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A Side Story, There Be Bandits a Foot

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There Be Bandits a Foot.
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Anaya "The Night"04/29/2019
She watched the large man give his goodbyes and then the others have to push themselves and squish themselves down the drain pipe, she went back and joined them down the pipe as they got to the path that lead into the city of rat folk. She walked out in front of them as she with her little fingers warped around her small little pendent she moved her frail body up and lead the group down the path, around a curve and into the opening to look over the town that was before them. It was large, like overly large and packed to the brim with houses and buildings, rats were everywhere there was large rats, small rats children, men, woman, every type of rat you could think of was here and there and all over the place.  Little rats scurried around as some other ones stood at a distance looking at the outsiders with wide eyes “new faces, look at the outsiders”  little voices whispered from the group as the old rat woman walked past them. The town was all lit up by small magic orbs in lamps and on pedestals and the whole place looked both scattered and set up all at the same time, the streets were like a river, all breaking off and then twisting around to match back up. She kept on walking hoping the people would follow her and ignore the odd looks and waging little naked tails of other rat folk. “so this my children of the above ground is Skolf, our little town that dwells under the city of iron. The heat from the great underground, it gives us heat witch gives us life, it is a gift from the underwater trapped in the earth, such a pitty such a pitty.  If you want to see the great underground that gives us heat and life i can take you down there later if you want to stay a while with us here. Now i will take you to the chapel sadly i have little time to show you around before mass as i did spend more time then i needed up top to gather you all here today. Oh and i am Guilda, third Elder of scolf”

"Guilda." Vincent greeted her and happily waved his branches at everyone. He hadn't seen anyone so nice, or been anywhere so pleasant as this amazing underground town. He was speaking glowing plants again , giving them to whomever would take them. He had even carefully placed some on Guilda, and it occoured to him she had very nearly the same name as Gilda, whom only earlier that day, they had lost. "I would love to!" He exclaimed, following the rat woman towards the services, as she spoke about seeing the great underground. "Of course." Yes she had been asking or calling about a service, It would be good to go there first. Third elder sounded like an important title, and Vincent looked at the unassuming creature carefully. "I am Vincent." He waved at mice children who stopped paying, and left a few glowing mushrooms for them to find, careful to be sure they were of a harmless variety even though the immune systems of these creatures must have been far superior to his. The place was wonderful. Vincent's appreciation for it was etched very clearly on his face. It almost made one forget about the tradgedy of the surface.-

Zephyr had squeezed her webs with her Ways in such a way that when she began to climb down the ladder, they unraveled and dropped as though she was no longer in them. though they remained suspended in air, and once through the hole she reformed into the elven depiction of a host that she had previously. The little rat lady was such a curious creature and Zephyr liked her immediately, keeping close even as she made her way to the front of the group she led. " HI everyone! I'm Zephyr! " Zephyr exclaimed, glancing around the town that they walked through, and she waved at all the ones staring and murmuring, flashing them a wide happy smile. She adored the town and those who lived here, eyes wide with wonder and when the rat children came out to play she squealed with delight to the point that her webs no longer resembled an elven woman, but rather a prepubescent rat child in the matter of the few seconds it took to reshape her webs. She ran along with some of them, chattering away about how much fun tag was, and how Leviathan was so giving. She was sad to leave the children, but gravitated toward the moving group, just in time to hear the rat woman talk about the great underground, and the service. Zephyr stored her name into her rememberance, and kept the form of a rat as she joined the group. "I'd love to see the great underground too. What is the service about today, Guilda?" She asked, glancing up at Vincent as she scampered along. He was much larger than she now, and harder to keep up with no matter how much she scrambled, so she climbed atop one of his root legs. Clawing her way up his trunk, she sat on a branch as he walked, surveying everything as they passed by.

Anaya "The Night"04/29/2019
"The service today is simply a.welcomeing and prayer gathering, to share the love of the deep and wish not death to others but respect and understand it, fear not the deep for the deep is peace for the good and for it is deserved torment for the wretched. There will be many there worship is a grand thing for the people down here. All are welcome at the services l none are turned away ever, and we can go to the great undergrounds chambers after the gathering and tea, it is the you can find the great underground to give thanks to him, his temple chamber and it is not far from here on the east side of town"  she kept on walking as she got to a large church building, it looked very old but extreamly well kept for its age. The stones looked almost polished with flex of gold and rare metals melded into the molding. The building almost shimmered and at the doors was two large bulky armor clad Male rats that said not a word and simply held there spears at there posts. The elder gave them a nod and they did the same respectfully back "we guard our churches well, but do not worry about talking to them, all the guards in Skolf go under the pure water cleansing ritual, it aids them in there jobs and makes them much stronger in the end" she then pushed the doors open and waited for the others to enter the building.

Vincent simply listened as the rat woman explained everything. At the sight of the rat guardw he set up several of the glowing mushrooms, thinking it would make their area a bit brighter. He did I respectfully and after seeing the rat lady nod at them, he did the same. The deep sounded like a nice place, well, like a half nice place. The poor bad people would suffer. Vincent wondered how many of the bad people suffered who just didn't know any better as he looked around inside the place of worship. He was trusting, so trusting. "What is the pure water cleansing ritual?" He asked, curiously glancing back at the rat lady who helped the door open as the others filed through. It sounded good, but then everything here seemed so good. It was like strange commune. He didn't spread any plants inside the church h, simply because he found the place seemed fairly in order and was probably exactly how the rat folks wanted it.

Listening intently, Zephyr rode in Vincent and waved at the guards, as they passed them into the church building. Her maw gaped as she looked around, and purveyed the glittering walls. The glowing orbs cast the loveliest glow across the marbled structure and it glinted merrily across the church in such an inviting way. Zephyr hopped down from Vince and toddled over to the rat lady, her webby whiskers twitching as she looked around some more. She was totally distracted, and paid very little mind to the swarm of other people beginning to enter the church for their service. "What do you mean, in the end?" Zephyr added to Vincent's question as well, but her eyes followed the room and fell on the front of the church.

Arzagoth Shadowhand04/30/2019
following the group assemble, his eyes locked on the once elven woman turned ratfolkb Arzagoth stopped and turned his eyes to the temple. After a few moments of glancing over its appearance, he turned to the elderly ratfolk woman, then he placed his right hand to the center of his chest, his first two fingers pointed upward and bowed as he introduced himself "Elder Guilda...It is an honour to meet you. I am Arzagoth Shadowhand of the Verdaenii had mentioned a Mass. When does this begin, if i may ask?"

Anaya "The Night"05/01/2019
the doors cracked as they shut and she paused a moment as the girl asked about the cleansing ritual “oh dear it is nothing, simply a way we have done for the many years, the leviathan showed us the ways many a moon ago, we can go over it after the service and tea is served”  the place smelled of age, like opening a old book and being able to tell the years simply due to the smell of the ink. Within the walls was stain glass windows depicting a sea and a massive serpent that was laced into the art work. Under him small out reaching arms from stain glass people worshippers or lost souls trapped under the water it was hard to tell. Over him was a giant blue bird out reaching wings and a sad gaze shimmering under a bright glass sun. The windows even apart all made a picture together one windows art matching with the next. There were many pews filled with young and old children, mothers, fathers all rats, but one, a darker figure in the back, she had blue hair tightly bound to her head, slicked back, and a long dress and a outplaced cloak that covered her shoulders and body and part of her head and face, she was in the back pew and out of the way but seemed just as interested in the service as everyone else. The rat woman then walked up to the pedestal and moved her fingers around her little chain symbol of her peoples treasured god.
“O God underwater, oh lord the waves be deep within us, may your gace flow over us, make the door of this house wide enough to receive all who need your love and fellowship; narrow enough to shut out all envy pride and strife, make sin stop at our door and may we fear nothing, not death for you are with us, not darkness for your teeth and tail they guard us, we fear not anything of this earth for we know you watch over us and treasure us proudly, Make its threshold smooth enough to be no stumbling block to children nor straying feet, but rugged and strong enough to turn back the tempter’s power. Our lord under sea make the door of this house the gateway to thine eternal kingdom for this day and all days the next. AMEN” she paused a moment as she pulled a small book covered in blue lace out from under the cover. She flipped a couple pages and then looked up at her following her little silver hues scaning the room and all in it.
“my beautiful flock, oh what a bright day we have here to celebrate the coming of new friends and the parting of some of our elderly, there has been 34 deaths since the last week but now they are at rest with him for all time, beauty under the waves my children beauty under the waves” from the congregation came all in unity.
“beauty under the waves forever and always, beauty under the waves”
“that is truth my children, today service is to tell the history of our simply folk and welcome the new birthed and wish well the done and drowned, blissful slumber they will have along side there beloved god above all under the sea we only dream to touch. ” she flipped a couple pages in her book as she looked over at the flock. The one woman in the back had a smile on her face as she watched them, a hood over her head from her cape like robe as her blue skin shimmered under it all. But she said not a word, not a word at all and simply sat there and watched.
“long ago a single rat crawled out from the sea, flippers it had and the tail of a fish, the sea was its womb and the earth its birthing, it crawled forth upon the land and the world grew up around it, flippers turned to hands and a tail to legs and farther from the sea it came. To here, a little place above the ground, but the sun burned its skin and the earth called it within and Scolf was made. But it longed for the sea, it wished for its home as we do now, calling to the sea and wanting its touch upon our fur and to feel the sweet salt upon our faces, but alas we the rats will never feel such a splender for we are so far from our native place of birth, the mother water calls us home but we are here for time and only in death can we find peace to be with him forever and always under the waves,a cage for most but a haven for us” she smiled as you could see the longing in her own expression as she flipped the pages in her book.
“and now my children we will say the prayer to our lord under the world, the leviathan in all his splender bow your heads and repeat with me our lords prayer for protection and security to cleanse you of your wrongs with him and let your hearts rest with the sea”
“Oh great lord, May the Lord Laviathan hear you in thine day of trouble,
the name of the God of of the sea and deep defend you;
Send you help from his sanctuary under the towering waves
and strengthen you out of sin and out of  of his own scorn to the wrong dowers;
Remember all your offerings
and give your drowned sacrifice;
Grant you your heart’s desire
and fulfil all your mind.

Our Lord the great Leviathan,
present with us now in his grand power,
enter into your body and spirit,
take from you all that harms and hinders you,
and fill you with his strangth and his peace and let your soul rest with eyes closed.

The Deep be with you: Deep within you;
Black waves before you: The Deep behind you;
The goul to your right: Treasured demon on your left;
The Deep  above you: Black Water beneath you;
Leviathan around you: now and ever.
Bind unto yourself the name,
the strong name of the all mighty;
by invocation of the same,
the you in One and One in us.
Of whom all nature hath creation, crawled forth from the waters,
Eternal Father, Spirit, World:
praise the Lord Laviathan of your salvation,
salvation is of the black water Deep
Almighty God below the waves, dark Father under shore and earth,
breathe your  Spirit into the heart of this your servant
and inspire all with honor, judgment, and truth.
May we, fearing only you, have no other fear;
knowing your compassion, be never fearing of death its self, for you are with us
and serving you faithfully unto death when we fall with you, and live eternally with you;
through you our Lord Laviathan
all of a sudden the doors to the room side slammed open. And out burst a massive man walking into the room, large horns curled behind his head as he stood there with arms out reaching. “SERVICE IS OVER!” he yelled out as he started to laugh. “time is about up everyone, we came for the blue skinned one, boss is going to pay a mighty price for that hide, first one to bring her to us gets there body in gold! And then some” he snickered as he looked around the room. “only after we have her will you get back to this little shindig you have going on here,, phhh stupid rats praying to a make believe god”  he gave a cracked grin as his eyes once more scanned the room. That person at the back that had the cape, was now completely gone and the doors were just swinging.

-He had been listening intently to the nearly poetic yet strangely fatalistic service. Drowning couldn't be that great. Still, the rats almost made it sound like the goal to have.  When the loud fellow arrived, at first he thought it was all part of the show. He thought the horned man was supposed to show up. He had seen the blue woman and noted her singuarity among the rat-folk, but then again, he was different too. By the time he looked ack towards the blue woman she was gone, the doors betraying her direction, before he turned and watched the man carefully. It seemed nobody was moving. Apparently this was unusual and these peaceful rats didn't seem too keen on leaving the service either. He made his way to the large fellow and looked at him curiousely, apparently in front of an entire assembled congregation. "Come with me, let's go get her." He held open the door the being had barged through and and tipped his head, as if beckoning fo the being to follow him. "And tell me about your boss." He hoped the other two would find the woman and see what all of this was about from her perspective. He just had to keep this guy busy, and out of the assembly room, so the rats could have their service and so he could see what this was all about. "My people will go find the blue one." He said. "You and I need to go somewhere where there aren't quite so many ears." He knew he probably just looked like a plant to the being, a plant with eyes, but he figured the service could continue unmolested and this guy could be kept busy while the others found what there was to find.

Zephyr had a short attention span, and despite Guilda's most beautiful rendition of the history and the great leviathan, Zephyr's attention wasn't held. It was all over the room, bouncing from one rat person to the next. One face to the next, and from one distraction to the other. She fiddled in her seat, swinging her little newfound rat feet over the edge until she just couldn't handle it anymore. Despite being the only one not rapture into silence, she hopped up and toddled to the back of the room. That's when she saw her. The blue skinned lady. She wasn't like the rest of them, with her gorgeous color, and lack of fur and Zephyr's eyes widened a bit when she saw her. She was immediately drawn to her, and hopped up on the pew that she sat on. She had edged herself close enough to be heard and bent over in the woman's direction to ask her what her name was when the giant horned man stormed into the room. Zephyr nearly jumped out of her webs. In fact, much like any other time she had been scared out of her wits, her webs expanded, losing form for a mere moment and it was as though the were held suspended for a split second until Zephyr ragathered herself and regained control of her web-substance. The blue lady vanished, the only evidence of where she had gone were the swinging doors. "Farts!" Zephyr exclaimed. She didn't wait for Vincent, or anyone else, she just ran- racing after the blue lady. "Come back! I didn't get your name! Why is he looking for you??" Zephyr followed, racing as fast as she could. She noted the footsteps that led out of the chapel toward another building and guessed that, was her best bet. ((Zephyr leaves the town square/chapel))

Arzagoth Shadowhand05/01/2019
it had been some months since Arzagoth had been in a service within any sort of temple. The last service was a prayer service back at the Verdaenii monastery he grew up in. The service was for his and a few other Journeymen Monks in preparation for their departure into the world. For a moment, the memory of that day, the smell of the incense, which was a mixture of Sandalwood, Dragon's Blood, and Spruce, returned to him...until the large man entered the room, breaking him from the reverie. Just as the doors slammed open, he turned in his seat only to see the plant man approach him, appearing to stall the man. A moment after, he heard the small ratfolk-who-wasn't exclaim aloud "Farts", bringing his attention back to the opposite side of the temple. With a groan, Arzagoth stood and ran after the being that bolted through the swinging door, confident that the plant man had the brutish man occupied, as well as thinking /there is more to this than the man says/ as he followed the now two sets of footprints towards the adjacent building. The scents of the underground city, as unusual as they were compared to the world above, didn't concern him at the time. He knew in his heart that this is where he needed to be, this is what he needed to do.
((Arzagoth has left the temple))

Anaya "The Night"05/01/2019
The man looked at the other male that came up to him seeming interested in his sly talk “we can talk right here, there stupid service can wait, they are rats,  they will do fine ” he reached back garbing a chair and flinging it foreword to sit on it back facing the man as he leaned foreword his horns shimmering in the light. “well boss dont have a name, and we dont talk to him much, but he wants the blue skined one as a new trophy. Said her skin and blood give some facy power boosts that we want to get our hands on and this is the only place to find a blue skinned first born away form the deep sea, and the exiled ones far from salt water are weak, easy grab so get with your friends and go get it, we will be right here with them nice rat people wall we wait” he gave a smile as he reached a hand out to grab a hold of that little rat elder they had gottin to know pulling her into his strong arm grip peting over her head like she was a toy and he was some child with a heavy hand “seeee we will be best friend, eh little ratty” she said not a word and squirmed a little unable to get out of his grip.

-Vincent watched the show the an put on, his eyes resting on the kind elder's face. She didn't deserve humiliation in his mind, but I was also clear the rats didn't particarly like violence. "Are you a smart creature, or a follish one?" It sounded like an insult but Vincent had already over talked a spider, and then Issa had been able to fool their very eyes. He didn't know how to ask the question any clearer than that, but he tried. "What I mean to say is, there's probably a good reason you're not the boss, right?" The spriggan form he was in, in it's living branches, formed to loosely resemble the being before him. This was a manipulation of the vines on his person, and the arrangement of pant life being move around and held into shape by his ways, a practice attempt. It soon faded back. And he just watched the being before him.

Anaya "The Night"05/01/2019
"The only reason why I am not the boss is due to not careing to be, I have my group and that is all I need, six good strong men just out back ready to spring in if i need them, not like i will ya little tree wont do anything funny will ya" he gave a chuckle as he tussled the little rat womans hair, she looked co.pleatly unimpressed and then with her teeth bit down hard on the mans arm forcing him to let her go, she let out a squeal and scuttered away to find shelter in the back of the building. Then some of the other rat folk had left scattering like well rats and within a minute or two the room was empty. The horned man did nothing to stop them he k we this building to them was more precious then there feeble little short lived lives. "Now if you dont leave little tree I will just have to start a fire under this chair and see how fast history can burn. Go with your little web girl friend and bring back the blue skinned first born exiled whore and I will pay ya in more gold then you can imagine, and hey if all goes well.may even be able to cut you in on a bit of her skin and blood maybe give you that added kick you need in the bedroom or battle ground."

-Vincent laughed. He literally couldn't tell if the guy was intelligent or not. "Gold means nothing to me." He said. He looked around at the building and then back to the man. "Let's go wherever you would go of you did light this building on fire, without actually lighting it." Vincet gave a wide tree smile and lifted his hand, placing it on the wall of the temple, discoloring it by removing the gold. This was, by his ways, moulded into something similar to the gold coins Balore had liked so much. "How many of these to hire you and your team anyways?" He asked, holding the coin between two twig fingers. His green eyes studied the being before him. "I could use an effective team like yours." It was clear Vincent had no intention of just 'running along' and doing someone else's bidding; least ways in trade for a material that seemed to be literally everywhere. If need be, he'd just be as annoying as possible, keeping the man distracted.

Anaya "The Night"05/01/2019
The man watched him and he could see a spark in his eye at the little trees acthions, the little tree can pull gold out of stone, well that is a handie commodity  "well look at that, you can make gold like it means nothing to ya, how about we forget the blue skin or get her later and just take you wall you are all alone seeing you want to, get to know my little gang better , we can talk all about it in the cart I am sure. Boys! " he called out as three more men walked into the building one holding a nice strong set of cuff like shakles and chain and the other haveing a iron wood chest box that looked like a.ok size to stuff a person in it. "So ya want to do this the easy way or the hard way tree sprite"

Obviously the men didn't know he could just absorb all the materials presented to him, or simply reshape them. He smiled as he walked over to the man with the shackles, and reaching out he touched them, taking them but not as an object, simply by taking them into himself. "Easy way is the best." The metal was hard, it was supposed to be hard, but Vincent arveled at the strength of this wood these men had. He opened the lid, looking maybe a little too excited, and smiled at the first man. "I can't wait to see where you take me." He sat down in the chest and asked very politely. "May I watch where we are going?"He indicated the light with a gesture of his hand and looked at the man hopefully.

Anaya "The Night"05/03/2019
The man took his hands and shoved the little twig man into the box, as soon as the lid shut there was a loud locking sound and the chest its self took on a little glow for only a second and then everything went silent (magical lock level 5,(locks can only be broken by a being 2X the level of the lock, example a level 5 lock can only be broken by a level 10. a level 10 lock can only be broken by a level 20, locks can only go up to level 10) what is inside is locked within and can not in anyway break the lock or get out, a thin magical barrier covers the box, so even if the being finds a way to break the box and not the lock the box is held together by magic and thus forth cant be opened) “alright boys lets take this bugger out, leave the blue bitch for another day it is not like she is gonna go anywhere!” the men picked up the large iron wood box and hoisted it up and over there shoulders sliding a long rod threw its handles for easier lifting. With that they walked with it out into the streets to thump the large box into a cart bed witch was held by not one but two large horses. “alright we can take this one out to lock it up for the boss to get to later, the Green eyed devil will like a new play thing anyway” he would wait a moment before hoping up into the drivers spot on the cart and taking the horse rains in hand. “we will go out the back of this dump sewer town” and he gave a good whip of the rains and the horse gave a loud cry as there hooves dug into the dirt and they were on there way.
(Vincent has been kiddnaped by a unknown group of bandits, he will now be taken to another location)

They were rather rough when they shoved him into the box. At first, this weighed heavily on Vincent. The glow of the plants on his form lit the interior, but he could not get them to stay on the wood, every time he tried there was the faintest of blue shimmers and then nothing. He left the plants on his form, listening to the voices outside of the box. Apparently he would get to meet this boss anyways. He didn't bother trying any of his abilities outside of the box for a couple reasons, primarily because it didn't occour to him to do so. Every jolt of the wagon was uncomfortable, every pot-hole and turn causing his form no comfort as he was cramped inside the box. They had not taken any of his gear, nor had they in any way actually armed him or expressed a desire to do so. Contenting himself with these realizations he did what he could to relax, layig on his back in the box and holding up a little glowing dandelion seed head. Where they were going he didn't know, nor did he trouble himself with how long it would take.


Anaya "The Night"05/01/2019
the doors have been flung open and hand dangling as the sign on the front reads closed but clearly there was action inside

Zephyr didn't know how to read, so the words were lost on her, but she could make out the naked woman in the sign. She stepped into the threshold, wringing her hands as her pointed nose twitched and whiskers whizzed. "Hello??" she called out, dipping her head into the building. "Is anyone there??" Little rat ears twitched, standing straight up like beacons, and turned toward any sound that might come. "Blue lady??" She called out again, and paused,, clearing her throat. "Blue lady, are you here?"

Anaya "The Night"05/01/2019
The room was empty, a large black and grey room with a single desk, a chair in it and a side door that must lead to a back segment. But the little web covered woman did not have to go that far. There in the center of the room stood a tall woman, her back to her that same cape as she had on in the temple but the hood was down, her head was blue and for hair it was not hair but long slick back tenitcals of a squid or octopus. They hung down to her breasts as she turned around, two big eyes wider then a normal human made her face stand out, her skin blue as the sea she stood out in the badly lit room. “i will not go with you back to that man, the demon has been hunting me for years, i rather die then go back to him just to be skinned and hung on a wall!i may be exiled form the sea but i am able to be here!” her fingers lit up the tips of them glowing a light teal blue as she looked to the woman before her, her cape flaping as she was naked under it but did not seem to have any human body parts anyway she was simply a prestine body smooth and silky looking, super small scales covering her frame and fine on her legs, arms, wait line and back hidden under the cape like cloak “please don't make me fight you”

Arzagoth Shadowhand05/01/2019
hearing the words "please don't make me fight you." came to Arzagoth's ears as he neared the building. He then took a brief pause to calm himself before he entered. It is here he caught up with the small ratfolk...and her quarry, a woman who appeared to have once called the open sea as home. He then noticed the aura that came to the sea-woman's fingertips, which set him in a state of guard. Holding up his hands in a peaceful gesture, Arzagoth neared the pair, meaning no harm nor threat to the seafolk being as he came closer "I know not who is hunting you, nor does their offer interest me. What interests me is who...and are, lady." then with a bow, his first two fingers on his right hand extended upward, he introduced himself "I am Journeyman Arzagoth Shadowhand of the Verdaenii Order of Monks...and i am a Dragonborn. I mean you no harm." he then stepped to the chair and brought it to the strange woman so she could sit calmly. He then took a seat on the floor, roughly twenty feet away from her, his large, draconic scaled legs crossed.* "I shall listen to your words, if you so choose to tell us. I give you my word, upon my Order, no harm shall befall you while i listen." he then went silent, his pale blue-green draconic eyes looking only at the strange woman from the sea

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Zephyr's eyes adjusted to the light just as the figure turned toward her. They widened with surprise, but more than this, with awe. The scales covered her body like a fine mist, sparkling as she moved, and Zephyr's mouth dropped open. "Wow Maker, your masterpieces are everywhere." She whispered under her breath, and moved closer with her hands up defenselessly. "Oh, I don't make anyone do anything they don't want to do." Zephyr spoke, flashing the woman a sincere, child like smile. She glanced around the room a moment, noting the solitary desk and chair, and jumped a bit when the monk came in behind her. He brought a seat over and took up space on the floor, and Zephyr toed the ground she stood on, struggling to keep her impulses in check while he spoke. "You're so beautiful!" Zephyr exclaimed at last, the words bubbling out of her mouth before she could stop them, and her little clawed hands flew to her maw as her eyes widened. "I mean... What is your name?" She asked, decidedly toddling over to the squid woman as youthful pale orbs smiled at her. "Why are you exiled from the sea, pretty lady? Isn't that your home?" She asked, stopping just shy of the blue skin, and clasped her hands behind her back expectantly.

Anaya "The Night"05/02/2019
She shyed a little to the acthions of the two before her the large Male be his moves at a slow pace made her step back still on guard, but once he sat on the floor and was clearly not a threat she lowered her fingers and relaxed a moment takeing the chair and sitting down. The other one calling her beautiful made her cheeks go a light shade of purple as she looked at both of them her wide dark eyes swaying back and forth as her tentical hair twitched as if it thought for its self. They both had questions and they did not want to take her to the hunter. She let out a breath as her fingers stopped glowing "my is something many can not pronounce so most just call me blue, I am a Narfaul Ghoul but my people banished me to the surface as i was not harsh enough and not hunters want my hide due to hos rare it is to find us on land. The horned one and his men have tormented the rat folk here for months now to get me, and he then rats very kind to me I know there kindness will have an end. " she took a tendril in her hand as she spoke twisting it along her blue speckles fingers. "I live a simple life here useing my power to make men see there fantasys for a little coin, I hardly charge and at times I dont charge as I see the people here as friend, even if my race does not belive in friendship I am not as they are. And I dont want to die, we dont go to another place we simply go back and are remain and born agein, if I am killed my soul will go back to he and I will live a life of torment in Carthos the town outside the entrance."

Arzagoth Shadowhand05/02/2019
Arzagoth sat there, listening to her words. There was truth in what she had said. He had heard of her kind, the Narfaul Ghouls...and the being, Leviathan, from his studies at the monastery, then the connection hit him. These ratfolk worship Leviathan as a god, and thus, they see her as an Avatar of their God. He would then stand, offering his scaled and clawed hand to her peacefully "That is a sad tale, Lady Blue, a sad tale indeed. I'll not bore you with details of my own, just the fact that i was left at the steps of the Verdaenii Monastery as a hatchling. In any case...Lady Blue, I give you my word as a Monk of the Verdaenii Order to help you in any way i can. Those men and their Master will not get their hands on you as long as i live. he would give her a gentle smile after he said his peace, offering his hand to her. At that moment, he remembered the Ratfolk girl who wasnt a true Ratfolk. Turning to her, he had asked "What say you, Lady of the Webs? Will you stand with me in defense of this daughter of the sea? I will hold nothing against you if you do not wish to do so. Should you choose to stand with me, then please tell me your name."

Zephyr's face fell, and she carefully, and comfortingly patted the knee of the beautiful tentacle lady, as she was only that tall being in the form of a rat child. "I know what it's like to be a little different from everyone else." Zephyr whispered to her, and glanced up to the monk as he stood, offering his protection to the Lady Blue, and then inquired her own name. "Oh, I'm Zephyr. And my brother, Vincent..." She glanced to the door, casting her gaze over her shoulder toward the chapel she had run from, and realized that Vincent hadn't come. "Oh! He didn't come with us! Vincent must till be at the chapel. Maybe he stayed to talk to the hunter." She murmured thoughtfully. "Lady Blue.. " She glanced up at the woman with imploring pale white eyes. "How do we help you? I can go get my brother. He's really good at helping too."

Anaya "The Night"05/02/2019
She stood up from her chair, they seemed nice but nice people most of the time died in the worst ways. Her large eyes looked at them both, first the monk then the female web person, it was almost the start of a bad joke, a woman a monk and a squid walk into a whore house. She gave a chuckle at the thought "if we gang up I am sure we can take on the hunters with your brothers help and then I will never have to be scared agein and I can live my exile in peace down here. Ya the water here is gross and smelly but I make a honest liveing and I like it here. And with them gone no one will try to kill me anymore....well till the next band of hunters come." She muttered the last part knowing it would not end easily but one fin at a time in life and you always had to keep your head up.
"Oh and I can reward you to, I dont have much but I have a trinket from my home world you can have it helps you get a bit stronger and adds water damage to the weapon you hold in battle, it is all I really have left of the deep but I dont need it seeing I will never be able to go back"

Arzagoth Shadowhand05/03/2019
As Arzagoth heard their words of agreement, a warm smile would show on his otherwise fiercely draconic visage. Just then, as Zephyr mentioned, the Spriggan, his eyes darted to the door they entered and concern came to his eyes. What could such a slender being have against a brute like the man who triggered such fear in the Narfaul Ghoul. He then turned to the door, grabbed his Siangham from his belt, and stepped past Zephyr, saying over his shoulder. "Wait here, ladies. I'm going to take a look outside." he then stepped to the doorway and peered out, scanning the street outside. What he saw was the group of men cartinh off what, at this distance, looked almost like a crate or worse...a casket. A low growl let from his mouth then he turned to the ladies then said "I think those hunters got your brother, Zephyr. Personally, i dislike men like those. What say you, Zephyr? Should we save him? As for you, Lady Blue, i believe here would be safer. Out of sight, out of mind. Trinkets and artifacts may have to wait." he then would await their decisions, weapon clenched in his clawed hand and gaze returned to the street, watching the men cart off the crate that most likely held Zephyr's brother*

The monk seemed gentle enough. Zephyr wasn't privvy to their order or even to what they were really, she just knew that she didn't sense a lick of malice in the man and that made him fine by her. In her lifetime, since the creation of time itself and all that was contained within it, she had learned that mankind was protected regardless of their intentions. Be they evil or good, the Maker had given them a gift, and it was up to them the path that they chose to go with it. Some men decided for evil, like the hunter, or so it seemed. That was another thing Zephyr had learned. Nothing is ever as it seems. While the monk checked the street, Zephyr eyeballed the only other doorway in the room they stood in, and then drew her gaze upon the woman again and to the monk once more when he returned. "Do they have him?" Zephyr thought a moment, and then flashed the monk a smile. "They're only doing what they know to do. But if we're to make this a safe home Lady Blue, he's already a step ahead of us! Let's go get the hunter together. Vincent is already there." She cast her eyes on Lady blue, her head tipping back to see her face. "What do you want to do, Pretty lady?"

Anaya "The Night"05/03/2019
the woman did not know exactly what to do, if she went with them this task could bring them up to the surface were she would be vulnerable and could get noticed by others, but at the same time doing nothing ment the ring of hunters would just keep going. she had a simple life here, she did not do or make much and she kept to herself but  at the end of the day it was about the time to make a choice. leave this little hidden away sweet joyful town with some, rather odd, traditions and in reality they worshiped her, or go to the surface were she was a no one and could get hurt more but at the same time could feel the air on her scales agein and have a more active fun life and not be so simple and stale. she blinked a couple times as her mind raced, her large fish like eyes with massive black pupils flickered as she nodded her head to them both taking her hands and pulling her hood over her head and then lashing the fount of it closed "if your friend is in the temple still then it is best we go find him and deal with this, i will follow your lead and help you best i can.." just then she could hear the sound of horses and a cart thumping off and leaving as she ran forward pushed past the monk to look out the door to see the horse card with the hunters insignia plastered on the back racing away and towards the back exist of the city "um, i think your friend is gone.....he was um, human or normal right?" she paused as she looked at the two "not valuable to hunters...right, if so he might be, brought to there camp they will sell him on stone at auction in the morning, your friend, is going to be turned into a pelt or sold as a slave"

Arzagoth Shadowhand05/03/2019
Arzagoth growled audibly at Lady Blue's words of pelts and slavery. He then charged out without a word to follow the cart, knowing he wouldn't catch it here, but eventually catch up at it's destination. No being, be they plant or animal, should be subjected to slavery. In losing the cart in a tunnel, he would then roar in frustration. As he roared, the words of his old master, Elrad Brimfist, another Dragonborn like himself, came to his mind. /Arzagoth, frustration is easy, anger is easy. This is where you calm your heart and mind. Take a knee and place your senses in the now. The smells...the sounds...then look at your surroundings./ remembering his Master's words had calmed him, so, he followed the teachings. He knelt on one knee, closed his eyes and focused on the scents and sounds around him. The pungent aroma of the sewage water that trickled down the center of the tunnel...the sound of the ratfolk in the town behind him, the sound of water dripping from the tunnel ceiling ahead, the sound of sewer creatures scurring around him. After a few minutes, he opened his eyes and gave a careful search around him, looking for any sort of tracks, thinking that carts are heavy, and thus, leave deep, easy to follow tracks "Vincent....Keep your bark on, ya shrub! I'm coming to save you." he said under his breath as he waited for the other two to catch up to him (e)

Zephyr watched the squid woman, waiting for her response, and noted her hesitation on the matter, but was glad when she decided to join them. After all, it was her freedom being fought for. Zephyr thought it a noble thing that she wasn't shying away from the confrontation that was bound to happen. A horse snorted, stomping its foot impatiently, and the squeal of a wagon wheel protested the weight of its load, and Zephyr watched Blue with a quirk of her webby brow. "A slave?" Zephyr didn't understand. Her only reference to slavery had been from Balore, who had told her that the whores in the whore house were owned as slaves, and used as such. "Why would someone want a tree in a whore house?" Vincent most certainly wasn't a human, but she considered him pretty normal for their kind. In any case, The moments following moved so quickly that Zephyr barely had time to gather herself before the Monk fled after the wagon in a frenzy. Zephyr glanced at the woman and flashed her a smile and a shrug before following - at a much slower pace - the monk. "Guess he knows the way!" She declared, taking one of Blues hands and tugged her along after the Monk. "The maker always has a plan. I don't know what is planned, but I do know that it's good. My only wish is that the maker knows there are still those who trust in the goodness of the maker." Zephyr wasn't afraid. She trusted that whatever was happening was only working out according to a plan set into motion long before creation had even happened. She rounded a corner with Blue in tow, and had she not stopped abruptly in her tracks, she would have collided with the Monk. "Oh! There you are! Did you find where they went? Wheee Vincent was heading?"

Anaya "The Night"05/04/2019
As the female grabbed her hand, skin on skin contact triggered part of the ghouls powers. Zephyr would see stars, hallucinations and see things that were not really there. And everything was so real it felt real, water touching zephyrs feet rising as if she could not run from it, air slowly fading as she could see bubbles drifting from her lips, she was drowning or well she thought she was, her own element sucked from her body leaving her struggling to get breaths, grasping for the air did not matter water was rising and it was so real, but in reality it was not real but the fact she could not breath was, mentally thinking she was drowning forced the body to think it was drowning and it was not breathing. But as soon as the woman realized she yanked her hand back breaking the extreamly vivid moment that could have ended the little ones life. "Dont touch my skin!" She yelled as she recoiled back her hood almost falling from her face as she watched the monk and the surely stunned zephyr l. "They had to have left out the back of the city, there is a road there that leads to the camps I am told" she said softly trying to change that topic of what happened even if she knew it was pointless to try to  sway the minds of others of oh ya let's talk about something that is not you almost killed a person.

Arzagoth Shadowhand05/04/2019
looking more intently at the floor of the tunnel, Arzagoth nodded silently. He the laid a hand on the furrows in the damp road, confirming the freshness of the track. Standing up once more, he turned to Zephyr, seeing the Blue Lady begin to catch up to the pair. Once she arrived, he turned his gaze back up the path "Yes, I believe i have. Thank you, Lady Blue, for the tip. They definitely came this way, no doubt there." he then took his weapon from his belt and gripped it firmly. There was no time to waste. Moving forward was the only way to save the Spriggan, and thus he began the march up the tunnel road, not too concerned if the ladies followed him. He was a Monk on a mission, and that was to save Zephyr's brother. All of his intent directed at freeing him from whatever they had him in and making the slavers suffer for not only taking him, but for tormenting a peace-loving being like the Blue lady and the Rat-folk. He made a mental note to add Slavers and Raiders to his list of hated people, as well as the Tiefling personally to his 'Bingo book', a new mental list of people he wants to eliminate. After a short time, he called back to the women "Well, you two coming or not? I'm going on, catch up when you can!" with a mental 'Tcheh', much like a scoffing sound, he then turned and continued on, not exactly waiting on the women who followed.

Just as soon as Zephyr touched the woman's hand to tug her along, the entire world around Zephyr changed. She wasn't in the rat town, with the rat folk, she was being dragged underwater by a weight that she couldn't release. Or water was rising, she couldn't really tell. Her webs were floating off of her form and large bubbles of air billowed out of her. When she gasped, her form filled with the water, and her eyes widened with realization of the finality of her frail existence. She watched the bubbles leave, and she reached out to grasp them. Air! Her precious air. Zephyr thought she was dying. In all reality, she probably could have if air was restricted in that way, for long enough. But Blue tore away from her hand and in an instant it was all gone. Zephyr blinked hard, large white eyes glancing from Blue, to her own body, to her hand and back to blue. "Wooow..." She awed. "That is an amazing power!" Zephyr declared, before glancing over to the Monk they had caught up with. He was checking tracks before he pulled a weapon a d started up the trail headed for camp. There was no stopping him, with his one track mind. Zephyr stayed behind with Blue however, careful not to touch her, but they followed the Man even still. "Yeah, we're coming!" She called out.

Anaya "The Night"05/05/2019
She was surprised that the happy go lucky web girl did not freak out and lash back at her, she could have died and suffocated if she had kept contact with her. She moved forword keeping on the go as her feet jogged along to keep up with zephyr even if the monk had gone a head. "All my kind have it, we call it the leviathans gift we can touch others and change there mental perception of whatever we want. We also can interfere with dreams, thoughts, judgments and some of the stronger ones can even change someone's fate or time line, I need to touch things to do the bigger things , somethings i can do from a distance but i have kept alive by useing my powers to hide. Made the horned man see me as a rat once and be left me alone for a while till he figured out it was just a trick. But the others of my race use there power for malice, witch is why I got banished, I was not hard enough or strong enough to be worthy"

Arzagoth Shadowhand05/05/2019
After a few more hours, Arzagoth emerged from the tunnel and on to the open road. Kneeling down, he placed his empty hand to the road, reading the cart track. Without the stone under the soil, the tracks were somewhat deeper than in the tunnel. He then stood up, turned his head back to the tunnel as the two women had just exited and said "They came this way, that much is certain...and i smell.." he gave a deeper inhale through his nose, trying to identify the new smell "Smoke...their camp isnt very far at all. We should get there by nightfall. Well, let's go!" He then turned back to the road and continued onward, elated that he, as well as the shrub's sister and the sea-girl, were catchibg up to the slavers that sought out the blue one. So elated that a semi feral grin spread across his draconic maw as they continued onward to their goal. So elated that he began singing...well, well rather humming instead, the Verdaenii mantra for Retribution on the unjust. If he were a lighter being, he would probably be skipping, he was so happy.

Zephyr listened to Blue talk about her powers, and she marveled that they were even possible. "Oh Lady Blue. You are worthy of so much more, don't you see?" Zephyr explained, lamenting that the woman thought herself as a lesser being because she didn't fit some sort of harsh mould. "You get to use your powers to make change, you get a choice, unlike your kin who weren't so lucky as to have that option. They just are as they are. You are not, and that gives you opportunity, not oppression." As they followed along after the monk, Zephyr took great care to be quiet, but it took a great deal of time and keeping up with him was beginning to wear on Zephyr. She glanced back over her shoulder to Blue, who she suspected was still following them."If you smell smoke already, I wouldn't be surprised if we happened on their camp long before nightfall." Zephyr paused in her tracks once they had caught up to the monk. "But we need a plan... Should we wait for the cover of darkness?" Her eyes cast to Blue again. Blue knew who they were dealing with better than either Zephyr or the monk. When the monk started on again with a spring in his step, and a hum on his voice Zephyr chuckled and nodded her head in unison to the whistling.

Anaya "The Night"05/06/2019
She kept on going with them and did not seem to get slower at all even at there pace, she was used to running and on land even if a normal Goul would be slow and frail she was used to it as she had grown her land legs well after many moons of banishment "hold up, zeapher is right we cant run in blind" she called out to the monk and she started to slow down "we sould set up a super small camp, get a bit of rest and then be ready bright and early, everything is dark with no sun but there camp will be lit up for sure, we will be able to hide then in morning maybe grab some clothing from a passer by so no one will notice us and we can go from there and scout out the camp, I dont even know how large it is, only that it is a big one, if it is a big one that is. We can sneak in get your friend and be out as fast as possible. " she hoped the monk would stop.or at.least slow his pace to a brisk walk so they could get there heads in the right direction.

Arzagoth Shadowhand05/06/2019
Arzagoth had heard her words and had slowed down his pace as the sun began it's final descent to the horizon. Shouldering off his pack, Arzagoth first walked off the road then sat down in the grass at the roadside. Looking at the two ladies, he sighed then said "Well, which of you can effectively scout the camp? Lady Blue, you're a wanted creature by these guys. The moment they see you, you're gone. Zephyr, your web-shaping power may be useful, but once you see your brother, your excitement will take over. I have a deep set hatred for their kind and what they do, but i can at least control my emotions better. I can also slip in using the tall grasses as cover. I say i go ahead and scout their camp out." with that said, he took out his incense box and set a stick in the holder to burn while he meditated, calming his mind for the task ahead. Once he was finished, he discarded the spent stick, put tge little iron box in his pack, then stood to scout ahead. He honestly thought himself the best for this task so that they all could plan for the rescue. Without a word to either woman, he slunk off to the tall grasses ahead.

Although the sun was eclipsed by darkness and the sky had been dark even in the daytime, when the moon finally did show its face, Zephyr glanced up at it and the twinkling stars above with a bright smile. "Look, Lady Blue— Mister Arzagoth. the Maker still works, even when it seems like others have taken his place. The sun is still there too, just kissed by a sheet of darkness. Even Caliga in all her power can't thwart the Maker. I know that whatever is happening to my brother, is only according to the Makers plans. There's no need to worry or fret. But a good plan might be an asset." Zephyr sat, even as Goth pulled out a stick of incense. Zephyr smiled at the gesture. She was air, herself. The air in sentient form and she appreciated the cleansing benefit that the incense gave even to her as she sat nearby. It's smoke pulled away impurities, and aided in her strength, restored her energy and renewed her mind. Goth made a lot of assumptions but he was willing to put himself on the line, and that was rather brave of him, Zephyr thought. While he was scouting, Zephyr motioned to Lady Blue as she went the opposite direction that the monk had gone. "I'm gonna find Vincent. But maybe your power can help us get to him without being seen." Zephyr whispered through the tall reeds as they stepped toward the encampment.

Anaya "The Night"05/08/2019
She kept silent as they talked, it was true she was wanted but she could make onlookers see her as she wanted them to see her, a form of mental camouflage or interference, she could hide better then most but shenwas going to let them lead and see how it would go. Maybe there plans or lack there of would do better for them. She watched the monk go the one way and then zephyr go the other way, maybe splitting up was the unspoken plan? And she needed to rest anyway and it was still hours to morning. She let out a sigh as she moved forword finding a tree to rest up ageinst "it is hours till morning, I wish to get sleep before that time, if you both wish none then by all means go forth without me, but my mind is my strongest weapon and it is useless and weak if not rested" she shut her large eyes for a moment as shenqraped her arms around herself pulling her dark cloak around her slender small body. She was cold but a fire would get them noticed so it was better to not have one and just make due. It was only.moments before she started to drift to dream land, she was very sleepy.

At the Bandits Camp

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Anaya "The Night"05/03/2019
it had been a couple hours later in the trunk for the little twig man, the ride was dry, hot, bumpy and dark, but then agein everything was dark. small flecks of light muscled there way past the trunk walls and into the cracks as the cart started to roll to a halt and the little twig could hear the sounds of men shouting and chains rattling. "cast magic on the trunk agein we dont want the worm getting the fuck out." the one man yelled loudly as the trunk was shoved and pushed around and then picked up and hauled off the cart rocking back and forth. then the trunk was tossed harshly slamming on the ground and thumping open as the lock was undone and there was the slam of a bared door. the little twig man had been magicly caged and locked up and now there was eyes looking at him. the camp was a busy place, shady merchants, shop stalls and flagged banners that he had not seen before, black market town clearly, bone skulls, dead animals, even surely house hold dogs and cats being strung up as edible meat on hooks from a couple of the stalls. the place smelled of rot  and everything was lit up with flame and touches. the horned man walked to the cage and taped on the bars "well you got what you wanted little thing, you will be sold in the morning on stone to the highest bidder, make me a nice fine penny but the blue woman is safe for now, well till we go back there in a couple moons to get her and a couple rats for slaves, the pups make wonderful eating"
(magical cage, can not meld or escape threw the bars of said cage)

-The commotion outside was indicative of arrival, and the way the box was tossed cricked his roots uncomfortably, but the chest did open and Vincent scrambled to look up while the man spoke. The sights were overwhelming, everywhere, greed was the currency. "Sold?" His face said he didn't believe the man. "Who would want a tree?" He had been looking at the man but his aze wandered I've the ma y articles on display, to the man, and back around the place to finally rest on a skull. His head turned towards the trunk and he moved to it, touching it, allowing his form to absorb both the wood and the lock as they were now unfastened. The ironwood felt strong, stronger than any other form of wood Vincent had come into contact with. The added material added to his bulk considerably, but he didn't seem to mind. Glancing back to the man he smiled. "Who do you work for?" He asked. "What's your bosses name?"

Anaya "The Night"05/03/2019
"The green eyed devil is all we get told about the man, never met him he simply sends goblins or messengers to tell us orders. And look little tree, see what you did right there, took that chest into yourself, pulled God from the walls, what a miner would pay for you is unreal. Have his tunnel dug just to send you down to pull the goods from the walls then come back up and unload it in a bucket cart. Magic has a perdy peny and we sold a dryad last week for over a thousand gold and all the lady wanted was a wall mount. I am sure we can get the same from you or more. To be it miner, forester, collector or trophy hunter dont matter gold is gold" he leaned against the side of the cage as he taped on the bars with his fingers "or if you dont sell they will just kill ya and sell the parts to the scraper clans"

"Ah." Vincent nodded and his expression, what little of it there was in the bark of the tree, clouded. "But that will mess with m plans to try and help fix the world." He said. "What about you? I find gold everywhere and have no use for it. You could come with my sister and I, make your fortune, and then join Balore, Tai and Seth in their adventures to the east, or better yet, stay with us. You look strong and capable, we just need protection." He gestured to the weapons on his person, half hidden in the foliage he wore. "And you left me with my weapons." He pointed out objectively. He studied the man before him. "I have been very gentle, and in the language of your mind you see that as foolish maybe, maybe even weak." He smiled softly. "But trust me when I say I can make you lose your reputation here, make you unwelcomed here in your home." He gave a little nod and beckoned the man closer to the bars of the cage. "I own a ship." He said in a tone that indicated privacy, and at a deci le that didn't let his voice carry far. "Blare Rockeforte's ship." He wondered if the man knew the name.-

Sanskrit MacGeee05/03/2019
Balore, Tai, and Seth watched from a distance, while looking throughout binoculars. "Hm. Captured." Tai said with a grunt, while Seth shook his head with anger. "We have to save him. He saved us!" Balore held up a finger and nodded his head. "I will go down there, and try to figure out what is going on. Maybe-...just maybe...we can buy him, or free him. Either way. We can't just sit here and do nothing." Tai and seth nodded, while Balore began to head down the hill, hand on his hilt. Tai spoke up and then handed him Gilda's dagger. "She would want you to have this. It brought her good luck. May it bring you luck as well." Balore nodded and then looked to Seth, whom had his bow out, and ready. "I'll cover you from up here, Tai will watch through the lens." Balore exhaled, and continued, after saying goodbye to his friends. He shook off his nervousness, and blinked a few times as he rounded the corner, to see the gates to the camp. Two guards stood outside. "Hey! Balore!" One said happily. "Good to see you! Where is your hull?" They both asked. Balore shrugged. "Didn't find much. A few gold. A few meats. Nothin-...extreme." He sighed. "Where is Gilda, Tai and Seth?" They asked. "Recon." Balore said, as if he believed it. "Gilda is out scouting and Tai and Seth are around camp, I think hunting." They nodded. "Well, the boys brought something in a box, some sort of tree thing. Thing was talking! Can you believe that?!" Balore narrowed his eyes from behind his helm, but they wouldn't see this.
"Wow! That's crazy! I need to go have a look!" The guards nodded and stepped aside, to which, Balore slipped in, unnoticed, as everyone here only saw him as the simple bandit cheif. Some bowed their heads in respect, while the Warcheif's men simply nodded to him. Balore was highly respected in due to his postion as one of the cheifs in the camp, yet everyone answered to the warcheif. That was when he noticed the demon, and vincent in the cage. Walking up to them, after he passed multiple tents, he introduced himself to them. "Balore." He said, pounding his chest once in greeting. "Cheif." He then looked to Vincent, hoping he would be smart enough not to blow his cover and say that the two had travelled together. "I need to find out what he knows, before the Warcheif shows up." He took out 25 gold pieces from his full coin purse, and nodded to the man with horns, placing the gold into the palm of his hand. "Go get a few drinks. I need a few minutes alone." He said, looking to Vincent with faux hate in his eyes, and cracking his knuckles. "I work best when no one is watching."

Anaya "The Night"05/03/2019
The horned man lifted a brow as the other one had walked in out of the blue and just demanded time alone with his merchandise. But the keys to that cage were on his person and it was a magical lock the guy could not break. "Fine take your time with the twig, it is late anyway rest is needed, in the morning after the war chiefs rounds  he will be sold and coin is coin. " he took the gold and walked off the keys clinking off his belt as he walked. A woman at the side of the seemingly tavern or ale tent clung to his hip as his arm wrapped around the whore and he vanished behind the door flap.

Vincent had literally just spoken about Balore and suddenly he was there. That was a little suprising, but when he heard Balore needed to ask him a question and in private, he waited for his captor to leave. He watched the being until it was lost in the crowd and Vincent couldn't see either of the other two at this time. Turning to his friend he laughed. "Hey Balore! I was just telling that guy about you." He gestured in the general direction the guy had went. "I have never seen anyone with as much love as that man has. I think his secret is he pours all his love into one place, gold." He laughed and pushed at the magical bars, but to no avail. "So I think they want me to wait here. They gave me some very nice manacles." He produced the iron manacles, then re absorbed them, before producing an ironwood board and showing it as well. "So they are very generous. But what did you need to know Balore? Any information I have you're welcome to."

Sanskrit MacGeee05/03/2019
(-pinches bridge of nose- what have I gotten myself into. Vincent is having a great time."

Sanskrit MacGeee05/03/2019
Balore tilted his head as the demon went inside the tent, then looked to Vincent. "Oh thank the maker!" He said to his friend quietly, before he noticed that Vincent had absolutely no idea what was going on. Balore's brows quickly furrowed as he shook his head. "These men want to sell you, and then use you! Zephyr is probably worried sick! That man loves gold because that is all he loves! You taught me there are more important things than that. We gotta get you outta here." Balore looked at the enchanted lock, and noticed the demon had left him without a care, meaning he probably had the key on him. Balore looked up toward the hills, where Tai and Seth were stationed, and knowing they could see him but he couldn't see them, held up two fingers in the air, then pointed at the tent where the demon had entered, then, with those same two fingers, he pointed at the ground in front of his feet. Seth, from atop his perch, nodded, and began to walk down the hill, toward the camp, too, going to blend in. Everyone knew the group, and had no reason to be suspicous of them. "We have been tracking you, since we left. I couldn't just leave you guys behind that quickly. Despite our destiny or what have you. Friendship is the most important thing to us. No one gets left behind."Balore said, honestly, with a small grin.  Tai, through the binoculars spotted Seth passed the gate guards,  and move over toward the cages where Vincent and Balore were. "How is it going, Birch?" Seth said with a cheeky grin.
"Seems like you got yourself into a-...." He looked at the twigs on Vincent." -....sticky-...situation!" He then looked to Balore with his mouth open, and his hands placed at out at his sides, in a shrug. "Heh!? Heh?!" Balore, whom pinched the bridge of his nose, then smacked Seth in the back of the head. "Please-..Seth. Focus!" Seth nodded and looked to Vincent.  "Sorry boss. How can we break Mahogany out of here?" Balore held a finger to his lips. "We wait for the guy to fall asleep, and we leave with Vincent after you snatch the key from him. You are the one with the quietest, fastest hands after all." Seth grunted. "What if I get caught?!" He whispered with a growl in his throat. "Then we run, and try a new plan. We aren't leaving him!" Balore whispered back, with an even bigger growl. "Tai is covering us. We just need to wait it out. So until then, let's just-...sit with vincent." Balore said, resting his back against Vincent's cage. "Why did you willingly go with these people?" Seth asked, even though he knew the Tier'dals were not very good judges of character.

Vincent realized fairly early that Balore was concerned. "Yes!" He too thanked the Maker, for everything. "But Balore that's what we do, we help people." He didn't know why Zephyr would be worried, she was working on the blue lady. "I do agree that having to wait right exactly here is no good." He said, glancing at the skills and the arasses and the general lack of pleasant that was here. He watched Balore motioning and turned and looked, but from his angle couldn't see who Balore was communicating with. He assumed it was with his other friends. When Seth showed up with his puns Vincent actually got the "Sticky" one. Balore went into a risky plan that alligned with the old way and Vincent tossed the glowing plant at him he had been holding out. "For the same reason we became friends." He said to Balore. "What else am I supposed to do, hurt them?" He smiled. "Some of my best friends have come from helping instead of acting out of fear." He slammed the well of the cage and then laughed, before posing another idea."Why don't you two just help me help whoever gives that man gold for my help?" He asked curiously. "For all we know, it may be our next best friend."

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Sanskrit MacGeee05/06/2019
Balore simply tilted his head and looked deep into Vincent's hues. "Listen to me, my friend.I am so tired of trying to hurt people. These people....that is all they do. They do not want to be your friend. They want to kill you. They want to sell you. They want nothing more than gold. Please, trust me. If we don't leave this camp, you will die. We will die. And then Zephyr will be alone." He sighed, and thought of Tai and Gilda. "Please-..don't leave someone who loves you alone." He smiled and then looked to Seth who nodded in agreement. "He is right, Sappling. We are risking our everything to get you out of here." Seth then, sitting by a fire, started to warm his hands. "These people are not our friends. I know these men, Vince. I know them-...." He didn't know what else to say, so he looked, pleading with his eyes into that of the spriggon's. "I know them..." Seth sighed and nodded before looked to the bandits, all getting in their tents and going to sleep. The boss would be here in the morning. He didn't know what to do. "Look...we need a plan. Vince...what do we do?" He looked toward the mountain, where Tai rested, watching them through his scopes.

Zephyr had been stepping carefully, fully hidden by the tall grass in her little rat child form, and when they had come to the edge of the camp she paused, looking over her shoulder to see if Lady blue had followed her. The monk was scouting the other end, but Zephyr knew he would be fine. If he didn't find her brother before they did. In any case if the monk saw them in the camp she was sure that he would act accordingly, to the benefit of helping Vincent. The flames of the bandit torches and bonfires danced gloriously against the dark evening air, and Zephyr watched through pale white orbs, as a man walked past, posting guard and looking rather weary with his job. "Have you ever been here? Do you know where they would have taken him?" Zephyr whispered toward Lady Blue (if she was there.), and glanced across the camp to the opposite reeds, trying to find the monk as he lurked.

Sanskrit MacGeee05/06/2019
Tai, noticing through his scopes, saw the tall grass move, to see Zephyr. It wasn't hard to tell it was her.  He smiled to himself, knowing his friends would be okay. That is what Gilda would have wanted. He knew this. He nodded, and kept his watch, and slid his bow closer to him, ready to pick off the guards if any got in the way of their entry. He just hoped he wouldn't have to kill any of the bandits, but if he needed to, he would.

Arzagoth Shadowhand05/06/2019
Arzagoth slunk through the reeds and tall grasses along the edge of the camp, studying the layout of the carts and tents, looking for a cage with the spriggan. It wasn't until he heard a voice talking to Vincent that he knew where his cage was. As the Monk neared closer, he made out the words from the stranger. A friend, maybe, but Arzagoth didn't know the full story. He peered out briefly to scope about and saw the Spriggan talking with some familiarity to the stranger. Reserving judgement at this time, he continued his scouting until he met up with Zephyr. With a smile in his hushed voice, he said to the web-girl i think i found your brother, Zephyr. He was talking to a man with some familiarity, like he knew him. I also spotted a couple carts at the edge of this camp. Means of exodus, perhaps?" he then slipped further around the encampment, finishing his mental layout of the area, hoping that Zephyr didn't blow their cover with her excitement. (e)

Vincent's face sobered with understanding, and he smiled to his friends, thinking on his next words carefully. When he finally spoke it was to say. "I trust you two, and I know you know these people well and understand how they work." He sat down in the cage slowly, then looked up. "Did either of you intend to be my friend when we first met?" He asked. It was rhetorical and he didn't wait for an answer, just smiled and continued. "The Maker knows all that happens, has happened, and will happen. If we perish here today, it will be at the Maker's design, an no living thing can imagine a greater honor than being part of it's plan, nor can any creature understand the plan. It is ours to simply rest in it, trust in the maker, truely trust." He paused and looked towards the cage floor, before his eye lifted back towards Balore. "I am not the maker, do as you believe the maker would have you do. They set all of this into motion, and you are the favored ones, the mortals of man-kind. Yours is the she'll endowed with souls." He laughed lightly and set a glowing plant on the floor of the cage. "You've been given a choice. You may trust or take matters into your own hands, but before you choose consider this. The maker made all of this, with all of it's potentials for perceived good and for condemned wrong. I believe the maker has a reason for everything that happens, even the things we can not see their hands in. Is my blindness valid reason for lack of faith?" He left it at that and seemed to relax in the age, having talked himself down if nobody else. "I am resigned to this path our creator has set me on, and I praise the maker for this moment, as I do every other moment. That same creator gets all the credit for whatever happens, and I have found peace in surrendering to whatever they ask of me."

-He waved his hand.- "you go rest, they will remove this cage once they have their gold, and then we will decide what to do." He himself laid down on the floor of the cage, the leaves on his form wrapping around him like a glowing blanket. "We can solve all our problems after a little sleep." He fell still and seemed to freeze.-(e)
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Azargoth found them again, after scouting out the camp and Zephyr waved him over excitedly when she saw him coming. He was so much bigger than she and stood out among the reeds of grass much more than she did. But he had somehow been undetected, probably due to the masses of outlaws that seemed to call this place home. "Oh! He must have made friends. See? The Maker knows, and has planned this." Confidently, she smiled and glanced toward the camp before Miss Blue suggested resting. Zephyr glanced back when she heard Lady blue. "You're right. You rest. Your power is useful, and the maker has already surrounded Vincent with friends. There is nothing to worry about. We should all rest easy. Vincent will still be there in the morning, and we may not even need to use the power at all to bring him back." Zephyr found a little spot in the ground beside Mrs blue and plopped there, with her legs crossed. She didn't sleep like the rest, but she did ease her web form against the tree and rest. Her form sagged a little when she did, and she fell still as she waited for the moon to make its orbit across the sky.

Arzagoth Shadowhand05/08/2019
As he sat down to rest, Arzagoth gave Zephyr the description of the man talking to Vincent. Once he finished, he thought about lighting his incense to meditate, but then thought against that, given the aroma would give away their presence to the bandits. Thus, he sat there, his legs crossed, and rested, going over the mantras he was taught as well as his "Dragon Blossom" hand seals, practicing them to improve his skill and reaction time should combat be necessary. Content with his progress, he then took out a Ration pack and ate, the rations tasting like a collection of dried grains mashed together with figs and honey, the tones of which were hardly noticeable due to the millet, flaxseed, oats, barley, and chia seeds that made up about 85% to 90% of the bar. He mumbled a word under his breath, cursing his stupidity for not filling his waterskin sooner as soon as he choked down the last bite of the ration portion.

Sanskrit MacGeee05/09/2019
Balore looked to Vincent and sighed. "We will follow you. We will-...make sure you stay safe." He then started walking sadly away from the cage, while Seth gripped his shoulder. "You're giving up?" He asked. Balore looked frustrated. "He doesn't want to go. What else can we do, other than follow him and make sure they don't kill him." Seth, understood, and nodded. "Fine, Bal, I trust you." The two of them gave once more nod to vincent, as if to say "We will be back." Then, they simply entered a common tent for sleeping, as if to blend in until morning.


-He rose the next morning to the sounds of the bandit camp coming to life. People were bustling about getting prepared for one thing or another. Balore and Seth had gone, and seeing as he was alone, Vincent began playing with plants, arranging them around the cage as he lifted handfuls of glowing seeds to be carried by the wind into the camp. Around the cage the camp bean to be well lit, and some scruffy bandit children came and taunted him through the bars of the cage. Vincent replied by smiling and watching them. He gave them each a glowing plant. Some of the older children crushed there's in feigned bravado, while others laughed and still others left with there. One of the older children poked at him with a spear, and Vincent absorbed it into his form right out of the child's hands. "Never forget the maker." Vincent smiled at the suprised lad, who at his words, turned and left, taking a few of the older kids who were supposedly his gang away. A few toddlers remained but they were playing with their glowing plants and paying him no mind, so Vincent lounged in the corner of his cage, waiting.

Anaya "The Night"05/10/2019
Morning has come, when mornings black dawn pushed over the world the only way to really tell was the fact the moon was now gone and small children were walking around camp with torches to make sure the place was brightly lit. Large dogs barked as they were disturbed and activity started moveing in slavers tents as some whores left the tents to go back to there own and work a new man or table depending on the day. There was a small child walking around with a note board and quill joting down what stock there was for acthion, he walked on passing the tree man stoping for only a moment to jot down his size, estimated wait, and simply a brief description of his look over and the sellers name that would be selling said liveing stock item. Some slavers dragged out woman dressed in fansy yet tattered silks, sex slaves surely or working girls for brothels and dinner houses to work till they died or worse. Other slavers brought out men or large trunks of goods and gems, and some had items both magical and not. "Acthi9n starts in a hour" the kid yelled out as he went back to his joting down stock and goods.
As morning came she opened her eyes and wrapped her arms tightly around her shivering frame, it was getting colder and she swore for a second there she saw a snow flake the middle of summer, she blinked and there was nothing there so she ignored the trick of the tiered eye. She let out a yawn moveing her arms over her head as she got up and shock herself free from the chill that seeped into her bones. She walked up to the grass line that was outside the bandit camp and spotted two guards man standing there, one female, one make, to perfect she muttered under her breath as she with seemingly not a care walked right up to them (aura of fools gaze active, you see a hot human woman no matter what race is before you) the man and woman looked at her with no mind at all, many new faces were here today for the festivitys. She let out a
sigh as she placed both hands on there shoulder (fatewever used) "the gods demand you to take off your clothing, then  walk, walk till you cant walk anymore l, till you see the sun resting on the hills before you, the gods need this to be done or your family's will pay the price" the guards eyes flickered as they started to undress, there garments a pile on the ground as they both just walked away talking about family's they did not have before right now, there fates set on a path they did not pick. She hated doing it but clothing that would not get them to stand out was needed. She picked up the outfits and walked over to zephyr and the monk droping the clothing on the ground "put it on, you will look like slave workers, if your brother is here you need to free him before some fat slob pays for a new trinket and you have to kill things to get him back. If your brother is here he is slaver stock so he will be in the pens at the back of this camp, he will be in a cage surely just like all the other slaver stock going to be sold today" she looked at both people "work together do not separate and do not get captured by slavers or you will end up in chains to"

The movement of miss blue when she woke and the morning bustle of the camp woke Zephyr to the new day—despite the ever constant darkness. Her air was colder today than before, and she knew that without the sun it was only a matter of time before things started to freeze. Miss Blue wandered over to two guards, and appeared to be speaking to them, and Zephyr held back and went over to where the monk was sleeping. She pushed his shoulder, rousing him. "Hey... Hey wake up. Miss Blue just went to the camp, I think we can go see what Vincent is up to now." She waited for the monk and went to Miss Blue as she returned, eyeing her expectantly, and received the bundle of clothing that she had handed to her. She used her ways and reshaped herself into a woman much like the one who had just walked away naked at the behest of Miss Blue, only Zephyr was far paler, and her eyes were still a shimmering silver. Her webs shifted and re-packed themselves, and it looked for a moment that Zephyr was coming unraveled only to reform much taller. Listening to Blue as she dressed, she cast a glance back at the Monk and then flashed Blue a smile. "Oh don't worry. Everything will work out according to the makers plan. If we are captured, it is the makers desire. If we unlock Vincent from his pen, and leave without incident, it is the makers plan. But, we don't want to have to kill anything..." Zephyr looked at the monk then."If it can be at all helped." She stepped then toward the camp, dressed and in another form entirely, and paused at the cusp of the reeds waiting for the Monk.

Arzagoth Shadowhand05/10/2019
He picked up the clothes that Lady Blue had brought, took off his gaea then stuffed it into his backpack before putting on the shed Slaver's clothes. After shifting around in the new attire a little, he grumbled about how snug they were but resigned himself to Blue's strategy. He then joined Zephyr at the edge of the reeds, tapped her shoulder, then stated gruffly "What say you, Zephyr. Shall we mingle amongst the filth here? Also, any ideas to how to spirit your brother out of here with as little commotion as necessary? While he waited for her answer, he began to watch for an opening to join the rest of the slavers as though he was one of them, unsure of how a Dragonborn like himself would blend in with the rabble. His kind were majestic beings and a rare sight anywhere. Hanging his Siangham on the belt, he began to stand as he spotted a potential opening to mix in, trusting in Zephyr's belief in The Maker

Sanskrit MacGeee05/12/2019
Balore and Seth awoke in the tent, side by side in different cots. "You think we can still save him. " Seth motioned in sign language delicately, as to not arouse suspicion. Balore signed back. "Yes. We need to just blend in, and get him out when the time is right. He's a lot bigger than the last time we saw him." Seth smirked, before looking at the tent flaps that led outside, before speaking aloud. "Let's go. Got work to do." Balore nodded, appreciative that his good friend kept him on the right track. They had all fallen apart since Gilda's passing, and just wanted to come back together. The two then rose, and went outside, where they immediately saw Vincent. "Mornin' Spruce." Seth said with a half grin. Balore simply took note of the bandits around. All of which, he knew. Being a chief, he would receive many nods of respect and waves of acknowledgment while he moved by Vincent's cage. "You sleep okay?" He didn't even know if the thing needed sleep.
Tai awoke hours prior, in a cold sweat. Another dream. About her. It was always her. He hated it. Such vivid torment each and every night. He had killed 8  Caliga Hounds since the day of her death, which had alarmed his friends. Tai, sipping some water from a canteen watched over the camp through his scopes from atop The hill, and didn't move from his stump, even after he spotted Seth and Balore in the crowd of men.

Anaya "The Night"05/12/2019
It was a flash, she was there, as Tai looked out into the group of men there she was the woman he has lost, the woman that haunted his dreams, in a deep purple dress walking her back to him between the men, then she was gone.

Vincent smiled as his two friends came out shortly after the children had gone. Men had started moving about and the camp was coming alive. As a joke, someone had thrown rotton fruit at him, and he had been picking seeds out of it as he sat there, adding them to his form.
  He laughed with Seth, briefly, before he gave Balore a nod.
  "So are you guys going to watch and see who gives the demon money?"
  His eyes looked between the two men. It wasn't that their plan was bad, it was just that it used methods that risked lives, and lives were precious, they had already lost Gilda.
  "I liked your plan, and I know you guys could pull it off. It's the unknown variables that I didn't like."
  His voice was low, careful not to attract attention.
  "We can do this without the risk, all it takes is a little patience, and honestly, none of us are suffering so there's no real emergency. Let the man get his gold, like this."
  His eyes looked at the two, implorong them to forgive themselves well enough to not punish another harshly for what they had done.
  "Two days ago you were willing to kill me for food, then for weapons, then for gold."(c)
He smiled lightly and waved his spriggan arms.
  "Now we are best of friends. Imagine where this slaver could be in two days, or whoever is buying slaves... Either way, they do what they do for gold. You changed, I believe you can begin changing others..."
   He looked between the two and smiled hoping he had made some sense.
  "Kindness is the balm against heartlessness, because those who can not receive it flee from it, and those that can are changed by it."
 There was a breif pause.
  "And as you have seen, I am willing to bet my life that nobody will kill someone who is deliberately kind to them."(e)

Zephyr didn't have a clue what to do, or how to do it, she just knew that things would be fine no matter what way the pendulum swung. In all reality she just wanted to see her brother. They had not seperated since that day in the deep woods, with miss spider, and Zephyr was beginning to miss Vincent deeply. Glancing over her shoulder her brow quirked a bit at Miss Blue. "You're not coming with us?" Zephyr frowned, before responding to the monk who had accepted the change of clothes much in the way that Zephyr had. Zephyr's bag hit her leg, and the sound of the gold discs jangled in the confines of the leather satchel. An idea popped into her head and she flashed the monk a smile. "Miss Blue said that they were going to sell him. Maybe we just buy him. Obviously these wonderful people just need the money, and I have no use for it. The Maker has provided everything, so let them have the money. That way, we all win." She grinned and dug into her bag, fingers fishing around for the coins that had collected at the bottom and procured a fist full of the gold."I have..." She counted, and recounted once more to be sure. "Fourty-Seven gold pieces. That should be plenty." With that, she dropped the gold back in her satchel and strung the sash over her shoulder, and marched right into camp like she belonged there. Lady blue had said that he would be toward the back of the camp, and luckily the monk knew exactly where, as he had already laid eyes on him. "Let's go see Vincent."

Arzagoth Shadowhand05/13/2019
Taking the lead, Arzagoth motioned for Zephyr to follow him towards the slave stocks. Given the time of morning, despite the blackness, those waking simply mumbled as they made their own way to their destinations. He would mix in with the crowd as he made his way to the pens. As he neared closer, he saw the Shrub talking to someone that he appeared to know. He stopped briefly to allow Zephyr to catch up. When she did, he leaned his head to her amd asked quietly "It would seem that yoir brother knows that man. I can tell from here that he's not the hellscum that took him. Do you know that man, as well?" he then looked around to watch the slowly rising activity in the camp. It appeared that the workers were starting to set up for the auction. Time was running out for them to rescue the Shrub. (e)

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Anaya "The Night"05/14/2019
"No I wont go with you, I will get in the way and people will get hurt if I am around, if you need me scream and I will come to help you but I am to strong for here, and, there are people here I want to hurt, I won't be able to control my emothions. Go a head he soukd be held were I told you to go, get going and remember scream if I am needed." The narfaul ghoul slunk into the bushes and with her power it was like she vanished, really she was right there but she touched there minds so she was invisible to them, to them and anyone else around.

Arzagoth Shadowhand05/15/2019
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Sanskrit MacGeee05/17/2019
Balore and Seth sighed looking at Vincent whom was having the time of their lives. Balore didn't understand, while Seth did. "Look, Stump." Seth said. "We get it. You want to make friends. But think about the maker. Think about what they want for you? Did the maker MAKE you get in this cage? No. They didn't. This is not your path. We are your friends, yes, but even friends must stray from each other's destiny once in a while. Please, Redwood. Listen to us." Seth pleaded. "Kill you or not, these men don't have your best interests at heart. The maker does. You being sold and kept as a pet isn't your destiny!" Balore watched his friend talk with a smile, before looking up at the mountain, knowing Tai was still there.

"Gilda?" He said, turning his head toward the figure in the crowd, and adjusting his scope, before spotting her. Yet, as his eyes locked on to the figure, she was gone, ina see of faces. He shook this off, and sighed to himself, before looking back at his friends, still trying to reason with the Shrub.

Anaya "The Night"05/17/2019
The woman appeared agein as she gave a beckoning hand call to the man looking in the scope, she had a beautiful purple dress on that lossly clung to her body swaying in the wind. She walked right  behind seth (seth sees nothing ) and then turned to simply stand looking at Tai with a smile and that same beconing hand wave. (Note I am not in order I am just putting things in were needed)

-He could see that his plan was just causing his friends grief. Before they had asked him for food, gold, and weapons, now they were asking him for everything. He would conceed, he could start over. He pointed to the glowing plants he had been anding to children and scattering around. "Okay, hold that plant up to the bars." He said. It was a frail host, but it was a host outside the cage. "Okay, stick your hand through the bars, with the pant." He had waited for one to do so, and when they did his host went still. In whosever hand the glowing plant was, they would feel it move gently, and little voice say.- "Let's go." He had no weapons and was very, very small. A weak and very nearly powerless host, but a host outside of the cage. The delicate roots of the tiny plant twisted onto themselves into eight super thin little legs, and the body twisted down into a shape very like spider's. Said glowing spider crawled up the extended arm, through the bars of the cage without touching the magical metal, and onto the shoulder of whomever had held out the plant. Vincent, whose green eyes were so small they blended with eight faux eyes, looked at Balore. The mandibles quivvered as he smiled. Still very much a plant, the likeness to a tiny spider was uncanny. Vincent was no more than an inch in size in any direction.-

Zephyr did indeed follow but with eyes wide with wonder as she passed by the various tents, people and cages. When the monk stopped her, she glanced toward the pens he mentioned, and her face lit up. "Balore! It's Balore. Oh I thought we'd never see them again! See, Monk! Everything is going to be fine. No frets at all." She shouldered her way to the pen excitedly, passing by the monk and waved down the group of friends. "Balore! Seth! Oh it's so good to see you. I'm so happy Vincent was in good company." She noticed that Vincent's presence was gone from the sapling, and instead a little glowing mushroom moved and morphed itself into a spider. "Vincent! You're so tiny." She paused and peered close to the little mushroom-spider, narrowing her eyes at it before flashing him a smile. "The Maker is good. But what do we do about your tree body?" She asked, jutting a thumb toward the spriggon in the cage. She glanced back toward the monk then. "Oh! And I made a new friend! This is.... Um, well." She paused awkwardly. "I don't think I actually got his name, but he's a nice guy." Zephyr grinned. "And this here is my brother. Vincent." She held out her hand for him, upturned palm if he wanted to climb onto it. "And these are our friends, Balore and Seth and..." She stopped mid word and looked around curiously. "Where is Tai?"

Arzagoth Shadowhand05/18/2019
he would walk up to the man Zephyr had identified as Balore. He then bowed in the Verdaenii manner, planting both fists together then placing the left fist upturned over the right palm as he bowed. He then extended his right hand to Balore in the more common greeting of a handshake "Friend of Zephyr, i am Arzagoth Shadowhand of the Verdaenii Order of Monks. I had hoped the Gods were indeed looking out for Zephyr's brother...* he then looked to the sapling he last saw at the church in Scolf then here just last night. Just then, he heard Zephyr talk to a little spider in Balore's hand. The wonders of the world outside of the Monastery never cease to amaze the Monk. He would chuckle a bit before he said* "I've seen some small shrubs at the Monastery...but you, must be the smallest shrub in history!" he then began to pat the clothes and gear that  the Slaver who discarded them in search of a key to the cage, in hopes that they can extract Vincent's previous shell before they all run off.  He let out a huff, dissapointed that the particular Slaver that his attire came from didn't have his key on him. Shrugging, he said. "Well, so much for that idea...Balore, right? What's the plan from this point?"

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Sanskrit MacGeee05/19/2019
Seth smiled as he took the shrub in his hand, hearing the small voice come from him.  "Thank you my friend. We will make this up to you. I promise." Then, Balore with horror in his eyes, heard the sound of Zephyr, practically screaming across a bandit camp that they knew each other. He tried to shush her, before the Monk came up to him, and Seth, also screaming about the shrub. "Please! Friends!" He whipsered. "Be quiet!" He then motioned toward the gates. "We need to get out of here." He said calmly. "Keep blending in. We are close to getting out of here. Please say nothing until we reunite with Tai." He then looked to Zeph with a smile. "He is watching over us. He has been all night." Then, Balore took Vincent from Seth, and looked to Arza. "We can meet formally, once we have gotten out of here. If they find us, we will all end up in a cage." He then began to walk nonchalantly to the entrance, where the two guards greeted Balore and Seth. "Hey guys!" Said one of the guards. Seth nodded, then looked to Balore. Balore smirked, hoping Zeph, and Arzagoth were following him. "Got a few slaves I'm taking on a hunt with me. Need someone to help me carry all my hide." The guards laughed. "Alright! Have fun!" Balore and Seth, along with vince, walked straight out of the camp, and back toward the hill where Tai was. Looking behind him to see if his friends were following, Balore gave a nod to them, once out of sight from the guards. "Easy peasy. Good thinking, Weeping Willow!" Seth said to Vincent, who was in Balore's hand.
Tai ignored the beckons of his mate. He knew that she was dead, and he was not about to go venture for a dead woman, no matter how much he missed her. What was dead was dead. Tai knew that. Which is why he had been taking it so hard. She wasn't really there. He knew that. As much as he wanted to see, he noticed his freinds leaving through the scopes, and knew that his misson of keeping watch was over. Soon, they would all be reunited, and on their way to making the world a better place.

The escape was a success and soon they were joined by friends. Balore took him, then Zephyr did, and it was from Zephyr's shoulders that we waveda pair of arms in greeting to the monk. "please to meet you, Azargoth Shadowhand of the Verdaenii Monks!" He smiled in his little mushroom form. A little nature would do him good right about now and he could pick a better host. For now, the webbed form of Zephyr provided nearly the perfect climbing platform for his current shape, and he rested easily on her as the group moved. "Find me a good door, or chest, or something to inhabit." -He said to his sister._ "Did you guys ever find anything out about the blue lady? From what I can tell that demon guy was not very nice, and Alore..." -he looked a the man.- "and Seth." A glance went over Seth as well as he said the man's name.- "Both seem to agree with that."

"Oh!" She rasped in a hoarse whisper. Drawing her fingers over her pressed lips, like she was sealing them closed, she glanced at Balore and Seth apologetically. With a sentient mushroom, disguised as a tiny spider on her shoulder, she followed after the two friends sure that the monk was also keeping pace, and kept looking back trying to find the slaves that Balore alluded to. It never really dawned on her that they were the supposed slaves. In any case, there wasn't any trouble leaving, likely due to the fact that she and the monk were both also dressed similarly to that of Balore and Seth. After they had left the encampment, Zephyr kept her eyes open for that of Miss Blue. She didn't know where she may have slipped off to. "We'll find something suitable. Soon." Zephyr promised, her voice still quiet. "Miss Blue is being hunted. The slaver wants to get money for her... I assume much in the same way he wanted to do with your sapling body. But I think his intent for her is much worse. She said that they wanted to kill her." Zephyr glanced at Vincent's little form, her expression saddled with sadness."It seems the only way to ensure she is safe... To ensure the rat folk are safe, is to defeat and kill the slaver. But I'm not sure how to do that. We need to get you a better, sturdier form first."
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Anaya "The Night"05/22/2019
it was silent as she looked at them, her large black eyes shifting as the woman talked to her and spoke of things like killing and safety, this world was not safe, it never had been and now things were just more looking the part seeing the sun was gone. Everything was black and now the sky just fit the rest of the world that already was. “you both need to leave” she said with a sad but sweet smile on her face, it was bitter sweet everything that was coming to pass as she moved foreword and reached a hand out to Balors face. “the leviathan has told me to do this, i cant ignore his words” (mental manipulation active)  “take them all and leave this place, leave and walk till you can no longer do so, keep them in a tight grip, do not let them break free from your grasp, and keep walking” she moved and smiled to the man as his eyes went a white shade of silver and he grabbed onto the girl and the little man in his hand far to weak to break free and he just started walking away with them.
Zepher screamed and cryed not wanting to go but the large brut of a man was to strong to beat against, she was helpless and gave into this demand believing hole
heatedly it was the makers way, within a miniet or so they were gone into the tree line and out of view.
Then Blues eyes turned to the monk that had done so fell so far “you have done well in this world, you rescued a friend,  here” she moved foreword and her hand touched his own he felt a shock in his body like a little power was flushing into his system (you gain 1200 exp) and in the centre of his open hand was a olden apple, a gift from her and from the gods above that had placed here here to guide them “your friends have made there choices to leave you, but that is not the end of your story if you do not want it to be, take this gift and walk to the tent that is behind the auction stand, no one will see you, there is loot and goods there and a man that you must fine, the gods whisper in my ear that he has fur and is lost, lead him away from here monk, walk with him and become a team as you fight stronger together then you can alone, this world is dark and there hold many monsters here you must fight along with them or you will walk into the darkness as the others have and never walk out”
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Arzagoth Shadowhand05/22/2019
He would hear Lady Blue's words as he looked into the pools of blackness that were her eyes. After hearing what she had to say, he accepted the apple she had handed him, placing it in his backpack. Only one concern, since Zephyr had been reunited with her brother, weighed on his mind. What of Lady Blue's safety...she was still a hunted person. Lowering his gaze to her, he had spoke "What of you, Blue? You are still hunted...this does not sit well with me. You should come with us, this other monk you mentioned, and i." with that said in hopes that she would follow the thought of reason in his words, he made for the auctioneer's tent that she described, looking for the other monk.

Anaya "The Night"05/22/2019
She nodded she was fine with going with them and really it would not be a bad idea to watch over them. "It is alright I will go with you, I am hunted yes but my power is not weak and I can distort how others see the world around them. But let's go find that other one that the leviathan whispers about. " she walked out and over to the tent that the other being was in, she along with Arzagoth sliped into the tent "I know someone is here" she whispered as she turned her face to look around spoting the boy that stood there doing inventory "yes I am here can I help you" the thin boy looked puzzled "are you here for the auction. Have not seen your kind before" he muttered as she gave a smile and simply stood there. "Just wanting to go over the stock is all, and looming for one with fur and a broken ear have you seen one Such as that. The gods whisper that they are around"

Master of the 'Night'05/06/2019
It was as the sun rose on the new day that Krak'Ard sighed out, lazily shifting his head to the side to try and stop what little light shone from being directly in his eyes. He tried shifting his legs again only to be reminded they were chained down fairly tightly, shifting the rest of his body to try and gain any comfort he could as he looked up along the pole he was attached to at the moment. He rolled his eyes as they got a little more accustomed to the rising sun and looked around the camp once more, noticing a lack of men as most had probably turned in and were still asleep save for the number of guards. He stared at them forr a while before looking back at the ground and remembering clearly what had brought him to this point, the betrayal of the team on that quest filled him with anger as he growled extremely quietly before stopping, the battle on both sides in his mind as men of Caliga had led them into a trap. What was supposed to be a rescue and aid mission for a village quite a ways away turned into a disaster. The loss of the sun caused a moments grief that had been taken advantage on the few in the group, and it bothered Krak'Ard greatly he knew not the fates of his friends. He know the bard, Sarah, had not made it, having came conscious to her corpse days prior before they moved it out. He was only so lucky they were trying to starve him out without knowing how well suited he was to a game of waiting, but knew the patience of thieves and bandits were not too great, but he was also only still there as he was too distraught and lost without his master, the only one to keep him safe and on the path that prevented him from being hunted down before. He slowly looked up towards the eclipsed sun, curious as to what had gone so wrong to cause that.

Anaya "The Night"05/06/2019
A steel cup hit the grounf to the males feet as a drunk guards man tumbled out of a near tent a whore under his arm. Water or maybe ale splashed from the cup quickly sinking into the ground as the man loudly laughed looking at the Male chained to a post. "Stupid animal, thought you could fucken get away, all ya friends are dead, ya woman, dead, ya boat and horses dead, ya fucking mother dead hahahaha and ya gona die on a stick like any good pest sould, roasted and seasoned, on a stick, like boar or pork." Saliva driped from his partly gaped mouth as he pulled over his qhore to give her a sloppy kiss. She did not seem to care, in fact it looked like she was on something with a glazed over look in her eyes and a bit of a droopy lip,maybe drugs, or strong ale, something was clearly a miss with the sloppy, half naked, triping over her own feet kind of whore that was on this mans arm. He moved forword a step almost topleing over but standing back up "you can keep me cup as a reminder of my greatness, then I can fuck my whore I did not even pay for, who woda  thought eh pup" he muttered more as he paused to see if he could think of anything smart to say in his drunken stupor.

Master of the 'Night'05/06/2019
He looked down slowly from the eclipsed sun to gaze upon the steel cup landing on the ground by his feet, some fluid splashing out and quickly absorbing into the into the soil. He looked up towards towards the bandit  that was emerging his tent with a slightly open mouth, drool pouring out from the fools mouth as the gloss eyed woman hung in his arms, clearly very out of it with some kind of substance abuse. Watching him trip over himself as he spoke to him, the gnoll only half paying attention "A cup as a reminder to yourself? I'll remember to piss in it to show how much I care for your words. You don't have the brains to come over here and say it to my face without having trouble."

Anaya "The Night"05/08/2019
The drunken man stumbled another step forword, the woman toppled from his arms as she fell to her knees on the ground, she looked over to the chained man at the post as she looked as if looking right threw him, as if he was not even there and she was just dozing off into nothingness. Her finger moved to the dirt as she wall joy even looking down, was righting something in the soil. The drunk man steoed forword agein as he came face to face with the chained brute. He spat a little as he spoke, dappled of the mans left over ale spattering on the gnolls face. "So what did ya do to end up here, chained to dis post, filthy dog needed to be chained outside, sould learn not to pee on masters floor" he laughed a little as he stood his ground, not a care in the world as ale did a very good job at blinding you of what could hurt you.

Master of the 'Night'05/08/2019
The fat tattooed hyenas face didnt change expression as the drunken man stumbled forth towards where he was chained up. His eyes flicked to the woman for a few seconds as she fell to the ground, displeased with how she stirred on the ground seemingly passing out to rest. He turned his gaze back towards the drunk man as he got right up to his furry face, unflinching as some of the mans spit landed on his face and chest as he spoke, the heavy stench of booze and filth washing over his face. He needed to get him to admit to anything. "I did what I was sent to do. Seemingly everyone had different instructions. Now tell me, have you killed innocent people before, or attacked any from my party?"

Anaya "The Night"05/09/2019
the drunk man stumbled a little as the gnoll blabbered but then asked questions. "innocent people, no, never, they all had done things to deserve it, all men to, men are be for killing woman be for fucken and baby making, and babies be treasured or something by some"  he snorted a little as drool dripped down his chest and he moved to pick up that metal cup he had tossed earlier. the girl on her knees still looking off into space finished her little doodle in the ground. the words Help Me clear in the dirt as she thumped over into the dirt her glazed over gray eyes closing as she  lay there on the ground. the drunk man turned around looking at his whore as he could not help but laugh "yup, woman be for fucken, they not much better for much else anyway, fucking and bitching. but we need them for they need us" he said still standing in the same spot but clearly he was thinking of moveing back to that tent.

Master of the 'Night'05/09/2019
The gnolls eyes didn't leave the stumbling while he spoke, posing his questions, before the drunken human replied. His ears flicked as he tried to defend his actions towards others, going as far as to say men are for killing and women are for little more than fucking. Not taking a word of the drunk mans words to heart, he didn't flinch as the man drooled upon himself before bending down to grab the mug he had tossed by the gnolls feet earlier. He glanced back up towards the woman now that he had a better view. The gnoll sighed heavily, his ears flicking as the man began speaking again more distasteful words of his. He  took in a deep breath and spoke very clearly in two languages. "Fowru yaowpuru sepusepaetcateeetde caruitmaetse pupaowno teehowet itnonoowcaetnotee owfi teehowet liarnode, winitteehow teehowet paowwinetru nolruarnoteeetde pupaowno maet i sehowarlili calietarnoseet yaowpu winitteehow searcaruetde fiitruet, druarnolownose clietarnoseitnonol bruetarteehow. Now be cleansed." He said as he took in a very deep breath, his throat and mouth glowing as the gnoll suddenly began to exhale a , 15 foot cone of fire directly over the bandit before him. Keeping his eyes on him, the gnoll would only stop should he run out of breath, or the man leaves his range of firebreathing. (The flame targets one creature within 15 feet of you, and you must succeed at a ranged touch attack to affect the target [Only adds size AC, DEX Mod. and Deflection bonus if any]. If you succeed, the target takes 5d8 points of fire damage. Combustible objects may be ignited—attended or magic items must make saving throws or burst into flames.

1/5 used for day)

Anaya "The Night"05/10/2019
(I dont need to roll you hit lol) the man screaming as the flames hit him tryednaimlessly to coil backwards out of the range of the fire. It was hopeless as the very quickly charred man flopped to the ground without another word and only the crackling of burning flesh. The womans eyes moved as she watched the flames flicker and the sounds in the distance made her sit up. "The auction will start soon, you will be sold to highest buyer" her voice was so empty sounding as she sat there looking at the gnoll and the man she spent the night with who was now handed bubbling and popping lump on the ground. "Can you get free"

Master of the 'Night'05/10/2019
The gnoll looked to the right once he had finished expelling hot flames from his lungs, spitting black saliva out onto the ground. He cleared his throat briefly as he heard the woman speak, amazed at how fast she seemed to be recovering from whatever ailed her at first, but didnt bother to question it now. He sighed, the stench of burning failure filling the air as he heard and understood what she said. "What does it matter, those I cared most for are likely dead, I'd return a disgrace and without them I cannot return anyways. . .But yes, I can easily get free of these binds."

Anaya "The Night"05/12/2019
The woman would stand up from her spot l, a light shimmer to her human skin "take me with you, I do not want to be here anymore" her glassy gray almost.koon like eyes looking at him as she stood there dressed only in thin fabrics leaving little to the imagination. She did not have much more to say and she still seemed to be looking threw the gnoll not at the gnoll, was she even in there at all, was she still on drugs and just talking what she did not want, did she even know were she was or who she was talking to, she still seemed absent but her voice was clear and crisp. She walked up to the gnoll as she steoed around the burning husk of what was once a man, now just a pile of smoking charred corpse. "Let's leave and run, take me with you"

Master of the 'Night'05/12/2019
The gnoll would squint his eyes a little as he focused on the woman standing up. Mere seconds ago she could barely hold herself up with the drunk, and seemed to be getting herself together too quick for the gnolls liking. His ears flicked as she spoke, almost as if to signal he was playing close attention should he find any discrepancies within her voice or her words. He noticed that her eyes were still glassed over, potentially from various substances, and the fact that she only wore rags and thin fabrics that showed off her body more than just modestly. He shifted  some as he looked around, feeling like there may be another in the area before looking back at her and trying to figure out if she was playing him or not. He watched her approach as her eyes didnt seem to shift much, and effortlessly moving around the smoldering, charred corpse of the bandit. He looked at her, not trusting how this was going so far and sighed, before speaking. "Leave and run? Pray tell, were would we run to? And for what purpose?" He asked, wanting to fish for any indirect answers without straight up asking about the things on his mind. Should she be faking it and only playing victim, he wanted to see what he could learn.

Anaya "The Night"05/14/2019
the woman took another step closer, she was almost touching the gnolls chest as she looked up at him with her glazed over silver moon like hues. "freedom, we can run away to freedom, a life no longer in chain for you, and for i, free me from the chains and i will run along side you" her words seemed so needy and her heart was in them, but her voice was possibly on drugs so she did not sound all there at the same time,  she turned her head to look behind her seeing the occasional man or traveller going past and not seeming to care or pay mind to the shady or violent things that happened at a slavers camp, it was a very keep your eyes down kind of place, eyes on the ground and no one will kill you for looking. the woman then looked back at the gnoll "they will come to get you soon and i will have to leave, make your choice please and we can run away from this dreaded place. "

Master of the 'Night'05/14/2019
He looked down to her and listened, a little unnerved by her gaze with the silvermoon like hues, hearing the urgency and feeling she was putting into them. But, how true could the words of one be when so filled with various substances, and how much will change in time. The tone of her voice and the way she spoke aided in this thought, the gnoll looking outward and finding it odd himself, that a few would walk by with merely a glance, this close to a slaver camp during the time when the sun was blacked out. "They will come and they will be disappointed, for I have merely sunk, but I have not been broken. Are there no others to save in this camp?" He asked, finding it extremely hard to believe they would have so few, and assumed they kept them spread out to avoid the risk of plans being made. He sighed again, something stirring within him as he looked around and took in the immediate area, and listening to anything that could be heard

Anaya "The Night"05/14/2019
She moved closer her hands touching his chest as she was almost begging at this point "I want no other, only the largest and strongest to save me, you make your choice" she leaned down takeing a small blade from her heeled boot, it was thin like a needle and she moved and placed it softly in his hand "pick the lock and come with me or they will sell you on stone later with gas to keep you numb and manageable. I will set up camp meet me there or go your own way, choice is yours" she then gave a weak almost half assed smile and turned around running but almost falling over into the bushes .

Master of the 'Night'05/14/2019
He scowled as the woman touched his chest, his slow breaths slowly shifting his chest. "So your a damsel in distress now? Hey, get back here and take your knife back." He growled at her, shifting himself a little as the crescent moon tattoo upon his arm glowed as he suddenly vanished from the material plane. (Ethereal Jaunt, 1/5 used) From within the plane of the immaterial, he could see around in hues of gray, white and black, the world distorted and foggy up to around 60ft. He floated forward, bringing his arms forward as he rubbed his wrists, sore from the chains as he floated to stand a foot in front of the pole he was tied to before popping back to the material plane "Take your knife back. You need it more than I ma'am." he said, holding out his hand, blade sitting upon his palm and paw pads as he was offering her the knife back

Master of the 'Night'05/15/2019
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Anaya "The Night"05/15/2019
As the gnoll vanished he reformed right in front of the woman wall she was running, she ran face first into his belly and chest and eyes spinning fell to the ground, for a moment her eyes sounded around going a normal shade of green before that silver.moon eyed glow came back as if takeing back over before it got its senses a little frazzled from the jolt. "Oh you did come with me" she said in a both groggy yet happy tone as she tryed to stand but only.tumbled and fell back on her backside in the dirt "we must go now or they will find us" she muttered as she looked up at him her silver moon like orbs glowing as she spoke "will you still help me?" She held up a hand wondering if he would be so kind to help her frail little body up from the dirt.

Master of the 'Night'05/16/2019
He stood his ground, his body size easily bouncing the small woman off of his gut as she fell back spinning to the ground. He tilted his head the slightest amount as he saw her eyes go green for a little bit before returning to their silver moon glow which came across as weird to him, he's never seen drugs do that to a person. He listened to her quickly before starting to reply, as he leaned forward a bit to offer her the hand up she was expecting, still finding her too together to be under any drug he knew of. "Maybe, but I am not leaving right away. I have to collect a few things first before we go, as should you. And I feel like theres something your not saying..."

Anaya "The Night"05/16/2019
"I have nothing for I am just a whore, we own nothing at all, i use what the house i belonged to provided, but, I dont remember were that is, I need nothing but freedom" as she took his hand and he helped her up, she got up alright her head and mind still a bit fuzzy.  She looked around as they were now far enough away from the slavers camp so there own camp could be set up "I can set up camp for you to come back to, wall you are gone, then we can run away together"

Anaya "The Night"05/16/2019
She moved and started to pick up some wood from the ground, she was still a little wobbly and her hands and legs were shakeing slightly but she was still makeing due and picking up.

Anaya "The Night"05/17/2019
Some men are setting up a large stand at the main stage, there is a hitching post and a large cage tie with some chains and rope, the chains glow a light blue as does the rope, there is a podium and a book with a black cover placed a top it.

Master of the 'Night'05/20/2019
He sighed and looked around, knowing full well that this was a terrible place to even remotely set up a camp, just barely out of site of the slavers area. He looked back down to her and spoke what his current plan was "Right. . . If you want, just stay silent and out of sight" He sighed as he watched her moving to grap some wood, her body weak and wobbly potentially from whatever is supposedly in her system still. "Something tells me I might things of use to us, but stay here and don't get caught." He said as he began walking around bushes and towards the tents in the distance. He knew he was too large to even begin bothering a stealthy approach, but one thing he could do was at least approach the camp from a different angle. As he began approaching, he would focus fully on whether anyone spotted him, often spotted by one of them stopping their movement for either a double take or to focus on the large figure approaching. Before they could, he would merely ethereal jaunt (2/5 used) to shift to the immaterial plane of existance and merely float the rest of the way to the auction tent. Using his form as such, he could only see around 60ft away in a black and white smoky vision (Sorta like Frodo/Bilbo with the ring ) and abusing this with his natural darkvision to peek through crates and such to investigate everything they had packed away inside. On his way inside, he would take note of the slaves and beasts for auction outside, as well as the guards in the area after the setup was done to see what kind of windows he would have to move with.

Anaya "The Night"05/20/2019
As he looked around he spoted that there was about 4 large crates and 3 smaller ones, in the first large crate was commen supply's and dryed foods, there was simple weapons, some  items and nothing really being of great value. The second large crate held one item, a tea pot and two cups all wrapped up in hay and straw and there was a magical lock on that crate to prevent unwanted opening. On the next large crate was magical weapons and items, things not super rare but just rare enough to hold a good amount of value, axes, hammers, blades of all lengths, and then items, pendants, a odd shaped bottle, and some rings, jewelry and nice colored boxs. Then the other grates held murnane items and one of the small crates like that did large one there was just one thing, a large dog collar with spikes all around it, and just like the other crate it was magicly locked. Then the sound of foot steps would interrupt the gnolls searching "hey brother you got the keys right, we got to bring the boxs up to the stage and things, it is getting later in the day cant go on like this all day, get in here cheak out the goods make sure everything is set up rights" then he walked in looked in the tent then reached his arm back grabbing a stick of a man and pulling him into the tent and shuting the flap. The small thin shakeing man held the keys in his fingers. "Ya brother will do" he said with a stutter as he walked over to the side table to pull out the log book to go over there property.

Anaya "The Night"05/22/2019
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Anaya "The Night"05/22/2019
(Lady blue and goth have entered this tent post of Such is in other thread))

Anaya "The Night"05/23/2019
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Master of the 'Night'05/23/2019
The gnoll winced as he moved in behind the man in the auctions tent doing stock, shaking a little as his time in the Ethereal plane grew thin for this use. His ears flicked as he heard more entering the tent, pausing and holding on for as long as he can to wait it out and wait for them to leave. He groaned as he listened to them speak, simple small talk and a waste of time. It was when she began describing him that he sighed and released the ability. Within a moments notice, the gnoll suddenly shifted back into the material plane, standing tall and silently behind the stock boy as he looked up to 'Blue', his eyes shifting to the other monk before looking to the side. In that instant, he had felt some shame for having been captured and lost his group, but also wondering why another monk from the monastery was present. He silently waited for answers, giving a small nod to the monk to acknowledge his arrival

Anaya "The Night"05/23/2019
As the gnoll Formed the woman reached forword a blue skinned hand reaching out as small tentical sucker covered fingers touched the bear skin if the stock boys face. She whispered some words under her breath as the stock boy shrugged and moved back to sit beside a crate and jot down notes as if no one was there. "The gods never lead us a stray, simply needed to find you, now I am guessing you are here to grab some wall the picking is good" she snickered as she eyed that stock boy a moment "he will see nothing unless he is touched, he has keys on his hip for the larger crates, if you want to grab some goods do so before anyone else shows up in this tent"

Arzagoth Shadowhand05/24/2019
As he witnessed Blue affecting the mind of the stock boy, Arzagoth listened to her instructions on not touching the boy as he moved around the tent. Though he did want to peruse the larger crates, that would involve touching the boy and breaking the spell. So, with a sigh, he stepped over to the somewhat smaller crates on the opposite side of the tent. Looking among them, he spotted a moderate sized crate, roughly three feet long, two feet wide, and a foot and a half deep that looked promising, due to a large label that read, "Afternoon Auction - Handle with care!". Carefully, he pried open the lid to see why it was labeled "Handle with care!" and if there was anything of use, such as weapons, tools, armor, and various consumabe items within the crate. "Hhmmm, let's see what we have in here. Let's hope that we can use this stuff."

Master of the 'Night'05/26/2019
The gnoll watched curiously, stepping aside as the stock boy moved to go and sit himself back down, taking notes and seemingly ignoring the three others present in the room. His gaze quickly turned back to the blue woman, eyes glaring at the suspicious figure who was seemingly aiding them before turning to look upon the other monk. "I have already gone through all the crates, if there is something specific you are seeking, I can aid you in finding it." He points over towards the first large crate "Supplies, dried foods and basic gear. Marketplace stuff." He turned to face the second large crate. "Surprisingly just a teapot and two cups in that one. The next one seemed to have standard gear, but some of it was glowing so, assuming magical and better quality gear, as well as an odd shaped bottle and some rings.  Those all have normal looking gear you can get from any trader. That other large one has a spiked collar in it, seemingly for a dog. The ones on the left I haven't gone through as of yet. They took all my stuff, so I am only seeking to grab something, and perhaps something for the woman I saved from a bandit this morning hehe."

Anaya "The Night"05/26/2019
The draconian monk opened the crate that had food in it, unlocked and easy to open it was standard food items canned and bottled for storage. Water jugs, pickles, dryed meats, eggs boiled and pickled and some other grains, rice and dryed food, easy things to pack up and take wherever you were going to go.
Lady blue watched them as her black fish like shark eyes looked at them both, looking at the gnoll that was glaring her down, it was fair not many were trust worthy if his kind at least what she knew from books and the papers down in the rat town. "Just grab things or do what you are going to do then we need to leave here unless you want to stay for the auction witch you can do, it will be tricky but you can do it." She muttered the last part hopeing they would not hear that they could stay for that sort of thing. They could pass off as slavers and buy things like everyone else, it was shady but it could be done. She took her hood from her cloak and fixed it on her head so no tenticals would pop out to show off what she was, blue skin was enough to have them see this new one did not see the rest.

Arzagoth Shadowhand05/28/2019
He would place a few of the bottles of water, the dried meats, and a few pouches of dried fruit into his backpack, then turned to the gnoll. The moment his eyes met the gnoll's, a look of recognition spread across his face almost as fast as the smile that followed. He then bowed in the Verdaenii manner and said "Master Krak'Ard, it is so good to see you again! We...i mean, I have wondered what happened to you after you left the Monastery. he then moved to the third crate he mentioned and plucked up a few rings, the odd shaped jar, and a set of studded bracers, as well as a set of nunchaku and a pair of Kama, tucking the bracers into his pack and tucking the weapons into his belt. "That should...hang on...okay, now we're set. Lady Blue, Master Krak'ard, we should get going here very soon. I want to leave this place behind as expeditiously as possible! After tucking two bags of rice into his pack,he then began to lead Lady Blue out of the tent, hoping Master Krak'Ard would join in their journey.

Master of the 'Night'05/28/2019
He turned back to look at the blue one as she pulled her hood back up, trying to figure out why one of the leviathans followers was here and what her goal was to aid them currently, his ears flicking as she spoke her mind about what to do. He nodded, and replied, "I'll create a distraction for when you both are set to leave, but as for me. I don't think the slavers and bandits need such nice things after stealing and trying to sell me." He said, looking over to the oblivious stock boy taking counts before looking over towards the dragonborn and chuckled. "Just noticed me? It is good to see you again Novice Arzagoth. . . Are you still a Novice? I am afraid I am not up to date of those training within the order. Our mission went quite south I'm afraid, and I was unable to return with the Archimandrite I set out with.  Err, rather we can discuss this later. Pray, do look away for me for a minute, you also don't hear anything." He said, his malicious gnoll nature showing over his monks values as he cracked his knuckles and moved towards the stock boy, blissfully unaware and un prepared as the gnoll suddenly released a stunning fist, his fist massive compared to the small humans body as the monk rapidly struck his hard in the upper chest, following through with held back and nonlethal strikes one after the other, his goal to try and knock him unconscious and hide him behind some crates without killing the boy. Whether successful or not, he would move closer to look, and if he was, he would remove the boys keys. The gnolls goal were to get at the locked away magical items figuring they were safer in his hands than the potential buyers of slavers.

Anaya "The Night"05/29/2019
Lady blue watched the gnoll closely and after he talked and started to walk towards the kid she held out a hand to say something was to late, she watched the stock boy topple to the ground and get tucked away behind a crate. She stood there her tenticals arm out of her robe as she gave a light snicker, sould have killed him to send the poor human home to the deep she thought to herself as she walked past the gnoll after he had shoved the boy behind a crate and taken the keys, she leaned down as her one tenticals hand touched the boy. "Go home to the deep little one you have done wrong and the deep will not be kind to you, but we will do right by it and you will get what you deserve" her  hand moved to his head as there was the slight sound if a snap then he stopped breathing. (Mental disconnect, upon physical head contact the caster can send a pyonic pulse into the brain of a opponent causing loss of brain function and death. Will save of over 12 negates unless unconscious) she softly gave a smile and moved her fingers to shut his eyes, and then walked from behind the crate and looked to both monks and then going to Arzagoth. She would not let him touch her skin but she walked beside him out of the tent, waiting for that distraction so they could bolt for the tree line.

Arzagoth Shadowhand05/30/2019
As he looked outside the tent, Arzagoth  spotted what looked like bottles and barrels on a cart. At that moment, an idea occured to him. He went to the cart and grabbed a couple crates with about six bottles each, the alcohol level of these in the 75% by volume range. Turning to Master Krak'Ard, he had first answered the old master's question by showing him the Journeyman's tattoo on his right arm then asked "Seventy-five percent alcohol...Master Krak'Ard, these should burn pretty good, Yes? I mean, you are the brewmaster, after all!" he then uncorked the bottles, tore strips of fabric from the dead boy's tunic, splashed a little of the liquor on the strips, stuffed them into the bottle necks, then, after grabbing a nearby torch, began lighting the ragged bottles and throwing them in various directions, hopefully lighting other tents on fire, with exceptiin to the last bottle. He wanted to save that for the booze cart, provided the brewmaster got what he wanted off the cart. "That look like enough of a distraction, Lady Blue?"

Anaya "The Night"05/31/2019
@Master of the 'Night'

Master of the 'Night'06/02/2019
". . . Madame. . . He was unconscious and not a threat." He sighed out as he turned to Arzagoth as he exited the tent and briefly returned carrying two crates of alchohol. He nodded to both the showing of his journeyman tattoo and starting to create the molotov cocktails. He moved to unlock the 2 locked crates to relieve the bandits of the collar, whitch he attaches to his belt, and the tea set that he carefully places in a packsack with a bunch of hay for padding to try and keep it safe. "You both will run further back and towards the right. Pick up the drugged woman I rescued on your escape. I am the fastest of us all and can easily spread the distraction far apart to draw most of their attention away."

Anaya "The Night"06/02/2019
When the gnoll spoke lady blue turned her shark eyes towards him, they were so empty and black but she did not seem on the outside to be a void of feeling or even evil in anyway. She gave him a nod understanding his words and she spoke in Dutch a stirn yet simple tone "given the chance all must return to the leviathans waves, it is my job as one of his first born to give them all such a thing"  she had simply killed the boy, a boy no older then his teenage years, killed as he lay sleeping, he surely had a family someplace a life to live but no, she had snuffed it out for what, the good of a evil God only wanting death and torment. Lady blue looked so sweet and innocent as well but her eyes did give that uneasy sway to others when they looked to long into the darkness, the deep looked right on back threw her. She then was gone from the tent watching the distraction the other monk had made "um yes that will do" she watched many running to the sorces of the fires, tents up in a blaze as the wind helped spread it lighting up the darkness a little bit more.
(Only good ears can hear such things threw the screaming of people due to the fire)
In the distance the sounds of animal screeching and cage bars shaking as from behind the auction stage smashed a cage topleing over as the slamming if metal on metal rung out. The screeching was loud but mashed into the crys of people wanting to put out the blaze. And in the screeching was the sound of gears turning and clicking, mashed together with the faint crys crys of a dragon and the barking of what sounded like a dog.
(Inside krackards mind when he touched the tea pot, if you can feel life energy you feel not one but 2 souls within the tea pot and one of the cups, the other one that has a chip in it has no life force in it)
"Thank you for saving my sister and I, we will do good for you, would you like some tea once we rest." A mail voice spoke within him as the tea pot vibrated slightly in his paws "yes my brother makes amazing tea, may even make you a little drunk if you ask for it hehehe" a womans voice spoke the sweet feeling of  trust flowing from that one tea cup (you believe they are telling the truth to not believe them please roll a will save adding in charisma mod, I will tell you under your roll if you succeed or fail)

Arzagoth Shadowhand06/03/2019
with a draconic smile,  he nodded to Master Krak'Ard then called to Lady Blue to follow him. Once he had some range, he lit the last molotov and threw it at the cart full of liquor. After waiting a few moments to watch the cart grow into a full blaze, he turned and sped off, hoping Lady Blue could keep up with him. His eyes then spotted the woman he spoke of. He held an arm open, ran straight for her, and scooped her up over his shoulder. "Don't worry, miss. The Monk you met before will be following us momentarily." with that said, he made for the tall reeds past the edge of the camp, woman over his shoulder and Lady Blue behind him.

Master of the 'Night'06/04/2019
"As true as that may be, we will discuss this later." He said, staring at her again after she spoke her part before departing, before looking to the tea set in his hands. He growled as his Phoenix tattoo suddenly began glowing brightly as he shook his head and looked towards Arzagoth and spoke. "Do not drink, eat or touch anything for long, some of the items appear cursed. This tea set appears to be, and we will determine the rest out once we make camp. And no I'm not drinking from you, and good try forcing me too." He growled to the pot as he stashed it in a bag and carefully stuffed hay around it to protect. Doing up the bag and collar firmly attached to his belt, the gnoll watched as the other two fled. He took a deep breath to relax, balance his thoughts as he slid the pack onto his back and keys in his hands, kneeling down as he suddenly sprinted out of the auction houses tent. He did a quick loop around towards where he heard the schreeching and thrashing animals in their cages. Should he be quick enough, he would attempt to slide down in front of one of the cages, and immediately trying to open the lock and door, whether magical or not. Should he still have time, after opening he would proceed to the next cage and do the same. Only once he was out of cages or under attack would he decide what next.

Anaya "The Night"07/19/2019
The little green dragon moved out from behind the big gnoll as the other monk showed that collar that the dragon desperately wanted for its self. The dragonkin be it a worthless half breed and a disgrace was bold enough to speak the native tounge of a pure blood even if it was only a little one, the dragon did respect the hybrids bold nature and it took another small step forth (in draconic) "hand over the collar or place it on your neck to show you are trust worthy and I will join your side to help you as friend" its little voice was rather I accent and small sounding but it did have that cromatic  dragon glimmer to it's dark green hues. It looked back to the gnoll a moment trying to pick up on if the gnoll could understand it or not, the gnoll was not daft, it could feel that, and it made the little dragon have to think more then normal, but it was still a younge thing, and thinking was hard, it would deal with the hybrid for now as not only was the hybrid fun to toy with but it also had what the dragon wanted.
Lady blue gave a snort as she was talked back to, insolent land lovers, she thought to herself. "You are both fools to pine over such a empty husk, there is nothing in there, bandits and substances cant remove ones memorys, sense of self, dreams, there is nothing in her mind, a empty sea with no fish and not even a wave, it is best to kill the poor thing and send it home, but she is your burden it is your choice to drag it along. Maybe the gods have plan for her with you" blue could not help but chuckle in Hope's this was a little gods game, oh she did enjoy them. But it was time to leave here before the bandits took notice of the land goers stupidity and thievery. "Let's leave here and get on our way, maybe send the bird out to scout, it may be useful to have a higher few."

Arzagoth Shadowhand07/20/2019
With a sigh, Arzagoth ignored what Lady Blue had said and trusted the words of Master Krieg. Turning his attention to the young dragon, he spoke in Draconic "If it is the only way to earn your trust, young one, then it is what is." with that said, he placed the collar around his own neck as a sign of good faith. He then turned to the girl Master Krieg mandated that he help. So what if Lady Blue didn't understand how their order worked...there was so much of the world she was blind to. She will eventually learn. He gave the girl a more thorough look over, and what puzzled him was the lack of normal drug signs. Needle punctures, fever, or other signs of induced drugs...however, he went with his instincts, fueled by what Master Krieg said about her showing enough clarity to ask for help. "As Master Krieg has mandated, the girl stays with us and alive until we have tried everything we know to restore her to her rightful state." scooping her up, he stepped over to Master Krieg and said "We are ready to continue, Master."

Anaya "The Night"07/20/2019
the collar gave a light pinch as there was a click in the back of it, the lock on the collar now closed it would be unable to be removed with anything less then a magical device, or some other means. the baby dragon looked rather pleased with its self, stupid hybrids trusting dragons, come on was this one that dense, well it did not matter now what was done was done. the dragon walked over beside the monk that put its collar on, not seeming to want to jump up and grab it anymore "fine, now ytou are my friend, i would like my friend to sit for me" (magical control collar active on Arzagoth, Cromatic green dragon control collar,  item descrip: upon contact with skin it takes over the users functions controlling them till removed, the collar is bound to the dragon and can work 2 ways, control the dragon for the user that puts the collar on it, or control the user if the dragon puts the collar on them. collar can not be removed by normal means, can be removed by magical device set to destroy magical items or nullify them )

Master of the 'Night'07/21/2019
The gnolls ears flicked as he heard the small dragon speak, looking away from the stone and string he picked up that had been left behind from the wolf. He looked from the dragon to the dragonborne not knowing what they had said before looking over towards the snorting Lady Blue. "Call it what you wish, we do as we shall. Your opinion has been noted and 'valued' Madame bleu. The bird shall not. All we need is one scout in the trees with a scope to pick us out and rush in our direction. But it can keep low and not too far out. Bird, if you would be so kind, fly low  and around us. Return if you see another creature that may pose a threat or a village. Now with that out of th- Arzagoth! I said do not tempt any item we retrieved from the bandits!" He growled out a bit as he raised a hand to rub between his eyes. Anyway get up and lets go with what we have." He moved over, his pack being adjusted to be worn a bit tighter as he moved over to help the woman under some influence to her feet

Anaya "The Night"07/24/2019
Lady blue put her nose up to the words said, foolish land lovers she thought to herself as she moved taking her black hood down from her head, they were in the woods so she had little to worry about, long multi shaded tones of blue  tentacles made up the woman's hair that reached and flicked around her breast line some tendrils griping and pulling slightly on her cloak as if they had a mind of there own.  she did not seem to be bugged by there mannerisms it was simply how they were, hair that was as unkept as she was, all in all she was rather beautiful to the eye, soft smooth speckled light blue skin, dark black shake like eyes and a winning little smile that made her look rather...cute, but at the same time she looked untrustworthy and different, she was a sea foak walking on land witch in its self was odd. her head turned to look at the gnoll as her black eyes scanned him up and down her hair flicking and curling at the ends as she looked. odd was that one she thought to herself as she turned her head around "you do as you must, she is your burden after all"  and with that lady blue started on her way into the wood line not going to far forward but just enough to get them moving and start the way to the next town up.
inside krack'ards head the dragons were muttering, words spoken in a language he surely did not know, some old tongue that sounded harsh and rustic, (if you have on your bio that you know ancient draconic let me know) then there was some giggles and happy sounding speech from the female one and then it changed back to English "Monk Krack'ard is it right? were are we planning on going anyway, we hear from the whispers from the others back were you snaped us up that up a head is undead and a town that died long ago, we gona go clear out the undead? we can helllllp you, and then you can hellllp us" it was so happy at the end there, almost gitty the girl one was.  "and you do know all you have to do is think and we can hear you, we can talk all the time" the male voice spoke in before going silent once more. but the monk could feel them for some reason, feel them pokeing around like a worm was inside him, a worm that held no body and was just a spirit, a worm that was looking, pokeing around at thoughts, memories, his physical abilities, it was a worm that was learning about the host that was carrying it.
the girl on the other hand was just siting there on the gound, not moveing, not trying, just looking off into space, but then she made a noise, a creepy noise, humming, the girl was singing a song, or well humming one, it sounded like a old church song, and every now and agein she would say a word, sun, elf, long lost power, night, elf, bring me home.

Arzagoth Shadowhand07/24/2019
Arzagoth paused as Krieg stated it was time to go. He felt the compulsion of the collar as the young dragon's voice echoed in his mind. Making a mental note to find some way of getting the collar off, he sat as he was asked to do by his new "friend". He turned his head to Krieg and said "A moment, if you will, Master Krieg. This collar...i am sorry for not heeding your words." after a few moments of sitting, he awaited word from the dragon. When none was given, he stood, grabbed his pack, and began to follow the group, cursing his own stupidity in the draconic language at a volume that he hoped the dragon wouldn't hear. This thing, and his "friend" may seem more trouble than they're worth....lesson learned and hopefully retained. His attention was caught by the girl's singing, eerie, almost haunting. The words were caught and he thought of what they could mean. Sadly, riddles and clues were never his strong suit

Master of the 'Night'08/04/2019
He nodded after she spoke, looked at her gaze as she looked to him while listening, aiding the girl up off the ground as she hummed the creepy noises. He was curious if she would be able to be saved in the end. No harm in trying he thought, Can't look bad in front of an initiate. He sighed and began to walk with her in arm, and should she be ragdolling too much, he would attempt to heave her over his shoulder to carry. He looked to the bird to see if it was doing as instructed before looking back towards Arzagoth and the green whelpling. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to confiscate the rest of your gathered items, until I can deem their safe use, or safe practice to examine what their potential may be. If we're lucky, perhaps someone can scan the items in town and magically discover their full uses."

He would think to the dragons in his mind
We are planning to hit the town over, see what we can gather, and find out where we are. And pry as you might, I do hope you enjoy all the false memories and walls I am creating just for you both. Perhaps if you showed more respect, I would be more inclined to aid you. So far, I have no knowledge of whether it is even safe to release you or not. Last thing I need is someone releasing another demon in my face. Let alone have it be my fault. It's also making it more difficult to believe you'll keep any part of your deal, if what your searching for is material to sway my mind and use against me. Good luck hehehe."

Anaya "The Night"08/12/2019
The girl was a rag doll, lump and floped over and would be heaved over the monks shoulder to be dragged along like a bag or humming creepy potatoes, she made only the sound of the song, small words whispering every now and agei , a song about a boat and a bird and so.e other muttered words that made up a children's tune. But her eyes just drifted around like she was every place yet no place, just out of her mind as she would him softly.
The little green dragon trotted beside his new found friend toy as he seemed overly proud of himself with his task of geting the stupid humanoid to put on the
control collar. The dragon hoped beside arzagoth and rubbed softly on his leg (in draconic)  "we will have much fun you and I, friends till the end, not even i know how to get that thing off" it chuckled as it rattled its.scales softly an itch creeping along it's back as it walked. Looking up it could feel drednin this forest as in flawless aged English it spoke "there is death in this forest, I can feel it in the pads of my feet"
Inside krackards head was the voices of the two dragons "us p9keing around is something we sadly can not help, it is just.part of being one with a host, we unintentionally learn memorys, feelings, personal details about who we are with, we do not mean to." The Male voice said calmly seeming to be telling the truth. " and you do not know that we will keep our part or not, you have not given us a task to do to prove our worth. We can say many a thing but you will never believe we tell truths from the lies, but actions do not lie and tell more truths
Then our voices ever could. We are truthful in our telling you on how we wish to be freed, and that once free we will not harm you in anyway, we will even owe you for such a thing given to us. But we do have a deep grudge that will be settled once free and we also aim to find the others that were locked away just as we are" the Male seemed to be the more intellectual out of both voices, the female seemed more childish and gritty like a youngster or smaller sibling. "Ya ya got to kill us a nasty mage! And get our friends back one day, over a hundred thousand years in a tea pot is to much nope nope nope"
Lady blue was simply ignoring the group and walking forword looking back only when the dragon welp spoke about danger of some kind. But she payed little mind to it and kept moveing forword.

Arzagoth Shadowhand08/14/2019
He heard his Master, Krieg, spoke, then he answered, "As you wish, Master Krieg. He then looked to the girl, hoping that he and his Master could find a way to help her. The song was eerie, and the words made no sense to him...of course, he wasn't one much for songs. He then looked about as the young dragon spoke, Arzagoth could feel what his 'friend' was speaking of. His hand gravitated to his Siangham to be ready for anything that might attack them. He moved closer to Krieg and spoke, "These woods hold a dread in them, we should tread catiously, Master." as he returned to the Dragon's side, he looked to Lady Blue briefly and thought, "I will even protect her. No being deserves a death unwarranted."

Master of the 'Night'08/19/2019
At this point he was merely thinking of what could be referenced by the boat and the bird. Could it be gibberish, or was there some kind of warning hidden among the words of a shattered mind. Only time would tell...

His ears flicked, as he heard a new voice and looked down towards the dragon, staring at it as he listened. "So now you choose to speak another tongue. There is death in every forest, just some more hidden than others. . . Unless you sense a necromancers craft."

He listened to their thoughts and chuckled. "Even a snake can raise the ranks and lower the guards of a target. The fact you tried to control my actions once has set a hamper on your negotiations, dragons. So your actions have already set a name for you both. Raises thoughts and provokes halted actions. Let me meditate on this  day and i will consider having another drink from your teacup."

"Nonetheless, be ready. Bandits already call these woods their homes, and death has been... felt apparent. We will proceed with caution."

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