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Chapter One - Part Four

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The mist shifted around as it hovered from wall to wall, it vanished for a moment leaving the room to creep into a crack in the wall and then flow back out of the wall only to loop and roll around in the air and float out a window to fade away back into the street. Form the window the paladin could see the hound take shape once more from the mist but clearly they did not have the best track mind sets or any mind for that matter, and it just bolted out to attack some random man on the street and rip him apart like he was nothing but a slab of meat on a stick. The hound growled and let out a howl like call as it bounded and bolted off into town farther and farther from the group that was trying to slay it. Maybe they would go after it, or maybe they would let it go but the town was starting to get really empty and a lot of people had died. Buildings on fire and one could see the hounds had started to move out of the town to go ruin some other town and finish there assault on the landscape. But a couple hounds did stay, they stood, two in the towns center, a couple more here and there posted on road ways and a couple more in random places just siting on there hinds and watching.
Ulysees readied himself for the next attack, only to be surprised as the mist that housed the Hound bolted out a window. As he watched it, he noticed that it was killing some innocent man, before he could even do anything about it. Once the man was dead, in a matter of seconds, it was gone, down the road. The paladin grunted, and called out to it as it vanished in the night. "Coward! Run! Caliga will find you! Caliga will kill you! Her or me!" Uly was beyond angry,but put that aside as he looked and kneeled down next to Theo. "Theo-...I'm sorry." Was all he could bear to say. "Is there anything I can do to help? We can take her out and bury her-...or-..." Uly knew nothing he could say would move the Dwarf. He was just going to stay here and cuddle his daughters corpse, or at least, what was left of it. Placing a hand on Kira's forehead, he began speaking in old draconic tongue, whispering a prayer from under his breath. "Watch over this poor soul as it moves on into it's next journey. The Gods may be absent but they watch over you. May your soul find peace." He knew Theo couldn't understand his language, or at least, didn't think he could, and rose to his feet, with a sigh. "I wish you safety." He said, looking at the broken father, and the dead daughter, cradled together. Uly wiped a tear from his eye as he slowly headed out of the shop, and into the darkness, only to see the Hounds running from town, and onto the next place. (Uly has left the BlackSmith)
He noticed the stragglers and muttered to himself. "Best avoid at all costs..." Ulysees then began to walk down the road, and started to pass the destroyed graveyard. That was when he saw it. One of the few graves left standing, was his wife's. It looked like a bastion of hope in this dull world, and Uly wasn't going to pass up the entire reason he was in Avalon in the first place. Moving closer and closer to the grave, Ulysees felt his hand clasp around the headstone, while his knees hit the earth. "Nessa." He smiled, as if feeling that he had finally made it, after months of being on boat, and travel, as well as all the fights and death that had kept him from this spot. Not to mention the world ending as well. He smiled and laughed as the thought entered his mind. "Not even the world ending would stop me from seeing you, Nessa." The man then stopped his chortling, and looked letters that Made up her name on the stone. "Vanessa Hestermore, Loving Wife, Taken before her time." The paladin placed his hand on the cold rock and then his forehead. "I miss you, everyday. I sit for hours, reading your journal each day, even though I have already read each word 1000 times. It never ceases to make me smile. You were angel." Wiping more tears away, he gently placed his lips against the smooth headstone and stood back up. "I want to stay here-...with you. I want to stop-...and just lay down next to you.  But I can't. I can't let people die like this. I can't wait to see you again. I just have some things to take care of first. Until then-...I hope your spirit will wait for me." With that, Uly bolted from the grave site and toward The Iron Dynasty, where he knew Queen Anaya's castle housed some sort of magic that would keep people safe. That had to be a start to a safe haven, he thought.
He began to enter the woods, while not stopping his pace. He even went as far as to run passed two direhounds that were attacking a man. The two dogs, however, didn't stop feasting to chase after the holy man, as his skin and aura probably made them sick. He knew he had about a days worth of travel if he wanted to make it to the Iron, and he wasn't gonna stop for anyone. (Uly has left Avalon)
Adina chuckled to the short woman and shook her head. "And if I do talk back, what then 'BOSS'? hehehe. You can't get rid of ol me, what would you do without your assistant? This place would even be messier if I wasn't here." She laughed some more, seeing the girl's tongue. Valerie was an adorable, fun, and all around a great person. It was the same the other way around. Adina wouldn't have gotten far if it wasn't for Valerie. If they never met, she'd still be lost in the forest somewhere and alone. She thanked her ancestors everyday for meeting her. "Yeah, luckily because of my race, I don't need to eat them. I get what the nutrition I need from the meat." She would give her a wink before she herself disappeared to the front of the building to greet some guests and sell a few items here and there. After what seemed only few moments, her sensitive nose picked up the scents from the kitchen, making her mouth water and her tail to start moving quickly from behind. Her ears perked and she spun to see Valerie with her plate. "Mmm! That looks delicious if I do say so myself," she smiled, licking her muzzle as she took a plate. She would hope on the counter next to Valerie too and dig in, moaning a little to the amazing taste. "Gosh.... If I could live on just sea food I'd be one happy cat hahaha."
Val shrugged with a smile, "Without my assistant, I would probably crumble under the weight of my own genius. Such a terrible way to go." Digging into her food herself, she laughed through a mouthful as Adina made her wish. Swallowing, she looked up at her with yet another smile, "Well, I can certainly stock the kitchen with sea food, if that is what you prefer. Doesn't bother me at all. I lived on the same thing for five years when I was younger, so I am accustomed to eating the same thing time and time again. The best part about sea food though is there are so many different ways to prepare it that it would be quite awhile before you circled around to what you started with." Taking another bite, she looked up and started rekicking her feet, thinking of more than twenty ways right off the top of her head. Hearing Adina moan a bit as she ate, Val glanced at her before continuing her meal, her feet slowing to a stop, crossing her legs, "So, when do you think you will actually aim for the castle..?"
Adina's good eye focused on the girl as she ate, her cat ears flickering as she spoke. "Hehehe. That would be a terrible way to leave, but I wouldn't let that happen, even if I ever do make it to the top." She took another bite, causing her eye to close, enjoying Valarie's wonderful cooking. She couldn't believe that she used to eat things raw or barley cooked meat when she lived in the forest. There was no way she was going go back to that, not after eating what Valerie made every day. The cheetah looked up from her food again, her eye sort of sparkling to the girl's words. "That would be just amazing! You truly know how to spoil me!" She went back and stuffed her face with another bite, slurping up the juices that dripped from her face as she listened to Valerie ask her about the castle. "I really don't know," she said after swallowing and licking her lips. She turned to face the woman again. "There's still a lot for me to learn. I doubt I'll be good enough to serve the crown." She took notice to how she spoke the last sentence and she scooted over to Valerie before putting an arm around her shoulders. "But don't worry. I'm not going to forget you or this place. In fact, I'll come here every day to see you if I ever make it." She gave her a tight squeeze. "Maybe you could come with me? I know it would be hard for you to leave your shop and I'm not expecting you to, but it's just an idea."
Being squeezed against Adina, Val rolled her eyes and smiled, looking up at her assistant, "You say you will visit, but you will be too busy for a lowly little shop owner such as myself. The Steward will see to that." Reaching up, she used her index finger to wipe away some juice that was still on Adina's chin, licking her finger clean, "Besides, I have absolutely no intention of leaving my shop. I have put too much time and effort into it. If you move on up to the castle, I will be a proud woman knowing that my teachings have led you there. If they are too blind to hire you on, then you can stay here with me all you like and I will be equally as happy." Finishing her food, she tossed the plate onto a counter in the kitchen. Swinging her legs up and onto the other side of the counter, she laid back, her head resting in Adina's lap. Pulling a knife from the belt that was around her waist, she went about cleaning under her nails, "Once you are done with your lunch, we should really put that new elixir away. If a few drops practically destroyed the inside of this building, imagine what it could do if the caldron spilled over."
Adina shook her head. "Nope! I'll make sure to come visit. No one can stop me from seeing my best friend," she smiled. There was more to that, part of her wanted to say more, but didn't. Something inside her was saying it wasn't right. What would her ancestors think of her if she was with another woman, let alone a human? It would also just paint a target on Valarie's head for ridicule and judgement. Anyways, it's not something that will happen. Valerie sees her as a friend and an assistant, nothing more. The cheetah set her empty plate aside and just sat with her boss for a few moments, letting her stomach settle. Her eye caught Valerie's hand movement and watched her clean her chin with her finger, causing her to flush up just a little. She then nodded to her words. "I know, that's why I'll never expect you to. This is what you are good at... Best at in fact. I don't think there is a soul better at it than you. Plus, you love doing it. Even if you have your troubles, I always sense happiness within you." As her head rested on her lap, Adina brought up her hand, hesitating at first, then started running her fingers through her hair, combing through it lightly with her claws. "Yeah... We should do that... But let's let our food settle first. I'm stuffed, heh."
Val's eyes closed as her hair was combed, continuing to clean her nails without really needing to see them, "This line of work has always brought me comfort, and you are right, its what I am good at. But I think there is much more good you could do in the world than staying here with little ol me. You are more than welcome to of course, but I would never attempt to keep you from greater things." Letting the leg closest to the edge of the counter drape off, she slowly began swinging it as her hair was continued to be combed, a slight blush coming to her cheeks. It had been a long time since someone had done this to her, and it was rather nice. She loved her hair played with, and this was something she was almost unwilling to move away from.
Adina looked down to the woman in her lap, watching her as she spoke, her one good eye examining her features. Valerie was so precious and so adorable, that she wanted to just hold her tight and never let her go, tell her, her deepest secrets, how she actually cared a great deal for her, loved her infact, but she still couldn't bring herself to say anything. Instead she continued to feel through her hair. "You don't know that. I could do a lot of good here too. I don't necessarily  have to stay at the castle all the time, if I'm even deemed worthy to be accepted that is. It's still a big 'if'. I'll come and help you here a few days then return." Her tail began to sway as it hung off the counter, just enjoying this moment talking to her boss. A soft purr even began to rumble within her, vibrating her body.
Smiling, Val opened her eyes and looked up into Adina's, "Well, I would never turn away your help. You have been a delight to have around here. Never thought it would get as lonely as it did until I had you around. Took awhile for you to get adjusted to being here, but that was all apart of the dance. Seems like the dance is coming to its end though, and even if I see you every once in awhile, it will be far better than never seeing you again." Replacing her knife away, she rested her hands against her stomach, continuing to look up at Adina, "I will place a formal recommendation with the castle tomorrow. I am no stranger to the Steward, as his people come in here from time to time to purchase things. It will go a long way for you, I am sure. You've practically learned everything I could teach you anyway. You deserve the chance to move on to better things."
Adina kept her gaze on the woman that was practically in her arms, her ears perked as she listened to her words. She couldn't believe how close they've become over the years and how she really couldn't imagine a life without her. Adina smiled to her words, remembering the first time they met. "Heh, yeah. Well I wasn't used to the city type of life back then and you know how I had a little problem with humans. A lot has changed since then...." Her eye continued to gaze into her's as her hand lightly brushed away some of her silky strands from her face, just to get a better look at her. "Honestly, I didn't know that I was going to get so attached someone else after my hardships in the forest where I lost a friend. Now... Thinking of a life without you in it... I just don't know. I definitely wouldn't have gotten to where I am today without your teachings and generosity." As Valerie rested her head on Adina's soft stomach, she smiled, giving her a few light pats on top of her head before continuing to brush her hair back. Her ears twitched to what Valerie said and she then began squeezing her tightly. This was odd of her. She normally never showed this much affection to anyone. "Val! Are you serious? You'll actually do that? You're not teasing me are you now? Hehehe." She released her from her embrace so she could look her in the eyes. "You are practically the best thing that ever happened to me Val! I could kiss you," she giggled with excitement.
Val laughed as Adina told her she wouldn't know what to do without her in her life, "You wouldn't know what to do? I would be so far up the creek without a paddle it wouldn't be remotely funny. Not only have you assisted me with more than any assistants fair share, but you have also given me a good deal of company and companionship. I would probably be like Simon's grandmother by now if you hadn't become apart of my world." Being hugged soon after, she laughed again, hugging and squeezing her back just as tightly, "Yes I mean it. No teasing here. You deserve it and I am more than happy to help you in that department." Looking back into Adina's eyes, she smiled right back at her, "Well here, let me help there." Leaning up, she gave Adina a big kiss on her lips, pulling away as she slid off the counter, landing on her feet. Looking back up, she stuck her tongue out playfully, "Alright, back to work. Got to get this elixir put up." Turning, she moved over to the cauldron. Her cheeks warmed a little as she took a moment to think of what she just did, focusing her attention on the work at hand.
Adina chuckled a bit to herself. "Hehe I don't know, things would be a lot messier I can tell you that much, but I believe you could get by without me. Though you're right I suppose. Good companionship really changes someone for the good." Adina watched the woman's eyes focusing on hers and she couldn't help but smile. She felt lucky and unlucky at the same time. Lucky because she had met such an amazing and beautiful woman who was talented in so many ways, but unlucky because she didn't have the courage to tell her how she felt about her. Then, before Adina could even respond again, her lips connected with hers, making her ears perk and her tail stand straight up behind her. Her one eye widened with disbelief and her fur frizzled up. When they broke apart, her body leaned in as if she needed more, but was left hungry. "Val... I... I..." She stuttered, her face feeling as if it was on fire. ".... Right... Back to work. Hopefully we make some good money..."
Reaching up and touching her own lips for a moment with a smile, Val shook her head and went about pulling out a handful of vials. Very carefully, she began ladling the liquid into them, blinking time and time again as the fumes from the cauldron began to sting her eyes. Handing off the vials to her assistant, she instructed her to carefully place stoppers in the tops of them all so it would be secure. It was a grueling process that took a few hours, stopping only to help the occasional customer that came in. Once finished and the vials were safely secured in a crate, she carried it into a cooler room, setting them down. Wiping her forehead, she took a breath of relief, happy that chore was finished without incident. Closing the door to the room, she turned and looked up at Adina with a smile, "Well then. That was exciting and scary all at the same time. I think its time for a bath. Feel a bit more sweaty than I like." Walking over to the front door, she flipped the open sign to closed, locking the door. Reaching up and pulling the tie in her bun, her hair fell free around her shoulders. If anyone looked at her in this moment, she definitely would look nothing more than a child. Pulling the drapes, she tossed the tie to the side and began pulling her top off as she headed toward the bathing room, looking over her shoulder, "Not sure what you plan on doing, but I just cant stay like this forever. More than welcome to use the other bath if you need a soak yourself."
It was indeed a tedious job, but it was important that they were very careful. Adina wasn't ready to lose her other eye. The entire time, the kiss was on her mind. Was it Valerie just being Valerie? Teasing her and doing it as a joke or was there actually something behind it? Her fantasies took over and she almost made a spill a couple of times, but was lucky enough to catch her slip ups. Once they were finished, she stood up from her crouched position and stretched as she yawned, her cat tongue currling back and her large canines revealing. "Ha! You could say that again. I could have swore I almost slipped up a couple of times. Glad we did it though and we are in one peice." When Val mentioned a bath she lifted up her armpit and gave it a good whiff. "Phew... Yeah.. a nice warm bath would indeed be needed for this feline." She leaned against one of the wooden beams as she watched Valerie close up shop, then pull out her tie. Her eye not leaving as her hair fell to her shoulders. She still couldn't get over how beautiful it was. Everyday she watched her hair fall and everyday she was mesmerized. Though once Val began making her way to the bathing room, she looked away. "Heh, yeah. I'll make my way to the room as well. I definitely need it after today. If I don't, my fur will get all knotted up and that's always hard to comb out." There was this part of her, telling her to follow her in the room, but she couldn't bring herself to it. 'It is wrong' she kept telling herself. 'im just a friend... Nothing more. That little kiss was just a funny thing.'
After a few moments, Val returned into the shop main area, down to nothing but her lower nickers, "Baths are ready." Getting a bit of a running start, she hopped up onto the counter and began digging through the shelves until she found a few bottles of purple liquid. Tossing one back at Adina, she took the second for herself, hopping back down to the floor, "That one will do wonders for your fur. This one will make me smell like lavender." Uncorking the bottle, she took a whiff and smiled, "Love this smell. Come on then." Heading back into the baths, the room was large enough to fit a third tub easily. The two that were there however were side by side with no wall in between them. Heading over to the smaller of the two tubs, she poured some of her creation into the water, giggling as a plum of smoke rose from it, "There we go." Taking a step back, she called out to Adina, "While we're young!" Slipping out of her nickers and standing there completely nude, she ran and jumped into the bath screaming, "Alyoop!" Creating a massive splash for such a small frame, she emerged from the water seconds later, brushing the now soaked hair from her face.
Adina stood there for a few minutes just thinking of that quick kiss Valerie gave her. It left her feeling all glittery, her tail curling between her legs. Once Valerie came back, seeing that she was only in her lower undergarments, the feline's gaze couldn't help but to wander. "Gosh Val. You surprise me every time you do that, hehe." Even though they had been living together for a while, these little surprises always caught her off guard. It was like she knew it too. She watched as her half naked boss climbed up on the counter and began digging through the soap's. The cheetah caught the bottle of liquid and popped the top off it to take a whiff of it as well. "Mmm smells like a wide range of wild flowers. I'm gonna say it again, you really know how to treat your feline assistant." She gave the human a smile followed by a nod as she made her way to the baths herself with Valerie, her tail still curled. There was signs of nervousness that she hadn't shown before even though they shared the bathing room before. This time it was just different as the feline's mind was still daydreaming about the kiss.
When she approached her tub, she put the liquid in as well, making the water bubble. She then took off her eye patch, reveling a deep scar where her eye used to be. Soon, her tank top came off followed by her loincloth and her leather straps till she was nude herself. "The water looks extra warm tonight Val. Did we get new coals-" she stopped mid sentence as she turned her gaze to the beautiful woman that was her boss, watching her literally jump in the tub causing water to splash all over the room. Adina giggled, a warm blush forming on her cheeks. "Even when you clean, you find a way to make a mess" she teased. She turned to face her own tub and stepped over the edge, first dipping one of her toes to test the water. Satisfied with the warmth she lifted her other leg and stepped in before slowly easing herself in the water. "Ahhhh" she purred. "This is perfect. Definitely something I look forward to everyday."
Once the hair was out of her face, she grinned at Adina as she commented on her making a mess, "Hey, its my building. Ill be messy if I wanna be. Nothing wrong" Her own reply was cut short as Adina stripped in front of her. She had seen Adina naked more times than she could count over the time the woman had moved into the building, but something was different this time. She wasn't quite sure what it was, but there was something.. new. Her cheeks grew warm as she watched the feline slip into the water, the woman's purr making her cheeks grow even warmer. Splashing herself in the face with some of the water, she shook it off and cleared her throat, "Yeah, the baths are one of my favorite parts, and even though its earlier than usual, that was some hard work back there not blowing ourselves to smithereens. That product will fetch a nice coin. Just need to give it a name.." As she looked up in though, her eyes drifted back to Adina, resting on the parts of the woman that were still visible. Smiling, she pulled herself out of her tub and walked over to Adina's, moving behind her and leaning over. Resting her hands on the woman's shoulders, she began massaging them as she continued, "And yes, I do know how to treat my assistant. She is a fearless creature that knows everything I know, if not more. Careful and cautious, yet understanding and caring. Not features you find in this day and age." Pressing her breasts up against the back of Adina's shoulder blades, she leaned up and whispered into her ears, "Among other things.." Lowering herself back, she continued massaging her shoulders, "And I cant really call you my assistant any longer. As of this moment, I hereby dub you Potions Master." With a shrug, she smiled, "You'll make that castle proud to have you around once my recommendation reaches them, if I am any judge of character."
Adina chuckled to her comment about being owner. "Hahaha. Yeah, I know this is your building, just giving you a hard time Val. Let me have a chance to tease you for a change," she said giving her a wink with her one eye, which probably just looked like she was blinking. Adina tried her best not to look in direction of Valerie as she didn't want to be caught staring. She was sure she would tease her for such things. Finding a washcloth on the side of the tub, the feline began rubbing it into her fur, her nose twitching to the wonderful scent she was applying to her body. Her focus went back to Valerie when she spoke about the bath, seeing only her head as her small body was covered behind the tub. "Heh... It certainly was. Left me sweating. I'm just glad that we have it bottled up now and in a safe place. We'll have to take extra precautions from now on. Don't want to accidentally bump into it." She looked up at the ceiling as she started to think of a good name. "Hmm... Well, it's gotta have your name in it since your the one who developed it... Let's see... How about Val's blasting elixir? Too cheesy?"
Suddenly her ears flickered back as she heard Valerie from behind. She must have not noticed her climb out when she was focusing coming up with a name. Her eye widened as she felt the woman's firm but soft touch being applied to her shoulders, making her purr even more. She smiled when she told her how fearless and caring she was.  "Val... You're just saying that... I'm sure you could have a better assistant if you looked hard enough..." she said blushing. Her ears fell back, feeling the woman's breath as she whispered in them, causing her fur to stand. "O... Other th... Things?" She stuttered. She made a little cheetah chirp as she felt Val's chest press against her back, which in turn got her a bit squirmy. Her eye fell shut and she focused on the woman working her shoulders and her kind words. By the gods did it feel good. "Potions Master huh? Kinda has a good ring to it..." There was a few moments of quietness as she purred to the skilled massagest. She really wanted to tell her how she felt, ask if the kiss from before meant anything, but there was hesitance. "Val... I.. um..." Was all she could muster to say.
Seeing how the woman was responding to her touch and voice, Val couldn't help but smile. She nodded a few different times, "Yes, a few other things." She continued to work Adina's shoulders as she took to her new title, happy to bestow it upon someone for once. It took many years of training to get to where she was at now, but Val was more than confident in her ability to use the knowledge to some good. Hearing a bit of hesitation in her voice at the end, Val became curious. There were not many occasions where this creature became hesitant, so it clawed at her to know why. Her touch slowed to a stop, the silence that now filled the room felt like an eternity. After a moment or two, she slowly continued her massage, moving a bit lower down her back, working her thumbs in slow circles on either side of her spine, "If you have something to say, you have never once not been forthright with it. So if you have something to say now Adina, do not hesitate. Say what you will and be done with it."
Adina eased more into the tub, her soft purrs getting louder as she was under Valerie's tender touch. Though she was under a little stress from her feelings, the massage was comforting her. This wasn't the first time Valerie was doing this. It was sort of a common thing. Whenever Adina was in pain, whether it was physical or emotional, Valerie was there to comfort her, part of the many reasons she had fallen head over heels for her. When Valerie stopped, Adina sighed. She knew she had to tell her what was bugging her, but still couldn't. It became silent until Valerie continued to the massage once again and spoke up. "You're right Val... I'm sorry..." She paused and turned around to face her, her orange eye gazing into the woman's two perfect ones. "I have a confession... I've not been up front with you about something... You know how I say I'm not interested in anyone? Liking or attractive wise? Well... There is someone..." Her hand reached out of the tub and cupped the human girl's cheek. "That someone is-" her sentence was cut short as she felt an enormous weight of despair in her soul. It was the same feeling from before except it was much much stronger. "... Ugh... I..." She laid her head on her forehead and moaned. "I suddenly feel awful..." Her ears flickered up as she began hearing strange noises from outside. Sounds of some sort of creatures. She turned back to Valerie with a worried look. "There's something wrong. The air feels off somehow and there's definitely movement outside the shop..." She quickly got out of the tub and began strapping herself back up, not even caring that she was soaked. Her gaze quickly snapped to Valerie once more. "Our weapons... Are they still locked up? I feel that we may need them."
The sun has gone dark, you hear screaming in the town, village people hurry along the paths to hide in there homes only to have there windows smashed by monsters of unholy nature. Babies are pulled from mothers arms and vanish into thin air wall words whisper off the lips of monsters, freedom for the worthy, freedom for the worthy. The shop does not seem affected, no monsters are running to it, and if silence is kept they will not notice, but the sounds of outside echo into the walls causing hairs to stand up on necks. The door to the room the woman were in rudely swung open as a man with a smug look on his face walked inside “hmm still live in here, you see outside, it be a uprising and oh oh oh don't worry about weapons not much they can do against the big things but if you want to convert, well it is better then being consumed” a smile moved over his face as a glimmer shimmered in his eyes “have you lot been told the glory of the mother of darkness yet? Wanna share and drink and go over it? i hear the tavern is not on fire yet”  his eyes looked over to the cat woman as he clearly scanned her up and down boldly checking her out lust on his lips as he licked over them "my my look at you, what a wonderful one that is" he said softly as he pulled up a chair and just sat there watching even if they were in some moment together and one was in a bath tub he did not care "always wanted to do a conversation in the bath, help me cross one off my bucket list will ya?"
As Val looked into Adina's eye with a smile, she hung on each word the woman spoke. Was she actually going to say what she secretly hoped she would? Val had, for the longest time, adored Adina. The feline had come into her life nothing more than a lost kitten, broken by the trauma of the world. But Val gave her shelter, companionship and a home to come back to. After a time of being her apprentice, Adina had found a place in her heart. She was her best friend, and now.. more. Feeling the hand on her cheek, she felt her entire face becoming hot with embarrassment. Without warning, the room seemed to grow cold, as if all the heat in the world vanished in an instant. Sinking to her knees, her hands slipped to the edge of the tub for support. Val had, since learning of botany and mastering it, formed a connection with the planet and its life. Now it seemed her connection was severed outside of her shop, and it took its sudden toll. As Adina asked about the weapons, the door burst open. Jumping a bit at the sudden action, her eyes snapped to the man who entered. Listening to him prattle on about the darkness, she soon noticed his attention shift to Adina as he pulled up a chair, anger bubbled up from her core. The young potions master stepped in front of Adina, blocking the mans view of her as she remained in the tub. Val cared less if the man saw herself naked, but when he looked at Adina.. she felt a hatred for the man like she had never felt for any other living creature, "You come.. into MY shop.. burst into MY bath.. and have the manhood to stand there and gawk at MY equal?!" Lifting her fingers to her lips, she blew against them hard, a sharp whistle filling the room. The door was once again flung open, the roots of the tree in the main area bursting through. The roots seemed to know its target, racing towards the man with murderous intent, splitting into what would seem a hundred individual pieces of root.
The whole time Adina was getting dressed, putting on strap after strap of her precious jewels that she drew power from, she could hear the blood curdling screams of children and the cries of animals in the streets. The place she called home for over two years was changing before her. What was going on? What were the two of them to do? She felt like there was no time to come up with a plan. She needed her gauntlet and spear. She needed protect her home and her love with her life. "Val... We need to get moving. I don't know wh-" her ears fell back as she watched a dark hooded man with a devilish look in his eye come into the two women's home. Adina growled, gritting her sharp white teeth, capable to tearing the strongest leather. She quickly drew her dagger, her only weapon at the moment and pointed it at the stranger. The words that slipped from man made her sick and she felt like puking just at the thought of what he said. "Who do you think you are coming here and preaching your God? No one let you in." She spat at the man's shoes. "And I'd rather slit my own throat than help you with your little list pig!" Then, Valerie quickly stepped in front of Adina, not surprised by her bravery, but surprised she was protecting her. She watched as their tree's roots burst through the door, finding it's way to it's target and she hoped it did.
As the tree attacked the man he did not move or fight back at all, he allowed the trees branches to stab into the body of the man ripping him right from the back to the front and leaving a large hole right in his center, tree branches sticking out the sides. “pity” he coughed as blood fell out of his  mouth as he looked at the woman “you could have stayed unnoticed, and learned about what was going on -cough - they will notice you now, you, struck, first ” and with that his last word he slumped over and the sounds of a broken door in the main area sounded as something was moving into the building. Snorting and crunching filling the air as it walked forward heavy thumping form its feet as they hit the floor hard, it was big, and it had four legs, but other then that nothing else was known, for now.
Taking only a moment of pleasure in the mans passing, Val glanced up at the sounds coming from the main room. Strike first or not she was not going to let her shop, her home, be destroyed that easily. Turning to Adina, she grabbed her own clothing and began putting them on as she passed by her to the back wall. Stopping at a basin on the wall, she raised a hand and smacked it down on the metal figure resting on its edge. A trap door creaked open to the right of the basin, and she used her foot to kick it open completely, glancing back at Adina, "Grab what you plan on grabbing, but make it quick.." Hopping down the hole in the floor, she fell a few feet, handing on the soft dirt below. Reaching up, she grabbed a lantern that rested on a support beam holding the tunnel she now found herself in, twisting its dial and bringing light to the darkness. Turning in the small space, she spotted her emergency backpack, lifting it over her shoulders and making her way a bit down the path. Wont take me without a fight.. she thought to herself, hoping Adina did not take too long.
Adina could care less what the stranger had said, she was just happy that he was dead, but her 'happiness' quickly faded and was once again placed by worry and fear. Worry for her dearest and fear to what this world was coming to. Her ears flickered to the sounds of monster like footsteps and she looked to Valerie to see if she she had a plan and was not surprised that she did. After she had gotten dressed and opened the hidden door, Adina finished putting on her leather straps and ran over to a glass container that held her weapons. "I... I just need these," she said frantically. She picked up her gauntlet and spear and quickly ran to Valarie's side, stopping once to grab a couple bottles of the new elixir as well as some healing potions. "I also got these... Just in case." She said showing her the potions. She looked down the hidden entrance and shuddered. She knew about the hidden place, though she never went down herself. It was dark and small, something that Adina didn't like all that much, but their lives were on the line. Taking a deep breath, she pulled a latch, closing the door behind them and began following her boss. Her ears were pinned down and her orange eye glowed under the light of the lantern.
Once Adina joined her, Val continued down the tunnel she had created three years ago in the event of an emergency. She simply hoped she would never need to use it. Grumbling to herself over the interruption in to what could've been an interesting night, she made her way through the twists and turns that was the tunnel, "Good thing I know a Dwarf or two," she quietly said to Adina as they moved, "Never would've figured out how to keep this tunnel secure and standing otherwise. Smart little creatures they are." The tunnel began leading further into the planet, but also grew taller, enough for even Adina to stand at her full height without fear of hitting her head. The lanterns light reveled Dwarven inscriptions along the walls of the larger areas, runes and designs clearly visible. As they continued, the women would hear the sound of water, and Val sighed with relief, "The sewers are up ahead. So much for that bath.." Turning to look back where they had come, she cleared her throat and spoke just loud enough to overcome the sound of the water ahead, "Ekast custith." Her Dwarvish was rough and hard spoken, but as the words left her lips, the runes on the wall sprang to life, illuminating gold. A piece of the wall to their left began jutting outward, sealing the passage off. Once completed, the runes lost their glow and vanished altogether. Looking up at Adina, she motioned for her to follow, continuing on to the sewers, "Keep quiet and low. Don't know what might be lurking in there.."
(Adina and Val moved to Avalon Sewers)

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