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Chapter Two - Part One

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Adina hunkered down in the small tunnel, her ears pinned back and her tail tucked between her legs. This was the most afraid she'd been in since she lost her old teacher all those years ago. She gave Valerie a nod, agreeing with her. Even though she hated confined spaces, she was happy they were safe... For now. "Yeah, they sure are," she whispered back. Her ears picked up the sounds of the shop from above getting destroyed and her only thought was how this was going to affect Valerie. That monster was going to get to the rest of the elixir, it was only a matter of time and the entire block including the shop above was going to be gone. Would the tree survive? She could only hope. Now that they were in a safe spot, she strapped her gauntlet to her left hand so she could be ready to use it when needed. The weapon was brown and mostly made of leather, except the giant green jewel and claws which were of diamond. "Sewers? Ugh my fur is going to hate me for this. At least we are okay," she said, her voice a bit shaky. After going through the doors, Adina sighed with relief. Now she could actually stand and not hit her head on the ceiling. She looked down to Valerie and spoke back quietly. "Do you know what's going on? This is the doing of that Black Sun group isn't it?" She whispered. "Looks like they caught up to Avalon..." Her eye would quickly adjust to the darkness and she took in her surroundings. It was absolutely disgusting and the horrible smell wasn't helping. "Val... What's your plan here? Where are we going?"
Val shook her head to Adina's questions, sighing softly as they continued along their way, "I don't know who is responsible for all of this, but I intend to find out." Turning a corner, they finally reached the sewers. The smell alone would make the hairs on anyone's heads curl, but that was to be expected from such a place. What was not expected was the level of blood that traveled through it, adding to the already rich aroma. Coughing lightly, she put out the lantern as there was enough light coming through the tunnel, setting it down out of sight behind a rock, "My plan is to get you out of here safely. Then I am going back to my shop and kicking some demonic ass. No one, and I mean NO ONE, destroys my shop.." Hearing snarls further down the sewer, she grabbed Adina's arm and pushed them both up against the wall, reaching up to cover Adina's muzzle. Narrowing her eyes, she peaked around the corner to see a Dire Hound. Eyes widening, she recognized it from a painting she had once saw. Moving back, she slowly released Adina and dug into her pocket, pulling out a vial of her latest creation. Looking up at the woman, she gave a half grin, half smile, "Looks like this is going to come in handy," she whispered, pointing down the tunnel at the creature, "Might want to cover your ears."
Adina looked at what she was stepping in and she wanted to puke. She had lived in the wilds and even tread the swamps, but all that was natural, this was the waste of the city and the blood didn't help any. Her mind began thinking of the people above and who's blood this belonged to. She thought of the people she may never see again, the children that played in the streets everyday, the friendly neighbors and even the rude ones. Simon then came to mind, causing her to shred a tear. Why must the innocent die? What was the point? Adina gave Valerie a nod. "They must be stopped. What of the castle's troops? They are highly trained, you think they may have a chance?" When she told her the plan, Adina shook her head. "If you're going back, I am too! There's no wa-" Valerie had cut her short as her muzzle was covered by her hand. She could hear snarls as well and her ears pinned back, knowing exactly what it was. She looked to Val and smiled. "I always did like the way you thought. Let's see if that creation can really cause some damage," she grinned. She attached her spear to some straps on her back and covered her feline ears, getting ready for what was to come.
Taking a steadying breath, Val thought to herself that she would deal with Adina's objections to her going back alone after they were not being stalked by shadow creatures from the beyond. Some things were best left for slightly more relaxing circumstances. Leaping out into the main sewer line, she shivered as the splash she created smacked against her cheek. Taking a deep breath, she called out at the creature, "Over here you otherworldly bitch!" The Dire Hound spun around and roared at the girl. Val's courage seemed to wane, but only for a moment. Yelling back at it, she took the elixir in hand and hucked it at the creature as hard as she could muster. The vial sped towards the Hound as the creature began taking bounding leaps towards her. Not expecting the Hound to be so quick on the attack, her eyes opened wide as she realized what was about to happen, "Damn.." As the vial and the Hound met halfway, the explosion that followed was devastating. Not only did the sound in such cramped quarters strip Val of her senses, but the shock wave that was created sent her flying backwards into the sewer. As she landed, the liquid of the sewer engulfed her from head to toe. the experience nearly knocking her unconscious. Sitting up in the filth, she spat out a mouth full and retched to the side, staggering to the feet and using the side of the sewer wall for support. Vision slowly returning, she looked down the way the Hound had been, only to see she had caused a complete cave in from that direction. Spitting a bit more bile, she called out, "Don't mess with an alchemist!" Hanging her head, she took a moment to breath, only to freeze a moment later. She could feel the breath on the back of her neck before she heard the growl. Closing her eyes with a grin, she sighed as the growling became louder, "Damn..."
Adina watched the brave woman yell down to the dark beast, then at the same moment Valerie threw the elixir, Adina thought of something. "Wait! Val dont-" it was too late. The potion was flying in the air and made contact with not only the target but Val too. The explosion was loud and whatever else was down here was sure enough to hear it. The feline watched helplessly as her boss was thrown into the deep end of the sewers. "Val!" She cried. Not caring about the sewer waste any longer, she jumped in and hurried her way to Valerie, as she was the only thing that mattered the most. Seeing that the woman was indeed okay and getting out of the muck, she sighed with relief, but it was a short victory. Another beast was just inches from Valerie and it made Adina's heart stop. She shook the remnants of her fear. If she wanted to do more with herself and be a true mage of the castle, she needed to let go of this fear. Her mind flashed back to when her old teacher was taken from her by witch hunters and how she could do nothing at the time because of fear, not this time. "No not again!" She screamed. She pulled out her spear and the jewels began to glow on her body as well as the weapon. Sparks of electricity emitted from it, getting it's energy from it's lightning enchantments. "Ahhhh!" She ran full force at the beast, pushing Valerie to the side and out of reach from the monster before them. "You will not take her from me!" She then shoved her weapons in the direction of the beast's face, hoping she could hit it. If she could, it would release tons of volts in the creature's body, cooking it from the inside and turning it to charcoal.
Slowly turning and looking up at the Dire Hound directly behind her, she used what few seconds left of her life and placed her hands on her hips, tilting her head to the side, "You are one ugly motherf..." Her words were cut short as Adina behind her screamed out and charged, taking the creatures focus from Val. Being shoved to one side, Val fell back into the sewage as Adina slammed her weapon into its face. As the electricity surged, the Dire Hound roared in pain, rearing up on its hind legs and falling backwards into dust. The electric attack though also effected the two women, being surrounded by liquid, giving them both a decent shock as well. Ripping her head from the sewage, Val hacked up a lung before retching again, the combination of recent events plus being electrocuted on top of it causing her body to begin the slow process of shutting down. Looking over at Adina weakly, she coughed again, "Remember your elements girl!" Staggering to her feet once again, she stumbled over to her, helping her up, "We need to leave. Now."
(Adina, for killing a beast of Sin, you have gained one level. please pick one level 1 ability and add it to your character card.)
There was a jolt of pain that surged through Adina's body as she killed the beast. Like usual, she attacked before thinking and she paid the price, even hurting her friend in the process. She winced and held her side where the shock hurt most. Her head turned to Val and she dropped her spear, terrified she may have hurt her. "Val! Oh by the ancestors I'm so foolish. I'm so sorry" She hurried to her side and helped her to her feet and in the process, she took one of the healing potions from her bag. "Before we move, you need to take this, get your strength back up..." She pulled the cap off and lifted the bottle of red liquid to Valerie's lips. "I'm such a stupid enchantress... Don't know what you see in me at times..." After giving her some of the potion, she slipped it back in her satchel and got to her feet, picking her spear back up as well. "Where do we go now? There's bound to be more of those." Her tail curled around one of her legs and she shivered. The cold air mixed with the sewage water was taking it's toll. She looked to her gauntlet, remembering that it could create fire. "This could keep us warm, but you gotta stay close to me." Her weapon glowed, making it hot causing it to warm the air around them.
Val accepted the potion, though not willingly at first. Feeling that it made her weak, she was reluctant at first, but drank it down if only to prevent Adina from having anything to say about it, "Better take some of that yourself.. never know what might be around the next corner. And don't forget your spear." Forsaking the heat the gauntlet provided Val trudged through the muck in the direction of the Hound Adina killed, peaking around the corner of the next intersection and sighed relief, waving Adina over, "Coast is clear for the moment. Lets get a move on. Only ten more city blocks before we reach our destination, and I would rather not come face to face with another one of those things.."
Adina shook her head. "I really don't want to risk using more than we need to. We really don't know how long we'll be away from the shop," she responded. She bent down and retrieved her spear before hooking it on one of her straps on her back. "You definitely needed it... I'm sorry again for hurting you, I should have thought before making a move, but I feel I may have not gotten there in time if I did, I wasn't going to let you go like that." As they walked, Adina continued to stay close to her boss, keeping her eye on both her and their surroundings. Once knowing the coast was clear, she turned the corner with Valerie, still curious and concerned where they were actually going. "... We've gotta talk about this, 'making sure I'm safe' plan. I'm not leaving you alone and that's final. We both know how stubborn I am.." Her tail would curl around one of her legs as they tread through the muck. Even though she gotten used to the smell, it still stung her senses and she couldn't wait to be in a place more forgiving to her nose. Reaching further down the tunnel, the feline turned to Valerie, remembering what her thoughts were before they were interrupted by the cultist. "Val... If anything were to happen to you, I don't know how could move on... You've been such a good friend and inspired me to be fearless and take chances." She would sigh, she wanted to tell her the truth, but now was not the time.
Val shook her head as Adina apologized to her, shrugging it off, "Simply be more cautious of your surroundings. I know you acted on instinct, and if it weren't for you, I would be dead right now. You have my gratitude, but lord girl that did not feel pleasant." She glanced back at Adina with a grin, indicating she was only giving her a hard time. As they continued along there way, Val sighed before explaining her plan, "These sewers run to every corner of the city, including the castle. The castles entrance and exits are well protected, but I know my fair share of the guards, and that is where we are going. You will be safe there." She halted as Adina put her foot down about come back with her, turning to face her, "You may be stubborn, but I am more so than you will ever be. You WILL remain at the castle. It is not up for discussion. Your talents are needed there to heal the wounded. My place is back in my shop. End of story." Turning, she continued onward, listening to the woman and laughing softly, "I am nothing special. Just your average short, Earth obsessed woman. But I know what you mean. If anything happened to you, the Underworld itself would not stop me from avenging you."
Adina did her best to keep a watchful eye as they continued along sewer system, her ears flickering, listening to what her boss had to say about her reactions. "I know, I gave myself a good shock as well. I'm so-" she glanced back to Valerie, seeing that she was smiling, which meant she was giving her a hard time. The feline looked away and chuckled. "Heh, even when times are looking bleak, you find a way to put a smile on my face." She looked forward, wondering if the threat had reached the castle yet and if they were able to defend it. Who knows, the castle could already be infiltrated, which wouldn't be any safer. Her smile faded once Val stopped in her tracks and gave her the order. She'd never seen her so firm and strict before and that's when she knew that there was no changing the alchemist's mind. Adina even teared up when Valerie spoke. She wanted to talk back to her, tell her there wasn't a point in going back, but her mind was surely made up. A irritated sigh escaped through her lips and she began to walk again, her tail dragging through the muck sluggishly. "Yes... Okay Val. As much as it hurts me to say it, I'll do as you say... But, don't put yourself down. I've never known anyone more dedicated to their work than you. Nothing average about you, and that's something you can't change my mind about." What Valerie said after, gave her a half smile. It brought her happiness that she thought of her in a similar way.
Knowing that Adina would follow her to hell and back, Val continued trudging along in silence, more than aware she had hurt the woman's feelings with her words. Keeping her safe however was more important to her at the moment, and those feelings would be mended once everything was said and done with. Fortunate to not have run into any further issues down in the sewers, Val spotted what she was looking for; a small ledge up ahead built into the side of the wall. Along the wall ran a ladder, a brilliant thing in the disgusting place, inlaid with silver that moved all the way up to the surface. Next to the ladder was a small wooden box that was equally crafted, and inside looked to be a metal pipe of sorts vanishing into the wall itself. Quickening her pace as best she could, she gripped onto the lip and pulled herself out of the muck, taking a moment to breath. The air from above and gently blew downwards through an open manhole, though tainted with the smell of blood, was far more refreshing than the smell of the sewer. Val looked at Adina with a half hearted smile, "Finally.. Now, lets make sure we are safe for the moment." Forcing herself to her feet she moved over to the box on the wall. Glancing up at the uncovered exit, she frowned a bit before looking back. Lifting a fist, she knocked on the metal pipe within the box in a specific order: twice quickly, twice slower and three times rather sluggishly. Stepping back from the box, she looked at Adina while raising a finger to her lips. After a moment, footsteps could be heard from above, followed by a young child sticking her head down the hole at the top. A hand joined the head, pinching her nose shut as she made a face, "Ewww... it smells funny down here.." Once the girl eyes adjusted to the dim lighting below, her face brightened as she saw the two, "Val?!" Her head vanished from the opening, the little ones cries of excitement being faintly heard above.
Val sighed with relief, looking back at Adina with a grin, "Eh, cant forget an adorable face like this, even if its literally covered in shit." She looked back up at their exit nodding, "Alright. This is where we part. I am sorry you do not like the idea, but I need you here to help tend to whomever needs the help." She looked back with a grin, "Oh, and don't let the Steward push you around. He may be the caretaker of the castle, but he is certainly not the King."
Adina kept quiet for the remainder of the time, just following her boss, her mind lost in the last few hours and the events that took place. How could such a good day turn to utter crap in so little time? She thought of her boss and what was to come of her after they parted... This was not how she wanted to leave her, not like this. When they finally reached their destination, Adina's heart sank. Even before Valerie said it, she knew it was time to part ways. Adina's ears flickered to the sounds of footsteps and then there was a shine of light from a hole above where a child stuck her head out from. Hearing that the little girl knew who Valerie was, the feline turned to  her boss. "I was unaware how famous you were," she teased, trying to lighten the mood. She looked back to the hole and then Valerie finally said it. Adina wanted to say no so bad, tell her that she wasn't going to leave her, that she shouldn't go back to the shop, but she knew that the stubborn girl wouldn't budge. A tear fell from her single eye as she gave Valerie a nod. Her hands became shaky and they slowly reached for the ladder as she was about to come up. Though, There was hesitation and she stopped. She couldn't leave, not like this. Adina quickly turned around and pulled Valerie into a tight embrace. "I can't leave," she cried. The cheetah looked down in the young woman's eyes. She was so beautiful, even if she was covered in filth. Her skin so smooth and those eyes, those spellbinding eyes. Why has it taken her so long to tell her how she felt? Adina would put her hand on the top of Valerie's head, brushing through her hair and back behind her ear, then resting it on her cheek. "I... I love you Val." She lifted up her chin so she could gaze in her eyes more clearly and suddenly leaned in to kiss her, her head would turn to the side and their lips would interlock.
Val grinned at the comment about being famous, looking up at Adina with a bit of a laugh, "Ain't all that famous, really. You remember the times I went to the castle to hand out medicines and potions? That little girl is one of them who needs them, and she knows me quite well by now." She looked back up towards the exit, "Never underestimate the memory of a child.." Without warning, she was placed in a rather large hug, a crying Adina buried into her. Pulling away and looking into her eyes, her face lit up even through the filth as Adina claimed her love for her, eyes widening in shock as she was kissed. Closing her eyes slowly, Val kissed back, wrapping her arms around the woman's shoulders. After a moment, she broke away from the kiss and smiled, looking back into Adina's eyes, "And I love you too. Do not worry. We will see one another before long, I promise." Releasing her, Val gently nudged Adina towards the ladder, "Now off with you. We both have work to do." Turning, she hopped back into the filth, making a noise of disgust as she began trudging her way back towards her shop, muttering the entire time to herself, "Things I have to do.. to keep that damn place in one piece.. clean clean clean.. never a moments peace....."
Adina's lips stayed firm against Valerie's, but the kiss remained soft, gentle, slow. She held it for a few seconds before Valarie broke away. A small smile formed on her muzzle when she said she loved her back. There was so much regret within her. She could have told her this long ago, but she was just too afraid. The feline let out a sigh and the made a little chuckle as she was nudged. "Don't blow yourself up while I'm away now," she said nudging her back. She wiped off the tears from her cheek and looked up the ladder where the little girl had been. "If anything happens..." She paused and turned to Valerie. "If anything happens, you come back here, you run as fast as you can from the threat. Just... Just promise me you'll come get me if you need help, okay?" With that, she began to climb, her gauntlet making clanging noises every time her claws came in contact with the bars. Soon enough she was on the top and about to peek her head through the hole.
(Adina enters Avalon Castle)

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