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The Black Wyvern Inn

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1The Black Wyvern Inn Empty The Black Wyvern Inn on Tue Jan 08 2019, 15:14


The Black Wyvern Inn Inn

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Located eastern Valeria in the Inforos territory rests the city of Ignoros along the Kiluni mountains.  Just south of the city sits a two-story building of timber and stone brinks with a thatched roof known as Black Wyvern Inn.  Its well-made dark wood tables and chairs are just some of the accommodations that patrons enjoy, not including the several small rooms with wooden cots near a fireplace. And for the patrons with more coin a larger room with wooden bed frames and woolen mattresses. 

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 This Establishment is ran by a female by the name of Lanla. There isn’t much known about the Innkeeper Lanla or her twin barmaids Salia & Kater. Though it is a rumor they are part of a small elven group that seeks to bring the elven people back to greatness. 


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