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Rose Has Thorns Part 2, Winter Has Come

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Anaya: Ryu moved along the floor as the elven woman pointed her spear at the male, he backed up and away and went to see the boy from the closet that had fallen out in a panic, poor thing he thought to himself as he grabbed the back of the little things shirt yet again picking it up softly and then siting down with it to place it between his legs to grab it with his for claws and lick it like a mother cat or dog would a baby, his mother did this to him when he first hatched and it made him feel better, maybe it would help this little thing that the baby dragon clung to its self.  Samuel watched his son and kept an eye on him as the lady Sif pointed her spear to the unknown male. They must have had some part history then as clearly she did not like him at all. “miss Sif why do you point your weapon at this one, is he bad?” Sams green eyes looked over to the male as he gave a grin, wanting her just to say yes, a simple yes would do and then sam could toss the male out and make sure he was well taken care of by the grounds trolls. “Anaya is i am guessing with our other osppring. But you can wait around if you like, or there is a rather find tavern in town you can stay at, hogs water, hear they have good ale, but plenty of fights” he looked back at his Son being so licky to that little thing he pulled out of the closet, a new toy of sorts sam wondered as his eyes moved back to Sif. The rock in the other room as soon as blood touched it got a lot brighter, blindingly bright, and wall it would blind it shot up off the table as if it had life and the rock stuck to the open cut and started to push its self within, glowing hot as it started to suck the magic and powers away from the host, the rock that red blob was not of blood but of the Nuitari the god of evil magics, just for unknown reason some child had coloured in the ring that the moon was in with red crayon. The stone humming now and getting deeper into the hole it was really making a mess, causing blood and flesh to rot and limp off, but then it stopped glowing and just stayed there, hot and draining magic and power away, but not life force, only magic and power from the host to feed its evil mage of a god.

TheLadySif: Sif took her spear from its leather strap at her back and spun it once, touching it to the ground with a sharp clang sound. Her green eyes remained set on Damon, her fingers clenched tightly around her weapon. She knew better than to leap at a guest without orders and even better to attack one unarmed, but was she itching to cut out his sarcastic tongue? Yes she was. Her eyes shifted to Samuel in question as he spoke of Lady Anaya’s eyes. Sif chose to stay out of the personal affairs of items and trinkets of the sort, therefore she would simply be unbiased with their visitor. With Sam’s question, she sneered and rolled her eyes. “Simply a personal annoyance my…Samuel. Hardly anything for concern…” She shifts her gaze to him. “Yet. I only know him as an imbecile who would meet my spear again if he causes harm to anyone of this castle.” She steps up in front of Damon and sets him with a stern stare and speaking in her native tongue. “If even a maid servant gets a paper cut in the same room as you I shall release all manner of fury upon you."

ILoudI: "No.." Seraph flailed using his arms to hide his face, not wanting anything to do with this creature..he would run but he was sure the thing would pounce on him. Yet it began licking his hair, "Ahh.." he pressed his small hands against Ryu's mouth to try and make him stop..his drool was thick and sticky like honey but there was nothing sweet about it. Shaking his his hair wildly, strands of spit were flung around the room giving his once neat and proper groomed hair that wild electricuted look. And his mouth was bloody, he had gotten all cleaned up to meet with the Queen and now he looked dirtier than he did when he first arrived. Yet the licking did calm him down, the wolves treated him in the same manor..his eyes took on their normal color his teeth would take a bit longer to revert..he'd have to look like a bloody wildling for a while until he could be kidnaped by the servants and cleaned up all over again.. this was a terrible day for him..just awful.

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev watched the stone but did not flinch, simply smiled as he felt the magic drain out of him laughing as he felt the despair in his body. He began laughing louder and louder as the stone would finally fall off but he would catch it and smile- “ah such a cute creature you are….stealing my magic like that” –he would place the rock in his mouth and swallow it licking his lips as he laid back against the floor and continued laughing and spoke in the grey elven language- “ah how pathetic I am ah the gods were right to punish me with this, I almost betrayed my people by telling its secrets to First Born Anaya about Savat and other details” –he looked to the ceiling and smiled at the crows- “Savat…you were correct” –speaking in elven- “this world is disgusting is it not?” –he would sit up and look at his hands feeling his magic almost depleted he narrowed his eyes- “hm….most spells are out of my powers…but” –he raised his hand towards to door as the sound of something clicking could be heard- “locking an object is child’s play even for a novice of the magical arts” –he would pick up the log book he had received from Savat and tear out the page on Savat’s order as he crumbled it up and swallowed it as well. Licking his lips- “now than….” –he would pick up a book about grey elven ritual magic and open up the book- “time to start at the beginning” –he said as he began reading about the basic of ritual magic in silence only the crows as his companions as he looked up for a moment at the noise from the castle and smiled- “Your right Savat….they are not our brethren…they are…betrayers like me…no not like me…I take pride in my brands, let them fester and become my call” –he smiled and laughed as the loss of his magic sent Trev over the edge he was already standing upon, it was only a wonder what fool would give this stone to an elf who was already under emotional pressure, could it have been fate? Tis hard to say but such decisions create effects that are unknown even to them. Trev looked at his old notes in the book and quietly began to reread his old notes as they seemed to help him relearn his old ways but this would still take years to regain his practices, and his mind swirled on who to blame for such a thing with the illusionary voice of Savat whispering sweet nothings into his ear as Trev mind was lost to his old ways.-

PayneZileQueen: Watching as the conversations started. Listening closely to the  dragon. Damon nodded as he mentioned that she wasn't there at the moment. "I would love to be able to stay, but. I do hope that Tavern is not far from here. Since I seemed to have lost my transportation." Once Sif mentioned him being an imbencile. Damon took offense to it, but decided not to go too much into it. And once she made a threat towards him in their native tongue. Damon's cheeky grin appeared once more, taking one step closer towards Sif, looking down upon her as he was taller than she was. Responding in their native tongue. "Is that a promise?" He felt the tension between the two, and honestly he loved it. But he didn't feel like getting into trouble with the lady, as he was but a guest. Not someone who was at all familiar here, he once looked at the dragon once more. His body very close for Sif to be able to attack. "When would the Lady return? So I could re-visit if I wish to do so. I don't wish to be of any kind of annoyance, even though I do have found myself a familiar here.."

Anaya: Sam could not help but smile at her being so much of a fighter, she was truly a woman after his own heart. It was a pity that she was an elf, and he could not touch elves he would have much enjoyed, well enjoying her. And he thought on if she would be just as wild behind closed doors as she was when met with combat. “we shall leave our guest here then, the guards can help him wait for Anaya to get back, with the other child.” he would not even call  Noki by her name, she mattered so little to him he did not even take the time to speak her name before others. “come Sif we have under the castle to go to you and i” he started to walk away form there guest leaving him there, but he paused to look back once more “The hogs water tavern is down the hill to the east side of town there are signs to lead you there, it is unknown when Anaya will be back” as Ryu got up and made small whimpering sounds having to leave his new chew toy boy. But he followed his father and stayed not far from him and the elven lady as they went on there way. If sif did follow him he walked with her to a side room yet again holding the door for her as he watched in the background if that guest was going to tag along. He shut the door as they started down on of the hall ways “the man only seeks for anaya to tell him something to do with some trinket or treasure, we get them at times here, gain information from the old eyes some call it. We had a woman come in once saying there were rumours that Anaya was being called the all knowing eyes, but we blamed it on the worshippers beyond the castle, he may be one and we just don't know it. We will have to take a side door to the castle hold, guards watch the main door and they will not let you down there, but there are doors no one watches” they walked back all the way to the back hall were there was still dust and cob webs and it looked like some windows had been broken and the area sealed off.  “this is part of the castle before we got here, before Anaya took over, and no one takes care of it, they say dead walk the halls but i have yet to be bugged by them. ” he opened a smaller door to alow sif in, it was a bit cobweb and dust covered but it was an in, and a set of steps led down.

TheLadySif: Sif bristled, stiffening as he came closer. No one ever got that close where she came from and even in the castle you only stepped up if you were planning on getting put down by Sif. She bit her lip and wanted to sock him in the jaw or step on his foot or SOMETHING. Childish of course but she was still young by elven standards and had the hottest of tempers but the coolest of personalities. She simply turns on her heel, letting her long hair sway and whip around, swatting him in the chest. She all but stomps away with Sam, sighing as they walked through the door then looks around interested. She was in awe even though the space was dusty and less than cared for. She shudders at the thought of the dead walking around. It creeped her to the bone, such an unnatural thing made no sense and was most uncommon to the Arctic Elf. Without a care or thought on the voyage ahead, she decided to be happy with the trip and loosen up a bit, explore what a friendship could be. She did quite like Samuel, he was strong and powerful and had a daring yet caring personality that she had not seen before. For now, she would take her leave and return to her dear Lady Anaya with tales of a new voyage and lots of fish for the castle. Fulfilling her duties was foremost in her mind.

ILoudI: The boy once again shook his head and body free from the ickyness the dragon placed upon him, watching them all suddenly up and walk away, he noticed the tall lady was still no where insight..and wasn't sure if he should follow them or not, and thought it best to stay behind. Looking down at his shirt he huffed irritate, taking it off and using it to dry his hair, "Icky.." their were faint scars on his back from all sorts of torture weapons but they didnt bother him he was more concerned about the gunk in his hair. Once again being swarmed by Servants, it was like an instant refresh..dirt or dirty things were forbidden within the walls of the Dynasty. It was only seconds until he smelled like flowers and looked as if he just got finish frollicing through a fricken meadow. He could only sigh and find a place to sit and keep out of the way..walking over to one of the chairs.. he pulled himself up and sat quietly plucking the petals from the flower in his hair. And maybe this was the perfect chance to sharpen his mind and get his intelligence back up to par, he speant way too many years away from books and people..he nearly forgot how to speak the most common tongue. Uttering two or three words won't really get him anywhere except back into the cold and on his face. Leaning over to pull the heavy book into his lap..he flipped through the pages.. not a clue in the world to what it was he was attempting to read but he would do his best.
PayneZileQueen: Simply enjoying the frustration seen in the eyes of Sif, he couldn't help but leave a small chuckle once she turned around and her hair hit his chest. "I'll be looking forward to next time, Sifrella" He said in their native language before she completely left the room. As there was no one there at the moment to take a look at him. Damon gathered his stuff together. Resheathing his swords into their place, and his other stuff that he had taken with him. The Tavern did sound like a good place, but alas. Without any currency it was impossible for him to stay there. Instead he waited for a pair of guards to pick him up. "Is it possible for me to reside here? I wouldn't even mind a haybale to sleep in. I do not require much." Hoping it was possible, Damon followed the guards that guided him towards a place unknown for him

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev sat quietly in the room reading through old pages he had long forgotten, as he read anger swirled inside him as the stone used to take his magic was also seeming to be a focal point of his madness, anger, annoyance, and apathy towards the stone as in a way it fed off of his negative energy as a a parasite. Yet this parasite also spoke words in Trev’s ear in the form of Savat. The stone it seemed was a symbol of Nuitari, the patron of the black arts in the Tower of Magic and Tower of High sorcery as such the anger led to Trev slowly crumbling state that perhaps might set him down the stature of Nuitari’s books instead of those from the grey elves old ways. When ones spirit and life has been broken any avenue is left for them. Trev set down the book and began to examine other books he had with him. He then noticed a curious book. The words on the front were Grey Elvish for forbidden and Trev had not recalled having it before but sat down in his chair and opened it as he began to read it quietly- “raven….loft?” –he said aloud tilting his head back and forth in confusion as he began to read the book once more now curious to its contents as he looked over the words of the Dark power as it was rather confusing phrases and nonsense words yet Trev was drawn to the words. The Dark Powers seemed to torture their victims while also granting powers to those whom resided in their domain. Trev was now curious could he perhaps draw upon this land and use it for his own? He licked his lips in thought of how he would contact such spirits-

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Sam opened another door once they got down to the catacombs of the castle, dark wet and just gross there were slave beds and muk on the floor, this was were slaves were kept and the dogs were kept. But in a few short moments they were taken to a massive door made of bronze with golden flex in it. Then beside it another door smaller and more wooden. “this is the castle hold, if anyone asks you never came down here, she would have anyone head if they knew were she stashed everything” as he opened the door the smell of spider webbing filled the air. “try not to look up” he said softly as he walked out to a stair case that hung over a MASSIVE cavern space,. (no joke the hobbit mountain gold horde) “my saddle is at the back” he said softly as he waited for her to join him to over look the sea of gold and treasure. Witch on top of it all, were spiders giant rhino sized spiders hung to the roof top of the castle, thousands of them. Samuel looked up at the spiders up there as they hung out and did well what spiders did. “you know we started out with four of them, never knew they would grow so fast. ”

TheLadySif: “You can count on my silence being….” Sif’s jaw dropped for the third time in the past hour as she stepped in after Samuel, blinking rapidly at the sheer brightness of all the gold. “golden.” She shook it off and half-jogged back next to Samuel. Looking up simply because he looked up, she blinked slowly. Just what did they feed those things. She had seen many an odd creature but never had she seen such large spiders of all things. Sif lowered her head and rubbed at her forehead. At times she knew she had much to learn about the world but it was times like this that made her want to run out and experience more. With a solid resolve, she took a hold of Sam’s sleeve, tugging lightly. “Let us be off my King, we have much to do. And the sea beckons."

Anaya: Sam nodded as he jumped off the ledge they were standing on as he dived down into the gold hitting hard face first as he was mid shift to his true self. After he hit the gold the wave of gold and coin swelled up and started to move. The depth of the gold being able to fully hide Samuel as he weaved around the pillars and ducked deeper sticking his neck out and looking around. There it was the saddle covered with dust the massive leather thing stuck out among all the shimmering gold and treasure. He moved his neck to slip into the saddle and leather and get it onto his back. He moved his foot to claw at it to try to lash it all in place, he looked like a duck trying to use his foot to itch his belly but after some struggle and some biting and careful placing he was able to latch the strap firmly around his underbelly, the leather saddle covering his back very widely so in truth many people could fit on it and not touch his scales. Samuel moved along the side of the cold as he got up to the ledge lifting his back up for sif to get on “whatever you do, do not touch my skin, i am highly toxic Sif, i can never touch you in anyway” his voice even if it was loud and echoed it seemed saddened by his words. He could never touch another thing without killing it, it was crappy but it was how life made him and his kind.  He looked on to make sure no spiders dared lower themselves as he stood there having gold up to his belly  as he waited for her to get on him. Ryu jumping around and playing with one gold coin before he let out a yarp and then ran back up the steps to go find his friend yet agein.

TheLadySif: As he sidled up to her, she was laid out in the gold, crying laughing her eyes out. Sif held her sides as she replayed his sprawling over in her head. Wriggling, she chuckles, then takes a deep breath, laying there for a while. Never had she seen a full grown dragon struggle so hard in such a funny way. In her mind he looked like a newborn Arctic Bear stuck in an ice trap. Sitting up, she swiped the tears from her eyes. “Aha, fear not my King, I am ever vigilant.” Soon her eyes misted up in a cool sparkling manner and a slick stairway that glowed with the continuous cold magic flowing through it built up in front of her. After climbing it and settling carefully on the saddle, she tightened the single strap of her traveling bag, having had it attached still since before she went off to console him. Sif actually smiled lightly as she sat atop him, both nervousness, and excitement coursing though her. She was adept at riding many animals, but this would be the first time she flew. Her ice steps were merely water over the gold at this point and she could feel the toxicity coming off of him. She swiftly pulled her hair up into a third ponytail to lift it from her waist and nods once to affirm herself. “I am ready, let us go to the sea and gather a mighty catch. Ah I have only dreamt of the cool waters rushing over me. I must say this trip with you shall be a fun one, even though it is for duty and not vacation."

Anaya: Samuel looked back making sure she was all strapped in, his care for her safety was a bit odd but he did not want her to get hurt or worse fall off. He started to walk and swim in the golden sea as the coin waves flicked up his sides and some landed on his back to bump ageist Sif. “it has been hundreds of years since i last had someone ride upon my back, it may be bumpy but i will do my best” as soon as he hit the ground and there was a overly large cave exit, It fit him leaving for sure, he ducked his head and as he walked on the ground the thumps of his foot falls sent shock waves into his body that shock his whole being and shock the saddle. With a massive kick from the ground he lifted his body up flapping his wings hard, he was praying she held on tightly as lift off was going to be the hardest part but thank the god the day was clear and there was no snow. As Sam started to go up he was hoping she would hold to the saddle handle the horn of the saddle that was there for this reason, there was also stirrups made of leather to put ones feet in, the air was so cold up high you could see his breath as he started to settle out and stop flapping to gain speed, he was now gliding and it was a lot smoother.

TheLadySif: Nervously and letting her guard down, Sif furrows her brow, showing emotion. She grips tight to the saddle-horn and tightens her thighs on the sides, ducking closer to the saddle. She almost cradled the ropes and horn as he went through the tunnel then squeezed her eyes shut as he began flapping his wings. Bless her heart the young elf couldn’t help but squeal as they took flight, soaring up into the air. Her heart felt like it had dropped into her stomach, and she stayed with her head down and eyes closed, hair falling on either side of her face. After a moment, she began to relax more and more, her muscles loosening. The ride had smoothed, the air fresh and cool to her sensitive nose, and the wind whipping past tickling her face and the tips of her ears. She slowly sat up straight then slowly opened her eyes, letting out a breathy sigh. Her eyes sparkled in the light and she raised one hand to the clouds, feeling the dampness of the soft sky. They were on their way.

PayneZileQueen: Basically having been kicked to the curb. Luckily without any actuall kicking. Damon huffed as the guards shut the door. "Fuckers" he huffed in Italian, as he grabbed his stuff and walked further towards what he supposed where the stables. Looking for a good resting place, out of reach of Trolls and not disturbing any farm animals, Damon had found a haybale on a top level from one of the barns. He prepared for the night, undressing his upper body. Taking off the jacket that he had been wearing the entire time, uncovering his bare chest and back. Stretching his back, the scars showed up more clearly. Once done, he folded his jacket into a pillow, and laid it down at a haybale. Grabbing the piece of cloth he had with him as well, laying it down as a blanket covering any out sticking parts. Damon laid down and sighed, he was suprised to have met the Arctic Elf once more. That was the last person he thought he would meet once more, but at the same time. He was glad that he did, it made his adrenaline rush. And he was looking forward to spar with her once more, if he ever got that honor. Resting his hands under the make shift pillow. Resting the back of his head upon it, Damon looked at the ceiling trough the blindfold. The outlines of the wooden beams showing clearly, even at night. As he closed his eyes, he remembered the fight that he had with Sifrella. Remembering clearly that she was actually the last person who was ever able to look directly into his eyes. Since not too long after, he got bonded with the Demon residing inside of him.

AleeraVonHelson: Aleera De Cox, made her way through the cobbled paths of the quiet town, she was dressed in her usual leather cladded attire, hugging her voluptuous figure in all the right places. The Siren watched the quiet streets with little interest until she had made her way to the castle. "How quaint.." Yet another city, yet another set of hierachy to curtsey to -- sometimes she wonders if leaving her choir was ever really a wise decision on her part, but adventure and gruesome battles were what she craved, not magical alluring concerts that lured smelly pirates to their impending doom. She had always admired the female warriors she had witnessed battling on the shores of a fishing village not far from the cove she resided in, they were the motivation behind the person that he was now. However, years of travel has tire this Siren and all she yearned for was a place to settle, to serve. She made her way up the steps and pass the guards of the castle, stating her business as she made her way peacefully pass 'security'. She'd then make her way into the grand hall, hoping that there would be someone she could talk to about a place here in this kingdom.

DanteSon0fSparda: Piss poor and broke once again, Dante was a skilled Demon Hunter but a poor gambler. He'd lost a weeks worth of work again to games of chance. Drifting from town to town was a way of life for the hunter, going wherever people needed his blade against the forces of the underworld. This time the path had brought him to a land ruled over by a dragon from the shadows, or so the rumors went. He stepped onto the castle grounds as he ran his hands through his white hair a gentle breeze blew the tails of his crimson coat. As he entered he gave an impressed whistle at the vixen in the black leather before him. He spoke his voice was rough and relaxed. "Well isn't this a nice surprise. I come here seeking coin and I find you. So babe you got a name or will gorgeous do?" He asked donning a cocky smile.

Anaya: Anaya walked out from the Study to see her Son Ryu playing with a large metal helmet, he clanked the large thing ageist the wall and then head butted it across the room playing and running back and forth around the centre area of the castle, witch was also the largest area a 800 pound dragon baby with golden scales could play.  “life was so much easier when i did not have two children” she muttered as she gave a laugh watching him play, even if life was easier it was not as fulfilling back when she was the only one around, at least now when Samuel was gone she had some company, even if it was in the biting ripping and making a crap ton of noise kind of company.  Noki was on her other flank looking at her as the dragon baby tilted her head and looked to her brother, then back to her mother “yes you may go play with your brother, be careful of your horns” Anaya said in that motherly voice she only showed to her children. Noki gave a chirp and ran off thumping along the floor to jump on her brother wall his back was turned and push him into the helmet he was playing with and then right into a wall with a bang. Anaya wanted to tell them to be more careful, don't mess up the floor, don't scratch yourselves, don't get dirty, done eat the curtains, there was so many donts and so little dos, but baby's would be baby's and she was no human mother and in no way was she going to act like one and baby her children,  most dragon young were lucky to have a mother, blessed to not be tossed out of the nest at first hatching and that was if there other siblings did not hatch before them and just kill the others in the clutch before they were even out of the shell. Anaya watched them both play as she took her glasses from her nose and fixed her plum coloured gown she had just put on moments earlier in her changing room.  And with a chuckle walked to the throne to a nice tea cup of already made and chilled with ice cup of mint tea with the leaf still in the cup. At long last the maids seemed trained now to just have it there for her. Took them long enough to get off there asses and learn. She looked up as she had nothing to do now then to deal with guests, laundry was cheeked for the day, servants fed and given clean washing to, guards seen as well as she even went outside earlier to cheek on the trolls and the castle as well as that broken down watch tower.  So now to handle guests and people coming for coin work or other stupid matters she cared very little about but had to deal with.  And on top of it all, don't let the kids bite anyone. There were two guests, one ruder then the other, but she guessed it was simply male attitude and it was pointed at a fine set of birthing hips to Anaya could understand somewhat.  She kept looking but said not a word, interested to how it would turn out, would that lady slap the poor fool, would they both get mauled by the children, would the lady agree to the fools advances, oh it was like watching a show and all she needed was some smoked salted beef and wine not tea.

AleeraVonHelson: Aleera turned to the man who had gestured rudely at her. She arches her left brow, as she placed a hand on her hip. It was not uncommon for men to be moved by her beauty and she was definitely not surprised by the male's reaction at all, not one single bit. Pausing for a tad second, she'd begin to form a coy smile across her face as she made her way towards the male, flipping a bit of her hair back. "Well, how are you doing now, fine looking young man..." She'd slam her palm up against his crotch, grabbing it tightly before giving a little squeeze. She'd then unhand the man's manhood before circling around him with a smile. 'let's see how HE likes being objectified' she thought to herself as she comments on the male's physique with a sultry tone. "Great abs, could work on your Ass though, not as tight as it should be.." She smiles before slapping it. With this, she was done with him, she'd then make her way from the male towards the lady she had took notice of from the corner of her eye. She now relaxed her facial expression before making her way towards the lady who seemed to have an air of authority around here. Curtseying, she would introduce herself as accordingly. "I am Aleera M'lady...I have come to seek an audience with anyone who could offer me a place here as hired arms." She spoke calmly, also taking notice of the baby dragons behind her, having witnessed many mythical creatures in her lifetime, she wasn't startled at all by the sight of them.

DanteSon0fSparda: While caught off guard The Devil Hunter wasn't at all putt off in fact he found her rather brass approach refreshing, maybe a little tasteless but unique none the less. When she commented on his backside he shook his head placing his hands into the pockets of his coat, following her into the adjustment chamber. "I wouldn't say that. When it comes to paying for drinks I'm a real tight ass." The hunter jested before watching her cutesy. When hearing her name the hunter decided to jest further showing good nature in the effort. "I dunno I wouldn't trust Aleera here. From my experience she's the play before pay type." Dante yawned loudly then giving a light sigh along with a smirk as he treated the entire situation like a joke. "Next time go easy on the goods. That's a tender area."

Anaya: She could not keep the smile from her lips as she watched the show unfolding before her, such spunk in that one and if anything a dragon enjoyed a woman that had fire within her. She looked over to see Noki ripping into Ryus head as he let out a screech and then head butted her into a pillar as she growled at him. Within moments they were back biting and jumping on each other, one trying to go for the others tail in a ring around the pillar game and when you were a dragon youngling the size of a plow steed it was a rather fun game to watch.  Anaya gave a look back to the female “the one in power would be I, you have fire in you, so yes, I can offer you work, i am in need for guards around here that are not lazy and or door stops. ” most of her in the castle guards just did there rounds and in base were rather useless or like the man over there rude and not entertaining. She moved her red gaze over to him as she lifted a brow and put her tea cup down “maid!” she called out as one maid scampered over “yes me lady?” she said softly as her eyes dropped to the floor out of respect of the royals. “get me some more wine, i have a feeling i be needing it” tea was good and all at the start of the day but as the day got longer more wine was needed and when dealing with people and there antics for sure more wine was needed. “yes my lady will be fast with it” the maid spouted as she hurried away “and you ” she looked to the male as her red eyes looked him up and down eyeing up his figure “you don't have much do you, play before pay, and you don't sound like you could pay for much. Your hands are in your pockets yet i hear no coin” she moved her claw to itch the underside of her chin “let me guess, a hunter of sorts wanting to get a good buck be it hunting for me or hunting me?” with her hand she pushed her snow white hair over her shoulder “so what does golden hide go for nowadays anyway, over a hundred thousand gold coins i am told for one hide, but then again i could be wrong” she could not help but chuckle as she waited for her drink, yes very much so the drink was going to be needed today.

AleeraVonHelson: Aleera chuckled at the lady's reaction to the male, she could not help but to feel a tad bit of pity for him, it wasn't his fault she was a siren. However, her eyes sparked at the reply that the lady had given her. "Why! Thank you M'lady! I will serve with my life.." She said with a slight bit of excitement in her voice. "I will not disappoint you M'lady" She hurriedly made her way with the guards who came to escort her to have her brought to her new room, there was a slight skip in her step as she followed them into the castle, away from the queen.

VincentKaos: Rage would walk from his bath, towel about his waist to act like a skirt for him while he did rounds down the halls pondering on the fights he had already had in such a short time frame. His lips curled into a sinister smirk as his bandaged hands folded behind his back. As his mind pondered on the slaughter of the traitor his eyes would widen. He would instantly think of the floor and the large crimson stain that now showed the traitor’s final resting spot. He sniffed at the air and pushed off with his powerful legs as he traced the scent of Anaya. He would burst into the room of which his queen resided and dropped immediately onto his knees and face to the ground, “Forgive me, my Queen. I have broken your rule and stained your floors with blood. Even worse with the blood of an insect not worthy of having been here.” he rose his body, his wet hair surrounding his face giving him a more barbaric and primal allure. His gaze still lowered, and eyes gently closed, “I offer my life for the failures I have caused. I disobeyed your rule in fury of a lesser being. I am not worthy enough to serve.” He wouldn’t even show sign of fear as he offered his life, his mind of a dedicated warrior blinding him to such things. Unbridled loyalty seemed to be an innate trait he held that had been waiting to reveal itself.

Anaya: Anaya seemed to hit a nerve with her other male guest as she watched him say not a word and storm out, maybe it was something to do with him being a hunter of sorts or maybe he was here to off her and she ruined his plot to do it, she had no idea but the maid rushing back and giveing her her wine made her smile and take it thanking the maid as she girl bowed and rushed away, she looked up seeing  rage there displaying himself on his knees and over all begging to have his life given to her. She took her glass and put it on the throne arm rest as she leaned foreword and moved her arm out to put a clear claw under his chin lifting his face from looking at the floor and to look up into her red slited eyes. “he was not an Innocent, he wanted you to help him kill me, and you gave him your aid by smashing his face in the floor with a nude foot. Rage i do not wish your life in penance of the fool you smashed into the floor, and dieing for me is easy, anyone can die for me, but not everyone can live for me” she would smile as she looked at him then looked at the towel, she had a clear smirk on her face as she looked back into his gaze.

VincentKaos: Felt her nails on his chin which caused an involuntary shiver to scurry over the surface of his flesh down his entire body. His scarlet hues would meet his Queen’s. Listening to her speak he slowly rose and bowed again to her, “Your words are far kinder than any someone like me deserves.” He lowered his arm and tilted his head at her smile, “Did my actions humor you, M’lady?” He adjusted his stance, clasping to the towel to keep it from falling. “I did only what I felt should be done. I would not have anyone besmirch your name, nor drag me into such mud to smother you.” He nodded his head to her, “Your radiance is far to brilliant to be snuffed by some soft handed deceiver.” He looked around slowly, “I suppose I will also need to make myself some more clothes for my time here. It seems that single set proves most unfortunate for me.” He gave a nervous chuckle, “Have you any duties that you wish of me to take care of? Simply give an order and I will do whatever you ask without reservation.” His eyes glowed behind the wet strands, “I am here to serve you my queen and all your wishes will be made true with my bare hands.”

Anaya: she was a true sucker for compliments, flattery could get you everywhere with a dragon, there were story's of dragons falling head over claws for knights come only to kill them but had wooed them with compliments to smother there own vanity to the point some even willingly gave there neck to there unknown attacker. She leaned back up her red eyes looking rage up and down for a human male he was rather well made, not skinny or weak looking like other males, and he was rather nice in a towl and in fact he acted more like an animal then a man. She enjoyed it, truly, but she did also enjoy the human in him, his weakness his willingness to be on his knees. She stood up beside him “come we will get something to put on that is better then that towel”she moved and started to walk with him “there is clothing from some late guards still in the other room i will take you there and you may pick what you wish to have on. There is things from cloth tops to simple loin cloths. What is it you wish to dress in” she was smiling enjoying his flattery to her but she did not comment on it.

VincentKaos: He tilted his head, “I can not wear shirts. I do not like the feel and the runes on my arm often destroy them in a few hours anyways.” he crossed his arms over his chest as he thought, “Often I like cloth or leather pants, and some sturdy boots.” His eyes glanced over the back of his queen, his thoughts quelled instantly while he turned his head to the right rapidly, “The faulds I wear are often just preference, and offer little in terms of protection, but do help me conceal what few things I carry upon my person while traveling among others.” He rubbed his chin, “Grandfather said that though I walked more among humans than he did, that they still could not be trusted as the other races.” He dropped his hand again keeping his gaze to Anaya’s feet as they lead him through the halls. Not once did he even question the idea she would lead him elsewhere. Once they got to their destination he would immediately and shamelessly toss aside the towel as he would prepare himself to find an attire that he felt fitted him well enough for both his combat style and comfort. He did hate discomfort. He looked over the clothing, sniffing at them to determine their materials if he could. His attention seemed to pull to dark blacks and reds over others. Especially the reds, which he would take the extra time to feel over before moving on.

Anaya: When they got to the room she moved potting him to the wardrobe and then moving over to a sofa as she put her feet up on the sofa side and wiggling her toes enjoying nothing on her feet. She was clearly watching him as he tossed the towel away and she wiggles her toes in wonder “tell me Rage, other humans hide there naked body's but you seem to not hold a care in the world, are the same as i and the animals of four legs and find clothing suits very little need, or is it you find vanity to be a sin upon your back. ” she did wonder such things, other humans covered up some more then others, some fo the human females left nothing to show but there eyes as they feelt the gods would smite them if they allowed anyone to see there skin. Some men did the same covering large amounts of there body's leaving there faces, some having everything covered and even goggles to cover there eyes made form melted sand and leathers. “you remind me much of myself back before i became a ruler. ”

VincentKaos: He grasped a pair of dark leather greaves and studied them. “I was not raised directly with humans, the only pure human I knew in youth was my mother and grandmother. And by then they too were accustomed to the mannerisms of their partners.” He put the greaves back and moved along then stopping to turn to Anaya crossing his arms, “Why should I cover what I am? Is my body offensive to them? My superiority to the feeble bodies means nothing to me. If one can not handle the sight of me they may avert their eyes.” He turned back to the clothes as he hunted for the right one. “Being comfortable outside of clothing is also advantage, as you saw earlier.” he pulled out some thick clothed pants of deep black and he checked the material between his fingers, “Had I been so concerned with my nudity, my fighting ability would have dwindled.” He popped the pants and held them up to check their size to him. He tucked them back and searched more ferociously, “ It could be part of vanity in there.” He turned back to her, “After all, I am clearly superior to a vast majority of other men.” He opened his arms, boldly displaying his muscular nude body to her. “It is best for an alpha to remind those on bottom why they are there.” he would now move to put the pants he had settled with onto his body. “How is it I remind you of yourself? You do not seem to be the wandering sell sword type, My Queen...”

Anaya: she looked at him as she gave a light chuckle and a smile came to her lips “so it is not vanity it is pride then, a sin we also both share. And no Rage i was not a sell sword, but i was once a grand fighter, that did not care for the politics of man or the rules layed before me. I was not hatched with a golden spoon in my mouth. I was leader of an army, first born to the sacred scaled one, a white scaled golden dragon, a rarity, but i made the choice to fight and not rule, but after events took forth i had very little choice then to make my bloodline grow and put down my blade to pick up a rod and crown. And now ruling is simply second nature and i would not be able to go back to my combative ways, i don't even know how good i am at it any longer” she gave a chuckle knowing she was strong but at the same time it had been so long since she held a blade in her fingers. Crossing one leg over the other as she looked at him the red plum dress falling along her hips as she swayed her foot back and forth enjoying the air on her bear toes. “you do not need to hide yourself Rage, i don't find the need for garments i only have them on as a pleasantry not a necessity. As i am sure if you had the choice to walk without them and not be marked a whore and shunned you would, just as i would. We are al ot the same even if i am dragon and you are man”

VincentKaos: His eyes fell on the dress as it swayed around his queen’s feet. He would imagine her in combat and smile at the idea. “Combat never truly leaves. It is developed reflex. You just have had no need for those reflexes to trigger.” he made sure the pants fit snug around his waist as he approached his queen. His hand would reach down, gently stroking at the dress she wore, enjoying the feel and color as he looked calmed. “What people call me is of no concern to me. Words mean nothing when they are chocking upon their own teeth.” his eyes fell onto her again, “Still though you as a warrior. Perhaps that is why I am drawn to your side my queen.” He chuckled, “Only a strong woman can properly handle and direct a Remembrance.” he looked to her eyes, “That is what was written anyways.” He quickly looked around, “I guess I need to recover my journal soon. Hide it elsewhere again.” He turned back to Anaya and simply admired her for a moment, his fingers brushing on her side to enjoy the fabric, “Most men are more inclined to call me a beast over a man.”

Anaya: She looked at him as he ran his hand along her dress and she could see in his eyes it helped him control himself and concentrate a bit better. She smiled enjoying the feel of being touched even if it was slight , to many people here pussy footed around her and the only one that ever touched her or showed anything were her children or Sam. But it was better no one touched her, and it was starting to get to the hour of late. “i guess you are right Rage, one never does lose there love for combat or the ability to do it, i just need to be meaner i guess” she let out a laugh as she stayed were she was allowing him to touch and not pulling away or telling him no, even if it was growing late, and in the end no one was around anyway.  “and i like the man within you Rage, humans are very interesting to me, i enjoy there company, you have man in you as well as beast, and you can control the beast as well unlike others that are only controlled by the beast. Humans are a magnificent race, so adaptable and they can truly do anything. I hold many books about them” Golden dragons loved man, loved being around man, being in there company, and even Anaya could not sway this needing to be around humanity, it was why she picked this land after all, so many humans here, over all the other lands on this world this continent had the largest amount of humans on it, and she picked dead centre of it. “i see you as more man then beast, as a beast has no heart and i can see yours in your eyes”

VincentKaos: He moved his hand to her stomach for a moment then down to her legs so he would get more hold of the fabric, lifting it slightly. “A blind fighter will never strike an enemy. Compassion gives a true warrior sight in battle.” He seemed lost, “I only forgot that rule once. Never again can I do that.” He dropped the dress long enough to look at his bandaged hands, just the tips uncovered. He sat by Anaya and once again resumed playing with her dress. His eyes moving up and down her, taking in not only the dress but her very figure as well, “How can you find humans interesting? Though I am technically one by blood right and lineage...they are always so foolish. Greed, few with honour.” he let the tips of his finger move along the dresses length, “Then again, many other species are just the same.” He chuckled, “Most places would remove me from their walls after I got into a small fight.” he seemed to be in utter bliss at the moment, “I did enjoy the solitude to an extent back in the day. But it was still quite lonely.” This bestial man was now exposing a few feelings that normally remained locked deep within himself. “It is nice to have a reason now.”

Anaya: She gave a light grin as she got up from the sofa she was siting on “it is getting late, i must check on the children be sure they are a sleep, you get yourself ready how ever you see fit Rage and i shall see you in the days past. ” she walked over to him and her red eyes moved up and down his figure as she gave a grin and simply turned to be on her way. As she walked out she looked to a maid who was sweeping the floors and cleaning up the grit that had accumulated as the day had gone on. “be sure to wax the floors tonight and clean both levels girl, i want the castle clean it has been looking rather dull, make the stone seem new once more” she smiled as she walked off the maid nodding her head and starting to sweep faster to get it done to be able to run off to the other workers to get the job done.

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Dawns Rise the Next Morning

The Death Of Tesh DeLaRose

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Everyone had gone to bed, the halls were silent, you could hear a thorn drop upon the floor three rooms away. He was famished as he came from his bed in the center of the night, belly grumbling for a meal and the sweet smell of meats had brought him from his slumber. A proud new king only two days after gaining the crown upon his head. A new brother to his soon to be dear sister Anaya. So proud of the honour he was bestowed he picked up the shimmering golden metal crown from his bed post and put it on top of his head. As well as surveyed the many gifts he took inform the grand celebration, some were missing but he guessed they had yet to come to his chamber. As he looked back fixing the bathrobe around his waist a maid with black hair and nothing on her figure lay half covered in his sheets, my-my it must have been a rather fine night last night for him to enjoy such a wench as that, he did not remember it but he was sure for her to be that exposed he must have enjoyed her rather well, and her enjoyed him. Without a thought in his head for his wife or child he moved to the chamber bed to run his hand through the dark locks of the maiden, so soft and young, almost too young...or was she too young, he did not know or care much mind to it, being a young bride was far from uncommon and even more so a young maid who mostly cleaned up after the men they pleasured. Letting out a yawn he lightly took in the enjoyable scent off his fingers as well as the room it all smelled so heated, musky, and moist. It lingered upon his fingers and his manhood, her sweet femininity a drug to the nose. His steel still hard and ready for pounding, the male mind ticked at the thought of waking the lass up and bedding her once more, but no, let the sweet angel sleep he thought to himself as he walked to the mirror to admire that shimmering hunk of metal he would never take from his head again. A lifetime of wanting such a thing as this, at last, he had it, a crown, a place to belong and most of all a home. A sweet humble abode was he could fuck, eat, and host grand party's for all over the lands, alliances, royals and townspeople alike could come to pass in unity and harmony. Dance, song, foods from so far south in the tropics you did not even know their name, rare treasures to be found, lands to concur, more woman to bed. Oh, a new lady for every land, big ones, small ones, round ones, tall ones, he could have them all, and all would want him, simply due to a crown upon his head, a simple shard of metal molded into a symbol of divine greatness.

As he ran a moist finger along the side of the crown the wet streak lingered upon the shimmering gem that was right on the ground of the peaks that were made to resemble the horns of the stag.  With a smile he flashed back his bathrobe once more and moved to his room, looking back once more to marvel at the lass in his chamber bed and be sure to catch a glimpse of her sweet flower wrapped in his silken sheets. Opening the door and being sure to shut it so silently a mouse would not wake from the thump he moved along the wall way on a hungry man's quest to fill his belly.  Walking past the doors along the way he saw some with old nameplates, the prince, a plate covered in dust and you hardly could make out the name, the door had not been opened in years. Tesh tried to open it but it was no luck it was bolted shut never to open again without being broken down. The witch from the looks of the cracks in the oak wood that had happened once or more. Tesh walked a bit more seeing rooms with paint, old children's rooms more prince and princess all bolted shut and covered with dust, some more than others but then again Anaya did say they had a small family and many had been lost, but she lacked saying how they had been lost so he was mildly curious. One door was not even there, just an empty room.  An old bed with nothing on it, cobwebs all over the place, a very old wardrobe with all clothing still in it, dusted and moth-eaten. And there, on the other side of the room, a single painting of a man with white hair looking strangely like Anaya.

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He wondered if this, in fact, was an old family member, a brother long past and lost to time or another unseen circumstance. with a chill down his spine, he had to leave this room and turning around Tesh made his way out of that room leaving everything exactly as it was to face yet more years of dust or more spiders to take residence in a long forgotten bedroom of some beloved family member ripped away from the family to soon.  With a breath he walked over to the steps, so clean everything was, the maids for sure did a very good job at cleaning the building, as he put his foot upon the step the slick glossy overcoat of wax caught him off guard. As he let out a muffled yell for aid Tesh went tumbling down the stairs thrashing and crashing into the bottom. His arm had caught a railing breaking it at the elbow and his head had found the bottom step far too hard breaking his neck upon impact. Only two days after the king had gotten the crown, the king had met his doom by not a monster, best or quest, but only a simple waxed staircase.

The grunts of a cave troll trumped into the halls as Gluckthar was stuffing his mouth hole and being in a place he was not meant to be, cave trolls were not allowed inside the castle they made far too much a mess and broke the floor. But this one was rather small and was able to fit in the large doors in the back meant for stable animals. He was frozen half a chicken sticking out of his crooked teeth as he waddled over to the dead man, taking a chicken leg and pocking the man's face, he did not move only flopped from one side to the other, clearly the man in nothing but a robe and crown atop his head had met an untimely doom at the base of this step. Gluckthar picked up the man by the foot and dragged him over the hallway floor and to the kitchen, where as the maids tossed pots and pans at the troll the poor dead fools leg had almost been ripped off from the tugging. The arm not being so lucky and was left back half was into the kitchen.

Night had fallen as the body of the now dead king Tesh DeLaRose was dragged by Gluckthar the cave troll into the stable and through the snow, the skin had frozen partly so when the body was dropped on the old stable table an ear and four fingers on the left over arm clipped off and were lost in a pile of hay.

“bring food Gluckthar, from castle” one troll barked over as he came to surely investigate and see what the matter was.
“no doph brought body, shiny on body” the troll barked out, hearing something shiny within moments some other cave trolls not counting Gluckthar were now around the dead body poking at it to be sure of its state as well as stripping the robe and crown from it, one troll now having a new ring and another using the rob as something to clean his nose with.
“warm?” Gluckthar said as he stuck his large fat finger into the mouth hole of the dead body, the teeth grinding over his finger softly as he gave a crooked smile. Slipping that finger in and out of the mouth of the fallen king, the troll had a wicked idea.

Trolls did not own clothing so their body's were harsh and rough to the elements and everything hung out for all to see without a care, so when the idea of let's enjoy the body came up no one was going to say no to it. Gluckthar first to find the body had the first plunge, sticking his sausage like member into the mouth of the fallen king, thrusting back and forth and enjoying the feel of teeth on his steel. He gave out a grunt as he grabbed to the kings head like one would a football and using his skull as leverage and a handle. With the force of the penetration growing more vigorous one of the fallen king's eyes popped out of its socket to fall upon the stable floor were a rat kindly cleaned up the mess.
The Second troll taking the hint grabbed a hold of the males legs splitting them right down the center ripping off the fallen king's hammer, tossing it to the ground and smashing it underfoot. “no like fuck men” it grumbled as it had made a woman out of the body of the fallen king. After that the troll grunting loudly proceeded to insert himself into the hole, to without mercy, pound the flesh of the body till one leg ripped off the side hanging.

The third troll having most areas taken pushed the one out of the way slightly flipping the body on its side, the neck of Tesh breaking and cracking loudly as the torso turned but the head was in use and not turning with it. Grabbed the hips of the body and shoving his throbbing meat into the backside of the fallen king. The sound of ripping skin and breaking bones filled the stable. As the troll from the back ripped the body from the head snapping it all and biting into the shoulder of the fallen king as he did enjoy something to bite wall he found pleasure.

After fifteen or so minutes the now sticky, limp, partly frozen, broken body of the fallen king was dragged out over the snow into the woods where it would be then tossed into the pile of body's to be burned in spring. Gluckthar pleased with his findings kissed the severed head of Tesh DeLaRose wishing it well and thanking it for its service even after death to the trolls of the Crown, tossed the head along with two ripped legs along side their body in the pile. He then took the crown shining it up with spit and some torn rob, to toss it out along with the body, as a king could never be without his crown.  

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RavenDeLaRose: Raven curled up tighter in the warm thick blankets that were so kindly provided for her. She was very great full to have a safe place to rest her head. It was colder than normal she thought as she debated leaving the warmth of her bed. It drifted through her mind on how others might have cold toes from weather like this. Giggling and wiggling her hoof as she was glad they did not get as cold as toes. Which she only new got cold because is once felt her human mother's feet when it was a cold day. Her mother she missed her so even though katty was not her real mother, it never felt that way. Perhaps if not born under the blood moon Raven would never hav to meet Katty and had such a human upbringing. Then raven thought about it as she sighed and muttered “ I would be on all four living in the wood like a true unicorn in a heard ..” she made a gruff sound as she sat up on her bed “ then think myself to important to be seen as any other creature and I would have learned nothing” this made she think as she washed and dressed. She unlike other unicorns learn to live, this was something that unicorn was not seen doing at least she had never seen them do so. Her normal silks seem not to be enough today as it was freezing and she was cold from horn to hoof. lucky she had a warm red overcoat that she put over her dress before heading out her room. Her eye gazed about and looked around before she headed to the kitchen. Unsure what time it was or there would be any food to eat she kindly knocked on the door and waited for an answer-

Anaya: It was Dawn and waking up there was a large taping on the floor “this better be good” she grumbled as she got up tossed on a robe and walked over to the door swinging it open and almost hitting the guard in the face with it “what do you bang on my door at this hour for” even if it was dawn and the sun was up and she was going to have to get up anyway at this time, she would make a stink about it regardless. “there has been a death, my lady, the guards this morning found blood upon the steps and the whore that was within your newly crowned brothers room said he had not been seen and did not come back to bed this morn. We fear the worst my lady” Anaya's face was cold as stone as she stared at the guard blinking, the day before the one brother had died, now it seems last night the other brother had some sort of injury and had not come back to his chamber room. “alright guard thank you for informing me , have the guards go out on the grounds and search for my brother, be sure to check the body dumping pile for spring, if he was found dead the body would be dumped there” she turned around going to the wardrobe and grabbing a dress and tossing it on, not really caring the color it was a light blue and fit well like all her custom made garments. Maybe it was a bad omen, she gained two brothers then days after they had died in odd ways or in this case with Tesh they had vanished and were presumed dead. She moved along the floor as she walked, the floor was wonderfully waxed and slick and one of the chamber rooms were left open, she grabbed the dust-covered door handle of a dead brothers room and shut the door tightly. It did not need to be open and old memories need not be made new. Anaya walked down the steps and into the main hall as she looked around and picked up her empty tea cup that a maid had forgotten to grab. The place was so cold, someone had left the doors open there was a foot of snow inside the castle doorway and no guards standing there as the doors clanged together “for love of things holy who left the doors open” she grumbled as she walked over to shut them.

RavenDeLaRose: _ holding her overcoat up close around her neck as she was drifted off by the smell of a warm meal. She would step into the dining area and smile at a maid who was setting the table “ oo smells lovely to bless such a warm meal “raven said as she sat down. The made looked at her and just grinned sweetly as she sat a basket of what looked like freshly made rolls on the table. The smell was very nice and raven was ready to dig in. What stop her was she was not sure if she should, as she looked at the food her tummy would grumble. The maid would come back and tilt her head as she looked at raven “anything the matter ma’am” pazzledthe maid would say as she stepped closer. “ o no I was just waiting for the others puzzled the maid about “ others ?”the maid would say as she looked at raven “ I am sure the queen will not mind her guest to eat “ hearing the maid speak such comforting words raven grabbed a roll and started to eat. The maid left as she saw Raven eating and to raven the roll was as good as it smelled

Anaya: Shutting the doors she gave a grunt as she warped her arms around her torso and shivered stupid cold, hated the cold, she grumbled as her hand came and started teasing that white strand of hair in her fingers. With a breath she turned around looked over to the dining area as she held that empty tea cup in her fingers needing to have it filled, not with tea, this morning, yes it was a wine morning, she grumbled to herself as softly she walked over to the dining room doors and flung them open. “wine maid get me wine” she called out as a maid hurried into back to grab the jug. Anaya moved along the hall to spot Raven stuffing her face with a roll, which was fully alright and she gave a grin to the girl. “if you wish another kind of foods let me know and I shall order them for you Raven, how have you been feeling, I hear coping with loss can be a challenge.” she had never faced loss like other beings on this land, some cried others fully broke down, when Anaya was hurt she broke things, mainly other people or buildings, but she wondered how a unicorn dwelt with loss or pain, she did not know much about unicorns they were rarer than dragons, it was nice having one in the halls, like having a black diamond treasure sitting in the hallway that was able to talk to you.

PayneZileQueen: With a groan of annoyance and uncomfortable feelings. Damon woke up due to some annoying yelling. "This is why I stay in the mountains" He grumbled to himself, waking up slowly and stretching his entire body with a moan. When he got up, he cracked his neck, moving his head from left to right, and circling it around once. There he stood, 6 feet tall and bare naked. In a barn filled with haybales. Surrounded by trolls, inside castle walls. Looking for a dragon by the name of Anaya, who was supposedly living here. Only to have her guide his way to what basically was a trinket that allowed him to teleport. Something he surely deemed handy to have. Be it simply to teleport to a new location, or to even use it in battle. Dressing up in his black cotton-like pants, military style boots from his home, and a trench coat that seemed to be way more modern than the time they actually live in. It was something of his own creation a long time ago. Being bare-chested below the coat, as always. He grabbed the simple piece of cloth he used to blind his eyes with and put it in front of the deep black eyes with bright red irises. The mark that the Demon residing inside of Damon had left him. But alas, being able to still see. And in his opinion, even see better in the dark vision that the Demon had granted him. Once fully dressed, he armed himself with his trusty dual blades, sheathing them together in their holster and placing it on his back, Damon was ready to go back inside the castle. He might not smell the best right now, thanks to having been traveling for the longest time. He still looked the part of someone who was important. Even though he was basically a hermit, living in the mountains.

RavenDeLaRose: “The rolls are very well made my queen thank you, a notheryou have been most kind and I am very great full” raven looked down aanother piece off the roll as she ate.she knew little of dragons. But she was happy to be made at home even if this was the place of her lover's death. Death, she thought softly why do I not feel sadden why is it yet I shed tears. She knew she could as she cried the day her mother died, yet she did not cry when she was given to the human by the mare who birthed her. Why she thought perhaps it was cause they had at first pushed her away and it was then she remembered that night. she had seen him change he was no longer the guy she loved in fact he had become what she could not stand. Perhaps she was not upset cause there was nothing there she loved anymore so his death meant nothing. he was now nothing to her much like the mare who did not want her cause of what she was. The heard would not have loved her as her dear mother katty did and this dragon who just got to know her seems more caring and comforting than the mare and her love put together yes she thought I adore this dragon much more than those two as sh makes me feel so much more worthy of life

Anaya: that maid that had run off was now back with the jug of wine. “there is a guest in the main hall my lady, he is your drink, chilled as i know how you like it” anaya enjoyed almost every drink she had cold, she thought it simply tasted or the fact she was always so warm with the fire moving within her, that she just needed everything to be cold, as well as all water within the castle was blessed so drinking wine and teas here did not hurt her like the rain or snow did. She moved along and looked at Raven “eat your fill my girl, don't stop till you have had enough, we have all the greens and rolls we could ask for and more are made every day” she looked around the castle, Samuel and sif were nowhere to be found, gone on their trip, she missed him already and it had just been a day. She moved and walked along outside of the dinning hall to sit in her throne to grreet there guest, it was a simple merchant that gave her a brown wrapped bag and some papers then without saying much had left to go on his way. She held the box on her lap and moved it around, then set it on the floor beside her, never opening boxes herself that came to the castle due to cultist threats she would get a maid to open it later. But for the time being, she sat on the throne and picked up the brown leather covered book and opened the pages to read it.

PayneZileQueen: Moving away from the stables. Damon tried to avoid any contact with the trolls that still creeping him out. Not to mention the highly annoying guards who seemed to rather just not help anyone but themselves and drink and laugh. "So unhonorable" He mumbled to himself. Once he had finally reached the large door to the main area once more. Damon walked trough it, secretly hoping on another meet with Sifrella. He walked further trough the hallway until the room opened up on itself. Seeing a woman, or at least. That's what she looked like to Damon. Sitting on a throne and reading a book. Damon coughed a little, his throat dry and in high need of something to drink, he kneeled down. "My name is Damon Salvatore. And I am looking for the Eyes of the World. Since they can tell me about the Stone of Teleportation. I hope I have reached the right person for it" He didn't dare to look at anything else but the ground, he didn't want to fight. As long as it wouldn't be with Sifrella, that is.

Anaya: Anaya lifted her stabbing red eyes from her book as she shut it. It had been a while since a person had come to her seeking her eyes and knowledge, but she was very knowing in what some of the people called her, eyes of the world, all seeing all knowing, the dragon of the north, the one above, it all depended on what they believed in and their life choices to what she was seen as. “I am the eyes of the world, you come to the right place, a stone of teleportation you seek, a large trinket, it will not be a simple task to gain something of that value” she shifted in her chair as she leaned forward her arms crossing on her lap as she looked over seeing a maid lighting the torches that had blown out when the doors were open and the outside was getting in. “why do you want something so strong, your very life will be put in danger and at risk to gain such a treasure” she said softly as she ran her clawed fingers down her legs fixing the satin of her dress as it shivered the blue blue and her free white hair fell around her shoulders. Tilting her head softly in thought and wonder she picked up the book she had put down and started flipping the pages.

PayneZileQueen: Listening carefully to the woman. Damon slowly rose and made himself to look at her. Quite a beautiful woman, that was certain. His naturally charming smile appeared as if it was waiting to be shown. "Madame. I am but a simple hermit living in the mountains of Ignoros. Traveling would be a lot easier for me, and the thrill of an adventure seeks me as well. I would want such a powerful piece of magic, simply to show myself that I am capable of doing a lot more than just simply training, day in and out. Madame, if this journey would ask for a toll to pay, I am willing to die trying. Otherwise, what is the purpose of life itself" Damon looked at the woman from beneath the blindfold that covered his eyes Even though he seemed blind, he was able to see everything that the normal eye would see, but without the vibrant colors. His vision was made of total darkness, everything mostly in black, but the outline of everything seemed detailed. His blindfold was only to cover his eyes, to hide the Demon that inhabited him. While granting him access to his dark vision ability. "I am sorry if I did interrupt, Madame. I do wish that I did not come at an invaluable time.”

Anaya: “no the halls are empty at the moment it is rather peaceful here” as she said that a maid ran behind her with a mop and bucket to go clean that old blood from the steps due to the other night. Anaya gave a chuckle as she took a sip of her wine. “but you make a good point, there is no point in life if life has not what you want in it, if adventure is what you seek who am I to withhold it from you.” she flipped to a page as she stopped it with her clear claw and she looked down at her book, it was a page with book titles, many many book titles of the rarer books she held in the castle. “there is a book in my study, a journal, from a person unknown, it holds the record of the stone you seek to quest for” she got up from her chair as she let out a yawn and moved her hands down his hips to smooth out her light blue gown. “come, I shall get it for you, and we shall go over it, it is very old, and I wont know much myself about it, never took the time to go over it, I got it from an old man wishing to give his belongings to someone he viewed as a safe keeper for his goods and this journal was some great grand elders book” she started to walk her way down behind the thrones as she got to the door where the guards stood for her privet study, away from the main study. “open the doors men” she said sternly as she held her wine and took another drink and they did just that, opened the doors for her and her guest. The walls were lined top to bottom with books and old tattered scrolls, boxes of more books scattered the room which was in fact rather messy next to all the other rooms in the castle, a large desk sat in the centre of it, covered in papers and documents, drawers half pulled out and one even laying on the floor out of its slot, a large bare skin rug laid in the centre under everything, and the room was nicely lit with small glowing balls of light that hovered around, no flame torches were here. as she walked inside and over to a bookcase running her fingers along the titles looking for it.

RavenDeLaRose: It would be bad to say but Raven did help herself to the greens and rolls and as she stood up she took and apple from a basket on the table. Wondering about as her hoofs clanked on the hard castle floor she looked at the art along the wall. Normally she would sit and read a book, socailbut today she thought she wousocial and find her way to the throne room where most gather to talk to the queen. It did not take her long as she looked around the corner to see the queen sitting in her throne as regal as any strong and noble queen. She looked so like katty Raven could not help but feel close to the dragon, not like a lover but as family like a sister or a friend. She would smile and bow as she looked up to the queen “ it seem the castle has warmed a bit “ it seem dumb to say but is was all she could think to say. feeling dumb about saying this she blushed and hide her face with her hair as her head lowered softly. She would then sit in a chair across from the throne and hope the male did not notice her.

Payne: Nodding softly towards the woman as she spoke. He followed her when she had asked for it. He was still thirsty, and her carrying that wine wasn't exactly helpful. It has been quite a long time for Damon to have had a glass of wine, let alone it being of such divine taste as he imagined it would have. Struck in awe at the private library, Damon looked around the place. Reading some of the book titles as he kept himself close to the woman. "If you would like to tell me the title of what you are looking for. I am able to help you if you wish." His charming grin appeared as he moved his fingers over the books, loving the texture of it on his fingers. "It has most certainly been a long time since I have read a book. I do sometimes miss it"

RavenDeLaRose: Everyone seeming to leave the room to the library one would think it Raven would follow. But instead, she walked around the castle a bit her hands dragging along to walls as she did. Meanwhile the cat had woke Mystic never was one to get up befoe the sun and she hated to be up early as it cut into her beauty sleep. w a large roar and stretch She was now ready for the day and any trouble she may cause. Her hunting of rats was a bit messier now but this did not stop her and as she saw a rat run into the library she would give chase and rush after it. The library door was not har to push open as she barged through while in pursuit of the rat she watched as the rat ran under and between a man's legs and mystic the 200 pound panther ran under fallowing the rat she also headed right into the bookshelf as she rat ran under it this made the bookshelf fall and with a loud BOOM! It would hit the floor and book would fly everywhere. At this point, she stops and turn to see her mess, mystic turn and as fast as she came into the room the panther high tailed it out of the room and was down the hall and out of sight.

Philosophile: -It was rather early in the morning, at the time of Dawn. Winter air, creating a cool breeze as it usually had done with the light snow that fell with it. "Quite the lovely weather..." Nidus whispered under his breath, to himself. His eyes, that of crimson, would shift around as he examined the large castle that he was starting to approach. It was a bit strange, he thought, that his journey had now brought him here of all places. Furthermore, it was even more strange that no castle guards or any of the such seemed to guard the entrance. Surely, if there were castle guards, and they had noticed Nidus. They'd more than likely have caution of his attire and facial features, seeing he was wearing that of black plate armor, coated with crimson trim that looked as if it were stained with that of blood. His face, showing that of aged scars, nothing too ugly, but clear enough to be seen they were battle scars. Long, black hair that covered a bit of his face, and a small bit of stubble around his chin to show he was that of a grown man at least in his early 20's or so. The sword, at his hip, was definitely custom-designed which was a from the design of the hilt and sheath. There was no denial, Nidus was a Warrior of sorts. Maybe even more. None the less, he grew curious, and a bit bored at that, as he stood outside the castle doors, waiting. So, instead of continuing to wait, he used a bit of his strength to merely push open one of the castle doors himself, and slid between them into the interior of the large castle, his eyes shifting around as he examined the decorations, and design, even looking for a guard, or at least some other living life form. He decided it wasn't best to shout out, for he wasn't even sure what might be residing in the walls of the Castle.. so, he wandered about, exploring as the curiosity drove him to do so, until either running into someone.. or well, maybe even something..-

Anaya: Anaya shifted her feet as the panther mystic ran past smashing into a book shelf and toplling it over as Anaya stopped the main part of the shelf from falling all the way but all the books fell out and all over the floor. She gave a sigh as she looked at the mess and watched the cat get spooked and bolt away. “this is why everything is a mess all the time, i have to get her a bell or something, to know when she is coming” she looked to the male making sure he was not hit too hard by the feline as she shook her head and picked the shelf back up with one arm and hosting it back to its place, even in human form she could lift a good amount and the very large wooden bookshelf was not much trouble. As she set the shelf back up she moved her hand as her fingers started to glow and the books picked themselves off the ground one at a time as she moved them back in the air and placed them back on the shelf looking at each one before popping it back in its place. “here it is” she said softly as a book hovered over to her hands as she picked it up opening it as the pages crinkled and some dust came off the cover as she cleaned it off. “it is very dirty but it is is still readable. Well some parts are others look like the man making it had been drinking, and he did some drawings in there as well.” she flipped some pages and stopped at one ”it also informs you to bring things with you, which we can aid you to wish if you like. ” she handed him the book page as she kept it on the page were it listed what he needed to take with him.-Toothbrush-Vile of unknown blood -small pocket book-2 matches-an apple-Loss paper-1 healing tonic-1 tonic of greater stamina. Anaya looked at him as she picked up some more books and put them on the shelf “as well we have goods you can pick from to bring with you as well, would you like to pick from them?” over in the main hall the guards looked at the guest as he was walking around looking around “boy, you, what do ye want heres” one called out a lisp on his words as he walked over his hand on the hilt of his weapon if he needed to draw it. “you sseeking ssomtin boy” he barked out as his voice was gruff and raspy under his metal helmet.

Payne: Spooked by the sudden movement of what seemed to be something feline. Damon quickly drew his swords, but once it was gone he resheathed them. Clearly, he was spooked, wanting to defend himself. He bowed towards the madam. "Apologies, I'm rather defensive" he nodded to himself as she came with the book. Reading the belongs needed, he smiled charmingly. "If you have those vials and a small pocket book for me. That would be neat. And what another kind of goods do you mean, Madame?" He mentally checked everything off that he already had on his own, not sure about the apples. He would ask for those as well if he didn't. Unsure on the fact to how to thank the Madam, Damon simply bowed. "I thank you for your hospitality. And making it possible for me to get what I need. I wish I could do something in return"

RavenDeLaRose: - after her mess in the library mystic ran to the kitchen it was a fun place now.The maid would stand back and hold themselves tight against the wall as if that would save them. And every time mystic roared they would tremble and scream. Then the guards would come and that would be the end of the fun as the guard would poke with the wood part of the spears at mystic till she left the kitchen. She hated that pert but she would sooner or later leave and try to find somewhere else to make trouble. But then she stopped mid-hall and started to raise her head up and sniff the air. she had realised she has not seen the dragon young. They were rought on the panther as Ryu was twice her size and wieght and the girl was not much smaller than him. But mystic feels a duty to them and she likes to be nearby them. Mystic desided to go on a hunt for the little dragon she went through the halls making a chuffing sound to calll then out roaring out as she stood by each room. and then she would stop and sniff the air then listen for the dragon young

Anaya: Anaya looked to him with a nod seeing him take his blade out as she finished with the books being popped back on the shelf, he must have been an easy one to spook seeing his eyes were covered. A witch was not uncommon around the parts many fighters covered their eyes to be able to use their other senses better. She moved her hand as she made four vials of unknown blood from the shelf on the other side of the room as she spun them around picking one at random and then putting the other ones down back on the shelf. She brought that over aswell as with her hands putting her wine down on the desk she picked up a quill and the note pad. Bring it all together and handing it over to him. Then after he took it she reached down grabbing a brown sack off the ground and bring it up “you can place everything on the list here there is already the healing tonic and stamina tonic in the bag if you get hurt or fatigued, on your trip, as well” she paused picking up another sheet of paper with a list on it and started reading it a loud. “you may pick from this list of items to go along with you, you may only take six things from this list, what you pick you can go get in the area of the castle were it would be located. Books and papers in the study as well as tonics and magical items, meals, bones and foods in the dining hall and animals and other things in the stable.” she looked down to the paper “-Knife-Weather forecast for 1 month-War Hammer-Rope-A small reptile-4 Healing tonic-Flintlock pistol and 12 small steel balls-Book on gambling-4 blocks of firewood and stack of loose paper-Bag of treats-Book on different races-Book of healing spells (unlearned)-Small chest with magical unknown item -A Bone -2 Small traps-A Second player of your choice to go with you (cant pick any of Anaya's rpcs)-Raw meat-1 medium trap-fire starting rock (need magic to activate it or use it), one use-A large glass eye-Broken large trap-Flint and stone-Rust remover gel-2 Repair kit-dagger-Lavender-notebook and quill-a pack cow (Bertha)-an apple-One chicken (alive in cage), small bag of gold coins ” and with that she handed him the paper and put a clawed hand on his shoulder “you will be paying me back for it I assure you, after your quest is done you are to return back here with what items you have left and if you have new items gained. Then we will go over payment to me from you on how to give for the help you have been given” her grip on his shoulder got mildly tight as she gave a smile and then let go of his shoulder and pated it softly. Up in the bedroom chamber Ryu was moving in his sleep, the 800 pound dragon baby was wiggling his chicken leg wings and turning over as he bumped his head on his sisters horn as a dollop of drool fell on his face, he hissed as he woke up seeing the sun just shinning in the window, far too early for the baby as he would be grumpy all day now thanks to his stupid sisters head. With a grumble, he kicked at the ground Noki not even waking up from his slight tantrum as Ryu walked out of the empress and children's bed chambers. Ryu could see the panther mystic down in the main hall making a bunch of noise and with a grumpy voice, he made a roar in response but really it was very weak and overly sleepy as he started to make his way down the upper hall steps to greet his friend he could play with.

RavenDeLaRose: Hearing the Ryu mystic made another chuff sound and then headed to the dragon. She would take her big paws and tap the dragon in a playful manner as she then rubs up against him. Rubbing her head against his leg as if showing how happy she was to see him up. Then after a full greeting, she would sit down beside him and wait for him to play. Raven still wondered the halls and tried to map things out in her head as she was getting to know the place more. It was still early and the day seems to be wasting away to raven she did not know why. In time she made her way back to the throne room and then to the door there she stood a bit gazing it down a bit. A smile surprisingly crosses her lips as she them giggles out “why would the idiot wonder around such big spiders “ of chores this sounded odd when it came out but the fact that raven was standing looking at a door and laughing made things even odder. But it was not that she was going crazy, she saw it funny now that she has a home where spiders make meals of dumb men. She laughed a bit more. Then stepped out staying close but not close enough to be seen she rested and let her body take its true unicorn form she would rear up and with a horse like whinny she started to canter close to the castle running till sweet drenched her black silk fur and her main blew wildly. she had not had a run in a long while and needed it and it felt so good to have her main bounce about on her long black silk neck.

Guest_afroriqan: Raya stared at the magnificent castle before her. Her jaw agape as if she were a fish out of the water. This whole land was immaculate. She’d never seen anything like this. By far this kingdom had her in true awe. All this way she had traveled mostly with the intent to discover more about being a witch. She'd run into many possible teachers but Raya was never one who did well-taking instruction from others. She was young and dumb. Although as tall and full figured as she was you wouldn't have guessed she was just 16. The young girl had been on her own for most of her life and taught herself everything she knew through books. Her quest for such books on her magical affliction brought her to this castle. The young witch shook her head gathering the courage to enter the castle. She pushed her thick curls from her face, with a dainty polished finger nail. She looked down at her white dress. She felt completely underdressed. The bottoms of her feet darkened from walking barefoot. Nothing but jewelry upon her feet. Knots formed in her stomach. What would they think? That she was some wench. She shivered a small blush upon her fair brown skin. “Be strong Raya”. She whispered to herself, a light accent tainting her words. She took the metal knob in her hand and pushed it open. The large door not silent. The knot in her stomach tighter as she spotted guards, sporting weapons ready to protect the castle. More than likely from nosey little witches who didn't knock first. “Oh boy…”

Anaya: Anaya watched as the male took the list “yes I will take the list and think it over if that is alright” Anaya nodded her head to him as she smiled it was fully understandable to think it over, as he moved and went on his way out of the study to a side room to surely sit upon a sofa and take time to go over his plot of what he was going to do with what he was able to take. She smiled softly and put the last book on the shelf turning it over and reading it “the trip to the sea for the golden locket” she said it out loud as she smiled and put it back on the shelf and then turned and walked out of the study to see Ryu almost falling down the steps, to go see his kitty cat friend and being half asleep. She gave a smile and hid behind a pillar watching him and hoping he would not notice her just yet. Ryu stumbled down the steps seeing the cat, he was poked and he pet out a grumble as he swayed his head back and forth all grumpy trying to butt the cat in the side of the chest or in the belly, as he lumbered on the past and found the spot where the rug used to be and had not been replaced yet and laid down. He spotted the guest who was a female walking into the hall as he lifted his head off the ground, his golden scales all shimmering in the light as he gave a hiss and growl his long golden scaled tail swaying back and forth the baby dragon trying to be both strong and fearsome and sleepy at the same time. With a chuckle Anaya stuck out from behind that pillar and got back to her throne without her child hearing her sit down, she could make no sound if she wanted to when she walked and never having anything on her feet really did help with that. She sat down and watched her baby interact with both the panther nd the guest in his droopy state.

RavenDeLaRose: - her friend now in dream land dreaming of whatever little dragons dream of. Mystic looked around she was board again an needed to pass the time somehow, but then she saw Anaya and went over the the throne and tried to climb up in her lap and lay down. While Raven outside ran her heart out after all she was still a unicorn and no mater how many times she walked on two feet in her human-like form she was a unicorn still. the running was a need at times and she would rear up from time to time as she darted across the cold snow and kicked it up into the air while her long black silk tail swooshed about. For a brief moment, she forgot where she was what she was doing and all about the curse that loomed over her head all that stress fadded into nothing she was for this tiny moment free, free from the world's cares. It was till she heard a sound buzz pass her and then she realized she ran a bit further then she should have her head turn to see some hunter. It did not take her long to rush back Into the castle ground and she did not look behind her to see if she was followed. She realised the queen was right it was the first time she saw one look as if they would hunt or shoot her she did not even take the time to form her body back into that of a humanist form no she in her mind did not have that time. She called out open the door and as it open she just darted in her full horse like body now clanking about in the throne room.

VincentKaos: he could be heard laughing through the halls which were suddenly followed by the thundering steps of armored boots. Some of the guards being heard arguing something about “not letting the animal get away with it anymore.” Word would have probably been getting out by now of a man having harassed and taunted the guards throughout the night. The footsteps would be rising back up the halls as Rage was seen running and leaping between the walls to kick small decorations behind him to strike at the armored guards and disorient them. He laughed again, “This is the best you can do against a single warrior?” He found himself in the main foyer and rapidly surrounded. No one was armed, with exception of tower shields to make a wall around him. He laughed and cracked his neck, “This is far better exercise than my normal regiment.” He tilted his head, “Let’s have another challenge. “ He pointed at a random guard and smiled, “You, go find our queen, let’s see if you can get her here before...” he motioned to the rest, “I take out the entire night patrol. Seems fair enough. It’s only me against all of you.” The guard would take off as the first group charged into the circle to try and subdue the berserker as he continued to taunt and insult them with laughter and simple tactics to trip them. He held back as much as he could, though the occasional armor would be dented by mistake. He laughed again and ignored the climate, though his chest hinted the tempreture around him.

Anaya: Anaya paused as she looked up from her throne as Ryu was passed out cold on the floor were that old rug was, she was going to be very happy when the new rug came in within the week as she had ordered it a couple days before. She smiled at her son as she looked up seeing Rage coming into the main area with the guards acting well, like guards and trying to subdue him. She got a smile on her face as she got up from her throne and with her son asleep and knowing an earth shake could not wake him, she walked over to about twenty or so feet from the guard group and Rage and with her hands in the air her red eyes shifted to blue as her fingers started to glow the same color. As she waved her hands in the air like a puppet master the guards moved being covered in a blue aura and were moved out of the way mildly freaking out as they were lifted from the ground by an invisible blue glow. She looked to rage as she gave a grin and wondered what he would do, she had made a path right at herself for him to charge forward and come get her and she wanted him to, she wanted to test him and see if he was going to play her little game with him.

Guest_HelixFlare: -Walking calmly through the early twilight of the cold and barren forest, on a path of snow buried dirt lead straight to the sand of a small frozen river stood a woman, her features plain and fair, jet black hair falling from her shoulders that swayed as she walked, she stood in a long flowing purple dress with fur lining,. Would it not have been for the woman's eyes she would look completely normal. they were both yellow and slanted like those of a cat or a snake, which while; was very beautiful, left a chill in all that looked upon them that was soon replaced by an uncomfortable warmth. As the woman walked, the snow sizzled and melted around her steps, the air around her became warm and dry as she passed, and the landings of her footfalls left the snow evaporated and the dead brown grass buried under it barren, as if it were a small patch of blackened tundra. As she continued along her path gazing at the bare canopy with a more or less neutral grin across her face, she eventually came upon the clearing where the snow met the icy shore of the shallow river, her eyes meeting upon spiraling towers of the Castle far to the distance, the parapets covered in heavy snow. She stopped for a moment, watching the distant stone structure with curiosity, placing the palm of her hand on a thick oak tree at her right to lean on, after a few moments and seemingly content with what she saw, the woman stepped away from the tree and continued onto the sandy bank, the oak tree she had been leaning against was now charred black and brittle, stretching 5 feet up and down from where her hand was placed for only a few moments, the tree beginning to shudder and groan before suddenly the area where her hand was placed shattered like glass, sending the massive trunk crashing to the ground with a thunderous boom. The woman continued walking forward, the ice is long gone before she reached it and as her feet almost stepped into the water it began to steam up like it was boiling, the water never actually touching her feet as she more or less evaporated a wall around her ankles, she seemed to ignore this as she continued heading in the direction of the castle, the branches on the nearby trees curling as if exposed to a flame as she passed them, falling off with a krinkly autumn stiffness before shattering on the ground thanks to the wind, which was began to pick up as the woman neared the walls of the castle, a light snowfall appearing as she approached, the flakes sizzling on her cheeks.-

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Anaya softly watched her guard Rage back up down the hall and go on his way with the guards and the Ryu roll over on the rug in the centre of the castle. She let out a breath as she tried to relax she was tiered it had been two days now without proper sleep, as there was a bang outside and a guard came into the doors. “my lady” he called out as he walked up bowing before her. “there was a bang in the wood, it was not a troll my lady, they are still in stable” she nodded her head as she held her glass of wine that had just been refilled by the maid “i am sure we will have a guest of some sort, you know how this lands are my man, everyone has to make a entrance” she gave a laugh as she looked over to her sleeping child who was curled up in the centre of the hall. The massive baby golden scaled child lay there its tongue half sticking out as he was blowing bubbles, morning was not a good time for any of them, no one had warmed up yet and everyone was basically still dopey. “Ryu?” she said as he gave no response and grumbled in his sleep as he kicked at air like a hound dog. “fine then sleep” she chuckled once more as she took another drink of her wine. Anaya took in the smell of her drink and watched her youngling and the guard that had stoped and took the post beside her throne “so witch one are you guard?” she asked as she took another drink the guard taking off his helmet to show his face “it is Ulrick my lady, i stand at the doors most days, a simple door guard” she gave a smile “oh yes i know you, were you the one that left the doors open earlier” he shook his head no. “no my lady i was unknowing of the open doors, i am sorry about it, it will not happen again” “it better not Ulrick, see to it there are guards at the doors at all times. Or i shall hold your head personally accountable”

Guest_HelixFlareGuest_HelixFlare WhisperAdd Friend: -As the woman began approaching the town, a trio of highwaymen slowly walked out from behind a long abandoned merchant's cart stuck in a defolade on the side of the trail. With snears they drew daggars, speaking in a language she had never heard. The one in the lead stepped forward, switching the grip of his daggar and motioning with his free hand for her to give him something. They should have known something was off, despite the weather the only smell that would fill their nostrils would be a mix of brimstone and charcoal. The woman reached out and placed her hand on the man's chest, passing right through it as the flesh she had touched had turned to loose charcoal, he collapsed to the ground with a gasp, the woman pulling her hand from his new chest cavity as her eyes narrowed, the air becoming increasingly thin as if it was being drained. Her open palms at her sides flickered with small sparks, as if each finger was a lighter attempting to ignite. She spoke out in a strange and unknown language to the cutthroats, her voice firm but her accent unfamiliar.-"Skazhi svoim lyudyam slozhit' oruzhiye. Kto ty i chto ty khochesh' ot menya?" Her yellow slanted eyes looked increasingly menacing as the dead brush under her feet began to ignite itself from the sheer heat. Sending the other two running for the hills-

Anaya gave a smile as she watched Ryu on the floor of the castle. “Ulrick, go back to your post at the doors, we need two guards there in the mornings, and i am fine here i do not need a guard at my flank” “but my lady you should be protected at all times” Anaya looked at him with red stabbing eyes as she put her wone glass holding it in both hands “Ulrick, i can crush a mans skull without touching him, i can bend a beings mind with only a glance, i can send a demon from its host and turn a man to dust with nothing but a wave of my hand and hardly end power spent. And when i am trying i can send massive flaming balls of rock plummeting to the earths top with nothing to stop them, and even that feat is only using a half of my power, i don't need a human guarding me i need a human at the doors so if you are killed i can hear you scream and then protect myself, my children and my people, you are the meat at the door, you need to get back to the door” the guard stood there, taking her words in and he said not a word and walked back to the doors in silence with his eyes pointed at the floor. Anaya took a breath as she stood up and put her arms over her head stretching and then siting back down again pulling out the brown leather book from the side of her throne pillow were she stored it. And with her finger pushing on the bridge of her nose she looked it over as she let out a sigh and took a drink of her wine.

Guest_afroriqanGuest_afroriqan Whisper: Raya stood behind a pillar. Casting a small spell to keep her hidden from the guard's eyes. She'd been too afraid to move from said spot. Especially as the young girl listened to the Woman go on about the things she could do. She cast a nervous glance at her fingers. The small white spark lighting against the tips of her fingers again. What the hell could her magic do against a woman like that. She took a deep and shaky breath calming her nerves. she couldn't let anyone know her true feeling of fear. A being like her could smell fear, she was sure. But she need make her presence known. She couldn't very well stay in this corner for the rest of her life. Raya slid from behind the pillar. The spell dissipating once she moved from the spot, almost looking like she stepped out of a bubble. "One would wonder why you'd even need guards with power like that". She said quietly. Her Hazel eyes fell on the woman curled onto the throne with her wine glass and book in hand. If she wasn't trying to be so bold she may have dropped onto her hands and knees.

Anaya: With red eyes down for a second as she went over the book pages and hearing Ryus muffled mumbles as the dragon slept on the floor witch from the old rug was lighter coloured then the area around it. She looked up hearing a voice as she gave a smile “i am not the only one that lives here and i am not around all the time and cant be a hundred places at once sadly. So the guards keep you safe as well as everyone else. And i dont use my powers often anyway” she took a page of the book and bent over the top corner to mark the page as she went along it flipping the page over and shutting the cover. Anaya wondered how long that girl had been standing there, her skin was tan, she remembered the girl from earlier, she had not met the girl but she remembered the smell of the girl, but said nothing about the matter “how long have you been hiding behind that piller girl?” she said softly as she took another sip of her glass and rested the book on her lap trying to go back to relaxing. Ryu on the other hand was having some sort of eating something dream as the large baby dragon rolled on the floor his belly up as his tail thrashed back and forth.

IgnisAeternus: -He had to wait for Time, he always had to wait for Time no matter what for Time was the reason he was here standing upon a tree branch covered in a sheet of snow with the cold winds cutting at his back and his horns. Time always had to be precise and this was no exception as the target was to arrive within the calculated space but as the soft snow continued to sprinkle down he couldn't help but wonder if maybe he was wrong but Time wasn't as he saw those lovely little sways of blue mist blowing by in front of him. With closed eyes he trusted Time as he always had before slowly falling forward without a single care in the world. His body seemingly weightless as he curled in and dropped straight into the snow pile below which happened to be right in the middle of the road. His massive black figure clashing right through into the bottom with the snow around him collapsing in to fully cover him. He listened and waited for what seemed like just a moment before he heard it. The loud clopping of hooves tearing through earth, the rattle of a wood frame and wheels bouncing about. Snow being cleared as the four horses charged through heading straight for him with not a single care given by him. He relaxed against the cold snow against his arms with his feathers providing only a little warmth as he waited. He remained focused and calm as the sounds became louder and louder with each passing second until it was like watching a falling feather drop to the earth. The first two leading horses charging passing him as he shifted right onto his side and as the second pair came to pass he dropped to his stomach with his arms angled and fingers clenching the silver handles of the massive butcher blades upon the small of his back. He did not hesitate in drawing them and slicing them up as the first wheels pass him letting his arms slide right between the front and back wheels to provide room to swing right up just in time to hook the bottom of the blades into the frame. He just remained calm as he released right away and watched as the carriage drove away without a single idea of what just had happened. He stood up slowly just in time to see the golden pair of eyes inside the carriage turning to look back to admire the view only to see him in with the calm, bored expression upon them turning into surprise and panic.-"....Take flight my little ones."-Almost like bats falling from the ceiling of a cave ten feathers dropped from his shoulders to separate them from their many brothers and sisters that were attached to his shoulders before defying gravity and beginning to float in the air. The elegant fall and rise of the feathers magical and hypnotic sight to see but also deadly as the feathers sprouted out like arrows away from his body before creating streams of blue in their wake as they headed straight for the carriage. With a rise of his arms a stream of blue flashed to life between his forearms and the blades loops. It was perfectly choreographed dance that was synced in perfect tempo as he dropped his upper body and pulled his arms right down in a snapping swing with his speed and strength creating a blast of air pressure underneath that sent a wave of snow around him like a god falling to earth. The snap was timed just when the feathers swiped right across the carriages straps and frame, cutting the horses from their restrains and destroying the wheels in the process. The single driver being dragged and flung from his seat as the reigns he so tightly held dragged him out while the sudden halt pushed him out of his high seat. It happened so quickly that the passenger inside did not know what had happened before it was too late. Before they could even realize it the sharp glowing arctic blue tip of a floating raven feather was pressed right toward her throat to keep her right where she was. She wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.-"....Be still my child....I'm coming."-He whispered through his mask, the soft white steam bursting from his lips, before he began to make his way toward the carriage with the blue string attached between him and his blades shimmering more brightly then before to give their arctic blue glow more of a white appearance before he pulled the strings to jerk his blades straight him just as he stood less than ten feet from the broken carriage. As he stepped up to the door he gentle pulled the dark oak door open before he leaned down and stared inside to see a woman dressed in a crimson gown.-".....What do you want demon...."-Is all she could offer to see between those black ink lips, her far white flesh becoming paler by the second as the anticipation was killing her.-"...I am here....for this..."-He grabbed the small purse she clenched in her hand, the purple fabric and gold detailing seeming too expensive for a woman that looked no better than a rich whore. She tried to fight him as he grabbed it before releasing it with her breathing becoming far heavier. He opened the purse and began to reach around searching for what he sought but as he threw the purse into the snow in anger he gave a deep growl as the feather rose to push the woman back into her chair.-"WHERE is it?"-She would only chuckle before bursting into a full on laughter that made even him back.-"HAHAHAHAHA, I have to say for a Raven you certainly are a poor guardian. Good bye Ignis and....Tell the bartender no thank you."-He was confused for a mere moment before everything became twisted and he awoke right within the tavern he had fallen asleep within. His body almost laid across the table and his clouded blue eyes looking up to see a bearded man staring at him in a grumbling stare.-"Oi, you owe us five silver."-He would only groan at the man as he rose up and slumped back into his chair only to hear it creak in pain from the shifting weight.-"Mhmm"-He reached into his scarf to take out five pieces before dropping them into the man's palm.-"....This has been the second time you have been here stranger....What is your name?"-The hazel green eyes before him were curious yet also cautious as he held the coins and lightly tossed them about in his meaty hands.-"...The names...Ignis....Ignis Aeternus."-The man nodded with scuffed chin as he began to walk away.-"It's already dawn Ignis. Suggest you find somewhere to walk off all that liquid from last night."-Ignis have a nod as he rose up and slightly stumbled as he headed toward the doors that would lead him out into the streets of "Iron Keep." The sudden rush of cold air to his face making him groan before he looked down and saw his great raven armor was once more torn and ruined like it had always been for the last two years. He sighed as he came to realize once more he was no longer a Guardian and even more that dream once more haunts him. If his status as the stranger within this town wasn't enough with his sudden arrive two days ago his cloths and features sure did.-

Guest_afroriqan: Raya decided to her confidence was best kept if her eyes weren't on the woman in front of her. Her eyes landed on the dragon between them and her eyes pinched at the corners just a bit. The one almost put her on the guard's radar earlier. Her hands folded at her thighs, her back perfectly straight. "A Few hours." Honestly, she'd lost count after the first 10 minutes of hoping the number of people in the castle would fizzle out. "The dragon...I thought he might attack so I hid. . ." Raya tried her best to speak like everyone else. The way her friend had taught her but it always fell short. Her 'r''s rolled her 'a's and 'o's a little hard. She hoped the woman wouldn't react harshly to the girls obvious foreign identity. "I'm sorry if I'm disturbing you...I'm honestly not sure why I'm here but. . .I just thought if you could find help here." The young girl was truly just in search of a place she belonged. With Lulin gone, Ray and Ivar all gone where was she to go? This castle was really her last option at this point. She took a chance to look up at the woman again.

Anaya looked over to her son as she smiled, he was sutch a pain in the ass at times but when he was a sleep he was so peaceful, and with his sister still up in the bed chambers not to bug him he and her could sleep in peace not falling over one another shoved into that small bedroom. “my male child is more bark then he is bite i a sure you, he is simply a male of our kind so a bit more standoffish even when still a hatchling. Hours is a long time to stand behind a pillar” she said softly as she looked at the girl her red stilted eyes looking into the girls. Anayas gaze was intimidating but in the end she did not mean it to be. It was just a strange gaze snow white hair with silted red eyes. She picked back up her drink “would you like wine, water? You must be parched hiding behind a pillar for so long” she paused for a moment as the girl said she did not know were to go or why she was here. “do you seek a job or shelter, that is the main reason people come here, or people seeking information about the lands or to sell junk or they have ill will but you don't look like that sort. And i dont think a person holding ill intent would hide for hours behind a pillar”

RubieRawrziesRubieRawrzies WhisperAdd Friend: -the snow crunched beneath her feet, no matter the years the feeling of soft fresh snow the sting of the cold against her soft skin always stays the same, the crunch always sent a sense of warmth tingling through her, it still confused her, the love of snow. As she kept to her path her ears twitched with excitement , her bright blue eyes narrowed in response and her legs stop dead in their tracks. she sniff the air rapidly searching for the source of her adrenaline rush, her nose was grated with the sent of crisp air with a faint smell of rotten mutton " ugh" she muttered before shaking her head in disgust " well this could be challenging" she noted to herself before crouching lower she lifted her hood her silver hair cascaded down to her thighs and fortunately blended with the white of the snow and she slowly crept forward. her eyes grew bright at the sight of a castle and a small smile found its way to her lips as she closed in on the door she questioned herself whether to knock or let herself in " i shall be polite" knocking against the doors lightly she awaited an answer-

IgnisAeternus: -Pushing forward he moved his way through the blanket of snow covering the streets with the white deciving him with each step he took as the liquir from last night still had its hold on him. He destoyed himself, or atleast drowned himself, in the mead that was served last night but it wasn't enough for him even as he wondered the streets the day after hung over. With each step taken he could hear the rattle of his armour, feel the soft shift of his leathers, the cold air swaying about his unbalanced body as each blink seemed to teleport him somewhere else in the "Red Keep." He often found himself just wondering without much care in those dulled over blue eyes with his dirty black feathers upon his shoulders and arms stained with dirt along with the rest of him. Even his hair was a mess around his horns. For such a massive man dawned in what many would have once called magnificent armor he was brought to being a drifting bum. Though after a while he could feel the icy slice of the air against his forhead forcing him to stand straight with a deep breath taken in. He could feel himself returning back to his shattered state of mind, one he always wanted to run away from.-"Please...Don't do this...Please."-He softly pleeded out to no one in particular as his hands grasped his head tightly as if trying to silence the loud voiceless sounds around him. Soon he fell down upon his knees as he mumbled his plea out until suddenly a woman rushed right past him, knocking him down onto the floor forcing him to curl in on himself. The woman stared down at him before looking to the alley way with three men showing up at the crossway with their masked faces showing they were intent on something evil. The woman kneeled down and shook the man trying to get him to rise.-"Get up. GET UP I need help. PLEASE HELP ME." "Whore you don't GET to plead to a simple stranger."-One of the men welded a long handle axe that made it easy to swing down from a distance away and as he got close he prepared to swing down. The woman paniced and swiftly began to get up and turn but only ended up stepping on her own brown skirt, tumbling into the snow, closing her eyes and curling her body tight as she expected the pain to take ahold of her but instead all she heard was a slight grunt of strungle. Opening her eyes she turned to see Ignis on his right knee with the staff of the axe right on his shoulder as he held it in place with just his index finger and thumb. He didn't say anything really as he threw the axe aside with the man stumbling aside from the force.-"UGH...Ge ge GET HIM~!"

Guest_afroriqan: Raya relaxed a little more. She didn't feel and hate or malice. She didn't feel like she may act upon the things she heard earlier and kill her with the flick of her hand. Her head shook. "No, I've gone much longer without food or drink for a few hours." She said honestly. Even though she wasn't against the Idea. "But Shelter, a job...I was told I could definitely find those things here". She looked down at the dragon. "I've read about them. Never been this close to one. They are beautiful but I think the fear of them is only natural. Even if he is gentle". The dragon was beside the point there was more important matter. Raya was in no way going to be going out into the winters of Valeria in this dress. She missed the warm Lulin island just thinking about it. "I've only ever served people...all my life. I can do that here if I must. To earn a living". She recalled her time in the cabin and when she escaped there her time working for a tavern. "But. .I do have other things I can do". Raya at this point in her life. 17 soon to be 18 it was the time she used her magic to her advantage. Maybe her powers were needed here and she wouldn't have to scrub floors.

Anaya: Ulrick moved along and opened the door to take his post as there was a small female there knocking ”i leave the blast doors for one second and then people show up, what be you here girl” he barked out as he put his hand to the hilt of his weapon looking the girl up and down “ugg pay no mind get inside it is cold outside what ever you need take it up to the queen i be a door guard” with a swift hand he pushed the girl inside then shut the door behind her slamming it with a bang being very grumpy and unruly. Anaya looked to the girl and then looked over to the door hearing the bang, they had another guest, she gave a grin as she looked back to the other girl “well first, what be your name, and we can use more maids as always, but what else can you do as well” she looked to her boy and then back to the girl “dragons should be feared, and respected, even the youngones can kill with a bite, nd if old enough to blow fire they enjoy burning things just to watch it burn, there claws are like a sickle and that tail can break every bone in a human body, one day out of the egg they can be a handful. But as they grow they get worse. I am sure Ryu there when older will be a royal handful for myself and his father” Anaya wondered if the girl had clued in Anaya was that dragons mother or not, if the fact there was not one but two dragons in this room with the girl. “but tell me girl, what are you capable of doing, tell or show if you are able”

IgnisAeternus: -The second of the group rushed forward with a short broad iron sword which he only barely ducked right underneath as the man swiped right toward his head at the slowest possible speed he could ever imagine before Ignis rushed up with the man being flung right over him as he stood on his feet. His full height of 7 feet and 4 inches was now apparent as he finally held himself straight but that did not last as a third man with a war hammer crash his arm right down on his abdomen. The loud clank of his small square plate on his stomach and the hammer like a blacksmiths hammer. None the less he curled down and grasped the mans handle as he held himself there for a moment as he was still recovering from effect of the mead. Rising up he looked to the man as he was far more fatter then the rest with his size used as intimidation for the most part but with Ignis the man was just like a piece of lard.-"Attacking a woman isn't right. Not unless she is trying to kill you."-He pulled and stepped aside as he caused the fat man to stumble and fall into the snow before he turned toward the man welding the long axe.-"You've got nerve stranger. Today, those nerves will be nothing BUT ASH~!"-He saw it in the snow, the subtle glow of a runic magic circle underneath the man that seemed red perhaps and with the thurst forward he could see a slight crackle of fire begin to develeop slightly along the spear tip. He did not blink nor did he seem fazed as he snapped his hand right at the last moment and grabbed the staff and pulled while twisting to not only pull the man along but also flink him over as Ignis bend over using his shoulder as the point of balance. The man was flung over and crashed into a wall with a loud clap and thump as he landed into the snow. The man welding the sword turned to stare but only dropped it as Ignis stared at the man.-"....Well...That was easy...I think..."-Ignis felt kind of funny and as he looked down he came to realize that the war hammer was covered in small spikes less then a quarter of an inch. Staring at his stomach he could already see his illuminating teal blood spill out from his tunic. He couldn't believe it as he rested his hand upon the wound and brought his palm up for further inspection.-"huh....Well.."-he turned to the woman he had just saved and smiled as his palm faced her.-"Talk about a blow to the gut...."-He collapsed soon after with teh woman rushing to his aid before looking about for help of any sorts.-"HELP HELP."-Ignis may had not known it but this woman was the point in his life that would change everything.-

Guest_afroriqan: Her brow raised. Father? She didn't know that was possible. Was she saying she was the mother of this dragon? There was definitely more magic to this world that she was ignorant to. What else could she possibly be missing? Raya didn't turn to the commotion behind her. The voice of the guard was familiar. "My Name is Raya Miss. Raya DeClermont...I'm a witch." She said lowly. "One of the only witches left from the Island of Lulin". She took a step forward her hands unclasping. She became a little more animated when magic was the subject. Talking slightly with her hands. "I'm still discovering. It's a work in progress". She smiled a bit. "Low-level healing. Mostly open wounds and sickness. I haven't gotten on to broken bones or mortal wounds. Fire is my element. I can produce it at a whim". She lifted her hand, The white light cascading along the tips of her fingers, before the fire was conjured into her palm. The Flame didn't touch her hand all through her hand has been enveloped before and the flame didn't burn her. Some heat was still felt. "I haven't come across many spells. . . but have successfully done one or two". The fire went out before she pointed to the Pillar. "That's how I hid for so long...a cloaking spell". She took a deep breath, that was the most she talked in a while.

Anaya watched her as she held her wine glass and leaned forword to put her elbos on her legs and look at the girl with a smile, it was a light smile as she relaxed and enjoyed the girls company. “if you can master fire you have a strong and good heart within you. Fire is a hard element to take hold of due to it fights you when you use it, but you have to learn to dance with the flames” she moved her fingers in the air as one of the torches on the walls flames danced from the wooden torch stock. The flame hovered down into the air till it was at the, then the flame shaped into that of a small man and it danced around Raya's feet as anaya smiled “Fire is something fun and when you get the hang of it you can do so much, make it larger to burn down enemy and smaller to be a friend and light the way for you” she moved her fingers and opend her hand up wide as the man started to grow super large and turn into that of a massive wolf out of flame as it snapped and spat flame around the girl but then as if smothered got so much smaller turning into a small puppy siting on its hinds on the floor. But then in a jump the flame turned back into a hovering ball as it came up to Anaya's hands and she put it on her clawed palms as she held the open flame over to Raya. “you can master fire if you work with it, forget that it can burn you, just believe that it is a part of you as in the end it can be just that” she took her hands and put them to her chest the ball of flame absorbing into her body as the light glow faded away the flame being one with her. Dragons had the mastery of fire since birth, they were the fire and some places believed they were the first to bring man flame, first master of flame the first born rulers of the dancing red flowers that burned the land to nothing, but left room for growth, a bringer of death but at the same time one that gave way to new life.

IgnisAeternus: -It wasn't long before Ignis was once more left alone as the woman rushed away to get help but who would help a stranger and let alone a supposed whore that was just attacked by a trio of men. The mystery grew more but in her search she came upon the tavern Ignis had just left and rushed to the bartender as she would shout about in a panic. The dwarf's eyes shot open as they stared upon her friends eyes as she came to him. He didn't know what was going on but he figured it was abouts Gergon's men after her once more.-"Torg you need to help NOW. This this RANDOM man just just...I don't know why but he helped me."-The dwarf raised a brow as no one but family and himself had helped dealt with this little problem but they weren't always around to deal with it the issue. The fact that a stranger had helped her was odd.-"Who helped you Raina?"-The drawf's heavy and rough voice different from the human woman's light voice.-"I...I don't know..He He...He wore alot of dulled black leather and armor....Had raven feathers...Umm...HORNS he had horns all over his head and was really big."-The dwarf thought for a moment remembering the fellow from this morning that matched that same description yet he could hardly believe a stranger would stick his neck out so far. Pushing that aside Torg began to walk toward the front door with Raina.-"Is he hurt?" "Ye Yes he got hit in the stomach with a hammer covered in spikes. I don't think he realized it but he began to bleed blue. I've never seen anyone bleed blue before."-Torg's brows shot up at this strange description before he looked to the castle then Raina.-"...I believe the town healer won't be able to help with this matter...."-With that they rushed along heading to where Ignis had been left to die, sort of. It wasn't long before they reached Ignis still laying upon the ground.-"Raina, run on ahead to the castle and tell the guards that we have a stranger that is in need of some magic healing."-Looking him over Torg recognize the man and sighed as he shoke his head.-"You damn fool...Good thing you haven't eaten this morning."-He grabbed Ignis, despite the size different, and started to drag him on his own back with him swinging thurst forward as Ignis's long body and heavy weight making it hard to carry him on the dwarf's own back. Before long Raina had arrived at the castle gates in a frantic plea for help as she tried to get the guards to assist Torg in carrying Ignis but they just stared at the woman and brushed her away.-

Guest_afroriqan: Raya watched as she conjured the fire in her palm. Here eyes lit with wonder as she watched as she manipulated the fire into shapes. Moving around her so fluidly. She'd never seen such mastery. Especially for this Elements. She took in every word of advice. If this woman was the mother of the dragon then, of course she would know fire then any of the witches she ran into. The three women being two water and an earth specialist. When the fire despite she let out a long breath she didn't even know she was holding. "That was...Amazing. I've never seen anything like that before." Such control. She admired that. She just now was able to conjure the fire at will. But nothing will compare to the night she killed Elias. That was the strongest she ever was. The loud commotion outside this time did make her turn. This was the second time. She stepped to the side. "I'm afraid your castle is filled with a lot of excitement. Does that bother you?" She was used to being alone mostly. The idea of living in such a busy place might make her reconsider her Idea to coming here if it wasn't for what she just saw.

Anaya looked to the girl in aww of ability's to think this was just child's play to the dragon ruler. “all dragons can master fire at birth, and i am a elder dra...” she paused as there was a bunch of commotion as she got up standing her full seven feet tall she looked over “what is going on?” Anaya called out as she moved past the girl and started walking to the door way her purple gown swaying as she went and opened up the door, snow drops falling on her arms and face as it burned her skin and she let out a hiss backing up and grumbled as the small snow flakes melted into her face. Hearing her mothers hiss in pain Ryu was up and tail at the ready growling and grinding his teeth then running over to his mother. He moved to her side and put his head under her arm giving small coos as he tried his best to hold her and guard her from what ever hurt her, not understanding it was in fact the snow that did it. She looked to a guard as she held a hand to her face as bright royal blue blood stained her hand lightly “guard get who ever needs aid and bring them up here, i can not see to it myself today” she scowled as she turned around and walked back inside hating being on lock down because it was snowing outside. Ryu kept his mother company as he muzzled her face and her face slowly healed up as she gave a smile, he was so tender even as a hatching him and his chicken wings. “Ryu i am fine, go upto the bed chamber and go back to sleep with your sister, you both may sleep till noon i shall bring up food to wake you, i am fine do not worry my son” she said softly as she nuzzled him back and he gave a coo sound then yiped and headed upstairs looking back a couple times to be sure his mother was alright.

TellonTheArchAngelTellonTheArchAngel WhisperAdd Friend: - a trail of smoke appears from the sky trailing behind a bright blue ball of fire with a hint of green in it moving at a high rate of speed with a low whistling sound that suddenly grew to a higher pitch as it descends closer to the ground that could be heard through out miles , the heat around it was so intense that the snow around it evaporated turning into steam as the now high pitch screaming whistle comes to a sudden stop as it slams into the ground just outside of the castle doors with a loud bang causing the windows to shatter as the impact was strong enough to create a shock wave through out the land as smoke rises from the spot where it had impacted leaving a crator with a creature laying inside of the hole with torn clothing yet was still hidden with in the cover of the smoke that appeared to be unconscious laying on its stomach breathing rather slowly and weakly through its nostrils -

IgnisAeternusIgnisAeternus Whisper: -Torg slumped on and on carrying the dying man upon his back along without hesitation as he was determined to not only take the man through the village but also up the hill to the main castle where Raina had already arrived to get help and soon enough she got just that but it was a bigger surprise then any to see the queen herself. Instantly Raina bowed and listened as she would order the guards to grab the injuried man and bring him inside. They did just that and began to run through the snow to grab Ignis from the back of the dwarf who had already made it to the hill by the time everything had come and passed. The men made there way down as Raina told them that this was the man that was injuried. They could see why they sought there help. They took Ignis's arms over their shoulders and dragged the man along leaving Torg and Raina behind to remain in the dark with the mystery of Ignis's fate. Before long Ignis was brought inside and the smell of human like blood filled the air along with very potent magic leaking form a source. Even now Ignis was still bleeding leaving behind a trail of glowing teal blood along the way upon what seemed to be a very expensive carpet from what Ignis could see as he finally managed to wake slightly. It was only for a moment but he regained his senses long enough to see he was somewhere of high class and in the hands of men in suits of armor. They presented the man infront of the her and bowed their heads.-

Guest_afroriqan: Raya jumped out of her way. She didn't want to get in her way. The dragon names Ryu jumped up. Waddling past he didn't even notice her as he went to check on his mother. Raya looked around the room familiarizing herself with the room. The smell of human blood filled the air like a hand full of coins. IT made her stomach turn in disgust but her veins filled with the rush of magic. The magic pulsed through her. Humming with magic. The need to heal the injured. The white sparks danced across her fingers. She turned and made her way to the door way. Guard's were bringing in a leather-clad man. He was humongous, maybe taller than she was. The wound looked life threatening. She knew she probably couldn't heal such a wound. Such magic ability wasn't on her belt yet. She wondered if maybe the Dragon mother would heal him. She seemed powerful enough but she didn't know the powers of a Dragon. She hadn't even realized her feet brought her beside the woman. Her fingers still glazed with magic. Her eyes slowly glossing over white. As it did when she used her power for long enough. The need to heal still surging in her.

Anaya stood there looking at the hurt man when out of the blue something smashed into the stone steps at the frount of the castle, a bunch of windows shattering as she looked out blinking a couple times. As she watched the hurt man get dragged inside bleeding all over the place onto side rugs and the floor she let out a sigh “i have no idea why i decorate, no one understands the value of things” there was anger bubbling within her as she looked to the hurt man. “bring him up to the throne area lay him on the ground i will heal him myself it will be faster then any healer we have. I will handle what is outside personally” she was angered that was clear as day her voice had grown darker then normal as she walked outside not caring for the pain the wet snow was causing to her face “what ever you are that fell breaking all my fount windows you better have gold to pay for it, or a long life time to give in service to this crown” she growled as she grabbed the being by the back of the neck and dragged it inside out of the hole it had made in the ground. One guard knowing the drill all to well and knowing what happened to losers pissing the queen off ran over with a sett of iron chains and shackles handing them to Anaya then bowing to her and backing away in fear she may just hit him with them. Holding them out to there rude guest her red eyes burned into him “put this on or i am silting your neck were you stand. Your blood will go good with the other guys blood that is now covering this once clean floor” her face had melted holes in it as the white scales shimmered under the layers of skin as her teeth had turned from human teeth to that of a point from her anger being very apparent. She did not like her anger to be seen but at times being what she was it was a hard thing to hide how to anger a ruler, break there home, that did it mighty well and it happened so much she was starting to think she would get cheap things and not rugs worth more then most men's lives. Her red eyes the slits in them so thin it was as if it was a black string laying in a sea of swerlying red. “go to the hurt man and heal him best you can if you can all the way it will be best, if not i will finish what you start, he is of human blood so it should not be a overly large challenge, feel the magic within you, this castle is a sea of magic in its self as i live here, there is no better place of magic then the hold of a elder golden dragon” she looked back to the man standing there who had broken the windows anayas seven foot frame loomed over him “put them on”

TellonTheArchAngel: - his head moves around as he is tossed before opening his eyes coming to, unaware where he was nore who the woman was infront of him nor the gaurds around him he goes into complete panic as his eyes glow slightly with a bright blue as he quickly darts across the room shoving a few guards out of his way with enough force to send them sliding across the room clearing showing he had no intent to harm any one as he stands there backing away from them after getting a good amount of distance from them- " Who are you? Where am I?? - looks around the room having no clue where he was and holds his head gently before shaking himself to stay awake - " I need to get home... - blinks as he remembers what happened on his home where he came from - " Its gone... they're all gone.. " - he clinches his fists tightly with saddness before focusing on them-" Listen i dont want any trouble.. im sorry about your windows but it really wasn't my fault.. I dont even know how i get here! - he tries to explain himself before removing his necklaces and tosses them to the guards that were indeed a decent price though the materials didn't look like anything from around these parts , he turns his head to look behind him making sure no one was going to attempt to grab hold of him as he starts to feel a little weak to the knees panting heavily - " Please beilive me when i tell you, offending you was not my intent" - he looks towards Anaya with his bright blue eyes -

Anaya looked at him as she moved her hands the shackles being tossed in front of the boy. “put, them, on” she scolded as the reds of her eyes got darker and there were clicking around the castle, windows and doors locking all by themselves, she was in raged and him stalling and talking about matters she did not give a shit about was not helping his case at all. She did not care if he was a new born, if he was from the other side of the world, if he fell from the heavens she did not care, he was a intruder in her home that broke her things, and he would pay for them in gold blood or service, it was his choice what he wanted in it. “boy, i don't care were you are from, i don't care if you are lost, you landed in a place that does not care about you, and you landed breaking things you need to pay for, there are over fifty windows shattered, and a whole the size of a pull cart in my steps, put on the iron rings on your arms and lock them in place and do your service to pay off your now gained dept or slit your own neck with your finger nails the choice is yours boy” the room was getting hotter and the torches on the walls were thrashing around as she was growing in anger levels, she was not testing the boy she was demanding, if he did not do it she would turn were he was standing into a pressure cooker and melt the skin off his face.

Guest_afroriqan: Raya nodded at the woman's commands. She ignored the strange looks from the guard's as they set the man onto the grounds of the throne room. "You may set him on the floor please?" She asked of the guards. They set him down gently, and she took a seat beside him. She sat cross-legged. She sighed before pulling the chest piece off. "You can do this Raya". She could see the Life-threatening wound. Examining it. She'd never seen blue blood from a man before. But never the less a wound was a wound and it called to her Her eyes completely glossed over white as the sparks along her fingers intensified. Almost immediately did the light shoot to his wound. Dancing across his skin, like lighting across a purple sky. It was almost painfully slow. She worried if she could heal him in time. It wasn't instantaneous. Under the best magnifying glass you could probably see the light repairing his body. Her other hand rose. The magic in control of her body, they both gingerly set on the wound. The weird blood coating her hand. She could feel her energy draining and when it became too low to where she might pass out she removed her hands. The wound at this point only needed stitches. But any more and she would faint

TellonTheArchAngel hearing the womans demanding voice he narrows his eyes gently at her as he notices his clothing was burning away from his body that didn't seem to be bothered to the heat , he gives as slight smirk as he slowly reaches down to the shackls and places them onto his wrists locking them in place, he knew he didn't have much of a choice but to play along - " There you go.. i've placed them on. " he spoke gently as he stands there before her ever so still, not even his chest was rising nor did he seem to be taking any breaths as his eyes scan the room as he thinks to himself pacing back and fourth a meter with his eyes locked onto her -

Anaya turned and looked at the man over bleeding out then back at the little boy standing there, she let out a large breath as she took her hand and the castle doors flung open “leave and don't come back” she scolded as she put her hand in the air as she walked over to the man bleeding out, humans mattered more to golden dragons then anything else did. Even her temper, witch was hard enough to control then anything else. The lost boy would surely die out in the wilderness anyway, a boy with nothing but the clothing on his back from someplace unknown that had fallen to the earth, ya it would be dead out there in the winter cold for sure, and if the cold did not get him the owl bears and beasts would. She walked over to the witch trying to heal the man as she walked up to them she let out a breath, the air coming off her hot as she looked at the man laying there bleeding on the floor. “here my dear, he will be alright” in the end she needed to funnel that anger somewhere and she could just use the power to heal this man and stop him from dieing there on her floor. She held her hands over the mans body and with a light blue light coming over her fingers as she healed the man there on the ground, the skin on his wound started to close very fast as she was putting a lot of herself into it, anger of the broken things being used for healing. Even the blood that had leaked out started to as if the clock was going back return to the wound. “he will be fine and just needs rest” she looked up “guards bring this man to the medical hall” the guards that were scowling at that kid with the blue eyes took the key to his shackles and kept them to themselves as they walked over to carry the man off to the medical hall.

Guest_afroriqan: Raya Slumped back. Her eyes hazel and her hands blue and void of any magic. The wound definitely needed stitching. She watched the woman kneel beside her and finish the work. Her magic much different from hers. She watched as the men took him away. "Did I. . . was what I did good?" Her voice hoarse and her lips dry. That didn't come out right. She shook her head. trying to clear up her thoughts. Feeling like she had to physically pick out the words. Her blue coloured fingers pinching beside her as if she was. "I've never healed someone that much, Did I do a good job?" Her words came out low. She didn't know why but she wanted this woman's approval. Someone as magical as her. Maybe she could one day to be like her. This woman managed to conjure up a fire for her own entertainment, Then handle the man outside who destroyed her home. No need for guards. She was strong Yes maybe she could one day. The thoughts of a naive 17-year-old girl. Her tired eyes found their way to her. "I could sit with him...Watch him till he wakes?" Even though the girl looked like she was fighting the need to pass out now. She may be able to muster the strength to keep an eye on the man.

TellonTheArchAngel looking at the guards he looks down at the shakles and begins to fiddle with them as he makes his way towards the exit grumbling gently to himself - " Man. this world is full of hostle life form... " - he brings the shakles to his mouth and begins to spit at his wrists , his spit was like a slippery lub subtance where rubs his tongue around his wrists drooling all over them and begins to wiggle his hands rapidly for a moment or two before groaning as one hand slips out of the shake and looks down to see his hand was broken from it folding into its self and begins to work on the other end where the same results were seen , he was truley a escape artist and knew his hands would heal over time on their own if he could find some kind of fruit, before leaving he hangs the shakles up carefully in a polite manner before closing the door behind as he left- Oh man... - he blinks looking at the hole he must of made and then up at the windows seeing them shattered- " well i cant blame her..... I guess I'll have to return with the right material to fix it for her - he nods a lot before going into a full sprint across the yard gaining up speed before leaping across the air taking to the trees where he vanishes into the woods with grace -

Anaya looked over to the girl seeing she was drained “yes dear, go sit with him, i have a castle to fix anyway and you did great, well done with the healing, he would have surely bleed out without your aid, you just saved his life” she knew she did most of the work on it but it would help the girl in growing her magic to know she was going in the right derecthion. Anaya stood up softly and walked over to the center of the castle room seeing the blood all over the floor and the shattered windows and knowing it would take over a week for the repair men to get there and then the cost of it all she would just do it herself, it would cost her energy but not like it mattered in the end. Softly with her hands in the air the shards of shattered glass started to lift off the ground and be put together comeing over to her as she moved her other hand taking a flame from a torch and dancing it around to melt the glass back together heating the fire up to blue as she shut her eyes softly her red eyes shifting bright blue as she unlocked another level up in her magic, she had to really heat up glass for it to melt, and to mend fifty windows it would not only take much time but a lot of energy. But she needed to keep her home presentable, even if in the end of the day it was her own energy she used to fix it.

Guest_afroriqan: A small lazy smile spread across her face, as she stood up. Her head spun a bit but she found her footing. She let out a shaky breath. She walked cautiously, following the direction the guards went. She didn't know anything about the castle, so she followed her instincts. Using more magic to find the medical unit was out of the option. She couldn't decide on left of right and might have stayed there forever if it weren't for the guards leaving out of a room to the left of her and walking down the hallway. She made her way to the door. Her hands gliding against the wall. Upon her entrance, the room was stark silent. The man was on the very first bed. His arms at his side and his face turned toward the wall. A nurse appeared from behind a curtain on the far side of the room but paid her no mind. She quickly went to sit beside him so she wouldn't be in the nurse's way or even on her radar. She studied the man closely, but didnt touch him. "You'll be okay..." She whispered. With a long yawn she laid her head on the cot, close to his hip. "'ll be fine". She said again before her eyes closed. Falling into sleep.

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Meanwhile With Samuel and Sif

Rose Has Thorns Part 2, Winter Has Come - Page 5 Sam_an10

TheLadySif: Sif had her long hair semi- wrapped around her hand as the wind whipped past her face. her other hand gripped tightly to the saddle horn. With the sudden twists and turns, the ice elf was even more pale than usual. Feeling lucky that the King could not see her shaken state, she closed her eyes. Soon, her ears pricked and twitched, causing her to open her eyes. Her nose began to pick up a difference in the air as well, and her thoughts of the turbulence and heat coming off of Sam were clearly forgotten. A smile spread across her face as she smelled the ocean. She could hear the waves crashing, and a slight sigh of anticipation escaped her. With her next breath she leaned forward a bit, unwrapping her hair from her hand and letting it float backwards and trail behind like a stream of clouds. She had long since take off lost the small clips that kept it tightly pinned. “My… ah, Sam” She shook her head lightly, still forgetting. “We are close are we not? Shall we go for a swim? By the goddess it has been years…” Her voice trailed off as finally her eyes caught sight of the vast waters. They sparkled in the light, her lips parted with her last words falling.

Anaya: Samuel head looked up over his wing shoulder as they were gliding his massive wings holding them aloft, he hardly had to flap which was nice really, a normal dragon had to flap to keep themselves up due to bulk and there four legs but he only had two legs and a long body more than a bulky body, so he could glide and conserve energy on long trips. He looked down and could see the sea as well, it was the eastern sea coast, with large rocks all along it, landing would be a bit bumpy. Yes they could go for a dip and it would be nice after such a long flight and that water did smell really good he loved the smell of salt and fish and there seemed to be a small village on the coast as well so if Sif needed food and things she would be able to restock and he could steal a cow or sheep or something for the road. “surely we can my lady” he said as his jaws girted together as he talked. That deep voice was booming so close but he was trying not to be to to loud. As he started to go down and they started there drop “make sure you are holding on” he said as he knew it was going to be rather bumpy and he was far from used to landing with a passenger. He was at a rather steep angle as he started there landing, normally it would be a free fall to the ground then open wings to land but this time it had to be a slower drop to the ground then catch yourself with your wings to land and be able to get the feet under properly. Even for slow it was still much free falling, almost to the ground Samuel opened his wings to catch the wind like a parashoot jutting both him and Sif up about 50 feet up then softly landing on the ground, which he almost triped wall getting his footing. His wings flapping once a massive jut of air around them sand went all over as Sam gave a sneeze getting it up his nose. He gave a grumble as he folded his wings down then layed on his belly on the sand using his one wing to help Sif down as even laying down it was still a good 50 to 70 foot drop from his back to the ground, so he made his wing a slid.

TheLadySif: She blinked and suddenly her heart was in her throat. Or so it felt. Her eyes widened and it seemed to be in slow motion as her hair went straight up and her mouth opened wide just as her eyes squeezed shut. “Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!” She wailed, of which came to a sudden short and quick stop as they landed, her sight temporarily obscured. She turns her head, a bit disoriented before realization kicked in. Her hair had fallen completely forward over her face. Sif sweeps both hands up rapidly and pushes her hair back, straightening and composing herself once again. She cleared her throat as she rose from the saddle, carefully planting both feet on top before leaping and throwing a somersault to the ground below. She landed in a crouch before slowly rising, only to wobble and fall back onto her butt from the still present disorientation. With a sigh, she simply laid back on the damp ground and stared into the sky, blowing a wisp of hair from her eyes. “We made it."

Anaya: Sam could not help but laugh, so proper around the castle people but here she could be herself and in truth so could he, he did not have to be all i am king i need to run this place no matter the cost he could just, be himself. He looked at her as he layed there on the sand beside her his neck curving over to look at her there. So simple so beautiful just enjoying the sea and the spot. When she mentioned they had made it he nodded his head “first stop, miss Sif...i may have forgotten to mention, that Fishing is not the only stop we are going on” as he moved the slightly the sand around him wiggled and he lifted his head up to the side of the saddle where there was a brown sack attached, he had grabbed it from the stable before they left, he tossed the bag on the ground and stood up using his neck and mouth to bite at that underbelly saddle strap to get the darn thing off. But after a moment of struggle he gave up and started to shrink, the saddle falling down as he got smaller and his scales turned back to skin. The saddle hit the ground with a thump and there was Sam standing behind it and in its shadow nude and simply walking to the brown bag, not hiding anything. Dragons unlike humans or others did not feel the need to hide their body's with nothing on them and really had clothing on simply for sociatys sake. But he paused grabbing the bag, did not need clothing swimming. “um, should i...put something on to swim? Would you like that better?” he asked in wonder of what she would say.

TheLadySif: “Oh? Well, honestly i am always up for a bit of adventure. Although fishing is first…” Sif had missed his entire struggling fiasco and had hopped up to her feet. She had gained her footing and was casually walking to the shoreline. Along behind her she had left a trail of clothing. Boots, belt, bra, all were left on the sand as she stood with her back to Sam. She was topless and had only her skirt left on as he spoke. She turned her head, looking back at him. Her hair was loose still, covering her front if she were to turn but leaving her back bare down to her low-placed skirt that had lost its belt first. Having set her eyes on the waters, her heart was leaping at the chance to dive in so she had only heard him say “Would you like that better?” Seeing him standing in the nude had her gasping and turning back around, stiffening. She had completely forgotten herself and had even started! Was she insane? Most likely it was the height from flying getting to her head. She thought nothing of getting nude herself for a swim, but she didn’t think about the fact that the King was there and she had mistakenly laid her eyes upon him. Even if she did not have her culture’s submission to men in general, she would have been berating herself for being so comfortable around a royal. “I, my King, you, that is…"

Anaya: Sam could not help but smile, god she was beautiful, the pale skin the white hair, the love for the cold it all reminded him of...things. He walked up beside her and put a toe in the water, it was so cold, god he loved it, within moments he was neck high in water, it was warmer then the waters back at the castle and it was not winter here, it was warm and springtime, they had already spent a week and a bit aloft so they had made some distance away from the castle. “I am not your king today Sif, i am just a man” he called out as he splashed some water around. He looked back at her as he could not peel the smile off his face. “you look beautiful by the way miss Sif, why did you pick a guard at the castle? Metal and leathers, even i would fall to my knees seeing you in a gown or silks” he had weak knees now looking at her standing over there on the cost line, so much he wanted, just to touch her, hold her, not even bed her, just hold her and feel the cold of her body on his own, but the risk to him was to much, if he nicked her with a claw or got to out of hand with his own wanting it would be deadly for the elf, and heartbreaking for him. Unlike at the castle his green eyes were not hard and stern, but soft and almost tender, he put his head under the water for a second then lifted back up his black hair about as long as his shoulders flaping all over as he gave a laugh.

TheLadySif: Her eyes continued to shift from him to the sand , her hands idly going up to fiddle with her hair as her face grew more red. She blinked twice as he spoke, looking to him without fluttering finally. She rose her chin and placed her hands on her hips. “I live to protect this wonderful place that has welcomed me. I could think of nothing better than being a Knight. Once leaving my home, I only knew to fight." Her voice and eyes softened, looking to the waters. “I am quite good at it but for once in all my years i find myself not needing to. I could simply be. I only fear that it could all be taken away at any moment.” With a deep breath, she looks at him again, unwavering and tosses off her skirt to the pile. Walking into the waters, they slowly developed a thin layer of ice around her. She let out a breath and closed her eyes, letting herself sink completely underwater. Her hair floated above until she had sunk completely. The water itself gave her such strength, she had not felt it in such a long time. Usually the temperatures she was most comfortable with would be too cold and the water would be frozen. She thrived in only water and ice, and it was just the thing she needed. Swimming lightly, treading underwater, she opens her eyes and looks up, watching the light dance across the surface. She continued to hold her breath, holding onto that moment for as long as possible.

Anaya: “I know I will not be taken from you, Sams” he said softly after she had gone under, maybe she could hear his words maybe she could nSams' eyes looked to the sky, a life only of fighting, happy to just be, he had that once upon a time before here. Before taken from that simple just peace, then having all he loved ripped from him. He looked to where she was swimming, not far from him as he waded water his toes just touching the bottom. She had the same as he did, the same story, the same fears, losing it all. Once upon a time his goddess of the cold was ripped away from him over two hundred years ago, now he was swimming in the sea with another goddess of the cold but it was not two hundred years ago, this was right now. He was baffled and did not know what to make of it all. Maybe fate was playing a sick game and this would all vanish away like she said. “you don't have a body meant to be hidden from the world, and you don't have a spirit meant to be hidden from the world. You are meant to be free, and to dance in the snow drifts” he smiled softly yet as he let out a breath remembering old words, old memory's, and enjoying this moment more then he had enjoyed the past hundred years “i feel more at home now, then i ever have at the castle” he said under his breath in a whisper.

TheLadySif: Sif spun in the water, moving the water around her slightly as she let her hands reach towards the surface. She listened quietly to Sam’s words, her sensitive ears making his voice out clearly even with the sounds of the ocean around her. She glanced to where he was before coming up from the water. She set her eyes on the horizon, running a hand over her hair that now laid flat to her head, making her ears more apparent. She gave a light smile, pretending to have not heard a thing then laid back and let herself float , arms swaying in the water to make wide circles around Sam. “This brief peace is worth more to me than I thought. Now, shall we begin fishing?” She restrains from smirking, knowing now that this trip was not about fish. But now she couldn’t care less. If anything, she was more curious as to the next destination. Although she had relaxed a bit, she still kept her eyes to either the sky, water, or closed, feeling a bit reserved still as that was her nature.

Anaya: “well to fish we need to bring home really big fish, sailfish and shark, if we can find a small whale it would be great” he looked at her with a grin as he moved his hand and splashed her a little “them little eleven hands are not going to catch us a shark now are they” he could not help but chuckle as he dove under the water and posting up right in front of her, chest to chest. “i have a towel in my bag so you don't get your clothing wet” he moved and walked out of the water hoping she would follow and if she would he grabbed the towel out of the brown bag and held it up to wrap it around her shoulders and body, the towel between them he could hold her, for a second, if she let him, the second was worth it, the sweet smell of her and the sea and that chill of her skin, the light layer of ice she had around her from the water dripping off her and turning to small ice crystals and falling to the ground. He said not a word as he just stood there, lightly pressed ageist her back his arms around her waistline warping the towel around her. He lingered a bit more than he should have and stepped back a shimmer in his eyes. “i did not mean to touch if not wanted to, heat of the moment” he said softly as he moved over to where the giant saddle lay in the sand picking up one of the leather straps in his clawed hands and holding it and fiddling with it hoping she would not get mad at him.

TheLadySif: She sat up as he splashed her then feigned an affronted gasp as if wounded by his claims on her hands. With a blink she glanced to her icy fingers, frosting over a bit from the water then looks up at his sudden appearance. Of their own volition, her eyes stared back up into his, blinking rapidly and jumping slightly as his words brought her back to the earthly realm. She nodded once, then watched him leave the water. She let out a breath she hadn’t realized she was holding and treaded water for a moment. Soon, she was back on solid-ish ground, her feet sinking into the sand before it grew cold and more solid at her body temperature. Still lost in her thoughts, she turned and allowed him to wrap her in the towel. She first thought it her imagination, the linger of his warmth to her back… and did she hear him sniff her? She happened to spin on her heel to face him just as he pulled away, a slight questioning expression upon her face for only the briefest of moments. As he explained the ‘heat of the moment’ she found it kind of funny, the choice of words. Even she felt warm which was new to her in her young elven life. Not particularly knowing what to say or do, she dried with the towel, leaving her hair a cool slick and icy flow of white. Small frozen droplets of water were set in her hair as she scooped up her clothing. She merely donned her skirt and bra, rummaging through her own small sling bag. She clipped up her hair in the usual high, controlled style, making a long ponytail of her hair. “Sam…” Even though it had been a few minutes, she spoke of the moment. “It was…not unwanted.” She spoke it low then rose just as quickly as the words left her lips, turning back to face the horizon and finishing up pinning her hair.

Anaya: Sam paused as he looked back over at her hearing her words slip from her lips, she ...was ok with it...... he was for a moment lost for words as he looked at her and was holding his breath in thought, did she like him? Like really like him? Could he, move back “if i could i would never have let go, your skin makes mine feel, right” he said softly as he looked back at the saddle, he would have shifted back to himself but now he did not want to, he wanted to go back over there, take that armour off her shoulders wrap that towel around her again and just enjoy their time. Just lay in the sand till a farmer showed up telling them to find a inn, or find a rock to go behind. Then eat the farmer. Samuel snickered at his thought of eating the farmer and Sif sitting on his head as he handed her up a slab of meat, he wondered, a woman fighter, a dragon at heart, so soft and smooth. “Sif I...” he paused “can you help me buckle this strap? It is a pain to get on and your hands are smaller than mine, claws are not good with metal buckles” he said as really he wanted to say something else but at the same time did not want to scare her away, they all ran away from him, in due time. There was story's when he came to iron of a dragon male getting a female elven woman named Chesmay as his counterpart, never able to make young with her but still giving his life for her own, sharing abound, but was there a way he could share that with Sif? He had no idea. Sam helpd up the buckle as he gave a smile trying to hide the fact his eyes were slightly glowing “if it is done up i can just change and grow into it. And not fumble around like a chicken with my head cut off”

TheLadySif: Sif hides her expression by lowering her chin, back still to him. She stood there for a long while, then turns and walks towards him. Sif knew better. She would always know better. It was not in the stars for her, and Sam was not in the stars for her. Anaya was her Queen, Samuel her King. She had a duty, and she was no good match for a high borne dragon of all people. With a single nod, she took the buckle in her hand, giving a smirk and her usual cool expression. “Mocking me again for my small hands. They have laid quite a few low in my day. Though small I shall show you how capable they…” She cleared her throat and rubbed the back of her neck, looking away. Her words were not coming out just right and capable hands was not the right direction to go towards. She shook it off and lifted her chin in a slight gesture, waving her hand for him to carry on so she could help.

Anaya: Sam could not help but laugh as he looked at her and took her hands in his, his fingers shakeing, it was a bold move as he kept his palms open so his claws were as far from holding her hands as they could be, if anything he was just allowing her hands to sit on the not toxic part of him, the skin in human form, his claws, teeth, mouth, blood, any liquid inside his body all that under the skin was toxic as well as everything in his dragon form was toxic other than his wing menbrains. And his hands were a quiver as he did not want to hurt her. “i just need you to put the buckle together, slide the metal into the leather hole and clasp it, i am a cluts, needs a woman's touch” he giggled a little “the small are mighty I know. I had to fight a eleven man once, he was very good, i have a couple scars from him” he let out a breath as he was still nude standing there right in front of her the warmth of his body inly intches from her own. “just don't touch my claws, i don't want to..hurt you at all Sif” his whole life he loved being untouchable, but right now it was the worst curse anyone could have. “then once the buckle is done i will change and we can go fishing, you can get back up on my back and on the saddle and we can see what we can catch. I can go grab a goat from the farmers land right over there in that village and we can use it as bait”

TheLadySif: Looking to their hands, she tilts her head slightly, For an instant that could be easily missed, she spreads her fingers over his hand, lightly touching. Just as swiftly, she removes her hand and gets to work with the buckle, saying nothing to that effect. She looks away from him, nodding once before taking a breath. “Do not worry over me my… ah Sam.” Donning a very small smile, she looks up at him and tilts her head again. “I am much more durable than I may seem. But…” She sets the strap onto her shoulder and sets her hand on her hip. “If i recall you mentioned catching a whale? And a goat is the best bait for our creature?” She raises a brow to him, mocking a bit teasingly in order to change the subject.

Anaya: He smiled as she mocked him back as she pulled from him and finished up with the buckle he moved the back of his hand with his claws facing away from her and put the back of his hand on her cheek softly caressing it as he looked at her. “you are very strong my dear, that you are, and the goat, is for the sharks” he gave a chuckle as soft green silted eyes looked into hers. He moved his hand as his skin of the back of his hand ran along her chin and just along her collar bone, a bold move but dragons after all had more than enough pride to be bold. He gave a chukle as he pulled his hand away smiling and walking over to the saddle as his skin started to turn red covering with scales and changing snapping and cracking as the shift took place, unlike a real dragon Samuel could only change to human, to Wyvern unlike a pureblood like Anaya would could basically change into anything that was alive. As he got larger the saddle moved around to his back were it should be, the straps all meeting up and being a tight fit, really tight as he gave a grunt wiggling his body a little and kicking sand up. He moved and with a good wiggle the rope lead that was attached to the saddle fell down so she could get up onto his back safely. The big head of the Wyvern looked out to the farm plot “i wonder if they will toss pitchforks at us” he gave a grunt as he snorted to get some of the sand from his nose.

TheLadySif: Sif winks “Very well then…” She opened her mouth to continue but paused as he caressed her cheek. Her eyes lowered then fluttered closed for a moment before opening again but still her gaze was cast downwards. She waited until he had turned to take her hands and press them to her oddly less than freezing cheeks. This could not be healthy, she was acting as if… well she was a young immature girl but she shouldn’t be acting like it! She sauntered over, throwing her armor top back on and slipping into her boots. Just before grabbing a hold of the rope, she slung her own small bag onto her shoulder. In a few moments she was straddling Sam’s saddle again and bracing herself for flight. “If they do, I will be sure to hand those gifts directly back to them post haste. Although i am sure they will be far too preoccupied with gazing upon your majesty."

Anaya: Sam could not help but laugh as he shook his head to the side lombering it from side to side as his strong back legs kicked him off the ground and his wings took the rest the lift off was hard but it got them up as smoothly as it could, he did not go overly far off the ground so each wing flap almost touched the ground. Samuels easy two hundred foot wingspan smashed into an old barn without even phasing him as they were upon the farm. The sheep ran for the barn but the cattle were much slower, the farming wife screamed for her husband to get the spears and as soon as Samuel saw them getting them and running back outside he let out a massive roar that put the wife on her backside on the ground and shattered their homes windows. He did not care much and all the way out here it would not get back to the castle. A very large part of him wanted to burn this place to the ground for sheer sport knowing it would not get back to the castle his hulking body slammed down into the centre of the farmers castle pen as his claws of his foot pinned and killed a cow under it. Sams eye looked over up to Sif on his back as the farmer tossed a wooden and metal pointed spear at his chest, the spear hit and clinked against his breast plate. The farmer was no marksman at tossing spears so he would not know where to aim or how to even throw it. “rude farmer” he said deeply as he backed his head up high and gave a grin to Sif as if Asking if he should burn the place down to the ground. His chest glowing bright green.

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In the night The cold wind raged along the highest walls of Iron Castle, threatening to tear the banners and colors from the ramparts pulling and whipping them in violent flapping of colors and fabrics as the winds raced along. Atop the ramparts guards did all they could to protect their skin from the icy and bitting onslaught as they made their rounds and grateful for when they could return to shelter safe from the cruel winds to warm their tortured flesh. Below the walls on the grounds below three lines of Iron's soldiers marched in military precision to the commanding shouts of Sable, the head trainer of the Blackwoods guards. As the line moved forwards the men on the ends smartly turned and secured the ends with their shields and weapons with highly disciplined vigor as the line progressed past a post meant to mark an imaginary obstacle to their flank and fell in behind their line, and returning to their line when the next post marked the end of the imaginary obstruction. So on the lines moved expanding and contracting with imaginary walls marked by posts, practicing for an unknown campaign. Then came Yuri in wolven form running along the front of the lines, in and out of the precise and forceful routines of thrusts of shields and spears which took some time to get down right. She would on occasion tag one of the soldiers who would then, as previously ordered fall down only to have their body and position covered and protected by a furious routine of strikes and a solder to seal the hole with their shield. Each solder who was thus tagged was then dragged out to where they could then have their imaginary wounds attended to. As one of these soldiers fell, a soldier of the second rank failed to assault imaginary enemies trying to enter the opening in the line. He was soon tackled by Sebastian knocking him far from his original position and Sebastian shouted at him madly "You just cost your comrades their lives soldier! Do you think this to be a holiday parade? Or maybe you want to kill off a few of us and think failing at your cover will allow the enemy to accomplish your ends for you?" The soldier, human, was accustomed to both non human commanders and military discipline, but the level of precision and timing Sable was requiring was something one only saw in only the most elite of troops. And Sebastian, Sebastian! He saw every flaw, every misstep even by an inch without fail and was severe and immediate in his reprimands. Being a soldier, he understood the importance however, and knew all to well such things really were a matter of life and death on a battlefield and could only respond with a disciplined response of promising to never miss again. Atop the wall above, Daya Autum watched them closely as they drilled, undeterred in the bitter and relentless winds. Her cape flew behind her like an ominous black flag from her black onyx armor. Her long black hair likewise flew from her necrotic white face under her silvery crown. Sable had told her, despite her strictness and seemingly unimpressed demands for better from the soldiers that she was well pleased with them and was confident that the operation would be carried out with the utmost skill, strength and determination. They moved like a monstrous machine of death that left no weaknesses exposed nor chance of escape. It was in fact, a most impressive, and terrifying, sight. The few minor flaws, were now being corrected to ensure the perfection of this deadly marching machine. As of yet they had not broken them into two formations of the breadth needed to march into the two entrances of the cave the cultists were to gather in. Sebastian and Daya both agreed that only after Iron castle could be secured from the cultists infiltration and it be certain no spies were among them would the breadth of the formations be made to fit the breadth of the caves to deny the cult this vital clue as to their actual plans. To rid Iron castle of cultist spies and operatives was Daya's task now, and she had her plans perfectly laid out and the time had now come. Turning sharply Daya marched along the walls passing the Iron Castles sentinels like a black specter with her billowing cape and hair from her armor and face of dead flesh and entered into the castle making her way to the hall where the traitor was kept. The same traitor that had let the assignation party into the castle to kill herself, the lycans, and Anaya. Nothing had been told to him, he was merely chained and fettered to the floor, given clean sheets and blankets, and food from the kitchen. Apart from being chained and locked in the hall, he lived and ate in better conditions than the guards who were free. Vester was on guard now, he looked up from his chair and nodded asking if it was time to finally interrogate the traitor. "Whelp, has the time come yet?" His accent was thick and similar to a Scot on Earth. Daya grinned stretching her black and blue lips into a twisted smile and nodded once. Standing up and dusting himself off Vester took a key and unlocked the door for Daya and she strode into the hall and stood in it's center and folded her arms. Her armor was eerily silent and she simply gazed upon the former guard for a moment. Vester followed in locking the door behind him and leaned against the wall beside it watching them both with a displeased look upon his face. He was short, dwarven almost but his frame was stout and very sturdy. His hair and beard was a brilliant red and face seemed well weathered and rough.

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The traitor just sat on his stool, he was eating a plate of wild poultry with a fork and had a juicy piece of meat almost at his mouth and froze as Daya and Sebastian came in. -Are you eating well? - Daya asked him. It was obvious from both hers and Vesters stance and expressions she was not concerned with his well being but was mocking him. -You know when we first came to Iron it seemed almost impossible that we would have much success in our mission. But, we have been, most fortunate. The cult and those that lead it made far too many critical errors, mainly thinking us to be fools to just, let ourselves be killed in our beds. - She unfolded her arms and strode to the table the former guard was seated at. An obnoxious fly buzzed about, attracted to the food. -Before, our chances were, slim at best. But now…- Daya, being a vampire of Noapte's raising was quick, agile, and precise. Especially fast, faster than a human might even conceive possible. Without looking she reached out with such speed and accuracy and pinched the fly between her forefinger and thumb, not crushing it. Trapped between the ends of her fingers in her black onyx gauntlets the fly buzzed helplessly. -… I like our chances very much now. Do you know why? -Before the former guard turned cultist agent could say anything Daya continued raising her hand not trapping the hapless fly between her fingers pointing her index finger up and leaning towards him she set her pale eyes that gleamed from within by reflecting light from where the gelatin within separated from the back of her eyes to a most erie and unearthly effect upon his eyes. He lowered his own, he was false within siding with those he knew were evil. Not that he held Anaya to be a saint, but at least she didn't allow dark evil creatures to destroy the world. Daya continued on.- They hold their order together and rule it by fear. And fear, is such a fickle, and weak thing. The slightest turn, and the fear that binds and controls, runs amok. The slightest turn, and the house built on fear collapses to into utter chaos and devours itself. I shall make such a turn and and- She gazes to the fly she had captured, still struggling to free itself from between her fingers of strange metal. The former guard, feeling her gaze leave him and turn intently elsewhere looked to where she did to her slowly crush the fly with a popping sound. Daya again set her eerie eyes upon his, and he turn looked away, saying nothing. He was of course at her mercy after all, a prisoner in the castle that once was his home and she the huntress of the very group he had aligned himself with. -I shall crush them. You didn't think they would hide forever did you? They are corrupted, with no inner strength. No none at all, only weakness and fear. In there weakness they will turn upon one another, the next one they turn on shall be you. You who sit in a nice hall, eating nice food as they wait wondering, wondering when they shall be discovered. How likely do you think it is that they shall allow you to live knowing that you have knowledge of whom else within this castle is among them? You didn't think I had you brought here because I convinced Anaya to spare you did I? No, it is because now, just at the right moment I shall leave you unguarded so they might take you and both silence you, and make an example of you to insure those among them stay silent. - Daya leans back and brushes the dead fly from her fingertips - As might be obvious, I am not telling you this for naught. It is because your best chance of escaping those you fear most lies in eliminating them, and I, am your only hope of doing that. Should you fail in helping me capture and destroy them, well, I suppose when they get to you we shall have our lead to identify those you neglected to tell us about.- With that, Daya simply turned and nodded to Vester, who had been standing most still. Vester in turn nodded and stuck the key in the door to unlock it when the former guard stood knocking his roasted foul upon the floor with the fork, spoke. "Please, they have my sister. They, they made her read this, tablet. Anyone who reads it gets turned into one of, them. The cultists. It does something to them and makes them crazy. Once they read that tablet they become mindless followers like the other guy you have, he read that tablet too! Thats why I did it, I just wanted them to give her to me and I could get paid enough to leave with her far away from this damned cult and there summonings and magic! That was the deal I made. There are only three others I am sure. I''ll tell you who they are, and anything else truthfully. I'll tell just, please anything you can do to get my sister out, please!

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-The former guards words stopped Daya and Vester in their tracks. They looked to one another sadly and Vester sighed. They had dealt with these cultist types before. When they needed to remain hidden, they oft killed those who they dealt with once their usefulness expired. They each thought the same thing, his sister was to be the assassin that killed him in order to cover their tracks. Whether she was to then commit suicide or return to the cult after she killed her brother who risked everything to save her, there was no way of knowing. Without turning to the prisoner, Daya spoke to him a bit more softly. Her voice was always menacing as it had a serpentine quality to it and was perfectly pronounced. When she spoke more softly, it lost none of it's menacing effect. Only those who knew her well really understood her inflections and what they meant at times. - They were playing you for a fool. Doubtless planning on using your sister to insure your permanent silence once you left and then recover what gold they could that they had given you. -Daya turned again to the prisoner and Vester removed the key from the hole. He did not scowl at him however. It was difficult to hate a man who was trying to save his family, even it was with such treachery. Daya's next words however almost shattered the prisoners already dim hopes. - Your sister, is lost forever. We have dealt with such things before, we have witnessed many go to their doom trying to salvage loved ones. The best hope she has, which is next to none at all, is for the cult to fall as soon as it can be destroyed. If by some miracle she survives, then without the cult she will have no one to beguile her or lead her down that path and she can be taken, in chains perhaps, but an answer to her darkness can then be sought. In exchange for your information, Should you somehow manage to be pardoned from death or imprisonment never to see the light of day, and should your sister survive, I shall do what I can to have her turned over to you if she can be found. I can make no promises beyond that. Know also that this is not my land, I am Queen elsewhere only here to end what could be a danger to both my lands and here as well. I can only ask she who is Queen in this land. -The prisoner sits down again, not caring for his dinner which was strewn upon the floor and sets his head in his shaking hands and says with a weak shaking voice - The tablet I spoke of was supposedly written by Nerull himself long ago. I don't know how they got it only what they say about it. I heard them read it and it's complete gibberish, but it's a slab of smooth grey granite and supposedly the words magically appear in the native language of the reader. They trick and manipulate people into reading it. You are right about controlling people through fear, just, it's also that tablet too. As for the three here in the castle, they are Tanuar Levant, Nathan Visknar, and Tobias Nering. They are sentinels all on different shifts patrolling the walls. They have at least two different contacts in town, one of them they refer to as worm, the other I have heard of they call bird dung." Daya stepped closer to him slowly, her pale reflective eyes watching him - You have had contact with this cult then and seen this tablet? When did you make this deal with them and learn of this tablet? - The former guard lifted his head from his hands, his face wet with tears. He looked at her now, and with a sobbing voice answered her "Yes, I met them. It was on my night off just two weeks before those things came to the castle and I.. let them in. I had a night off so I went as usual to Pointless Bells Pub for a drink and waited for Nathan to arrive also. Thats when she came in. A woman wearing a cloak, her face was hidden sort of but you could see it was dirty with a high bridged nose, curly brown hair coming out the sides. All I can remember about her. Anyway she dropped my sister's comb on my table saying my sister needed to see me right away and walked out the back. I followed her, anyone would right? My sister is the only family I have left in the world and was acting strange of late. She went down an ally, I followed and got hit in the head. Next thing I know I was in a cave of some sort. The wind blew through it so it must have had at least two entrances. My sister was there, reading from that tablet really frantic like. It was just gibberish and made no sense at all to me! And others were there too talking about how I was going to help them kill Anaya. Anyway my sister took the tablet and gave it to some guy who seemed more, in charge of the place and he told me about it and told me the stone was written by Nerull himself. All the while my sister placed a noose around her neck and stood on a rock saying she would jump if I wouldn't help. There were others there too, lots of them and too many for me to try and do anything. Well, thats when we made the deal. I would be paid, and I could take my sister with me far away never to see them, or Iron Castle or any part of this land again. Thats when Nathan came in, one of the the sentinels and the guy I thought was a friend and the one I was supposed to meet at the Pub. It was all a set up! He just puts a bag over my head and tells me not to worry, if I did as I had promised all would be well and I could start a new life. He took me walking, I couldn't tell you how far or which way. He took the bag off just outside the city walls and we went to the Pub where he introduced me to the other two, Tobias and Tanuar. For the next two weeks those three were always at my heals watching me and reminding me of what I had to do. Then you came, and they wanted you gone also. Something about some guy from far away who informed the cult about you. Well, soon they told me that I had to let this motley group in to do the dirty work and after it was all done I could take my sister and go. That's everything Daya." -His story rang very true to Daya and Vester. The cave, the man who warned the cult about Daya was obviously the same Zealot they followed to Iron in the first place. Everything about his story made sense. Daya nodded to the prisoner and walked to the door as Vester unlocked it with his key. When they had left and Vester had locked the door again he gazed up at Daya with a somber and frustrated look speaking with his thick accent. "Well, thats another fine thing to make sure we put an end to, we have to make dead certain we get this tablet and get it destroyed. Gonna be a real trick getting ahold of that. So how do round up these three? I say we get 'em ourselves and not go through the Iron guards to find 'em. But then again, we find one you can bet your crown the other two will hear and make a run for it. So maybe we get Anaya to round all of them up and call them out instead?" -Daya shakes her head -No Vester, we spread word that we are interviewing sentinels for a special task along the wall and ask for them to come to us. They are spies and operatives who will jump at the chance to get inside information about what we are doing after all and will come. The tablet however, I am unsure of. But whether a single tablet written by this, godling, or one of many either copied from copied from such a stone or just written by his lackeys, I feel you and the traitor are correct about it's danger.

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Rose Has Thorns Part 2, Winter Has Come - Page 5 Cardinal-in-end-of-winter-rain-james-oppenheim
We live between the act of awakening and the act of surrender. Each morning, we awaken to the light and the invitation to a new day in the world of time; each night, we surrender to the dark to be taken to play in the world of dreams where time is no more.

5 hours later

Anaya: Windows fixed, shattered glass picked up, blood on the floor mopped and cleaned, smell was almost gone, she let out a sigh as she had done much of it herself and drained a nice chunk of energy from fixing it all, and with the morning sun still not at where she wanted it to be the sunroof was not shining down anymore, it had now it had gone. It was almost evening a whole day wasted due to someone breaking and smashing windows and breaking the front step. And that step had yet to be fixed but they would work on it over the night for sure. She walked over to her throne tossing herself down on it and leaned ageist the back cleaning the white hair from her face. It had been a long day already, she could hear the children banging things in the dining hall and being the hellions they were, they had just eaten and she was sure now they were trying to kill a maid or a cook. She leaned there on the throne and relaxed looking up at the skylight window and wondering what Samuel was up to.

KenpachiDestati: (Dream) The winter breeze that began to seep upwards on the hilltop sent cold chills down Iris’ spine, whether it was because he realized that this was finally a way to break free of his so-called Brother’s Grasp, alongside a lover that was now at his side, or something else entirely, he did not know. He had only come into his brother’s life three years ago, with nothing more than his greatsword and armour, but now left with much more than what he came in with, now what he left with was the essentials of living such as a bedroll, food, water, and a torch or two, and the person he wanted to be with. It was just them two heading up a hill as they were given permission by his brother to finally leave, this was not how he wanted to leave Briscus’ lands but he accepted it nonetheless, this was just something he had to accept. Iris looked at the young woman with pale skin at his side, beautiful black hair that began to have teal the closer to the edges it got, her beautiful eyes were like the stars of a lit up sky with nothing but stars lighting up the night, but he never did know how long they’d be together, but hopefully he’d be able to let his body rest for once. Iris stared at her as they walked forward, it was cause for her, he was able to have the free will that he did, she was his reason to fight, finally after twenty years of fighting just because it was what he was designed to do, Iris was able to sit back for once and understand that he had something not only to fight for but to live for. That thing he lived for then looked up to him, her corner of her lips curved upwards, before they parted and from her mouth a beautiful voice spoke, a voice beautiful enough to send chills down his spine, but sadly it made him realize that he wasn’t back at that time, he was not back on the hilltop, but rather it was just another painful reminder of what had happened. What she said was, “Through the good, the bad, and the ugly we promised that we were gonna be together, forever and always, that we’d still always love each other. Even if we were rich or poor, but why aren’t you here..?” (Awake)

Iris’ sky blue eyes flashed open as he looked at the fading sun, the sunset looking the same as the sunrise on the hilltop, even the way the sky was clear as a day, and the way the light snow fell upon his now blackened figure, Iris knew he was a sleepwalker but this was an hour or so of rest he was willing to miss. Though it made him remember why he was still walking today, it made him remember why he was still breathing, and why he was forging his own road to where he was going, and that was all he needed. Just to make sure he was awake, though, not still being in some twisted dream of him supposedly being alive, he moved his hand to his chest, waiting for a beat, a second passed, no beat, another second passed, no beat. This was how he knew that he was awake, by the way, the beating in his chest not being existent, this was the price he paid thirteen years ago to prove something, but it was a price worth paying. As his hand moved from his chest, it went upwards toward the black and white metallic mask that laid upon his face, it heavily resembled that of a skull, he was unable to actually feel the metal on his face due to the way the full black leather gloves stopped his skin from touching, but regardless he remembered making it with his own two hands. Besides the very skull like design it held, the mask had four amazingly thick black lines that formed tribal-like markings that went vertically down, each spaced apart perfectly. It had a lipless mouth which with his own personal craftsmanship, was given teeth by multiple scratches, regardless of how roughed up it made the mask look. The only thing anyone was going to see from Iris’ face though was a pair of sky blue eyes, in fact, this was the only organic they saw from him because he wanted to hide every single inch of his body, which he has done so successfully. The six foot eight masked figure, was dressed completely in black, seen as the main things he usually wore were black robes that had a white interior, that even then consisted itself with a white undershirt, and a black hood connected to the robes itself. The torso region displayed a tightly closed collar, nearing the waist it was seen that there was a black, yet wide sash that was fasted with a black belt which held a sword clip on his left side, but strangely there was no sword, rather just an empty clip, while on the opposite side was three pouches that were filled and tightened with chains. Besides this there was just a typical pure black leather duster which had one full coattail, and on its back had a skull like symbol which highly resembled the mask he wore on his face, only this was painted with white, but also showed that it was supposed to show blood like trails falling down toward the coattail.

KenpachiDestati: Currently the leather boots that he wore were moving through the snow, it seemed that over the night the snow just continued striking the ground, so that explained why it was so high. Yet in the distance it felt like he was not going to have to worry about finding anything, because in the distance he noticed that there was a castle, while under it was a town, it also had walls which made people feel much much safer, this was known due to the way many people thought, he admitted to this, due to him being able to remember himself run to the shack that he lived in with his father when he was at the young age of four and five. A small chuckle escaped the mask shortly before he began to sing to help pass the time while doing this his eyes began narrowing in on the walled town as his hands went straight for the pockets in his jacket.

Anaya: Sitting there her thoughts were allowed to wonder for a moment before people busted in the doors or a maid needed something, papers to do, day to go along and other things to happen. She hummed to herself as she tapped her foot on the ground and a bard over at the side of the room started to sing along and she smiled as she picked up her record book from its normal spot and flipped the pages looking at the absent-minded doodles some of the guards had put in. she let out a laugh as she flipped another page to see a doodle of herself in big dragon form and rawring, it looked like a five-year-old child had drawn it but she find it cute and not hurtful as she chuckled more and ran her finger along the page her clear claw running along the paper. With a breath she looked over to the bard “thank you for the song, please keep going” the bard gave a smile and did just that knowing music was a key figure in one's happiness and if Anaya could she would have the human girl sing in here all day long, such a beautiful voice and so strong. A crash came out of the dining hall and there was Noki and Ryu Ryu attacked to his sisters tail as Noki ran over to her mother screeching. Anaya could not help but laugh “Ryu let go of your sister's tail, it is not food, be nice to your sibling” Ryu gave a grumble bit down harder then let go, causing his sister to screech a bit more and growl at him. “you both are getting so large already, I can not wait till you learn your humanistic forms, it will be so nice to see what you can change into” her fingers ran along Nokis crown of horns as she purred softly to her mother's touch. “I hope this don't fade, ever, after all, ” Anaya said softly as she ran her cheek against her daughter's golden scales, so warm and so soft on her skin as she gave a smile. She was so sleepy but could not sleep, she needed to be vigilant always but with the lack of energy at the moment and the cold not helping her regain it she felt so limp and dried out. She moved taking Nokis dog sized head and having it placed on her lap, god her children were growing fast they had grown yet a couple more feet in height and length and it had only been a couple days, but dragons were not known for beings, after all, they did grow up fast and be a year she was sure here children would be almost at their father's height, but then slow down in growth from there. But for now, she was going to enjoy their innocence and small size. Ryu moved to Anaya's other side and lay down on the ground started to push at his mother's foot with his nose.

KenpachiDestati: Empaths beware was a sign he wishes he was able to put up above his head or on his chest or back, just somewhere visible as he got close enough to the town to see its entrance, and surprisingly he did not see any guards, which usually when you get anywhere near a castle that is what you see. Though that was the usual, as Iris thought back to his own “Kingdom” or whatever it could be seen as he does understand that guard can be annoying, and even then he actually had an army inside his own castle, one that he forged alone, and he was going to admit it did kind of mentally affect him like it mentally affected others in his army. Though that was just what had to happen to get things done, but regardless of what came to his mind, Iris had to wipe his thought, if he didn’t then he knew that he was going to be “borrowed”. Yet the only mind he allowed to pass through was the curious thought of why there were footprints in the snow, yet no guards stood at the door, this was entirely strange, but if that wasn’t strange enough, massive cave trolls seemed to roam around. Maybe it was gonna be harder to do what he was wanting to do, but as that thought came to his mind, Iris grinned, he loved a challenge, a challenge worth him. Pulling a hand from his pocket, he lifted his arm up toward his head, and tapped the side of his mask, in doing so a slight change in his eyes began to happen to where they looked as if he was wearing glasses. With this he was able to get a good look at the world in front of him, to really zoom in on everything and it seemed that everyone was asleep. With this he just simply sighed, and moved forward, hoping no one was going to notice him as he walked in, but sadly if a person was a constantly active Empath, they’d immediately feel him entering the town, it was going to be as if a cold shiver went down their backs, yet they more than likely were sweating, and if any of them closed their eyes they were going to most likely see a fire, a burning temple of all the gods that were possibly worshiped, and from that fire and temple walked down a shadowy figure. There were no noticeable features on the figure but once it was seen, the hatred that emitted off of him was strong and somewhat unholy. Thankfully Iris had learned how to make this last for around ten seconds until his natural wall was able to knock down into a much much more smaller radius. Magic, even though he has studied it for a few years was strong within’ him, to a point that he had to learn how to actually stop himself from using too much at one time, and with this, he had to learn how to hold back his aura.

Anaya: The large hammer of Gruel slammed into the ground as he snarled at a guard that was trying to push his fat ass out of the stable, he was resting, lazy thing he was as the cave troll gave a kick and then lombered out of the stable grunting and dragging his hammer on the ground, walking into the woods and smashing trees in frustration of having to not be lazy and do their job, survey the ground and kill anything they did not like, and the amount of wild game they dragged back to the castle was very helpful and keeping the meat stocks fill and fresh. The guard gave a laugh as he had just avoided yet another time of being kicked at if it was not the trolls it was the wolves, or horses, or anything else that was over here, and it was good in winter the death worms were sleeping underground and not active but spring was going to be here soon and everything would get wet and the ground turned to mud, and the death worms from sleeping to active, which would be a pain in the backside for every guard on the castle grounds. He gave a laugh as he looked over to Alpha the rose wolf sitting behind him and looking at him with that smug eye flicker he had “what Alpha I handled it alright didn't I?” Alpha gave a growl at the guard and a humph as he got up leaned his paws forward and his back cracked and stretched his body a little before shaking his brown and gray fur and walking beside the guard as if telling him to do their rounds. “alright, alright i could have done it better, I know but at least the fat thing got out of the barn, more space now, where is Candace and Nova?” Alpha shook his head side to side, he did not know was his pack brothers were more than likely they were out eating things or breeding the females over in MillMire when the puppies were born.  All he knew is right now they had to go do their rounds. Alpha walked past the guard as he shoved him with his side the guard only coming up to the horse sized wolfs back “fine I am coming, but we do the east side first this time, the west side of the castle is a mess with that broken tower” the wolf gave a shrug of his shoulders as he moved and started walking pest looking back and barking at the guard “you fucker wolf you, that is west and you know it, fine, lead the way Alpha”  Noki inside the castle was picking her brother with her face as she snarled and grumbled as anaya enjoyed her book and with a claw in an ink dish that was brought over by a maid as well as a new glass of wine she was paying more attention to her book and jotting things down then she was to her younglings. Noki looked to her mother and then with her nose inches over to Ryu and poked him in the nose with her face yet again. Ryu sick of it took a snap at her as she recoiled and jumped back with a yip in play and then ran off to the center of the room her tail up and thrashing back and forth playfully. Ryu would have none of it and laid down grumbling wanting to play badly, his sister gave a chip and jumped like a frog left and right kicking her feet as if she was larger then him and putting her tail in the air and high step prancing around him like a royal little shit trying to get his attention. Ryu grumbled louder and snapped out at her as she gave a snarl back and kept doing it.

Guest_ThistleThorneGuest_ThistleThorne Whisper: The slender elf rubbed her hands together vigorously, before tucking them back into the folds of her garments. Snowflakes settled themselves in her eyelashes and hair as she wandered around the strange new town she had happened across. It was incredibly large, and after an hour, she still hadn't reached its end, though, if she were, to be honest, her progress had been hindered by her curiosity of the little shops and merchants that littered the area. Lowering her chin, she slipped her nose deeper into her scarf and sniffled. It had been quite some time since she last had an indoor place of rest and she was looking forward to sleeping out of the elements. She had been camping outside the city walls for a while now, sleeping in trees and watching the comings and goings of the town. It seemed safe enough -no one she had recognized had appeared in the time spent observing. Her feet found her wandering up a large stone walk, encompassing a castle. Normally, her kind never did well within stone walls. Still, her sense of curiosity urged her to continue on. Towering doors marked the entrance, as well as two very large, very sturdy men that had seemed to just move over to their spots. Guards, she deduced silently. Making fists with her hands, she slipped them so they were visible, silently willing them to not find her as a threat. She had hopes of passing through without trouble. Those hopes were dashed as both guards simultaneously pushed their hands out against her chest, pushing her backward. Though it gave her a start, she hadn't lost her footing, thank Goddess. With a huff, she mumbled from behind her scarf and arched her arm in a dramatic flourish. 'C'mon guys! I'm like, half your size and obviously unarmed, what's the issue here?' The guards, their faces unchanging, seemed unimpressed and refused to back down. Exasperated, the small elven lass placed her hands on her hips and tipped her head, looking between the two with silver-hued eyes. 'Now, who has to die to let me go inside. It's freezing out.' With her words, the guards placed their hands on the hilts of their swords and slowly started to approach. 'Woah there boys, easy goes it....'

KenpachiDestati: Iris, as he continued to observe, had finally entered the town, and after seeing one of the guards finally, seeming to move out of the stable, looking a bit overweight, he immediately used the way the streets were designed to move behind a wall quickly, and in the meantime he used the lower part of his leather duster to drag the snow on the ground to fill up his footprints, and he noticed that the guard simply moved passed him. “There we go..” iris said as he spoke outwards, he had a quote unquote “fear” of guards, but really he just wasn’t entirely sure what they’d say if they saw a man such as he going towards the castle, and with that in mind, Iris looked between the wall of a building, then to the walls themselves that surrounded the town. Iris let out a breath of fresh air as he placed his hand on the walls of the town, and looked behind him, it had been awhile since he had done anything spectacular, with that in mind he placed on foot on the wall and closed his eyes, hopping on the other foot a few times before he jumped upwards once again. As he did he was able to feel himself move one foot in front of the other, as if he was on all fours on the ground, and his other hand had a touch on the wall, then immediately he moved his right foot on the wall flat as possible and acted as if he was jumping upwards almost, as he did jump he twisted his body mid-air and felt his left foot come into contact, being on his toes he then pushed himself upwards again and did that pattern until he was finally on top of the roof of the building. The roof itself seemed to be slanted, but that actually helped him out somewhat, because that meant if a building that was flat was above another building that was flat, it was almost impossible to get up on top, but with the slant, they were much more forgiving. It was then that he turned around and for a second he had to allow himself to breathe, was the sickness getting this bad or was he just out of shape? No, it didn’t matter. Iris didn’t have time to stop and catch himself quickly, and the moment he did he began running some more, from rooftop to rooftop he forced his own body to climb and fall to the tops of the buildings, not stopping for a second until he got to the wall once again, looking at it now it was just guarding the castle and if there were any guards here as well, they were not going to see him, cause regardless of him being tall and dressed in pure black, he knew how to hide. Iris pushed his body forward once again and he felt himself fly from the top of the roof, forward, it was then he felt his fingers almost break as they hit the solid rock, and barely gripped onto a gap in the stone that was caused by the previous destruction it seemed, right then Iris bit his lip under the mask but he couldn’t stop then, and he was able to make his way to the top of the wall, no matter how bad his fingers now hurt. He’d make his way up then even more, and more until he was at the base of the castle itself and was practically able to touch it, it was from there he was going to climb the castle until he found a window that led to what was going to be the obvious throne room, and it was then he carefully used his previous knowledge of making windows to remove the panes without actually breaking them, and he done so silently, until he was able to make a room big enough for him to fit through. If there was a drop, Iris was going to just hurl himself forward and spread out his Duster, and if someone watched it’d look like a grim reaper of sorts jumped from the sky itself considering he was able to do things without being seen, alongside being heard, and the pure black figure was going to simply land in front of the throne, silently landing and seemed to be in a kneeling position with his back turned. “When god is gone and the devil takes hold. Who will have mercy on your soul..” as he spoke, his voice was obviously had a metallic echo due to the mask, and even then it was still deep, gravely, and had a thunderous boom to it, “Oh.. death..” the way he even spoke those words, they were dark, twisted, morbid almost, but it still was in the way of a song almost, but regardless of the outcome that was going to happen after he spoke the last two words, he let out a chuckle, a bone-chilling chuckle.

Anaya: The guards at the door grumbled as the one turned to the other one taking his hand and opening the door “let the girl in, who cares who she may be a lot the she-elf be let inside she gots nothing on her Ulrick” Ulrick looked to his friend and then back to the girl “”fine lass, get inside, don't make a mess just cleaned the place.” he barked and scolded as he stood there with the door open the long hallway leading over to the throne room.  As Anaya sat looking up from her book hearing a thump on the floor and a random man basically fall in her lap saying stupid things about gods and death and souls. She looked up from her book and simply closed it sharply Ryu and Nokie taking off to the kitchen to go hide as well as play and be dragons. But Ryu looked back to see the man and let out a trying to be savage hiss but only falling short as largely cute and protective. But for an animal the size of a plow horse and growing every day most of the time he got his point across. But with little waiting, he trotted after his dork of a sister that seemed to want him to follow her today to go get some more food and beg the maids to feed them. Anaya shaking her head watched them go on there way as she turned her stabbing red eyes back to the man who just seemed dumb, so many people had come in here saying how strong they were and how death was their allies but in the end they all ended up the same, finding death themselves or walking out the same door they came in, or in this case going out the same door they should have come in. “it is rude coming from a window on the upper level and dropping down here. You talk about death as if you are it. Funny you don't look like him” she gave a chuckle as she leaned forward her red eyes being framed by snow white hair let to fall loosely around her shoulders, collar bone and chest “so have you come here to kill me or just drop in to say you are death then leave later. I have had a long day so if we can just get on with what you want to do will you? And I have guests to tend to. If you want to try to kill me after taking a chair and wait your turn”

Guest_ThistleThorne: The elf looked between the two guards as they spoke amongst themselves and squeezed through them as they moved aside to let her past before she gave them time to change their mind. Normally, the lass was stealthy and light-footed, but in her distraction, her footfalls made sharp tapping sounds on the polished floors. Her eyes roamed over the richly woven tapestries, her fingers reaching out to stroke the fine threads. Though she was a fully formed young woman, she had an innocent, childlike way about her. A cool stream of air slipped from between her lips and blew a strand of platinum hair from her eyes. A low whistle escaped her lips and echoed around the halls. "Quite the shack here, I see..." She folded her hands behind her back and looked around, wide-eyed, before coming to a large gathering room. She gave pause as her eyes spied a male, darkly cloaked. He seemed....strange...if she were to put it kindly. She squinted and cocked her head, before moving her gaze to the woman, holding a book in her grasp. No nonsense, that one, she noted.

KenpachiDestati: Iris let out a sigh as he began to stand up slowly, then looked around the room, noticing that he was not facing the throne at all, and it wasn’t until he turned around he heard the young woman or who appeared to be a young woman speak. She also spoke about how rude he acted by coming in on the window of the upper level, dropping down, and how he didn’t look like death, and he looked at her red eyes which were oddly visible due to her snow white hair that fell around her shoulders, attractive somewhat. He listened to her continue talking, and he simply let out a chuckle as he listened to her talk, “Aww.. what’s wrong? Didn’t like my song..? Goddamn it I thought I did pretty good jumping’ down from above.. Doin’ a little tune. Coming in wonderfully. Oh, that was fuckin’ beautiful but apparently, I don’t get any fuckin’ credit. Goddamn it.” Iris let out a chuckle as he looked around the room, the throne room itself being very interesting, “Wo-o-oh damn! Look at all this shit!” After he just finished doing the little joke he looked at her once again, and shook his head, “Nah. I didn’t come to kill ya…trust me if I did I’d make sure I had an arrow or some kind of bullet that levels with your nose, have it all level with your nose. Then..” He moved his hand up toward his face, right where his nose was under the mask and closed it slowly before opening it even slower as he moved it forward, and a ‘boosh’ sound was heard as he spoke, “Make this shit look like a goddamn mess, turn about as red as your eyes, and honestly I might as well be honest I’d be disappointed in killing you because you’re decently attractive. Though regardless of whatever I motherfuckin’ say I must comment right now that I can’t be the only one to notice that you got a fat ass in charge over near the stables. Right? Cause, in that case, I can tell your rations in this city must be fuckin’ amazing and I can tell that if someone was wanting to kill you it would be to proportion your rations better for your people so you don’t have fat ass guards all over the damn place. Though I’m glad you’re having him go to fuckin’ grunt work at the stables, god knows he needed the exercise when I looked at his fatass”. Iris at this point was probably being very rude, but it was obvious as he walked left and right in front of her, that he was different than most people, very different from others he comes into her castle more than likely. “Though even if I was here to kill you? Do I bash some guards dome in? Do I break your fuckin’ window as I jump down here in an attempt to assassinate you if I was planning to do that? No, I fuckin’ move the glass out of the way so that way your kids if you have any don’t have to fuckin’ pay a goddamn penny on anything else but your motherfuckin’ funeral.” It was then he moved his right hand outward, and his left arm outward, before curving them both around his body, the left forearm resting against the lower back of his body, and his right hand where his heart would be. “No excuse the fuck out of my goddamn french but. That’s some service! And I don’t even get a goddamn thank you for not breaking the window in either way!” After he shouted that last bit, he chuckled before pushing his hand into his duster pockets, and shrugged, “Though nice to meet you. I suppose we can say that we got off to an interesting start. But how are you to day… also, what is your name?”

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet was just emerging out of the kitchen area of the castle after having to drink a bowl of herb soup as a request by one of the older maids, She grumbled to herself when the maid took the bowl away, "I was only sick for two days." Scarlet said, but the maid would have none of it and waved her finger while talking in a foreign-English language to Scarlet, She was not going to be taking care of a sick royal when she was already dealing with preparing the food for them, the maid gave Scarlet a sweet fruit before sending her on her way to go join back with the royals, She threw what was left of her candy fruit into the air and it possibly hit a guard on the head in the process, She heard him swear as she entered the throne room and at the people around her, "I missed something again..."

Anaya: Anaya did not move, she did not flinch or look interested in his words but at the same time she was not bored by this one. He had spunk and spirit for sure and that mouth on him would only get him in trouble but he did not seem to care about it. He had a cocky way about him be it to hide a softer inside or just try to make himself better than most others, if not all others, but then again most males were like that and it was one of the rare quality she enjoyed having in Samuel, her mate, a male that knew what they wanted yet understood order. She wondered if this one understood order and rank or if he was just some scum the rats dragged up in here to drop on her lap. “you hold arrogance within you, that voice is going to end up having your tongue cut off. I am Anaya, Empress of all of Piros, the Dragon of the north, now who may you be? And why have you fallen into my lap today” she said in that strong assertive voice she always held. She looked him, his lips that did not seem to stop, fat guards he talked on, and how it was not good for the guards to be fat, it was true she fed everyone very well and they all had more than enough but the amount of work they all did make them in shape. “fat and muscle are not the same, what the human guards can't take care of myself or others can. You should not be rude in another s home, it shows little of you or your skill in anything” But at the same time she sounded tired, and drowsy and even in that shimmer of her eyes one could see she had had a longer day than she wanted. She noticed when he asked for her name he must have been from beyond her land not knowing anything about her or who she was, her name was all over the place here, being the only known golden dragon to wonder this world it was almost like the red eyed white haired witch was a superstar. Even if in some parts it was stardom for the wrong reasons.  She let out a sigh and looked past him noticing another guest, she did like elves and female elves were very cute, this one looked young but then again with elves looks could be a lie with how there kind aged. “welcome come forth and take a chair, and yes it is a nice castle” she said softly as she put that book she had to her side wedging it between the throne armrest and the pillow like she always did. Turning she looked over seeing her sister come into the room “have not seen you for a couple days, go out on some hunting trip again little sister?”

KenpachiDestatiKenpachiDestati WhisperAdd Friend: Iris looked Anaya straight in the eyes as she spoke, he held his back straight with his head somewhat high, he even actually began to walk closer with a step equaling a word she spoke, almost getting right up to the throne, and after she was done he looked around. Yet it seemed to continue on almost as soon as he turned his head, and he kept on listening to her speaking about fat and muscles, which was interesting because right after she spoke of how it showed very little of his skill, she allowed herself to show the bit of weakness that she was tired, which Iris didn’t really find all that interesting cause people got tired regardless of what species they were. As Iris showed respect when she spoke, he then noticed that she was speaking to someone behind him, and he turned his head but as quick as he was following her head, he noticed that she was also speaking to her sister, which he turned toward as well. It seemed for a second that he was shut silent but after she was done speaking he clapped his leather gloved hands together loudly and let out a chuckle. “Well hot diggity dog! That is one hell of a title. Empress of Piros.. And Dragon of the north. That’s the kind of shit that just tickles my balls. People shouting their high and might motherfuckin’ titles as they believe they’re one helluva badass standing alone, but I will not be rude cause I understand we’re just having a conversation here. Though I must say right now I like how feisty you can get with your little, ‘That voice of yours is gonna end up having’ your tongue cut off’, I must admit it just made me around five percent more into you. Though where are my manners? Anaya.. Empress of… Precious? Denous… uh.. Piros! And.. what was it? Dragon of the north? Yeah, I must say it is.. Er.. what do those knights in shining armor call it. Uh.. it is an honor to meet you! I myself.. Let’s see what I’ve been called… I mainly go by Iris… Cal’dur’s lord. King Under the Mountain. King of Quhnnary… Dome Breaker. Conqueror.. And mainly. Heartless. I mean I can understand using a mace to bash in someone’s head in front of their friends n family can be a bit cruel but it's necessary. So.. you’re Anaya. I’m Iris. Nice to meet ya. I was just passin’ through on my way to work I suppose and decided to stop by and say hi? Something of the sorts, I think I got it wrote down”. It was then Iris moved his fingers through the pouch in his sash and pulled out a small arrow tip that had a curve to it, and black liquid dripping off of it. “Woops! The wrong one”, it was then he put it back into his pouch and moved to the other one where he pulled out a ring of sorts. “What’re the chances that we can be friends..? I understand we won’t be able to braid each other's hair. Share our deepest darkest secrets. Nor are we gonna have a slumber party but I mean I think it’d be interesting to just have the both of us agree on something.. That its always nice to have friends. I am in a high place and so are you. You've is not heard of my lands and I’ve not heard of yours! So what do ya say..”

ScarletEveDeLaRose: Scarlet rubbed the right side of her head where a small red mark could be seen, "Nope. Just been...sleeping", She yawned thinking the herbs were giving her side effects yet again since she was now barefoot from aching feet, She grumbled as she rubbed one foot with the other and quickly sat on the floor near her sisters seat, She dare not touch the mark that was now covered by most of her hair and she now having some memories of what took her out of commission for a few days, "I think someone broke my window and hit me with something," All she could remember was a harsh pinch on her arm before falling to the ground, she found herself in her bed days later with clean bandages on her arm and a wet cloth on her head, she could tell that whatever smashed her window put a wound on her arm and possibly caused a fever to spread through her, She could tell that she was sleeping the whole time it was going on and she sure as certain will clock out the lights of whoever was dumb enough to cause such a phase-

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Anaya: Anaya moved her fingers over her lap as she leaned on the throne backing, with a breath she let him yabber on as she could not help but smile at the way he talked, it was like having a court jester around the castle, someone to be brighter yet at the same time an asshole. She watched him as he talked and as he pulled out a ring she lifted a brow as she “be your friend? What a human promise ring of sorts?” she could not help but chuckle as the clang of pots and pans clang around in the dining hall as Anaya could not help but smile knowing her little ones were being a pain to the maids and cooks. She smiled as she looked back to the man before her “friends? You want to be friends.... I am no man's friend, I am your ruler and nothing more if you wish to stay and remain here” her smile faded as she looked to her sister “you have been sleeping for the past two days, sister you need to have a job and stop running away from here on hunting trips or staying in the castle rooms all day and not doing anything. Will you always be the small sister that is hardly a royal, you are more a runaway huntress then you are a queen of this castle” Anaya was angry with her little sister but in the end she could not be truly mad at the girl they had shared far too much and dwelt with too much together for her to be mad at her at any point other than just the once and a while scolding the girl seemed to need. Her red eyes looked back to the man as she took her hands and put her hair up in a pony tail out of her face and now her red eyes were that much more apparent a long black slit in a sea of red.

KenpachiDestati: Iris the moment he heard her speak ‘human’ felt a surge of anger rush through his body, turning his head away for a second with his eyes closed, his fist closing tightly and underneath the mask the biting of his own lip caused blood to leave the mask onto the white of his robes. He then just as quickly as he turned his head, faced toward her once again, listening to her speak even more and for her to say that she was his ruler? No that was a different thing entirely, that was something that he found very disrespecting, and he understood every word that was coming out of his own mouth, and when he waited for her to put her hair up into the ponytail, she was going to understand that the tension was now thick in the room, all the playful jokes were now aside and Iris now moved his black gloved hands to his jacket pockets once again, looking Anaya right in the eyes, his own un-natural sky blue eyes which held small black dots in its own sea stared into the red eyes which held the long black silt in the sea of red. “Beyond what you know the world is waiting for you. And what you do now will decide the great chain that you can put into motion. Empress Anaya, this great chain you pull can be the end of the world or pulling it into salvation. I am tired of how far I walked to just come to see this snow filled side of the planet. I came un-armed to show I brought peace, and honestly by the way it seems, regardless of you being a Dragon, you can’t stop what is going to happen to this world, unless you want to work with me. If not the world will be at war, there will be a fire greater than that of a dragon, the skies will be darker than that of the ash that rises, and you won’t be fighting for king or country, rather just fighting for your life as you see monstrosities. Instruments of war that this side of the world has never seen, will rain hellfire, the mass graves that are dug just to be filled to the brim with soldiers will be able to create hills and mountains…Are you willing to put all of your pride aside as this great albino golden dragon. And place your hand into the darkness, and be willing to take a chance at peace? Cause even I can’t stop the coming of the end..”

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -"The only reason I go away is to become stronger than I am now," Scarlet said as she looked at her slightly pale skin, were supposeShe wanted very badly to train herself on that day to make herself stronger for whatever was going to happen, but that didn't come true, She actually remembers those trips giving her strength and power to fight off anything, even a terrible fever like the one she just had and sighed to herself as the memories of her missions come back as well, She wondered where her jewels and gold went when she put them in a safe, She hoped that the workers weren't stealing that on top of stealing her clothes as well, She gets up and yells towards the were supposed to keep the riches safe, "And apparently some people didn't do their job right," One worker looked at her shivering as a loose gem fell out of the pocket, Scarlet gasped and growled as she walked over to the worker and dragged the person to the rest of them, "I'm going to make you regret stealing from me. Those were gifts for the family bank!," She wanted no one to stop her as she took the worker by the hair to another area, The maids watched as the worker was dragged off, one of them shook her head as another bruised maid fearfully walked away, They knew that whatever happened next was not going to be pretty and it was much deserved-

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev slowly awoke from a deep slumber surrounded by books and other odd objects as he looked down at the staff that lay next to him. He would reach out for it and grab its handle grimacing as he felt its attraction to him was completely weakened.- “My my….what an interesting reaction.…the ability to devour magic….could be used for fun at some point…” –he pressed his gauntlet against his stomach causing some stomach acid and the stone to come out his mouth onto his other hand as he examined it quietly.- “Hm…so it is a connected object then, not the store of magic but a punishment…” –he would stroke his chin slightly and nod- “books….I need books and more than are in here….” –he would think silently to himself for a moment- “well than I need to set up that than” –he nodded and began to stand up feeling his legs had atrophied a bit he shook them out and examined his weapons as he pulsated his aura through the staff and shook his head looking annoyed- “Only fifteen percent eh….well thankfully all is not lost, if I were able to get in contact with my old teacher…” –he would shake his head and shiver thinking about what his teacher would do to him is he found out about the stupid mistake he had made.- “No…not thinking about that….I'm pretty sure Sage would strap me to a wall and force me to eat his scales for thirty years before he would even think about forgiving me” –he sighed and walked to the door opening it as he would blink looking at the book around the room as he blinked and looked around noticing a maid and snapped- “Girl” –he said harshly and coldly as if nothing had occurred- “Clean this room put the books in elvish into my bag, and if you hurt them” –he said as his bloodlust from his body seemed to pour out- “I will make sure you never see the light of any person again, nor taste the changing of seasons” –he said bluntly as he began to walk away his staff clacking against the ground. While yes most of his magic had been siphoned, the staff itself was a small boost to his powers but its low connection rate would mean it would be a bad idea to cast spells with it. As well Trev was not a weakling; he was an assassin by nature and practice and as such had many weapons on him that could be used instead of his magic. As well his knowledge was still there, while yes the stone rips out magic and some other powers to cast the spell the formula in his mind was still there but could not be activated due to his lack of magic prowess at the moment. Due to this, his aura would be more bloodlust than magically charged for the time being. He would walk back into the main hall and look around quietly cracking his neck as he said aloud- “Good Day all” –he spoke in a cold tone as if nothing had changed nor anything had occurred as in his free hand he played with the stone as it seemed to have lost its fighting spirit for the time being. Trev thought to himself quietly about if this could be used for torture as it would be quite fun to see those who are of the magic persuasion losing everything. Such delights it would hold to this one’s eyes as he would wish to see the same face of agony on others as was on his own.-

Anaya: “I have yet to see the side of the world you come from, I have yet to see what all falls over there, but I will see myself when spring comes, I shall walk over there and see it with my own eyes, but till then there is no need to worry about things, it is pointless to stress over matters over on the other side of the world when here there are problems already happening” she noticed his change in mood, she must have said something to hit a nerve, she could smell he was of human flesh, of human blood there was no sound of beating in his chest, he was hollow but at the same time she could tell he had to feel within him, could tell there was something there he was trying to hide with the fowl words and the seeming to be ego complex, but there was something more to this one and she was interested in it but right now she just did not want to be. With the lacking of energy and the lack of will to give a shit she would not be arsed to handle this kind of junk right now and she had other things to deal with on this side of the world “what is across the sea will not be gone over now, and if you state I cant stop it why waist the time trying to and not place that time into fixing what is here and not looking at what is going on over there. Or at least not looking into it at this moment in time. You are an interesting one, I may not be your friend not I am not your enemy. We have as much peace that is possible in this world here that we can get, so if you want something other than peace that is on you” she got up from her throne standing seven feet tall and looking over him slightly “I have matters to handle and I do think my children may have killed a maid, other then your blood there is the smell of the blood of a female in the dining room, we shall talk about it later” and with that she moved and nodded at the others and went to the dining room to handle her children and more than likely go to her chambers for the night.

KenpachiDestati: Iris looked upwards as he saw the seven foot tall form standing over him slightly, under the mask he was able to notice the metallic taste of his blood in his mouth, he remembered that if this was just a decade or so ago, he would be the one looking down on her, it brought back a sense of nostalgia but she was just going to see the metal mask that stood between the two, and he understood that he held many mysterious things about him, whether or not they’d ever discover who he is, was up to the world around him. After that Iris simply watched as the woman walk off, he let out a sigh as he watched her walk away but the amount of anger that was built up in his system didn’t even begin to explain why Iris was so goddamn aggravated. He himself knew of war, he was bred for war, he was the definition of war, and he has stood in what was basically Hell’s Maw, and the way she disregarded this sent just a large amount of anger, and disappointment. Iris then stood right next to the throne, with his eyes closed, and the breeze coming in through the opened glass window, slightly picking up his leather duster, and he gripped onto his own fist in the jacket pocket. “They barely know a murmur of dark..”

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev examined the First Born Anaya moving towards her chambers as he bowed his head deeply until she passed. Silently he rose once more and looked around the room as he sighed out loud to himself. Speaking in gray elvish- “I do not understand these people Sage are they not able to see aura’s?” –he questioned to no one in particular as he shook his head and moved towards the center of the room and cracked his neck as he sniffed the air a bit wondering what there was for his left to do for the eve. It would seem he had missed a bit with the smell of blood permeating the room and air yet was overwhelmed by Lady Anaya’s pride that seemed to take on its own scent. Possibly from her blood but either way it was an interesting phenomenon that lay with her alone. Trev’s ears picked up what sounded like a low talk as Trev looked to the man and examined him quietly. His blood obvious now as the smell mixed with others. He would tilt his head a bit his fake eye whirling behind his patch as he blinked- “A new comer is it….how queer” –he said in the old tongue as he examined the man’s wears for a moment before talking- “Salutations” –he spoke in common- “It would seem that Lady Anaya has taken some interest in you…least you are currently standing” –he said in a cheerful but cold tone as it would seem this elf was none too fond of newcomers nor those who did not look to be of his kin- “I am Trev High Priest of the Old Gods, practitioner of the old ways, Teacher of forgotten lore, and the one who gets stuck with the crap assignments when Lady Anaya does not permit me to use the staff here as experiments in how different magic and blood react within a person’s body. And you might be?” –Trev spoke at a quick pace as his staff stayed in his hands tightly the orb attached to it seeming to examine the newcomer as well-

KenpachiDestati: “Jesus motherfuckin’ christ everyone and their goddamn titles, first you got that woman who was the fuckin’ empress of whatever the fuck this is, and the motherfucker of the fucking motherfucking piece of shit north, and you are creepy as shit comin’ up to me stating to be this high ass priest of those old gods that probably don’t even E-fucking-exist”. Iris let out a sigh after speaking to the man, obviously aggravated, “Excuse the fuck out of my motherfuckin’ french, but if I was to go back to the entire fuckin’ title reign then I guess you can say I am Iris Motherfuckin’ Destati. A man from the other side of the damn world, and a motherfuckin’ Dome Breaker if you know what that means. Though that woman passes her shit onto you? That’s fuckin’ inter-fuckin’-testing.” With that Iris just stared at the man with the sea of sky blue surrounding the two black dotted islands in them, and his blood now seemed to dry up a bit, and it was obvious that there was no sign of actual flesh being revealed toward the man. “So.. what do you want?”

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev smiled coldly to the man and spoke in elvish- “My my don’t you have the brilliant mouth I’m sure your race is quite proud of your accomplishments” –he shook his head chuckling and then looked to the man speaking in common- “At the moment I suppose my questions can wait until you do not speak the language of a farm hand.” –he said with a taunting smile- “For the moment though there is an inn in town…I think, that can give you lodgings or you can always sleep outside, so long as you don’t mind the occasional love nibble from the wolves you should be dandy” –he said chuckling coldly once more as he would wave his hand in front of his face as if getting away a bad smell- “well then I shall deal with any of your issues in the morning, for the time being, I have been a bit blown back today” –he said making a small joke at his own expense before cracking some of his knuckle his ears picking up a falling book as he says out loud- “If that is one of my books Girl I will make sure your body parts are well preserved for more fun in the future” –a sound of someone squeaking could be faintly heard from the back hallway as Trev moved towards the main corridor- “well then good sir, until the sun reaches the sky once more it is time for this…meeting if you can call it such, will have to come to an end” –he would stop for a moment- “as for our titles here…well not all of us can use the words of a drunken bar slut in their name in lieu of a proper name” –he said with a smile before heading towards the stairs and his own lodgings for the eve-

KenpachiDestati: Iris saw the cold smiled then listened to the man speaking in elvish, and he understood every single word he said and following up he listened as he switched to common, it seemed as if he was mocking him almost, in fact, if Anaya wasn’t insulting enough the man that she just busted her load over his back, and that man was talking extremely ill at the moment, which Iris it seemed to then speak in elvish. “You’re right, my race is quite proud of my accomplishments, being able to travel half the world, without a weapon and anything else but what you see on my back. Learning the magic arts in almost less than thirteen years and being better at it than some ever could be, being able to say that I went through the nine hells and back. Is there anything your race is proud of you for? Because at the moment as much as you look at me as if I was a drunken slut in a bar, I am definitely more proud to stand up straight then you push yourself off to be. Cause to me by the way you speak, you seem like nothing more than a pack mule, a piece of meat used by Anaya to do the work that she doesn’t want too…” Iris watched as he went up the stairs, then in common, he spoke, “And if you don’t believe me then just wait. The day will come..”

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Over At Stovania Castle.
Rose Has Thorns Part 2, Winter Has Come - Page 5 Destination

Anaya: It had been about an hour of flight and Sams claws were holding a dead whale and he was starting to struggle with his flapping, with jaws open and his black tongue hanging out the side he spotted where he needed to land there was the castle down there and there was a large area of trees and he could plop the whale down there and maybe even steal a fin off it, it had been a while since he had eaten, and fish only filled his engine for so long and even more so when it was not even overly large fish. And whale blubber pound for pound had more calories than other proteins. As he moved his wings to get him a stable glide he moved his feet over the spot where he needed to drop it, and from about 20 to 30 feet from the ground, it would make a bang for sure. When he got to the right spot Samuel opened his claws and let the massive whale go, the giant dead animal feel like a rock to the ground smashing into trees and making a rather large bang. And with a bang like that, it would scare away any wilderness so they would not come back to half their kills missing or wolves or bears eating it and having to fight and kill them off too. The exhausted Samuel hit the ground next about fifty or so feet from the hill landing very bumpy and weak, his legs did not feel very good hitting the ground and he almost faces planted into the dirt. He moved his wing to allow Sif to get down safely and he plopped his belly to the ground so she would not have too far to fall to. His head hit the ground as he drooled and snorted tired from hauling the whale this far, the trip back to the castle was going to be hell and there would have to be many stops along the way to refuel and rest. And he needed to rest for a moment so he could complete the task he had to do here, it put a grin on his face and a shimmer in hit green eyes to know he was going to be able to kill that slave boy today, and see Ana, see how she was doing all the way over here alone and without him or his mother's guidance. Samuel moved his head to look at Sif to be sure she was ok on his back and if she was ok getting off his back.

DarkDelaMorte: -White tree shook his head and wrote in the air- ‘Enough death as it is, I feel enough of it’ –he kept it quiet as he looked down ashamed of himself for a moment as he rubbed his own arm and did not let anyone see his eyes as he wrote in the air once more- ‘Nature more gruesome than anything mortals can conjure’ –he wrote in common as he thought to himself quietly. One of the most horrific duties of the Tevi was their watching duty. Disasters were common in this world as nature had to cleanse itself every so often yet sometimes it would not work as well as it should, sometimes the flood may not finish the job and some may start to investigate why. As such Tevi had the duty to watch disasters as they occurred, and if it looked like the disaster would not finish, they were forced to intervene and finish the job. They would have to interact their bodies with the disaster at hand as part of the nature pact meaning a wind Tevi would attach itself to a hurricane or tornado making sure it was finished to a T, but a Tevi’s body is what they connect to as such everything that the disaster does they feel the emotions of the elements as well as the people destroyed by it. As such the kind hearted Tevi were forced to watch countless lives being slaughtered their minds stuck in a state of finishing their duty but also experiencing the lives they took sticking to them until they separated from the element. This left a mark though on any Tevi who experienced such things, as such they had grown heavily adverse to violence in their lives depending on the personality of the elemental of course. This caused the major issue in this case of the steam and wet surroundings of the area connected to White Tree with some ease, as such while not a perfect sync he still could feel bits of pain from the servant as well the emotions of the Queen, both of whom left impacts in his mind and soul making his express his annoyance and anger by letting out the screech that was just heard so he would not go crazy by himself. He waited a moment as he had also felt some of Diliria’s emotions and wrote in the air- ‘My apologies’ –he wrote in elvish for this one as he stood quietly with his thoughts. He noticed the servant girl run out of the bathroom but she looked happy as he was confused. He tilted his head back and forth as some of the mist began to collect into his body before he shook his head and let out a whistle of relief as a his whistles began to play a soothing tune once more as if to calm not only those around him but himself as he reached onto his back and pulled out his lute as he tuned it a bit before beginning to play a soft rhythm to match the whistles he was producing-

TheLadySif: Her smile became a more real one as she looked upon the Tevi. With a nod, she turns to see the servant girl run off and the Queen standing before them. “Goodmorning my Lady. Even more of a pleasure to see you in all your glory today.” She winks then steps forward, casually touching the Queen’s hair very lightly before gesturing to White Tree. “Have at her my dear, our Lady Ana, this is White Tree. It would seem he has stumbled upon us.” She steps to the side to allow for them to speak to each other, slightly anticipating getting her hands on that servant girl, oh how she loved to play with them after getting them in trouble. Better yet, she couldn't wait until she was alone to handle the slave that had killed one of her toys, he would remain frozen solid in the dungeon until she had a moment to do so. — Outside, Sif sweeps hair from her eyes as she lays them upon the beauty of the kingdom. It was much warmer than she would like, but she had dressed light since the ocean. Thinking of it had her happy that Samuel could not see her from her perch on his back. As they landed a bit roughly she makes quick work of hopping down and going up to his face. “Are you well Samuel? I hope the travel did not put too much wear on you. Do you need rest? Shall I go calling for the Queen and fetch you thereafter?” Her questions fell from her lips, her rambling being the most she ever really spoke in the castle. Once noticing this, her expression softened and she went back to her cold and stoic demeanor, clearing her throat and bowing her head slightly.

Toxies: Anarial smiles to White tree, tilting her head forward down some in a sign of respect before she spoke, “Ha na- an honor na govannon- cin herder,” it was in her elven tongue but it roughly translated into English “It is an honor to meet you.” She straitens herself and resets her soft silver eyes on the male, a soft smile spreading on her lips just before Ria reached out and touched her. She knew she would be taunted later in her office for what just happen but she pushed that from her mind for the moment. She waits a moment before she speaks again, “Shall we get out of the hall and head to the throne room good Sir? Oh, and Ria, would you mind going and making sure the chef gave the girl a sweet bread? I promised her one and want to make sure she gets it.” She would wait a moment more before she heads to walk past them both and head towards the throne room, one of her favorite rooms in the castle, she had been making massive changes here and the throne room now had massive amounts of windows that let in the warm sun, plants lining the walls and the sides of the room. Anarial loved nature and she was a calm kind spirit and it was becoming more and more clear to those in this kingdom, making peace settle around the land rather quickly.

Anaya: Sam looked at her his eyes getting all soft and he almost had a blush on his scales, even if dragons could not blush they were able to glow a little. He moved and wanted to nuzzle her to just touch her with his nose but he did not as he did know better. “you are so beautiful when you are happy lady Sif, yes I will rest a moment, go on inside miss Ana should be there and I will join in later, if you find a boy that is a slave to the house he did not have a name, don't let him out of your sight, I wish to, talk, with him” Sam kept his head on the ground as his big green eyes looked at her. “the cargo was just a lot to hull, I will be alright, how are you it has been a while without food, i am sure ana will have much inside, if she does not she would be a shit ruler” he gave a chuckle as his foot moved kick at the saddle strap to get it off, with a couple good weak and floppy kicks the strap clicked and the saddle tumbled off and he let out a large breath and ugg like sound. His body as if deflating as he breathed slowly. “I may even eat a fin of our cargo before I enter after you. Or get a drink as well”

DarkDelaMorte: -White Tree tilted his head looking confused at the woman called Lady Ana as he looked to Diliria who seemed to be enjoying herself quite profusely as he blinked quietly for a moment before turning his attention back to the one called Lady Ana his blue eyes seeming to be a few shades lighter than his skin examined her as his body whistled quietly in thought before returning to music once more his fingers playing the lute to distract himself of what had just occurred. He would stop playing the lute as the one called Ana spoke as he titled his head back and forth for a moment examining and listening to her a moment before using a free hand to write in elvish- “Pleasure is Mine Lady Ana Embrace of Elves, I Am White Tree embrace of ocean’ –he wrote in the air as he paused for a moment trying to understand the word she had just used- ‘honor such an odd word’ –his body whistled in a jaunty tune as he followed Lady Ana and looked back at the one called Ria his blue eyes narrowing at her as his body whistled a bit more in a sense of contemplation before shaking his head as he examined the nature around him. He began to write once more his letters floating to where Ana could see them- ‘Nature is good to have, you treat them well’ –he wrote out the words dissipating and returning to the caster as Ana would recognize them. As he thought once more- ‘So nudity is not common in your kingdom?’ –he inquired through writing as no one had actually answered him yet and he was now curious as to why she had put on clothes when before she was nude-

TheLadySif: Ria lifted her chin to White Tree, nodding towards the Queen with a smile in good luck. Once they had both walked off, she relaxed, her eyes and expression becoming colder. “Ah, that one he sets me on edge. But how fun will it be to tiptoe around an obstacle such as that.” She smirked to herself then threw her hair over her shoulder, sweeping a finger under her bangs to clean up her appearance. She loved to meet the staff looking her best. She made her way casually in the other direction to the kitchen which was just across the entrance hall. — Sif nodded deeply, letting her hair fall over her face to hide her amused and content smile. “Of course my Lord… ah, Samuel.” She rehooks her spear to her backstraps and heads up to the gate. Having already seen Samuel fly in, the guards had stepped aside to let her pass. Her mood was the lightest it had ever been, she had flown, seen the ocean, and become closer to an individual even though it may be wrong. With that thought, her smile faltered and her expression sobered. But what she saw next as she walked through the halls stopped her completely. Sif stood there frozen, barely breathing at the sight in front of her. A woman her height, build, age and everything visually matching had stepped down the hall she now stood. The woman paused, narrowed her eyes then turned to face her entirely. Both women’s expressions were empty of emotion. After a moment, a single tear falls from Sif’s eyes as a smirk appears on the other woman’s face just before the woman spoke. “My my, have you grown to be so pretty with my face… dear Sister."

Anarial made her way up to her throne, sitting atop the throne. She adjusts herself quickly and a servant girl, almost as if she had been waiting comes running in with a warm cup of sweet mint tea and sets it beside her. Anarial gestures to the rather poofy couches and chairs around the room, “Please, make yourself comfortable. “As he mentions the nature within the castle she smiles softly, “I am a forest elf, I do not feel myself without the plants and forest near me, it is my hope that even this little bit of nature I may feel a peace, like having a piece of home with me.” She flushes softly as she speaks but she was quiet, until he asked about nudity and she shakes her head rather quickly, the flush staying on her face. “No, no, it is not a common thing here, Mostly we stay covered, my apologies for meeting you like that.” As she finishes speaking a guard comes running in, yelling something about a dragon landing not to far off and a growl like noise escapes her lips uttering a simple name, “Samuel…” She knew it was him, it had to be him. Avery comes in rather quickly and takes up a post at her side, she reaches over and gently strokes his arm, she had become fond of him, he made her feel… and odd way. Anarial shakes her head and turns her attention back to the male known as White Tree and she speaks softly, “Unforently, it appears I have an unwanted guest, one that wasn't supposed to be here but, I suppose I should greet him myself. Please make yourself at home, feel free to wonder about I shall call for you later, I wish to hear of your travels and how you came here.” With that, she would nod her head and climb to her bare feet, slowly, reluctantly heading towards the courtyard.

Anaya: Samuel got up from his spot as he shifted down to his human form being nude and standing in the brush. Walking over to the saddle he had kicked off he almost was waddling as he leaned over and picked up one of the saddle bag flaps and grabbed out some human garb that was a bit dirty and trashy but worked as he was just going to take it off later anyway. He pushed his black hair behind his ear and pulled a small clay pot out of his saddle bag opening the top of the leather and clay top and drinking the continence, there was not much seemed the pot had cracked from his careless flying with the cargo and some if not most of the water inside had seeped out the side. Samuel hissed softly as he tossed the cracked jug on the ground and then turned pulling on his trousers and starting to walk topless to the castle way. The guards spotted him and intently pulled up their weapons “come on I am father to the ruler” the guards kinda looked at each other and then went on their way. He was not at the doors yet but he was getting there. Leaning on a tree he wondered what he would do. He could go inside see Ana right off the bat or ring around back and look for that kid. Both plots were good ones and he had no idea what to do at the moment “hmmm what to do what to do” he said aloud as he lashed up the strings on his pants.

TheLadySif: 'Her breathing is erratic, how cute.’ Ria stood there appreciating her sudden fortune. Years she had been sending out agents to find her worthless runaway of a sister and there she was. Had walked up to her of her own accord. Her day was finally looking up. As Sif stood there solid as ice, Ria walked up close to her, almost chest to chest. Blue to blue, they stared at each other, but only for an instant. Ria raised a brow and Sif dropped her gaze. Walking around her slowly, as if stalking her prey, Ria swept her gaze over her doppelganger. Sif couldn’t move, the shock still held her still, but she knew what this meant. The moment she had been running from for years and she had stepped into it. Why did she come here? Was she so foolish to think she could be carefree for even a moment? Her expression shut down as did her thoughts… just like all those years ago when she has locked away. Ria smiled brightly as she saw her sister’s reaction. then stopped in front of her. “There she is… now…. how do we treat the royalty of our people? Or have you forgotten, delicate Sifrella?” Letting out a breath, Sif drops down and kneels to Ria in the same manner as she would Lady Anaya or Lord Samuel. Feeling the most pleased with herself, Diliria sneers and rolls her eyes. She lifts a foot and presses the heel into Sif’s shoulder then roughly kicks her to the floor. “Good, You do remember…” At that, she looks up to notice a servant coming down the hall. Crouching down, she pretends to help her up and whispers. “You are lucky in this moment dear sister but remember you are mine again… shall we meet this land’s Queen together?” Smiling she rises, Sif following silently but her eyes cast downwards again. As the servant passes, she inquires the location of Ana currently and heads that way, Sifrella in tow.

Anarial was not stopping for anyone at this point, there was no way in hell she was going to let Samuel run freely in her lands, she would make herself out to be a Dominate of sorts, even if that meant she was challenging a dragon. A hand full of guards were trailing behind her, she was basically growing under her breath, her hands balled into fists. She knew Samuel would sense her before he caught sight of her. Her caramel flesh on display against the white silk that wrapped around her body. She wondered if the sight of her dressed like this would catch him off guard, instead of her normal head to toe leather she uses to wear at home. She leaves the courtyard, walking straight up to Samuel with a small arm of guards behind her now, she had relaxed some. Her hands no longer balled and a fake smile plastered on her lips before she speaks up towards him, her eyes glaring towards him, “Father, it feels like I just saw you yesterday. Does mother know you’re here? She failed to mention it in her letters. Letters that seem to travel faster than you.” She meant the last comment as a jab at him, yet her voice was soft and caring. Her blonde hair waving around her shoulders in the breeze, Avery stepping up to her side, and just to see what Samuel would do she leans up on her toes and places a soft kiss on Avery’s cheek, at the corner of his mouth.

Anaya: Seeing Ana Samuel walked up top his daughter “well don't you just look amazing with your gown, guards, and alright sized escort. And no she does not know I am here, surprise trip seeing I was down fishing with miss Sif this way. So we thought it would be nice to stop in and see you, or well I thought it would be nice, she was in it for the sea and fishing” he gave a brisk chuckle and started to walk past her and looked back at her “lets see your castle my dear daughter come now we have matters to talk about, don't be so harsh and fickle with your old man. how has that boy been doing my sweet, that slave you bought, well we can go on about that later, and oh i dropped a whale in your yard, I will pick it back up on my way out, had to drop it seeing I had to land after I was doing my job” he walked past her and got up to the doors tossing on his shirt brown and dirty from the saddle bags, it made him almost look like a present but at the same time the glow to his bright green eyes showed strength and stature, and if you truly looked close enough even his shit clothing garb was made of very fine fabrics. As soon as he walked in the doors there was Sif “Sif...” he looked at her as she was on her knees before someone who looked just like her, and also who was not Anaya, and was not him, Sif did not in anyway need to be on her knees before anyone who was not him or Anaya, and even more so Anaya would not require a guard to be on its knees, only slaves were placed in such a degrading post. “and who the fuck are you” he scolded as he looked at the other woman walking around Sif like she owned her, just because you look like another person does not mean you own them. “Sif, knees are no place for you, only slaves fall to their knees, and there is no chain around your neck, we shall get a meal you and I wall we are guests in my daughters home” he at that point did not care he was a guest, Sif was being treated in his view wrongly and that would not fly. Samuel walked over to Sif and kneeled down holding out his arm for her to grab, he put himself on her level showing her he was putting himself as her equal and offering his arm “come on my friend, lets get a drink and something to eat” if she did, in fact, take his arm and raise with him he put his arm around her shoulder his clothing preventing his skin from touching hers and his clawed fingers hovered over never touching her but still being there to hold her the same.

DarkDelaMorte: -White Tree stood up and turned off the water his eyes looking annoyed as he would look towards the door. He could feel people gathering there as he sent out a loud whistle that would cause anyone within a ten foot radius who didn’t have good hearing protection to become sick or disoriented as White Tree left the room his body absorbing any moisture as his eye went back to Dark blue with a black pupil once more as he looked down towards the two servants who were in pain clutching their ears as he shook his head pushing aside his emotions for a moment as he felt like he was about to cry for a moment. He would walk towards the entrance interested in learning more from the Ana and Ria as he noticed a new person fallowing her. They looked close to one another except their body language was off; Ria seemed to be in a more dominant position than her look alike. As well her mask was off for a few seconds as he sent out a small whistle of contempt for a moment before letting out a happy whistle as he had noticed new people and began moving forward to greet them. Then noticed more people coming in as he tilted his head as sounds of concern and intrigue whistles out of his body as he began writing letters in the sky to go towards the two newcomers as the words ‘who are you’ flew in front of Sif’s and Sam’s faces as White Tree stood there silently his whistlers playing a soft tune as he moved forward towards the group once more as he wrote in the air in elvish and sent it towards Ana- ‘lovely water apologise about your snooping staff’ –he wrote as it seemed he was rather blunt in his explanations as to what had occurred as he stood there quietly his navy blue face and blue eyes shining through the sun that shined in as he heard mentioning of drink as he blinked at the word wondering why there was such a large event over getting a drink of water-

TheLadySif: Ria crosses her arms and chuckles lightly, soon laughing in earnest. Sif flinches and closes her eyes, hating that laughter, the voice that matched her own, the sound of all that had crushed her in her childhood. Looking to Sam abruptly, she began to rise, hoping to keep him from becoming as low as she was. The moment she rose to one knee Ria sent her a scathing glare. It lasted for all of a moment before she schooled her features once again at the newcomer. “There seems to be a small discrepancy here.” Her expression was cool but the usual smile she placed there was gone. Her niceties extinguished at the sight of her base goal. “This one…” She placed her hand on Sif’s head, keeping her down. “belongs to me. I…” Ria and Sif both look up at the same time to the words floating in the air. Ria sighs and Sif furrows her brow and wonders what the hell is going on. Her utmost concern was ensuring that the King did not reduce himself to her level, as well as resolving to her fate under her twin. Ria sets her gaze back to the man next to Sif and immediately gets irritable. She lets go of Sif’s head with a shovel. “Get up dear sister, you’re embarrassing your… friend?” With a smirk, she crosses her arms. “My Lady Ana, you shall meet my sister here, we seem to have many guests. I must admit only this one being a wanted one. She looks back to her sister, whom she continues to call ‘this one’. Sif lowers her head so that her hair covers her expression, slowly rising to standing. She says nothing and doesn't move as Ria steps close and twirls some of her hair between her fingers. “Sifrella must have caused you all kinds of trouble, don't worry I am the only one who knows just how to punish her."

Anarial seemed to have a mess on her hands now. But she was going to defuse it as quickly as she possibly could. She notice’s White Trees words and it puzzles her but she sets it in her mind for later. She shakes her head and speaks up in a loud voice, demanding everyone's attention. “Ria, if you would go to the dungeons and fetch the boy. My father will want to see him… alive. You, she motions to the female kneeling. “Rise, you are a guest here not a servant in my lands, and Ria, if you have an issue with it, we can speak in private. As for everyone else, how about we all head to the dining hall and get food and water before we all become grumpy and do something we regret.” Her voice was demanding, it was not a request in the slightest. This day had turned to hell and she hadn’t even been awake an hour. With her last comment she pushes past them all and leads the way to the dining hall, Avery glued to her side with his hand on his sword just in case something even remotely started.

Anaya: Sam stood their arm around sif and his green eyes were getting darker, that smell of dead things and toxin was starting to seep from his body, but he was keeping a hold of it, he could not let things get out of hand inside the castle if he changed here he would rip the roof out and he was sure Ana would not enjoy that. But this action from this random female was unacceptable, purely unacceptable and he was in no way going to handle it. As he took one step forward his body a foot away from the other woman, his bare foot came up hard and he Sparta kicked her directly in the chest point blank to send her flying across the floor. There was no way a person could have moved fast enough, but in the end, it was an elf so it could have with the fast reflex and all it could be avoided if the woman had shut up long enough to notice, but it was fully out of the blue and abrupt. Samuel looked at Sif and then back at the woman “no, she is NOT yours she is mine, loyal guard of the crown and I am the emperor that owns that crown, she will get no punishment for any reason by you, she shall get a meal, and a drink for her belly as she has been a needed friend and complain to me and my mate, the golden dragon ruler of all of Piros, if you hold a problem with this, take it up with me outside and we can deal with it. I am Samuel Tyberios DeNure Elder Red Wyvern, and lady Sif belongs to me and no one else” Sam gave a scowl as he looked to his daughter “were is the dining hall, my dear, I am famished” he just noticed she had said to go there and was showing the way “wonderful, come my dear sif lets go, I want something sweet, how about you” he smiled at her as his green eyes stayed dark waiting for something to hit him in the back or his daughter to yell at him for being well himself, she had to have seen something coming and the other lady earned it being so very rude. But the good bit was things were handled even if not for overly long and it may start something else later. “so that boy my dear daughter, why is he in the dungeon? Did he ruin his friendship with you already”

DarkDelaMorte: -White tree’s head would turn rapidly side to side watching the violence as he began letting out a squeaking noise from his neck as if worried about what was occurring. He would hold up his hand and write a small note in the air sending it to the one called queen as it says simply ‘Ears cover now violence bad’ it said simply as the Tevi’s body began letting out a loud noise like a screeching sounds that was on a decibel used to make images woozy and sick, as well those with more sensitive hearing, such as elves or dragons from his experience, would be more than rendered hard to move from the sound as Tevi could not stand to see violence as to them it was simply not a means to an end. As the sound blared out sending out waves of compressed whistles from the Tevi’s body his hand began to move wildly magic words bursting out towards the fighters as the words ‘NO VIOLENCE, VIOLENCE BAD, STOP VIOLENCE, HURTING BAD’ the words would fly towards the three people currently in an altercation as the Tevi’s body would wait a few moments before the sound died down, his watery body slowly moving back in forth in his bare stomach showing his body to have an odd make up, a plant like stature yet his composition was like water, constantly moving through his body making it hard to tell what he was outside of the blue eyes of a faceless being, and the holes of which now produced a sound of sadness that would seem to now be feeling remorse and guilt from its actions as it watched what was occurring in front of him. White Tree was an odd being for sure to those not sued to the Tevi as most were revolted by its sights and others simply tried to kill it. Yet if one could see it was a peaceful being it was quite a helpful being as it would serve multiple purposes outside of simply whistling depending on where it came from. White Tree was ocean embraced, and as such tended to do extremely well with water, even to a point of absorbing water from around it and using it against others, yet its main weakness was, of course, its natural enemy, now what that was would be for someone to find out as it would be quite obvious from looking at the water and plant-like creature where it came from.-

TheLadySif: Sif winces and looks up abruptly as the small part of her hair that Ria was gripping was ripped from her head with the jerk. Ria took the kick to the chest with a surprised and pained cry. A wall of ice abruptly rose behind her, both slamming her to a stop and keeping her from an incredible injury from being sent across the great hall. She slides down her ice, it melting immediately, her eyes glowing the bright blue. Her eyes glimmer back to their normal color as both the color and anger fall from her face. She looked even more pale than usual as she slowly rose, gripping her chest. “Th- you- ” Her eyes dart back to her sister with a dark glare. “You dare give yourself to another when I have always been all you have? You ungrateful coward of a…” Her ramblings were cut off by Ana’s words and she turned on her heel to go anywhere but where she had to look at the face of the man who had taken her sister away, thoroughly annoyed that she had been caught off guard but knowing she would have a plan in place before dessert, meanwhile, she would go see about the slave boy he asked about, frozen in the dungeon. Sif blinked once, everything spinning in her head, following with Samuel as she was pulled along. Just as she was getting used to a real family, she was thrown back into her past. A sister who treated her like a dog after stealing the position of the queen from her, and had trained her like one. But with Sam by her side, she felt just a little bit stronger than she was back then. Once White Tree’s screech hit their ears, both sisters hit the floor, Sif gripping her ears and Ria gripping her head, all former thoughts dropping to the background as their sensitive ears were ringing, Ria’s beginning to bleed from already being exposed to it once before within the hour.

Toxies: Anairal was beyond annoyed at this point. How dare Samuel show up here. How dare they fight. She didn’t care what their backgrounds were, she demanded peace here. She demanded obedience. As Samuel speaks towards her she snaps her head towards him with a glare, making a mental note to drag him to her office a bit later. As soon as White Tree’s words pop before her face her hands dart up to her ears, covering them as best she can. She still gets slightly impacted by the screech, her elven ears twitching some and causing her to wince. She leans into the wall to keep herself upright, waiting several moments once he was done before she removes her hands from her ears. She glares at the lot of them, her mood now even worse before she speaks up, “ We are all going to the Dining hall, eating, drinking, and going to get along. I will not allow violence like this in my home. If ANY of you have an issue you bring it to me you do not attack each other in the halls.” With that she spins herself on her bare feet and heads towards Ria, glaring down at her before she speaks again, “Ria, go to the Doctor and make sure you're ok. Then I expect you to fetch that boy for me.” Before Ria has a chance to answer her she makes her way off towards the Dining hall, not really caring if they caused more issues, but if they did she’d have to have her guards handle everyone but Samuel, remembering his toxins, she’d have to handle him herself, but for now, she keeps walking.

Anaya: Samuel cringed as that sound hit his ears as he glared at the eleven woman that he had sent to the floor, but without thinking out his own ears he took his hands and covered Sif’s ears from the sound holding his hands on top of hers caring more about her than he did himself, which was something rather large seeing Samuel was well Samuel and he never cared about anything more than himself. He cringed and was trying so very hard not to cripple under the pain of his head ringing. His now on fire green eyes bright and anger filled turned on the one spitting letters into the air and snarled “” he hissed as he snarled and started to walk to the dining room hall, he wanted food, needed food and he was going to get it even if it was going to be just him going there, well him and sif, she was not being left behind, she would never be left behind. He helped her back to her feet still covering her ears and snarling as he was more than angered at the moment with the events, but he would keep himself somewhat proper seeing it was not his home and he was sure his daughter would have different rules and junk then back home. He looked over to his daughter “yes food would be good” he snarled more so glaring back to that being over there as he bit his lower lip and grumbled something under his breath, calming himself and looking to sif “are you alright Sif?” he said softly as he uncovered her ears as the sound stopped beating their heads into a pulp. He took a breath and walked with Sif over to the dining hall and putting his arm around her shoulder “are your ears ok” he asked truly feeling about it and being as real as he could be, even watching him and Sif he knew that someone who knew him could tell he was not being himself he was being tender, sam was never tender. His eyes scanned over to a maid as the maids were running around like chickens with their heads cut off. “maid, get some wine in the dining hall ready at the table, be sure it is chilled and there is more than one goblet I do think we all need some” the maid looked over to him then looked over to her ruler and how angered she was and in her own mind it was a safe assumption that wine was going to be needed and miss Ana said drink to “yes sir will do, wine it be” she rushed off to do the task as swiftly as she could.

DarkDelaMorte: -White tree tilts his head towards their words and writes in the air- ‘Violence bad’ –he sends to the man- ‘Using it will be bad, enough death and blood see I, any more and ground will be sad’ –he writes in the air for all the see as White Tree keeps tilting his head back and forth his neck as he suddenly walks over towards Ria and the ice and examines her ears as he whistles softly as if apologizing as he writes for her to read- ‘sorry pain’ –he would put his hands out, hovering by her ears as his hands begin to turn into water and cover her ears for a moment leaving a bubble around her ear canal itself. The magic begins to pulse through his body as suddenly small balls of light begin floating towards her ear as these were nature spirits. While rare for many to witness those of the oceans embrace specialized in healing and water magic, as such their lineage gave them the ability to use parts of their body to heal others as it was a tad hurtful to their health but to them it was better to lose a month of life than see another hurt as after a few moments with the flow of magic being felt through the air, White tree moves back from her as the bleeding would have been cleaned up a bit along with the pain on the outer ear and any damage to the inner ear, the pain in her brain was for her to penance on though as such he could not heal that. He looked to the ice and placed his hand on it for a moment as the ice slowly began to insert his hand as he was tasting Ria’s ice as suddenly a loud sound of happiness as he enjoys the tastes and writes in the air- ‘good water’ –he would then turn his head around to look at the ones called Sif and Sam as he tilted his head at them examining them as he looked between Sif and Ria for a moment now confused- ‘Two Ria’s?’

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TheLadySif: After getting her ears healed, she sighs and offered a small and brief thankful smile to the Tevin then her jaw drops at the Queen’s orders. She had hoped to break the bastard slave herself but now she was to fetch him? And leave her precious possession in the arms of the Dragon King? Her day just kept getting better; at least she was grateful that she had met Sifrella again. Through a half smile and clenched teeth, she bowed. “Yes… my dearest lady…” Her ire had grown even quicker now, though White Tree’s words had Sif and Ria both look at him. Sif straightened and bowed to Ana and the others “Apologies, I am Sifrella Goan, Knight of the Dynasty of Iron… twin sister to your Diliria Goan.” She cuts a glance to Ria only to shift her gaze back to White Tree to whom she was introducing herself formally. Ignoring the small glance from Sif, Ria pouted and turned on her heel off to the dungeon to drag the slave boy to the dining hall, probably breaking a few of his bones on her way back. Sif visibly relaxed and finally brought her attention back to Sam. Blushing behind the curtain that was her long white hair, she nodded to Sam as he kept her by his side. — Down in the dungeon, Ria stood glaring darkly at the block of pulsating ice that held the slave. Her false demeanor had gone, only leaving the cold ice elf Queen in its place. Walking slowly around him, her hands lightly laced in front of her in a mock innocence, she smiled. “It would seem this Samuel has gone immediately to my dark side… and left a mark inside and out.” She lightly touches her cold fingers to her chest, wincing a bit at the large dark blue bruise there. Her hardened skin had only protected her so much; she assumed he was holding back. She leaned against the ice, pressing against it then breathes on the space just in front of where his face was. The ice there separated just across his eyes and nose, bringing him conscious but still covering his mouth. With a smirk, she turns and gives a nod to a guard who had come along, another of her many heart prisoners in this castle. He moved to lift and carry the small slave block of ice for her to the dining hall. As they moved along the halls, she thought about how she would definitely need his help whisking her sister away later in order to… catch up. It had been oh so long since they played together.

Anarial was beyond annoyed at this point. She strived to keep her castle calm, free of issues and in just the arrival of her father her home had turned to the start of a war zone. She wondered why Samuel had bothered to follow her, didn’t he have things to handle at home? She knew that he was well aware that she could handle the bastard slave herself and if she couldn’t she would sell him off or kill him. The fact that Samuel seemed to see her as a child made rage burn inside of her but for the moment she quickly dismisses it, leaving it for something to be handled at a later time. Anarial quickly walks into the dining hall, the doors being thrown wide open in front of her with enough force behind them that they slam into the walls leading to a crack forming in the right one. Anarial quickly makes her way to the head table, the one that sat just above the rest of the tables so she could watch over everyone else in the room. She takes her place in the middle of the table and sends a few of the servant girls off to fetch a chair for Samuel, as well as some water, and sends a handful of other servants to fix up a spare bedroom for both Samuel and his knight, making sure the rooms were connected so he could watch over her seeing as he seemed to have some level of care for the female. The first set of servants come rushing in rather quickly with chairs for both Sif and Samuel, setting them down beside Anarial before they set the spots up with pitchers of fresh spring water, warm honey butter rolls, and pitchers of milk. Anarial was brought a warm glass of spring mint water and she simply sips on it as she waits for Samuel to take his place and Ria to return with the slave. She knew she wouldn’t let Samuel leave with the boy and if he insisted she would have Ria slit the boy's throat. Anarial has learned in the few weeks of being here she couldn’t afford to be sweet and nice to everyone if she was her rule here wouldn’t last long nor would it be remembered so she had begun to grow a thick skin with most. For the moment, she was fine with sipping on her water and letting everyone adjust and find their places.

Anaya DeLaRose: Samuel moved along the floor putting an arm around sifs shoulders as they walked into the dinning room seeing Ana so hot and bothered put a smile on hus smug face. "You look so much like your mother you know. Siting there even with the mint drink at your side you are the image of her even now with your own lands to fully make things your own. It has come a long way since you were a feeble slave moping the floors Ana." He smiked and pulls out the chair for sif alowing her to sit first as he chould hear the moving of foot steps far off. The slave was on his way up for sure and sam whould have to grab and go, stay witch he did not want to do there was a dead whale outside in the sun and he chould not be late to get back to iron. Or he chould kill it here then have to bolt as he was sure Ana whould not enjoy that done in her knew hone. But he whould figure that out later and did enjoy sper of the moment acthions. "So enjoying the new castle Daughter?" He asked as he sat down and with a claw carefuly moved that white hair from sifs face and smileing at her his big green eyes looking i to hers for a moment and within his eyes he knew she chould see that shimmer, that i am going to do bad things give away shimmer. He turned his gaze back to Ana as he gave that crocked grim.

Dark DelaMorte: White Tree watched the goings on and nodded to the people around him unsure of how to deal with the people around him he fallowed the small wood queen towards the dining room. He saw everyone rushing about as he was tilting his head at the devices at the table. He moved around one of them trying to figure out what this was as he shook his head in confusion and moved the chair back as he had no clue how it worked. Tevi did not have an easy time sitting in chairs as it were, their bodies would accidently eat the components at times as well as for an Ocean embraced Tevi the wood or stone seats would cause a Tevi to cry as the act of turning a part of nature into a niche patio furniture was against the Tevi thought process and way of life. Puffing sounds of thought seemed to flow from White Tree as he saw the pitcher of water and let out a happy tune, the sound was soothing to the ears and was reminiscent of a ballad that even bards would weep to as it was the song that accompanied the tale of the tragedy of the River kingdom, the only kingdom to be destroyed by exploration as a whole and leave no evidence or people behind. Even the Tevi knew not of this tragedy but its song was that of hope for finding a new day from what was a tragedy. His ears perked when he heard the Dragon male speak of offspring as he looked between the Wood Queen and the Dragon male tilting his head and began writing in the air “Related you are? Looks do not match….” He wrote not having a subtle bone in his body…or having any real bones at all as Tevi by nature were plant like being least of all an Ocean embraced Tevi as they themselves where simply made up of mostly water, and unlike mortals it was literal water not pasty skin water. Still White tree watched the commotions and people move around as he seemed to be bored for a moment his whistling sounding like waiting music of sorts

Lady Sif: Sif blushed a bit, not being able to hide it this time with Sam staring directly at her and having moved her usually concealing hair to the side. She quickly composed herself regardless of the unusual heat rising to her face once she caught the look in his eye. Of course she would stand by him no matter what debauchery he would commit in Ana’s Queendom but she was worried nonetheless. Her expression cooled and she looked to White Tree, choosing to remove herself from Royal conversation. Sif was used to doing such things as a Knight, wanting her attention to be cast to the surroundings. Raising a brow at the writing in the air she tilted her head. “Quite a bold manner of addressing your observations.” Sif soon paused her comment, feeling her sister before she even made her presence known to the room. — Ria smirked as she walked into the room, her personal guard carrying a frozen block of a slave. She had allowed him to mostly thaw so his small body was shivering in the grasp of the large guard. His limbs would undoubtedly be numb from not only the cold but the lack of circulation from the guard’s grip. Poor thing had turned all shades of blue, his eyes darting from Ria to Ana to Sam, getting wider by the moment. Ria however, was more interested in her twin, moving to sit on the other side of her. Ria gestured to Ana while looking at the guard, “Do deliver the little insect to my dear lady Anarial, my pet.” The guard nodded, his eyes almost glued to Diliria’s as he all but dragged the boy in. Ria let her attention drift back to Sif, reaching out and curling some of her long hair around her finger then tugging. “Sweet Sifrella, have you missed me? It would break my heart to think you did not miss me after such a sneaky little trick you pulled all those years ago. Sif remained stoic, looking down as Ria pulled her just a bit closer by her hair and whispered so low to where Sif herself almost missed it… almost. “Wait until our idiot of a King sees you.”

Anarial sighs as Samuel talks towards her, keeping herself from responding as he mentions how like her mother she was. She shakes her head slowly as White Tree speaks towards her, it takes her a moment to process what he stated but she speaks up, first to address White Tree, “We are not blood, White Tree, it is a long story that at a later time I am willing to share.” After a few moments, she turns herself in her chair to face Samuel and speaks up again in a calm steady voice, “I am well aware how alike my Mother I am, she has rubbed off on me and I don’t see it as a bad thing. I have been enjoying my new home. There is no violence, at least not until this morning. It is peaceful and calming.” She catches the look in Samuel’s eyes and it turned her stomach but she shows no sign of it. As she waits for Ria to come back with the boy she turns towards White Tree again and speaks up again towards him, “White Tree, is there anything you want or need? Food? Water? Tea? Anything?” She still felt bad for what had happened earlier in the day and the fact that she had not been able to appropriately address her guest. As Ria enters into the dining hall with the half-frozen boy, her eyes graze over Ria and then the boy but she doesn’t respond to it, keeping her face and body language emotionless. Once the boy was several feet in front of the head table that held Samuel, Anarial, White Tree, and Sif she raises a hand signaling for the guard to hold the boy in place. Anarial then turns her attention back to Samuel as she speaks up towards him again in the same voice as before, “As you can see Samuel, the boy is still very much alive, even if his in a weaker state at the moment. Now that you’ve seen him believe it’s time to return him to his cell before he gets his energy back and makes attempt to become a pain again.” With that, she waves her hand so that the guard would quickly drag the boy back out of the room before Samuel had a chance to get anywhere near the boy. She was determined to show Samuel he had no control here, he did not rule here. Her mother put her in charge here and she ran it the way she felt was was correct. She made a mental note to write to her mother in regards to Samuel’s visit, finding it annoying that he seemed to feel the need to babysit her. She figured Samuel would have something to say about the boy’s state and about the fact she was so quick to dismiss him from their sights so, she waits for his response to it all.

Anaya DeLaRose: Samuel smiled softly as he watched her snd the anoyance of white trees words flutered around his face. With a waved hand he looked over the words and then shooed them away and then made the choice to not say a word to white tree, as in his own mind if you were unable to talk you just did not need to be even noticed. He looked to sif and nodded his head giveing a you hurt her i will gut you glare to her sister samuels teeth grinding together softly. As he turned his green eyed gaze to the guard and the slave boy. With Samuel s speed he left the chair tilting back and forth as he was at the guards back before anyone chould even think about reacting. It was seconds after ana had said for the guard to be going and the guard did not even get the chance to turn around. Samyels long barb ended tail had come from his backside and was pointed to the guards chest as Sam's elongated clawed fingers were resting on the shivering boys shoulders a green sheen to the claws as they just hovered over the boys skin "have not been takeing good care of castle slaves now have you miss Ana. I think it whould be best for this slave to come back to the castle with myself and lady Sif. Seems he whould have a better suited life at the castle, and if i remember right my dear daughter you took him to give him a better life, you want the best for him i am sure." Sam gave that smile as his green eyes looked right dead at his daughter. Sam was far from above killing thw guard his barb was pointed at. Abd at the same time that barb with lighting speed chould be lanched at any target in the room then reloaded once with the back up stinger before it took time for another one to grow in. There was a flame inside his eyes, this green glow that screamed evil, and with his teeth grinding, claws resting on the slaves shoulders and his tail pointed to that guards chest he wondered how much his daughter was willing to lose to keep this slave boy from him. "I whould hate for your kingdom to become very chaotic just because of this cheaply bought slave boy, my dearest daughter"

Dark DelaMorte: -White tree did not mind the dragon man’s attitude, correction, the tiny dragons attitude, as his presence and actions were heavily overconfident something a full dragon would not have to do in order to show its power. As such it was a moot point to expect the male to even take the time to notice the words as white tree wondered if the man even could read the words. White Tree whistled something that sounded like a laugh and then carnival music to match the oddly surreal moment that was occurring in front of him. He would look to the one called Sif and begin drawing in the air- “Boldness is in the eye of the beholder one called Sif, status is quite irrelevant to someone who spends their time primarily in nature” -he stated bluntly and shook his hand for a moment then continued- “As such I would ask you the same question maiden of ice, why do you choose to follow royalty when the original elves did not have such a structure?” -he wrote and if he would smile he would as his neck bellowed a soft tune that reminded one of a calm spring day. He then turned to the wood elf queen and tilted his head at her questions- “I only require water, thank you” -than hearing her comment on not being related by blood his head tilted a complete one eighty degrees as an ocean embraced Tevi did not have much neck bone to speak of.- “Blood relatives….so he is but an imposed parental figure?” -he inquired once more as he watched Sam’s actions with the slave boy as his head went back to its normal upright position as he let out a whistle of worry and squirmed a bit as he wrote a few words- “he is to be killed than” -he said bluntly once more as he absorbed the water from his glass and let out a sorrowful tune. Than turning his head to Ria he was curious about the king she mentioned. Tevi explored quite a bit and as such it was not odd for them to meet people all over depending on their location, an ocean embraced Tevi could not exactly meet the lava people of the Black Isles. As such it had been roughly 400 years since his last visit to the ice elven lands and he was interested in hearing an update sending Ria a note once more- “What king currently sits upon the ice throne?” -he inquired as he awaited for more water to be delivered-

Lady Sif: Ria rolls her eyes at Sam as he glares then winks at Sif who was staring at her with an expression that neither confirmed nor denied her unease of her sisters words, having missed the Tevi's response. Only now did she realise what Ria was really threatening. Things would get very complicated if the King decided he wanted her to return after she had run off. Her gaze quickly drifted back to Sam as he went to stop the guard. Ria glared darkly and stood, about to pull one of her small dart knives from her skirt. She'd be damned if that asshole dragon killed her prey instead of her. Unfortunately, before she could draw it she glanced down. Her eyes travelled from the shining blade of Sif's spear to Sif's face, an expression now of anger setting upon her face. When Ria rose a brow at her, Sif's face went back to its cool and blank state. Directly after, Sif noticed the words floating around her head and read them before looking to White Tree. "The kingdom of Iron has done more for me than my own people. As an elf of strong morals..." She set her eyes back to Ria who smirked, "would follow such a beautiful family until the end." Ria then tilted her head but casually sat back down before answering White Tree but continued looking Sif over. "Oh our current King is such a suitable ruler I would say. He wisely tossed aside this traitor of a sister i have for an obviously more reasonable mate. King Malcome Oridian will be very excited to see her again."

Ana: As Samuel made such a movie he touched into Anarial’s anger. She quickly rose to her feet as silence fell upon everyone inside of the dining halls. The servants quickly disappearing off to the kitchen and out of the way. Anarial glares towards Samuel before she speaks up in a rather loud voice, “Samuel, I will not take your disrespect. You do not rule here and I will do with my property as I see fit. The boy is mine, I paid for him and brought him here. Are you so petty that you would risk angering me and Anaya by crossing something I have stated? The boy’s life means very little to me, the fact that you attempt to disrespect me in my own home and in my lands is what this is about. I have opened my home to you. Offered you my food. My wine. And a place to rest, yet you spit in my face Samuel. If you have an ounce of respect for me as your daughter, you will return to your place at the table and we will speak of the boy in private at a later time. If you can not do at least that much then I’d suggest you leave and not return to my lands. And have a very upset Anaya to return to as well.” Anarial kept a blank face as she speaks, her eyes glaring at Samuel, making it very clear she would not be backing down anytime soon. She knew that when it came to Samuel, sometimes it was best to throw her mother's name in it, so she hoped that Samuel would at least listen to her reason. She would hate to burn the bridge with him, however, if that’s what it took to keep her head and respect as a ruler that is what she would do. She notes White Tree’s question and remark, making a note to address him once she regained control of the situation she was now in. The guard keeps his grip on the slave boy, waiting for Samuel to move so he can do as he ordered. Anarial had begun to note Ria’s temper so she hoped for the moment at least, Ria would contain herself and allow Ana to handle this. For the moment all Anarial could do is wait for Samuel to do as he was requested, meanwhile the tension around her could be cut with a knife, She refused to sit back down, ready to react to Samuel at a moments notice.

Anaya DeLaRose: Samuel could not keep his mind on the currant, his green eyes looked at sif worried for her safety even over his want to kill this stupid slave boy. What was the matter with him why did he give so much of a care for a guard. He blinked his eyes and for a moment there she was, Kadence oh she looked amazing white hair blowing lightly in the draft she was smiling at him her eyes so bright and blue. He missed her every day he was breathing it had been hundreds of years now since he last touched her face,felt her claw in his, rolled in the snow drifts with her, held there child, there beautiful girl. But then he blinked and she was gone she had faded away and his eyes turned to such sadness, but there was sif there looking at him. He must have looked like such a fool. But Sif mattered to him and the love of his life was gone, and she had been gone for a very long time now and no matter how much time would go by he would never forget her. He could hear what her sister said, it sounded like the king.. Was maybe family to sif, was the guard really a royal, he was unsure but it did not change how he viewed her how he was growing to care for her. Sam’s attention snapped out of that vivid day dream as Ana had grown some balls and snapped at him in such a way he could not ignore. Now the boy no longer mattered he could kill the little shit in the middle of the night and make it look like a maid gave the shit food poisoning. No no no now ana was the topic he had his eyes on his darling little daughter trying to be all big, dumb elf was going to get herself killed one day. Within a blink Sam was before her. His towering body there breathing hot on her as he leaned down his lips to her ear. “ Anaya gave you this castle do to her brothers death. Witch we still don’t know just who did it. “ he clicked his teeth together softly “ what if, it was just, taken back, my poor girl would have to come back home with mother and dear old dad. “ his. Reath made the hair on the back of the neck stand on end “ I can kill every guard you have in under an hour, every person in this room before you can draw a blade to stab me, and I can take that head off your shpukders before you ever get to make the letter to mommy.” He looked at her pulling his head up a bit from her so his snake green eyes looked at her “your dear mother is castle locked from the snow back home. In the end what do you really think she will do to help you. She tossed you out here to get rid of you, if I would not have shown up you would have no connection to family at all other then your letters” he leaned back down again to make sure for sure no one would bear him” I will back down to make you look good my little dove but I wont do it after. You have made it so my games are over, you know your place Ana, and you know you are to respect the people that turned the worthless slave into a ruler, it can be taken back as fast as it was given” he pulled his head up and a hiss came from his lips as he talked loud enough for others to hear at last “ fine, you can keep the boy and I shall sit with my knight. We shall stay one night and nothing more and be on our way at dawn. I am glad to see you have come so far a father could not be more proud of his little dove.” The kicker was it was true he was very proud of her, she was at long last acting like a real ruler, she would just have to learn to respect her elders a bit more is all. Sam gave a light chuckle as he turned his back to her and walked down the steps back to his table beside sif. If you knew dragon culture the back was never a respectful thing to show a person. And ana knew all he had said to her. He took a arm and put it around sifs shoulder.” I could use wine right about now don’t you think” his green eyes turned and looked back to his daughter wondering her next move in this game of chess.

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DarkDelaMorte: -White tree puffed out an odd tune as if laughing as he wrote in the air- “Ah so Little Oridian has finally come with child, this is a good day” –white tree proclaimed in his written words as they flew around the room with vigor and odd movements as white tree calmed down letting out a week of happiness. - “I would like to know what woman gave him child, he was quite perplexed with a maiden not long before I left him last we met”- He stated with his written words then watched all the goings on between the dragon whelp, the elven queen, Ria, and the iced meat slab. He tilted his head as if it was the start of a bad joke as he rubbed his chin a bit his hands going into his chin as they were both water based enough to combine. He let out some whistles of being in thought as a soft melody played for the hall. As he listened to the conversations he poised a question writing it in the air- “if speaking of elders in this abode would it not be keen to turn to the old?” –he wrote in rhyme as he tilted his head. Tevi had unnaturally long lives, outliving even the dragons in this sense as their primarily lifespans were between 2500-3000 years they had quite a while to explore the world and learn new things in order to pass it on back to nature and thusly the next generation. As such while Tevi did not show their age White Tree was on his way to turning 1300 in a few years, which to a Tevi is roughly 50 years as time is quite irrelevant to them. Yet none with brains would ever think to kill a Tevi, for nature was kin to these beings and such an act could reap curses on that bloodline for generations to come. As with the Isle of black oak this long ago killed a Tevi for its whistling noises as a trophy for their liege. This act wrought damage and destruction to the aisle as the islands were flooded in a week and the crops died before that, ships were unable to reach the isle and animals were burned to coal before they could be harvested for food. Buildings would not stand and people were sick constantly as finally as the week ended three natural disasters destroyed the isles leaving the treasures of old hidden beneath the waves as the Tevi himself was returned to his home.

Lady Sif: Sif lowered her spear from Ria's neck and relaxed a bit, the fire in her eyes calming and turning back to the passive cool. At Ria's words on the King, she barely contained the shift of her gaze. Even still, she knew her sister had caught the hesitant discomfort in her posture. Ria looked far too pleased with herself but then caught the gaze of Ana. As Ana conversed with Sam, Ria couldn't help but sneer a slight bit. She was annoyed with Sam's presence and the complication of his attachment to Sif. As if she would let him leave out of this castle with her precious sister. The one who she had so much caught up to do with. Ria soon looked back to Sif who had raised a brow looking down at her hand. Ria glanced down too and noticed she had crushed a silver spoon into dust with frost chips all over the table. Clearing her throat, she set her chin in her palm and looked at the words floating from White Tree. "Well, luckily the smitten Oridian fathered a very capable man. I find him satisfactory enough to torture. Although he finds torturing me more desirable." Ria smirks and gets a surprisingly genuine happy look in her eyes. Sif tilts her head a bit in confusion, her sister couldn't have possibly stolen him away for more than the position of power. As Sam put his arm around her, she stiffened then looked over at him. Perhaps things like that changed for done people. She relaxed a bit but returned to her usual stoic demeanor and took a drink from her glass. This gesture also pushed Ria's ire a bit more. Every time he got close to her sister she retained more and more annoyance, plotting just a bit more what she could do to drag Sif by her hair back to the Ice Elf lands. "So! Dearest sister, when you are prepared to return home ill be sure to escort you personally. Wouldn't want you running off like all those years ago, the King may assume you do not respect his orders if I am to tell him that... Don't you think so?" Ria left no time for Sif to answer as Sif suddenly spit water all over the table in shock.

Anaya: Samuel left Ana to ponder what they had talked over as his eyes moved to sif and her sister, that sister of hers was starting to be a problem and he could see it in her that she did not like him all that much, when you lived a life were the world did not like you it was easy to feel it in people. Sams' arm got a bit tighter around sif as he held her and in his own way without words to her told her he was not in any way letting her go. As his bright acidic green eyes looked to Ria his words came out stern and powerful "sif is my knight and she shall be coming back home to the castle with me she will not be going back to a king in the ice elven lands" he meant it there was nothing that could take his elf from him and if the sister tried anything he was far from below silting her nice little neck all over this table. With the beautiful thought on his mind, Samuels' fingers twitch softly and on his hand that was not around sif small little green drops formed at his claw tips.

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An Hour Later, a Meeting With Samuel and Anarial

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Toxies: Anarial sits in her office, going over the papers in front of her. Reports on guard training, hunting reports, storage reports, etc. She rubs her temples and sighs but reminds herself she would rather handle these things herself so she can make sure that they are done correctly and so she knows things are as they should be. She pauses for a moment and decides it is also time to handle Samuel and lets out a groan, not wanting to handle it but knowing it needs to be done. She shakes her head and looks up to the guard currently inside her office and speaks up, “Go fetch my father, would you? I need to have a discussion with him and handle these current issues so I can get him back home.” She pauses for a moment and taps her fingers on the table before she speaks again as the guard was turning to leave, “Make sure it is just my father, his guard doesn’t need to come with.” The guard nods and darts off to find Samuel and Ana wait in the office, petting one of the wolf pups her mother had sent to her and tries to decide what was the best to do at the moment. Her long blond hair hung down around her shoulders and she was still in her nightgown, a very short silk gown that showed her legs off and her large chest so she fixes her hair so it hangs over her chest in attempt to hide her chest and slides her legs below the desk to keep them hidden from his sight as well, returning to the reports as she waits for him. *

Anaya: The guard came up to him as he brushed his black hair behind his ear and turned his head from talking to Sif. “upon the request of your daughter she wishes to see her father” Sam smiled at the male's words as he got up and nodded to sif “stay here, and if anything happens scream or turn the whole castle into an ice shelf” he saw Sif nod and then turned to walk along with the guard “it is so cute, she called my father” he gave a chuckle as the guard was rather stone cold to him, but he guessed Ana was the same as her mother and enjoyed her guards to just do and not talk. They got to the doorway of the room and was in as he gave a smile “you called for me Daughter” he said with a grin on his face as he walked up and pulled out a chair sitting down in it as his bright green eyes looked at her. She covered herself like a scared woman, hiding her body from the big bad wolf, he could not help but grin at the idea “so what is the reason to call me over here, what is it you are wanting, I am sure it was not just to say hi daddy”

Toxies: Ana glances up towards Samuel as he comes in waiting until after he has sat down and the guard had left them be, securely closing the door behind him and then listened as he spoke before she speaks up in response to him. “We seem to have an issue at the moment. I have something you want, and you’re hell-bent on causing issues until I give you what it is you’re wanting. So, we need to come to an agreement of some kind. I am willIng to give the boy you so seemingly want, as to why you want him I fail to understand, but if I give him to you I want you gone seeing as you challenge my authority here every time I turn around.” She sets her pen down and sets the reports to the side, raising her head up to look towards her father as one of the pups jumps into her lap and she settles into petting it well she waits for his response. Her soft eyes staring directly towards him.

Anaya: Sams eyes looked at her and then looked to the wolf pup, it would grow up strong one day, much like Alpha back home. “well you give me the boy and I will be out of your hair, why I want him well that is simple, you made the choice to take him, and you know fathers protective we are” he gave a laugh. He turned his head and looked to just be sure no one was around, it was for sure that there was a guard on the other side of the rood but still not like it would stop him from doing what he wanted “you know Ana I only challenge your authority as I like to see you fight a little for what you want, a fighters heart is inside of you, but at the same time” he moved in his chair leaning over the table his elbows resting on the wood as his green eyes looked at her, right at her, right into her “I loved it when you were a slave, on your knees cleaning the floors, what I would give to see you on them again and do exactly what I want” he gave a smile and was all knowing that Ana would get the innuendo of how he wanted to fuck her dry on the cold floor of the castle till her legs could not move. “so the boy, yes, hand him over and Sif and I will be on our way, your mother must be worried sick you know how she loves me and all that trash”

Toxies: As he mentions her time as a slave her gaze goes from soft to a glare and her taps her fingers off the desk. She pauses for a moment to think about what she will say never breaking her glare at him. “ Take the boy, he should be back down in the cells, I’ll send the guard with you. Before you fetch him, please, take time to eat breakfast and hydrate, it is a long trip home. As for mother, I highly doubt she know’s you’re here and so long as you cause no farther issues for me I won’t bother mentioning your little visit to her.” She keeps her glare at him even after she speaks, completely ignoring his comment about her as a slave, part of her life she preferred to simply ignore and he knew that. After a moment or two of pause, she speaks up again, “So if the boy is all you came here for it seems we have fixed that little issue. They should be serving breakfast soon and I’m sure you want to rush back to that guard and make sure nothing has happened to her.” After that, she waves her had at him as if dismissing him so she can return to what she had been doing.

Anaya: So fast to push him out of her life she was, he smiled at her trying to be all powerful, a cute little elven girl who in the end could be snapped as fast as looked at, but he did respect her want to be something so grand. Sam had his gloves on still so as she moved her hand to wish him away he got up and took her hand in his, pulling her off the table and into an embrace. His feet moving as if dancing with her softly “you know when you were a slave you were so much more beautiful then you are now, now you just remind me of your mother way too much, which has its good things and bad. If I stayed a little longer we could have fun you and I, and the guards here look at you the same way I do” he held her in his arms for a moment knowing full well she would yank away as soon as she could. But he did like a fighter it would be no fun if they just gave him what he wanted. “you know, if I kept your mouth closed no one would know. And i would be gentle you know Ana, keep my gloves on” he gave a chuckle as he looked at her holding her to his chest, if he had nothing on his top half she would feel the burn of his skin but he had his garb on but he was all knowing that if he did take Ana here on the floor she would not last the encounter, she would be gone and melted down before it ever ended and he would be thrusting into elven soup. “bedding down to a Wyvern is a once in a lifetime experience, one day Ana I do hope we experience it together. I am sure things will happen in the future to make you a bit more, accepting to my advances” he smiled a wicked thought twisted in his mind as he held her waiting for that brisk pull away he knew was coming and a possible call to the guards.

Toxies: As he catches her hand and yanks her from behind her desk a surprised yelp leaves her lips and she goes wide-eyed. As he keeps her against his frame she felt so tiny, she was already small and his giant frame made her feel even smaller and weak. As he spoke of her slave days yet again she can’t help but let out a growl of sorts and she tries to push herself away from him, even though she knows his a shit ton stronger then she was. As he speaks of taking her she shakes her head, trying even harder to push herself away from him as she speaks, “You know that will never happen Samuel. You are with my mother. And if that isn’t enough, you simply touching me would kill me and we both know that.” After a moment longer, she would return to trying to twist away from him, trying to keep her silk night-gown in place. She wasn’t sure why Samuel constantly wanted her, she was untouched to males and she planned to keep it that way for as long as she could or until she was wedded.

Anaya: He let her go just enough so she would feel like she had a bit of power over him, but as he only let her go so far, he moved and got down to her eye level his green hues looking into her own. His gloved hand moving up to touch the side of her face as the scariest words imaginable left his poison lips “One day Ana, one day i will take your elven body on the floor of whatever keep you hold, one day I will shove myself inside you and break every inch of spirit you have left, and on that day, it will be the last day you have and I will enjoy hearing the words leave your lips to cure you just so I can do it all over again, over and over till you are a puddle on the ground under me” he wanted Ana but the fact she kept refusing his advances only made him want her more, and what was want now was not in a tender I love you way but in I will have you and be the last one to have your way. What was once love now was lust and Samuel no longer cared if it killed the elf girl or not, he just wanted it, and would do cruel things to gain it. He let her go so she could pull away and yank and almost fall back into her table and chair. He stood back up an evil glare to his eyes as he looked back at her “you are hot when you demand power” he gave a laugh as he moved to the doors softly “I will go get the boy and you will see no more of me. But be careful my little Ana bad things will happen in your days ahead, and oh don’t let your mother know of our chat, I would hate for bad things to happen faster than planned. I like a slow progression it is more fun that way” he paused a moment to hear her response, in the end, if she just accepted him it would not be so bad for her but now what was done was done and said was said. “the dungeon right, it is you locked up the poor thing”

Toxies: A growing flush grows on her cheeks as he speaks to her but refuses to partake in the conversation. As he releases her it was at the exact moment she tried to yank away so she falls to the ground causing her silk gown to expose even more of her thighs to him. She lets out another growl but moves to grip the desk and pull herself to her feet, wincing a bit as she puts pressure on her ankle. She stands before him glaring and still refusing to acknowledge the conversation or his advances, “As I stated, please, go re-up on food and eat before you leave. Once ready I will have the guards go with you to get the troublemaking boy. And one day Samuel, you will learn not to threaten me. I do not cower before you like others. I am not afraid of you.” With that she spins on her left foot, limping back to her chair where she wraps herself in a blanket and pulls the reports back out, making it clear she was done discussing these things with him.

Anaya: His eye turned so just one bright shining green orb looked at her, a face only the most foolish would not head a warning from. “and the words you said here and now are what will be put on your gravestone Ana, the people that fear a Wyvern are not foolish or lacking bravery, they are just smarter than the bones that line our cavern walls. Fear is not a handicap it is a show of intelligence” he gave a grin teeth in his mouth getting longer as they gifted together giving that grin a sinister appearance. “you look beautiful on your back by the way and the limp adds charm” he turned back to look at the door as he opened it a crack so the guards outside could hear “you are to kind Ana the food and drink will be much enjoyed ” he gave a smile and walked out the door like he did nothing wrong at all shutting the door behind him to go inhale the given meal and wait till the guards came to fetch him and Sif to go get that boy in the dungeon witch Samuel already had plans for.

Toxies: Anarial sighs and rubs her temple, the meeting with Samuel had not gone as she had planned it but at least it was now handled. Ria was not going to be happy about the boy leaving with Samuel but at this point, she didn’t care she wanted Samuel to leave. She now knew that Samuel was plotting her downfall but she knew she should be safe until he returned to her lands, he wanted her so she doubted he would let just anyone take her. So, for the time being, she just had to figure out how to get Samuel before he got her. Anarial tells the guards posted outside the door she didn’t wish to be bothered at all today she needed to handle things, not to mention she didn’t want to have to come up with an excuse as to why she was limping about after her slight accident. She spends about an hour getting the reports in order, sending out orders for the local farmers and wine suppliers for what she wanted, making sure to add to what the kitchen has asked for. She went over the reports of the new recruits for the guard staff leaving that to the head of guards to handle. She eventually runs out of things to keep herself busy with and she groans shaking her head and gets to her feet, heading to limp out of her office, making sure it was securely locked behind herself before heading towards her chambers surrounded by guards, for the moment, she was still on high alert and didn’t want anyone near her. Once she gets to her chambers, several guards post outside the doors and she heads straight to her bathing chamber, asking the girls to draw her a large hot bath with flowers to perfume it. She needed to unwind and recompose herself. She hated the way Samuel got under her skin so easily. She wanted to write to her mother, tell her of Samuels threats but at the moment, that seemed like a poor idea. Before she heads to the drawn bath she opens the door and sends a guard off to take Samuel to the cells to take the boy and leave her lands.

Anaya: He had been eating and having a good time with Sif he was not the joking kind but he was in good spirits so he had a nice sized smile on his face. After eating yet another chicken leg and tossing the bone in a pile of about thirty he got up as he saw the guards. Sif walking behind them and staying silent as normal she for sure had things on the mind after the events here. They got to the dungeon doors, Samuel turned around looking at sif “now you hold post here, i will fetch the boy then we can depart” she nodded and stood post as he with the two guards that came with him went down into the dungeon. It was a little dark but sams eyes could see very well in the dark so he was sure to spot the cell with the boy in it from a distance. The boy looked weak and had not eaten well seeing he was down here in the damp spider covered walls “he is here Lord Samuel” one guard barked out as they walked ahead getting to the doors, the other guard good to just reduce both to nothing but human coloured unlocked the cell and the boy recoiled to the back fearing they would harm him. He was in the right to fear it all. After the doors were unlocked sam turned to the guards and looked around. There was nothing down here but them, everyone else was up a couple levels, it was silent here. It was perfect. Within seconds sams claws slashed forth and he dug both hands into both guards eye sockets, his claws going in the eye sockets and then some coming up and stabbing up into the lower jaw clamping both men's mouths shut. Sam gave a moan of pleasure as it felt so sludge. But really it did not matter what race the men were the ending result was the same and both were in to close range to react. As they struggled Sams muscled arms twitched holding them both still as he pumped bucket loads of toxin directly into there faces. The skin on there faces melted in seconds and there brains within a minute stopped working leaving them both twitching masses on the stone floor. “shhhh it is alright now you both can sleep” he said softly as he pulled his fingers from there melted faces and his green eyes that now lit up the dark looked right to the shaking and cowering boy pitted ageist a wall. “” he stuttered out as Sam walked around the doors gate and into the cell his hand reaching out to crush the lock so even if it shut behind him it was unable to properly lock. “yes i did, it is a message, were you are the last letter” he walked over to the boy that had no place to go, no place to hide or run he was stuck between Samuel and a wall. “i get we don’t see eye to eye you and me, my little lamb but think of it as you are a message, a last letter to my daughter before i depart, i was never going to take you away from here i need not a slave in my castle, even more so not one that wanted my daughters ass. But that will end now” he said as his hand moved to the center of the boys torso, a claw starting to slowly dick into the boys belly button, a slight scream came from his lips as sams other hand like he did the guards jammed up into the boys lower jaw clamping his mouth shut and even getting him to bite off his own tongue that fell to the floor flopping. “cant having you give away the message to soon my little one” he said softly as he reached his hand in grabbing the boys insides and pulling them out the newly made hole. He dropped them to the floor as he spun the boy around his face held up to the wall as Sam humming to himself the whole time cut with his claw out of the boys back the boys 'wings' riping down his spine and cutting out the skin on both sides of his back he pulled out the boys lungs, the boy still alive and the lungs still pumping. He hung them up on the wall making the boy hang like a suspended angel from the stone. “there we go, a work of art” he said with a smile on his face as he turned his back to the wall decal and walked away back up the steps, cleaning his hands as he went. As he got back to the top he had the smell of death on his clothing and a bit of blood in his hair “alright Sif things have been handled now back home we go” and with that they left leaving his daughter to find the parting gift he had left for her down in the dungeon and the missing guards. He knew Ana would not tell her mother what happened here the past couple days, it would be a fools choice to do that, and he also knew that Ana would be in the knowing that this was only a message a way of saying the great game has started, and we would see who is standing at the end.

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