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Chapter One - Part Two

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Adina suddenly felt horrible for questioning the man. She was just trying to make sure her and her friend were going to be safe with him around. Some strange man from out of nowhere coming up to help, trying to be their friends? It just wasn’t the way the world worked. Adina was the sort of person that wanted to be ready for everything. Once Ulysees was finished with his little speech, her ears fell back and she looked away. “forgive me sir…” she said with hesitance. “I stepped out of line. I need to work on my attitude towards customers. Sorry for causing you discomfort on your visit.” The man’s story of his wife brought up a few memories of her own, about how she lost a wonderful teacher and friend to a group of witch hunters, taken right in front of her. She still doesn’t know if the woman is alive and it hurt her everyday knowing that she may still be out there. Though once she felt Valerie’s hand on her back, she felt some comfort and the memories faded. The feline turned to her boss and gave her a nod. “Of course, Val.” She said grabbing her satchel. “I’ll leave immediately to retrieve what we need.” She looked to the tall male and nodded. “I do apologize again… I hope you enjoy your time here.” With that said, she headed for the door, her tail motionless behind her. There was still some skepticism about the man, but it wasn’t her place to talk. She also needed to learn that Valarie wasn’t weak and that she could handle herself if something were to happen.
(Adina leave Potion Shop)
Once Val spoke up, he went over his words again. Uly realized he sounded angry and shook his head. "I'm sorry, Adina. Yes. Please forgive me as well. I'm sorry. Those last two months cooped up on that ship has me a bit on edge. I hope you won't think less of me." The paladin looked to Val, nodding in her direction. "I would love some food. Blasted ship only had ale and salted bread. Forgive me as well. I shan't have an outburst again." He bowed, watching Adina leave after apologizing again. "Poor thing. I didn't-...I shouldn't have said that. I'm just incapable of lying." He looked up to Valerie, shaking his head just a tad. "Ah yes! Potions! Show me what you have. I'd like something that makes me faster? Y'know. Reeeeeeally puts a pep in your step?" Uly then put the rest of the garbage he picked up into the fireplace, warming his hands against it. All of sudden, he felt it in the air. Something changed, again. Sinister intent weighed heavy in the air. Evil was plotting and  packing its bags. "Did it just get depressing in here all of a sudden?" The man turned to look out the window. It didn't look like a bad day, but he could feel malice in the sky. He could feel the crying injustice caused by fiend alone. Things did change, and Ulysses was standing at the precipice of darkness. He turned back toward Val and nodded. "Perhaps I need some water."
Watching Adina leave, she sighed a bit with a smile, "Silly girl. Cautious, but silly all the same." Lifting an eyebrow to the paladin after his bout of doom and gloom, she shook her head with a smile, bringing out a plate which consisted of small sandwiches, a pale of water and a few glasses, "This is Avalon. It always feels depressing, if you have the apt to feel such things. We here may be a happy bunch, but just like the rest of the world, we have our fair share of problems." Val noticed what he was talking about as well, though she did not want to verbalize it openly. Something indeed felt off, but she would deal with it if the occasion arose. Setting the plate down, she walked over to a few cupboards and pulled out a drawer that contained an arsenal of potions, "You want something that makes you move faster, eh? Leeeets see here.." Pulling out two vials, she tossed them to him, digging into another drawer, "Those will increase your all over stamina, which at first may not seem like it would increase your overall speed, but it will give you the stamina of a few dozen men, allowing you to keep going far longer than most. If you are strictly talking about boosting your speed however, I would recommend this." Pulling out a very small vial, she swished the clear liquid inside before walking it over to him, "This is Elf Ear extract. A plant that is found more commonly in Elven settlements. Once the liquid is pulled from the plant itself and added with a few of my own personal touches, you will be able to move roughly as fast as a grown Elf. And let me tell you, they can move. I wouldn't suggest mixing too many potions at once though, as the side effects could prove nasty, but those are the options I have readily available. If you want a special order though, simply let me know and I will see what I can brew."
He noticed Val shaking off his question, and rounded it out to him speaking of Avalon. Obviously, she was trying to change the subject. Uly nodded and walked over to her, taking a sandwich in his left hand. "Problems aren't region specific. We all have our own shares of pain. I'm sorry." Biting into the sandwich, and chewing , while he nodded in appreciation for the food, trying not to talk with his mouth full. Swallowing, he stuffed the rest of the bread and filling into his maw, and took a drink. Once his mouth was empty, he walked over to her, and noticed the vials, water in hand. Quirking his brow, he listened to her words, and looked between the two. "I'll take them both." He said, opening his satchel on his side, while digging for his large coin pouch. "I won't mix them, but I will put them to good use" he placed 20 gold coins on the counter. "I'm not sure if this is enough. But being the only priest in Stovania, I am paid quite well. I can pay more if you'd like." He turned toward the window, still feeling the ominous air. "Uh-....should-...should we be worried?" Uly looked through the glass, and grunted to himself. "Caliga is out, playing today." Narrowing his eyes he looked back to Val. "I feel sinister energy in the air."
Seeing the gold coin he set on the counter, Val laughed and shook her head, pushing the coin back at him, "Don't worry about payment. Consider those as a thanks for helping get my shop looking like it should again. Without your help, Adina and I would've been at this for hours." Hoping up onto the counter, she let her legs dangle, kicking them slowly as she considered his question of worriment. At this moment, she certainly looked nothing more than a child, "Well, I would be worried concerning certain aspects of whatever is going on. Something is about to happen, that much is obvious. Question though is what. That I couldn't tell you. So many things happen in this town on a regular basis its hard to simply pinpoint one thing in particular." Glancing behind him at the window, her legs came to a halt as she began to wonder what was about to happen. Shrugging it off however, she hopped down and took the empty tray back towards the kitchen, looking over her shoulder at him, "Can I get you any more food or drink? Plenty of it back here."
Uly turned back to look at her. He took his leather bound book of scripture from his belt and flipped it open. Reading to himself, he turned to look at Val. "Usually, I turn to my scripture for some sort of answer. But-..I see nothing about dread in the air." He shook his head and smirked. "I'm gonna drive myself crazy trying to figure it out." Changing the subject, he began picking up the coins, returning back to the bar.  "Well-...if you insist. Thank you for the potions. I couldn't just sit by and leave this place a mess. Besides." He bowed his head. "It is only customary to be a good person." Then he picked up another sandwich and took a bite, chewing with glancing her up and down, watching her feet dangle from the countertop. Once finished with the meal, he nodded. "I never refuse food.  What kinds of grub are we talking, Miss Everly?" He cheekily grinned at the short woman. "I will eat whatever you put in front of my face." Then he turned, making direct contact with the man in the black cloak. Ulysses slowly narrowed his eyes, and watched them pass by the shop. "I don't like that. Not one bit." He looked back to Val. "I feel like we should worry about them."
"Only customary to be a good person? You certainly are an odd one, aren't you." Val was not use to having such a holy man in her company, so to hear his views on things was a bit out of the ordinary to her, but a refreshing change all the same. As she made it into the kitchen, she began pulling out an assortment of meats and cheeses from a cupboard, tossing them onto the plate. In addition, she added fruits and vegetables, a few of the things she grew herself, "Oh you know, this and that. I am not the planets master chef or anything, but I know my way around a kitchen. Wouldn't make much of a potions master if I didn't." Bringing the plate back out, she sat it down on the counter next to him, wiping off her hands on her apron. Not catching the men in black cloaks, she looked out the window before looking back at him, "Worry about who exactly? Don't see anyone there." She laughed and walked back to her seat on the counter opposite of him, kicking her little feet once again.
"I've heard about how odd I am before. I hear it after every sermon." He said as she made her way into the back, while his eyes stayed glued to the window. Black cloaks? Creepy vibe? The dread in the air?  That only fit one description. The Black Sun. Then as Val came back out with food, his worry left him. He figured that he would easily be able to protect Dorlomin to the best of his ability if need be, so he should just relax and enjoy himself. Walking over to her, he smiled, taking a piece of cheese. "I believe you. I am a terrible chef. I almost burned down Stov castle trying to boil water once. True story." Plopping the tasty Colby jack into his mouth, he chewed and swallowed before looking Val up and down. "Miss Everly. Is there a Mr. Everly?"
Val watched Ulysees walk back over to her, popping her own piece of cheese into her mouth, "Well don't go burning anything down. There would be little point to it and would take years to clean properly." Catching him looking her up and down, she smirked to herself, eating another piece of cheese. She found it cute, but at the same time a bit confusing. One would think a holy man would have a little more self control than that, she thought to herself, Or at the very least hide that a bit better. Turning to look at him, she simply shook her head, "No, there isn't. There was a boy once, but that was years ago when we were young and stupid. What about you? Are paladins allowed to marry, or do they take the same vows the priests take?"
Ulysses smirked as she herself ate a smack and finished his own. "I won't burn anything down. I don't plan on cooking." Then he noticed her words, asking if he was even allowed to marry. She must have forgotten what he told Adina, poor forgetful thing. "I'm still young and stupid." The paladin smiled and joked. "Well, yes we are allowed to marry. Like I said, I was married but she died when I was about 16 or 17 years of age. She told me she wanted me to move on and be happy. But-..." He shrugged. "Can't forget the people who make you who you are." He frowned a bit. "She's buried here in Avalon. I'm here to visit her. I may be a man of holy light but-...what can I say? I respect the female body. Nessa did too. " He was caught in a moment of nostalgic euphoria, before snapping back to reality. Flashing Val a grin, he nodded. "Those boys of the cloth however, must remain celibate. Unlike their Gods, mine don't mind if I engage in premarital coitus and drink my weight in mead, so long as I'm a good man while I do it." He once again, looked the woman up and down. "So you don't get very many men complimenting you on your beauty? Shame." He said with a flirtatious twang to his voice.
Blinking and looking up, Val had indeed forgotten his last mention of his wife, suddenly feeling foolish, "Forgive me. My mind is in multiple places at one these days. Sometimes you have to tell me things more than once before I remember them fully." Hearing the story again, she looked down at her feet, unsure of how to respond to his wife being buried here in Avalon. She did find comfort in the fact that he could quickly lighten the mood with a joke. Laughing at his blatant disagreement to the way the priests worked, she shrugged, "I don't find any fun in being completely celibate, but to each their own. The Gods have their own rules, hence the reason I choose to follow my own path. If others do not like it, that is their loss, not mine." Watching him look her up and down again, she leaned back on her elbows, kicking her legs slightly slower than she already was, smiling softly, "Well I get my fair share of compliments, but I am usually so busy they fly right past me. But now that I finally figured out how to make the potion I have been working on, I think I will end up having a bit more time to myself now." Sensing his flirtatious tone, she giggled and looked up at the ceiling. Before she could respond, the roots of the tree in the room rose and nudged her foot. Sitting upright, she looked down at it with a wave of her hand, "Shoo you naughty thing you. I know you are hungry. As soon as my dear Adina returns with the supplies, you will be fed." The root lowered itself back to the floor. Val looked back at him and laughed, hooking a thumb at the root, "Trees these days. So impatient."
"Don't worry, Miss Everly. I'm not offended. You seem like a busy woman. Busy people are forgetful. I speak from experience." Uly then watched her tree nudge her and his fascination grew. "What a beautiful wood." He said with a mesmerized expression. The tree had a connection with Val and he thought that was one of the most interesting things he had seen." He walked up to the tree, near  Val and rested his hand on the trunk. "Feed, tree of life. Prosperity, balance and harmony are flowing through your roots. Thank you for the oxygen and life you produce. Take some of my nutrients. Hold yourself over until the cheetah returns. You are a blessing to this planet. ". His hand emanated a white glow as did the trunk around his finger tips. "Gods help you bloom." He said, then muttered a small Incantation that sounded like it was a mixture of old dragon tongue, and angelspeak. "T'chla to su eh mon. Wux tomovan steli tokachi." (Take some strength so you may live.)  With that, enough nutrients from Uly's body transfered into the beautiful planted tree. It would be as if it was receiving the same intake from normal fertilizer. Uly then pulled his hand away. "You are a wonderful person, miss Everly." He turned to Val with a soft smile. "Just the amount of care you put into your work shows that. Thank you for allowing me into your shoppe." He bowed his head and hopped up on the counter next to her. "You damn near blew yourself up trying to perfect a potion. Or spell or whatever it is you were working on. It's incredible." Turning to look toward her he gave a cheeky grin. "Now that you have some time to yourself, what would you like to do?"
Val nodded as Uly complimented the tree, "It has been here longer than I can even remember, probably even longer than my mother before she owned the shop. It can be a cute thing, but it can also be a right swift kick in the ass." Seeing him rest his hand on the trunk and offer up some energy to the tree, she smiled softly and waited while he worked, "Transference magic. Don't see that too often. Impressive." Being complimented on her work, she felt her cheeks grow a bit warmer and she looked around her shop, smiling a bit more than before, "I have devoted my life to this line of work, and it certainly has its payouts. Money has never really concerned me, because lets face it.. there will always be a demand for folks of my trade. I am more interested in the work itself and how it will affect those whom I sell it to." Watching him hop up onto the counter, she stopped kicking her legs and crossed them instead, "At first I thought I would make an elixir, one that would give whoever drank it an explosive like energy. Seems I have created something new altogether: an explosive liquid. I am perfectly content with the outcome for the time being. Creation takes a good bit of trial and error before you get it just right, after all." Being asked what she planned on doing with her time now, she shrugged and began looking around the room again, "Haven't a clue. Guess I will continue to run the shop and go from there." Looking back to him, she tilted her head slightly, "What about you? Now that you are in Avalon, what will you do with your first day? I cant imagine you will complete what you came for so soon."
Once Adina was out of the potion shop, she began making her way to the markets. She continued thinking about the paladin and his fallen wife. She knew how he felt, but having to see people murdering his wife right in front of him? Adina wouldn't know what she would do, but one thing was certain, she wouldn't have let the murderers go. That part didn't make sense, but humans usually didn't make sense. She let out a sigh as she walked along the brick road. There were kids still playing and people still having friendly discussions. Suddenly her fur stood up and she felt the air around her grow cold. What was this? Why did everything feel depressing? Well more than normal? The feline shivered and looked around at the others. They seemed to feel it too.
The children stopped playing in the street, looking towards the sky, as if looking for some impending doom that loomed over them. The shop owners stopped everything that they were doing, looking around as well. Something was not right, even in such a happy town. Before long, the initial doom passed just as it had come, the world that seemed frozen in time continuing as if nothing had ever happened. As Adina continued along her way, two figures dressed in black moved through the town, passing by her. For Adina, the feeling of dread would slam against her conscious as the continued along their path. Passing the potion shop, they would slow their walk, the one closest to the building motioning towards it. The gesture was subtle, but there was no mistaking that the individual had motioned directly towards it. Then they once again continued on their way, rounding a corner, moving out of sight.
This strange feeling was definitely dark and it sent shivers up and down her spine. Were the sinful gods planing something? "Ancestors give me strength," Adina prayed to herself, clutching the strap to her satchel. "Protect these people and most importantly, protect Val." Her shoulder brushed against one of the dark clothed people that walked past her and she sensed something off about them as well. Was this where the evil vibes were coming from? She would turn around and watch them walk away towards the potion shop. Her heart about stopped when one of them motioned to the building, causing her fur to stand. "If those men dare to venture into my Love's home, I'll rip them to shreds." She admitted to herself. It was true she cared deeply for her boss and would actually give up her life for her, but this was the first time she admitted out loud. Valerie took her in and gave her a job when no one else would, thinking she was some sort of savage from the forest. So, if they tried anything, they would have to go through her first. She didn't even care who they were. They were not of this city and the cheetah had this sixth sense that something was dark about them. But thankfully, the both of them past the shop and turned a corner. She thanked the ancestors and continued on to the shops, first stopping by florist's.
The florist looked up from her wares as Adina approached, offering up a grin, "Well well! If it isn't the forest cat, come to my shop. A bit out of yer element, wouldn't you say? Whats a kitty such as yerself want here?" The florist was an elderly woman, and though she would sell to anyone, she also would say whatever she pleased knowing that only a fool would dare correct her. Political correctness was never something she bothered with, but because she had to make a living just as much as the next person, she kept the most vile things she would ever want to say to another to herself. Crossing her arms, she lifted an eyebrow at Adina, looking her up and down as she continued, "A bloomed dandelion perhaps? Make a wish that you were one of us regular folk? Or perhaps a black rose to give to that blasted troublemaker of a boss ye got in that death trap she calls a shop? Well? Speak up! Haven't got all day, ye know." Just then, a younger man came out of the shop itself, moving over to the two of them. Resting a hand on the woman's shoulder, he looked at Adina with a smile before turning a stern look at her, "Come now grandmother.. Is that any way to speak to a customer?" The old woman grumbled and turned, walking into the shop with a slam of the door. The boy sighed and shook his head, looking back to Adina, his smile returning, "Sorry about that.. she is a little too old fashioned, if you ask me." He stuck out his hand in greeting, "Names Simon. Is there anything I could get you today?"
One look at the old woman and before she even spoke, Adina rolled her eyes. 'here we go again..' she thought to herself. It was the usual for her, but it was still annoying. "Uh yes, well, things change and people adapt," Adina said with a sigh, obviously irritated by the old woman's words. She wasn't going to talk back to her in a angry way or anything. What was the point? She was old and whatever she argued would fly across her head. Adina was a savage from the forest in the eyes of many people and there was no changing that. She frowned at the next choice of words the woman spoke. There was no wishing for a better body, in fact, even if she could, she wouldn't. This is what she was born with. It would be spit in the ancestors' face if she changed. "Look woman. I just need some ingredients that we're running low on." Just then a boy came out from the shop and Adina was pleased the sudden change of kindness. At least there were people in this world who treated people like people like people, no matter they're origin or looks. "Ah thanks Simon, it's very nice to meet you as well. I'm Adina if you don't know already. I work with Valerie down in the potion shop." She paused for a moment. "Look, we had a little accident in our shop earlier today and lost a lot of our ingredients. I was hoping that there would be some plants here that we need." She then proceeded to tell him the herbs that she needed. She knew he may not have everything, but it was a good start.
Simon shook her hand and looked over at the potions shop, "Oh you're Val's assistant? Ive heard her talk about you, but we've never had the chance to meet. Glad to finally make your acquaintance. If there is ever anything you or your boss needs herb wise, feel free to get a hold of me anytime and I will see what I can do for you." Looking back at her, he lowered his hand and looked around at the product that was outside the shop. As he listened to her list of things, his face grew troubled at a few of them. Scratching his head, he looked back at the building, "Well I have everything you are looking for, but most of them are inside.." He looked back at her, lowering his voice, "Along with the terror of fourth street.. If you want, I can run in and bag up everything, or you can come in as well if you don't mind dealing with her again. Up to you though."
Adina smiled to his statement. "She has hasn't she? Hehe" She giggled. "Hopefully she talked of good things." She shook her head and closed her one eye for a moment, thinking of what that girl might have said. "Oh, if Val told you I sleep a lot, I can't help it. Something that has stuck with my ancestors for millions of years. I can't change that now, and it doesn't make me lazy." She paused for a moment and kind of giggled from what she said. "Anyways, nice to finally know the name behind an everyday face. I've been in the city for about two years now and still don't know everyone's names on my street." Her ears flickered to Simon's words as he mentioned about coming inside. The woman bothered her yes, but she was used to it by now. Her tail slithered in the air behind her in an S shape as she thought. She then shrugged her shoulders. "No worries. It will be fine. Maybe she'll actually get used to me after awhile hahaha," she said a little sarcastically. "Plus, I get to see what's inside. I always admired what you showed outside, but never got to see you had behind the those walls."
"Well Ive seen you walking around from time to time, but I never actually thought to stop you and say hello. You always looked so busy. Not only that but my grandmother is usually the one out here selling things. I just recently found the courage to get out and about to meet people." Simon nodded when she mentioned she wouldn't mind going inside. Waving her over, he opened the door for her, "Welcome to the inside of the building." Adina would be immediately greeted with an assortment of smells before everything came into view. The entire shop looked like a jungle, far more so than Val's shop could ever dream to be. Every known herb it would seem hung from the walls, tables littered with them and pouches filled and ready to be sold. Simon's grandmother sat behind one of the counters knitting and looked up when the two walked in. She sighed and set aside her work, "Should really put a 'no pets' sign up one of these days.." she grumbled under her breath. Simon rolled his eyes and moved into the building, beginning to gather the items Adina had requested. The old woman crossed her arms and continued to grumble as her grandson worked, keeping an eye on their guest.
Adina followed the boy inside and the first thing she noticed was the wonderful aromas of the many flowers as well as the herbs. It sorta took her back to her old home in the forest. "This is quite something. There's probably more growing in this building than there is in the entire city," she said allowed. "There's plants I've never even seen." She walked to a few plants that were not of this land. "I'm curious on how you can care for so many organisms from different regions around the world. It's quite fascinating if I do say so myself." Her hand reached out to one of the flowers and felt it's soft petals. As she did, her ears flickered to the old woman's grumbling. She rolled her eyes and said a few things under her breath to calm herself down. There was no reason to gripe with the old woman, so the cat just ignored her. Adina would walk over to Simon after a few minutes of browsing to see what items he had gathered. "Were there any plants that you didn't have in stock? I know Dragon Lillies are especially rare this time of year."
Popping his head out from behind the counter, Simon smiled at her kind words, shrugging a bit, "I care for the more rare plants personally, adjusting the atmosphere as best I can to match their natural environment, but it doesn't always work." Continuing his gathering, he sat a few pouches down on the counter, sliding them towards her. Scratching his head, he looked around before moving some ivy on the wall aside, pulling out a stalk of Dragon Lilly, "They are rare this time of year, yes. But thankfully, I know how to grow them year round." Wrapping up the amount she requested, he added it to the small pile that had formed on the counter, "Looks like I was able to get you everything that you requested. Is there anything else that you can think of that you and your boss might need? I wouldn't mind searching for it if there is."
Adina rose an eyebrow to what Simon said, her one good eye watching him as he popped from behind the counter. "Is that so? You certainly have a talent in doing so. All these plants look really healthy," she said coming to the counter and pulling out her satchel. "Don't know why it took me so long to actually come inside your shop. I gotta say, it's rather spectacular. Reminds me of the days when I was younger." She pulled out her coin purse from the satchel and sat it on the counter. Her ears would flicker to his next words and watch him pull out a few Dragon Lillie's, bringing a smile to her face. "Wow. You really have everything here. I don't think I even need to visit the fields. What an easy trip this turned out." She took the Lillie's and put them with the other items. When he asked if there was anything else she shook her head. "No, I believe that's every-... Wait no, I almost forgot!! Val needs some fertilizer for her little tree in the shop. Also some sage if you have any." She began taking a few coins from her purse and putting them in her palm. "So, how much do I owe you sir?" She asked.
Simon laughed, walking over and grabbing a sack of fertilizer. Setting it down with a thump on the counter, he turned and moved to get the sage, "We do have practically everything here. It takes a LOT of tender loving care, but it is possible to have all of these plants coexisting in the same place." Setting the sage down next to the fertilizer, he glanced over at his grandmother to make sure she wasn't watching. Leaning a bit closer to Adina, he whispered, "Tender loving care.. and a bit of magic." Straightening, he shrugged with a goofy grin, leaning against the counter, "That will be two gold coins, fair lady. And not a coin more." Grandmother hearing this, she looked up from her project with a scoff, "Going to bankrupt us boy!" Simon waved her concern off, "Its for Val, grandmother. She has been a loyal customer for years. High time we cut her a break." Grandmother scoffed again before returning to what she was doing. Simon shook his head before looking back at Adina, his smile returning, "Ill help you carry all this back. Wouldn't mind saying hello to your boss."
Adina smiled seeing that everything she needed was right in front of her. This was certainly an easy trip. It was looking to be a great day. Valerie finally created the potion she'd been working, so that should pick business back up at the shop and Adina made a new friend, maybe two if the man from earlier stuck around. She still was skeptical about him. Her right ear would raise when Simon whispered and she giggled a bit to herself. "Maybe you could teach Val some lessons on taking care of the small shop she lives in? Hehe," she teased. "The girl can't keep things clean at times. Have to clean up after her, but, you gotta give her credit. She's a hard worker and I respect her." Her eyes widened after Simon told her only two gold coins. "Really? I couldn't." She overheard what the old woman said. "I don't want to make you guys bankrupt. There's a lot here." She counted three gold coins and placed them in front of the boy. "Giving you three. Won't give you less." She looked over the stuff again. There was a lot there and it would be a little difficult to carry everything back. "If you wouldn't mind. I'd love the help and of course. I'm sure Val won't mind seeing you," she said as she gathered what she could carry. She began to walk out giving the old woman a friendly nod, but there was definitely a smirk on her face.
Shrugging, Simon was not about to argue with Adina. If she wanted to pay three, then three it was. Sliding the coins away into a lock box, he smiled as he came around the counter, "Val has never been good at keeping a small building. Almost seems like she would need an entire warehouse to do what she does on a regular basis without worrying the neighbors." Grabbing up a few bags in one hand and tossing the bag of fertilizer over the opposite shoulder, he walked with her to the door, "I do hope Val wont mind seeing me. Its been awhile, so who knows if she will even remember me. Only one way to find out though, I suppose." Stepping out of the shop, he heard his grandmother scoff again as Adina glanced back at her with a nod. Shaking his head, he continued forward towards Val's shop, "One of these days that woman is going to make a noise or say something that another person isn't going to take too kindly to. I pray she has others around her when that day comes.."
Adina opened the door and held it open for Simon as well, listening to him as he talked. "Yeah," she agreed. "The girl needs a bigger shop, but she can't give it up. From what I know it's been in her family for generations. The tree inside is even older than her grandmother I believe." She would close the door with her tail when both of them were outside and chuckled a bit to her next choice of words about his grandmother. "She is old. Hopefully people are not dumb enough to harm the elderly. It gives them the wrong image. You don't want to be the one known for hurting an older woman like her, but yeah, I understand. There are people out there that just don't care. They think with their fists rather than keeping things rational." Adina then began to lead the way on their very short journey down the brick street, keeping a conversation as they did. "Val probably knows everyone in the city. If you have been here a while, chances are, she remembers. Though, she can be forgetful, but there's nothing to worry, being at a place like your shop has probably left an impression on her."
((Adina entered the potion shop))
After a few short minutes, she had reached the shop and opened the door to it. "Honey, I'm home!" She said teasing her boss. "Brought a guest if you don't mind..." She then noticed that the paladin was still there and gave him a smile, though one could tell there was some annoyance on her face. "Oh. The paladin still here?" She asked, looking at the giant male up and down. "I hope you were able to find everything sir, sorry about before."
"Aye, Magic runs deep in my veins. Since I was a boy. You know how they pick the priests from the Paladins, correct? They search orphanages for the most magically inclined boys, and those who fit the mold are sculpted into powerful, holy spell swords. The ones who aren't magically gifted become priests." He gave a hearty laugh, genuinely finding his joke funny. Then he listened to her speak about doing this and that, not sure what to do with her free time. Then she asked Uly what his plans were and he raised a brow. "I'm not sure. I suppose I am going to have a lot of free time after I visit Nessa. Perhaps you could show me around Avalon? You seem like you know where everything is. I'm going to need to find a bed to sleep in, and a shop where I can find the most beautiful flowers. I have absolutely no idea where to find anything like that. You being an alchemists, I assume you know where the best batch of plants are around here." He gave a small wink, right as the door opened, and the door flew open, to reveal the cheetah, Adina. He lingered at her "Oh the paladin is still here." And nodded toward her. "No apologies needed. I was out of line. I'm sorry for how I reacted. I hope we can become friends." He bowed his head toward the woman, moving over toward her. "Do you have anything I can help you carry in? Sounds like you had a big shopping trip."
Before Val could answer, the door opened and in walked Adina and Simon. Smiling at them both, she hopped down and moved over to Adina, taking a few things from her and walking them back over to the counter, "Simon! You cheeky little boy. Haven't seen you in quite some time. How are you doing?" Setting down what she had retrieved, she turned and leaned against the counter, "And yes Adina love. Mr. Ulysees is still here. How was your shopping trip?" Looking at all the bags, including what Simon was carrying, she giggled, "Seems like it went well just by what you have."
Simon followed Adina into the shop and smiled when Val ran over to help, "Hey Val. Haven't seen you in almost two months. Been so busy with that new creation of yours you hardly ever come out." Looking up at Ulysees, the boy smiled and nodded, "Hello, sir. Pleasure to meet you." Setting the fertilizer down on the counter, he dusted his hands off and turned back to Adina, "Anything else I can help with ladies?"
Adina's eyes rolled when the paladin asked to help once again. "Thanks, but no thanks, Simon and I have got it." The cheetah still was skeptical of the man and it was hard for her to trust him. She wasn't fond of new faces in the first place, not to mention someone from far away. She gave a few things to her boss and carried the rest of the items to the table in the kitchen. "The shopping trip was just great Val!" She said remembering the wild like interior of the shop. Her hands started brushing the dirt off her fur from the items she carried in, bringing it back to it's orange like glow. "Simon and his grandmother had everything we needed. Didn't even have to take a second trip to the fields." Once she was brushed off, she began putting away the various items in their proper homes, her snakly tail flicking behind her. Her ears rotated to Simon's voice and she shook her head. "You already done your part. I appreciate you for helping me out."
Ulysees watched Adina and Simon enter with all their contents. Simon introduced himself, and with a bow of his head, he did the same. "Greetings. Ulysees Hestermore, at your service!" He smiled, and then went back to a blank expression as Adina rolled her eyes at him. He didn't understand why he was being looked at like he was a danger. He just stayed at his place, on the counter, watching everyone interact. He felt out of place, as he should have, as he was a stranger in a new place, with no friends. He crossed his leg over each other, to sit Indian style on the countertop, and began to read his book to himself while everyone carried items in and meet with each other. Usually, he would have just left, but he wanted to talk to Val more. So he would simply bide his time, and wait. The book went on about how the gods wanted peace and prosperity and such. Every chapter was the same. 'Be a good person.' Was all the book boiled down to. But it was still worth a read.
Val moved over to Simon and gave him a quick hug. Blinking in a bit of surprise, she looked up at him, "Good grief boy.. you need to stop growing. I am going to think you a giant before long." Patting his hip, she turned and moved back to Adina, smacking her on the rear with a giggle. Standing on her tipy toes, she whispered, "He is a cute kid, don't you think? 23, if memory serves me correctly." Winking at her as if to say 'GO GET EM TIGER', she laughed and leaned against her, looking at their guests, "You have been awesome Simon. Tell your grandmother thank you for us. You two are lifesavers, if ever there were any."
Simon smiled as Val reached around him for a hug. Stooping over slightly, he hugged her in return, laughing at her comment, "Yeah yeah.. I know. I figured I would've stopped growing by now, but there is nothing I can do about that one." Once she let go of him and went to go whisper to Adina, he turned and opened the door, waving to everyone on his way out, "Well, have a good day all. I better go make sure my grandmother is still alive. Can never leave that woman alone for more than five minutes at a time, it seems. Always getting herself into trouble. Swing by again if you need anything else and I will make sure to give you a good deal on it." With that, he left the store.
When Adina was done putting things where they go, she wondered back over to the others but was stopped by a smack on the rear, causing her to chirp. "Val!" She said embarrassed, her cheeks warming up. "We have guests. That's not very proper you know?" Her ears flickered to her words and she lowered herself to hear what she said, then rolling her eyes. "Oh hush girl. You know I'm not interested in anyone. I told you this morning. I want to focus on work, hopefully join the mages in the castle someday," she whispered back. Her eyes fell to Simon. "Yes, tell you're grandmother thank you for having me come inside your shop, even if she griped the entire time, hehe." Once Simon left and it was just the three of them, Adina turned to Val. "Alright then, what's next? Shall we open up shop?"
Val giggled at Adina's attempt at being proper, though the only people in the room were those she was willing to show a bit more of a playful side to, "I guess you are right dear." Seeing her roll her eyes and mention not being interested in anyone, she herself had to roll her eyes, smiling though, "If you say so. And you will do just fine in the castle once you reach that status." Looking at Simon as he was on his way out, she waved to him, calling out before the door closed, "Take care Simon. Have fun with the grandmother. She is certainly a handful!" Clapping her hands together, she looked up at Adina with another smile and a nod, "Yes, lets open the shop. About high time we start making some money for our goods." Looking back at Ulysees, she crossed her arms, "And what of you? Plan on sticking around, or do you have places to be? Either way is fine by me. I just have a shop to manage, along with my very talented assistant."
Ulysses, looked to Val as she spoke to him. Closing his book with a snap, he smiled and shook his head. "I got the potions I need. Perhaps you'll allow me to come snag you after you close up shop? I rather enjoyed your company." He hopped off the counter. "Maybe you'll take me up on that offer to show me around. I can be an entertaining companion." He smirked softly, looking toward Adina, then the tree.  "In the meantime, I will need to find a flower shop, get the most beautiful flowers I can find and, uh-...figure out where the cemetery is." On Ulysees back rested a clay.ore that was about 5 feet long, with a handle that was well over a foot and a half. Quite a large sword. Then there was Uly's shield, a white trimmed, ironwood and steel holy blessed shield. Then on his side, a sword, made of holy mythril, paired with his shield. He certainly had a lot of weapons, but that was his job as a paladin priest. Kill monsters. Kill undead. Preform exorcisms. One needed to be protected. His boots clomped against the floorboards lightly, as he bowed before all in the room. "Thank you all for allowing me into your shop. Miss Everly, you are a brilliant alchemist and scientist with  wonderful assistance. It was amazing to meet you all." Then, he turned out the door, to spot the bustling town before him. Closing the shop door behind him, he began to walk through the market.
(Ulysees has left the potion shop)
Adina smiled, thinking of one day being in the castle, finally being something of importance, making a name of herself across the lands. It was only a dream though and she was almost certain that she wasn't going to full fill, but it didn't hurt to try. The cheetah woman would nod to Valarie's words about making some money and the new elixir that the small alchemist created would certainly do so. "Hopefully a lot of people try out your new elixir. I'm sure it will be of use to those merchant's guild people. Wouldn't mind trying some myself when I go out to the fields for protection. I'm telling you Val, they will be a hit!" Turning to Ulysees when Valarie asked him if he was sticking around, she listened to what he said and gave him a nod when he told them that he was leaving. "It was good to meet you," Adina struggled to say, trying to be as polite as she could. She was sure there was something off about him, but as time moved on without him causing any trouble, the more she got used to him. Maybe there was nothing to be skeptical about. Her ears flickered to the paladin mentioning flowers and she went to speak. "Um Simon is, in fact, a-" before she could finish her sentence, Ulysees had left. She shrugged it off, thinking that he would be fine trying to look for the flower shop. "Alright Val. Shall we get things opened?" Her tail lashed out with excitement, thinking of the money they would make today. Maybe they could spare some coin for the restaurant in town later that night.
Val waved to Ulysees on his way out, hoping he found what he was after once everything was said and done. He left before she was able to answer any of his questions, but that was fine. She was more than sure that he would make his way back to the shop if he truly wanted to return. Turning her attention back to Adina, she laughed as she became excited, "Well, we can only hope that this new elixir works out that well. So far I can only really see it being used by either the merchants guild or the Dwarves and their mining, but who knows. Perhaps the Steward himself will offer a bit for it." As Adina asked about opening things up, she reached up and gently gripped the base of her tail as it lashed about, looking up at her with a smile, "Lets have some lunch first. You've been out and about all morning, so its only fair that I feed you for your hard work so far. After that, we will make some money." She began walking towards the kitchen, loosening her grip on Adina's tail, but only enough so her hand would slide down the full length of her tail before letting go completely, "So what will you have to eat?"
Adina nodded. "Ah yes, dwarves. I didn't think of them," she said with her single eye widened. "They would love this stuff. It's better than those blasting sticks I'm sure." Her tail swung violently until it was caught in the female's grasp, making the fur on her back stand up. She looked down to the girl while she shivered and her cheeks grew warm. "Val! Girl, you know that spot is extra sensitive. Sometimes I think you do these things just to tease me." Her stomach began to growl naturally to the sound of food and she chuckled. "Food sounds quite nice actually." As Valerie's grip loosened around her tail and slid down the length of it, the cheetah shivered again and her tail swished away behind her. "Val!" She sighed and shook her head. If she kept doing these sort of things to her, Adina was afraid she might do something stupid, like act upon her feelings. So, she discarded them for the moment and focused on her question. "Fish! I always can never get enough of it, but you're the boss here," she teased. "What you make, I'll eat... Unless it's those nasty green veggies... Bleh." She shook her head at the thought, her tongue sticking out as she said 'bleh'.
Val laughed as she made it to the kitchen, peaking around the corner, sticking her tongue out, "And what if I am teasing you, hmm? Not going to back talk your boss are ya? Wouldn't that be a sight to see." Disappearing back into the kitchen, she pulled out a few fish from a cooler chest, setting them up on a counter, "I agree with the vegetable part of that statement. Nasty things they are, but a few of them have a good many healing properties to them. Amazing how something that could taste so vile could prove helpful to ones health." Grabbing out a few herbs and spices, she went about preparing the fish the way she thought Adina may enjoy. Lighting a fire under a grilling rack, she tossed up the fish onto it and began cooking. Before long, the smell of her cooking would fill the building. During the time she spent in the kitchen, a few of the local customers would wander in and out of the shop even without the shop itself truly being open, offering up their gold for small pouches of medicines and other random items. After about a half hour, Val walked back into the main area of the shop, two plates of freshly cooked lemon zested fish in her hands. Hopping up on the back counter and gently kicking her legs, she held on of the plates out to Adina, "Lunch is served."
The world was his oyster. He took a breath in through his nose and exhale through his mouth. "Fresh air. Clear skies. Beautiful day to be alive. Despite the overwhelming sense of dread in the air, it's turning out to be a gorgeous day." He turned to ask someone for directions. "Excuse me, can y-" they walked passed him. Then he spotted someone else. "Hello! Do you know where the flo-..." They turned and walked passed as well. Uly grumbled to himself, and remembered the little lizard girl said her father was a blacksmith, as was his father. Perhaps he could get directions from them. He looked through the town as he kept walking, spotting the various shops and vendors. Quite a place. I can see why you loved it, Nessa. You always knew how to pick the best places. He loved the sense of wonder that awaited him around every corner.
The young girl Kira spotted Ulysees as he walked out of the potions shop. Tilting her head in curiosity, she began following him at a distance, making sure to stay out of sight. Seeing him attempting to ask for directions a few different times, she giggled quietly, thinking him a funny man. As Ulysees turned a corner, she peaked around it, blinking at the sight.
The two cloaked men from earlier in the day waited patiently around the corner. As Ulysees turned down it, they both looked at one another before looking back at him, "Royal Paladin Ulysees Hestermore of Stovania?" one of the called out questioningly. Both men did not appear to be carrying any weapons of any sort, but their presence alone would leave one wary simply by their stance and how they were dressed.

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