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Chapter One - Part Three

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Ulysees smiled to himself, as he thought about times together with his wife. They were teenagers, young, and in love. Nothing could stop them. Nothing at all. Not even their parents, telling them that they weren't meant to be. Uly love Nessa more than the stars in the sky. More than the old Gods themselves. Nessa was a work of art, that should have been hung in a priceless museum. Instead, she was hung on Ulysees arm. He remembered them eating dinner at the docks in Stovania one night, while the ocean slapped calmly against the sand on the beach. "So when did you first know that you wanted to spend time with me?" He asked her. Vanessa tapped her finger against her chin, teasingly. "Well. You're good protection for a girl who likes to take long walks around at night." They both laughed, and held each other all night. He could remember countless nights like that, which ended in a joke or an embrace. He missed Nessa more than anything, but those thoughts were shaken from his mind as he turned a corner to be met with two hooded figures, calling out to him. He stared them down, then up, then down. "Hmph." He grunted, raising a brow at the men. "When you say my name that way, I sound important. How can I help you gentleman?" He said, resting his hands on his belt, awaiting for them to speak. He noted the evil aura, the stance and the way they were dressed. Definitely either black sun, or assassins. Uly's tone turned more cold, as his smile fled. His eyes narrowed as his feet adjusted. "Ulysses Hestermore. At. Your. Service." His voice was cold, and his eyes began planning his next move. Two guards, 3 potential exits, many Innocents to hurt, and no way to stop them if he were to run. He needed to hear these men out, or stop them from hurting anyone.
The man on the right turned his hooded face towards the man on the left. The other did not return the look, but simply nodded, "Such a cold greeting.. you have much to learn in the ways of decorum, Paladin. Which is an odd thing to have to tell a holy man." The man on the right turned his head to look back at Ulysses. The man on the left lifted a hand, palm up, towards him. What could be seen was a symbol quite literally carved into it, fresh blood oozing from the wound. The air around all three of them seemed to turn to ice as energy was released from his palm, taking the form of lightning, speeding its way towards Ulysses.
Kira watched as the three men talked, she backed up just a few inches and looked up at the roof above her. Quietly sinking her claws into the side of building, she began climbing it with ease. One on the roof, she again looked down at the three. Before long, one raised his hand, showing a rune carved into it. Identifying it, her reptilian tail wagged back and forth as she became interested. "Blood magic.." she whispered. As the bolt of lightning fired from the mans hand, her eyes widened in surprise, not having expected such a great amount of energy to come from one Human.
Ulysees saw the attack coming as soon as he lifted his hand. His eyes widened as he lifted his shield. (Rolled 16 to block, success) The bolt flew from the shield And headed back toward his attackers. Mainly, the attacker on the right. The bolt would fly twice as quick back at the man as the holy shield, ready to repel any kind of magic, was brought back down at his side. The bolt would smash the cloaked man in the shoulder, not killing him, buy injuring him a great deal. (Rolled 17 to counter, hit, sent attack back at attacker) "You're serious?" The paladin wasn't angry, just more annoyed that the black sun would try to kill him in broad daylight, in the street, like an animal. "Blood magic. I haven't seen that in a while. Not since Samuel's cousin came to visit." He crossed his arms, not really interested in fighting, however, his aura was raising, and powering with each second that went by. "What did I ever do to you? You guys walking around Avalon and picking on the most attractive people you can find? Because if that is the case, consider me honored." Uly then pulled his sword from his sheath on the side of his belt, while raising his shield up. "Can I at least know why you want to turn me into a pile of bubbling goop?" He readied his fighting stance, narrowing his eyes at the two men. "You know, you bastards may have more friends if you gave out creamed ice instead of bolts of manipulated blood to the public!" He smacked his knee with a laugh, amused with himself.
Kira watched on, her eyes widening a bit more from her hiding place as Ulysses reflected the blood magic back at the men, holding in a giggle as it smashed against the other mans arm. Watching the victim take a knee as a chunk of his shoulder went missing, her reptilian tail wagged in excitement. She had not expected the paladin to reflect something so easily. She did not understand exactly what was happening, or why the men were attacking the one she had met earlier, but she knew it was wrong. To see Ulysses defend himself was a sight to see. As the one who attacked first looked down at his companion, she tilted her head wondering what would happen next. The man raised his hand again, firing yet another attack, but this time it was different. The lightning came, but also a terrible flash that covered the two men completely from sight. Closing one set of her eyelids, she herself could still make out the two men, but not perfectly. The one on the ground reached under his robes, covered by the flash of the firsts attack. She was only able to see the slight movement thanks to her double set of eyelids. As he withdrew the hand, she saw he held a dagger. Narrowing her eyes, she quickly identified the blade, "Obsidian.." she whispered, "Obsidian will cut obsidian.. he wont see!"
The paladin watched as the bolt flashed forward, while the magic also shrouded his targets. He couldn't see them, no. But he could still feel their darkness. Their evil. As his aura grew stronger and stronger, his white glow shined bright around his hand. Dropping his mythril sword, quickly, back into it's holster, he waited for the right time, as the bolt sailed closer and closer. Timing his moves perfectly, Uly simply snatched the  bolt of blood from the air, he held it with his aura, staring at it  The sheer energy of the magic that was in his hand was astounding, but not overpowered. (Rolled 20 to block and counter. Success, critical.) He smashed his boot onto the ground while closing his eyes, and feeling the vibration around him. Using a sonar like frequency, mixed with the sound of a blade being unsheathed and the placement of their aura, he knew exactly where their location was, and pinpointed his aim to the Target's other shoulder, hoping to get him to drop the knife. He planted his back foot and sent the bolt careening into the soft flesh of the already injured cultist, even if he was invisible.(counter used)
Then, In one move, Uly used his already strong aura to unleash an evil vanquishing attack! (Rolled 14 for holy Smite, hit ). The paladin held his now free hand out, while the white glow shined brightly, his voice picking up as the wind did as well. His blonde locks began to blow in the gusts as he grit his teeth, and shouted! "Gods of old will cast judgment upon you!" Then a 18x17 wall of holy energy came flying from his palm toward the two men. No doubt about it. They would either be injured beyond fighting, or killed by the ensuing blast of light. These men, though probably not undead or anything along the lines, would still be affected by this line of magic. Ulysses took one step back, opening his eyes. "Stop trying to kill me for no reason! You damned fools!" He lowered his aura, just the smallest bit, but did not drop his guard. He however, expected this fight to be over.
The As the dagger wielding man was hit, it did indeed force him to drop the weapon, both of his arms now useless. The first, angered by this, increased the power that he flung at the paladin, only to be caught completely off guard as a wall of energy smashed into both of them, sending them tumbling. As the magic from both parties died out, the both slowly lifted their heads, spitting blood as the cursed his name. Kira, having watched the entire thing, stared in surprise as the paladin used his power. He was strong, and that was a rare thing to find from a Human. As the magic wielding man began dragging himself back towards the dagger that was dropped, the others head smacked to the floor, dying of blood loss. The first raised his head to curse at Ulysses once again, continuing to drag himself ever on. Kira glared at the mans rudeness, both from what he was saying, and from the fact that he seemed too stubborn to die. Hopping onto the ledge of the roof, she leapt from it. Landing on the mans back, breaking his spine, he howled in pain before the tip of Kira's tail burst its way through the back of his skull, protruding out his mouth. Waiting only a moment, she removed her tail, flicking the blood and brain matter away and smiled happily as the mans head hit the ground with a satisfying splat. Sitting on her kill, she reached down and picked up the dagger, holding it up towards Ulysses, "For you, mister Ulyssssses."
Ulysses watched as the smoke cleared and his opponents laid defeated. The first man died of blood loss while the other kept trying to move towards the weapon. What would he do with it? Would he try to kill Uly again? Would he kill himself? Why keep fighting over nothing? Ulysses was angered and confused as to why the attack even happened in the first place. He stepped closer as the man continued to shout insults at him, and kneeled down next to the dead cultist. Placing his hand on the dead man's shoulder, he sighed. "Find peace in Ulon. Be better in your next life." Then, without warning, Kira was down onto the still breathing cultist like a fly on sugar, killing him with no remorse. Ulysses was a bit stunned that the child would do such a thing. Yet, Avalon seemed like a "kill or be killed" type of place. He smiled to the little girl. "Well now, pretty dragon." He took the dagger and raised his brow, breathing a tad hard as he looked to the now dead man with the mangled head. "Why for me? Don't you want it?" He looked at the blade. "Obsidian? Why would they-..." He shot a glance to Kira. "Were they sent to assassinate me?"
Kira giggled at being called a Dragon, when she quite clearly was the furthest thing from. As Ulysses took the dagger from her, she shrugged at his questions, "I don't want it. My daddy makes better anyways." As he shot her his look though, it made her floppy ears droop a little, eyes blinking with innocence, "I dunno.. Daddy might though, but I dunno.."
"Can you take me to him?" He said, flipping the dagger around his fingers, and placing it in his satchel with ease. "I need some new hardware anyway. Seems like I could use you as my little companion. I need a guide. You in, kid?" He asked, crossing his arms while leaning against a torch post. "You seem like you know this town like back of your hand. " Ulysses then looked to the pair of men on the ground, after, a glance to the townsfolk watching. Then moving on with their day. He felt remorse, despite them being evil. Everyone had some good to them, he thought. I just don't understand. I don't fall under their criteria of Abominations. He shifted against the pole and looked to Kira with a smirk. "Thanks for the help. By the way."
Kira watched as Ulysses twirled the dagger before placing it away, clapping at his skill. As he leaned against the post, she blinked and looked up at the sky, "If you want me to take you to daddy, I can. I know how to get there fasssst." Looking back down, she hopped up onto the road. Turning, she began walking towards her home and her father, skipping after a little bit as she called over her shoulder, "And you're welcome!" She didn't really understand what help she had provided him, but she was always taught it is polite to say you're welcome whenever anyone said thank you. Maybe daddy will know, she thought to herself. Leading Ulysses down a few streets and alleyways, she interacted with a few of the children she saw, explaining the man following her was a friend. This caused most of the children to approach him in fascination of his clothing and height. The interactions did not last very long, but it did slow them down. After a time, they found their way back to the main shopping district. Without waiting for the paladin, she lowered herself onto all fours and scurried towards a building that held several anvils and weapon racks on its exterior. Hopping back up once she reached the front door, she waved Ulysses over with a smile before using her body weight to push open its door and disappear inside.
He started following the girl while looking at the flowers and buildings around him. So exotic. So fresh and new. Then to his surprise, children began  clamoring around him. Poking his armor, asking him questions frequently. Before they left, Ulysees opened his coin purse and handed each child 1 gold coin. "For you." He said to each and every one of them with a smile. The paladin was just happy to see children playing again, despite the terrors and angers of the world. Ulysees then watched as they began moving again, and toward the obvious black smith building. Kira began bounding to it, quickly, and just as fast, Ulysees was right there. The armor was heavy, but the strong male was still brisk while moving around in it. As she waved to him and made her way inside, he did the same, and took note at the smell. Iron, steel, and other metals, being burned and molten until beaten into a fine killing tool. It smelled of coal and sulfur, but also, steak, for some reason. Uly was amazed by the builds of the weapons on the racks around them, but then looked up at his surroundings, and took note at what he saw.
Kira was found to be seated on the counter of the shop, cross-legged and smiling, rocking back and forth to her fathers hammer swings. As Ulysses entered and looked around, he would be greeted with multiple Dwarven symbols carved into the walls of the building. As a Paladin, Ulysses would easily recognize them as multiple wards, enchantments and trap spells. One false, unwanted move in the building would easily obliterate anyone stupid enough to bring ill tidings. The wood of the building was that of mahogany, old as the ages, but maintained as if freshly built. Soot and metal shavings covered a majority of the floor, but that was to be expected from any smith. The weapons and armor would stand out the most. Brilliant detail, runes, wood, metal, rare finds.. you named it, it was there displayed proudly for every patron to see. When there was a break in the smiths hammering, Kira lifted her tail and pounded on the counter with it twice, getting the attention of her father, "Aye what is it?!" he could be heard shouting. Kira turned her head and called into the next room, "Cusssstomer, daddy!" Hearing a bit of grunting, the Dwarf walked out, covered head to toe in ash and soot. Grabbing a rag, the hardy and rather short creature wiped his hands 'clean' and crossed his arms. Looking Ulysses up and down, he narrowed his eyes as he inspected him, "Paladin, by the look of ye. What do you want, Human? I am a busy Dwarf." Kira giggled at her fathers gruffness, looking back to Ulysses, "Daddy, this is Ulyssssses. And this is my daddy, Theo."
Ulysees was absolutely amazed by the works of art around him, but before he could even begin to think about what to buy, a dwarf was asking him what he wanted. "Ulysees Hestermore. Sir. Your daughter told me that you might be able to tell me what a group of blood thirsty cultists want with me? They tried to assassinate me earlier. But, failed. Any idea why?" Ulysees noted the man's stature and kept a straight face. A dwarf and a lizard girl? Strange. The paladin smirked at Kira. "Your daughter helped me. Told me you're the man to see to get weapons."
Theo's eyebrows lifted a bit as he looked at his daughter, a cheerful laugh belting from his small stature, "Ya helped him? Take on them irritating Black Sun bastards?" Kira smiled her reptilian grin and nodded, which was met with a clap on the back from the Dwarf, "Atta girl! Takes after her ol' man, by thunder." Turning his attention back to Ulysses, he re-crossed his arms, "Wouldn't have a clue why them be goin after ya, outside the fact ye be a holy man. Yer kind not exactly fallin into their way of thinkin and whatnot. And if ya want weapons, I got plenty to go around, if the coin is right." Walking behind the counter, he obviously had the back portion raised so he could see over it as he stepped up onto it. Smacking his hands down on either side of his daughter, Kira swiveled around to look at him, both giggling as they headbutted one another hard enough to take down a buck. With that, Kira hopped off the counter and disappeared into the next room. Theo turned his attention back to Ulysses once again, "What weapons ye be lookin for?"
Uly watched the dwarf congratulate his daughter on a job well done before turning to look back at the paladin. "Damn. I was hoping it was more than just that. I know I don't fall into their line of thinking, but I didn't think they would try to kill me. The Black Sun and  Gods of Yore  Church have stayed out of each other's way for years. Why would they try to kill me now?" He was asking himself questions before being asked if Uly was looking for anything in particular.  Watching them headbutt each other, he gave a heart warmed smile at the pair and crossed his arms as well. "Hm." He grabbed his shield from his side and placed it on the counter. " Ironwood, and Steelside, meant to give this thing an obsidian like density. It has a holy aura that projects evil, negative energy. Any other perks or whatnot that you can give to this thing? I would greatly appreciate it. Theo." Then he pulled his mythril sword from his side and placed that on the counter next to his shield. "I'd like another one just like that. But, I'd like them both enchanted with a lightning gem. I can pay. That isn't an issue." Ulysees watched as Kira left the room, and a small smile played on his lips. Little girl, with a dwarf for a father, helping me kill cultists and, she is still smiling every step of the way. If she didn't have a big, tough father, I'd adopt her myself.
Theo shrugged at the paladin, leaning a bit more on the counter, "I be a smith, not an information broker. Me daughter may have said I would know a thing or two, but unless it happens in me shop, I know as much as the next. Hells she would know more than I." As Ulysses placed his shield on the counter, Theo picked it up and began inspecting it, grunting as he turned it over, "I may be able to add a bit of an umph to this.." As the sword was laid down, the smith seemed to completely forget the shield as he set it down, picking up the blade carefully, "Mythril..!" he would exclaim quietly, "How in the nine hells did you come by this..?" Taring his eyes from the blade, he looked back up at Ulysses, "Mythril is a damn rarity in Avalon, among the most expensive of metals. Usually those who have it either stole it or killed for it." Hearing that he wanted a blade just like it, and with enchantments to both to boot, the Dwarf threw back his head booming with laughter, "That will be some coin, ye bastard! If it isn't an issue, then provide and I will do the rest, though I be not proud of where I will have to obtain it." Kira wandered back in from the other room carrying two mugs of ale, a tray of mutton balancing on the tip of her tail. Handing the mugs to the men, she slid the tray onto the counter with a flick of her tail, hopping back up onto the counter next to it. When Kira saw the sword, her eyes lit up and she gasped, reaching over to gently poke at its blade with a claw, "Mythril.. Moota en' i' Edhel.." Theo's eyes shifted to his daughters use of the Elven tongue, grunting before looking back, "Foul language, that.. but one cannot deny a good bit of weapon when one comes across it."
sUlysees watched the dwarf get surprised at his sword. "In Stovania. My father was a blacksmith as well. He could make a weapon out of sheepskin if you asked him too. We came across a nice chunk of it while exploring one day. He turned it into his sword, and took great care of it. Until he died. He gifted it to me right before the sickeness took him. I've used it ever since. It needs a good sharpening and a twin. I'll find you the materials. I just need your skill Theo. You do this for me, and you will gain yourself a pocket full of coin." He watched as Kira came out as well with ale, and mutton, and Ulysees eyes lit up. It had been so long since he had seen a more beautiful cooked meat. He could almost feel his mouth water as the smell of seasoned meats filled his nose, and assaulted his senses. "It isn't an easy task..'' He begun, trying to get his mind of the mutton as Kira too began hopping up on the counter, and admired the blade while speaking elvish. He gave a small laugh. "My father's work has never been bested....until I laid my eyes on your shop. I haven't met a blacksmith worthy enough to work on a weapon that could, very well, save my life and the lives of those I need to protect. I need a man with skill to work on this sword and so far, you are the only one I've met whom is even close enough to what I'm looking for. I've called blacksmiths from the Ingoros. From Clemdorth. From bloody Firedor. The only one who won't wont send a raven back to me is the blacksmith in Iron. Well. I take that back. He sent back a letter, but all it said was 'Eat my beard, you glowing paladin fuck.' And despite my offers to give him gold for his services, he wont write back, but that is fine. Because after seeing this shop and the weapons in it, I know that I've found the blacksmith I've been looking for. On my vacation, no less!" Uly smirked and took a sip of the mead that Kira brought them. "Thank you, Kira. I appreciate it!"
Theo lifted an eyebrow skeptically, glancing back up at Ulysses, "Your father, eh? I have been a smith since before ye be suckin milk from yer mamas tits, and this is no work of a Man. This is Elvish work, or I am no Dwarf." Sticking to his convictions, he looked back down at the blade, grumbling in Dwarven. Hearing that Ulysses needed a 'man' with his skill, he grinned and set the weapon down, looking back up at him, "Aye you'll have yer man for the job, but I take me payments up front. No offense to ye by any means, but Humans hardly be the trustworthy type, even one such as yerself. Ill put this Elven work to shame and back again, mark my word." Kira, looking up at Ulysses, smiled at being thanked, "Lle creoso." Theo rolled his eyes and lifted a fist, bringing it down on the girls head. Eye bouncing up and down as her fathers strike jarred her brain a moment, she shook it off before correcting herself, "You're welcome." Theo grunted again before pointing at the door, "Get with ye. I have work to do, and need a girlish distraction like a burning man needs tar." Kira nodded and hopped off the counter, "Yesssss daddy." She made her way to the door and went outside to play. Theo watched her leave before making his way from behind the counter, looking up at Ulysses. Crossing his arms, he lifted an eyebrow once again, "So, what kind of enchantments ye be lookin for? A vague tongue be a daft one."
As he watched Theo hit Kira, he furrowed his brow in anger. Ulysees was about to speak, until the sun was blocked out by-...not the moon, but something else? A disc? Another planet? Pure darkness? He turned to look at the window and grunted in pain as pure corruption floated through the air. The gaze of the paladin watched as the flowers outside began to wilt, and die within seconds. His eyes narrowed as his ears began to ring. He couldn't hear. The only thing he could even begin to hear is the sound of his own heartbeat. "Caliga. Evil-... swine." Ulysees then grunted as he could feel his head getting lighter. The white knight glared at the black sun as it stayed up in the sky. His eyes began to slowly water, as he thought of all the animals that were dying out in the world. All the people. All the children. All because of a greedy goddess with nothing better to do than prove that she is the biggest and baddest. Uly turned to Theo and leaned on his counter weakly. " Well. The has ended."
t(The world has ended)
Theo quickly noticed the change in what seemed the world around him as a whole, just as quickly as Ulysses had. Uncrossing his arms, he lowered them to his sides, looking around himself, "What in the nine hells..?" As Ulysses muttered the name Caliga, he rolled his eyes with a grunt, "Superstitious nonsense.." Hearing screaming erupt in the city, the Dwarf reconsidered his last statement and turned, marching over to a war hammer that hung on the wall, lifting the impossibly heavy weapon as if it were a child's play thing lugging it across his shoulder, "Seems yer upgrades are gonna have to wait. Somethin ain't right, mark me, and I intends to find out what it really is. End of the world or no, Ill not have me city brought to its knee by some specter of a Goddess.." Hearing another scream, the Dwarf spun around toward the door, his eyes widening, "Kira..?"
In the back room the screams of the girl known as Kira echoed out as they mashed with the horrific sounds of slashing and chomping. The girl had left the storage room window open as she went over inventory and one of the darkness beasts had smashed its face into the partly open window sending glass flying out into the unsuspecting girls side hip and face, the monster had crawled in the window and ripped a good size chunk out of the wall. It stood a good ten or so feet at the shoulder, had the basic shape of a large wolf, and seemed to be made of a black tar like substance that mildly resembled skin/fur but still seemed to flow along the animals back as if it was almost liquid. The beasts face hung in segments much like the mandibles of a grass hopper on a larger more menacing scale,  it leaned over picking up the girls still breathing body as she kicked and screamed more her cries getting fainter and fainter as the breaths were harder to push out of her lungs. Kira did not know what to do other then watch and live the horror that was going to be her very last moments. The mouth parts stabbing into her knee shattering the bones, blood gushing from the open wounds as the monster took in the girl part by part, knees, then to her waist line, stabbing its mouth ripping her female hole open causing her to cry out, tears running down her face as she started to beg for it to stop, beg and pray for the pain to be over. “Kira you have been judged and found unworthy for this world, your actions in this life have leg you to be tainted, you are being
consumed to feed the worthy and leave space for for us to grow. Pray not to deaf ears as your god cant hear you now” the words crept from the body of the black darkness monster as its mouth once again ripped from her one wound and stabbed higher up into her body yanking her farther into its gullet. Blood bubbled and rippled out of the girls shaking lips not even able to make words anymore as the pain was causing her heart to beat so fast it would risk beating right out of her very body. The beast moved as long arm like spikes grew from its back clawed ends on them as they grabbed the girl from the shoulders holding her up and pulling to the sides causing the girls body to rip from the top hair line down her face leaving skin hanging from her exposed skull and eye sockets, one eye fully popping out  and handing to the side as the body made a reactive gurgling sound and jaw of the girl fell open as the skin was ripped form it
Blood falling from her as the claws jammed the body into its mouth inhaling the now lifeless corpse of the girl once known fairly as Kira, loved by a mother and father and maybe more around the town, to think she could have had more of a family or life but everything was cut short to soon by actions out of her control. The monster was here to placed the judgment of darkness down upon the land, Kira should not have struck that man once upon a time for no reason, simply due to over drinking and having what she thought was fun. One could never hit another unless they hit them first, paying the first blow is against Kinn law and in this day and age, that can get you killed.
The paladin rolled his eyes as the dwarf made his comments on the goddesses of the world, as if they didn't exist. There was proof all around them, despite the constant ignorance from those whom didn't wish to believe. Yet as he set his sword down, he grabbed it and placed it in his sheath that rested on his side, while his large claymore rested on his back. He raised a brow as the man said that he wasn't going to let his city die, but at this point, it didn't seem like they had a choice in the matter. Uly grabbed his shield as well, and started walking with Theo. His travel barrier that he held on his arm was made from ironwood, and enchanted with holy energy from the strongest, most wise priest from Stovania, and was the thing that saved his life, time and time again. As the men moved toward the door to the sounds of a shrieking child, he grabbed the handle to the storage room, and opened it to see Kira getting brutalized, so quickly, that nothing could even be done to stop the evil creature. Uly felt-.....anger. Nothing but anger. Usually he kept his head, especially in situations like this, but watching a child, especially one he had watched over for a short time, tossed him over the edge. The paladin listened as the kinn spoke to Kira, saying she was unworthy. Unworthy. Unworthy, Unworthy. Ulysees couldn't believe what he was hearing.
He knew the Kinn and Caliga's rules. Never harm children, and yet, here was a kinn, tearing Kira apart, right infront of his eyes. Blood and viscera rained on the two men, and Uly couldn't help but feel sick, but kept his composure as his blonde hair turned a disgusting crimson. What was going through Theo's mind? This poor man couldn't even do anything, as it was happening so fast. Ulysees, screamed as the Kinn finished Kira, and drew his holy mythril sword from his side and held up his shield. "You call her unworthy?! How dare you! You killed a child!" He pointed at the sky. "Do you see this?! Caliga! I am going to make an example." He knew exactly what this creature was, and exactly what to do. "Be happy. What I am going to do to you, is nothing compared to what she would to you." He said,as tears of regret ran down the tall man's cheeks. A child. A poor innocent child.Unworthy. Unworthy. Unworthy. He kept repeating the words in his head. Looking passed the kinn, and out the window, he spotted the blacked out sun, and sighed, knowing it was the start of the end. Even weak, due to this new development, he knew what to do. He was more than capable of destroying this pitiful excuse for a creature.
"Holy Smite!" White glow filled the air around his hand, and a wall of snow colored energy, the size of the entire room, shot out of his sword filled hand, and hit the being with ease, burning it's dark flesh with the power of the old gods. (Rolled 11, hit) Then as the Kinn was burning, and the wall had passed it,vanishing at the end of the room, the blood soaked White Knight dove into the air, and came down onto it's head with a downward strike, sending the mythril straight through the skull of the creature, which would, in turn, again, burn the creature due to the enchantment of holy energy that housed itself deep in the blade. It felt like a tar, as his blade was pulled out with force. The Kinn felt as if it was made of mush and glue, mixed with shadows of ill intent. Ulysees, after pulling his sword out, backed up and planted his back foot while raising his shield. He had hoped Theo was at least able to run away, or get to a safe spot to aid Uly if need be. "How dare you!" Unworthy. Unworthy. Unworthy. He couldn't get the words out of his head. Even the soldiers of Caliga don't follow rules. It had to know the outcome of it's actions, right? Did the kinn have a death wish? Uly couldn't get distracted now, as he had just attacked a kinn, twice, and planned on killing the creature, and running to the potion shop, to try to see if he could help Adina and Val, before everyone he had met, and the only people he had left, were dead.
As the door swung open the beast moved to finish shoving the dead left overs of the girl into its jaws with its claw armed back appendages one larger then the other as it ripped apart parts of the girl and let them tumble and plop onto the floor. It moved a pawed foot as it crunched its foot down hard on one of the girls left over internal organs that had fallen out of its mandibles as it gave the most ear turning squish known to man. It then lunged forward its claws smashing into the mans body as the light offended it and caused it to turn into a beastly rage, one claw slammed into the mans side the other claw slammed into his leg aiming to cripple him but not digging as deep as it would have wanted  but it still hit its needed mark and would do some good placed damage as it had him its tail arched up behind it moving to stab down aimed at the shoulder. But due to the light still in its eyes and the anger on its mind it missed the males shoulder and only grazed his back with no damage given at all even at such a close range. Then the beast curled and snarled moving its claws back to ready another hit. As soon as it did its body shifted and distorted its effect shimmering the air and causing the beast to turn to nothing but a light mist of black in the air floating around aimlessly from side to side of the room (ability activated Incorporeal Movement. The hound can move through other creatures and objects as if they were difficult terrain. It takes 5 (1d10) force damage if it ends its turn inside an object. This is spastic roll 1 d10 per turn, on 7 and 10 hound changes to incorporeal form for 1d3 rounds can not attack or be attacked . Active for 3 rounds -cuss's under breath-)
(damage given to Ulysees 116 slashing)
Theo marched towards the door after he heard the scream, identifying it as his daughters immediately. Ulysses was the faster of the two, pulling open the door before he had a chance. What he saw next made him stop dead in his tracks. As pieces of his mutilated daughter dropped from the creatures mouth, the one eye that remained in its socket seemed to stare into his very soul. As Ulysses went to battle the demon like creature, Theo's hammer slid from his grasp, slamming into the ground that rattled the foundation a bit. His arms fell limp to his sides as he continued to stare at his deceased kin. Walking past the battle of the two within the room, he knelt next to Kira's body, slowly reaching down to rest a hand on what parts of her forehead she had left, sliding his hand down to close the eye. For the first time in the Dwarves life, tears openly streamed down his cheeks, the loss of his daughter quickly setting in. Pulling up the mangled pieces of her, he held them to his chest and rocked back and forth, a cry of grief ripping from his throat and filling the room that would make even the hardiest of Dwarves bow their heads in sadness. Nothing mattered to him now. Live, or die, he cared not. He had lost his greatest treasure, the darkness of the world complete for him now. Lowering his forehead to the mangled corpse, he continued to rock back and forth, falling silent outside of his sobs.
The paladin screamed out in pain as the attacks stabbed his body parts, but never once took his eyes off of the creature, until he watched Theo drop to his knees and hold what was left of his daughter. Uly shouted through gritted teeth at the dwarf. "Theo, please! Get out of here! Get safe! I won't be far behind! Please!" The Royal Paladin priest, white knight, and protector of Stovania was now nothing but a man fighting for his life, as the beast did massive damage to him with it's claws, and vanished into a black mist right in front of his eyes. He felt the need to relax, and gain his strength. This beast was going to be a problem, but Kira's killer wouldn't go unpunished. Caliga didn't deserve to kill this one. It's death would fuel the Goddess even more. She would enjoy killing it. He didn't want her to enjoy a thing. As the beast shifted from side to side in it's new form, he placed his hands together, fingers and palms up, and felt his energy raise up high. With one instant, he then slammed his right hand on the ground, and caused a white circle of light to flash up from around his body, causing heavenly glow to rest around his body.
(Dispel Evil used. +4 to Damage)  Ulysees, then, still kneeling, reached his hand into his side pack, and pulled out a glowing, crisp, golden apple. "By the Gods. Thank you." He looked up, in a gesture to the old Gods. "I shall try my damnedest to pull through." With that, the man took a large bite, then another, and another, chewing and swallowing in succession. The juices of the fruit were the best he had ever tasted in his life. It was a literal God Apple. He couldn't believe such a thing existed, nor that he had tasted one before. He smiled brightly to himself, as he sat in criss-cross legged fashion on the floor. "I can wait." (One Golden Apple eaten. HP fully restored back to 405) He glanced up to the black mist. "You know Caliga will kill you. You know it doesn't matter if I die. Tell me, dog? With all your power, and all your surrounding long do you think it will keep safe from me?!" With that, he clapped his hands back together, sitting Indian style on the floor, and caused the white energy surrounding his body to burst outward, into 8 balls of light. The dancing spheres then shot back into Ulysees body, causing all the darkness that made his body weak before, to vanish. (Used Death Ward, causing Ulysees's strength to return to normal, as well as making the direhound unable to use any Death Spells on Ulysees, Mundane action.)
Theo remained where he was, immobilized by the death of his daughter. The Dwarf, upon looking at him, would look nothing more than a broken man. The will to fight came from protecting the one he loved, and with her brutalized before him, it would take a great deal of convincing to get him to move.

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