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We promote CONSENSUAL Roleplay

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We promote CONSENSUAL Roleplay.

If you are new to IMVU and Roleplay, and if you feel forced to do something
against your WILL, DO NOT do it. Send an Whisper to the other person if you can. Ask them
to stop. If they don’t, hit the X out and then report them. or doing the other way around it all works the same.
We cannot stressed out enough that all the Roleplay is CONSENSUAL
in both the Fourm and the Client DeLaRose Role play world and life.

If you feel forced to do something against your will, then:

  • - SEND AN WHISPER to the other person and ASK THEM to STOP;

And also a reminder to everybody to respect RP Limits.
If you didn’t do the due diligence and read them before hands, ALWAYS ALWAYS respect the right of your game partner to withdraw their consent at any time.
This is a IMVU rule, and it is not negotiable.

A main reason of misunderstanding is due to the confusion about OOC and IC. For example, if you scream “Nooo” in-character to an extreme violence scene, you don’t really mean the other player to stop. If you say ((No stop)) in OOC, then you ask the other player to stop.

If you are not familiar with the terminology, please read further.
In-character is a term used to describe your appearance and behaviour while role-playing. It is your virtual or fictional-self, acting and behaving the character you’ve created. Majority of the time, you will enjoy remaining in-character, socializing with other players living their Role play life in one of the virtual worlds.

Out-of-character refers to actions and communication that do not contribute nor is in-theme to the role-play stories created here. Open conversations not in-character are allowed in OOC rooms made only fo such and Pcs or privet chats. Once you enter a room or town, you are in-character.
If you wish to leave a comment in OOC:

  • use a private whisper if possible, or
    use brackets “(( your chat ))” around your text, or
    Simply tell an Admin, myself ((Anaya)) or another Mod of the room you are in.

Anything else is to be considered in-character.

By default, anything written in Whisper is to be considered OOC. Make sure that you are always polite when you send Whispers to other players.

Thank you

-----Note added on 13.11.2017-----

We have noticed that some cant whisper in the role play so when a problem comes up it is alright to simple ask in ooc for the player to stop what they are doing that you don't agree with.
or if they will not stop and you have told them inform the room owner to allow them to handle things in a simple and constructive format. be that
-warn the player to not do it agein as it is there first offence
-punish and remove them from the role play for an amout of time rangeing from 1 week to 3 months
-kick them out fully and ban them
If you are able to and hold mod power boot them out, do not alow a problume to press forth, warn them once then remove them if they do not respect your warning, you if holding mod powers are alowed to boot problumed players that dont respect the rules listed on this page.
ALWAYS save logs

The punishment or warning depends fully on the room owners choice, please respect your room owners always they are thinking about you when delivering rulings on matters.
If the room owner is not handling a problem the way you want it talk to the owner of DeLaRose to get a problem handled, if you don't like something you can always go to someone else or you may leave at any point in time from a role play you don't enjoy.

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