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Chapter Two - Part Four

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Lorilie nodded with a smile, "I am okay. It was hard, but didn't take long at all!" Blinking, she looked at Hyde, tilting her head, "Right, Master Hyde?" The doctor sighed again, his smile never leaving his face, "Not long at all this time, little one." Hyde returned his eyes to Adina, the look on his face confirming silently that it did indeed happen frequently. Agreeing that the food should be brought along, the two moved from the dinning room, turning out into the hallway. Lorilie pipped up, using the one arm she was able to lift to exaggerate her story, "You guys should've seen it! Those weird doggies kept coming and the soldiers were so strong, but some of them were too slow. But then Lord Halldor told me to help and I did! Did you hear the explosion? Was like 'peeeew' and 'kablam'! Dirt went everywhere! Then it got stinky.. like really stinky. I didn't see the soldiers anymore, but the doggies were gone too!"
Hyde simply nodded as the girl recounted her story, glancing at Adina, "Lorilie here is our librarian. Cute little thing, but because she reads as often as she does, she has also learned a spell or two. Unable to really control the power of certain spells, the Steward uses her as a sort of.. mage?" Lorilie giggled and rests against the doctor. Before long, they all reached the room. The room practically was a library in itself. Books were scattered everywhere. Some even poked out of the dresser. Setting the girl on her bed, Hyde knelt down beside her and smiled, "May I take a look?" Lorilie nodded and began trying to take her shirt off. The doctor laughed and stopped her, simply lifting it up from behind, pulling the limp arm out, keeping the rest of her covered, "Well.. there's the issue. Your stitches came loose.." Stepping away, Adina was able to fully see the girls arm and back. They were covered in stitching. Her flesh was grey in plenty of places, gashes sown up in multiple places. Hyde moved over to little ones closet, pulling out a sewing kit, "You really must be more careful. Surprised your arm didn't fall off."
Adina's head tilted a bit, listing to Lorilie and how whatever she did didn't take long. Her attention went to Hyde. Like she thought, this was indeed a usual thing that happened. What was going on? What were they doing to this child? The feline followed the two out of the dinning room, her ears focused on the little one's story. She was being used, was the first thought that came to mind. She couldn't help but but to feel sorry for her. Lorilie was a lot stronger than put out to be. Hearing the doctor confirming that the girl was indeed being used by the Steward, a deep hatred formed within her. The stories about how great the royals were were wrong. They were people who made others do their dirty work. "It seems wrong, the Steward seems wrong," she said shaking her head. "Aren't there older mages? Why can't the Steward have them do his dirty work?" She followed them both into the girl's room, her tail curled around one of her legs and she sat in the other end of the bed. What was she doing here? Why did Valerie want her to stay here? Going to the castle had been her dream ever since she arrived in Avalon, but serving someone cruel wasn't what she wanted. When Adina finally got a good look at the little girl, she was horrified by the marks on her body. "Oh my! Hyde... Lorilie... What happened? Do you get hurt all the time the Steward asks for your help?" She let out a sigh and looked to the other Khajiit. "You have to think this is wrong as well right?"
Hyde shrugged as he moved back to Lorilie, sitting down and threading a needle with some flesh colored stitching, "Ever since the departure of the royal family, the Steward has watched over the land of Avalon. Since then, most people forget that the title of Steward is simply the Kings advisor and have chosen to follow his lead as if he were the King. Wrong or not, his word is law at this point. The mages that we do have work around the clock to prevent the castles defenses from falling. Little Lorilie here contributes because she wants to, and no amount of me telling her otherwise has changed her mind." Lorilie giggled as she leaned forward. At Adina's outburst towards the little ones shoulder, the child's face darkened and she looked away, hiding her face behind her hair in shame. Hyde cleared his throat, choosing to answer the question carefully, "There is.. one other thing about this little one that you obviously are not aware of, judging by that reaction.." Reaching up, he tugged at the remaining stitching in the little ones shoulder, her entire arm dropping to the floor as it came free. Bending over, he picked the arm up and re-positioned it against her shoulder, stabbing through the skin with the needle, beginning to reattach the limb, "Lorilie is what I prefer to call an Undead."
Adina continued to stare, feeling sorry for the little girl, her ears focusing on the Khajiit's words. So he's basically taking advantage of the king's "absence?" She shook her head and looked off in the distance in thought. "Forgive me, but he looks like those rich pigs that only cares about himself and would do anything to get what he wants...." She thought a little longer and something came to mind. "Who's to say he's somehow responsible for the royal families departure? I don't know, something just seems off. And yes, I know that there's bigger problems at the moment, but.... I... I think people shouldn't put their lives in a man full of greed." Adina was the type of person to just speak her mind if something didn't feel right, even if it might get her in trouble. She looked back to Lorilie, hearing that it was her choice, making her think of herself and how she wanted to help. "You are very brave Lorilie. Those maids don't know how lucky they are, hell that entire room of people don't know how lucky they are to have someone protecting them." She wanted to reach out and give her a hug, but something happened she wasn't expecting. "What do you mean Hy-" Then the girl's arm fell to the floor. Adina jumped up, her eye wide, her hand over her mouth to cover her chirp. "Oh ancestors protect us!!" She blurted in shock. An undead? She'd never seen one before, not to mention one that could talk and carry on full sentences. Was she the same person? Was her soul still attached to her? She sat back down and gave out a sigh, feeling sorry for causing a scene. "I... I apologize.. I just wasn't expecting it... Is that why you are not phased by any pain? It makes sense now... I'm... I'm so sorry"
As Adina stood and made her cry of shock, Lorilie flinched. Bringing her legs up, she rested her head against them, hugging her legs with her free arm. Hyde halted his sewing, assuming Adina would have such a reaction. Once they settled down, he continued in silence for a time. Nearing the completion, he glanced at Adina with a sad smile, nodding towards the closet, "Would you mind grabbing the vial that is on the top shelf? You should recognize it, seeing as your instructor prepared it." Turning back to his work, he curled his tail around to tickle the little ones side. She made no reaction at it, so the doctor stopped, knowing that he might aggravate the girl.
Adina's ears fell back, she obviously was poking at a sensitive subject. Instead of continuing with it, she stayed quiet till Hyde asked her to get something out of the closet. "Yeah.. I got it." She stood back up on her feet, her tail currling side to side as she walked to the closet. She looked on the top shelf, spotting the vile almost instantly. "Ah! Here it is. Yes definitely Val's handy work." She reached up and grabbed the vile before heading back to the bed. Her hand extended to Hyde, giving him the bottle. After that she took a seat next to Lorilie, this time with a big smile, her hand on the little girl's shoulder. "Hey Lorilie, why don't you tell me about your favorite book? I bet you probably have more than one, hehe." Her tail went around her side, hoping she could comfort her.
Finishing completely with the repair, he took the vial from Adina and watched as she sat next to the girl. His smile was genuine as he watched her attempt to mend hurt feelings. Lorilie stretched out the now repair, flexing all of her small fingers to ensure they still worked. Satisfied, she slipped her arm back into her top. As she was asked the question, she looked up at Adina shyly, "Um... well.. I guess my favorite.. is the Book of Love.." Hyde burst into laughter as he unstopped the vial, handing it to Lorilie, "A fine choice, little one. Love stories certainly have a way to brighten anyone spirit." Lorilie took the vial and groaned, "Do I have to..?" Hydes face remained in a smile as he nodded, "Of course, unless you prefer the real thing?" As he said this, he lowered his head so the side of it was hovering in front of her mouth. Lorilie blinked and backed away sighing, "No.. Ill do it.." Drinking the potion, she cringed in disgust, handing the vial back to the doctor. Straightening, he took it and patted her head, "Good girl." Standing, he walked for the door, glancing between the women, "Well, I have been away for too long now. You two enjoy one another company. I will return later or find you, whichever is needed." With that, he stepped out. Lorilie glanced at Adina before lowering her eyes, fiddling with her skirt, the awkward silence that followed unnerving her.
Adina couldn't help but smile real big to the little girl's response. "The book of love huh?" She asked. Her attention went to the other feline when he spoke. What did he mean by the real thing? She still didn't even know what the liquid in the bottle was. As the little girl drank it, it brought her back to whenever she was sick, remembering that Valerie would always give her medicine that tasted foul, but it always worked and she was grateful because of it. Turning to Hyde when he said he was leaving, Adina rose her hand. "Yeah, alright then. I'll see you around Hyde..." She watched him exit the room and she spoke out to him again. "Be careful. People like to take advantage of kind people like yourself." She wanted to add more, say that it was the end of the world after all. People will get desperate, but she didn't want to upset the little girl any more. Once Hyde was gone, it was indeed quite. Adina's ears kept back as she fiddled with her thumbs. After a moment, she broke the silence. "You know when I was your age, I thought love was gross haha. You are very mature for your age." She reached on the other side of her, grabbing the plate from earlier and giving it to her. "So, you like someone huh?" She smiled.
Keeping her eyes down, Lorilie simply stared at her lap. Many thoughts ran through her head, but she was too afraid to voice any of them. Pouting in frustration both at the silence and at herself, she blinked as Adina spoke to her again. Hearing she was mature for her age, she blinked again, continuing to stare down Once the question was posed however, her face took a bit of a darker shade, shaking her head side to side quickly, "No.. not anymore.." Finally looking up, her wide eyes looked into Adina's, a hint of a smile returning, "But.. you like someone. You like Val, don't you." The little ones words were more of a statement than a question. The girl knew full well that Adina liked Val, perhaps even loved her. After a moment, she went back to looking at her lap, the hint of the smile fading from her lips once again. She looked down at the plate of food that was given to her, setting it off to the side, suddenly not hungry in the least bit.
Hearing her say 'not anymore' saddened Adina even more. "Oh... I'm s... Sorry." She looked down once again, not knowing what else to say. Her mind raced, still processing that Lorilie was indeed an undead. All the stories she'd heard from her village and in the city had been fairly the same. They were mindless and fed on living flesh and blood, but this was not the case here. Whether or not Lorilie was an undead, she had life in her. She felt things, she had feelings, she thought, and she cared. In Adina's eye, she was smart little girl, nothing else mattered. Her tail would curl back and forth on Lorilie's lap as she thought about what else to say. Her ears then flickered before perking up to the little one's question and she smiled. "Heh. I do, I really do." She turned to face her little friend again. "For the longest time, I thought I couldn't love. But then I met Val. Over the past two years I didn't even know it. I was falling in love with her. When I truly found out I had feelings for her, I couldn't tell her." She chuckled and shook her head. "It's funny. I speak my mind about everything, but when it came to love, I couldn't express it." She didn't know if the girl really got what it meant to be in love, hell she didn't quite understand, but she knew the girl was smart for her age, it wouldn't surprise the feline if she did. Adina looked to Lorilie's plate. Hoping she didn't cause her the loss of her appetite. "So, you like to do anything for fun besides reading?"
Lorilie watches Adina's tail as it curled repeatedly on her lap. Problem was, she was aware that it was happening, yet she could not feel it. Adopting certain lines of thinking told her that it would be soft and warm, yet here she still could not feel either. Looking up at her when she spoke of Val, a small smile coming to her face, "I bet she knows. Val is a smart lady. She could always tell when something was going on, even if no one said anything." Looking to the side at the wall, she began to wonder a few things as she continued, "I remember one time, I accidentally dropped a potion she had just finished making. Took her twelve hours to finish just one tiny bottle. I didn't tell her right away, but she knew, like she was a mind reader! When she asked me, I lied about it and got groun.." Halting mid sentence, she sighed with another smile, "I got in trouble. But it makes sense now why." Choosing her words carefully, she finished, "People... shouldn't lie to others that care about you.." Turning her attention back to Adina, she tilted her head ever so slightly, "Fun? Um.. I don't really know. I like to visit places? That's always fun, I think. We got to visit the Elven city once. It was sooooo pretty!"
Adina chuckled under her breath when Lorilie said that Valerie probably knew about her secret. "Hehe. You're probably right little one. I hope she's not upset with me for taking so long to confess my love to her." There was a small tear that she quickly wiped away from her face. "I just hope she's okay." She looked back to the little with a smile on her face. "I know I've said it like a hundred times now, but you are very smart." Saying that, she gave a soft pat on her head. She noticed that she choked on some words, knowing that. She may have brought up some suppressed memories. Her ears perked, hearing Lorilie say she got to visit the Elven city. "Oh wow. I've only seen it from the distance. Even from that I thought it was beautiful, can't imagine actually being there. I actually have haven't traveled much at all, other than here and the forest where I grew up." She would stand up and began straightening her gown, her tail curling when she stretched after. "Well, I came here to help and use my skills  to do so. Anything or anyone you know need help?"
Being patted on the head with the compliment, Lorilie couldn't help but smile. Hearing that Adina had not traveled much, she tilted her head to the side, "You really should get around some. There are some beautiful places! Well.." She glanced out the window at the sky, "There use to be. Who knows if there are still some left after everything that has happened." Looking back to the feline, she shrugged at the question, sliding off the bed herself, "I dunno. That is a question for Master Hyde. I am just the librarian." Walking over to the door, she looked back, giving the feline another look over, "But if you are going to help people who are injured, you might want to change into something you don't mind getting dirty.." Opening her door, she stepped backwards out of it only to immediately hear the Steward's voice down the hall, "Lorilie! Outside with the men with you!" Looking down the hall, she lifted her little hand with a nod, "Coming!" Looking back one more time at Adina, she smiled, "Go talk to Master Hyde for work, Lady Adina. He can help. And don't worry, mommy knows you love her. I know it." With a little wave, she took off down the hall, following the instruction she had been given.
Adina would also take a look outside, her one eye sparkling from the fire and chaos of the city before them. Just yesterday, it was beautiful and full of laughter from children. Now, she could only hear screams and cries for their fallen loved ones. She'd never seen something so horrific. "Right, I'm sure there was," she said with a sigh. "should have ventured when I had the chance." When little Lorilie stood, the cheetah did as well and shook her head to her response. "Not just any librarian, the most extraordinary one I've ever met." It wasn't a total fib. She really was the most extraordinary librarian she met, well the only one that is, but Lorilie didn't need to know that. Adina's ears folded back as she heard the Steward's booming voice outside the room. Giving Lorilie another worried look, she nodded. "Alright hun, I'll go see him. Oh.. and do be careful." Then, her ears perked right back up when the little one said mommy. Did she just hear correctly? Mommy? Was Valerie her mother? "Mommy? Wait, what do you-" but it was too late, Lorilie was too far from Adina to hear her. "Mommy...." She said under her breath. Why didn't Valarie ever tell her? With the thought in her mind, she left the room and began down the hall, heading back to the dinning room. She didn't quite remember where the medical wing, so maybe she could find someone to direct her.
Before Adina could get too far, Hyde came barreling around a corner, arms held out in front of him as he ran in a panic, "For the love of everything, I am sorry!" He ran past her without looking back, the fur that was visible standing on end, ears flattened against his head. Next to round the corner.. was Val. Skidding into the wall, she bounced off of it like nothing had happened, chasing after the feline, "OY! You get yer ass back here ya daft idiot! Where do ya think yer goin?!" Wielding one of the frying pans from the shop like a hammer, she continued giving chase, passing by Adina without looking back. Hyde turned another corner and vanished. Val hopped to the side, taking a few steps along the wall before pushing off and vanishing around the same corner as the doctor. Lorilie appeared next from where the first two had, chasing them down as best she could with her little legs, "Its not his fault Val! Its not!" Slowing to a stop, she doubled over, breathing hard as she was not use to so much running, "Aww man..."
Adina turned down a couple hallways, trying to find that dining hall. "Bless me ancestors and guide me," she said to herself out loud. She was obviously lost. She'd never been in a building at this scale before. "Curses... Why must these people make something with so many hallways? It's like a maze..." Suddenly, Hyde came around the corner, which gave her a little scare and caused her to make a chirp. "Hyde!!?? What in the..." She watched him run down the hall like the scared cat he was and her ears flickered back to a familiar voice. Her head snapped in the direction and to her surprise, it was Valerie. She couldn't be happier. A big smile spread across her face and she went to speak, until she noticed that she was quite pissed. " Val?" She rose an eyebrow and her eyes followed her down the hallway as well, seeing them both turn a corner. "What is going on?" Then little Lorilie appeared as well, seeming to be chasing them both. Adina shook her head, confused as ever and picked up the little girl, placing her on her shoulders. "Let me help you out little one." She then ran with a flash down the hall and around the corner after her boss and the doctor, holding on the little girl's ankles that we're around her neck. "Can you summarize what's going on little one? What's Val doing back? Don't get me wrong, I'm glad, just confused." Being a cheetah, she caught up with them rather quickly, her tail floating behind her as she ran.
Lorilie squeaked in surprise as she was picked up and hoisted onto Adina's shoulders. No one had ever done it before, so she flailed a bit at first, hugging onto Adina's forehead for support. As the feline took down the hall, Lorilie began explaining what she could, "Well, Master Halldor instructed me back out to the fight because Master Hyde saw something trying to sneak its way in. Without thought, I fired a bolt of lightning at the sneak, only to see by its light that it was Val. Hyde said it was his fault for raising the alarm and then she started chasing him!" As the turned the corner and began catching up to them, Lorilie pouted at their distance and held up her hand towards them, "Hootash im ahmenophus!" A pulse launched from her hand, speeding past the doctor and Val, causing them to halt in their tracks. Lorilies arm went limp as she grunted with effort. Once they had caught up with the two, her spell wore off and the two collapsed to the floor, pushing themselves up groggily.
Adina made another chirp sound as Lorilie pulled back the fur on her head. "Easy now little one," she said looking up for a moment. "Don't you know us Khajiits hate our fur being pulled? Hehe." As she ran her ears kept perked, listening to Lorilie's story about what happened. "Ha, makes complete sense. She's not one to take attacks on her so lightly. Poor cat." After turning another corner, she stopped, hearing Lorilie use one of her spells and watched the two stop in their tracks and then collapse. "Well then... That's one way to stop them," she giggled. She pulled Lorilie off her shoulders and put her down on her feet and went about helping Valerie up. She took the alchemist's hand and lifted her up to her feet before embracing her in a tight hug. "I know it hasn't been all that long since we parted, but I've missed you so much. You have no idea how worried I was." She gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and let her stand freely. "What are you doing back? I'm happy, but a little confused. Your shop still in one piece? What all happened before you left?" As she she spoke, she went over and helped the doctor to his feet as well. "She's small, but packs a heavy punch. Smart that you ran, hehe," she teased.
Sliding off Adina's shoulders, Lorilie leaned against a wall, taking a breather. Using a spell like that against two fully grown adults was a bit taxing, but she smiled throughout the whole ordeal. Once Val was pulled up and hugged, she sighed and hugged Adina back, kissing her cheek in return, "Nope. Shop is leveled to the ground. Not much left of it after those brutes pillaged the place. But noooo, they couldn't just leave it at that. They had to go and burn the goren thing down." Turning towards Hyde, she lifted the pan again in his direction, "And then his hitesph tried to have me fried!" As Adina pulled Hyde to his feet, he corrected his glasses and held his hands up defensively, taking a step back, "I didn't know it was you woman! Honest! All I saw was something trying to sneak in! In a time like this, what would you've done?!" Lorilie giggled from her position on the wall. Seeing the two argue among themselves was funny to her, but she knew that Val would more than smack the good doctor for his mistake, which made it all the more funny. Val grumbled and lowered her pan huffing, "Lorilie, bring me to the dinning hall. I am starving after this whole ordeal." Lorilie nodded and pushed off the wall, wobbling her way towards a door, "Are you sure you don't wanna have a bath first?" Val followed the little one, snorting at the question, "If that damn Halldor don't like the way I smell, he can kiss my ass.. Adina, we will catch up in a little bit. Keep him," she pointed at the doctor with the pan again for emphasis, "away from me for the time being."
Adina's ears fell back, hearing that the shop was indeed gone. The one where she spent the best years of her life in. "I'm... I'm so sorry Val, that's... It's horrible." She gave her a saddened expression. "And I assume that our friendly tree is gone as well? I'm gonna miss that thing." Her eye looked towards the doctor when he tried to defend himself and like Lorilie, chuckled in amusement. "See, I'm sure the doctor didn't mean to, but he sure does need to pay attention."  She shot the Khajiit a look. "I would have been rather upset if you actually succeeded in frying my boss." She smiled again and looked back to Valerie. "Well, I'm just glad you're okay. I'd be lying if said I wasn't thinking about you the entire time." She gave the short woman a nod, standing straight even, her tail unable to contain it's excitement that her boss was here. "Yes ma'am!" She watched her head off, her mind still ravaging with questions to ask her. Was she really Lorilie's mother? Her attention went to Hyde and gave him a smile. "She can be a handful at times. I know that more than anyone, but she means well and I love her." She folded her arms and looked up to him. "Though, you do owe her a more suited apology. She won't live this down."
GuinevereLast Saturday at 1:28 AM
Hyde slowly lowered his hands as Val and Lorilie walked off. Taking a moment to sigh with relief, he looked at Adina and nodded in agreement, "She has always been a handful. Its hard to imagine life without someone like her in it, though sometimes having a little break from her is well needed." Hearing that Val wouldn't live it down without a decent apology, he nodded again, reaching up to massage the back of his neck, looking back to where the two women disappeared, "True.. I did what I thought was right by calling out what I saw. But it would've been a terrible thing if she had been hurt on my account. I will do what I can to make a proper apology the next time she lets me near her without trying to knock my head from my shoulders." Turning, he moved to a door. Using the dial on the wall, he turned it until the medical wing was open to him. Looking back at her, he opened the door and offered her first entrance, "There is plenty of work still to be done here, and if you are willing to lend a hand, I am sure more than a few folks here would appreciate it."
Roxy:fox:/Adina:leopard:Last Monday at 8:08 PM
Adina snickered to Hyde's comment and shook her head. "Handful at times, yes, but taking a break from her, no. " She said. "She's too exciting to not have around. Waking up every morning to her randomness could be annoying at first, but as soon as you see her face, even if it's blackened by dirt and dust from her working, you can't help but to smile." As she said that, she smiled ear to ear, thinking of the many times she saw that cute alchemist's face all dirty from her work. "And some of the things she says is just too funny it's had not to laugh whenever you're trying to be serious. Hehehe." Adina followed the larger feline to the door, her ears flickering to his voice. "Yeah, I understand it was an accident and I'm sure after she cools off and that you treat her with a decent apology, she'll forgive you." Watching the door open, she let out a sigh as the smell of death filled her nose. She was still at a loss on what all was happening and she wanted answers, but for now, she needed to help. The feline gave Hyde a nod and she headed inside, her eye darting about the hurt people. "I'll do what I can Hyde, just tell me what needs to be done."
Guinevere Yesterday at 1:06 AM
Hyde stepped into the room behind Adina, looking around at all those in need to help. Sighing, he moved over to one of the patients, looking the man over. Pulling back the sheets that covered his lower body, he reveled the mans leg had been completely torn from his body, leaving a jagged stump. Hyde looked up at Adina with a sad smile, "There is never a lack of things that needs to be addressed here lately. This is one of those Hounds handy work. Usually they kill their victim, but this unfortunate soul had the misfortune to be avenged by another guard before he could be killed. I am just nervous what this man will do or think once he wakes. The shock knocked him out, but that wont last forever." Covering the man once more, he turned to look at a few of those who were making small recoveries, pointing to one small boy in particular, "That young one is the son of one of the more wealthier families in town. The parents demanded a private room, but we simply do not have the space for such a demand. I can tell by your expressions that you think this castle to be massive, but that is more of an illusion created with the use of the magic that controls the doors. If an uninvited guest were to arrive, all we would need to do is trap them in the hallway you first found yourself in upon your arrival and they would be lost for an eternity if not set free. If you could, Ill let you tend to him first just to see what skills your employer has taught you. If they are satisfactory, which I am sure they are, we will more on to more intense cases such as this soldier."
Roxy:fox:/Adina:leopard:Yesterday at 2:41 AM
Adina followed Hyde to one of the citizens of the city and watched him pull the sheet off, revealing that he was missing a leg. She covered her mouth in reaction, feeling sorry for the poor soul. She couldn't imagine loosing a leg herself. That would mean she couldn't do anymore of her runs. What kind of cheetah can't run? She would feel utterly useless. "It's just... Horrible.. all of this, just horrible." She thought of the old gods and goddesses on top of her ancestors that she prayed to almost every day. How could they let this happen? The feline turned her head to the little boy and her ears fell. If there was one thing she hated, it was seeing a child in pain. Listening to Hyde tell her about the magic of the castle, reassured her a little more for their safety. She hoped he was right about Intruders being lost for eternity. Her eye focused on Hyde for a moment then the boy. "I'm not really sure what could do... I'm a potion maker and an enchantress... I need things, ingredients in fact if I can help." She thought for a moment. She could draw power from her jewels to fix something. She'd done it many times. "Thinking about it, I might be able to do something. I'm able to fix things using my jems. I've never done it before, but I might be able to fix broken bones or even reattach limbs." She walked to the boy and knelt to his side. "What seems to be the problem with the boy?" Her tail flickered behind her and went to curl around her leg.

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