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Chapter Two - Part Three

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Watching as Adina worked the dial, she held her hands behind her back and smiled, "I am 8 years old, actually. Mistress Kathrin says I have stunted growth, whatever that means. 'Never gonna fully grow into a woman' she always tells me." Blinking, she looked down and pouted, "Ill always be small.." Looking back up at the dial, her smile returned rather quickly as Adina got the first part correct, watching as she moved the dial the opposite direction, "I hope you are right though. I wanna do what I can to help people, if there are people still to help." As Adina stopped the dial on the Medical Wing, she reached up and pulled the door open. They were immediately greeted with the sound of people crying in agony. The smell of burnt flesh assaulted their noses and gore met their eyes. The victims from the town were gathered in the large room, more on the floor than in beds as there were not enough to go around. The staff ran here and there, offering aid where they were able, but the work load was overwhelming. Lorilie tilted her head, pinching her nose shut again, "You got it right on the first try! I am impressed! Its stinky in there though.." The gore and sounds did not seem to bother the little one. Stepping into the room, she waved for Adina to follow, stepping around those on the floor and dodging the nurses. Stopping one before long, she motioned for her to lower so she could be heard over the screams, "Where is Master Hyde?" Being directed over to the far side of the room, she nodded her thanks and took off, "Come on, Lady Adina!"
Adina shot the little girl a look before the door opened and shook her head. "What's wrong with being a little small? Being tall isn't all that great," she said shaking her head. "I happen to know a very beautiful woman who's a little on the short side and she's the strongest person I know. I love her very much as well. You're only 8 and you're already strong, I can tell. Heck, I don't even know how to cast spells like you do. Give it a little more practice and you'll be one powerful sorceress" She gave the girl a soft pat on the head and looked to the door as it opened. instantly, the sweet smelling of the bath was replaced by the iron scent of blood and gosh was it strong. She too covered her nose as she followed Lorilie. "Yes... It does have a stench," she whispered back. Her eye darted back and forth to all the injured, even seeing some that might have not been alive anymore. The feline instantly felt guilty, like she was the one who found the easy way out. Here she was in a beautiful gown about to eat with a Lord while other's lied on the floor bleeding. She let out a sigh, her tail limp as she followed the child, stepping over bodies and lifting her gown so she wouldn't trip. Her ears flickered to Lorilie and she gave her a nod. "I'm coming little one, I'm coming.." she dodged and weved as best she could saying "sorry" or "pardon" Every time she bumped into someone. Valerie wanted her to help, but how was she supposed to help all these people? She wasn't as skilled or as quick as the alchemist at making potions. It was true she knew some enchantments, but could she preform one that can heal so many people? She caught up to Lorilie, keeping close so she wouldn't lose her among the injured.
As the two made their way back towards the end of the room, Lorilie looked up at Adina and tilted her head, talking loud enough to be heard in the massively over cramped room, "You are talking about Val, aren't you." She giggled and went back to looking where she was going, "Val is the best! Always a smile, even in dark times. And she brings sweets!" The though of some of the things Val had brought her over the years made her mouth start to water, but the stench of the room quickly over powered her found memories. Coming to a stop, she stood on her toes and looked every which way, bobbing her head in and out of the sea of people until she spotted the good doctor, "There he is!" Pushing her way past a good deal of people, she appeared out the other side, waving Adina over, "Lady Adina, this is Master Hyde." Turning to face them with a confused noise stood a creature unlike any currently in the room save one: a Khajiit. Slightly taller than Adina, he wore a simple navy blue robe that covered him completely, with the exception of his tail. His fur was a gentle tan with eyes as green as the jewels around Adina's arm bands. Ears angling down towards Lorilie, he knelt down and tussled her hair, "Well now, what are you doing here little one? You will be late for supper." Lorilie giggled as her hair was played with, turning to point at Adina, "This is Lady Adina, assistant kitty to Val! She needs an eye patch before we go to dinner. You have one?" Hyde followed her pointing and quickly stood up as Adina reached them, pushing the small glasses he wore further up his muzzle, offering a hand in greeting, "Bless my tail.. not many of my kind in these parts. Pleasure to make your acquaintance, Lady Adina. My name is Dr. Hyde."
Adina smiled when Lorilie guessed who she was talking about. "You are certainly a smart one," she said looking over to her. "Yes, indeed it is Valerie.... I hope she's okay." She continued to follow, doing her best not to get her new gown or her clean fur dirty once again. "I agree, Val is the best. Best thing that happened in my life. She supported me more in the few years I've known her than my own parents." After a few moments of pushing and shoving through the crowd, her ears perked up, hearing Lorilie. She quickly caught up and was suddenly greated with a familiar creature. Her eye widened with disbelief and she had to rub it to make sure it wasn't her imagination. "Um... Well hi there," she said after studying him for a few seconds. "It's a pleasure to meet another of my kin. It's been years I believe." She couldn't help but to look in his eyes, definitely a beautiful set of jewels, made her wish she still had her other. Her hand met his and she gave it a firm shake before it rested on her other in front of her. "Yes, I require a patch. My scar is not the most pleasuring thing to look at to say the least."
The good doctor shook her hand equally as firmly, the callouses on his paws an indicator to anyone that he either preformed his fair share of manual labor, or was no stranger to the ways of battle, "Indeed it has been a few years. Last time I saw one of our own was in the mountains near the Dwarven home of Thillodir. Odd one he was, mind rot if I remember correctly. Poor fellow." Releasing her hand, she stepped a bit closer, looking down into her good eye inspecting it a bit closer, "Hmm.. I see nothing wrong here. A beautiful orb if ever I saw one." Lorilie rolled her eyes and puffed her cheeks out, mimicking Val when she was annoyed. Grabbing his robes, Lorilie gave a tug, "Not that one Master, the other!" Hyde laughed and patted the girl on the head, "Yes yes dear. I know." Reaching up, she gently took hold of Adina's head, guiding it to look at her injured eye, "Looks like the work of a blade, several years old, self defense by the angle. Surprised you didn't loose the eye entirely." Letting go, his tail at the same time had been digging around in a drawer nearby, lifting an eye patch over to his hand. Taking it, the tail released it before flopping to the floor, "Hope this will help for the time being, but once you are finished eating, I would love to speak with you further." A scream from behind the girls caught his attention, so with a quick nod, he maneuvered around them to investigate. Lorilie smiled and began moving back to the door they had come in, "If we hurry, we will make it to dinner on time! Come on!"
Taking notice to the doctor's rough hands, she knew he was quite the handyman, maybe even a fighter of the sorts. As the rather tall Khajiit stepped closer to look in her eye, it blinked a few times innocently. "Well... Um thanks hehe," she said when he complemented her eye. She giggled a couple times as the little girl became grumpy, reminding her of the short alchemist that she adored. Her eye widened again, not expecting the doctor to take a hold of her head. As he looked, she looked back in his, still quite in awe of his eyes. It wasn't anything to do with attraction towards the other Khajiit, his eyes just reminded her of her jewels. "Indeed it was. From a witch hunters in fact a few years back." Watching Hyde put the patch on her eye, she gave him a smile. "Thank you doctor. I'll return, though it's nothing important. You definitely have a lot of work to do. Wouldn't want you to waist your time with someone who isn't actually injured." Her ears perked up just after she spoke. "Poor guy has a lot to do." She turned to Lorilie and gave her a nod. "Right, we should hurry... Don't want to upset the Lord before I even meet him." She put a little pep in her step, holding on the front of her gown. It was really the only draw back to it, but she knew it was used for looks, not to be running in.
Reaching the door before Adina, the little one quickly grabbed onto the dial and spun it as carefully as she could, not wanting to end up in a different part of the castle by mistake. The cries behind her made her concentration waver only a moment, but before long she pulled open the door and ran through it. Finding themselves in another hall, the doors along the corridors seemed to stretch on forever, the colors of the walls themselves hiding intersecting hallways easily. Lorilie knew the way though and turned right, counting in her head until she stopped at a door. Hearing a faint bell ring, she sighed and looked up at Adina with a smile, "Just made it. Um.. just remember three very important things: do not talk to Lord Halldor unless he talks to you, don't take a bite before he does and um.. no putting your elbows on the table. Mistress Kathrin stabs your elbows when you do that.." Before Adina could answer, she pulled open a door and stepped in. The dining hall was massive, to say the least, though most rooms in the castle were. Chandeliers hung from the ceilings, the tables themselves looked as if were freshly carved, each seat inlaid with silver and velvet cushions. Five tables sat in the halls, each easily seating well over a hundred people. At the head of the tables sat one along facing sideways among those facing long. One seat sat before it, maids standing to the left, butlers standing to the right. The hall was alive with the voices of all who were there, laughter and merriment among those within the hall, as if nothing from the outside had even happened. Though upon closer inspection, anyone could easily see that the laughter was strained and worry filled each face. Lorilie again did not seem to notice any of it as she made her way down one of the tables, having taken Adina's hand to lead them to their seats.
Finding an empty pair, she hopped up onto the seat and pointed to the one next to her. The tables were already filled with foods from far and wide, silver goblets brimming with wine. The little one looked over the feast and her mouth began to water, but she knew better than to attempt to eat. Before long, another bell sounded, much louder this time as it came from everywhere at once it seemed. The hall quieted down as a man entered the room. A medium height man, quite heavy set for his size, he was dressed in black robes with purple trim. Rings adorning each finger, he looked like a pompous rich man among anything else.
The entire hall stood as he entered, Lorilie standing on her seat to be leveled with everyone else in the hall. As Halldor took his seat, with the help of a butler pushing in the chair for him, he rested a hand on his glass before belting out, "Sit." The hall did so. Lorilie leaned over and whispered, "Lord Halldor, son of Daceolan.." The Steward began scanning over the faces of the hall, grabbing a roasted chicken leg, twirling it in his fingers. "The world has come to an end, it would seem," he commented, "And yet here we sit, safe from the monstrosities the world has thrown against us. The Ivory Wall will never fall while under my watch!" The hall cheered at his simple words while he took a bite of the leg, signaling all they may begin. Lorilie made short time in reaching for her food, piling it on her plate. Looking at Adina, she smiled brightly, "Dig in, Lady Adina!" 
The cries really worried Adina and guilt her even more. Was she really about to eat delicious food for royals while people we're dying? What about Valerie? How much food did she have? She pushed past a few people till she reached the door and followed Lorilie out of the room. As she followed the girl, she couldn't help but to think why this all wasn't phasing the girl. Shouldn't she be scary? Adina sure was. The cheetah continued to keep up, her pawed feet making no sound as they trotted on the marble floor. She was still quite amazed by the architecture and wondered how much longer it would stand. Her ears flickered to Lorilie after they stopped at the dinning hall door, nodding to what she said. "No elbows on the table? Strange thing, but okay." The doors opened and she entered with the child. Her senses were quickly overwhelmed with the aromas of the food, leaving her mind blank for a moment till Lorilie took her hand and lead her to her seats. Having a little more courage since her scar was covered, she smiled to the others as she passed, taking notice to their expressions. She would the take a seat next to her new little friend, her hands on her lap, doing her best not to steel a bite to the delicious looking food, eyeing the seafood already. When the second bell sounded, her attention went towards the others, seeing that they quieted. She then turned towards a bigger man, noticing the jewels on his fingers. 'He must be the Steward,' Adina thought as she stood up when everyone else did. Then followed again when everyone sat down, after the man said sit, crossing her legs while her tail curled behind her. Hearing Lorilie tell Adina who it was, reassured her assumption. She then listened to what Halldor said. Was it true? Everyone was sure to find out, but for now they were safe. After the little girl told her to dig in, she did just that, reaching for all the seafood she could and putting it on her plate.
Throughout the meal, those around the two women kept glancing in their direction, not only noticing how quickly Lorilie was eating but also the new face at the table. Whispers started gathering about the newest addition, some being loud enough to where the two could hear. Some speculated that Adina was a high court member while others believed her to be a concubine for the Steward. Lorilie rolled her eyes at most and continued eating, remaining quick yet clean about it. Looking over at Adina's choice of food, the little one giggled and pointed to it, "It would make sense the kitty likes sea food, but you really must try some of the others! Everything is so good!" Taking the wine, she downed half the glass before continuing, mixing the various foods on her plate in one odd form. Halldor seemed content to eat his food above the others, gazing down with a lazy stare at all those in the hall. Halfway through the meal, one of the Stewards butlers approached him and whispered into the mans ear. Standing, the large man made his way out of the room, barking a short command for the guard to take up arms. Lorilie once again seemed to not notice or care about the troubles of the outside world as she continued eating, but before the Steward completely exited, he stopped and called out even louder, "That means you too, Lorilie!" The child halted in her eating with a pout, patting off her mouth with a cloth before sliding out of her seat. Smiling up at Adina, she patted her leg, "Ill be back in a little bit. Try other things while I am gone!" Before Adina had the chance to reply, Lorilie grabbed up her skirt and ran after the Steward, "Coming my Lord!"
The feline's ears would rotate to what the others were saying. They must have not been very smart or just didn't care that Adina could hear every word. She chuckled to herself to some of there speculations, shaking her head to how crazy it sounded. A high court member? She couldn't believe her ears. Using her hands rather than her utensils, she dug into some crab, pulling the meat out with her claws and slurping it I'm her mouth. It didn't beat Valerie's cooking, but it sure was close. Every bite tasted heavenly. She put the crab shells to the side and then began on some shrimp, dipping them in sauce and eating them whole, tail and all. Her ears flickered back to Lorilie's voice and she turned towards her, wiping her mouth of juices. "Heh yeah. It's a stereotype that's true I guess. Can't get enough of it, but yeah. I'm gonna try other things." Her attention switched to the Steward watching him eat. No wonder he was so big. Is this all he does? Sit, eat, and rule? Watching a butler approach him, she tilted her head, her ear perking up to try to eavesdrop on their conversation, but it was no use, they were too far and the added commotion from everyone else didn't help any. Watching him stand up and bark for Lorilie made her jump a little in her seat. What was going on. She gave her new little friend a smile before she hurried off with the Steward, hoping things were okay. "Alright then," she nodded. She turned back to her food and reached across the table for a slab of steak, slapping it on her plate. She knew it was expensive. There wasn't much of it other than in restaurants in town. Might as well eat some. Digging in, she stayed silent. She was a stranger to these people and really didn't know how to start a conversation.
The speculation around Adina from the others died out just as quickly as they had begun, people turning to their food and drink and more home bound topics. The castle seemed nervous, and with good reason. The world around them was in peril, darkness and fire spread across the land with no end in sight. It was enough to make even the hardiest of warriors loose their nerve. Yet, life continued on, for what it was worth. The howls of the Dire Hounds outside picked up for a time, sword and spear heard throughout the hall. Explosions followed, the wind moaning and bringing forth the smell of burnt flesh. Most did not pay it any mind as it had become a regular thing these days. The smell was a passing thing, as was the sound of battle. The cries rung out, pain of loss from those who still clung to life to bear the burden. A time indeed it was for the habitance of The White Spire, and for all the lands of Valeria. After a time, the seat Lorilie had occupied was pulled out, the good doctor from before peering around to look at Adina. His once clean garment now ashen with what only the imagination could conjure, but a wise doctor would not bring anything harmful to those around him. The others in the hall looked at the pair of feline creatures, sparking a few more speculations, but none that were considered overly rude. The doctor smiled at Adina, pointing at the seat he had pulled out, "May I join you?"
As everyone spoke one another, Adina kept to herself, enjoying the food that was in front of her. Lorilie was right, everything here was delicious. Her ears would continue rotating about, catching on conversations here and there. What really bothered her was the sounds from outside, the explosion really having an effect on her, causing her to jump in her seat a bit. She could tell everyone was scared, but no one brought anything up about it, no one seems to want to. Suddenly the once empty chair that the little one was sitting in was pulled out. Adina stopped her chewing to see if it was Lorilie coming back, but to her surprise it was the Khajiit from before. "Sure," she said with her mouth still full of food. She swallowed and looked up to meet his eyes. "Lorilie is sitting there, so when she returns you might want to move." She took a look at his apron taking notice to what was on it and then sighed. "It seems like everyone here just doesn't care what's happening outside other than you. They sit there in their fancy clothes, eating their fancy food while others are dying." She pushed her food off to the side and leaned back in the chair. "But then here I am... I should be with my boss helping her, but instead I'm here, safe and sound, eating food with the royals..." Her tail came up and curled on her lap as she wondered what the little one was doing with the Steward.
Hyde simply laughed at the fact that he would have to move at some point, nodding as he took a seat, "Oh I am sure it will be fine. Last time I took her seat, she felt more inclined to jump into my lap than have me move. Apparently I am rather 'warm and furry', as she likes to put it. Silly little thing she is. I will never understand Humans and their affinity with our fur." Pushing aside Lorilies plate of food, he grabbed his own and began piling lobster and crab onto it, digging in. As Adina commented on everyone else ignoring the world, he simply shrugged, swallowing before replying, "Look at it from their perspective: the world has come to an end practically. So, instead of falling into complete despair, they go about their lives as normally as they can, choosing what little comforts they can find. Those who choose to lay down their lives are honored by those who prefer the comforts of the castle. It is a large emotional debate for most, but I cannot blame either those who fight or those who remain here." His ear twisted at the mention of her boss as he continued eating, looking at her once she finished, "If you are worried about Val so much, then why not return to her? From my understanding, she is not your Queen, so she cannot command you to stay in one place upon penalty of death, so what stops you? Granted we need all the help we can get here, but you are your own person and can make your own decisions." Looking back to his food, he snapped the leg off one of the crab before slurping the meat out, "Stay here or return, the choice is ultimately yours. Val is a very capable woman for a Human, but I am positive she would appreciate the help, whether she openly admits to it or not." The commotion outside seemed to have died down for the moment as soldiers made their way back in from the door the Steward had left out of.
Among them was Lorilie, covered in dirt and soot. Her left arm hung limp, but she seemed to not pay it any mind. Running back up to Adina, she smiled seeing both her and the doctor speaking, "Well that's done for now!" she exclaimed, "But I am hungry!" Hyde laughed before looking at the girls arm. Sighing, he smiled and hoisted the girl up onto his lap, pulling back her collar to inspect her shoulder, "You may have to wait to eat, little one. I should really take a look at you." Lorilie pouted, but nodded. Holding the little one on his hip as he stood with her, he looked down at Adina, "Care to join us? I have no intention on going back to medical wing for now, but will treat her in her own room. Less noise that way."
Adina shrugged her shoulders to Hyde's comment about Lorilie sitting on his lap. "Alright. Just didn't want my new little friend to come back without a seat." Her hand came up to her mouth as she burped. She had her fill and as delicious as it was, she couldn't eat anymore. Her ears focused on the other feline's words and she nodded a few times, letting him know that she was listening. What he said made sense and like she said to Lorilie, people come from different cultures. Not everyone was trained to fight like her village was. "I guess you have a point." She continued to listen and as he talked about Valerie, she stared into space in the direction of the sounds of outside. Yes, Adina was aware that Valerie truly didn't control her and that she could return whenever, but Adina was also someone who respected those she cared about. "I know, I know. I told her I was going to help those in need and that's what I plan on doing..." Adina quickly turned her head in the direction of the little girl, knowing her footsteps all too well now, but when she saw her, she noticed something off. "Oh Lorilie. You okay?" She asked once she was on Hyde's lap. "What did they have you do back there? They didn't hurt you did they?" She looked to Hyde, giving him one of those looks like 'does this happen a lot?' After the male Khajiit asked her to join them, she gave him a nod. "Yeah... I guess I should. I still don't know the people here and quite frankly, I don't think I want to, plus this little one has me worried." She stood up and grabbed Lorilie's plate. "I'll bring her food with so she can eat while you check on her."

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