing in return, what is the catch? What do you want?" He said with a slight growl, glaring at her and moving his clawed fingers on the hand that isnt being held as he stretches them a little.
Anaya: She paused and looked back, what was she thinking of course he whould not trust her she was a stranger "ok it is to good to be true, my two screaming monster children just might think you are a super puppy and try to ride you, and if that happens I do hope you dont take offence they both do like new things and are not scared of anything, I swear if they found a cave lion they would want to pet it. And if it.makes you feel better to pay back the kindness I choud use some wood chopped for the fire. Gets hard doing it when night time comes around. And I know I am seeming still to good to be true, but to be honest whatever you think might be at my house is not as bad as what comes out here in the woods at night."
Nikolai: He look down at her, unblinking as he tried to focus past the glow that was partially blinding him in the dark of the night. Monster children? He couldn't quite put together if she meant her children were poorly behaved, or actual 'monsters'. He looked back towards the goat, and thought he had not seen anything dangerous in his time here so far, but he could also not forget the goat. He realized she could be right, and reluctantly sighed before looking back at her. "Fine, that hole I dug out merely covered me from the wind anyways. Don't take this as me trusting you, I will be watching." He replied, many things running through his mind as he struggled to get his thoughts in order. "Lead the way, this glow limits my ability to see in the dark."

Anaya: She gave a polite grin as she slowly took his paw in her small hand to help him walk "here it is this way, and I whoud expect nothing less from you" she sounded so nice as she talked and then pulled him slightly to lead the way three the trees over a small hil.amd then down to a nice little cabin and horse pen and nestled in the woods. She walked to the door as she opened it and waited for a.moment as the sound of feet filled the air and two little children one boy and one girl ran to there mother and wrapped there arms around her "mom mom mom we missed you, I missed you more fhe Jenny did, she complained the whole time you was gone she is a bad baby sitter can we feed her to the wolves" the boy laughed as his sister looked at there mother "I am not I fed him and watched him like normal and I am one year older I am a good babysitter and holy dragons did you get a new pet!" Both kids looked around the ages of six and seven as they looked to the giant bug hyena man "can we keep him please please please" they both talked together before the woman put her fingers to there lips "now shush you both he is our guest now go get dressed it is time for bed get your water and get to bed with ya both" both kids looked so sad as they just looked at the Male and did not want to leave.

 Nikolai: He sighed as she once again grabbed his hand/paw and held it in front to follow, not wanting to step on her ankles by walking too closely. He felt a little uncomfortable by the tone, it was too friendly for someone that looked like him, but given past near death experiences and what led to them, he decided this time around he would at least try to not be outright hostile. He tried to keep an eye on here as they walked, as well as the surrounding terrain despite the glowing hindering his vision at distance greatly. He stood still behind her once she eventually stopped, watching as she opened the door and ear raising as he easily heard the feet running towards their location. He looked a little to the side as they spoke to their mother, not overly interested at the moment, and giving a deadpan expression. She did warn him that may happen. He rolled his eyes as he kept listening before noticing in his peripheral vision that they were staring. He sighed, turning to look down at them before squatting down a little and giving some effort to be not hostile. "Ya both better listen to your mother, I should still be around in the morning. Hopefully less bright..."
Anaya: The kids both had jaws dropped and minds just all the place as the smallest one once the big furry man leaned down reached up with grabby fingers grabbing a hold of his big fluffy cheak fur "can we be friends" she asked as she pulled his big bulky head down into her arms hugging him rather abruptly before her mother grabbed both her and the boy and patted there bottoms "get to bed you two" she said sternly as both kids gave a grumble and then hurried off that younger girl looking back around the cornor just to get one last glimpse of her new found favorite friend before she vanished away to get into her night gown "I am so sorry about that I hope they did not bug you much, and your glow is oddly nice " she chuckled as she walked a bit into the cabin and tucked herself into the kitchen the sounds of pots and pants breaking the air "are you hungry, I got a boar the other night there is still alot left"

Nikolai: He was gonna chuckle, thinking they may have been frightened a little bit, before his expression went deadpan once more. He did his absolute best to not growl as grabby fingers got a hold of his cheek fur and tried to pull him in for hug. He sighed and waited, standing up quick as she shoo'd them off to bed and watched them hurry off. He looked to her as he rolled his shoulders a little and changed his stance. "I'm surprised their so fearless, heh, they keep that up they could become great warriors if that's their path. Assuming they don't get in trouble they cant recover from. And yes, I was hunting when I ran into that wretched goat. This glow is blinding myself..." He said, taking care to follow as he ducked through the doorway, closing it before following and being mindful of his height in their home.


Anaya: She let out a chuckle as she came out of the kitchen with a large platter with some sliced boar on it handing it to him as she moved to sit at the table. "Ya both of them want to be the greatest fighters in all of ignoros, they fight with there wooden swords all day sometimes in the back yard playing with the trees as monsters, the dragon as there guide one day I am sure they will be what they want to be, cute little ones, can be and have anything they want, but the cave lion , he is staying out in the woods. Big guy keeps trying to kill my chickens so the kids see him and want him as a big pet." She gave another light chuckle as she put a chunk in her lips.
Nikolai: He reached out to grab the 'large' platter with a single hand as she handed it to him and watched her go sit before moving closer. He placed it upon the table before looking down at the chair and chuckled, moving it aside to sit on the ground and not risk breaking it. Reaching forward as she spoke he grabbed a chunk himself and tossed it into his mouth, chewing a few times before swallowing. As he reached for another piece he spoke. "So where did you find the boar, if I may ask. And tell me more of this dragon and cave lion if you know more, I have yet to spot them."
Anaya: She popped another hunk of meat into her mouth before chuckling a bit and eating it down "oh ya there is a good amount of boar and even deer in the woods here so we get this kind of thing offten, and the cave lion is about a hour and a half walk north his cave is in the side of a hill but he is a touch bugger I know i cant even make a dent in him. And dragons well there is the holy wings on high she gives us light and goodness and all things worth holding onto. And then there are other dragons on the land but they are moody grumpy beasts you dont want to mess with them. But there is said to be one in the swamp a day and a half trip from here if you want to try"
Nikolai: "Hmm. His hide must be thicker than normal, good to know. At least thick enough to avoid... What were you attacking with? I don't believe the second part, but dragons being moody, grumpy beasts I can attest to. Least those Ive seen. And hah. I'm still recovering from near death. I'm not even used to whatever these things are on my back yet.... Not even sure who or what saved me." He said, grabbing another couple chunks of boar and tossing them into his mouth. He was hungry, but attempting to show restraint as he had learned in the past.
Anaya: "Oh I am not strong and it was against the lion last time I went out there, he is strong but you are strong to soni am sure you chould take him. And you dont believe in the dragon on high, well not many believe in gods and things other then the darkness one seeing sje does show herself or her kind every now and agein, evil beats out good as fear is more a motivator I find. And ya dragons can be moody and from what I hear it is a dark scaled one sleeping in the swamp but it from what I hear anyway is more a talker then a fighter, many people in the town up the way have gone and talked to it to gain guidance and junk, dont know why, bad to trust dark scale reptiles" she pushed the rest of her plate along the table "here if you want more i still got half the pig "
Nikolai: "Just you against it? And what about the childrens father? Or has he come to pass, or leave? Perhaps in time, I am still... Regaining strength after almost losing everything once again. And 'gods' are just powerful tricksters or mages in my experience, fooling those weaker for followers whether directly or by others works." He pauses to grab some more of the boar, tossing it into his mouth and chewing happily before swallowing and resuming his talking "A dragon that... Prefers talking to fighting... Hmm, that's news to me."
Anaya: She let out a soft yawn as she relaxed in her chair "ya some say it is stuck in the swamp and cant move to attack anyone and it just.lives from eating whatever is stupid enough to walk near its face. I have never seen it but there are a couple guys in town that know its location and some info on it if you wana go see it out. And oh father, we.dont talk about the kids father, I made my bad choices and he is long gone, turned out to be something I did not expect and did not like so it is better that way. Just me and the kids, life is simple and things get done if I do them, well kinda " she chuckled "unless it is all muscle work, I am no good at that"
Nikolai: He took another chunk of meat, listening to her as he ate the boar that was offered. After tossing in and swallowing a second chunk, he wiped his mouth a little before speaking. "Hmm, perhaps one day, curious to see the situation for myself. Hehehe, and fair enough, as long as you learned from the mistakes and scars, even you will grow stronger. As for the muscle work, in exchange for feeding me I can do what is needed tomorrow before I leave."
Anaya: She nodded her head "ya I guess I kinda learned from it all, even if I do admit he was darn good looking" she gave another chuckle at the thought and her mind wondered a little for a second "oh and yes I choukd use some wood chopped in the back, there is a large axe there, the dog may bark at ya but just talk nicely he is fully blind in two of his eyes so he gets a little spooked at new people from a far but once you get closer he can see ya fine with the rest"
Nikolai:"Heh, blind dog? Very well, I'll let the old mutt get adjusted before I begin working tomorrow, going to assume he is going to be the least of my worries while I'm going to be cutting wood." He said glancing towards where the kids had disappeared off to earlier, before looking back at what remained of the boar meat on the plate. He took the rest of what was on the plate and dropped it in his mouth, before closing and chewing. He swallowed before speaking again, "I will just sit by the front door tonight and keep an ear out... Still can hardly see over this glow, might as well be as blind as your dog."
Anaya:""Ya the old guy will be the least of fhe worrie ror scart things "she paused as she watched his eyes gontowarzs the kids rooms "oh and yes the true monsters wake up at dawn and they are not going to leave you alone one second, you are like a brain new toy to them sadly. And oh be careful Andrew the little boy likes to pull on tails and ask so many questions you wont know what to do with yourself, and jilly just likes to play piggy back and treat you like her best friend, she may invite you to have make belive tea with the dog and her seeing she will be outside and the mut and her get along well."
Nikolai:"I highly doubt he can tug my tail hard enough to bother or pull out a lot of fur, and questions may not get answered. As for the piggy back rides, your responsibility to warn her. The spikes are not for show, she will climb at her own risk. And that is a request thag will be denied, I do not drink tea. If that's all, I should be able to manage a good amount of firewood for your family before I leave."
Anaya:"They will be warned in the morning before they head out to bug you, they know better then to really start a bunch of things with new faces, but they are kids that is what they do. But you can sleep on the sofa if you like for the night, it may be a tad small for you but it will be able to support you somewhat.
Nikolai:"Good. I won't be held responsible for their poor judgement." He said sternly, grabbing the rest of the meat in his claws as he stood up and proceeded to look for the sofa. As he ate the meat, he paused and merely stared at the wooden sofa. "And your sure this will be durable enough..."
Nikolai: He said, moving closer to the sofa itself only after looking behind him to see if he could spot her, not fully trusting her. Leaning slightly, he tapped the wood with a claw before pressing his hand down, applying some pressure on points to test for himself. Once more he'd look back to see if she followed or not, before back to sizing up the furniture.
Anaya: The woman simply picked up the dishes from the table and had moved putting them into the small drum sink in the kitchen cook area. She then looped back around knowing very well his eyes were on her back, really she expected no different “yes my father before me made that sofa out of a large tree trunk, it will support you we have had larger sit on it in the last, i think that sofa is the strongest thing in this house” she let out a chuckle as she grabed a nice large blanket from the cubard “here this will be able to cover you as well if you get a chill, it drops a good deal in the night hours out here, but rest well and we will see each-other in the morning” then she headed away down a small hallway to her master bedroom on the left just before peeking in on the children to be sure they were al tucked into there beds to.
Nikolai: "If you say so. I won't need that, no way the inside will get as cold as the small cave I've been in the past while. Till the morning then." He replied quietly, sitting down on the sofa carefully as he watched if possible until he couldnt see the woman anymore before looking around the living room. Raising a clawed hand to his head he scratched his cheek and yawned before shifting his tail off the couch. He moved around, trying to get as comfy as he could with his legs hanging off the couch and a head on the opposite arm of the sofa. Raising his ears, he closed his eyes and attempted to rest lightly, not trusting this place enough to fall into a deep sleep.
Anaya: Her feet made slight taps on fhe floor as dawn was just rising, she was trying to be as dead silent as she could to not wake the sleeping giant. Softly she went into the kitchen to pull some fresh eggs from the pantry and then turn to hear a smash and the sound of screaming chickens outside and the roar of what sounded like a lion or large cat. "Mother above us not agein" she cussed under her breath as she bolted outside to cheak on fhe beloved birds.
Nikolai: Nikolai in the meantime had been shifting around, squirming and trying to get comfy in a way he could still be able to react had something come up, rather than trying to actual sleep like he normally did. No matter how he laid upon the sofa, he would always attempt to keep a foot on the ground, both for balance, and for another reason that the ones in the house would likely not suspect. At one point in particular, he would freeze up, save for his mane standing up on end as a defensive posture that would be difficult to see in the dark, and slightly stirred by the light footsteps of the woman. He stayed still, keeping his eyes shut mostly due to him currently unable to control the slight glow they offput, up until the sound of the smash. Upon hearing that and the following noises, with twitching ears Nikolai shot up to his feet, fur raised in an aggressive manor as he quickly moved for the door. He growled as the woman made it out just before him, but once outside he quickly passed her on his way to inspect the source of the noises, his clawed fingers stretching as he readies himself just in case.

Anaya: There it stood, the massive tan lion snarling its white teeth shimmering in the light, it held a dead chicken in its jaws as blood dripped down its chest and forlimbs. There was blood all over the ground and about six dead chicken bodys. The woman was holding a pitch fork yelling at it "go on get out of here!" She yelled as it snarled and spat blood onto the ground. It backed up a step not caring as it glaring at her and the other being there as it shoved another two dead chickens in its jaws it then gave a snort and bolted off into the woodbine. Once it was gone the woman walked to the chicken coop as and looked at the mess. "That is all my chickens I only have one left how will I get meat and eggs now, that lion has ruined us"

Nikolai: Nikolai was fairly unfazed by the sight and gore upon the cave lion as he readily kept approaching it, growling before chuckling as it snarled at them. His mane, or what wasn't covered by coat, flared up to it's fullest as his heart started racing. He shook himself out as it grabbed the chickens and bolted. He grinned once more as she spoke as he took a stance to stretch quickly. "I guess I can share my catch as you shared yours hehehe" He chuckled hauntingly like a hyena before booking it after the cave lion, his claws ready as he ran. He wasn't as fast as it would be going full speed, but Nikolai was still a good deal faster than most races. Paired with his hunting and survival ability and the fact the beast was moving quick, tracking it should be a lot easier than normal in theory.
Anaya: He ended up at a large cave, after entering into the dark wooden landscape that was black forests, the sun did not touch down here and odd plants grew clearly the trail of blood went inside it, there was dead animal bodys all over and even a single human skull by the entrance and part of a old body with a bit of old armor on it. The lion had gone inside the smell was fresh and inside the crunching of bones rang out of the cave entrance.
Nikolai: His pace slowed a little upon noticing the large cave looking around as his eyes adjusted to the dark over time, and he wanted to walk slower to sense for any movement incase it noticed him following before. He looked around at the bones, and chuckled at seeing the armor and human skull before looking into the cave itself as he grinned, raising his hands in preparation as he boldly walked inside the cave. His mane was raised, his pupils shrunk and focused, eyes glowing slightly in the dark as he marched onward, doing his best to not step on anything to make noise. His ears perked up as he listened carefully, using all his senses to try and pin the location as he took a low stance in preparation to pounce if he has the advantage.
Anaya: There at the back of the cave came the sounds of crunching, the sounds of the lion smashing down chicken bones and thumping its claws into the ground. It had it's back turned to the gnoll male and its face was covered in dead chicken and feathers. It snarled and spat as it ate makeing a rather large amount of noise as it ate its fill. It stood about normal lion height at the shoulder, tan rather messy fur and it had a large old tattered...collar on its neck, maybe at some point it was a pet never know. But now it seemed to have gone feral like the large cat it was, snorting and huphing down food like it was its last meal.
Nikolai: Nikolai's ears twitched with each crunch, the sound of the bones being smashed, his feet sensing the tremors from the lion thumping it's claws into the ground as he sped up. As soon as the gnoll saw the lions back turned he grinned wide, opening his clawed hands wide as he kept his mouth shut to stifle a laugh as he moved closer until he was in range to jump forward and attempt a very heavy slash downward with his sharp claws, the muscles on his right arm stretching as he put a good amount of strength into the first swing he tried to land. In his current state, he paid no attention to the collar, the thought of a fight exciting him after so long.
Anaya: The strike to the lions back was solid smashing into it hard and causing blood to start pooling down its side. In the fray it turned around its claws out ready both paws up and slashing. Its left paw smashed down clawing into the males side as the other large paw did the same (light damage given both paws -5 to hp per paw) it then gave a short and backed up a bit its claws still out but its wound causing it to be a tad slower then normal. The lions eyes shimmered as it growled low the smell of blood fogging its view.
Nikolai: Nikolai followed through with his heavy swing, his be unable to slow any quicker as he put a fair amount of force into that first swing. As the gnoll began winding back he was not quick enough to attemp a reaction to the first swing, the lions thin claws piercing into his coat and fur, trying to slash through his thick hide as the gnoll instinctively shifted slightly (Roll with it feat) to lessen the damage a little. He swung with his backhand as he got closer to facing the beast head on again, trying to smash the beasts other clawed paw with the carapace on the back of his hand (attemping to block or reduce blow). Whether successful or not he would follow through with his momentum, half growling and half chuckling loudly as he tried to slash at the cave lion with his left claws this time.

Anaya: the gnoll insectoid trashed foreword going to hit the lion but there was a shimmer reflected off one of the dripping cave stalactites and it reflected right into his eyes, forcing him to recoil allowing the lion to slash out with both its claws. The lion was able to sink one hard blow (light damage given -5) into the beings left leg but the other blow just like the gnoll was off set causing it to miss due to that damned glimmer of reflected water from the sunlight outside. The lion shock its head blood still dripping from its back as it gave a low rumble angered grinding its teeth together. (rolled a 1 for attack against lion, missed turn so lion got to attack twice, but both rolls missed so yup only got to hit you once XD)
Nikolai: He cursed loudly, breaking into a roaring growl as he was blinded mid swing and missed the cave lion, only to feel its thin, sharp claws tearing across his coat and damaging his thick hide again. His growl slowly turning into a dark laugh, the sting on his side dimming, as the sting from the new slash made his hide itch as the muscles around his body slowly began to grow as his rage was slowly building from how the fight was progressing. He shifted his stance quickly, lowering his right hand low as he lunged forward towards the cave lion, swinging up his bloody claws as hard as he could and hoping to use the momentum to shoulder check the beast whether or not it dodged his heavy slash. Behind the hyena, his tail wag as the fur flowed fluently.
Anaya: The lion gave a grunt as the bugs shoulder slammed into its side, it recoiled collecting its self and readying its stance. The bug being slashed its claws into the lion before the lion was able to do much of anything thrashing its claws out and grabbing at only the air. The lion jumped back a good ten feet to collect its self and ready its claws for another double splash l, but with its mind a bit fuzzy it would have to wait. It let out a snarl as blood still seeped down the lions flank and side a good size pool on the ground. It was getting hurt and the bleeding was not helping. There was growing fear in its eyes as it looked to the bug beast but it would not flee not yet not now.

Nikolai: Nikolai stumbled forth a few steps, taking a moment to collect himself after the shoulder bash and swing as he quickly tried to raise his arms to try and block the lions slash, missing as they ended up just out of range of each other. The hyena flinched as the cave lion jumped back, quickly raising his arms in an attempt to block before lowering them immediately. Seeing it trying to make space only made Nikolai laugh as he sprinted towards it, not wanting to give it a moment to rest as he once again went to try a heavy swing from the right hand, blood dripping from his long claws. His eyes slowly began to faintly glow more during his rush, his heart racing and thoughts filled with bringing it down.


Nikolai: Nikolai laughed loudly as he slashed into the lions face and went to follow through before he took the lions slash to his good leg. He roared with anger as he was once again slashed by the bloodied cave lion, nearly breaking into a rage as it jumped away from him once again and out of range for his counterattack. Competely oblivious to his surroundings, save for his direct path to the cave lion, he lunged straight for it again slashing once more with his left claws as the sting from the wound on his leg did little to slow the brute down, as an angry grin returned to his face.
Anaya: The lion tried seemingly helplessly to collect its thoughts and get a better footing but then agein another slash came down on the same side of its face that was hit the last time. The slash hit the beasts eye and made the lion scream in pain slashing its claws out blindly and hiting nothing but air. The beast was backed to a cornor and had no hope in backing up agein to recoil and collect its self that plan had met its end and the lion slashed another claw out to slake the insectoid in the leg. The clawed paw was thrown but it just grazed fur as the lion almost tripped over it's own attack blood now raining down both its side and its face.
Nikolai: The gnoll saw every faltered moment as the beast tried to collect itself as an opening, one that would not be passed up. His ears flicked as the cave lion screamed in pain, his claws becoming bloodier with each successful swing seeming to land more effectively the bloodier he got. Noticing the not the fact that it backed itself into a corner, but that it didn't swing close enough to get much past coat and fur, he saw another opening as the beast seemed to almost trip as Nikolai once more aggressively pounced towards it to not slash but to try and pierce into its flesh, aiming to grab and try to hold the cat in place
Anaya: the lion opened its eyes, as blood rained down blinding its view as claws dug into its belly pushing it over onto the ground pinning it in place there on its side. this was coming to a end and the luster in its eyes was fading with every hit. it thrashed on the ground best it could go as it started to let out a moaning call to try to call out for aid if there was any out beyond the cave, the lion looked to the insectoid and snarled bringing up a claw to weakly stab it into the bugs belly, a last try at harming the thing (very light damage given 2 points) its claws hardly dug in but it was still alive be it pined and rendered helpless.
Nikolai: He fell with the cave lion as it went down onto it's side, trying to keep his grip the best he could. With his free arm, he attempted to keep it held down as it thrashed about, ears flicking as it gave a moaning call, prompting Nikolai to raise his free arm. As he did, the lion got a light slash across his belly, a slight inch back taken instinctively reduced how bad it would've been as he growled. With his other arm, he resumed to try and keep it pinned, as one of the appendages moving on his back. He began to line up a strike to put the beast out of it's misery quick, and thrusted the spear like appendage to try and end this fight.
Anaya: As the beast thrashed out its arm it was to weak to fight, it let out another moaning call as it snarled to the slash into its belly. It moaned and groned as it lay there its eyes looking up at the in insecoid pinning it down and japing its claws into it. The claws dug deep early during into weak flesh to get to the heart to stab into it. The lion let out one last call as the sound turned to a whisper at the end, its last breath seeping from its lips, its eyes turning dark as its head flopped down into the earth. It was over the cave was silent all was done (you gain one level and a half for killing the cave lion, well done please pick I new combat ability and one new rp related ability for your bio card)

Anaya: After all was done at last without the sound you chould hear rain droping outside, the whole place had the sounds of rain but, but then it cleared and the sounds ended, no birds, no wind, it was silent and only the dead body was there, the dead body of a cave lion and whatever else was in this cave.
Nikolai: Nikolai did his best to keep the thrashing and dying cave lion down, as his backs appendage speared the large cat, digging the bony spike deep. He kept holding it down, ears flinching as it let outs its last weak calls, removing his clawed hands and spike from the cat before looking around. Slowly he rose to his feet, taking a deep breath as he looked around the beasts lair, wondering what kinds of bones may rest deeper. His ears flicking again as the sound of the rain began to land all around, the gnolls fur raising as he shivered. His 6th sense was pinging with each drop to hit the ground, and without much control yet drove him with unease. He looked down at the beasts face as the sounds ended, not making anything of the odd silence afterwards as he progressed to search the cave before planning on heading back.
Anaya: inside the cave was a lot of bones, body parts and hunks of whatever was left from the last people that had come back here. in the back corner of the cave was a stock pile of what the lion had viewed as interesting enough to place into a mini hoard of its own. there was some books some ripped and others just fine, a full body with a large stone that glimmered and gave off a magical aura on a pendent around its neck, and a chest on the ground, unlocked and partly smashed open, ten gold coins were there marking the bottom. and a single copper key that just lay on the floor near the dead bodies open hand. from the looks of it that is all that was there, the rain started up agein as the silence was broken, such a odd thing for that uneasy silence to just come and go.
Nikolai: He took his time sorting through the caves rear and entrance, gathering up bones and skulls in good condition, body parts and of course anything of value. He would remove his jacket with difficulty from his back appendages and spikes, before finally shaking it out and laying it flat upon the cold cave floor. Apart from occasional looking towards the entrance to ensure the cave lions corpse was still there, he ignored the rain as he began loading all that he could into his large jacket, eventually heading over to the cave lion, forcing its mouth open and with fistfulls if various small things he didnt want to drop, crammed it down the beasts throat, using it as an additional meatbag. As for the pendant, he looked it over a few times, spinning it before trying to put it on figuring he might as wear something he looted. The key, coins, broken chest, and everything of value along with good bones was packed up, he folded and tied up the jacked before grabbing the jacket by the knot and the cave lion by the scruff of its neck. He looked around one last time to ensure nothing was missed, before heading back with his load to return to the cabin in the woods to share his catch.

Anaya: As the pendant was grabbed and placed in a hand of a liveing being it shimmered brightly for a moment, it wanted something and caused inside of the one to hand it to understand it wanted to be held, held longer in the hand or around the neck not shoved into a bag, it needed warmth it craved it and Nikolai chould feel this inside of him for some reason. (If you do place the stone in the palm of your hand pick a location in the world, any locathion even something as vague as a big city, and something will happen.)

Anaya: Once the pendant is held around the neck it pulsed on the thoughts of the one that had it. It whould resonate softly as in the mind of it's now owner whould see his thoughts, a graveyard, a dark dead grave yard placed behind a church on the outside of a town. Within a second with no pain or reason the image in his mind would br the image he was now looking at and standing in.

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